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Title: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.7) 160529
Post by: Yuki88 on August 03, 2014, 12:04:57 PM
YOSH, so basically I have this running through my head from my indulgence in the youngest group of 48G, HKT48!! All of these conversation-style drabble fics are based on true, mostly in HKT dressing room, story according to the girls' talks in various media lol.

Warning that this fic will (probably) be heavily biased around Anai Chihiro the Ponkotsu Captain lol. *is shot*

Here I present you my HKT48 drabble fic:


1. Ponkotsu captain

Chihiro: 1, 2, 3, 4...... 13, 14, 15! Eh wait, we're missing 1 more person. Who's not here?! *panic*

Haruppi: *sighs* Chiitan, you forgot to count yourself.

2. Lack of presence

Chihiro: Okay let's start enjin now!

Others: OO~!!!

(Enjin finished)

Shinamon: *comes back from toilet* WAIT A MINUTE WHY YOU ALL LEFT ME?!

3. Ponkotsu captain II

Chihiro: Riinu, your turn.

Riinu: Haii *enters the toilet*

Chihiro: *turns off the light* *walks away*


Chihiro: *runs back* OMG SORRY RIINU.

4. Low blood pressure

Meru: *enters dressing room* *full of spirit* Ohayou!

Mio: *sleepy* Ohayou... *dead glare*

Meru: I-I'm going first.

5. Merusaurus

Meru: Ah today's meals are so yummy! More!

Catering person: Okay~


Meru: More!

Catering person: Sure.


Meru: Can you give me 2 more bowls of this? It's so yummy!

Catering person: ...Sure. *thinks* JUST HOW MUCH THIS KID HAS EATEN?!

6. Kid at heart

NakoMiku: Sasshi-san, let's play hide and seek!

Sasshi: *pretends doesn't hear*

NakoMiku: Nacchan, let's play...

Natsu: Can't today...

NakoMiku: Madoka-san, let's play?

Madoka: *burning spirit* LET'S PLAY!

7. Burn baby burn

Madoka: *wipes sweat* Phew, finally last event of today's camping.

Natsu: *looks around* Who wants to light the campfire?

Aoi: *burning eyes* LEMME DO IT.

Sasshi: Aoitan really loves fire, heh.

8. wMikan manzai

Akiyoshi: Natsumikan, do you know STAP?

Natsumikan: No. What is it?

Akiyoshi: You know, it's that 5-member male group that is famous all over Japan!

Natsumikan: That's SMAP.

Akiyoshi: Ah, you know, it's that thing you use to play sand at the beach...

Natsumikan: ...That's SCOOP.

Akiyoshi: OHH, it's when my palm meet your cheek, THAT'S SLAP RIGHT. *grins widely*

Natsumikan: ...Since when she has this character...... *facepalm*

9. Growth

(In a TV show)

MC: Wow Sakura-chan you have grown so tall!

Sakura: I've grown 13 cm since our debut!

Aoi: *mutters* She was smaller than me... *grumbles*

Chihiro: *mutters* Smaller than me too... *grumbles*

Sakura: ...You two, please.

10. Ponkotsu Captain III

Sasshi: So who's next to show their skill?

Chihiro: Me!!

Sasshi: Are you doing classical ballet this time?

Chihiro: No. I started learning guitar recently so I'm playing guitar today!

Sasshi: *feels uneasy* ...Okay.

Chihiro: *plays guitar*

Sasshi: should've just stick to classical ballet.


Comments and Critics are accepted with open heart.  :cow:
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.1) 140803
Post by: kuro808 on August 03, 2014, 12:24:43 PM
Awesome set of drabbles, we need more of it :3
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.1) 140803
Post by: everyday48 on August 03, 2014, 04:57:24 PM
Wahhh hkt fanfic! :ptam-glow:
I love it!!! Wmikan manzai make my stomach hurt because I laughing so hard  :ptam-glow:
pleaseee updatteee (with more miomeru moment cause I like them kkk~)
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.2) 140830
Post by: Yuki88 on August 30, 2014, 10:16:43 AM
Soo, I'm back. Kinda getting dry here. My sense of humour, that is.

Thank you very much for comments and the "thank you"s!

@Kuro808: At your service, sir!

@everyday48: Can't promise but I'll try finding more MeruMio materials!

But anyway. Here is it, another volume of everyday occurrence in the land of HAKATA.


11. Preference and Exception

(In an MC) Q: What part of body do you like?

Chihiro: *raises arm* I like the backside!

Others: Oooh.

Chihiro: You know, every time we have swimsuits photoshoots and I get to see everyone's backsides... *smitten look*

Others: *freaks out* EHH IYA DAAA.

Chori: Don't look at my back!

Chihiro: *deadpan look* Chori's not included.

Chori: *shocked* WHY?!

12. Lisp and Tongue Twister

Haruppi: My speciality is tongue twister!

Others: ......

Haruppi: Listen! SHA SHI SHU SE SO!

Okapan: Haruppi-san, that's not tongue twister at all. Try "She saw the sheep at the sea shore."

Haruppi: Okay! "She shaw ze sheep atze she shore."

Okapan: ...yappari muri da.

13. Ponkotsu Captain IV

Chihiro: Then I'll go home first~

Team H members: Bye Chiichan~

(slightly later, in front of elevator)

Haruppi: Ohh~ it arrives

(elevator open)

Haruppi: Eh?

Chihiro: Eh?

Haruppi: .....Don't tell me you forgot to press the destination again.

14. The (un)invited Chinkanzen

MC: So we are at location shot again today with Matsuoka, Motomura, Moriyasu and... Wait a minute. Ueki, why are you here?

Nao: It's my turn today.

MC: But you were not called for today's shooting.

Nao: I WAS CALLED *hysteric*

15. Captain and Snake


MC: So our challenge today is putting snake around your neck!

Sakura: *terrified* PLEASE SPARE ME *cries*

Chihiro: NOOOOOOO *scared*


Chihiro: Today we're visiting the zoo and.... *notices something* *grins widely*

Chori: What's with that huge grin, don't tell me....

Natsu: KYAAAAAAA *scared*


Sakura: *scared* *thinks* how come capt. now likes snake?!

16. Diet

(In dressing room)

Meru: Sasshiiii, aren't you eating?

Sasshi: I'm on diet, sorry.

Meru: But it's unagi and it's soooo delicious. *om nom nom*

Sasshi: I happened to eat it yesterday.

Meru: *shrugs* Then I'll eat your part.

Sasshi: *drools* WAIT A MINUTE.


Meru: It's delicious, right?

Sasshi: ...yeah. *thinks* I was supposed to be on diet yet I ate 2... NOOOOOO~~~~

17. Like a Doting Parents

(After concert)

NakoMiku: Everyone, let's play hide and seek!!!

Members: *exhausted* *pretends not hear*

Staffs: Sure, let's play!!!!

Sasshi: ...You guys so oya-baka.

18. Nacchan for Life

Nako: Sakuchan so cute~

Miku: Miku thinks so too~~

Sakura: Thank you~

Nako: Hehe~

Sakura: By the way, Nako-chan, what is the rank of my cuteness?

Nako: *gives deep thought* Hmm, since Nacchan and Sasshi are both #1, that makes Sakuchan #2?

Sakura: *sweats* ...Thank you.

(Natsu enters the room)

NakoMiku: *flies to Natsu* NACCHANNN~~~~~~

Sakura: .....

19. Ponkotsu Captain V

(In theater show)

Chihiro: So today is Natsu's birthday show.

Natsu: Thank you~~

Chihiro: And we have letter by Aoi her-....... Hmm... *looks for the letter* Wait, where's the letter...

Haruppi: ...Under the cake.

Chihiro: ...oh.

Natsu: Ponkotsu as usual.

20.  Worrying Issue for the Parents

(in handshake event)

Sasshi: I wonder if Mayu will come visiting again today... *anxious*

Natsu: Probably yes. Why you seem so anxious?

Sasshi: You know, Mayu has been kissing Nako a lot of time lately behind my back...

Natsu: ....Umm, yeah.

Sasshi: And yesterday she told me that Nako suggested to kiss her IN FRONT OF ME AND SHE SAID OKAY TO IT.

Natsu: ....Nako said that?!

Mayuyu: *rides bicycle* NAAAAAKOOOOOOO, I'M COMIIIIIIING *drops bicycle* *runs to hug Nako*

Nako: Mayu-channnnn, chu?

Mayuyu: CHU~~~ *kisses Nako*



Funny note, I almost lost the draft to this volume due to a certain stupidity I committed but lucky I could retrieve the archive again so... HAHAHAHA. Comments are appreciated!
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.2) 140830
Post by: kuro808 on August 30, 2014, 10:28:34 AM
Oh god the chaos which is HKT XD

Natsu tsundere festival XD
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.2) 140830
Post by: Yuki88 on December 18, 2014, 06:43:56 PM
So I'm back lol. This is getting less funnier I'm worried of myself  :rofl:

Thanks for the "thank you"s!!

@Kuro808: HKT equals CHAOS.  :fap

So here it is, another volume of the slice-of-life comedy of the Hakata girls.


21. Hakata's Wild Horse

Okapan: I'm ready to rumble today!

MC: This kid has her switch on going crazy everytime!

Okapan: I'm like the wild horse on stage!

Seriinu: *sulks* Yeah, so wild that her arm accidentally hit me once during a theater performance.

Naopon: *nods* I can relate to that.

Others: That must hurt.

22. It's All About the Money

(In an MC) Q: What did you want to be when you were younger.

Natsumikan: To be honest, I wanted to be patissier.

Others: Oh~ that's cute.

Naopon: Then why did you become idol?

Natsumikan: Well, money is more important. *smirks*

Naopon: ...So that's your true intention.

23. Hikaeme Jiina

Jiina: ....... *silence*

Haruppi: Jiina?

Jiina: .... *cries*

Haruppi: EHHHHH, what's wrong?!

Jiina: *sobs* ....I..... Wanna go to toilet.

Haruppi: JUST THAT?!

24. The Weight of Love

Haruppi: Chiitan, I love you~

Chihiro: *smiles* I love you, too.

Natsu: I love Chiichan, too.

Aoi: Me too, me too.

Chihiro: *blushes* Mou~~ I love you all, girls.

Haruppi: ... *in her mind* Chiitan, I'm serious...

25. Role reversal

(On OshiMeshi)

Natsu: Chiichan, what do you think of me?

Chihiro: *smirks* I wonder...

Natsu: Am I nothing more than just your vice captain?

Chihiro: I'll show you my other side if you come to me...

Natsu: *runs to Chihiro* Chiichan~

Chihiro: *pulls Natsu into an embrace* Yosh, yosh. Good girl... *kisses*

(From the backstage)

Naopon: DID THEY JUST...?!?!

Rikopi: Capt. had grown...

Haruppi: ... *in her mind* MY CHIITAN *sobs*

26. Senpai please don't notice me

Chiizu: Lately our position in the choreography is so near each other, capt.

Chihiro: Yeah, *smiles* don't tell me you're happy about that?

Chiizu: No, I just don't like that every time we turn and see each other we always go "ah you again."

Jiina: *frowns* But, Ume, didn't you say that your oshimen is Capt.?

Chihiro: *eyes form a narrow line* That can't be true, right, Chiizu?

Chiizu: ... *blushes* I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ANYONE.

27. Hatsukoi wa Umemoto

Jiina: I heard that you can get married with other girl if you go to France.

Others: Oh really?


Sasshi: ...But it's not like Ume would agree to marry you, you know.

28. Puberty strikes

Natsu: Nako, come here?

Nako: Wait, I'm listening to Komada-san's explanation now. *cold*

Natsu: Eh? *shocked being ignored by Nako*

Rikopii: Lately she has been staring at Komada-san a lot, you know.

Natsu: EHHHHH, DON'T TELL ME?! *shocked*

Mao: Nako really loves Piichan, doesn't she. *nods*

29. Gap Moe?

(In a TV show)

MC: Moriyasu is so beautiful, I bet she has never done weird face before, right?

Haruppi: In contrary, she does weird face a lot and it is always so weird that she received warning from Sasshi not to show it on TV.

MC: That bad? Well, can you show us how it looks? Don't worry, we'll censor it.

Madoka: Okay. *does weird face* [see this for reference.  :panic: (]



30. Just Your Imagination

(In an MC)

Haruppi: Last night at the hotel, I slept with Capt. in the same room.

Natsumikan: Oh ChiiHaru.

Haruppi: And then, I think I was sleeping when Capt. asked if she could kiss me!!

Others: *surprised* EH?!

Haruppi: I was surprised too! And before I even answered it, she just kissed me...

Sasshi: ...It could be just your dream, you know.

(Behind the stage)

Natsu: Chiichan, really?

Chihiro: *confused* I wonder too.


God, I'm running out of ideas!!!!!  :bleed eyes:
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.3) 141219
Post by: kuro808 on December 18, 2014, 06:46:49 PM
Awesome set of drabbles XD
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.3) 141219
Post by: ryo_heartkreuz on April 04, 2015, 12:42:58 PM
*secretly waiting for additional set  of drabbles*  :cathappy:

 :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup  XD
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.4) 150406
Post by: Yuki88 on April 06, 2015, 11:29:57 AM
YAAHH HEY LOL So I'm back here with the anecdotes from HKT. I couldn't update this quickly because I haven't really been watching theater shows (which is the best source for their behind the scene stories lol). Thanks for reading all of the have-fun-go-mad drabbles  :rofl:

@kuro_808: HALP!!!

@ryo_heartkreuz: Now you got them  :panic:

So here I present you the 4th volume of the slice-of-life comedy by the Hakatan girls  :rofl:


31. Hikaeme Ikemen

Chiizu: *browses G+* *sees new kyappu photo* *smiles* *leaves comment* "kawaii."

(Not too long later)

Chiizu: *checks G+ notification* Ah Kyappu leave a comment. *sees reply*

Chihiro: "Ume (^_^)"

Chiizu: *surprised* *types reply* "Whoa, kyappu came visiting."

(Next reply comes)

Chihiro: "I did"

Chiizu: *smiles as she types* "isn't it your bedtime already? Please go to sleep." *types for mobame* "Kyappu's new short bangs hit my soft spot. I like it." *sends* ah right. *leaves comment on G+* "Nobody's telling my mobame content, okay."


Ume: *sees LINE notification* hmm? Kyappu? *opens message*

Chihiro: "Ume, I read your mobame. Thank you, I'm so happy~~"

Ume: *shocked* WHA- HOW IS IT EVEN... SHIT!

(The next day, Chiizu ran away every time she saw Kyappu)

32. Young loves

Mashiro: Meru, you said you love Ume but lately you get close to Piichan and said you like her as well. What do you mean?

Meru: Well, I still love Ume. I like Piichan but it's different from my love for Ume.

Mashiro: How?

Meru: I like Piichan like Nako likes Piichan.

Others: Eh? Isn't that the same?

Nako: *not impressed* Then you shall be my rival!!!

33. Unexpected in many ways

Meru: Chiichan~

Chihiro: Hmm?

Meru: Nothing. *leans closer*

Chihiro: Eh?! *steps backward*

Meru: *grabs Chihiro's waist* *tries to kiss*

Chihiro: *struggles* SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE?!

(Nobody goes to help)

Haruppi: Errmm, I'm so sorry, Chiitan, but this looks fun and interesting. *excited*

Chihiro: *inside her mind* I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME, HARUPPI?!

34. Age does matter

Miku: Anai-san, may I ask you something?

Chihiro: *smiles* Go ahead.

Miku: How do you feel when you perform OshiMeshi?

Chihiro: *shocked* Errm... Well... You know, like... I feel that I love Nacchan or Jiina?

Miku: *jumps excitedly*

Chihiro: *confused* W-why are you jumping around??

Miku: *exclaims* I want to perform OshiMeshi with Anai-san!!

Chihiro: *sweats* Errm I don't think it's a good idea...

Rikopi: Yeah, it's better if you don't understand what those lyrics mean yet...

35. Height is a sensitive issue

(In the backstage during Pajama Drive stage)

Chiizu, Nako, Hazuki: *changes clothes*

Rikopi: Oh, Nako, Ume and Hazuki for Pajama Drive, eh?

Nako: Yeah, we're the Chibi Drive unit! (an: all three of them are short lol)

Chiizu: YOU, STOP IT! *mad*

36. Age doesn't matter

Miku: I want to marry Chipi-san

Chihiro: Me? Why?

Miku: Because looking at how incapable you are makes me want to do anything for you.

Chihiro: *smiles* Oh, I'm delighted.

Natsu: Chiichan, you were just told that you're incapable by a girl much younger than you, you know...

37. Do not feed Merusaurus

Meru: I'm hungry... *looks around* Oh! Madoka-chan~~

Madoka: Hmm?

Meru: May I get a bite of your bread?

Madoka: *uneasy* Sure.

Meru: *smiles* *bites* Thanks! *walks away happily*

Madoka: *looks at Meru walking away* *looks down to see her bread half-eaten* *talks to herself* ........I swear I won't ever feed Meru anymore.

38. Rivalry

(at the clam farm)

Aoi: I will do the best today! *tries to pull up the rope of clams* UGH SO HEAVY. *finishes* Damn, so tiring... Misaki-chan, can you do it?

Mirun: *silently nods* *picks up the rope* *pulls it without sweating* *finishes*

Aoi: *inside her mind* HOW CAN SHE EVEN DO THAT?! I WON'T LOSE.

Mirun: *starts pulling the next rope* *finishes again with no sweat*


39. Pure Mind

Rabutan: *reads WPB* Nako, look at this!

Nako: *closes her eyes* *turns her back* Don't want! I know you will show me the nude gravure, won't you?!

Rabutan: No, not this time! *grins*

Nako: Really? *Turns to face Rabutan. still covers eyes*

Rabutan: Yeah! *opens magazine spread*

Nako: *opens eyes* *flushed* *closes her eyes again* I KNEW IT YOU LIAR *points to the nude gravure spread*

Rabutan: *LOL*

(Meanwhile Miku stares at it closely)

40. Chiizu is not impressed

Chihiro: You know, Jiina never wants to face me and always offer me her cheek on the kissing part of OshiMeshi... *pouts* Why?

Jiina: I don't want my lips to be stolen in a kiss.

Chiizu: Do you hate it?

Jiina: It's not like I hate it, I'm probably okay with Chiichan.

Chiizu; *not amused* Then you should go for it!


Chiizu: NONONO YOU SHOULDN'T *protects Chihiro*

Rikopi: Kyappu, how is the idea of doing it with Naopon?

Chihiro:  *sweats* I guess it's not a good idea.


Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.4) 150406
Post by: ryo_heartkreuz on April 06, 2015, 03:19:13 PM
wooh~ yatta~!!  :cathappy:
and it's team h~ (many of my oshis are there.. and chiizu  :inlove:)  :nervous

for continuing this awesome drabble, arigatou gozaimasu~  :cathappy:

:thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

indeed there are so many interesting stories in theater shows during mc.. (although i can't understand most of it coz there's no sub  :banghead:)  :lol:
*wondering if imomu chu would appear* :lol: coz they're funny, interesting and gui-gui (?)  :cathappy:
Title: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.4) 150406
Post by: kuro808 on April 06, 2015, 05:19:42 PM
Lol entertaining at least I can still post one when I have time after this request :3
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.4) 150406
Post by: fridaa_ai on January 05, 2016, 07:35:25 PM
Love these drabbles~  :deco: so funny (≧∇≦) lol
But I think we must know the story behind it, eh, so it'll be more funny (´^ω^`)
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.5) 160408
Post by: Yuki88 on April 07, 2016, 08:07:41 PM
HEY I'm back after one year passed  :shakeit:
Thanks for reading and leaving thanks or comments here, folks  :fap

@ryo_heartkreuz: My river of idea is drying! Someone waters me pls  :bow:

@kuro_808: Let's do our best   :panic:

@fridaa_ai: Hey thanks!! And yeah it's kinda heavy on actual happening lol  XD

I'm a bit drunk from watching team H's performance in AKB Theater so please excuse me for the lack of talking  :rofl:

Here I present you the fifth volume of Hakata girls and their antics  :grin:


41. Narujiina to the MAX

(during election speech)

Jiina: dhankyuebelywanhoobotingfolme *sobs uncontrollably* *asks MC* is mah face still oke??

MC: It is.

Jiina: *gives mic to MC* *pulls out mirror out of nowhere* IT IS.


42. Keep your mind off the gutter, please.

(in an MC)

Naopon: You know that Meru cried when the survey asked about her dream confession, don't you?

Others: Yeah, she did. *nods*

Naopon: Recently, she has been lamenting on not writing any answer on that question

Meru: OF COURSE I AM! I MEAN I WANT UME TO- *shoved to the back by Rikopi*

Rikopi: Please stop talking, we have to keep the talk on the "General Audience" rating, okay?!

43. Height is a sensitive issue II: the Chibies

Naopon: You know, I'm really glad that we get a member that is shorter than me during the draft meeting.

Rikopi: I guess I can understand that.

Naopon: Speaking of height, recently I had my height measured and apparently I grew by 2 cm!

Rikopi: That's not much though.

Naopon: I'm not at the age to grow anymore, you know.

Chiizu: Yeah, I mean, my height shrank by 1 cm the last time I had it measured!

Rikopi: Umm, so your height is now less than 150 cm?

Chiizu: I'M STILL 150 CM TALL, OKAY.

44. S or M? Or L?

(In an MC with the topic of "getting jealous")

Chihiro: So you all know NakoMiku right? *Everyone nods* And how Natsu dotes both of the kids? *Everyone nods in agreement* It's kind of embarrassing to admit with my age, but I'm actually jealous about that.

Naopon: With NakoMiku?

Chihiro: Yes! I like Natsu. You know she often teases me but I actually like that.

Chiizu: Are you an M?

Chihiro: *out of reflex* Yeah...

Chiizu and Naopon: *jumps from excitement* OMG SHE JUST CONFIRMED SHE'S AN M.

Chihiro: *confused* Eh? EH?

Chiizu: *turns to Chihiro* So are you an M? Are you an L? *shakes head* No not L.

Naopon: WHY L!?!


45. Closet pervert(s)

Rikopi: You know, I actually like checking the others' body while we're changing clothes. Particularly the butts.

Natsu: Whose is your favorite?

Rikopi: Yours, Nacchan.

Chihiro: I understand that!

Natsu: YOU DO?

Rikopi: I like Nacchan's butts so much that I can't help but taking a glance at them all the time!!

Chihiro: ME TOO!


Chihiro: *hysteric* I'M NOT!

46. Dangerous

Natsu: Everytime I perform OshiMeshi with Piichan, I can feel her being really eroi!!

Meru: I want to do it with Piichan again!!

Rikopi: Prohibited.

Nako: Unfair!! I want to do it too!!

Rikopi: *deadpan face* No you're off-limit.

47. Height is a sensitive issue III: Umemoto Izumi

Chiizu: Oi Okamoto!! *puts on smug face*

Naopon: *confused* What's witht that face?

Chiizu: I'M GROWING TALLER AGAIN!! I CAN STILL BEAT YOU *pulls a victory pose*

Naopon: *sighs* Yeah yeah fine. *thinks inside her mind* I'm still taller than her though.

48. Time, Place, Occasion

(In an MC)

Haruppi: You know, recently Miku bought a birthday present for Chiichan.

Audience: Ohhh?

Haruppi: And, umm, you know, Miku usually gives... Umm, sexy panties...

Miku: *grins* *hand gesture forms a "T"*

Haruppi: NONO Not a T!! *panicked* Anyway, I told Chiichan to show us and she did!

Chihiro: But even though I already showed them while feeling embarrassed, NO ONE BOTHERED TO SEE ME.

Haruppi: *chuckles* Then please do it here.


49. Excitement in the most unexpected place

(In an MC at AKB theater)

Piichan: I went to the toilet earlier, and you know, to my surprise, when I closed the door, there was a gravure clear file of Mukaichi Mion-chan attached there!!

Meru: YES!! It made me embarrassed!! I mean I nearly drooled myself...



50. Original Prankster

Meru: I can really feel that I'm in AKB theater when I look at the locker and see the names "Kojiharu" and others!! It makes me feel like pulling a prank there



I should watch team KIV more  :panic:
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.5) 160408
Post by: NogamiRumi on April 07, 2016, 09:52:35 PM
hahaha this mae my day, thans for the work and yes,
you need wacth KIV too, I want read something like this with that team
Title: Re: [Yuki88's HKT48 drabble fic] Hakata Legend (Vol.5) 160408
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Too funny although Miku must have been snickering for the underwear XD
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haha nice one haruppi~ smooth move~ and natsu's reaction to that wahahahahaha   XD XD XD
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Another set of hakata legend!   :drool:
 I actually lolled on this xD the girls and their antics  :nervous
and Meru.. is dangerous haha  :cathappy:

ganbatte kuroiyuki-san!  :thumbup :thumbup :cathappy:

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LOL Hey I finished this one volume faster than the speed of light  :panic:

Thank you for the visits, the "thank you"s, and the comments!!  :heart:

@NogamiRumi: I'm looking for older materials at the moment so that I can incorporate KIV girls in more stories!!!   XD

@kuro_808: Little girl is more perverted than older girls can be  :twisted:

@yurin23mayuki: Natsu is one hell of a tsukkomi lol. What can I say, she has to handle her tennen boke captain the whole time  :rofl:

@ryo_heartkreuz: Meru IS indeed dangerous  :roll:

So without further ado, lemme present you the sixth volume to the Hakata girls and their slice-of-life story  8)


51. Ponkotsu Captain's heavy responsibility

(In an introduction MC)

Chihiro: Hi, call me Team H, I'm.... Eh? *realizes her mistake*

Natsu: *chuckles* *pats back* Cap, you don't need to shoulder the team that much.

52. Jealousy

Shino: I admire Motomura-san a lot! She's so cute!

Yuutan: Me too!

Madoka/Shige/Minazou/Riinu: *unimpressed smile* Indeed, indeed.

Yuutan: *scared* O-of course we like other 1st gen senpai too!

Madoka/Shige/Minazou/Riinu: *nods* Oookay *smiles*

Shino: But still, Motomura-san is the cutest!!

Madoka/Shige/Minazou/Riinu: *narrows eyes* OKAY FINE.

53. Pet and Master

(In an MC of a theater show)

Natsu: (to audience) You all must be tired from standing so please be seated.

Aoi: Sit!

*Audience sits*

Aoi: Your hand!

Natsu: Wait, wait, wait, the audience is not your pet dog!!

54. Frienemies?

Wakachan: I hate going out with Shimono! I'd rather go out with Okapan!!

Shinamon: Said the person who goes out for a meal or to the cinema with just me in private!!!

Wakachan: *glances* Yes I do go out with you in private *shuts her mouth* *giggles*

Shinamon: *giggles*

Akiyoshi: *rolls eyes* These two might look like arch-enemies but they're actually very close.

55. Memorable moment?

Sasshi: Since this is our last moment in this theater, how about telling us your most memorable moment? Let's start from.... Cap!

Chihiro: My most memorable moment in this theater was... during my latest seitansai... When I performed OshiMeshi with Nacchan... *turns to Natsu and smiles* She kissed me... I didn't expect Natsu to be so assertive... *embarrassed*

Natsu: ...Did I?

Chihiro: *upset* Please remember it...

Natsu: *grins*

Chihiro: *giggles*

Sasshi: *retorts* Natsu is so bitchy.

Natsu: Hey!

56. Appropriation needed

(In an MC)

Sasshi: You know, I'll never, ever forget what Piichan said to me.

Wakachan: What was it?

Sasshi: I was wearing a g-string, Mikurin's gift, you know, which was for some reason a little loose, and when I was changing clothes, Piichan told me, which I have to rephrase it for decency reason here, "I can see your Munch Kantaro." (an. it's Sasshi's very adorable pet cat... though obviously they don't talk about her here lol)


Sasshi: I can't forget that at all, can I!!!

Wakachan:  For God sake, please stop talking about that here, we're idols, okay?!?!

57. The captain is mine

Haruppi: Hey, if you could choose anyone in the group to make a pair, who would you choose?

Chihiro: Hmm... Let's see... I'd choose Madoka.

Madoka: I'm fine with that but *glances at Haruppi* *uneasy* Is that okay, Haruppi?"

Haruppi: *pouts* Yeah Chiichan, are you not choosing me?

Chihiro: Mmm okay I'll choose you, Haruppi.

Haruppi: *grins* Yay! ChiiHaru!

Madoka: *stares at Chihiro* Poor girl and her possessive friend.

58. Forgettable Shinamon

Shinamon: *sighs* You know, yesterday I celebrated my birthday eating conbini bento all alone in my hotel room because Wakatabe ditched me for a dinner with Cap and Natsu.

Rabutan: You should've called us over!!

Aoi: Yeah you should've called us to your room!!


59. The only reason for the onigiri

Rikopi: So where would you like to go for a concurrent position?

Akiyoshi: I wanna try NGT.

Rikopi: Oh, interesting. Why so?

Natsumikan: *chuckles* Must be the white rice.

Akiyoshi: *nods* *content grin* You know me so well, my Mikan sister.

Rikopi: *rolls eyes* So white rice is more important than anything else for you .

60. Adult drinking party

(At a bar)

Sasshi: Today I'm gonna treat you all to a drink!!

Chihiro/Rikopi/Rabutan/Mariri: Yay!!

(10 minutes later, after a glass of tequila)

Mariri: *cackles out of nothing* *drops to floor* *laughs for no reason*

Rikopi: *shouts* LET'S PARTY YEAAAA!!!!

Chihiro: *giggles* *sips her 2nd glass of tequila*

Rabutan: *slurs* Sleepy~ *falls asleep*

Sasshi: *watches everything* *facepalm* *in her mind* I AIN'T BRINGING THESE WEAK GIRLS TO DRINKING ANYMORE.


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The last one was like... geez need the more experienced ones here XD
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poor shinamon, waka-chan is too tsundere sometimes e.e
aoi always tease the fans

HA↑NA↓CHAN♥ ---> gotou nii-san ?? xDD
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yay, another set made my day   :cathappy:

I really like aoi’s devilish side lol
then haruppi’s possessiveness,  :nervous
but it seems chiichan doesn't mind tho.. xD

and there's yukiHaru! I always like how their relation is  :lol:

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Yo fellas  :welcome :welcome
Thank you for visiting :love:

@kuro_808:  :rofl:

@NogamiRumi: YukiHaru is a middle-aged couple (quoting Madoka)  :grin:

@ryo_heartkreuz: Chihiro can't do anything about it  :rofl:

I don't think I can talk a lot lol  :rofl:

Hereby I present you...


61. Just your imagination

(during the filming of Taboo no Iro MV)

Haruppi: *excited* Nee Saku-chan, don't you get nervous about our scenes?

Sakura: What scene?

Haruppi: You know, like the kiss.

Sakura: Why would I? Won't it be weird if I do?

Haruppi: *glees* *inside her mind* deadpan Saku-chan is the best~

62. Don't kill her yet

(In an MC with the topic of favorite moment in SaishuBell)

Rikopi: So, what's yours, Meru?

Meru: It's 20nin Shimai no Uta! There we have even that person who has gone...


63. Self-perseverance is essential

Haruppi: I'll do my best on dieting since the costume for Theater no Megami shows my tummy!!

Nako: Me too!!

(later that day)

Nako: I will not get fat... I will not get fat... I will not get fat... Yosh. *eats choco* THIS IS YUMMY~


64. It has no relation at all

Jiina: I wanna release a photobook.

Natsu: Just pray?

Jiina: But I'm lacking here.

Natsu: Where?

Jiina: Here *circles her chest*

Natsu: *chuckles* Nah.

65. Safety comes first

(In Safari Zoo)

Chihiro: Here we can ride the cage bus as we tour the zoo!!

Haruppi: *stares at the bus* You sure this is safe?

Chihiro: No worries!

Haruppi: *checks the cage* YOU SURE THIS WORKS??


66. Ponkotsu Captain VI

Chihiro: *listens to music on earphone*

(call in to Chihiro's phone)

Chihiro: *puts phone speaker on her ears without removing the earphone* Hello?

Natsu: *stares* You know it doesn't work that way, don't you?

Chihiro: *embarrassed* Doesn't hurt to try, right?? *pouts*

67. Kids will always be kids

Jiina: Girls, look at me!!!

Rikopi: Huh?

Jiina: You girls always call on my panties and say they're lame, but today....

Rikopi: *looks bored* Today?

Jiina: I'M WEARING MATURE LOOKING ONE *shows off her panties*

Others: Oh~ Not bad~

Nako: Nako doesn't wanna lose!! Nako is wearing the battle panties Rikopi gave her before!!

Others: OHHH~ Is it an adult looking one???

Nako: *grins*

Rikopi: Huh? I thought it was one with a cartoon character on it...


68. Still lack of presence

Mio: Since today is Shinamon's birthday, let's talk about her! Now where is she...  *looks to the left*

Shinamon: Mio-chan, I'm on your right side.

69. Harutan the goddess of theater

Mashiro: Harutan, you have new position today, don't you? Good luck.

Harutan: Huh?

Chihiro: Harutan, good luck with the new position!

Harutan: HUH??

Rikopi: What's with the 'Huh?', don't you have new position?

Harutan: I DON'T!!!

70. Ponkotsu captain's jealousy

Nako: *groans* Miku, stop groping my butt!!

Natsu: *stares* Naopon, stop running your fingers on my thighs!!!

Chihiro: Wait a minute, why is nobody harassing me?!?!


ChiiNatsu :heart:
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Short but still great. I just love how ponkotsu Chiichan is, lol! But what is this, no KIV love? We need more KIV!  :P
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Short but still great. I just love how ponkotsu Chiichan is, lol! But what is this, no KIV love? We need more KIV!  :P

She should be doing more... I should be doing the same... Give me a bit of time on that :runs to Perv area:

Jiina... can't be helped just need more confidence boosting mirrors XD
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@NogamiRumi: YukiHaru is a middle-aged couple (quoting Madoka)  :grin:

I read that post too xD

haruppi too coward, probably I'll snap like natsu too... just get up!! :catglare:

no KIV love? We need more KIV!  :P

She should be doing more... I should be doing the same... Give me a bit of time on that :runs to Perv area:

please we need more love for KIV

thanks for the update