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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152195 times)

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And Natsu ignores all of this jealousy xD

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#13 – Lunch with Madoka’s family

Sunday~ natsu was supposed to be spending her day off comfortably…
But right now, she was sitting inside a car going on some place she didn’t know where…

@the backseat of jurina’s car
Madoka: ne natsumi, why are you here? *whisper*
Natsu: -_- why are you asking me when I also don’t know why am I here *whispers back*

Natsu: *sigh* *remember what was the reason why she is with madoka’s family, going somewhere*

//// flashback on what happened this morning////

Jurina: natsu~
Natsu: h-hai?
Jurina: hehe~ nothing much are you busy?
Natsu: uh... I don’t think so
Natsu’s mind: *nervous* `I have a bad feeling about this`

Jurina: then change your clothes now, we are going somewhere~! Ah- don’t worry I already told mayu and yuki if I can borrow you for a while :3

Natsu: haai?!

After that, Jurina dragged her in the car…

Natsu: *stressed* just where are we going? *talking to herself* Geez… *turned at her left side and notice madoka is busy with her phone*
Madoka: *raises eyebrow* what are you staring at?

Natsu’s Mind: huh!? Who the hell is staring at you? -_-“

Natsu:  I’m just wondering if you know where we are going
Madoka: *sudden urge to tease natsu* I will tell you if you say `please` cutely like a puppy *grin*

Natsu’s mind: huh!? What the! The evil witch is at it again… *sigh*headache*

Natsu: nevermind…
Madoka: hmm… then just sit back and be quiet… *gets busy again with her phone*
Natsu: -_-

Jurina: *noticed them talking in the backseats* hehe~ you two sure gets along well *happy*
Madoka: ……
Natsu: h-he-he *forced smile*

Natsu’s mind: you call this `getting along`? *mentally face palmed*

After an hour of drive, it was already lunch time and they arrived in a restaurant
They went inside and are now sitting… natsu was sitting beside madoka, confused of why is she there with madoka’s family

Natsu: *whisper to madoka* what are we doing here?
Madoka: *whisper back* to eat of course, what else do you think? To play golf? *sarcastic laugh*
Natsu: *angry* I’m asking you seriously!

Natsu’s mind: this girl is really..!! uughh!! *boiling temper*

Then two person arrived to where they are sitting… they are both tall, one of them has short hair, unique* sense of fashion and cute ikemen face, she was holding a bear stuff toy, the other one has long hair, mature, beautiful and sharp looks smiling at them…

Jurina: kaa-chan~ tou-chan!! What took you so long? I’m hungry~
Rena: konnichiwa, tou-chan, kaa-chan… it’s been a while *smile*
Sae: it’s been a while~ I missed you guys~ especially our cute grandchild hehe xD

Madoka: sofu, sobo… you’re late! hehe~ *childish smile* is that for me? *points at the teddy bear stuff toy*
Sae: yup~ *grin* this is cute right? Haha xD I knew you would like this~
Sayaka: you know, we were at the arcade center in an onsen and we saw that stuff toy in a crane game.  Then your sofu started to get crazy saying “that stuff toy is so cute…!!! waahh it’s really cute! Ah-! We need to get that! What should I do?! It’s so cute, madoka-chan will like that stuff toy!!” (mimicking sae getting hyper) she was like a  little kid going wild for a stuff toy haha

Jurina: eh? you’re such a kid tou-chan hahahaha
Rena: *giggle* geez tou-chan…
Sae: hey! I’m already a grown up! It’s just that the stuff toy was really cute and I know madoka-chan would like it!! *pout*

Sayaka: haha~ yeah madoka-chan would like it right? *smile at madoka* you know your sofu tried the crane game hundred times just to get that stuff toy~
Sae: not hundred you know! uhmm… *counting* hehe~ just almost a hundred *sheepish smile*
Madoka: *giggle* sofu is such a kid haha~ but thanks sofu, sobo *smile sweetly* *happy*

Natsu was staring at them… it was the first time she saw madoka smile like that, it was an innocent, childlike smile from a kid who was being loved and pampered by her family…

Natsu’s mind: oh, she can smile innocently like that… it’s new to me haha… somehow I like that smile of hers, it’s heartwarming hehe~

Sae: oh? is this natsumi-chan? *grins*
Natsu: *flinched*startled*nervous* u-uhm…
Sayaka: somehow you reminds me of Yukirin when she was younger *giggle* you looked like her haha~
Jurina: eh? you already know her?
Sae: actually Yuko mailed me her picture~ haha xD
Jurina: eh? haha… oh- speaking of, she told me to tell you that we should have a reunion
Sae: ehh??!She told you that?! Why didn’t she just tell me yesterday?! We were talking on the phone though xD
All: *laughing*

Natsu’s mind: is this really madoka’s family? somehow it feels different, I thought she have a serious type of family, *sudden realization* -ah, I forgot they are yuko-sofu’s best friend of course-- ^_^” I see, that’s why Jurina-san is like that… ^_^” --maybe madoka inherited her serious expression from aunt rena’s side… - but wait… then where did she get her queen like attitude who always order me around like a servant?

Rena: hehe~ should we order food now kaa-chan?
Sayaka: ah yeah we should order now… but where’s the waiter? hmm... ne sae, go and call the waiter now
Sae: eeehh!!!
Madoka: sofu~sobo, I’m hungry~ *child-like smile*
Sayaka: See? No `eeehh` now, the kids are getting hungry… hurry up and call the waiter right now
Sae: hai--*pout*follow her wife’s command*
Natsu’s Mind: ^_^” hehe… I see…

While they are waiting for the food….

Madoka: sofu, sobo~ did you enjoy your trip on Hokkaido? And where’s my souvenir?
Sae: yep! We enjoy it! hehe :3 we went skiing it was fun xD and the food was really delicious you’ll like it ~ *smile*
Sayaka: I bought some books about classical music, ah- there was book, it was a novel though, the story  was about a musician who thrived to promote and appreciate music in a war-based city during medieval times hehe~ here *hands over a paper bags full of books*
Madoka: oh, this is interesting hehe~ *looking at the books*excited to read* thanks sobo~ *happy smile*

Madoka: hmm… but still-- mou~! I want to go to Hokkaido too and skii… *pout*
Rena: well, you have school classes so we can’t help it… but we could go there during vacation, what do you think? *smile*
Madoka: hmm….
Jurina: hehe~ don’t be sad now… we’ll go on a vacation once we had a day off, how’s that? *pats madoka’s head*
Madoka: really?
Jurina: hehe~ sure! Don’t be sad now princess… okay?

Natsu: *staring at them*feeling like she was in another world*
Natsu’s mind: is this really the madoka who always tease me? Wait— * can’t believe madoka was acting like a spoiled child*

After a while their food arrived… and they started to eat… Jurina is busy chatting with her parents while eating

Jurina: oh- I forgot to tell you that natsumi is madoka’s fiancé :3
Sae&Sayaka: *stopped eating* eehh!?
Natsu: *choked*cough*cough*
Madoka: …..

Sae: eh? eh? is that true?! Wait! I’m calling yuko!
Jurina: ah- she also doesn’t know tou-chan we forgot to inform you guys hehe…
Sayaka: hey- what’s with that forgetting about your parents?

Sae: uuggh! She’s not answering!!! She must be busy with her nyan nyan… geezz that yuko! Hey pick up your phone!
Sayaka: sae- Calm down!
Sae: b-but!
Sayaka: sae!
Sae: *behaved*

Natsu’s Mind: uh—what the? What is going on now? *headache* ah- I totally forgot that fiancé thing

Sayaka: well natsumi-chan is a good kid but don’t you think they are still too young?
Rena: well that might be true kaa-chan *worried*
Sae: haha~ well it’s okay~ Jurina-chan and Rena-chan got together when they’re young too right *teasing grin*
Jurina: ehh…. hehe *cat smile* but tou-chan and kaa-chan got together when they’re still young too~
Sae: ahh—that’s true haha xD well as long as you love each other it doesn’t matter if your young or not haha

Natsu’s Mind: but before you talk about love, you forgot the fact that we barely know each other *mentally face palmed*
Madoka: *no comment*

Sae: but you know, I knew madoka-chan and natsumi-chan would end up liking each other~ hehe xD
Madoka: *raise eyebrow*
Natsu: *got choked again*cough*cough* h-huh?

Sae: haha~ if you could still remember, we had a reunion once, back when you are still kids, you were 4 or 5 years old back then and that’s the first time you met each other :3
Jurina: eh? when is that tou-chan??? I can’t seem to remember that!! Ehh???
Sayaka: well that time… hmm ah! rena-chan got angry with you that time because you are flirting with other girls when we went to the beach
Sae: *laughing loud* hahahaha xD maybe that’s the reason why you can’t remember hahaha xD

Jurina: eeh!??????????
Rena: ah I remember now- that’s when they visited us in Nagoya and they stayed with us for a month. Yeah, madoka and natsu became friends right away and they are always together that time *giggle*
Sayaka: mmm *nods* the four of you, sayanee and yui’s child, were always together and became close friends during that short time. But madoka-chan was super close to natsumi-chan that you two even sleep in the same bed *giggle*
Madoka: mou! I can’t remember that sobo~ *pout*

Natsu’s mind: eeehhh? That happened?! *shocked*

Jurina: hehe~ well, you’re just 5 years old that time~ and even I forgot it~
Sae: well, you forget it because rena got angry at you right? Hahahaha xD my stomach hurts hahaha
Jurina: heyyy tou-chan!!!

Sayaka: haha~ but it’s just seems yesterday when you are still kids~ I feel like getting old xD
Sae: hahaha xD well Sayaka is still beautiful even if you got old *sheepish grin*
Sayaka: hey! What the hell is that flirtatious line?! *embarrassed* b-but thanks… *blush*

Jurina: haha~ that’s an awesome line tou-chan~! *thumbs up*
Sae: haha~ I know right!

Natsu’s mind: uhhh… ^_^”
Natsu: *continuing to eat*

Sae: ahh-- by the way natsumi-chan, what did you like about our madoka-chan? :3
Natsu: *choked again*cough* *startled with the question* eehh!? *panic*

Sae: haha~ well we can’t blame you if you can’t think of anything to say, well our madoka-chan is really talented, she’s good at playing piano, she’s smart, tall and beautiful *proud*
Natsu: uhhh…

Natsu’s mind: well she’s also a sadist and a tsundere -_-“

Sae: and did you know she does some modeling work~? *proud* *grin* *gets her ipad in her bag*
Sae: Look, isn’t she beautiful~ *shows picture*

Natsu’s mind: aah-! This suits her, demon clothes hahaha~ hm well…… but I admit that she’s a beauty…
Natsu: *scrolls down*sees another picture*

<-----------------click the link to see madoka's picture that made natsu in awe xD-------------------------->madoka's pic

Natsu: *urkkk(sound of blood gushing out)*nosebleed*
Natsu’s mind: what the?! W-well… nice legs…

Madoka: geez! Sofu! it’s embarrassing!
Sayaka: haha~ well we are just proud of you *smile*
Sae: right~! Haha~
Madoka: mou!

Sae: ahh- I know~ haha xD you wanna see madoka-chan when she was little? *searching pictures in her ipad*


Natsu: oh! you look innocent and cute here madoka-chan~ *teasing tone* haha~
Madoka: *sent a death glare at natsu*
Natsu: haha~ *having fun teasing her back*

Sae: I have more pics of madoka-chan here~


Natsu: *staring at the pictures*stunned*
Sae: hehe~ so what do you think natsumi-chan?
Natsu: *in awe*
Sae: natsumi-chan?
Natsu: ahh- *back to her senses* hehe… she is really beautiful

Madoka: hmpt… *ignore*blush*

Sae: haha,ah- let’s take pictures~

Then they start taking pictures randomly while eating… natsu was shocked seeing madoka do some silly faces along with her sofu while taking pictures… she can see her having fun… this madoka’s personality was really new to her…

Natsu’s Mind: she’s like a different person when she’s with her family… hehe~ it’s kinda cute

Sae: let’s take family pictures~!
Jurina: oh~! good idea tou-chan!
Madoka: haha, tou-chan and sofu are such a kid~
Sayaka&Rena: *giggle* agree~
Sae&Jurina: but this is family picture~! Hehe~

Natsu: *giggle* then I’ll help you take the pictu-
Sae: come on natsumi-chan sit here beside madoka-chan :3
Jurina: *calling a waiter to take their family picture*
Natsu: eh?

Waiter: 1..2..3.. say cheese!

Natsu’s Mind: eh? why am I included? This is a family picture right? Eh!?

--After eating and chatting they are now going home… natsu was relieved that they are now going home but then she noticed madoka’s expression became sad…

Sae: well then take care okay~ madoka-chan study well okay~ ugghh we’ll miss you :’(
Madoka: sofu, sobo are you going out of town again? *pout*
Sayaka: well, that can’t be helped, gomen madoka-chan *pats madoka’s head*
Sae: ohh~ the princess will miss us~ hehe~
Madoka: no *turned her face sideways*
Sae: haha~ where did you get that tsun-tsun character xD hehe~ what do you want for souvenirs? Ah- I know! we’ll visit you at Tokyo after some time and we could go on disneyland~! :3 how’s that?
Madoka: if you ever got to visit, it would take some time… *pout*
Sayaka: but we’ll visit you for sure~ don’t get angry at us now okay?
Madoka: mmm… *still pouting*
Jurina: geez… kaa-chan and tou-chan is spoiling madoka too much hehe~ just forgive them madoka-chan okay~? we’ll go buy stuff toys later *smile*
Rena: *sigh* look who’s talking *giggle*

Natsu’s Mind: hehe~ she’s like a spoiled child, how cute…


Afterwards… they are already at home…
@Natsu’s room

Madoka was sitting on the bed busy with her phone while hugging the bear stuff toy she got from her sofu, natsu was standing in front of her with a grin in her face
Madoka: *raises eyebrow*
Natsu: *smiling sheepishly at madoka*
Madoka: what do you want natsumi? *glare*
Natsu: oh~ how cold… hehe~ I didn’t know that the cold princess like you have such a cute side~ wanting her family to spoil her~ *teasing*
Madoka: hmpt! Leave me alone natsumi, I’m not in the mood to chat

Natsu’s mind: eh? *remember her sad expression a while ago when madoka don’t want her sofu and sobo to leave* is she really that sad? *felt guilty teasing her*

Natsu: hehe~ it’s just that I didn’t expect that kind of personality from you hehe~
Madoka: hmpt!!!
Natsu: hey! What’s with that grumpy face? I’m complementing you, you know?
Madoka: *sigh* if you want to cheer me up natsumi then why don’t you tell a joke *smirk*
Natsu: ehh?
Madoka: *pout* then just leave me alone
Natsu: *thinking*
Natsu: ah! I know~! hehe~ this one is good…

Natsu: Panda no suki na tabemono wa nan desu ka? (What is a panda's favorite food?)
Madoka: …..
Natsu: it’s pan da! (/^▽^)/ (it’s bread!) [pan = bread]
Madoka: *poker face* …. That’s it?
Natsu: eh?
Natsu: eh? *super embarrassed* uhh… *red face* *wanted to hide*
Madoka: *suddenly laughed* hahaha~ your reactions are more funny natsumi~ hahaha~ *laughing out loud*
Natsu: Y-you! You’re really cruel!!! (つ﹏<)・゚。 *sulk*
Madoka: haha~ what’s with that joke natsumi? Where did you even get that haha-
Natsu: I’m just trying to cheer you up but you’re making fun of me instead… *sulk on the corner* evil witch… ˚‧º•(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º•˚

Madoka: *giggle* *went to natsu* gomen ne~
Natsu: *pout*looks away* cruel!
Madoka: haha~ natsumi, how cute~ *pokes cheeks*making fun of her more*
Natsu: mou~!! I hate—
Madoka: *hugs natsu suddenly* thanks natsumi *smiles sweetly*
Natsu: eh? (๑′°_°๑)
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yurin23mayuki is a very fast updater  :lol: but i like that yurin23mayuki-san update very fast ,your stories are incredible  :inlove: :wub:
Mayuki and Kojiyuu shipper <3 Starting to like WMatsui,Natsumado and Sayamilky

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More soon please!

Just can't get enough of this!! :inlove: :inlove:

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will they kiss wil they kiss  :w00t:
i can't wait !
little madoka is cute <3

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Natsu and madoka is so cute specially when Natsu doing joke to made Madoka smile

Jurina and Sae is so childish...that is why they need Rena and Sayaka beside them :3

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #14 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#14 - Threat, Info and Scoop ?

-After class...

--at the newspaper club, Natsu was arranging the draft of their school paper when her Senpai, the newspaper club president called her

Lovetan: Nacchan, i have a task for you and this is really important! *serious*
Natsu: hmm? what it is?
Lovetan: as you can see, our newspapers are not selling. We really need a big impact in our newspaper so everyone in the campus will read it
Natsu: hmm *nods* *listening carefully*
Lovetan: and I know you are the only one who can do it

Natsu's mind: I have a bad feeling about this*shiver*

Natsu: well i don't think so... *declining*
Lovetan: Natsu! you are our only hope! so you need to accept this no matter what! the future of the newspaper club is in your hands!
Natsu: *headache* *sigh* what is it?
Lovetan: first, promise me that you will do it
Natsu: (-_-") okay, i promise

Lovetan: you know Madoka-san, the transfer student?
Natsu: *flinched* uh.. i take back my words
Lovetan: hey! you already promised. no taking back!
Natsu: b-but it's that girl we're talking about, you don't know how dangerous she is!

Lovetan: hm? *curious* dangerous? you know something about her? *looks at natsu suspiciously*
Natsu: eh?! *nervous* *panic* ahh-- no! no, i don't know anything about her *gulped*

Natsu's mind: oh no- I really have a bad feeling about this *cold sweat*

Lovetan: hmm.. sou? *ideas popping up in her head* *evil grin*
Lovetan: anyway, you can't decline... or else I will tell to your fan club where you live and other information about you~ *evil grin*
Natsu: *mad* that threat again?! *sigh* ok fine! what will i do?
Lovetan: ehehe~ don't worry its easy, just get some interesting pictures and information about her, okay? she's getting popular in our school so we need some info about her

Natsu's mind: well if they only knew her *sigh* well, but she's kind sometimes *remember the last time madoka being kind to her* *spacing out*

Lovetan: oi natsu! are you listening?!
Natsu: huh?! ah yes... okay, i'll do it. just! *serious* don't tell them where i live okay?!

Lovetan: of course, you have my word. yosh! ganbatte ne~ nacchan! Remember this is for the newspaper club!
Natsu: This will be so troublesome *sigh*
Lovetan: hehe~ *laughing evilly*


-after that meeting, Natsu was outside the club room taking a break from club activities.
she was laying under the tree looking at the sky...

Natsu's mind: this is refreshing after a long week *feels the air*

Natsu: *falls asleep*


Aoi was planning to talk to madoka as she was curious how natsu and madoka get that close

Madoka: *reading a book*
Aoi: *approaching madoka*

Aoi: uhm...Hi Madoka-san, do you already decided what club you'll be joining?
Madoka: hmm? *looks at aoi* not yet, why?
Aoi: u-uhm... every students need to join a club, I can accompany you to find one *smile*
Madoka: oh, okay. Thank you

So the two of them walked around the school to find a club for madoka.
Aoi  was trying to talk to madoka..

Aoi: uhm.. madoka-san, what are you reading a while ago?
Madoka: a novel
Aoi: oh~ what is about? do you enjoy reading madoka-san? you can join the literature club if you want
Madoka: it's about classical  music
Aoi: then what about music club madoka-san?
Madoka: hmm..
Aoi: the music club is on the first floor, let's go there madoka-san
Madoka: uhm, okay

--music club
Aoi: eh? there's no one here? hm.. ah! i forgot that they have a competition outside school! wahhh! i'm sorry madoka-san *about to cry*

Madoka's mind: eh? why is she saying sorry?

Madoka: it's okay, don't worry *pats aoi's head*

Aoi's mind: eh? *confused*

*cellphone ringing*

Aoi: ah! sorry *answer phone*

Aoi: uhm.. sorry about that, hehe... etou.. my tou-chan called me we will be having a dinner outside so i need to go home now..
etou.. gomen, madoka-san! but i'll accompany you tomorrow
Madoka: uh, if it's okay with you..

Madoka's mind: this girl is weird *smile* but she's nice..

Aoi: then, i'll leave now madoka-san, see you tomorrow *smile* bye bye
Madoka: mmm *nods* uhm.. thanks aoi-san, be careful on your way *sweet smile*
Aoi: *staring*

Aoi's mind: i thought she would ignore me but she's really nice.. hehe~

--and then aoi left, madoka was still in the music club
Madoka: *noticed the piano* *smile*

--meanwhile aoi was on her way to meet her tou-chan
Aoi: Ah!! i forgot to ask her about how she and natsu got close T_T *pout* well i'll just ask her tomorrow *sigh*

--at the back of the school building near the music club, natsu was still napping under the tree when she heard someone playing the piano

*sounds of piano*

Natsu: hmm *yawn* *woke up*
Natsu: *heard the calming music from the music club* someone is playing the piano? but the members of the music club are not there

Natsu: *went to the music club* *looks at music club window*
Natsu: eh? madoka? *stares at madoka*

Natsu: oh she's good *holds her camera* *camera shutter* *smiles*

Natsu: *still listening to the music*

Natsu: somehow... you reminds me of her... she's also good at playing piano *thin smile*

Natsu: *sigh* i wonder where is she, right now... my first love...


-on their way back home...

Natsu: hmm.. ne madoka
Madoka: Hmm?

someone: *camera shutter*

Natsu: eh? did you hear that?
Madoka: What?

Natsu: *looks around* ah nevermind...
Madoka: ha? *raise eyebrow*

Natsu: u-uhm... *wanted to get info about madoka for the newspaper club*
Madoka: what again?

Natsu: etou..

someone: *camera shutter*

Natsu: eh?again? did you hear that? it seems someone was following us
Madoka: isn't it just your fan girls? *raise eyebrow*

Natsu: ehh?!
Madoka: well goodluck to you.. hmpt...  *walks away*

Natsu: *scared of the girls who always chasing her*
Natsu: hey wait! don't leave me here!! madoka wait!!

and then...
after a tiring walk, they are now in front of their house

Natsu: *pant* at last... i'm home T_T
Madoka: hey natsumi, how long are you standing there? hurry up and unlock the door *sigh*
Natsu: you have your own key right? (-_- ) *sigh*

someone: *camera shutter* hehehe~ this is interesting *walks away with an evil grin*


-when they got home Madoka went straightly to their room and change her clothes, a loose shirt and shorts..
Madoka was bored but nothing to do so she lay on the bed when she noticed Natsu busy with her phone

Madoka: ne natsumi...
Natsu: hm?

Madoka: my back hurts...
Natsu: so? -__-

madoka: massage me...
Natsu: don't want.. you're just sitting all day right? why would it hurt?

madoka: tsk..
Natsu: -__-

madoka: *pouts* please?
Natsu: *startled* no

madoka: *puppy eyes*
Natsu: -__- still that won't work on me

madoka: hmpt... *sudden idea to tease natsu* *smirk*

madoka: ne, natsumi? are you tired? *evil smile*
Natsu: *shiver* n-no!

madoka: *gets up and pushed natsu on the bed*
Natsu: *startled* *panic*

Madoka: *smirk* *getting closer*

Natsu: h-hey this is not funny!

Madoka: *getting closer* natsumi are you tired?
Natsu: *felt a hand running on her face* h-hey stop teasing me! *nervous*
Madoka: *get closer to natsu's face*
Natsu: *reddened face*

Madoka: ne, natsumi~ *seductive tone* *getting closer*
Natsu: *stunned*

Madoka: *suddenly laughed* hahaha~ your face is so red natsumi hahaha, what do you think i will do?? *still laughing* *having fun teasing natsu*
Natsu: *mad* *boiling temper* y-you!

Madoka: hahaha~ *cheeky smile* how cute~ you're face is so red natsumi
Natsu: *super annoyed*

Natsu: you! *wanted to tease her back*
Natsu: *grabs madoka's shoulder and pinned her down*
Natsu: haha!~ it's payback! *gets closer*

Madoka: *startled* *blushed* *looks away* 

Natsu: *surprised by madoka's reaction* eh?

*tempting view*

Natsu: *noticed that madoka's shirt was slightly pulled* *saw madoka's bare shoulder*

1 second

2 seconds




Natsu: *blushing*

Natsu: *face was fully reddened up to her ears*

Natsu: *panic* uhm... ah..

Natsu: I'm sorry! *gets up and run away* *panic*

@Living room

Natsu: *panting* *heart beating fast*

*door opens*

Natsu: *startled*

Rena: tadaima.. hm? natsumi-chan, did you guys just got home? *smile*
Natsu: uh- hai, aunt rena *face still red*

Rena: hm? why your face is red natsumi-chan?
Natsu: *panic* ah-
Rena: are you okay? *gets closer* do you have a fever? *about to touch natsu's forehead*
Natsu: *backs away* N-no, im okay aunt rena.. hehe *nervous*

Rena: oh! is madoka in your room?
Natsu: h-hai... uhm.. s-she's sleeping
Rena: hmm i see.. i'm going to the grocery store, could you help me? but if your busy its okay  *smiles sweetly at natsu*  i was about to ask madoka but she's asleep, maybe i should just wake her up..
Natsu: no! *shakes head* i mean uhm she's tired so we shouldn't wake her hehe, i'm gladly to help you aunt rena *smiles*
Rena: eh? *giggle* come on


while they are walking natsu is gently guiding rena on the way going to the grocery store

Natsu: etou aunt rena...
Rena: hmm?
Natsu: anou... *thinking how she will ask information about madoka*
Rena: Oh! we're near! *smiles*
Natsu: ah h-hai...

--and then natsu accompanied her aunt rena to the grocery
-while strolling around the store natsu thought that she might get info about madoka from her aunt rena since it will be troublesome for her to ask madoka herself

Natsu: etou aunt rena
Rena: yes natsu-chan? *looking at the price*
Natsu: hmm do madoka-chan play other instruments?
Rena: hehe~ yes...she also plays harmonica but you should see her play the piano

Natsu: actually i already saw her this afternoon and i admit it she's really good
Rena: *smile* she's been competing in piano recitals since 5 years old
Natsu: *listening carefully* oh..
Rena: hehe~ why you asked?
Natsu: hmm etou.. *panic* *can't think anything to answer since she was just asking because her senpai ordered her to get madoka's info*

Rena: *giggle* you should just ask her you know
Natsu: uhh...

Rena: are you shy asking her? hehe~
Natsu: *forced smile* h-hai

Natsu's mind: i'm not shy, i don't want to ask her, she will just make fun of me T_T

Rena: just don't tell her that i told you okay~ *smile*
Natsu: un~

Rena: hmm.. she's been doing her best every time she plays piano, she always dedicate it for her sofu and sobo
Natsu: hehe, i can tell that she is really close to her grandparents

Rena: mmm *nods* jurina and i are always busy with work so she was often left alone, when she was young she was always with her sofu and sobo so she's really close with them, actually she always go with them, going out of town but because of school sometimes she can't always go with them,
Natsu: ohh, then what about her friends? when you moved here in Tokyo, isn't she sad leaving her friends?

Rena: well she doesn't have many friends, more often she was left alone... ah- actually she had one best friend, izumi.

Rena: she was really close with her that's why when her best friend moved out on other place, she always isolates herself from other people and she always go straight at home, just reading books. So I'm happy that you and sakura are getting along with my daughter *smile sweetly* thank you natsumi-chan
Natsu: *shy*shakes head* uhm i really didn't do anything

Natsu's mind: she's lonely... maybe that's the reason why she always making fun of me...

Rena: but still thank you for taking care of my madoka *Smiles sweetly*
Natsu: *nods*

Rena: ah it will be madoka's birthday next month hehe~
Natsu: oh... when is it?
Rena: madoka's birthday is on july 26, are you planing to give her a present? *smile*
Natsu: eh? *nervous* h-hai *forced smile*

Rena: hehe~ madoka likes the anime Conan , she also likes teddy bears and other things related to music
Natsu: hmm.. never thought that she likes anime
Rena: *giggle* sometimes we watch together when I don't have work its our past time together.
Natsu: eh? you also watch aunt rena?
Rena: yep *giggle*

Natsu's mind: madoka's really close with her family

So the two is still talking about madoka until they finish buying stuffs on the way home


--morning after that day

Natsu: staring at madoka
Madoka: *notice natsu staring at her* what?
Natsu: smiles do you want more rice?

Madoka: huh? no thanks

Madoka's mind: there's something wrong about natsumi.. hmmm

Natsu: etou... ah! do you already found a club to join?
Madoka: hm? not yet
Natsu: *trying to keep up the conversation* anou..

Sakura: nee-chan you two will be late at school if you don't hurry to eat *points at natsu's plate still full of food*
Madoka: *just finish eating*
Natsu: ah gomen gomen  *eats fast*

Sakura: i'll go first, see you later : )
Madoka: take care saku-chan *smiles sweetly*

Yuki: take care sakura *smile*
Mayu: Sakura~ be careful okay?

--after a while--

Madoka: *about to leave*
Natsu: H-hey wait up!


Madoka: ne, Natsumi open the door
Natsu: hai hai here *opens door*

so the two of them went outside the house and started to walk

*camera shutter *

someone: *spying* oh~ interesting, as I expected hehehe~ *evil laugh*

--at school

classmate: Ohayou natsumi-sama *fan girl*
Natsu: *gentle smile* ohayou

Madoka: *sigh* play girl.. *walks fast*
Natsu: ah, wait for me..

- at the classroom

Natsu: ah madoka do you want to eat lunch again with us? hehe~ and here *gives bento* you forgot it *smile*
Madoka: ah, uhm.. ok
Natsu: and uh.. here~ have some juice *smile*

someone: *looking by the window* *spying* *evil laugh*

--at lunch

Natsu: yosh! let's connect our tables hehe
Chihiro&Aoi: hai~ hehe
Madoka: ...

While eating Natsu  is trying her best  to open up a  topic and keep up their conversation. actually she wants chii-chan and aoi to be friends with madoka

--after class

Aoi: madoka-san~ let's go to the music club, i'll just pass these papers to sensei hehe~
Madoka: okay..

Natsu: uh, are you going to find a club to join?
Madoka: mm.. aoi-san is helping me

Natsu: oh~ hehe good *happy* then i'll wait for you after class okay? *smile* *pats head*

Madoka's mind: what is natsumi's problem?

someone: *camera shutter* hehe~

--after club activity natsu is waiting at the school entrance gate

Natsu: *listening to music while waiting*
Madoka: *just arrived*

Natsu: oh where is aoitan?
Madoka: she's with chihiro-san, the student council called them

Natsu: ohh, hehe~ let's go home? *offer her hand*

Madoka: huh? *sigh* *walks faster* *leave natsu behind*
Natsu: hey~ wait up

Madoka: i'm going to buy some things, you can go home first
Natsu: then i'll accompany you *smile*
Madoka: *raise eyebrow* whatever...

--while shopping

Natsu: what are you buying madoka?
Madoka: clothes
Natsu: ohh..

@clothes store

Natsu: what kinds of clothes do you like?
Madoka: *looking* hmm...
Natsu: oh~ this suits you *gets a white dress*

Saleslady: good afternoon ladies, what clothes are you looking for?

Natsu: eto.. uhmm.. *looks at madoka*
Madoka: *busy looking*

Saleslady: *smile* are you looking for a matching clothes~? we have several designs

Natsu: *shocked* e-eh? n-no thanks *blush*

Saleslady: and these clothes are on sale~

Natsu: ah, we don't really need it ^_^" right madoka?
Madoka: *ignores natsu*

the saleslady keep on bothering natsu to buy the matching cloth set~

Natsu: ne madoka~ help me here *puppy eyes* please
Madoka: ... *sigh*

Madoka: sorry miss but we don't really need that
Saleslady: we have other designs you can at least try it *smile* *hands over clothes*

Madoka: *sigh* we don't really need... oh, this one is cute~
Saleslady: you could try it on miss~ *smile* this way is the fitting room

and then madoka tried it on~

Madoka: hm... does this look good to me natsumi?
Natsu: hehe~ yes *smile*
Madoka: hm? you're surprisingly kind today *raise eyebrow*
Natsu: ehh... i'm always kind you know hehe~
Madoka: hmm.. then i'll buy this

Saleslady: you can try the other one to see if the size fits *talks to natsu*

Natsu: ehh? why?

Saleslady: this way miss~ *dragged natsu in the fitting room*

- madoka and natsu are now wearing the same clothes...

natsu: embarrassed
madoka: *raise eyebrow* why are you wearing the same?
natsu: the saleslady forced me, don't nag at me T_T
Madoka: *no reaction*
madoka: whatever, i'll just also buy that, come on

someone: *camera shutter* ooh~ *evil grin*

--after shopping, they are now going home

Natsu: *looking at madoka*

Natsu's mind: she's rather quiet, is she still sad?

Natsu: madoka~ do you want to eat crepe~? *smile* how about cake? *smile*
Madoka: natsumi, do you have a fever?
Natsu: eh? what fever?
Madoka: *raise eyebrow*
Natsu: hehe~ come on it's my treat~ let's go

Madoka's mind: i wonder what's gotten into natsumi? she doesn't get mad when i am teasing her earlier, does she have a fever or something? *spacing out*

*bike passing by near madoka*

Natsu: *saw the bike is heading where madoka is*

Natsu: Madoka! watch out! *rushed towards madoka*

Madoka: eh?

Natsu: *grabbed madoka's waist and shoulder pulling her into her side, switching their position while hugging her tight*

Natsu: are you okay? *staring*
Madoka: *blushing* *frozen*

Natsu: *staring* *still hugging her*
Madoka: mm... *still blushing* y-you can let go of me now *heart beat fast*
Natsu: ah sorry,
Madoka: uhm... thanks... *walks away* *face flushed*

someone: *camera shutters*
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #14 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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this chapter is just! :inlove:

natsumi's being nice not wanting madoka to be alone.. :wub:

*nosebleed* madoka and natsumi...

but who is the mysterious person that takes their pics..? :?

update soon! :cathappy:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #14 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#15 A Day with Onee-chan

JuRena couple and Madoka are not home.
MaYuki couple and Sakura are in the dining table having breakfast

Sakura: kaa-chan can I go to the mall later? I'll just buy something please *puppy eyes*
Yuki: Sure Saku-chan *smile* but I can't accompany you, I'll need to do some paper works later
Mayu: I'm free! *raising her one hand* *sparkling*

Natsu just arrived from her daily jogging..

Sakura: Onee-chan! *ignores her tou-chan*
Natsu: Ohayou *smile sweetly*

Mayu: my princess ignoring me again T_T why?
Yuki: *giggle* because you'll just do what you did last time
Mayu: *remember* *sulk*

Sakura: Onee-chan~ do you have plans later?
Natsu: hmmm there is.. why? are you going out? I can't cancel my plans though gomen
Sakura: oh i see..*sad*

Natsu: hmm what time it is? I'll just meet you up is that okay? *pats sakura's head*
Sakura: really??!
Natsu: hehe un~
Sakura: later at 2pm onee-chan, is that okay?
Natsu: Hai :) i'll see you later, kaa-chan i'll get ready now i'll just finish some stuffs at the newspaper club

Yuki: But you haven't eat anything yet
Mayu: I'll make you some bentou nattan
Natsu: hai thank you tou-chan

-at the train station 11am
Sakura is waiting for the train to arrive

Sakura: hehe I'll buy the things i needed first so that me and nee-chan can have sometime alone~ *giggle* i hope there's a nice movie today *happy*
Haruppi: Saku-chan!!!!
Sakura: Eh? *turns head* Haruppi?
Haruppi: Where are you going? *energetic*
Sakura: etou *thinking*don't want to  ruined her date with her beloved onee-chan* i'll just go buy some clothes in the department store and go home hehe
Haruppi: Is that so? then I'll can accompany you~ I'll go there too~ hehe

Sakura: eh? *thinking an excuse*
Haruppi: onegai~ its lonely being alone *puppy eyes*
Sakura: *lost to harrupi's puppy eyes* hehe ok *sigh*
Haruppi: Yey! *hugs sakura*

-inside the train


group of girls: *staring at sakura*

Sakura's mind: why am I feeling uneasy right now? *cold sweat*still smiling sweetly*

Haruppi: *Still hugging sakura*
group of girls: Sumimasen, sakura-san can we take a picture of you?? onegai
Sakura: eh?! etou.. *panic*
Haruppi: heh~ sorry but we're having a date now~
group of girls: *Shocked* waaah haruppi-senpai onegai~
Haruppi: hehe~ just joking XP just continue adoring sakura-chan okay? hehe~
Sakura: eh? you know them?
Haruppi: yup~ they are members of your fanclub hehe~
Sakura: ah.. *helpless smile* *sigh*

Sakura's mind: i hope its already 2pm... mou~ i want to be alone with onee-chan T^T

-at the station
Haruppi: Yey~ we're here!!
Meru: Sakuratan!!!! Haruppi!!
Haruppi: eh? why are you here?
Meru: Hahaha~ this is destiny~
Sakura: hehe *helpless smile* Hi meru-chan
Meru: come on let's eat! *sparkling smile*
Haruppi: ehh... but we're on a date
Meru: *drags haruppi and sakura with her*

Sakura's mind: wahh Onee-chan tasukete~ T_T

-after they eat, they went at a department store

Meru: *hugs sakura*
Haruppi: meru! i saw saku-chan first stop hugging her *hugs sakura tighter*
Sakura: minna i can't breath

Natsumikan: Senpai!

Sakura: Natsumikan tasukete~ T_T
Natsumikan: oi! you two! senpai cannot breathe anymore do you want her to die??
Meru&haruppi: Waaah no! *release* T^T gomen ne sakura-chan
Sakura: *relieved* arigatou natsumikan *sigh*

Natsumikan: by the way senpai, why are you all here?
Haruppi&Meru: We're on a date!
Haruppi: hey i saw her first
Meru: ehhh... but the more the merrier right hehe~ *smile*

Sakura: he-he *helpless smile*
Natsumikan: Is that so? Well then I could recommend clothes for all of you *grin*

Sakura&Haruppi&Meru: ehhhh..

Sakura's mind: onee-chan, hurry up T^T

so the four of them stroll around the department store when

Anna: Sa~ku~ra~tan~ *running towards them *hugs sakura*

both sakura and anna is on the floor now

Anna: sakura~ i miss you~! -- and why the the three of you are with my sakuratan? *glare*
Haruppi&Meru: Because we are on a date!!

Anna: You should have called me!! T_T you selfish members!

Meru: No way! you already have a date with her without telling us, what kind of president are you?
Haruppi: Yes, enjoying sakuratan on your own!

Sakura: president?
Natsumikan: she is your fanclub's president

Sakura: ^v^"

While the 3 are still arguing

Sakura: etou.... anou.... minna....
Natsumikan: Sakura-senpai lets just leave them alone
Sakura: but..
Natsumikan: Lets go *smiles*holds sakura's shoulder from behind and push her outside the store*

-outside the department store

other members of the fan club: its sakura-sama!!! *surround sakura and natsumikan* c-can i hold your hand? can i hug you? i can accompany you!!

Sakura: he he ^v^"
Natsumikan: ok minna- calm down now

*phone ring*

Sakura: excuse me *answer the call*

Sakura: moshi moshi?
Natsu: Sakura where are you? I'm already here
Sakura: *looks at her watch* eh? nee-chan its just 1pm
Natsu: hehe don't worry i'm already done with the club's activity, so where are you?
Sakura: etou.. *looks around her* uhmm.. outside the department store

Fan club:*fighting who will accompany sakura*

Natsu: *hears the fighting* wait, i'll go there now
Sakura: un~

Natsu: *just arrived behind the fan club*cough* excuse me

fan club: *looks back*frozen* gives way to natsu*

Sakura: nee-chan!! *happy*sparkling eyes*
Natsumikan: *stunned*

Natsu: let's go? *offering her hand*
Sakura: un~ *looks at natsumikan* i'll go first, hehe ja ne~ thank you natsumikan~

Natsumikan: *blush*froze*

Natsu: ok saku-chan, on my mark
Sakura: un~

Natsu: 1
Natsu: 2
Natsu: 3

Natsu: RUN!!!

FAN CLUB: kya~ natsu-senpai, sakura~ *follows them*

Natsu and Sakura runs and find a place to hide...

when all of the fan club are gone

Natsu&sakura: *relieved* *look at each other*laugh*
Natsu: hehe~ come on lets eat crepe *pats sakura's head*

The two of them are having fun together when...

there are four people following them without them noticing

Anna: mou~ i want sakura alone with me~
Haruppi&Meru: I want the both of them
Anna: geez.. you Two timers!!!

Natsumikan: Why am I here? Sakura-senpai will be mad at us

Sakura: let's watch a movie nee-chan *Smiles*
Natsu: hehe~ ok sure, but please not scary movies  T_T (<- afraid of ghost)
Sakura: hai~ *smile*

Anna: *calls someone* hey! buy all the tickets in the movie theatre and just leave scary movies
On the other line, Anna's Butler: Hai ojou-sama

Haruppi,meru,natsumikan: what are you planning to do?
Anna: *evil laugh* you'll see

-at the movie theatre

Natsu: eeh? why is horror movies are only left *depressed*

Sakura: we can watch other time nee-chan *smiles*
Natsu: hmm.. but saku-chan wants to watch right? ok then, miss two tickets please
Sakura: eh? are you sure nee-chan?
Natsu: i know saku-chan is also scared but i'll protect you *smiles* come on let's go~ *offer hands*
Sakura: un~ *happy*

anna: let's follow them! *determined*

So the four of them followed saku and natsu
inside the cinema, anna tries to distract them but natsumikan is always there to stop her

they really enjoy watching the two getting scared because of the movie

-after the movie...
Natsu: that was scary T_T *hugging sakura*
Sakura: *hugging natsu* nee-chan

Anna: konbanwa *smiles sweetly*
Sakura: eh? anya~ what are you doing here?

Natsu: *sigh* you guys... -_-"

Sakura: eh? why are you guys are here?? *looks at meru and haruppi*
Haruppi&Meru: *shakes head*

Sakura: natsumikan??!
Natsumikan: I stopped them though...

Haruppi&Meru&Anya: saku-chan~ let us accompany you going home
Natsu: -_-"
Sakura: b-but..
Haruppi&Meru&Anya: please *puppy eyes*

Sakura: *about to give up and let the three do what they want*

Natsu: no!! *then drags sakura with her *they run hand in hand together*

Sakura's mind: *giggle* Onee-chan's is still the best *happy*

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #15 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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an update! :w00t:

hahahahah, just cant stop laughing ! :lol:

especially the part where Natsu came to rescue much when i thought it was cool, they counted and ran!! XD :rofl:

and Aanya....seriously, all theater tickets..? :shocked

as usual, Natsu's the coolest in Sakura's view~ :wub:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #15 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Hahahah they have a fun adventures afternoon

Natsu and Sakura is way to popular xD

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #15 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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hahaha so many rabid fans of natsu and sakura  :lol:
more pleas :D

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #15 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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 :roll: Just want to say thank you to the following for you comments   :thumbsup
@KojiMa MaYuki
@noel nguyen

and to others for reading our updates :)  :love: :love: :love:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #15 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#16 Friends, Rivals

monday morning, another day of school classes~ 
Natsu is still being friendly towards Madoka

-while walking...

Natsu: madoka~ hehe, what are you planning today after school?
Madoka: hmm.. none, why are you asking?
Natsu: yosh! we'll go to karaoke! I'll invite chii-chan and aoitan *smile*happy*

Madoka: why would i go? *poker face*
Natsu: ehh?? don't you want to go and have fun with us? *puppy eyes*

Madoka: don't want, Just go without me 
Natsu: can't hehe~ we wouldn't go if you're not going~

Madoka: what is your problem natsumi? *sigh* why are you being kind these days?

-at the entrance of their school

group of girls: *whisper*whisper*
girl1: so its true then *handing other girls the school newspaper*
girl2: yeah they are maybe *sob*
girl3: no! this is not good at all *crying*
girl4: well if that's our natsu-sama's hapiness *sob*
girl5: i can't allow this! *glaring at madoka*
group of girls: *whisper*whisper*

Madoka's mind: Why are they staring at us? *irritated* uh... nevermind
Natsu's mind: mou~ i don't like people staring at me T_T what's their problem??

Natsu and Madoka just arrived

classmates: *whisper*whisper*
classmate1: well they are always going to school together
classmate2: yea, they also go home together, the news might be true.. *crying*
classmates: our prince T_T no! this can't be..

Aoitan: natsu.. *about to cry*
Chihiro: nacchan *uneasy*confused*
Natsu: eh? why are you like that?

Madoka: *sits quietly*

Chihiro: uhm.. here *hands the school newspaper*
Natsu: *looks at the newspaper* EHH!!?? WHAT THE?!!! RA-BU-TAN!!! *rage*runs outside*

when natsu got out from their room a group of girls surrounds madoka

fan 1: Madoka-san *glaring*
Madoka: *ignore*reading the book that her sobo gave her*
fan 2: *gets the book* is that the way you should talk to people?!
Madoka: give it back *serious**glare* *angry*
fan 3: what kind of attitude is that? i wonder what you did to natsu-sama so you can be her girlfriend?
Madoka: what?!
fan4: you're not fitted to be natsu-sama's girlfriend you fraudulent transfer student!
Madoka: i don't know what you're talking about, give me my book back or else you'll regret it *angry*
fan5: see what kind of attitude is that? how can natsu-sama like a girl like you? *sarcastic laugh*
Madoka: give me my book now! *really angry*
Aoi: p-please stop bothering madoka-san!
Chihiro: if all of you don't stop i'll tell it to our professor that your bullying others *firm voice*
fans: tsk! whatever!
Chihiro: and give the book back
fan 2: *throws book*

Aoitan: Madoka-san are you alright?
Madoka: *pick up book* yeah thanks aoi-san
Aoitan: etou.. *holding her tears* madoka-san is this true? *hands over the school newspaper*
Madoka: *reads the headline in the school newspaper*

HEADLINE: the school prince and the popular transfer student are secretly dating?!

Madoka: *raise eyebrow* *frowned* *Sees image of natsu hugging her*

Madoka: Not true *irritated*
Aoitan: hontou? *sob*
Madoka: un~

Aoitan&Chihiro: yokatta! *relieved*

Madoka: where did that come from?
Chihiro: uhm... at the newspaper club
Aoi: i heard that the newspaper club isn't selling but they shouldn't make a rumor like this
Madoka: Natsumi is part of that club right? if i remember correctly she was busy with the newspaper club last saturday
Chihiro: *nods* *sudden realization* then why natsu allowed this to be published?
Madoka: *sigh* is it because of this, that's why she's being kind to me lately?

Madoka's mind: Natsumi you jerk...

-at Lovetan's classroom

Natsu: president!!! what the hell president?!
Lovetan: oh~ it seems you already know hehe *evil smirk*
Natsu: this isn't true!!! so you're the one who was stalking us last time! 
Lovetan: sorry Nattan but this cannot be change and also its just stating that maybe you two are dating, just maybe so why are you so hyper about it?
Natsu: *remember the last time what happen to aoitan and chihiro being bullied by natsu's fanclubs* *worried*mad* coz this is not true!!

*school bell ringing*

Lovetan: you should go back to your classroom Nattan before the teacher mark you late *smiles*
Natsu: *sigh* *mad*

At Madoka's class , their sensei didn't arrived yet
All of their classmate are staring at Madoka

Madoka: *still reading a book*
Natsu: *just arrived* m-madoka *trying to explain*
Madoka: *death glare*
Natsu's mind: *gulp* she's mad T_T maybe she thinks that the reason i suddenly become kind to her is that because of the newspaper club T_T but that's not it mou~

classmates: *still staring*
Natsu's mind: I don't like it when people stare at me *sigh*


classmates: *staring again at natsu* *whisper*whisper*

Natsu: I'll just go out and eat at the rooftop
Aoi: eh? doushite?
Natsu: nothing much..
Aoi: *worried look*
Natsu: *pats aoi's head* don't worry  *looks at chihiro* chii-chan take care of them for awhile for me

Natsu: *looks at madoka*
Madoka: *ignore* ..... *eating*

Natsu: *sigh* chii-chan... *puppy eyes*
Chihiro: it'll be okay nacchan *smile**cheers natsu*
Natsu: mmm.. *sigh*

Natsu went outside the room

Aoitan: u-uhm... M-madoka-san
Madoka: hmm?
Aoitan: etou.. *wanted to ask madoka about the rumors*
Madoka: I just bought clothes that time and she accompanied me
Chihiro: anou..
Madoka: and the picture at the front page she just saved me from a rushing bike towards me
Aoi&Chihiro: ahhh... sou ka *relieved*
Madoka: is there anything you wanted to ask me?
Aoi&chihiro: *shakes head*
Madoka: *continue eating*
Chihiro: but i'm a little worried
Madoka: hm?
Chihiro: you see ... last time it also happen...
Madoka: what do you mean?
Chihiro: rumors about who is natsu dating
Madoka: she's that popular? *not interested*
Aoi: un! and the bad thing about it is her fan club don't like it
Madoka: then?
Chihiro: *Worried* well we are worried about you
Madoka: *small smile* thanks, but i'll be okay

Aoi: chii-chan has been bullied also before
Chihiro: and even aoitan

Madoka: but chihiro-san is going out with natsumi am i right?
Chihiro: eeeeh?? no! *redden face*
Aoi: eeeeh?? chii-chan! *sobbing*

Chihiro: no no no! that's not true *blush*
Madoka: well you two are really close to each other

Chihiro: b-but she is just my best friend... yes best friend! indeed *in denial state*
Aoi: etou ... madoka-san how about you and natsu? how did you become close to her? you see natsu doesn't open up her real self with people around her but she's really friendly to others
Madoka: hmm do we look like close? well we are not that close you see hmm but s-she's kinda kind lately *remembers the last time**hiding her blush* and uhm i'm staying at her house
Aoi: eeeeh?? staying?
Madoka: i thought you know because tou-chan told it to your tou-chan last time when we met at natsu's competition
Aoi: mou~ i didn't hear it (was busy waiting for natsu at the competition)

so the three of them talk about different things getting to know each other
but then before lunch is over a group of girls again entered their room and bother madoka

person 1: *pour cold water at madoka*
others: hahahaha
chihiro: hey!!!
Aoi: stop it!!!

person 2: oh~ look at that the three person who always clinging to natsu-sama
Madoka: *stands up* glared at them*

person 3: *nervous* as if we are scared by your looks
person 4: *about to throw something at madoka, chihiro and aoi*

natsu: if i were you i would not do that! *mad*
others: natsu-sama!

natsu: *walks towards madoka, taking off her blazer and puts it on madoka*
madoka: *startled by natsu's actions*
natsu: *gets handkerchief* *wiped madoka's wet face and hair*

natsu: chii-chan are you alright?
Chihiro: *nods*
natsu: aoitan?
aoi: un~

natsu: *looks back at the bullies* first of all, all of you made me really mad..
natsu: second if you continue doing this i'll tell the director takamina-sensei about what you're doing and be kicked out of school, do all of you understand? *firm voice*

others: *nervous*scared* h-hai natsu-sama

natsu: say sorry...
others: b-but natsu-sama!
natsu: i said say sorry to them *really mad*
others: s-sorry madoka-san , chihiro-san, aoi-san *gritting teeth*

after that chihiro, being the school director's grand daughter, she went to borrow an extra set of uniforms and lend it to madoka
then their afternoon class started there is still awkward silent inside the classroom

after class and club activity the four of them (natsu, madoka, chihiro, aoi) are walking

towards the gate entrance
Natsu: *Sigh*
Chihiro: *gigle* nattan looks cool that time

Natsu: mou~ stop it chii-chan it's embarassing T_T
Aoi: thank you natsu
Natsu: *Smiles*pats aoi's head*

Madoka: uhm.. t-thank you too
Natsu: oh~ did i hear something? hehehe~

Madoka: hmpt! but i'm still mad at you  because of that newspaper *walks faster*

Natsu: eh??? but i know nothing about that madoka... *puppy eyes* believe me?
Madoka: hmpt, whatever *walks faster*

Natsu: *grabs madoka's hand*

Madoka: eh? *startled*

Natsu: we're going to karaoke~!
Madoka: i already told you i'm not going!

Natsu: *ikemen smile*

Madoka: hah? *raise eyebrow*

Natsu: chii-chan~ aoitan~ let's go to karaoke and arcade center today!
Aoi: un~
Chihiro: hehe~ yes let's go!

Madoka: why do i need to come with you guys?? *reluctant*
Aoi&chihiro: *cling on madoka*
Aoi&chihiro: come on~

Madoka: *sigh*

Natsu's mind: this will be fun : )
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #16 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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I'm not really sure whether this is Natsu's harem or actually Madoka's now xD
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #16 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Ah, I want madoka and natsu together already yet i wanted them to be like this a bit more... :banghead:

Does this even make sense? Lol

Anyway, can't wait for the next one!

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #16 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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pleas update soon author-san :)

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #16 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Just reread this and I can't stop laughing lol~ :rofl:

need more :rockon:

Ah, I want madoka and natsu together already yet i wanted them to be like this a bit more... :banghead:
I feel the same

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #16 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Natsui is a hero~~~~

Update soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #16 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#17 Bonding Time- Part 1

...And then Aoi, Chihiro, Natsu and Madoka went to karaoke

-At the karaoke

Natsu went outside to call their parents that they will be coming home late.

--Natsu calling her kaa-chan--

Natsu: ah- Kaa-chan me and Madoka will go home late, uhm we went to karaoke
Yuki: oh~? you two are on a date?!
Natsu: eh?! *blush* no! it's not a date kaa-chan.. and we are with Chii-chan and Aoitan
Yuki: eh?! you're dating the 3 of them?! wait natsumi since when did you become a playgirl like that?! wahh kaa-chan is dissapointed with you now
Natsu: 0_0" kaa-chan stop over reacting! i'm not a playgirl! and i told you it's not a date!
Yuki: oh~ i see,  *giggle* have fun dear~
Natsu: wait kaa-chan, i have a feeling you still get it wrong
Yuki: hm? it's a double date?? be gentle ok? *giggle*
Natsu: hah? it's not a double date kaa-chan
Yuki: eh?! not? then you're really dating the 3 of them?!
Natsu: Okaa-chan!! how many times i will tell you it's not a date mou!

--meanwhile inside the karaoke room

Madoka: *Sigh*
Chihiro: *giggle* its the 10th time you sigh
Madoka: mm.. what are we doing here anyway ?
Aoi: here *gives the song book* choose a song madoka-san
Madoka: eh? i'm okay, i don't want to sing..

Aoi: madoka-san please *puppy eyes*
Madoka: what's wrong with you guys? why are you suddenly getting close to me?

Aoi: eh? what kind of question is that? of course we want to be friends with you madoka-san
Madoka: eh? f-friends? *shy*

Chihiro: hehe~ actually natsu told us to get along with you but even if she didn't ask us we would want to be friends with you madoka-san
Madoka: *blushing* w-why?

Chihiro: eh? what why?
Aoi: i don't think there should be a reason to be friends with someone, we want to be friends with you because we want too *smile*

Aoi: and you're actually nice hehe~ *sweet smile*
Madoka: uhmm... thanks *gets song book and reads the list of songs*

Chihiro: *giggle* do you often go to a karaoke with friends madoka-san?
Madoka: hmm this is my first time going out with uhm... f-friends *shy*

Aoi: eh? hontou?! then this should be a great experience for you!!! Right chii-chan?!
Chihiro: un~ i'll enter the song we always sing!!!
Madoka: uhm it doesn't matter
Aoi: hehe *looks at chihiro*
Chihiro: *enters number*

*music started*

Aoi: here *gives mic to madoka*
Madoka: uhm what?
Chihiro: sing with us madoka-san ^^ *happy*

Aoi: *sings*sits beside madoka*
Chihiro: *Singing* *sits beside madoka*

Madoka: uhm *holds mic*
Chihiro: your turn madoka-chan!

Madoka's mind: eh? -chan???

Aoi: *smile at madoka and nod* go on *cheering* ^o^
Madoka: *sigh* *sings*

--back at natsu,

Natsu: -_-" *tired*

at last her kaa-chan already believed her that it is not a date and now calling chihiro's kaa-chan

Natsu: uhm.. Aunt Paru, I'm with Chii-chan right now we are at the karaoke with aoitan and madoka and uhm.. i just want to inform you that we might come home late
Paruru: i see, don't go home really late ok? you still have school tomorrow
Natsu: hai aunt paru, i'll accompany chii-chan going home
Paruru: you're really a gentleman nacchan *giggle* thanks
Natsu: eh? ^_^" hehe...
Paruru: nacchan take care of our chihiro okay?
Natsu: hai aunt paru
**end call***

Natsu: *sigh* ok next is *looks at her contacts* *sees sayanee's name* ^_^"
Natsu: i'll just call aunt milky then

Natsu: *don't want to talk with sayanee because she knew sayanee will go crazy and think that she's kidnapping her daughter again*

--back inside the karaoke room

after singing~
Aoi: let's order food~!
Chihiro: hai~ here madoka-chan *gives menu*

Madoka: hm?
Chihiro: what do you want to eat?

Madoka: uhm we can just choose what you guys always order
Aoi: hehe nope nope can't do that :) *gets the phone beside their couch to make an order* do you already decided what you want madoka-chan?
Madoka: uhm... why you guys calls me with -chan now?
Chihiro: because we are friends *smiles at madoka*

Madoka: uhm.. *holds tighter the menu* thanks.. *smile a bit* *shy*
Chihiro: eh? thanks? *giggle* so what's your order madoka-chan?
Madoka: etou... *looking at the menu*

--back at natsu who was calling aoi's kaa-chan

Natsu: aunt milky?
Milky: hai nattan? *grins* don't tell me, your asking my permission if you can date our daughter *giggle*
Natsu: eh??! no no no! its not that like that aunt milky *panic*
Milky: aww too bad *giggle* so what's it is nattan?
Natsu: *sigh* etou we are currently at the karaoke and might go to arcade center too later is it okay if aoitan will go home late? ah don't worry I'll accompany her going home
Milky: oh~ how thoughtful of you nattan *giggle* just like you tou-chan
Natsu: eh?
Milky: you know way back at high school *start telling story about mayu , sayanee and  her*
Natsu: uhm...
Milky: and then and then... *continue telling story about mayu , sayanee and  her*

Natsu: ^_^"

--back inside the karaoke room

Aoitan: nattan is sure taking too long talking with our parents hehe~
Chihiro: hehe don't worry about that~

Madoka: uhm *trying to talk to aoi and chihiro* do you guys always go here?
Chihiro: hehe not really, when we don't have lots of school works we go here to relax.. actually naachan insist bringing us here
Aoi: *giggle* hai! and then one time, you see chii-chan is the grand daughter of our school director and there are lots of expectations on her she really feel pressured then naachan and i notice that she's really exhausted from that and then naachan decided to bring us here to help her relax... naachan is really thoughtful hehe~
Chihiro: do i really look like exhausted?
Aoi: un~ you really are your like a walking zombie that time and we are really worried

Madoka: you sure work hard chihiro-san
Chihiro: eh? *blush*shy* not really hehe~ wait why still call me -san? hehe its too formal
Madoka: uhm
Chihiro: alright! call us by our names without -san on it!
Madoka: eh? b-but
Aoi: hehe no buts we are friends now so please calls us by our names
Chihiro: come on call us by name *giggle**
Madoka: *sigh*
Aoi: its the 20th time you sigh *giggle*

Madoka: uhm..

--back at natsu who was having a hard time because when she called madoka's kaa-chan it was jurina who answered the phone

Jurina: so what time both of you will go home?
Natsu: etou..8pm *stiff*
Jurina: hmm.. did you guys already eat dinner?
Natsu: uhm they already order foods inside
Jurina: hmm..

Natsu's mind: why is jurina-san is on the line T_T

Jurina: okay.. *cough* first don't do anything stupid on my daughter, madoka,  second treat her like a princess AND third, no kissing! do you understand?
Natsu: hai

Natsu's mind: why would i kiss her anyway? *sigh*

Jurina: i don't hear you!

Natsu: hai! we are with friends jurina-san and i'll would not do anything to her >_<
Jurina: Good! take care of my princess okay?
**end call**

Natsu: *Sigh* T_T *exhausted from talking with their parents*

after that call natsu returned back inside the karaoke room.
Madoka and the others are having a good time together.
Aoi that time is telling a story about camping.
Natsu noticed madoka was having fun now

Natsu: hi minna *smile*
Aoi: nattan! *hugs*
Chihiro: welcome back *smiles*
Madoka: hmpt!

Natsu's mind: eh? madoka's back with her cold side again hehe ^_^"

So the four of them had fun together in the karaoke but because its getting late and they still have classes tomorrow they decided they would just go next time at the arcade center

--on their way home
aoi, chihiro and madoka is walking first while natsu is behind, looking at them

Chihiro: did you have fun madoka-chan? *smiles*
Madoka: uhmm.. yes. *shy*
Aoi: hehe~ that's good to hear!

Chihiro: ok then see you tomorrow madoka-chan! *about to go in front of her house*
Madoka: t-thank you c-chihiro
Chihiro: *giggle* un~ thank you too madoka : ) *looks at natsu and aoi* *waves hand*
Madoka: *waves hand*

Aoi: its sure nice to be with friends right? : )
Madoka: un~ uhm thank you too aoi
Aoi: *blush* giggle* thank you too madoka-chan~

At last natsu and madoka is at home now..

-at natsum's room

Natsu: uhm madoka are you still mad at me? hehe
Madoka: hmpt!

Natsu: hey~ i don't really know a thing about that news so don't be mad at me please *puppy eyes*
Madoka: *smirk* *suddenly have an idea to tease natsu* then massage me my shoulder it really hurts

Natsu: ok *smile happily*
Madoka: *suddenly remembered the last time she teased natsu and natsu teased her back resulting in an awkward moment*

Natsu: *about to sit behind madoka*
Madoka: nevermind! i change my mind *covers herself with her blanket*

Natsu: hehe hai hai hai *pats madoka's head* i hope you had fun tonight madoka, oyasumi

Madoka (under her blanket): *blush* *whisper* thank you natsumi
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