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Author Topic: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame (Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 166909 times)

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Akb48 and Mendol crossover. This actually came to me a couple of months ago but I can't write it on FFN.  :nervous Decided to just write it here on the mean time. I'm going for comedy and a bit of drama.

Pairings: Nami/Ray, Nami/Acchan (?)


Chapter 1

The lights are bright. The stage is set. You can feel the hot rays of the spotlight as it covers you. You can hear the crowd roar as you try to catch your breath after performing your single. It’s a typical day for an idol. It’s a typical day for us three.

“Th-Thank you so much!”

I glanced at Riku who was smiling at the crowd. Kuu was also smiling, his eyes a bit teary. I couldn’t help but smile too as I looked at the crowd. They were either chanting our group or chanting our individual names. Hearing those cheers feels pretty awesome.

My eyes wander at the crowd. I wasn’t particularly looking at anything, but then my wandering eyes stopped at a figure at the back. The figure was looking directly at me, smiling. Giving me a smile that feels like it was only meant for me. Somehow, I can’t hear the crowd anymore as I stare at her. She caught my attention and it seems that she noticed it. She’s saying something that I can’t figure out.


I mumbled out wanting to know what she’s saying. She smiled and said something again. I can’t read it. I’m not good at reading lips. It’s frustrating because I want to know what she’s saying. I took a step forward at the stage ignoring the looks that I know Riku and Kuu are giving me. I just want to know what she’s saying.

Still smiling, she put both her hands on the side of her mouth, took a deep breath and yelled.



I suddenly jerked forward as I opened my eyes and fell on the ground.


I mumbled rubbing my sore butt.

“Are you alright?”

I turned my attention at the person who woke me up and found Asahi looking at me worriedly. She offered her hand and I took it as I stood up.

“Why did you have to yell so loud?”

“I’m sorry. You weren’t waking up. Shaking you doesn’t seem to work so I decided to just yell at you. It’s either that or I pinch your nose to prevent you from breathing, then I put a whole bunch of marshmallows on your mouth as what Hinata suggested since she said that you sleep like the dead.”

She smirked and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Hinata’s jokes can be evil at times. 

“Well thanks for not doing that.”

“I was very tempted to do that really. But knowing you, you’d kill both of us if we did that.”

“How right you are.”

“Anyway, I just woke you up to say that it’s already 3:45pm. 15 minutes till rehearsal again.”

“Oh. Thanks for the wake up call.”

“No problem.”

She nodded and went out of the room. I slowly stretched trying to awaken my still sleepy body. I glanced at the clock and noticed that it’s 3:50pm. I’ve got 10 minutes to walk there. Plenty of time not to be late.

I got out of the room and made my way towards the rehearsal room. I couldn’t help but smile thankful for Asahi’s wake-up call. When I got in the room, everyone were either stretching, talking or just moving around. It still amazes me seeing so many girls in one big room. But then again, It’s been almost a year since the three of us joined AKB48.

It’s been almost a year since the Persona disbanded.

Almost a year since we dressed up as guys.
Almost a year since we were faked shot at the parking lot.
Almost a year since I admitted to Ray that I was a girl.
And it’s almost a year since she cried that night and looked at me with so much disgust in her eyes as she ran away from me.


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Chapter 2

“Oh. Nami, you’re awake.”

I can hear disappointment in her voice as Hinata stood in front of me holding what appears to be a bag of marshmallows. Beside her stood perhaps the tallest member of akb48, Shinoda Mariko holding a camera. She’s nice and all, but teases me a lot. Often times I just go along with it. It’s just playful teasing anyway. I call her Mariko-sama. Next to Mariko-sama is Yukarin Satou. She’s Mariko-sama’s sidekick as well as her closest friend. She is also nice and funny when she wants to be.

Honestly, these three are dangerous when they are together. They always come up with pranks for other members just so they could have a few laughs. They sometimes do pranks on me and get a few laughs and of course I give them a few bruises. It’s fun. I can’t say that to them because I’m sure they’re going to double their pranks on me, but I always have fun when we’re together. I think they know it though.

I raise my eyebrow as I looked at what Hinata is holding. She took a step back looking all nervous.

“I was uh…just thinking of feeding you marshmallows…you know. I thought you’d be hungry…”

She gave out a nervous laugh and suddenly turned around walking away. I turned to look at Mariko-sama who looked nervous as well.

“I uh…was thinking of taking your picture while she feeds you…you know. For memories…”

She also walked away leaving Yukarin standing. I turned to her and she smiled. There was no nervousness in the way she smiles.

“I was just going to watch.”

She shrugged and walked towards Mariko and Hinata. I shook my head and couldn’t help but smirk at them as they huddled in the corner. I guess they’re disappointed for not getting those few laughs.

I turned my attention to Asahi and saw her sitting at the floor playing her DS. She’s been carefree ever since Persona disbanded. Sometimes even being an airhead. I blame her ex-boyfriend Jiro for that really. Oh yeah, they broke up a couple of months ago due to our work as idols. Jiro was a mess when Asahi broke up with him. She acts like it didn’t bother her and that it’s better off that they’re just friends but I can tell that it broke her saying those things to Jiro. They’re friends now by the way. Jiro’s back to his old self trying to get Asahi’s attention again and Asahi’s back to ignoring him. That’s normal for them.

Beside Asahi, or rather on her is Oshima Yuko who has her arms wrapped around Asahi’s neck as she watched her playing the DS. Yuko seems to have taken a liking to Asahi ever since they bonded a few months ago. She’s always clinging to Asahi and often calls her ‘Nyanyan.’ Honestly, I think that girl has a major crush on Asahi. I wonder what Asahi feels about it? I’ll probably ask her later.

As I walked inside the room I can’t help but feel as if I’m inside a classroom once again. Everybody has formed their own different groups. It’s like déjà vu really. But one group caught my attention. A group wherein someone named Maeda Atsuko belongs.

I don’t know her very well. We’re not friends, just acquaintances. We hardly ever talk at all as I have my own group and she has hers. But ever since the akb48 debuted 3 months ago, she always caught my attention. Maybe because she was titled as the face of akb48 that I suddenly find her intriguing. Or maybe it’s because ever since we debuted, I notice her smile doesn’t meet her eyes anymore. I often told myself that she’s probably just tired because of the promotion that she’s been doing as the face of akb48. But then again, a part of me doesn’t believe that.

I suddenly caught her eye and we stared at each other for a couple of seconds before I looked away. It’s always been like that. It’s either I caught her eye or she caught mine. It’s like we’re communicating through that few seconds telling each other something that I can’t seem to understand.

“Finally awake eh?”

Akimoto Sayaka said as she grinned at me. Kashiwagi Yuki who was standing beside her smiled at me. These two and myself were assigned to be team captains as all 48 members of the akb48 were split into three groups. I was in charge of Team A, Sayaka was in charge of Team K and Yuki was in charge of Team B. The two of them are great leaders. As for me, I don’t know why I was assigned as captain. They probably saw me threatening someone or something.

“Yeah. Asahi woke me up.”

“And right on time.”

I nodded and began stretching as Sayaka rallied up the troops. Since sensei was absent, we were left in charge for practice. This is going to be another tiring afternoon.

“Alright! Let’s do this.”

***A couple of hours later…***

Practice has ended and most of the members began exiting the room. A few are still inside. They’re either packing up or just resting.

“Thank God!”

Hinata said as she and Asahi lay down on the floor all spread out. I would’ve joined them but I knew that if I lay down like that I’d fall asleep easily. With my body sore, I know I can easily fall asleep.

I picked up my water and noticed Maeda’s group are still inside the room packing up. She glanced at me and I turned away to drink my water. 

“So I guess we’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow huh?”

Sayaka asked with Sae Miyazawa beside her smiling. Even after the intense training we had she still seems to have so much energy. Wish I could that much energy inside me.

“What’s up with tomorrow anyway?”

Mariko-sama asked as she and Yukarin walked towards us. I shrugged as they all look at me for answers.

“Probably about another PV or something.”

“That means we have to learn another song!”

Hinata groaned as did Asahi emitting what seems to be a cat like sound. I guess that’s one reason Yuko call’s her ‘Nyan-Nyan.’ I couldn’t help but smirk at the two of them. I guess we’re still not used to these intense trainings even though we were trained hard before as Persona members.

“Then the only thing we could do now is rest.”

“Best plan I’ve ever heard. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Sae and Sayaka said their goodbyes and headed towards the exit.

“We’ll be going now too boss.”

“Go home alright?!”

“Yeah yeah yeah!”

Mariko-sama gave me a salute as she dragged Yukarin towards the exit as she waves at us. They always party afterwards and I can’t help but worry. I think I’ll check up on them later. God, when did I become a mother to those two who are older than me?

“Aren’t you guys going to go yet?”

Itano Tomomi asked as she walked towards us. She’s part of Team A and also part of Maeda’s group. Honestly I thought she’d be like Mariko-sama with the bullying and teasing but she’s not. She’s very friendly towards me and the other members.


I motioned towards my two roommates as they’re still on the floor. Asahi is now facing Hinata’s side curled like a fetus and I can see that she’s about to fall asleep. Tomochin laughed seeing the two on the floor.

“I guess you have to wait for those two to get their energy back.”

“That or I can just drag them home.”

“You do that.”

“Tomochin…let’s go now…I want to sleep.”

Kasai Tomomi said as she held Tomochin’s arm to drag her. Kasai is with Team K. She’s very friendly and would often chase Sae and try to make her look like a man. It’s very funny watching them running around sometimes.

“I guess we’ll be going now. See you tomorrow.”

“Goodluck with those two.”

Kasai pointed Hinata and Asahi as she and Tomochin said their goodbyes. The two Tomo-Tomo walked towards the exit together with their group including Maeda. She glanced at me again and her lips twitched that it looked like she gave me a small smile.

I didn’t know if I just imagined that or what but I just ignored it and waved at them as I said goodbye. I watch them for awhile leaving us three alone inside the room. With everyone gone except the three of us, Hinata suddenly groaned and sat up glaring at me.

“It’s driving me crazy! Just ask her out already!”

Asahi nodded her head in approval still laying on the floor looking like she’s sleeping. I really thought she was asleep. Hinata’s sudden outburst confused me that I look back at her with my eyebrow raised.

“What’s driving you crazy? And ask who what now?”

“You! You’re driving me crazy with your moon eyes for Maeda. Just ask her out on a date or something.”

Again Asahi nodded and I just looked at Hinata like she’s crazy or something.

“Moon eyes?”

“Yes! You two keep staring at each other! It’s so obvious that it’s driving me crazy. Even Asahi notices it too.”

I looked at Asahi expecting another nod but instead she slowly sat up, yawned and looked at me seriously. She gave me her Riku serious and determined look.

“Nami, you shouldn’t lie to yourself. Don’t deny the fact that you’re an L and you have L feelings towards Maeda.”

I just gave her my confused and uncertain Kai look.


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Chapter 3

I can’t believe they’re accusing me of being an L and having feelings for Maeda. Since last night they kept on urging me to confess and just ask Maeda out on a date. They just wouldn’t shut up. Even now they’re accusing me of such things when we’re heading towards the theater.

It’s annoying. It’s reaaaalllyyyy annoying.

“For the last time, I do not like her. I do not look at her with moon eyes. And I’m not an L!”

I exclaimed as I stopped walking to look at them.

“You do know that denying the fact will just make the matters worst.”

“Uhuh…the first step is to admit that you have a problem…or so I’ve heard.”

“Hey I’ve heard about that too.”

They both nodded enjoying the fact that they are in the same page. I just want to rip that page and burn it.

“Look here…I’m aware that I’ve been looking at Maeda…”

They immediately looked at me obviously happy with my answer. They began patting my shoulder, congratulating me.

“That’s good Nami. You’re admitting your problem!”

“Yes! Now…the next step would be…? Hinata, what is the next step?”

The patting stopped as Hinata turned to Asahi. I think I want to hear this because both of them are in airhead mode.

“Well…the next step would be…”

Hinata glanced at me then back at Asahi then back at me smiling.

“The next step is to have fun at the amusement park by treating usshhhhh”

I placed my hand on her mouth shutting her up.

“I’m not doing that made up crappy step. Anyway, as I was saying, I know I’m aware that I’ve been looking at Maeda…”

Hinata pulled my hand away from her mouth.

“You already did the first step. The second step isn’t to repeat the first step you know.”

I glared at her which shut her up. Asahi seems curious as to what I’m going to say as she tilted her head to the side and told me to go on.

“But…I don’t look at her the way you guys say I look at her. Trust me okay?”

They look at each other then at me trying to figure out whether or not to believe me. Asahi was the one who gave me the verdict.

“Okay. We’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt...for now.”

“I’ll take it. I’ll take anything just so we have this subject dropped.”

Asahi just shrugged and we continue to walk towards the theater. When we got there, almost every member that was supposed to show up was already there. Maeda was also there talking to Tomo-Tomo and the other girls.

I couldn’t help but be angry at myself for looking at Maeda again. I really have to stop doing that.

“Hey! What’s with the face?”

Mariko-sama asked as she started pinching both my cheeks.

“It’s only morning and you already have your scary face on.”

I was going to say something back when I heard Asahi yelp behind me. I turned around to see what happened causing Mariko-sama to remove her hold to my cheeks and saw Asahi trying to push Yuko away from her.

“Nyan-Nyan! I missed you.”

“D-Don’t touch me there!”

That’s normally how they greet each other nowadays. It’s not surprising anymore. Later if Asahi gets tired of pushing Yuko away she’d just let Yuko go on with her assault. At least Asahi is getting some exercise from it. But it seems Asahi’s struggling is getting shorter and shorter. I can’t help but wonder if she’s enjoying it or giving up on Yuko.

I suddenly felt being watched and knew who it was instantly. Ignoring the eyes on me, I turned towards Mariko-sama who immediately pinched both my cheeks again, pulling at it on the side making a somewhat forced smile on my face.

“Now this is how your face should look like in the morning. Happy little captain.”

Hinata moved beside Mariko-sama to look at my face.

“That doesn’t look happy. She looks constipated.”

“Hmm. Then how about this?”

“She looks scary.”

She removed her hands and looked at me seriously.

“I suggest plastic surgery.”

Hinata nodded and I frowned at both of them.


She pinched my right cheek again and made a kissing face.  Then she started talking baby talk while pinching my cheek.

“Aww. I’m just kidding you cute, scary, miniature you.”

With one last pinch that made me yelp, she gave me a flying kiss then turned and headed towards where Yukarin, Sayaka and the others are. I received yet another Mariko-sama  playful insult, although she did call me cute though.

I was rubbing my cheek when Hinata leaned to my ear, whispering.

“She’s looking at you again. Oh, now she isn’t because she saw me looking at her now.”

I shook my head ignoring what she said and grabbed her hand dragging her to where the others are.

“H-Hey! Wait for me!”

Asahi says as she walks to us with Yuko who was hugging her from behind.

***A couple of minutes later***

All 20 of us were sitting on the stage as the manager and our dancing instructor stood in front of us.

“Okay, since everyone is here now, we’ve got some good news for all of you.”

The manager said as he gave us a big smile. It must be a really good news for him to be smiling that wide. I do hope he stops smiling now. He looks scary smiling that wide.

“But first, did you guys practice yesterday with the other members?”

Everyone replied saying ‘Hai!’

“Good! Since your first PV is going to be released in a week, you guys are going to perform on your first TV show today!”

Screams of joy and claps could be heard. We haven’t performed in a TV show before. So it’s understandable for people to be this excited. I couldn’t help but glance at Maeda and saw that she’s smiling at the news. I wonder if she’s just as excited as the others since I know all the focus would be on her since she is the face of the akb48.

“But you know, it’s not just any TV show that is going to feature you guys.”

The screams and claps suddenly stopped as we all looked at the manager’s creepy smile. The moment he said the name of the TV show, the screams and claps became much louder. Some girls were even jumping up and down. But I just sat there, shocked and scared as I replay to my mind what the manager said to us.

“You guys are going to be featured in the Music 10!”

Oh crap.


I’ve been pacing around the hallway with my costume on trying to ease the nervousness that I’m feeling. These are the times when I want to just curl up to bed and just die there. I don’t know if I can take this if SHE is there. Well, I think she is there. Her single is on the top 5 I think. Not that I’m looking or anything. No, No, No.

Clearly I’m a mess.

“Are you alright Nami? You look pale.”

I didn’t even notice that Asahi is in front of me. See, I am a mess.


“Are you sick?”

She placed her hand on my forehead trying to see if I have a fever or something. I shook my head.

“I’m not sick. I think I’m going to be. I mean, it’s Music 10! You know.”

“I know! How cool is that?! It’s just last year that we performed there as Persona, and now we get to perform there again as another group!”

I don’t think she gets what my dilemma is. I don’t want to tell it to her now seeing how happy she is. I don’t want to worry her. Plus I think I’m exaggerating on the whole thing. I wouldn’t probably see her there. That is a big place after all.

Somehow, thinking about that calmed me down a bit. I smiled at her and nodded.

“Yeah. It is cool.”

“It is.”

It is cool that we get to perform again at Music 10. I should focus more on that rather on something so…stupid.

“You shouldn’t worry too much.”

This is the old Asahi that’s talking. She rarely shows this side of her now. Back then she was the captain of Persona, the brains and strength of us three. I asked her why she doesn’t want to be captain of Team A and she just said that she prefers to be the leader of Persona and be an airhead of akb48. I didn’t understand her really. I mean, she would be great as captain. I was always the doubter of Persona and just by listening to her ideas and determination back then, I felt like I could take on anything. That’s why I have so much respect for her.

“Hey, do you think the buffet is still there? I really miss their muffins you know.”

“You can visit their shop you know. You don’t need to go there to get those muffins.”

“Oh yeah.”

And airhead Asahi of akb48 is back, but I still have so much respect for her. I couldn’t help but chuckle and she just smiled.

“Anyway, everyone’s heading to the bus now. Hinata has your stuff. We should head there now.”

I suddenly felt nervous again. She was about to walk away when I grabbed her arm to stop her.

“Uh…I’ll just go to the bathroom. I’ll head there as soon as I can.”

“Okay. Just…hurry back.”

I nodded my head and headed towards the bathroom while Asahi heads towards the bus. The moment I stepped inside the bathroom, I started slapping my cheeks and leaned at the sink.

“Get a grip.”

I said to myself and started splashing my face with water. I didn’t know that someone was inside a cubicle until I heard a flush and the door swung open. Wiping some water from my eyes, I looked at the mirror and was surprised to see Maeda looking back at me.

“Oh God you scared me.”

Really now, the only thing missing is a knife on her hand and some eerie music that it would look like a horror scene. I can still feel my heart pounding from the scare.

“Are you okay?”

She asked as she frowned slightly. I placed my hand on my chest feeling my pounding heart.

“Well, I think I just had a mini heart attack.”

She grabbed some toilet paper and held it out for me to take.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Here.”

I glanced at what she offered for a second and took it. I gave her a hesitant smile.


I wiped my face and noticed that she’s watching me, smiling slightly.

“Uh. Asahi said that everyone’s boarding the bus now. In case you didn’t know.”

“Oh, really?”


She didn’t move and neither did I. I could predict some awkward scenes here.

“Well I guess I should head there too.”

She said as she walked to exit the bathroom still with a smile on her face. When she walked out, I felt bad. I should really try my best to get to know her. She is one of my teammates. Plus, having these small conversations with her is getting tiresome. Add the whole looking at each other too.

With that thought, I quickly exit the bathroom and saw her walking form in the hallway. I ran to her and called her out making her stop and turn towards me. When I caught up to her, I shrugged as she looked at me confused.

“I’ll walk with you.”

She looks like she was taken back by what I just said. Was it really that surprising that I wanted to walk with her?

“Oh, Okay.”

Apparently it is by the look on her face. We were silent as we walked towards the bus. I kept pondering my head to start a conversation or just say something because the silence was killing me. But what would I say to her?



I didn’t realize that I said that out loud. I don’t even know why I was thinking about that too. But it would look lame if I didn’t say something. So I just went on with whatever it is I can associate with what I just said.

“Uh…well I was just thinking that…uh…Mariko-sama and Sayaka are quite tall, you know. Same with Sae and Asahi. And Yukarin is also a bit tall too.”


Lame. That attempt was so lame. I didn’t add anymore to the lameness and just welcomed the awkward silence as we approached the bus. Everyone's inside now except for us two. I still can’t get over at how lame I was and she added the awkwardness by replying a two letter word. Is that even a word?

“Good timing. We were about to leave you.”

The manager said as we entered the bus. Both of us apologized and headed inside. I doubt they’ll leave us though. I mean, they wouldn’t leave the face of the akb in an important show.

The seats were in pairs. Maeda went on ahead to take a sit. I found Hinata and Asahi and approached them pouting. They were seated together.

“You two are seated together.”

“Aw. You could sit on our lap.”

Asahi said as she patted her lap. This is the problem of us three being an odd number. It wouldn’t be a problem if the bus has three seats. 

“Well, there’s a vacant seat over there.”

Hinata pointed towards the back and that’s when I noticed that the only seat available is the seat next to Maeda. Even the seat at the very back was already taken. This could be bad. Maybe I could take up Asahi’s offer and just sit at their lap. But it would look weird if I did that. Maeda might get the idea that I don’t like her and for sure, that’ll make me feel bad.

I turned to Hinata and found her grinning and wiggling her eyebrow. Don’t tell me she planned this? Well Asahi is smirking and the way Hinata is looking at me tells me their immediate deaths are near.

“Here’s your bag.”

She held out my bag to take. I took it and glared at them.

“You two are so dead later.”

They didn’t take my threat seriously as they chuckled and smirked at me. Sometimes I wonder if they really are my bestfriends. I just took a deep breath, calming myself and slowly made my way to where Maeda is seated. This is going to be a long and awkward ride.

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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This is cute. Update please? :D

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Surely this has a continuation! :O

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Thanks so much for the thanks! Thanks for reading too!  :) Sorry it took awhile.  I honestly don't know where this is I'll just go wherever direction my mind takes me.  :nervous Thanks again!!

Chapter 4

“Hey. Can I sit here?”

Maeda looks at me then at the empty seat next to her. She shrugged.

“If you want.”

Like I have a choice. I sigh and sat down next to her feeling the bus pull away from the theater. I suddenly felt my bag vibrate. Frowning, I pull out my cell phone and saw that I have a text message. It was from Hinata.

‘Do your best! Goodluck!’ (^~^)

I leaned towards the aisle and saw Hinata and Asahi also leaning to look at me. Both of them gave me a big toothy smile and a thumbs up. I want to reply to them in a not so nice way but I’m trying to be a good girl here so I just leaned back to my seat and decided to just listen to my ipod. That would be a good way to pass the time.

I search my bag for the device and noticed that it wasn’t there. I was sure I saw it here earlier. I don’t know why but I had a feeling that Hinata was behind this. I leaned towards the aisle again and saw Hinata still looking at me. With a grin, she showed me my ipod and wiggled it, taunting me. I glared at her. She really is digging her own grave here.

“Damn it.”

“Something wrong?”

Maeda asked as I leaned back to my seat. I sigh and shook my head.

“It’s nothing. Hinata just took my ipod.”

“Oh. Well I’d offer mine but my ipod is out of batteries.”

Really? She’d offer hers? That’s nice. I shook my head and smiled slightly.

“That’s okay. It’s not like I can’t live without that.”

I don’t think I’d die of silence. Plus, it’s only a 30 minute ride. I’m sure I can survive it. With that, I decided to just sit still and wait till we get to TV Tohto.

***5  minutes later***

Oh God. This is so boring. I’m just looking at the seat in front of me while Maeda is enjoying the view from the window. I can hear most of the girls talking. Tomo-Tomo, who are seated on the other side are both listening to their ipods so I can’t chat with them. I can even hear Yukarin and Hinata laughing. I want to join them, but I’m too far from them. Am I being punished here? What have I done wrong to deserve such a punishment?!

“You know…”

I turned to Maeda, surprised to hear her talk. She was frowning slightly like she’s thinking.

“There are disadvantages in being tall.”

Wow. Is she trying to…have a conversation with me? And using my lame topic! She must be bored as well. I think I’ll play along.



“Like what?”

“Well, your feet would stick out of the blanket and you would get cold when you sleep.”

She smiled as she looked at me. I smirked.

“True. But I think you can do something about that, like wear socks.”

“Oh yeah. Hmm. Well how about people who are tall…find it hard to look for their shoe sizes. I mean, most people who are tall have…big feet.”

“That could be a disadvantage. It would be annoying if I found a shoe I like and they didn’t have my size, although I doubt that’ll happen in my case.”

That’s an advantage for us short people I guess. It wouldn’t be hard to look for a shoe size that would fit you. You can even go to the kids section. Hinata and Asahi once took me there when I told them I want to buy some shoes. It was meant to be a joke, but I tried some of them just for fun. Surprisingly, some of them fit but I didn’t from there though. That would be embarrassing. I could imagine Mariko-sama and Yukarin ridiculing me if I bought that.

“What’s your height anyway?”


I know I’m short. I don’t need to hear it from anyone. The fact that I’m only 148.5cm is proof of that. Also, I can see it perfectly in the mirror and whenever I have to look up at someone just to talk to them. I’m not losing hope though. I’m still hoping to grow tall even if it’s just a bit.

“Well, there are advantages in being short. Shoe sizes are one thing.”


“Uhuh. Another advantage would be…”

She began tapping her chin with her finger looking at the seat in front of her as she was thinking. When she thought of something, she turned to me again grinning.

“You’d be good at playing hide and seek since you can hide anywhere.”

She giggled and I just pretend to be offended by slapping her arm.

“Hey! That’s a lousy advantage.”

She shrugged still smiling. It’s contagious really but I fought back and just gave her a frown. She’s clearly enjoying our banter because I’ve never seen her smile this wide before. At least not when I’m glancing at her.

“It’s still an advantage though.”

“But it’s crappy.”

“Okay, how about…you would look younger than you are.”

I raised my eyebrow and looked at her in an ‘I’m not impressed’ kind of way.

“So you mean to say, that I look like a little girl that hasn’t reached puberty?”

She’s trying not to laugh as she covers her lips.

“I…I didn’t say that.”

I couldn’t help but smirk as she finally released her laugh. It’s nice to see her laugh. Even if it’s to ridicule me, it’s nice to see her looking…happy. I think she needs it.

Her laughter is starting to subside as she wipes a few tears from her eyes when I felt my phone vibrate again. I had a feeling that it would be Hinata again so I wasn’t surprised when I flipped my phone open.

‘It looks like you two are getting along just fine. I knew you two would ht it off!’ (^~^)

I don’t know if I want to thank Hinata for this little set up that she did for me and Maeda to finally break the ice, or I should kill her for this little set up when I told her to just drop it. Hmmm…maybe I can do both. I can hug her to death once we arrive at Tohto TV.

I suddenly remembered my dilemma earlier. We’re going to Tohto TV…the place where Persona debuted…the place where SHE is. What the hell am I going to do if I met her there?!

“Everything okay?”

I didn’t realize that I was still staring at my phone. It was only when I heard Maeda’s voice did I turn to her and shrugged.

“Uh…yeah. It’s just Hinata telling me that she wants me to give her a death hug.”

She frowned smiling slightly obviously confused.


“It is.”

I close my phone and took a deep breath as I lean at my chair. I’m feeling nervous again. I turned to look at Maeda.

“Aren’t you nervous?”

Maeda seems to be taken aback by the sudden change of topic or maybe the seriousness of my voice.

“I was earlier. But then I realized that I shouldn’t think about it too much and just…go for it.”

She said as she looks at her lap looking like she’s shy or something. Is she…blushing? Nah, I’m probably just imagining it. Why would she blush anyway? But she does seem calm about the whole Music 10 unlike me who’s clearly a mess. But then again, I’m only nervous because of who I might see there.

Hmmm. Maybe I should ask for her advice. I mean, we’re not really close friends and well, sometimes it’s nice to ask for advice on people who don’t know you that well.

Still slouching at my seat, I stared at the seat in front of me as I ask her.

“Can I ask for your advice on something?”

I guess she was surprised again as it took her a couple of seconds to answer me back. If she had said the same thing, I would have been surprised myself so I really can’t blame her. It’s our first time to talk to each other this much. We are in the getting to know each other stage and asking for her advice feels like a huge step towards friendship.

Ugh, that sounded like we’re dating or something.


I took a deep breath and just let it out.

“Well…suppose you we’re living your dream through a lie and somehow you deceived someone that you never had an intention of deceiving. Like that person liked you and they kept on sticking to you or something and they got tangled in the lie too. And then at some point, you decided to end the lie and confessed to them what you really are. But they weren’t happy about the confession. Instead they ran away from you crying…and well you haven’t seen or heard from them since. But then, something unexpected happen and well…there might be a chance that you get to meet them again.”

I’m playing with the buttons of my blazer as I recall the events. It’s a bit embarrassing really to ask for her advice but at the same time…it somehow feels right.

“So um…what would you do if you meet them again?”

I glance at her and saw that she has her head tilted looking at the seat in front of her, frowning slightly.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Unsure of where this is heading, I looked at her and answered her back hesitantly.


“Do you care for them?

Her question caught me off guard.


She turns to me her frown gone. She has this look of…understanding or something as she shook her head.

“You know, I don’t think you need to answer that. It clearly shows that you care for them since you’re worrying about it now. They must be really important to you for you to be this affected.”

Frowning, I answered back.

“Maybe it affects me because…they might reveal the truth about what I’ve done.”

“Maybe. But if that is the case, you wouldn’t indicate that they were unhappy when you told them the truth and you wouldn’t recall that they were crying.”

Uh…what do I say to that?

“And also, you asked what you would do if you meet them again. Those are indications that you’re somewhat concern about their feelings and you somehow want to make it right.”

I raise my eyebrow at her. I’m all weirded out with what she’s doing. It feels like I’m in a case or something.

“Uh…do you want to be a lawyer or something? If not, then I suggest you go for it because I’m sure you’ll be great in that career.”


She stared at me for a few seconds and then let out a giggle.

“I’m sorry if it feels like I’m judging you.”

Smiling, I shook my head.

“Nah. It’s okay. I am asking for your advice and all so it’s only fair that you get to ask questions that are related to my problem. At least, I think it is related…”

 “It is.”

“Okay. Well…to tell you the truth, I’m feeling a bit guilty about what I’ve done to…them. I honestly don’t know if they are important to me. I just know that I feel guilty for making them cry.”

I do feel guilty even though I really didn’t mean to do that to her. I really hate it when I see people cry. It always affects me. Maybe that’s why I feel guilty about it.

“Then…you know what you should do right?”

Well, I have an idea on what I should do. But do I really need to do it? I really hate doing that stuff. I even remember Sachou whipping me just to do that.

“Do I really have to?”

I ask sounding a bit hopeful that there’s some other way to make things better. I can’t think of any other way though besides what she’s implying. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to hope for another way.

She gave me a sympathetic smile.

“If you really want to get it out of your chest, then yes you have to. That’s the only way I could think of. Actually, it’s the only thing that you should do.”

Crap. I knew she’d say that. I really hate it when the only thing to do is to apologize.

***A couple of minutes later***

We finally arrive at Tohto TV. Maeda and I didn’t talk much after we talked about my problem. I think she knew that I needed to think about certain things so she gave me some space and just turned to look out the window until we arrived. Even when we got out of the bus I was still contemplating on what I should do while walking towards Tohto TV.

That ended quickly though when I felt Hinata wrap her arm on my shoulder pulling me to her.

“So…how did it go?”

She asked grinning at me. Asahi walked on my other side looking at me anxiously. You know if we were in our Persona outfits we would totally look like guys talking about how to score on some ladies. Hinata does look like she wants some juicy details on what went on with Maeda.

Right…like something juicy happened…

“We just talked. Don’t look at me like something happened.”

“You didn’t ask her out?”

I looked at Hinata like she’s insane. Well, she is insane most of the time. It’s a good thing we were away from most girls or else they’d hear our ridiculous conversation.

“Why would I ask her out? I told you I’m not like that!”

Both of them looked disappointed for awhile. Were they really expecting me to ask Maeda out? Clearly these two are insane.

“Oh well, at least the two of you talked. I guess that’s step one.”

Asahi said as she bounced back her disappointment and gave a smile. I won’t ask what the hell that step one is about. Clearly they talked about some steps on the way here. What’s with them and their steps anyway?

Hinata seems to bounce back too.

“You’re right. So, what did you two talk about?”

They really want to know what we talked about huh. Oh well, guess I’ll just tell them just so they get off my back.

“Well, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being tall and short.”

They were silent for awhile until Hinata turns her head away coughing.


Asahi giggled while I glare at Hinata.

“Hey! I didn’t ask for you to push me to her. Which reminds me, I should give you a gift for doing so.”

We stopped walking as Hinata immediately removed her arm on my shoulder and stepped back hearing the sound of my knuckles as I ready them. Although I don’t think I can beat her up what with Asahi’s hand on my shoulder pulling me slightly.

“Now, now Nami. She was just trying to help you ease the tension. It clearly helped right? You two finally talked.”

As much as I really want to smack Hinata, hearing Asahi’s reasoning, I can’t help but agree with her. Some of the tension did disappear. The proof of that was when we arrived at Tohto TV. We stepped out of the bus together and she said that she’ll talk to me later as she went to her group. She was smiling when she said that and I just smiled back and nodded my head in return.

I guess Hinata’s plan did work somehow.

“Tch. Fine. I’ll let it go this time.”


Hinata exclaimed delightfully as she walked right back beside me. She latched her arm on mine as we walked together with Asahi. She’s acting like I wasn’t about to smack her. Typical of Hinata.

“Anyway Nami, is that really all you and Maeda talked about? I mean, I find it hard to believe that…that topic…really lasted until we arrived here.”

Asahi asked and I gave her a shrug.

“Well…we talked about what I should do to Ray if ever I meet her here…”

They both stopped and I felt Hinata’s arm grow limp. Confused, I turn to them and they looked shocked as they look at each other then at me. Then they shouted…


I never thought they’d react that way. I know it would surprise them, but not to the point of shouting it out loud.

I immediately covered both of their mouths but was too late. Some of the girls and even some of the people around us were looking at us curiously. I just shook my head and smiled at them nervously.

“Haha…It’s nothing really…nope…nothing interesting here…”

Most of them stopped staring at us and continue to do what they were previously doing. I turn back to Asahi and Hinata and glared at them.

“Could you two be any louder?”

They looked at me apologetically as I removed my hands on both their mouths.

“What about Ray that’s gotten you two shouting?”

Mariko-sama surprised us as she asked. Slowly, we turned to where Mariko-sama, Yukarin, Sayaka are all standing. They were walking behind us. I guess they caught up to us since we kept on stopping. Hopefully they didn’t hear our conversation earlier.

Hinata and Asahi seem to be at a loss for words so I stepped up and smiled nervously at the trio.

“Uh…they’re just…uhm…surprised that…that…uh that I was a b-big fan of Ray. Yeah that’s it…right?”

I looked at Asahi and Hinata urging them to say something through my eyes. Good thing they understood.

“Uh…yeah…imagine that…”

“Right…Nami’s a fan…uh…that’s a shocker…”

The three of us laughed nervously as the other three looked at us confused. They continue to look at us for awhile until Sayaka spoke up as she looked at me.

“I never pegged you as a fan of Ray.” 

She said as she crossed her arms to her chest and raised her eyebrow.

“Yeah. You’re too…boyish to be Ray’s fan. Don’t you think so?”

Yukarin asked as she looked at Mariko-sama who was still staring at me with a serious face. Normally I’d be defending my honor as she called me boyish, but Mariko-sama’s stare is creeping me out. There’s no teasing or even agreeing on what Yukarin just said. She’s just staring at me.

Finally, she shrugged but her expression still the same.

“Whatever. Let’s just go.”

With that she walked pass us. Yukarin and Sayaka quickly followed looking quite confused as I am. I turn to look at Mariko-sama’s back wondering what was up with her. I’ve never seen her look like that before. It’s scary.

I suddenly felt hands on my shoulder and Hinata started shaking me hard.

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?? What are you going to do?!”

I’m getting dizzy with her shaking. I grabbed both her hands to stop her.

“It doesn’t matter anymore alright? Calm down.”

She should be saying this to me and I should be the one panicking but you know…calming Hinata somehow calms me. Actually, talking to Maeda about it earlier helped a lot. That reminds me. I didn’t thank her did I?  I think I’ll thank her later for that.

“So what are you going to do?”

“What else…apologize.”

Asahi then put her hand on my shoulder and smiled proudly.

“That’s very brave of you Nami.”

I raised my eyebrow looking at her like she’s crazy.

“Well I am going to apologize…IF I SEE HER. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to avoid her though. I’m not stupid you know.”

Without waiting for their reply, I walked ahead towards the other girls. I did hear Hinata say…

“That’s so typically Nami.”

Damn right it is.


We still got an hour till show time so they allowed us to practice on the stage for a bit. It was a lot bigger than the last time we performed here as Persona. I suddenly remember the time when we were Persona. It was a great feeling and standing here again as a member of akb48 feels…surreal. Our numerous auditions…that should be put in the Guinness book of World Records…has finally paid off. We get to be ourselves now. No pretending to be boys. No more wigs and that icky cologne. No more strapping our breasts…and yes I have those. It’s just us now. Realizing that, it feels really really great.

I didn’t see Ray while we were waiting for the show to start. We saw a bunch of performers and was introduced to them but still no Ray. Not like I was anticipating it or anything. I was just being cautious. I know she’s here. Her single is on number 5th. And I know our paths will cross today. I can feel it. Well that and we get to perform after her since we were the featured newbie artist…so I’m sure our paths will cross. But I can always hide my face.

Hmm…that’s not a bad idea.

After a couple of minutes, the Music 10 finally started. We were getting nervous whenever they call on the next artist to perform. Some girls decided to hang out backstage to see some of the performance. When I heard that the staff is calling for Ray to perform, I suddenly felt cold. I don’t know if it was because I’m about to see her or because it’s almost time for us to perform that I felt the chill. I didn’t have the time to think of the answer as I heard Mariko-sama ask...

“Aren’t you going to watch Ray perform?”

I turned to look at her, surprised at her question. She still had this look on her face that was creeping me out.

“I mean, you are a fan right?”

It feels like she’s challenging me or something. Like she knows that we were lying earlier. This side of Mariko-sama is creepy. It’s confusing me why she’s acting like this. But it somehow made the coldness that I felt disappear. I was focusing on why she’s acting weird rather than think of our performance in Music 10 or Ray.

I frowned slightly when she stood up, walked towards me and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“It’s almost time you know. Are you ready?”

She grinned and gave my shoulder a squeeze then walked out of the room. I don’t know why, but that somehow brought me back to life. I wasn’t nervous anymore. I felt like my old self whenever we’re going to perform in the theater. 

I am ready.

I suddenly stood up feeling energized, surprising the girls who were still inside the room.

“Yosh! Let’s do this with flying colors! Yeah!”

I was met with confused stares. Everyone’s quiet. I can hear those imaginary crickets on my head. The crickets died down when Asahi suddenly stood up and clapped.


She was looking around clapping expecting everyone to follow her. Some clapped but it’s clearly forced and not as energetic as Asahi. Maeda is smirking though and Hinata was shaking her head mumbling the word ‘lame.’

Uh…it was? Asahi seems to like it though as she’s still clapping…

The clapping stopped when the manager finally informed us to get ready and wait at the backstage. Most girls were freaking out when we went there. Asahi and Hinata were playing it cool even though I can see that they’re nervous as well. Strangely enough, Maeda looked normal to me. She doesn’t look nervous or anything. She’s just smiling.

We met up with Mariko-sama and some of the girls backstage. When she saw me she grinned.

“Looks like you’re ready now.”

I don’t know why, but it feels like everything that she’s saying has a hidden meaning behind it. Does she know about…nah…it’s probably just my imagination.

“Yeah I am.”


She then turned to the other girls who were a bit noisy freaking out.

“Though I can’t say the same thing to them…”

She’s right. Their panicking is pretty contagious if you heard what they were saying. I for one am feeling the chill again when I heard someone ask, ‘what if we mess up?’

Ugh. We really don’t need this. I don’t need this…


I yelled at them. That made them shut up as they turned towards me.

“Stop worrying about stupid things! The more you worry, the more you’ll get nervous. Besides, there’s nothing to be nervous about. We’ve been performing at the theater for awhile now. Performing here wouldn’t be any different.”

“Yeah, but the Music 10 is the most watched program in Japan…”

Hinata whispered to me and I answered her back with a glare. Asahi quickly pulled her away from me when she saw my murderous glare. I really don’t need to hear that. Good thing no one heard her.

I turn back to the group.

“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that we should just do what we always do in the theater. Let’s just have fun. No more of that negativity crap. Alright?!”

They replied with a thunderous ‘Yeah!’ I guess their all pumped up now. I’m not really used to all these speeches crap but hearing them being negative about things compelled me to say something. But really now…this clearly isn’t my style.

“Why is it noisy in here?”

A man’s voice behind me asked. We are a bit noisy aren’t we? Feeling guilty about the whole thing, I slowly turned towards the voice and smiled nervously.

“Sumimasen…we were ju-“

I stopped when I realized that it was Sarukawa-sachou that I was talking to. And beside him stood the charismatic diva…


My eyes are glued to hers and hers are glued at mine. Her eyes are a bit wide as her lips are parted slightly upon seeing me. I guess she’s surprised as I was. I know I should have expected this, but why does it feel like I still got the shock of my life. It seems that I blocked most of the noise too because the only thing I can hear is my heart’s loud thumping.

It’s like time stopped and everything around us doesn’t exist anymore as we kept on staring at each other. It’s making me feel…uneasy…

It’s a good thing I felt a hand on my shoulder because it was then that I turned away from her eyes to look at the owner of the hand. I was once again surprised when the owner turned out to be Akimoto-sensei…the ‘Alpha and the Omega’ of akb48. At least, that’s what we call him behind his back. If you think about it, his title suits him. He created akb48 and he can abolish akb48 if he wants to.

He is the mighty AO. Well, that is what Hinata, Mariko-sama and Yukarin call him. One time they drew him on a black board and started bowing down on the drawing saying, ‘All hail mighty AO!’ Yuko and Asahi eagerly followed them. Whenever a girl would pass by the drawing, they’d make sure that they bow down to it. They even made me bow down to the stupid drawing a couple of times. I wouldn’t mind hailing at the person himself rather than the stupid drawing. I actually admire Akimoto-sensei you know.

“I’m sorry if the group has caused some disturbance. They were merely having a group huddle in preparation for their performance.”

Akimoto sensei explained as he gave Sarukawa-sachou his gentle smile.

“Oh. So this is the group you formed Akimoto-san.”

He said as he smirked. Some people never change huh. He’s still putting down the newbies. That didn’t seem to affect Akimoto-sensei though as he still kept his smile and replied back politely.


As if in auto-pilot, I turned towards Sarukawa sachou and bowed. The girls followed me as we say…

“We’re akb48. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!”

We stopped bowing and I can’t help but glance at Ray who now has her arms crossed to her chest. Her surprised look was gone and was replaced by a slight frown on her face. Looking at her now, I don’t feel nervous anymore. But her not so discreet glancing sure is making me uneasy.

A staff member suddenly appeared.

“Akb48, you’re on in 2 minutes. Let’s get you girls in position.”

We replied by saying ‘Hai.’ The girls followed him. I turned towards Akimoto-sensei when I felt him squeeze my shoulder. He gave me a smile.

“Do your best.”


I nodded my head to him and then followed the girls without glancing at Ray. When I got to where the girls are, Hinata and Asahi are looking at me worriedly. I can see that Maeda is looking at me as well but was trying to be discreet about it. Even Mariko-sama is looking at me through the corner of her eye. Was I worrying them too…?

“You okay?”

Asahi asked frowning slightly. I grinned at them and nodded my head.

“I’m fine. Let’s do this!”

They smiled back. I was really fine. I feel great even. I wasn’t nervous at all anymore even when we heard our group being called by the MC.

It’s show time.


I’m panting once again. It feels great especially when you hear the crowd cheering. I couldn’t help but smile wide at how great it feels. Wow, I guess they like us.

Slowly we formed two lines and introduced our group.

“We’re akb48. Arigatou gozaimasu!”

After we introduced our group and ourselves one by one, the MC decided to interview us for a bit. It was then that I realized that I was standing beside Maeda. I guess that’s not surprising since I was in front while performing and all.

I don’t know why, but something caught my eye. I glanced to the side of the stage and saw Sarukawa-sachou, Akimoto-sensei and Ray watching us. I feel uneasy again as I felt Ray’s eyes on me. I tried to ignore it by focusing on Maeda as she talks about akb48.

“…and that’s what akb48 stands for.”

She smiled at the MC. I couldn’t help but smirk noticing the smitten look of the MC on Maeda. This girl has some serious charm in her.

“Ah, so akb48 has three teams. Isn’t it hard to be with that many members?”

“No it’s not. It’s actually pretty fun. Right Nami-chan?”

She said as she turned to me and held my arm, smiling.

N-Nami…chan?! Did she just call me…Nami-chan? Am I hearing things? Apparently not since every member seems to be looking at me with either a teasing smile on their faces or a ‘we-didn’t-know-you-guys-are-close’ kind of face. Nobody calls me Nami-chan besides my mother…and I hate it.

Oh wait…she asked me something.

“Uh…y-yeah. It is fun. It’s just like we’re in a classroom you know. We’re learning things and at the same time, we’re having fun.”

Nice save. I smile at the MC trying to ignore the stares that the other girls are giving the glare that is coming from Ray. What’s up with that anyway?

“That’s nice. I heard this is your first time in a TV show. And well, this is the Music 10 and all. There are different artists here to perform. So tell me, who are you guys a fan of?”

Someone was pushing me slightly and I turned to see who it was. I wasn’t surprised to see that it was Mariko-sama. I suddenly had a bad feeling when Mariko-sama grinned at me then turned to the MC as she kept on pushing me slightly.

Oh God…please don’t say what I think you’re going to say! Please, anything but that!

“Well, Nami…CHAN here is a fan of Ray. She’s her biggest fan I believe.”

I suddenly felt hot. I knew I was blushing hard especially when the crowd went ‘Oooohhh’ on me. The girls seem to be having fun at my embarrassing state. You know, I don’t know whether or not I should kill Mariko-sama for bringing that up or the MC guy who had to ask that stupid question for the state I’m in. Or maybe I should kill myself since I’m the one who told that to Mariko-sama.

Damn you Mariko-sama, MC guy and myself!

I was trying not to glance at Ray because of what Mariko-sama said, but I couldn’t help it. When I glanced at her direction, she turned her back to me and walked away.

I don’t really care where she goes. Knowing that she’s not watching anymore would make this embarrassment disappear. But I did get a glimpse of her before she turned away from me…although I don’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Probably…

…because there is no way that she’s also blushing.

“Oh so you’re a fan of Ray, Nami-chan.”

I think I just felt my eye twitch when he called me Nami-chan.

“Y-Yes. I’m a…uh…big fan of Ray.”

No I’m not. Well, maybe just a little.

“She just performed earlier. Have you met her yet?”

Yes, I met her a couple of months ago when I was pretending to be Kai of Persona. I wonder what will happen if I say that. Probably hell will break loose.

“Well I did saw her earlier, but I never did get a chance to uh…say that I’m a big fan.”

“I’m sure you’ll get a chance to later.”

I hope not...but I still gave him a nod. The MC then turned to Maeda.

“How about you Maeda-san? Who are you a fan of?”

“Well, they aren’t here now…but I’m a big fan of Persona.”


The crowd cheered as she said Persona. Even some of the girls were cheering. I glanced at Asahi who had a shy smile on her face. That is totally the opposite of what Hinata looks like as she has a smug look on her face. As for me, I was just smiling slightly.

“I was actually here when they performed for the last time.”

She was?

“That’s amazing. So who is your favorite member among the three?”

“I like the three of them…but I like Kai the most.”


I glanced at Asahi and found her grinning at me. Hinata was the same but hers looks scary as she has her eyes narrowed a bit. Like an old perverted man. The girls started arguing a bit about who they like in Persona. Some say Riku while others say Kuu. Some even agrees to Maeda. Hearing these things, I can’t help but feel smaller. And God, I’m blushing again.

This day just keeps on getting better doesn’t it?

“But don’t you think he’s a bit…small?”

What the hell?! I’ll show him small!

I was about to step forward to retaliate on what the MC said when I felt that something is keeping me from moving forward. I turned towards the source and found Mariko-sama’s hand on my blazer. She noticed that I was looking at her with my eyebrow raised.


Is she serious? I looked at her hand that was still on my blazer and she turned to look as well. She immediately released my blazer.

“Oh. Sorry. I didn’t notice that I was holding your blazer.”

Right. Like I believe that. What’s up with her today?

“I really don’t care much about height. I prefer to look at the personality of the person rather than looking at their appearance. I like Kai because I believe he has a strong personality that I find attractive.”

She smiled and I couldn’t help but grin. Good answer. That’ll show this guy not to judge people by their appearance.

The MC guy nodded his head and smiled back.

“Well, I could’ve asked a few more questions but seems that we don’t have any time left.”

He then thanked us and we thanked him back together with the crowd. And with that ends our Music 10 episode.

Or so I thought…


We returned to the dressing room where Akimoto-sensei congratulated us for a good job. He also told us that even though we did good, we should still improve on how we face the camera and the crowd since some us were a bit nervous. I can’t help but think that he’s referring to me when he said that.

I was a mess there. First Maeda calls me Nami-chan, then Mariko-sama outed me in front of many watchers of Music 10 that I’m a big fan of Ray…which is not true…and then they talked about Persona. How can I not be nervous about those things?!

“You did a good job that someone wants to meet all of you personally.”

He smiled and I couldn’t help but frown as he walked towards the door and opened it. My frown was immediately gone when I saw the two people who entered.

It was Ray and Sarukawa-sachou. There were gasps and whispers as they entered.

“It’s R-Ray…”

“M-maji de…”

“It’s the charismatic diva Ray.”

I couldn’t help but sigh. That totally sounds familiar. God really is punishing me.

Ray stood beside Sarukawa-sachou with the same confidence that she had when we first met her. Asahi and Hinata, who was standing on both my side was glancing at me.

“Everyone, this is Mr. Sarukawa, the president of Monkey Pro. And I’m sure you all know who is standing beside him.”

We greeted the two guests politely.

“You all were great out there that Ray here insisted on meeting you.”

Sarukawa-sachou said as he looked at us with uncertainty. She probably had a bitch fit for him to look like that. Ray stepped forward and smiled looking at all of us.

“I heard that someone here is a big fan of mine.”

Oh crap. I’m getting nervous again.

“I want to thank her by giving her something in my dressing room.”

Everyone turned to look at me expecting me to reveal myself as Ray’s biggest fan. I guess this is the inevitable. I have to accept my fate. I’m going to die anyway in the future so I might as well end it with a bang.

I took a deep breath trying to calm my pounding heart as I stepped forward. I looked at her straight in her eyes and bowed.

“Hai! My name is Kawachi Nami and I’m your biggest fan.”

I still kept my head bowed. Everyone is quiet and I felt like I was the accused facing the death sentence. Is this what it feels like to face death? I can’t believe my last meal was a cracker given to me by Asahi earlier.

I was surprised though when two figures stepped on both my sides and bowed down as well.

“My name is Wakamatsu Asahi and I’m a big fan of yours too because I bought the same dress that you wore in your 2nd single.”
“My name is Otawa Hinata and I’m a big fan as well. I bought 10 of your latest single and I really don’t know why I did…but I did.”

I stood up straight and stared at the bowed figure of Asahi and Hinata. Their excuses are lame but still…

“You…you guys…”

They slowly stood and turned to look at me with a smile on their faces. I would have cried right there and then for the support that they’re giving me. But I didn’t when I saw the determination in their faces.

If I cry now…I would look stupid.

“So you have three fans in akb48 Ray.”

Sarukawa-sachou said as he looked at us. I turned to look at Ray and found her still smiling. But regardless of her smiling, she looks like she’s not impressed. She turned to Akimoto-sensei.

“Can I borrow them for awhile? I want to give them something. They are my fans and all.”

What is she going to give us? Our deaths?

 Akimoto-sensei nodded his head though.

“Sure. Our bus isn’t here yet anyway. Is 30 minutes enough?”

30 minutes is enough for her to maim us you know! What the hell?!

“Yes. Thank you.”

She said goodbye to the rest of the girls as she motioned for us to follow her. With Sarukawa-sachou and Ray in front of us, I looked at Asahi and Hinata who were beside me.

“You…you two didn’t have to do this you know. I can take care of myself.”

It’s true. I don’t want to be a burden to them. I don’t want to be a burden period.

“We know that. But we’re part of Persona too. If you felt the need to apologize, then we should as well. We’re a team you know. Plus, we’re friends right? This is what friends do.”

Asahi said as she smiled at me.

“Yeah. Besides, this way you won’t die alone. We’ll die together.”

Hinata said as she giggled. I’ll just pretend she didn’t say ‘die’ and replace it with the word ‘be.’ It sounds much better. Kidding aside, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about them helping me…but at the same time, I felt happy. I know I could count on them.

I looked at the floor and mumbled out a ‘Thanks.’

“What did you say Nami…chan?”

My right eye twitched again as Hinata called me Nami-chan. I’m trying to stop myself from pounding her for calling me that. They did something nice…and well I guess I should thank them for that. Pounding Hinata will come later.

“I said…thank you. I’m really glad that I have friends like you guys. It means a lot to me.”

I don’t often say such embarrassing things to them. So it’s understandable that they’re grinning wide as they look at me. I can feel myself blushing from their stares. It’s official. Today is blush day.

 I was surprised though when they suddenly hugged me.

“Ahhh! Kawaii! Say it again!”

“Nami-chan is so kawaii! Naaaamiii-chaaan!”

I’m having a hard time breathing since they’re squishing me. So this is what a sandwich feels like. I struggled for my freedom.

“Kno-knock it off! Get off me!”

That only doubled their hugging. Can you imagine us hugging and walking at the same time? Good thing we didn’t tripped. But we did bump into something…or rather someone. Sarukawa-sachou.

“What are you girls doing?”

He asked as he looked at us all wrapped up in each other. Ray was standing beside him frowning slightly.


We said together and I was still sandwiched in an Asahi-Hinata hug. Ray then opened a door and smiled at us.

“My dressing room is here.”

She’s definitely planning something. I can see it in her fake smile. I felt Hinata and Asahi squeeze me then moved to the room with me still sandwiched in the center. We walked to the center of the room and turned to look at where Sarukawa-sachou and Ray were standing. Ray then turned to Sarukawa-sachou.

“Could you leave us for awhile?”

And here I thought Sarukawa-sachou was her partner in crime. It looks like he’s not aware of what is about to happen as he looked at Ray with his eyebrow raised.

“I’m actually curious to know what you are going to give to these girls.”

Still smiling, Ray said in a chilling voice…

“What I’m going to give them is none of your business. It’s personal.”

Harsh. The three of us stiffen when she said the word ‘personal.’ She looked at us when she said that. It’s scary. Sarukawa-sachou sighed.

“Okay I’ll go.”

What?! No! Hinata seems to panic too as she held her hand out for Sarukawa-sachou trying to prevent him from leaving. I think the fear must have gotten her because she’s shaking her head instead of telling Sarukawa-sachou to stay. He looked at her hand for a second and grabbed it shaking it up and down. Clearly he misunderstood what she meant.

“It was nice meeting you too. You girls are lucky. Ray never invites people in her dressing room. So enjoy yourselves.”

With that he let go of Hinata’s hand and got out of the room leaving us with Ray. I felt Hinata and Asahi squeeze me once again and if my hands that were on my side were free from their hugging, I would’ve squeezed back.

Ray just stood there for awhile just looking at the closed door. Is she…preparing to attack or something? She’s just standing there while the three of us are huddled together in fear. We couldn’t help but flinch when she turned to face us. Her smile was gone. She looked…


“The two of you…get out.”

Her voice stunned me. This was not the voice of the Ray I knew. This wasn’t the voice that irritated me back then. This was a voice of a stranger….an angry stranger.

I was brought back from my reverie when I felt Hinata and Asahi released their hold on me as they stood in front of me as if to shield me from Ray.

“I won’t hand Nami to you…not now…not ever!”

“You have to get through me first. I’ll protect Nami…even if it kills me!”

Okay…these two clearly watched too many action movies. The thought is nice…but their dialogue is lame. Ray seems to be unimpressed too. I’m going to have to stop them from watching too many action movies.

Hinata looked at me.

“Nami…we’ll attack Ray…and when we do…run. Run and get the hell out of here!”

Now it was Asahi’s turn.

“Don’t worry about us. We’ll take care of her. We promised to protect you…and we will! We’ll show her…our Oogoe Diamond!”

What a way to promote our single huh. So what am I? The damsel in distress and these two are my knight and shinning saviors? This is getting stupid really.

I sighed and placed my hand on Asahi and Hinata’s shoulder. They turned to me confused.

“That’s enough Rambo and Jackie Chan.”

Hinata stomped her feet pouting at me.

“Why do I have to be Jackie Chan?!”

Does it really matter?

“Look. I think it’s best if you guys just leave. I’ll take care of this myself.”

“But Nami…”

Asahi said. I shook my head and smiled at her.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll give her my…uh…Oogoe Diamond if ever she tries something on me.”

I kept smiling to them hoping that they’ll take it as an assurance that I’ll be fine. Even though I’m scared of facing Ray, I still felt the need to protect these two. I don’t want them to get hurt or something. Although, I don’t think Ray has an intention of hurting anyone physically. I think she just wants to talk. And her issue is with me not with these two. I think that’s why she wants them to leave. Because whatever she’s going to say, it’s just for me.

Or I could be wrong and she really wants to kill me. I hope not.

Asahi sighed and finally gave in.

“Okay. We’ll leave.”

Hinata seems to disagree though.

“What? Are you crazy? If we leave Nami here…she’ll do…whatever!”


Asahi took hold of Hinata’s arm and dragged her away. Hinata glared at Ray when they passed her.

“If you hurt Nami…I’ll give you a Namida Surprise!”

Wow. Hinata is promoting our next single that is yet to be recorded. Nicely put. I’m actually impressed.

Asahi was looking at me still unsure as she was closing the door. I just smiled at her until the door blocked her from my view as she closed it completely.

The sound of the AC was the only thing that I can hear when Asahi and Hinata stepped out of the room. Ray turned towards the door and locked it surprising me. She stayed there for awhile with her back facing me.

Okay…so there’s no way out now. Great.

Feeling nervous, I started playing with the button of my blazer again. Should I be the one to talk first?


“We’re those two…Riku and Kuu?”

Even though she’s not facing me, I can’t help but look away.


We were silent once again. Oh god not another round of silence. I’m getting tired of this. Without waiting for her to say something or face me, I bowed and said my piece.

“Gomen nasai. I didn’t mean for you to get involved a couple of months ago. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings back then. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

I hadn’t thought of meeting her like this so I didn’t prepare a speech for her. I was planning on avoiding her but it seems that she has a plan of her own.

You know, it’s not really entirely my fault when you think about it. Back then when we were Persona, I kept on pushing her away and she just kept on coming back. Not my fault really. The only thing that should be blamed on me is when I confessed about my true gender.

I was insensitive back then. I should have thought of her feelings and told her in a nicer way. I felt tired that day and just want her to get off my back. But I didn’t expect her to cry running away from me. I guess when Asahi told me about when Katsuyuki-san preferred to be just a friend to her I’d hope that Ray would also be like that when I told her my real gender.

But now that I think about…when Asahi first told Katsuyuki-san about her gender…he avoided her for awhile and then after awhile they became friends. Could the same thing happen to us? Is this the day when she tells me that she wants to be friends with me?

I snapped back to reality when I heard her turn and walk towards me. I was still bowing looking at her feet that was in front of me.

“Why are you apologizing? None of that was your fault. I was the one who kept on clinging to you.”

Slowly I stood up and looked at her. She doesn’t look angry anymore instead she looks sad.

“That’s true. But I made you cry. I can’t seem to forgive myself for making you cry.”

I looked away from her. Yeah. I have a lame weakness for when people cry. I just feel bad. That’s why I hate it when people cry.

She surprised me when she grabbed my shoulders and looked at my eyes. It’s like she’s searching for something in my eyes. It’s making me feel uneasy.


She looked like she found what she’s looking for.

“You…you’re really Kai.”

She said softly and I frowned at her confused.

“You do remember the incident in the parking lot wherein I stripped in front of you right?”

Okay…so she didn’t find that funny. I was hoping to lighten things up. Apparently it didn’t work.

She surprised me once again when she turned me around and slammed me on the wall. It didn’t hurt much but the impact surprised me. I felt something hit my head and realized that I hit the light switch. Everything went dark. He hands are still gripping my shoulder.

“What the hell are yo-…”

I wasn’t able to finish my question when I felt something soft press my lips.


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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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I'm from nowhere and after reading this fic, I immediately register and post this reply XD, I really really like it, all the idea of acchanxtakaminaxray triangle and haruxyuko too make me really excited and looking forward to read more, so please update soon ^^

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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kya! A RayxNami fic!  :mon inluv: im always looking for this kind of story after watching Mendol.

Really, i want to see an uncomfortable Nami whenever Ray is around and trying to be close to her or something  :mon determined: and putting Maeda on this same page, a jealous Ray is really an interesting scene to witness  :mon innocent: imagine the sparks flying around when these two stars are on the same vicinity :shocked:

i also like how u made Asahi and Hinata very loyal to Nami....that was very cute... XD

and i like the evil Hinata with her so ever playful antics.... :twisted:

and what's with Mariko, acting the clever, observable, mysterious knowing type character....?  :?

oh...put some more Kojiyu....i like this couple very much...with yuko's unrelenting attacks to haru-nyan  :yep: :yep: i want to see Asahi all plastered for being an L too.... :grin:

i was thinking Maeda has a tiny bit of an idea who was really Kai....i hope not! since i want some RayxNami first.... XD

 and lastly.....update update author-san!  :bow: liking ur story even more every seconds pass... :nervous

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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awesome! More updates!

I want Ray to get back with Namiiiii. Hahaha. Mendol was too epic and even though I love takaminaXacchan stuff, Ray was always hardcore gunning for Kai :P

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Thanks for the thanks and for reading this!  :bow: I'm glad you guys like it.  :nervous
This chapter might be confusing because I'm switching from Nami's POV and a third person's POV.  :nervous And I didn't proofread some of them.  :nervous

Chapter 5

**Outside the office**

“Can you hear anything?” Asahi asked shaking Hinata who has her ear pressed on the closed door. She then pressed her ear at the door trying to find some sound from inside the room.

“I…I can’t hear anything...” Hinata said frowning. She was kneeling down on the floor with her ear pressed on the door. She turned to Asahi who was standing behind her.

“You don’t think…something bad will happen to Nami…right?”

“I don’t think she’ll do anything to Nami.” Asahi said as she looked at Hinata who was still frowning. She was worried too about her friend and knowing the kind of person that was with her friend…worried her even more.

Hinata again pressed her ear to listen for anything that would help her figure out what was happening inside. She gasped when she finally heard something.

“I…I think I heard someone say…fired…”

“Uso!” Yuko said as she pressed her ear harder to the closed door. She was crouching down in front of Hinata concentrating on the sound inside of the room.

“Come on. They won’t fire Nami just because she messed up a couple of times during practice.” Mariko sighed with her arms crossed. She stood tall behind Asahi looking at the three who had their ears pressed on the door. She herself was curious to know what is happening so she followed the three to where their instructor had taken their captain to have a little ‘talk.’

Apparently Nami’s head was somewhere else that she messed up a couple of times during practice. That led the group to have a break as the instructor told Nami to head towards the office. The four of them decided to snoop around curious as to what will happen to their captain.

‘Make that five…’ Mariko thought as she glanced behind her and saw Maeda’s head peeking out around the corner. When Maeda noticed that Mariko was looking at her, she quickly walked away. Mariko couldn’t help but find Maeda amusing especially when she looked embarrassed at being found.

“You know…it’s the first time I’ve seen Nami like that. Did something happen yesterday?” Yuko asked as she looked at Hinata and Asahi. She couldn’t help but tilt her head curiously when Hinata faced Asahi and saw that they were staring at each other obviously having conversations through their eyes.

Both Asahi and Hinata knew that something happened yesterday to Nami, but they didn’t know WHAT happened. The moment Nami walked out of Ray’s dressing room, she quickly dismissed the questions that Asahi and Hinata were throwing her. Normally, she’d scowl at the two of them for constantly asking questions and tell them to shut up. But yesterday she just turned at the two with her eyes away from them and said in a quiet voice…

“I’m sorry but…I’d rather not talk about it now.”

Nami’s soft voice surprised them and her troubled look worried them. She was quiet even while the three of them were going home to their apartment. No threats came when Hinata teased her. No beatings came when they ridiculed her. No laughter came when both of them told her a joke. She didn’t even fight Hinata for the last piece of meat when they were eating dinner. After finishing her meal, she just excused herself and went to her room which surprised Hinata and Asahi because...there was still some food left in her plate. Both of them gasped when they saw the uneaten food left by Nami. Hinata was even tearing up while she took the food from her plate and started eating it. This wasn’t the Nami they knew. 

Both of them thought that if Nami were to sleep off her troubles, she’d be back to normal but everything was far from normal earlier when they found a note from Nami saying that she went on ahead for practice. Nami normally wakes up last. The moment they read the note it felt like they were in an alternative universe wherein Nami is a suberi queen, well mannered, doesn’t get mad easily and an empathetic girl named Takahashi Minami…whoever that is.

It was totally unlike the Kawachi Nami they knew. Whatever troubled Nami…it troubled Hinata and Asahi too because of how she’s acting.

Just as Asahi was about to answer Yuko’s question with an ‘I don’t know’ answer, the door suddenly opened, bumping Yuko’s back hard which made her loose her balance.


Upon hearing Yuko’s voice and a loud thump that followed, Nami quickly closed the door frowning slightly when she saw the four in an interesting position.

Yuko was lying down face first onto Hinata’s back as Hinata was face first onto the floor with her hands gripping Asahi’s jogging pants that are now lowered down below her knees which now showed her…uh yellow panties…and was leaning to Mariko who was holding Asahi’s shoulder preventing her from falling.


Nami said as she pointed at Asahi. Yuko and Hinata looked up at Asahi. Mariko also turned to look still holding Asahi who then looked down to where Nami was pointing. Her eyes slowly went wide and she let out a scream.


It was then they started panicking. Mariko pushed Asahi slightly for her not to lean on Mariko anymore. Asahi then bent down to pull up her pants but Hinata was still holding it.

“Hinata…Let go!”

“I c-can’t…Yuko…get off me!”

Watching them struggling, Nami put the pieces together as to how the four turned up like they did when she opened the door.

‘Yuko was probably crouching down facing Hinata while Hinata was either crouching or kneeling down facing Asahi who was standing together with Mariko-sama who was behind her. A Domino effect huh.’ Nami thought as she watched the three struggling. Mariko was also watching trying to contain her laughter.

Yuko quickly stood up and Hinata let go of Asahi’s pants which she quickly pulled up, blushing furiously. Nami crossed her arms as the four of them composed themselves.

“What are you guys doing?”

She knew what they were doing. She just asked just so that she can watch them squirm.

Yuko and Hinata looked at each other trying to come up with an answer. Mariko was comforting Asahi who was looking at the floor still blushing. She was smirking the whole time she’s patting Asahi’s back.

‘Actually, even though they’re not squirming, it’s fun to watch them like this.’ Nami thought as she grinned slightly.

“Uh…we were…playing…what color of…p-panties…”

“…uh…is Asahi…um…wearing today game. Yeah that’s it.”

“Yeah that’s right!”

Nami looked at Yuko and Hinata, her eyes narrowed at what they just said. Though for it to come from Yuko and Hinata, Nami can’t help but wonder if they really are playing that or they’re just spying on her. Asahi turned redder as she glared at Yuko and Hinata who was laughing nervously. Mariko was still smirking obviously amused at what is happening.

“In a hallway…” Nami said in a flat voice.

“Well…yeah. We’re playing ‘what color is Asahi’s bra today’ game next. Want to play with us?”

Hinata said as she wiggled her eyebrow like a perverted old man. Yuko immediately looked at Asahi like she’s undressing her. Nami wouldn’t be surprised if she saw her drooling too. Asahi quickly hid behind Mariko frowning and pouting at the same time at the two perverts.

“I think I’ll pass.”

She sighed and turned around to walk away but stopped when she heard Asahi’s voice.

“Where are you going?”

Nami couldn’t help but feel bad when she heard Asahi. She was worrying them again. She slowly turned to face them but she felt guilty so she looked away as she answers…

“Sensei told me…to take the rest of the day off.”

“Ah…so you’re going home now?”

“No…I think I’ll just hang out here for awhile and just…wait for you guys to finish practice…so um…yeah. I’ll just see you guys later.”

Without waiting for a reply, Nami quickly turned and walked away leaving the four members to watch her back feeling dejected.

***Nami’s Point of View***

Without thinking, I found myself on the rooftop. I guess this is secluded enough for me to sleep. Right…like I’ll fall asleep. I barely even slept last night because of that girl. All I’ve been doing is replaying the events that happened yesterday and it’s clearly making my head a mess.

I sat down on the ground and leaned at the wall closing my eyes. I couldn’t help but smirk remembering those four when I caught them spying. I feel bad for Asahi though. That’s the second time Hinata pulled her pants off in front of others. Well at least Hinata didn’t pull down her panties as well. Yuko might die of blood loss if that did happen and Mariko-sama might tease her endlessly for that.

I sighed and opened my eyes to look at the sky.

“I would have been with them…if it weren’t for her…”


I couldn’t move. I’m frozen stiff. Why can’t I move? Why am I letting her kiss me?

Her lips are unmoving, as was mine. It was similar to when she first kissed me a couple of months ago on the rooftop.

It’s similar…yet so different at the same time.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll give her my…uh…Oogoe Diamond if ever she tries something on me.”

My eyes went wide when I suddenly remembered my words to Asahi and Hinata. Finding my strength, I grabbed Ray’s shoulder and pushed her away from me. I pushed her hard and she lost her balance. She was falling down and taking me with her as she kept her grip on my shoulder. As if in slow motion, I realized that she might hit her head once we completely fall down so I placed my left hand behind her head to protect her.

That just took a couple of seconds and we found ourselves on the floor with me on top. I couldn’t help but grit my teeth from the pain I felt on my left hand. Using my other hand and my knees, I pushed myself up slightly.

“Are you okay?”

My eyes had adjusted to the dark so I can see her a bit. Her grip from my shoulder had loosened up. She looks a bit strained as she looked up at me.

“I…I think I hurt my foot.”

I was about to check on her foot when I felt her wrap her arms on my neck and pulled me down to her. Confused, I struggled for a bit.

“Don’t go.”

I couldn’t help but shiver when I felt her lips on my ear as she whispered. I can feel her breathing on the side of my face. It was weird really. My left hand is still beneath her head and her arms wrapped on my neck. If someone were to barge in it would like were holding each other. Somehow I felt relieved that she locked the door earlier.

I froze again when I felt her nuzzling to the side of my face. It’s making me feel uneasy.


I said softly in a scolding manner. It’s tickling me.



I felt her hold on me tighten. I can also feel her smile as she held me close.

“I’m so happy that you’re here. I…I’ve been searching for you…”

She…was? I suddenly felt something wet on the side of my face. I’m hoping that it isn’t saliva. I don’t think she’ll salivate on a time like this. So…wait. Is she…is she…crying?

“I went to your agency where you were staying and found no one. Not even your weird manager was there.”

Uh…she’ll whip you if she hears you say that. Good thing they’re out of the country.

“I asked…I asked that perverted Sarukawa-sachou where I can find your manager to help me find you…and all he did was scream, covering his ears while running away like a crazy person. Every time I ask him, he would just do that.”

Maririn told me what sachou did to Sarukawa-sachou. You should blame sachou for that.

She’s crying heavily now. I smiled slightly finding her crying while talking to be…cute. 

“I went to Katsuyuki-san…but he’s too busy being gay.”

Blame Asahi for that. She’s the one that turned him gay. What a waste. And he’s such a good looking man too.

“I even searched for that bleached guy reporter…but I couldn’t find him.”

Jiro is…Jiro. Need I elaborate on that?

“I was so angry at myself for not finding you…angry that I ran away from you in the parking lot. It was all my fault…”


“But it’s ok now….because you’re here. I missed you…so much. Please don’t ever leave again. Stay…where I can see you…”

What do I say to that?

She’s crying and smiling at the same time as she nuzzling to the side of my face again. As stiff as I am for her nuzzling, I’m trying to relax. Thinking that I should somehow comfort her, I tried moving my left hand beneath her. Not much of a comfort…but it’ll do.


I froze. I think she felt it as she stopped moving as well and turned her head slightly.

I have to get out of here.

I pushed myself up and removed my hand beneath her when she sat up. I looked down at her as I stood up. She’s looking up at me confused. I can see her frowning slightly.

“I’m sorry…but I have to go.”

I walked towards the door and opened it. The light from the hallway lightened half of her dressing room. I glanced back at her and saw that she’s still sitting on the floor. I smiled at her slightly.

“You need a light to see me better. You see…I’m not Kai anymore.”

Her eyes slowly went wide when she realized what her mistake was. I partly closed the door for her to have some light and walked away to find Asahi and Hinata not bothering to look back.

***End of Flashback***

I hug my legs together with my chin placed on my knees.

“Why do I feel guilty? I wonder if her foot is okay. Ugh. She’ll probably seek me out now that she knows I’m from akb48. What the hell am I going to do?”

Realizing what I said out loud, I started beating myself for thinking about her again. I came here to relax! Not to think some more!

“Uwaaaaaaahhhhhh! Stop thinking!”

“Beating yourself up won’t help either you know.”

Hearing the voice and noticing that someone was beside me startled me that I moved away slightly. I stared at the person sitting next to me feeling my heart pounding.

When did she get here??

***Meanwhile Back at the Rehearsal room***

Asahi and the others felt relieved when their instructor told them to take a break. Their instructor felt frustrated in their performance today because some of them messed up a couple of times. Not only that, but it seems that one of the girls snuck out while practicing. This somehow added to the instructor’s growing head-ache.

Asahi watched their instructor walked out of the room holding the bridge of her nose. She felt bad because she herself messed up twice. She froze when she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist hugging her from behind.

“Ye-llow Nyan-Nyan!”

She felt her eye twitch hearing Yuko, reminding her of what happened earlier in the hallway. She wants to forget about that but it seems that Yuko won’t ever forget. Earlier she even told Sayaka and Sae that she saw Asahi’s panties sounding like she’s proud or something. Sayaka and Sae just looked at Yuko like she’s weird and hesitantly congratulated her giving Asahi a sympathetic gaze. Asahi just blushed at that.

“We’re going to grab something to eat. Wanna come?”

Hinata and Yukarin were beside Yuko. Hinata was pouting looking at the floor. She messed up a couple of times too but that wasn’t unusual really. Most of them mess up a couple of times during practice. It was normal. What’s not normal today is that they weren’t dancing lively. That and their captain wasn’t there with them.

Yukarin has her arms around Hinata’s shoulder comforting her.


Asahi said as she smiled and tried to remove Yuko’s hand from her waist. They struggled a bit because Yuko doesn’t want to let go of her hold on Asahi.

“L-Let go!”

“No! Nyan-Nyan is mine!”

Yuko exclaimed keeping her hold on Asahi’s waist. Hinata and Yukarin watch them struggling noticing the slight blush that formed on Asahi’s face. They couldn’t blame her. Everybody who’s still inside the room probably heard what Yuko said. But then again, the blush might be because she was putting some effort on removing Yuko’s hold. Still, Hinata and Yukarin found it interesting to watch.

Asahi felt a sweat trickle down her forehead as she opened Yuko’s hold from her waist. Yuko was trying to close it back but was suddenly yanked back by Sayaka who then dragged her by holding the back of her hoodie.


Asahi, Hinata and Yukarin watched as Sayaka dragged Yuko who has her hand held out to Asahi pouting. They watched until they were out of the room. The three looked at each other until Hinata shrugged.

“Let’s go and eat. I’m starving.”

They walked towards the door. Asahi then noticed someone missing.

“Hey…where’s Mariko?”

Asahi asked and Yukarin just shrugged not knowing where the girl went. They continue walking until Asahi stopped when she noticed someone sitting on a corner. Hinata and Yukarin turned to look at her confused as to why she stopped. Asahi turned to them and smiled.

“I…forgot something. You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

Hinata and Yukarin nodded walking out of the room. Once Asahi knew that the coast is clear, she walked up to the person who was sitting on the corner reading something. She smiled as the person looked up at her.



Maeda said frowning slightly. Some of Maeda’s group were still inside the room chatting while Maeda sits on a corner reading a book. It intrigued Asahi that Maeda would prefer to read a book than to chat with her friends.

“What are you reading?”

Asahi asked nicely and Maeda showed her the book she’s reading. Asahi’s eyes brightened as she read the title of the book.

“Mariko told me about that. She said that that’s a cool book to read and recommended it for me to read.”

Asahi was lying. Mariko never read such a thing. She would prefer to read fashion magazines than a book. She would rather be caught dead than to read a book that thick…at least that’s what she told Asahi. She would recommend stuff to Asahi, but a book is not one of them. Asahi only said that to be nice and start a conversation. It seems to work as Maeda smiles at her.

“Yeah. It is a pretty cool book.”

Asahi smiled back and crouched down so she was eye level to Maeda.

“Can I ask you something?”

Maeda frowned slightly but still kept her smile. She remembered when Nami asked her the same thing yesterday.


Asahi found Maeda’s uncertainty to be cute.

“Well, I just want to ask if Nami ever said anything to you on what’s bothering her yesterday. You two were seated together right?”

“Yeah…but we didn’t talk much because it looked like something was troubling her.”

Asahi tilted her head slightly confused that Maeda looked like she was embarrassed about something. Maeda was looking away from her as if she’s hiding something. She didn’t pry though thinking that Maeda was just a shy girl.

“Oh okay. I’m just worried about her…you know.”

Maeda looked at her and smiled.

“I know. But I’m sure she’ll talk to you guys about it.”

“You’re right. Thanks.”

Maeda nodded and smiled back. Asahi stood up and was about to go to where the others were when she stopped and remembered something. She walked to Maeda again and smiled.

“Hey we’re going to the amusement park tomorrow. Wanna come?”

Maeda was surprised at the invitation as she stared at Asahi who is still smiling.


“It’ll be fun. We planned it for Nami to forget her problems. I’m sure Nami will like for you to be there. Please? It is our day off tomorrow…unless you have something to do?”

Maeda didn’t know if she was lucky or unlucky that she doesn’t have any akb related work to do tomorrow. Usually on day-offs, she’d have photo shoot for a magazine or something. But tomorrow, surprisingly, she didn’t have anything to do. She wasn’t sure if she should go or not but looking at Asahi pouting and pleading like a puppy made her concede.   

“O-okay. I’ll go.”

That earned her to hear Asahi squeal in delight as she ran to the door. She turned to Maeda still smiling brightly.

“I’ll talk to you later for the details.”


With a last smile and a wave, Asahi quickly left leaving Maeda to wonder what might happen tomorrow.

***Nami’s Point of View***

Seated right next to me is none other than Mariko-sama. Why didn’t I hear her sit or walk towards me? Was I thinking that much for me not to hear her? I sighed trying to calm my heart that’s pounding when I saw her. She really surprised me.

Mariko-sama looked at me and shrugged.

“I’m just saying…”

“H-How long have you been there?”

“Awhile. Don’t blame me if you were too busy talking to yourself to notice me.”

She said as she grinned. Now I’m wondering what she heard. I’ll probably get a clue once she teases me about it. Although…I didn’t say much…I think. I slowly moved back to my earlier position as she began to stretch smiling as she looked at the clear sky.

“Ahhhh! Fresh air feels nice.”

“What are you doing here anyway? Practice isn’t over yet…right?”

It’s only 11:30am. Practice usually lasts until 3pm. So why is she here? She gave me a shrug again.

“I snuck out.”

You know, she sounded like her sneaking out of practice is so easy. It’s like she didn’t need an escape plan for that. She just felt like it and decided to walk out of the room not caring who saw her. No surprise there I guess. It is Mariko-sama. Still, I couldn’t help but ask as I raised my eyebrow at her.

“So what…you just walked out of there and decided to head here?”

She looked at me like I’m crazy.

“Of course not! Once sensei did a twirl, I quickly ran out of the room.”

I smirk imagining it.

“You do know that there’s a possibility that she saw you right? There are mirrors there and well…you’re not exactly the type that doesn’t stand out in a crowd. She’ll notice you missing.”

She grinned at me.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Yeah take it. It’s true anyway.

“Anyway, I don’t really care if sensei saw me or what. I’ll just tell them I snuck out because I have my period or something.”

And it’s that easy for her. But now that she tells me that, I don’t think I’ll let her out of practice if she gives me the same excuse. Now that I think about it, she never sneaks out of practice. So why now? Don’t tell me…

I couldn’t help but grin and she noticed it.

“What’s with the grin?”

“Just thinking about something…interesting.”

I was smirking now finding it funny and at the same time flattering that she…the great Mariko-sama…was concerned about me. It wasn’t the first time really. I know she cares…its just funny how she’s always denying it.

“Like I care.”

See? I glanced at her and saw that she was looking away from me with her arms crossed mumbling something. Feeling relaxed, I turn to look at the sky again. I can’t say it to her directly, but I’m glad Mariko-sama is here with me. She’s a good…distraction to have. Even when she pulled out a wrapped food did I realize that I haven’t eaten anything yet since last night. I can feel my stomach growling just looking at what she’s holding.

She noticed me eyeing the food in her hand and without saying anything, tossed me the food and began pulling out another one.


She ignored my thanks and started opening the wrapper. I smiled and opened mine as well and started eating it. We sat there eating in silence for awhile. I kept on smiling while I’m eating which Mariko-sama noticed.

“As much as I find you weird for smiling like you are now…I’m glad you’re feeling much better. Compared to your brooding earlier…I prefer you being weird.”

“Uh…I guess I can take that as a compliment…?”

Or maybe that’s an insult. I’m not sure anymore since Mariko-sama is the one who said it.

“But yeah…I guess I’m feeling much better.”

“Good…because Asahi and Hinata are worried about you that they kept messing up during practice too.”

Really? I’m worrying them again. I owe those two an explanation too.

“I guess…I just can’t help thinking about…something.”

“If you ask me, you just think too much.”

And I have no comeback for that.

“Let me give you an advice on that…”

First she graced me with her presence, gave me free food and now she wants to give me an advice! Wow, I’m receiving so much from Mariko-sama today. It’s not the end of the world is it? If it is then I’d better listen to her advice. This is probably the first and last that I get to hear the great Mariko-sama’s advice.

Clearly I’m exaggerating. But I am eager to know what her advice is as I look at her. She looked at me with a serious look on her face.

“Don’t think too much.”

And I’m disappointed. Really now…

“That’s it?”

“Well yeah. Oh, and always go with what you want. That always works when I go shopping.”

That’s not very helpful.

“And if you don’t know what you want, then keep searching for it. There are so many clothes or dresses out there to shop. You know, one time, I saw a beautiful dress and I was so unsure if I should buy it or not. So I continue to look at it. I mean there must be something about that dress that caught my attention right? So I looked into every detail of the dress, little things that might accommodate my taste. Then finally, after looking at it for awhile, I realized that I want that dress. So I bought it and it’s my favorite dress ever. A dress that I was unsure of…became a dress that I desired to have. So you better be observant when shopping. You won’t know what you want until you give it a proper look.”

She has a smug look on her face as she looked at me. I can’t believe she’s giving me an advice on shopping for a dress. I really don’t need that. Even so, she was nice enough to give me an advice. So I guess it’s polite to say…

“Uh…thanks. I’ll…keep that in mind.”

She narrowed her eyes a bit looking doubtful.

“You sound like you’re disappointed or something. Don’t tell me you expected me to say something sappy like; ‘follow your heart’ and all those sappy advices.”

She raised her eyebrow when I smirked at her.

“Well…I guess I sort of anticipated the sappy advice.”

“Believe me you don’t need that.”

With that, she stood up and began stretching. I turned to look at the railing ignoring her groans as she stretches. When she stopped stretching she took hold of my hoodie and began tugging it. I looked at her confused.

“C’mon! Let’s go get something to drink.”

“Then just go.”

“No no. I’m not leaving you here to brood for a couple of hours. C’mon. Plus you can back me up if we see sensei.”

“What?! No way!”

“C’mon! I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Then what if I don’t answer?”

Ignoring me, she pulled me harder making me stand up. She’s pulling me forward towards the door and I’m trying to pull back but she’s damn strong. Why is a girl skinny as her be so damn strong?


“Hurry up!”

“No! I don’t want to go!”

We were in an empty hallway. She was pulling me forward but I was resisting by pulling myself backward. We look like mother and child really. I know I’m being a brat, but I really don’t want to lie to sensei about her period.

“Stop being a baby and help me out!”

“No! I don’t want to!”

“I gave you food and an advice! You should give me something in return!”

Oh is that why she’s being nice? And here I thought she was concerned about me. Frowning, I pulled back looking at the floor.

“If I knew there was a reason behind that I wouldn’t have taken your food! Plus, I didn’t ask for your advice!”

“I was being nice to you! You should be honored! Now c’mon and help me out!”

Ugh. I’ll never win this. Arguing with Mariko-sama is just like arguing with your mom. What she wants…she’ll get. I continue pulling back but it wasn’t hard as I did earlier. I was conceding to her wishes.

“What would I say to sensei??”

“Just tell her………………….what the hell are you doing here?”

Eh? That doesn’t make sense. Why would I say that to her? Now that I think about it, she’s not pulling me anymore. She’s just holding my wrist tightly. Frowning, I looked up and see what’s up. My eyes went wide when I saw the person in front of her.

It was Ray…

Wh-what is she doing here?

“I asked…what are you doing here?”

Mariko-sama growled glaring at Ray who glared back. Wow, Mariko-sama sure has guts to be talking to Ray like that. My respect points for her just went up.

“I came to talk to her.”

She glanced at me then went back to glaring at Mariko-sama.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come here?”


I was behind Mariko-sama so I walked to stand beside her with her hand still holding my wrist. Confused, I looked back and forth to Ray and Mariko-sama who are having a glaring contest and asked.

“You guys…know each other??”

I continue to look at them waiting for an answer. Are they really having a staring contest? Maybe I should flail my arms just so they would stop staring. Finally Mariko-sama answered me. But she kept her eyes on Ray.

“She’s a friend of mine.”

Wow. I didn’t expect that. Who would have thought that Mariko-sama and Ray are…friends? Is this for real? Looking at Ray, she seems unpleased at what Mariko-sama said.

“What? Only a friend? I thought I was your best friend!”

“Well, best friends listen to each other you know.”

“I listen to you all the time! You’re the one not listening to me!”

Mariko-sama let out a gasp and what look like a fake surprised look on her face as she placed her hand to her chest. I feel like I’m watching a tennis match here.

“Me? Not listening to you?! I listen to you all the time babbling about Kai this and Kai that, it’s making my ears bleed because that’s all you ever talk about!”

And it looks like Mariko-sama hit Ray on that one. Ray looks taken back by what Mariko-sama said as a blush began to appear on her face. She was blushing furiously as she glanced at me for a second then went back to glaring at Mariko-sama who was now grinning at her wickedly. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. This match is giving me a head ache.

“I think I’ll let you guys work on some stuff.”

I said as I pulled my hand away from Mariko-sama’s grip and turned to walk back to the rooftop where I can prevent a headache from listening to these two. I stopped walking when I felt a hand grab my wrist again. I turned to look and saw Ray’s pleading look.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Stop being so selfish.”

Mariko-sama said as she took hold of Ray’s other hand pulling her from me slightly. Ray’s pleading look turns into a sad one as she looked at the floor. From the look she’s giving, I guess she got hit pretty hard on that one. Her hand loosens its hold on mine and she let go when Mariko-sama pulled her away from me. I watch them as Mariko-sama drags a dejected looking Ray behind her.

What was it that she was going to say?

Without thinking, I walked to them and grabbed Ray’s arm stopping them from walking away.  Both of them turned to me. Mariko-sama is looking at me confused as Ray was surprised at what I did. I honestly don’t know why I stopped them. All I know is, while I’m watching them walk away, it felt like this whole thing won’t be over if I don’t listen to her now. And I really want to get this over with.

Even if I don’t know what this is…

“I think…I want to know what she has to say…”

That doesn’t sound very convincing huh. Mariko-sama seems to think so too as she raised her eyebrow looking at me.

“You think?”

“Uh…yeah…I guess…”

I shrugged and grinned slightly. I honestly wasn’t thinking. I just did what felt right…I guess.

“Oh my God. You’re actually taking my advice.”

She said as she slapped her forehead scolding herself. I couldn’t help but smirk. Well she did advice me not to think too much. The least I could do is follow it…right?


Ray and I were inside an empty room. Mariko-sama allowed us to talk for only a couple of minutes saying that she and I need to talk to sensei afterwards so me and Ray shouldn’t talk long. Now I’m tempted to stay here with Ray until practice is over so that I wouldn’t help her with her excuse. But it’s only 12:20pm…and I don’t think I can stay here with Ray until 3pm. I don’t know what will happen if stay that long with her and I really don’t want to know.

We were facing each other with a lot of space between us. I made sure of that. That way she won’t grab me again and assault me. But she’s not saying anything. She’s just standing there looking at floor. She looks unsure. Shy even.

That’s a first…Ray looking shy…

“Uh…so you want to talk…?”

I said as I crossed my arm. Why should I always be the one to start these awkward conversations? At least today I don’t have to apologize for anything.

“I want to apologize for yesterday…for calling you Kai when that’s not you anymore. I guess I’m so used to calling you Kai…that it just came out.”

“I think I overreacted when you called me that. It’s understandable since I am Kai and all. So it’s okay.”

I did overact yesterday. I am Kai and I’ve been Kai ever since I met Ray. It’s understandable that she calls me that. She shook her head though and I frowned slightly when she did.

“It actually made me realize how much I don’t know you. I mean…I know Kai…but I don’t know you.”

She said as she looked at me. I understand her and all…but I don’t know where this is heading.

“Yesterday, when I talked to Mari-chan about what happened…she lectured me about being selfish. I am being selfish because all I kept thinking of is what I want. And I can’t help it because…I want you.”

Uh…what do I say to that? And she said it so softly too. Uh…should I say something back?

I was about to say something when she walked towards me until she was standing an arm length away from me. If she takes another step forward, I’m prepared to step back. But looking at her, I don’t think she’s going to take another step. Hopefully, she won’t.

“I don’t care anymore if you’re a boy or a girl. I just want you. But I have to know what you want. So whatever you decide or say now…I’ll respect it.”

My heart is pounding very hard now as she looks at me seriously. Is she really asking me what I want? That’s actually the main problem…

I don’t know what I want.

I looked at the floor trying to avoid her eyes as I ponder what I’m going to say to her. It all comes down to what I say huh. Why do I have to decide? Oh right…because she already know what she wants…unlike me who doesn’t know what she wants.

I suddenly remember Mariko-sama’s advice about buying a dress.

“And if you don’t know what you want, then keep searching for it. There are so many clothes or dresses out there to shop. You know, one time, I saw a beautiful dress and I was so unsure if I should buy it or not. So I continue to look at it. I mean there must be something about that dress that caught my attention right? So I looked into every detail of the dress, little things that might accommodate my taste. Then finally, after looking at it for awhile, I realized that I want that dress. So I bought it and it’s my favorite dress ever. A dress that I was unsure of…became a dress that I desired to have. So you better be observant when shopping. You won’t know what you want until you give it a proper look.”

I couldn’t help but smile finding Mariko-sama’s advice on shopping helpful. I don’t know if she really did advice me for shopping clothes or for this moment. If it’s the latter, then she is one smart girl.

Still smiling, I looked at Ray and said what I feel.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I want. But someone told me that if I don’t know what I want, I should search for it. That I won’t know what I want until I give it a proper look.”

She looks confused. I just kept my smile.

“I want to know what I want…so let’s be friends.”

She tilted her head slightly.


“Yeah…for now. Until I know what I want. I know it’s a bit selfish on my part but…they say that the first step in a relationship is by being friends and all.”

Ep. Did I just say that? From her surprised look I think I just did. I shook my head nervously as I take back what I said.

“Not that I’m saying that we’re heading towards a relationship now! It’s just…you know…friends first.”

Is it getting hot in here or am I blushing? And why am I saying steps? I must’ve gotten it from Asahi and Hinata.

“So yeah…friends…that’s all I can offer you now.  You said that you don’t know me very well…and well I too don’t know anything about you besides what the TV or the internet says. So I thought that being friends is a good way to go. You’ve met Kai but you’ve never met Nami before. So yeah…”

Still nothing. Though her head isn’t tilted anymore and she’s not looking confused or surprised. She’s just staring at me. I sighed and offered her my hand frowning slightly. I’m getting tired and a bit irritated that she’s not saying anything.

“So do you agree or do I have to explain it further?”

She looked at my hand for awhile then back at me. I’m offering my hand for her to shake…you know as friends. Instead of shaking my hand though, she gave me a wide smile that I haven’t seen for awhile and surprised me when she lunged herself at me hugging me. She’s hugging me tight, my arms trapped to my sides.

“H-hey! No hugging! I said friends! Friends!”

I said struggling to free myself.

“But friends hug right?”

She said as she giggled. Ugh. What have I gotten myself into? Well at least she’s acting like her normal self again. Though I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…


After a lot of struggling and pushing away, we finally walked out of the room to find Mariko-sama sitting on the floor waiting for us. She stood up when she saw us.

“Talking all done?”


I said in a tired manner. Ray, who was standing next to me, is all smiles though. Mariko-sama raised her eyebrow looking at both of us.

“I’m curious yet I don’t want to know.”

She shook her head then removed her hoodie and held it out for Ray.

“You’re going, so you should wear this.”

Ray looked at the hoodie like it was the disgusting thing on earth. I can’t help but wonder if they really are bestfriends. I mean, I get this vibe that they argue most of the time. It kind of reminds me of my relationship with Hinata.

“I am not wearing that sweaty garment!”

“Well you don’t have a choice. People might see you here and might ambush you. How did you get here anyway without any disguise or anything to cover? Didn’t you get ambushed by your fans?”

“I did. I just ran away from them. Plus Gori-san gave me a ride here.”

Ray said as she shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. Gori-san? Probably her bodyguard or something. What an odd name though. And she ran from her fans. I somehow can’t imagine that. Now that I think about it, didn’t she say she hurt her foot yesterday?

“How’s your foot anyway?”

She turned to me giving me that wide smile of hers.

“It’s not sore anymore but I bandaged it. You probably can’t see what with me wearing boots. Why? Were you worried?”   

She sounds hopeful that I’m worried about her foot and seems to be anxious on what I would say. Luckily that was the time Mariko-sama placed her hoodie on Ray’s head and dragged her away. Ray turned to me and waved smiling widely.

“Bye Nami-chan!”

My eye twitched and I waved back at her smiling nervously. Why does it feel like I’ve gotten myself a Yuko? That’s not a bad thing right? Mariko-sama then turned to me while walking away.

“Wait for me there okay? You still have to talk to sensei for me!”

She said as she turned around the corner. I sighed when they were out of sight and just sat on the floor leaning at the wall of the hallway. I’m so mentally tired to argue anymore. And I guess I could help Mariko-sama out…she did somehow help me. Plus I want to ask her what she knows about Persona. Since she is Ray’s bestfriend, there is a high probability that she know our secret. I’m not worried about her knowing though. I know I can trust Mariko-sama.

I was looking at the floor while I’m thinking. I was lost in my thoughts again that I didn’t hear someone approach me. Only when I saw a pair of sneakers in front of me and a bottle of green tea being offered to me did I realize that someone was in front of me. Looking up, I found a smiling Maeda.

“Want some?”

I looked at the bottle offered for awhile then looked at Maeda. I raised my eyebrow.

“What’s the catch?”


She tilted her head confused at my question. Well Mariko-sama gave me something for free and there was a catch for that, so I can’t help but wonder if Maeda had the same intent. But looking at her, I don’t think she’s like Mariko-sama at all or any other girl I’ve met.

I remember yesterday when we were on our way home. I was seated next to her again and I was somewhat in a brooding mood. She must have sensed it so she didn’t talk to me. The next thing I know, she put an earphone in my right ear. I turned to her confused and she gave me a smile saying…

“Sometimes it helps to clear your head.”

Then she shared some music with me. I didn’t know that she likes Western music though. It was nice and it did somehow clear my head, although it made me remember that she said that her ipod was out of batteries that morning. I asked her about it and she blushed and avoided my question by telling me the singer that we were listening to. I found it odd that she would lie to me with something as small as that and that it would make her blush too. I found her…intriguing.

I smirked and took the bottle that she’s offering.


I opened it and immediately drank some as she sat next to me. I didn’t realize that I was thirsty. Now that I think about it, I’ve been given some free stuff today. Wow, talk about lucky.

After drinking some, I turned to Maeda.

“Sorry about the catch thing. I’ve been spending time with Mariko-sama too much I guess.”

“Oh, so Shinoda-san was with you? Sensei was asking about her earlier. She just disappeared during practice.”

“Uh…yeah. Mariko-sama had some problems…you know…that time of the month…”

I guess Maeda is good for practicing what I’m going to say to sensei about Mariko-sama. I have to sound convincing though and from the looks of it, Maeda seems to believe what I said.

“So that’s why she kept on making mistakes earlier.”


“She…messed up during practice?”

“Yeah. We all found it odd since she hardly ever makes mistakes during practice. But then again…so do you.”

True. But I have a valid reason. What’s Mariko-sama’s reason? Maybe she really has her period today. That or…she was that worried about me. I couldn’t help but smile though as I shrugged.

“Well…we all have our reasons right?”


Mariko was observing Nami and Maeda around the corner. She frowned slightly as she saw Nami talking to Maeda animatedly while Maeda was giggling at what she was saying.

‘Is it just me…or does Ray has some competition going on…?’


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Well.....Ray's really want Kai i mean Nami huh?! Well, i totally support her  :otomerika:

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^ oh men, you make me thought there's an update :(, well, we just have to patience hehe

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Re: [AKB48 x Mendol] The Price of Fame
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Sorry about the delay. I was supposed to finish writing yesterday but I couldn't for some reason.  And now I'm not feeling well.  :nervous Anyway, thanks again for the thanks and for reading!  :twothumbs

Chapter 6

***Nami's POV***

“Ugh! Why do we have to go out in our day off?! It’s a day off! You know, a day wherein you just be off and lie in bed all day doing nothing.”

I’m whining as Asahi drags me while we’re heading towards the bus station. I was planning on staying in bed all day, but apparently Asahi and Hinata had other plans as they drag me out of bed…literally. It was only when Hinata started undressing me did I finally give in. If you’ve seen her face while she was undressing me you’d probably give in too if you were in my situation.

“Shouldn’t we be saying that since we practiced yesterday and you didn’t? Plus you’ve been sleeping for at least 12 hours.”

True. After the whole ordeal with Ray, I explained to sensei about Mariko-sama’s fake condition. You should have seen her face when she was facing sensei. She had this ‘look at me, I’m in pain’ kind of look while she faced sensei. I was tempted to just roll my eyes when I looked at her, but I resisted the urge because sensei might pick up that we’re lying to her. Although, I have a feeling that she didn’t believe us. She sighed defeatedly and told us to just sit and watch until practice is over. We obeyed and just sat in front watching them practice. I had fun watching mainly because Mariko-sama kept on whispering silly things.

After that, we went home and I explained to Asahi and Hinata the whole Ray thing. I also apologized for making them worry which made them use their sandwich attack on me again. Maybe I should avoid thanking and saying sorry to them just so they won’t use that attack anymore. I think I’ll make a mental note regarding that one.

Hinata was frowning at me after my explanation and when I asked her why she’s frowning she said…

“I can’t believe you just dumped her.”

I honestly didn’t expect that. I was thinking that she’s somewhat disturbed about the whole Mariko-sama thing. That Mariko-sama might know that we three are Persona. But no…she’s more disturbed that I dumped Ray…which I didn’t do. I explained to her that Ray and I were never together so no dumping occurred. Plus, I’m still not an L. Asahi retaliated by asking…

“But do you think there’s a chance that you two…might be together in the future? I mean, that is what she wants…”

That left me speechless. It all goes back to what I want again…which I don’t know what. That’s why I told Ray that we should be friends first…because I need to find out if I can feel for her…what she feels for me. In short, or rather in Hinata’s term, I don’t know if I’m an L or not.

Asahi seems to understand my silence as she changed the subject. Thankfully Hinata seems to get it and just pestered me with other things, like getting some of my food when she has hers. It was really weird. When I was choking her, she seemed happy. Normally she would run away and hide. But yesterday, she accepted her punishment and looked like she enjoyed it. I think she’s becoming a masochist. I should add another mental note that I shouldn’t beat her up so much.

I slept early yesterday feeling drained at the events that occurred. I was hoping for a days rest for our day off. But apparently, these two had other plans.

“But I need more sleep to grow!” I said pouting at her. Hinata, who was walking beside Asahi, placed her hand on Asahi’s shoulder and smiled.

“She’s right you know. Although, I don’t think sleeping for more than 12 hours is going to help your situation Nami.”

“What did you say?!”

I glared at Hinata challenging her to say it again so I can beat her up. She hid beside Asahi and sticks out her tongue provoking me even more to beat her up. Asahi held me in place though and it was only then that I realized that we stopped walking.

“Hm? No one’s here yet.” Asahi said as she looked around. Hinata and I also looked. There were a couple of people around but no one we knew.

“I guess we’re the first one to arrive.”

Asahi said as I took a sit at a bench. She followed shortly after. Hinata had other plans though as she ran away saying that she wants to buy some snacks. I sighed and leaned back as I turned to Asahi who was sitting beside me.

“Who are we waiting for anyway?”

“The usual people.” She said as she smiled. I know she usually smile but why is it that it feels like she’s hiding something? There’s that unusual glint in her eyes that I rarely see. Don’t tell me…

“You hooked up with Yuko didn’t you?!”

I exclaimed grinning at her. She jumped a little surprised at my sudden outburst…or maybe at my question. I don’t know. She is looking at me like she couldn’t believe I asked something like that though.

“What?! No! Where did that come from?”

I shrugged. It was actually the first thought I had when I saw her smiling.

“I just assumed that you two hooked up. You guys are always groping each other.”

Ain’t that the truth? From the blush that I’m seeing from Asahi, I guess it is.

“I’m not groping her! She’s groping me!”

Embarrassed Asahi is…cute especially when she’s pouting and blushing at the same time. I couldn’t help but smirk.

“What’s up with you two anyway?”

I’m always wondering what’s up with them. I know Yuko is the groping type. I mean she gropes almost half of the members really but not as much as she gropes Asahi. It’s like whenever she sees Asahi, she gets this urge to touch her constantly. If I were Asahi and Yuko gropes me, which did happened a couple of times, I’d beat her up and threaten her until she stops. Don’t get me wrong, Asahi resists Yuko’s attacks but it’s like she’s not resisting in full force. I get the feeling that a part of her secretly likes it….

Or maybe I’m wrong?

She was about to say something but stopped as a slight frown formed on her face. She’s looking at something behind me.

“Is that…Mariko?”

I turned to where she’s looking and couldn’t help but frown at what I’m seeing. It was Mariko-sama…and she’s running towards us as another girl was dragging her. They stopped when they were a couple of feet from us. Mariko-sama was panting, bent down holding both her knee for support. Both Asahi and I stood up looking at both of them.


She glared at the girl next to her and it was then that I noticed that her hand was handcuffed together with the other girl. The girl looked down on her with her hands on her hips.

“Honestly Mari-chan, I thought you had more stamina that that.”

Wait…Mari-chan? And that familiar voice…could only mean one thing. I suddenly felt the familiar chill from my body when the girl turned to me giving me a smile then suddenly hugging me.


Yep. The chills I felt was right. It was Ray. Her hugging me also pulled Mariko-sama closer to her. I looked at her incredulously while Ray was still hugging me. I can’t believe she invited Ray! Mariko-sama got the look that I had given her. She glared at Ray then at the handcuff that she’s wearing with Ray then shrugged and sighed defeatedly as if saying; ‘Like I have a choice! She handcuffed me and dragged me here!’

And I can’t believe we’re communicating like this.

I didn’t get to ask Mariko-sama about Persona and Ray. When she came back from sending Ray off, Maeda was with me. Maeda was with us until we went to sensei. I was kinda hoping that this would be the time to ask her about it if ever she would join us. I was planning on dragging her somewhere and ask her about it. But now that Ray is here…I guess I’ll ask Mariko-sama some other time.

Ray broke the hug still smiling. I was looking at her from head to toe noting why I didn’t recognize her. She has her hair tied in a loose ponytail wearing a black slouchy beret, thick rimmed glasses, a cowl neck top and tight fitting jeans…with no make-up! There’s no white in what she’s wearing. It was so unlike the diva Ray that we used to see. This was a different person in front of me.

Different person…same smile. Same chills too…

She noticed me looking at her.

“You like?”

She asked turning around to show her clothes.

“Uh…I didn’t recognize you.”

“That’s the idea.”

Mariko-sama pushed Ray glaring at her.

“Get this off now!”

She growled at Ray and Ray just rolled her eyes. She picked the key that I didn’t notice was dangling in her beret and released Mariko-sama. She put the key there?? Once released, Mariko-sama rubbed her wrist glaring at Ray.

“That’s a dangerous place to hide a key don’t you think? What would you do if you lost it?”

I asked Ray and she just shrugged not really caring. I think I get why they’re friends now…

“Damn it. That really hurts.”

“Well I wouldn’t have to do that if you just let me join you guys.”

I think I’m getting the whole picture. Since Mariko-sama didn’t invite her, she probably planned the whole handcuff thing just so Mariko-sama didn’t have a choice. She probably saw Mariko-sama heading out then immediately handcuffed her and ran all the way here dragging poor Mariko-sama. Somehow, I feel bad for Mariko-sama.

Ray turned to me again and noticed Asahi beside me.

“Ah. You’re Nami-chan’s friend. A fan of Ray right?”

“She knows you’re Ray you know.”

Mariko-sama said rolling her eyes. She’s just stating the obvious. Asahi clearly knows that the person standing in front of us is Ray. You can tell from her pained smile.

“Oh. Then please don’t call me Ray. Dressed like this, I’m Fukushima Reiko, nice to meet you.”

Fukushima Reiko? Is that her real name? Now that I think about it, I don’t know Ray’s real name. I know Ray is her stage name and well, in interviews she never mentions her real name. She often says that it’s a secret. Even her management has their lips sealed probably noticing the impact it has on people. Reporters and her fans are finding ways to know what her real name is. There are countless names that popped up, but Ray and her management made no confirmation on it. It’s the talk in the cyber world for awhile now too. It’s a nice strategy really.

“Well, in case you didn’t remember my name the other day…”

And I’m sure she doesn’t remember, Asahi. She is Ray you know.

“…I’m Wakamatsu Asahi, nice to meet you.”

Watching them bow at each other, I can’t help but wonder if Ray also remembers that Asahi is Riku. She did ask the other day when she saw Hinata and Asahi if they were Kuu and Riku. Speaking of Kuu, seems Hinata is finished from buying snacks as she walks towards us noticing Mariko-sama.

“Hey Mariko, what’s up? Oh…you have a friend with you.”

She said as she smiled at Ray who smiled in return. Asahi, Mariko-sama and I were silent for a second wondering if Hinata will notice that the person smiling at her is Ray.

“Uh…yeah. Her name, if I’m not mistaken, seems to be Fukushima REI-ko.”

Mariko-sama said motioning for Ray.

“Hey! I’m Otawa Hinata, nice to meet you.”

She gave Ray a friendly wave which Ray returned enthusiastically. Again we were silent for awhile looking at Hinata. She noticed and looked at us confused.

“What? What’s with the look?”


The three of us said at the same time. Hinata clearly doesn’t realize that Reiko is Ray even though Mariko-sama somehow gave her a slight hint on her introduction to Reiko. I’m not going to tell Hinata about it. I think I’ll leave that to Mariko-sama and Asahi. But looking at both them, I think they don’t want to tell Hinata either. So I guess that leaves Hinata to find out herself. I wonder how long that’ll take?

“Where is Yukarin? Isn’t she coming?”

“About that, she called me earlier and told me that she has some errands to do, so she said that we should go on ahead and she’ll meet us there after she’s done with her errands.”

Mariko-sama explained. Hinata nodded then looked at Asahi.

“How about Yuko?”

She asked as we all turn to look at Asahi.

“Why are you asking me about her?”

Asahi growled giving us a glare which surprised us. Asahi angry…is scary. I guess I’m to blame on this.

“Uh…I…I-I j-just thought that…you might know…”

She even made Hinata stutter. Asahi glared at her for awhile then looked away frowning.

“I invited Sayaka and Sae yesterday and they told me that they have plans with Yuko so they can’t come.”

“So you didn’t invite Yuko personally?”

Big mistake on Mariko-sama on asking that because if looks could kill she’d be six feet under now what with the look Asahi is giving her. She held up her hand defensively as if taming Asahi’s wild side while laughing nervously.

“N-Not that it matters…because it doesn’t…really.”

And she also made Mariko-sama nervous. Ray was watching with interest at what’s happening that she couldn’t help but ask…

“Who’s Yuko? Is she your girlmrrrpppphhhh?”

Mariko-sama quickly covered Ray’s mouth. She’s adding so much fuel to the fire. So much that you can literally see flames surrounding Asahi now. Nah, there’s no flames. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s foaming from the mouth now. Since…I guess it’s my fault for Asahi to be like this…although I don’t know why since I was just asking her harmless questions about Yuko earlier…I’d better ease the tension or else she’d kill all of us here.

“Ahahaha so anyway…m-maybe we should go now. Since I guess we’re not waiting for anyone anymore. Yeah so let’s go…to wherever.”

Hinata and Mariko-sama nodded their head nervously. With her hand still covering Ray’s mouth, Mariko-sama, Hinata and I started walking but stopped when we heard Asahi.


We slowly turned to her and noticed she’s back to normal. Schizo much?

“There’s actually one more person we’re waiting for.”

She smiled shyly. 


She answered with her usual bright smile as she looked behind us waving at someone. We turned to see who she’s waving at to see Maeda walking towards us. She stopped a couple of feet away giving us a shy smile.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Asahi shook her head and walked to stand beside me.

“No. You’re right on time.”

“You’re going with us Acchan?”

She gave me her slight frown and a smile as she looks at me, silently scolding me for calling her Acchan. I couldn’t help but smirk.

Yesterday while waiting for Mariko-sama I told Maeda about the nickname that she gave me during the Music 10. I told her that I hated that nickname and that my mom would always call me that. She ended up laughing at that. In the end I decided to give her a nickname too. At first it’s supposed to be At-chan…but it sounds more like Acchan don’t you think? So I just decided on Acchan. She’s not very fond of her new nickname though.

It was then I felt everyone’s eyes on me. I raised my eyebrow at them confused with the looks they’re giving me.



Ray said as she removed Mariko-sama’s hand covering her mouth. She’s looking like she couldn’t believe that I called Maeda that while the others are looking at me like I’m suddenly interesting to them.

I shrugged.

“Well she gave me a nickname so it’s only fair that I gave her a nickname in return.”

That’s true. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Ray seems to disagree though as she’s frowning and pouting while she looks at me. What???

“Right…so Acchan, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine. This is…uh…Fuku…? Fushu…? What’s your name again?”

Nice Mariko-sama…nice. I chuckled though finding it funny as Acchan looks confused and a bit weirded out. Ray shook her head looking at Mariko-sama then turned to Acchan giving her a slight smile.

“Ignore her. She’s just kidding. I’m Fukushima Reiko, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Maeda Atsuko, nice to meet you as well.”

After bowing at each other, Hinata placed her arm around Acchan and grinned at her.

“Well Acchan, I get a feeling we’ll be having so much fun today!”

She grinned looking at me.

“Interesting…I was thinking the same thing too…”

Mariko-sama said as she rubbed her chin in a thinking manner smiling that evil smile of hers. Asahi let out a ‘Yeah’ as she pumped her fists smiling brightly. Ray, Acchan and I were just looking at them wondering what this fun of them would entail.

***Inside the Bus***

Nami and Maeda were seated together talking. Ray…or in this case…Reiko was watching them frowning. They were seated a few seats away from her and Mariko but her eyes were glued to them. Her frown intensified when she saw Nami laughing at what Maeda was saying.

“Who invited her anyway?” She asked still looking at them. Mariko glanced at her with her eyebrow raised.

“Shouldn’t I be asking the same question to you?”

“I invited myself. That’s different.”

“Yeah. She got invited and you didn’t.” Mariko mumbled looking out the window.

“So who invited her?”

“I’m guessing Asahi for obvious reasons.”

Upon hearing the name of the culprit, Reiko turned to where Hinata and Asahi were seated. They were talking. Hinata noticed Reko looking at them and nudged Asahi when Reiko pointed at her. Asahi turned wondering what was up when she saw Reiko glaring at her. Reiko pointed at her then made a motion of slicing her throat with her thumb making a crackling sound. Asahi cringe then smiled nervously.

“I think she likes you since she’s asking if your throat is okay.”

Hinata whispered to Asahi who just sighed and closed her eyes. Only Hinata would think that Reiko was thinking of Asahi’s welfare after inviting Maeda.

Reiko turned to look at Nami and Maeda again. She crossed her arm and slouched at her seat pouting.

“Why are they even sitting together? I wanna seat next to Nami-chan.”

Mariko glanced at her for awhile then turned to the window again smiling.

‘I wonder what you would do now…’

***A couple of minutes later***

Reiko was fuming with jealousy as she looks at Nami and Maeda walking ahead of them to the amusement park. She was planning on spending some time with Nami that’s why she’s so adamant on going with them today. It was supposed to be her sitting with Nami in that crowded bus! Her and Nami walking together out of the bus! Her and Nami walking towards the amusement park! Her and not that Acchan girl! Instead she’s walking with these three who are discussing what they would ride first.

‘Life is just so unfair.’ Reiko thought as she crossed her arm pouting.

Nami and Maeda turned to them noticing their distance.

“Hey! Since you guys are so slow…me and Acchan are going to check on the price of the ticket!”

Mariko waved them off. Reiko watched them run towards the ticket both. She fumed even more when she saw Nami holding Maeda’s arm. Deciding that she had enough of seeing them together, feeling herself turn green with envy, she stood in front of the three girls and faced them. 

“I need you three to disappear together with that…Acchan girl.”

“What?” Mariko asked looking confused as Hinata and Asahi are. It didn’t escape Mariko that Reiko said Maeda’s name in a scornful manner. She knew sooner or later that Reiko would get jealous.

“I need some alone time with Nami-chan. And you guys…and that…that Acchan are in the way. Here this should cover you guys.” She said as she got some money out of her wallet. She held it up for them to take earning a glare from Hinata.

“We’re not leaving you with Nami even if you bribe us with your money!”

Asahi and Mariko looked at Hinata surprised and a bit proud that she didn’t take the bait. It goes to show where Hinata’s loyalty lies. Reiko just rolled her eyes and took out more money and held it out again. Hinata eyed the money for awhile then immediately took it nodding her head.

“She’s good.”


“What? It’s free money! With this we can ride anything and eat anything!”

The two sighed shaking their head disappointedly. Mariko noticed that Hinata was counting the money together with Asahi. Rolling her eyes, she looked back at Reiko.

“Look here, we plan on spending time with Nami too. So I don’t think your…….?”

She stopped talking as Hinata leaned at her and whispered the amount Reiko had given them. She turned back to Reiko, her eyes on the side as she said in a flat voice…

“Okay, we’ll give you an hour.”


“1 and a half…”


“Fine. Two hours for your alone time. After that, we’ll be crashing in on your alone time.”

Reiko nodded and shook hands with Mariko in agreement. With the deal set, the four sought out the other two who were near the entrance. They bought the tickets and entered the park. They walked for a couple of minutes as Hinata and Asahi excitedly pointed out where they should go. Both pushed Nami and Maeda to walk faster leaving the other two to follow behind.

“So? When is my alone time going to be?” Reiko asked glancing at Mariko.

“You know the saying, patience is a virtue? You should try it.” Although she said it, she doubts that Reiko would follow it. Reiko is insane when it comes to Nami. Giving them that much money is proof of that.

“You know what I’m like when it comes to her…” Reiko sighed looking at Nami who was chasing a laughing Hinata.

“Crazy in love. I get it. Heard it on the radio a couple of times.” Mariko shrugged.

“I just want her to want me.” Reiko said wistfully.

Mariko glanced at her for awhile watching her friend look at Nami longingly. She truly was crazy in love and insane. Though Reiko was always irrational when it comes to Nami…sometimes even being stupid…she still felt that she should help her. It is her duty as her best friend.

‘Sucky duty really. But someone has to do it…’ Mariko thought as she sighed defeatedly. She grabbed Reiko’s arm and dragged her to where the others are.

“Give us a couple of minutes. We’ll get you your alone time by then. I just don’t want it to be too obvious for Nami.” Mariko said to Reiko softly as they walked towards the others.

They rode a couple of rides for awhile. The 6 of them were having fun. Or maybe just the five of them since Reiko seems to be a bit uncomfortable. Mariko noticed it too. Reiko seems to be less responsive in their conversation. Although Maeda seems to be shy as well with them, it’s quite different for Reiko. She knows that Reiko feels a bit left out what with her being the outsider of the group unlike Maeda who can somehow relate since she is a member of akb48. So she tried to include her by asking her questions here and there. It seems that Nami was also aware of Reiko’s situation as she talks to her often and even walked beside her even though Mariko can see Nami was a bit tense when it comes to Reiko.

It was in those moments that Mariko understood how Reiko can fall for Nami.

Not that she’s also falling for Nami. Nami is way out of her league. Way way out…

Finding that it was time for Reiko and Nami’s alone time to happen, Mariko pulled Hinata to walk with her as they were walking towards another ride.

“We have to give them their alone time. Got any plans?” Mariko said as she motioned to Reiko and Nami who was walking together with Asahi and Maeda.

“Oh I already got a plan.”

“Really?” Mariko asked surprised to hear that Hinata already had a plan.

“Yeah. I’ll go distract Nami then you grab both Asahi and Acchan and make a run for it.”

Mariko’s eyes narrowed upon hearing Hinata’s plan. She knew she had made a mistake on pulling Hinata rather than Asahi to talk about plans. Hinata’s plans are just plain crazy sometimes…no…make that all the time.

“Trust me. It’ll work.” Hinata said confidently that Mariko decided to just give in.

“Okay. So what’s your distraction plan? Don’t tell me you’re going to stand in front of Nami and point to the sky and say; ‘Ohh what’s that?’ and just make a run for it.”

“The thought did cross my mind.”

‘Why am I not surprised?’ Mariko thought as she sighed.

“But no. I’m not going to do that. I have a better distraction plan.” Hinata grinned and wiggled her eyebrow at Mariko. Hinata’s wiggling eyebrow somehow made Mariko nervous because usually her wiggling eyebrow would consist of something perverted. Mariko just hopes that whatever Hinata’s distraction plan does not kill her.

Hinata and Mariko walked towards the unsuspecting four. Mariko walked behind Asahi and Maeda while Hinata walked behind Nami. Hinata gave Mariko a thumbs up and a grin which Mariko returned hesitantly.

‘This better work.’ Mariko thought as Hinata tapped Nami who looked at Hinata confused.

“Can I see your bag Nami?” Hinata said smiling brightly at Nami who stopped walking and raised her eyebrow.


“I just want to confirm something.”

Nami frowned wondering what is up. Reiko, Asahi and Maeda were intrigued as well. Nami glanced at Mariko who just shrugged. Nami knew something is up…but she didn’t know what. The only way to find out is to give in to what Hinata wants. So she did. She hesitantly gave Hinata her bag. Hinata took it and started rummaging its contents.

“Ohhhh. I see.” Hinata looked awed at what she saw which confused Nami even more. Nothing is special inside her bag, so why is Hinata looking at it like there is?

A few seconds later, she closed Nami’s bag and smiled.

“What is it?” Nami asked curiously.


All of them waited for Hinata’s explanation on why or what she found inside Nami’s bag. Hinata surprised them when she threw Nami’s bag away with all her might. All eyes were on Nami’s bag except for Hinata who was preparing to make a run for it. Mariko quickly noticed Hinata and quickly grabbed Asahi and Maeda’s hand. As if in slow motion, Hinata and Mariko quickly made a run for it dragging the confused Asahi and Maeda along. You can hear Hinata cry out as they ran away.

Nami’s bag plopped down on the ground a few distance away from them. The old woman was surprised when a bag dropped down beside her. She turned to look at where the bag came from to see a girl running towards it.

‘Kids nowadays.’ The old woman thought as she walked away shaking her head mumbling how weird kids nowadays are.

Nami quickly picked up her bag and turned glaring to look at Hinata prepared to beat the crap out of her when she noticed that four of her friends were nowhere to be found.


The missing four were panting as they leaned at a wall trying to catch their breath.

“That…was your distraction plan?” Mariko asked as she frowned at Hinata who shrugged.


Surprisingly, it did. A bit gung-ho but at least they were able to leave those two alone which was their main goal.

“Why do we have to run away from them?” Maeda asked as she looked at the three. She was confused. She thought that this whole day was supposed to be for Nami to have fun. But she knew that Nami wouldn’t have fun without her friends beside her.

The three looked at each other for awhile silently asking what they should tell Maeda. They were clearly focusing on keeping the deal that they made to Reiko that they forgot what they would tell Maeda. They could tell Maeda about the deal, but she’ll surely ask why Reiko would want Nami alone for awhile that she had to pay them.

Finally, Asahi decided to offer Maeda a simpler explanation. She smiled at Maeda nervously saying…

“Uh…it’s because Reiko and Nami…fought a couple of days ago and just made up yesterday. We thought I’d be nice for them to uh…clear some tension between them for a couple of hours.”

‘It’s not the whole truth…but it’s not entirely a lie either. It’ll do.’ Mariko thought as she nodded. Mariko was a bit impressed at what Asahi came up with. It was a perfect explanation for Maeda who seems to understand as she nodded her head.

“Alright, so we’ll give them their alone time. In the mean time, let’s go and have some fun now!” Hinata exclaimed.

***Nami’s POV***

“Where did they go?”

I asked Ray frowning as I looked around. No sign of them anywhere. What the hell are they planning now? Are we playing hide and seek or something? Because if we are…there is no way I’m playing. This park is too big for us to play hide and seek. Are they crazy? Oh right…Hinata is with them…I guess they are.

I sighed then noticed Ray’s nervous about something. She was looking away and was playing with her hands. She’s like a kid who got caught stealing some cookies. I guess she knows what’s going on.


I know she said that her name is Reiko…but since we’re alone now, I prefer to call her Ray. That is what I’m used too. She seemed surprised though that I called her that.


“Do you know why they suddenly disappeared?”


She said as she looked away. I’m trying not to smile or laugh here as I find her nervousness… entertaining. Ever since I met her again she’s been showing emotions that she rarely shows back then in our Persona days. It goes to show that she changed a lot. I’m curious to find out how much she changed these past few months….

…and at the same time…I’m a bit scared to find out…

After a few seconds of silence, she finally gave in and told me what she knew.

“I…told them…that I want some alone time with you…so…”

She still hadn’t looked at me when she said that. She was frowning slightly and was blushing a bit probably from embarrassment. I guess I should have expected her to do something like this. I can’t help but blush a little though. Luckily she’s not looking my way so she won’t notice.

“Oh…I see.”

And that’s all I can say to that. Honestly, why is it that whenever Ray says something like that it always leaves me at a loss for words? Probably because no one’s liked me this much before. That’s a sad thought…

“Well…I guess it’s okay…since we are getting to know each other…”

I said scratching my head nervously. She quickly looked at me surprised at what I said. What’s so surprising at what I said? I just told her that it’s okay since we are getting to know each other…….


“Uh…as f-friends! N-not like a d-d-date or something…well it could be a date…but a friendly date…yeah…a date among friends…you know…that type of date…yes…right…”

I’m looking away from her feeling the heat of my face intensified. Why must I say stupid things? Really now.

“Okay. Well…I have to tell you something. Please don’t be mad…”

Hearing her say that last sentence softly somehow made me stop scolding myself to turn to her and listen.

“I…I kinda…paid them for it.”

What? She paid them…so that they would leave the two of us alone? That’s messed up!

“You paid them?! Are you crazy?!”

She cringed hearing my voice a bit louder than usual. I’m not mad though. Just a bit surprised. Although it is Ray…I should have expected that. Ray does have an evil side to her. She was the one responsible for spreading that picture of Katsuyuki-san and Riku being a gay couple. I did get mad at her for that when I found out. I guess she learned her lesson from that since she’s being truthful now. I guess…she did change a bit…

“Tch. How much?”

I asked with my eyebrow raised and my arms crossed. She sighed and told me the amount she had given them. The amount she told me left me dumbfounded. She gave them that much?! I feel like I’m in some kind of escort service or something with that kind of amount. She’s clearly insane. But I can’t help but feel bad for her. It feels like those three robbed her off or something. Those three are so dead for this.

“Okay, since you paid that much…and I feel somewhat bad for it…let’s make a deal.”

She answered by looking at me confused.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to. I’ll be your slave for the day.”

I said smiling at her. It confused me when she covers her mouth and a bit of her nose with her hand. She was frowning slightly and was blushing furiously mumbling...

“I think…I’m going to faint...”

And I suddenly realized what she’s thinking…

“N-not like that you…hentai!”

I said looking away from her feeling myself blushing. Damn Ray and her perverted thoughts. I never thought of anything perverted when I offered her that deal. I just felt bad for my friends taking her money that I thought it’d be nice to offer her my companionship since she did spent that much. But no…Ray had to think of something perverted.

We were silent for awhile focused in our own thoughts. I glanced at her and saw her glancing at me too. I quickly looked away scolding myself for glancing at her. This is so awkward. She somehow eased the awkward situation when she started giggling. I raised my eyebrow at her.


What is so funny all of a sudden?

She stopped giggling, leaned towards me and raised her eyebrow at me while smiling.

“So, since you said that you’d do anything I want…if I want you to give me a kiss…you’d give me one?”

She said tapping her lips with her finger as if she’s challenging me. Like I’ll fall for that…

“Don’t push it.”

I said to her flatly. She giggled though and looped her arm to mine and started dragging me.

“Then let’s make the most out of this deal. C’mon slave!”

“And don’t call me that!”


I’ve been dragged around by Ray to wherever she wants to go. We’ve rode a couple of rides but most of the time she’s dragging me inside a store. Whenever we’re inside a store, she’d be pointing things for me to look at and looking at it like it’s the first time she’d seen it. She’s like a child that was sheltered most of her life only to be released and find the world was so full of colors. I guess she’s finding it hard to enjoy life what with her busy schedules and all. Looking at her now, I’m sort of…glad she went with us today.

I find it…cute…especially when she’s trying to be silly just so I could laugh at her. Who would have thought that Ray would be the silly type? I’m actually trying not to laugh or smile just so she could continue being silly. I can’t believe I’m enjoying Ray’s company.

This…isn’t a date date…right?

Shaking that thought away, I decided to ask her something.

“So…is Fukushima Reiko your real name?”

I asked glancing at her as we walk around. She was walking with a bright smile on her face. She’s been carrying that smile of hers for awhile now. I can’t help but smile slightly just seeing it. I guess she’s enjoying this as well compared to earlier when she’s a bit uncomfortable being around the others.

“What do you think?”

“I’m thinking…no.”

“What made you think that?” She asked as she looked at me curiously.

“Earlier when Mariko-sama introduced you to Acchan, she couldn’t remember the name you’ve given. You told her she was kidding…but I had a feeling that she’s not.”

Did she just frown when I mentioned Acchan’s name? It was gone in a blink of an eye. Maybe I’m just imagining it.

“What makes you so sure that Mari-chan knows my real name?”

I shrugged.

“She’s your best friend. I think that’s reason enough to believe that she knows it.”

“Good point…and yes that’s not my real name.”

I knew it.

“So…what’s your real name?”

She paused for awhile as if to think then smiled at me.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.”

She said as a slight blush forms in her face. I looked away and decided to move away from her.

“No way. I don’t think I want to know anymore…”

She quickly pulled me to her again keeping a firm hold on my arm as she pouts.

“You’re still my slave and as your master, I command you to stay.”

Master? I narrowed my eyes at her.

“I think you’re taking this slave thing a little bit too far.”

“I don’t think so since we’re not making out in a dark corner.”

She mumbled softly as she looked away blushing. I placed a hand on face hiding the fact that I’m blushing as well as I heard what she said. God, I think she’s worse than Yuko. Oh…no wait. She’s not groping me so I guess she’s not worse. She’s getting there though. 

“Stop saying such hentai things!”

Why must she torment me in saying such things? She shrugged and I suddenly had a mental image of Mariko-sama shrugging saying;

‘She’s just saying…’

Okay…why is my inner self taking the form of Mariko-sama?! Ugh…probably from spending too much time with her yesterday.

“So…you still want to know my real name?”

She asked smiling slightly, her eyes ahead as we walked. I glanced at her with my eyebrow raised.

“Are you going to tell it?”


She stopped walking and I stopped as well. I felt her squeeze my arm and I frowned slightly as she turned to look at me.

“Not now. I think I’ll tell it to you…once you figured out what you want.”

She’s smiling but her eyes shows a different emotion. I couldn’t get what emotion they were telling me as she masked it quickly with her bright smile tugging me again to walk. I was frowning looking at the ground while we’re walking wondering what was up with that look she gave me. The only time I looked up was when I felt her stop and tug my arm again.

“Hey…is that…a purikura?”

I looked at where she’s pointing and shrugged seeing a bunch of purikura booths.

“Yeah. I guess it is.”

She let out a squeal of delight and started dragging me towards it. It’s like it is her first time seeing a purikura with the smile she’s wearing. She’s even jumping excitedly when we entered the booth. She kept on pulling me to her as we posed in front of the camera. We did a lot of wacky poses. She was clearly having fun as she kept on laughing. Hearing her laugh is contagious and I found myself laughing as well.

On the last shot she said that we should make it plain rather than doing wacky stuff. Being a good slave, I followed her and smiled through the lens showing a peace sign. She surprised me though when I suddenly felt her lips on my cheek. Then I heard the machine click.

I pulled away from her and she smiled and gave me a wink then walked out of the booth. I stood there for awhile stunned. It’s actually the first time she initiated something since yesterday. She’s been friendly with me throughout the day. Teasing me here and there but she doesn’t go beyond that. Well except for that mumbled thing she said about making out…and the kiss me thing. That was way beyond friendship…

But still, that kiss she gave me…it’s harmless right? I mean…friends kiss each other on the cheek. So that’s okay…right?

‘You’re thinking too much again. Does it really matter?’

Inner Mariko-sama said as she shrugs. It’s official. My inner self has taken the form of Mariko-sama. This is just great.

I sighed and walked out of the booth to find Ray happily doodling at our pictures. I watch her doodle. She added some crazy stuff making our pictures funny looking. She even wrote ‘my slave’ on one of the pictures that I can’t help but groan. I didn’t tell her to erase them though. I think I’m just going to let her have some fun on it.

And when the last picture came, she stared at it for awhile smiling. Looking at it, it turned out pretty well. In the picture, I was glancing at her with my mouth slightly opened as she’s leaning at me giving me a kiss with her eyes closed. I’m really amazed that it turned out that well as I was surprised by what she did.

She picked up the pen then started doodling some stuff. She kept it simple though unlike the other pictures. She drew a speech bubble for both of us. Hers had a heart inside while mine just contained ellipsis then added stars as backgrounds. She printed two copies each and gave me a copy as she smiles.

“Here. It’s our remembrance as master and slave.”

I narrowed my eyes looking at her. She’s clearly enjoying the slave thing. I didn’t say anything though and just took the picture from her hand. She looped her arm on mine again and dragged me. While walking, I can’t help but stare at the picture at my hand…

…especially the last photo….


Three girls were sitting on a bench. The one on the left is clutching her head groaning. The middle one was covering her mouth with her hand as if she was about to barf. The one on the right has her head bowed down. Another girl appeared in front of them. Her hands on her hips as she looks at the state her friends are.

“Oh, c’mon! Don’t tell me you guys are out of it already?” Hinata asked looking unimpressed.

The one who was clutching her head, Mariko, glared at Hinata.

“Can you blame us?! We rode that monstrous thing 3 times in a row?!” She said as she points at the roller coaster.

“I think…I’m going to be…sick…” Asahi said as she made some barfing sounds. Mariko rubbed Asahi’s back trying to make her feel better. Hinata looked at Asahi disgustingly as she let out a barfing sound. She decided to look away just so she wouldn’t feel like barfing herself. It was then she noticed Maeda’s head wasn’t bowed down anymore and she looked normal compared to the other two.

“Ha! Acchan doesn’t seem out of it though!” She said as she pointed at Maeda who smiled slightly.

“Please don’t talk to me for awhile. I may look like this…but I’m this close to throwing up.” She said. She does seem to be sweating a lot.

Hinata sighed defeatedly and decided to buy them water and if ever, some medicine. She is responsible for them being sick since she’s the one who forced the three to ride the roller coaster thrice with her. So it’s only right to take care of the three.

Though she couldn’t understand how the three could easily get sick. Well, she didn’t…

It took a couple of minutes for the three to feel better.

“Mou…you guys are so lame. Getting dizzy just because of that.” Hinata said as she pouted sitting next to Mariko.

“Well excuse us for being human.” Mariko said as she glared at Hinata. She couldn’t understand how Hinata could be fine by riding a roller coaster thrice and even wants to ride it for the fourth time.

‘Clearly, she’s not human.’ Mariko thought.

The four were silent for awhile resting. They had been riding rides nonstop for an hour now as Hinata dragged them from one ride to another. She didn’t take no for an answer as she pushed them to the ride she wanted insisting that it would be fun. She was clearly a dangerous person to be with in an amusement park.

Maeda’s phone ringing suddenly interrupted their quiet time. The three glanced at her as she looked at her phone.

“Oh. It’s Tomochin. I have to take this call. Excuse me.” She said as she stood up and walked away while answering her phone leaving the three to watch her walk away.

“You know, she’s not that bad. A bit shy…but if we just unscrew her a bit, I’d bet she’d be wild.” Hinata said grinning at the two and wiggling her eyebrows.

The two narrowed their eyes as they look at her.

“I’m not letting you go near her ever again.” Mariko concluded as shook her head as Hinata shrugged.

“But you know, I’m glad that she came with us. She’s fun to be with even though she’s a bit shy.” Asahi said as she smiled.

“Yeah. I thought she’d be a bit of the princess type since she’s the face of the akb48. But when you get to know her, she’s really not that bad.”

Mariko agrees to what Hinata and Asahi said. Even though they’d been working with Maeda for a couple of months now, they still don’t know much about her. She just seems…closed off to people. It’s like she’s in her own world most of the time and she prefers it that way.

‘I guess she just need a little push...or maybe shove for her to open up. No unscrewing like Hinata wants. I don’t think we need another Hinata or Yuko.’ Mariko thought as she looks at Maeda in the distance talking to her phone.   

“Speaking of the princess type, your friend Reiko seems to be one. She’s weird too. I mean, why would she want some alone time with Nami? And even pay us that much for that? Does she like her or something? She just met her today for goodness sake!”

The two looked at Hinata for awhile trying to see if she seriously doesn’t know that Reiko is Ray.

“That friend of yours is so an L. Man, Nami sure is an L magnet. Not only did she get Ray…but also Reiko.” Hinata said as she started laughing unaware that the two were shaking their head mumbling how slow Hinata is.

“Reiko is Ray you know…”

Hinata stopped laughing as she heard Asahi. She turned to Mariko for confirmation who rolled her eyes and nodded. Then she looked ahead for while as if she’s trying to put the pieces together. A few seconds later, she shrugged.

“Oh I knew that. I was just checking if you guys knew it.”

Asahi smirked while Mariko rolled her eyes smiling slightly. Only Hinata would cover up her mistake with such obviousness.

“Hey look! That’s them right?” Hinata said as she pointed at Nami and Reiko who were walking together. Reiko was holding a cotton candy trying to feed a protesting Nami. Nami was trying to get away from Reiko but Reiko was holding Nami’s arm tightly. She kept on pulling Nami close to her. It was a familiar sight to see for Hinata and Asahi. The only difference would be that Nami wasn’t wearing her Persona disguise.

“Even if they’re both girls…they still look like a couple huh?” Asahi smiled slightly. Seeing the two like this made her remember those times Ray was clinging on Kai. Ah…those were the uncomfortable days…

“Well to me, Nami looks like she’s abducted by a crazed lunatic.” Mariko sighed shaking her head.

“Ray is pretty crazy when it comes to Nami. I wonder what she sees in her.” Hinata asked curiously still watching the two. Nami was pushing Reiko away as Reiko still tries to feed her.

“Probably because of Nami’s manly side.” Mariko shrugged. She refused to ask Ray what she sees on Nami thinking that she’ll once again babble everything she could think of that makes Nami great like a love sick person she is.

‘She’d be talking all day if I ask her that.’ Mariko thought.

“So you mean to say…that if Nami were to be girly…Ray wouldn’t like her?” Asahi asked as she looked at Mariko who shrugged. Somehow hearing that gave Hinata a great idea.

“I know! Let’s play game!” She exclaimed as she stood up and faced the two who was sitting down looking at her confused.

“A game?”

“Yeah. A game wherein each one of has to show Nami’s girly side without them knowing. We’ll call it; ‘Girly Nami Game!’”

“Girly Nami…Game??” Both Mariko and Asahi said with their eyebrow raised.

“Well you said that Ray might like Nami because of her boyish side. So what if Ray sees Nami’s girly side? She might get turned off when she sees her like that and just back off.” Hinata excitedly explained. Truthfully, she doesn’t believe that Ray would back off once she saw Nami acting all girly. She just wanted to have fun with those two.

“Hmm. It sounds interesting. Okay. Count me in.” Mariko grinned curious to see what a girly Nami would look like.

“Well…I guess it’s okay.” Asahi added thinking that it would be fun to see Nami being girly. Hinata began jumping excitedly happy to hear that the two approved of her game.
Maeda, who just finished talking to Tomochin, approached them confused as to why Hinata was jumping.

“Finished with your talk?” Mariko asked as she saw Maeda approach them.

“Yeah. Tomochin is in a photo shoot and wondered what I was doing. I told her that I’m in the amusement park with you guys. She asked if it’s okay if she tags along after her photo shoot and I said yes. It is…okay right?” She asked shyly.

“Yeah it’s okay. The more the merrier right?” Asahi replied with a smile. Hinata and Mariko nodded as well. Seeing them agree somehow eased Maeda as she smiled back.

“So Acchan. We’re planning on having a contest. Wanna join?” Hinata asked as she wrapped her arms around Maeda’s shoulder grinning at her.

“What kind of contest?”

“It’s a contest wherein you show Nami’s girly side. Whoever wins…gets a prize.”

Maeda paused for awhile thinking of what Hinata said. Though she didn’t know Hinata that much, she can still tell that this was somehow Hinata’s way of saying; ‘let’s play a prank on Nami.’ She’d seen them play a prank on Nami a couple of times now. And each one of them ended up running away as Nami chases them. She didn’t want that.

“Uh…I think I’ll pass.”

“Aww. Okay. Then you’ll be the judge then.” Hinata said smiling. She didn’t want to force Maeda into doing something that she doesn’t want. Although now that she thinks about it, she did force Maeda to ride the roller coaster earlier when she pleaded to Hinata that she doesn’t want to ride anymore. That didn’t stop her from pushing her though.

‘Oh well, past is past.’ Hinata thought.

“So what’s the prize anyway?”

“It’s a secret!” Hinata said as she frowned at Asahi.

“You don’t know do you?” Mariko sighed as she looked at Hinata.

“How should I know, I’m one of the contestant.” Hinata pouted and Mariko just rolled her eyes.


Nami and Reiko were walking unaware that their four friends are following them. The four suddenly hid around a corner when a man bumped to Nami making her stumble a bit.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking at where I’m going. Are you okay?” The young man asked as she looked at Nami.

“Yeah…I’m fine.” Nami said as she rotates her shoulder. The guy bumped her quite hard.

“Does it hurt?” Reiko asked as she looked at Nami worriedly watching as the other girl rotate her shoulder.

“I’m so so sorry.” The man bowed to Reiko who shook her head. Nami frowned slightly upon seeing it. Why was the man apologizing to Reiko now since she’s the one he bumped?

“If there’s anything I could do…like we could go to a hospital or something…”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. Nami-chan is stronger than she looks.” Reiko giggled and the man smiled at her charmingly.

“Really. Well it sounds like Nami-chan is quite a person eh?”

“Yeah she is.”

Nami glanced at the two disturbed that the two of them are talking about her like she’s not standing beside them. The four was watching the scene with interest. Asahi groaned when she saw the man talking to Reiko ignoring Nami.

“I told him to flirt with Nami! Not Reiko.” Asahi said as she pouted.

“So that’s why you suddenly talked to that guy.” Hinata nodded. She wondered earlier why Asahi told them to wait for awhile as she talked to the young man.

“That’s your plan? Let some guy flirt with Nami?” Mariko asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Well yeah. Girls often turn girly when boys flirt with them right?”

“Well yeah. But that guy is flirting with the wrong girl.” Maeda pointed out. Asahi sighed and shook her head. The guy was flirting with the wrong girl. She asked him to flirt with the short girl as she pointed towards Nami and Reiko. But it seems the man was more interested in Reiko rather than Nami.

The four watched curiously as Nami walked away saying something to Reiko who was suddenly looked alarmed. They watch as Reiko bowed down to the guy saying her goodbye and quickly sought out Nami by grabbing her arm again. They can hear them arguing as Nami was pushing Reiko away. Reiko was giggling though and looks like she’s teasing Nami as well.

Asahi’s attempt = Failed

The three sighed as they stepped out of their hiding place. The young man saw them and approached them.

“I did what you asked. Can I have your phone number now?” He grinned at her. Asahi glared at him.

“No way! I told you to flirt with the short one. And from what I could tell, the one you flirted with is nowhere being short. No deal.”

With that being said, Asahi grabbed Maeda’s hand and dragged her away. Mariko followed with Hinata sticking out her tongue to the guy who was grumbling.

Next up was Hinata who told the three to wait for her as she buys the things she need. The three nodded as they sat at a café waiting for Hinata. Nami and Reiko were sitting by the bench a few distances away from them. They had their back turned so they wouldn’t see the three of them. Hinata immediately brought out the things she bought when she arrived. She bought a cheap small remote controlled car and some brown clay. She began to work with it while the three watched her.

“Tadaaa! Hinata’s work at its best!” Hinata grinned as she held out her finished product. She molded the clay on top of the toy car and put some design to it. The three looked at it confused wondering what it is. Asahi smiled as she finally realized what Hinata’s plan is.

“I know! You’ll show Nami poop and then she’ll let out a girly scream right?”

“You’ll show her…a moving poop??” Mariko asked incredulously as she finds Hinata’s plan weird.

“It’s not poop! It’s a rat! A rat!” She exclaimed earning alarmed gazes from the other customers. Mariko upon seeing the alarmed faces of some of the customers of the café, smiled at them apologetically saying…

“Don’t blame her. She’s just mentally challenged.” That earned her some glares as they got back to whatever it is they were doing. Mariko glared at Hinata who shrugged.

“Anyway…it’s a rat. I’ll move it to them and Nami will scream a girly scream at it saying, ‘Ahhh! A rat! Help me!’ Genius right?” Hinata said wiggling her eyebrows.

“It still looks like poop to me. And what’s with the ‘help me’ thing? It’s not like the poop is going to eat her or anything.” Mariko rolled her eyes as Hinata glared at her.

“Um…is Nami afraid of rats?” Maeda asked curiously. If Nami wasn’t afraid of rats, Hinata’s plan would obviously fail. Somehow that didn’t cross Hinata’s mind as she tilted her head thinking.

“I’m not sure really. Only one way to find out right?” She grinned. With that the four placed themselves in position wherein they can’t be seen by Nami and Reiko who were still sitting at a bench. Reiko was eating some ice cream offering some to Nami who was moving away from her.

Hinata sets her poop…I mean rat…her rat looking poop in motion maneuvering it towards the two. Nami noticed it first as it moves around them.

“Huh…? What the…?”

Reiko turned to look and saw the moving brown thing. She screamed tossing her ice cream away as she clung to Nami’s waist tightly. 

“Wha…G-get off me!”

“A Rat! A Rat!” Reiko clings to a struggling Nami who was looking at the brown moving thing at their feet. Without hesitating, Nami stomped the brown thing stopping it from moving. She heard it broke.

“Ahh! They broke it!” Hinata tries to move her rat but it isn’t moving anymore. They watch as Nami remove her feet from it and stared at it.

“Only you and Reiko would think of that as a rat.” Mariko said as she rolled her eyes.

Nami moved the broken thing with her feet.

“What is this…? A moving poop??”

Hinata’s attempt = Epic failure

Hinata pouted as she looked at the remote in her hands. She was so sure that she’d win so it disappoints her that she didn’t.

“Aww. Good attempt though.” Mariko smiled patting Hinata’s back.

“You sound like you’re sure that you’re going to win.” Hinata frowned at her. Mariko shrugged and grinned.

“But of course.” She took out her celphone and wiggled it to the three who eyed it curiously.

“This is all I need.” She glanced at the Nami and Reiko noticing them walking away.

Reiko was pouting as she and Nami were walking around. She was disappointed that she threw away her ice cream on the ground. It was the rat’s fault! Nami was about to bite on that ice cream and if it wasn’t for that…rat…Nami and her would have shared some ice cream.

“Are you that sad about your ice cream?” Nami asked glancing at Reiko.

“Well…you didn’t get to eat it.” Reiko pouted.

“Shall we get some then?” Nami asked sighing. Reiko was stunned for awhile. Nami was asking if they should buy some. She dragged Nami to get that ice cream and a cotton candy and offered Nami some. She refused though but she bought one for herself thinking that Nami would change her mind and would want some if she saw her eating. She was thinking they could share…like lovers do…but Nami just refused as she pushed her away. So hearing Nami ask her if ‘they’ should get some feels like they were finally on a date. She blushed at the thought.

She was about to say yes to Nami when she heard her phone ringing. Frowning, they stopped walking as she pulled out her celphone to see Mariko calling her. She checked her watch.

‘I still have 30 minutes. So why is she calling…?’ Reiko thought as she frowned at her phone. Nami looked at her curiously and she just winked as she answered it.


“I want both of you to go to the haunted mansion.” Mariko said as she watched the two at a distance.

“What? Why?” Reiko asked.

Mariko covered her phone as she excused herself from the three who were listening to her talk to Reiko. She distanced herself from the three and answered back to Reiko.

“Don’t you want to cling to her some more? You can even grope her there. It is dark there.” Mariko grinned and even had the urge to wiggle her eyebrows like Hinata. She resisted though not wanting to be like her.

Reiko was silent for awhile as she glanced at Nami who was looking away as if giving her some private time. She blushed furiously as she agreed to what Mariko was suggesting.

“Okay. Tell me where it is.”

Once she told Reiko the direction, she hanged up and walked towards the three.

“That’s your plan? Nami in a haunted house?” Hinata asked.

“Yeah. Girls are girly when it comes to scary stuff right?”

“Now that I think about it. Whenever Hinata and I would watch some scary movies…Nami will just shrug off saying that she doesn’t want to watch it and would just go inside her room. Maybe she is afraid of scary stuff.” Asahi said as she titled her head thinking. It seems plausible.

Mariko was grinning now as she’s sure that she’ll win now. If what Asahi said is right, Nami’ll be screaming or even crying in fright.

‘So that means…Nami will cling to Reiko? Oh well…they’ll just cling to each other I guess.’ Mariko thought.

“Well I guess we have to go there too to find out right?” Maeda said as she smiled. Hinata and Mariko turned to her.


Reiko told Nami that they’ll buy ice cream later as they head towards the haunted mansion. Nami raised her eyebrow as they stood in front of the eerie mansion.

“You want to go there?”

“Yeah. My slave will protect me right?” Reiko smiled as Nami rolled her eyes.

“No way.”

“Aww c’mon! It’ll be fun. Don’t tell me your scared?” Reiko teased. She knows for sure that’ll make Nami come with her to the haunted mansion. It seems to work as Nami glared at her.

“I’m not scared. C’mon!” Nami said as she walked inside with Reiko following closely. Seeing the two enter the haunted mansion, Maeda and Asahi began pushing Hinata and Mariko who were shaking their head.

“This was your idea!” Asahi said pushing a resisting Mariko.

“But there’s no need for us to go inside! We can ask Reiko after!” Mariko reasoned as she closed her eyes hearing the eerie sound from the house.

“Yeah! Just ask her! Ask her!” Hinata pleaded.

“But we won’t get to see Nami being girly that way.” Maeda replied pushing Hinata.

Hearing Maeda’s explanation, they stopped struggling and clinged to each other. They do want to see Nami screaming like a girl, so they really have no choice but to go inside…even though they’re scared shitless. Seeing Mariko and Hinata surrender, Asahi and Maeda smiled as they all walked inside.

“Hurry up!” Nami said as she walked ahead of Reiko. This wasn’t Reiko’s plan. Nami was supposed to wait for her so she can cling to her! Instead she’s walking ahead as if she’s walking in a park when it’s so dark and a bit scary inside.

“W-wait up!” She said as she followed Nami. She stopped and screamed when a scary mannequin appeared out of nowhere. She crouched down covering her ears as she heard a maniacal laugh. She didn’t think it’d be this scary inside.

“Hey. You okay?”

Nami was crouching down at her looking at her worriedly. She hesitantly nodded and stood up as Nami did. Nami took her hand and intertwined their fingers together. She squeezed her hand.

“C’mon. Let’s get out of here.” Nami said as she dragged Reiko. Reiko was blushing furiously as she looked at their hands intertwined. It was a good thing that it was dark so Nami wouldn’t see her blushing and smiling lovingly. Nami had the same thought as she’s blushing slightly as well.

Meanwhile, the four was trying to catch up to the two just so they would see if being in a haunted house would make Nami girly. But because of the Hinata and Mariko cowering at every little thing, they had yet to catch up with Nami and Reiko.

“Wahhhhh! Th-This is all your fault!” Hinata said as she glared at Mariko through the dark.

“Shut up! Just walk and…….hold me.” Mariko held onto Hinata tightly as she saw an eye moving around in a corner. Asahi and Maeda were behind them holding each others arms as they walked. They all went cold stiff as they see a projected image of a white lady walk towards them. They started screaming loudly as the image edged closer to them. Mariko and Hinata quickly ran away passing through the image. Asahi was dragging Maeda following the two.

Reiko squeezed Nami’s hand tightly as she heard the screams.

“It’s okay.” Nami squeezed back reassuringly. They both stiffen when they noticed that the screams were getting louder. Like something is running towards them. Nami turned behind them as Reiko moved to Nami’s back trying to shield herself from whatever it is that is coming. Nami was getting nervous as well. Two screaming figures suddenly appeared which made Reiko scream as well. Nami closed her eyes squeezing Reiko’s hand.

She suddenly felt bodies press onto her.

“Wahhhhh! Nami!” Hinata cried as she clung to Nami’s waist. Nami opened her eyes to find Hinata on her side clinging to her waist while Mariko was hugging her from the front. Her face was pressed against Mariko’s neck as Mariko’s hands were wrapped around her chest. She tried to pull away from Mariko’s hold.

“Wha? L-Let go! Can’t…breathe!”

Mariko reluctantly let go of Nami and clung to her free arm instead. Nami sighed and saw Asahi and Maeda running towards them as well. They stopped a couple of feet away panting.

“I don’t know what’s going on…but are you guys okay?” Nami asked looking at the two of them who nodded. She glanced at Reiko and squeezed her hand. Reiko smiled nervously and squeezed back.

“Let’s all get out of here.” Nami sighed as she led the five towards the exit.

Mariko’s attempt = Do you really need to ask?

***Nami’s POV***

I sat down in a bench feeling tired and glad we were out of that haunted mansion. I had a hard time walking what with Hinata and Mariko clinging to me. I don’t know why they were there in the first place. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Nothing’s a coincidence with those three.

“All that pulling made me hungry. How about we eat now?”

I asked looking at the five of them. Hinata and Mariko looks disappointed somehow. I don’t think I want to know why.

“I guess we should since it’s almost lunch time.”

Asahi said as she nodded. I stood up and stretched but stopped immediately when I saw someone running towards us dragging four people.

“Uh…is that…?”

I pointed at the direction of the running person. They all turned to look. I suddenly knew who it was that was dragging four people behind. I turned to Asahi and noticed her eye twitching indicating that she already know who was heading towards us. I smiled at her nervously.


Once Yuko and the four people she’s dragging were only a few feet away, she released the four and went straight to Asahi wrapping her arms to her waist. Asahi was back to pushing her away as Yuko kept his tight hold on her.

The four that Yuko dragged with her; Sayaka, Sae, Yukarin and Tomochin were panting trying to catch their breath.


Sayaka said as she glared at Yuko who was still busy with Asahi. The other three were giving Yuko murderous glares as well. Yuko should really pay attention if she wants to live…

“Let’s eat!”

Hinata exclaimed as she pumped up her fist trying to ease the murderous glares that Yuko is having. We pushed the four away from a still struggling Asahi and Yuko towards a restaurant. Eventually Asahi stopped struggling and just walked towards us with Yuko clinging to her waist.


We were all seated in a long table as we waited for our orders. We made sure that the four wasn’t sitting next to Yuko so that left Asahi to sit next to her. Ray introduced herself to the others as the other introduced themselves as well. She was back to being shy again. I guess she’s not used to having this much company. Makes me wonder who she usually eats with when she’s doing her job.

“You’re cute.”

Yuko said as she stared at Ray who was sitting next to her. Ray thanked her as we all watch nervously what Yuko is about to do. Usually when Yuko say that a girl is cute, she would…

…grope the girl.

“Hmm. Medium size. Feels natural. You’ve got good breasts.”

Ray stared in shock as Yuko continues to grope her. It wasn’t surprising that she slapped Yuko hard on her cheek as she blushed furiously.

“Itai!” Yuko was rubbing her cheek as she looked at Ray.

“Keep your hands to yourself you…hentai!”

“Yeah? Well compared to yours, Asahi’s breasts are perfect!”

Yuko said as she groped Asahi who was sitting beside her. Bad move on her as she gained another slap on her other cheek from Asahi.

“Iiiiitaaaaiiiiii!!” Yuko put both her hands to her cheek. She looks like she’s about to cry as she looked at Sayaka and Sae for help. They just rolled their eyes ignoring her. I guess they’re still pissed about Yuko dragging them here. They explained to us how that happened earlier. It seems that Yuko, Sayaka and Sae bumped into Yukarin as she was heading towards the bus station. Yuko asked Yukarin where she’s off too and she said that she’s going to the amusement park mentioning us……and Asahi. Upon hearing Asahi’s name, Yuko quickly grabbed Sayaka, Sae and Yukarin’s hand and dragged them towards the bus station. They saw Tomochin inside the amusement park and dragged her too.

Thinking about it, it’s amazing how Yuko’s strength seems to double when it comes to Asahi huh?

Taking pity on Yuko, Mariko decided to change seats with Reiko and Asahi changed seats with Hinata as well. I couldn’t help but smirk as Reiko sat across me still blushing. She pouted looking at me.

“What? It’s funny.” I said as I shrugged grinning. She looked away mumbling something.

A couple of minutes later, our food finally arrived. Looking at our food, we happily exclaimed…


And started digging in. We were talking while eating. Our table was a bit noisy but that’s to be expected as we are 11 in a table. Add Yuko whining as she tries to reach for Asahi with Hinata in between. Asahi and Hinata were trying to push her away so they could eat.

Yup. This is a typical lunch time for us.

The conversation suddenly turned to me as Sayaka asked.

“Hey that reminds me. Didn’t you meet Ray a couple of days ago?”

I stopped eating and glanced at Ray who was listening in interest. Actually, everyone was listening as they all turned to look at me.

“Oh yeah. She said that she wants to give you guys something right? So what did she give you guys?” Sae asked pointing at me, Asahi and Hinata.

“You didn’t tell us what she gave you. So what is it?” Yukarin asked grinning and wiggling her eyebrows at me. She’s been doing that for awhile now as she glances at me and Ray. Don’t tell me she knows too??

Dismissing the thought, I turned to Asahi and Hinata who were looking at me as well. What? Am I the only one supposed to answer that? From the looks everyone is giving me…I guess I am the only one they expect to answer.

Sighing I turned to look at Ray who was looking at me with a slight smile on her face. It’s like she’s silently reassuring me that everything’s okay. It comforted me somehow as I answered them still looking at her.

“She gave us…friendship.”


I nodded my head and turned to them smiling.

“Yeah. And I really hope that I can give her something back in return someday…”

I said softly as I turned to look at Ray. I smiled at her as she was blushing furiously her lips slightly open…

…and then she fainted.

We gasped as Ray’s head made a loud thump as her forehead bumped into the table. Mariko anticipated it that’s why she’s holding Ray’s plate away. If Mariko didn’t put her plate away, Ray’s face would have been on her plate covered with her food.

“Don’t worry. She’s just overheating since we’ve been running for awhile.” Mariko said as she waved off everybody’s worried looks. Ray slowly raised her head rubbing her forehead pouting as she looks at me.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw a round red spot on her forehead. Everybody soon joined as Ray continues to pout blushing.

Yep, it’s a typical fun lunch time for us. The only thing different is that Ray is with us…

That’s a good thing…right?

***A few hours later***

After riding for a couple of hours, the group decided to stop at a gift shop before they go home. They all separated in small groups as they entered the shop. Sae and Sayaka were looking at some figurines. Asahi, Hinata and Yuko were looking at some shirts and hats. It was only supposed to be Hinata and Asahi but with Yuko clinging to Asahi they decided to just bring her with them. Yukarin, Mariko, Reiko and Tomochin seems to have formed a fashion squad as they head further to the shop where some fashionable dresses were held. Nami and Maeda were just looking around.

Maeda noticed Nami eyeing something from the corner of her eyes. She turned to look and smiled dragging Nami to where she was looking at.

“Try this on.” Maeda said as she handed Nami a black ribbon. Nami stared at the ribbon for awhile then looked away blushing slightly.

“What are you saying? I’ll look ridiculous wearing that.”

“You won’t know until you try right? C’mon!” Maeda grabbed Nami’s hand and dragged her towards a dressing room. She closed the dressing room and handed Nami the ribbon again.

“Try it on. No one would see.”

“I…I don’t know how to put that on.” Nami looked away embarrassed at what she said. Maeda couldn’t help but giggle finding a blushing and embarrassed Nami to be too cute. Without hesitating, Maeda put the ribbon on Nami’s head and turned her around to face the mirror.

“See? It looks good on you.” Maeda smiled. Nami looked at herself in the mirror finding it weird that she’s wearing something girly as a ribbon. She didn’t know if it looks good on her though. But Maeda seems to think so as with the way she’s smiling.

She hesitantly reached for the ribbon and felt it through her fingertips.

“Nami? Hey Nami where are you?”

She froze hearing Mariko. She quickly grabbed the ribbon and removed it. Maeda took the ribbon, grabbed her hand and dragged her outside of the dressing room. Mariko saw them and walked towards them with Reiko behind her frowning when she saw them together.

“What were you guys doing in there?” Mariko asked tilting her head. Nami glanced at Maeda nervously.

“Oh. I just wanted to see if this ribbon would look good on me. Nami-chan was helping me put it.” Maeda smiled as Nami nodded.

“Okay. Well Yuko, Asahi and Hinata got kicked out of the store for being noisy. It seems that Yuko and Hinata were trying to undress Asahi. They’re outside along with everybody.” Mariko shrugged. Nami sighed and nodded as she walked towards the exit with Mariko and Reiko following her.

Maeda looked at the ribbon on her hand and smiled.

Maeda’s attempt = an effortless success


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Awesome. Don't let us wait too long for the next chapter :(

I wanna see what would happen if Maeda starts attempting to chill with Nami more with Ray hanging around. hahahaha

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Thanks again for the thanks and for reading!  :bow: I'm trying to update weekly...that is if I don't have writers block. :nervous  :nervous Thanks again!  :twothumbs

Chapter 7

Two figures were sitting closely together as they watch the TV. One girl has her eyes narrowed as she watches the gruesome scene of the movie. She was bored. The other was cowering hiding every now and then to the shoulder of the other girl. She suddenly screamed, closed her eyes and hid her head on the other girls’ neck. The other girl flinched upon hearing her scream and shivered when she felt her breathing through her neck.

“Why do we have to watch this stupid thing when you’re that scared?” Nami asked nudging the other girl away from her. They were alone in Nami, Hinata and Asahi’s apartment watching horror movies. Hinata and Asahi were out shopping. Ray just invited herself in when she found out that Nami was alone in their apartment.

There’s no stopping Ray when it comes to Nami.

“Because there’s nothing good on.” Ray mumbled through Nami’s neck.

“Fine. Scary scene is over now.”

Hearing Nami, Ray looked up then quickly hid when she saw that the scene was far from over. She gripped Nami’s shoulder when she heard and felt her laughing.

“It’s not funny.” Even though Ray was hiding, Nami could still tell that Ray was pouting when she said that.

“Yes it is.” She snickered. Ray surprised her when she felt her kiss her neck. She yelped and moved back to see Ray looking at her innocently.

“Y-you didn’t…” Nami said placing her hand on where she felt Ray’s lips were.


She narrowed her eyes staring at Ray who just shrugged. A grin was starting to form on her lips but she was trying to contain it but Nami noticed it as her lips kept twitching.

“That’s it! You’re so dead!” Nami exclaimed as she moved towards Ray trying to tickle her. Ray struggles as she push Nami away. Laughs and giggles can be heard together with the eerie sounds coming from the television.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please stop!” Ray begged as Nami continues to tickle her.

“Ha! That’s what you get for doing that!” Nami grinned looking at the disheveled Ray. It was then, when she was looking Ray, did she notice their position. She was on top of Ray. Her right hand and knees were keeping her up. Her left hand was holding Ray’s waist. This was usually the position in the movies wherein both parties are going to stare at each other then sooner or later will end up kissing passionately. Nami gulped at the thought.

Ray, after a minute of panting, noticed the position they were in. If her heartbeat was fast earlier because of the tickling, then now it tripled as Nami stares at her. She gripped the couch anticipating what Nami would do.

Nami seems captivated by looking at her as she was with Nami. As if hypnotized, Nami slowly brought her right hand to her cheek. She caressed it feeling her smooth skin.

“You’re…you’re beautiful…” She whispered softly to Ray earning her a blush.

“Especially when you blush.” Nami added smiling softly. Ray pouted.

“And when you pout.” Nami giggled. Ray sighed and glanced away somehow disappointed that the moment was gone. She was so anticipating Nami to lean down and kiss her finally! But then Nami had to burst the bubble by adding some sweet, heart pounding lines.

“You know, looking at you like this…I finally realized what I want.” Ray quickly turned to her surprised. It looks like Nami was trying to get back the moment. Is this it finally?

“Let me…show you…what I want…” Nami softly said as she slowly leaned down. Ray’s blushing and heartbeat intensified as she saw Nami leaning down slowly, closing her eyes. She closed her eyes and waited to feel Nami’s lips on hers. She can feel her warm breath getting closer. This time, no one is going to burst her bubble…….

….except for Mariko….

“Stop day dreaming about Nami!” Mariko exclaimed as she threw some tissue paper on Ray which brought her back to reality.

“Hey! Quit it!” She dodged some of the tissue paper being thrown at her. They were in a restaurant eating their brunch.

“Then stop day dreaming!”

“How can you even tell if I’m day dreaming?!”

“Easy, you were drooling.” Mariko said flatly. Ray looked alarmed. She quickly pulled out a mirror and looked if she was really drooling. She frowned upon seeing nothing.

“I wasn’t drooling!” Ray glared at Mariko who rolled her eyes.

“Yeah. But you just confirmed that you really were day dreaming about Nami.”

Ray pouted and looked away as she had been caught day dreaming. It wasn’t her fault. Well…yeah it is. She just couldn’t control herself when it comes to Nami especially after a couple of days of not seeing her. She blames Sarukawa-sachou for the hectic schedule she had. She was so tired most nights that she couldn’t visit Nami so she just called her whenever she was free. Most of her calls were unanswered though as Nami was busy as well. But Nami would always send her a mail if ever she didn’t get to answer Ray’s call. Ray saved every message Nami sent her reading them whenever she was missing her.

Yup…she’s whipped. No wait…there’s a better term for that. She was just crazy in love.

….Like that’ll change the fact that she’s whipped…

“Don’t blame me. I didn’t get to see her for a couple of days.”

“So it’s a Nami withdrawal you have.” Mariko nodded looking at her amazed.

“Yes doctor. Do you have a medicine for that?” Ray rolled her eyes.

“Well, you could look for a tomboyish girl pretending to be a guy that becomes Japan’s number one idol after only singing 2 singles.” Mariko shrugged as Ray narrowed her eyes.

“No? Then there’s no cure. You’re forever whipped.” Mariko said as she sipped her juice. Ray sighed and bowed her head. She really didn’t know if being whipped is a good thing or a bad thing.

‘Well, if Nami-chan whipped me wearing something sexy, I wouldn’t mind.’ She smirked thinking about it.

“You’re doing it again!” Mariko said pointing at her. Ray looked up at Mariko.

“How can you tell when I have my head bowed?!”

“You were smirking!”

“Ugh! Fine! I’ll stop.” Ray said pointing and slouching at her seat. Mariko watches her sulk like a kid who got separated with her favorite toy.

‘And I guess I’m supposed to be the mother trying to reason my messed up kid to stop thinking about her damn toy too much.’ Mariko thought as she sighed.

“Look, maybe you should just take it easy when it comes to Nami. You’re always on the attack mode. I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn into another Yuko really.” Mariko shook her head as Ray glared at her.

“I would never grope Nami in public.” Ray looked away and blushed thinking that she prefers to grope Nami in private than grope her in public. Seeing her blush, Mariko threw another tissue paper at her.

“And stop thinking about perverted stuff!”

“Are you a mind reader now?!”

“No. But you just confirmed it once again.” Mariko smirked. It’s really easy to know what Ray is thinking. Maybe it’s because of her best friend instincts that she reads her so well.

‘That or all she thinks about is Nami.’ Mariko thought.

“Plus you blush easily when it comes to Nami.” She added. Ray pouted upon hearing it.

“I do not blush easily!”

“Yes you do. Watch.” Mariko took out her phone and scrolled down until she found the person she’s looking for. She called and waited for the person to pick up. She smiled when she heard the other voice on the line.

“Hey Nami…” Mariko quickly caught Ray’s attention when she mentioned Nami’s name. Ray watched her curiously wanting to know what Mariko wants with her Nami.

“Yeah…Look, I need a small favor…yeah…Ray’s here with me. I want you to tell her she looks pretty today.” Mariko glanced at Ray and found her blushing slightly. Ray shook her head and started slapping her cheeks.

‘Get a grip. Mari-chan is trying to point out that you blush easily. So stop blushing!’ Ray thought as she took a deep breath trying to calm herself.

“Yeah yeah. Whatever. Just do it!” With that, Mariko handed Ray her phone which she hesitantly took. She kept chanting ‘don’t blush’ in her head.

“M-moshi moshi…” She gulped nervously.

“Hey Ray…you look…very pretty today…” Even though she kept chanting not to blush, she still blushed upon hearing it. Mariko smirked.

“But you have to know…I…like Hinata more…because she’s so…sheksi…” The so-called Nami said sheksi as seductive as she could. She couldn’t help but smirk though.

Ray suddenly noticed the voice was different from Nami. It was like the voice was trying to be deep but she can still hear the girly voice of the other girl especially when she heard her say sheksi. Nami would never say sheksi…right? Upon realizing that it wasn’t Nami that she was talking to, she suddenly stood up and glared at the laughing Mariko.

“What?! Who is this?!”

“Hehehe…Bye!” And she hanged up. She glared at Mariko’s phone for awhile and tossed it back to the laughing Mariko. She sat down again as Mariko wiped some tears from her eyes due to laughing.

“That was fun!”

“No it wasn’t…”

“Yes it is. I proved my point right?” She shrugged.

“Why didn’t you call Nami-chan for real?” Ray asked curiously. She pouted disappointed that it wasn’t Nami that said that. Even if Mariko ordered Nami to say it to her, to hear Nami say it…would definitely make her blush. Though she can’t believe Hinata pretending to be Nami would make her blush as well. Again she’s clearly whipped.

“Like Nami’ll do that. Plus I believe she’s in a meeting with the big bosses together with Sayaka, Yukirin and Acchan.” Mariko said nonchalantly.

“Acchan?!” Ray said surprised.

“Yeah. You know…the girl we were with at the amusement park a couple of days ago? Shy girl…pretty face…face of akb48 Acchan.”

“I know….that Acchan. How can I forget?” She grits her teeth in annoyance. Mariko raised her eyebrow hearing the disdain in her friends’ voice when she said Acchan’s name.

“Oh. So you’re jealous of Acchan?”

“Yes.” Ray admitted looking away.

Mariko was surprised at how straight Ray answered the question. It was obvious that Ray was getting jealous of how close Maeda was getting with Nami lately. Proof of that was when they went to the amusement park. She would glare at Maeda every now and then whenever they were together. Luckily Maeda didn’t notice since Ray would change her glare to a pained smile whenever their eyes would meet.

“Can I ask why you’re jealous?”

“I just…get this feeling that…she has a crush on Nami-chan.” Ray sighed as she played with her chopsticks. Mariko couldn’t blame her as she has the same feeling too. She thought Ray would be so dense to see it though.

“So? It’s just a crush.” Mariko shrugged.

“It always starts with a crush you know.” Ray rolled her eyes. Mariko stared at her with her eyes narrowed.

“Hearing you say that…is just so wrong.” Mariko mumbled as she shook her head.

“Anyway, it reminds me of a dream I had. In the dream, I was surfing the internet when all I could see was Nami-chan and that…Acchan’s pictures together. There were lots of pictures and even fan videos being made about them! Everybody calls them, the ‘Takacchan’ pairing!”

“Takacchan? I can understand the Acchan part, but Taka? Is that supposed to be Nami?” Mariko raised her eyebrow.

“I guess. Most of the time, dreams aren’t supposed to make sense you know.”

“Then you’re worrying about nothing. Just…woo the girl…you know.” Mariko shrugged. She felt a little uneasy saying that to Ray though. That is usually one would say to a guy. And well, her friend is obviously not a guy. She’s just an L.

Ray pouted then nodded her head.

“Hmm. Maybe I should bake her a cake again.”

“I said woo the girl…not kill her.” Mariko rolled her eyes. Ignoring Mariko, Ray leaned towards her.

“You’ll help me right?”

“What, kill her? I think you can handle that alone just fine.”

“No! I mean to woo her and to make sure that…Acchan doesn’t get too close to Nami-chan.”

“I can help with the wooing. But there is no way I’m going to help with your Acchan-Nami problem.” Mariko said as she crossed her arm.

“You’re just going to keep them away when I’m not around.” Ray pouted pleading to Mariko who rolled her eyes.

“I can’t just grab Acchan and drag her away from Nami you know.”

“Then do something besides that.”

Mariko sighed and held her friends shoulder.

“Look, all I can offer you are my unfailing advices and my always clean ear to listen. Other than that, I won’t help you. I prefer not to take sides in this crazy situation you’re building.”

“You’re no help.” Ray pouted as she leaned back at her seat.

“Sorry. As much as it pains me to say this…because I usually don’t say it…but Nami is my friend too. She’s like a boyish sister that I’m glad I never had. If she wants to be friends with Acchan…then so be it.” Mariko shrugged.

Ray sighed. Maybe she is exaggerating on this. It may not be true that Maeda has a crush on Nami. Plus, Mariko has a point. If Nami wants to be friends with others, then why should she prevent her from doing so? If Nami is happy that way, then she should be happy for her right?

She shook her thoughts away as she heard her phone ringing. She took it out and groaned when she saw who was calling her.

“Boyfriend? Oh wait…you’re an L now.” Mariko smirked as Ray just rolled her eyes.

“It’s Sarukawa-sachou.” Ray said flatly as she placed her phone back to her bag without answering it.

“Aren’t you going to answer it?”

“No. He’ll just ask me why I’m late for…30 minutes.” Ray said as she looked at her watch.

“Well don’t hurry too much. You’re only 30 minutes late. Heck, make it 2 hours late.” Mariko said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. Ray looked at her incredulously.

“God Mari-chan! What kind of work ethics do you have?! Thank God Nami-chan doesn’t follow your bad examples. Really now…” Ray said as she shook her head and gathers her things. She stood up looking at Mariko who sighed and shook her head. Obviously Ray didn’t catch her sarcastic tone.

“Well I’m going now. Thanks for the brunch!” With that, Ray quickly ran outside giggling as Mariko calls out to her. Mariko sighed as she watches her friend cross the street.

“Eat and run eh? You so owe me…”


Surely enough, Sarukawa lectured Ray about punctuality…again. She just brushed it off as she walked inside the recording studio. Sarukawa, who was used to being brushed off by the diva, sighed and told her to get to work. They began working on Ray’s upcoming single.

Sarukawa watches Ray as she began singing. He found it odd that it seems that Ray was changing bit by bit. Her 30 minutes late was nothing compared to back then wherein she’d be late for at least an hour and a half. Being a stuck up princess, she’d also glare or dismiss the staff’s comments and suggestion when it was recording time. Now she’d intently listen to them and when she found their comments appropriate she would do them diligently. If she found them inappropriate she’d tell the staff in a nice way. She’s becoming professional when it comes to singing or recording. It’s surprising Sarukawa and also the staff around her.

‘It’s like she’s becoming the perfect idol.’ Sarukawa thought as he rubs his chin watching Ray. He wonders what is causing this sudden change to happen.

“Good work Ray!” He smiled as she sat down the couch in his office. It took them a couple of hours to finish the recording. She rolled her eyes and looked at her watch.

“Do I need to do something else or can I go now?”

Sarukawa frowned wondering why Ray seems to be in a hurry to get out.

“Well, I have something to discuss you with.” He took out some papers and laid it down on the table for her to take. She glanced at it for awhile and saw a picture of a handsome young man. She raised her eyebrow looking at Sarukawa.

“Yeah? What about him?”

“Do you know who that is?”

“Should I?” Ray said as she raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms. Sarukawa sighed and shook his head.

“That’s Okuma Yuu, a rising star who just debuted a month ago. His first single has reached number 9 in sales and in the Music 10. Didn’t you see him last week?”

“No.” She said in a bored manner. She was too busy focusing on Nami to notice a newbie. Plus, looking at his picture didn’t seem to interest her.

“Anyway, his management has been asking you to do a collaboration with him. A duet for a new single.”

“I don’t do duets. Tell them that.” Ray said as she stood up getting ready to leave.

“But I think it’s a good idea. It’ll be something new for you.”

“New or not, I still don’t do duets.” She started walking towards the door.

“But you were willing to do a duet to Kai of Persona back then…” That got her to stop walking. He’s right. Back when Persona was still active, Sarukawa suggested a duet for her. He listed a couple of singers for the duet but she told him that the only person she wants as her partner is Kai. Sarukawa resisted for awhile thinking that if Kai and Ray were to have a duet, then Persona’s fame would soar even higher. But then Kai is the only person Ray wants as a partner so eventually he conceded. He decided to have a talk with Saeko regarding the duet but then Persona suddenly disbanded and wasn’t heard ever again.

…And he found out that he had sex with a man…the thought of it still makes him want to scream.

“Yes. And he’s the only one that I want a duet with.” Ray said looking at him.

“But he’s not in the music industry anymore. I don’t think he’s even in Japan anymore.” Sarukawa reasoned. Ray shook her head smiling.

“Then I guess it’s a no to a duet then.” With that she walked out of the room. Sarukawa was wrong. Kai is still in Japan. In fact, she believes that Kai is in a photo shoot right now as what Mariko told her earlier.

‘Hmm. Since I finished work early, maybe I should visit Nami-chan.’ She smiled at the thought as she waited for the elevator to open. She was surprised when she saw who was inside the elevator as it opened.

It was the newbie Sarukawa was talking about. He was dressed casually wearing a shirt with a blazer on and jeans. He’s a bit taller than her and like the picture she saw earlier, he was strikingly handsome. But then again, she still didn’t find him interesting. She’d seen hundreds of good looking guys so maybe that’s why she’s looking at him like he’s the most uninteresting person in the planet.

He looked surprised as well as he saw Ray. They stared for awhile until the newbie smiled and motioned her to come inside the elevator. She sighed and stepped in thinking that she has bad luck today.

“I’m a big fan of yours. My name is Okuma Yuu.” Yuu said as he bowed slightly.

“Yes I know.” Ray sighed and pushed the door closed.

“Then I guess Sarukawa-sachou already discussed about the duet?”

“Yes.” Ray nodded as she looked at the descending number of the elevator.

“And may I know what your answer is?” Even though Ray wasn’t looking at him, she could tell that he was still smiling at her. She shrugged.

“I think you should ask Sarukawa-sachou about that.”

“I guess the rumors were true then. You are one tough cookie to crack.” He smirked. She glanced at him, her eyebrow raised. It annoyed her that this man was making fun of her. Surely he should know to respect her knowing that he was talking to her! Ray…the diva!

“I guess it also shows what a newbie you really are.” She rolled her eyes. Could the elevator be any slower?

“Oh, if you mean that I should be bowing down to you seeing as you are the top diva and all…well, I won’t do such a ridiculous thing.”

Ray quickly turned to him and gave him a menacing glare. This guy was obviously pissing her off with his lack of respect and arrogance.

“Just so you know…you see…” He grabbed both her shoulder surprising her and pulled her towards him. He got close to her ear and whispered…

“I’m a lot like you. I don’t give a crap about anything…but myself…” He grinned and released her hold on the diva as the door of the elevator opened.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you princess.” Yuu said as he walked away waving his hand. Ray stood still for awhile shocked that a newbie would hold her like that. She turned to look at Yuu and glared at his back. She was angry that the newbie didn’t respect her like he should and at the same time it disturbed her to hear from a newbie how much they were alike about not caring about anything but themselves…


Nami flipped her phone open again frowning when she found that there were no missed calls from the diva. Normally she’d have a few missed calls and a couple of mails from the diva. But today, she received none all day. She frowned finding it odd.

“Missing your girlfriend already?” Mariko grinned as she leaned at Nami’s shoulder looking at her phone. Nami quickly closed it and stepped back from Mariko.

“No! I’m just checking my phone if someone left me some messages.” Nami reasoned frowning.

“Whatever you say. I’m just saying it coz you keep on checking your phone.” Mariko shrugged still smiling.

“So it’s a crime to check my phone now?”

“No. But it will be if you don’t hurry up so we can go to the next room for our photo shoot.” Mariko pointed out. Nami quickly placed her phone back to her bag and stood up. Nami walked with Mariko and Yukarin as they head to the next room where the photo shoot was being held.

Ray, who was once again dressed as Reiko walked inside akb48’s rehearsal room to find Hinata and Asahi talking. Hinata saw her.

“Why are you here? Didn’t Nami tell you she likes me better?” Asahi looked confused as to what Hinata said. Since when did Nami say that she likes Hinata??

“Like I didn’t know that was you pretending to be her.” Ray said as she shook her head and walked towards them. She stopped when she was a couple of feet away from them.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Hinata frowned as she feigned ignorance. Ray rolled her eyes as she crossed her arm.

“So where’s everyone? Shouldn’t there be 48 of you here? Or at least I think it’s 48.” Ray said as she looked at the empty rehearsal room. Well their name is akb48, so there should be 48 members right?

“Are you really asking where the others are or are you silently asking where Nami is?” Asahi asked grinning at her.

“I think she got you there…REIKO.” Hinata and Asahi giggled as Hinata emphasize Ray’s fake name. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at Nami’s closets friends. The two were obviously making fun of her. It seems like everyone is making fun of her today. She didn’t feel threatened by these two though. Not like she did earlier with that newbie. Just thinking about that newbie irritates her.

“Oh look! It’s REIKO!” Mariko said as she entered the room with Yukarin beside her.

“Hey, you’re right. It’s REIKO…the nerdy girl.” All four laughed at what Yukarin said. Ray rolled her eyes then noticed what Mariko and Yukarin were wearing. They were wearing their Bird costumes. She was about to ask just why they were wearing their costume when she heard Nami’s voice.

“I don’t know…I think it suits her…” Nami said as she stood behind Mariko and Yukarin. Ray didn’t see her because…well…obviously because of her lack of height compared to the two. They were blocking her from her view. When Mariko and Yukarin turned towards Nami, Ray stood there gaping at Nami.

Mariko just grinned at Nami who rolled her eyes knowing that she was teasing her because she just defended Ray. She turned to look Ray and found her gaping at her.

“What?” She frowned. Ray pointed to her still gaping as she looked at what Nami was wearing. Understanding what Ray was gaping at Nami looked away as she crossed her arm.

“I…I thought you guys were in a photo shoot…?” Ray asked as she finally found her voice. Mariko shrugged at her.

“We are. A photo shoot wearing our unit costumes.”

Ray nodded understanding now why they were wearing their costumes. She stared at Nami for awhile who was still looking away frowning. She just can’t help but stare at her. She just looked so…so…

“Oh? Could it be that this is the first time you’ve seen Nami dressed like this?” Hinata asked as she leaned close to Ray grinning at her. Ray glanced at her then at Nami then she looked away blushing slightly. She somehow couldn’t tell them that she had seen Nami a couple of times before on stage in that costume. Mariko knew though as she looked at her knowingly.

Seeing the embarrassed look on Ray, Hinata assumed that she’d never seen Nami perform in stage before.

“So you haven’t seen…Nami’s Bird before…” Hinata grinned wiggling her eyebrow. Nami started coughing surprised at what Hinata said. Yukarin and Asahi were laughing their ass off. Ray frowned at Hinata as she blushed furiously.

“H-Hentai!” Ray slapped Hinata’s arm.

“You’re a hentai too for thinking that.” Mariko mumbled as she shook her head.

“What? I was just saying. I’m also going to suggest that Nami shows her Bird to you right now since you haven’t seen it yet.” Hinata said as she grinned. She earned a slap to the head by Nami though as Nami blushed slightly.

“Stop saying such nonsense!”

“Itai! I’m just trying to be nice to her since she hasn’t seen it yet!” Hinata said as she rubbed her head. She was really just trying to be nice……… her own…creative way.

Nami glanced at Ray who has her head bowed down, her hair covering her face. She can tell that she’s still blushing furiously as she saw her ears red. She sighed and shook her head.

“Well…we were going to practice for awhile wearing our costumes…so if you like…you can watch.” Nami said as she looked away embarrassed. Ray quickly raised her head to look at her surprised and a bit thrilled that she was going to witness her favorite unit up close and without the people cheering.

She nodded her head eagerly.

“Tch. Fine. Let’s get this over with.”

Ray stared in awe as the three perform ‘Bird.’ She loved the song so much. Not only because Nami is singing here…which for her is a major plus…but because it was such a great song. She also loved how the three looked intense as they performed it. The way they sing was also perfect for her. Nami’s deep and powerful voice was perfect. She just really really love this song…and of course the lead singer of it.

She can’t help but feel giddy as Nami looks at her now rather than up ahead which she usually does up stage. It was the same feeling she had whenever she watch Persona perform their songs as Kai’s eyes would meet hers. Whenever Kai would look to her as they performed, she always felt like she was only singing to her. It’s the same now especially when Nami is really only singing to her. The fangirl inside her is squealing…a lot.

She thought back on her conversation earlier with Mariko about wooing Nami. Seeing her singing to her like this, she can’t help but feel that Nami is the one doing the wooing instead of her. She can’t help but fall even more…if that was possible. For her…this is officially, one of the best days of her life. She really wished that the song wouldn’t end.

But really, there’s no such thing as a song that doesn’t end…..unless your ipod is immortal and you put the song on repeat for all eternity. It wasn’t the case for Ray though as the song finally ended.

“So what do you think of Nami’s Bird?” Hinata asked as she leaned to Ray once again. Ray stared at Nami in awe.

“I love Nami’s Bird.” She whispered dreamily.

Three laughed their ass off.
One rolled her eyes.
The last one slapped her forehead as a slight blush form on her cheeks.

Yup, Ray has just been wooed by Nami’s Bird……again.


The five was planning on going to Team K’s performance in the Akb48 Theater. And since Ray was already there, she decided to tag along. They didn’t have much of a choice since Ray was connected to Nami’s arm after she performed Bird. She was adamant on not leaving her side even when Nami was going to a cubicle to change her attire. After a few pushing and kicking from Nami, she finally let go to let the girl dress up.

Now they were seated in the middle of the theater cheering for Team K. Ray looked around noticing the jumping and cheering wotas around. She held tighter to Nami’s arm.

“You’ll get used to it.” Nami smiled slightly looking at her. She was used to it. She watched a couple of Nami’s performance right? She just wasn’t used to sitting in the middle of the theater. She preferred to sit on the far side at the back and watch. Though she had to admit she can see the performance better here.

Soon Hinata, Asahi and Yukarin were yelling together with the other audience. Nami and Mariko were both cheering every now and then. Ray just sat observing the performances unknowing who was singing. Some were familiar like Sayaka, Sae and Yuko. The others were just nameless girls to her. Nami noticed and soon was whispering to her who was who and told her a bit how she liked or loved the songs. She was surprised at first but then smiled lovingly at Nami loving her considerate side. She stared at Nami for awhile as she cheered happily. She then remembered what the newbie said to her.

“I’m a lot like you. I don’t give a crap about anything…but myself…”

She frowned and stared back at the stage disturbed at the fact that the newbie’s words kept on hunting her.

“Hey! Yuko’s solo is starting soon!” Hinata told them excitedly.

“Yuko…?” Ray asked.

“Yeah. You know, the one who groped you.” Nami said as she chuckled. Ray nudged her pouting. How can she forget Yuko…the groping maniac. It surprised her though that Yuko has a solo. She wonders what kind of solo it’s going to be.

Soon enough a soft melody was heard and she gaped at what she’s seeing. Yuko’s acting all shy and elegant! Wearing something elegant as well! If she hadn’t met Yuko a couple of days ago, she wouldn’t have thought that this girl is a groping maniac with the way she’s acting up on stage. It looks like she really conveyed the emotion the song was saying. It was amazing really.

She turned to Nami who was grinning looking impressed at what she’s seeing. She pouted feeling a bit jealous wondering if Nami looked at her like that too whenever she’s singing up stage. Or if she even watch Ray sing on stage.

She nudged Nami.

“You look like it’s your first time seeing her perform her solo. Didn’t you get to see her practice?”

“Well, all teams have different schedules for practicing. If ever all teams are practicing at the same time, the teams are divided into different rooms just so it won’t be crowded. So it’s really hard for us to watch the other team practice. We’ve seen them practice a couple of songs before during our break time but we never saw Yuko’s solo before. We heard about it though…but it’s actually the first time we’re seeing it.” Nami explained. She quickly turned back to the stage looking at Yuko singing. Ray pouted even more as she glanced at Nami who seems captivated with Yuko singing. Even though she’s a bit jealous of Yuko getting Nami’s attention like that…she had to admit though…Yuko was really good up on stage.

She glanced at the other to see their reaction. Hinata and Yukarin were squealing for Yuko telling her to marry them and that she looks so kawaii. Mariko and Nami looked impressed as they watch looking like they’re proud of Yuko or something.

And Asahi?

Well she was staring at Yuko in awe, a slight blush on her cheeks. Ray wondered if that’s what she looked like when Nami performed Bird earlier. If that’s the case…

…then it wasn’t just her who got wooed today.

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