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Author Topic: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter- [SUSPENDED]  (Read 16446 times)

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Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter- [SUSPENDED]
« on: August 26, 2013, 01:26:49 PM »
WOOT!!! MY LAPTOP'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding.
On my dad's PC. Lucky he's not around this week~

Ah, sorry for making too much unfinished fics, but I don't wanna lose this right now.

Anywho, about this story, It probably won't have any AtsuYuu. Or any dokidoki-filled relationships for that matter.
I'm planning to make this into a sweet and innocent story. Well, I can't make it innocent if I have the two hella perverts smooching at each other uncontrollably, can I?
Here goes my G-rated project!

[Sweet and Spicy] Prologue


   I ran towards a short girl who's swaying her ponytail around while walking. The girl turned around, only to see me drooling as I finally caught her.

"Hehe~ Caught ya~" I smiled triumphantly as I rub my cheek against her.
"Let go, Acchan! We're in the hallway, for God's sake!" she squirms around as she tries to break free but, yeah, she's too weak.
"Why~? Most of the students already know of our re-la-tion-ship~" I whispered the last bit in her ear which made her flinch.
"Yeah, yeah! I'm your childhood friend, so let go already!" she squirms more, not wanting to be in my hug for long.
"Mou, you're no fun, Minami." I let go, to give her a little breather and she fixes her clothes. "At least play along like Yuko."
"Me and that squirrel are nothing alike! There's no way I'm gonna play along with your shenanigans!" she pinched my cheeks and slapped it lightly.
"Ouch ouch! That hurt, Minami~!" she lets go as I plead for my life. "Well you're both short."

   Takamina glared at me as I made a statement which she is sensitive to. The others watched our exchange like some sort of drama shooting or something. What are they so amused about? Well, teasing Takamina is quite amusing, I'd say, but maybe our constant clingings makes them curious of our relationship or something. Maybe or maybe not. "Aahhh~ It's Maeda-sama and Takahashi-san~" "Yup~ Those two make a great couple~" "Takahashi-san's probably the man of the relationship~" "Like she leads Maeda-sama in bed~? KYAAAAA~~~!!!" Well, I just got that answer.

"Pfftt. I SO can lead you in bed." I death glared at the midget.
"Huh? What are you even talking about?" she asks with a confused face.
"Nothing. Anyways, how about lunch? Your treat." I walked away, not waiting for her answer.
"EH?! Why do I- Oi! Wait up, will you?!" She chases me this time as we headed to the cafeteria.

   As we entered, we could hear the shrieks of some of the students. Okay, we're getting too famous for unknown reasons.

"Acchan~ Here, here~ And leave that midget, will ya~" a girl called me out. I looked at the direction of the voice and saw NyanNyan sitting with the others. "I'm not a midget! And don't leave me out!!"

   I made my way to my seat along with the furious Takamina raging around for no apparent reason whatsoever. Okay, I lied. That was kinda funny. Around the table are NyanNyan, Yuko, Mariko, Sae, and Sayaka.

"Hm? So who's paying?" Mariko asked, curious of the outcome.
"Takamina." I answered.
"See? Pay up, Sayaka." She says, holding her palm up to Sayaka.
"You disappoint me, Takamina." Sayaka says, paying Mariko 50 yen and glaring at Takamina, who only sighs, not wanting to make any more tsukkomis.
"What's wrong Takamina? Realized you grew shorter?" Sae asked the girl.
"Or her breasts grew smaller." Yuko pointed out.
"Either that or she realized Acchan just stole her virginity last night." Mariko added.
"SHE WHAT?!" Takamina raised from her seat and glared at me.
"And another win. Yuko, Sae." Mariko made a triumphant grin.
"Tch. Mari-chan's too good." Yuko pays up, about 10 yen.
"Either that or Takamina's too weak." Sae also pays up.

   "Kyaaa~!!! The university's top are sitting together again~!!" "Maeda-sama the Goddess of the school who can melt anyone's heart with her angel-like smile~ Kojiharu-san the cat-like beauty whose beauty rivals even national idols~ Mariko-sama the onee-sama who is very fashionable and adult-like~ Sae-chan the Ikemen of the school who managed to win over almost everyone's hearts~ Akimoto-san who is very athletic and also the manliest girl ever~ Yuko-san the playful girl that is friendly with almost everyone here~ And of course Takahashi-san~" "KYAAAAAA~~~~!!!!!"

   Some girls around us are fangirling and making up partners, going 'KYAA KYAA' over everything.

"Heh. 'And of course Takahashi-san'." I joked and repeated some girl's line.
"Shut up." she replied, not meeting my eyes.
"Takamina's ignored and that's usual" "HEY!" NyanNyan says as she got interrupted by Takamina, but alas, she continued "But... 'Manliest girl'."
"I don't know if that's a praise or an insult." Sayaka sighs.
"I'm thinking the first one, with a slash hint of the latter." Mariko answered, which dealt a blow to Sayaka.
"Her manliest is the only thing she has, anyways." Yuko added another blow, paralyzing her.
"Don't worry, Sayaka! I love your manliness!" Sae dealt the finishing blow to Sayaka and the girl lays on the table, dead with heavy injuries.
"Sae... You are a formidable foe..." Mariko pats Sae's shoulder.
"Eh...? What did I do?!" Sae looks lost as to what she did. Well, she's too innocent for her own sake.


   We walked home, Takamina, Yuko and I, as we finished our lectures for the day. As per usual, Yuko clings to me, I cling to Takamina, and Takamina say cursed words which aren't suitable for young ages. Just our ordinary walk home.

"Hey, how about we sleep together tonight? Like old time's sake?" Yuko asked, with her doofy smile.

   Yuko is also one of my childhood friends. Her and Takamina always fight for no reason and I'm the one who has to control them, by hugging Takamina and patting Yuko. She's a friend which I have a lot of trust in. She's also the one who I can get along the most. We always joked around and stuff while teasing Takamina. Takamina doesn't mind, though. Even though she complains about it all the time, one time, when we stopped teasing her, she cried and asked us what she did wrong. We were kinda touch back then for some reason. Like a bond that couldn't be attached. That night, we hugged the crying Takamina to sleep while telling her 'It's alright, we love you Takamina...'

"Don't wanna! You're just gonna tease me the whole night!" Takamina made an 'x' and instantly rejected.
"Teasing Takamina the whole night? Count me in!" I agreed, grabbing Takamina so she can't run.
"Let me go!!!" she squirms around but of course, has no power to resist.
"So we're using Takamina's apartment?" I asked.
"We're using Takamina's apartment." Yuko stated with a grin.
"YAAAA!!!!" Takamina's pleas could be heard as we went to our flat.


   I walked out of the apartment at night as I needed to buy some magazine that I usually read. As I reached a quiet district, I sense some sort of disturbance being... there's a girl at the roadside, sitting there like a beggar with her shirt all torn. I walked past her and she smelled BAD. REALLY BAD. I turned around again and see her not moving. I'm not much of a cruel person to just walk by so I went to her and called out to her.

"Ou~ How's the weather?" I asked a light topic.

   The girl didn't answer. She didn't even give any response at all. Not even a light twitch. I just decided to ignore the girl and walk past, Besides, not like I didn't do anything. She probably needs her personal space.


   A thud was heard from behind. I was too scared to look. Beads of sweat started to fall from my skin and my knees were shaking like crazy. I slowly looked behind. There it was. The girl that I passed. She fell to the ground.

"Oi, are you ok?!" I shook her but there was no response. I heard heavy breathing from her and decided my point of action.


"How is she?" I asked Takamina who inspected the girl I just brought back.

   Takamina only sighed. I waited for her words as unconsciously held the girl's hand.

"She's probably just hungry. Someone needs to feed her and she'll be okay." Takamina answered as she smiled at me.
"Thank god..." I said as I walked out of the room to get some food from the kitchen.


   The girl ate all of the dishes I've prepared and left nothing. She was too hungry. I pity her. After that, I took her to the shower and bathed with her. Of course, Yuko wanted to join but hell, I'm not risking the girl for Yuko's perversion. She kept quiet all the time, not saying anything, only looking down.

"Say, what's your name?" I asked her as I shampooed her hair.
"... Jurina..." She answered. Her first word I heard.
"Hm? Is that your first name? What's your family name?" I asked her again.
Jurina shook her head.
"You don't remember?"
Jurina nodded.
"I see..."

   Silence came after.


   I gave her some of my clothes for her to wear since I lived only next door next to Yuko's.

"So how was it?" Takamina asked me as she hinted at Jurina.
"She says her name's Jurina but she doesn't know her family name." I answered.
"'Jurina', was it... Does she have amnesia?" Yuko asked.
"I don't see any symptoms but maybe. Or probably she was forced to forget something" Takamina stated as we looked at Jurina.
"Say, Jurina-chan, how old are you~?" Yuko asked her but she hid behind me, probably scared of her. I asked her instead.
"... 11..." she answered, still hiding behind me.
"She's already that big and she's only 11?!" Yuko looked surprised.
"It's not impossible, you know... But wow she's big... She's even taller than Acchan." Takamina added. "Acchan, I think it's better if you bring her to your place. She might get scared if there's too many to take in."


   I followed Takamina's advice and took her to my own apartment, next to Takamina's. She looked around restlessly just like when she realized she was in Takamina's apartment. Because there is no one else, she went ahead of me and checked each room, probably curious of what's in them.

"You okay?" I asked her as she tugged my sleeves.
She pointed at the LCD TV which I bought with my at the restaurant.
"You mean what that is?"
She nodded.
"Seriously? You don't even know what a TV is?"
She tilted her head to the side as she tried to search in her head what I meant.
"Well... That's a TV. It can show images of people moving." I made the easiest elaboration.
Her eyes suddenly shone brightly as she moved closer, curious. She then pointed at the tv, while jumping up and down with a smile.
"For some reason, you really are easy to figure out." I turned on the TV and on it is the comedy channel. A comedy duo doing skits.
"Oooooh!" Jurina's eyes sparkled as she watched the TV, like it's something she never saw.
"I thought you were gonna be like some cavemen but I guess that's close." I joked and sat on the sofa. I then patted at the space at my side, telling her to sit.
Jurina looked at the space and then my lap.
Her eyes turned to pleading eyes.
"You wanna sit on my lap?"
She nodded furiously.

   I sighed and gave her the okay signal. She jumped up and down with a big smile on her face and then sat on my lap. Because she was taller than me, I couldn't see the screen. But... Seeing the big smile on her face... is already good enough.


   Jurina and I laid on the bed. I had to hug her since it's only a single bed. That's why I won't use my apartment for a sleepover. Jurina snuggled up to me with a big smile on her face still evident. It felt like having a kid, though I won't admit that I'm the mother though.

Jurina tugged my shirt as she looked at my face.
"Hm? What's wrong?" I asked, smiling at her. She blushed a bit, but most of the new people I met does that.
After a short silence, she asked "...Name..."
"Hm? Name? You mean my name?" I asked her.
She nodded in return.
"Ah... Come to think of it, I never gave you my name... My name is Maeda Atsuko." I introduced myself to her in bed.
She pondered my words as it sinks in and asked "Mama?"
"No no no! I'm not that old! I'm more of an older sister, 'nee-chan'!" I denied and corrected.
"... Atsu... Nee... Atsu-nee..."
"Eh? That's my name from now on?"
She nodded with confidence.
I sighed and patted her head. "Sure, Jurina." I gave her my best smile, in which she returned with her wide smile.

That night, it was the first time in my life, I felt that I don't want to let the girl sleeping next to me go... I felt... As if I have to protect her... I really... thought of her as my own sister...

[End of prologue]

Wow... It was A LOT sweeter in my mind OAO
Oh well, glad I thought of it as nice~
Sweet sweet angel Acchan taking care of cutesy puppy Juri~ Now all we need is a certain princess from Nagoya and we'll have heaven!
That's for me, anyways XD
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Re: Sweet and Spicy -Prologue-
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2013, 01:41:54 PM »
What happen with Jurina??

Fortunately, Acchan helps her.. I'm sure Acchan, Yuko, and Takamina will take good care of her...

Can't wait for the next chapter..

Update soon please... :bow:

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -Prologue-
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I can imagine how Juripuppy look like,  :nervous
c'mon Juri puppy come to Atsumama Takapapa  XD

-come here Yuko-chan ill pat you  XD
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -Prologue-
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I like the story is very interesting

Jurina is so cute... and sweet especially the way she interact with Atsuko...

Why did Jurina forget everything except her name and age?

What's going to happen next...?

I hope it's atsumina...

Thank you for the prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -Prologue-
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True! True! We need a certain princess from Nagoya!

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -Prologue-
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Oh......Another  story from you...
-I wonder what's with the title?? Spicy?? Lol...
-Ah~ The goddess Atsuko eh?? Like Kami7??~
-Meh...Who knows and geh!! Poor Jurina!!~
-She can't remember her family name!!~
-Hrm...I'll be waiting for the next one then!!~

>Plz update soon!!~ Really can't wait for the next one!!~

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Sweet and Spicy -1st Chap-
« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2013, 01:18:14 PM »
olive, soon is sooner than you think XD

imteedee, I may have said there won't be any AtsuYuu but who says there won't be YuuAtsuMina~? LoL

cisda, if Yuko can't have Atsuko, NO ONE CAN! OAO Nah, there won't be any relationships (probably) so I (probably) won't do AtsuMina.

hikari, yes! Someone understands me! *highfives*

Kochiki, the title's something I randomly chose, just like the characters XD Atsuko is so beautiful that the others called her a Goddess. I mean, come on. DAT SMILE.

[1st lesson] Jurina, Atsu-nee and date~

"Don't even DARE to move." A voice sent shivers down their spines. All of her surrounding classmates looked at the situation unfolding in front of their very eyes.

   The short girl tries to search for an escape route as the taller girl glared at her to death. The glare could be described as a father finding out that his daughter just went out with a guy and has been keeping secrets from him.

"I- It's not my fault, Acchan!" she covers her head, afraid of what the taller girl might even think of.
"Yes... Not your fault..." Atsuko closed her eyes and smiled, making the other girl feel relaxed. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SQUIRREL!"

   Atsuko did a headlock on the poor squirrel girl and Yuko gave in. But still, that won't help the situation at all.

"What's wrong?" Mariko from another class entered and asked Takamina who has a wry smile on her face.
"Acchan looks like she plans to kill her for real." Sayaka also entered, dragging Sae who was flirting with some girls.
"Well... Yuko ate Atsuko's cake." As Takamina explained, they all understood the situation.
"Ah... She's gonna die." Sae prays for the squirrel.

"A- Acchan! Let's make a deal!" Yuko tries to negotiate.
"Huh? You want to make a deal? Did you know how the line for today's cake was? I HAD TO WAIT FOR 2 BLOODY HOURS! I WAS SAVORING THE CAKE FOR ME AND JURINA TO EAT BUT LOOK WHAT THE HELL YOU DID, YOU IDIOTIC RACCOON!" Atsuko's lock became tighter and the squirrel almost lost her life.
"W- Wait! I'm not a raccoon, so trust me on this!" Yuko pleaded for her life.
"..." Atsuko loosened her grip for a bit. "If you run, I'm burning all the perverted magazines under your bed."
"... Roger." Yuko obediently obeyed. "Let's say... I'll grant you one wish. I'll even be your slave for the day..." Yuko negotiated.
"You as my slave doesn't make me happy and I want that cake..." Atsuko rejected immediately.
"Err... Fine... I'll..." Yuko gulped "I'll... treat you to anything you want..."
"DEAL." Atsuko finally lets go of the squirrel, satisfied, while the other is trying to count just how many yen she's GOING to have left...

   The others applauded for no apparent reason.

"She escaped death." Sae clapped, feeling proud of the squirrel.
"That's a good way to end a battle." Sayaka also clapped.
"Though there's something fishy..." Takamina pondered.
"Yeah. Acchan had it all planned all along." Mariko held a chuckle, looking at the depressed Yuko.

   Realizing the weird atmosphere around her, Haruna woke up.

"Eh??? Did I miss something???"
"No, Nyaro, just go back to sleep." Mariko pats the girl's head and Haruna lazily went back to sleep.

   Sayaka went up to Yuko and helped her up.

"Nice work there. Glad you're still alive." she joked and the squirrel flinched, scared of what might happen if her plan didn't work.
"I'm glad I'm not skinned alive..." Yuko thanked the heavens.
"Anyway, who's Jurina? First time I heard a name from you that I don't know." Mariko asked Atsuko who is busy in her own world, thinking of all the sweet sweet desserts that's waiting for her.
"Ah, just someone..." Atsuko answered not looking at Mariko.

   Atsuko didn't tell anyone other than Yuko and Takamina about Jurina. She was afraid of what might happen. Jurina was bruised when she found her and if she told someone that's involved with Jurina, it might hurt the girl more. It's not like she didn't trust her friends but she doesn't want to take the risks. She told Yuko and Takamina even before she thought of the consequences, so she couldn't do anything about that.

"AH! I'm still alive!!! Thank God!!!" Yuko raised her arms.
"Yeah, yeah. But you still have to treat me tomorrow. It's a weekend so you'll have to not be late." Atsuko orders her.
"Hai... Goodbye my pay..." Yuko regretted her decision even before she treats her, because she knew of the Black Hole inside Atsuko's stomach.
"Ahahaha..." Takamina puts on a wry smile, looking at the two's exchange.

   As they reached their apartments, they said their farewells.

"See ya, Acchan, Yuko." Takamina was the first one to enter her apartment.
"Yeah, see ya, Takamina~" Acchan bid, not forgetting to kiss her on the cheeks.
"What was with that smooch?" Yuko asked, dumbfounded.
"Just some... apology." Atsuko answered, not wanting her to dig any deeper.
"Well, see ya, Yuko. Don't forget about tomorrow." Atsuko opened her door.
"Hai hai. I won't." Yuko abided.
"It's a date, then" Atsuko flashed her most beautiful smile to her as she got in.
"Wha-" before Yuko could finished, Atsuko slammed the door shut.

   Atsuko then took off her shoes. Just when she was about to line up her shoes, she felt a weight on her back as she bend down. She doesn't even need to figure what that weight is from. A smile unconsciously appeared on her lips.

"Atsu-nee~" the girl cuddles with her so-called 'sister'.
"Jurina~" Atsuko also got up and cuddled with the girl. "Did you behave while I was at school~?"
"Un!" Jurina nodded her head once.
"Did you make sure to eat your lunch~?"
"Did you behave indoors and not go outside~?"
"Did you eat more than one chocolate bar~?"
"Urg!" as if she was not ready for that question, Jurina flinched.
"... Ju-Ri-Na~" Atsuko grinds her fist on Jurina's poor head, rendering the girl in pain.
"A- Atsu-nee, it hurts!!"


   Atsuko and Jurina are in the bath together. Luckily, it could fit two people. She initially thought that she was going to live in the apartment with her real younger sister so she bought a bath tub big enough but then her sister said she had already found a place, which is with her friend. Jurina was playing with the bubbles and splashing the water at Atsuko, causing a giant battle between the Onee-san (Older sister) faction and the Imouto (Younger sister) faction. After the war, they were too tired to even get up. Atsuko looked at the developing Jurina.

   She eyed her slim body, her silky hair, her cute mouth, her perfect-shaped ears, and of course her petite chest, which is slightly bigger than what she saw a week ago.

"What's wrong, Atsu-nee?" Jurina asked the girl that's eyeing her weirdly.
"Are you SURE you're 11?" She asked, still not taking her eyes off of Jurina's soft skin.
"Hm? Yeah, I'm pretty sure..."
"... Ei!" Without any warning, Atsuko puts her hands on Jurina's chest.
"Eh? Atsu-nee?" Jurina looks at Atsuko confused.
"... This... is even bigger than Takamina's..."

   With a satisfied grin, and a sense of pride, Atsuko lets go, leaving the dumbfounded Jurina even more confused of what Atsuko just did.
   Atsuko changed the topic, so that Jurina doesn't start asking her questions in which she can't answer.

"Jurina, want to go out tomorrow?" she asked.
"Hm? Where?! I WANNA GO!" Jurina excitedly got up, jumping up and down dangerously.
"Sit, Jurina. It's dangerous to jump on the bath tub..." Atsuko facepalmed.
"Hai~" She obeyed and went closer to Atsuko. "So where are we going?!"
"Dunno. Shopping?" Atsuko asked.
"Ooooh! Take me~" Jurina hugged Atsuko, begging her to take her with her.
"If you promise to behave" Atsuko patted her head while blushing a bit because she herself isn't used to naked skinship.
"Then okay~"

[The next day]

   Atsuko and Jurina went to the promised meeting place, at the fountain in the center of the shopping district only to see Yuko, who was waiting with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

"Why did you even bring flowers?" Atsuko asked the awkward girl, who was blushing furiously.
"Acchan~" she tries to hug her only to be stopped by the glare of Jurina who was hiding behind Atsuko as per usual.
"Eh?! Jurina's here as well?!" Yuko was shocked to see an unexpected nuisance, I mean, tagalong.
"Yeah, I was supposed to eat the cake with her, don't you remember?" Atsuko stated the obvious.
"But... I thought... It was a date... just the two of us..." Yuko tapped her fingers together, looking down.
"... You were aiming for the love hotel, huh...?" Atsuko asked, doubting her.
"Of course!" Yuko made a wide grin as she puffed her chest up with confidence.
"You idiot..." Atsuko covered her flushed cheeks as she averted her eyes from Yuko.

   Jurina, who doesn't know what just happened between the two, looked at them with curiosity.

"Ne, Atsu-nee, what's so special about a 'love hotel'?" Jurina asked the forbidden question.
"See what you did, Yuko?!" Atsuko smacks the squirrel in the head.

[To be continued]

Bwahahaha! I'm such a killer! That must've killed at least 20 AtsuMina shippers~ Muahahahaha!!!
I'll stop here for now since I'm gonna use Takamina's POV for the next chapter. The date continues in another chapter~
Oh well, not like AtsuMina or AtsuYuu would change this fic at all.
More like I won't let any of them happen~
P/S: Yuko's Yuko with all her perverted delusions. She's just misunderstanding. So don't kill me yet, KojiYuu shippers! XD

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -1st Chapter-
« Reply #7 on: August 27, 2013, 01:36:51 PM »
I saw what you did there  :rofl:
Something's fishy with Jurina, I wonder what her past is  :nervous
Yuko, I feel you, it's okay... it's okay *pat *pat

generally, I love Jurina's character here, kawaii nee~  :roll:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -1st Chapter-
« Reply #8 on: August 27, 2013, 01:43:52 PM »
Just bribe Acchan with food and she'll forgive you.. :lol:

Jurina is so cute... :inlove: :inlove:

I want a little sister like Jurina.. :grin:

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon please.. :bow:

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -1st Chapter-
« Reply #9 on: August 27, 2013, 01:59:21 PM »
Man...It's a DEAL when its come to food..
-And also the END when its come to food...
-Acchan i mean...*got shot by a bullet (head-shot)*
-Y-Yeah...It has killed at least 20 AtsuMina's shipper...
-I wonder who's else...Lol...Anyway, gosh Yuko!!~-
-Aiming for the love hotel and bam!!~ Jurina is curious about it...
-But! Said that next is Taka's POV, i wanted to know her feeling content...*nod*

>Ugh!! Just plz update!!~ Can't wait for the next update!!~

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -1st Chapter-
« Reply #10 on: August 27, 2013, 02:39:42 PM »
Oh...Poor Yuko...need to treat not only Atsuko but also Jurina...

Ah... it's Wmatsui.... I guess...

How is Rena going to turn up in this story?

What kind of outing would Atsuko, Yuko and Jurina going to have?

Quite sad that it's not going to be Atsumina... But yeah... it's fine...

What's going to happen next chapter?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Sweet and Spicy -2nd Chapter-
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imteedee, change of plans. I just realized that all my works in this forum have AtsuYuu (moments, at least) in it. Therefore... I don't know what I should do anymore O.O''

olive, don't we all~? I just LOVE Jurina in my image. She's in my 'like' zone, coz, well, she's one year younger than me and the fact that she's my SKE Kami-oshi's partner~ Not to mention she acts like a puppy. I love Juri puppy just as much as I love bunny Acchan~

Kochiki, sorry, man... I thought of making it a fun-filled innocent fanfic, which turned to hell once I dragged Yuko into this. So I kinda have to negate it all into... well... friendship jealousy or something? Oh yeah, HEADSHOT!

cisda, Yuko always has to suffer in my fics and I don't even know why... And no, it's not WMatsui. O.O'' Where'd ya get that idea??? But yeah, Rena is gonna show up... probably in the future. Sorry for not using AtsuMina... *bows* But hey, at least I make a lot of AtsuMina moments, right~

   Well, the Takamina POV turned into a 'What happened to Takamina' plan. Coz, I don't want Takamina to be sad... Even if she isn't in my like list, Acchan still loves her the most, and I know it truly ==''

[2nd lesson] Jurina, Atsu-nee and Oshima-san playing!

   Takahashi Minami sat alone in her room, only accompanied by the soothing sound of the fan spinning slowly, as if to make an example of how the time is going slower than usual for her. She counted every second and minute after she received a mail from her best friend. She re-read it again.

From: Acchan
Subject: I'm going now~

Minami~ I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about today. Hope the kiss was enough for an apology... I promise we'll play a lot more after this! Just the two of us! Or maybe with Jurina... I just can't leave her, right? Just know that I love you~  :heart: :heart: :heart: *flying kiss flying kiss*

   She smiled yet again for some reason. She knew her best friend's train of thought more than anyone. She knew just how Atsuko was going around worried about her, even though she's on a date with Yuko. But that might be disturbed once she gets her hands on something. She chuckled as she imagined the sight of Atsuko eating in front of Yuko who is in despair for seeing the amount of food Atsuko ate.

   She looked at the fan again, trying to calm herself down. She then looked around the room. The windows are closed and the curtains were down, showing a dark room, full of the mess she has made. It was always Atsuko who would come early in the morning every weekend to hang out with her, even to the point of cleaning her room just because Takamina was too lazy for it. She owed Atsuko a lot. She's the best friend she ever had in will have. But then, why was she all alone?

   Depression crept into her as she closed her eyes again, feeling the emptiness inside her, enveloping herself inside her pile of clothes. Finally letting herself go, she went away to her memories of the time she had with her best friend.

"Takamina??? You okay?" she heard a familiar voice calling out to her. A dream.
"She's sleeping? In this mess? Seriously?" she heard another voice.
"Well, can't blame her. Acchan's not here, so she's probably down in the dumps." another voice, this time, she recognized all of the voices.
"So all we gotta do is~" another voice in which stopped for a second.

   Takamina slowly woke up but by the time she opened her eyes, she felt a painful sensation on her back and then she waa sent flying to the other side of the pile of clothes. She finally opened her eyes and glared at the cause of the sensation.

"What the hell, Sae?! That hurts, you know!" Takamina glared at the girl who kicked her too hard.

   Right in front of her are the owner of the voices she has heard, Haruna, Sayaka, Mariko and Sae respectively. Sae let out a loud laugh seeing Takamina with a pair of panties on top of her head and while the others tried not to laugh, and Mariko taking a picture of the moment.

"S- She woke up. Pff!" Haruna, trying not to laugh, stated as she looked at the cute and funny Takamina who isn't trying to be funny.
"T- That SO doesn't suit you, Takamina." Sayaka pointed at the fashion sense the short girl has on top of her head. A sexy black-laced panties.
"Bwahahaha! Who knew she had that kinda taste!" Sae held her stomach because of too much laughing.
"But... I don't think that's yours, right, Takamina?" Mariko said as she was checking how her pictures turned out.

   Takamina, confused as of why the other were laughing, reached on top of her head as Sayaka pointed and found the sexy black-laced panties that was clearly too... exposing and embarrassing for her. Her eyes shot open as she read the paper that was inside it.

'Minami~ As an apology, I actually put this in your room the night Yuko promised her date with me~ So I'll give you special permission to use it as you please~ If you know what I mean~ KYAAA~!! Minami ya pervert~!

   Of reading it, Takamina blushed madly and blood came gushing out of her nose like an anime would be like. The others thought it was impossible but seeing it happen right before them, made them unable to speak a word, only to clap at Takamina's discovery.

"W-w-w-w-w- WHAT THE HELL WOULD I DO WITH YOUR UNDERWEAR, STUPID ACCHAN!" she tried to throw the panties away but her hand won't let go.

   Seeing this, the others looked at Takamina with sympathy. More like they were creeped out by the midget.

"Who knew you could be this perverted... even abusing Acchan's friendship and forcing her to give you her underwear... You're... sick..." Haruna glared at her in disgust.

"Enough with that..." Takamina hid Atsuko's panties from each of their views in her shirt. "So what did you guys came here for, anyways...?" she changed the subject.

"Well, we were originally here because Acchan said you were sulking in your room and won't come out" Sayaka explained but chuckled in the end.
"We already knew that it was just Acchan's consideration, seeing that she left you alone today." Mariko says and looked at Takamina warmly, like the older sister she is to everyone.
"So basically we came to cheer you up!" Sae says, giving her best smile to the short girl.

"Y- You guys...." teary-eyed Takamina tried to hold in her tears as she looked at her thoughtful friends.

"Don't worry, Takamina. All of us are here for you. Even Acchan and Yuko. So it's okay to say what you want, because, we'll listen to it and will consider it because it's for our cute little Takamina." Haruna patted the short girl's head and embraced her warmly, enveloping the girl in the heat and love of her friends.

   Finally, Takamina sobbed in Haruna's chest as she knew that her friends are there for her. She remembered that they all had something to do on weekends. Sayaka was supposed to go to the gym, Sae was supposed to go with some of the girls from their university on dates, Mariko was supposed to go to her part-time job in the restaurant and Haruna was supposed to meet her father in another town for the monthly visit. Yet they all came to see her instead. She really felt their love and consideration.

"Though I don't want anything to do with your hobby. And I won't let you have your way with Acchan anymore." Sae said as she reached for her phone.

"T- That's a misunderstanding!" Takamina tried to defend herself only to be hugged by Haruna tighter.

"Kyaaa! Sobbing Takamina is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!" Haruna finally lost it.

"And she also made Haruna another victim." Sayaka stated

"Yes, what a frightening fellow." Mariko, satisfied with the pictures, finished it off for good.

"M- Mou! This was all Acchan's prank! I have no idea what she's thinking!!!"

[Meanwhile in a certain restaurant]

"I feel like somebody's talking bad about me..." Atsuko says as she finishes her 10th ice cream sundae.
"Hm? I'll beat anybody that's talking bad about Atsu-nee!" Jurina says as she pumped her chest up as she finished her 7th.
"Awww~ Jurina's so cute~~~" Atsuko hugged the younger girl tight as the younger one is satisfied because the older one is happy.
"Hehe~ I'll do anything for Atsu-nee~"

"Well, you two look like siblings already~" Yuko looked at the two sweet siblings as she tries her best to smile and not showing her pissed off face.
"Of course we are~ Right, Jurina~" Atsuko rubbed her cheeks against the younger one's.
"Yup!" Jurina made a wide smile which made Atsuko hugged her more.

"Meh. And this was supposed to be OUR date." Yuko sighed as she looked through the window, finding the outside interesting all of a sudden.
"Hm? What was that?" Atsuko asked.
"Nothing. Just me rambling." Yuko shrugged it off.

   Atsuko and Jurina were both satisfied by the outcome, because, well, they ate a lot and had a lot of fun. Though Yuko was still not satisfied. They were outside and finally let loose. They walked home and Jurina saw a nearby park with a sandbox.

"Oooh! Atsu-nee! I wanna play in the sandbox!" Jurina pointed at the sandbox while looking at Atsuko and jumping up and down.

   Atsuko of course, couldn't turn down a request from Jurina and decided to stay for a while. Jurina was playing in the sandbox, building sandcastles, while Yuko and Atsuko sat on a bench while looking at the 11-year old building sandcastles. Yuko wasn't initiating any conversations which made the younger one worry a bit.

"Yuko, what's wrong? You can tell me, you know." Atsuko puts on a smile as she looked at the girl straight in the eyes.

   Yuko looked at the smile of the younger girl and as expected, she couldn't fight the curiosity of Maeda Atsuko. Yuko sighed and finally let out her dissatisfaction towards the younger girl.

"Because... you said this was OUR date..." Yuko averted her eyes, embarrassed of what she just said.

   Atsuko, realizing the meaning behind the older girl's words, blushed lightly. She knew that the older girl was jealous of her relationship with Jurina at the moment. It was not even 2 weeks after Atsuko met Jurina but they were already so close. Atsuko thought of her as a real sister. She loved her more than she's loved anyone she met in 2 weeks. She knew that the girl was starting to become an irreplaceable existence for her.

   Atsuko unintentionally looked at Jurina's direction. Realizing the stare of her older sister, Jurina looked back at Atsuko and smiled at her. Giving her best smile.

   This made Atsuko chuckle at the younger girl and smiled back. She thought that Jurina is already an irreplaceable existence to her. She looked at Yuko again to see her with her head down. Atsuko remembered the first time she has met Yuko.

[FLASHBACK - Atsuko's POV]

"Butts~" a girl suddenly came and touched the 5 year old TakaMina's butt for some reason.

TakaMina screamed loudly and looked at the girl who touched her butt.

"W- Why are you going around and touching people's butts?!" TakaMina covered her butt with her hands.

"Dunno. Coz I like them~? Hey! I wanna touch your butt too!" the girl turned her attention towards me.

"No! I won't let you touch Acchan!" TakaMina went in front of me like a knight with shining armor.

TakaMina and the girl glared at each other.

"But I wanna touch her butt!!!" the girl lets out her thoughts.

"Sure." I answered, not caring about the outcome.

"EH?!" both of them were surprised by my sudden acceptance.

"A- Acchan would want to let her touch her butt?!" TakaMina asked me.

"Hm? I wanna know what it feels like to be touched like that!" I curiously explained with sparkles in my eyes as TakaMina was trying her hardest to make me think carefully and at that moment,

"Bwahahaha!" the girl bursts out laughing.

"Eh? What's with that?" TakaMina asked me and pointed at the girl.

"You guys are funny!"  the girl finally settles down and looked at us. "My name's Oshima Yuko!" she offers her hands towards us as the girl introduced herself. "Let's be friends!"


   Atsuko chuckled as she realized how random Yuko was. She only speaks her thoughts and not minding the others. Truth be told, it was because of her that Atsuko started to become the girl she was. It was all because of the respect she has towards Yuko.

"Ne, Yuko, wanna touch my butt?" Atsuko asked an out-of-the-blue question which surprised the older girl.

"EH???!!!" she stood up, confused. "W- Why would you ask THAT all of a sudden?!" Yuko looked away, blushing madly.

"Ehhhhh? You don't want to????" Atsuko puffed her cheeks, pouting.

"I- It's not like I don't want to... J- Just that m- my heart's not ready for it yet..." Yuko answered as she looked at Jurina and tapped her fingers together cutely which made Atsuko chuckle again.

"Then~" Atsuko, who wanted to tease the squirrel girl, touched the girl's butt all of a sudden. "Ah, so that's what Yuko feels like~" and made a comment.

"@!(#&@!(#^&@$" Yuko made noises which couldn't be identified in any language and her face turned as red as a tomato, if not redder.

   Atsuko playfully laughs and goes to where Jurina was playing, leaving the lost Yuko, who couldn't process what just happened to her life.

"Oh? Atsu-nee would like to play?" Jurina asked the girl and Atsuko nodded while still chuckling inside. "Ne, what does Atsu-nee see in... O- Oshama-san?" Jurina asked, only to be answered with a smack on the head by Atsuko.

"It's 'O-Shi-Ma. Yuko would get angry, you know..." Atsuko lectured Jurina playfully and the younger girl smiled mischievously. "Well, we're..." Atsuko looked at Yuko who was clutching down, trying to hide her red face with her knees and hair.

"She's... one of the bestest friends in the whole world." Thus a smile formed on her lips and that smile that came from the bottom of her heart. A beautiful smile. The smile which made even Jurina jealous.

"And one of them..." Atsuko continued and looked at the pouting Jurina. "Is my own little sister," she patted the girl's head "Jurina~"

Jurina, who was happy to be praised highly by her older sister, looked back at her and gave her her best smile as well, the smile which shows that she trusts the older girl completely.

"Un!" And a nod which made Atsuko blush madly, thinking of the cuteness.

[End of second lesson]

Damn... I made myself do that... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INNOCENCE?!
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Re: Sweet and Spicy -2nd Chapter-
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Yuko is already a perv. even when she was still a young kid...

What's going to happen to Atsuko and Yuko?

What about Jurina?

AH... if it's not Atsumina and Wmatsui... what's the pairing going to be?

I hope it's Atsuyuu, Takaharu, JuriMayu, RenYuki?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -2nd Chapter-
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A-Aha...Ha...Hahaha?? I-I see...Well, don't worry, i don't really mind about it...
-The innocence thing i mean...Coz i'm more to the dark...Just do ur best on...uh...
-Writing an innocent story?? Haha. Anyway, well there, what a lonely Takamina...
-She had such a good friend and best friend who pull a prank on her...
-Cruelly with the underwear!!~ Dahahaha!!~ Poor Takamina~ Misunderstood by her own friends~
-Wow, i get to see many jealous Yuko these day...Maan, she's addicted to her younger sister...
-Which will maybe make both Takamina and Yuko jealous~ Ah~ That's how they met!!~
-Pervy in a young age...Just wow!!~ And...Duh, headshot...Which i almost died there!!~
-You're lucky, if AtsuYuu's not one of my OTP...I'll ignore you for the rest of my life...Lol...JK...

>Well anyway, update soon!!~ Really can't wait for the other innocent updates from you!!~

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -2nd Chapter-
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I hope it's Atsuyuu, Takaharu, JuriMayu, RenYuki?

I HOPE SO TOO~..  :shy1:

Uwaaa~ Kawaii Jurina.. Be my little sister~!  :wriggly:

Update soon, aye~! :smoke:

Thank you for your hard work and update.. :kneelbow:

Ashura - Ashura-kun~! More fics to come, aye~! Ahahahahaha  :byebye:

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-3rd Chapter-
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cisda, I'm guessing their friendship will become normal or something? Dunno XD Let's see for ourselves~

Kochiki, muahahaha! I shall entertain thou with my innocent fanfics! But still, I can do it, I think. Innocent is my middle name~ (Not really, but you get the point)

kenjoy, so we meet again, Ken-chan~ Dunno bout the pairings Atsuko probably won't have a future with either TKMN or Yuko. And yeah, I want JuJu as my little sister too~~~~

   I've been neglecting this... Wonder why... So here's a new random chapter~ I bring you, KAWAII PUPPY JUJU AND SWEET ANGEL ACCHAN!!!

[3rd lesson] Jurina, Atsu-nee and making friends!

"Atsuko, how about you send Jurina to school?" Minami asked a sudden question as she and her friends were eating on the rooftop, since the cafeteria was full.
"Oh, that's a good idea. You can ask Mee-tan to help ya set it up. She's a principal of a middle school, right?" Yuko agreed with Minami and looked at Atsuko.

   Atsuko glared at the two who didn't know what she was feeling. She actually thought of that before but didn't want to risk it. She knows just how much Jurina was terrified of unknown people. If she was suddenly sent to an unknown surrounding with unknown people around her, she would probably freak out. Besides, it has been 2 months since they've been living with each other. Their bonds are tighter, and Atsuko learned many new things about Jurina, such as that she was turning 13 that year. Finishing her bento which she prepared while Jurina was sleeping, she laid down on the floor, looking at the sky.

"At least drink some water, Atsuko..." Minami advised and handed Atsuko her container.

   The girl reluctantly accepted it and drank from it while Yuko was smirking evilly.

"Heh. I was the one that drank it last. Indirect kiss~" Yuko stated teasingly and Atsuko rolled her eyes.

   Minami dranked it next and grinned at Yuko with a 'Beat that, squirrel' kinda look. Yuko decided to ignore it for now and talked about the matter at hand.

"Acchan, if you just kept her sheltered and trapped in your apartment, who knows what might happen when she grows up." Yuko advised the girl trying to sleep lazily.
"Easy. I'll keep her with me even if I get married one day." Atsuko answered seriously and Yuko sighed.
"That's impossible, Atsuko. And you know it." Minami added.

   She really did know. Atsuko knew herself that it's impossible for her to get married AND that Jurina would stay with her for long. She knew that Jurina would leave her some day once she found out about her past. Jurina has a family to go to, so she was sure that Jurina would leave her then. The question was how long. How much time do they have together? It hurts her to think of the question but she knows she might have to face the day Jurina leaves her. If she doesn't go back to her family, then Jurina would probably get married one day and live with her husband. Atsuko might try to stop the wedding but in the end, she would undoubtedly give her blessing since she loves the girl too much.

   But... She also wants Jurina to spread her wings. Learn new things that she wouldn't teach. Meet new people, Live a happy life, find her loved one. She wants Jurina to live the way she wants. Even if she has to use meaner methods, she would have to accept it. She would find a way to make Jurina stand on her two feet.

"... I miss her..." thinking about life, Atsuko heaved a sigh. Whenever she reminisced the past, a face would always pop up, with memories that she wouldn't want to forget.

   Minami and Yuko both had a wry smile on them. They knew the person Atsuko spoke of. Their heart became torn, knowing the girl was thinking of someone she loved dearly. They know that Atsuko have been friends with them and that they are irreplaceable to each other, but for some reason, part of Atsuko's heart was already occupied by a certain person. There was no way that they could ever take that place... because... that person... has been long gone from the world.

   A heavy feeling has occupied their it's way in their chest as the wind blew gently, making Atsuko's hair sway beautifully, like a painting of magnificence, elegance, and sadness... They realized the tear in Atsuko's eyes. She was indeed recalling the person whom she missed. Just the thought of her smile, her warmth, and her touch made Atsuko tear up unexpectedly. Minami and Yuko watched in disappointment as Atsuko wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

"S- Sorry..." Atsuko apologized, and smiled her unsightly smile, making they hearts sank into the abyss known as despair, realizing that smile was caused by none other than Atsuko's loved one.
"No need." Minami got up and walked towards the door "I... need to go to the bathroom..." she bid and left.

   Atsuko knew just how much her friends cared for her well being, she knew they hated it when she thinks of 'that person', but she could do nothing. It was all in her head. She apologized many times to them. She didn't know how many times she had hurt them, but she ended up apologizing every time. With a sigh, Yuko plopped to the ground, lying next to the girl as they looked at the sky. It hurts her to think of Atsuko's savior and friend, but she had given her complete trust in Atsuko. They would be no more than friends, but for some reason, she had felt Atsuko's eyes falling for the girl almost every time. When Atsuko has a specific sadness in her eyes, she knows what the girl was thinking about, she was thinking about 'that person'. Yet she could do nothing but smile, smile at her friend, and her crush. She had suspected that Atsuko had already figured out their feelings for them, but she chased her nonetheless. She believes in the future. Either Minami or her could be happy with Atsuko. She believed in that. No... To be precise, she WANTED to believe in that, yet Atsuko in all honesty, showed no signs of further affection...
Because her heart, was already broken by a person who loved her even more.


"Atsu-nee~!!!" Jurina ran towards the door as soon as she saw the figure entered.
"Umph!" Atsuko fell to the ground once Jurina glomped on her.
"Ahahahahaha~!" Jurina laughed innocently and covered her face between her older sister's breasts.

   Atsuko instinctively smiled at the girl. She didn't know why but seeing the energetic Jurina just being herself and jumping around would always make her happy. At first when she had found Jurina, Jurina was gloomy, and suspected Atsuko. She remembered the second day they lived together.


   Atsuko managed to get back early and entered her apartment. She politely entered and saw no sight of Jurina anywhere. She then searched the rooms and when she entered the room, she saw something which frightened her to the bones, her own room. The curtains covered the windows, showing a dark room. The room was cold, it was hot outside but why was the room cold? Her entire body shivered not because of the cold room, no, it wasn't actually the temperature nor the darkness, it was the sight in front of her. The sight of a figure sitting on her bed, leaning itself to the wall, with the hair covering her face. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were crooked. The girl glared at the one who arrived in the room. Her eyes looking at the enemy in front of her. She recognized her as nothing more than a threat. Her instincts told her that the girl was going to do something nasty to her. She didn't want it to happen. So she glared at the girl. Atsuko gulped, thinking the situation was turning far scarier than what she imagined. She didn't know before. She never realized that the one she took in, could kill her in any moment.


"So want some riceballs?" Atsuko asked as she patted the girl's head.
Jurina nodded vigorously, wanting Atsuko's cooking more than anything.

   Atsuko didn't need words. She had already learned to deduct Jurina's actions and reactions. It wasn't that hard to find out what she was thinking. It was the same when she took the girl in. Just looking at her eyes could give her an idea of what Jurina really wants. Though she has grown a bit since the times. Jurina grew not just physically, but also mentally.

   The girl was far merrier, happy and more energetic than how she was. She wasn't the scary Jurina that Atsuko was afraid of, she had become Atsuko's little sister. She would protect her from all harm, from all the danger. She never doubted the girl for a second. Jurina was the same. She had put her complete trust in the older girl. She wanted to be pampered by her and she also wanted Atsuko by her side. She loved hear dearly, and she would never want to make the older girl sad.

   Once Atsuko has finished making riceballs, she puts them on a plate and served it to Jurina. Jurina happily ate it no problem, complimenting her on the delicious foods she always makes. Atsuko gave a goofy grin to that comment and ruffled the girl's hair, embarrassed of the compliment. Once Jurina was finished eating, Atsuko decided to open up the subject.

"Jurina... Do you want to go to school?" she asked the question which lingered in her mind.
Jurina tilted her head to the side, looking at Atsuko curiously.
"'School' is a place where you learn and make friends." Atsuko explained.
Jurina then thought for a second and then her eyes sparkled brightly.
Jurina nodded vigorously at the question.

   Atsuko heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that Jurina wasn't too mad about it. She then took care of the paperwork and whatnot, more like she made a call to someone who knows of what to do.


"Oooooh!" Jurina's jaw dropped as she looked at the building in front of her.
"Hm? What is it?" Atsuko asked, not knowing why Jurina was like that.
"School! Big!" Jurina said with broken japanese, jumping up and down as she pointed at the school, still stunned by how big 'school' was. Though in all honesty, she was comparing it with the 2-storey apartment that they lived in.
"Now, now... It was smaller than mine..." Atsuko calmed her down, but after a few thoughts, "Okay, this is bigger than mine." she was reminded of how she went to a commoner's school, different than how she managed to go to a rich kid's university.
"This school is pretty small, huh?" Minami asked, as she and Yuko tagged along to send Jurina to school since they still have time left for their second lecture.
"Yeah, I wonder if there's other buildings for the school?" Yuko asked, teasing Atsuko who was trying her best to smile.

   They entered the school area with the other kids watching them. Jurina was feeling restless. She always feel that way whenever she tries new things. And she would always run around the area to know what's in there. They entered the school and walked through the hallway, the students' eyes still on them.

"So where's the Principal's office?" Minami asked.
"Who knows. It's not like I was in this school. Ask Acchan." Yuko glanced at the younger girl.
"I wasn't in this school either. Though it would've been awesome if I was." Atsuko commented.
"Ooh! Let me ask someone!" Jurina ran ahead and stopped a girl.

"Hello~ Can you tell me where the Principal's office is~?" Jurina asked and the girl tilted her head.
"Principal's office? Don't wanna!" the girl answered with a never-changing expression.

"Whoa, she was turned down." Atsuko joked as she saw Jurina with a surprised expression.
"On her first day of school." Minami added.
"Even before she went to her class." Yuko also added.

Jurina was about to cry, that was until Atsuko patted her her head.
"There there~" she calmed Jurina down and looked at the other girl. "Hey, little girl~ What's your name~?" she asked playfully.
"... Mayu... Watanabe Mayu." the girl answered, still with her cyborg face.
"Ne, Mayu-chan, can you tell us where the Principal's office is?" Minami asked the girl.
"Don't wanna!" Mayu rejected right away and then she looked at Yuko.

As if there was a spark of interest, their eyes met and they could feel the sudden connection between them. As if they met by destiny, the two made a sign with their hands shaped like a butt.
"Oshiri~" they said in unison.
"Oshiriko." Yuko offered her hand.
"Shiriri." Mayu shook the older girl's hand.
And thus they nodded, knowing that they have met their pair.

"What the hell just happened?" Minami asked, dumbfounded.
"Probably something ecchi." Atsuko answered confidently.
"Gu..." Jurina was frustrated with herself because the girl turned her down way too easily.

   Then, Mayu led the way to the Principal's office thanks to Yuko's persuasion and they entered and was greeted by Atsuko, Yuko and Minami's long time acquaintance.

"Yo, baba."
"Long time no see, baba."
"Did you grow older, baba?"
"Oh, shut up, will you?" Ohori said and greeted the others and then she looked at Jurina. "Oh, so are you the new student?" Ohori smiled which crept out the other three.
"Umu!" Jurina nodded. "Jurina desu!" she introduced herself.
"Nice to meet you, Jurina~" Ohori greeted her and then looked at Atsuko. "I never knew you had such an energetic sister."
"It's complicated." Atsuko said.
"Should I put in 'Maeda Jurina' for now?" Ohori asked.

   Ohori already knew the situation not because Atsuko said it, but she deducted it. That's one of the things Atsuko hated the most. How smart the older woman was. Atsuko nodded and lets her do as she please.


"Etto, so we have a new student with us today." Ohori signaled Jurina to introduce herself in front of the class.
"Err, my name is Jurina. Nice to meet you..." Jurina kept glancing over the corner of the classroom.

   Then claps could be heard. Not the clapping of her classmates, but...

"Woot, nice to meet you, Jurina-chan~"
"Go, Jurina~"
"Urg..." Jurina was embarrassed for the three, Yuko, Atsuko and Minami respectively.

   Ohori sighed as she looked at the childish trio who wanted to attend the class as well for the time being, at least until they have to go to their lessons. Jurina gave a wry smile but then her eyes fell onto a girl.

"Ah!" she half-shouted and pointed at the girl. "You're that cyborg girl!"
"Yeah, so we're in the same class..." Mayu said and looked away, "How annoying."
Jurina thought of something and hugged the girl she just met.
"W- What are you doing?!" Mayu blushed lightly as she was hugged by the taller girl.
"Whoa! Her expression changed!" Jurina widely grinned as she lets go of the girl.
"And what of it?!" Mayu, still red to her ears, glared at Jurina.
"Oooh! Let's be friends, Mayuyu!" Jurina offered her hand to Mayu.
"REJECTED! And what's with that nickname?!" Mayu stuck her tongue out.
"Ya~ Mayuyu's so cute~" Jurina cuddled the girl in her arms.
"L- Let go of me, y- you idiot!"

   Seeing the scene in front of her, Atsuko chuckled and stood up. "Huh? You don't want to stay around for a while? We've still got some time." Yuko asked her and Atsuko shook her head. "I think she'll be fine." Atsuko said as she looked at her sister playing around with her new friend, smiling warmly at them. Minami and Yuko also smiled, looking at how happy Jurina was. They thought that it was going to turn into something far worse, but they realized that Jurina had changed. She was no longer the girl who was always afraid. They knew it, she had made a new friend. A friend which she could rely on. With that, Atsuko patted the two girls' heads and left with the others, trusting the new friend which Jurina has met.

[End of 3rd lesson]

   Kinda heavy in the beginning. Now I wonder who 'that person' is... O.O

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -3nd Chapter-
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Waaaaaa....Acchan, Takamina, and Yuko are good sisters to Juju..

And Mayu rejecting Juju..

Can't wait for the next chapter.
Update soon...

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -3nd Chapter-
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yeah I used an emoticon  :lol:
My happiness it's overflowiiiiing  XD JuriMayu so cuuute  :wub:
I like how the three kept their friendship, I agree I don't want it to have neither AtsuYuu/AtsuMina I love them three  :nervous
How come I didn't see the update before this?! tch!

Anyway, waiting for another chapter X!  :lol: :lol:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -3nd Chapter-
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Ah.. Jurina is growing up...

And Atsuko is relaxing a bit more now... But would she be lonely now?

jurina and Mayu were so cute...

Can't wait to see how Atsuko's romantic relationship going to develop?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Sweet and Spicy -4th Chapter-
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olive, and still no sight of the certain ojou-sama from Nagoya. *sigh* Where are you ojou-sama? OAO

TD, THANKS to the news of Maeda's relationship, I've got no choice but to rage on with AtsuYuu. Sorry, innocent fic. I'll miss ya... Probably...

cisda, yeah, she's all grown-up already QwQ but that doesn't mean that she would stay grown-up. JuJu's still my child U_U

   I'm thinking of something... but it ain't working... so I'll just vent out all of my frustrations in a notepad while thinking about this fic.

   Now that I'm done, it's time to put JuJu into action once again~ This chapter shall introduce other new characters and also dig up further into Atsuko's past. Oh, how JuJu loves to dig into other people's private lives XD Now onto the serious yet innocent chapter which could cause others to get a stomachache thanks to all the sweet fluffiness. Okay, I'm kidding. It won't be that fluffy XD There's no way Ashura can make fluff~

[4th Lesson!] -Jurina, Mayuyu and Mayuyu's sister!-

   Atsuko paced about inside the empty room. Normally she would've been going to her job or play around with Jurina but she had already quit her job to take care of her younger sister and to spend some more time with her friends. And what about her younger sister? Well, she's not there. Where was she? Atsuko thought about it for a while and reminded of what happened which made her uneasy about not only Jurina's safety, but also Atsuko's peace of mind.



   Atsuko called out to her little sister when she had just gotten back home from playing around with Minami but then she was welcomed by the sight of Jurina who was trying to make something in the kitchen with someone. Her eye adjusted itself onto the said other person and she finally recognized the girl.

"And Mayuyu?"

   Yes, it was Mayuyu. The one who Jurina made friends with on the first day of her school. After a few seconds, Jurina finally realized of her older sister's arrival and greeted her. Mayu also greeted her but by adding 'AND WHY ARE YOU ALSO CALLING ME THAT?!' like the tsundere twintailed girl she is.

"And what are you two doing, anyway?" Atsuko asked as she looked at the frying pan with some sort of black unknown object on it.
"Ah, we're making pancakes!" Jurina answered in delight and shone her bright innocent smile while Atsuko was looking at her in astonishment, half of it due to the 'condition' of Jurina's 'pancakes'.
"I tried to advise her but she won't listen at all..." Mayu sighed and made her way to 'take care' of Jurina's 'pancakes', which is by throwing it in the rubbish bin.
"Eh?! I was going to make that!" Jurina's mouth gaped open at the sight of Mayu's cruelty and consulted her sister, "Atsu-nee! Mayuyu's cruel!"
"That's okay, Jurina. It's okay." Atsuko patted the girl's head while giving a thumbs up to Mayu's strategic retreat.

   After that, Jurina and Mayu were about to leave and were on the doorstep. Just before they opened the door, Atsuko asked them.

"Eh? Where are you two going?"
"Jurina's going to go with Mayuyu to play~!" Jurina answered energetically while hugging Mayu which the girl only rolled her eyes, tired from Jurina's constant clinging.
"Eh?! I wanna go too~!" Atsuko pouted and flung her arms around.
"Jurina will be fine, Atsu-nee~" Jurina reassured her and left.

   Mayu bowed to Atsuko while apologizing and left with Jurina, leaving the older girl alone in the room.


   Atsuko sighed and paced about yet again, not doing anything at the moment. She has done everything she could. She had taken out the trash, cleaned up her apartment, done her entire thesis even though it wasn't due to a few more months, walked the cat even though she never had one thanks to the apartment not allowing pets so she used her imagination, washed her clothes and dried them, watched some few shows and even ate an entire cake she got from Sae as a gift for some unknown reason. AND IT ONLY TOOK HER 20 MINUTES.

   The girl plopped on her floor and rolled around mumbling 'I'm lonely~' the entire time. Atsuko had made no means to waste her time except by doing absolutely nothing. If she could do something, she would have ran to Jurina and forced her to take her with her. She then stood up and walked to her cellphone. She dialed a number and after a few beeps, the person picked up.

[Jurina's Point of View]

   I was finally here with Mayuyu. We were walking around for a few minutes, with Mayuyu leading me since I don't really know the area too well. She brought me to an unknown building, an abandoned one probably. We entered and I was greeted some beads of light, and then my eyes were finally adjusted to the light.

"Oh, you brought a friend, Mayu?" a slightly energetic girl greeted them.
"So Mayu finally brought a friend..." a slightly cool girl wiped her fake tears.
"Who knew this day would come..." another girl with raven-hair also remarked.
"Oh shut up, will you." the embarrassed Mayu rolled her eyes and introduced the others to me. "That energetic one's Sashihara Rino, the kakkoi girl there's Yamamoto Sayaka and the girl that looks obviously beautiful is my sister, Yuki."

   I greeted them shyly since I'm not really too fond of meeting new people though Mayuyu's case was a bit special as the girl called Yuki chuckled from being praised by Mayuyu.

"Oh, you don't look at Mayuyu at all!" I pointed at the Yuki girl and she put on a wry smile.
"Yeah, I know what you mean." Yuki said. "Wait, did you just call her 'Mayuyu'?"
"Mayu's first nickname~" 'Rino' teased.
"Hey, got some nickname for us?" Sayaka asked.

   I thought for a bit for a suitable nickname for each of them and after a few seconds, I blurted out.

"Yukirin, Sasshi, Saya-nee." I pointed at the three respectively and they smiled in amusement, satisfied by their new nicknames.

   There was also something else I realized. They looked slightly older than us. They looked like they were in high school, probably a third year. They were wearing something like those 'yankee' clothes one could see on TV's and such. I decided to shrug it off but something tells me that I'm probably gonna be shredded to pieces. I gulped as I searched for a way out with my eyes. But it seemed as if Yukirin noticed my plan and chuckled.

"Relax, we won't hurt you." Yukirin smiled and patted my head. "You're Mayu's friend. I would never hurt someone who takes good care of my little sister."
"Y- Yuki-nee." Mayuyu blushed slightly and looked at her sister in awe. Whoa, she's affectionate to her sister and not me? I demand more love!
"So what's your name, Mayuyu's friend?" Sasshi asked me.
"Jurina." I answered instantly.
"Jurina-chan, right? Thanks for being friends with this annoying girl." Saya-nee pointed at Mayuyu and was hit in the head by both Yukirin and Mayuyu.

   I chuckled at the scene but there was another that I realized, another thing that made me want to jump out right that instant and cling to the certain 'object' that was hiding itself behind a pillar.

"Atsu-nee~" which I did. I pounced on her and she was shocked.
"J- Jurina?!" she sweated a bit, probably nervous and looked around. "W- What are you doing here?"

   Oh, Atsu-nee, you're so predictable sometimes~ But that's why I love you~ I then nuzzled up in her breasts as the others looked at us, chuckling at the scene in front of them.

"She your sister?" Yukirin asked Atsu-nee.
"Y- Yeah. Maeda Atsuko." she introduced herself.
"Since you were eavesdropping, I guess we don't have to introduce ourselves, huh?" Saya-nee asked.
"..." Atsu-nee was silent... wonder why...

[End of Jurina's POV, General POV]

   Atsuko looked at the girl in front of her. Short and silky hair, a slightly cool face, perfect figure, and indescribable eyes which sucked Atsuko's entire soul into them.

"Err... Hello?" Saya-nee waved her hands in front of the girl to check if she was awake.

   Like a beating drum, Atsuko's heartbeat became far faster than before. Her face turned bright red as the girl came closer to look straight into her eyes. Atsuko gulped and thought of all the possibilities for the feeling she has right that moment. Then something clicked inside her. Something she would never want either of her best friends to find out.


   Atsuko was breathing harder than usual, her hot breath heated up the temperature of one Yamamoto Sayaka who was trying to figure out what the hell just happened to the older girl. Atsuko shortened their distance so close that their lips were only a peck away. This time, Saya-nee's heart beat faster than a galloping horse. Sweat began pouring out of her skin as she was nervous and embarrassed in front of the pretty older woman in front of her. She couldn't contain her embarrassment as her face became bright red to her ears, imagining of the older girl's next move.

   The others watched the scene in silence, giving way for whatever that may happen, almost as if blessing the two except for the one girl that was watching Atsuko with a pout.

   Then as if it was fated, Atsuko did what she had to do.

   She fondled the girl's breasts!

"WAAAAH~~!!!! THIS FEELS SOOOOO GOOD~~!!!" Atsuko lets out her inner feelings as Saya-nee yelped from the sudden pleasure given to her by the girl.

   Yuki, Rino, and Mayu facepalmed themselves while Jurina was still lost as to what happened. Saya-nee heaved a thankful yet disappointed sigh as she found out that the older girl was just fooling around.

'W- What the hell?! I- I thought I was a goner then! Mou! That was the first time a girl has been that close to me! Moreover, she was so beautiful, so elegant and so... magnificent! C- Chotto! It's not like I like her or anything!' Saya-nee thought to herself as she covered her reddened cheeks from the older girl's view.

"I like you breasts!" Atsuko gave a thumbs up followed by a chuckle from the three others, while Jurina was still lost.


"Nyaa~ That was fun~" Atsuko commented while walking with the clinging Jurina on her arms.
"Yup~ We met new people~" Jurina agreed and smiled widely.
"That, and also the fact that I just realized that I've been hanging out with Yuko WAY too much." Atsuko made a face.
Jurina tilted her head at Atsuko's statement.
"It was nothing." Atsuko shrugged it off and Jurina nodded, deciding to forget what she just heard.

   When they were finally home, they were greeted by two figures that was roaming around in her room, looking for something. The two 'annoyances', as per said by Atsuko, were actually trying to help Atsuko by cleaning up her room but when they got to her room, it was already cleaned PERFECTLY. So they decided to mess it up and cleaned it afterwards and after a few messes, they found something that resembled a necklace, with a picture of a well-known man.

"Ah..." Yuko and Minami's face resembled that of a deer in headlights, caught red-handed as Yuko was wearing Atsuko's panties on top of her head.
"Outside. Now."


   Yuko and Minami were sat on the floor, in a dogeza-style as they looked at the furious younger girl in front of them. Yuko gulped since she knew that she was the one that will feel more of her wraith. Seriously. Panties? Can't you think of a more appropriate way to announce your love towards the girl, Yuko?! While Yuko thought that, Minami explained what they did and Atsuko sighed.

   What they saw wasn't the fury of the girl, but a shy grin by her.

"That's my ex, Hata Motohiro." Atsuko confessed.

   Yuko and Minami literally spat out tea if they had any but they didn't so they spat absolute nothingness at Atsuko's confession.

"THE Hata?!" Minami exaggerated.
"The hot singer?!" Yuko asked as well.
"Y- Yeah. He was my first lover but..." Atsuko stopped herself.
"We broke up since he was way too focused on her work and..."
"... he let a good chance slipped away" Atsuko pouted, remembering their first night.

[End of 4rd Lesson]

Surprises in the chapter:
Atsuko x SayaNee
Jurina x Mayu
Mayu x Yuki

Atsuko x Hata XD

   Man, I'd love it if Acchan dumped her BF for someone awesome like Hata there. QAQ But dat ain't happening. And no, my love towards AtsuYuu is far more than that XD And as for AtsuMina.... Well... Hata wins!
   Good news : Hata's just a... mentioned side chara XD Nothing more. But maybe it has something to do with Jurina =w=

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