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Author Topic: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 6 pt.1(2015/10/24)  (Read 29787 times)

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Re: [AtsuMina] How You Stole My Heart - Replies + Announcements(2014/12/21)
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@Feat: :lol: When I mean by short I meant in terms of words; 5-6 paragraphs in a chapter is way too short for me. Thanks for reading and commenting XD.

@cisda83: They definitely will be in a dangerous situation…or something like that :P. Atsuko doesn’t really give a damn, but she’s just curious. Yuko really want to get to the bottom of this. Of course, Haruna knows; she did get married to one. Minami and Kai’s background will be throughout the story. Thanks for reading and commenting XD.

@ryu201: Hello new reader! Hai yoroshiku ne! I’m really happy to hear that XD; that means a lot to me. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@noah minami: I really have no idea :lol:. Yes seriously, I think Haruna suits well as Minami’s mother in here; I really thought about it really hard who would be Minami’s mother. You think so? I think many readers seem to realize that :). I’m not telling :P! Thanks for reading and commenting XD.

@crosteks: Who knows :P :lol:? I’m glad you like it. Thank you for reading and commenting XD.

@kahem: Yes, Haruna is Minami’s mother :lol:! Thanks for reading and commenting XD.

(A/N): Hey guys! Sorry there won’t be any updates today :(. Apparently, something happen to my computer…again. I tried to fix it and it looks like I have to replace the motherboard; I have to wait for the order before fixing it. I’m currently using my phone, and let me tell you, it’s not easy to reply every comments in this thread like in a computer. I will have to delay my updates a little longer since all of my files are in my computer and it’s not working at the moment. I apologize for this inconvenience and please rest assure that updates will come soon. Thank you for your understanding XD. (Just copy/paste from the last post :P)

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Re: [AtsuMina] How You Stole My Heart - Replies + Announcements(2014/12/21)
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D.N.Angel is one of my favorite animes, so seeing you incorporate it into your story makes me really happy. I'm wondering though, if Yuko knows so much about Kai, why doesn't she tell her father about any of the info she's found. Is she just really curious about Kai, does she want to catch him, or is she developing a crush?  :oops:
I love your story, and I'm looking forward to your updates. I hope your computer can be fixed soon!

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Re: [AtsuMina] How You Stole My Heart - Replies + Announcements(2014/12/21)
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@TeenyTae: I'm really glad to hear that my story makes you happy. Yuko is just very curious of Kai and she prefer for her dad to catch the phantom thief in his own power. And with the pride of a police officer, officers likes to solve their cases on their own. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment XD :).

(A/N): Hey guys! I'm back again with another chapter of HYSMH :lol:. Honestly, I'm not really proud of this chapter :(, I think I'm losing my touch as a writer a bit. Sorry it took so long to finish this :bow: :bow:, after I fixed my computer, I've become really busy with homework and projects. I'm also getting into my finals next week, so I plan to post this chapter before my exams starts. So wish me luck on my exams and please enjoy this chapter XD :).


Chapter 5 – Traveling Back in Time

“Why are we at a funeral again?” I asked my father as I played with the hems of my black dress, waiting in a long line with my father and my sister to give our condolences to the family members. “And what’s with this long line?”

“The decease is my best friend way back in middle school.” My father claimed as he continued with his story. “After graduating in high school, he became a really famous pop star back in our days. And he now holds the legacy of the king of Jpop. That’s why there are a lot of people here to mourn his death.” My father answered as I sighed boringly.

“It’s Saturday! I rather spend my weekends with my friends than at a funeral.” Yuko-nee exclaimed as I nodded my head in agreement.


It has been days since my last encounter with Kai, and during those past couple of days, what my sister had told to me was stuck in my mind. Thanks to that, I couldn’t concentrate in class which worried my friends, including Takamina. I tried not to think about it too much, but those thoughts just kept haunting my mind. I meant that Takamina was back to being a possible suspect of being the phantom thief Kai, and it was frying my brain.

With my own knowledge and also with the help of Yuko-nee’s information, I attempted to connect the puzzle of Takamina and Kai’s real identity. However, it was rather really hard to connect everything without any proof.

In terms of facial resemblance, it was hard to say that it was a coincidence or not. Takamina and Kai look exactly the same; they could pass out completely as twins. Heck, I even considered that Kai was Takamina’s long lost twin brother or something. When my sister also told me about the other people having the same facial geometry as the phantom thief a couple of weeks ago, I asked her to give me the photos of those people. She didn’t question my demands and just gave me the pictures as she made me promise her not to tell our father. Surely, one out of the four was obviously Takamina and two out of the three others were related to Takamina. However, the two didn’t look like Takamina or Kai at all, but the last one did look like Takamina and they weren’t even related. I wondered why was that?

During that time in the museum, was it a coincidence that Takamina found the notice or did she put it there and found it on purpose? No one knew. I asked my sister if we could meet her friend to show us a video feed of the security camera from the very beginning. We saw the whole feed from the opening till the time we discovered the notice. Nothing unusual happened. Takamina was never near the Agate Links until a few minutes before I met up with her.

After what seemed like forever, we finally reached the coffin and the family of the decease, and Yuko-nee and I were surprise. Why? Because we saw someone very familiar among the family members. Who was it you ask? It was Takahashi Minami in a black suit; who was as surprise as we were.

We slowly made our way towards the coffin, standing right in front of it as we brought our hands together at the same time and closed our eyes to give our prayers to the decease. Looking at the dead man’s face, he looked still young; since he was my father’s best friend, I would assume that he has the same age as him. It was a shame to die quite young.

“It’s been a long time Haruna-chan, hasn’t it?” My father said, approaching Takamina’s mother as we followed him behind.

“It’s good to see you too, Mizuki-san.” The woman responded as Takamina walked towards us.

“I’m so sorry for your lost.” He said sympathetically.

“Yeah, me too.” Haruna-san responded just as sorrowful. “He was like your brother to you too.”

“You must be Minami-chan.” My father said, smiling slightly; approaching the girl as he patted Takamina’s head. “The very first time I saw you, you were just a tiny little baby and my wife was pregnant with my youngest daughter. Now look at you now; all grown up.” He stated, placing both his hands in front of him; showing how small Takamina was when she was a baby as he chuckled. “Your uncle Riku was so happy when you were born and would always pick you up in his arms from both your parents.” Takamina just stood there silently, probably not knowing what to say or comment on that as she nodded understandingly.

Takamina, my sister and I just stared at each other silently while the guest were giving their prayers and their condolences as my father and Haruna-san spoke to each other. Yuko-nee then decided to break the ice as she addressed to Takamina.

“You uncle looks rather young; how old was he?”

“I’m guessing the same age as your dad.” Takamina replied. “He and my mom had a good twelve year gap.”

“Was he married?” I inquired curiously.

“He was, but they divorced and never had children.” She responded sadly as she continued on and added, “He was too focus in his work to actually concentrate on those things. Maybe that was why his wife divorced him.”

“Do you know how he died? Probably overexerting himself in his work or something?” Yuko-nee inquired.

“He was perfectly healthy; nothing was out of the ordinary. The cause of death was unknown.” Takamina said.

“That’s too bad; he’s really good-looking.” My sister smiled sadly as she crossed her arms over her chest, staring at the body in the coffin.

“Were you really close to him?” I asked as I walked towards the small girl and took her hand comfortingly.

“Of course I was. He may have been busy in most times, but he always had the time to spend with the family, especially with me.” She said as a matter of fact and added, “He taught me how to sing, how to play the guitar and the piano. He was a good man, and he had always been.”

With that, our conversation ended as my father walked towards us and announced that we would be having lunch with Takamina’s family after the funeral. Haruna-san also approached us as she told us that we could wait inside instead of standing there without doing anything.

We decided to listen to them since we probably would be here for a while before we would leave for lunch. We entered inside the pop star’s mansion and made our way inside the parlor as we took a seat on the couch to get comfortable. We just sat in silence until my sister noticed something and pointed it out at us.

“Why are you guys holding hands?”

Takamina and I stared at our entwined hands as we looked up at each other and swiftly let go while blushing furiously. I knew that my face was as red as a tomato, feeling the heat rushing all over my face. I had no idea that I was holding her hand the whole time. Maybe it felt natural to even noticed.

I looked back at Takamina who was still looking away with her forefinger scratching her rosy cheeks while smiling sheepishly. Turning to my sister, she was staring at us quite amusingly. Noticing my stare, she smiled a smile that I didn’t seem to understand.

“Aw. Look at you two blushing; that’s so cute.” She giggled, approaching me and Takamina and started pinching our cheeks while baby talking us. “It’s good to be young and in love.”

“Yuko-nee, we’re not in love and we’re not in a relationship!” I exclaimed, pushing my sister’s hand away from my face.

“Aw, c’mon. Why not?” My sister asked amusingly as she sat between Takamina and I while wrapping her arm around Takamina’s shoulders and suddenly gave her a headlock, slightly choking the poor girl.

“First of all, we’re both girls and if I were into girls, my type would be someone taller and better looking.” I informed my sister as I turned to Takamina. “No offense Takamina.”

“None taken.” She replied as she struggled to remove my sister’s hold on her.

“Seriously? I think the both of you would look cute together.” My sister commented as she let go of Takamina while looking at her quite proudly, elbowing her sides. “I heard that you had a history with Itano Tomomi; you dog. How did you get a gal like her between your paws?”

“How did you even know about that? I don’t remember telling you about them.” I told her as she just shrugged and smiled widely.

“Miichan told me about it.” Yuko-nee answered as she looked at Takamina with a wide amusing grin. “So tell me about it; how did you get into a relationship with a girl that fine that any men would die having?”

“It’s not really a big deal.” Takamina murmured as she crossed her arms over her chest and a blushed covering her cheeks.

“What do you mean ‘it’s not a big deal’? Tomochin is currently one of the hottest and most popular girl in your school, right?” My sister wrapped her arm once again around Takamina’s shoulders and pulled her closer. “And if I remember correctly, Tomochin’s type are tall and handsome rocker or biker boys.”

“Not necessarily. She did tell me and Miichan that she found Takamina and I quote ‘cute and charming’.” I informed them as Takamina’s cheeks redden three time folds while looking away from me when we made eye contact.

“Excuse me, I need to use the washroom.” Takamina suddenly pulled away from Yuko-nee’s hold and stood up as she excuse herself.

“Aw, come on; don’t run away from us!” My sister shouted as Takamina’s body was power walking away from us. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about sharing your love life with us!”

“Look at what you did. You scared the poor girl away.” I accused as she just chuckled amusingly. “What’s so funny?”

“I wouldn’t worry too much. Eventually, she will have to come back and I can nag as much as I want just to listen to her story.” She reasoned and I decided to let it go since Yuko-nee loved this kinds of things and wants to hear every juicy detail, but I highly doubt there was anything really juicy in Takamina and Tomochin’s story; after all, they were dating when they were like what…14 to 16 years old.

It hadn’t been a minute yet and my sister was already bored as she got up from the couch and began to look around the room. She suddenly stopped in front of the fireplace as her eyes were fixed upon something. She reached her hand out and grabbed a small red box. Opening it, the little box contained a black ring and a red stone attached to it. It looked really beautiful and extravagant, and it seemed to be shining a bright light that kept our eyes hooked upon it.

Not long later, we heard shouting by the door as our view was slowly drifted away from the glistening object to the person's loud voice who was running towards our way and all of a sudden, the tiny case was immediately taken away from my sister's grasp.

"No! Don't touch that and don't look at it either!"

Takamina quickly closed the lid of the box as she breathed quite heavily. She looked up at us with worry evident on her face as her usually calm dark brown eyes were transforming to sharp blue. Why was her eyes turning blue?

"Too late; she's gone." She announced as her blue eyes showed fear. What did she mean? Who exactly was gone?

Suddenly, I was starting to feel dizzy and the next thing I knew was Yuko-nee falling as Takamina caught her in her arms and next was me falling on the floor; everything turned dark, and the last thing I heard was,

"I'll get you all out of there. I promise."

And then, nothing.


Groaning slightly, I slowly opened my eyes; my sight blurry as I gradually sat up and all of a sudden, my head was starting to hurt. As my eyes finally adjusted to my surroundings, I found Takamina and my sister near me still unconscious. Approaching them, I gently shook them awake until they were conscious.

"Ow! What the hell happen?" Yuko-nee moaned as she held her head in pain. "This feels like I had a bad hangover."

"First of all, where are we?" I asked the most obvious question as we all looked around the background. It seemed to me that we were just outside of a concert dome or something. I could hear cheering and screaming from the inside; they must be having a concert right at this moment.

I watched Takamina frown as she made her way to the doors and gulped, her hands gripping the handles as she pulled the doors wide open. Lights flashed before our eyes and seconds later, we saw a crowd of tens thousands of people in the dome. I’d never seen this much people in my entire life; I’d seen this amount of people on television, but this was a whole different feeling. I could feel the energy the fans emitted and their loud calls expressed so much love to their favorite idol. This was what it felt to be in a concert. But, just whose concert was this, and why were we here?

“Why don’t we ask those guards right there?” My sister said loudly through the booming music and screams as she jogged up to one of the guards near the doors. “Guards! Do you mind telling us where we are and whose concert this is?”

“Obviously, we’re in a concert dome.” I said flatly.

“I already know we’re in a dome, but I’m wondering which one; there are five domes in Japan and there are seventeen stadiums too.” She said as turned back to the guard. “So, can you tell us where we are?”

The man didn’t seem to hear us nor noticed us at all. Yuko-nee began to wave her hand in front of his face, but he didn’t react. He was either completely ignoring us or he was just blind, but I doubted on the latter.

“Don’t even bother; you’re just wasting your time. He can’t see us nor hear us.” Takamina intervened as she pulled us away from the standing guard.

“What do you mean? If we can see him, it’s only obvious that he can see us.” Yuko-nee argued as she attempted to go back to the guard, but only to be pulled by Takamina again. “Hey! What the big idea?!”

“I said it’s useless!” Takamina said loudly in a more serious tone; she looked really serious too. “These people can’t see us.”

“Why can’t they see us?” I asked nervously. I was starting to have a real bad feeling about this.

“We are not from here. Thanks to you, Yuko-san, we are now stuck inside the memories of my uncle Riku’s; we’re now back into the past. If you hadn’t open the ring box we wouldn’t be in this place right now.” The smaller girl answered, looking a bit frustrated. “But what’s done is done; there’s nothing we can do about it anymore.”

“Hey! That wasn’t my fault. I was just curious about the box and the content of it; it looked really expensive and I was just…argh! That doesn’t matter anymore.” My sister defended as she ruffled her hair in frustration.

“Yeah. Curiosity killed the cat.” I commented, crossing my arms over my chest; feeling displeased.

“Shut up! Anyway, how do you know exactly that we’re in the past?” My sister looked over at my little friend as Takamina motioned to the crowd behind her with her thumb and said,

“Why don’t you just listen to the crowd?”

“Riku! Riku Riku!”

Listening to the cheers, it was already evident enough that we were somewhere where we were not supposed to be, but I still couldn’t it believe; I couldn’t be sure if I was only dreaming or what not. This better be a dream ‘cause I was seriously freaking out right now.

“And if you need more proof, check out the posters of my uncle right there; he looks to be right about in his late twenties to his early thirties.” She added as she pointed behind us.

Yuko-nee and I twisted our head to look at the posters on the doors and she was right; Riku-san was definitely young, well and alive. Pinching my sister’s arm, I heard her groan and hissing in pain and telling me ‘what the hell?!’, and this proved that we were in the past now. How the hell did we get here anyway? Takamina did say that ring brought us here; brought us to Kojima Riku’s memories.

“Since we’re back in the past for who knows how, how the hell are we going to go back in our time?” Yuko-nee said as she rubbed her arm while glaring at me, pouting.

“We can’t get out of here.” The smaller girl pronounced, and added, “The only way we can get out of here is through my dad, my uncle Riku and someone else that you might know, and those people aren’t with us right now. So basically, we’re stuck here for who knows how long.”

After the encore, the concert ended and as everyone was walking out of the dome, Takamina didn’t plan to wait for the people leaving the dome and walked pass through them. We made our way through backstage and tried to find the pop star’s dressing room.

Finding the room, Takamina didn’t hesitate and walked through the door. Yuko-nee and I stared at each other for a second before we hesitantly followed my little friend through the door. This was probably how it felt like to be a ghost; not that I believed in ghost and such.

After passing through the door, we saw the singer sitting on the couch with a younger looking and a pregnant Haruna-san who seemed to be around her mid to late teenage years, and standing beside her was a taller and good-looking person whom I didn’t seem to recognize, but quite familiar. Staring at Takamina, I noticed a look of longing towards the person standing. I wondered why, but then it hit me, that person might be Takamina’s father.

“Another successful concert! Let’s celebrate!” The pregnant young woman cheered as her older brother and her spouse laughed, grinning as they agreed.“Come on! Little Minami and its mama’s is getting hungry.”

“Oh? You’ve already decided on the name?” The man was surprised, placing his hand on his little sister’s already formed bump. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“No, we want the baby’s sex to be a surprise, but we didn’t decide on the name; Minami’s ojii-chan decided for us and I like it.” Haruna-san answered, rubbing her belly.

“I see. Oh! I could feel it kicking!” Riku-san exclaimed excitedly. “My little niece or nephew is a really active and healthy baby.”

“Before we leave, we would like to give this to you.” The unknown person said as they extended their hand to present a ring box to the older man.

“You didn’t have to you know. Is this one of your magical masterpiece xxx-chan?” The pop star inquired as he opened the small box and his eyes went wide. “This is really beautiful.”

“You’re right onii-san, this is my biggest masterpiece so far. The ring I made can record your most memorable memories and you can reminisce anytime you want and show them to our future generation how you were as you pop singer and such. And you and I are the only ones who can activate the ring.” Takamina’s father informed as the star immediately wore the ring with excitement.

“Thank you so much, Haruna-chan, xxx-chan. Now, come on, let’s go and eat!”

Just like in the movies, the scene before us changed quickly and we’re now somewhere what seemed like a delivery room. Laying on the delivery bed was Takamina’s mother and on both her sides were, I assumed, Takamina’s father and Haruna-san’s older brother as Haruna-san was tightly gripping the arms of both people on her sides, turning their arms white as both persons groaned in immense pain.

Loud screams of the young mother was filling the room as her surroundings kept telling her to push. After the final push, a baby’s cry was heard. The doctor congratulated the mother and exclaimed,

“Congratulation! You have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. It’s a blessing for me to help my daughter to deliver my granddaughter.”

“Can I hold her?” Takamina’s father asked his mother-in-law excitedly as the doctor just walked pass by the feminine-looking person, wrapping the baby in a warm blanket.

“No way! The mother holds the baby first and then the father.” The middle-aged doctor said as a matter of fact as the young father pouted, watching the baby in her mother’s arms finally calm down. Both parents cried tears of joy in their eyes as the mother gazed lovingly at her daughter, looking back at her partner and handed the tiny little being to the father.

”Welcome to the world Minami.” The young father whispered, cradling softly and welcoming the little baby to the family as the baby whimpered.

The young person stood up from the bed and headed towards Haruna-san’s big brother, giving the man his turn to hold the baby. “Minami, say hello to your uncle Riku.”

The man took the baby in his arms and smiled, his eyes glistening a bit. I turned to look at Takamina and she was just staring in awe at the scene while still staring at her father. I could tell through her eyes that she must’ve missed her father very much. That look of longing proved it a lot.

“Honestly, I didn’t think you would be the daughter of The Kojima Haruna; it’s rather quite surprising that she would have you at a really young age.” My sister suddenly said as Takamina and I faced her. “In my opinion, your father looks more like a woman than a man you know, but he also looks really familiar; I just can’t put my finger on it.”

In my mind, I couldn’t agree more with my sister. Looking at Takamina’s father a little more closely, he did resemble more of a female than a male. Maybe he just looked like his mother very much.

“Say, did your parents get married really young or after you were born?” My sister inquired.

 That was quite of an insensitive question to ask, though I was also curious about that. Takamina didn’t say anything yet as she turned back to the scene in front of us and answered,

“My parents got married after I was conceived. It’s actually been like that in my whole family line. And besides, my parents love each other very much despite how far they are from each other now.”

With that, everything started to fast-forward again and stopped. We were now inside a mansion. The inside seemed familiar; did this mean we were back?

“Hey, this is oji-san’s mansion.” Takamina announced as Yuko-nee and I sighed in relief.

“Looks like we’re back in the present.” Yuko-nee said as she walked towards the room we used to be before going back in time.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t celebrate just yet.” My little friend said as she frowned slightly.

“Why is that?” I asked until we heard a doorbell ringing once, twice, and thrice and kept going repeatedly and a still young looking Riku-san was jogging towards the doors. This couldn’t be; we were still in the past. How the hell were we going to get out of here?

Once the man opened the door, an infant Takamina in t-shirt and shorts jumped into his arms, surprising the man.

“Riku oji-san!”

“Minami-chan! Good to see you again.” The man lifted the little girl up in the air and hugged her quite tightly. “And happy third birthday little one.” He congratulated as he put his niece down and noticed something about her. “Did you grow?” I giggled softly, finding his question a little funny since it was quite normal for infant Takamina to be growing after all she was still in her growing stage, but the Takamina I knew was still short and had probably stopped growing.

“Uh-huh.” The little girl nodded as she flashed her brightest smile which was the cutest thing ever. “Can we play?”

“After we eat lunch okay?”


“Who is that I hear? Minami-chan is that you?” A woman in her late fifties whom I assumed was the doctor who help Haruna-san deliver baby Takamina.

“Obaa-chan!” The infant again ran but this time in her grandmother’s arms and hugged her tightly. Takamina’s grandmother picked her up and carried her towards the dining room as everyone else followed behind.

And then once again, everything was fast-forwarding and stopped in a different area. This time, we were in front of a temple, but something felt strange and it looked strange too. Riku-san was laying on the ground unconscious as two young man with wings were fighting in a battle. One of the two was unsurprisingly Dark Kai and the other was surprisingly a Kai look-alike with white wings. What the hell was going on? Why were there two Kais here? To me, it seemed to me that Dark Kai was protecting Riku-san what with him standing in front of his unconscious body.

“Come on Dark! Join me and let us rule the world.” The white winged man said, grinning as he flew in the air, watching the black winged man glaring right back at him. “We can even rule the whole universe together. The reason why the humans want to seal us away is because we’re a threat to them.”

“I’ll never join you! We’re only artifacts created by these humans; these humans brought me into this world and I’ll do anything to serve and protect them. We only exist to protect our other half and their next generation; nothing more, nothing less.” Dark Kai reasoned, growling as he flew and threw a punch across the other person’s face.

The latter was thrown further in the air as his wings spread wider, stopping himself. The young man with white wings glared down as he wiped the blood on the side of his mouth and slowly flew down and landed on the ground. Takamina, Yuko-nee and I just continued to observe what was going on, watching the scene unfold.

“You have become weak Dark Kai. You and I both know that in terms of strength and power, we are far more superior to the humans. Degrading yourself inferior to these humans makes you weak. Power makes us stronger.”

“You’re wrong! Protecting the ones you love and the unity of friendship makes us stronger.” Dark Kai disputed as he also landed on the ground and explained, “I was once like you too; I was always thirsty for power that I wanted to rule the world too. When it was time to come out, I would do many despicable things without my other half’s consent and the family would always try to control me. But then, I finally met her and she has changed me so much.”

“Humph. So that’s how you fell; you feel in love with a human. How pathetic!” The white winged young man threw himself at Dark Kai as they broke into another violent battle.

The fight seemed to go out of control as they started casting some sort of magic against each other, blasting each other with fireballs, thunderbolts and such. The battle ended quite quickly as both winged young man delivered their final blow and ended up hitting each other, crashing into the ground; falling unconscious. Takamina was about run towards them when another Dark Kai intervened, coming out of nowhere.

“Kai?” Takamina called with familiarity which I found it kind of weird. “But how?”

“I came to save you and your friends.” Kai affirmed as he glanced at Yuko-nee and I and looked back at Takamina. Could it be that Dark Kai is the third person that could help us escape from here?

“Looks like I was right, Kai and Takamina aren’t the same person.” I whispered to my sister as I continued to stare at the duo in front of us.

“Seems so, but they seem to know each other too.” My sister lifted an eyebrow as she watched the both suspiciously.

“C’mon, we have to go.” Kai said as he took Takamina’s arm and pulled her towards us.

“What about oji-san?” Takamina tried to pull away as she attempted to run towards the unconscious men. “And what about papa?!”

Papa? I looked around and I didn’t see her father around or anywhere where we were.

“They’ll be fine.” The young man assured as he pulled back the little girl, reaching us.


“Look. This is just a memory of Riku and this includes your father’s too since he made the ring; this happened in the past and it cannot change. I vowed to your family that I would fight and protect you with my life.” The man grabbed my little friend’s face as he connected his forehead to hers; his blue eyes staring back at Takamina’s dark brown ones. “I promise you they’ll be alright.”

“Papa didn’t suffer or get injured during the fight, right?”

“I assure you, your father didn’t feel a thing; I took every damage that has been delivered.” Kai pulled away as he continued to tug Takamina over to us while she looked back still a bit worried. "We have to leave now."

Just as Yuko-nee said, they knew each other and they seemed close too; rather too close. Felt like they had known each other for years. But then again, Dark Kai did say that he promised Takamina's family that he'd protect no matter what. Which must've mean that he knew the family well too.

The black-winged man stood behind us and brought us three closer to him as he pulled out a black feather, raising it to the sky and cried out, "All the angels and holy spirits that rule magic return the souls who are lost in time send them back to the time in body to which they were born!"

All of a sudden, a bright light blinded our eyes as I used my arms to shield my eyes from the light. The next thing I knew was that we were not back yet. We were in a studio, but not just any studio; Kojima Riku, the pop star’s, studio. He was rehearsing for perhaps another concert or he was composing a song and stopped as he turned to us, smiling; approaching us, rather he was approaching Takamina. The man gently grabbed the girl’s hand and put something in the palm of her hand and close it. He smiled at her as he patted her head affectionately, saying something that I couldn’t hear.

After that, everything vanished. I opened my eyes and we were back in the parlor. My father and Haruna-san was here too as Haruna-san was on the couch with Takamina’s head resting on her lap while playing with the girl’s hair. My sister seemed to have awoken at the same time as I have as she rubbed her eyes. Few seconds later, Takamina woke up as well as she sat up, rubbing her eyes as well. She turned to her mother and suddenly hugged her tightly as Haruna eyes widened, hugging her back just as tightly. It looked like Takamina whispered something to her that would make Haruna-san slightly surprise.

“Now that all of you are awake; why don’t we eat lunch?” My father said as we all stood up and walked out of the doors like nothing had happen and that everything was just a dream.


After our lunch with Takamina and her mother. My father insisted we dropped them off, but Haruna-san convinced him that they preferred to walk home. And by the time we got home, I changed into a more comfortable attire.

 As usual, my sister just walked into my room without knocking and laid on my bed without saying anything.

"So did everything happen in the past couple of hours was real or was it just a dream?" She suddenly asked, sitting up from the bed; looking at me with questioning eyes.

"I'm not sure. I can't tell if that was a dream either, but it felt real to me." I answered, adding, "But then, it's also impossible to travel back in time, so I'll have to say it's a dream, but I'm still not convinced."

"I'm not convinced either." She agreed as she laid back down only to sit back up. “By the way, who was that duplicate Kai with white wing anyway? Despite his white wings, he didn’t seem to feel like the good guy.”

“I have no idea, but I do get the feeling we’ve encountered him before.”

“I think you’re right. It was the time when Kai first saved us from those bastards.” She recalled as I remembered that terrible moment. “They seem to have been enemies since the time when Kai met Ray. That’s a really really long time.”

After that, my sister decided to just leave my room, but then came back inside, looking like she had forgotten something as I lifted my eyebrow.

"You forgot something?"

"Yeah! I forgot to ask Takamina about her love life with Tomochin!"

With that, I couldn't hold myself anymore as I facepalmed myself, deciding to just ignore her.

To be continued


Hope you enjoyed that XD. I don't know when I'll be able to update the next chapter, but hopefully, you'll still look forward to it. If you have any questions, requests or any criticisms, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I can :).
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Thank you for your update! :twothumbs
Looking forward to your next update  :)
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Ujuu! You update!  :cow:
Waiting for the next!

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I almost lost hope for this story to be updated... But.. Yeee..  :w00t:
Oh... interesting, interesting..  :roll: 
Hmmm.. High probably that I am wrong, but I think, that other Kai (bad one), is someones past and is just lock in this time.. :huhuh :sweatdrop:

By the way.. Good luck with your exams!  :thumbsup

Waiting next update!  :)

Yuko-nee!!!! Why did you reminded them, that they are still holding hands..!! Urghh.!!  XD
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Oh interesting fanfic!  :w00t:

Didn't notice this fanfic until today XD

Hmm... All of these chapters are in Acchan's POV.... But I want Takamina's POV D:
I mean I want to know what Takamina is thinking about kiss and other stuff XD
Is it alright to update Takamina's POV soon?  :sweatdrop:

Cant wait for your next update! \ (^o^) /
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Re: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 5 (2015/04/29)
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Ah... Takamina secret... is being revealed but Yuko and Atsuko seem not to be able to connect the dot

Would Atsuko and Yuko be able to figure out Takahashi family secret?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 5 (2015/04/29)
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Wah! An update! This chapter is wonderful.
Yuko teasing Atsuko and Takamina.
Im also curious with Tomochin and Takamina's past.
Riku's past/memories is really cool.

Cant wait for more. Thans for the update!
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Re: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 5 + Poll (2015/04/30)
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The memories of Kojima Riku's awesome
But still didn't know how he's dead...
Next please!  :twothumbs
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Hey there, lil' bro XD.

Thought I'd leave a comment before I return to studying for the exams too :lol:.
Anyway, I honestly think you did a good job with this chapter, but I do wonder how did Roku die. :?
I also believe that you should start putting romance into this story :lol: XD. I really wanna know how Atsuko and Minami will grow to love each other.

I know we've been really busy lately, but please update soon XD.
Good luck with your exams and wish me luck with mine :).
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Re: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 5 + Poll (2015/04/30)
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You updated!  :inlove:
Actually, I rewatched D.N.Angel right after I had read your previous chapters to refresh my memory on how things go, so now the story is still fresh in my head.

I'd definitely like to read Minami's/Kai's POV, since it would solve some questions (I hope). I'm especially curious as to if Minami transforms into Kai because of the same reason as in the show.

Thank you for the long chapter, it was a very pleasant surprise!  :)

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Re: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 5 + Poll (2015/04/30)
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@nguyen23: Please do :). And thank you for reading and leave a comment :) XD.

@Dianalrs: Just hopefully you won't wait long for the next chapter. Thanks for reading and commenting :) XD.

@black_maa: Honestly, I'm not the type of person to drop something I've started. I just got really busy with school and such :(, and since school if finish for me, I can take the time to start writing again :lol: XD. Therefore, please don't think I'll leave this behind :). Sorry, I really can't say much about the other Kai, but I'll definitely mention him a lot more in future chapter. Thank you for wishing me luck for my exams; I just hope I pass them though XD. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment :) XD.

@korin48: Well, at least you didn't miss much :lol:. Glad to hear that you like it :). Yeah, my plan was to keep the whole story to Atsuko's POV since Minami's POV would almost be like in the anime. You probably seen the poll already, so I wanted everyone's opinion if they wanted that too :) (I hope you don't mind :cry:). Luckily for you XD, the majority wants a Minami/Kai POV XD. I'll write Minami/Kai's POV once HYSMH is complete :). Thank you for reading and commenting :) XD.

@cisda83: It's not that they can't connect the dots, it's more like they needed proof before they conclude. You'll have to wait for your answers in the next chapters :P. Thank you for reading and commenting :) XD.

@pheonix0i: I'm really happy to hear that XD. Tomochin and Minami's story will be told soon, don't worry about it :P. Thank you for reading and commenting :) XD.

@deguchi: He's death will be a mystery until further notice :P. Thank you for reading and commenting :) XD.

@RJay: Aniki XD! I thought I told you before that you could've just told me that at home than here :lol:. Like I said all questions will be answered in future chapters :P. About the romance, I'll get into that very soon :P don't rush me into the good part. I'll definitely wish you luck, you're not done yet are you? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) XD.

@TeenyTae: Yes I have updated :lol:. You did? I did say that it's going to be similar, but not everything will be the same; I can promise you that :). Minami's transformation will remain a mystery until the next few chapter; I can't admit or deny your curiosity :P. Thank you for reading and commenting :) XD.

(A/N): Hey everyone XD! Sorry today is not an update but more of an announcement. I have finally finished all my finals and I can resume into writing again, just hopefully my part-time job won't get in the way like how school does :lol:. Anyway, I want to announce that the poll is over and results are in as you all can see :lol:. Since votes shows that everyone wants to read Minami/Kai's POV, then when HYSMH is finish, I'll start writing it as soon as I can. I've already started writing the outline for the story, but it will have a different title and will be posted in this very thread. I hope you all are satisfied with the results :). I've already started writing chapter 6 of HYSMH and I'm still working on The Immortal Demon; many things have happen and I'll do the best I can to update. Well, thanks all of you for stopping by and read this announcement. And please do look forward for the next chapter. I thank my readers and silent readers for reading my fanfics and comment on them, and to motivate me till today, and I hope you all will still read my work.

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Re: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Replies + Announcement (2015/05/14)
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Hello my fellow readers!

It's been... 5-6 months :?? Since I last updated. Sorry for taking so long :bow: :bow:.
I've been in a writer's block :cry:, and since many of you wanted to know more about the TakaTomo relationship in the past, I decided to write a whole chapter about them. However, it got too long, so I cut the chapter in half :(. Hope you enjoy this chapter :) XD.


Chapter 6 - Nothing bu Memories pt.1

Heading towards my school, my driver drove me there just as usual. Minutes later, the car stopped right in front of the school gates as my driver opened the door for me; I sat in there for a couple of seconds before exiting the car. Thanking the middle aged man, he tipped his hat a little, bowing slightly and wishing me a good day at school with a smile, and drove away.

I walked towards my shoe locker as wore my inside shoes and placed my outside shoes inside the locker, heading to my classroom as I was greeted by my friends who were already huddled up, speaking to each other while waiting for me to take my seat at my desk.

“Hey Acchan!” Miichan called out as she waved at me. “Have you heard the news?”

“Yes I have; this morning, during breakfast.” I answered and cited her what I remembered from morning news and the newspaper. “The phantom thief, Dark Kai, will steal the Horn of Neptune tonight in an underwater cave called the Temple of Neptune. Again, it’s all over the news and newspapers.”

“Things are getting interesting don’t you think?” Kuu grinned amusingly as he explained. “I mean, the newspaper club is getting more readers from students thanks to this guy.”

“Good morning.” A familiar voice greeted us as I turned my head to find my small friend, greeting us with a smile.

“Good morning Takamina.”

“Good morning Acchan.” She turned to me, keeping her smile as her dimples were showing. I didn’t know why, but I was starting to feel something weird inside me. I couldn’t stop staring at her smile and I couldn’t shake the feeling inside me, until I heard someone calling my name did I divert my attention from the girl to Miichan.

“What is your dad’s strategy to capture the thief this time?”

“What are you guys talking about?” The small girl pulled up her chair as she sat between Tomochin and me.

“You know, about Dark Kai’s recent notice.” Kuu answered, showing the front page of the city’s newspaper as Takamina nodded, starting to read the newspaper with interest. “You haven’t heard?”

“I did. I just want to hear and read more on the details. It looks like Acchan’s father is really determine to catch him this time.”

“Are you saying that my dad cannot catch this guy?” I asked as I raised my eyebrow, defending my father’s reputation as the Chief Commander of the Metropolitan police force.

“I'm pretty sure I didn’t say that. However, you should know that Dark Kai cannot be caught, no matter how many times the police tries, even after many generations.”

Heaving a deep sigh, I felt defeated. She was right; I really couldn’t argue against that. I mean, I have witness some things from the young man and I would have to say he was incredible and amazing. To actually capture Dark Kai, we would probably need someone who could do things like what the guy could do. I could only think of the other Kai with white wings who would do those kinds of things, but that guy seemed like bad news. Takamina, my sister and I only saw him once, but it was the time where we traveled back in time in spirit or something, therefore I wondered if the white winged Kai was still around like Dark Kai. I really hoped not because I seriously had a really bad feeling about that person.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wound your father’s reputation, but I’m only stating the facts.” My little friend apologized as I wondered if she said that because she knew Kai and his abilities. "I mean, after many weeks or rather months he has been trying to catch the phantom thief, all of his attempts have been unsuccessful."
“Don’t worry about that. I sort of knew also.” I replied as her necklace around her neck seemed to catch my attention. “Hey, isn’t that your uncle’s ring?”
“Oh you noticed that? Well yeah. It stated in his will that I should have his ring since my father gave to him in the first place.” She explained as she showed her new ring hanging on her pendant which looked rather familiar; it kind of looked like Dark Kai’s magic necklace when I met him for the second time.
“What about this one?” I gently grabbed the pendant slightly touching her hand as I inspected the silver winged-shape pendant which was exactly like Kai’s pendant when I first saw it. “It’s a pretty one.”
“Ah~ This one; it’s a one of a kind? This pendant is an heirloom made by the Takahashi family. My father gave this to me on my first birthday.” She grinned and added, “This is also made in pairs; one in golden and one in silver.”
“Where’s the other pair?” I inquired, letting go of the pendant as Takamina put the necklace back inside her shirt.
“Oh. My mother has the golden one.” Takamina answered and added, “My grandmother, in my father’s side, gave the golden pendant to my mother before my parents were married and my grandfather gave this silver pendant to my father on his first birthday, and then, as I said, it was passed on to me.”
“These pendants must be really important to your family.” I said as I stared at her intrigued.
“Of course it is. It’s been handmade by my ancestors and it’s a custom for the silver pendant to be given to the first born of a Takahashi on their first birthday, and the golden pendant to be given to the future spouse of a Takahashi.” Takamina explained one of her family’s traditions and added, “A Takahashi by blood holding this silver pendant is also a vow for their responsibilities as a Takahashi member.”
“So if I stayed in a relationship with you longer, I would have gotten that pendant right?” Tomochin said in a teasing tone as she nudged Takamina’s arm.
“Perhaps.” Takamina teased back as Tomochin’s cheeks redden a bit.
“Do you mind telling us what kind of responsibilities are you talking about as a Takahashi?” I curiously questioned as she stared back at me with an eyebrow raised.
“That’s a family secret. I can’t tell you anything.” She responded as I stared at her skeptically while she looked back at me, looking quite serious.
Seconds later, the teacher walked into the classroom, greeting everyone as everybody went back to their seats for class to start.
I looked fixedly at Takamina’s back and I had this feeling that I knew she was hiding something, something that only her family knows. I couldn’t focus in class as I thought hard instead about what Takamina might be hiding. Could it be that her secret might involve her connection with Dark Kai, the phantom thief? If it was, then there was probably more into it than her family and Dark Kai just knowing each other.
Takamina did say that that pendant she was wearing was one of a kind. If she was the only person wearing that pendant, then why was Kai wearing it the other time? Was it another coincidence or were they the same person?
Argh! I should really stop thinking about this. I mean, why did I even care? I was starting to believe that I was thinking like my sister a little. However, I just couldn’t help it. Curiosity really got to me and I really had to know. Takamina didn’t look like it since she was student council president and she was socially open with other students, and it seemed like everybody knew her like an open book, but just like Tomochin had said before, she was really mysterious in her own kind of way and you had to know what kind of person she was and what kind of secrets she was hiding.
I shook my thoughts away as I tried to get my head back into my teacher’s teaching, but that really didn’t work very much either as I stared at Takamina’s back. As if sensing my gaze, I looked down at my notebook, pretending to write on it as she slowly turned to see if I was staring at her.
I noticed that what I was doing was very stupid, and with that, I decided to just let it be for now and just focus to the lesson and write down my notes.
After our morning classes, instead of eating our lunches in the classroom, my friends and I decided to eat outside in the school yard for once what with the really nice and warm weather. And guess who decided to join us? My sister. One of her afternoon classes was cancelled for unknown reason, therefore at the moment she has a whole four hour break, and she chose to hang out with us for lunch before she would go back to school for her last class.
“So…Takamidget. Don’t think you’re off the hook just because I forgot to ask again during our lunch yesterday.” My sister wriggled her brows very perversely with a mischievous glint in her eye as she asked while glancing and pointing at Tomochin for a second—who flinched at the eye contact—then glanced back at the shorter girl. “How did you get your tiny little paws on this fine young gal?”
Tomochin began to blush furiously as I saw her grabbing Takamina’s right arm and hid her face on her shoulder, shying herself away from our eyes. Takamina, on the other hand, smiled nervously by our looks as she too had a slight blush on her cheeks, rubbing the back of her neck with her free hand.
“How many times do I have to say that it’s not a big deal anymore?” Takamina asked annoyingly, her voice filled with irritation as she scowled.
“And how many times do I have to say that it is a big deal?” My sister retorted as her grin grew wider. “And besides, you guys hid your two year relationship since the very beginning and we just found about it just recently.”
“Oh come on! We’ve already broken up two years ago. Why do you still want to know about my past relationship with Tomochin?” Takamina said exasperatedly as Tomochin, still holding onto her ex’s arm, looked up, watching her ex’s face.
“We’re just curious, is all. Right guys?” Yuko-nee looked at the Minegishi twins as they nodded in agreement and then she turned to me as I just sat there, motionless. Honestly, I was also curious about those two, but if they didn’t want to talk about it, then I wasn’t going to force them to tell me. “Right. Now get to it.”
Takamina sighed deeply, opening her mouth to tell her story only to close it back when Tomochin decided to cut in as she interrupted, “Since I was the one that told Minami to keep our relationship a secret in the past, so it’s only fair for me to tell the whole story instead.”
After a minute of silence, Tomochin inhaled a deep breath, her cheeks still a bit rosy as we all sat in front of the former couple. Thus, her story began:
It all started two years ago during the last year of middle school. My homeroom teacher called me to meet him in the teachers’ office after school. So I went to the teachers’ office, feeling quite nervous and worried about why my homeroom teacher was calling me for. And I was right about being worried.
“Itano-san, I want to talk to you about your mid-terms.” My teacher announced as he brought out a copy of my term report card. “You’re doing really great in most of your subjects, however you’re failing in math and in science.”
I gulped, knowing that that wasn’t good news and my parents were not going to be so happy about this if they heard the news.
“Since this is your last year here, I want you to pass and go on to high school next year. Therefore, I asked someone to tutor you in those particular subjects without having the trouble to pay for their services.”
Seconds later as in good timing, there was a knock at the door. My teacher told whoever that was at the door to come in, and coming in was one of the other classes’ third-year student; a girl, wearing a gakuran which I recognized as the popular and smartest girl in school. The girl was shorter than I was and her hair was tied in a high ponytail with a black ribbon on it. The girl excused herself in as she slid the door close and approached us.
“Is there something you need from me, sensei?” The girl called out to the teacher as she stood beside me, waiting for the teacher’s request.
“Yes Takahashi-san. I need your help in tutoring my fellow student, Itano-san, and help her improve in her subjects before the next exam and the finals.” The teacher said, motioning to me as the girl glanced at me for a second and turned back to the teacher.
“Of course sensei.”
“Good. Now, run along now and talk among yourselves for your after school meetings.”
With that done, we bowed to my homeroom teacher as we both walked out of the office, heading back to each of our classrooms to get our belongings. I grabbed my bag from my desk as I saw the girl already waiting by the doorway of my classroom.
She entered my classroom, walking right in front of me as she cleared her throat, saying, “Um...why don’t we introduce ourselves first?” The girl straightened herself as she introduced herself and bowed slightly. “I’m Takahashi Minami from class 3A, you can just call me Takamina. Yoroshiku.”
“I’m Itano Tomomi from class 3B. Please call me Tomochin.” I also introduced myself and bowed a small bow. “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”
“So To-Tomochin, since I’ll be tutoring you for the next couple of weeks, why don’t you tell me first the subjects you’re having trouble with, so I can be prepared for our first tutoring session.” She said, smiling as she brought the straps of her bag over her shoulder.
“According to sensei, I’m having a little trouble with math and science.” I replied as I shyly looked away, feeling a little embarrassed which she seemed to notice very quickly.
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are many students who also have difficulties with those subjects.” She reassured me as she took a step forward, making me to turn back to her. “But no need to worry, I’ll make sure to help you improve and become better in those subjects.” She ended as she patted my shoulder before leaving me alone in the classroom, but then came back inside to ask me something. “Oh yeah, I need your after school schedule, so we could work out our tutoring meetings.”
“Yeah, sure. I’m pretty much free every day after school.” I informed her, adding, “We can go at my place together after school.”
The girl nodded, smiling happily as she announced, “Okay then, we have to start as soon as possible, so…we can start tomorrow after my basketball practice and we will spend an hour or two on tutoring; one hour for math and one hour for science.”
“That sounds good to me.”
“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow then Tomochin.” The small girl beamed a smile as she waved and ran away to her club activity.

Since my friends finished their class duties, I decided to look around and check if my friends were still here and I was right. Acchan and Miichan were still here, waiting by the school gates. Both of them noticed me once I was out of the building.

“What took you so long?” Miichan whined as she ran towards me while Acchan just walked. “Did something happen?”
“Sorry guys.” I apologized as I explained my meeting with my homeroom teacher. “Apparently, I’m failing math and science, so he assigned me with a tutor till the next term.”
“That sucks.” Acchan commented as she asked, “So who will be tutoring you?”
“Takahashi Minami.” I answered.
“The prodigy?!” Acchan exclaimed as she looked at me wide-eyed. “You could’ve just asked me to tutor you instead.”

“I didn’t think I would need a tutor.” I replied as we began to walk away from the school. “But isn’t she in your class?”

Atsuko sighed and nodded, “She may be in my class, but we’re not even close.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with having Takamina as a tutor.” Miichan interrupted and added, “Takamina has been tutoring me and Kuu since we were in grade school, and it’s all thanks to her that we didn’t fail a single subject so far.”

“She’s that good huh?” I said, sort of not knowing how to feel about this. Should I feel lucky?

“Well, she is number one after all.” Acchan replied the obvious.

After that talk, we headed straight to a nearby café to forget our problems and just discuss about anything before going home.


The next day went by so fast that the school day was already over. I started to pack my school bag with all of my stuff and made my way to the gym to wait for the school’s most respected student as Acchan, Miichan and Kuu-kun decided to join me as well to help pass the time. When we arrived at the gym, we took our seats at the bench as the players warmed-up by jogging a couple of laps around the gym.

After the warm-ups, Takamina jogged up to us, looking like she didn’t break a single sweat.

“Man, after all that jogging for who knows how many laps you sure don’t look tired at all.” Kuu-kun commented as he patted his best friend’s back.

“I run to school every day Kuu. I don’t take the buses nor do I take the trains.” Takamina responded, brushing the boy’s arm away as she turned to look at me. “You know, instead of waiting for me in here till practice is done, why don’t you work on your homework in the library? So that when I’m done with practice we can work more on the ones you have already solve.”

I hesitantly nodded, confiding to her demands. Even though I didn’t want to do that at all, I knew it was good for me; for my future. The girls’ basketball team coach called Takamina back to the court as they would begin their practice game. She went off as she assured me that she would pick me up in the library after her practice.

Not long later, I was already in the school’s library. My friends had gone home, leaving me here to do my homework.


After a whole hour, I have tried to solve some math problems, but only to get stuck in all of them not knowing exactly how to get the final answers. Therefore, I ended up doing some science homework which was really easy since all of the answers were already in the textbook.

Suddenly, I felt someone poking my right shoulder. Turning around, I found Takamina smiling and waving her hand slightly at me, looking fresh out of the shower.

“Ready to go?” She asked as I nodded.

I packed my things as we both walked out of the library, heading towards my place. On our way to my house, neither of us said a single word what with us not knowing what to say at all.

When we arrived, we entered my home as my mother welcomed me, asking me why I was late to get back home. She noticed that I brought someone home and greeted her.

“Who’s your friend Tomomi?”

“Kaa-chan, this is Takahashi Minami; the person who will be tutoring me. She’s the one I’ve been talking about last night.”

“It’s nice to finally meet you!” She exclaimed as she scurried towards us. “I’ve heard so much about you! I heard you’re one of the smartest students in the school. I want to thank you for helping my daughter in her studies.”

“It’s no problem at all Mrs. Itano.”

“Okay that’s enough. C’mon Takamina. Let’s get started.” I grabbed Takamina hand as we went up the stairs to my room. My mother told us that she would bring some tea and snacks to my room during our tutoring session as she also told me that supper would be almost ready.


Tutoring session went by so fast that I didn’t realize it was already late. Takamina would show me step by step on how to solve math problems, and with her teaching and explaining every step made it so easy and simple compared to how the teacher would teach us. As for science, she would help me memorize the names of every parts of the human body which includes bones too.

Takamina began to pack her things as we both headed downstairs as I sent her off, but my mom stopped us.

“Minami-chan, why don’t you stay and eat supper with us?” She asked as Takamina shook her head apologetically.

“No, thank you. I don’t want to intrude in your family dinner.”

“You’re not intruding child.” My father reassured as he added, “You’re helping our daughter; we want to give our gratitude by at least feed you supper before you head on home. It’s getting late, and I don’t mind sending you home too.”

“Please give me your home number so I can speak to your mother.”

With much convincing, my little tutor gave her home phone number to my mother as she began to dial the number on the phone and spoke when the line was through.

As we waited, Takamina just stood there by the dining room while I took a seat in the dining table. Minutes later, my mother came back and informed us,

“Your mother says it’s alright for you to eat supper with us. My husband is going to bring you home right after.”

“Great! Please have a seat Minami-chan.” My father said as he stood up and pulled a chair right beside me for Takamina to sit.

“Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Itano.”

“Itadakimasu!” We all said in unison as we began to eat in delight.

Right after supper, Takamina and my father went to the front door, putting on their shoes as they got ready to head towards her place.

“Thank you for the food Mrs. Itano; it was really delicious.” Takamina said as my mother thanked her before she turned to me. “I’ll see you tomorrow Tomochin.” I waved at her goodbye as both Takamina and my father left the door before she walked back inside. “Sorry. I forgot to give you my number. You can call me or text me anytime.” She gave me a piece of paper and left through that door again.


It’s been a whole month already, Takamina has been tutoring me every day during the school days. And during those tutoring sessions with Takamina, I was starting to feel something grow in me; I didn’t know what it was, but it felt good and at the same time it terrified me.

Day by day we got to know each other and we got closer and closer. Most of the time when we got to finish tutoring early, we ended up just talking and hanging out in my room until she left. It made me sad to see her leave before sunset, but I ended up being happy just by seeing her the next day.


After classes, instead of waiting at home for my tutoring session, I decided to wait for Takamina at the gym till she finished her basketball practice.

As I entered the school gym, the players were already beginning their warm-ups as I took a seat at the benches. Again, Acchan and Miichan decided to join me too, which I have no idea why but whatever.

“You know, you guys didn’t have to come here with me.”

“We know that, I just don’t know why you should be waiting for Takamina here rather than at your place.” Miichan commented, “And besides, even though I’m not as close to Takamina as my brother is, I thought I might need a little tutoring session with you and Takamina for our practice test next week.”

“I have no idea why I’m here, but I think I’ll just leave now.” Acchan announced as she said her goodbyes and exited the gym while Miichan shrugged, watching the practice with very small interest as she grabbed her phone from her bag and began playing a game on it.

I sighed, shaking my head as I turned to look back to the gym court, watching Takamina and the other players starting their practice game. From what I’ve heard, they would be having a game with the rival school in a month.


After an hour or so, Takamina's basketball practice was over for the day and we went straight to my house right after she showered and changed back into her uniform. It also didn't take long before tutoring session was over; Miichan left right after it was done. And just like every day, my mother invited Takamina for dinner as she agreed and called her parents, letting them know that she was staying a little longer.
"You seem to like staying longer for dinner after tutoring." I commented when she ended her call.
"Well, your mother is always inviting me to dinner. I didn't want to seem rude, so I accepted her offer." She replied, putting her phone in her pocket as she packed her notebooks and textbooks.
"Yeah. My parents like you very much. They're just very happy that you're helping me with my studies and such." I replied as we headed out of my room and walked downstairs straight to the dining room.
"It's no problem. Really. I'm really glad to help; you can ask me for help anytime."
Reaching the dining room, we took our seats, thanked for the food and began digging in.
Once dinner was finish, Takamina grabbed her bag from my room and said her goodbyes and left. And by the time she was gone, both of my parents were helping each other clearing the table and washing the dishes while I went to the living room and turned on the television to watch late night dramas.
"Minami-chan is a really nice girl." My mother commented as my father went on, following my mother, "She's an honor student, the student council president, artistic and athletic."
“She’s perfect for you Tomomi.”

“Kaa-chan~!” I exclaimed from the living room as I turned to glare at my parents, feeling my cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“Is Minami-chan single right now?”


To be continued


I hope you all enjoyed that chapter so far. The second part might take a another while; I don't know how long it would take, but please be patient and everything will go smoothly :). I hope :P :lol:.
Just like always, please give me some feedback, critics or suggestions on your comments, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave me a PM; I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have nice morning/afternoon/evening! XD

Yours truly, Haru :) XD.
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Everything is okay, until you keep updating it..  :)
Hehe.. Acchan sister is really a curious person.. XD

Thank you for update and waiting next one..  8)
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Tomochin and Minami seems to have a wonderful past.
Just curious as to why they broke up.
Thank you for the update.
Please update soon. Im so gonna read this religiously.
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Thank you for your great update!
Just finished reading it ~
Update soon, Author-san!

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Nice to see a bit of the flashback of Minami and Tomochin relationship

Oh... Atsuko is going to be able to solve the mystery of Dark Kai sooner than later

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs You finally updated!!!
I don't blame you for updating your stories late what with you having a hectic schedule and all, and also you being in that program too. But keep up the good work, but also don't overdo it; you've been really tired lately :smhid. You should take care of yourself.  :thumbsup

So that's how Takamina and Tomochin met each other, every though they're in the same school. It also seems like Tomochin is starting to take a liking to Takamina. Tomochin's parents are funny, telling their daughter that she should date her tutor :lol:.
I wonder how they got together in the first place and I also want to know how and why they broke up.

Take your time to update part 2 of chapter 6.
I'll be waiting patiently XD.

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