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Author Topic: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 6 pt.1(2015/10/24)  (Read 29782 times)

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What did atsuko saw???? Hehe can't wait for next update^^ :cow:

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What did Acchan saw?! Will Acchan find out the truth about Takamina?!  :dunno:

Thanks for the Update! :shy1:

Can't wait for the next chapter! :cow: :bingo:

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Hi i'm a new readers (actually just create an account on this forum)  :mon sweat:

i'm very curios what does kai-takamina

And i beg Author-san don't be too long to update it  :mon pray2:

i'll be waiting   :twothumbs

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Great plot!! I wonder if kai is a tengu or something like that

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@Feat: You must've waited for so long. Yeah I'm back, but just for this time :(. By next week I'll be back at school with a bunch more homework and projects :cry:. So I really don't know when I will complete the next chapter :(; however, I hope you will like Part 2 of chapter 3 :). Thank you for reading and commenting. XD

@mikaellitsa: :lol: Everybody seems to get the feeling that Kai and Takamina are the same person :), but you knows; they could be right or wrong :P. But don't worry I'll you know soon in a couple of chapters of so :P. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. XD

@cisda83: About the picture, you will read it in the next part that is coming in a few scroll down :lol:. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. XD

@noah minami: Well, obviously I can't tell you here; just read the next update and you will know soon enough :P. Thank you for reading and commenting. XD

@River1721: You're welcome. What Atsuko saw in her camera will be revealed in this update. And about Takamina's hidden truth, you will find out in the process of the story. Thank you reading and commenting. XD

@Justqle: Oh hey! Welcome to JPH!P :welcome. Always happy to find newcomers here :) XD. Everybody's been curious about the possible relationship between Kai and Takamina, but like I said to the other, you will have to keep reading to find :P sorry about that; I don't want to spoil the story for everyone. Don't worry, this update is a bit of rush and all, but I can't promise about the next chapter. Other than writing fanfics in here (which I really enjoy doing) I still have school and I want to work really hard in school no matter how hard it will. Just be patient; 'cause before you know it, I'll update the next chapter in no time (or not) XD :lol:. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment XD.

@kahem: Thank you very much XD! :lol: No Kai is not a tengu; I don't actually remember mentioning that in one of my chapters. Thanks for reading and commenting XD.

(A/N): It looks I've actually finish this chapter and I've met my quota :lol:. Anyway, I was right; when you put the two parts together, it gives a total of 10 365 words. I wonder if it was a good thing to separate them in parts. Well, Part two of chapter three is done. Thank you for being patient and just like I promise, I updated it nearly by the end of this week. About chapter 4, I haven't started it yet, nonetheless, I will begin writing by tomorrow; I just don't know exactly when will I finish or when will I post it. Don't want for you to wait too long, so here's chapter 3 part 2:


Chapter 3 – Long Lost Lover pt.2

When school was over for the day, my sister came to pick me up with her bodyguard as my bodyguard just followed behind me. She told me that our father had to stay for work about a certain call from the museum of arts. I already knew he wouldn't pick us up after what happened this morning. Telling her I wanted to go somewhere instead of going home, and since she got nothing to do, she accompanied me to the public library with our two bodyguards.

Once entering the library, I asked the librarian what I was searching for; she looked into her computer for a few seconds and told us to follow her. She easily found the book from my description of the story and I was quite happy about it, but sadly, it was a recent version and not the original one. I did hope that Takamina would lend me that book one day.

"What's with the book?" My sister asked as we left the library, ready to head back towards home.

"Takamina told me an interesting story at the museum about the Agate Links when we were looking at it before we were told to leave." I answered as we entered the car to the passenger seats while one of our bodyguards were up front, driving us home.

"And? What's the story about?" Looks like I got her attention already, after all, Kai-san was going to steal the Agate Links from the museum tomorrow night.

"I knew you would ask and I'm also pretty sure that this would intrigue you more." I said, smiling as she urged me to continue. "Anyway, it's about this guy who falls in love with a princess and made the Agate Links for her which shows his inner feelings towards the princess, but the day after she receives the necklace, she dies of illness."

"Sounds like a fairy-tale or something, except the heroine dies at the end." She said disappointingly as she sat back, her arms crossed over her chest.

"But that's not all." I retorted as she looked at me expectantly.

"Go on."

"Did you know the main character and the creator of the Agate Links is none other than Dark Kai?" Now this time, I knew I got her attention really good. "But nobody knows that and none knows about the story behind it too."

"Is that why he will steal tomorrow?"

"Well yeah, it was his creation and probably he just wants it back or something." I shrugged, looking at the book in my hand.


Once we got home, I went immediately in my room, placing the book on my desk as I took out my camera from my bag and stared at the latest picture I took at the museum. Since there was no homework to do for class tomorrow, there was nothing much to do in the house besides probably watching television and going to the computer. Throwing the camera on my bed, I grabbed all of my toiletries and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

After my warm shower, I realized my sister was in my room probably telling me that dinner was almost ready and came to chat for a while. Changing into my house clothes and drying my hair, Yuko-nee sat on my bed with an innocent grin, her cheeks showing those deep dimples of hers and said, "I forgot to ask how was the art expedition today."

Shaking my head from side to side, I sighed deeply and just answered her question—a question where she could've ask me from the very beginning. "It was fine until something happen."

"Yeah I heard about that from dad on the phone." She flopped on my bed. "Anyway, dinner is probably ready by now; let's go eat."

Walking down the stairs, we got to the kitchen to find our dinner ready on the dining table. Thanking the maids for the meal, we sat on our usual seats and begun to eat. Without noticing, the dining room television was already on, on the news channel.

"Here at the Art Museum, the home of the phantom Kai's next target; the antique necklace known as the Agate Links. Little is known about the creator of this rare artifact donated to the museum just three days ago and was displayed early this morning where two high school students discovered the notice of the legendary phantom. The arrival of Dark Kai's latest warning letter generated a huge amount of interest from both the public and the media."

The same warning letter I've seen earlier today was immediately shown on the screen with the exact time of event on it. We ignored the rest of what were the newscasters were saying and continued eating our supper. While we were eating silently, I noticed my sister was staring at me with real curious eyes. I asked her what was up and why was she looking at me, and she answered as she took a bite of her rice.

"I just noticed this, but what's with the camera? I mean, you've been staring at it for quite a while and you suddenly brought it here in the dining room."

"I didn’t notice I brought it with me. Okay, before Takamina and I were force to leave the area, I got the chance to take a picture of the necklace, but something wasn't right and didn't seem to belong in the picture." I grabbed my camera on the corner of the dining table, turning it on and showed the latest picture in the little technology in my hand, my sister leaned sideways to get a better look at the photo.

In the picture, it appeared a young beautiful woman somewhere in her early twenties, wearing a white kimono with sakura patterns on it. She looked very tall and had very long silky hair which could actually reach her lower back; she looked like she was from royalty as if she was a princess or something more. She was excessively very beautiful, I couldn't believe such beauty in my life. Asides from my mother, she was the most beautiful woman I've seen so far.

"When I took that picture, that woman appeared out of nowhere, and I'm pretty certain I didn't took her photo by accident. It's odd that she would be in a high secured area at that very time." I said to my sister, hoping she could see the woman in the picture.

"Well, she's really damn pretty if that's what you're asking."

"Wait? You can see her?" I asked as she looked at me peculiarly.

"Well yeah; why?"

"I showed it to Takamina after the trip and she seemed to see the woman perfectly, so I thought the woman was probably there without me knowing it; but when I showed it to Tomochin, she couldn't see her at all and she was looking at me weirdly. She must've think that I was some kind of weirdo at that time." Explaining why I was shock that Yuko-nee could see the woman, I was happy that someone else asides from me and Takamina could see her, which basically meant that I wasn't crazy from the beginning. Though, I wondered, if Tomochin couldn't see the woman, why was Takamina able to see her; this didn't make sense at all.

"Is that so?" She looked up as if she was thinking of something, yet she didn't say anything and just shrugged her arms to just forget about. "Anywhay, I actually found this particular picture very strange. Nobody wears a traditional kimono out on the open nowadays; not even beautiful young woman like her. Usually, we would only wear those on very special occasions." She remarked, until she made up a theory in her head which made me face palm internally. "Maybe she's some kind of ghost or a spirit, lurking around the neighbourhood, trying to find out why they're still on earth and not on the other side, and what kind of unfinished business they have."

"I think you've been reading a lot of ghost stories when you were younger." I deadpanned as I turned back to my food, eating again.

"Oh come one! Think a little; if she just pops out of nowhere in your camera then it could only mean one thing. She's a ghost or a soul ready to be taken by some shinigami." And now, she kept rambling and rambling about her genius theory and it was getting ridiculous. "Don't forget that Dark Kai is a kind of supernatural being too; being called the 'Dark Angel' back in his past. And if I remember correctly, his little pet, the Black Panther cub or whatever it was, it doesn't just sink into a man's back to give him wings to fly and obviously, we've witnessed that Kai possesses and produces magic that magicians can't possibly do."

"So what exactly is your point here?"

"What we're living in and witness right now is so far beyond than just a fiction novel; it's like living in a book narrated by God himself and only He knows what's happening and what will happen next in ours and others futures." We were basically living in a book where God told billions of stories at the same time. But still, I kept my posture and stayed nonchalant, not bothering to listen what else she had to say next; this was plain crazy and stupid. I knew Kai-san was a unique being, compared to us humans. He had superpowers that I had actually seen with my own two eyes, but still, I found ghost stories very childish and very unrealistic. Never in my life have I seen a real ghost right in front of me before, and I would only admit I was wrong when I actually seen one. Even if they were real, I had serious doubts about my sister's theory. "Why don't we check it now, tonight?"

"Where to?"

"The museum!" She exclaimed excitedly. Okay, this was going way to far now.

"Are you insane?!"I yelled at her as she winced at my loud voice, covering her ears. Not wanting anyone else, especially our bodyguards, listening to this conversation, I began to hiss in a loud whisper. "You want to break into a museum?! Clearly you've lost your mind! What if we get caught by the authorities?!"

"Geez; you don't have to freaking yell. I'm just right next to you." She said as she was probably trying to get rid of the ringing in her ears, rubbing the insides of her ears with her fingers. "And no, I am not crazy nor am I losing my mind; I'm being dead serious about this." With the way she was looking at me right now, I knew she was nothing but serious. But she suddenly smirked, showing a mischievous glint in her dark brown eyes which I knew next what she was thinking. With my sister, if she wanted something really bad, she would get without a second thought; we were very much alike, since not only we were sisters, but I would do exactly the same when I wanted something really badly. "Let me remind you that we are the daughters of the Chief Commander; we can get away with anything as long as dad's people know us. We can get in the museum without having a ruckus."

"Okay genius. What about our bodyguards; what are we going to do with them? They will follow us anywhere we go; well not anywhere, but you get the point." Pointing out the obvious obviousness, she only grinned which kind of freaked me out a little.

"We can just give them the slip." She simply responded, making it sound as if it was easy to escape their falcon-like sight.

"And how do you plan on doing that?"

"Don't worry. Leave all the thinking to your onee-chan; I have an amazing plan." She rubbed her hands together as her eyes displayed an evil look, making her look like a super villain like in those typical cartoon shows or something.


I seriously couldn't believe we actually escaped from our bodyguards so easily without breaking a single drop of sweat. I really didn't knew it was just that easy; how could I not think of that? Who would ever thought doing something so small and stupid would actually help us slip under the noses of our bodyguards. Apparently, my sister decided to play a little trick to the bodyguards by offering them a break with drinks and snacks, saying how hard they had been working and how much they needed a break. Taking the bait without a second, they accepted the goods and began eating their snacks. But they soon regretted it as they both ran to the guests’ rooms’ washrooms know... Anyway, my sister added something in their drinks and gave them the instant diarrhea which got them running like the speed of light towards the bathrooms.

We were now currently inside the museum. It wasn't difficult to get in what with the guards recognizing us as the daughters of the Chief Commander, and without much hesitation, they let us in, thinking that we were there to help our father with his mission of the capture of Dark Kai and lock him up behind bars by giving him some pointers and a military plan to finally do so. However, during all of these days he has been here, I knew it was very impossible to just hold him captive unless we got some special powers like the phantom; yet, it was very most unlikely to happen.

Climbing the stairs one step at the time, we finally reached the large room where the Agate Links was located. The spacious room was so dark that our only source of light were the flashlights the guards leant us and the moonlight shinning upon the large windows on each side of the room.

"Who's there?"

All of a sudden, a soft voice called out as we screamed in sheer fear while Yuko-nee and I held onto each other for dear life, dropping our sources of light on the floor as they rolled away from us, flashing their brightness around the room until it stopped to an unknown figure which got us to scream twice as loud. We heard running footsteps heading in our way as five guards came to us, looking alarmed and worried; their hands holding onto their personal flashlights and security guard sticks.

"What the hell is going on?! Is everything alright?!" One of the guards asked as they looked around the room, confused as if they couldn't see the source of our fear. "There's nothing here. I think you girls are seeing things and I believe it is better if you head back home; it's getting really late and it is not safe for girls at your age to be walking alone in the streets." My thoughts were correct. With the way they were looking around without seeing the woman where she was located just right next to the Agate Links and with the moon shinning right above it, it was very clear that they couldn't see the woman at all—a woman who was not supposed to be in the museum in the first place.

"Oh it's nothing." We both smiled sheepishly as we stared at each other. "We thought we saw something and we ended up screaming involuntarily. I apologize for making a misunderstanding ruckus; it's our fault." Yuko-nee apologized as we bowed at the guards. "However, we would like to stay a little longer and before you know it, we will leave." With that excuse said, the guards left, shrugging their shoulders as they told us to make sure we would call them if anything happened to us.

Watching the men leave one at a time, we turned back to look at the woman who was staring back at us as she walked out of her hiding spot, revealing her tall figure and her white and pink kimono as she asked, "You can see me?"

My sister and I stared back at each other as we gulped fearfully and replied in unison with shaking voice, "Y-yes."

"Are you a ghost or something?" I immediately smacked my sister's head from behind as she cried in pain, glaring at me while I glared back at her. Why the hell would you ask a question like that so rudely? I meant, what if she really was a ghost? She would probably haunt us to the ends of the earth and curse us. Okay, maybe I was really exaggerating about this, but it was plainly rude to even ask someone if they were a ghost or some of the sort.

"I wouldn't call myself that." The woman softly answered. "You can say I am just a lonely soul with unfinished business or something."

"What kind of unfinished business?" I asked.

"I really don't know; I can't remember. I feel like I'm supposed to look and wait for someone special." My eyes instantly widened as I remembered the story Takamina told me when I asked her about the pendant.

"I feel that this necklace was given to me by someone really special and close to my heart, but I just can't remember who exactly." The ancient necklace was out of the glass box as the young woman held it to her chest—to her heart. "I felt that this person has spent many times with me. I don't think I got the chance to ask for his name or maybe I just can't remember it. For many long years, I have waited for his return; not knowing who exactly was I waiting for or why I was waiting for him for nearly a century." She paused as she let out a sigh of sadness. "This necklace has been transported from one place to another, and it seems like it was going to be taken away again. How am I supposed to wait for this person if this pendant and I included keep moving around?"

"If it's that important to you then you should keep it and protect it at all cost; even thought this thief saved our lives that one time and I'm very grateful, but that doesn't give him the right to take something that didn't belong to him." My sister argued as she stepped up a little closer to the tall woman while she smiled, thankful for our thoughtfulness.

"You're Ray; Princess Takigawa Hanako." Saying that out of nowhere, she turned to look at me, nodding her head as she smiled brightly.

"Wait! You're a princess?" Yuko-nee exclaimed as she also turned to me and said, "Is this the princess you told me about." To answer her question, I only nodded in affirmative.

"Yes, I am. I remember seeing you earlier this morning here at this very spot with another girl. I knew you couldn't see me until now. However, I was most certainly sure your friend could." She stated which caught my full attention to her. Takamina could see her? It didn't seem like she could see her at all when she told me the story about this woman. Well, I did notice that she was shocked before I scared her; could it be that she was pretending to not notice her when I was talking to her? "I was not really sure, but I felt like she was staring at me instead of the necklace. And for some really miscellaneous reasons, that girl looked suspiciously familiar."

"Hold on a second. My friend reminded you of someone?" I asked as she nodded.

"Well, yes. Her face seems so awfully familiar that she sort of resembles someone I just couldn't put my finger on." She responded.


Not long after that, we both exited the building without causing any trouble to the guards as my sister and I walked closely to each other till we heard a smooth alto voice, coming from above. Looking up on a tree, there was the blond boy, standing on a branch in a whole different black outfit which I always found it cool on him, but that was not really the point right now. He jumped down, landing perfectly on the ground, flatly on his feet as he gazed longingly towards the museums.

"You know, I don't know how many times I have to say this, but girls shouldn't be walking around at this hour; it's really dangerous." He sighed as he looked at us quite disappointingly.

"What are you doing here thief?!" My sister said, hiding behind me with a slight blush on her cheeks as she frowned. "Are you planning an advance infiltration for tomorrow?"

"I don't need an advance infiltration plan when it's more exciting to not have a plan on the day of the event. Whatever your father and his men are planning, I only take it as a challenge to find out who can outsmart the other. And no offense to your father, despite all the technologies in this generation, he and his men are very—and I mean very—easy to bypass." He smirked as that look slowly disappeared; deprived of emotions while he took a step closer to us that has got us more cautious. "Though, I have to say, I find it really hard to believe that you girls can see the soul locked in the Agate Links. I thought only my partner and I could see her. You two must be something else. I must've underestimated you humans." His glowing blue eyes suddenly turned into a darker shade of brown totally unlike the blue color I've always seen. For some odd reasons, I could somehow get a feeling that those eyes I was staring at right now were not the eyes of Dark Kai I seemed to know. Those eyes gave me a different feel like it was featuring a different personality—a different character.

"Partner? You have a partner? Who is it?" The boy pursed his lips as he snapped his fingers together and his wings appeared out of the blue and began to flap those wings.

"It seems that my other half have said too much; that's only for me and him to know and you to never find out." With that, he flew away.


"How can that be even possible? From all the records I've read, Dark Kai always works alone; there was no way he could have a partner, unless, he's bluffing." My sister began to be irritated as she messed her hair up.

Once we got home, we went straight to her room as she checked all of her data she had found so far about the thief and there was no evidence that Dark Kai-san had ever had a partner. But then again, there was this other guy from the night Kai-san saved us. Could he possibly be his partner?

"What about the mysterious guy we saw when we were kidnapped?"

"Not a chance. Those two didn't seem to be friendly with each other at all." She said as she placed both her hands on her face, sighing in frustration. "And it really looked like that Kai wanted to rip the other guy's head off and tear his body apart."

"Hmm...Then I don't have any idea who this partner of his really is." Honestly, my assumptions were that Dark Kai-san and his partner were probably one person. They were one person but with very different personality; however, I still had my doubts about that. Yet, when I saw those eyes, turning from blue to dark brown was obviously not natural. Besides, he did say that he had an 'other half' which could probably mean his second personality or something. But something was seriously bothering me, Takamina told me that the author of the original story witnessed the whole thing between Princess Hanako and Dark Kai like he was actually there. If it were possible, maybe the author was his partner and maybe one of his descendants of this generation became Dark Kai's partner today.

"I can hear you thinking but you're not saying anything." My sister cut me off from my musings as she looked at me, obviously wanting to know what I was thinking, but I didn't say anything.

"It's nothing. I'm tired; I'm going to sleep. I have school tomorrow." I excused myself as I walked towards the, greeting my sister goodnight as she did the same.



The next day went by as usual. My sister and I went to school as my father went to work, planning for the arriving event. And now, the night has finally come as the time of Dark Kai's arrival was soon coming closer and closer. My sister insisted we go back to the museum to see what was going to happen and also to prevent Kai-san from stealing the Agate Links; my sister's plan not mine. Honestly, I didn't see why we should stop him and why we were supposed to go back without a reason. We've again snuck out and slipped away from our bodyguards with the same trick my sister did the other night, except we sort of spiked their dinner before the maids served them. I felt really bad for them for being part of my sister's schemes. Though, I wouldn't blame them if they thought of quitting their jobs as bodyguards after tonight. That was two night in a row that they would get sick in their stomachs.

Instead of entering from the front like last time, we had to find a way to sneak in without being seen by my father and his men. It was actually easy to bypass them without actually being seen by these guards. All we did was sneak by the back of the building and we saw a window that was already wide open, and we just got ourselves in. If this was what my father called high security then he should find a new definition for that; 'cause if we could in get without a ruckus, imagine how easy it would be for Kai-san to break into the museum despite the numerous guards in the inside and out. It was like child's play.

Just like the other night, we climb up the stairs very silently, tiptoeing to the room where the Agate Links rested. However, by the time we arrived, all of the guards inside the room were already down; unconscious even. This probably meant that Kai-san was already here before we did. The only person standing was the phantom boy; we hid behind the walls to see what was going to happen next. Kai-san turned around to find himself face to face with the woman. The young woman looked shock as she saw the face of the boy, I saw tears trickling down her cheeks as she ran into the young man's arms, embracing him very tightly. I guessed she finally remembered who he was. Kai-san reciprocated the action as he brought his face into the crook of the woman's neck, probably not wanting her to see his crying face. It seemed that he must've really missed her so much.

"Why are you crying?" Once they pulled away from the embrace, the princess asked as she looked at the boy’s teary eyes.

"I'm not crying." Kai-san replied, smiling; stubbornly wiping the tears away. "I'm just really happy to see you again. You have no idea how much I miss you."

"I've been waiting for you for so long."

"I know; I just didn't notice until recently."

All of a sudden, while we were looking from the walls, Yuko-nee kept leaning forward to get a better look at the both of them, but we ended up falling to the floor, earning the attention of the two lovebirds. We both got up immediately as we looked around nervously.

"What are you girls doing here?" Kai-san frowned as he eyed at us suspiciously. "Did your father sent you here?"

"There is no way, dad wouldn't sent us here even if we begged him to." Answering his question, the princess smiled at us as she placed her hands on the phantom's shoulders.

"I remember really well now; this is the person who stole my heart many years ago." Kai-san looked stun as a blush crept upon his cheeks; this was the first time I ever saw him blush. It was really adorable if you asked me. From the first time I met him, he was all in serious mode; only once he smiled at me, but I never saw him blush. "You know, I never got to ask for your name, my mysterious angel."

Kai-san turned around towards the woman and answered, "Kai, my name is Kai."

"Kai." She softly repeated; the sound of his name rolling well around her tongue. She soon removed the necklace around her neck and gave it to the boy who looked bewildered. "I think you are looking for this."

The lad took it as he looked back at her, approaching her while placing the palm of his hand on the woman's cheek; gently caressing it as he leaned forward for a passionate kiss. Yuko-nee and I stared wide eyed; shocked by the young man's action. As weird as this sounded, I found it really touching and beautiful. Once separated from the kiss, the phantom boy stared at the pendant and all of a sudden, he broke a piece of the jewelry wing which shocked me and my sister. What the hell was he doing?

"You were cursed by the spell of the Agate Links which cause you to stay on earth for way too long. Breaking it was my original purpose after stealing it that is. If I didn't, you would've remain bound to it. You have waited for my return since I first gave it to you; almost a hundred years." Kai-san gave the pendant back to the woman who smiled fondly at him. "Here. You can keep it; it is fully yours now."

"Thank you; after so long, I finally got to say it to you."

With that, they gave each other one last embrace and another passionate kiss as light surrounded her body— her soul and finally disappeared with a genuine smile on her face. The boy sighed sadly as he looked down.

"Somehow I get the feeling that she wasn't cursed in the first place, but she waited for me to come back for the jewel just wanting to thank me." A tear fell from his blue eyes as he smiled, looking up unto the ceiling. "I've created the Agate Links for her to know how I felt for her and how much she meant to me. She was the only woman I ever loved; I missed her till this very day and I finally got to see her again for one last time." He smiled sadly as more tears fell from his blue eyes.

Yuko-nee and I didn't say a word. It was not because we didn't know what to say, it was because we couldn't say anything. What he has been through was way worse from what we felt we lost our mother. From what I presumed, he had lived longer and had bear that burden on his shoulders for nearly a century, he still thought about her and missed her every day till this day and still more to come. I wanted to cry, but somehow, I couldn't; my tears wouldn't want to leave my eyes. I have held this feeling for a long time, and I promised myself I wouldn't cry to this kind of feeling.

All three of us sneakily walked out of the museum, making sure no one saw us going out. From the looks of it, my father and his men were still waiting outside and they looked very frustrated that all of them went inside to check what was going on. When the coast was clear, Kai-san offered us a ride home and we flew back home. We thanked him again and kept calling him Kai-san which he preferred for us to just call him Kai. That night was quite unforgettable, I finally realized that even Kai was some kind of crook, he had a heart; he had feelings like us humans felt. He may be some sort of 'Dark Angel' to some people, but in the inside, he was like any human being.


The very next day, as usual, I went to school like any other day. However, somehow, this day was a little bit different than usual. Last night, I couldn't sleep at all; not even a single blink. I didn't know why. Once I got into my classroom, I saw Takamina sitting in her desk; looking quite tired as well, and it seemed she was holding something in her hands.

I approached my desk and she took notice of my presence. She grinned as she showed me what was in her hand; it was a book, but not just a simple book, it was a really old book like the books you see in history movies and in documentary channels. 'The Dark Angel's Little Secret' was what was written on the cover page of the book. This must be the original story that Takamina told me about.

"I took the time to find the book you wanted to borrow. My mom helped me find it; it was in my dad's library in the basement. Since my dad is not here right now, I asked my mom for her permission to lend it to you; she seems okay with it, but just don't tear it apart alright. It's really, really old." She displayed the book before me, silently telling me to take it. I took the book as I pressed it close to me as if it was the most precious thing in the world. Takamina seemed to notice my demeanor and asked me if I was okay.

Instead of answering, I didn't know why, but I kept staring at the shorter girl's face, mostly her dark brown eyes. Kai and Takamina sure did look alike a lot, yet they were very different in terms of personality. Without thinking, I lunged into Takamina arms and silently burst into tears that I knew I held since last night. I didn't want to cause a scene in front of our classmates, so I didn't dare cry out loud.

"Acchan, what's the matter?"

"C-can w-we j-just s-s-stay l-like f-for a-a w-while?" I stuttered and choked as I hid my face into her neck, feeling her nod hesitantly. "Thank you." I felt an arm wrapping around my waist as I felt another going up to my back, rubbing it comfortably and soothingly.

Hearing my other friends’ voices, asking what was going on with me. Takamina shrugged not knowing the answer of my sudden burst of tears, and even though I couldn’t see them, I could tell they were just watching me, hugging Takamina tightly with worry evident on their faces.

To be continued


I hope you readers and silent readers have enjoyed this part of chapter 3. And, honestly, I really glad to have read all those comments you commentators have wrote for me; it gave me more inspiration and hope that people are actually reading my fic and still waiting for the next chapter. Really guys, I really appreciated it, and with all my heart I thank you.

Again, please don't be shy to leave a comment; either simple of long, I welcome all comments with open arms. And I'll see you guys in some time later.

Yours truly, your pal, Haru or Jei, or just plain Haru_Jei (anything is fine) :P XD
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(A/N): I'm really sorry for the really long delay :bow: :bow: :bow:. Something happened to my laptop and I had to bring it for a repair. Unfortunately for me, all my documents were in the laptop and I couldn't continue writing the story until I got my laptop back, and it had been quite a while since the technicians had been trying to fix it. The chapter was 10-15% complete and I really can't do anything until I get my laptop back. :( :cry: :cry: For the time being, I had been using the my school's computers and my phone just to see and read new updates, and trust me, it's much more frustrating that I don't have my laptop :(. I know most of you are seriously looking forward for the next chapter and I'm really feeling bad for this, and I am on my knees to apologize. Really, I'm very sorry for the really long lateness. :bow: :bow: :bow: And what makes it worse, I had my finals during early May and all of my notes were in my laptop which makes it really hard for me to study. Since I'm in vacation now, I'm still waiting patiently for the repair of my laptop which seems to be like forever. I could've post a new update, but I don't have my documents that's in my laptop. Please understand and be patient a little more. ~Haru~

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@cisda83: Maybe a little bit of story behind Kai's background would be a little interesting instead of keeping him too mysterious all the time. Well, you're in luck now, the next chapter is coming up right about now! Just scroll down a little lower and you're there. :lol: :P

(A/N):  :bow: :bow: :bow: I know I did promise to update during the summer, but I didn't and I apologize sincerely :bow: :bow: :bow:. When I got my laptop back from the shop, I totally forgot what I was suppose to write and my ideas were a complete blur :nervous; I'm kind of stupid and I regretted for not taking notes of my ideas at all :doh:. Anyway, since it was summer vacation, you can really and I mean really blame me for being a lazy bum and delaying my writings, so I'm in complete fault here. Well, since school started last Thursday for me, I don't think I can advance in my fics for quite a while :(, I'll be very busy with homework(which I already have many), so I believe you guys won't have the next up till December or January :cry: :(. Okay! Enough of me ranting excuses and whatevers. Here's the next chapter.

P.S.: This chapter is a lot shorter than the last one so...yeah :nervous enjoy! XD By the way, if some of you prefer reading it in Tumblr, here it is: How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 4 - Coincidence or Not?


Chapter 4 – Coincidence or Not?

Today was one hell of a lousy Saturday. Why you asked? My sister suddenly ditched me in the middle of the city when she was the one who requested we hang out on Saturday. But no! By the time we got into the heart of the city, she received a call from Sayaka-sempai and Sae-sempai, and they notified her that they had a project to finish which my sister seemed to have forgotten about it. She apologized continuously almost begging for forgiveness when she saw my arms crossed over my chest and an angry pout shown on my face, and promised me she would make it up to me next weekend before leaving with the car.
Anyway, sighing defeatedly, I gave Tomochin and Miichan a call, asking them if they wanted to hang out for today.  Fortunately for me, they agreed as we met up at the mall; Kuu decided to join in as well since his best friend, namely Takamina, had something else to do.
Tomochin and I shopped for clothes and accessories while Kuu bought some video games and Miichan browsed in some mangas. We then watched a comedy movie together in the movie theatre nearby as we laughed our arses off. After the movie, we ended up at a café, eating our ordered snacks at a table outside of the small shop. While we were eating, something or rather someone caught my eye.
“Hey guys, is that who I think it is?” I asked, pointing at the entrance of the supermarket on the other side of the street while the others glanced at the direction of my finger. “Is that Takamina?” I questioned, seeing the girl walking out of the automatic doors with heavy grocery bags. Nonetheless, another woman walked out with her as she smiled lovingly at the struggling little girl.
“Who’s that with her?” I heard Tomochin asking as I tilted my head to the side, wondering who that was also; the woman was quite tall and really pretty, and she looked too young to be Takamina’s mother. Could it be her older sister? Tomochin added, “Somehow, she looks really familiar.”
“That’s her older sister.” Kuu answered as he added, “Miichan and I always saw her, bringing Takamina to the daycare and picking her up every day.” Kuu yelled the girl’s name which caught her attention really quick, and he waved at her. Takamina immediately waved back at us as the woman told something to Takamina and went inside a cosmetic shop after the girl nodded. With the heavy grocery bags, Takamina came running at our table and greeted us with a wide grin.
“Hey guys! Didn’t expect to see you here.” She said happily as she slowly and gently dropped the bags and grabbed a seat beside her best friend.
“Same here. We’re just hanging out. What about you; going out groceries with your sister?” Kuu asked as he wrapped his arm around the girl’s shoulder who tilted her head, looking puzzled.
“Sister? Kuu, I’m an only child. I thought you already knew that.” Takamina replied as a matter of fact which caused Kuu's smile to fall, leaving him dumbfounded.
“Eh? If she’s not your sister then who was that woman with you?” Kuu questioned, probably feeling really stupid right now.
“We’ve been friends for how long now, and you still didn’t know that that woman was my mother?” She asked; her eyebrow raised, looking at him strangely and shock.
“Eh?! She’s your mother?!” Miichan exclaimed loudly, attracting the other patrons around us as the rest of us had our eyes like saucers. “But she looks so young; she can really pass out as your sister really easily.” I had to agree with Miichan here as everyone else nodded their heads too, agreeing. Her mother must've have age really well or had Takamina at a quite young age.
“I think it’s only normal that people may think that my mother is my sister since she got me at a really young age.” Takamina explained as the woman we were talking about approached us, greeting us politely in a friendly smile.
“You must be my Minami’s friends. Hi, I’m Takahashi Haruna; nice to meet you.” The woman introduced herself, bowing slightly. We introduced ourselves as well—namely Tomochin and me—returning the bow.

After we introduced ourselves, Tomochin suddenly shouted, attracting the attention from patrons again. Apparently, Takamina’s mother was a very popular model in Japan and still was; she also used to be an idol when she was in her teenage years before disappearing from the public eye and became a model a year after. Tomochin retrieved a pen and a magazine that she recently bought earlier today from her bag, and asked for an autograph. The woman was happily signing the photo book and smiled before turning at Kuu and Miichan.
“It’s been a long time Kuu-kun, Miichan; you’ve grown a lot since the last time I saw you.” She stated as she rubbed their heads messily. She glanced at all of us and thanked us for watching over her ‘baby’ when she was not around, making the little girl blush for calling her ‘baby’. I found it really cute actually; they must be really close. “Minami, we have to go home now; Nyaachan is probably waiting for us, and I want to try out that game we just bought. It’s really nice to meet all of you.”
“But that’s my game~” Takamina complained, pouting as her mother affectionately pinched her nose before the girl turned back to us. “Well, I have to go now. I’ll see you guys at school.” She got up from her seat as she grabbed all of the grocery bags while her mother unlocked the doors of their car. We all bid them goodbye and the car drove away.
Once the sun was about to set, Tomochin, Miichan and Kuu decided to call it a day and left after saying their goodbyes, saying they would see me back at school on Monday; I called my driver to pick me up and drive me back home.
By the time I got home, I walked to my sister’s room only to find Sayaka-sempai and Sae-sempai in her room engrossed on working on their group project with my sister who was starting to look frustrated. A couple of seconds later, Yuko-nee looked up to find me at her door; she got up, grinning as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside her room. Looks like she wanted to take a little break; she must've been working since she got back home.

"Hey, little sis'! How's your day today?"

"Nothing much; hung out with Tomochin and the Minegishi twins." Replying, I took a look at their work and they didn't seem like they were close to finishing. Looks like they would spend an all-nighter tonight.

"Really? That's good. And?" She urged me to continue as she worked at the same time.

"We saw Takamina coming out of the supermarket with her mother." Adding, I heard her hum as I pointed out. "Her mother is Takahashi Haruna."

All of a sudden, Yuko-nee jumped in shock as she settled beside me in a flash, forgetting her work completely which her teammates glared at her for being easily distracted.

"Seriously?! Like the idol who was Kojima Haruna, but became Takahashi Haruna the model?!" Shouting, she shook me hard, probably feeling jealous about me meeting the supermodel as I answered with a nod. "No way!"

Covering my ears from her loud voice, she stopped screaming like a crazy fan and calmed down, taking a couple of deep breaths.

"I can't believe you met her; I idolize her. Her body is amazing, and her boobs! Ah, her boobs! I just want to touch them and squeeze them; just feeling them would make me happy."

Honestly, I never pegged my sister to be a an old man. But now that I mentioned it, I remembered her staring at me—like how she looked like right now—when we were at the beach last year, and out of nowhere, she jumped on me and grabbed my chest. I didn't react much at her antics since she was my sibling and I didn't really care much because of her playful character.

"You're weird." I deadpanned as I reminded her, "Just so you know, you're talking about my friend's mother here, and it's really disturbing."

Leaving the room, I walked to my own room and just did whatever.

The weekend went by so fast and I was now back at school. Morning classes were going smoothly and normally as usual, and time passed by rather quickly. It was already lunch hour and before my friends gathered around—like we usually did—I took Takamina by the arm as I excused myself to the bathroom and pulled her outside the classroom with a book in my hand.
We walked along the hallways as I handed her back the book she lent me a few days ago. The book was much more interesting and more detailed than the versions I’ve read when I was a child. It was so interesting that it only took me a couple of days to read the whole thing without much of a distraction and a break. The story was deep and emotional, and sounded very much real despite the supernatural theme behind it. However, after reading the whole book, I realized that everything was real after that incident at the museum when Kai apprehended the Agate Links. Takamina was right; the narrator spoke like they were really there. Kind of like they were seeing through Dark Kai’s eyes; kind of like the narrator was calling themselves in the third person as if they were the same person.
“Ah, thanks. Did you like it?” She said, taking the book from me.
“Yeah I did. It so much better than the ones I usually hear when I was a kid, but it had a sad ending.” I commented as I smiled sadly at her. “By the way, thank you for lending the book to me.”
“No problem.” She replied as her face turned somewhat serious. “I don’t mean to pry in your business or anything, but do you mind telling me why were you crying that day? I mean, something must’ve happen that made you cry.” She asked hesitantly as she glanced down at her feet, staying silent while waiting for my reply. “You know, you don’t have to tell me if you’re uncomfortable about it; it’s alright—”
“The night before that day, I remembered a feeling I had felt many years ago.”
“A feeling?”
I let out a sigh as I turned to face her, grabbing her back inside the classroom. I ordered her to take her lunch with her as I took mine. I excused myself and Takamina to eat somewhere else to talk privately; our friends asked us why we had to leave them and I just decided not to tell them and apologized sincerely.
I guided my little friend to the rooftop as we sat down and began to eat silently. Takamina stood silent, eating while waiting for me to tell her my story. I heaved a deep sigh as I let my lunchbox rest on my lap.
“My mother passed away when I was just I child. Before she died, I promised her that I would never cry and always smile, and at her funeral, I kept my promise and I didn’t shed a single tear.” I told her before inhaling a deep breath as I opened my mouth to carry on on my tale. “The night before you lent me that book, something happened that made me remember that feeling. When you showed me the book, it triggered that feeling inside me which got me to burst in tears. I kept it bottled up for many years and I had to just release it to be free of it.” I ended, sighing as I wiped the unshed tear from my eye; the silence surrounding us for quite a while.
“I sort of get what you mean?” The pregnant silence broke when she suddenly spoke.
“You do?”
“Well, yeah. I mean, I can actually relate to your story, but it’s not as painful as yours.” She stated as she extracted a photograph from her wallet, displaying a laughing baby Takamina being held in a loveable and protective embrace by a really young adult in which I assumed was her father who had the most feminine and good-looking face I’ve ever seen in my entire life—almost thought that he was a woman for a second. “I was only three years old when my father left the house to work abroad; he never came back to this day.” She confessed, breathing deeply as I listened to her story attentively. “I wasn’t lying when I told you that my mother got pregnant with me at a young age; both my parents were high school sweethearts. “She added, smiling slightly as she resumed dejectedly. “When I started attending preschool, I realized that all the kids had their fathers with them; everyone except for me. I was beginning to become depress and jealous towards the other children, and some of the boys in my class were starting to bully me, saying that the reason why I didn’t have a father around was because he didn’t love me and my mother anymore and decided to abandon us.” Those little bastards. I could totally understand her; I used to be bullied too as a child when I lost my mother. Being bullied and picked on were not an amusing feeling at all. “With that alone, I snapped and went as far to bring violence onto my classmates—mostly to the boys—and nearly choked one of them to death. The preschool called my mother and she was not too happy about it; she scolded and asked me why I did something like that. I told her and explained how those kids bullied me and told me all those horrible things to me. She cried right in front of me and held me really close.”

When she was done, none of us spoken till the end of lunch break as we didn't have any topics to talk about after that tense conversation we had.

“Okay, this project is the biggest project you'll have this semester and the topic is about love; I want you to show me your meaning of love and express them through your skills. This is not an easy task, so you have till the end of the semester to work on it and to hand it in.” Afternoon classes began with art class as the teacher explained the biggest project of the year that we were going to have while adding, “There are many artifacts in the museum we visited last week that showed examples of love, so I want you to do the same thing."
While I was sorting out my art equipment on the desk, I noticed that I was running out of charcoal pencil and so was the papers on my sketchbook. With the remaining of my art materials, I thought of the best picture of my definition of love. Picking up my charcoal pencil, I brought my hand up to my sketchbook and I was ready to draw, but my hand stopped half-way to the paper; I didn’t know what to draw at all. What was my definition of love? I’ve never been in love in my whole life. There were many forms of love; the love between parents and their children, the love in friendship, the love between lovers, and many more. Love was a complicated emotion and a powerful word that was difficult to understand. It was also really hard to describe with just words.
Putting my pencil down, I gazed around to my other peers to see how far they have gone, but many of them didn’t seem to begin drawing either; it looked like everybody was having a hard time to picture their definition of love. I glanced at Takamina and it appeared that she had already started drawing her draft, shaping the forms, shapes and lines. As expected from the president of the art club, and not to mention that she had been in love with Tomochin and been in a relationship with her before, so it was only natural that she knew what love was. I was never good at arts and some were the same, but the teacher told us before it was alright as long as we tried our best.
“I’m not expecting you to finish your draft today, I’m only demanding you to brainstorm your ideas and if it is possible, you can start drawing your drafts. Just take your time and don’t rush things, because the more you rush, the more you panic and mess things up.” The art teacher pronounced as he walked around the classroom to see how many have begun drawing their drafts and how many have not started yet as he helped others with ideas and get them started.
When art class was over, my classmates and I walked back to our originated classroom for the next class. Tomochin and Miichan were walking in each of my sides as we were talking about our previous class.
“Have you thought of what to do about the art project?” Tomochin asked as Miichan rolled her eyes, shaking her head disapprovingly. “I mean, it’s a really good theme, but I’m having a hard time expressing it on a piece of paper or canvas.
“The topic is too complicated. Even though I love reading shoujo mangas and knowing everything about romance through them, but I don’t know a thing a love; heck, I’ve never been in love.” Miichan responded, complaining a bit.
“You do realize that love doesn’t have to just be about romance; it could be also be about family and friendship too.” Pointing that out, I saw Miichan smacking her forehead as Tomochin made an ‘O’ shape with her lips.
“Why didn’t I see or think about it earlier? I can’t believe I feel so stupid.” Miichan said while Tomochin probably thought the same thing.

Sighing, I was nowhere near to even start my draft. The teacher did help me with ideas, but none of them seemed to be as extraordinary as he thought it was. Maybe the ideas would appear once I got inspiration from my personal life or from others.

When the day was over, I told my driver to bring me to the art store first before he brought me back home. I was now currently inside the art store, finding my supplies. Finding what I needed and some extra equipment, I found someone in the store as well; I found Takamina also browsing around the store. Feeling like she was being watched, she turned towards me only to catch my gaze in surprise.
“Hey Acchan, it’s very unlikely to find you hanging around here, and unexpected.” She approached me, smiling while balancing all the items in her arms.
“I just ran out on some stuffs and came here to buy them for the art project.” Replying, I showed the blank sketchbook and the small pack of charcoal pencils in my hands, emphasizing as she stared at the items, frowning slightly. “What?”
“Oh…um…it’s nothing. It’s just these are not exactly the best qualities items to buy; the charcoal pencils are too thin that they can break easily and the papers on that sketchbook are so low quality and cheap like the ones they have in coloring books for children.” Takamina judged at my choice of art products as I lifted my eyebrow, feeling somewhat insulted which she felt it.
“Well sorry for not being a professional artist here.” I said, trying to cross my arms on my chest as she chuckled slightly.
“As a matter of fact, I didn’t say that to insult you; I said that just so you can see and buy better quality items than those cheap ones you’re holding.” She reassured me as she grabbed my wrist and lead me to the pencil section, taking a look at the varieties of charcoal pencils at the end the aisle. Finding what she was looking for, she picked them up and brought me a mechanical pencil with a slightly thicker charcoal leads. “This is the best mechanical pencil in the store and since the leads are a little bit thicker than those, you don’t have to worry about them breaking too soon.” She explained, giving the pencil and the pack of leads to me as I checked the price, making my eyes go wide which I turned to her unhappy.
“This is too expensive for just one mechanical pencil.” I protested, comparing the prices on both charcoal pencils and the mechanical pencil.
“Well, you don’t have to complain about your pencil to go shorter and break every time, and despite this one being more expensive than those, you save a bunch on money just to buy leads instead of pencils.” She reasoned as I also compared the leads with the pencils, and she was right; the leads were a couple of dozens yens cheaper than the thin lead pencils.
Putting the pencils back to its rightful place, I grabbed a second pack of leads for extras as Takamina and I went to the papers, sketchbooks and canvas section. Just like a while ago, Takamina stared at the varieties of sketchbooks as she grabbed a big booklet. Grabbing the big booklet, the papers were quite thick and it was a little bit pricier than the sketchbook I was currently holding.
“This sketchbook has more pages than those and since they’re thicker, you can erase without any problems and without crumbling the papers.” She explained as she took the cheap sketchbook, placing it back where I last took it. As expected from the president of the art club.
“Thanks.” Thanking her, she only nodded as I glanced at what items she was holding; she had several different colored painting tubes, many types of paint brushes and a large canvas. “Are those for the art project?”
“Ah! Yeah, they are. I just have to finish my draft first and test some of the colors for my painting.” She said as we went to the counter to pay for our items.
“Wait, you’re almost done?” I asked stunned as we walked out of the store with my driver waiting by the sidewalk. Putting my purchases in the car, I told my driver to wait there as Takamina nodded in response as she placed her purchased items on the ground and reached for her schoolbag, grabbing her sketchbook. She opened the book which she showed an incomplete draft of her drawing; there were so many lines that I couldn’t identify what was on the drawing.
“I’m nearly close to finish my draft, but I’m planning to make my final draft just so I can do it the same thing on the canvas and just paint over it.” She explained, putting the sketchbook back into the schoolbag. “But in terms of time, I’m not even half way done; it would take a lot of time to paint a large painting.”
Nodding in understanding, I noticed that the sun was about to set soon as I looked at my watch and realized it was quite late. “Can I offer you a ride home?”
Takamina also stared at her watch and her eyes widened like saucers as she refused my offer before grabbing her stuff from the ground and ran away. Bewildered at her actions, I chased after her, calling for her to stop as she entered into an alley. Following her to the alley, she suddenly disappeared and I ceased on my steps as a shadow emerged from that dark alley.
Coming out of that alley was none than the blond phantom; however, there was something different about him, he looked different. The odd thing about his appearance was that he was wearing the uniform of my school. Since when did he go to my school? I never noticed him or seen him in the building, like ever. So, how was it that he was wearing the uniform right now?
Standing frozen from shocked, Kai approached me with a small smirk past on his lips, saying, “We should stop meeting unexpectedly like this, unless you’re following me.”
“Don’t flatter yourself; I was just chasing after a friend who suddenly took off in a hurry after refusing my offer to drive her home, and besides, it’s not like I chose to see you almost everywhere I go.” Crossing my arms over my chest as I heard him chuckle softly.
“Don’t be like that; I was just joking. It’s only a coincidence that met you here.” He said, looking like he was thinking of something. “Ah! I think that friend of yours ran past me before I met you. Is he your boyfriend?” His question sounded like a tease, but with his face looking so serious, I doubted that he was teasing me. “I don’t think you can catch up to him anymore; I’m pretty sure he’s long gone.”
“First of all, that friend of mine is a girl. And second, why are you wearing my school’s uniform?” Pointing out the clothes he was wearing, he stared down at himself as he answered nonchalantly.
“Oh, I’m attending Akihabara High since the beginning; I’m a senior student just like you.” Okay, that left me dumbfounded as my jaw dropped for a couple of seconds before I regained my thoughts, thinking a little. Then it clicked; it kind of made sense. The event of the discovery of his notice on the Agate Links. Our school were the first people to visit the museum on the first day of the opening, it made so much more sense when Takamina found the little piece of paper. Only the phantom thief would know how to blend in with the crowd and plant the notice on the stand without being seen. They were maybe some other ways to plant a notice on the artifacts, but many he didn’t to be caught or recognized and make things complicated.
“I didn’t know that at all, but why don’t I see you around campus?”
“Maybe you didn’t realize I was there, because I’m actually closer than you think.” Kai hinted, smiling mysteriously. “Anyway, I got to go and you should too; it’s getting dark soon.” He patted my shoulder and winked before jumping on top of a building and retreated. “I’ll see you around.”

By the time I got home, I entered my room tired as my sister came to pick me up for supper. Changing into my casuals, I left my room to meet my sister in the dining room only to find her, waiting for me as she watched this evening’s news. Dinner was served as we both thanked for the food and started eating.
“So, Yuko-nee, anything interesting happened today?” I questioned, eating a mouthful of rice while sticking in a piece of meat, realizing that I was starving.
“Nothing really.” She answered, eating another mouthful. “Nothing new has been happening since the Agate Links event. We’re back to where we waited for weeks till the phantom thief shows up again, and homework’s been piling up since then too; I really can’t catch a break.”
“You had plenty of time to do it instead to researching about the phantom thief, Dark Kai.” I scolded, rolling my eyes. “Which reminds me, something interesting and unexpected I discovered today.” My sister stopped eating for a little while, telling me to go on. “I met Kai today.”
“What?! No way!” Yuko-nee jumped excitedly which nearly scared the hell out of me. “Do tell! Tell me the whole story!” Exclaiming, she put down her chopsticks as she rubbed her hands together agitatedly.
“After school, I went to the art store to buy some things for my art project, but then, I surprisingly met Takamina who was doing the same thing; I mean, it’s not really a surprise since she’s the president of the art club.” Pausing, I took a gulp of my juice, biting onto my meal as I moved on my little adventure. “Anyway, once we paid for our items, I noticed it was getting late and I offered Takamina a ride home, but she turned me down and ran off all of a sudden.”
“Well, that’s just odd. If she was really that in a hurry, she would accepted that offer immediately.” Yuko-nee commented as she tilted her head to the side, deep in thought.
“That’s what I thought, so I chased after her, however she had to run into a dark alley and disappeared. Nevertheless, out of the blue, Kai came out of that same alleyway; wearing my school’s uniform!” I finished, exclaiming.
“No freaking way! Akihabara High?”
“Yes way. He’s been attending my school ever since I entered there; he’s in the same year as I am! And the weird is is that I seriously don’t see him around there at all and he said that he’s closer than I think!” Exclaiming, I finished the rest of my meal as Yuko-nee swiftly looked confuse.
“But that doesn’t make sense at all; don’t you find it odd that Takamina would quickly vanish out of nowhere, and that Kai would coincidentally appear in front of you from the same place?” She questioned before she finished her dinner. “I think I’m starting to have more suspicion towards your little friend.”
“We’re back to that subject again? It’s not her I tell you; I even investigated and checked on her ever since we suspected her of being the phantom thief.” I stated, sighing tiredly.
“C’mon, think about it clearly. Takamina left in a hurry and Kai came out just right after Takamina escaped…doesn’t it already sound suspicious?”
“But it could be a just a coincidence that he was there. He just happened to be there, plus he said that he saw Takamina running past by him. And when I told you I checked, I checked.” Reminding her, she looked at me skeptically. “Remember when we were kidnapped?”
“Yeah, of course I do. I was stabbed and you nearly got raped by those guys.” Seriously, I didn’t like to be reminded about that night; nearly got a nightmare that same night.
“Anyway, he healed you and transferred your wound to his body, also when I looked for the same injury on Takamina’s body the next morning, there was no stitches, no band-aid and no scars; there was nothing.” I enlightened her as she nodded in acknowledgement.
“Just for the record, Kai is like a witch without a magic wand; he can practically heal himself that same night. Have you ever thought about that?" She inquired as moved on without giving the chance to answer her question." He was using some kind of magic to transfer injuries to his own body, to heal wounds, and he has wings. What kind of human has wings? And he's kind of like a vampire or an immortal; he's been living for many generations and would still look the same—or it could be just his soul that is immortal— Takamina can just be a disguise to cover up Kai’s identity in school. It’s just a theory, but it’s highly possible that Takamina and Kai are the same person; we just don’t know who the real person is. I remember you reading the book she lent you; ‘The Dark Angel’s little secret’. How come she knows about the real story behind the Agate Links and no one else, probably asides her family? The only reason she knows about it is because she and the rest of her family are somehow related to the phantom thief. Which can make more sense since it’s genetic; it is passed on to the next generation and so on." She paused as she drank her juice. "As a matter of fact, it’s been exactly eighteen years since the last Kai’s disappearance not twenty; Takamina is only eighteen just like you. From my research and calculations, she was born exactly a week after Kai disappeared. Coincidence? I think not.” That was her final argument, going back to her room as the maids took our dishes. Thinking about what she said, it was really plausible, but there was a huge possibility that it was impossible.
Was Takamina’s disappearance and Kai’s appearance just a pure coincidence or was it not? Which is it? Ugh…I foresaw a headache right now and I was right, I felt pain in my head as I began to massage my temples. Maybe I should head back to my room and just rest. I really got to stop thinking about this.
Who and what the hell are you Kai; Takamina?

To be continued


I hope you enjoyed that! :) Please leave your feedbacks or comments or critics, anything is appreciated and accepted. See you guys back in December or January, hopefully, earlier than that, if not, then in those months. :P

Yours truly, your pal, Haru XD
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You said it was short, I was expecting around 5-6 paragraphs. It's just right.  :D

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Im ur new reader,yoroshiku ne~~  :on woohoo:
I just found ur fanfic and read it.
Actually i really miss atsumina moment these day and found ur fanfic just!
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No way . How could I missed so many chapter here. Haha
Seriously haruna as takamina mother.  Cool..
I think takamina and kai is the same person.
Takamina in the form of the sunrise and when the sunset his body transform into dark kai I guess.
That's my assumption anyway. Tq for update.  Haha
I'm hoping the next update will be anytime sooner.
Great job author san :thumbsup

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Ah bah what?! Kojiharu is takamina's mom?!!! O_O

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