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Title: [Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: Undefined) 24/09/13
Post by: DC2805 on September 24, 2013, 11:02:57 AM
Short One-shot: "Puppy" Love

It was spring. The sky was pastel blue and the grass was calmly green.
Marvelous, just like what you would see in those illustrations in a typical kiddy fairy tale storybook.  :pen_read:

In this green pasture, you see a young, highly energetic puppy girl jumping and roaming  :k-thrilled: around the soft fresh grass, chasing after a beautiful and colorful butterfly.

"Butterfly, butterfly, oh you pretty one in the sky…" The puppy girl whom we called her "J", was singing a happy tune - it was actually a kiddy song she had made up impromptu while chasing the butterfly around in a super duper happy mood. J has nice fluffy brown fur and a cute little nose. Her pretty round eyes were sparkling brightly as she followed the beautiful insect entering into a stoney cave located yards away from her usual playing ground.

"Wow! What do we have here in this new place?" The unusually adventurous puppy was delighted to discover the cave which she had never been before. With her instinct, she immediately inhaled the air and did a sniffy scan of the cave while she stood outside the cave.

"Wait, think I smell something strange there?" Overfilled with curiosity, the young J gathered her courage and moved into the cave.

In the middle of the cave there lay a beautiful creature with a coat mixed with grey and white. J was awe-struck  :inlove: with the angelic face of the creature: pale porcelain-like skin, long eye lashes and pinkish thin lips that looked so yummy, just like candies! As J took a closer look, there was a nasty scar on the chest area of the creature. The mysterious yet beautiful creature was frowning as she groaned in pain while in her sleep. Beads of sweats were forming on her forehead.

"Hmm…I don't think I had met with such creature before…it did look a bit like us, the puppy clan. However her fur and smell were totally different." Just as J was still puzzling over the identify of the foreign creature in front of her, she was brought back to reality when the groans from the creature seemed to get louder.

"She must be in great pain. Such a poor thing!" J moved closer without hesitation and took an even closer look. Upon seeing that the female creature had a flushed face, J placed her hand on the creature's forehead and was shocked by the burning heat. "Oh my, I'm sure she's having a fever!" J became panic and began to examine around the unfamiliar environment. She noticed that there was a short trail of blood from the entrance of the cave all the way to the spot where the poor feverish creature was laying on. She must have struggled hard while trying to hide and rest in this cave after receiving that injury which somehow seems like the result of a brutal attack from a fierce and strong animal.

The puppy girl gathered some huge dried leaves she could find around the cave and placed them neatly on the injured one to keep her warm. J immediately went into action to find some herbs that were believe to be able to cure wounds, thanks to those survival skills she had learned from her elderly. The hardworking puppy girl ran from places to places to gather the herbs. Then when she was passing by the stream, she stopped and thought, "Erm…she looks thirsty as well. But how can I bring some water to her?" She was a young puppy after all and we could see how hard she was thinking now, as displayed by her frowning face. *Bulb lighting up in an instant* "Alright, I guess there is no other way!" J went down to the stream and sipped and took in a big mouthful of water. With puffed up cheeks which made her look like a hamster, she raced back to the cave while holding tight to the herbs.

When J reached the cave, she went straight to the injured one and pressed their lips together, tight enough to connect their mouths, and then gently delivered the water into the mouth of the beautiful creature. As J was attempting this bold move, she realized how beautiful the injured one was when their faces were just inches apart. J could feel as though the butterfly that she was chasing after earlier on had ventured into her tummy, making her tummy feeling upside down and her cheeks flushed with heat. The eyes of the injured one was still shut but her frown was gone after J had fed her with some water to quench her thirst. J chewed on the herbs and spat the mashed up herbs on her palm and gently apply the home-made remedy on the wound on the chest of the injured beauty. " wow, it felt so soft to the touch..." as the innocent J focus on healing the wound without having funny or ecchi thoughts.

"Mmm…" The unconscious beautiful creature mumbled as J continued to massage the remedy on her chest. After a few moments, her long eye lashes fluttered and she slowly opened up her doe-like eyes. She widened her eyes the moment she met the puppy eyes in front of her. "What's that cooling sensation on my chest?" When she looked downwards and was shocked to see her chest being gently massaged by the handsome looking puppy girl in front of her. "Yelp! What are you doing?!" The alarmed beauty immediately pushed J away with both her hands.

"Aww!!! She sound so cute with that yelp!" J thought as she took a step backwards and tried to explain to the alarmed one how she managed to find her in the cave and what she had done earlier on to make her feel better. "My name is R. I am a lone wolf who lives in the hill southwards of the forest. Thanks for helping me". R blushed  :wub: when she heard how J had fed her with water. J wagged her tail happily for having to know a new friend. Who cares if dogs and wolves do not get along? This one in front of J was nothing what her elderly had described about the wolf clan: cruel, violent and dangerous. The beauty here did not fit into these descriptions at all! J was in fact, very much attracted to the shy and gentle lone wolf.

J began to bring food to R who was recuperating in the cave. At first J thought all wolves would like to have meaty stuff and so she tried her best to bring her some scraps of meat, liver or innards that she could find, hoping that these iron-riched stuff could help her friend healed faster. However, R would frown at the sight of those food. By chance, J brought back one melon pan from the town nearest to the forested area and to her delight, R happily devoured the melon pan as if it was the most delicious food in the world!

Each day, J would spend time with R, asking everything about her and sharing her cold jokes with R. R revealed that she had been staying in the hill with her grandpa since young and would prefer a peaceful life feeding on fruits and vegetables rather than meat. This is the first time we heard of a vegetarian wolf lol. Anyway, just last month, her grandpa went missing after going out from their home and she had waited like forever in their home and got worried, and so she decided to go down the hill to search for him. R was devastated when she found her grandpa's bones and fur just down the hill near to a lion den. To make things worse, the scary and disgusting looking creature with sharp teeth and claws found R and went after her, slashing her chest with his sharp claws. Lady luck was on R's side as she somehow managed to escape from the lion and hide in the cave after running non-stop for hours, mourning for her grandpa at the same time.

J felt sad for R and patted her head, telling her to lighten up and promised that she will keep R accompanied for now on. R was happy to meet J who is forever cheerful and fun to be. Days after days, the new friends hang around together, even after R has recovered and had moved back to her home. The two will meet at their favorite playing ground and spend the wonderful afternoons together, sometimes even by simply lazing around with no purposes.

------------------------------------------------The Happy Moments-------------------------------------------------

It has been a year since they met, and in this night, J told R to meet her at night time at the dry ground area near the stream. By chance, she had found a wonderful place which looked so pretty at night and could not wait to show it to her best friend. R arrived, looking fabulous with her silky fur under the moonlight. J blushed as she admired her best friend. J knew inside her heart that she had grown to like her friend more than a friend but she does not have the courage to confess to her yet. "Hey J, where are you taking me to?" R tilted her head to the side cutely when asking. "Woof! How cute!" J squealed inside her head and grabbed R's hand and led her to the spot where there were endless rows of little beautiful white flowers that only bloomed at night. "Wow! This is so beautiful! Thanks for bringing me here, J!" R was overjoyed at the beautiful scenery and jumped around in excitement, and then absent-mindedly planted a kiss on J's cheek. J was in cloud nine as she touched her burning cheeks with her hands and had flew to her lala land while wagging her tail in instinct.

The moon was full and the night breeze was cool. J realized that the eyes of R had suddenly changed their color  :twisted: and R was holding her head with her hands like she was in pain. "What's wrong?" J leaned closer to R and tried to check on her. Suddenly, R went bizarre and pinned J down on the ground. There was something wrong with R tonight. Her face was twitching and her eyes looked scary now and it sent a chill down J's spine. Without warning, R sunk her teeth in J's neck and made J yelped in pain. J thought R was going to eat her alive but then she realized that R was actually caressing her thighs as well. Wait! R was not going to kill her but was lusting over her! It will be worse than killing her, if R did this to her while losing her mind, J thought sadly and tears began to roll down from her cheeks as she tried her best to struggle against R, which earned her a few more scratches on her body. "R dear…please don't do this to me…" J cried as she shouted at R. R was instantly awoken by the cries of her best friend. She looked at the tearing face of J in a daze and her body started to tremble uncontrollably.

"Oh my! I almost hurt J!" R was truly ashamed by her actions and started tearing too. "I'm sorry, J!" She screamed as she got up and ran away from J as fast as she could.

"Wait!" J started to run after R. And after hours of running (reminder: they are young animals after all), J managed to catch up with R and hugged her tightly from the back. "Don't leave me!"

Both began to sob softly under the moonlight. "I don't know what had gotten over me; Suddenly I wasn't myself anymore and I couldn't help attacking you…" J pondered and asked. "Is it because of the full moon?" R shook her head. "I don't think so, we have met so many times playing under the full moon, right?" "Hmm…could it be the flowers?" R widened her eyes. "I think so. The moment I inhaled deeply the scent of the flowers, I could feel a strange source of energy surging through my body!" "Oh damn flowers! They are probably some aphrodisiac evil flowers!!!" J started to curse and swear (= barking fiercely) at the flowers in a cute manner which R found it cute and started to giggle.

"It's now or never, J!!! Woof!!!" With such determination, J paused her words and with her reddened face, she asked R, "Ne, I actually doesn't really hate it when you touched me just now…"

R was startled by J's bold words and was speechless.

J gathered all her courages and gently held the cheeks of R and looked into the innocent eyes of R before she planted a soft kiss on R's lips. "Because I love you".  :heart: :heart: :heart:

R was totally happy that her puppy girl has finally confessed her feeling to her. She hugged her tightly and placed her chin on her puppy girlfriend's shoulder. "I love you, too". The new couple hugged each other  :deco: under the moonlight and enjoy the special moment.

J sighed in content and said softly "Ne, my dear R. I know we are a couple now but as I am still underaged, we shall leave the lovey dovey things to later years when i am of legal age, ok?" R was surprised. "Erm..I know you are rather young..but may I know how old young are you now?"

J placed her index finger under her chin and thought cutely. "Erm…if we count by human age, I would probably be 13 years old now!"

"What! I am actually 6 years older than you!" R jumped up in shock after discovering how underaged her new girlfriend was.

"Hehehe, sorry R, you will need to tolerate for a few more years..." J gave R a cute grin.

"Sigh. I guess I have to wait…" R signed in defeat and replied bitterly.

"Come on, let's continue to enjoy the night!" J winked at R and pulled her along while running across the field.

------------------------------------------------The Smell of Storm-------------------------------------------------

J was back to her home whistling a happy tune. However, she was spotted by the leader by her clan and gave her a stern scolding for coming home later. One of the elderly of the clan looked at J suspiciously and when J was off to her room, he went to discuss with the leader of the clan.

"Leader, did you spot that bite and scratches on J? Also, I think I smell something strange on her." The leader frowned and nodded. "Yes, it is obviously the smell of wolf! It seems like our young friend here had been meeting up with our enemies." The elderly suggested to the leader to secretly follow J so as to find out who she was meeting up with every day.

That fateful day came when both J and R were surrounded by the dog clan at their favorite play ground. The angry crowd was shouting abusive words at R mercilessly. R was seen controlling her tears which made J's blood boiled as she sensed her girlfriend was badly hurt by the threats and verbal abuse. "Stop hurting R!" J lost her mind and started shouting back. She was met with a tight slap on her face and then pairs of strong arms came holding her back. "Let me go!" J tried to struggled but to no avail. The angry crowd moved towards R, shouting "Kill her! Kill her!" and was ready to attack her while J could only stare in great fear. R kept retreating and was now at the edge of the cliff. Two options were open for her now, either to jump down the cliff or to just surrender herself and get killed by the angry crowd in front of J.

"Goodbye J, I love you!" R took a last glance at J and leaped from the cliff. "The last thing I wanted is to let J witness her clan killing me". She thought as she kept her eyes shut.

"WOOF!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" J screamed as she witnessed the tragic jump and fainted from the pain that had sharply pierced through her heart.

----------------------------------------------Happy or Sad ending???-----------------------------------------------

Months had passed and J was finally released from the cell she was kept in after the tragic incident. J was no longer the cheerful puppy girl she used to be. She refused to eat or sleep and spent her time running through the areas below the cliff, hoping to find at least the corpse of her dearest one. It gave her hopes at first since there was no sight of R's remain but then after days and days of searching in no avail, J had slowly become disheartened. "Perhaps I should join her.." J was standing in front of the stream and was thinking of jumping in to end her life. No, so that she could join R in the other world.

"Hey, young one, what are you doing here?" A female voice was heard and as J turned her head around, she saw a female wolf, who was older than R, looking at her with strange eyes. "Don't mind me, I just want to end my life now!" J wanted to jump but she was stopped by a pair of strong arms holding on her waist. "Easy, easy, young one! It's a pity for someone with such nice oshiri  :shakeit: to die right in front of me!" J was shocked by the perverted words of the wolf and tried to pull her arms away. Both struggled and landed hard on the grass ground.

"Pppfff… such fresh meat!" The wolf managed to pin J down and was showing her buck teeth while pretending to lick her lips. The teasing worked as J's face was now completely reddened as she screamed in frustration.

"Let me go!".

"Alright, but not until you tell me why did you want to die?"

"I missed R, my girlfriend, who had jumped from the cliff" J started crying uncontrollably as she remembered that sad moment.

"Oh…I see…" The wolf released her tight grip from J and pulled J up from the ground. She pondered for a second before telling J a shocking news. "Follow me, I know where the body of R was. I actually found her body few weeks back and had brought her back to do a proper burial. Because we are of the same clan."

In an instant, J experienced mixed feelings in her heart. It was proven that R was already dead but the lucky thing was her body was no longer left exposed in the open and was properly buried. J wiped off her tears and followed the wolf. The wolf told J that her name was Y and she lived some where at the north of the forest. She said she was regret to tell J that R was already dead when she found her and she could not do anything to revive her. J could only hear the news with sorrows filling up her mind.

When they reached Y's place, Y pointed to the backyard where there were a stack of stones. "There, I used those nice stones to decorate the tomb a bit". J rushed to the stones and started hugging the stones and crying out loud (more like howling), pouring out all her sorrows like there is no tomorrow.

"What's that noise? tch…interrupting my sleep?" A half asleep dog with beautiful long golden fur came out from Y's house and covered her yawn with her hand. J turned to the sleepy one and apologized.

"Gomen, I am the girlfriend of R who was buried here. Sorry for intruding…" J replied to the sleepy female who was staring lazily at her.

"Buried?… Y!!!"  :smhid The sleepy one stormed to Y angrily and pulled her ear. "Ouch! H dear, don't be violent!" Tears came out from Y's eyes as her ear was being pulled and pinched. "Honey, so bad of you to play prank again!!!"


Just when J was puzzled by the little drama she had just witnessed, she heard quick footsteps from behind and thought she was dreaming when she heard the voice of her dearest girlfriend…"J !!!!! I miss you!!!!" R was stumbling towards J while holding on to a walking stick as her left leg was heavily bandaged. She practically fell into the hug of J and started sobbing. "Woof!!! I thought I will never see you again!" J exclaimed while she tightened the hug and gently stroke the smooth furs of R.

R was saved by the soft branches she landed on that had broken the impact of her fall but still in the end she landed quite badly on the ground, resulting in a broken leg. She was almost starved to death at the bottom of the cliff till one day Y happened to pass by and decided to bring R back to nurse her injury as Y could tell that R was from her same clan. Y was the pioneer of "forbidden love" and had fallen in love with the oshiriri of a gorgeous dog, H and had bravely eloped with her loved one and stayed at this deserted land. R had told Y and H of her love story and Y had decided to lend a helping hand by discreetly going back to the favorite spots of the JR couple hoping to find J while R was nursing her injury.

Remember that in their world, they do not use hand phones or other communication devices and thus it makes the reunion a bit more challenging.

--------------------------------------------------Relaxing Time---------------------------------------------------

To celebrate the happy reunion of the JR couple, the YH couple threw a grand feast that night and prepared a good mixture of prime meat and a mountain of melon pans. Y was constantly teasing at the couple who were controlling hard to keep their hands off each other in front of their host. They had been separated for too long and were now helpless in suppress their longing for each other, as though they had thrown the taboo topic of "underaged" behind their minds.  :deco:

H suggested "Ne, why don't you two move to somewhere near here? So that we can look after each other?"

Y nodded her head at her wife's brilliant suggestion. "Yeah! Such a good idea! We should do that since we are the "outcasts" that many people hated. Will be good if we can stay nearby…but please don't come crash into my house at night without knocking on the door as you never know how busy me and H are at night!"

J and R was puzzled at first and then blushed hard together after realizing the dirty joke.

"Hentai!!! We have innocent underaged kid here!" H smacked  :hand: the head of Y hard. "Ouch!!! Domestic violent!!!" cried the poor Y.

The JR couple giggled at the funny sight and tightened the hold of their hands unconsciously while wagging their tails together in a synchronized rhythm. (LOL)


I'm back with an OS instead of my new FF. Was feeling unwell for the past one week and here I am on sick leave and lying on the bed again. Age must have caught up with me  :smhid

To kill the boredom in sick bed, I decided to just write something that came into my mind. Some impromptu FF so that I can have a little warm up before embarking on my next FF.

Sorry that I initially wanted to let Wmatsui rest a while after my last FF (they had worked too hard in my last FF, lol) but I think they really suit the J and R characters and so, I had made them into something cute and furry instead by not using their full names.  XD

Hope you'll enjoy the OS!  :monster: And oh yah, pardon the RAW contents too .... I will come back to correct the errors frequently after I have gotten better from the virus. :)

Title: Re: [Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: Undefined) 24/09/13
Post by: Wmatsui22 on September 28, 2013, 05:54:02 AM
~Hi DC2805  :deco:

~I really like this story!  :ptam-glow:

~It's so cute, funny and romantic!  :ptam-shy: :ptam-shy: :ptam-shy:

~I also laughed when Y troll J that R is dead

~Please make, I hope there's a MaYuki...

~thanks ;)
Title: Re: [Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: Undefined) 24/09/13
Post by: DC2805 on September 28, 2013, 03:20:34 PM
hi Wmatsui22, thanks for being the first reader to give comments, and thankful that it is a positive one!  :)

A bit guilty for drafting out this story in a more "carefree manner": it was composed on wat comes to my mind when i was resting in bed nursing my illness. actually i quite enjoy using animal characters instead of usual human pairings, hope it will spice up the images of the main characters a bit  :otomerika:

Next story will be a longer one based on Mayuki + someone i had not written before, plan to give it a darker theme: rivalry, jealousy, scheming etc. Hope to deliver at least a few chapters in Oct 13.

Lastly, thanks to the silent readers too  8)
Title: Re: [Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: Undefined) 24/09/13
Post by: Wmatsui22 on September 29, 2013, 11:35:11 AM
~Hi DC2805  :deco:

~Thanks for replying to me  :bow: (You know, I'm really happy  :ptam-aww:)

~When you used animal instead of a human pairing, it's good and funny... :ptam-glow:
It added to spice of the story..

~Well, I will wait for your next OS  :nya:

PS: I also read your another story (The Foreign Husband and Traditional Wife)
It's good story, I also laughed at the WMatsui conversation ;)

Title: Re: [Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: Undefined) 24/09/13
Post by: iminlovewithakb on June 09, 2016, 11:35:02 AM
sO CUTE! I CANT HELP but to squeal even tho the human-like actions sounds awkward to me lol :lol:
Title: Re: [Short OS] "Puppy" Love (Pairings: Undefined) 24/09/13
Post by: jouvalentine on February 06, 2017, 06:15:23 PM
Another funny one lol. I love stories like these, no deaths, full of jokes and fun~ Thank you for writing!