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Author Topic: A Silly Stalker - chapter 1 (RinoRie) 21/06/2012  (Read 5946 times)

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A Silly Stalker - chapter 1 (RinoRie) 21/06/2012
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:00:53 PM »
I've already written over 5 chapters for this story yet I haven't even posted it here... "orz So I thought I might as well start as I continue on writing the rest. xD

I hope that doesn't bother you guys.


On my first spring in high school, I finally fell in love. And yes, it was a love at first sight even though it sounds quite clichéd. The huge twist, however, was that the person I fell in love with was a girl, and that wasn’t a good sign at all. She was a year higher than me, so it was rare for us to meet. At that time, I was more than sure (and of course, correct) that she didn’t know I existed at all. But ever since that day, ever since I laid my eyes on her, I instantly became a ‘stalker’ of some sort.

How this all started?

It was after our school’s sports meet. Every student, even those who weren’t in the event, was asked to go to the gymnasium to participate the giving of awards. And that’s where I met her.

Kitahara Rie, that was her name, and she was apparently the third ranker of the Tennis Club. The first was, of course, the club’s captain, but that doesn’t matter.

The moment her name was called, the moment she stood up from her seat and walked up the stage to accept the medal she won, my heart began beating crazily and for some odd reason, my eyes refused to look away. In an instant I knew, I fell for her.

I myself am not sure as to why, but it must be because she somehow emits a friendly aura around her. Of course, her captain did too, but that doesn’t matter. She wasn’t really what you would call a perfect beauty; she had a rather tan skin, clearly black hair and well… thick lips. But it might also be because of those features that she caught my attention in an instant, I’m not really sure.

After the giving of the awards ended, I was still battling against myself into not believing that I really was in love with her- and wanting to convince myself more that I was straight, I consulted one of my closest friends, Yokoyama Yui, a classmate of mine.

“Kitahara Rie? You’re in love with Kitahara Rie?” She looked rather calm as she repeated what I just said, but knowing that it’s Yui, the girl who seems like she just couldn’t be bothered at all by anything, that wasn’t much of a surprise anymore, “That’s actually very Sashihara-like.” She added.

“What do you mean very Sashihara-like?” I frowned a little with my signature pout and my lower lip puckered out. I then leaned closer to her before whispering, “Kitahara Rie is a girl, Yui! A girl! And most of all a senpai too… It’s just impossible to happen, right? It might as well be my imagination right?” Yes, I’m trying to convince myself again.

Yui paused for awhile and placed down the chocolate cornet she was eating before staring at me like I was some sort of an idiot- which I think is quite true now that I think about it. But that’s not the real deal here, “You do realize that you’re surrounded with couples in this all-girls school, right? Couples. All-girls school. Please try to register that in your mind, Sashihara-san.”

And I did.

Furrowing my brows to the middle and tilting my head to the side, I repeated the words she just said to me again and again in my mind. Finally, it hit me. “So you’re saying that it’s a normal thing!? F-For a girl to you know… Fall in love with another girl, I mean… But- But isn’t that like, against the society or something?!” Ah- it was already lunch time when I started this conversation by the way, and as expected, I was completely ignoring the bento my mother specially made for me. I’m sorry, Mom.

“Of course it is,” Yui half sighed, “Like I said, this is an all-girls school, so it’s nothing rare at all… Didn’t you notice at all? The way that middle schooler Watanabe would pass by our classroom, searching for Kashiwagi-san, or even how the student council president, Takahashi and the all-famous Maeda act so affectionate to each other- actually, haven’t you noticed at all how Oshima-san acts very perverted towards Kojima-san? If you actually look around and open your eyes, you’ll find out that this school is actually a huge gay prison.”

“I do have my eyes opened…” But I never did notice.

Yui sighed fully this time before devouring the last bit of her chocolate cornet. Cleaning herself afterward, she finally began talking again. “Well, as much as I don’t want to disappoint you, Sashihara-san, Kitahara-san is actually dating the tennis club’s ace, Takajo Aki right now.”

I can’t believe how she can just say that to me with a straight face on.

But I figured something like that would happen, Kitahara already having someone to date, I mean. Even from afar, you can notice her brilliance already- who wouldn’t ask a girl like that out? Not me. I let out a short whine before dropping my head down on the table before us, and a few centimeters away from my boxed lunch at that, “So I have no chance after all… As expected. Forever loveless Sashihara here~” I sighed.

“Well if you want, you can come with me to the tennis court later this afternoon.”

I slowly lifted my head up, only to find Yui eating my bento without permission. Well I didn’t feel like eating anyway so she can have it, it won’t be my fault if she gets fat with that appetite of hers though, “I can? Really? Wait- what are you going to do there anyway?”

She took her some time to swallow all the rice she shoved in throat just now, seriously, what a glutton “I’m actually planning on joining the tennis club, so I’m applying today before the club gets full. And plus, after hearing your story, you can take this as a great chance to take a look at Kitahara-san in a closer view, right? Even though your love is obviously unrequited, that is.”

A frown immediately made to my face as soon as I heard her last sentence. Did she really have to add that? “Gee, thanks…” I dropped my head down on the table again.

My first love ending up as a fail, how pathetic can I get?

Was the only thing I could think of at that time, and before I knew it, classes had already ended. Yui came to me and asked me one last time if I wanted to go with her to the tennis court- and of course, I nodded my head and hurriedly packed my things.

Even if my love’s unrequited, it doesn’t mean that I should just stop immediately, right? Take it as my one last glance at Kitahara or something… One last glance before I fully accept my defeat.

Thinking about it, I can’t help but sigh as Yui and I made our way to the court. Most of the students were heading home already since some of them were too lazy to join a club- like me, and some were in the basketball court, watching and fangirling over Miyazawa Sae’s greatness and ikemen looks. Girls, really…

“As expected, no one’s here to apply for the club yet.” Yui muttered to herself as she suddenly stopped on her tracks, making me hit my face against her back lamely. She didn’t budge though. But I guess that’s because she’s used of it already. Yes, that was not my first time. “Ah, the top three are here as expected though.” She added.

Rubbing my nose which I hit against her head half-heartedly, I walked to her side and looked at the girls she was talking about and indeed, the top three rankers were there, practicing.

Yui walked closer to them and talked to them for awhile, making things seem rather easy even though she was actually a kouhai of the three. Of course, it was obvious that she was nervous as well, but like what I always say, that doesn’t matter.

I sat myself on one of the benches inside the court, the furthest one at that as I locked my eyes against Kitahara who was standing right behind Yui. Of course, I was looking at her discreetly. I wouldn’t want them to mistake me as another student who wishes to join the club, because honestly, I have zero skills against sports.

Actually, there was never a time when I didn’t start panting after running a distance of 5 miles. I’m that bad, yes…

“If you continue on starting at Kitarie like that, she’ll melt you know.”

I jumped up in surprise, my head immediately turning up to the girl who suddenly sat down beside me. She turned her head towards my direction and smiled innocently afterward, as though she wasn’t close to giving me a heart attack just now with her sudden appearance beside me. Wait. Isn’t she supposed to be talking with Yui right now along with that Takajo girl and Kitahara?

“Do you like her? Kitarie, I mean.”

Almost instantly, I froze from her question. Am I really that obvious?

“Don’t worry; I completely understand how you feel, after all.” She widened her smile a little before turning her head towards the three, her eyes locking themselves towards the girl beside Kitahara- Takajo Aki.

Ah… That must be what she meant about understanding how I feel… “Could it be that Kuramochi-senpai… Likes Takajo-senpai?”

“Un. The whole reason why I did my best to achieve the 2nd position in Tennis” The way she said it so confidently moved me a little. If only I had such confidence to openly share about this silly crush of mine, “It’s quite sad, huh? To know that the person we like ended up dating each other… I guess I was just too slow.” She sighed.

Now looking at the girl beside me, I finally realized how attractive she actually was. Dark straight hair, evenly toned skin… Maybe if she had confessed to Takajo then they would have ended up dating instead. I mean, who wouldn’t accept a confession from such an attractive girl? Except for me, whose heart is already captured that is…

Sighing at the bitter state we both were in, I turned my head to the three girls before us. Well, more like to Kitahara and Takajo only. To the both of us, the two of them seemed so close… Yet, we know that we can’t reach them at all no matter how much we bottle up the feelings we have for them inside.

What a dilemma.

“Say, why don’t you join the tennis club too?”

“… Wait, what?”

“Join the tennis club. It’s not that hard, you know, all you have to do is to swing the racket. Much like baseball.”

I hurriedly shook my head, “I’m bad with sports.” What a lame excuse, Sashihara. “I’m bad with hot weathers, and I have a really short stamina… I’m not really for this field.”

“Joining the tennis club will help you see Kitarie more frequently you know, and closer at that.”

God damn it that sounds too tempting…

“It sounds way better than just watching her from afar, right? Most of all, you’re a freshman. I highly doubt that Kitarie knows about your existence. This is a great chance to let her know that you’re here, alive, and well in love with her, you know.” She paused, “Ah, well, maybe minus the last part.”

“You’d make a great sales lady, Kuramochi-senpai…”

The way she smiled at me ever so innocently again in response made me smile back at her unconsciously. It was too contagious for me to ignore, “I know, I get that a lot.”

“And… Kuramochi-senpai.”

As though she knew what I was about to say next, her smile widened even more as she looked at me with her eyes that seemed to glitter, “Yes?”

“Please, let me join the tennis club.”


That’s how it started, my tiresome life as a weak-willed student trying to do her best in tennis while at the same time, slowly turning into a stalker towards her very first crush.
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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Prologue
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2012, 03:45:21 PM »
OMG this is so interesting..
i love Yui here..
so,rie and akicha are dating..poor sashi and mochin.but,because it's a rinorie fic,so rieakicha will break up?
i want to know what will happen :panic:

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Prologue
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2012, 03:58:22 PM »
yay...another fic with my lovely yui :luvluv1:

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Prologue
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2012, 04:11:27 PM »
I LOL'D SO HARD AT "GAY PRISON" LOL!!! Lol Sasshi the hetare stalker. Maybe once she gets close to Rie she'll sashiharass her. I wonder how KitaRie will notice Sasshi. Interesting!!

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Prologue
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2012, 12:59:28 AM »
Yuihan is so funny eating Sasshi's bento and talking about things that's seems totally natural for her ( gay prison)  :rofl:

Can't wait for next update...ah and I'm waiting for your other fic as well with MaYuki in a coffee shop *wink wink.  ;)

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Prologue
« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2012, 06:07:52 AM »
Yay!! new fanfic here and it's good..  :twothumbs can't wait to see what will happen next
It's RinoRie fic, so, how Akicha-Rie will break up? Ah, bring the first chapter as soon as possible :bow:

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A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
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To those who read this, thank you very much. Your kind words mean a lot to me, really! ;___; Your comments are a motivation for my poor heart. "orz Whether they'll break up or not though, I don't know~ It could be that this fic is about Sasshi's Kataomoi for Kitarie or something~ But who knows 8D

@Megumi: I'll be updating it. Soon. When I feel like it. xD

Well anyway, off to chapter 1!


Chapter 1

As expected I really was bad at sports, I couldn’t even hit the tennis ball once and most of all, I kept on asking for a break even though we’ve only started for a few minutes…

I’m just thankful that it was Kuramochi-senpai who volunteered to teach me the basics of tennis, if not; they would have given up on me already. Is she really teaching me the basics though? Because to be honest, it’s already killing me.

It’s been two weeks since I joined the tennis club. And every day, after school, Yui and I would come here to the tennis court to practice. Call us too dedicated if you wish but to be honest, I’m only here to see my angel. I just said that, didn’t I? How disgusting…

“Sasshi, don’t use your wrist in swinging! Arm! The whole arm! Move your arm!” Kuramochi yelled as I yet again missed a ball for the nth time of the day. If this girl were to become an instructor someday, for sure she’d be labeled as ‘Terror’ or something. I know you all agree to me, stop denying it. “Ah… You’re already panting too… Seriously, what a short stamina you have…”

I thought I already told you about my stamina and less than zero skills in sports, Genius? “I’m really sorry… I… I just…” I tried to speak in between my panting. But it’s hard! Talking while panting is hard!

“Let’s give her a break for now, Kero-chan.” Takajo Aki, or in other words, the club captain patted Kuramochi’s shoulder, making the short girl calm down a little. I swear, if only she wasn’t dating my crush then I would have called her an angel already. But sadly she is, so I’m still calling her a devil. “You did well today, Sasshi, keep it up!”

Her smile… It’s just too kind for me to resist… “Th-Thank you, Senpai.”

“Sashihara?” I instantly stood straight after hearing that familiar voice from behind. Slowly, I turned around and just as I had expected, it was Kitahara standing there, covered with her glorious sweat and her towel hanging around her neck. Ahh, what a scene this is… Calm down, Sashihara! “Yui-chan said that she’s heading home already… Aren’t you going to go home with her today?”

Already? Jeez, so much for being dedicated, Yui. “A-Ah… That’s…”

“Nope!” Kuramochi suddenly butted in and placed her arm around my shoulder, “I asked Sasshi if she wants to join with us today. We’re going to have nabe for dinner, right? One more shouldn’t matter that much… Is it okay with you guys?”

Nabe? Dinner? Wait, I didn’t sign myself into this. I furrowed my brows up and looked up at her, only to see her wink at me discreetly. Wait, what does that wink mean? She wants me to tag along with her lie? Is she trying to look cute on me? Or worse… Is she hitting on me? Just kidding, of course I know what that wink means, I’m not that stupid.

“Really?” Takajo smiled again. God, why must her smile look so kind? “Of course it’s okay with us! We’re going to eat at Kitarie’s house tonight, so we’ll have to buy the ingredients for the nabe first before heading there. I hope that’s okay with you, Sasshi.”

Most of all she’s calling me by my nickname too… Jeez, that Yokoyama, it’s her fault for suddenly calling me out with that name while practicing… Now everyone’s calling me with that name. Not like I mind or anything. Actually, I kind of feel sad that Kitahara doesn’t call me that and instead, sticks with ‘Sashihara’. What a cruel world this is.


“A-Ah yes! Yes, it’s perfectly fine with me, Senpai. I’m sorry for suddenly joining in.” I hurriedly bowed down to them.

“Alright then! Should we leave before it gets too dark?”

With all of us nodding to the oh so mighty captain Takajo, we began packing our things up, and as soon as we finished, we left without any further delay- minus Kuramochi taking 3 minutes longer since she needed to use the toilet. And no, I don’t hate Takajo-senpai. Really, I don’t.

“Try not to get yourself too excited, okay?” Kuramochi suddenly whispered to me as the two of us walked together just behind the two couples in front of us. Confused as to what she meant, I looked up at her with my brow lifted up, “Weren’t you listening to Akicha? We’re going to eat nabe in Kitarie’s house, in your beloved angel’s house.”

Wait… What…?

“Eh?! B-But! I’m not even ready yet! W-What if her mother won’t find me nice at all!? I should have tied my hair or something… O-Or maybe I—” I tried to move my head away as soon as Kuramochi covered my mouth with her hand. Oh God, she did not just cover my mouth with the hand she used to hold her tennis racket.

“Calm down!” She half-yelled and half-whispered to me. “Kitarie’s living alone, so you don’t have to worry about her mother not liking you. Plus, why would you need to look good in front of her mother? We’re not there to ask her if you could marry her daughter, you know. Kitarie’s already dating Akicha. Don’t forget that.”

Thank you so much for rubbing salt in my wounds.

I let out a defeated sigh before slightly slumping down, my head hanging at the same time. Really, just the thought of having my very first crush already dating someone who is far more beautiful and greater than I am just kills me… It’s like saying that I have no chance at all, which might as well be true. Oh the poor me.

Surprisingly, the trip to the supermarket didn’t take as long as the ever so responsible captain Takajo actually had a list of the ingredients ready, though it took us quite long to choose which vegetable is better since Kuramochi kept of berating with Kitahara about them. They both asked me once on whose choice of spring onion was better, but as expected, I clearly have no idea on how you choose a fine food- which is why I stick with cup noodles.

I’m really sorry, Kitahara-san. I’ll try to study about them so that you won’t be disappointed the next time you ask me, I promise.

Not long enough we finally arrived at Kitahara’s apartment, surprisingly enough it was big enough for more than four people to fit in. Maybe I should have sent an email to Yui, asking her if she wants to come with us. I’m sorry for not inviting you, Yui. In exchange, I’ll eat your supposedly share on this nabe. In your stead, I’ll eat them!

As soon as we walked inside, the first thing I noticed was how well arranged and clean the apartment was. It looks as if it was just recently rented- no pillows lying down on the ground at all, the wooden floor looks sparkly clean and even the room’s scent smelled like one of those air freshener hotels usually use.

With both Kuramochi and I asked to wait by the living room, the two of us sat on a sofa there, out eyes locked to the Kitchen’s direction. How come she and Captain Takajo get to spend some times ALONE in the kitchen? And to think that in some of those slightly ecchi mangas I’ve read have some scenes happening there too. I really should stop reading those kinds of mangas, it’s starting to affect my imagination.

I shifted my eyes to the side, finally growing sick of the plain white door I’ve been staring for a long while now, only to see one of the used towels Kitahara used in today’s practice. Wanting to get closer to it, I looked at Kuramochi one last time. It seems like she’s still busy trying to melt the door by staring at it.

The first thing I noticed (and at the same time, just noticed) when I turned to the towel once again was that it actually looked very identical to the ones I bought today. In an instant, an idea came to my mind.

I hurriedly pulled out my towel from my bag and carefully standing up from the sofa so as to avoid taking Kuramochi’s attention, I stealthily tip-toed towards Kitahara’s towel, hurriedly exchanging it with mine and shoving it inside my bag. I dropped myself down on the same sofa I sat on earlier afterward, a satisfied grin on my face.


I have it now.

I have her towel.

The same towel she used to wipe her sweat. The same towel she hanged around her neck, the same towel she casually bit on while playing tennis so it won’t fall. Her scent must still be on it. Ah, the thought of it makes me want to pull it out and smell it already! Why haven’t I thought about doing this a long time ago?

Wait, I sound like a pervert…

“Sorry for the long wait, you two~” Both Kitahara and Takajo finally walked out from the kitchen, much to my and Kuramochi’s delight. Finally, we can clear ourselves from the thought that the two of them might be doing something illegal inside there. And by illegal I meant planning for robbery or something, not something erotic. No, of course not. I’m not being in denial. No.

The two carefully placed the pot they were holding on the small stove placed on the table in front of us, carefully opening it so we could see the delicious glory inside. I’m already feeling jealous for Kitahara’s future husband. Who will never be me, because I’m a girl, and a girl can never be a husband, just a wife.

The sad truth about life,

“Well then, with everything prepared, shall we start eating?” Takajo-san’s angelic smile was on her face again. Really, just when is she going to stop smiling? I mean, I don’t hate it- I love it even since it suits her so much, but she just smiles too much… I think.

All four of us gathered around the table and were about to say our gratitude for the delicious nabe before us when-

Suki nanda
kimi ga
suki nanda—

I hurriedly threw myself towards my bag and pulled out my phone, flipping it open and hitting the answer button without even looking at the contact id. I looked at the others apologetically and bowed down a little. Seeing them smile in return, I excused myself by moving away a little, finally pressing my phone against my ear, “H-Hello…?”

Sashihara Rino! What time do you think it is! Why aren’t you home yet?!

I instinctively pulled the device away from my ear as soon as I heard my mother’s nagging voice. Thank God, a second later and I would have been deaf already, “M-Mom… I’m eating dinner at my friend’s house right now.”

Come home this instant.

“W-What?! But Mom-”

Or else you’re sleeping outside.

She dropped the call.

Listening to the beeping sound on my phone now, I blankly stared at my senpais who were looking at me with worried looks on their faces. It seems like my voice was loud enough for them to hear my short conversation with my mother. How embarrassing. Someone, please bury me this instant, if not then throw me in the sea and let me drown. Just spare me from this awkward atmosphere.

“You… Have to go home…?” It was Kitahara who spoke, making me feel like wanting to die even more. I slowly nodded my head in reply.

Seriously, what did I ever do to deserve this?

God, are you even listening to me? Or are you having too much fun laughing at my unluckiness up there right now?

“I’ll take you home then.” Hearing Kitahara add, I hurriedly turned my head up to her- not only me but Kuramochi and Takajo as well. God, I take back what I just said right now, I love you. “It’s late already, and it’s dangerous to go home alone, right? So I’ll take you home, or at least until you get on a taxi or even towards the station.” She slowly stood up and offered her hand out to me.

Don’t get too carried away, Sashihara. Calm down, calm down.

As much as I wanted to take the hand she was offering to me, I shook my head and stood up on my own, “Th-Thank you, Kitahara-senpai, but I’ll be okay. I don’t want to disturb you from eating just because I have to go home. You guys continue on.” Great, I should have just taken her offer instead. It was a great chance to hold hands too.

“I insist.”


“Just accept it, Sasshi, Kitarie’s really stubborn when it comes to this. She won’t budge until you say yes.” Kuramochi suddenly jumped in while staring at me as though to say ‘Idiot what are you doing?! Accept it! It’s a great chance!’ to me discreetly. “Besides, that should be okay with Akicha, right?” she turned her head to her afterward.

Takajo immediately nodded without even a short pause, flashing to me her usual smile afterward, “It would be better if you accept it, Sasshi. It’s for your own safety.”

Well what a weird girlfriend you are. Aren’t you supposed to be trying to keep your precious Kitarie away from everyone else? Especially to me who’s also in love with her?

Not like you would know, though. And not like I could actually say that out loud.
Letting out a sigh of defeat, I sheepishly nodded my head, “A-Alright. Thank you so much.”


“So, Sashihara, where do you live?” I instinctively jumped up a little from suddenly hearing Kitahara break the silence between us. We were on our way to the train station now, and the whole walk from her apartment towards where we are now was actually quiet… Well, until now, that is.

Clearing my throat with a quick cough, I held on my bag tightly before giving out a reply, “E-Ebisu. My mother rented my aunt’s flat there, so right now, we’re living there.” I slowly shifted my head down afterward. Seriously, calm your self down, Sashihara.

“Ehh, Ebisu? That actually sounds fancy.”


As though she noticed how I was purposely slowing my pace down so I could avoid walking side by side with her, Kitahara too started to lessen her pace and even stopped for a second, actually waiting for me to finally be on her side before walking again.

What kind of torture is this?

My heart is beating too fast.

And to think that I hate it when the girls in the shoujo mangas I read starts to feel all gay like this. Right now, why am I feeling it too? Ahh, someone help.

“So, does Sashihara have anyone she likes right now?”

I feel like I can hear God calling out for me already.

How am I supposed to answer this…?

Yes or No?

But I’d be lying if I say No….

But what if she asks who when I say Yes?

“You don’t have to answer it if you feel uncomfortable…” She suddenly added. Immediately, I let out a huge and long sigh of relief. Way to get myself worked up over something like this, really. “Well, we’re here.”

Both of us halted on our tracks, our eyes both locked towards the train station’s entrance. I frowned a little at the thought of leaving already. Why does time pass by so fast whenever I want it to slow down? Maybe I should have wasted our time earlier being all shy and stupid. It’s probably too late for me to start regretting now, though.

“Th-thank you for taking me here, Sen-”

“-Kitarie.” She suddenly cut me, giving me the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen before as she did so. “We’re from the same club, so you can cut down all the formalities. Kitarie will just do, okay?”

Nervously, I nodded my head a little.

“And in exchange, I’ll call you Sasshi.”

I nodded even more.

“Well then, I’ll go now.” Suddenly patting my head out of nowhere, Kitaha- Kitarie turned around, giving me one last wave before taking a step forward. After the step, however, she halted again and turned to me, “Ah- before I go, can I borrow you phone for a second?”

Though I’m not really sure as to why she would want to borrow my phone, I pulled it out hurriedly and handed it to her, almost dropping it down in the process. She started clicking on some of its keys afterward, not even telling me what she was doing. After she finished doing whatever on it, she handed it back to me and in a hurry, turned around again.

“Give me a mail when you get home, just so I would know if you arrived home safely, okay?”

I watched her walk away in silence, staring at her retreating back until she turned to a corner and completely disappeared from my sight. Remembering that my phone was still in my hand, almost ignored, I flipped it open and looked at my contact list.

I didn’t even have to search for her name, nor did I have to scroll down just to see it.

1. Kitarie

Apparently, she placed herself as first in my list.

I smiled a little at the silly thought that suddenly appeared in my mind.

Usually, even though it’s just in the movies and in the mangas I read, the name written as first on the protagonist’s contact list is his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. Just the thought of it made me happy a little.

Even though it kind of sounds silly to actually believe such a thing; just the thought of it made my night already.

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #7 on: June 21, 2012, 02:32:56 PM »
hohoho..i love sashi..i love your fic..
can't wait for the next update..

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #8 on: June 22, 2012, 10:29:34 AM »
Ah, Akicha with those smile..... :heart:

Silly Sasshi.... Why on earth you steal the towel? :lol:

I'm waiting for the next update :bow:

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2012, 01:08:55 AM »
Sasshi stealing towel....p p ppp pervert!!!

What's she going to do with it? Smell it or put it on an altar worshipping Kitarie LoL my imagine runs wild...

I wonder what Mocchi and Akicha were doing all alone  :?

THank you for your update!
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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #10 on: February 06, 2013, 03:45:40 PM »
Gah i love this story! please update soon!

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #11 on: November 15, 2013, 03:16:45 AM »
Don't leave me hanging~~~~~ UPDATE!!!!!!!!

I fucking love nail art.

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #12 on: June 24, 2014, 10:40:53 AM »
Uwaaahhh, I love this fic. I love Sasshi's kyara here, so realistic >.<
And this fic is just so sweet for me aaaa >.<
Thank you for this chapter, Itadakimasu-san. Hope you will update soon :)
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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #13 on: June 24, 2014, 03:30:48 PM »
Omg i love ut fic

Sashi so in love with Kitarie

Update soon

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #14 on: August 02, 2014, 03:59:02 AM »
I have been searching madly for a RinoRie fic! I can't believe that I didn't get to read this til now! Please update!! We all want to know what happens after
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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2014, 01:14:24 PM »
Please update.

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Re: A Silly Stalker (RinoRie) Chapter 1 06/21
« Reply #16 on: December 10, 2015, 08:16:39 PM »
I'm so sad  :cry: I just found this fic and I see that there is no continuation to it...  :cry:

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