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Author Topic: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Trapped [Mayuki] (08/08/21)  (Read 108185 times)

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Love [YukoRena] - [09/22/13]
« Reply #100 on: September 22, 2013, 04:38:12 PM »
Great long OS there....

Very well written and interesting to say the least....

Like it lots... both the Kojiyuu and RenaYuu

Thank you for the updates

Can't wait to see more OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

PS: Sakura drop-san must be happy with the present

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Love [YukoRena] - [09/22/13]
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YukoRena *-* I like it.

Yuko, you can't resist to the beautiful Rena. Like me. >w<

Thanks youuuu ~~

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Love [YukoRena] - [09/22/13]
« Reply #102 on: September 23, 2013, 02:21:41 AM »
I finally had some extra free time this weekend, so I read your latest one-shot. You are an amazing writer! In fact, I'm very impressed at how all of you are able to churn out so many words and be so descriptive about things. I guess when writing non-fiction, we have to squeeze a lot of information into as few sentences as possible (e.g. newspaper headlines), which is why everything I produce ends up being so terribly short.

I enjoyed this YukoRena OS a lot, and thought that it was a good amount of fluff. (Honestly, I don't think I could handle a story any fluffier than this.) Also, as I've mentioned before, I tend to prefer realistic stories, so I'm glad that I noticed this OS.

Please inform me if you ever decide to write a JuriYuu story. I think it would be interesting to see two different interpretations of that pairing. Get well soon!

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Love [YukoRena] - [09/22/13]
« Reply #103 on: September 23, 2013, 03:10:09 AM »
@imteedee: I'm sure I'll be writing some YukoRena OS (maybe an actual on-going fiction also when I complete all six of my work?!) in the near future. :thumbsup I'm usually flexible with most pairing, so I'm up for the challenge to write another YukoRena pairing, haha!

@kurumi: I was smiling like a doofus when reading your comment, haha. Makes me feel very fuzzy with the compliment. :cathappy: And a JuriYuu story? Ever since reading your fiction "Crossroads", you're slowly turning me into a fan of the unique pairing. So I might give it a go after I finish the requested fiction of Mayuki (Genderbend)~

Arigatou for the comments and thanks! And I'm glad that you like it, Sakura! (saw the FB comment about it, haha) :deco:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Unexpected Love [YukoRena] - [09/22/13]
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So....... It looks like I ended up typing this JuriYuu OS before the requested Mayuki. Oops. :doh:

But anyway! I actually got a good, angsty idea for the two girls here while listening to Cut Me Out by DangerKids. Although this isn't a lyrical fiction, I did get influenced from the music and it's lyrics. (Which, off topic, the band is great and their songs! Influenced by Linkin Park, so it might be one of the reasons why I'm loving them the instant I found them a few days ago, haha) :cathappy:

Hopefully you all enjoy this fiction and unique pairing~ :deco:

Regret [JuriYuu]

Daisuki, Jurina-chan!

I hated those words. I hated them so much that it nearly makes me revolt. I just wished that those same words would stop haunting me ever since that incident. To never meet the person that uttered those words would be something I would rather choose to live with than now. 

After I had finished my university classes for today, I took the time to head back to my dorm. It was the summer and all I had on was my casual wear of my school’s mascot shirt and black sport shorts. Sneakers worn comfortably around my socks; making every step as easy as 1-2-3. A red backpack was slung over my two shoulders; carrying the containing items of a laptop, a single notebook and a few slim textbooks. Hands in my pants’ pockets due to habit, I continue to lazily trend forward in the late night.

Students that had come out of their classes like me were now either partying hard at a nearby bar, drinking to their content, or heading straight home just like me. Along the way I waved my greetings and farewells to my classmates that managed to pass by my figure.

I squinted my eyes, cocking my head and feeling my chin barely touch upon the silver headphones hanging around my neck. Its wires were connected to my iPod located in my back pocket; near forgotten for today. A flicker of emotion shot up in my chest when I realized that it was still on me. Upon noticing its presence however, I used this chance to put it on. Hands removed from my pockets and brought up to grab the ends of the device. Adjusting it snuggly on my pair of ears, I can barely hear anything from the outside world. Cars and pedestrians noisily running on by were muted thanks to the feature of this object.

My left hand reached to my back pocket to pull out the portable music player. Quickly I messed around with the touch screen and tried to find the song that I wanted to listen to. And when I found it, my finger hovered above the play button for the song called ‘Janus’ by K-Pop boy group Boyfriend. With a slight hesitation, I brought the very part of my body to press against the slick screen.

As the musical instruments and beat rolled on with every passing second, I kept my grip on the device in the same position. I instinctively lifted my head up; staring at the sky that darkened. Not a single trace of the sun was found; having retired and traded place with the moon. And surely the moon was doing its job of staying high up in the sky. Its rays of gentle, white light fell down upon the busy city of Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Stars would’ve been easily visible if it weren’t for the streetlights polluting the atmosphere with its own source of lights. Tiny bugs buzzed around happily and with curiosity at the foreign rays produced from the lights in their point of view.

The music continued to boom into my ear, letting my mind wander away from reality and into the lyrics. Lowering my head down past the normal positioning, I progressively slowed down my pace. Staring at the ground in hopes of hiding my blank expressions. While listening to the music, those words haunted me again.

Daisuki, Jurina-chan!

I swore that I saw her figure nearby from the very top of my vision. Quickly I snapped my head up. Standing right in front of me, the girl that is called Oshima Yuko, was bouncing on her two feet; excited. The older girl had just lowered her two hands from cupping her mouth in order to announce out loud her love towards me. Her love towards me as… her girlfriend as she is to me. Yuko had the infamous dimple smile that only deepened when she truly is happy and laughing. The squirrel that would always be a pervert yet a wise old uncle at the same time. When I squeezed my eyes shut, reopening them only led me to believe that I was just imagining the scenario. There was absolutely no one before me.

When I stopped in my spot, I took the brief moment to suck in the details of my surroundings.

Civilians busy walking through the pavement circled around my still body in order to move on to their destination. Everyone and everything around me in this busy city is moving far too fast. They just moved on without a single care other than the goal they have in mind. Even when I stood in their way, they merely avoided the area I’m standing on. I gulped when I finally reassured myself that it was just a hallucination I’m encountering. A hallucination of the past.

Forcing my brain to focus on the lyrics of the song, I now brought my left hand holding the device into the pockets’ of my pants; keeping both hands deep within both sides of the clothing article.

No matter how much I tried to avoid it… No matter how long I’ve been avoiding it… It always seem to come back to me. With a single exhale, it expressed silently how much agony I’ve been suffering alone. Suffering alone with the consequences of my actions a while ago. And now that the deed has been done, the words constantly would slap me across the face wherever there was a spare chance of my mind lingering away from my busy life. Those small, tiny moments in life with Yuko suddenly blew up to be much bigger than it was supposed to be. Just why though? Something so little like exchanging a single peck in the past is now currently something vital. It’s always a wonder to why… Love is so simple yet complex in contrast. Both words describing the powerful word that’s recklessly thrown around by many; losing its meaning.

Another sigh came out of my barely parted lips. Only this time I could actually feel the ache right in the center of my chest. The ache that hurts with every single beat my heart produces.

How much pain can I bear so far? Just how much… can I bear before breaking down? The pain of moving on through life as though nothing had happened… As though Yuko is not with me anymore thanks to my careless speech half a year ago. The reckless and harsh words that I uttered leading to the doom of our relationship. The doom of Yuko’s life… The doom of… my very own life.

It was a matter of time until I remembered that I was standing directly in front of my dorm building. Inside contains staffs and some students dashing around with a toy water gun only to be yelled at from one of the higher ups shortly after I entered in. The cool weather washed away to be replaced with warmth and coziness. This is like a safe haven for students wanting to escape the outside life. I muttered my greetings and exchanges while removing my headphones to the others that welcomed me.

Quickly I did not hesitate to head straight to my room. I knew tomorrow I had class and since it will be Friday, I might have time to visit her. To visit… Yuko if that’s possible.


[1 year ago]

“Daisuki, Jurina-chan!”

Oshima Yuko exclaimed as she gave me one hell of a hug from behind. I was sitting down in class, preparing myself for another boring lecture from the teacher. That process though was interrupted thanks to the shorter girl. And due to how close and sudden she proclaimed her love, I nearly leapt out of my seat from surprise. Now if I weren’t careful, I would’ve crashed the top of my head into her lower jaw; thankful for my two feet rooted on the ground.

“O-Oi! You scared me there!” I scolded at my girlfriend. When I twisted my neck around so I was able to see the girl from behind, she simply waved both of her hands in the air wildly dramatically. Eyes shut tightly with exaggeration; an imaginary sweat drop easily pictured from the top corner of her head. “G-Gomen gomen!”

A long exhale with enough force was purposely aimed to blow a single stray strand of black hair in front of my nose. The strand was soon fixed appropriately with my right hand as I watched Yuko lower her arms back to her side. The older girl then snickered mysteriously. And the reply I returned back to her was rolling my eyes.

“Oh boy… What now, Yuko?”

“I was thinking about tonight if you want to go to dinner with me, yes?”


Yuko bobbed her head. “Hai! There’s this fancy Italian restaurant that I wanna take you to!” There was another statement inputted right after the sentence. “If you want to, of course.”

Immediately I felt the lips that was in a straight line from the incident earlier form into a smile. The ends of the lips curved upward. Excitement and happiness bubbled up almost instantly within my heart. Right leg was suddenly bouncy as its foot tapped on the carpeted flooring rapidly. My eyes widen for a brief second before dropping back to its original size.

“I would be more than happy to spend more time with my girlfriend.” Then reaching my left hand out, I roughly grabbed the end of her buttoned collar shirt and pulled her down to my level. This caused Yuko to jerk her upper body and forcefully bent down. But it was not an action of ill intention at all. Not at all of course. It was for me to be able to send a message of thank you physically the moment our lips connected.

I could tell that Yuko was now the one to be surprised for she wasn’t expected such rash actions from me. For a split moment, I deepened our kiss by pressing against hers. And just for my personal pleasure, I gently ran my top row of teeth against the bottom of her lip; hearing a mewling from the older girl. When we both released from each other, I could see a blush crawl up on the girl’s face. Tinge of pink glowed from her cheeks as both of her hands came together. Fingers were toying and fumbling with each other in embarrassment. And from my line of sight, I could see other students staring at the two of us with amusement and curiosity of the event occurring not even a second ago. Smirking, I tilted my head to the right.

“You’re not the only person that loves to tease.”


I groaned when I heard the most annoying thing that could happen in my entire life so far: The. Freakin’. Alarm. Clock.

Nearly smashing the poor red electronic device with my right fist, I felt relieved when the silence followed after such irritating beeps. Eyelids barely opening, I brought my left hand to rub my face. Traveling from the bottom of my face to up and repeating it towards the opposite direction, a yawn escaped from my now-parted mouth.

‘It’s that… It’s that dream again…’

Maybe that alarm clock was a good thing. I didn’t think I want to be stuck in a dream that reminds me so much about the past. The happy past of both Yuko and I. The past that I wish would extend onward to forever. If it weren’t for my stupid mouth and brain, then none of this painful experiences would ever happen.

I sat myself up with a single push of my right arm. Still rubbing my face in attempt to erase any physical sign of weariness, my mind couldn’t help but wander back to the past again. My heart on the verge of shattering once again. Just how long can I keep it up? I keep asking myself this question yet it hasn’t been answered both mentally and physically from my own body. It kept on working and moving forward through life as if it was a machine. Not a single tear formed even after I had tried forgetting Yuko. I know that sooner or later though, I’m going to break down and probably never recover. Yet I’m not bleeding to death emotionally; rather scarred and on the brink of its capacity.

As much as I wanted to dwell about the past mistakes I had made, I have school today. And it was early in the morning; leaving me free for the afternoon and onward till Monday. I’m unsure if there’s anything to do in the weekend, but I have plans for today at least. The plan to attempt talking to Yuko after so long.

Lazily I shifted my body’s position so I would be sitting on the edge of the bed. Blankets weren’t bothered to be folded at the moment for my other hand joined the left hand in rubbing my face. All of my strength were slowly trickling back into their respective place within the muscles underneath my skin. Removing my hands from my face finally, I stretched high up in the air. Palms trying to reach and touch the ceiling with the tip of my fingers. It dropped down to my side when I felt wide awake enough to move up.

I got up from my spot and examined the room. Aside from the bed near the only window within this bedroom of mine, there was a desk right next to the furniture littered with textbooks, scrape papers for scratching notes and school utensils. Photos taken back a while ago were hung up on the wall neatly and in a fashionable manner. On the opposite side of the table is my closet. Many clothes were organized and on a hanger or folded and placed in the light wooden drawers located on the lower portion of the closet.

‘This is going to be a long morning…’ I grumbled mentally as I trudged out of my room.

Upon exiting out of my room, I entered into a small hallway. To my left, there was the nearest and only bathroom as straight ahead includes the living room, dining room and kitchen room all in one. It was also the direction where I would be able to leave my dorm, so I’ll be shortly approaching the area after I clean myself up.

While I trended in a slow motion towards the bathroom, I soon found myself staring at the mirror. Staring at another figure that is called ‘Matsui Jurina.’ The tall, tomboyish female was tired. Dark brown eyes lacking life as bags were faintly seen underneath the pair. Her mouth stiffened and frozen into a straight line; any attempt to smiling instead made its end curve downward. Within her blue buttoned pajamas, she could be seen to be athletic. Not surprising if the figure before her is fit enough to be part of the Olympics. However, I darted my eyes to the right when I saw her again.

Daisuki, Jurina-chan!

Yuko happily spoke out once again when she stood over my right shoulder. Her dimpled smile and glimmering eyes… My heart nearly skipped a beat from surprise. Minds jumbled from yearning to see her when our eyes connected with each other from the help of the mirror’s ability to reflect. I whipped my head around to find her. Sadly, yet expected, I didn’t see the older girl.

I sighed loudly without care and returned my attention back to the mirror. There I saw the isolated figure of Matsui Jurina staring directly at me.

‘I must be… going crazy… I… I just miss her so much though…’


[5 months ago]

“Yuko! I hate you!”

Hate is such a strong word to use. Despise would be a more appropriate response to everyday situation in regards to disliking someone or something. But this was different. Hate is the key word that expressed my rage.

I was enraged. No. I was more than enraged. I was so furious that I’m expecting steam to be exiting from both of my ears. Blood boiled within my bloodstream of the veins and a headache was beginning to make its move on my brain. If this entire situation was played out in a fictional world, my entire head could’ve exploded from the amount of fury. My dagger-like glares penetrated the vulnerable girlfriend of mine in front of me. The two of us were just finished with class together when I decided we need to have a small talk. Of course, when I say small talk, they tend to be rather loud.

The other girl, back against the wall, was shaking her head rigorously. Her eyes widening with shock.

“I-I’m sorry, Jurina! I told you that she isn’t my girlfriend-“

“Then why did Rena tell me that you went out with Haruna while I was away on my abroad trip?!” I had actually returned back from a short three week trip to the United States of America; specifically within California. Constantly Yuko and I would keep in touch via Skype. However, upon returning merely yesterday night did I gain the knowledge from one of my best friends, Matsui Rena that Yuko had been… cheating on me. A news that I never dared wanted to hear yet I knew it was vital for our relationship. I growled with displeasure. “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted leaving you alone…”

“I’m sorry! It was an accident!”

“An ‘accident’? Accident my ass! Lust is something that isn’t written in my book.”

I never knew that Yuko would take it this far. To take it this far as to actually go out with another girl and pretend that I don’t exist for that entire three weeks. And when I heard they did ‘it’ one unfortunate night, that was the last straw. Although we were known to be bickering and fighting constantly, we would always compromise and resolve the situation with ease in a matter of hours. However, this was beyond repair. My heart had already cracked when I learnt this; unable to heal it no matter how much tape or bandages are placed upon it. Yet here I am, unable to shed a tear. I could only stare with pure frustration at the targeted girl. At the girl who cheated on her girlfriend without knowledge till now.

Yuko had this sadden expression that would make just about anyone sympathize with her. She wanted forgiveness for such vile action. For an action that she is willing to end right away without any question asked. I knew Yuko wasn’t going to do it anymore. She’s loyal. And when she commits a grave mistake, she would do anything and everything in her power to stop. However, I wasn’t the kind of person to forgive easily though. There are limits that I had set. And when they are crossed, that person is off of my list; hesitation nonexistent. 


“No buts. This is good-bye, Yuko.”

Without another word spoken, I turned my back on the girl. Though I felt an uncomfortable clenching of my chest, I bit the bottom of my lip and proceeded forth; leaving the shorter girl behind without anyone.


Sucking in a deep breath, I was standing in front door of Yuko’s. The doorbell had been rung earlier. So now all I had to do is wait impatiently for the older girl to crack it open.

Her dorm room is, stupidly and strange enough, merely a few rooms away from mine. Yet despite such short distance, I felt so distant from her lately. ‘Maybe it’s because… Because…’

My train of thought came to a complete halt when I heard the door in front of me open up widely. And I was right with the person standing before my eyes. Oshima Yuko was standing in her casual outfit consisting of the trending blouse and denim skinny jeans. Her long brown hair that use to be so long is now cut merely a week ago to a shorter length; reaching down at the most at the top of her shoulders. Bangs, if longer, would be able to cover up her right eye. Despite how long ago we had a good conversation nor hangout session since our breakup, Yuko remained beautiful to my eyes. The sarcastic, hilarious, perverted midget squirrel that everyone loves and adores.

“Um… Can I help you, miss?”

The expression that was written all over her face. The expression… of uncertainty. The expression that clearly shows as if she had met a new stranger in her life.

Ah, that was right. She can’t remember me anymore. She lost all of her memories with that accident… The accident that was the cause from my words alone…


I snarled at myself when I threw the crushed soda can I drank viciously from a while ago into a nearby disposal can. Those that were passing by knew that I was in a very foul mood; which they tried to avoid coming near me at all possible chances. Standing right outside of the school’s café near the university, I grumbled and cursed under my breath. I was in a pure state of anger; the flames unable to be calmed. Then there was that stupid headache. The headache that only made my mood even worse.

‘Damn that squirrel! I loved her! How could she have done that to me!?’

It’s natural for me to think negatively of the situation. Facing the girl a couple hours ago and now trying to cool off my steam is what I’m currently trying to obtain. But as much as I tried to extinguish the flames, they swiftly moved side to side; dodging my mental attempts of getting rid of it.

Just when I was about to kick the metal trash can, I felt my phone vibrate within my sweater’s pocket.

‘Now who’s trying to give me a call at this time!?’ I feel bad for the person on the other line trying to call me. At the moment, I’m still at a very bad mood. So if the caller ended up getting one hell of a scolding from me or a venting session, then I might have to apologize them afterward when I get the chance. But focusing solely on my frustration, I roughly slammed my left hand into my pocket. Pulling the sensitive smartphone device out, I stared at the caller ID.

It seems to be my other best friend, Watanabe Mayu. I wonder what she’s calling me for? ‘I just hope this isn’t another one of her damn pranks… I’m not in the mood for any.’ Swiftly I swiped my thumb resting against the glass screen to accept the call; ceasing its vibration. Bringing it close to my left ear, I heard the panting voice of Mayu. Her heavy panting coming through the speaker as though she had ran a marathon. This led me to raise a single eyebrow with both curiosity and irritation to my eardrums.

“Matsui Jurina desu…” I slurred out my introduction. 

“J-Jurina! You need to get your ass here to the hospital quick!” she was breathless; speaking rapidly without a single brake in her sentence structure.

The moment I heard the word ‘hospital,’ I knew something was wrong. And when that word comes into the conversation, one would either imagine two scenario: someone is in the hospital near death or there’s someone that I should meet. Considering the situation at hand right now, I’m sure that the first explanation fits just about right.

All of my raging emotions were thrown aside as I heeded attention to the crisis. Face becoming slightly pale, I forced my voicebox to produce more words to reply back to the girl on the other line. “D-Did something happen-“

“You didn’t hear? Baka! Girl, you’re her damn girlfriend! It’s Yuko!”

“YUKO?! What happened!?”

Oh God. I swear to God that I could’ve felt my heart stop beating completely. Almost feeling like I was going to earn myself a heart attack from hearing that name. The name of the girl that I had spoken to a few hours ago. The girl that I was raging on about mere minutes ago. Just… Just what exactly happened to have the squirrel land in such predicament?

A loud exhale was heard in Mayu’s side. “I don’t know, but I heard from Yuki that she got into a car accident just ten minutes ago. But I’m going to save the explanation later. You have to come here NOW.” And with that said, she hung up.

I now stood in my spot. Standing alone and isolated. The phone was still in my hand; hovering right by my left ear. It felt as though time as stopped. My own brain was trying to absorb and comprehend the great ordeal that I have yet to grasp. It took a good couple seconds, but I felt horrified. Loosening my grip, I felt the portable device slip out of my hand. The expensive object falling down and towards the concrete pavement below my two feet. When it came into contact was when my body was moving on its own without the electronic.

It’s like watching a movie or a dream. I’m only able to watch my limbs move mechanically like a machine. Each swing of my leg forward and pushing from behind with the other was like out of a script; all planned in the first place. Sweat began to form on the side of my face as I focused on getting to the one place: The hospital.

‘God DAMMIT! Why did she get into a car accident!? Why!?’

There was probably many reasons to why she got into the unfortunate scenario. Brakes going out of control; speeding through the streets past the speed limit; another driver smacking into her. Or it could be… the breakup we just had a couple hours ago. Immediately that fact slapped me across the face as I ran. The more I thought about the words I threw out to Yuko, the more I regretted them. The more that I wanted to revert back time with a time machine from someone and take those very words back. To erase the scenario that both of us wish to avoid at all cost.

‘I… I must’ve been the cause of the accident! Oh God, that breakup… Those harsh words… I-I… I didn’t mean it! I-It’s all my fault!’


I lowered my gaze down to the ground; still standing directly in front of Yuko. A quiet exhale through my nose left my respiratory system. Ever since that day… Even though the accident wasn’t severe enough to cut off the girl’s life, the doctor stated that Yuko has amnesia. And a permanent amnesic case. The girl that I loved won’t be able to remember anything before her accident. She will be starting off in this world as a new person; a new person with a new identity. The old perverted Oshima Yuko instantly shifted into a mature, wise senpai. All of her old traits were erased for good.

Tears welled up within my sockets when that thought entered into my train of thought.

‘It’s all my fault… It’s… It’s all my fault that led to Yuko’s state now…’

But was it for the better? Was it better to remain silent and let Yuko unknowingly move on with her life without the knowledge of falling in love with me in the past? I’m sure that if I were to tell her about it, this new Yuko here wouldn’t have the slightest clue.

When I raise my view, I saw Yuko crossing her arms. “Ano… You don’t look well… Are you doing okay, miss?”


I didn’t know how to answer. There was simply too much emotion for me to handle. The emotion that gripped my cold heart over the past months. Squeezing my eyes shut, I reopened them only to find a single tear shedding from my left eye. That teardrop rolled down my cheek and soon to the end of my chin. It must’ve alarmed Yuko for she suddenly witnessed the sadness I unconsciously expressed.

“W-What’s the matter? Did something bad happen today?”

Then there was that hug. That familiar, warm hug that I yearn for all this time. I felt even more tears slip past my eyes; excessively being produced from my lacrimal glands. On both sides my cheeks were wetting up. The salty liquid substance dripped down upon the shorter girl’s shoulders. Her arms were around my skinny body gently despite her height. I was bent forward slightly, widening my eyes. Before I knew it, I broke down. My own pair of arms flew up to grip the squirrel’s small body. Fingers grabbing and gripping ahold tightly of her shirt, I buried my entire face into her upper body. Muffled cries escaped from my mouth as my entire body shook with mixtures of emotions that I’ve kept locked up in my heart for so long.

“Y-Yuko!” I cried out; tightening my hold. Through my senses that went past my sanity, I felt Yuko’s hand travel up to my back and rub it in comfort. “I-I’m so sorry! I’m sorry!”

I could tell she was confused, yet remained silent. Her hold on my frail body returned the same strength as I had done to her; pressing my body as close to hers as possible. Softly I could hear her voice up above.

“Shhh… Everything’s okay now… I’m not sure what made you cry, how you knew my name when I don’t really know you, but I’m here for you, okay? Even though we actually met merely minutes ago, I’ll let you know that I’m here for you.”

Such comforting words spoken to a stranger in her viewpoint. It nearly made me bawl even harder. While I shed my tears, a few questions flashed through my head…

Will I be able to use this second chance… to regain the love from Yuko? Will we… be back together just like previously? Will we use this chance to start anew? Will I ever hear those same words that haunted me months ago?

Daisuki, Jurina-chan!

Will I… ever hear them again one more time?
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I'll say it again - you are an AMAZING writer, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. Did you previously mention that English is not your first language? Because I find that incredibly hard to believe… How on earth did you produce this piece in such a short period of time? It really boggles my mind.

Words cannot express how happy I am that someone else has FINALLY written a JuriYuu piece in this forum. (Am currently grinning like an idiot.)

Reading your story had me literally holding my breath the entire time. It was regrettable that Yuko had a moment of weakness and cheated on Jurina, but I guess distance from a significant other tends to make a person feel lonely. Also, I was quite horrified to read how Jurina's rash actions may have caused the unfortunate accident.

I guess the moral of the story is that people should try their best not to simply act on impulse, and first think about the possible consequences of their actions. However, it is also good to be spontaneous, thus we all have to try our best to strike a balance between being cautious and being impulsive.

I really enjoyed reading this OS, and look forward to more JuriYuu stories in the future (whenever the mood strikes you again). Thank you very much for writing this wonderful tale containing my OTP!

P.S. This was by far my favourite moment:
“You’re not the only person that loves to tease.”
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Regret [JuriYuu] - [09/25/13]
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@kurumi: Those compliments are making me smile like an idiot here, haha. In regards to your wonders about English not being my first language and how I can proficiently use them, I guess when you're the first generation child of your family that speaks the so-called 'Broken English', studying rigorously in Honors and AP English classes over the years with the support of my teachers, constant failures in grammar/phonics (and still am), these experiences help build up my strength in the language. :) Being born in the United States, I guess that's a plus side to learning the language. :sweatdrop: And I'll be sure to deliver more JuriYuu and YukoRena in the near future~ :cathappy:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Regret [JuriYuu] - [09/25/13]
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ah... tears... baka... yay?
well, can't explain my feelings at all (lol)
but so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[note the excess amount of exclamation points]

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Regret [JuriYuu] - [09/25/13]
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Ah... As usual it's well-written piece.

Very interesting pairing too about Jurina and Yuko..

Ah... I agreed with Kurumi-San...

Should not be too impulsive, Might caused some unreversed consequences

Thank you for the moral OS

Very education somewhat...

Can't wait to see more life meaningful OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Regret [JuriYuu] - [09/25/13]
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No AtsuOO?! Y no AtsuOO?! >A<


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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Regret [JuriYuu] - [09/25/13]
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@AshuraX: LOL, there is a 2-part OS that I've made with Atsumina. ^^; You can check it out on the index within the first post. Although many could tell that I'm more of a Mayuki/wMatsui/YuiOO shipper, I'm sure there's going to be more OS dedicated to Atsumina and other pairings. :sweatdrop:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Regret [JuriYuu] - [09/25/13]
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And........ Here's the couple months late requested Mayuki (Genderbend) OS. Gomen on the delay, but yeah. Here it is! :sweatdrop: Hope it's at least decent quality, haha.

The next update I will make on this OS thread is an angst of SayaYui! I'll be sure to upload it once I've completed it~ (so far it's at 4434 words) :cathappy:

Searching for Love Again (Genderbend) [Mayuki]

I’ve adjusted my glasses; feeling slightly worn out from today’s event. Standing before my vision was a female whom I had spoken to. The girl that I dated by the name of Matsui Jurina.

She was a girl truly passionate about saving individual’s lives. A doctor just like me, Jurina will do everything in her power to save a life; even if that means breaking a few rules along the way. A very stubborn girl, it’s a wonder how we both connected. Probably because she’s always teasing about my cool, manly exterior when really, I’m just an otaku and soft-hearted back when we studied together in medical school. Whatever the cause was, we both became friends that soon transformed into a healthy romantic relationship. Everything we’ve done was what a couple would do when the truly loved each other. I expected this to go fairly well; deciding that it was near time to proclaim my desire to marry this girl.

Seated within my office within the hospital, I knew the news that I had just broken out merely seconds ago was far too much for the both of us to acknowledge.

We’ve been together for a good five years yet the relationship wasn’t going to last much longer as of right now. I didn’t know what exactly happened since the two of us had done nothing wrong. However, we both were fading away from each other. Less time were created thanks to the amount of work from the hospital recently in the past year and even then, the two of us wouldn’t speak much. When we got home together, the two of us merely mutter our good nights. Currently the thread between us were on the brink of snapping any minute; threatening to tear us apart.

Calmly I kept my cool exterior in place as I stared at the other girl with widen eyes. Left hand formed into a fist as it became a support of the side of my face resting against it; elbow on top of the brown desk’s surface. My right hand lying flat on the table’s surface. The doctor uniform that I had worn brought slight warmth in the cool atmosphere of the hospital’s air conditioner; covering most of my black buttoned clad, which was accompanied by the black khakis and work shoes.

The awkward silence was broken by the soft tapping of my index finger from my right hand. Nervously I glanced at the other girl and exhaled quietly.

“Jurina, I-“

“Mayu, you don’t need to say anymore.” Jurina squeezed her eyes shut. Closing them shut as though she wanted to pretend that this was all a dream. Merely a dream that with one motion of lifting her eyelids, this would all… disappear.

Of course, the both of us really wanted to believe in that foolish process. But when it actually dawned upon us that this was the reality of the situation, it was too late to revert it back.

The ikemen girl that I have been going out as my girlfriend ever since was now merely a girl that I knew in my medical school. The Matsui girl opened her eyes to reveal the pair in a watery state. Sadness scrawled all over her face despite the amount of attempts into keeping it emotionless.

“I… I knew this was going to happen soon…”

A single tear ran down the side of her face. And before I knew it, she walked out of the door. Out of my sight with the door left wide open. Her figure disappeared into the hallway once she walked far enough from my vision. Not a sound was produced from the girl that has now left.

After she was gone, a loud exhale escaped out of my mouth. The finger on my right hand cease to continue tapping on the table. My eyes squinted; still staring at the same direction the taller figure walked off.

Even though men aren’t technically seen to be crying, I felt my eyes becoming watery itself. Through my glasses, my eyesight was becoming blurry. Biting the bottom of my lip, I cringed when a painful clench came upon my heart. I gulped. Every single beat within my chest screamed out agony and anguish. A squeeze that could make one uncomfortable. The thin line that stretched across my face curved downward to express displeasure. A tear managed to sneak off from the corner of my left eye and down my face. Slowly it trailed downward till it dangled on the edge of my chin; dangling and hanging on for its dear life. Another second passed by and it fell. And upon falling did more drip down on my face.

‘Why did this have to happen?’

Instinctively I removed my glasses with my left hand; placing the object down on the desk. Turning my rolling chair around so no one would be able to witness through the open door my crying, I faced the clear glassed window. There I saw a faint reflection of my face and short, black hair with its ends twisting here and there on the surface. High up on the fifth story, I saw the many buildings the city of Tokyo spread out before me. Cars and civilians were scrambling around to their desired destination. And from the view up above here, they looked like tiny ants in terms of size. Sucking in a deep breath, I closed my eyes as I let another tear fall from my face.

I heard a faint knock on my door followed by, “Doctor Watanabe? It’s Doctor Matsui desu.”

Ah-It’s Matsui Ren, the man that shares the same last name as Jurina despite not being related. I didn’t even bother to open my eyes nor give my reply. Easily I heard the pair of feet shuffling into the room followed by the door closing from behind gently. In a matter of seconds, I felt a presence by my side.

“I see that something happened today, Mayuyu?”

Still keeping my eyes closed, I mumbled, “Hai… It’s none of your concern though, Ren.” Right after I spoke, I felt a hand rest on top of my right shoulder. It took me another few seconds to open my eyes. Glancing over at the other male, I saw his short, black hair smoothly and neatly combed into a formal style. Dark eyes were staring deep into mine. The same hand that was on top of my shoulder pat a few times. “I could tell that you broke up with Matsui Jurina.”

Damn. Hitting right to the main part where it hurts. I couldn’t blame Ren though since he is simply stating the fact; although in quite a blunt manner. He was a great friend that anyone could have in their life. Knowing each other since our high school year, we’ve been really close. The two of us would be in our own little otaku world together; every once in a while coming to each other when we needed advise. Or to tell some sort of news that would be an amusement just from the two of us. A gentle, generous and honest man, Ren always swoons the ladies whenever he takes a step forth outside of his home.

I brought my left hand to my disheveled black hair, running my fingers through each strand from front to back. Performing the action a couple times, I tore my gaze away from the other man.

“I don’t know what to do anymore, Ren… I… I just don’t know…”

A small sigh. Yet not a single answer coming from my best friend. His hand still rested on top of my shoulder, ceasing to pat it any further. I felt his pair of eyes removed from my figure and out into the window. We both stared at the city bustling with life; life moving onward as though nothing could stop them. A play button continuously pressed from the God’s up above. Silence fell upon the atmosphere. However, the silence wasn’t awkward at all. I felt comfortable remaining quiet. I didn’t want to say anymore anyway.

There was a hesitant breath taken before Ren spoke after a long period of silence.

“I think… you should take some time before trying to find love again.”

Upon uttering that single statement did another tear drop slide down to my chin, hanging on the edge for dear life before finally letting go. The liquid substance produced from my lacrimal glands plopped on the floor without a sound heard. Closing my eyes, I inhaled deeply and soon exhaled silently, feeling my chest rise up before falling back to its original state.

‘Maybe… Ren is right…’

I needed time to heal. I needed time to stitch myself back together just like I did with patients having a huge gash and laceration. I needed time to absorb all of this in.

But will I ever be able to recovery enough to fall in love once more?


[2 years later]

After two years of breaking up with Matsui Jurina, I transferred to another hospital. Leaving behind my best friend with sadness, I decided to start anew. A new beginning where there’s nothing but just me and the new environmental setting the city has provided. A fresh start to the life of Watanabe Mayu.

America was a new experience. Specifically in Florida, the state where beaches, amusement parks, suburban and not a single winter snow dropping upon the land’s surface. Living much farther away than I had expected, I surely did enjoy the change though. Learning English was difficult, but after residing for half a year, I was decently speaking to patients without miscomprehension. Though the accents in them are a little unnecessary, of course.

Touching my newly dyed-blonde hair, I fixed the bangs that managed to sneak and bother my nose. I gently pushed it aside as I watched with intensity of my hair and the figure looking before me. The male that was filled with innocence and smiles now only wore a cold, serious expression that could be closely related to a cyborg robot. Even with a smile I just flashed right now seemed fake. Too fake to consider it real at all. Teeth cheesing at me forcefully as if someone had copied and pasted a male idol grin from a photoshoot to my own feature. A few seconds passed before a small twitch was seen from the corner of my lips. I tugged at the end of my black collar from my short sleeved buttoned shirt. Dressed in a semi-formal, same colored khaki, I made sure to fix myself before exiting out of my private office.

I merely clicked the door gently shut behind my back before being met with a bear hug from the one and only Minegishi Mii.

“You’re finally out of there!” he cheerfully, yet exaggeratedly, exclaimed of my appearance. Without any hesitation, the grown man tossed himself before my eyes.

Nearly tumbling backward, I had both of my arms waving wildly on both sides of my figure, praying that gravity won’t pull me downward to the ground. His weight was nearly unbearable and unexpected with the sudden action; unprepared for such encounter. After a few seconds of frantically catching my balance and nearly cracking my head open from the wall behind, I pushed the older male off of my body with a small frown.

“Okay, I’m ‘finally’ out as you said,” I mumbled in a small, yet annoyed, voice.

The male fixing his white lab collar stuck his tongue out at my direction. Red headphones resting around his neck despite the rule of keeping a formal appearance to the patients and guests, the short haired newly-made friend is someone that I honestly am grateful for meeting. There are times where he gets annoying, true. Yet he was the first friend that I had made and met since moving to Florida. The smile that would charm just about any lady, this man surely is a player. Despite trying to gain the attention of others though, I’m a little startled that Mii has yet to find a girlfriend for himself. He hasn’t been in any relationship either so it’s a wonder where he had gotten the skills to flirt with others. (Possibly from reading too many romance novels?) A Japanese fellow that’s open and warmly welcomes anyone new with open arms. He’s known greatly in this hospital to be friendly to many patients and serve very well for being a surgeon.

Mii cracked a smile as he placed both of his hands into his coat’s pockets. Cocking his head to the side, he then motioned his head slightly towards the direction that we were both supposed to be heading. “Let’s get a move on before both Yuu and Acchan gets pissed off.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the mention of the two individuals’ name. I knew exactly what would happen if we keep them waiting for too long… “Wakarimasu.” With a shrug, I followed suit right behind Mii.

As we trended forward, I glanced at my digital watch on my right arm. I noticed that it was near the time of the operation that we as a group have to perform for another patient today. If I remembered correctly, the operation was mainly focused on transplanting a right lung due to cancer. I scrunched my nose without hiding it from remembering the details of the file.

‘Ugh. That’s why smokers needs to be more careful about how much cigarettes they light up…’

Upon leaving the hallways of the many office rooms doctors and sometimes even nurses have, we enter to the main floor where most of the workers meet up before heading out to perform their respective tasks. It was a strange way the hospital was built, but it was set as if it was a lounge. Multiple rooms were seen to have sofas and tables scattered within them for personal purposes of the medical group. In the middle of the room were both Oshima Yuu and Maeda Atsuko. Seated on the isolated dark blue couch that sat in the center of the room, the young, short male was showing off his infamous dimpled smile while leaning the top of his head against the shoulder of Atsuko. The nurse was seen to have a faint blush creep up on her cheeks from embarrassment; seen to mumble a few ‘stop that’ and ‘not right now’ at the doctor. They didn’t even bother to get up from their seat as we approached the two.

‘Looks like we were a little too late…’ I mentally commented with concern. These two individuals were love birds. In a relationship since a couple months ago, they can never be away from each other for too long. Ugh. Sometimes seeing them go all romantic just makes me sick in the stomach due to the amount I’m forced to witness every single day. And of course, there are instances where either Mii or I walk in at the wrong moment of those two couples… But that’s for another time.

“Ah, there’s my oshiri brother~” Yuu smirked as he watched me sigh out loud. Crossing both of my arms, I stared firmly at the man who was now forming a curved ‘w’ with his two hands. “Oshiri dude. Oshiri.”

“Is it time?” Atsuko interrupted my fellow so-called ‘brother’ from further chanting ‘oshiri.’ Seeing her elbow the short, brown haired man with a nudge, the black shoulder length Japanese girl gazed with curiosity. I ignored my fellow so-called ‘oshiri brother’ and bobbed my head as an answer. I didn’t even need to say any word to get my message across. Without a single word uttered, the two seated individuals had gotten up from their seat (with slight difficulty due to Yuu’s laziness).

Yuu tugged on the edge of his white collar from underneath the oversized coat. An expression of laziness was scrawled all over her face followed by a loud yawn he didn’t even bother to cover. “Let’s hope this entire operation goes by well and quick.”

Both Mii and I waited by the double doors that leads directly to the pre-operating room in order to meet our patient. Chatting softly to each other, it took a full minute for our nerves to be probed upon. There was some impatience shown on both of our face as simutaniously our two feet tapped on the patterned rug’s surface. Adjusting my glasses with my left hand, I stared at the couple that was taking forever to reach us.

‘Those two… heh.’ I felt my heart grow a bit heavy from the opinion I had made of the short squirrel and taller female. It reminds me so much about the love… I had with Matsui Jurina. The love I had given and the times we had together…

‘No.’ I shook my head. ‘I can’t be thinking about the past anymore.’

I had put all of that behind me ever since I had moved out of Japan. There was a reason why I wanted to move here after all. I didn’t want to be in anguish from my broken heart staying in an area that constantly reminds me about my ex-girlfriend. I wanted a new start after all. Yet the past will continue to haunt me… I wonder if there’s something that will override the agonizing emotional burden that will occasionally rise up to the surface of my locked-up heart. I wish to see the solution to this ordeal.


“Neh neh, there’s a shrine here, did you know that?” Mii told me as he pointed out at a small area filled with lust trees and greenery to one. Right in the center of the beautiful and peaceful nature was a small building. From the distant, I could easily spot a shrine gate expressing itself that it was the entrance. A couple individuals were seen to be walking in and out of the place. Most of them were mainly Japanese natives following their religions. Glancing over at the other male, I scratched the back of my neck. “I… never knew I guess.”

At the moment, the two of us after the operation decided to go on an extended break. The patient is safely resting in their assigned room right now, so it was a success. However, that same individual will have to undergo another one next week in order to complete the other lung. So here we are now, just rewarding ourselves with some fresh air. We walked around in a small park near the hospital with rarely any cars zipping by. Roads were mostly deserted and the atmosphere of the place is as peaceful as it can get. (Meditation here sounds like the perfect idea.) Every once in a while we would spot a nurse pushing or walking by the side of a patient. I couldn’t help but feel the corner of my eyes twitch a bit from such sight. However, my eyes were forced to be dragged over to the other male that has widen his eyes.

He puffed his cheeks lightly as his left hand messed around with the iTouch; index finger swiping and pressing against the screen for certain functions. His head bobbed up and down in syncopation of the beat coming out from his headphones; eyes still trained upon mine. “It’s a place where patients and their family and friends stop by to say their prayers. Personally I always visit this place when I’m feeling down or just need a little luck these days.”

“I don’t see much luck coming to you ever since the first time I met you.”

“Shut up, Mayu. It actually has been coming. Just… some small stuff I wished for.”


“Like… winning a free chocolate within the hospital.”

Mii immediately held both of his hands with the iPod in his grip up within the air. Eyes were widening even more when he saw my expression go blank. I slightly dropped my jaw from hearing the most ridiculous answer I’ve ever heard in my life so far. I truly am astonished. “O-Oi! I can’t wish for something risky or I’ll be mourning over it like there’s no tomorrow!”

“I suppose so…” I shrugged with my eyes closed. Then reopening them, I said, “Hey. Maybe you should give me a little tour of this… shrine.”

I admit it. I’m personally interested what’s in store for this area. I haven’t been much of a religious person but ever since coming to Florida, there has been a lack of Japanese buildings. Seeing that I’m on an English soil and certain areas are instead overrun with Vietnamese natives, I had low hopes to finding such place like this. So it truly is a surprise to know a shrine out of all things are built on this ground. Mii blinked a few times before being slapped with realization that I was patiently waiting for his response. Coughing into his hands, he lowered his other arm back down.

“Alright then. Then follow me then you cyborg man~”

“Ugh. Please don’t call me that.”

I hate being called that. Even though my personality matches one of a mechanical cyborg doesn’t mean I enjoy the pleasure of being called one by others. Shaking my head with a small exhale to express my displeasure, I moved on forth to follow Mii.

While he was transitioning into a quiet doctor for once and listened to his music to now a chatterbox, I muted his voice out from my eardrums and focused on my surroundings. All around me nature gave some soothing impact to my soul. Leaves clinging and being a part of the wooden branches, birds happily chirping to each other, and the fresh oxygen to intake is one of the few reasons why I didn’t mind the setting. (It’s much more peaceful than back in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.) I used this moment to close my eyes briefly and suck in as much oxygen as I can take in to my two lungs. Then with a long, silent exhale, I barely felt the corner of my lips curve upward from the relieving effect. 

It didn’t take long for us to reach to our desired destination. Continuing to ignore Mii, I scanned with interest and hint of curiosity at my surroundings. Few Japanese natives continue to enter in and leave out past the red shrine gate. Many were seen to be with a guest pass to the hospital. Others were patients themselves; in their colored gowns and on wheelchairs. Brushing past by them, I looked around to see a couple miko girls speaking to some of the citizens. Most of them are Japanese and very few are other races. Happily they either cleaned and tidy up the holy ground or conversed with the ordinary civilians. I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow from the place.

“How can I help you?”

Well that was blunt and sudden. Taken by surprise, I nearly growled with irritation to see another one of those mikos standing before my eyes. Focusing my attention on her, I kept my mouth closed; lips firm. Remaining silent, I observed the girl as if she was a foreign creature from the so-called planet Earth.

Er, she was more of a young woman I meant, not a young girl. I could predict that she’s somewhere in her early 20s in terms of age. Probably the same age as I. The long black hair tied in a ponytail with the assistance of a white ribbon was seen. White haori followed by the red hakama boldly showed off her status. Mature features that would make anyone respect her based on judging by appearance alone. The female’s dark eyes were staring into mine with a small, polite smile. And… that smile. It… made my heart miss a beat. Then it created a faster tempo than usual.

Gulping and shoving aside the thought that I might be falling due to her appearance, I kept my cold exterior. My eyelids didn’t even bat at her beauty.

“Nothing. Just looking around here.”

“Oh…” There was a slight disappoint written on her face. Disappointment as if she was expecting from me. Glancing downward, I could see the smile struggling to remain in the posture.

I didn’t really bother to care though. I told her my answer and that’s what I was going to send it out.

Right when I was about to take my leave, I felt a jab on my right side. Nearly yelping out, I glared at the guilty individual that was none other than Mii. He returned the same treatment as I while shaking his head silently. Even though no words were exchanged between the two, Mii is urging me to say something to this girl. (I’m not surprised though since he is protective of any girls he lay his eyes upon.) As much as I wanted to object his idea, I paused before sighing quietly. As much as I didn’t want to do this, I think the last thing I would want is to earn an earful full of lectures from this man.

I didn’t waste any more of my time by throwing out a question to the girl. “Actually… Would you mind to… help me with something?”

What did I seriously say that made the female snap her head up with full energy? And was it just me but is her eyes also… shining as if out of an anime? It was just a simple request that I had merely asked!

Taken aback by such action, I could only watch the girl with amazement as she walked up to close the distance between us. Brushing aside a stray black strand, she then widen her smile. “Alright then. Shall we go to a private room then?” Instantly I felt a warm touch on my right hand.

However, I’ve instinctively jerked my hand away. Immediately from that action I saw a dissatisfied expression flash across her face for a split second before returning back to the smile. Burying my hands into my coat’s pockets, I mentally reminded myself to keep them at all times in this position to avoid having another touch them.

Glancing over my shoulder, I saw Mii shoo me to go on ahead; head still bobbing to the loud dubstep coming out of the headphones. I wanted to drag him with me since he was the person that urged me to say something. But then again, it was partially my fault for dragging myself into this situation. I could’ve said something else yet here I asked for the shrine maiden’s help. So I might as well deal with it myself. I’ll deal with Mii later after I’m finished with this business.


Soon I found myself sitting down on a soft cushion mat with my legs underneath my figure; knees pointing straight forward. Hands were out of my pockets and on top of my knees respectfully in a polite manner. The other miko sat in the same fashion with a small, yet wide table resting in between our spots. Tea that was just poured into the tiny tea cups seconds ago from the woman sat before our body. I haven’t reached forth to grab mine, but my eyes roamed around the room.

Nothing special. Maybe a couple wall scrolls to spark some motivation or reminder of moral codes were up on the walls. Few plants sat on the corner of the room. Sliding door next to my figure was shut not too long ago. It was a simple room that most anyone could just come in and move without having to worry about removing certain furniture or objects.

The silence that hanged in the air began to disappear the moment the girl spoke up.

“I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I’m Kashiwagi Yuki desu,” she spoke in a soft voice.

I gave her my response that any usual polite person would say. “Watanabe Mayu desu.”

Simple exchange of our names were given. Now seeing her lean forth at a small angle, this Yuki girl then threw out a question once again at my direction.

“I see that you need my help. What is it?”

“…Need help on my what?”

“On your ‘something’ apparently.”

I blinked a few times. Oh. So that’s what I told her earlier… I didn’t really think twice about blurting out what came to mind. Oh how much I just wanted to slap myself on the forehead for my idiocy.

“Oh. Well, about that… It’s…”

Hm… What can I tell her about? I haven’t known her too well, yet she’s a miko. And shrine maidens usually are one to help another. So maybe I can use this one and only chance to actually talk to Yuki here about what was bothering me for the past two years? Or should I just lie and tell her about something stupid that in reality, doesn’t pertain to my life? After descending into silence after the ‘it’s’ word, I contemplated whether to tell her about it or not. Keeping my emotions deep inside of my locked heart, was this finally the chance to open it up and speak about it to another person?

I nearly wanted to take my words back when I saw Yuki raised a single eyebrow. Curiosity was seen glimmering from her eyes. The glimmering that reminds me of a certain someone back in Japan… She reminds me too much of Jurina. Gulping, I cleared my throat before I made an attempt to spill out my decision of telling my story.

“It’s… that I had fallen in love with someone for five years before… and broke up with her.”

Yuki blinked a few times. There wasn’t any response nor reaction coming from her; merely waiting patiently for me to finish my explanation. Deeply I inhaled in order to calm my now racing heart. Relieving through the scenario of the laughing Jurina and how much she had helped me throughout my life… How much time we’ve spent together… How much we’ve flirted and stuck to each other… It was like we were magnets. Yet… how could it all fall apart so easily? Is love really that fragile?

“I’m still haunted by my love towards her,” I whispered in a soft tone. “Even though we live countries away from each other… My heart cannot rebuild itself anymore.”

I saw the other girl sadden her expression slightly. Eyebrows were arched downward at a certain angle to express empathy towards my ordeal. Gently she took her own teacup and brought it up to her lips. Taking a small sip, she removed the edges off of her mouth.

“Love is truly a complicated topic.” The miko girl closed her eyes while giving me her thoughts on the matter. “I’m honestly surprised that through that five year relationship, you both ended up going on separate pathways. However…” she snapped her eyes opened. “Sometimes another love will override the previous one you have. It will heal you.”

“Are you serious?” I frowned. It’s a little silly to have such thoughts of the matter. How can another love simply fix my current issues? I’ve been heartbroken and still am. Finding another love won’t easily come to me nor will it cure my heart. And as though Yuki had read my mind, the raven haired girl shook her head.

“I did state that love is a complicated topic to dwell upon. Each scenario is different no matter how two couples situation are alike.” Another sip from her cup. “Healing from a broken relationship isn’t just avoiding getting another one. Though it works for some, it doesn’t for others. And so far, I could see that it’s only burdening you.”

I wanted to toss out another word to counter her argument. Yet I absorbed in the last statement she has uttered. ‘Burdening me…’

When Yuki was only met with silence from my direction, she got up from her seat. Placing the cup down on the table’s surface gently, she walked over swiftly to my seat. Getting down on her knees, she directly faced me from my right side. I was looking down on my two hands, seeing them tightening into fists. My glasses resting on the ridge of my nose slid down slightly due to the angle. I bit the bottom of my lip as I realized that my heart wasn’t mourning from the loss but rather yearning for the same kind of warmth I’ve received. The same security and gentleness from a loved one. Someone that I can fully trust and put my fate on them. Someone that I love pass the point of death. Jurina was one of those kind of people. Yet she isn’t with me anymore.

My right hand felt warmth from another. A little surprised, I trailed my eyes over to the seating figure by my side. Yuki’s eyes were looking down on my hand; not making eye contact with mine. I too looked down to see her hand gently resting on top of it in an embrace. Slender fingers wrapped around my hand securely as if they were trying to comfort the slightly trembling fist.

“I know it’s painful… But life has obstacles to overcome. This is one of the many that you’re facing…”

At the moment, my heart… barely fluttered when I heard the next reassuring words.

“If you ever need anything, Watanabe-san… My doors are always opened…”

Her hand still rested on my right. Relaxing my tightened fist, I looked over at her direction. There was a small, calm smile that formed on her face, telling me that she was going to keep her words. I couldn’t help… but form a small smile on my own. After so long… An actual smile was drawn on my face. Softly I chuckled as I retracted my hand away from hers. Getting up from my seat, I too saw the other female stand up on her two feet. Confusion and sadness crept on her cute face. As much as I hate to leave, I remember that I’m only on my break and need to return back to the hospital.

“I… Thank you for helping me,” I said. “But I must return to work now as you can tell…”

“I understand,” she nodded her head. Then leading me out of the room, I saw Mii waiting from the distant. I could see the other doctor waved his right hand wildly in the air to catch my attention. Sighing, I shook my head with annoyance. But looking over to Yuki, I said my farewells for the day.

Hands now in my pockets, I walked over to the hyperactive man that became impatient over my slow pace of approaching.

“Mannnnnnn, you walk so slow dude!”

“Oh shut up, Mii.” I rolled my eyes as we walked alongside back to the hospital. His hands also in his coat’s pockets, the headphones was still surrounding his eardrums with music. There was however a small smirk seen on his face.

“I see that you’ve opened up to that miko.”

“H-Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t lie to me, Mayu. That’s the first time I’ve seen you actually smile to be honest… and I like that.”

“Just SHUT UP, Mii.”

Man… Mii can really get on my nerves sometimes… But he’s right though. I feel like… a part of my heart has finally opened up to someone else aside from the doctors and nurses I work with. Someone outside of the medical field. And it was a nice change of pace for once. Taking a deep breath, I feel like this won’t be the last time I see Yuki.


A good year has passed by since I’ve arrived in America. The new summer season rolled around the corner, bringing in the hottest season for the state considering that it’s Florida.

Sweat ran down my face as I myself walked towards to the shrine. It’s become a habit after I had first met Yuki. Though I promised myself to only visit the place when I truly need to, I found myself visiting every single day. It was merely because of one of the miko girls by the name of Kashiwagi Yuki. I just wanted to see her. And the more I see her, the more my heart began to melt. The frozen state it was once in before is melting away to reveal the beating heart that increases its pace every time I see a certain someone.

Thanks to spending most of my breaks here on the ground and even after my work if I have a spare chance, I got to know more about Yuki. Her nickname that I love to tease her with is Yukirin due to a joking relation of her and a giraffe from the other shrine maidens. I learned that she really loves to eat fruits and vegetables unlike I. Yuki really likes to drink herbal tea and when she’s off duty, she would always go shopping for new clothes. (Which honestly, rarely matches nor look right in a sense of female style.) The female is smart, a bit older than me, funny, cute, and overall, beautiful. I couldn’t help but feel lucky that I’ve met her in my life.

Many of my friends in the hospital teased me that I’ve fallen in love with her. I wanted to deny them, but I feel that they were speaking the truth. Even my fellow ‘oshiri brother’ Yuu keeps probing that I should just spend the night with Yuki and go earn some smexy points or whatever silly words he blabbered out. However silly though, they were all getting the message that I truly am in love with Yuki.

And I might just confess to her since I realized that… I do love her.

“Okaeri, Mayuyu~” I heard Yuki politely welcome me back with the nickname. I couldn’t help but bury my face into the collar of my coat, trying to hide my faint blush.

“Stop it with the nickname, Yukrin…” I mumbled in a small voice. Yuki caught what I had just uttered and stuck her tongue out. Then coming up to me, she poked the very tip of my nose lightly. “Ba~ ka~ You’re such a tsun tsun.”


She laughed and gave me a friendly hug. Feeling her arms wrap around my body and pull me into her embrace made my face heat up a notch. Especially… when I could feel her oppais pressed against my own manly chest. Gulping nervously, I returned the same treatment back to her. Oh, if the amount of heat on my cheeks aren’t bursting into flames, then I don’t know what’s keeping it from doing that.

When we separated, Yuki then asked if I wanted to get the usual tea and snack from her. As much as I wanted to say yes since we always had snack and lunch together… I shook my head in response instead. And that action made the raven haired girl confused. It was a little strange knowing that I didn’t want anything for the day. Reaching out and grabbing ahold of my hands with hers, she then asked if I was okay.

“Are you okay, Mayuyu? Are you not feeling well or…?”

I shook my head silently, denying all of those questions. Which made her even more confused.

“Is there something wrong then? I’m here to listen to them if you want-“

“I love you.”


“…I… I said… I love you.”

Great. My cheeks are heating up to the point that I was becoming light-headed. Yet maintaining my balance with the earth’s gravitational pull, I removed my hands from her grip and instead placed them on her arms. Unconsciously I stepped forth till we can feel our breaths from both our nose and mouth. This caused Yuki to blush from hearing my blunt statement. I could see the other girl unable to look directly at my own eyes.

“Yuki… Do you… still feel the same for me?”

“I… I have.” Finally looking back at my pair of eyes, she leaned forth without thinking twice and captured my lips. It was sudden, but I used this chance to also kiss her back. It was gentle and quick. Retracting away from each other for a bit, I heard the answer that I wanted to hear.

“Ever since I set my eyes on you… I felt my heart being captured. I didn’t have a lover back then and when I first heard you had a girlfriend, I nearly felt like I didn’t have a chance with you. But I see that you were in despair and truly wanted someone to be by your side ever since the separation. I wanted to hug you on the first day and tell you that I’ll always be by your side. It didn’t seem like a right timing though since you probably would think that I only did it out of pity. I’m not though. I really do love you, Mayu.”


I was speechless. That confession Yuki had towards me… I… I’m speechless. I didn’t know what to say, but I do know how my heart feels. The frozen heart finally beats with life and frantically pumps the blood due to the excitement of knowing that the girl I now love returns the same treatment. Unconsciously I brought my right hand to caress the side of her face.

“I love you too Yuki… I’m… I’m always afraid of falling in love after breaking up with Jurina… But you… You’ve trusted in me and brought me hope that I could fall back into love again… I thank you for that… For believing in me… For bringing me hope… For returning the same feelings… as I have for you.”

Then as if it was a script, we both leaned in for another kiss. The second time was a much more passionate move; the both of us extending it longer than the previous one. Panting as we separated, I saw her face flush with embarrassment. Feeling my own cheeks burn up too, I nuzzled her nose with mine from joy.

“I’m glad you’ve entered my life... Will you be my girlfriend, Yukirin?” I softly asked as I wrapped my arms around her figure.

Yuki threw out her answer without a second’s hesitation. “I would be more than glad to be your girlfriend, Mayu… As I’m glad to have you as my boyfriend…”

So just when I thought love could never be found in my life… It came back to me. With another person that had brought me hope, I grinned happily to realize that someday searching for one again… It’s worth it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read it! :bow:
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"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Searching for Love Again [Mayuki] - [10/19/13]
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This. Is. So. Cute.  Excuse me while I barf rainbows.

Seriously, though, I start wondering if this is the answer to my half-joking request on facebook, haha XD
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Searching for Love Again [Mayuki] - [10/19/13]
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Even though I usually am not too fond of genderbend stories, I read this OS because I saw that both Yuko and Jurina are in it. I always love how we, the readers, are learning so much about California and Florida from your stories. *laughs*

I see that the theme of this story is new beginnings. You speak the truth. Sometimes a change of environment enables us to stop dwelling on unpleasant memories of the past. Similarly, new love does indeed help mend a broken heart. (Though one should be careful not to frivolously go into a next relationship simply to fill the void.)

Since you are applying for college, I can only assume that you will be experiencing such new beginnings soon. All the best in the next chapter of your life!

P.S. I'll be honest; I haven't started at all on Chapter 4. Seem to get writer's block frequently, especially when it comes to fiction. I guess I need to do more "research" so that my story becomes more like a piece of non-fiction.
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Searching for Love Again [Mayuki] - [10/19/13]
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My my my MAYUKI  :deco: LoyalFlutist-san  :heart: *shall be edited with a proper comment (LOL)

I can't wait for SayaYui angst  :w00t:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Searching for Love Again [Mayuki] - [10/19/13]
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A quick drabble I threw in since I need to get back into the feeling of writing AKB48 fictions once again. :nervous The SayaYui OS is still being worked on! In the meantime, please enjoy this angsty TomoTomo/wTomo work. :) (And I apologize ahead of time but I seriously did not bother to proofread nor edit this work. A little laziness is getting to me. :sweatdrop: )

Hearing my Lover Again [TomoTomo]

“Today is the day where you’re going to be able to hear your girlfriend, right Tomochin?”


“It’s been almost a full month since you last heard from her.”


“Well then… I believe it is time we head to her place, hm?”


Itano Tomomi, a university student who major in music, was given the chance after so long to find the person that she hasn’t heard from since a full month ago. Dressed in a casual outfit that merely consist of a simple white blouse and skinny denim jeans, she had a small purse in one hand. Within the purse that contained most of the basic information, i.e. her driver’s license. Staring directly at one of her close friends, Maeda Atsuko, she nodded her head once.

The two girls who were standing right outside of the university building in Akihabara took their time to walk over to Atsuko’s car. Parked in the student’s parking lot, they had about five minutes till they reached to their destination. In the meantime, Itano could only remain silent throughout the entire trip.

To finally hear from Kasai Tomomi is a miracle. To hear from her girlfriend after so long… This must be kami-sama’s doing.

A slight twitch was felt from the corner of her lips involuntarily. The right hand that held onto the purse tightened its hold. With each step she took, her heart beat against her chest.




Each beat resonating the life that her body held. The life that continue to flow throughout her entire figure, allowing her to move on through life as any normal human being.

Both of them finally reached Atsuko’s car. The familiar red sports car that the other girl drive around was in their view. Atsuko did not hesitate to open the passenger’s door for the beauty queen to seat herself in. She watched as Itano slowly slipped in. After making it completely inside, the black haired girl closed the door with little force. Running to the other side of the vehicle, Atsuko then got into the driver’s seat. Once she clicked the door closed on her side, she finally inserted the key into its appropriate location. With just a flick of her wrist, the engine rumbled to life.

Releasing her hold on the key, Atsuko had both of her hands rest upon the steering wheel. It didn’t take long for the two girls to be out of the parking lot and into the streets of the city. As she drove, within ten minutes, they were out of the city and into the countryside. Highways littered with cars driving at a high speed of 70 mph to even 90 mph. Dodging left and right for some, others merely remained in their lane.

Atsuko took the fast lane and drove as fast as possible within the given speed limit. Eyes squinted, she glanced to her right and saw Itano still remaining silent. She had to break the silence. She knew that. And so she did.

“Tomochin,” she began. “I’m sure Tomo~mi will be more than happy to finally know you’re going to be there soon with her.”


A blunt response that came with a little hesitation. Itano simply did not want to deal with any sort of conversation nor exchanges at the moment. Her brain was too wired up over hearing Kasai once more. It had been far too long since she last saw the girl… Far too long from hearing her…

”Tomochin! Catch me if you can!”

The cheerful personality shown in the girl’s voice came from none other than her girlfriend, Kasai Tomomi. Out in the grassy field near the university, the two girls were chasing each other; Itano running after her as Kasai played the victim role. It was a peaceful day with the sun shining down upon them. The heat rays gently beating upon their skin and providing a warm setting that deemed fit for a day out at the field.

Itano grinned when she found herself nearly catching up to the other Tomomi. Left and right she threw out her leg; almost closing the distance between the two. It didn’t take long for her to resort to all of her strength left in her body to tackle Kasai. Everything occurred quickly. But the two girls knew for a fact that Kasai was now down on the ground; defeated from her girlfriend.

“Got you!” Itano giggled as she got off of the girl. Sitting near Kasai’s laying body with her hands supporting the weight of her body from behind, she watched with amusement as the other girl puffed her cheeks, pouting.

“Mou… You got me this time… chiyuu…” Kasai frowned slightly; cheeks still puffed.

The long, curly haired girl couldn’t help but laugh at the statement. Then leaning forth and raising her left hand, the body part reached to Kasai’s face. Index and middle finger soon closing around her cheek and pinching it gently. This earned another groan from the girl, which made Itano widen her grin.

“Kawaii,” she stated.

Hearing that, Kasai couldn’t help but want to bury her face into her hands; face burning up a bit. Grumbling and continuously puffing her cheeks, Itano laughed once more and pulled her in. But with both hands now, she cupped Kasai’s face and closed their lips together. It was a short, yet pleasant, kiss. Retracting back, the two girls rested their foreheads together.

“I love you so much, Kasai,” she whispered as her left hand stroked her face affectionately.

Kasai was blushing madly this time. Looking downward for a couple seconds, she flickered back up and closed her eyes, smiling at Itano.

“I love you too, Itano!”

How long ago did Itano last heard from her? A month ago? Ah, that was right. One month ago, Kasai had promised Itano that she was going to be on a road trip to another part of Japan for her music major also. Since she was already working as a part-time singer, due to her popularity, she was given the chance to tour around. So her stop was scattered all over their country. Yet during this time, Itano missed her greatly. And today was the chance she get to hear from her.

The ride fairly took an hour. Finally reaching to a home that represented a two story building that any decent family containing five to six members can live in. Standing in front of the door, Itano reached out to press the buzzer. She hesitated though. Finger outreached yet unable to press the solid object. Her eyes glanced over at Atsuko, whom just tilted her head towards the direction of the door.

“Are you able to go in? We can always come in another time,” she reassured Itano.

But the other girl shook her head. Gulping, Itano finally pushed herself to press the buzzer.

Upon pressing it, it took about five seconds for the owner to open up. And it was none other than their friend, Takahashi Minami. Or to be exact, Atsuko’s girlfriend. Blinking a few times, her expression dropped into shock. Eyes wide open and mouth gaping slightly, she scrambled to find the words from her trachea.

“T-Tomochin! A-Acchan!” she exclaimed. “You came!”

“Of course, my dear husbando,” Atsuko gently added the extra vocabulary into the sentence as she came in. When she and Itano came in, the dark haired girl couldn’t help but land a soft peck against the shorter girl’s face. “You know what we’re here for,” she whispered with a slight strain her voice.

Minami had gotten the message right away. Closing the entrance door, the girl nodded her head once. “Okay then. Give me a second.”

Then she walked out of the living room they were currently standing in. As she was off to another room, Atsuko immediately spotted Itano sitting on a nearby soft couch. Seated on the edge as if watching a thriller film, the older girl sadden her eyes.

“You’ll see her soon enough,” she uttered. “Just wait for Takamina.”

Atsuko was met with silence. But that was understandable. It was already a known reaction. Itano must really be desperate to hear from her girlfriend again. Hands were together and balled into a fist. Legs shaking a bit either from the coldness or the nervous tension that filled up the air. Itano could feel her heart racing. Her own heart was beating wildly against her chest; almost as if it wanted to break free from her skeletal system. Closing her eyes shut, she allowed herself to engulf her consciousness into the darkness before reopening them. And upon reopening them, she saw Minami standing directly in front of her. With Atsuko by her side, Minami extended out an important piece of item.

A stethoscope.

Itano hesitantly reached out to take ahold of the equipment. Then glancing up at Minami, she saw the shorter girl sit right beside her to the left. Hands beginning to tremble, she had put the ends into her ear and let the bell gripped by her dominant hand. There was a small smile of reassurance at the taller girl when Itano shot a nervous expression.

“You can do it.”

So she did. Resting the object on top of Minami’s chest, she could hear… her heart.


No… Not that.


It was…


Kasai’s heart.


Tears welled up her eyes as she realized how much excitement and pain it brought to know that her girlfriend was finally having her heart beat again. To finally hear from Kasai… To finally hear Kasai life run in someone else… The emotions that filled her entire mind was unexplainable. Squeezing her eyes shut, Itano felt a huge tidal wave slam into her emotional wall, allowing her to finally let those tears loose. Feeling them roll down her face, she bit the bottom of her lip as hiccups escaped from her trembling body. Atsuko from behind had wrapped her arms around the girl, comforting her during the process of this realization.

“She’s… I can finally… hear her,” Itano whimpered as her grip around the bell of the stethoscope tightened. Tightening till her knuckles turned chalky white. There was a pang of pain flashing across the other two girls when they saw the state of their friend.

Slanting her eyebrows downward, Minami then faintly smiled as she felt herself cry too; the tears streaming down her face almost at the same rate as Itano. “Tomo~mi’s strong. She’s a strong girl…”

“I’m so glad… to hear her one more time…”

Itano knew that she wished she met Kasai in a much more preferable path. But this was sufficient enough… No. It was more than enough given the circumstances that had occurred. And she was more than happy to have heard Kasai beat her own heart; almost as if she was signaling to Itano that she was okay. That she was still going to be alive with Itano; just through another person’s body.

She can even faintly hear the whisper of Kasai brushing right through her hearing range.

Daisuki, Tomochin.

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Hearing my Lover Again [TomoTomo] - [11/08/13]
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nah, not much of a fan for AtsuMina, btw that OS was sweet~~~

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Hearing my Lover Again [TomoTomo] - [11/08/13]
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What can I say... I am really not that good at leaving long comments (though I do have my moments sometimes) but you always leave such nice lengthy ones that I realize I can't leave a simple sentence which I left in fb

oh you angsty writer you T^T

So I'll try to leave more...

You know, when you said you have an idea and that you will write something angsty, I was so happy. You know that I love angst and so yeah, I was pleased. Also, I want to apologize to all wTomo shippers (I ship wTomo myself). It was me who suggested this couple so don't blame Loyal fully on this one  XD not that there is anything to blame for as this piece was such a 'joy' to my heart (I crave for good/fluffy angst  :lol: )

And yet...

Reading it I still didn't expect Kasai is dead and that her heart is now in Taka's body... I thought maybe Kasai will leave her for someone else (for some reason baba Meetan came to my mind  :nervous ) but that would be too cliche nee?  XD

Poor Tomochin... She is suffering a lot but well, now she can move on, knowing Tomo's heart is helping Takamina live.

Such a wonderful angst~ Made my head less dizzy.

Arigatou, LF-chan  :bow:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Hearing my Lover Again [TomoTomo] - [11/08/13]
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OMG T_T tomotomo

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Hearing my Lover Again [TomoTomo] - [11/08/13]
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LY CHAN~~~!!!!! :)


KASAI! NO!!!!  :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:  :tantrum: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :imdead:
ANYWAYS!!! (LOL  XD) I love the fic. It's good as always!

REMEMBER MY OS!!! Whenever you write it! Yoroshiku  :kneelbow:  :bow:
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