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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152195 times)

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Liking how Chihiro and Aoi were so nice to Madoka and Madoka being all shy~ :wub:

But the best of all is Natsumi's phone call to the parents.  Lol on it!! :lol:

And when she thought of Sayanee...  :rofl:

Can't wait for the next one!

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Madoka and Natsu ade so cute togethere

Poor Natsui talking to the parents XD

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haha natsu accused of dating by her own mother :lol:
pleas update soon author-san :thumbsup

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#17 Bonding Time- Part 2


Natsu: let's have a sleep over tommorow ^w^
Aoi,Chihiro: eh??
Madoka: hah? *raise eyebrow*

Natsu: eh? don't you want to?
Chihiro: hehe, it's okay with me~
Aoi: i'm in too! hehe~ it will be fun, just like old times~

Madoka: whatever, i'll pass

Natsu: *grins* no can do coz' we will sleepover in our house hehe~

a whole week has just ended and it was friday night..
Natsu and the others are having a sleep over at MaYuki residence.

--currently eating at the dining area..

Rena: *mad*
Yuki: *mad*
Rena: madoka, your tou-chan is really late *emitting a black aura*
Madoka: tou-chan didn't mail me either
Yuki: Mayu is late too.. *emitting a black aura*

Natsu: etou.. kaa-chan calm down.. chii-chan and the others are here

Sakura: *happily eating* Maybe they are just doing something really important
Yuki&Rena: we really hope that it is really important

Rena: *sigh* she always mail me if something came up
Yuki: i wonder where are they? *sigh*

Yuki: anyway all of you should finish eating so you can have more time playing *giggle*  but please don't sleep really late okay?
Natsu,Chihiro,Aoi: Hai~
Madoka: *silent* *still eating*

Sakura: ne ne madoka-nee-chan can i also join in sleep over? *Smiles*
Madoka: eh? sure *Smile*

after dinner all of them go inside Natsu's room and they prepare futon

meanwhile rena and yuki are still downstairs waiting for mayu and jurina

Rena: *sigh* i'll just go outside
Yuki: where are you going Rena-chan?
Rena: I'm really worried , so i'll just look outside
Yuki: then i'll accompany you rena-chan
Rena: *smile* ok, don't forget to put some jacket its cold outside
Yuki: hai~ you too rena-chan *get jackets for the both of them*

after putting a jacket, rena and yuki was about to open the door but then jurina and mayu arrived

Jurina: rena~ i miss you so much *hug yuki* *drunk*
Mayu: i love you my yukirin~ *hug rena* *drunk*

Rena&Yuki: hey! are the both of you drunk!?

Natsu and Madoka appeared behind them, they was supposed to buy some snacks as a punishment
because they lost in the game they're playing
but they hear their tou-chan just got back

Natsu: are tou-chan and jurina-san drunk?
Rena: i think so, can you help here natsu-chan?
Yuki: ughh.. so heavy, mayu and jurina-chan is not really good at drinking..
Rena: *sigh* *putting mayu at the couch while natsu is helping her*
Yuki: *putting jurina in the couch*

Madoka: uhm, i'll get some hot coffee for them
Yuki: un~ thanks madoka-chan

-but before madoka went to get coffee for the two

Jurina: *grabs yuki's wrist and pulled closer to her* *chuu*
Mayu: *grabs rena's waist and pulled closer to her* *chuu*

Rena: *startled* *head chop* *mad*
Yuki: *startled* *slapped* *mad*

Yuki: madoka-chan don't bother getting a hot coffee *black aura*
Rena: we will handle this *really mad* go back to your room *black aura*

Natsu&Madoka: *gulp* h-hai *runs*

Natsu: *pant*huff* *sweating*
Natsu: k-kaa-chan and aunt rena is scary ⊃゜Д゜)⊃

Madoka: *giggle* *smirk*
Natsu: hey, what are you laughing at? aren't you scared?

Madoka: *still laughing* *poke natsu's cheek* natsumi is a scaredy cat~ how cute~

Madoka's mind: her reactions are always funny haha~

Natsu's mind: she's making fun of me again T_T

Natsu: I-I'm not! *pout* *realized something*

Natsu's mind: waitー! if aunt rena is so scary like that then... m-madoka too? *gulp*

Natsu: *look at madoka* *scared*

Madoka: what? *raise eyebrow*
Natsu's mind: women are scary! ( 0 Д 0 )

(A/N: natsu, did you forget that you're a woman too :lol: )
[A/N: `women are scary` --natsu really said that in their show hakata hyakkaten(bonus video)]

Madoka: what!?
Natsu: hehe.. *nervous* n-nothing *looks at madoka's eyes*
Madoka: hm?! is there something in my face?

Natsu: *stiff* uhm.. n-no..
Madoka: hah? then why are you staring at my face? *raise eyebrow*

Natsu: nothing~ hehe~ *ikemen smile*
Madoka: are you an idiot? staring at someone's face for no reason?

Natsu: eh? n-no, hehe~ i just thought you have a beautiful face
Natsu: *touch cheeks* soft too~

Madoka: w-what are you doing?! baka!  *slap*
Natsu: eh?

Madoka: *looks sideways avoiding natsu* *blush* 

Natsu: etou.. hehe~  gomen~ uhm... *scratching the back of her head* i'll just buy snacks outside
Madoka: ....

Natsu: he-he etou...
Madoka: *about to go back inside*
Natsu: *holds wrist*
Madoka: what?!

Nastu: ah uhm.. hehe~ have some fun with others okay? *smile*
Madoka: *forcing herself not to blush*  whatever..

Madoka's mind: lately natsu is getting really weird *heart beating fast*

--Back inside the room

Chihiro: Madoka *smile* eh? where's natsu?
Madoka: s-she said she will go outside alone
Aoi: i thought you two will get it?
Madoka: well something happened

Aoi: happened?! natsu and madoka-chan? *about to cry* 
Chihiro: eh?!!

Madoka: eh? N-No! no! tou-chan and mayu-san went home drunk and kaa-chan and aunt yuki is

really mad t-that happened! *heart beat fast*

Madoka's mind: what am i getting anxious for?! uugh..

Aoi,Chihiro: ohh... *relieved*


Sakura: ne ne ne~ onee-chan let's play cards!!!
Chihiro: ahー hehe your very energetic tonight sakura-tan
Sakura: un~ come on let's play~

-so the four of them played cards
-who ever lose will do the punishment given by the 3 winners

Chihiro: hehe then aoi-chan will dance
Aoi: mou~ chii-chan is mean >.<
Sakura: ganbare aoi-nee-chan!
Chihiro: well if you don't want it go downstairs alone instead hehe~
Aoi: T_T chii-chan is really mean
Sakura: hehe aoi-nee-chan kawaii~
Madoka's mind: *observing* this is somehow fun *smile*

then another round had finish

Sakura: hehe then Madoka-nee-chan make a silly face!
Madoka: *silly face*
Sakura: kawaii~ *claps because of happiness*

Chihiro: *stunned* eh? i thought you will never agree to that
Aoi: hehe~ you're suprisingly funny madoka-chan~
Madoka: *smile* *shy*

Aoi: hehe~ why are you still being shy to us?
Madoka: eh? well, i'm not used of hanging out with others..
Chihiro: hm? then how about when you're with your friends

Madoka: mmm.. i only have one friend, my best friend izumi but she moved to another place so..
Chihiro: eh? why only one?
Madoka: well.. i don't know but whenever i approach others they're somewhat afraid and others
are just bullies..
Aoi: hehe~ you don't have to worry about that anymore~ you  have friends now~ chii-chan, natsu and me~
Chihiro: hehe~ that's right~
Sakura: i'm your friend too madoka-nee-chan~! *smile*

Madoka: eh? *shy* uhm.. t-thanks... *smile*

-after that they decided to chitchat while still waiting for natsu
they started getting to know each other more and both chihiro and aoi noticed madoka that time
is smiling more often than they were at school
they are glad that madoka is opening up herself slowly

-then natsu arrived but sakura is already sleeping at madoka's lap

Natsu: hey! having fun~ *smiles*
Madoka: *her sweet smile vanished then frowned at natsu* what took you so long?

Natsu: hehe gomen ne minna :D most of the stores are closed now
Aoi: its okay nattan *smile sweetly*
Natsu: what did I missed? hehe~

Chihiro: we just played cards then chat but *looks at sakura* sakura has fallen asleep while

waiting for you *pats sakura's head*
Natsu: hehe~ *walks closer to sakura* gomen i'm late saku-chan~ *kiss forehead*

Madoka: *staring at natsu*

Madoka's mind: natsumi is such a play girl.. eh?! why am I feeling irritated suddenly? *sigh* nevermind..

Madoka: so what movie we will watch then?
Natsu: oh yeah! wait! *puts down the snacks and get something in her bag* here!

Madoka: *sparkling eyes* C-Conan *whisper* (<- she likes that anime)
Natsu: hehe~ so are we all set?
Aoi&Chihito: Un~

So the four of them watch all season 1 and 2 of detective conan while sakura is still sleeping
after that they decided to sleep as well

Aoi: *yawn* I'm really sleepy~
Chihiro: let's sleep then aoitan~

Madoka: mm.. *still wants to watch*
Natsu: *looks at Madoka* hehe~ you still  want to continue? *smile*

Madoka: No I'm good
Natsu: are you sure? you like this anime right~ *teasing tone*
Madoka: hmpt! *stands up and crawl on the bed beside sakura*

Natsu's mind: you sure are a tsundere~ hehe~

Natsu: *yawn* i'm sleepy too *about to go the futon*
Natsu: *looks at the futon but aoi and chihiro is already sleeping and occupied the whole space* *looks at the bed sakura and madoka is sleeping there*
Natsu: hehe ^_^" where should I sleep then? *sigh* ok~ to the couch~

Natsu's mind: i wonder how's tou-chan and jurina-san? hmm.. *closed eyes*went to dreamland*

after some hour~

-on MaYuki's room

Mayu: *wakes up* *tied up on bed*
Yuki: *sitting beside the bed waiting for mayu to wake up*

Mayu: hmm .. ah- my head hurts >_<
Yuki: so your awake now *black aura*

Mayu: *gulp* y-yuki-
Mayu: *noticed that she is tied up* eh?

Yuki: you made us wait and worried the whole night and then you go home really drunk even if you know you can't handle even a single drop of alcohol and then...
Mayu: *nervous* etou.. My lovely wife.. Yukirin please don't be mad hehe.. uhm... i-i'm really

sorry *trying to please Yuki* *puppy eyes*
Yuki: *death glare*

Yuki: ..and then you kiss rena-chan in front of me! *firm voice* *mad*
Mayu: eh? what ? I did that?! *panic* l-look ... i-i'm drunk ok? i don't know what i'm doing *scared* yukirin please believe me *puppy eyes*

Yuki: oh really? i don't believe you Mayu *really mad*
Mayu: *puppy eyes* you don't believe me? *pout*

Yuki: *Trying to resist Mayu's cuteness* *looks at the other way*
Mayu: Yu~ki~rin~ I'm sorry please forgive me
Yuki: *still not looking* why did you drink anyway?

Mayu: because lately i'm lonely, we don't have much time with each other and i really miss you (つ﹏<。) yukirin please forgive me? *cute puppy eyes*
Yuki: *trying to control herself* *resisting mayu's cuteness*
Mayu: I love you Yuki and you know that you are the only one I love~ please believe me *sobbing*

Yuki: uugh! okay *untie mayu* *turns her back at mayu* (<- can't resist mayu's cute face when pleading her)
Mayu: yey~! *hugs yukirin from behind and kisses her neck* hehe~ I love you my Yukirin

Yuki's mind: *sigh* i really can't resist her T_T

Yuki: i'm still mad you know
Mayu: hehe~ yuki *kiss yuki*
Yuki: mmpft..

Yuki: Mayu, the kids might hear us...
Mayu: hehe~ don't worry about that my yuki~


(A/n: well you already know what happened next xD lets move on haha~ :lol: )

-meanwhile on JuRena's room...

Jurina: etou rena-chan?? *nervous*
Rena: *really mad* *dark aura*

Jurina: look i can explain, please? *puppy eyes*
Rena: you know that doesn't work on me jurina

Jurina: *gulp* etou.. ah! forgive me my beautiful wife! ヾ((●>□<)ノ
Rena: *glare*

Jurina: rena-chan i didn't mean to T_T wahh please forgive me!

Rena: sorry but i won't accept that *walks closer to jurina* you should be praying now because

i'm really mad *smile*
Jurina: *gulp* tasukete!!!! T_T

Rena: *smirk* now be a good girl...
Jurina: *gulp*

(A/n: guess what happened xD poor jurina~ :lol: )

and then after many hours,

Jurina: 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 i wouldn't get drunk again *scared*

Mayu: oh jurina-chan~ nice weather right~ o((*^▽^*))o *happy*

Jurina: mayu? how come you're so lively? didn't yuki punished you?

Mayu: hehe~ well yuki can't resist me~ hehe~ and i had a fun night~ *happy*

Jurina: ehh??!!!!!!! that's so unfair!!!!! 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

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i'm glad Madoka is opening up to the group ^^

And Natsumi...women is scary..? lols!!

JuriMayu sure like to cause trouble for themselves :nervous

but who is Izumi..? i have a hunch but...

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#18 Acchan's Birthday

-At YuiParu residence
Yui and Chihiro are preparing dinner for (their kaa-chan/sobo) Atsuko's birthday while Paru prepares the table

Yui: yosh! Chii-chan get the cake~
Chihiro: hai tou-chan *gets cake*
Paruru: are all done? *smile*

Yui: un~ *helping chihiro to transfer the cake in a cake stand*
Yui: yosh~ finish~ *smile*
Chihiro: wow~ it's really cute tou-chan hehe~

Paruru: *hugs Yui from behind* *giggle* My Yuihan is really good at cooking~
Yui: *slightly blushed* *turns head sideways*

Paruru: *peek Yui's face* oh~ did I see a blush there? haha~ kawaii~
Yui: mou stop it~ *turn around to face paru*

Paruru: hm? *smile*
Yui: hehe~ *pinch cheeks* are you trying to tease me hm?
Paruru: *pout*

Chihiro's mind: hehe~ Kaa-chan and tou-chan is really cute and perfect for each other *happy*


Yui: ah- by the way, chii-chan what time will naachan will come here? *smile*
Chihiro: ah! i forgot to ask her wahh *panic*
Paruru: *giggle* don't worry maybe she's already on her way here
Chihiro: i'll email her *typing on her phone*

*ding dong*

Paruru: I'll get that one...*walks towards their door and opens it*
Natsu: Konbanwa aunt haruka *smiles*
Paruru: hi nattan come in come in~

Chihiro: *runs towards the front door* Natsu~!!
Natsu: yo~ Chii-chan konbanwa :3 are takamina-sensei and atsuko-sensei already here?
Chihiro: hmm *shakes head* not yet, come on tou-chan and I just finished preparing the food

Natsu: oh~ so did you over cook it? *giggle* *teasing chihiro*
Chihiro: eh~? I didn't... mou~! *pout*
Natsu: hehe~ then it's still raw?? *giggle*
Chihiro: no it's not! it's cooked! >o<

Natsu: haha~ hai hai~ I'm just kidding *pats head* hehe~ I'm sure its taste nice
Chihiro: really? *sparkling eyes*

Natsu: un~ because Yui-san cooked it haha~ *teasing her again*
Chihiro: mou~ *pinch natsu's cheeks* meanie!

Natsu: mou~ i'm sorry i'm sorry~ *pouting cutely at chihiro*
Chihiro: *suddenly notice their face are only a few inch apart* *stunned by natsu's eyes* *blush* *stopped pinching natsu*

Natsu: hehe~ gomen~ *hugs chihiro*
Chihiro: uhm... *heart beating fast*

Natsu: hm~? *sweet smile*
Chihiro: e-etou.. we have hamburger steak by the way *heart beating furiously*
Natsu: yey~! hehe~

Chihiro: u-uh.. *looking at natsu*

*ding dong*

Chihiro: *startled* ah-

Yui: *opens door*
Takamina: oh- Yui-han~!

Yui: okaeri~ Otou-sama : )
Chihiro: ah~ *runs and hug Takamina* sofu!

Yui: Chii-chan~ let Otou-sama come in first hehe~
Takamina: *giggle* *hugs back chihiro* *pats head* and yuihan~ how many times told you not to call me -sama?
Yui: but tou-sa
Takamina: ssssssh-

Takamina: *looks at Paruru* oh~ Paruru you are becoming prettier *smile*
Paruru: welcome home tou-chan, kaa-chan *smile*
Atsuko: hehe~ tadaima~

Atsuko: are you only gonna hug your sofu? *Smile*
Chihiro: sobo~! otanjoubi omedetou! *hugs atsuko*
Atsuko: *giggle* arigatou~ we bought souvenirs~

Atsuko: hm? *notice natsu* ara ara~ natsumi-chan?
Natsumi: otanjoubi omedetou atsuko-sensei *bows politely*
Atsuko: *giggle* thank you natsumi-chan~

Natsu: uhm.. Konbanwa Takamina-sensei
Takamina: oh nattan~! *pats shoulder*
(A/N: we we're supposed to put *pats head* but we remembered takamina's height lol xD)

Takamina: its been awhile.. did chihiro and you didn't have any problem at school?
Natsu: eh? he-he uhm.. *nervous* *remember the last time when aoi, madoka and chihiro is being bullied by her fanclub*
Chihiro: we're good sofu~! hehe~

Takamina: oh- good to hear! : )

Paruru: Tou-chan Kaa-chan let's go to the dining  area
Atsuko: Hai~ hehe~ what's for dinner? I'm really hungry~

--at the dining area

Atsuko: *sparkling eyes* as expected from Yuihan! *happy with the food*
Yui: hehe Chii-chan made the sushi okaa-sama

Atsuko: oh? Good job Chii-chan!
Chihiro: thanks sobo.. *blush* *smile*

Paruru: so how's everything kaa-chan? is Paris good?
Atsuko: *eating happily* un~ so much attraction to see~ you should come with me~
Paruru: *giggle* i also want to kaa-chan but- *looks at Yui* there is someone here who is super protective
Yui: hey! I am not..i'm just worried about you, lately you always have asthma attack i'm really worried.. and i can't accompany you because of work
Paruru: *kiss Yui on the cheek* don't worry about that i can manage~

Atsuko: hmm you should just leave Yuihan here alone~
Yui: Okaa-sama I'm your kid~ why are you bullying me? geez- T_T *pout*
Atsuko: haha~ i'm just kidding... you should go on a vacation too you know~ you're always working,  just like bakamina... *sigh*

Takamina: eh? didn't we just took a vacation?
Yui: hehe~ oh by the way tou-chan I already prepare the reports for the school's activity list for the next semester and only need your approval
Takamina: *flicked Yui's forehead*
Yui: itai yo tou-sama *holding her forehead*
Takamina: *Sigh* don't think of work here Yuihan okay? *smile* Cherish the moment you spending with you family
Yui: hehe, h-hai gomen *blush*
Paruru: *giggle*

Chihiro: sofu, sobo~ i cooked hamburger steak ^^
Takamina: oh~ i should try that one~
Natsumi: me too~ i want to try that~

Chihiro: *serves her sofu, sobo and natsu the hamburger steak*
Takamina: oh~ this is good chihiro~

Natsumi: mmm.. o~iii~shiii~
Chihiro: Nattan don't talk when your mouth is full!
Natsumi: but its really good!
Chihiro: geez..
Natsumi: hehe~ here taste it~ *about to feed chihiro*

Takamina: *giggle* you two looks like a newly wed
Natsumi&Chihiro: eeeeeeh?!

Chihiro: mou! sofu don't say anything like that! we are just best friend sofu, y-yup just b-best friend! *heart beats fast*
Natsumi: eh? u-uhm.. etou...

Takamina: oh-? easy~ i'm just kidding you know~
Atsuko: *giggle* well i wouldn't mind if natsumi-chan asks you out~ she's ikemen, kind and hard working like my minami~
Takamina: hehe~

Natsumi: eh?? he-he ^_^"   
Chihiro: *blush hard*

Yui: hehe~ tou-sama kaa-sama stop bullying the two kids
Atsuko: mou~ Yuihan is not fun at all~ but i'm serious you know~ haha~

Paruru: Ah! Kaa-san did you already watch the video from the dance competition?
Atsuko: hm? i still haven't but i want to watch the last part of their dance, my students keeps on telling me it was the best ending they ever seen *grins at natsu and chihiro*

Natsu's mind: eh? Did i do something?

Paruru: Let's watch it later~
Takamina: We should~
Yui: hehe they really did great that time, hehe~ *looks at Paruru* here is for my lovely wife *smile* *serves Sukiyaki* tadaa~
Paruru: thanks~ *whisper* aishiteru Yui~
Yui: *blushing* hai *whisper* i love you too

Natsu's mind: *notice yuiparu* Hehe~ they're really sweet... i wish tou-chan is like Yui-san, so mature *sigh* *remembering her tou-chan being very childish*

Takamina: ants may crawl on you, too sweet~ haha~
Atsuko: haha~ ohh~ i'm jealous~ minami~ you should also serve me food~ *giggle*

YuiParu: mou~ *blushing*

Chihiro: *watching her family*
Chihiro's mind: i'll never ask for more, seeing my family like this really made me happy  hehe~ and...
Chihiro: *looks at natsu*
Chihiro's mind:  and having natsu together with my family she's my...waaaah *blush* what are you thinking chihiro!!?

Natsu: hm? chii-chan? are you okay? *worried* your face is red
Chihiro: huh? ah ~ he-he don't mind me here eat more hamburger steak *puts more food at Natsu's plate*
Natsu: hehe thanks chii-chan~
Chihiro: *blushing* *heart beating fast*

-after dinner, at the living room

Yui: okaa-sama here's our gift
Atsuko: oh~ you really don't have to bother~ *opening the gift* but thank you Yuihan, Paruru *smiles* oh a scarf~ kirei~
Yui: Paruru knitted it hehe
Atsuko: *hugs paruru* arigatou~

Takamina: it's perfect for cold days when we go abroad hehe~
Yui: hm? you plan to go on a vacation again?
Atsuko: oh~ this scarf is long enough for two person~ *wraps the scarf around takamina and her*
Paruru: hehe~ how sweet~

Chihiro: this is my gift for you sobo ^.^ *gives gift*
Atsuko: oh~ a cook book! arigatou chihiro~ *hugs*
Chihiro: *happy* uhm actually natsu helped me buying that hehe~
Atsuko: really? arigatou natsu-chan~ *smile*

Natsu: hehe~ chii-chan should learn how to cook from atsuko-sensei so that the food wouldn't get over cooked haha~
Chihiro: eh? but i didn't overcooked it this time mou!
Natsu: mm it's just nearly raw haha~ *teasing*
Chihiro: wahh but you said it's delicious T.T
Natsu: haha~ just kidding~ *pats head*

Atsuko: oh~ you're cute together~ haha~
Chihiro: eh? *blush*
Natsu: eh? ^_^"

After opening the gifts they spend the night watching movies and catching up with one another and they didn't forget to watch the dance competition and tease natsu and chihiro because the last part of their dance was nearly a kiss...and then Natsu spend the night at YuiParu's residence,

--meanwhile at natsu's room (mayuki residence)
Madoka: *sigh* natsumi is not here today
Madoka: hm? no i'm not lonely without natsumi hmpt!
Madoka: I'm not lonely here Natsumi... you hear that?! *talking to natsu's picture again*
Madoka: it's just that i don't have anyone to tease hmpt! *still talking to Natsumi's picture*
Madoka: Well I don't really care if you're here or not Natsumi!

--meanwhile at aoi's room (sayamilky residence)
Aoi: *walking around in circles*
Aoi: natsu will sleep at chii-chan's place wahh T_T
Aoi: mou~ natsu won't do anything to chii-chan right? i mean natsu is a gentleman and she wouldn't break my heart
Aoi: b-but what if chii-chan fall for natsu? wahh she's my friend but what if we both like natsu? T_T
Aoi: *worried*

-Back at YuiParu's residence, at chihiro's room

natsu is having fun teasing chihiro whenever she lose in the game they are playing and chihiro was having a hard time because whenever natsu gets close to her, her heart beat was getting faster

-meanwhile at the guest room

Takamina: Atsuko~ i have a present for you too *smile*
Atsuko: oh~ *grins* what is it minami~?
Takamina: wait wait! are you thinking something else? *nervous*
Atsuko: I am not *giggle* but if you want to~ haha *gets closer*

Takamina: Atsuko you're making fun of me again mou~
Atsuko: hehe~ minami kawaii~

Atsuko: anyway that surprise me, the whole week in Paris we are together, how did you get time to buy gift?
Takamina: hehe~ I have my own ways, close your eyes
Atsuko: ok~ *close eyes*
Takamina: *puts something at atsuko's wrist* ok done, you can open your eyes now

Atsuko: *smile sweetly at takamina* thank you Minami
Takamina: *holds atsuko's hand* you know what's the moon means...

Atsuko: hm? what it means?
Takamina: it means that you shine the brightest whenever you help the others.. because acchan is kind~
Atsuko: haha~ i'm not~

Takamina: *giggle* and the star means you are my dream come true *kiss atsuko's hand*
Atsuko: *blush* hehe~ why are you so sweet right now minami~?

Atsuko: we've been together a long time now Minami and I know how much you love me, thank you *kiss takamina on the lips*
Takamina: *smile* let's sleep now my Atsuko~ *hugs*
Atsuko: un~
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #18 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #86 on: January 04, 2015, 03:48:56 PM »
Awww Takacchan and Yuiparu is so cute and sweet to each other~~

Natsu stop flirting with Chibiro un least u like her~

Update soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #18 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #87 on: January 04, 2015, 04:17:12 PM »
I like it how YuiParu and Atsumina are so lovey dovey with each other..  :wub:

Yui is such a majime, lol and she only called Takamina tou-chan when she talks about work^^

And Chihiro kept getting teased :lol:

While Madoka kept saying she's not missing Natsumi but she talk to a picture of about tsundere~ XD^

Update soon ~!

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #18 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #88 on: January 04, 2015, 06:00:54 PM »
natsu harem is really the best~ <3

natsu's like another copy of mayu with a face of yukirin >////<

like father like son- playgirl :rock:

can't wait for the next :twothumbs :twothumbs
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #18 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #89 on: January 05, 2015, 04:47:32 AM »
Atsumina and YuiParu so sweet  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Poor Madoka, she get alone. She miss Natsu so much.

I think she like Natsu too but she don't talk to her feeling.

Please update soon, I'll waiting for your new chap  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #18 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#19 Unknown Feelings

It was PE time in natsu's class, their PE for this time is swimming

Madoka, aoi and chihiro are already changing in the locker room but natsu was still outside

-at the locker room

Madoka: Why is Natsumi still outside?
Chihiro: she said she still have something to do but... what could it be?
Aoi: hm.. maybe natsu is just shy hehe~

Madoka's mind: shy? *wanted to tease natsumi* *smirk*

-outside the locker room
Natsu: *sigh* need to control myself O_O" natsu don't look at their legs okay?! yosh!
Aoi: Nattan!! *just finish changing in swimming attire*
Natsu: *looks slowly behind her* *sees aoitan, chihiro and madoka in swimsuit* *stunned* (o。o;)!
Madoka: *frowned*

Natsu's mind: NO! don't look! don't look! (゜○゜)

Madoka's mind: oh~ now i remember, natsumi have fetish on legs, hmm.. hehe~ prepare yourself natsumi, its payback for leaving me bored at home alone *smirk*

Chihiro: naachan you should change now before classes starts
Natsumi: *trying her best not to look at legs* uhm... yeah i should *runs towards the locker room*
Aoi: *giggle* natsu is sure nervous, she's being shy around us how cute~

Chihiro: come on madoka let's swim!
Madoka: uhm....
Chihiro&Aoi: hmm?
Madoka: you guys go first i'll just watch you

Aoi: hmmm *Smirk* don't tell us..
Chihiro: aah.. you don't know how to swim?
Madoka: just swim already

Aoi: hehe~ don't worry Chii-chan will help us~ *Smile*
Madoka: *sigh*
Chihiro: hehe you should smile more often than sighing come on~ *grabs madoka's hand*

After Natsu changes into their school swimming attire she tried to join their other classmates swim race
than joining chihiro, aoi and madoka at their swimming practice


It's the 7th race Natsumi have joined, currently they are racing towards the other end of the pool.
While Aoi, Chihiro and Madoka take a break in practicing to watch natsu

Aoi: Go Natsu~!!! *happily watching*
chihiro: Nattan you can do it! Go go go! *cheering*
Other girls: Natsu-san kakkoi!!!

Madoka: *sigh* they are really noisy.. what's so cool about natsumi? hmm *looks at natsu observing her* but she's good... wait! why am I praising her? hmpt!!!

and then Natsu have won in the race..

Aoi: *runs towards natsu* yey!omedetou for the 7th time you won in the race~! *hugs*
Natsu: hehe, thanks *looks sideways*
Chihiro: natsu~ *gives towel to natsu*
Natsu: thanks chii-chan *still not looking at aoi and chihiro*

-meanwhile at the bench
madoka is just watching them then suddenly a group of girls surrounded her again, it was natsu's fan club

fan 1: hey! why are you still here?
fan 2: still sticking around with natsu-sama huh?

madoka: *roll eyes* what do you want? *raise eyebrows*

fan 3: we want you to get lost of our sight and natsu-sama's life

madoka: *sigh* *ignore*

fan 1: why you!
fan 2: *whispered to other girl* hey don't do anything stupid... natsu-sama might got angry with us as well
fan 3: how about we have a swim race then??
madoka: *stands up* not interested
fan 1: why? are you a coward? *smirk*
madoka: *look back at them* don't like to level myself with people like you *smirk* *walks away*

-Madoka was walking near the pool that time when one of the girls earlier pushed her,

madoka: *tries to swim but she don't know how*
fans: hey! don't tell me you don't know *nervous*panic*

natsu: *noticed some girls were panicking and saw madoka drowning*

natsu: madoka! *runs immediately to the pool trying to save madoka*
aoi: eh? madoka!! *run near the pool* *wanted to help madoka but can't swim*
chihiro: *runs towards the girls* you!what have all of you done?! *glare*


natsu: *saved madoka from drowning and then carrying her(in bridal style) on the pool side*

natsu: hey madoka! madoka! open your eyes! hey!
chihiro, aoi: *worried*

natsu: *gives CPR* ne madoka ... hey please open your eyes *worried* *gives CPR again*

chihiro's mind: *startled* *shocked"

aoi's mind: *shocked but worried* no! don't think like that aoi! i like natsu but madoka is my friend, natsu is just saving madoka, it's not a kiss 

others: O_O

madoka: *throws up water* *cough*cough* *open eyes slowly*
natsu: madoka! *hug tight*
madoka: n-natsumi?
chihiro: *relieved* thank goodness you're alright madoka
aoi: *relieved* *glare at natsu's fan*

natsu: madoka, are you okay? what do you feel? *worried look*
madoka: *looking at natsu's eyes* uhm.. *blush* i'm okay, thanks *noticed natsu's face is close in her*

madoka: *pushes natsu away* *cough* *tried to stands up*
natsu: *helping madoka to stand*

the fan girls were called in the guidance office while natsu, chihiro and aoi accompanied madoka at the clinic

-at the clinic

aoi: *tear eyes* ma-do-ka i'm glad you're saved *hugs*
madoka: i-i'm okay now aoi *pats head*

-outside the clinic, chihiro was trying to calm natsu who was really angry

natsu: is takamina-sensei already here at school? (A/n: takamina-sensei is the director of their school)
chihiro: natsu calm down
natsu: how could I calm down?!


natsu: uhm sorry for shouting but its just that because of me...
chihiro: *tilting head* i understand *hugs natsu* let me handle this I'm also madoka's friend so let me do this and don't do anything reckless
natsu: chii-chan *hugs back*

--after that incident and class have ended, chihiro and aoi was accompanying madoka while natsu rages in her club, the newspaper club who was responsible for the rumor of her and madoka dating which causes her fanclub's bullying

natsu: president you should release another news that what you have said about me and madoka dating is not true!
lovetan: *sigh* as i said natsu, i only said "maybe" in that article.. why are you worried about that?

natsu: but madoka is getting bullied, i don't want to see her getting hurt! *mad*
lovetan: *smirk* you like her don't you?

natsu: huh? *blush* no! *looks the other way*

natsu: and it's not just madoka, chii-chan and aoi too is getting bullied because of me, i don't want that!

lovetan: *sigh* you know, you should choose already or they will just get more hurt in the end.. or you still can't forget the past?
natsu: huh? *innocent look*

lovetan: *sigh* anyway don't worry i'll talk to your fan club *pats shoulder* nothing to worry about and the girls who caused the incident right now is called at the guidance so don't worry
natsu: you will really talk to them?
lovetan: yep~ don't worry..

lovetan: *about to go outside the club room* oh~ by the way think about what i said earlier~ you should open your heart again na~tsu~mi

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #18 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #91 on: January 07, 2015, 03:18:38 PM »
natsu's like another copy of mayu with a face of yukirin >////<

like father like son- playgirl :rock:

totally agree~  :lol:

 :cathappy: and the reason why :

  • mayu and sayanee was yuko's child in the story

mayu-  smart, ikemen and cute, fooling around with others sometimes and she love oshiri like yuko  :lol:
sayanee - yuko said it herself that sayanee was like her, (during an interview with the shinyuu trio they were discussing their successors and they said that takamina said sayanee is her successor and then yuko argued that.. saying yui is more like takamina and sayanee was more like her)

  • jurina was saeyaka's child in the story
- beauty and mature looks (sayaka) + play girl (sae) + cute ikemen (sae) + athletic prowess and talents (both) + angst (sayaka)   XD

  • yui was takamina's child in the story
- yui is her successor... and have same characteristics as takamina

  • aoi was sayamilky's child
- aoi was millky's oshimen in their show hakata hyakkaten and she told aoi not to cry, idk but milky was somehow mother like to her or is it just me
aoi even asked milky how she fish people :lol:

  • chihiro was yuiparu's child
- she's a captain like yui but she also have ponkotsu character like paru  :nervous

  • madoka was juRena's child
- she was like jurina + rena xD beautiful, talented, tall, smart, mature, an ojou-sama~

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[MerUme/UMeru] Love is when you realize it (oneshot)
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--collab fics with yurin23mayuki:
Daily Life of MaYuki Family [ (HKT) Natsu x Madoka x Chihiro x Aoi x Jiina]
You and Me... and the Red thread ~ [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Saeyaka, Wmatsui, Atsumina]

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #19 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #92 on: January 07, 2015, 03:20:08 PM »
An update!!!  :cathappy:

Tbh, I also forgot that Natsumi has leg fetishes, lol

I hate those fans for always bullying!  :angry:

But I love the scene Natsumi saved Madoka! And then, Natsumi being all worried, making Madoka blushed.. :inlove:

I wonder how it will be if Jurina and Rena knows about this...I don't know which one will be scarier, Jurina who pampers Madoka a lot or Rena with her other character...

Can't wait to see the next chapter!

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #19 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #93 on: January 08, 2015, 06:04:12 AM »
I don't know, but I'm a addicted of this fanfic, I like it so much xD and all days I'll wait a new chapter! keep going! is awesome!

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #19 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #94 on: January 08, 2015, 06:40:51 AM »
can't wait for the next update

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #19 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#20 Sayanee and Yukirin's Birthday

Its only a few days before Yuki's birthday.

-At Mayuki residence
~Currently at the living room.

Mayu: Yosh! I need your help minna!

Natsu: *watching tv* *ignore*
Sakura: *talking in the phone* *ignore*
Madoka: *playing with her phone* *ignore*

Mayu: hey! come on now you need to help me here its your kaa-chan's birthday you know~

Natsu: tou-chan don't tag us along with your silly plans like last year *remembering last year mayu's plan dressing her like a ballet doll and perform in front of the guests (that gives her more fans)*
Mayu: don't worry we don't have guest its only us~ family~

Madoka: *about to go upstairs*
Mayu: *holds madoka's wrist* hehe and where do you think your going madoka-chan~?
Madoka: *smile politely* uhm.. I'm not part of your family and i need to do some homework now so i'll excuse myself
Mayu: hehe~ no can't do~ *ikemen smile*

Madoka's mind: *sigh* now i know where natsu got that kind of trait

Mayu: first of all your natsu's fiance
Madoka: what?!
Mayu: second you are already part of our family and third...
Madoka: *frowned*
Mayu: my yukirin wants to spend time with her  daughter-in-law to be so please *puppy eyes*

Madoka's mind: she's just like tou-chan geeez one tou-chan is enough *sigh*

Madoka: okay...

Mayu: yatta! *grins* now then let's plan for your kaa-chan`s birthday~
Natsu: wait i didn't agree to that yet tou-chan!
Sakura: what sakura will do tou-chan? *smile sweetly*

Mayu: *sparkling eyes* my sakura is talking to me~! *hug tightly*
Sakura: this is just for kaa-chan...
Mayu: *sulk* *hurt* but still my beloved daugther smiled sweetly to me.. i'm the happiest person on earth now~ T_T
Natsu: *sigh* tou-chan stop being so dramatic


after than planning they went back to their daily routine,
madoka was chosen as one of the participants in a music competition so she always stay late at school to practice playing piano

-at home, at natsumi's room

Natsu: hehe~ are you done?
Madoka: *cleaning her study table* yes

Natsu: are you gonna practice again tomorrow? *smile*
Madoka: you know~ if your bored waiting for me you don't have to wait for me .. i can go home alone
Natsu: hehe how can i be bored listening to your music madoka? *cat smile* it's really soothing~
Madoka: whatever..

Natsu: and beside jurina-san told me to accompany you always~ hehe
Madoka: *raise eyebrow* you don't have to do what she say you know
Natsu: you don't know how scary your tou-chan is when i talk to her >.>
Madoka: so you're just doing that because my tou-chan told you
Natsu: huh?! no no no! I'm doing that because i want to

Madoka: oh really?

Madoka's mind: such a flirt! *sigh* *sudden urge to tease natsumi*

Madoka: *walks closer to natsumi who was sitting at the bed holding a book* *staring at natsumi*
Natsu: eh? *stunned by madoka's eyes staring at her*

Madoka: *smirk* *move closer to natsumi until their face is only an inch gap*
Natsu: *blushed heavily like a tomato*

Madoka: *pinch natsumi's cheeks*
Natsu: ittai!!!
Madoka: hahaha~ now get out of my bed
Natsu: hai.. *while brushing her cheeks* you should just say it ~it hurts you know~ *pout*

Madoka's mind: haha i kinda missed teasing her

Natsu: *turns off the lights* oyasumi madoka
Madoka: .... *cover herself with a blanket*
Natsu: *pats madoka's head* i know you're really dedicated to music and want to win the competition but you don't have to push yourself too much, you might get sick you know... just enjoy it madoka hehe~

Madoka under her blanket: *blush*

-the next day at school, music club room

takamina: yosh! otsukaresama deshita! just keep up the good work, you can go home now it's getting late
madoka: etou... takamina-sensei?
takamina: hai? madoka-san?
madoka: can i stay again for awhile to practice?
takamina: *giggle* of course *taps arms of madoka* just don't push yourself too much for the up coming competition madoka-san okay? I'll go now my wife is waiting for me
madoka: hai arigatou takamina-sensei ... otsukaresama deshita.... *bows*

when takamina got out from the room at the side of the door outside the room

Takamina: waiting for her again eh natsumi-chan? *smile*
Natsu: hai takamina-sensei
Takamina: you should go inside then hehe its okay she's the only one inside anyway other members already gone home and oh by the way where's chihiro?
Natsu: Ah~ she's still at the student council she told me to go here first
Takamina: is that so ? hmm and aoitan?
Natsu: she already went home because aunt milky needs her help for sayaka-san's birthday
Takamina: oh  haha i forgot its sayanee's birthday tomorrow hehe thanks for reminding natsumi-chan.. ja i'll go now for sure acchan will get mad if i make her wait  for so long hehe take care natsumi-chan
Natsu: hai *bow* otsukaresama deshita

Natsu went inside the the music room using the other door at the back, that time madoka is playing seriously so she slowly walk inside and sat on a chair

Natsu's mind: *watching madoka* she's really good

Natsu: *close her eyes to feel more the music in her ears* you really remind me of her a lot...

Natsu: this is like the old times when I'm waiting for her ....

Natsu: jiina...... *whisper* i miss you.....

-then suddenly madoka stop from playing

madoka: *noticed natsu* why are you here??
natsu: hehe :p because i like listening to you playing piano~
madoka: yeah right..

natsu: ah by the way tomorrow i can't accompany you going home
madoka: i don't care,

madoka's mind: i wonder why?

natsu: you see aunt milky invited me to visit tomorrow for sayaka-san's birthday although sayaka-san already invited  us but tou-chan didn't like the idea
madoka: hmpt..i didn't ask you why. you don't have to tell me

natsu: ^_^"
*natsu remembering the phone call they had yesterday*
sayanee: yuki-senpai you should come to my birthday and forget mayu-nee-san
yuki: *giggle* you know i can't do that sayaka-chan~
sayanee: b-but yuki-senpai its been 2 years since you last come for my birthday T^T and bring natsu and sakura with you
yuki: hehe gomen ne sayaka-chan
sayanee: *sigh* i understand yuki-senpai... anyway please try to tell mayu-nee-san to come as well
yuki: i'll surely will tell that haha you know you should just tell her that yourself... she might agree immediately~
sayanee: *sigh* well.. is not that i don't like mayu-nee-san at all.. it's just
yuki: haha both of you are really kids
sayanee: yuki-senpai~!
yuki: hehe~ just kidding, i'll tell them now... ja ne~ advance happy birthday sayaka-chan~!
sayanee: arigatou yuki-senpai~
---end call---

yuki: *about to sit beside mayu* mayuyu~
mayu: no
yuki: she's your sister my mayuyu~
mayu: no
yuki: geez having a tantrum again?
mayu: *silent* *pouting cutely*
yuki: *giggle* i'm only yours mayuyu~
mayu: *blush*
yuki: *kiss mayu on the lips* *forgot that they are in the living room with their kids*

natsu: kaa-chan we are still here *covering sakura's eyes with her hands*
sakura: eh????
yuki: ah~ hehe, gomen~
/////end of flashback/////

natsu: *sigh*

madoka: did you already buy a gift for aunt yuki?
natsu: i still haven't, do you want to help me find one? *smile*
madoka: i'll also buy her a gift... its not that i want to help you. i-uhm what does aunt yuki likes anyway?
natsu: *giggle* i'll tell you on our way to the stores hehe just practice first i'll help you : )
madoka: *hiding her blush* whatever *start playing piano*

-sayanee's birthday , dinner

sayanee: hehe~ thank you for coming natsumi and madoka-chan

milky: did you invite madoka here aoitan? *whisper*
aoi: i asked her to come hehe because natsu is worried about madoka going home alone
milky: my aoi really is so nice~ what a good girl... but you should have some alone time with natsu okay?
aoi: *suddently blush*
milky: *giggle*

and then they are now eating...
sayanee: but it will be more fun if ma- ah i mean yuki-senpai is here
milky: or do you mean mayu-senpai *giggle*
milky: or you want me to make me jealous my dear sayaka~ *evil smile*
sayanee: *gulp* he-he of course not, i wouldn't make you jealous i love milky and milky only <3
milky: oh~ my sayaka is being sweet here say aaaah *spoon feeding*
sayanee: aaah~ oishii~

aoi: *happily eating*
madoka: *busy eating*
natsu: *noticed sayamilky being too lovey dovey*

natsu's mind: did they forget that they have kids here? *sigh*

milky: *kisses sayanee on the lips*

natsu: O_O
natsu's mind: did i just see a tongue there?!

aoi: *happily eating*
madoka: *busy eating*

milky: *she puts handcuffs on sayanee while kissing* yey! success
sayanee: eh?
milky: okay you three have fun here and finish your dinner okay~ hehe we will do some business now~ ja~
sayanee: ehh? eeh? eeh?
milky: *pats sayanee's head* now be a good girl *giggle*
sayanee: *gulp*

aoi,madoka: hai
natsu: eh? O_O

-at sayamilky room

sayanee: eetou.. is it okay to leave the kids downstairs?
milky: *stripping* hmmm?
sayanee: ah uhm *blushing heavily while watching milky strip*

milky: *Walks slowly towards sayanee* *grin*
sayanee: *stunned* *turned on*

milky: *passed sayanee and gets her pajama on the bed*

sayane: huh?

milky: what? hahaha~ are you thinking of something else?

sayanee: eeeeeeh!

milky: silly~ * puts pajama* *unlock sayanee's handcuff*
millky: i just want to spend time with you alone on your birthday *hugs sayanee from behind and buried her face on sayanee's neck*
milky: lately you spend too much time with other things i misses you so badly *sniff* my sayaka really smile nice

sayanee: *blush* i'm sorry and i love you miyuki *turned to face milky*
milky: *giggle* i love you too sayaka more than you ever know ~ now lets go to our bed and cuddle~?
sayanee: of course~ *smile sweetly*

milky: oh~ wait *gets something under the bed* here~
sayanee: ehehe oh what's this ?

milky: open it~
sayanee: *blush hard* *sees a see through underwear* eh??? what is this for?

milky: hahaha~ just kidding~
sayanee: mou~ *pout*

milky: this is my real gift for you~ but if you want wear that too~ hehe~
sayanee: *whole face is red up to her ears*

milky: here~
sayanee: *opens the gift* *smile widely* *happy*

the gift is a handkerchief with a calligraphy in it it has a short message:
"Every time I hear your voice, my heart skips a beat
You gave warm to my lonely night and made my life complete
You are the only one I need
I love you Sayaka"


Sayanee: *blushing madly when she read milky's message* *hugs milky*

Sayanee: I'm happy to be with you forever Miyuki
Milky: *hugs back* To be with you is worth living sayaka

--back to the kids downstairs just finish eating dinner

natsu: etou what about the presents? *showing the plastic with her, natsu, yuki, madoka and aoi's present in it and there was also mayu's present but the name written is from nezumi*
aoi: hehe i'll just give it to tou-chan tomorrow
natsu: okay *smile*

madoka: uhm so what we will do now?
aoi: come on let's watch some movies madoka-chan~
madoka: un~ *smiles*

then they all sit at the couch... natsu , aoi and madoka is sitting accordingly

aoi: *wrap her arms with natsu's left arm and wraps her other arm around madoka's right arm* yey! it's starting~

natsu: hehe aoitan really is cute~ you still like watching animated movies hehe~ *teasing tone*
aoi: mou~ natsu is such a meanie! don't you like it? the story is nice you know~
natsu: *pinching aoi's cheeks* hehe you really are cute aoitan~

madoka's mind: natsumi is  really a flirt..

---then the three of them spend the night watching animated movies


-yukirin's birthday

madoka and yuki is currently on their way to the grocery store

yuki's mind: mou~ no one greeted me even rena-chan T_T *depressed* i'm not really important *crying inside* even my beloved ikemen daughter didn't fetch me up at my office

madoka noticed yuki's depressed aura
madoka: etou.. aunt yuki?
yuki: h-hai?
madoka: you know music is a good cure wheen being tired *gets harmonica on her pocket and plays it*

madoka: uhm did you like it?

yuki's mind: but being with rena's lovely daughter is still good even if natsumi didn't accompanied me today, i'm so happy~ but it will be more fun if natsu and madoka are together kyaaa~ *fan girling inside her head*

yuki: hai~ its great madoka-chan you really are good with instruments don't you? *giggle*
madoka: *blush* *shy* uhm not really aunt yuki
yuki: we should jam sometimes~
madoka: oh~ you play instrument also aunt yuki?

yuki: *nods* way back on college we always perform for the cultural fest with mayu, sayaka-chan and with your okaa-chan
madoka: eh? kaa-chan didn't tell me that
yuki: *giggle* well you see she doesn't really like talking about it~
madoka: hmmm why?
yuki: because your tou-chan confessed to her while we are on stage in front of many people and she really is embarrassed hehe oh~ those good old days ~
madoka: *giggle*

--meanwhile at mayuki's residence
mayu: yosh~ all done *happy*
natsu: i'll message madoka now
sakura: wait wait the bouquet of flowers is not yet here nee-chan
natsu: ah i forgot *sigh* i'll just call again the flower shop
sakura: maybe i should get it
natsu: i'll accompany you *smile*
sakura: mhm*shakes head* tou-chan needs you here
natsu: okay take care, be here in time before they come back okay?
sakura: hai~

--back to yuki and madoka shopping in the grocery

madoka received a message

from: Natsu
subject: keep kaa-chan busy, thanks~
the flowers haven't arrived yet
but sakuratan is on her way
to the flower shop
and aunt rena and jurina-san is not yet here
please keep kaa-chan more busy

madoka: *sigh*

yuki: oh madoka-chan are you  tired already? we can go home now i think i already bought all the things i needed
madoka: hm hm *shakes head* i'm okay aunt yuki *smiles*
yuki: where is rena-chan and jurina-chan by the way i didn't see them this morning *wondering*
madoka: etou.. they just ...uhm.. busy with work
yuki: oh? but its saturday ~ and its my birthday *whisper the last part*

madoka: hmm?
yuki: hehe nothing so do you want to eat some crepe?
madoka: un~
yuki: yosh~ hehe by the way madoka-chan are you getting along with others?
madoka: uhm yes aunt yuki

yuki: that's good to hear :) and how are you and my natsumi then? *giggle*
madoka: uhm.. we're okay i think
yuki: *pats madoka's head* please take care of my natsumi, madoka-chan~
madoka: hmm...

yuki: you see, natsumi is really cheerful back then, she smile brightly like a sun but there was one time she's really sad and her bright smile was gone up until now
madoka: eh?
yuki: she's still in middle school back then, after her graduation she came home crying
madoka: natsumi is crying? *curious*

yuki: *nods* you see, it was the first time natsumi opens up her problem to me because natsumi don't like telling her problems with others because she doesn't want to worry anybody,
yuki: well it made me happy because she finally open up her problem to me but it also make me sad seeing my natsumi being hurt

madoka: hurt?
yuki: its better if she will be the one telling it to you madoka-chan and it seems she still haven't moved on because of that
madoka: uhm *confused*

yuki: so its your task for taking care of natsumi okay? : ) *giggle*
madoka: i-uhm
yuki: *hugs madoka*
madoka: *blush*

--meanwhile at mayuki's residence

rena: everything is done~ *smile*
jurina: haha this is so exciting~
rena: un~ its been a long time since we celebrate with yuki-chan on her birthday

mayu: hehe i just want to say thanks to the both of you even you both have something to do now but you choose to be here with my yukirin's birthday~
rena: anything for yuki : )
jurina: hai anything for yuki-chan *cat smile*

sakura: nee-chan mail madoka-nee-chan now hehe i'm so excited to film kaa-chan's reaction to our surprise
natsu: hai hai : )
from: natsumi
subject: everything is ok now
hehe come home now~
everything is ok
thank you madoka :3

--so madoka and yuki got home...
--and then when yuki open the door

there are red petals everywhere and there is a messages on the floor forming a path through the backyard and there is also a soothing music playing

first sakura greeted them

sakura: o-tanjoubi omedetou kaa-chan *filming the scene*

yuki: eeeeh?! *puts her hand on her mouth* what is this for?

madoka: happy birthday aunt yuki *offers her hand to yuki*

yuki: eh?! you are part of this plan also madoka-chan *holds madoka's hand*

--they walked inside and yuki read the first message

"do you still remember our roller coaster love back then?"

"i love you but you don't love me back"

"you love me but I think its too late"

"you run away but i follow you"

"we had too many quarrels but look what we are now"

"we both fall inlove in our mysterious way"

yuki: *saw a picture of her and mayu at the park having a picnic, it was their first date as a couple*

yuki: *teary eyes*smile*

--and then she walked and saw another message

"do you still remember our adventures with our precious friends?"

"we had a lots of fun back there, right?"

"we take good care of everyone"

"we build memories with them"


and then rena and jurina showed up, rena is giving a picture to yuki

yuki: rena-chan!!
rena: o-tanjoubi omedetou yuki-chan~ *hugs*
yuki: *hugs back* thank you *gets picture*

this time its the picture of mayuki, jurena, yuiparu, sayamilky on the beach

jurina: brings back memories eh? hehe happy birthday yuki-chan!
yuki: thanks jurina-chan : )

now rena is holding hands with yuki this time leading her towards the next message

"they call us the perfect couple"

"even i don't know why"

"maybe because we love cheating each other"

"but we know in the end who will we choose"

"isn't ironic?"

"because of those quarrels we build this bond that no one can break"

"we fall in love more with each other"

"trust is no longer an issue"

"we love each other so much"

"we take every challenge together without fear as long we are standing side by side*

and then she sees another picture displayed... its when they got married
yuki: *holding her tears*

and then she walks to see the next message

"and you gave me the greatest gift of all"

*natsumi appears oh her side, she was in a danso outfit of a prince holding a bouquet of flowers*

natsu: okaa-chan happy birthday *ikemen smile* *gives the bouquet of flowers*
yuki: natsumi~?! wahh arigatou! *hugs*

natsu:let me be your prince for tonight okaa-chan *offers her hand to yuki*
yuki: *giggle*but you will always be my prince natsumi~

then sakura greeted her again...

sakura: kaa-chan thank you for being my lovely mother *puts a hand made crown to yuki*
yuki: wah... thank you sakura~! *kissed on the cheek*

--then before she enter their backyard

there was another message

"since the day i met you, i already knew I will forever love you"

"we may have many quarrels but we never let each other go"

"we are reaching our dreams one by one, holding each others hand"

"no matter what happens we keep on going, we struggle because we love each other"

then yuki went in their garden there was a table with foods and wine and there was another message

"are you willing to take another adventure with me?"

--suddenly mayu appeared in a danso suit, mayu is in a king's suit
--mayu kneeled and holds yuki's hand

mayu: "can you be my queen for the rest of our life? even if death do us part... I promise you I'll be by your side"

yuki immediately cupped mayu's face and kisses her

yuki: I love you Mayu!!! *hugs mayu till they fall in the grass*
mayu: do you like it? *ikemen smile*
yuki: *sob*sob* of course i do!! *hugs mayu tightly**

jurina: haha oi oi oi do your stuff later~ i'm starving
rena: *pinch jurina*
jurina: mou~ its hurts rena-chan
rena: *giggle* don't be so jealous of them jurina, we'll also have a time together later~
jurina: rena~chan!!! *hugs* *happy*

--and so all of them eat dinner at the backyard
--and then madoka plays piano for them while natsu is taking pictures and sakura filming their moments and all of them had fun

-after that dinner

at mayuki's room, mayu is hugging yuki from behind

mayu: yu~ki~rin *sniff* *sniff*
yuki: hehe, stop sniffing me it tickles
mayu: i love you yukirin~
yuki: i love you too mayuyu~

mayu: thank you for being my wife yuki~
yuki: thank you for everything mayu~

mayu: i still have a gift for you
yuki: hehe eh? its too much
mayu: because i love you too much yuki~
yuki: *blush*
mayu: here *gives a scrapbook*

"My Life"
is what written at the cover

Yuki: *giggle* *opens the scrap book*

it is full of pictures and letters
there are also drawings inside
from the first time mayu met yuki
the time when she stole a picture of yuki when she's busy reading a book
their first date, their wedding
till they had natsu and sakura
the last page is a drawing of her and mayu
they are old their holding hands and smiling to each other

yuki: *tears flowing* mayu i don't know what to say
mayu: hehe~ just love me more yuki~
yuki: *giggle* such a spoiled one
mayu: but you love spoiling me hehe
yuki: mayu~ *kissed on the lips*
mayu: i'll never leave you yuki...

mayu: i still have one more gift
yuki: hehe~ you really prepared this much huh?
mayu: anything for my yukirin~

mayu puts a locket necklace on yuki's neck
inside it is a photo of mayu and yuki on the other side and sakura and natsu on the other

yuki: having the 3 of you in my life is the most greatest gift i received, thank you mayu *tears flowing from happiness*
mayu: i'll never get tired telling and showing my love for you yuki~ *wipes the tears from yuki's cheeks*
-and they lean to each others forehead and kiss.

jurena are already inside their room having fun, sakura is already sleeping on her room

but natsu and madoka is still at the backyard, they had just finished cleaning and was tired, natsu was still in her danso costume

madoka: who knows mayu-san is that sweet?
natsu: haha~ tou-chan is actually really sweet but its just her kid side is always showing
madoka: so that's where you get you flirt side huh?

natsu: hey i'm not a flirt
madoka: i don't believe you, i bet you're always flirting with others
natsu: no i'm not, i fall in love once you know and i was serrious back then *natsu's playful tone turned to sad one*

madoka: huh?
natsu: hehe nevermind about that... anyway did you had fun? *sits beside madoka*
madoka: uhm somehow..

natsu: *noticed madoka getting cold*
natsu: *removes the suit in her prince outfit and wrapped it around madoka*

madoka: huh?
natsu: you might catch a cold *smile*

madoka: *blush* t-thanks
natsu: the sky is nice right?
madoka: hmm...

natsu: *slowly reached for madoka's head making her lean on her shoulder*
madoka: hey! what do you think you're doing?
natsu: hehe~ its more relaxing like this *smile* come on now don't struggle
madoka: you're such a flirt! (<-but she let natsu do what she wants, it was somehow comfortable)

natsu: tou-chan and kaa-chan is really sweet, hehe~ how nice~
natsu: *wrapped her arm around madoka while madoka's head is leaning in her shoulder*

natsu: "can you be my queen for the rest of our life? even if death do us part... I promise you I'll be by your side"

madoka: huh??! *blush*
madoka's mind: what??!! what is natsumi saying?! *heart beating faster*

natsu: hehe~ i really like that time when tou-chan said that to kaa-chan~, they always argue but they love each other~

madoka's mind: eh? natsumi you jerk!!! saying that out of nowhere!!! *sigh* i forgot mayu-san said that... *calming herself*

natsu: hey are you okay? your face is so red?

madoka: i'm okay! just keep looking at the stars! *heart beating fast*
natsu: hai~ ^_^

madoka: and stop hugging me!
natsu: ehhh *pout* but it's cold~ hehe~

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #20 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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MaYuki~ :luvluv1:
SayaMilky~ :mon inluv:
NatsuMado~ :wriggly:

sweet~ :heart: :heart: :heart:

waiting for next chapter~ :twothumbs

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #20 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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love this chapter so much!!

too much words to say that i dont know how to say it! :cathappy:

but, i wonder whats natsumi's story..? :O :cry:

anyway, cant wait for the next one! :deco:

ps, you sure update fast :lol:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #20 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Wait, what? Did I just see Jiina's name? JiiNatsu??????????
Certainly didn't see that coming. wow.
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #20 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Mayuki moment   :heart:
Mayuyu so sweet :lol:
So Natsu started love madoka?   :O2
thank's for update author-san  :thumbsup

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