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Author Topic: A Bit Blind To Love - chap18 (AtsuMina) - 26/12/2011 [DROPPED]  (Read 93732 times)

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A Bit Blind To Love - chap18 (AtsuMina) - 26/12/2011 [DROPPED]
« on: January 18, 2011, 02:05:33 PM »
Hello everyone ^_^ this is my first Takacchan fanfic....i'm usually one of the quiet ones who just read....but I decided to give it a go and come out of my shell a bit! Hope you enjoy this O_O;

A bit blind to love  :heart:

I love the smell of her hair. I can’t explain what it smells like, but every time she rests her head against me I just can’t help but enjoy the smell that comes from it. It makes me drowsy and tired. Or maybe I’m already tired. I just don’t know anymore. The warmth of the skin as it rests perfectly in the crescent of my neck area. Her breath gently seeps between the cracks of my clothes and against my bare chest underneath. It seems so perfect when she sleeps against me... I never want either of us to wake up as long as we can be together…

“TAKAMINA!!!!!”, Miichan screams as she jumps on top of us. Acchan violently flings her arms around as I jolt awake due to the pain of Miichan slapping my forehead.

“What? What? What?” My eyes blinking nonstop trying to absorb the brightness of the room.

“How dare you try and take my dearest wifey Acchan from me!!!” Miichan quickly pulls Acchan away from me and points her finger at me, glaring at me.

“What? Oh come on, are you serious? Acchan always sleeps on me!” I slowly get off the couch.

“Oh, I see, so once I move to team K you’ve been advancing in this affair!” Miichan begins to pout while cuddling Acchan tightly and gently rocking her in her arms.

“Egh…you can have her… I have to get back to work” I stick my tongue out at her as she turns and grins at me victoriously as I walk out of the room and back into the theatre. Acchan remains silent in MIichan’s arms and watches me as I slowly disappear.


As I walk back into the studio I am attacked by Mocchi. She begins to sniff me endlessly as she holds onto my little ears. I begin to squirm and attempt to jump around in order to escape from her grasp.

“LET ME GO!!!! LET ME GO!!!!” I begin to give up as she seems to have me tightly wrapped in her arms. I feel like a little mouse being strangled by a serpent. Suddenly I hear Mocchi scream and her arms evacuate from my body. I turn and find Acchan next to Mocchi pinching onto her arm. She slowly releases her fingers.

“Stop attacking Takamina”. Acchan looks at me and then quickly diverts her gaze away from me upon hearing Miichan running into the room.

“Acchannnnnnnn!!! You said you would wait for me to go to the toilet!!!”

“Sorry, Akimoto-sama saw me in the hallway and told me I better go to practice”

Miichan pouted at her and then quickly grabbed her arm.

“Fine. I won’t be angry, but you better have dinner with me!”

Acchan laughed and nodded in agreement. She turned and looked up at me and noticed that I quickly turned my head to avoid her gaze.

“How about we have a huge dinner with everyone! Let’s go out to karaoke!!!”

Miichan nodded excitedly. Yuko who was currently tightly wrapped around Haruna turned around straight away.

“Er…Karaoke sounds alright…Nyan Nyan we’ll go as well so we can sing a love duet together?”

Haruna turned and looked down at Yuko emotionlessly.


Yuko eyes suddenly swelled up with tears, her lips pouted and she began pressing her face deeper inbetween Haruna’s breasts.

“But Nyan Nyan I love you and and I love the sound of your voice”

Haruna’s hand came down and slapped Yuko’s forehead.

“Stop being a pervert and get your head out of my cleavage!!!”

Yuko slowly turned her head up to look at her Nyan Nyan. Haruna looked down and was taken aback by Yuko’s intense puppy eyes.

“ergh! Fine I’ll go to karaoke with you but I won’t sing a duet with you!”

Yuko gently blushed and continued to hold onto her Nyan Nyan. As long as she went there with her that was all that mattered… the latter could be accomplished once she fed some alcohol into her…Yuko turned and looked at me.

“You’re coming as well aren’t you Takamina?”

Before I even had a chance to answer Mocchi grabbed onto my arm.

“OF COURSE SHE IS! My lovely takamina will serenade me with her beautiful voice!”

“Egh!! Let go Mocchi I’m not going to serenade you!!”

Everyone laughed at Mocchi and I and I bowed my head down in embarrassment. I looked up and noticed that the only person not laughing was Acchan. Instead
she was glaring at Mocchi intently. My attention suddenly shifted when I heard Yuko say my name.

“Takamina, I don’t think you have a choice. Even if you don’t want to come to karaoke I’m sure Mocchi will tie you up and bring you with her!”

I bowed my head down in defeat. There was nothing I could actually say in return. I had failed at life again….I lifted my head up and noticed Acchan pouting at me. I quickly removed Mocchi from my arm and clapped my hands together.

“Okay guys you’ve picked on me enough! We better start practice now or I won’t even let you guys out until we’ve got the routine down packed! And that means no karaoke!”

“Aww, come on little one don’t be so grumpy!” Mariko snickered.

“hmmph! I’m not being grumpy! I’m just trying to get practice started!”

The girls slowly began to move into positions for practice. I hope that they’ll become too tired to go out to karaoke….maybe a few of them might suddenly lose their voice for the night…


At the end of practice I quickly went into the change rooms and planned my escape. As most of the girl’s took a shower after practice I took this opportunity to grab my gear and evacuate to the safe haven of my home! I grabbed my bag and quickly tore out the door.

-Escape from the girls- Success!


I felt as my body collided into another. Next thing I know I’m on top of her and my face is in between her breasts. I quickly push myself up and apologise.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you!”

I opened my eyes to see who it was…


I quickly jumped off her and hugged tightly onto my bag. Fear was evidently showing on my face.

“Takamina let me feel you on top of me again!!!”

Mocchi grabbed relentlessly at the space between us, trying to get closer to me as her lips formed into a kiss and she began to slowly move towards me.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!!” I quickly jumped over her and sprinted down the hallway…

-Escape from Mocchi` SUCCESS!

As I walked out the front door I felt relieved despite my heavy breathing as I was trying to recover from my recent traumatic experience with Mocchi.

“..ergh why can’t she go after someone else…”

“Because you’re the only one she wants”

I jumped and quickly turned my head. Acchan was leaning against the door staring at me.

“Acchan what are you doing here?”

“Figured you’d try and runaway so I decided to wait out here after practice”

I bowed my head in shame. Am I really that easy to read… I looked up as I felt Acchan hold onto my hand.

“Come on!”

“Argh please stop I don’t want to go to karaoke”

“I’m not taking you there yet. We’re going later tonight, its only 5:30pm and we decided to go to karaoke at 7pm but I guess you weren’t listening”


I looked down…I’m such an idiot…I could’ve just gone home normally and just have not come out for karaoke…

“Wait, Acchan where are you taking me?”

She stopped and stared at me.

“You don’t want to come with me?”

“It’s not that. I just wanted to know where we were going”

Acchan let go of my hand.

“I’m going back to my house, but if you don’t want to come its fine”

She began to walk away but I quickly grabbed her hand and walked next to her. She turned to look at me and I quickly smiled back. Words weren’t really needed at this moment. She understood that I was happy to go home with her. I watched her from the corner of my eye and noticed a red tinge appear on her cheeks. My heart suddenly skipped a beat.


As we arrived at her house we continued to hold hands as she opened her door with the other. She pulled me slowly into the house and pushed the door close behind us with a slight kick of her leg. We walked through her house and into her room. Although I’ve been here a lot of times previously, this time felt somewhat strange. She pushed me onto the bed and gently climbed on top of me, resting her head against my chest. She gently played with my fingers, tickling my palm until I let out a gentle laugh. She looked up and smiled before continuing. I grabbed onto her hand gently when the tickling became too much to bear. Lifting her hand up I slid my fingers in between hers. We lay there peacefully until the sound of her voice broke the silence.



“Why don’t you ever stop Miichan from pulling me away from you?”

“Um…I don’t know, I guess since we’re all friends it doesn’t matter that much, and you know Miichan, when she wants something she isn’t gonna stop until she gets her way”


“Why do you ask?”

An awkward silence filled the room. I wasn’t sure if Acchan didn’t hear my question or if she didn’t have an answer for me.

“Well… it just seems as though every time we’re together and someone comes into the room to take me you just seem to let them…argh I don’t know what I’m saying, never mind…”

Acchan squinted her eyes in frustration. Unable to address to me how she felt. Although I sensed that it was something serious to her I however let out a slight giggle due to the fact I felt that it was quite a childish matter. Acchan quickly pushed herself up so she was sitting on my stomach and began to play with my hands, swinging my arms all over the place in frustration of my laughter.

“Stop laughing! Egh I shouldn’t have brought it up!”

She suddenly let go of my arms and started moving off my stomach towards the end of the bed.

“Egh, I’m going outside”

I quickly lean forward and wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her back on top of me so she’s sitting on my thighs. Looking at her, I noticed a sad pout, her eyes diverting away from my stare.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just thirsty”

As I felt her begin to wriggle out of my arms in annoyance of being with me I tightened my arms around her and rested my head against her chest.

“Please tell me what’s wrong. I can’t stand having a void between us.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her cheek against the top of my head.

“I just wish that you’d just protect me a bit more when I’m with you…I can’t explain it but when you walk away I feel depressed and when I find you, you’re always attached to Mocchi intimately.”

I quickly look up at her.

“Trust me Acchan, it’s not intimate at all…I’m being subtly molested by her and I try to get away from her but her grasp is too strong!”

I gently nudge my forehead into her chin.

“Lucky you always come to save me!”

Acchan giggled slightly and then suddenly paused and a sense of seriousness washed over her face. Out of the blue she hit the top of my head.

“Oww! What was that for?”

She looked down with an angry pout of her face.

“Why is it that I always save you from Mocchi and you never pull me away from anyone?”

“Well you seem to enjoy being with everyone who holds onto you!”

“hmmph, lame excuse! If you cared you would take me away from them!”

“Acchan, you beginning to make it sound like we’re dating and you’re the jealous girlfriend”

Acchan’s eyes widened and she began to fidget with my hair and shirt as her eyes began to stare aimlessly around the room.


She pushed me down and quickly pulled my hands off her and darted out of the room. I lay silently on the bed staring at the ceiling…Does Acchan like me like she would a boyfriend? I slowly pushed myself up off the bed. I walk outside and find Acchan curled up of the couch hiding her face from me. I walk over and gently wrap my arms around her.

“Are you okay?”

She remained silent.

“Do you want to talk about it? Would you like me to leave?...”

She burrowed her head deeper, covering it with her arms.

“…I’ll take that as a yes?”

As my arms began to retract away from her, she slowly moved her head up to look at me, her eyes red and teary.

“You think I’m weird don’t you?...You don’t want to talk to me anymore”

She turned her head to the side and rests it against her arms. Silence filled the room as I stared her…I wasn’t sure how I felt…but seeing her like this I didn’t know what to do or how to act. Before I could respond, the sound of Acchan’s ringtone filled the silence of the room. She answered her phone whilst still turned away from me. I slowly got up to collect my bag from her room.

“Moshi Moshi, oh hi Miichan, I’m at home. Yeah I’ll be at karaoke. Just had a nap. Takamina? Argh I don’t know I’ll call her…okay. Bye.”

As I returned to the room, I saw the back of Acchan’s head bowed down.

“Miichan asked if you were going to karaoke… you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

I frowned as I could hear the pain in Acchan’s voice as she spoke. I dropped my bag and walked up to the couch. My hand gently caressed her cheek and I
turned her face towards me. She was looking downwards…trying to hold back her tears. It was apparent in her voice that she felt as though she had lost me.

“Please don’t loo…”

Before she could continue my lips had already pressed against hers. They felt so soft, similar to marshmellow. Although at first it felt one-sided, soon enough I felt her lips press against mine. I felt as a shiver ran down my spine. However, it wasn’t like the ones I got when I felt Mocchi’s presence around me. Rather, I felt as though I had been electrified, my heart was beating out of my chest, I wondered if Acchan felt the same. My eyes were closed and I wondered if I opened them if I would be faced by shock, sadness, or anger. As I slowly opened my eyes I noticed that Acchan’s eyes were closed. As the kiss ended, her eyes opened and she looked into mine.


I gently caressed her cheek with my fingers.

“I don’t know how I feel, but for some reason I felt as though I wanted to kiss you.”

I gently kissed her forehead. Her eyes closed once again before she slowly opened them to look up at me.

“We’ll work this out together, just give me time to process your feelings properly. I will respond to you once I know how I really feel.”

She nodded slowly and began to get up off the couch.

“Well, we should go to karaoke then” She smiled and began to walk towards the room. “They’ll be waiting for us and it’ll be fun.”

I picked up my bag and waited for her to return from the room. As she walked out I quickly grabbed her hand in mine. She stopped and stared at me.

“Minami, you don’t have to force yourself to try and be close to me because of what happened. I understand it’s hard for you to accept.”

I slide my fingers in between hers and quickly grinned at her.

“I know, but I always hold your hand so it feels weird when I don’t”

She blushed nervously and we continued to walk out of the house and made our way to karaoke.


When we arrived at karaoke most of the members had already arrived and Mariko and Miichan had begun singing a duet together. Miichan was standing on the seat screaming out her lyrics, whereas Mariko was standing in front of the screen with her hand in the air nodding her head to Miichan’s voice. The rest of the girls were either listening, gossiping in small groups, eating snacks, or playing drinking games. Miichan turned to look at us. Her arm rose and she quickly pointed her finger at us.

“Takamina, how dare you seduce my wife!” After a quick giggle she continued to sing.

Acchan held my hand tighter and smiled as we greeted everyone on our way through to the empty seating area next to Miichan. However, I was pulled backwards and Acchan turned to look at me. I began to yelp as I felt Mocchi nibbling at my ears. Acchan viciously pulled me back and pulled me hurriedly through as she glared back at Mocchi. Once we were seated Acchan began to ignore me. It was evident that she was frustrated with Mocchi’s advances on me. I quickly placed my hand on her thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. She turned and looked at me, annoyance filled her eyes. I quickly bent forward and whispered into her ear.

“Thanks for saving me” I gently kissed her cheek before I moved back. Acchan’s face reddened as she placed a hand on top of mine. We continued to watch as Miichan and Mariko sang violently into the microphones. Before I knew it I felt someone push me off the seat. I turned quickly and noticed a slightly intoxicated Haruna behind me.

“Give us the microphones!!! Yuko and I are going to sing a duet!!!” She walked over me and grabbed at the air before falling down face planting in front of Mariko.

“NYAN NYAN!!” Yuko jumped over me and cradled a crying Haruna in her arms. Acchan quickly pulled me off the ground and checked me closely for scratches.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah” I grinned at her.

“Let’s go outside for awhile” Acchan smiled and pulled me up with her. I followed behind her making sure that I was wary of Mocchi creeping behind me. I quickly jumped in between a few of the girls and darted out the door, closing it firmly behind me before I ran to catch up with Acchan. As I appeared next to her she quickly wrapped her arm around mine and rests her head on mine as we continue to walk. I guess normally she would rest it on my shoulder…but knowing how much shorter I am you would understand how ridiculous it would look if she bent over to rest it on my shoulder…We continued to walk out towards the exit when I heard her stomach grumble. I giggled slightly as she blushed. I grabbed onto her hand and began to walk quickly towards the exit.

“Come on! We have to get you some food!”

“Where are we going?” she laughed as she happily followed.

“I know a really good restaurant around here! It has a really good dessert selection so you’ll love it!”


As we sat down at a table in the restaurant Acchan looked around began to absorb her surroundings.

“How did you know about this place?”

“I came here with Haruna and Miichan when we were filming an episode of PON!”

“Oh…so you took them on a date here first…”

“hehehe not a date! Just had dinner here.”

“So is this a date? Or just dinner?”

“Hmm…whatever you want it to be…but maybe just dinner because I would take you somewhere else on a date”

Acchan blushed and bowed her head down before she looked back up at me.

“Where would you take me if we went on a date then?”

“Um…can’t tell you”

“Why not?”

“Well because if I were to take you on a date then it wouldn’t be exciting anymore.”

“What do you mean by “were to”? Aren’t you going to?” She pouted at me.

“er….well you know, I um…, er…” Acchan laughed at me as I began to stutter more.

“It’s okay I’m joking. But if you do decide that we are dating then you better take me on a date”

“Of course!” I guess on the inside I had already come to the conclusion that we were sort of a couple. However, I hadn’t formally asked her due to the fact that I just came to the realisation of how we both felt.


After dinner and some light chatting about everyday things we headed back to the karaoke bar. Inside however was a scene similar to what I imagined the aftermath of World War III would look like. The older girls who had been drinking were raging around throwing can at each other. Supposedly a drunken Meetan had kissed Haruna and Yuko was not letting her get away with it alive! However in the process Yuko had accidently jumped onto Mariko’s handbag and broken her iphone4 in which Mariko went berserk and began to prey on Yuko. Haruna was in the corner vomiting up her liver into the bin and Miichan had gone crazy because Haruna had accidently vomited on her when she was running to the bin. The rest of the younger girls were trying to pull the Yuko off Meetan, whereas Sayaka and Sae were attempting to pull Mariko off Yuko.

Acchan and I were standing at the front door wide-eyed. What do we do…in the end Acchan ran to pull a screaming Miichan to the toilet to get cleaned up. I
walked over and notified Yuko that her Nyan Nyan needed her help. Immediately Yuko turned around searching for her Nyan Nyan and ran to her once she had spotted her. Mariko was lifted by Sayaka and Sae and pulled to the side as Yukarin walked over to calm her down. Meetan however, I kept away from…she was currently surrounded by Mocchi and Sasshi…going over there would certainly be the end of me…Tomochin and Tomomi had left once the fight began and the rest of the younger girls had begun to laugh and gather their belongings to go home. After awhile of waiting Miichan and Acchan still hadn’t come back so I decided to go and check if they were alright.

 As I slowly pushed the door open I heard Miichan speaking to Acchan.

“So what is the go with you and Takamina? Have you told her how you feel?”

“Yeah…well I didn’t tell her specifically but you know she understands…”

“Did she react alright? Or did she freak out and run away?”

“I think at first she may have freaked out…but she came back and…um…she kissed me…”

“WHAT????? Oh my god! I knew she was an L!!! Now she’s going to try and kiss me as well!”

Acchan quickly slapped her.


“Don’t you dare Miichan! It took forever for us to confess to each other…and she’s still unsure about us…”

“How could she be unsure she kissed you!”

“Well I think she only did it because I was crying…”

“She made you cry?”

“No! Just I was quite emotional…but she was nice about it…and she’s not acting different…”

“So when are you going to tell her how you really feel?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well when are you going to say “Aww Takamina, I have longed to bathe with your skin against mine” you know that sort of confession!”

Acchan hit her again but harder.


“You’re such a loser!”

“At least I’m not a pervert like you!”

“Egh…well I want her to figure out how she feels first…”

A smile suddenly appeared on my face and I quickly pushed into the bathroom.

“What’s taking you guys so long?” Acchan and Miichan both jumped and looked at each other hoping that I didn’t hear anything. Miichan quickly composed herself
and yelled at me.

“You try cleaning vomit out of your clothes and tell me how long it takes!!” I shrugged my shoulders and began to walk out the door.

“Well come out when you are done.”

Acchan quickly ran after me and clung to my arm tightly.

“Are you angry I was with her for so long?”

“Nope.” Acchan pouted sadly. “I was just worried something happened to you” Acchan quickly smiled again and kissed my cheek. I blushed and looked away.

“Anyway, we have two choices, the rest of the girls have begun to leave so we can either leave or go back and check that everyone is okay”

“OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO STAY!” Miichan was running up behind us and hit the back of my head. “I’ve been vomited on so now it’s your turn! and on top of that I’m hungry so we should go get food together!”

I turned and looked at Acchan who just smiled in agreement to the food idea. I shrugged and started walking back into the room. Most of the girl’s had left.
Seemed as though it was only Miichan, Acchan, Mariko, Yukarin, Sayaka, Sae, Mocchi and Sasshi left. We gathered the girls up and decided to go to a nearby Ramen store for noodles. Mocchi quickly grabbed onto one of my arms as I began to walk out of the karaoke club. Acchan who was close behind with Miichan quickly barged past grabbed onto my other arm. Mocchi looked across at Acchan and shrugged before snuggling closer against me. Acchan who seemed frustrated with my lack of effort to despatch Mocchi from my arm let go of me and began to walk ahead of me holding onto the Miichan. Miichan who felt quite victorious quickly turned around and stuck her tongue out at me.


As we arrived at the Ramen shop we were taken to a small quiet room. Mocchi pulled me towards one side of the table as Acchan ignored me and walked onto the other side with Miichan closely wrapped around her arm. I quickly flung Mocchi off my arm and walked around the table and sat next to Acchan and looked at her with a pleading look.  Acchan turned and looked at me, then quickly turned away, immediately starting a conversation with Miichan. Mocchi although devastated that I had moved away was quickly latched onto Sasshi for comfort.  I slipped my hand underneath the table and held onto her hand. Her cheeks slowly became red and she continued to pretend to ignore me. Her hand tightened around mine and slowly slipped her fingers in between mine as the waitress came to take our orders. My attention was then taken away by Sayaka.


“Ergh, yes Sayaka?”

“I heard that you are going to have a Mendol reunion show tomorrow”

“Oh…OH! Yeah I totally forgot about that! Miichan, we have that Mendol reunion show tomorrow”

Miichan turned and looked at me with her eyes wide open.

“I forgot about that!”

“Yeah so did I, Sayaka reminded me!”

“Haha lucky you remembered Sayaka because Takamina and I forgot!”

“No it was nothing! It’s just that I heard that Takamina and Hanako has to kiss tomorrow because the fans voted for it on the online polling!”

“ERGH!!!! What online poll! Who decided?” I felt as though I was going to die…suicide seemed like the best option.

“There was an online poll that was up since the fans were told of the reunion show”

I felt Acchan’s hand slip out of mine and I quickly turned to face her.

“Well I guess you have to do it then.”

“Acchan…” I slowly frowned. She turned away and continued to talk to Miichan who was looking over at me to see if I was okay. Sayaka tapped me on the shoulder.

“It’s alright! Don’t worry I’m sure you could just kiss her cheek and get away with it!”

“Good idea!” I began to smile instantly. However I still felt uneasy inside…Acchan had already begun to ignore me…this lasted for the remainder of the dinner.


After dinner all of us split up into our own groups and said our goodbyes before travelling home. I was walking home with Acchan and Sae…it was quite awkward as Acchan ignored me and wrapped her arm around Sae for the walk home. Lucky enough Sae lived close by and soon enough it was just myself and her. The silence was deadly and the fact she was walking quickly ahead of me wasn’t helping. I had to scurry in order for my little legs to keep up. Suddenly she stopped walking.

“Are you going to kiss her?”

I didn’t know what to say. I guess everything that had gone on today was a bit too much for me. However, I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her as I rested my head against her back.

“I really don’t want to. But it’s hard when it’s going to be a live broadcast.”

“So-“ before she could say anything else I quickly continued.

“I love you Atsuko. Kissing her or not isn’t going to change how I feel towards you right now. I know I told you that it would take me time to figure out how I feel but I guess I’ve known the answer all along.”

There was a few moments silence before I felt her hands moved on top of mine around her waist.

“I really love you Minami. Please don’t hurt me. I was scared you would leave me when I told you how I felt. But now I’m just scared that someone else will take you from me.”

I slowly turned her around to face me. My hand slowly moved up to cup her cheek as we looked at each other.

“No one is going to take me from you. Even if they physically pull me away, my heart will always be yours.”

“Minami…” She slowly began to smile again. I took that chance to grab hold of her hand and started walking down the path.

“Come on let’s go home!”


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Re: A bit blind to love
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ei, Keichan ^_^... Thanks for the story (even if I haven't read it yet  :nervous)
Can't read this now, preoccupied with school this week... (gonna study for the test.... grrrr!!!! :mon study:)

(I'm quite jealous too bec. you'd post your story here while I've been here for a while and haven't even post a single fic... I'm soo embarrassed  :sweatdrop: hehehe.... :mon sweat:  )

Anyway, thanks again for the fic and pls. do post more stories here  :] :mon XD:  :mon dance:

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woooow..... more takachan fict  :twothumbs :twothumbs nice and i hope u would make the sequel to...  :thumbsup :thumbsup make another will u...  :yep: :yep: thanks

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LOVE the KojiYuu moment~!!  XD  :twothumbs

Thank you for the fic~!!  :bow:  :thumbsup

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recent traumatic experience with Mocchi

^this made me laughed..... :rofl: i remembered mocchi fangirling with Kai when she visited persona's dressing room, i think?  :?

Acchan was freaking cute here....she was very possessive and overly jealous here  XD XD XD

though my hapiness dropped a hundred levels when i saw this  :(

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I love oneshot fics but I do want this with chapters. :grin:

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 :mon huh2: ergh........thanks for the compliments! :mon sweat: I didn't expect people to like it enough to want it in chapters but if you really want me to continue I guess I could since I have time...but could you give me some form of direction of where you would like me to go with it? I can continue from where I ended or just do it from the next day. I guess i'll leave it to you guys to decide  :mon love:

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Re: A bit blind to love
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yeaaaaaay.... i'm happy u wanna continue the story...  :cow: :cow: please do continue....  :thumbsup

uhm... what about if u write about the next day. the day when takamina must do the kiss scene...  :yep: :yep:

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Re: A bit blind to love
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huhuhu... :mon angel: do u know how happy I am after reading your reply? I'm crying because I'm soo happy :wriggly:... (weird really but I like your story that's why I sooo want you to continue this pls... :mon pray2:  :] )  :grin:

(Just gonna imagine KaixRay together again... :luvluv1: Maybe I'm more on Kai/NamixRay shipper than Takaachan but even so, I'll still want to continue reading this fic of yours because I like Kojiyuu paring after all (I'm expecting more for this couple :3) :nervous ... :shy1: :nervous hehe... )

Sorry but I think I can't contribute much 'bout where your story might umm.. start again (It might not come out nice .. hehehe... )   :nervous

Anyway, pls. continue your fic :] (oh, can you write 'bout what sorakamiya said, write about the next day which is the "kiss" part... hehehe, I think I'm shipping the wrong pair here...  :sweatdrop: forgive me...  :nervous )

Thanks for thinking of continuing this fic... (hope more Kojiyuu interactions happen :]  :P2)

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Re: A bit blind to love
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 :mon yell: Before I begin please don't yell at me!!! So I decided to start writing before I got a chance to read your now I will update a small chapter for the Takacchan lovers because I decided to try and fill in all the bits of the story that some people may wonder what happened in between... :mon curtain: please don't yell at me!  :pig gtfo: I will quickly go and continue the story!

Chapter Two

It’s currently 2am. I should be getting up in three hours and should’ve fallen asleep 3hours ago. Instead here I lay awake giggling and blushing nonstop. I ended walking Atsuko home, and she ended keeping me there. Her family was currently away and as I turned to leave she grabbed me back and began pouting at me. Telling me she has never been home alone and she was scared something would happen. I called my mum to notify her I was staying with Acchan for the night, it wasn’t until I hung up that I realised that the Maeda family had been overseas for the last few days. Hence, I had failed at life yet again. I am too gullible. However at this moment I really enjoy that fact that I was gullible. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here right now with her in my arms as we lay underneath the covers together talking about our time together since joining AKB48. Suddenly, my curiosity got ahead of me.


“Yes Minami?”


Acchan began to laugh at my stuttering as I became quiet and began to blush.

“You must be about to ask something serious, perverted or embarrassing because you’re stuttering and blushing nonstop” She began to laugh louder.

“Ergh stop it!!” I quickly hid underneath the blankets as she began to laugh even louder at my behaviour.

“Geez Minami if you wanted to cuddle against my breasts you should’ve just asked!” she said as she continued to giggle. Realising what she said was true I immediately moved out of the blankets my eyes open in fear.

“No no no no no no no its not that!!” I was annoyed by her laughing at me and had my eyes squinted in frustration. She suddenly stopped realising how tense I seemed. Quickly she held me in her arms to comfort me, scared that I would leave her side.

“What is it then?”


She kissed my forehead gently. I looked up at her. Her eyes so soft, so beautiful. As we continued to look into each others’ eyes I noticed that my lack of verbal response made sadness sweep across her face. Pulling her closer into me, I felt as her head lay gently against my collar bone.

“I just wanted to know how long you’ve liked me this way. It’s just that I feel so stupid that I never realised how you felt.”

She giggled and moved her cheek against my collarbone, inhaling the scent of my body with a deep breath.

“I’ve liked you since I saw you at the auditions”

“Huh??” I looked down at her straight away as she laughed at my quick response. “What? What do you mean?”

She kissed my neck gently and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“Well I’ve liked you since I saw you!” She smiled at me sweetly. “I was really shy at the time and most of the girls were loud and intimidating and I was sitting in the corner by myself and I felt as though I was the most nervous person in the room….and then you appeared next to me pacing around in a circle talking to yourself”


“Argh Takahashi Takahashi Takahashi why are you here? Well my mum told me to come! Do you always listen to your mum? Most of the time! And how has that worked out for you? Oh shut up brain! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Takamina scratched her head nonstop in frustration. She looked around the room at everyone else. Not only are most of the girls in the room girlier, cuter, prettier, and outgoing then her… most embarrassing of all…they were all taller than her. “I’m a failure to the female race…maybe I should go home….” As she began to walk towards the door she remembered her mums fighting words to her. ~Ganbatte Minami! When you come home we will celebrate your success with your favourite pork katsudon!!!!!!!~ Raising her little fist in the air she spoke out aloud “YES MUM I WILL BE HOME TO EAT KATSUDON!!!” Her face suddenly went pale, remembering where she was. Everyone in the room began to laugh as she curled up in a ball on the ground.

~Mission to become an idol, meet new friends and a normal human being…. ~ FAIL!


“What? You liked me because I embarrassed myself? Oh my god…I’m beginning to think you only like me because you felt sorry for me…” Takamina stared at the ceiling blankly, failure written across her face. Acchan giggled as she slowly moved up against Takamina and kissed her lips softly.

“No, I liked you because you were the most genuine and down-to-Earth person there”. Takamina began to blush whilst holding Acchan close against her. “And due to the fact that you were dressed like a hip hop dancer and looked so cute and manly!” Takamina’s face went back to one of pure lifelessness….she liked me because I looked like a boy...why does everyone think I’m a man…Her attention was suddenly diverted by the feeling of Acchan’s lips against hers.

“I know what you’re thinking! And it’s not that at all!”

“Huh?” Minami looked at Atsuko has she giggled lightly.

“I didn’t and still don’t think you are a man! You don’t have chest hair or an Adam’s apple. When I say manly I mean protective, caring, and sweet in a manly way. Like you act all modest about things, don’t giggle like a girl or expect people to call you beautiful everyday! And that’s what I like about you. I definitely know you aren’t a man, although you do lack breasts and you do look like a boy when you walk and dress up like Kai! However I think I’ve slept on your lap enough to know that you aren’t male down there…despite the fact I’ve never seen you naked because you refuse to bathe with us…but hopefully you will soon!”

Acchan smiled brightly as Takamina’s face was emotionless, or at least confused as to how to look. She was happy at the start...however as Acchan continued to speak she felt arrows shooting into her and 1T weights hitting her head. Acchan noticed this change and quickly snuggled in close to her Minami and gently whispered into her ear.

“I love you as you are no matter what other people say or how you feel about yourself”
Takamina cuddled Acchan closer.


“Bedtime?” Acchan gently moved so her head lay against Takamina’s collar bone again.

“Okay…goodnight Acchan”. She gently kissed Acchan’s forehead making her blush.

“Night Minami…” Snuggled closely in each others’ arms they slowly fell asleep, not wanting to wake up the next morning.


Takamina’s phone vibrated on the bedside table before it slowly began to play Zanzou by Flumpool. It was her 5am wake up alarm. She quickly moved to grab her phone and turn it off before it woke Acchan. However, rather than the alarm waking up her up, Acchan was startled awake by the feeling of Takamina moving away from underneath her.


“Egh…” Takamina froze whilst beginning to move out of the bed and turned towards her Acchan with a sad expression of guilt. “Eek…sorry Acchan I didn’t mean to wake you”.

Acchan crawled across the bed and wrapped her arms around Takamina’s waist, resting her head on Takamina’s thigh.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to get up and get ready for the Mendol reunion show”

“What time is it?”

“5am…” Acchan suddenly shot up.

“Why are you getting up so early? Your conference isn’t until 11am”

“Well I have to go home and get changed and bathe”

“You can bathe here and you can borrow my clothes” Acchan smiled cheekily.

“Well I’ll have a bathe now” Takamina said straight away. She quickly got out of bed and began scurrying towards the bathroom knowing what may happen if she didn’t move out of the bed. She suddenly felt Acchan grab onto her arm… Damn it… caught… survival… unlikely….

“I’m coming too” Acchan was wide awake now holding tightly onto Takamina’s arm and now walking her towards the bathroom.

“WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!” Cried Takamina, Acchan turned and looked at her. “Ergh…you don’t have to bathe now you don’t start work until later” Takamina was trying to make any excuse to prevent Acchan from bathing with her…she wasn’t ready for this.

“Well you’ve woken me now so I’ll just get up early and maybe take the puppies out for a walk in the park after you leave”

“No no the puppies want to sleep like you do” Takamina gently waved her arm and shook her head as she spoke.

“Fine! I won’t take the puppies for a walk.” Takamina began to take a sigh of relief….however it didn’t last long at all. “I’ll just bathe with you and make you breakfast” Acchan tilted her head and smiled at Takamina enthusiastically. Takamina on the other hand had her eyes widened…looked similar to that of a lucky owl….a scary looking one….or maybe just a guy you just got kicked in the groan… Acchan pulled Takamina into the bathroom and turned around to turn on the water.

“Come on Takamina time to get undr…” Acchan turned and around and noticed the door was open and she was alone in the bathroom.

“…” Pushing the door wide open with both arms she glared out towards the bed where she found Takamina quickly packing her belongings into her bag. Takamina felt the aura in the room change quickly once she heard the door slam open…staring blankly at the wall in front of her and making no movement…hoping that despite the fact it would be impossible that she would camouflage into the room so Acchan couldn’t see her. Realising it would never come true Minami quickly lifted her bag over her shoulder and began sprinting towards the entrance of the house.

“MINAMI!!!!” Acchan quickly began to run after her. Takamina tripped over in the hallway whilst trying to stop herself from stepping on top of Acchan’s puppies which were parading around in the hallway. Acchan quickly caught onto her little captain’s leg and started dragging her back into the room.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Similar to a scene from a horror movie, Minami was reaching out for help screaming whilst Acchan who had an evil smirk stood over her and slowly dragged her down the hallway.

“No one can hear you…” Acchan’s words slowly killed Takamina on the inside…was this the end….

Once back in the room Acchan closed and locked the bedroom door and climbed up on top of Takamina who had ran out of energy from screaming and kicking and was now staring blankly at the ceiling like a patient on their death bed. Acchan moved into Takamina’s vision.

“You might be beautiful but right now you are definitely not an angel…” Acchan quickly hit her arm “Oww!” Takamina pouted as she rubbed her arm. However when looking back up noticed a puppy eyed Atsuko staring at her.

“Why is it so hard for you to bathe with me?”

“I…I…I don’t know it just is.” Takamina looked to the side, unwilling to look into Atsuko’s eyes anymore, she felt guilty for making her feel this way. Atsuko slowly began to move off Takamina.

“I see…” She turned away from her, sadness in her eyes. She got up and began to walk away towards the bed and Takamina slowly pushed herself up onto her elbows. “Go take your bath. I’ll go back to bed” She crawled onto the bed and faced away from Takamina. Feeling guilty Takamina quickly got up and made her way towards the girl in the bed. Crawling into the bed she lay behind the other girl and wrapped her arm around the other girl’s waist.

“Go take your bath, you’ll be late, don’t worry about me, I’m tired.”

Takamina didn’t listen and slowly whispered into the other girl’s ear.

“I’m sorry.” She gently kissed the other girls cheek. Pushing herself up to get out of bed she pulled the other girl with her.

“Minami…” She slowly followed the small figure in front of her. As they walked into the bathroom, Takamina slowly closed the door behind them.
After closing the door and turning off the water of the bathtub which was getting full Minami turned around and faced Atsuko who was staring at her blankly. Turning her head to the side she spoke softly whilst beginning to blush.

“We can give this ago…” Acchan face was covered in a stunned expression but quickly turned into a sweet smile as she continued to listen to her little captain. “HOWEVER!” Atsuko jumped back a bit after being startled by the quick change of tone. “We have to do it in a towel so we don’t see each others’….yeah you know what I mean” Takamina crossed her arms still looking to the side blushing like crazy. Acchan finally snapped back to reality and giggled gently, she moved forward and wrapped her arms around the other girls neck and kissed the other girl on the cheek.

“Okay let’s do this” Takamina turned and looked at the other girl….did I make the wrong decision, is this really okay, argh too late now…

“Okay you aren’t allowed to look as I get ready you stand over there!!!” Hiding in the corner turned away from the other girl Takamina quickly got undressed and wrapped a towel around herself.

“Are you ready yet? You get in first!” After hearing Atsuko climb into the bath Takamina quickly ran over and jumped in with her eyes closed. Her body was tense and her eyes remained closed….Damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it, what was I thinking….her heart was beating furiously until the gentle touch of Atsuko’s hand on her cheek and the gentle press of her lips made her calm back down. Upon slowly opening her eyes she slowly wrapped her arms around Atsuko’s waist….Her eyes shot open and she pushed herself away as Atsuko began to laugh.

“Argh!! You aren’t wearing a towel!!! You said-” She was cut off by Atsuko straight away.

“I never agreed to your rules!” Takamina was left wide-eyed as Atsuko continued to speak and giggle. “You looked so cute getting undressed in the corner! Your bum is so white compared to your legs! And you trotted over so cutely! And you look so beautiful right now when you had your eyes closed” Takamina’s head was exploding….she felt dizzy and looked up at the ceiling… She felt as Atsuko moved against her, the only thing separating them was her towel. Flustered and confused she was unable to move, or maybe just scared to move. Holding on to Takamina’s waist Atsuko gently kissed the other girls neck and then rested her head on the other girls collar bone.

“I love you”

Takamina looked down at the girl resting against her. It wasn’t as awkward as she thought it would be, it was still awkward for her, but somehow Atsuko had made it a little bit more comfortable. She always made her feel comfortable it’s just that she never imagined this to feel comfortable. Wrapped her arms around the other girls soft white skin she gently kissed the other girls forehead.

“I love you too”. A smile swept across the other girls face….in less than one day, her near impossible relationship with her best friend had blossomed into something she only felt was possible in her imagination. She never wanted this feeling to end….then she remembered, her girlfriend was meeting up with the beautiful Hanako for a reunion kiss…she looked up at the other girl who was lying back against the side of the bathtub with a small smile and her eyes closed. Would she leave me as quickly as she came to me…?

 :mon lurk: TBC?
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Re: A bit blind to love
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“NOOOOOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Similar to a scene from a horror movie, Minami was reaching out for help screaming whilst Acchan who had an evil smirk stood over her and slowly dragged her down the hallway.

I had a great laugh  :twothumbs
Thanks for the update.. :peace:
Will be waiting for more  :heart:

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Re: A bit blind to love
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LOl....I really like acchan here...she's somewhat like Ray, a perv!  :lol: :lol: :lol:

and i was thinking, when you say Hariko, do you mean Hanako?  :? :? :? Takigawa Hanako, the Ray or Hariko was her nickname or something,,,, :P

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Re: A bit blind to love
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 :cow: :cow: :cow: great chapter... i like it....  :thumbsup :thumbsup and this part....

“NOOOOOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Similar to a scene from a horror movie, Minami was reaching out for help screaming whilst Acchan who had an evil smirk stood over her and slowly dragged her down the hallway.

it give me a loud laugh.....  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: u really make this a kind of romantic comedy i guess.... that's great... i like it...  :yep: :yep: :yep:

please continue as fast as u can.... i'll be waiting...  :thumbsup

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Re: A bit blind to love
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Hmm, gonna quote 'bout dark-atrox post :]  :P

when you say Hariko, do you mean Hanako?  :? :? :? Takigawa Hanako, the Ray or Hariko was her nickname or something,,,, :P

I was also wondering about that really :dunno: :] Is it really Takigawa Hanako san aka Ray? Just want to clear things up :]

Umm... but anyway, really glad that you've decided to continue this fic of yours :] Sorry, can't comment that much 'bout the 2nd chap cuz haven't read it yet :mon sweat: (as always  :grin: :] )

Anyways, pls continue this, Keichan ^_^ :]  :grin:

I like to quote this too because I found it cute :mon cute:

by: Keichan ^_^
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:mon lurk: TBC?

haha :] I like using monkey emoticons on my replies too :]  :grin: :mon roll: hehe :]

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Re: A bit blind to love
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This fic is absolutely hilarious. I'm glad that you decided to continue.  :twothumbs

Takamina and Acchan are both adorable. You got Taka's 'fail at life' characteristic perfectly.  Makes me want to laugh at her and hug her at the same time.

Since Taka is my oshimen, I support Takachaan, Takamina/Mocchi, Taka/Ray etc. but I have to say my OTP is:


I can just imagine Taka talking to herself and somehow loudly proclaming her love for Katsudon!  :)

Can't wait for the next chapter. If you decide to continue that is.

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Re: A bit blind to love
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Why did you put "?" at the end  :smhid


"TBC soon"  XD

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Re: A bit blind to love
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sweet takacchan is sooooo  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: A bit blind to love
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First of all :mon sweat: thanks for dark-atrox for picking up my mistake ^_^ Arigato Gozaimasu!
As for now, I have decided to update what I currently have for you guys to read because I will be away for a few days (and due to the fact i'm brain dead as to what i should write next >_<;.
Since I updated a Takacchan Chapter last time, this time I have tried my best to please the Kojiyuu fans as well (Yes alexiel17 I'm mainly talking to you!)  :mon thumb:
Thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting! I will try my best to keep you all entertained!  :mon yeah:

Chapter Three

So…I haven’t been home yet. I actually fell asleep in the bath tub with Atsuko and only woke up because I slid down the side of the bath tub underneath Atsuko and began drowning in the water…





“Minami stop moving…” Atsuko said softly still half asleep, her head against the edge of the bath tub. Slowly she began to open her eyes…why am I so cold…
“Minami stop pok~…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH MINAMI!!!” Jumping out of the bath tub quickly she pulled the tiny girl out of the water. “Minami!! Minami!! Are you okay????” The near dead girl was staring into space….practically unconscious however still bearing her fail at life expression…could this really be the last expression on her face when she dies? SLAP!...well now she gets a hand mark on her face for free….SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP…make that a bruised up face? Shaking and slapping her nonstop Atsuko began to cry, if anyone else was in the room it would have looked like Atsuko was putting an end to her rather than saving her.

“Blurgh!” Water came pouring out of the tiny girls mouth.

“Minami” Atsuko quickly grabbed onto the small girl still crying. “I’m so so sorry”. Looking up at the girl and grabbing onto her shoulders she quickly began to check if she was actually alive. “Are you okay? Can you hear me? What’s your name? How old..”. Takamina placed her hand over Atsuko’s mouth. Slowly and half in a daze she began to speak slowly…

“I’m…. okay, I can hear… you, my name…. is Taka…hashi Minami and…”ARGHHHHHHHH!!!”

Takamina’s eyes widened at a sudden realisation.

“Why does my face hurt so much.” Gently she rubbed her cheek and looked up at Atsuko.

“Well I~”


The tiny girl quickly moved from underneath and ran outside, quickly returning with a bathrobe to wrap around Atsuko.

“You’ll get cold! I told you a bath was a bad idea. What would happen if you got a cold!” The girl was pacing around the small area of the bathroom in circles and seemed to have forgotten that she had nearly died, too busy worrying about the other girl getting a cold. Atsuko quickly grabbed hold of the other girl tightly, hugging her and not wanting to let her go. The other girl not understanding why the girl was crying but knew if must’ve been something she did held onto her tightly and decided to comfort the girl.

“It’s okay Acchan, getting a cold isn’t that bad, I’ll look after you”. Hearing the other girls words Atsuko started to laugh as tears continued to pour out of her eyes.

“You’re so stupid…” the crying girl giggled.

“Egh…I failed again?” A confused looked appeared on the small girls face.


I’m currently in the change rooms with Haruna and Miichan….well more like Riku and Kuu. After my near death experience and comforting my girlfriend, she had made me breakfast before I quickly made my way to the studio for the Mendol Reunion Show. Once I arrived I spent ten minutes being teased by Miichan and Haruna because they recognised the clothes I was wearing was actually Acchan’s….ergh why must I keep failing!! Well it doesn’t matter, I can smell her scent on me all day now….well that was what I thought until I had to wear my Persona outfit…and boy does it smell weird. Riku was practically ready whilst Kuu and myself were fixing up our wigs. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Ergh…Who could that be?” I quickly asked.

“Maybe it’s the food man!!!” Screamed Miichan holding onto her stomach “I’m so hungry!! All I ate was this morning was two dozen gyoza and two gohan!” She slowly began pouting whilst looking at her tummy whilst Haruna and I stared at her in shock…. Snapping back into reality Haruna walked up to the door and opened it.

“Who is~” Haruna’s eyes opened in fear

“NYAN NYAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!” Turning my head all I could see was a Riku standing wide-eyed and frozen holding onto the door handle. Next thing I know I see a figure jump up on top of him and clinging desperately whilst rubbing her cheek against the other girls. “Feels so0o0o0o0o good, you face is so soft and….” With her legs tightly wrapped around the frozen girls waist she tilts backwards slightly and begins patting down the chest area of the other girl. “It’s…it’s all bound up….” Gently stroking her invisible moustache she slowly nods. Suddenly she holds onto the frozen girls and rests her head on the girls shoulder. “I knew my Nyan Nyan would never let anyone but me touch her breasts mainly those perverted co-stars she had to work with on Mendol.” Gently blushing she turns and looks into her Nyan Nyan’s wide eyes, forming her lips into a kissing pout she leans in towards the other girl. “Chuuuuuuuuuuuu” Haruna finally getting over the shock off seeing Yuko suddenly notices the squirrel’s lips slowly getting closer.

“ARGH!” Quickly she pushes the squirrel off her body and watches as the other girl lands heavily on the ground.

“ITAI!!” Slowly getting up and rubbing her bum she pouts as she attempts to grab hold of her Nyan Nyan for a comforting cuddle. “Nyan Nyan it hurts I need skinship to revitalise myself”. Holding onto Yuko’s head and keeping her at arms length distance whilst the other girls arms continue flailing  towards her Haruna glares at the squirrel.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well after our romantic night last night and you suddenly disappearing in the morning before I woke up I had to come and see if you were alright..” Yuko said while using her Puppy Eyes on her Nyan Nyan, she then quickly turns her head to the side forming an evil glare “…And to keep them perverted actors away from my Nyan Nyan”.

“ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! You guys went home together last night!!!!” Miichan quickly squealed whilst pointing at the two at the door way.

“AND YOU SLEPT TOGETHER!!” I screamed whilst pointing at them as well.

Haruna’s eyes widened and she began to shake her head whilst waving a hand in front of her to signal that it didn’t happen at all. Yuko on the other hand had started to blush and had her hands on her cheek with her eyes closed slowly twisting her body remembering how nice it felt to be in the other girls arms the night before.

“Yes. My poor Nyan Nyan was so sick after Karaoke! It was up to me to protect her and look after her all night” Placing a hand on her forehead and looking up into the air she continued. “I even had to undress her from those vomit stained clothing and slowly wipe her MMHPH!” Haruna quickly placed her hand over Yuko’s mouth.

“NONE OF THAT HAPPENED I JUST PASSED OUT!” Removing Haruna’s hand Yuko quickly added.

“She couldn’t stop kissing me, she finally admitted her feelings for MMM!!!” Haruna covered Yuko’s mouth again.

“Shut up or I won’t walk to you again!! Get out!!! We have to get ready!!!”

“BUT NYAN NYAN I LO~” The door was slammed shut up locked. Haruna quickly turned around and lay against the door.

“Mwahahaha you hooked up with Yuko!!!” Miichan said as she giggled.

“Hahaha yeah yeah you~” I quickly stopped as I noticed Haruna’s death glare towards us.


“EEK!!!” We both began running around the room away from the angry girl.


 After a few minutes of playing around there was another knock on the door. Haruna turned to us straight away.

“You guys get it. I’m not gonna let her attack me again!” There was a second knock, this time a bit harder.Miichan walked over and opened the door.

“O! Long time no see!” Miichan stepped back from the door to let in our visitor. From around the corner walked in Kawano-san better known as Jiro. Nervous as always he was fidgeting with his hands in front of him as she continuously bowed at us, finally facing Haruna he slowly began to greet the co-star he actually began to have a crush on during the recording of Mendol.

“O-O-Ohayoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Next thing we know Kawano-san was on the ground. However he hadn’t fainted do to seeing Haruna…standing where he was 3 seconds ago was none other than the infamous Yuko who was currently glaring at the poor guy on the ground, fists clenched and ready to fit with him for her Nyan-Nyan’s love. However, to Yuko’s displeasure Haruna quickly ran over to the down fallen boy and turned at Yuko yelling at her.

“What are you doing!!! Yuko get out!!” Yuko pouted at her sadly.

“…but Nyan Nyan”

“GET OUT!” Sadness evident in her face Yuko quickly covered her face and ran out of the room. Of course without leaving a few words whilst bolting down the hallway…


Kawano-san open his eyes and fear upon hearing Yuko’s words.

“Ano… Is-is-is she okay?”

“Don’t worry about her, she’s just being annoying!” Haruna said whilst lifting the boy off the ground. Despite acting like she didn’t care, her eyes however let her down as they kept shifting towards the door way, she was beginning to regret yelling at Yuko. Miichan and I walked over and greeted Kawano with a quick handshake and a pat on the back. There was another knock on the door and Haruna quickly turned her head, however just as quickly she bowed her head down staring at the floor once realising it wasn’t Yuko.

“10minutes until we start recording!” said one of the crew members at our door.

“Oh okay we’re coming now!” I quickly answered.


As we all begin walking down the hallway towards the recording studio Miichan and I kept glancing at each other and then towards Haruna wondering if she was okay. Although she was smiling and joking around with Kawano, we knew her long enough to know that she was just acting happy. However before I could run ahead and make sure she was alright I was pulled backwards.

“ERGH!” Quickly I turned around. “Who the…” I couldn’t believe it… “Hanako…”

There she was standing in front of me, the girl who stole my first kiss….ok maybe the first person who stole my kiss. Anyway that doesn’t matter! She still looked beautiful, I hadn’t seen her for so long! She was dressed in her long white dress and just smiling at me.

“Long time no see Kai-kun!!!” She quickly grabbed hold of my cheeks. “You still look so cute dressed up as Kai!!”

“Erggggggggh!!” Quickly I took her hands off my cheek, “Argh so embarrassing!” I pouted slightly as everyone began to laugh at me. With my hands on my hips I stared at the ground…do I really fail as a woman? I suddenly felt Hanako wrap her arms around me hugging me.

“It’s okay Minami-chan! You don’t have to be embarrassed yet!” I felt a bit better until I realised the key word…’yet?’…what did she mean?... Then I remembered….that bloody viewer voted kiss!! My eyes closed and I felt the top half of my body collapse into Hanako’s arm, my head on her shoulder… someone save me!!!

After a few more seconds of self grieving we finally walked into the studio together….it was now or never….


"TBC soon"  XD
:mon lurk: TBC soon...(is that better bou-j525?)
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Keichan ^_^ san!!!!!!  :inlove: :mon inluv: :mon crazyinlove:      
(Just how many love emoticons do you want? hehe :grin:  :D )

I was like  :w00t: (Yes, happy that you'd made Kojiyuu :heart:   in your fic, and you've mentioned my name too... :mon lovelaff: :wriggly: )
If I was an egg I'll so be doing this over and over again       hehe...  :)2
I'm soo blushing right now :shy1: :mon ignore:

Anyway, I want to say sorry because up until now, I haven't read your chapter 2 and then I saw that you'd post chapter 3 already (oh barnacles...  :P)  I'm sorry 'bout that, really :sweat: Gomen...  :nervous

Anyway, thanks soo much for updating you fic :mon XD: (you really are fast btw, w/c is good :yep:)
I'll read this today, promise... :hand:
 Thanks so much again Keichan ^_^ san!!  :grin:

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LOL your reactions seriously make me laugh everytime, especially with the "egg" thing. No offense here by the way ;)

TBC soon...(is that better bou-j525?)

Way better!
Now let's wait to see how SuperAcchan will save Takamina :P

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