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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152193 times)

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #23 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #120 on: January 16, 2015, 06:26:25 AM »
^actually this was supposed to be random chaps,
this fic was just for fun :lol:

but due to yurin's overfangirling to natsu it became her story

and about the title, it's also random because this was supposed to be a drabble XD
we wanted to change it but we've done many chapters already
and we.can't think of a title haha~

Ryo-San will u two still going back to another story? ^^" you and me.... that one =P I am still waiting for the update ^^"

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #23 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #121 on: January 16, 2015, 07:01:00 AM »
Ryo-San will u two still going back to another story? ^^" you and me.... that one =P I am still waiting for the update ^^"

yup, i'm currently rewriting the draft for chaps 20 and 21 of that fic but because i don't have that much emotions i was still thinking about what to include there, you know that chaps would be dramatic...

 and also i don't have much time :nervous:
i'm planning to post 3 chaps at once before the mayuki saeyaka arc though hehe gomen..

yurin is taking a break with that fic so that fic would have slow updates coz i'll work on that alone for awhile

 gomen ne

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Daily Life of MaYuki Family [ (HKT) Natsu x Madoka x Chihiro x Aoi x Jiina]
You and Me... and the Red thread ~ [Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Saeyaka, Wmatsui, Atsumina]

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #23 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #122 on: January 16, 2015, 03:19:03 PM »
Madoka need to know what going on with natsu

Natsu-chan please go back to normal soon

Update soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #23 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #123 on: January 16, 2015, 04:53:51 PM »
#24 Piano Competition

-morning at mayuki's residence
natsu waked up early and jog outside to freshen up her mind..

natsu: *pant*huff*

natsu reached a certain store but it is still close's a gummy candy store

she was just standing outside the store, staring at it..
reminiscing from the past...

natsu: oh~ so jiina likes gummy candies hehe~  *suddenly showed up*
kojina: and the great natsumi is stalking at me again i see *giggle*
natsu: hey i am not stalking you, i'm just passing by *sheepish smile*
kojina: haha, yeah right you're just passing  by
natsu: hehe~ so what candy do you like most?
kojina: *smirk* its a secret :) why? do you want to find that out?
natsu: of course~ :D
kojina: *giggle* then good luck on finding that out ;P
natsu:  you like that kind of game don't you jiina? *grin*
kojina: *giggle* you are funny natsumi, *smile*

natsu: *sigh* maybe i should just go back home and start getting ready for school

-and then natsu went back

yuki: natsu- *noticed had a bit swollen eyes from crying*
natsu: ah kaa-chan ohayou *smile*
yuki: how's your jogging? *sweet smile*
natsu: hehe~ just fine

yuki: *walks closer to natsu* *holds natsu's cheeks*
natsu: kaa-chaaan..?
yuki: always remember kaa-chan is here for you okay?
natsu: un~ *blush* hehe~
yuki: *pats head* could you wake up your tou-chan for me?
natsu: hai hai~

-after breakfast they all get ready for school and work
--on their way on school

natsu: ne~ ne~ ne~ ma~do~ka~chan~
madoka: can you please stop that! *uneasy*

natsu: eh? *suddenly notice madoka's hand is shaking*
natsu's mind: hehe, maybe it's because the competition is near, she's getting nervous...

natsu: ne~ madoka *gentle voice*
madoka: what?!
natsu: *smile sweetly* everything will be okay, don't worry

madoka: mm.. *walks faster*
natsu: hey wait up~ hehe, you sure are excited to know that i will get perfect scores~ don't you? hahaha~
madoka: yeah right! lets see who's talking- if you fail the exams, you'll be my slave natsumi *smirk*
natsu: hehe~ that won't happen though~ *happily walking*

-at the classroom

natsu: yatta~!! *smiling proudly*
chihiro: *giggle* omedetou nattan 
natsu: haha~ how about that, madoka? i got perfect scores so far~ *grin*
madoka: hmpt!
aoi: you really did well naa-chan, hehe~ *happy*
madoka: there is still one more result though *smirk*
natsu: it will also be perfect scores though :P

chihiro's mind: hehe, it seems natsu brightened up a bit, yokatta *relieved* *smile*

sasshi: ok then this will be the last test paper i'll call you again one by one first Natsu~
natsu: hai~ *happy*

sasshi: too bad that's the only exam that you didn't perfect, i'm worried about you failing because the last time you're spacing out but you did well, good job natsu!
natsu: O_O eehhh!? *looks at the exam paper* this is not happening T_T *remembered what madoka said if she didn't got perfect score on every exams they had*

natsu: etou sensei there might be something wrong here
sasshi: huh? is there any problem natsu? i already triple checked the papers though *frowned*
natsu: yeah.. as i say i should just sit *depressed*

natsu's mind: 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 this is not happening... i'm doomed.. T^T

madoka: *looking at natsu's reaction* *smirk*
natsu: *depressed*
aoi: hehe~ can we see your paper?
natsu: *shows paper*
chihiro: aw~ only 2 points but that's okay nattan you did well :)
madoka: *grins* it will be perfect scores i see~ *teasing tone*

natsumi's mind: T_T no no no this is not good! i'll be her slave mou~ madoka is bullying me again and i'll be dead soon if she really tell that to jurina-san waaah (╥﹏╥)

natsu:  i should start praying now T-T

chihiro,aoi: eh? nattan?
madoka: *having fun seeing natsu's reaction on her teasing*

-after class

aoi: hehe we'll go first the student council are calling us
chihiro: take care guys *smile* and we will watch tomorrow madoka, so better get some rest okay?
madoka: un~ thanks *smile*
natsu: *silent*looking out the window*

chihiro: *looks at natsu* nattan?
natsu: oh? gomen did you say something? hehe~
aoi: we said will go first *worried*
chihiro: natsu.. *worried*

natsu: *smile* i'll walk  you two to the student council
chihiro: *shakes head* no need nattan, rabutan-senpai might be looking for you now
natsu: haha, yeah i forgot that.. see you then *smile*

and then chihiro and aoi went out the room first..

natsu: your not going to practice today madoka?
madoka: are you going to the club now?
natsu: hm.. i don't know yet hehe, senpai might nag at me because i skipped activities *sigh*
madoka: it's your own fault though.. *frowned*

natsu: *pout*
madoka: *sigh* you can stay for awhile in our clubroom, there is no one there today because they let me use it for practicing for the competition
natsu: hehe~ so you really missed me watching you playing piano~ *grin*

madoka: *mad* *leaving*
natsu: eh? chotto- i'm just kidding madoka~ T^T
madoka: *ignores natsu, walking out*
natsu: chotto matte~!

-at the music room

madoka: *made a mistake in playing the piano* *nervous*
natsu: hmm? madoka?
madoka: *put her hand on her chest and inhale deeply* *nervous*

natsu: *walks behind madoka* *puts her hand on madoka's shoulder and starts massaging it*
madoka: what do you want natsumi?!

natsu: ssssh... don't talk... relax madoka... just relax ...
madoka: *blush*
natsu: *continuing massaging madoka's shoulders*

natsu: hehe~ are you relax now? now inhale deeply but slowly exhale okay?
madoka: you don't have to tell me that!
natsu: hehe~ just do it madoka :3
madoka: *inhale deeply*
natsu: now exhale
madoka: *exhale slowly*
natsu: feel better? :)

madoka: un.. *nod*
natsu: hehe~ you can play now... i'll just get us some juice :) you want orange juice right?
madoka: uhm ok t-thanks

natsu: you know~ i really like your music madoka.. just play the way you always do and you'll be okay, you're great madoka *smile*
ja~ *went out the room*

madoka: *gets the necklace that natsumi gave her from her pocket* *holds the necklace tight* *inhales*exhales*

madoka: *giggle* somehow, my nervousness lessened.. *smile* thanks natsumi

and then after practicing they went home together

-at home

jurina: okaeri~! oh- natsu~ what's up?
natsu: eh? O_O why are you so early jurina-san?
jurina: huh?! what's wrong with me being early? haha~ i'm early because i miss my rena-chan so much~ i'm waiting for her~ :3 why are you asking?

madoka: hi tou-chan :)
jurina: madoka~ so how's school my princess? :3 anything interesting in school?
madoka: hm.. nothing much tou-chan.. ah- there is, *smirk* you see natsumi here almost got perfect scores in all of the exams
jurina: wow~ you really are mayu's daughter :D

madoka: well, except in the last subject we took, she got 2 mistakes
jurina: aw too bad~ hehe but that's okay tsuna *pats natsu's head* you did well~ :3
natsu: he-he t-thanks *nervous*
madoka: ah tou-chan i have something to tell you *grins at natsu*
natsu: aaaah-! madoka we should start our assignment now!! *holds madoka's hand*
madoka:  but we don't have and it will be summer vac- *was pulled by natsu going up in the room*

-at natsu's room

natsu: *pant*huff*
madoka: hahaha~ *having fun seeing natsu's reaction*
natsu: what are you laughing at madoka~?  :cry:
madoka: haha, if you can only see your reactions natsumi *grins*
natsu: bully~ T_T

madoka: you really think that i will tell that to tou-chan didn't you? haha~
natsu: eeeh? so you really didn't meant it? T^T
madoka: i mean it~ *giggle* because it's kinda fun to see how you react *evil smile*
natsu: mou~ evil witch T_T

madoka: what did you say natsumi? *threatening smile*
natsu: nothing.. *pout*
madoka: hehe~ you should prepare dinner now natsumi~ i'm hungry *smile*
natsu: hai madoka-sama *pout*

--when natsu got out from the room to prepare dinner

madoka's mind: *lay on bed* hehe, i can do this ... just focus on the competition madoka- *smile*

*received mail*

madoka: hmm? *looks at the messege*

from: aoi
subject: madoka-chan~!
we will be cheering on you tomorrow~ hehe
good luck! :D
have a good night rest
fight fight~ !

madoka: *giggle*

*received another mail*

from: chihiro
subject: ganbatte!
good luck on the competition tomorrow~
we will be watching to cheer you~
do your best~
just relax and have fun okay? :)
oyasumi, sleep early~

madoka: silly of course i'll do my best... hehe thanks chihiro and aoi *smile*


-competition day

rena: jurina is really depressed because she can't come on time *giggle* she's mailing me every minute asking if its already madoka's turn
yuki: *giggle* too bad she have to go to work today
mayu: can't help it *gets a video camera on her bag*
rena: oh? you're recording it mayu-chan?
mayu: *burning flame in eyes* of course! she will be my daughter, coz she'll be natsumi's wife soon! hehehe~
yuki: *smack mayu's head*
mayu: ittai! what's that for my yukirin? *pout*
yuki: *glare*
mayu: hai T_T i'll behave
rena: *giggle* we shouldn't force the kids mayu-chan

rena: *sending mail to jurina*
from: rena
subject: hope you finish your work soon~
don't worry mayu will record it
and also madoka is not mad at you : )
she understand that you can't come on time because of work
so just do your best finishing those work
and come here after okay?

from: jurina
subject: rena-tan~
hai hai rena-tan~ :3 i'll be there as soon i finish this
hehe~ i'm thinking where we are going to celebrate after this
i know our daughter will be part of the finalists for sure~

:* i love you rena~ :3
i'll mail you again later~ take care~ cheer madoka for me~

i really want to go there now :'(

rena: *reading jurina's mail* geez jurina.. *giggle*
natsu: it's sad that madoka's sofu and sobo can't come today..
rena: yeah... madoka is expecting them but it can't be help if their flight was delayed
natsu: *sigh*

*chihiro and aoi just arrived*
aoi: nattan~!
natsu: hey aoitan~! chii-chan~! hehe~ sit here :3
chihiro: hehe, hi aunt yuki , aunt rena, mayu-san :)
rena: hi chihiro~
yuki: hehe come sit here~

mayu: *takes picture of aoi, chihiro and natsu* hehe~ nice picture you three :D

-some minute later.. the list of the participants and their chosen song are being distributed to the audience

chihiro: *looks at the paper* *shocked* eh?
natsu: hmm? chii-chan? is there any problem?

chihiro: he-he *nervous* nothing nattan *force smile* *hides the paper* *looks at aoi*
natsu: hmm? *sigh* maybe i should check on madoka she might be nervous right now,
aoi: uhm hehe, *looks at chihiro*
chihiro: she'll be okay nattan, just seat there okay? hehe- *forcing a smile*
natsu: hmm but i'm a little worried about her..
aoi: madoka-chan will be fine nattan, she won't let herself bothered by nervousness..
natsu: hehe~ that's true.. she's madoka after all hehe~ ok then.. and she might scold me if i go at the back stage anyway haha~

-at the backstage

madoka: *calming herself* *wearing the necklace given by natsumi* you can do this madoka-
madoka: *holding the ring in the necklace* *inhale* *exhale*
madoka: *remembering what natsumi said*
i really like your music madoka.. just play the way you always do and you'll be okay, you're great madoka
madoka: yosh~ *smile*

-at the stage, it was now madoka's turn

the audience were amazed by madoka's performance.. praising her
while the mayuki family, madoka's kaa-chan, chihiro and aoi watching her happily

natsu is smiling happily, glad that madoka isn't as nervous as before and was doing great...


-and then before the next contestant was called...

Chihiro: *whisper to aoi*
Aoi: etou nattan, let's buy food~! come on
natsu: eh? you're hungry already aoitan? hehe~ ok then
aoi: come on hurry up nattan
natsu: hehe chotto.. ah kaa-chan we will just go outside and buy some foods

but before natsu and aoi got out-- the mc announced the next contestant
MC: Kojina Yui..

Natsu: eh!? *stopped walking* *shocked* *slowly looks at the stage*

that time jiina enters the stage and bows

chihiro: natsu.. *worried*hurt*
aoi: *about to cry*worried*hurt*

natsu: *tear drops falling*

aoi: natsu..
natsu: ah- just stay here aoitan, i'll go buy the food *runs*
chihiro: n-natsu wait!

rena: hm? is there something wrong?
aoi: ah uhm he-he nothing aunt rena *nervous*

yuki: *worried* mayu..
mayu: un~ i'll go follow her

-outside the theater, natsu was no where to be found
mayu: natsu... where are you? *dialing natsu's number*

-after an hour,the contest will now announce its 3 finalists

mayu decided to go back, because she can't find natsu

yuki: mayu.. where is natsumi?
mayu: she didn't returned my calls or even answer it *sigh*
yuki: i'm worried..

rena: is there something matter yuki-chan?
yuki: uhm maybe we should talk about it later rena-chan
rena: eh?
mayu: well.. natsu just saw her first love who broke her heart
rena: *shocked*

mayu: chihiro did natsu called you? how about aoitan?
aoi&chihiro: *shakes head* no *worried*
mayu: hmm i see

and then after a while the 3 finalist where announced
first finalist: ueki nao
second finalist: Kojina Yui
third finalist: Madoka

after the finalist have been announced
-at the back stage, natsu was walking, searching for someone

Jiina: *about to enter the preparation room for the contestants*
Natsu: jiina...
Jiina: *shocked*

Jiina: N-Natsumi? why are you here?

Natsu: *crying* jiina *hugs jiina* why jiina? why? why did you leave me?
Jiina: *stunned* p-please stop natsumi

Natsu: just like that you never showed up... like i'm nothing to you at all
Jiina: it's not like that Natsumi.. *looks at the other way*
Natsu: *looks at jiina seriously* then what's the reason jiina? why did you left me behind without saying a word? i waited for you every single day but you never
showed up, you never returned my calls...
Natsu: *looks down* i was waiting for you.. *tears keep on flowing*
Jiina: Natsumi...
Natsu: i need you jiina ... i badly need you

--meanwhile, madoka happened to pass nearby
madoka: natsumi? did i just hear natsumi's voice? hmm.. *looks where the voice came from*
madoka: *shocked* natsumi? she's crying?

jiina: *cupped natsumi's face* natsumi.. please don't be like this..
natsu: jiina *crying*
jiina: *kiss natsumi in the lips*

madoka: *watching from nearby* eh? *shocked*hides*

jiina: *stopped the kiss* someone might see us here.. *led natsu to the room*

madoka: why am i having a weird feeling here.. *holds her chest to stop the prickling sensation she felt*

-inside the room

natsu: please.. i need your explanation jiina
jiina: *wipes natsu's tears* natsumi.. stop crying now please? :(
natsu: *still crying*
jiina: *kiss natsu again*

they kiss passionately, feeling their lost love
until jiina breaks the kiss

natsu: jiina..
jiina: this will be our first and last kiss natsumi.. i'm really sorry :(
natsu: why?! tell me! *tears keeps on falling*

natsu: you said you love me the way i love you!
jiina: yes i love you.. i really love you natsumi.. if you only know how much i loved you but that's before

natsu: i don't believe you! *sob*
jiina: *starts crying* please.. its not that easy natsumi

natsu: i'm always here for you jiina
jiina: please natsumi, let's just stop this.. you can go now
natsu: but i want to know the reason why? jiina tell me why?!
jiina: please just go.. you will just get hurt more natsumi.. please just move on..
natsu: no!
jiina: natsumi.. please.. don't make it hard for us.. *crying*
natsu: *cupped jiina's face*wipes jiina's tears*i want to know why.. i know you still love me jiina
jiina: natsumi.. just go. i beg you..

natsu: *sniff*sob* will i see you again?
jiina; i don't know *turned her back crying*
natsu: *hugs jiina from behind*
jiina: *Faced natsu and leaned her forehead at natsu's*

jiina: natsumi no one can replace you here in my heart, you are the only one that can make my heart skip a beat...but this is for the best
natsu: jiina.. *crying*
jiina: *kiss natsu on the lips* now this is the last.. good bye natsumi


-meanwhile outside the theater

madoka: *just come out from the dressing room* *no emotions*confused*
aoi: madoka-chan.. congrats we are really happy for you..
chihiro: omedetou madoka.. *smile*
madoka: ah uhm un~ thanks...
chihiro: hmmm? madoka?

jurina: my princess!! congratulations~ :3 *gives flowers*
madoka: *forced a smile* thanks tou-chan *hugs jurina*

jurina: oh~ where is tsu-na??
mayu: hehe we should celebrate, right jurina..
jurina: right~! :3 we should! i'm really proud of my daughter hehe~
rena: then let's mail natsumi-chan so that we can go now
yuki: no need :) i'll wait for natsumi here all of you can go now, we'll catch up
jurina: eh? why is tsu-na is not here?
mayu: just don't ask jurina~ ok minna to the car, let's go now..

-inside the car
chihiro is worried about her bestfriend, she knew that natsu really loved jiina.. she felt a sudden pain in her chest..
aoi was trying not to cry.. she thought natsu already recovered from jiina...
madoka was just silent, she can feel a prickling sensation in her chest

-back at the theater, yuki was waiting for her daughter

natsu: *just got out* *looked the person in front of her* kaa-chan..
yuki: *open her arms*
natsu: *trying not to cry again* *hugs her kaa-chan*
yuki: there, there *pats head*
natsu: *can't stop crying*
yuki: let's go home now okay? kaa-chan is just here for you *hugs tighter*

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #23 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #124 on: January 16, 2015, 04:59:30 PM »
yup, i'm currently rewriting the draft for chaps 20 and 21 of that fic but because i don't have that much emotions i was still thinking about what to include there, you know that chaps would be dramatic...

 and also i don't have much time :nervous:
i'm planning to post 3 chaps at once before the mayuki saeyaka arc though hehe gomen..

yurin is taking a break with that fic so that fic would have slow updates coz i'll work on that alone for awhile

 gomen ne

Thank u for answering me ryo-san!! I dun mind slow update but I really want to know what happened for saeyukimayu ^^" big hug for u and take ur time, I gotta be patient

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
« Reply #125 on: January 16, 2015, 05:28:19 PM »
Uwaaa~ the drama

poor Nattan :cry:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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It's so sad  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Why Jiina and Natsu broken ???

Hope u update soon :)

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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WT... with Jiina!! why she do that? much questions here, and now Madoka will fell jealousy? or just confusion? this is getting good

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Dammit Jiina made it hard for Natsu to really move on ;(
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Oh no... natsu  :gyaaah:

i want to know why jiina leave natsu..  :? she told natsu that she still love her but.... why??  :depressed:

poor madoka  :( she's not in the right place  :smhid

kyaaa~ yuki-kaa-chan  :shy1: i want to feel her hug too~  :roll:

hmm~ please update soon author-san  :kneelbow:
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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great, another heart-breaking chapter :cry:

*sniffles, wipe snot*

update soon :cathappy:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Aw man why did jina doing this to Natsu she must have the reason

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #24 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#25 A Memory of Her

-At MaYuki residence
Natsu is in the attic, looking for something

Natsu: ah! found it...its been a year i think since i last used you..
Natsu: *holding a case of guitar*

Natsu went to the backyard, yuki noticed her daughter when she passed by the kitchen

yuki: natsumi.. *worried*

-at the backyard

natsu opened the case and gets the guitar, she wipes it and tuned it
while tuning it, she suddenly remembered something

/** ---------------------
mid of school year, when natsu is still in middle school

Natsu: *playing guitar in the garden of the school*
Natsu: *noticed someone* *stop from playing guitar*
Jiina: hehe~ i always notice you playing here *sweet smile*
Natsu: aah.. *out of words* *stunned* *staring*
Jiina: you're good ^^
Natsu: uhm t-thanks *blush*
Jiina: ja~ take care :)
natsu: ah- uhm wait-!
Jiina: hmm?
Natsu: uhm.. what's your name?
Jiina: hm? why do you want to know?
Natsu: ah uhm- ahh.. *stuttering*
Jiina: *giggle* it's a secret~ *wink*
--------------------- **/

Natsu: *sigh* it was love at first sight *painful smile*
Natsu: *start playing the guitar*

as she plays her guitar every memory of Jiina was flashing back in her mind

/** -----------------------

-at the track and field

Natsu: *getting ready to run* *stretching*
Jiina: oh~ we meet again *smile*
Natsu: ah-! K-Kojina-san *happy*
Jiina: *giggle* you can call me Jiina, Kojina is too formal
Natsu: hehe~ but Yui is more beautiful *sheepish smile*
Jiina: *giggle* so Natsumi is a sweet talker, i see~
Natsu: hey~ i am not (: i'm just telling the truth
Jiina: haha~ is that so~?

Natsu: ah- what class are you in by the way? :>
Jiina: ho~ is Natsumi getting interested on me now? *grin*
Natsu: *blush* *looks at the other side* n-no i just want to be friends... uhm..
Jiina: ok, ok~ you don't need to be defensive at all haha~ i'm just kidding :P
Natsu: hehe~ so can Natsumi know what class is Jiina in?
Jiina: hmm... I'll think about it *winks*
Natsu: booo~
Jiina: *giggle*


-at the entrance of the school

Natsu: Jiina~!
Jiina: oh? Natsumi why are you still here?
Natsu: I'm waiting for you hehe~ want to go somewhere fun? *smiling happily*
Jiina: hm? are you asking me out? haha~ *teasing tone*
Natsu: eh- eh? *panic* no no, it's just that uhm.. friends can go out right? i mean have some fun.. *blush*
Jiina: nice try~ haha~ ok then where are we going? ^^
Natsu: ah- i don't know yet hahaha, ^^"
Jiina: you didn't think about that and just asked me out? *giggle*
Natsu: hehe~ gomen :p lets  go to where our feet will bring us~ thats where going~! *enthusiastic*
Jiina: eh? haha~ well if its with natsumi then i think it will be fun *smile*


-at Jiina's classroom, lunch break

Natsu: Jiina~!
Jiina: hi Natsumi~ *smile sweetly*
Natsu: *heart beat fast* ah.. hehe come on let's eat lunch together~! *sheepish smile*
Jiina: sure~ ^^ can we eat at the roof top?
Natsu: of course :3


-at a coffee shop

Jiina: *reading a magazine while drinking coffee*
Natsu: *peeking at Jiina from a far*
Jiina: *mailed natsu*

from: Kojina Yui
subject: found you~
stalking me again huh? ;)

from: Natsumi
subject: re: found you
eh? i don't know what your talking about
hehe~ ;P

from: Kojina Yui
subject: ne~
look beside you~

natsu: *looks slowly* oops hehehe :p
jiina: so what's your excuse now natsumi? *giggle*
natsu: hmm.. actually i am looking for someone who really is beautiful, dressed in white plain dress, wearing an eye glasses, did you happen to see her? *sheepish grin*
jiina: yeah right~ *giggle* can i sit beside you natsumi?
natsu: of course~ *happy* *ikemen smile*


- in a piano recital

jiina: *shivering hands*nervous
natsu: *hugs jiina* i'm here, i'll watch you *rubs jiina's back* relax jiina everything will be okay, *smile*
jiina: un~ *hugs back*

-------------------- **/

(-back to present time)

natsu: *stopped playing the guitar* *sigh* *looking from afar*

madoka: *silently watching natsu*
madoka's mind: i didn't know she can play a guitar *sigh* that face again... tsk, is she the reason why you're making such kind of face? *clench fist* i better ask chii-chan and aoitan..

-after some time...

mayu: natsu
natsu: .... *in deep thoughts*  *sitting on the couch*

mayu: *taps natsu's shoulder*
natsu: *flinched* ah- tou-chan what is it?
mayu: you see sakura will watch the fireworks display later, she'll go to the summer festival can you accompany her?
natsu: aahh... sure tou-chan *thin smile*

mayu: *smile* *pats head* oh and bring madoka-chan with you guys
natsu: uhm okay tou-chan
mayu: natsu *serious voice*
natsu: hai tou-chan?

mayu: *sigh* first heart break is really hard i know that... but you need to open your heart again and learn to love yourself first, go and have some fun.. it will be hard i know but you need to set yourself free.. and then with that you can get over with her and love again..
natsu: *thin smile*
mayu: *sigh* whatever your decision is, tou-chan is on your side *pats head* just don't hurt yourself too much okay?
natsu: un..*nod*

-at natsu's room


madoka: come in
sakura: madoka-nee-chan
madoka: hmm sakura? what is it?
sakura: are you free later?
madoka: uhm yes why?
sakura: can you come with us? uhm there is a firework display later, c-can you help me with nee-chan?
madoka: of course
sakura: *sparkling eyes* really?
madoka: hai.. *smile* is sakura also worried with her nee-chan?
sakura: un~ i'm really worried, i don't like seeing nee-chan like that *looks down*sad*
madoka: how can we cheer you're nee-chan if you're also sad sakura? hehe, so what do we wear then?
sakura: hehe~ *smile widely* i wanna try something on madoka-nee-chan is that okay? :3
madoka: sure :) can i ask chii-chan and aoitan to go with us too?
sakura: uhm actually i already asked them but they can't go.. chii-nee-chan are having  family dinner right now while aoi-nee-chan will visit sobo and sofu
madoka: sou.. *sigh* then let's try our best to cheer up natsumi then :) *pats head*
sakura: un~ *happy*

-5:30 pm at mayuki residence

natsu is wearing a black hoodie and pants, she's waiting for sakura and madoka in the front door

natsu: *looking at the sky* *sigh*

/** ------------------
jiina: how's this? do you like my yukata? ^^
natsu: *stunned by jiina's beauty*
jiina: hey~ na~tsu~mi~ what are you spacing out for?
natsu: eh? hai! hai, i like it! i like it very much *smile*
jiina: hehe~ thanks.. let's go?
natsu: un~ *smile*
natsu: *looking at the sky while they are sitting*
jiina: *giggle* you always look at the sky natsumi..
natsu: hehe~ well, the sky is beautiful and relaxing to watch, specially if its night.. there are lots of stars they are sparkling.. *smile*
jiina: *leaned her head on natsu's shoulder* *joined natsu on watching the stars*
natsu: hm.. but Kojina Yui is still the most beautiful in my eyes though~ hehe~ ^^
jiina: *blush* natsumi the sweet talker is at it again...
natsu: hey i am not sweet talking, i am telling the truth :3 *pokes jiina's cheeks* you are really beautiful jiina
natsu: *looks at jiina's eyes* i love your eyes jiina ^^
jiina: hmm... *smile*blush*
natsu: hehe~ but i love all the things about you~ *mischievous smile*
jiina: a-ah~ natsumi is really a flirt isn't she...
natsu: i'm telling the truth though~ *smiling widely*
jiina: yeah right~ *giggle*
natsu: *giggle* *hugs jiina*
------------------ **/

natsu's mind: that day.. i thought we'll be forever.. *sigh*  why am i thinking of you too much even if you already told me to stop..

*door opened*

sakura: nee-chan we are ready~!
natsu: oh? it's suits you sakuratan~ *smile*

sakura is wearing a pink yukata that has cherry blossom pattern

sakura: hehe really nee-chan?
natsu: hai~ (: my little sister is really beautiful~
sakura: *blush* mou~ stop it nee-chan~ hehe~
natsu: but its true ^^ sakuratan~ is like kaa-chan so much beautiful~
sakura: *smile* thanks nee-chan~

sakura: ah, madoka-nee-chan come here~
madoka: *still inside the house* but its so embarrassing
sakura: *went inside and pushed madoka to the front door* come on now madoka-nee-chan, don't worry it suits you *smile*
madoka: *blush*

natsu: *stunned* *staring*
madoka: uhm... let's go *embarrassed*
natsu: un.. hehe~

-while walking
sakura is excited that she's walking fast looking at the stalls while the two follows her

natsu: hehe~ sakura is so excited
madoka: *looking down* yeah..
natsu: hehe,
madoka: uhm.. *don't know what to say or talk about*

*awkward silence*

natsu: uhm.. by the way madoka~
madoka: hmm?
natsu: its suits you ^^ *smile sweetly*
madoka: t-thanks *trying not to blush* *walks faster*

madoka: sakura..
sakura: hai madoka-nee-chan?
madoka: let's walk together *smile*
sakura: hehe okay~

natsu: *smile* *watching the two*

-at the shrine

sakura: ne ne ne nee-chan! let's try that one!!
natsu: hai hai~ *smile*

madoka's mind: at least, she's not making that face again *sigh*

sakura and madoka was trying to let natsu have fun, they played the games on some stalls and bought different foods

natsu: hehe, here *gives cotton candy*
madoka: uhm t-thanks *starts eating*
natsu: *gets her camera* *camera shutter*
madoka: hey!!
natsu: haha~ what?
madoka: erase that immediately! *mad*
natsu:  *camera shutter* *camera shutter*
madoka: n-natsumi!! stop that! erase those pictures! *trying to snatch the camera*
natsu: haha~ don't want~ ;P *hides the camera in her back*
madoka: give that camera to me now- *glaring at natsumi*
natsu: ya-da~ :p
madoka: grrr... *mad*
natsu: *grinning*
sakura: ne nee-chan~ lets try that next~
natsu: hai hai~ *walks to sakura*
madoka: *mad* natsumi!
natsu: *looked back and grinned at madoka*

-they are now playing on one of the stalls
trying to catch a goldfish

natsu: *serious* *concentrate*
madoka&sakura: *watching natsu closely*
natsu: *staring at the goldfish* *suddenly remembered something*

jiina: natsumi~! i want that one! *enthusiastic* *smile*
natsu: hehe~ ok then, how many gold fish do you want jiina?
jiina: hmmm~ i think one is enough *giggle* just like one natsumi in my life ;P
natsu: *blush* ho~ then how about we make it two~ jiina and natsu together~ *grin*
jiina: ahh~ i lost to that~ haha~ natsumi is such a flirt~ *giggle*

sakura: onee-chan!!
natsu: eh? *back from reality* 
sakura: ): aw it got away
natsu: he-he gomen ne sakura, i'll try to get one again ok? *pats head*

madoka's mind: natsu *worried*

only 10 mins left before the fireworks display
they are currently looking for a spot to watch the fireworks display clearly,
natsu saw a stall selling a mask nearby, she bought one and wear it sideways..

sakura: here~ here~ *waves* its a good spot here
madoka: *smile* hai~
natsu: *silent*

and then the three of them waited for the fireworks display

*start of the fireworks display*

Natsu: *staring at the sky watching the fireworks*


Natsu: Kojina Yui since the first day i met you at the garden, i've fallen in love with you... whenever we met, my heart skip a beat...
Natsu: whenever i'm with you, i can't describe the feeling i felt.. we have a lot of things in common, we are close friends, we are soul mates
Natsu: i love you Jiina... will you  go out with me?


Jiina: *teary eyes* *hugs natsu*
natsu: *happy* *hugs back*
jiina: i love you too natsumi~ *smile*
natsu: *about to kiss jiina*

jiina: *puts her index finger at natsu's lips* hehe take it easy tiger :) step by step we will go there *winks*
natsu: *pout* ehh...
jiina: *pinch natsu's cheeks*
natsu: hehe~ hai hai i got it *smile*
jiina: *giggle* good~
natsu: *lean her forehead to jiina's* i love you kojina yui


natsu: *tear drops falling*
madoka: *noticed natsu crying* natsumi
natsu: *immediately covered her face with a mask* he-he hai hai?
madoka: uhm.. nothing

madoka's mind: natsumi.. i don't like you seeing like this ....
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #25 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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 It's make me cry :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:.

Natsu not foget her memory.

Will Madoka  help Natsu get over this shock :) ???

Hope u update soon  :on drink: :on drink: :on drink:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #25 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Natsu still not forget about jiina

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #25 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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Natsu doesn't want to worry anyone right? but is more sad to be suffering alone, Madoka do something ><

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #25 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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this chapter is just... :cry:

it felt my heart is being pulled from different directions (if thats even possible!) :cathappy:

update soon! (not that i need to say this since you update so fast but maa, ikka!) :deco:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #25 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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#26 Reunion (day 1)

summer starts, mayu's tou-chan and jurina's tou-chan planned a reunion for the whole week.
The MaYuki family and JuRena family are currently heading to yuko's vacation house, 

Jurina: ah~ its been so long since i visited yuko-ji-chan's villa! *excited*
Mayu: i know.. just shut up, take it easy, we will be there soon!
Jurina: mayuyu~! drive faster!!
mayu: hai hai, your so noisy..
yuki: you really are energetic today jurina-chan *giggle*
jurina: but i want to see yuko-ji-chan sooon~ *pout*
rena: there there *pats jurina's head*

--meanwhile at the backseat of the car..
natsumi is just staring at the window blankly, while sakura is sleeping at madoka's lap

natsu: *spacing out*
madoka: *staring at natsu*

madoka's mind: natsumi.. i don't like seeing you like this, its not like you

madoka: *sigh*
natsu: hm? madoka?
madoka: eh?
natsu: are you okay?
madoka: yes, why?
natsu: *thin smile* nothing.. hehe- does your lap hurts? we could switch place
madoka: ah- no, i'm fine and i like sakura sleeping on my lap
natsu: mm.. ok then *smile*

madoka's mind: i should be the one asking you if you are okay *sigh*

yuki: ok guys we are almost near, is sakura-chan is still sleeping?
madoka: yes aunt yuki
yuki: sorry for the trouble madoka-chan
madoka: uhm its okay aunt yuki *smile*

natsu: *looking at the window*spacing out*

-and then they have arrived at the villa, haruna greeted them

jurina: aunt haruna~! *hugs*
haruna: *pat jurina's head* hi jurina-chan
rena: *sigh* such a kid
jurina: no i am not, its just that aunt haruna is my favorite aunt :p
haruna: jurina-chan is really like her tou-chan, such a sweet talker.. *sigh*
rena: ^_^"

mayu: ah- kaa-chan, where is tou-chan?
haruna: who knows, *sigh* they just disappeared from my sight when i got to the kitchen after awhile ago.. she must be with sae-chan and sayaka-chan
mayu: oh~ haha, they might miss each others so much
haruna: they're giving me a headache though..
jurina: so kaa-chan and tou-chan are already here -.-" they are not replying to my mail.. i told them we'll be here before noon *pout*

natsu is carrying sakura on her back while madoka is beside her..

haruna: natsumi-chan~ *smile sweetly*
natsu: hi sobo..
haruna: oh saku-chan is sleeping peacfully.. *pat's sakura's head*
natsu: hehe- she's busy with club activities before summer vacation so she's probably tired..
haruna: oh.. ah- madoka-chan right? *staring at madoka*smile*
madoka: h-hai *shy*looks down*
haruna: come on inside now.. others are not here yet though..

and then they went inside the villa,
the villa is big and has 3 storey floors, there are almost 20 rooms and it has a hot spring and a pool outside
the atmosphere of the house is really relaxing, specially the view in the balcony in which you can see the forest and mountain view and at the front is the beach

yuko: yahoooooo~ shiriri-chan!!!! *hugs mayu*
mayu: tou-chan..
yuko: *brushing her cheeks on mayu's*
haruna: *sigh* and there you are yuu-chan, i've been wondering where you'd went
yuko: *squirrel smile* oh~ did you miss me my nyan-nyan~ ^3^ hehe~

sae: got you now yuko!!!! *throws pillow at yuko*
yuko: ah! *hide behind mayu*
mayu: Ack-! *got hit*
sae: ooops- he-he gomen mayu-chan~
mayu: *dizzy*
yuko: shiriri-chan!!! wahh.. don't die on me.. i'll get you a revenge~! take this sae-chan~! *throws pillow at sae*
sae: *got hit*
yuko: hahaha~

haruna: *mad* yu-ko!!!
yuko: *flinched* b-but sae did that!! waaaah- *runs*
jurina: ah- tou-chan, we're here now though..
sae: oh~ jurina, what's up hehe~ chotto matte ne~ *chasing yuko* wait yuko!!! we're not done yet
sayaka: got yah!!! *throws pillow at sae*
sae: *dodge* haha~ ;P
jurina: *catch* uhh.. what's happening here? a pillow fight? haha~ it looks fun~!

*pillows are being thrown in the living room*

jurina: *catch the pillow coming towards rena*
rena: ah, that was close.. thanks jurina *smile*
jurina: hehe~

natsu: *dodge*
madoka: *sigh* ne, sofu, sobo what are you two doing? *unamused*
sayaka: oh, madoka-chan.. *blocks the pillow and throws at yuko* 
yuko: *dodge* wahahaha~ you'll never hit me!!!

haruna: *pinch yuko's cheeks* yuu-chan, i told you to behave didn't i??!  *really mad*
yuko: *gulp* wahh...
haruna: *drags yuko to their room*

sae: haha~ nyan-nyan got mad :p
sayaka: well, you two started it though haha..
jurina: geez, tou-chan and kaa-chan what are you? kids? -.- you didn't even greeted us first..
sae: hehe~ gomen ne~ but you wanted to join right? *grin* it's fun xD

mayu: *sigh*
yuki: *giggle* hyper as ever~
natsu: ah- kaa-chan, tou-chan is having a nosebleed *pointing at mayu*
yuki: i'll take care of mayu~ you guys choose your rooms now
natsu: hai kaa-chan
madoka: *nod*
sayaka: the rooms are upstairs, sae go help madoka-chan and the kids in their luggage

natsu immediately put sakura on one of the bed room and arranged sakura's things, she stayed their until sakura wake up
meanwhile madoka is fixing her things in another room

-inside madoka's room

madoka: *lay on bed* hmm.. its been awhile since i have a own room *close eyes* its so quite...

*received mail*

madoka: hmm?

subject: we're here now~
madoka, we're here now,
where are you? can we talk?
me and aoitan are at the balcony

subject: re:we're here now~
okay i'll go there

so madoka went to look for the balcony..

madoka: somehow this place is relaxing *looking outside the window*
Chihiro: Madoka *wave*
Madoka: *walks closer to aoi and chihiro*
aoi: madoka-chan sit here *taps the vacant space in the couch*
madoka: un~

madoka: uhm.. what are we gonna talk about?
chihiro: well, its about natsu, actually we wanted to cheer up natsu, will you help us?
aoi: and it will be her birthday soon too..
madoka: uhm, sure i'll help
chihiro: *smile* thanks madoka!

madoka: but first can i ask you something?
aoi: it's about nattan being weird and sad lately right?
madoka: uhm *nod* un~ i-uhm because i'm helping but i don't know the reason why..and also i am worried too so i just wanted to know what happened
chihiro: actually we are planning to tell you about it too
chihiro: *looks at aoi* uhm..

aoi: do you know the one participant at the competition? Kojina Yui?
madoka: yes i know her.. why? what happened between her and natsumi?
chihiro: actually she went to our school in middle school, same grade, but different class and clubs.. i don't know exactly how they meet but they're really close..
madoka: and?
aoi: she was Natsu's ex girlfriend *sob*holding her tears*
chihiro: it was our graduation day in middle school, Jiina never showed up.. natsu was trying to contact her and even visited her place but she moved on to another place without telling it to natsu..

aoi: we thought she already forgot about her.. *sob* now she's crying because of her again
chihiro: she's nattan's first love so that's maybe the reason why she can't forget about her.. :(
madoka: sou.. *remembering what she saw last time, when jiina kissed natsu* *felt a prickling sensation in chest*

aoi: natsu.. i want to cheer her up and make natsu forget about her already :'(
chihiro: *pats head*
madoka: i'll help and i-uhm i also don't like seeing natsumi like that

aoi: let's plan for natsu's birthday, let's make her happy! we still have 2 days before her birthday..
madoka&chihiro: un~

- from a far, someone is listening to their conversation
yuko: hmm.. *smile*

meanwhile, after sakura have woken up Natsu locked herself on her room
-at natsu's room, natsu is lying on her bed

natsu: *sigh* *cover her eyes with her forearm*

natsu: what kind of spell you've cast on me, that i couldn't forget about you? *painful smile*

natsu: jiina... *tears falling*


natsu: *wipes tears* hai?
chihiro: nattan it's me chii-chan
natsu: ah chii-chan come in~
chihiro: *slowly opens the door* nattan?
natsu: hm? *smile*
chihiro: *walks closer to natsu* nattan let's go to the beach and swim, aunt rena and the others are currently grilling some barbecue for us :)
natsu: uhm sure i'll follow you guys later *smile*
chihiro: nattan..*Sad face*
natsu: hey why is my best friend making that sad face? :) hehe~ you're cuter when you smile *pinch chihiro's cheeks*
chihiro: nattan please stop making that fake smile!! it hurts me..
natsu: uhm
chihiro: please- i know you're hurt.. i know you're sad.. but please.. you don't have to bear the pain alone.. i'm here, we're here.. me. aoi-tan and madoka-chan... we're friends right? we're here for you nattan *cry*
natsu: *pats chihiro's head* gomen chii-chan, don't worry about me.. i'll be okay soon
chihiro: nattan... *sob*
natsu: come on now aoitan and the other might be waiting for you, i'll follow you later *smile*
chihiro: are you sure?
natsu: hai, thanks for worrying chii-chan *hugs*
chihiro: *hugs back* ok, then i'll go now.. nattan, we'll be waiting okay?

..when chihiro got out from natsu's room

natsu: *sigh* gomen ne, chii-chan.. i just want to lay down and sleep..


aoi: chii-chan, where's natsu?
chihiro: looks like she doesn't want to swim *sigh* she's locking herself in her room..
aoi: natsu.. *worried*
madoka: hmm then we should plan how we can get her out from her room and forced her to play with us, and then we will plan for natsu's birthday later in the evening..
aoi: *put her hand on her chin and thinks* hmmmmm.. but how can we make her go outside and play with us?

sae: yo~ hello there beautiful ladies~

madoka: sofu~! *smile widely*
aoi&chihiro: *bows*
sae: hehe~ what are you guys up to? where's natsumi-chan?? xD
madoka: sofu! i'm still mad you know and what just happen when we arrived? you didn't even come to greet us instead you and sobo are playing pillow fight like a kid?! what's with that?!
sae: woah~ easy, relax our ojou-sama.. forgive your sofu and sobo please~ it's just that it's been a long time since we had fun with our shinyuu (best friend) *sheepish smile*
madoka: *pout*unamused*

aoi,chihiro's mind: madoka? i didn't know that madoka has this side ^_^

sae: come on now, ah- i know.. what do you want your sofu to do so you will forgive her? *grin*
madoka: *thinking* ah- *smirk* well, natsumi locking herself up in her room, and we want her to play with us..
aoi: uhm? madoka-chan what are you planning?
chihiro: eh?
sae: ho~ *evil smile*
madoka: then, can sofu help us? *smile*
sae: *thumbs up* xD leave that to me~ then tell me what natsumi-chan afraid of? hehehe~ *grin*
chihiro: uhm.. ^_^"

jurina: tou-chan~!! kaa-chan is looking for you~
sae: oh~ more help~! xD
jurina: hm? what it is tou-chan~? what are you guys up to? ;D
sae: well, these cute ladies wants to play with natsumi-chan but she's locking herself in her room so we're planning to make her go outside her room xD
jurina: ho~ then what are you planning tou-chan?
sae: *grin* what is she scared of?

aoi: eetou.. snakes?

sae: *ikemen smile* okay~ then just wait ladies, come on jurina let's get moving~ xD
jurina: hai~ hai~

chihiro: *whispers* aoi-tan.. why did you tell them that.. *sigh*
aoi: *whispers* ehh?? don't tell me.. wahhh!

-a few minutes later natsu screamed and went out from her room and run towards to where chii-chan, madoka and aoi is

natsu: ε==ε==(ノ゜д゜)ツ *pant*huff*
chihiro: nattan? what happened?? why are you screaming?
natsu: s-s-snakes (oдolll)
madoka: *giggle*
natsu: hey~ why are you laughing at me?? snakes are scary you know T_T
aoi: nattan- wahh~ gomen ne!!
natsu: eh? aoitan? why are you saying sorry? (゚-゚ )??

sae&jurina: hehe~ *thumbs up*

〜あとで (-‸ლ) あとで〜

rena: minna!! the food is ready!!

chihiro: *giggle* come on nattan let's eat *smile* *hugs natsu's left arm*
natsu: ah un~
aoi: *hugs nattan's right arm* yey~ nattan~ let's enjoy this vacation ne~ *smile*

madoka: *follows them in the kitchen*

and then all of them are eating..

yuko: where is acchan and takamina?? =3=
sae: hm.. they said they're tired and would just sleep for a while..
yuko: hm.. haha xD but i wonder if they were sleeping or just making out hahaha~
sae: hahaha~ they are probably doing that~! xD
haruna: *smacks yuko's head* yuu-ko! what are you saying in front of kids?!

jurina, mayu: *laughing*
yuki,rena,paru,yui,sayanee,milky: ^-^"

meanwhile, the kids are innocently eating their meal..

natsu: *low spirit*
sakura: onee-chan..
natsu: hm? i'm alright sakura-tan *smile*
sakura: *sigh*
chihiro: *looking at natsu worriedly*
aoi: *sigh*

sakura: ne ne ne madoka-nee-chan try this *giving food to madoka*
madoka: ah oishi~
sakura: hehe~ i made that one~ i helped kaa-chan and aunt rena cooking it *smile*
madoka: its really good saku-chan *smile*
sakura: *giggle*

madoka: *staring at natsu* *worried*
sakura: ah- let's play at the beach later *smile* okay~?

-and then they went to the beach and play~

yuko dashed towards the beach and is currently surfing

sae: oh~ looks fun! i'll join her too~
sayaka: sae, go help jurina and mayu clean up the kitchen..
sae: eh.. :'( mou sayaka~ i want to have fun *puppy eyes*
sayaka: help jurina and mayu first.. *pats head*
sae: mou~ yuihan can help them though..
sayaka: *frowned*

takamina: oh~ having fun?
acchan: *smile*
sae: takamina~ acchan~ let's play~!! xD
takamina: genki as ever, ne sae-chan? *giggle*

yuko: yahoo~ takamina~~ *waves at takamina* let's surf~!! *shout*

yuki: *giggle* tou-chan is really energetic today
haruna: well she is always like that... and it always give me a headache..
milky: *giggle* why did kaa-chan fall for tou-chan then~?
haruna: well i don't know either *sigh*

sae: well if you will ask me, it's because yuko keeps on bugging nyan-nyan xD she's too forceful~
sayaka: yes~ and she have the craziest idea to propose *laugh*
takamina: oh that one~ haha
atsuko: ah- haha~ even i, don't like that kind of proposal.. it would be embarrasing *laughs*

Yui: *curious* what did she do?
Haruna: ok that's enough talking.. that topic is banned! *blushing*
Paruru: eh?
sae: hahaha~ let me tell you kids~
Haruna: Sae-chan!!! *mad*
sayaka: you see, it was our graduation day in university..
sae: and yuko was the top student and when she got up on the stage she yelled "My nyan nyan~! marry me please!!" then lots of balloons appeared and a big sign "I love you Nyan Nyan i'll make you mine forever"
takamina: yeah, she totally did that.. *laugh*
sae: that was sweet though~ lol xD

haruna: *blushing* *mad* sae-chan!sayaka-chan!
sae&sayaka: *dodged nyan-nyan's wrath* he-he
sae: wahh.. nyan-nyan got mad-
acchan: haha, that's because  it's embarrasing..

milky: ah~ tou-chan is so sweet!!! why didn't sayanee get that from tou-chan~?
sayanee: hey, that's embarrasing though..
rena: *sigh* i know someone similar though.. *looks at jurina*
jurina: eh? buts thats a cool way to propose~! ;D

aoi: *giggle* it looks like sobo and others are having fun~
natsu: *silent* *sitting on the sand*
aoi: *looks at natsu* *worried* nattan.. *holds natsu's hand*
natsu: ah, hai aoitan?
aoi: *holds tighter* are you okay?
natsu: *forced smile* *nod*
aoi: *worried look*

chihiro: nattan~ ne let's play beach ball *smile*
aoi: nattan~ *smile* come on, please~
natsu: uhm hehe i'll just watch you guys

*beach ball heading towards natsu*hits natsu's head*

sakura: waaah onee-chan! are you okay? gomen ne nee-chan!!!!
natsu: ah hehe its okay saku-chan..
madoka: *walks behind sakura*
sakura: nee-chan let's play~
natsu: uhm
sakura: *puppy eyes* please ~
natsu: *looks chihiro and aoi*
aoi: onegai~
chihiro: please~
natsu: hehe *forced smile* ok then..

so the five of them play beach ball
while the others are also having fun..

paruru: ne ne yuihan~
yui: hmm?
paruru: here~ ice cream~ say ah..
yui: uhm.. *blush*

sayanee: ah, too sweet *grins at yui*
yui: hey-
paruru: *smile*

sayanee: hahaha~
milky: *smirk* draws little circle on sayanee's shoulder*
sayanee: *flinched*cold sweat* he-he what it is my wife?
milky: *smiling sweetly* here have an ice cream too say aaaaaaah~
sayanee: O//////O aaaah
milky: *giggle* oishi~ right?
sayanee: uhm.. un.. *nod*

yui: he~ *smirk*
sayanee: hey- *embrassed*
milky: *giggle*

on the other side, mayu and jurina is hiding

mayu: jurina!! this really important!! do this seriously!!
jurina: i know mayu!! so what's our plan again?!
mayu: hmmmm..
jurina: come on now where's your brilliant mind when we need it?
mayu: shut up jurina!
jurina: but i'm dying to see rena-chan on swimsuit!!!!! why the hell she's wearing a shirt and shorts under her swimsuit!
mayu: your not the only one who complains about that jurina~ i need to see my yukirin in swimsuit and and to see those... specially if they are *imagining things* *nosebleed*
jurina: ah, mayu-chan your nose!!
mayu: you too jurina-chan!!!
jurina: eh? *nosebleed*
mayu: anyways.. ah- how about we just throw them cold water so you know what i mean that will happen to their shirt.. it will be see through~ *more nosebleed*
jurina: oh~ i like that!! *imagining* *more nosebleed*

and then yuki and rena appeared behind them

yuki: and what are you two up to? *mad but smiling*
rena: jurina? *smirk*
yuki: i wonder what are you imagining right now mayuyu??
rena: and i hope the both of you are not planning anything, aren't you?

mayu&jurina: *gulp* *nervous* w-we are not planning anything *scared* we promise!!!

yuki: do you believe them rena-chan?
rena: no~ so what we will do then yuki-chan?
yuki: *smile*
rena: *smile*

jurina: mayuyu run!!!
mayu: hey! wait up!!!! wahhh~!


-later in the evening--

natsu is just staying at her room playing her guitar..
while the others are having fun in the living room
except for madoka, aoi and chihiro

aoi and chihiro is already at chihiro's room waiting for madoka, they were planning to make a party for natsumi's birthday..

madoka is heading to chihiro's room but she stopped by at natsumi's door for a while, leaning her back against the door while listening to natsu's music..

madoka: *sigh* natsumi..

madoka stands up straight and about to go to chihiro's room when she didn't notice her sobo in front of her


sayaka: looks like our ojou-sama is in spacing out.. *smile*
madoka: ah sobo- what are you doing here? i thought you are at the living room with others
sayaka: well, i just want to check up on you :) so how's your 1st day here?
madoka: uhm..
sayaka: are you going somewhere? *smile* let's go to the music room, play me a song *smile*
madoka: okay sobo..

from: madoka
subject: gomen, i'll be late
uhm minna you can start without me
i'll go there later,

sayaka: hehe, done mailing chihiro and aoi?
madoka: eh? h-how did you know sobo?
sayaka: *smile* i'm really glad you're making friends now madoka-chan *smile*

-inside the music room
madoka plays the piano for her sobo

sayaka: as expected from our madoka-chan *smile* sobo and sofu are so proud of you.
madoka: *blush* thank you sobo

sayaka: hehe, so how are you feeling today?
madoka: eh?
sayaka: i noticed earlier you're a bit down, so did playing piano calmed you?
madoka: *thin smile* somehow..
sayaka: *smile* so are you and natsumi are in good terms? or you and natsumi had a fight or something?
madoka: mm...
sayaka: hehe i'm just asking coz you're a bit down today, something is bothering you isn't it?
madoka: uhm n-no.. actually.. hmm..
sayaka: hmmm? and i also notice natsumi-chan is not in her usual self well more like she's not okay so i thought you have love quarrel or something ;D
madoka: sobo! what are you saying?! *blush*
sayaka: haha~ i'm just kidding you know..
madoka: i'm just worried about her! mou.. it's just that i feel down not being able to cheer her up.. i mean she made me laugh and smile when i am lonely but.. now she's lonely i can't do anything...
sayaka: *pats head* don't worry all of your efforts to cheer her up will be appreciated by natsumi *smile*
madoka: mm...
sayaka: hehe~ do you like natsumi-chan? :3
madoka: what?! *blush* o-of c-course n-not sobo! what are you saying!
sayaka: hehe~ as i said before natsumi-chan is a good girl *smile* *pats head* sofu and sobo is okay with her, though your sofu said she needs to prove that to us xD
madoka: sobo!!! i told you it's not like that! mou!
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #26.1 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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everyone's so lovey dovey~ :wub:

...except for Natsu and the kids... :cry:

and i love reading Yuko's part, lol :rofl:

and Mayu and Jurina... :rofl: :rofl:

can't wait to read the next one! :thumbsup

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #26.1 [HKT's Sakura and NatsuxMadoxChihiroxAoi]
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adults are happy and kids sad, wtf xD well... lets see how Madoka acts now, she is jealous, lets wait for her to see what are her feelings

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