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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152198 times)

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Because of the bad weather last night instead of having class at track and field they just stayed inside the gym.

Currently Natsu's class are having a relay race.
Natsu and Chihiro are in the same team their rivals are Madoka and another classmate.

Natsu and Madoka were running almost at the same speed

Others: Kyaaaaa! Go Natsu~ Ganbatte ne Nattan!!
Madoka-sama ganbatte ne~ kyaaaaaa~

Madoka's mind: ugh noisy people, what's with them ?
Madoka: *looks at Natsu* *remember what she did this morning* *blush*

Natsu: *spacing out*

///flash back (this morning)///

Natsu: *woke up* hmm? *feels someone is hugging her tightly while holding her hands* *looks at sakura*
Natsu's mind: my imouto is really cute *smiling sweetly* demo.. who's holding my-*look at her right* ah- I forgot she sleep beside me-
Natsu: *stunned by madoka's sleeping face* too close... *blush*

madoka: *gets closer at natsu* *still sleeping* *holds natsu's hand tightly*

Natsu:*blush* what should I do? what should I do? its still early to wake them up and ...and..
*looks again at madoka* why are you so close to me??!
etou.. etou etou *panicking* why the hell i am panicking when she's too close??!
calm down natsu calm down (talking to herself)

Madoka: *suddenly moved*

Natsu's mind: *gasp* i'll just pretend i'm still sleeping *closes eyes*

Madoka: hmmm..? ah it's morning... *notice how she slept* *blush*
*let go of natsu's hand and cover her face* *embarrassed*
*remember last night* thanks about the last night...
*kissed natsu's cheeks and gets up* 

Natsu's mind: o_O huh?

/////end of flash back/////

Natsu's mind: Why am I thinking about that kiss? O_O ugh! focus! natsu focus!

Madoka: hey! Natsumi!
Natsu: *return back to reality* Huh?!
Madoka: You're too slow *smirk*

Natsu's mind: huh!? what the!? she's being a dere this morning but tsun again?

Madoka: if you're too slow I'm going to win *sarcastic smile*

Natsu's mind: and here she go again...

Natsu: Oh? really? hehe~ Let see~ *tease her back*
Madoka: hmpt! *was about to trip natsu*
Natsu: *jump over when madoka was about to trip her*

Natsu: Thats not gonna work on me heh~ bleh!
Madoka: hmpt!
Natsu: *stuck her tongue, pissing her off*
Madoka: why you!!
Natsu: haha~ *speeds up running* Chii-chan~!!
Chihiro: hai natsu~ *gets the baston* runs towards the finish line*
Natsu: Ganbatte~ Chii-chan!!*pant*pant*

Madoka also speeds up and give the baston to her partner

Madoka: Hmpt!!!
Natsu: who says she'll win? heh~ *poking madoka's cheek*
Madoka: *glared at her*
Natsu: what's with that grumpy face? hehe~ cannot beat me on a race? *having fun teasing madoka who irritates her for the last week*
Madoka: *pissed off* shut up! you secret pervert! *mad*
Natsu: huh!? what the hell are you calling me?! you evil witch! *pissed off*

Natsu's mind: *sigh* i like her more when she's sleeping

Madoka: heh~ so it's true? that you're a secret pervert *smirk*
Natsu: NO I'm NOT! stop calling me that you evil witch
Madoka: but you have fetish on legs right? *slightly pulled up the hem of her pe shorts to tease natsu* *smirking*

Natsu's mind: why the hell she knew that??!! *looked at madoka's leg*  well... she have nice legs... uuuugh!!!

Natsu: n-no! i don't have!!! *forcing herself not to look at madoka's legs*
Madoka: heh~ really!? *smirk* *getting close to natsu*
Natsu: *blush* *embarrassed* *walked away*

Natsu: *cheering chihiro* chii-chan~ ganbatte!!!
Madoka: *walks beside natsu* ne, natsumi are you and chihiro are going out?

Natsu's mind: eh!? where did that question come from? O_O
Natsu: -_- none of your business!

Madoka: I'm asking you nicely so answer me
Natsu: *ignores madoka*
Natsu's mind: i'll just ignore her...

Madoka: *grabs Natsu's hand* I'm talking to you
Natsu: huh? What's your problem??
Madoka: You! *annoyed* you'll be dead meat later *glared at natsu*

Natsu's mind: eh!? why is she getting mad at me? what did i do to her? *sigh* this girl... really...

Natsu: *raises an eyebrow* did i do something wrong?
Madoka: Hmpt! Always pretending to be cool, but the truth is your afraid of ghost *smirk*
and also to the girls who are chasing you and that you hide at your little sister's back whenever that happens

Natsu: eh?! *embarrassed* how did you kno-
*sees madoka smirking at her* *pissed off*
*cough* well who's afraid of thunder storm last night? clinging to me the whole night because she's so afraid heh~

Madoka: Why you!!!

***start glaring at each other***

Aoi was standing near Natsu and Madoka, she was about to give a towel for Natsu a while ago but saw the two talking to each other like they have their own world

Sasshi-sensei: oi! you two! stop making a scene, if you're having a love quarrel do it on another place

Aoi: EEEEEH?!!!
Natsu&Madoka: HUH!? What?!

Natsu: *noticed aoi*
Natsu: Come on Aoitan *grabs Aoi's hand and walks away* let's get out of here

Madoka: *glared at natsu* you! play girl! hmpt!

--At the other side of the gym...

Natsu's mind: mou~ she might heard all of that from sakura...  saku-chan why do you have to tell her about that i'm afraid of ghosts and have fetish on legs T_T
*depressed* now she'll use it against me *sigh*

Aoi: Natsu are you okay? *worried*
Natsu: Hai~ don't worry Aoitan *smile* *pats aoi's head*
Aoi: *doki*doki*doki* etou here *giving the towel to natsu while blushing*
Natsu: Thank you Aoitan~ *kissed aoi's forehead*smiles sweetly at aoi*

Aoi's mind: kyaaaaaa~~~ natsu kissed me!!! natsu kissed me!!!

Natsu: *pats aoi's head* lets get something to drink ~ I'm so thirsty
Aoi: Hai *holds natsu's hand* *happy*

Chihiro: *just finished the race* *looking at them*

chIhiro's mind: *confused* they are just cousins... right? they are just cousins...
don't think of anything else but... are cousins can be together?? *worried*
*sudden realization* eh? why am i feeling jealous about this

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Why does Madoka want to know about Natsu's relationship with others? Is she perhaps falling for her? :?
*kissed natsu's cheeks and gets up* 
Natsu was not expecting that from Madoka at all! :w00t:
Sakura spilling every detail about her sister to Madoka, poor Natsu  XD
*sudden realization* eh? why am i feeling jealous about this T_T
Natsu sure has a lot of admirers and she sure does make everyone's heart beat :lol:
Thanks for the update, can't wait for more :thumbsup

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Natsu's Harem~

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well, i think, this is the time when I need to comment. :nervous sorry I have been a silent reader this all time :nervous

I think this is just sooooo cuuteee >.< I can imagine how adorable Saku-chan is in this fic.

and madoka, ugh...
she is one of the HKT member that I really envy. beautiful face, tall, ojou-sama aura -__- you just potrayed her perfectly in this fic. but I like it by the way ^_^

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arara~ madoka~  8)

poor natsu, now madoka can tease her for a long time! :rofl:

more please! update soon! :grin:   :twothumbs

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!

Madoka have a weak point and she is so cute~~~~

Natsu such a killer for girl..all the girls fall for her

Update soon

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#11 Natsu ganbatte ne!

Lately, Madoka always go to school and go home alone.
Sometimes Sakura accompany her but its more often that she's alone.

Well if your looking for Natsu, she's busy practicing with Chihiro for an up coming competition.
It's a street jazz dance competition outside the school.

-At home, Natsu's room-

Madoka is surfing on the internet and checking her google+

Madoka: This is not fun at all, I'm used to be alone but... *sigh* 
*notice natsu's picture on the table near her* *gets the picture frame*

Madoka: Natsumi just go home already *sigh* (talking to natsu's picture)
I have no one to tease.....and even Sakura is not here, i have no one to talk to because she's busy with school works...

Madoka: ...
Madoka: whatever, i'm not feeling lonely.
I'm fine being alone... you hear that natsumi?! (still talking to natsu's picture)
Madoka: No... i'm not feeling lonely! *lay down on the bed*
*put the frame on her chest* *falls asleep not noticing she's hugging natsu's picture*

-few hours later
natsu came home,

Natsu: *sigh* i'm so tired *close door* *notice madoka is asleep*

Natsu: oh the witch is sleeping *smile* *walks closer to madoka*
Natsu: *sits beside the bed* hehe i like you more when your sleeping *pokes cheeks*
Natsu: I'll just wake you up later for dinner *notices the frame* hmmm? *trying to get the frame*
Madoka: *moves a little bit*
Natsu: *flinched*nervous* oh well i just leave her alone, she might become a dangerous witch if she woke up haha~
Natsu: I'll help saku-chan to cook *smiles*pats madoka's head* sleep well
Madoka: *smiles*dreaming*
Natsu: ah before I forgot hehe~ *camera shutter* *grin* ja~

-the next morning

Natsu: i'll go first i still have practice~
Yuki: take care natsumi,don't exhaust yourself okay?
Natsu: hai kaa-chan~
Sakura: nee-chan really works hard *pout* she rarely play with me, well but i'll support her hmm..
Mayu: is my princess misses her onee-chan? *giggle*
Sakura: *nods* she even stays at chii-onee-chan~ and she always come home late
Yuki: Why don't you and Madoka visits them later while practising? to cheer them up *smiles sweetly*
Rena: Natsu really looks tired when she gets home, she needs some support. What do you think madoka? *smiles*
Madoka:mmm.. un~
Sakura: ok! let's visit nee-chan after class, madoka-nee-chan~

-after class, at YuiParu residence
chihiro's tou-chan, Yui, is helping the group for their practice...

Yui: ok natsu your solo
Natsu: Hai!

group members:wow*whisper* sugoi*whisper* natsu-san is really amazing
Chihiro: *amazed* i really can't explain what i feel when i watch natsu dancing *staring at natsu*
natsu is giving her very best even if this is just a practice...
she dance like this is already the competition

Chihiro: *staring at natsu like natsu is the only one whom she can see*
Chihiro: i really admire her *sparkling eyes*blushing*heart beat beats faster*

Yui: Good work Nacchan! Ok minna take a 5 minutes break!

Natsu: *pant*pant*pant*
Chihiro: Good work Nattan *claps*smiles* *hand over a towel*
Natsu: *pant* hehe thanks chii-chan~

Paru: Chii-chan, Nacchan... Aoitan is here

Chihiro: Aoitan!
Natsu: *smiles*

Aoi: I brought some snacks guys~ *smiles cutely*
Natsu: aah~ arigatou Aoitan *hugs Aoi*
Aoi: *blushed* w-welcome *happy*
Chihiro: let's eat for awhile *turns back and called the others* minna let's eat

Aoi: so hows practice?
Chihiro: well as always natsu carried the whole performance! she is really good!
Natsu: Eh? thats not true everyone is good
others: hehe right! natsu-chan really did well
Natsu: *blushing*flattered*
Aoi: *glad* Don't push yourself too much Nacchan and take a rest okay? *worried about natsu getting sick*
Natsu: un~ *answers while putting a sandwich on her mouth* *hungry*

That time Natsu is in between of chihiro and aoi,
aoi giving her more sandwiches and chihiro giving her drinks and wiping the bread crumbs on her mouth with a towel

Paru: Nacchan! Sakura is here with a friend
Natsu: Hai, eh? with a friend? Ah- don't tell me *looks at sakura who is running towards them*

Sakura: Onee-chan!!! *Madoka appeared*
Natsu's mind:  as i thought *sigh* well... I hope she don't tease me here
Natsu:*gulped* and i think that wouldn't happen *sigh*

Chihiro: Hi Madoka-san
Madoka: *smiles sweetly to everyone* Hi
others: *stunned*

-while practicing again

Sakura: ganbatte ne onee-chan! *cheering**proud sister*
Aoi: *amazed*
Madoka: *sigh* *bored because she still can't tease natsu*
Aoi: uhm ... etou M-madoka-san are you okay? *worried*
Madoka: huh? uhm y-yes

-after practice they went home...
natsu, sakura and madoka walks aoi to her home before they go home

Sakura: ne onee-chan are you okay? you look so tired *worried*
Natsu: Don't worry I'm just fine saku-chan *pats head*
Sakura: b-but onee-chan
Natsu: *smile*
Sakura: hmm okay etou *taps natsu's shoulder and whisper something* you'll get your energy back later *giggle*
Natsu: eh?
Sakura: *walks faster and left them* hurry onee-chan and madoka-onee-chan... okaa-chan will be worried if we went home really late!
Natsu: Hai hai hai ! hehe *then looks at madoka*
Natsu's mind: she's really quiet today hmmm? is she sick *worried*
Madoka: *caught natsu staring at her* *raises eyebrow* hmpt!
Natsu:  :huhuh *sigh*
Natsu: Evil wi- etou i mean madoka lets go! it's getting late... *offers her hand*
Madoka: un *ignores natsu's hand*walks faster leaving natsu*
Natsu's mind: huh!? hey! wait! *sigh* what's with her?  :?

-at natsu's room
natsu just finish taking a bath

madoka: here *gives a small chocolate cake*
natsu: hmm?
madoka: just eat it all and go to sleep good night *force Natsu to hold the cake and goes to her bed and pretends sleeping*

natsu's mind: so this is what saku-chan is talking about
*walks towards madoka*kiss madoka's forehead to tease her*

natsu: you should just give it to me nicely... thank you madoka-chan hehe
madoka:*turns red*cover herself with her blanket* hmpt!
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Hehehe Madoka and Natsu so sweet  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Please update soon  :D :D :D

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Madoka tsun tsun xD

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Oh Madoka stop being a tsundere :lol:
So cute, update soon~ :inlove:

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Madoka~  XD so cute!

More cute moments please  :bow:

Update soon
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Arara~ Madoka being such q tsun...

Just admit that you want Natsumi's attention..

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Awww Natsu and Madoka is down right cute!!

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They're so adorable <3
Natsu natsu-ah~,  stop calling your hubby evil witch!   :lol:

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Geez, Makoda is such a tsundere girl lol

Natsu's secret is exposed by Sakura :))

Poor Aoi and Chihiro == will they end up togethere ??

Please upadte soon

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#12 Competition!

It was friday after class and tommorow is the jazz dance competition that natsu and chihiro are competing
Natsu and Chihiro's dance group is having a practice at YuiParu's residence.

chihiro's tou-chan, Yui, is helping the group for their practice, everyone is really working hard.
after an hour of exhausting practice they decided to take a 5 minutes break.

Yui: Chii-chan, Natsu-chan, here drink up you two, good luck on the competition okay? *hands them drinks**smiling at them*
Natsu: H-hai *shy*
Yui: *pats natsu's head* You are excellent at dancing Natsu-chan so don't be nervous and have fun doing it okay?
Chihiro: *glad that her tou-chan and Natsu are getting along*
Natsu: H-hai Yui-san *shy*
Yui: chii-chan, I'll just go to your mom Take care of your friends *taps chihiro's shoulder*
Chihiro: Hai tou-chan
Yui: ah- don't forget to change clothes later, you might catch a cold *gives towel to chihiro*
Chihiro: mou~ i'm not a kid anymore tou-chan
Yui: haha~ is that so? *pats head* ja~

Natsu: hehe, sometimes your tou-chan likes spoiling you~ right?
Chihiro: *embarrassed**blush*
Natsu: haha~ don't be so embarrassed about that, you're cute when being spoiled~
Chihiro: *doki* *heart beats faster*

Chihiro: *looks at natsu*
Natsu: *feeling uneasy* *nervous about the competition*
Chihiro: We'll be okay *smile*
Natsu: u-un~ *hugs* thanks chii-chan
Chihiro: mm.. *blushing* *doki*doki*
Natsu: well then let's resume our practice? we should do our best tomorrow!



It was already the competition day...

Aoi dragged her tou-chan and kaa-chan to watch natsu,

Aoi: Aunt yuki~ did natsu's group already start? wahhh~
Yuki: hehe~ the competition is just starting aoi-chan , don't worry

Mayu and Sayanee's eyes met
*glared at each other*

Mayu's mind: do i have to warn you not to get close with my yuki?
Sayanee's mind: do i have to warn you not to get close with my milky?

*glaring at each other*
*thunder strikes at the background*

Yuko: *suddenly showed up* geez you kids are fighting again?
Haruna: *sigh* why won't you greet each other normally?

Mayu and Sayanee was surprised to see their parents are there...

Actually Sakura mailed them and told them about her nee-chan competing in a jazz dance competition
so the KojiYuu couple are there to support their beloved Natsumi~

Yuko: This will be fun! *excited* Hahaha~ oh~ there are cute girls everywhere *hyper* oohh nice *****
Yuko: *felt someone pinched her arms* ouch! what's that for nyan nyan? *pouting*
Haruna: Hmpt!
Yuko: eh~ my lovely nyan nyan is jealous hehe~ come on, yours are much better *grin* and I'm only yours *pleading haruna* *squirrel smile*

Mayu: That's not gonna work tou-chan *behaved*
Yuko: eh? Shiriri-chan should help me here *pout*

Mayu: *sigh*
Yuki: *giggle* Tou-chan should behave right mayu? *smile sweetly*
Mayu: *nervous* h-hai..
Mayu's mind: i don't want to be punished again by yuki T_T *sulk*

Sayanee: *sigh* Yuki-senpai is right Tou-chan,apologize to kaa-chan

Yuko: Eeh? where's my ikemen daughters? why don't you help your tou-chan here mou~ nyan nyan! i'm sorry okay? *puppy eyes*
Haruna: *ignoring yuko*
Milky: *giggle* kaa-chan please don't be mad at tou-chan~

Sakura: ne~ sobo~ let's play nintendo while waiting for nee-chan's group *smiling*
Haruna: *smiles* sure sakura-tan
Yuko: Mou~ sa~ku~ra-chan~ sofu wants to join? please?
Haruna&Sakura: *ignore* *busy playing*
Yuko: T_T

Aoi: *ignores all of them* *anxiously waiting for natsu's performance*
Sayanee: *notice Aoi staring at the stage* is my cute princess excited? *smile*
Aoi: Hai tou-chan~ *smiles* I love watching Natsu dancing! <3
Milky: well, Nattan is good at dancing like mayu-senpai~
Aoi: Un~ *still staring at the stage, waiting for natsu's performance*
Milky: hehe~ I wanna watch mayu-senpai and nattan dance
Sayanee: *flinched* *jealous* *pout*
Milky: oh~ did i see a pout there~ *pokes cheeks*
Sayanee: I'm not pouting! *turns her head to the other side*
Milky: ne~ look here *kiss sayanee on the cheeks near the lips* *giggle*
Sayanee: *blush*

Mayu: *saw them* *smirked* heh~
Sayanee: What's with that creepy smile nee-san?!
Mayu: *smirk*

Then the JuRena couple arrived to watch natsu

Jurina: *appeared at the back of SayaMilky couple* oh~ look what we have here *pokes sayanee's cheeks*
Sayanee: Eh?! Jurina? you're here in tokyo?
Jurina: Miss me? hehe~
Rena: Konnichiwa~
Milky: aah rena-chan~
Jurina: Long time no see *notice Yuko*
Yuko: aah~ jurina-tan :3 seat here, seat here *notice madoka* grins* oh~ is that madoka-chan?
Madoka: *bows*smiles*ojou-sama aura*
Yuko:*grins more* Hi ma~do~ka-chan~ you've grown up into a beautiful lady~

Sayanee: hehe~ you just looks like your mother madoka-chan~
Jurina: *grin* i know right, *happy*
Sayanee: ah, i know~ you should meet my sweet daughter madoka-chan~ i'm sure you will be good friends *smile*

Sayanee: *calls aoi* aoi~chan
Aoi: *busy waiting for natsu to perform* *excited*sparkle* *ignores everyone*

Sayanee: uhm... aoi-chan?
Aoi: *finally noticed her tou-chan calling her* eh?
Sayanee: geez~ why are you so eager to watch natsu haha~ *<--clueless about her daughter having crush on natsu*

Sayanee: hehe~ you should meet my childhood friend jurina, her wife rena and her daughter madoka~ i know you two would be good friends~

Aoi: ehh?! madoka-san?
Madoka: *surprised to know their parents know each other*

Jurina & Sayanee: huh? you two already meet each other?

Madoka: uhm.. we're classmates tou-san

Yuko: how great~ my grand daughters becoming friends with my best friend's grand daughter~ aah, i'm so happy~ *teary eyes*

Yuko: hahaha~ ah~! did you already meet my ikemen grand daughter madoka-chan? *evil smile*
Madoka: hm?
Yuko: Natsumi-chan~ did you already meet her~? *still smiling evilly*
Madoka: eh? hai...

Yuko: Good~ *giggle* by the way Jurina, where's Sayaka and Sae? I miss them so badly~
Haruna: but you're always mailing them right?
Yuko: haha~ but i miss hanging out with them~

Jurina: hehe~ they are still out of town, and we are currently staying at mayu's until we found a place here
Yuko: ehh?! mou~ shiriri-chan didn't tell me~
Mayu: *sigh* tou-chan doesn't need to know

Yuko: b-but i miss *cupped jurina's face* this ikemen face too ~
Jurina: *giggle*
Yuko: hehe~ anyway you should tell sayaka and sae that we should have a reunion okay?
Jurina: hai~
Haruna: as i said why don't you just mail them yuko? geez~

Then YuiParu couple arrived to watch their child chihiro

Yui: Yuki-senpai! *happy*
Yuki: Yui-chan~ long time no see~ *happy*
Mayu: *jealous* hmpt!
Yuki: *hugs yui and paru* its been awhile you two
Paruru: hehe~

Haruna: Paruru~ its been a long time~
Paruru: good to see you again aunt haruna~ *smiles*
Haruna: hehe~ where's takamina and acchan?
Yui: kaa-chan and tou-chan are kinda busy right now that's why they can't come here today

Yuko: oh... i miss those two ~ T_T
Haruna: That can't be helped if they're busy, sit here *ignores yuko again*
Yuko: mou~ my nyan nyan still ignores me ~

Jurina: hehe~ we're here too~! *suddenly hugs rena*
Rena: hehe~ nice to see you two again~
Yui&Paru: eh? jurina-chan?rena-chan it's been a long time since we saw each other~
Jurina: hehe~ ah, meet my beautiful daughter madoka-chan~
Yui: oh-  i saw her with sakura-chan when she visited natsu's practice at home, she's your daughter? haha so that's why she kinda looks like you and rena-chan~ 
Jurina: hehe~ really? thanks xD ah by the way where's chihiro? she's still a kid the last time i saw her~
Yui: hehe~ she's a cute high school girl now, she've grown beautiful like her mother~ *smile at paru* 
Paru: *heart skipped* ... *salty smile* *trying to hide her blush*
Yui: *grinning*

Jurina: haha we never change do we~ xD we always used to hang out together with mayu and sayanee since kids because our parents are friends with each others~
Yui: i agree haha~ we really should have a get together

Yuko: *butted in their conversation* that's what i'm saying~! *hyper* hehe~ yui-han~ you should tell takamina and acchan, we're planning a reunion~ *excited*

while the others are busy chatting and greeting each other...

--at the backstage

Natsu: *nervous*uneasy*shivering hands*
Chihiro: Yosh! we can do this everyone! let's win this! *smile*
others: Hai!

Chihiro: ok 5 minutes more before we perform be ready!
others: hai!

Natsu: *suddenly hugs chihiro from behind*
Chihiro: *blushed*notice natsu's shivering hands*face natsu and hugs her back*

Chihiro: *can't move* *blushing* *heart beats faster*

they stay like that until 1 minute left before they perform

Staff: Minna are you ready?

Natsu: *breaks the hug*looks at the staff* hai!
Others: Hai!

Natsu: *looks back at chihiro* you always calm me down~ thanks chii-chan~ hehe~ let's go? *smiles sweetly*
Chihiro: *doki*doki*doki*  un~ *happy*

Then natsu and chihiro's group perform

Aoi: *amazed*watching natsu attentively*
Madoka: *amazed*

Aoi was watching natsu attentively but then there was last part of the dance was Natsu and Chihiro's face are only a few inches close, it was dangerously close

Aoi: *shocked* ehh?? i didn't see them practice that *holding her tears*
Aoi: maybe it's really just part of the dance steps, mou!!

Madoka: .... *not amused*

others: *clap*clap* kyaaaaa~


natsu and chihiro's group win that competition and they are really happy that time

-- at the backstage

Natsu: yay~! we won!
Chihiro: our efforts are paid off hehe~ *relieved*
others: *celebrating*

Natsu: chii-chan~ thanks~ *hugs*
Chihiro: eh? *doki*
Natsu: hehe~ just by hugging you i feel calm~ chii-chan~ :3

Aoi went backstage and saw natsu hugging chihiro

Aoi: ehh? why are they hugging each other *about to cry*
no no no aoi won't cry! remember what okaa-chan told you *talking to herself*

////flashback (on what aoi's okaa-chan had told her some time ago)////

Milky: Aoitan I'm coming in okay?
*opens door*

Milky: Why are you crying?
Aoi: *sob* i-its *sob* n-natsu
Milky: EH? What happened?
Aoi: She didn't do anything okaa-chan its just that *sob* she's so nice
Milky: *smiles* Can you tell okaa-chan what happened?
Aoi: N-natsu *sob* protected me from our classmate who was bullying me, i was just afraid that they would also bully natsu, i don't want that wahh *crying*
Milky: do you like natsu-chan? *Smiles*
Aoi: *nods* I really like her okaa-chan *hugs*
Milky: sssh~ now then, you better stop crying or natsu will not like if your always be a cry baby, be strong okay?
Aoi: b-but...
Milky: you promise okaa-chan that you will try your best not to cry very often okay? and you will be strong like okaa-chan and otou-chan *smiles*patting aoitan's head*
Aoi: *nods* b-but okaa-chan natsu like someone
Milky: *giggle* then fish her... you should get her because my little girl is cuter~ give your most sweetest smile, okay~
Aoi: H-hai*sob*okaachan
Milky: there there *pats head*
////end of flashback////

aoi: n-natsu-chan! chii-chan!!!
Natsu: aoitan!! *cheerful*
Aoi: *hugs natsu* congrats
Natsu: *hugs back* hehe arigatou aoitan
Chihiro: uhm *jealous* etou come on! let's celebrate guys ! hehe
Natsu: right! let's get going yosh!
Aoi: *happy* un~ *holds natsu's hand*
Natsu: hehe come on aoitan~ *walks hand in hand*
Chihiro's mind: why am i feeling uncomfortable again when they are holding hands mou~ T_T
Natsu: *looked back to call chihiro* chii-chan~ come on~ :3
Chihiro: h-hai~
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A reunion..can't wait for it

Natsu and chiichan must be amazing at the dance

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Yuuchan misses everybody =)))))) Nyan Nyan is so tsundere here! Love them <3
you always update soon~ thanks for that~  :w00t:

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Thanks for the lighthearted ChiiAoiNatsuMado story xD

I need more HKT fics in life *roars*
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Lols, yuko looked like an abandoned squirrel :lol:

Cant wait for the reunion! :cathappy:

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