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Author Topic: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013  (Read 7709 times)

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Hi, guys!
This is my new fanfic, although the old fanfics are not over yet... My fantasy is too fickle, isn't it?  :nervous
However, here is the prologue to a new fanfic.
Hope you like it!
Sorry for my bad english...

ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~


Above the city is slowly rising sun. Giving up its heat, it meant the beginning of a new day. Earth came to life after a long night's sleep - the flowers open, wake up wind, what asleep for a moment. First appeared on the streets of pedestrians and car users, from early morning somewhere in a hurry, was heard the roar of aircraft carrying passengers away into the clouds.
But here, in the urban slums, it was still dark. There was only silence. Occasionally you could hear the cries of ravens and howling wind.

Among the dirt and dust in a pool of theirs own blood lay a few people - they were dead. Above them, not moving alone was a girl with long knives in her hands. She looked at the body with cold lifeless eyes. Again, imagining their face for a moment before death, she grinned.

"Stupid ... Run away useless ..."

She took the phone, dial a number quickly, and, waiting for the answer, said:

- President? Mission accomplished.


She woke up in a dark room, the ceiling of which was dripping water. Slowly drops fell to the floor, breaking into small, like hisself, the droplets. Drip-drip, drip-drip ... The sound could go you crazy.

In addition to her there was no one there - she knew it right away. She tried to get up, but could not - was tied to a chair. She could not call anyone for help - her mouth was sealed. All she could do - pray.

She did not know how much time had passed, when the door creaked, and the bright light made ​​her wince. When the eyes are a little used to, she saw before her the three men in military uniform and dark glasses. One stood behind her, the other two - on either side of her.

In the room came another man, who came up to her and, ripped off tape from her face, said:

- I see you're awake. Well, I think we can start sending, - he patted her on the head.

- Where am I? What's going on? - she tried to jerk, but the ropes dug painfully into her hands and feet, not letting her do so.

The man just laughed.

- You do not need to know where you are NOW, - he grinned. - More importantly, where do you find yourself TOMORROW ...

The girl's hands and feet were cold, when she heard the tone with which he said it. Nothing good is not foreshadowed.

He spoke again:

- Prisoner K - 130890 ...

So, how do you? I hope your enjoy!

Should I continue to write this fanfic?

Tell me, what you think, onegai...
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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2013, 11:43:53 PM »
Wah. . . . Who is the prisoner? . . .

Please do continue!  :)

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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2013, 04:59:09 AM »
Another interesting story there...

Can't wait to see the start of the story...

Who was 'Prisoner K - 130890'?

Thank you for the prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2013, 08:55:43 AM »
Ohh~~ What's this about? Uhhh~~ I'm curious~~
 :? :huhuh 8)

~Hmmmmmmm....President?? Mission accomplished?!?!? What's that about?!?!~~
 :shocked :w00t: :D

~Ehhhh~~What president? Japan prez? Company prez? School Prez? LOL
 :lol: XD :P

~But the question is...Who is this Prisoner K - 130890 ?!? MG3 ?! Or what?!?
 :shocked :P :banghead:

~Agh!! I can't wait for it!! Pls update the next one~~ I want to know!~!~!~
 :twothumbs :thumbsup :bow:
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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2013, 09:28:04 AM »
Hm? So the prisoner is possibly from Team K?

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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2013, 02:18:06 PM »
130890?  8)

Hmm,I think I know who that is...


I want to see the start of this fanfic first :D

Definitely Team K fanfic..

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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2013, 09:07:49 PM »
I cant wait for the next part  :panic:
The characters of Sae and Sayaka could be either way around  :banghead:
But i hope the 'hero' is Sae  :wub:
I love seeing Sayaka in a weak position...I contradicts her image  :cathappy:
Awesome Prologue!  :twothumbs

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Re: [New fic] ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Prologue 23.06.2013
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2013, 09:41:50 PM »
isn't that 130890 Sae's birthdate? and she's from team K  :glasses:

I'm taking the chances of Sae being the prisoner here  :mon fyeah:

I'll wait for the update  :prayers:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #8 on: September 02, 2013, 03:00:10 PM »
Hi, guys!  :hand:

I know it's been a while since I updated. I'm sorry for waiting.  :bow:

So, it's the first chapter of "ALIVE~Anata no Noroi~"
Enjoy!  :heart:

Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison

The car bounced over the potholes, old wreck gave a horrible sound. They were transported somewhere for about three hours. The road seemed endless, and close supervision of police would not let them move. She felt that all her limbs were stiff and numb, and the head is very much like was hitting - because she was sick.

Almost as soon as she woke up, her untied from the chair, but handcuffed and in addition to them, put a bag on her head. Then he took her somewhere - she heard the sound of footsteps on the tiles. She could not say what kind of building - to the police station was too quiet, and the office ... too weird or something ...

They pushed her into a car and took the bag off of her head, immediately shut the door and put the lock. She looked around - there were nine: three warders and six girls. She and five others were seated on two hard benches facing opposite each other. Three on a bench.

- Where do you taking us? - asked the girl, sitting almost next to the police. She was dressed in a shiny black jacket, white T-shirt with the inscription in English, dark blue jeans and a heavy army boots in black. Her dark brown hair is not very curled and reached the shoulder blades. In appearance she was 17 years old.

"Windbreaker", - she thought. - "Maybe she one of the Yankees."

One of the guards flinched when he heard it.

- To where you can no longer bring harm to people, - he smiled grimly. - Back to where you've never run away, vile brats of society.

"Brats?" - She wanted to rebel, but caught the eye of the other girls, full of despair and hopelessness, changed her mind to do it.

"Why am I here ... I should now be with ... I wonder if he's looking for me?"

The car shook again, and it hurts to hit back against the hard back benches.

- Itai ... - a girl, sitting in front of her, apparently, hit her head and is now trying to rub the injured spot, but the handcuffs are not allowed to do that. She wore a black dress with mesh, black gloves and shoes. On her left leg was red garter. Her black hair fell free wave.

"Gloves? It's the middle of summer ... "- thought only had time to shoot because the girl with garter started to stick to the "Windbreaker ". She seemed to be asleep, and the "Garter" was waving her hands in front of her eyes and say something.

She's, trying to distract, began to consider three other girls. Next to the "Garter", by the window, demurely sat girl dressed all in white - it was a white dress, boots with a small heel, jacket ... Even her skin was almost white. Her jet-black curly hair with her ​​attire were a huge contrast. Snow White ... For all the time she never looked up.

To the right of her own sitting tall girl - maybe even above it. Leather jacket and trousers, heavy boots, decorative black cross on a massive chain, high bouffant of medium-length black hair - all betrayed biker in her. She kept silent, even, it seems, never moved. In her eyes froze cold indifference.

The last was a girl in a brand clothing and very expensive jewelry. Her auburn hair looked beautiful in a black fur vest, and her legs in fashionable boots were cast into one another. Sometimes she looks around the interior of the car and frowned disdainfully. Princess ...

Fifteen minutes later "Garter"'s chatter was annoying to everyone but the police did nothing. It seemed that the other three do not care.

- Nee, can you hear me? Nee ... - "Garter" started shaking "Windbreaker"'s shoulder. - Nee ... Talk to me.

- Back off from her!

Her nerves could not stand - all these events drove her out of a rut, she did not understand what was going on. She jumped up from his seat and lashing out at the "Garter", became shake her and scream something unintelligible.

At this time, the guards responded - they grabbed their batons and, first knocking them over the roof, began to put on her shots. One of the blows fell on her back, and she fell and lost consciousness.

Before her eyes closed, she saw the tears on face and trembling hands of "Snow White", "Biker"'s indifferently and a smug grin of "Princess".


She awoke in a strange room. The lamp hanging from the ceiling on a chain seemed to go out now - so the light was dim. She has covered only the center, where they were sitting. The rest of the space was in the dark. There was a smell of damp and dirt - the space as if have not aired and cleaned.

She looked around the rest of the girls - "Snow White" was sitting almost next to her, her legs drawn up under her, "Biker" was standing with her back to the wall, her thoughts were far away from here, "Garter" was lying on her stomach and examined her fingernails, "Windbreaker" sitting squatting and staring at a light bulb, not coming, "Princess" was standing next to the "Windbreaker" and impatiently stamping her right foot. They all have been in completely different clothes, more like a Yankee clothing or informal groups. On clothes were seen numbers like in prison.

Suddenly she remembered the words of the man in uniform. Prisoner K-130890 ...

"The prison numbers? The prisoner? Handcuffs? "- Thoughts in her head trying to line up in a clear line. - "Do I ... in the prison?"

She clenched her fists.

"Why am I here? What have I done?"

"Garter" apparently saw her lack of understanding, and getting up from the floor, lazily walked over to her and sat down next.

- What you've done?

- Huh? What do you mean?

- You would not have come here if you did not do anything wrong, - "Garter" sighed when she saw bewilderment in her eyes. - You do not know where you are?

Here are the views of all the girls in the room were fixed on her. Even the "Snow White" looked up, her face showing.

- You're in prison, cutie, - "Windbreaker" arose from her squatting position and touching the light bulbs, pushed her. Having started to sway, the chain began publishing a horrible screech. - AKB48 Prison. It is widely known among the criminal underworld as a women's colony of strict regime for juvenile offenders. Here come all the conflict with the law underage girls.

- Inside the prison girls are divided into three teams - A, K and B. You can find your team with the help of the number on the back  - the first letter of the number and the color is determined team. For example, you, - "Garter" showed first at her, then at the "Windbreaker", "Biker" and "Snow White." - In a team with them.

- K-130890, green. So, Team K?

- That's right. Also, as far as I know, at this point in the building have two girls from SKE48 Prison, located in Aichi, three of NMB48, Osaka, and two of HKT48, Fukuoka.

- All three teams compete for dominance over the prison, so the main task of the prisoners - to survive ..

So, how do you?
Please, comment!  :heart:

And replies  :heart:

@shiruba_rein, cisda83

Thank you for reading this!
Name of the heroine will be open in the next chapter  :D


Hahah  :D As for president... You will know it in the future chapters  :twisted:
Thank you!


Yeah, prisoner is from Team K  :heart:


You know, who it is~  :twisted:


Thank you  :heart:
I'm mostly a SaeYaka shipper, so~ Maybe  :heart:


Your guesses are correct~ But *whisper* it's a secret until the next chapter~  :P

Thank you all for the replies! This is very important for me!  :yep:

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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #9 on: September 02, 2013, 03:28:06 PM »
Majisuka Gakuen Season 3 feels! I like it!  :rockon:
I have deducted the other three again...but I'll keep my mouth shut this time  XD
Waiting for the next part  :deco: :cow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #10 on: September 02, 2013, 03:33:04 PM »

Windbreaker, snow white and biker....

Who are they again...?

More mysteries...

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #11 on: September 02, 2013, 04:27:48 PM »
K-130890 - Sae

Windbreaker - Yuko-sama

Snow White - Yuihime

Princess - Itano

Biker - Sayaka

Garter - Miichan

GOD, I am oredi so curious, and my Yuko-sama KAKKOI~~~ And Rena-sama will appear as Geki, right?  :wub: :wub: :wub: :twisted:
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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #12 on: September 03, 2013, 05:32:23 AM »
Sakura-San, you are a good guesser...

Can't wait to see if your guesses are right.

I agreed with your guess

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #13 on: October 16, 2013, 07:28:57 AM »
Mweh~ where are you lost heaven-san??

Please update this fic, me want to see this so badly :(..

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Re: ALIVE ~あなたの呪い~ Chapter 1. AKB48 Prison 02.09.2013
« Reply #14 on: March 30, 2016, 08:42:57 PM »

 Interesting story   :twothumbs

 I'm curious about the characters though, they remind me of Rappapa in Majisuka Gakuen 1 ....... XD

Anyway, here is my guess :

Prisoner K-130890 - Sae

Snow White - Rena

Biker - Yukirin

Princess - Kojiharu

Windbreaker - Mariko - sama

Garter - Tomochin

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