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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152196 times)

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #32 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
« Reply #180 on: February 17, 2015, 04:36:35 AM »
Hahaha the kids are scare of ghost...w8 isn't Jurina scare of ghost too?

Glad that Natsu happy again

Uodate soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #32 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
« Reply #181 on: February 17, 2015, 12:59:09 PM »
Hahaha the kids are scare of ghost...w8 isn't Jurina scare of ghost too?

Kind of to think of it .  :shocked: jurina she is scared of ghosts

Glad that Natsu happy again

Uodate soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #32 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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Can you make more Mayuki please ?? *puppy eyes

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #32 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
« Reply #183 on: February 18, 2015, 05:33:17 AM »
its continued.. *yeaay*
can you make more story for the adult (Atsumina, YuiParu, JuriRena etc) please ! #keepItUp :)

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #32 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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lol at the ghost story part.. :lol:

can't wait for the next update! :thumbsup

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #32 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
« Reply #185 on: February 20, 2015, 04:38:26 PM »

Hi guys :D
thank you again~
and here's an update  :cow:

hehe and for the request~ we will try to make one :)
^_^ ja~

#33 Sae's birthday

Its already monday, yesterday was the last day of their reunion
After camp they went back to the villa, eat breakfast and prepare to go home
its already afternoon when atsumina, sayamilky and aoi, yuiparu and chihiro had left..
Mayuki family hadn't left yet as Sae called Mayu for a favor,

While Mayu and Sae is talking

Sae: ah Mayu-chan can I borrow Natsumi for a while?
Mayu: well its okay with me but why?
Sae: hehe *grins* its my birthday right? Sayaka , Madoka and I will go somewhere I just don't want my Madoka to be lonely~
Mayu: oh~ so you need to someone to accompany Madoka while your having private time together? hahaha~
Sae: I've been found out? hahaha~  xD nah, Sayaka said to invite Natsu that's why~

Jurina: hey, Tou-chan otanjoubi!! hehe ah- wait! why are you still here? kaa-chan and madoka is already at the yacht...
Sae: ehehe I'll be there soon~
Jurina:  ii ne~ i want to go too but i have work T^T
Sae: we can go some other time ne? haha~
Jurina: hehe okay then tou-chan, I'll go ahead I'll just say goodbye to aunt haruna~
Sae: Hai~ take care ne..

After Sae had paid her good byes to Mayu and Yuki she immediately go to Yuko

Sae: yuko~!!
Yuko: hehe so what's your plan for your birthday today sae-chan? ;P
Sae: hehe nothing special :P
Yuko: We should've drink for your birthday though... or *grins* you just want to do those things with her on your birthday? xD
Sae: hey!!
Yuko: hahaha xD
Sae: *blush*cough* anyway we are with madoka-chan and I'm waiting for natsumi-chan, sayaka wanted to invite her with us
YUko: oh~ I see.. hehe, then please take care of my natsumi
Sae: hehe i just don't want Madoka to be lonely while we are busy with each other :3
Yuko: AHA! so you really planning on doing some-
Sae: HEY!!! >_<
Yuko: haha~ xD

Natsu: *suddenly appears* sofu did you see kaa-chan, tou-chan? or saku-chan? i didn't see them and the car was also not there.. did they left me? waaahhh T_T
Sae: ah natsumi-chan, you're coming with us~!!
Natsu: eh? O_O
Yuko: haha ja *push natsu towards sae* take care of my ikemen grand daughter
Natsu: eh what's happening ???
Sae: hai hai~ see you soon yuko~!!

-On the way to the yacht

Natsu: etouuuuuuuuu..
Sae: hmmm? hehe :3
Natsu: uhmmmmm..
Sae: haha your curious where we will go?
Natsu: un~
Sae: hehe you'll see...
Natsu's mind: ^_^" now I'm nervous.. mou... kaa-chan, tou-chan why did you leave me behind? T^T I didn't even know..

When they arrived at the yacht, they went inside and Sae immediately sail the yacht and set it on automatic when they are already on the middle of the sea

Natsu: etouu.
Sae: hehe! let's go to your room :3
natsu: eh???

-on their way to natsu's room they met madoka

Madoka: *raises eyebrows* n-natsumi! what are you doing here?!
Natsu: *looks at sae* I also don't know
Sae: *wide smile* we invited her :3
Natsu: *looks at madoka* he-he Hi~
Madoka: hmpt!

madoka's mind: what is natsumi doing here??? mou... what should i do??

Sae: hehe now then madoka please accompany natsu for awhile :p i'll just prepare some food for us~
Madoka: uhm hai sofu *smile*

and then sae went to prepare their food but before she leave them

Sae: *whispers to natsu* take care of madoka-chan for me for the meantime. okay? and also don't do anything stupid or perverted to her yet since you are still kids

Natsu: ???!  *cold sweat*
natsu: *nods repeatedly* *scared*

Sae: hehe, good! ja~ :3

then sae left them

Natsu: *sigh* etouuuu hehe ^_^"
Madoka: *ignores natsu* *about to go*
Natsu: ah wait! madoka where can I put my things? :3
Madoka: follow me..
Natsu: hehe hai~ hai~

While they are walking on the hallway natsu noticed the pictures on the wall, it was madoka's picture when she was a kid up till now

Natsu: ah madoka you look cute here~
Madoka: *embarassed* don't look at it!!
Natsu: ah here too~ you look more cute ah no you're beautiful here :3 when was this taken?
Madoka: urusai!!!! your too noisy!!!
Natsu: hehe~ gomen so where are we going anyway? :p
Madoka: huh? where else? isn't it obvious? to your room baka!
Natsu: no! i was asking where will this yacht going! mou! T_T
Madoka: hmpt, you should ask sofu not me, i don't know so shut up already
Natsu: mou :( so cold~
Madoka: hmpt! you can stay here *pointing the door in front of her*
Natsu: hehe~ ok ^_^ ah where is your-
Madoka: *went to her room and slam the door immediately*
Natsu: i was about to ask her where is her room *sigh* oh well... anyway she's getting angry at me more than the usual.. T^T

- madoka's room

Madoka: *panic* mou!! sofu!!! what are you thinking?! Why did you invite Natsumi here with us!!!!!??*hugging her pillow*
madoka's mind: but... somehow.. why am I feeling happy about it?.. thinking that natsumi is alone w-with me... NO!! wait stop thinking those kind of things!!! I'm just having fun when she's around that's all and nothing more special about it. I j-just like her giving me so much attention......

madoka: *realize what she said* mou~ don't let your coolness down madoka!! *puts pillow on her face*

madoka's mind: I HATE YOU NATSUMI!!!


madoka: *startled* h-hai?
Sayaka: I'm coming in madoka,
madoka: ah sobo
Sayaka: hehe what are you doing here inside? Your sofu is already preparing some food at the pool *smile*
madoka: uhm nothing I just want to stay here
sayaka: hmm you don't want spending time with us?
madoka: no! its not like that sobo, of course I want to spend time with you and sofu.. but...
sayaka: *chuckle* I think I know why
madoka: eh?
sayaka: is it because of natsumi?
madoka: eeh?! w-why would I be thinking of her? *blush*
sayaka: I didn't say that you are thinking of her :p
madoka: *blush*
sayaka: have fun outside, don't lock yourself here.. its your sofu's birthday, she'll get sad you know hehe
madoka: h-hai... uhm sobo..
sayaka: hmmmm? what it is?
madoka: uhm *Shakes head* n-nothing
sayaka: *holds madoka's cheeks and looks at her eyes* you just have to be true to yourself and find what is it really all about on your own *sweet smile*
madoka: h-how did you know that sobo?
sayaka: I just know~ come on now~ *smile*
madoka: h-hai *holds her chest*
sayaka: you know, it might hurt but if you wouldn't be honest with yourself you might regret it someday
madoka: *flinch* *shock*
sayaka: *Smile sweetly* whatever happens sobo is right here for you...*pats head*
madoka: un *hugs* thanks sobo
sayaka: *hugs back* I'll go ahead now I'll just help your sofu :3
madoka: un~ *smile*


madoka: what is this all about huh... hmmmm... Iichan, I wish you are here with me....*sigh*


madoka: ah come in
natsu: hehe hey madoka! :3
madoka: -_- and what are you doing here natsumi?
natsu: hehe~ you see, sae-sofu told me to fetch you *smile* hehe come on~
madoka: get out!! *throws something at natsu*
natsu: *dodge* eeh? what did I do?  :shocked

madoka: hmpt! i didn't tell you to go inside -_-
natsu: but you said come in
madoka: its because i taught it was sofu
natsu: eh ... but still
madoka: *throws something at natsu again* I can go by myself!!!
natsu: T^T ok, ok i'll just wait for you outside... mou! so tsundere!!! *pout*

so natsu waited for madoka to go outside when madoka just got out

natsu: at last i thought i would wait forever hehehe~
madoka: hmpt! why are you still here natsumi?
natsu: mou~ you don't want me here *pout* *puppy eyes*
madoka: i-i didn't say that.. *can't look at natsu's eyes*

natsu: *grins* hehehe then madoka likes being with me ^_^
madoka: yeah right in your dreams natsumi hmpt!
natsu: hehe ^_^ why are you so moody madoka?
madoka: i am not hmpt!
natsu: hehe :3  *loves teasing madoka* ne ne madoka~
madoka: what? -_-
natsu: ma~do~ka~!
madoka: *looks at natsu* what-
natsu: *poke madoka's cheeks* hehe
madoka: *mad* why are you pissing me off? *mad*
natsu: hehe no i don't~! ^_^ I just wanted to see you smile ;)
madoka: hmpt!

so they keep on walking toward the pool area of the yacht, natsu was teasing madoka until they saw sayaka and sae is being sweet together

sae: hehe say aaah
sayaka: this is embarrassing..
sae: eehh.. but we're the only ones here.. we can be lovey dovey all day~  haha xD
sayaka: there are kids though haha
sae: that's okay haha xD here say ahh
sayaka: ahh.. *chomp* mmm.. this is delicious..
sae: hehe deshou~? xD
sayaka: you really improved in cooking *smile*
sae: hehe~ well I want to cook for you that's why *sheepish smile*

natsu: *Watching them* *thin smile* so sweet.. *unconsciously remembered Jiina*

natsu: *painful smile*
madoka: *notice natsu's smile*

madoka's mind: is she thinking of her again? *prickling pain*

natsu's mind: *close eyes* *inhale deeply* no.. i'm okay~ hehe

natsu: madoka~ come on~ I'm hungry!! :3
madoka: uhm un~

so the four of them eat their late lunch together
-while they are eating

sae: this brings back memories :3 ah I still remember when Yuko and others and us visited Nagoya when you are still little kids
sayaka: *giggle* ah- yeah.. we already told you about that time, right?
sae: that time when you first met natsu, chihiro and aoi..
madoka: eh? what happened that time sobo? (A/N: please refer to chapter #13)
sayaka: that time the four of you easily became close friends and natsumi was always being the prince who saves the three of you

natsu's mind: me? what did i do from the past???

madoka: that really happened? *looks at natsu* -_-
natsu: *teasing smirk* oh so when we are kids I became your prince huh.. *grin*
madoka: *blush* hmpt!

sayaka: *looks at madoka's reaction* *smile* then there is one time when the four of you got back home; chihiro, aoi and you are crying. natsumi is carrying you at her back, and chihiro and aoi was trying to comfort you.. you're such a crybaby when you are still a little kid..

natsu's mind: eh I did that? O :shocked and wait it's not aoitan who was crybaby?? ehhhh... *can't believe*

sae: she's so cute when she's crying right? haha
madoka: mou~ sofu!!
sae: hehe~ you have a wound in your knees that time.. you said that a lost dog is barking at the three of you and its scary.. the three of you run because the dog was chasing you but you tripped and that's when natsumi showed up
madoka: i don't remember that sofu *pout*
natsu: eh? what happened to the dog? are the three of them alright?
sae: it turned out the dog just wanted to play haha~ after that natsumi-chan searched for the owner of the dog and brought the three of you home

madoka: ah.. *not amused* *looks at natsu* i don't believe it natsumi -_-
natsu: *peace sign* i was cool right madoka? *smiling* (<-- she doesn't remember it, she just want to tease madoka xD)
madoka: *roll eyes* *sigh* yeah, right..

sae: oh~ and there is one time, when natsumi got sick and you are really worried, always asking us that you wanted to take care of natsumi haha~
madoka: that didn't happen! *blush hard*
sayaka: but jurina didn't allow you to go to natsumi's room because you might get sick as well haha you are really mad at us that time haha
madoka: mou~ stop it~ sofu, sobo. i don't remember any of that.
sae: that's because you're still a little kid that time xD

natsu: *grins* so you really care for me madoka-tan~ even when we are still little kids~ :3 *teasing tone*
madoka: *blush* i don't!!!!! i don't care for you natsumi!!! stop teasing me!!!

sae: hahaha~ where did you get that super tsundere personality madoka? xD you're sobo is also a tsundere but not like that xD haha~
sayaka: hey! i'm not! xD
madoka:  eh? sobo is a tsundere??
sayaka: no- you're sofu is just the one saying that
sae: that's true though, when we are alone~
sayaka: sae! *blush*
sae: hahaha~
natsu: ohh.. i see haha so if sayaka-sobo is being a tsun then she's embarrassed? *looks at madoka w/ a teasing grin*
madoka: *glare* I hate you!

sae: haha~ but both of you are grown up now.... ahh~ time flies really fast i feel old now *pout*
sayaka: and now you're the one saying that? *giggle*
sae: but sayaka you're still beautiful~ no- more beautiful than before~ *sheepish grin*
sayaka: *blush*
sae: *giggle* hug sayaka* *about to kiss sayaka*
sayaka: *puts her hands on sae's face* hey-
sae: *smile* hehe its my birthday~
sayaka: so?
sae: sae-chan wants a kiss from her lovely wife~
sayaka: stop it sae
sae: mou~ madoka and natsumi didn't mind right? *pleading, puppy eyes*

natsu: eh? its sae-sofu's birthday?  :O
madoka: you didn't know and you agree to come with us? 
natsu: ah-- he-he.. :p

sae: haha~ that's right i forgot to tell that to you xP its my birthday today :3 that's why we will celebrate it!!
sayaka: geeeez sae why you didn't tell it to natsumi-chan?
sae: hehe gomen ne~ *grin* but back to our topic *trying to steal a kiss from sayaka*
sayaka: *puts her hands on sae's face to stop her* stop-
sae: see both madoka and sayaka are tsundere~ haha~

natsu: right! haha~ *looks at madoka* *teasing grin*
madoka: *glare* natsumi!! i said stop teasing me!
natsu: :p *having fun seeing madoka's reaction from her teasing*

sae: *still trying to steal a kiss from sayaka*
sayaka: sae! stop it right now!!!
sae: xD *having fun seeing sayaka's reaction from her teasing*

after they eat their lunch, natsu and madoka are about to help sayaka to clean ,

sae: ne~ ne~ ne~ sayaka~! let's swim? :3 *pulls sayaka*
sayaka: eh?
sae: don't `eh` me xD haha~ *carry sayaka*
sayaka: hey~!! sae~ put me down
sae: no way~~! *jumps to the pool while carrying sayaka*

sayaka: sae!!!!! *mad*
sae: *hugs sayaka and kiss her on the lips*
sayaka: mmpfh- t-the kids might see us
sae: they won't.. they are at the kitchen right?
sayaka: but they might-
sae: stop worrying about that sayaka *kissing her wife passionately*

a little while madoka and natsu are already finished cleaning and went to where their sofu and sobo is, but they saw that their sofu and sobo are busy,,

natsu: sae-sofu we're done cleaning- *hides*

madoka: natsumi what are you doing? you are blocking the way!

natsu: ssshh! hehe.. they are sweet right? how nyace *watching at them* *thin smile*
madoka: *noticed natsu's smile*

madoka's mind: that smile again! is she thinking of her? you said you'll forget her!! baka natsumi! *prickling pain*

natsu: hehe.. should we go back?
madoka: *holds natsu's hand and pulled her, going to the pool*
natsu: eh? wait- where are we going?
madoka: isn't it obvious? to the pool baka natsumi!
natsu: ba-ka? eh?

madoka: sofu, sobo we're done cleaning. what are you two doing? -_-
sae: oh- *startled*
sayaka: uhm.. *red face*
sae: haha~ don't mind us :3 we're just having some time together~ you guys enjoy yourselves too~ *grin* now back to our topic sayaka~ *chuu~*
sayaka: sae!!! stop it!! *splash water at sae's face*
sae: hahaha~ i love you too~
sayaka: hey!!
sae: xD *continues what  she is doing*

natsu: *scoops water from the pool and splashed it to madoka*
madoka: aah!! natsumi!!!
natsu: haha you're still afraid of a little water? :p
madoka: ugh!!!why you did that?!
natsu: haha~ come on let's also swim *holds madoka's hand* don't worry i won't let you go *smile*
madoka: *blush*heart beat fast*
natsu: come on~
madoka: don't want!!!
natsu: *hugs madoka pushing her to the pool with her* I'm here, nothing to be anxious about, okay? hehe,
madoka: *fully reddened face up to her ears*

madoka: mouuuuu!! *heart beat furiously* *stiff*

-after playing on the pool, they went back to their rooms and changed..
natsu was already done changing and went in front of madoka's room..

natsu: hmm.. will she get angry if i knock and disturb her?? well she is a tsun.. *wondering*

madoka: *opens door and see natsu standing in front her door* what are you doing?!
natsu: ah! ha-ha.. nothing  :D uhm.. can I go outside for awhile?
madoka: huh? why are you asking my permission?
natsu: ah no i mean well uhm.. can madoka come with me? hehe, ^_^
madoka: *raise eyebrow* hmpt! don't want!
natsu: *pout* please *puppy eyes*
madoka: that wouldn't work on me natsumi
natsu: really? *pleading eyes*pout more*
madoka: *covers natsumi's face* stop!!! *blush*
natsu: *smirk* ho~
madoka: stop teasing me!! i hate you natsumi!!!
natsu: haha~ then let's go outside~ *holds madoka's hand*

so the two of them went outside, natsu was carrying her camera..

*camera shutters*camera shutters*

natsu: the scenery is really beautiful :)
madoka: its good that you're enjoying
natsu: hehe~ madoka is worried about me *ikemen smile*
madoka: like I'm really worried!!! just keep on taking pictures there and shut up!

natsu: *pout* so cold~ hehe but thank you madoka :3
madoka: does taking pictures makes you calm?
natsu: hmm well part of it and it makes me forget things :)
madoka: then that's good..

natsu: *takes madoka's picture*

madoka: HEY!!
natsu: thank you for the wonderful shot :p
madoka: give me that!! natsumi! delete those pictures!!
natsu: eh no way~! i will add it to my collection haha~
madoka: *mad* *snatched natsu's camera*
natsu: eh? waaah!!! chotto T_T *trying to get her camera back*
madoka: *deletes her picture and gives back the camera at natsu*
natsu: why did you do that? wahh.. my collection..
madoka: hmpt!!

natsu's mind: *looking at the pictures left in her camera* good thing i already transferred her other pictures to my laptop hehe~


madoka: ne natsumi..
natsu: *busy looking at the pictures* hmmmm?

madoka: uhm.. if- just if okay?!
natsu: hmm ???
madoka: i-if smoething is bothering you i-i'm here for you to listen b-but its not like i care for you or anything, okay?! I .. just ... don't want to see you with those forced smiles *blush*
natsu: *poke madoka's cheeks* hai~ a~ri~ga~tou :3
madoka: . . . *red face*

natsu: ^_^ ah how about we make a cake for sae-sofu? :3
madoka: uhm.. okay..
natsu: hehe *holds madoka's hand* come on~
madoka: and who said you can hold my hand?!!!
natsu: but natsumi is lonely and wanted to hold madoka's hand :3 *baby talk*
madoka: stop that!
natsu: no way~ :>

so they went to the kitchen and they bake a cake for madoka's sofu..
and on some point natsu still keeps on taking pictures of madoka which makes madoka getting angry with her..

natsu: ne madoka
madoka: hmm? *checking the temperature of the oven*
natsu: uhm.. How about you, madoka? how are you by the way?

madoka: huh?
natsu: uhm well.. are you okay now? is the thing bothering you lately already solved?
madoka: ..
natsu: uhm... hehe, i'm just worried..
madoka: ..... (<--- doesn't know what to answer and to do)

natsu: ah.. so we will just wait for the cake to be done?
madoka: uhm...

natsu: *smile* you don't have to tell me if you don't want to talk about it, but whatever happens I'm still here for you ^_^
madoka: its just that i miss my best friend.. (<- making up excuses)

natsu: ooh~ what happened anyway?
madoka: we  haven't see and talk to each other since I moved from home and I lost contact with her, I-I'm just wondering how is she
natsu: sou ka... don't worry you two will meet again some day and will have sometime together *smile*
madoka: i-i hope so...
natsu: hehe~ that day will come ^_^ so don't be sad anymore *pats madoka's head*
madoka: *blush*

natsu's mind: yokatta~ so that is really the reason.. i'm happy and she's openyang up to me ^_^

natsu: hehe so tell me about her ^_^
madoka: and why would i do that?
natsu: hehe come one now~ please~ i wanted to know about your best friend~ hehe
madoka: *raised eyebrows* i don't want
natsu: mou~ *pout*
madoka: just clean those *pointing the baking tools they have used*
natsu: eh why me only?
madoka: because you keep on asking silly questions so clean all of those
natsu: T_T cruel!!

-nyaght , at the deck of the yacht.. there is  a table beside the pool with foods on it, as they will officially celebrate sae's birthday.

sayaka is wearing a dark blue nyaght dress and a long cardigan..

sae: eh? OAO *stunned*
sayaka: *blush* i'll go change now
sae: eh? wait!! don't!!
sayaka: *blush* *sigh* i should've not follow yuko's advice..
sae: haha~! i should thank yuko for that advice on what to wear for this night xD ah where's my phone haha~ gonna take a pic :3
sayaka: *glare* no! i'll go change now!

sae: don't!! please *puppy eyes* it's my birthday today..
sayaka: okay.. *blush*
sae: haha~ but wearing that makes me want to sleep now sayaka~ let's go now to our room? haha~ xD
sayaka: *reddened face* what are you saying when there are kids with us!!!
sae: xD

natsu: he-he ^_^"
madoka: *sigh* aren't we going to eat sofu, sobo?

sae: ah right haha let's go eat~ xD

and then they eat their dinner..

natsu: oishi~ :)
sayaka: hehe taste good?
natsu: hai sayaka-sobo you are really cook at cooking
sae: thats why i love sayaka so much~
sayaka: *giggle* madoka helped me to cook

natsu: ohh~ hehe your future husband is sure lucky madoka :3 it really taste great!
madoka: *mad* why don't you try this natsumi *stacking large amount of food at natsumi's plate*
natsu: ah thanks madoka hehe~ *eats the food* 

natsu: aah!!! water!! *drinks water*
madoka: *smile evilly*
natsu: T_T its so spicy
madoka: hmpt!!!

sae: hm? haha~ that's reminds me, you two are engage right?
natsu: eh?

natsu's mind: I forgot that fiance thing again~ are they really serious? *looks at madoka*
madoka: *glaring at natsu*

madoka's mind: yeah right she forgot about it, right natsumi? *annoyed*

natsu's mind: eh wait why is she mad at me?? O_O

sayaka: but you know, its still up to you two.. don't mind what jurina and mayu said.. just decide by yourselves okay? *sweet smile*
sae: natsumi-chan even if you are an ikemen, you still need to prove to me that you really love our madoka :3
natsu: ^_^" he-he..

sayaka: haha, i bet natsumi is so popular at school
madoka: well sobo, natsumi is a flirt! -_-
natsu: eh? i am not!!

sae: haha well, i understand her with that ikemen face i'm sure lots of kitties is going crazy for her~
madoka: -_- yeah she even has a fan club..
sae: oh really? haha as expected of mayu-chan's daughter..

madoka: and her fan club is also stalking at her..
sayaka: that's extreme *giggle* well i hope you didn't play with their hearts natsumi.. its bad you know, even if you have an ikemen face and personality its bad to play with people's heart
natsu: *pout* b-but i'm not like that..
sayaka: and don't be like your sae-sofu who is always flirting with all the kitties around her
sae: eehhh!! i'm not doing that!! is my sayaka is still jealous with my fan club? :3 hahaha~ but its too long ago xD
sayaka: no i'm not really jealous..
sae: don't worry! sayaka is the only one i love :3
sayaka: .. yeah right .. *blush*

sae: haha~ but madoka, why do you know too much about natsumi? heh~ *teasing grin*
madoka: sofu!!!!! *blush*
natsu: oh-! haha~ she really cares for me then haha~!
madoka: no- i don't!!!!!! let's just eat dinner!


-after they eat dinner,

madoka: sofu~ we made a cake for you *smile*
sae: waaah really? :3 where is it??
natsu: *holding the cake they bake* hehe otanjoubi omedetou, sae-sofu
sae: ah~! it's cute~ thank you madoka and natsumi
sayaka: *take pictures* *smile*
sae: you two would be a wonderful couple hahaha~

madoka: sofu!!! what are you saying?! *blush*
natsu: uhm... *blush* hehe..

sayaka: stop teasing the kids sae
sae: haha~ b-but look they bake a cake for me :3
sayaka: let's make a toss *smile* here, I prepared the drinks for us..

so they make a toss, sayaka prepared cocktail drinks for them but with low alcohol content..

madoka: mmm.. this is good sobo, what is this called?
sayaka: fizzy apple *smile* the one i gave you last time was with lemon juice..
madoka: oh.. I like this more hehe,
sae: Madoka should learn from your sobo how to make cocktail juice :3
madoka: then sobo teach me *smile*
sayaka: sure~

madoka: *sudden realization*
madoka's mind: eh??? wait! cocktail juice it is alcoholic *looks at natsu*

natsu: hmm????
madoka: ... a-are you okay?
natsu: I am, why?  :?
madoka: n-nothing..
natsu: hehe~ this is delicious, you should really learn how to make this~ :3

madoka's mind: *sigh*relieved* she's perfectly fine, good thing it only have low alcohol content..


they ate the cake that is made by madoka and natsu while drinking and chatting..
though sae already drank too much.. and her drinks has high alcohol content
she keeps on talking and moving around the yacht

sae: *at the edge of the yacht* scream* I LOVE SAYAKA!!!!
sayaka: *blush* sae go back here! you're drunk already..
madoka: geez sofu..
natsu: *giggle*

sae: *changed the music playing to slow and romantic song*
sae: *grabs sayaka's hand and dance with her*
sayaka: sae i'll go clean the food now, you're already drunk.. we should rest for now..
sae: *holds sayaka's hand tighter and wrapped her other arm arounds sayaka's waist and laid her head on sayaka's shoulder*

sae: Sayaka I'm really thankful to have you in my life.. giving me a wonderful family.. and wonderful years to live.. I'm very happy..
sayaka: *blush* m-me too sae.. I'm thankful to you.. *hugs*
sae: i wish to have more memories together with you sayaka
sayaka: *smile* I wish that too let's make more memories together with our family..
sae: un~

natsu: *watching them*thin smile*holds chest*
natsu's mind: hehe they are good together, I wish I can find happiness like them.. *painful smile*

madoka:*notice natsu being sad* natsumi..
natsu: ah hai? *smile* you wanted more juice or cake?
madoka: *holds natsumi's hand* *shake head* no i don't need anthing..
natsu: *smile* *back at looking at saeyaka* they look so good together right?
madoka: un~
natsu: hehe
madoka: natsumi are you okay?
natsu: *holds back* I'm okay, thank you Madoka *sweet smile*
madoka: *worried*

natsu: ah! look! *puts her hand and Madoka's hand together* hehe we both have the same length of hands hehe ii ne~
madoka: *blush* w-what are you getting happy f-for!
natsu: hehe~ *drinks* mm.. this juice is really good..

after saeyaka dance they went to natsumi and madoka..

sayaka: hehe do you guys have fun?
natsu: un~ ^_^ *red face*
sae: hehe you know~ when me and sayaka got together its really like a dream
sayaka: mou~ stop that! let's rest for now, you're really drunk..
sae: hehe i still remember our first kiss that time (<-- already drunk, talking about random things)
sayaka: aaaah! sae!!!
natsu: hehe what happen? *interested*
sae: I Kabedon her!! hahaha
natsu: ah sugoi!
sayaka: *head chop* sae!!
sae: haha i really love sayaka getting embrassed :p

madoka: *giggle*
sayaka: ok that's enough geeeeez you don't have to tell that to them
sae: hehe but being with sayaka is really one of the best time in my life :3
sayaka: *blush* sae stop now, let's go to our room..
sae: *grin* ahh! i know~ you'll give my present now? haha~ let's go let's go~! i'm ready~! xD
sayaka: *blush furiously* *mad* sae I think we should rest now
sae: *drinks another champagne*
sayaka: *facepalm* *headache* and she drinks another one *sigh* you kids can rest as well i'll just clean those later
sae: hehe~ *hugs sayaka, snyaffing her neck*
sayaka: sae!!!
sae: haha~ let's go now to our room xD

sae: ah-! but! hey you two children!!
natsu: h-hai?
sae: even if both of you are engage don't do anything like this okay~? I won't give permission to you yet natsumi-chan- *hic*
sayaka: ok stop that sae, let's go. don't mind what your sofu is saying okay? hehe well then have a nyace nyaght *smile*

*sae and sayaka went to their room while natsu and madoka was left*

madoka: *blush* geez, sofu saying stupid things!!
natsu: hehe..

natsu's mind: i feel a little dizzy *touch her forehead*
madoka: the stars is shinnyang brightly tonyaght

natsu: oh~ *looks at the star as well* hehe your starting to like the stars now madoka? :3
madoka: not really, hmpt!
natsu: hehe its really nice right? :3
madoka: hmm un~
natsu: hehe, did you had fun?
madoka: o-of course, i was with my sofu and sobo today..
natsu: hehe thats good to hear..

madoka's mind: well although its also nyace that you're here n-natsumi... *blush* what am i saying..
madoka's mind: `just be honest with yourself` honest huh, i don't also know what i really feel, how can i be honest? *sigh*

madoka: *puts her head to natsu's shoulder*
natsu: *shocked* eh?

madoka: ne natsumi is only jiina do you've fallen for?
natsu: eeeh? what's with that question? O_O
madoka: j-just answer it!

natsu: well hmmm yes, I am really serious to her,,
madoka: hmm I see *sudden pain in chest*

natsu: how about madoka? do you have ever like someone or do you like someone right now? :3
madoka: *blush* I don't want to answer that -_-
natsu: eh?! that's unfair ... *pout*
madoka: hmpt!

natsu: hehe~ but anyway i always forgot that we are engage
madoka: *a little mad* .....
natsu: hehe well at first i didn't like the idea because we started in bad terms but knowing you more its okay with me now being engage with you, maybe our tou-chan decided that because they are worried of us being alone.. 

madoka: !? *heart beat fast*
natsu: hehe~ but you might like someone now or in the future and I'm might cause you trouble because of that engagement, so let's just ignore the engageme-
madoka: *pissed off* bite natsu's shoulder*
natsu: ahh!! that's hurts! T^T
madoka: you deserved it! for being noisy!
natsu: *holds the part where Madoka bite her* mou~ I'm just concerned you know..

madoka: *stands up*
madoka's mind: baka natsumi!!

*wind blows*

madoka: *shivers* *hug herself* ne natsumi! hug me!!
natsu: eh?? O_O
madoka: I'm cold!! b-baka!!
natsu: eh? uhm *hugs madoka* are you still cold??
madoka: un~
natsu: *hugs tighter* etou..??? let's go inside?? i-its cold here

so they went inside natsu accompanyaed madoka to her room

natsu: hehe alright! thank you for today madoka I had fun ^_^
madoka: hmm...
natsu: hehe ja oyasumi *about to go*

madoka: *holds and pulls the hem of natsu's shirt* w-wait..
natsu: hm?
madoka: do- do you want to play mm.. c-cards? b-but that's because i'm not sleepy yet okay?
natsu: hehe~ so madoka really missed me~ i see ~ :p
madoka: i don't!!! i just want to play cards!! if you don't want then fine! stupid natsumi! *about to go*
natsu: *holds madoka's hand* hehe i'm just kidding okay? ^_^ don't be mad anymore please ...
madoka: hmpt! I hate you!
natsu: hehe yosh! we play cards~ *hyper*
madoka: get some snack and juice first -_-
natsu: eh?? hehe, you're ordering me around again don't you?

so natsu get snacks and they went inside madoka's room
they play cards whoever loses there is a punishment..
they are having fun together and they eat snacks and drink the juice left from the earlier celebration

while playing madoka can't stop staring at natsu, wondering about what she really feels
when natsu looks at her she looks down again and after a while looks at natsu again..

madoka's mind: do i really like natsumi? i just like being with her like this, it really makes me happy... giving her full attention towards me makes me really happy..

natsu: haha~ madoka lost again! *tickles madoka*
madoka: *laughs* s-stop .. stop it..  *laughs* why are you tickling me everytime i lose?!!!
natsu: haha no can't do.... you lose~ *grin* *tickles madoka more*
madoka: stop natsumi!!! *trying not to laugh* *tickles natsu*
after laughing too much from tickling each other they got tired..

natsu: *hugs madoka* *dizzy* hehe~ i really like spending time with madoka ^_^ *inhale madoka's scent* mmm.. madoka smell nyace~
madoka: *blush hard*

madoka's mind: *heart beat fast* natsumi... you making my heart beat fast again stop that!!! but--
madoka: *hugs back* I like being with natsumi too.. *blush hard* *soft voice*

natsu: eeh~? what? what? madoka likes being with me? hahaha~
madoka: shut up!!!! *face flushed*

natsu: mmm~ *hugs madoka more*
madoka: i-i like natsumi's warm...
madoka: *hugs back* ...

natsu: *smile* *sleepy* *giggle* its really comfortable hugging you like this-- *lean her forehead at madoka's*
natsu: *smiles* i had fun today really... i love seeing madoka smile and laugh i hope your troubles will go away.. *close eyes* *dizzy*

madoka: *blush* natsumi.. *unconsciously looked at natsu's lips* *sudden urge to kiss natsu*
madoka's mind: just what am I thinking?!! *looks at natsu's lips again* p-payback, she stole a kiss from me the other day so..

madoka: *leaned in making their lips touch*

natsu: mmm... *kiss back*
madoka: ehh????! *blush*
natsu: *kiss back more vigorously*

madoka: *kiss back*
madoka's mind: w-why i feel so addicted to this?! but i-its soft ... *bite's natsu's lower lips* i-its not like i wanted to kiss you this is just payback natsumi... t-this feels g-good though..
after awhile they break the kiss because of lack of air

madoka: n-natsumi.... i- ... i.. l-like you....

madoka: natsumi? hey! say something!  >///<

natsu: *already asleep* *sleeping like a rock*
madoka: i really hate you now natsumi!!!!!!  >///<

. . .

madoka: *sigh* i should just clean up and go to sleep too.. -_- i hate you natsumi..
madoka: *suddenly notice the glass of juice they drank *sudden realization*

madoka: eeehh?! *facepalm* now i remember.. *sigh* I hate alcohol now- *mad*
madoka: geezz.. maybe i should just sleep *sigh*
madoka: *looks at natsumi* *smile* have a nice sleep natsumi.. *hugs*
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #33 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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madoka's being true to herself! :inlove:

but...too bad natsumi was drunk... :rofl:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #33 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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sae: hehe say aaah
sayaka: this is embarrassing..
sae: eehh.. but we're the only ones here.. we can be lovey dovey all day~  haha xD
sayaka: there are kids though haha
sae: that's okay haha xD here say ahh
sayaka: ahh.. *chomp* mmm.. this is delicious..
sae: hehe deshou~? xD
sayaka: you really improved in cooking *smile*
sae: hehe~ well i want to cook for you that's why *sheepish smile*

This is the part I most like!!!! and sae kabedon first kiss of sayaka hahah thank you very much!!!!! yurin-san and ryo-san!!!!

when will natsu confirm who she love? It's very complicated and I am a bit curious ^^"
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #33 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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Sadyaka is so sweet~~~~

ohh anh another kiss NatsuMadoka!!!!

Update soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #33 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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REALLY?! finally one of them say what think about Natsu and this last is drunk to hear it! oh come on! xDDDDD

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #33 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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mou this is real ?? TOT natsu is drunk again why
madoka confess and natsu..... ¬¬ I'm mad
ganbatte madoka, maybe in third time she is sober

thanks for the chap

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Daily Life of MaYuki Family #34 [NatsuMado, JiiNatsu, ChiiNatsu, AoNatsu]
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#34 Innocent Natsu

It was already evening when Madoka and Natsu got home from the trip.

sakura: nee-chan~ okaeri, how was it? *hugs* *smile*
natsu: hehe, it's fun.. right madoka? *smile*
madoka: hn..
sakura: hm? madoka-nee-chan? is something wrong? are you tired?
madoka: eh? ah- no.. hehe, right maybe i was tired..

natsu's mind: i wonder what's her problem.. she barely talked to me since morning.. maybe she's sad because she'll miss her sofu and sobo again? *sigh* she should at least talk to me though...

yuki: natsu~ madoka~ okaeri.. how was the trip? did you enjoy? *smile* hm?
natsu: we enjoyed it kaa-chan~
madoka: uhm.. hai, we enjoyed it aunt yuki *smile*
yuki: that's good to hear.. *smile* well then dinner is ready but your tou-chan and kaa-chan might go home late, do you want to wait for them?
madoka: *shake head* hmm, let's eat aunt yuki ^_^

natsu: then i'll just put our things in my room kaa-chan, hehe
yuki: okay~ i will just help your tou-chan prepare the table..
sakura: kaa-chan i'll help too~ nee-chan, madoka-nee-chan put your things now in the room then let's eat okay~? *smile*  ja~
natsu: hai hai~


natsu: hehe, let's go madoka
madoka: hnn...
natsu: hm? what's wrong? ah- i'll help you carry your things *sweet smile*
madoka: ... *blush* i'm fine natsumi *walks towards room*
natsu: eh? *sigh* what's her problem, really... *pout*

-at natsu's room

madoka: *fixing her things*
natsu: hmm.. *spacing out* *looking at madoka*

natsu's mind: i wonder.. why did i wake up next to her this morning? and she was hugging me too..? but after that she was avoiding me.. hmm... but this morning was not the only one i wake up next to her.. there was one time at the villa too.. and i can't remember what happened too.. ahhh-! it can't be that right? no it's impossible haha- it's only a dream.. a weird dream.. though it felt real.. kissing her.. *blush* no it's really impossible hahaha- and also last time when we were at the villa i dreamt kissing both aoi and chiichan.. also i dreamt of kissing jiina too.. *sigh* i'm really having wierd dreams about kissing.. *pout* maybe i'm getting lonely again? no that can't be haha~

madoka's mind: why is she staring at me? *blush* d-did she somehow remember last night? b-but she didn't say anything about last night.. don't tell me.. she forgot it?! and also You slept before me!! after- after saying those embarrassing things-- after that k-kiss... *reddened face*

natsu: hm?? madoka..! hey.. are you done fixing your things? do you need help? we should head down now..

madoka's mind: mou!!!! i'm not thinking about it!! that's right it was the effect of the alcohol that made me say those things!! and that k-kiss.. and i-i'm not thinking that it felt good.. but.. it felt good though..

natsu: hey~ ma-do-ka-chan!! *suddenly appears in front of madoka, face up close*
madoka: *blush*
natsu: hmm?? madoka~ aren't we going down to eat? come on kaa-chan and others are waiting~
madoka: mm.. *unconsciously looked at natsu's lips* *blush* *close eyes* *heart beat fast*
natsu: madoka.. *face getting closer*
madoka: *startled* *pushed natsu's face away* i-i g-got it!! you should just go there first if you can't wait!
natsu: what are you getting angry for??? mou.. it's not that i can't wait, i'm calling you several times already..

madoka's mind: why did i even closed my eyes for? did i really think that her kiss f-felt g-good? ..... *sigh* well, i don't really expecting for something hmpt!

natsu: madoka? already finished? let's go down??
madoka: i am! hmpt! *walks away*

natsu's mind: *sigh* and here i thought that kiss really happened. i was trying to confirm if its possible then she even closed her eyes for a moment but.. yappari ne, it was really impossible haha~ what am i even thinking? ahh~ damn those weird dreams haha~

- and then after dinner, the mayuki family and madoka was at the living room watching television.

madoka: *unconsciously looking at natsu*
natsu: *staring blankly at the window*

*phone vibrates*

sakura: ah nee-chan you someone is calling you
natsu: ah gomen *didn't notice someone is calling her*

natsu: *answers phone* moshi moshi
chihiro: nattan! are you already at home? you didn't mailed me the whole day i was worried you know
natsu: aah chii-chan~! hehe, gomen gomen.. *stands up* *goes outside*

madoka: *pout*


chihiro: ah, nattan are you free tomorrow?
natsu: hmm.. yep i think? well i'm only gonna work on summer homeworks so..
chihiro: then let's go work on it together?
natsu: eh? really?
chihiro: me and aoitan was planning to do our homework together ;) let's meet up tomorrow at the public library ^_^
natsu: oh~ sure~
chihiro: invite madoka too okay?
natsu: un~ hehe but i wonder if she'll talk to me though.. she's getting angry again at me chii-chan T.T
chihiro: hehe, you should stop teasing her nattan..
natsu: ehh.. but i don't do that chii-chan..
chihiro: *giggle* i'll mail her later then.. don't worry..
natsu: hai hai~ ah, there's a newly opened shop near the park chii-chan let's go-

chihiro: ah, nattan i'll hang up now, tou-chan is calling me hehe gomen..
natsu: ehhhh....
chihiro: i'll call you later okay? *sweet voice*
natsu: okay~ hehe~

*end call*

-after the phone call natsu went back inside and sit on the couch playing with her phone when she received a mail from aoitan

from: aoi-tan
subject: nattan~!
nattan, you didn't mail me you're already home, mou..
hehe~ (≧ڡ≦*)
nattan don't forget your things for tomorrow..
and you should focus doing all our assignment okay?
i'll bring you a bento (*^ワ^*)
so better do your best tomorrow (*^▽^)/

natsu's mind: aoi-tan is sure sweet~ yay~ bento~ ah i should reply to her hehe~

madoka: *noticed natsu is smiling widely* ... *pout*

after sometime, after they took a bath they went back to their rooms..
- at natsu's room

madoka: *sitting on the bed* *reading a book, and secretly glancing at natsu from time to time*
natsu: *laying don on her futon* *mailing aoi and chii-chan* *smiling*

madoka: *pout* n-natsumi
natsu: hm? *looks at madoka* what it is madoka? *smile*

madoka: n-nothing... hmpt!
natsu: hhmmm?? nothing? and you're getting angry at me again? why is it? *pout*

madoka: *looks at natsu's lips* *blush*

natsu: ah, madoka did you see chii-chan's mail? we're going to the library tomorrow hehe~
madoka: why? *checks her phone* ah right she mailed me..
natsu: we're going to do our summer homework tomorrow hehe~ join us too madoka~ please~
madoka: hmm..

natsu: *sits in front of madoka* madoka~ join us please~ please~ *puppy eyes*
madoka: okay, i'll join you guys so stop that puppy face of yours and why are you sitting in front of me?!!
natsu: really? you're going to join us? yay~!! ah- let's go to the newly opened cake shop near the park~! madoka, what cake do you want? how about chocolate cake? *smile*sparkle*
madoka: *sigh* *trying not to blush*
natsu: hm? madoka? don't you like chocolate cake~? *tilts head* hey~ madoka~ are you listening *pokes cheeks* *pout*

madoka's mind: no!!! i didn't think she's cute!! my heart, stop beating that fast!! and natsumi!! stop pouting you idiot!!! you're making my heart flutter!!! *suddenly realized what she said* ...... *blush* mou!!!!!!

madoka: *push natsu's face* i- i want strawberry cake..
natsu: ahh~ chocolate and strawberry is good too when mixed together in cake don't you think *smile innocently*

madoka: ... *blush*
madoka's mind: what is she saying with that kind of smile!!! well it doesn't really have a meaning but still... mou! natsumi you're really a natural flirt!!

natsu: hey~! madoka? madoka.. you're not listening to me mou.. *pout*

-that night.. madoka had a hard time trying to control herself and her feelings but natsu was always unintentionally making madoka's heart beat faster..


-the next day..

natsu: ahhh-- atsui..  atsui.. *sweating*
madoka: well it's summer, what do you expect natsumi?
natsu: nevertheless, this is too hot T^T
madoka: *sigh*
natsu: i want an ice cream~ atsui..
madoka: later, come on now chii-chan and aoi-tan are waiting..
natsu: hai- hai T^T


aoi: ahh~ nattan~!! maa-chan~ ^_^
natsu: hi.. aoi-tan, chii-chan.. *tired walking*sweating*
aoi: nattan? are you okay? are you not feeling well? *worried*
chihiro: you're late.. hehe~
madoka: gomen *smile* someone is being lazy and complaining too much *looks at natsu with an unamused look* -_-
natsu: ehhhh?
chihiro: hehe, we'll buy ice cream later nattan.. so let's finish our homework fast okay?
natsu: *sparkle* really????! yay~!!! my best friend really knows how to make me feel better~!!! *hugs*

aoi: *looking at the two* *pout*
madoka: ... *feeling weird*

chihiro: uhm nattan.. i don't mind hugging you but it's hot
natsu: (;゜○゜) ah.. i thought so.. i'm sweating, it's hot wahhhh!!!

madoka: stop complaining natsumi -_-
aoi: let's go now okay? *smile*
chihiro: un~
natsu: let's go there fast it's really hot outside... uuughhh...

-at the library

natsu: aaahhh~~ :3 it's cold inside~
madoka: *sigh* such a kid natsumi
aoi: hehe, right~ but isn't she cute that way~? (*^▽^*)
madoka: hmm... *looks at natsu*

madoka's mind: s-somehow.. but.. *sigh*

chihiro: hey guys, let's sit there.. and get started okay?
natsu: hai hai~ let's finish this quickly so that we can go now to the cake shop~ *smile widely*
chihiro: un~ *smile*

aoi: nattan~ help me with my homework~ hehe
natsu: sure~ *smile*

chihiro: *looks at aoi and natsu* ^_^
madoka: ... *feeling weird* *pout*

chihiro: maa-chan should we start in the english subject first? aoi and natsu are getting the math homework first so..
madoka: ahh, right *smile*

and then they were doing their summer vacation homeworks.. aoi was really close to natsu.. too close..

chihiro's mind: *glancing at the two* they are really close aren't they? *sigh* i have a feeling that...  but they are cousins right? and... aoi is my friend too.. *painful smile*

madoka: *glancing at natsu* *feeling weird*

madoka: *sigh*
chihiro: maa-chan? do you have any difficulties?
madoka: u-uhm no i'm good ... how about you chii-chan?
chihiro: hmm well *looks at her notebook* i'm having some problems here ... can you help me?
madoka: yes sure .. let me see it..

-almost lunch time

natsu: *growl stomach* T^T
aoi: *giggle* should we take a break minna?
chihiro: *chuckle* yeah maybe we should, nattan's stomach is screaming for food :p
natsu: T^T but i'm really hungry
madoka: *sigh* well its almost lunch time anyway, should we go eat?
aoi: hehe me and okaachan made bento for us (*^▽^*) we can eat it at the near park
natsu: yatta!! *smile*sparkle*
chihiro: hehe come on~
madoka: un~

-at the park near the library

aoi: *spoon feed natsu* how was it? i made that (*^.^*)
natsu: hmm oishi~!!! (*^ワ^*)

madoka: *glancing at natsu and aoi* ... *eating silently*

natsu: *eating fast* mmm.. this is good~
chihiro: you might chocked eating fast, here drink first
natsu: arigatou~ chii-chan o((*^▽^*))o
aoi: *giggle* nattan there's a lot of food, you don't have to hurry
natsu: b-but its delicious (^~^) *chomp*
chihiro: geez nattan.. ^^

natsu:hehe oh by the way chii-chan, how's your secret admirer? :p
chihiro: nattan i told you we are just friends (>д<)
natsu: really? :3 then let's see in your phone :p hahaha *gets chihiro's phone in her pocket*
chihiro: eeeeh? how did you got that??  *trying to get her phone* *almost hugging natsu*
natsu: :p  hahaha
aoi: oh lemme see~ *gets close to natsu*

madoka: *looks at the three* .... *pout*

natsu: but chii-chan, you wouldn't ignore me because of her right *puppy eyes*
chihiro: what are you saying nattan? of course not *smile*  you're my best friend right?

chihiro's mind: and you're the one i love.. *painful smile* but it seems that.. *looks at aoi*

aoi: chii-chan~!! i'm you're best friend too right? *puppy eyes* you've been my best friend, you wouldn't ignore me because of your secret admirer right???

chihiro: what are you two saying mou.. i told you it's not like that..

aoi: hehe~ just kiddin~ but really.. if you got someone chii-chan don't ignore us okay~? we're all friends, right maa-chan? *smile*eating happily*
madoka: un.. *small smile*
chihiro: mou, you're not listening to me..

natsu: hmm? maa-chan???
aoi: hehe~ it's madoka-chan's nickname~ right maa-chan? *smile*
madoka: *smile*
chihiro: we started calling her that last time but we're not used to it until now..
madoka: hehe, no it's okay, actually i want to get close with you guys so.. *blush*shy*
aoi: you don't have to be shy around us anymore maa-chan~ *smile sweetly*
chihiro: that's right~ *smile*
madoka: thanks, *smile*

natsu's mind: i'm glad madoka is getting along with my friends~ *happy*

natsu: aahh~! maa-chan~~~!!!
madoka: ... what? *trying not to blush*
natsu: ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ” maa-chan~ maa-chan~! *teasing*
madoka: -_- what?
natsu: hehe~ maa-chan~!!! *smile cutely*
madoka: ... *heart beats faster*
natsu: maa-chan~ maa-chan! *smile*
madoka: if you won't stop that i'll never let you call me that.. *glare*

natsu: waahhh... i'll stop teasing you now.. don't do that.. *pout*
madoka: *sigh*

aoi: hehe~ let's eat now guys, nattan stop teasing maa-chan, mou...
natsu: haii... *pout*
chihiro: *giggle* let's finish our homework fast okay?

-after eating, they are now back at the library doing their summer homeworks.. aoi and natsu are doing their homework together, they are too close that both chihiro and madoka are feeling weird about it.

madoka: *sigh*
chihiro: madoka? are you okay?
madoka: ahh.. i'm okay, why you ask? *smile*
chihiro: hmm are you sure?
madoka: yes
chihiro: if something is bothering you I'm here *smile*
madoka: *thin smile* thank you chii-chan... but don't worry it's nothing
chihiro: really?
madoka: uhm.. its really nothing just... i'm thinking too much lately...and its giving me stress that's all
chihiro: hmm i see... whatever that is it will be okay soon, okay?
madoka: i really hope so... thanks *smile*

madoka: uhm say chii-chan
chihiro: hmm?
madoka: uhm ... etou.. well its just a random question...j-just want to ask... hmm what do you always do by the way? i mean what do you do during your past time?
chihiro: eh? hehe that's so sudden and really a random question *giggle* want to know me better? ^_^
madoka: uhm well sort of...
chihiro: hmmm well i usually watch movies and mostly korean dramas hehe, but nattan doesn't like watching while reading the subtitles~
madoka: eh? why?
chihiro: well she likes focusing on the movie instead hehe, i usually hang out with her with my free time.. and you know how nattan is bad with mornings right? but i always make her accompany me to go jog every weekends *smile*
madoka: oh~
chihiro: and we usually eat outside but i watch the food i intake for my diet.. but nattan always teasing that i eat a lot *sigh*
madoka: ahh.. natsumi really loves teasing and annoying people doesn't she?
chihiro: hehe, right but she's just having fun.. though i'm glad she decided to move on and forget her..
madoka: ah- she really decided to forget her right? i mean.. *sigh*
chihiro: hehe, don't worry.. she's smiling sincerely so i know she's trying to get over with that now.. *looks at natsu*
madoka: un.. *looks at natsu*

madoka's mind: chii-chan really cares for natsumi .. i wonder if is just because they are best friend or..

madoka: you and natsumi are really close, aren't you?
chihiro: well we're best friends.. but sometimes i hate it when i can't do anything for her when she always do something for me.. *sad face*
madoka: hmmm... well your right... best friends almost know each other so much..
chihiro: how about you and izumi? you're missing her aren't you? *smile*
madoka: uhm well i miss her..
chihiro: gomen ne .. i made you think of her..
madoka: *shakes head* hmm.. i just misses her that's all,
chihiro: you two really are close right?
madoka: un~ she knew me well.. and makes me laugh though she's so hyper sometimes *smile*
chihiro: i'm sure, you'll meet her again ^_^
madoka: *smile* thanks chii-chan
chihiro: come on let's get back on our homework
madoka: un~

-after some hours of doing their assignments they are already finished, it was already 4:00 pm

natsu: ahhhh~ i'm hungry...
madoka: hungry again?

aoi: then let's go to the cake shop you're talking about nattan~ *smile*
natsu: yatta~!! *hugs aoi*
aoi: hehe~ *smile*

and then they went to the cake shop but there are many people and they can't get a seat...

natsu: i was looking forward to eat the cake.. T^T *sulk*
aoi: nattan.. *worried*
chihiro: ^_^" nattan~ don't worry we'll go here tomorrow.. okay?
natsu: really? *cute pupppy eyes*
chihiro: of course~ don't sulk now okay?
natsu: un~ *smile*
madoka: *sigh* you're such a kid natsumi..
natsu: let's go eat burgers and fries then~ *sheepish grin* hehe~ come on minna~

they were heading to eat at a fast food restaurant but natsu saw a crane game nearby..

natsu: ahhh~ let's play that before we eat~ *sparkle*
chihiro: ehh? i thought you were hungry nattan?
madoka: yeah, you were complaining a while ago and now you're saying you'll play first? -_-
aoi: hehe~ nattan so cute~

and then natsu was playing the crane game but after some minutes.. she still doesn't get anything..

natsu: *serious* i'll get the bear this time for sure..

aoi: *cheering for natsu* ganbatte nattan..
madoka: *looking at her watch* *sigh*
chihiro: hehe.. *looking at them*

natsu: ahhh~!!! i got one~!! yay~~!!!
aoi: wow~ nattan~! you're so cool~!
natsu: yay~!
chihiro: *smile*
madoka: then should we go now and eat natsumi? i thought you're hungry?
natsu: wait~! one more~! *grin*
madoka: *sigh* such a selfish person..
chihiro: well nattan is like that but she's really a good person.. *giggle*

after awhile natsu got another one..

natsu: yay~~!!! wait guys just one more~! *grin* *smile*

aoi: ganbatte nattan.. hehe,
chihiro: ^_^"
madoka: *sigh*

after a few minutes again..

natsu: mou.. why can't i get the red one!!! T^T
aoi: nattan, you already got two bears right?
natsu: but..
chihiro: nattan, you said you're hungry..
madoka: natsumi, you're being selfish.. let's go now..

natsu: wait~! wait~! last one~! i'll get this for sure~!

aoi, madoka, chihiro: *sigh*
chihiro: she's so stubborn..
madoka: and selfish..
aoi: hehe, but she's cute like that..

natsu: ahhhhhhh~!!! i got it~!  the red one~! hehe~

aoi: omedeto nattan~ *smile*
chihiro: *smile*
madoka: *sigh* so should we get going natsumi?

natsu: un~! but before that..

natsu: here~ *gives the blue bear for aoi*
natsu: here~ *gives the pink bear for chihiro*
natsu: and here~ *gives the red bear to madoka*

aoi: eh?
madoka: ???
chihiro: nattan?

natsu: *grinning widely* present~ i tried my best to get that~

aoi: uwahh~ arigatou nattan~!! you're really sweet~!
chihiro: *blush* thanks..
madoka's mind: it's my favorite color.. did she know? *smile*

natsu: hehe~ let's go now and eat.. ahhh~ i'm really hungry~ *smiling contentedly*

while walking, a certain person was observing them from afar..

someone: natsumi... she looks happy.. *tears falling* *clenched fist* somehow, i regret that decision.. i really should do something with my parents first..

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oh s*** it was Jiina at the end right? that girl seriously -_-

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ehh, hontou natsumiiiii
madoka each chapter I like more
natsumi starts moving and you bring jiina back
you just need to bring izumi claiming to madoka and I'll do lose my head

gomen my english is bad, thanks for the chapt

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35 - New Semester

Days passed by, summer vacation is finally over..
Currently Natsu and Madoka are walking towards the school entrance..
It was the start of another school semester..

Natsu: *grinning at madoka*
Madoka: *sigh* natsumi, what's your problem? *can't look directly at natsu*
Natsu: hehe nothing~ ^_^ *smiling widely*
Madoka: *Walks faster*
Natsu: hey! wait up! *follows madoka*
Madoka: *Still walking* *ignoring natsu*
Natsu: why did you leave me like that? *pout*
Madoka: then why do you keep on staring at me??
Natsu: hehe i just wanted to~
Madoka: you just wanted to tease me, didn't you?
Natsu: eh? and why would i do that? and why are you thinking that? oh~! i know~ is it because madoka want me to tease her?
Madoka: -_- shut up natsumi! i hate you..
Natsu: hehe~ you always say you hate me but you really care for me, right~? ^_^
Madoka: i don't... *trying not to blush*

-At the school gate
schoolmate1/fangirl: *giggle* Natsumi-sama is genki as ever again..
schoolmate2/fangirl: hehe i really like seeing natsumi-sama being energetic in the morning~!

Natsu: *notice her club members* *smiles at them* hey~ ohayou!
schoolmates/fangirls: kyaaaaa~ >////< natsumi-sama looked at us~       
Madoka: flirting again in this early morning you jerk..
Natsu: eh?? i just greeted them, how did i become a flirt???
Madoka: yeah right.. *leaves natsu* *walks faster*
Natsu: hey!wait! *follows madoka* geez, what's her problem?

--at the classroom's door

classmate 1: natsumi-sama~ ohayou~ ^^
classmate 2: *get closer to natsu* natsumi-sama, how's your summer vacation?

then more classmate of her keeps approaching her

natsu: it's good~ hehehe *holds the back of her head* can i pass through first? :)
madoka: *ignores the scene and walked straight to her seat*

when natsu already went to her seat, her fans surrounded her and ask her what she did this summer vacation

madoka: *irritated*


aoi: hey~ *hugs natsu from behind* Nattan!! 
natsu: ah! aoitan :D
aoi: ohayou~!!! hehe~
natsu: o~ha~you aoi-tan ^_^
aoi: why are you early nattan?
natsu: actually i just arrived hehe ^_^
aoi: really? then have you eaten your breakfast? :)
natsu: hehe yep! i eat a lot!
aoi: as i expected *chuckle*

classmates: uhm.. *staring at the two* (T^T) natsumi-sama..

natsu: hm?

aoi: ne, nattan *holds natsu's hand* ^_^ i made an extra bento, i'll share it to you~
natsu: eh really~??? i'm happy~~~ thank you aoi-tan~~ *sweet smile*

classmates: uhm natsumi-sama will go now thank you for your time :)
natsu: hehe un~ ^_^

madoka: ... *observing the scene*

aoi: *Smiling* hehe~

15 minutes later. . .

natsu: *still talking to aoi*
aoi: *happily listening to natsu* :3

madoka: *reading a book*


chihiro: ohayou minna *sweet voice*
madoka: ohayou.. *smile*

natsu: chii-chan~! ohayou~~~! :3
aoi: chii-chan why are you not early today?

natsu: she overslept hahaha~
aoi: eh?? really?
chihiro: no! i did not, geez.. i told you i had a meeting with the student council earlier that's why..
natsu: hehe, i know that.. i just wanted to tease you..
chihiro: mou nattan stop being a bully..
natsu: i'm not :p

natsu: but chii-chan, don't overwork yourself like the last time. if you needed help i'm always right here for you, okay? *ikemen smile*
chihiro: *blush* thanks nattan..
aoi: maa-chan and aoi are also here to help you chii-chan~! right maa-chan? (*^_^*)
madoka: that's right *smile*

after a few minutes, classes are about to start and sasshi-sensei enters the room

Sasshi-sensei: Good morning class!
Class: good morning sasshi!
Sasshi-sensei: *sigh* how many times do i need to tell you don't call me like that! I'm still your teacher you know! *cough* anyway its our first day again for the new semester but i hope all of you already finish your summer vacation homeworks.. ah- i almost forgot we will change the seating arrangements as well

natsu: ehh? why are we changing seats?
sasshi-sensei: well since many students are requesting to change the seating arrangement, that's why
natsu: ehhh..
aoi: waahh... i want to seat beside nattan.. T.T
natsu: hehe, then let's hope we'll be seat mates aoi-tan :D
aoi: un~! i hope we're also near to chii-chan and maa-chan's seat~ o((*^_^*))o

madoka: *pout* *looks at natsumi who is really in a good mood now*
madoka's mind: why are we changing seats? it's already a good thing i'm seated beside natsumi.. *sigh*
madoka's mind: *realized what she said* *blush* what am i thinking?! well, i don't really care if i'm not seated beside natsumi.. i can take care of myself...

Sasshi-sensei: okay then, get your number here... to be fair to all, we'll use lottery to decide..
class: ehhh... why lottery????
Sasshi-sensei: then how should we decide? we can't possibly use voting options can we? now hurry up and get your number here, don't be too stubborn kids..

classmate1: we should just use alphabetical order, right?
classmate2: no way.. we should use by height?

natsu: we should just pick our own seat.. -.-

sasshi-sensei: *sigh* that's why i told you guys that we'll use lottery to decide the arrangement.. now please hurry up and don't complain..

so each of the students get their number to know where they will sit

Natsu: yatta! :P same place hehe~ lucky~ ^_^
Chihiro: you really like to sit beside the window nattan *smile*
Natsu: un~ so that i can look at the clouds.. the sky is pretty, right? 
Chihiro: un~ *sweet smile*
Natsu: then how about chii-chan???
Chihiro: *shows the paper* hehe, i'll sit on the front row
Natsu: ehhh!!!??? why??! wahh it's so far to me now  :(

Chihiro: hehe, don't worry nattan, we'll still be able to talk during break time *sweet smile*
Natsu: un~!! hehe, then chii-chan can't sleep now during class
Chihiro: hey! i am not sleeping on class
Natsu: *grins* really~? :3
Chihiro: mou~ stop that i just fell asleep once because of tiredness okay?
Natsu: hahahaha~ oh- how about madoka? where will you seat?? :D
Madoka: *frown* i'll be sitting in the front row too
Natsu: aw..  :cry: maa-chan will not be sitted beside me anymore? *pout* chii-chan.. please take care of madoka for me ~(>_<~)
Madoka: i can take care of myself baka natsumi..
Chihiro: geeez nattan stop teasing us..

Aoi: *heart beat fast* *staring at the paper* it's...
Natsu: aoitan~  where is your seat? T^T chii-chan and maa-chan are on the front row, don't tell me you'll leave me too?  :cry:
Aoi: hehe~ i'll be sitting beside nattan!!! \(@^_^@)/  *hugs natsu*
Natsu: really?? yay~!! yatta!

Madoka: *trying to smile*
Madoka's mind: aoitan sure is lucky.. *pout* but- no, i'm okay.. and it's a good thing that i'm far from natsumi.. lately, i can't concentrate because of her *sigh*

Chihiro: *sad smile*
Chihiro's mind: aoitan is really happy ... as i thought she really likes natsu.. *sudden chest pain*

-so after the sitting arrangement they started the morning class
-during class they had various activities in w/c they have to pair up with their classmates-

aoi immediately invites natsu to be her partner before anyone else can ask her

aoi: nattan~! let's be partners! *sweet smile*
natsu: hehe sure aoitan~ ^_^

madoka: ...
madoka's mind: why am i feeling disappointed in such things.. but it's not that i want natsumi to be my partner... *sigh*

chihiro: ne maa-chan, do you want to be my partner? *smile*
madoka: un~ *smile*

natsu and aoi are having fun together doing their class activity.. its like the old times when they are still in elementary where natsu always helps aoi in doing activities..

-lunch time

natsu: yay~!! lunch time~!

aoi: *immediately push her table beside natsu's*
aoi: hehe, let's eat together nattan.. (*^_^*)  i cooked a lot today
natsu: yatta~!  XD
aoi: maa-chan~! chii-chan~! oide~! let's eat together~

chihiro: hehe you two are already that hungry??
natsu: *nods repeatedly* un~!(((o(*^_^*)o)))
madoka: you are always hungry natsumi.. you might get fat you know..
natsu: *proud face* haha~! that won't happen coz i'm exercising daily~! madoka is really worried about me ne~ *teasing tone*
madoka: hmpt! i am not!

aoi: hehe that's reminds me.. when we went out together with maa-chan last time, she ate 2 bowls of udon  :)
madoka: *blush*
natsu: *grins* hahaha~ now i'm more worried about you getting fat xD seriously 2 bowls? xD haha *teasing grin*
madoka: *embarassed* i hate you natsumi!

chihiro: geeez nattan stop bullying maa-chan
natsu: hahaha~  :P

aoi: hehe~ come on let's eat minna~
natsu: ah- i'll buy us some drinks o(^_^)o what do you want?
aoi: then i'll go with you nattan~

natsu: *shakes head* no need aoitan~ i can carry all of it, don't worry (^_^) so any of you have a request or i'll just buy the same as the last time?
chihiro: then i want orange juice please
madoka: uhm me too
aoi: i can't decide yet~ *hugs natsu's arm* so let me go with you buying the juice~  :roll:
natsu: hehe~ okay~  then chii-chan, maa-chan wait for us ^_^

chihiro&madoka: un..

they just stared the back of the two while
walking away from the room while aoi is holding natsu's hands while walking thru the hallway

aoi: ne nattan~
natsu: hmm?
aoi: your smile is getting brighter everyday ^^ i'm really glad~
natsu: eeh?? what about that?
aoi: hehe, what i mean is.. your true smile.. it suits you the best nattan. that's why i am happy *smile*
natsu: *embarrassed* *blush* thanks aoitan.. hehe..
aoi: uwah.. nattan is embarassed kawaii~
natsu: aoitan is teasing me now mou.. *pout*
aoi: hehe~ come on~ let's buy the juice fast :3  maa-chan and chii-chan are waiting for us~ *holds natsu's hand tighter*

after they bought drinks they immediately went back to their classroom

-in the hallway before they can go back to their classroom

fan1: etou.. n-natsu-s-sama we have a present for you
fan2: please accept this, we really did our best to made that..
fan3: its our gift for you on your birthday

natsu: aah- hehe~ uhm arigatou *Shy* *blush*
aoi: *pout* *jealous* *holds natsu's hand tighter* *whisper to natsu* nattan.. we should get going maa-chan and chiichan are waiting for us
natsu: ah right hehe *looks at her fans* gomen ne we have to go, thank you again *ikemen smile* i liked it ^^

fan: kyaaa~ >///< we are glad that you like it natsu-sama~!!
natsu: un~ arigatou ne~

aoi: *pulling natsu's hands going to their room*
natsu: aoitan???
aoi: hehe, i'm already hungry nattan..
natsu: ahh, hehe hai hai gomen ne~ come on aoitan, chii-chan and maa-chan are waiting *pats aoi's  head*
aoi: un~ *sweet smile*

-when they got back

madoka: natsumi so slow..
aoi: well, there was bunch of girls who talked to her that's why *pout*

madoka: flirting again huh.. -_-
natsu: eh? i did not.. they just gave me presents.. look they give me different gifts oh~ there's cookies too! uwahh.. looks yummy~! let eat this :3

madoka: no thanks..
chihiro: we're okay hehe..
natsu: hmm? something wrong? you don't want? looks yummy though~
chihiro: they worked hard to make it just for you nattan so we kinda feel bad if we ate it..
natsu: ehh? i don't get it..
aoi: hmm then let me try~ *gets cookie* *munch* well, it doesn't taste bad~
natsu: hehe really? then i should try it too

but before natsu ate the cookies..

aoi: *puts food in natsu's mouth* before that nattan, you should it lunch first~ you should eat rice first for lunch okay?
natsu: *munch* ehhh? b-but *munch* mmm- oishi~
aoi: hehe~ i made that~
natsu: oh really? you're really great at cooking aoitan~
chihiro: stop talking when you have food in your mouth nattan
madoka: come on let's eat now lunch break will end soon

-after lunch, afternoon classes have started

sensei: okay class we shall now discuss things about your project before the end of the term..

classmate 1: ehh.. but we have just returned from vacation
sensei: yes and that's why i'll give you an early project to do
all: eeeeeh!
sensei: *Cough* now then it will be pair .. so choose your partner now while i write the details on the board and then later i'll discuss the project

aoi: nattan~! nattan~!
natsu: hm?
aoi: let's be partners!
natsu: hehe~ sure aoitan (*^_^*)

classmate1: aoi-san is so lucky :'(
classmate2: yeah :'(

madoka: *secretly glancing at natsu*  *pout*

chihiro: uhm maa-chan want to be my partner? hehe,
madoka: ah- sure *smile*
chihiro: ^_^ are you okay maa-chan?
madoka: eh? hai, why do you ask chii-chan?
chihiro: hehe, nothing.. let's also do our best maa-chan *smile*

so  their sensei discuss their project for their art class

aoi: ne nattan (*^_^*) let's do our project at my house~ kaa-chan will surely be happy if you eat dinner with us~
natsu: sure! ah- but how about *looks at madoka and chihiro*

at the front row, madoka and chihiro are talking about their project plan..

natsu's mind: hmm hehe, i'm relieved they are getting along well..

aoi: hmm? what it is nattan?
natsu: ah, nothing ^_^ okay then let's do it at your house~
aoi: yay~! *hugs natsu tightly*

chihiro: *peeks at natsu and aoi* *forcing  to smile* *touch her chest*
chihiro's mind: somehow.. this is painful..

-after their class and club activities..

natsu: ah maa-chan~ you can go home early don't wait for me i'll be at aoi's house :D
madoka: who said that i'll wait for you? -_-
natsu: cold as ever ne~ hehe *pinch cheeks of madoka* take care okay? mail me anytime if you need me ^_^
madoka: *blush* *heart beat fast* i-

chihiro: maa-chan.. nattan...
natsu: hehe chii-chan~ you're going to do your project at your home right? take care of madoka for me~ hehe and chii-chan finish all our project and assignment before watching movies again okay? :p
chihiro: mou~ of course we'll  finish our project first.. what do you take us for nattan?
natsu: hahaha~ :p

aoi: nattan~ sorry for the wait~
natsu: hai! ja ne~ we'll go ahead now :D
aoi: bye bye chiichan maachan , see you tomorrow~

-at aoi's house

milky: ah! okaeri~ :3
aoi: okaa-chan *hugs* tadaima~ i'm with nattan today o(^_^)o
natsu: *bows* hi aunt milky
milky: hi nattan~ *sweet smile*
natsu: hehe~

aoi: uhm okaachan we will be at my room :)
natsu: then let's start our project?
milky: ah~ don't make too much noise when playing okay?
aoi: eh? *clueless* we'll do our project kaa-chan not play
milky: *grins at natsu* just kidding~ you're still kids so don't do that, okay? *winks*
natsu: O_O what!? *blush*
milky: *chuckle* anyway, i'll go prepare some snacks for you guys~
aoi: hai~ thanks okaa-chan (@^_^@)

so aoi and natsu went upstairs, to aoi's room

aoi: hm.. our topic for the the painting is.. happiness..
natsu: hmm.. then first we must know what will make both of us happy..
aoi: *looks at natsu*

aoi's mind: having nattan love me will make me happy *blush*

natsu: hmm... *growling stomach* food.. haha~
aoi: *giggle* geez nattan, you are hungry already?
natsu: hai~ *pout*
aoi: hehe i'll just go down stairs to get the snacks :3
natsu: yey~ *hugs* aoitan is the best~! :3

so aoi went downstairs and help her kaa-chan to prepare snacks for them
after that she went back and saw natsu writing down something with a serious face

aoi's mind: i really like natsu's face whenever she's this serious *giggle*
aoi: nattan (^_^) food is here ~
natsu: ah! thanks~ aoitan :3

aoi then put down the tray of food beside natsu..

natsu: a-oi-tan *munch* you *munch* love *munch* dogs right?
aoi: nattan stop that habit of talking while eating *sigh* you might get choked you know
natsu: *swallow food* hehe you love dogs right?
aoi: eh? yes why?
natsu: hehe i was thinking if ever someone gives you a dog will you be happy?
aoi: eh? uhm yes
natsu: and you like the color blue and white?
aoi: hai
natsu: and you like omelette?
aoi: hai
natsu: hehe and you like me?
aoi: hai


aoi: *blush*
natsu: hahaha~ why are you blushing? of course you like me because we are cousins and very close to each other..
aoi: nattan it's not that!
natsu: ehh???! aoitan doesn't like me?? T_T
aoi: eh?! *panic* wait! no you're mistaken.. mou T.T
natsu: hehe~ just kidding :3

aoi's mind: mou~ nattan!!!!!!!!

natsu: hehe now then how about we make the color of our background blue and yellow ^^ our favorite color together..
aoi: *blush* un
natsu: let's draw now, hehe~

natsu drew the four of them (natsu, aoi, chihiro and madoka) eating together being with friends is what make them most happy being together and having a good time with each other
aoitan on the otherhand she is drawing the other details while doing their project they didn't notice that they are only an inch far from each other's face

*touched hands* *looks at each other, their faces are only an inch apart*

natsu: hehe gomen~ *smile*
aoi: *looking at natsu's eyes* nattan.. *getting closer*
natsu: *kiss aoi's cheeks* *pats head* ^_^ aoitan kawaii~ *hehe*
aoi: *blushing furiously* *looks to the other way* uhm.. i'll just get more snacks

aoi immediately went outside her room and close the door

natsu:  hm???
-outside the room
aoi holds her chest, her heart is beating like crazy

aoi's mind: nattan..

milky was about to go to aoi's room and saw her child in that state
milky: hm?? i wonder what happened, i need to talk with my daughter

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So it's Aoi arc (sorta) this time.... Poor ChiiMado xD;
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Tsk tsk...Natsu such a natural flirt

Poor chihiro and madoka

Update soon

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36 Friends that i can trust

-outside the room
aoi holds her chest, her heart is beating like crazy
aoi's mind: nattan..

milky was about to go to aoi's room and saw her child in that state
milky: hm?? i wonder what happened, i need to talk with my daughter

@ -the kitchen

milky: aoi~ something happened? you're face kinda flushed, why?
aoi: eh? eto.. uhm.. n-nothing kaa-chan.. he-he.. *nervous*
milky: hm? won't you tell okaa-chan what's the matter~? you're face is red, doushite?
aoi: uhm..
milky: ah, is natsu-chan making a move on you? *grin* you don't have to be embarrassed about that~
aoi: *blush* i-it's not like that kaa-chan..
milky: ehh not yet~? hmm~ but if you want her to look only at you then you should be more aggressive you know..
aoi: i know that kaa-chan.. i'm trying my best too so that she'll notice that i really love her but..
milky: but?
aoi: but i- i don't want to force her loving me because i trust nattan that she would really love me because she wants too..
milky: well trusting her is not bad but do you want natsu-chan to be with someone else again? what if there's another person who like natsu-chan?
aoi: mm.. *pout* i don't want that!
milky: see~
aoi: kaa-chan what should i do?
milky: hmm.. you know~ when we were at your age, your tou-chan and i are really close though we are not lovers yet, but your tou-chan is so dense that no matter what i do she won't notice my feelings~
aoi: eh? then what did you do kaa-chan?
milky: what i did? hehe~ because she won't notice me mayu-senpai helped me~
aoi: nattan's tou-chan?
milky: mmm~ her sister helped me and pretended that we're lovers~
aoi: ehh?
milky: mayu-senpai and i are close friends so she helped me, and also our other friends helped too~ hehe~

aoi's mind: help from friends huh.. should i ask them for help? hehe~

milky: and then~ and then~ when mayu-senpai and i pretended to be sweet, you can imagine your tou-chan's face getting jealous~ haha~ :3
aoi: hehe~ you're having fun teasing tou-chan don't you kaa-chan?
milky: that's true~ hehe~ well despite your tou-chan's coolness she is cute when i tease her~ i love that part of her
aoi: eh~ ii ne~ i want to see that side of tou-chan too~ haha

sayanee: what about me when teased huh? *hugs the two*
aoi: ahh- tou-chan okaeri~ how was work? hehe~
milky: hehe~ we're just talking how cute you are~
aoi: un~ hehe
sayanee: geez, you two are just making fun of me aren't you?

milky: hehe~ well part of it~
sayanee: i knew it.. *pout*
milky: you're cute too when pouting hehe~ *kiss sayanee's lips*
sayanee: *blush*
milky: look aoitan~ your tou-chan is blushing~ haha~ kawaii ne?
aoi: un~ kawaii tou-chan~ haha
sayanee: mou! stop teasing me you two..

milky: hehe~ oh- aoitan the cookies are done baking~
aoi: ah~ it's done~ (*^▽^*) then i'll head to my room now kaa-chan~ nattan might be bored now waiting~ hehe
milky: un~ have fun dear~

sayanee: eh? why natsumi-chan here?? wait-
milky: *puts her index finger on sayanee's lips* *whisper* let them be~
sayanee: what-?
milky: don't mind your tou-chan aoitan~ go back to natsu-chan now, she's waiting~
aoi: un~

sayanee: hmm.. is it alright to leave the two of them alone? *worried*
milky: ehh? what are you getting worried for? natsu-chan is an ikemen~ she won't harm our daughter
sayanee: that's not it.. i'm just worried they are too close for cousins they might..
milky: don't worry about such things you know~ you're being over-protective, she won't grow if you're like that..
sayanee: hmm.. you think so?
milky: un~ *giggle* are you tired?
sayanee: well a bit, *sigh* my shoulders are a bit stiff maybe i should rest now, but i'm a kinda hungry~

milky: then~ what do you want to do first~? *smirk*
sayanee: eh?

milky: would you like dinner? bath? Or.. *seductive look* me~?
sayanee: *red face up to her ears* *stiff*
milky: ne~ *seductive tone* what do you want~?
sayanee: uhm.. *nervous*

milky: haha~ nante ne~ :3
sayanee: eeh!?? ehhh-!?
milky: you're fun to tease~ so cute~ *pinch sayanee's cheeks* haha~ go change now while i prepare our dinner okay~
sayanee: eh..? *sigh*
milky: ara~ is someone disappointed~? *giggle*
sayanee: *pout* you're playing with me..
milky: i'm not~ you're just cute when teased~ *hugs sayanee*
sayanee: you're always doing that *sulk*
milky: gomen ne~ *sweet smile* *kiss sayanee on lips*
sayanee: mm.. *kiss back vigorously*
milky: *breaks the kiss* go change now okay~? hehe~
sayanee: you're really teasing me huh.. *sigh*
milky: hehe~ i'm not~ *winks*
sayanee: *blush*
milky: come on, go change now while i prepare our dinner~
sayanee:  mm..

sayanee: *looks at milky who was wearing an apron while cooking* yappari..
milky: hm? what's the matter?
sayanee: miyuki i guess i'll have bath first.. *turns off the stove*
milky: eh~? hey-
sayanee: let's go! *drags milky at the bathroom*
milky: what about dinner?
sayanee: i'll help you later-



-meanwhile at Aoi's room

natsu: aoitan~~! what took you soo long? i'm feeling lonely alone here~ T^T
aoi: gome ne nattan~ here i brought cookies~ kaa-chan baked it~
natsu: ooh~ arigatou~ yay~
aoi: (*^∇^) oishi?
natsu: mmm~ oishi~ *munch*
aoi: *happily watching natsu*
natsu: if aoitan is living in the same house with me i'd be happy~ i will get to eat delicious meals everyday~

aoi's mind: living with nattan.. *heart beating fast*

aoi: i- i will gladly cook for you nattan..
natsu: eh? really?!! ureshii~! yatta~! hehe~

aoi: *looking happily at natsu*

aoi: um.. nattan..*gets closer to natsu*
natsu: hmm?
aoi: *heart beating fast* umm..
natsu: hehe~ ^-^ *pats aoi's head* let's work hard and finish this painting~
aoi: *blush* un..


after an hour . . .

natsu: ah- it's getting late.. maybe we should continue this tomorrow or the other day
aoi: ehh? hmm..
natsu: oh? you don't want me to go?
aoi: *looks down*
natsu: hehe~ how cute aoitan~ *pats head* don't be sad now, we can see each other tomorrow you know~
aoi: mm.. okay~ i'll accompany you
natsu: eh? it's already late... no need aoitan.. don't worry
aoi: ehhh.. then just outside of the house? can i? hehe~ *sweet smile*

milky: hm? is natsu-chan leaving already?
natsu: ah- hai aunt milky, it's getting late so-
milky: ehh.. hmm.. can you join us on dinner before you leave? you know, i cooked many food because i thought you're staying over~
natsu: uhm.. hehe,  gomen aunt milky

aoi: nattan~ join us on dinner, please? *puppy eyes*
natsu: eh? *sigh* haha.. i guess i can't win over aoitan's pleading face huh..
aoi: yay~! *wraps her arms around natsu* thanks nattan~

-at the dining table.. aoi is sitting beside natsu and sayanee was sitting in front of natsu looking suspiciously to their closeness..

natsu's mind: i can't eat properly.. T^T"
sayanee: *looking suspiciously how close her daughter and her niece is*

aoi: nattan? what's the matter? are you already full?
natsu: ah- no, no hehe,
aoi: is your tummy hurts? don't you like the food?
milky: eh? is my cooking that bad~? *pout*
natsu: no- of course not aunt milky, i like your cooking,i'm just enjoying the taste so i am eating slowly he-he..
milky: ah~ it's good to hear~  *sweet smile*
aoi: here nattan, eat more..
nattan: thanks aoitan~ *pats aoi's head*
aoi: i'm happy that nattan is having a dinner with us~
nattan: un~ i'm happy too~
aoi: really~? *looking at natsu with sparkling eyes*

sayanee's mind: her eyes looks like a maiden in love.. *sudden realization* *shocked* wait- that can't be right? do they like each other?

all throughout their dinner aoi's tou-chan was thinking if something was going on between her niece and her daughter.
After their dinner sayanee was about to ask her daughter but her milky stopped her and let the two on what they feel...


~(^∇^*) その間 (*^∇^)~

Natsu was going home, on her way home.. she was mailing madoka to check if she went home already as madoka was on her best friend's place..
but Madoka was not answering natsu's mail..

natsu: hmm... maybe i should just drop by chii-chan's place.. it's still 7:30 pm..


*in front of chii-chan's house, madoka was about to leave with chihiro accompanying her*

chihiro: ja ne maa-chan, take care on your way home okay?
madoka: mm.. thanks chii-chan, thanks for the meal it was delicious
chihiro: hehe, i'm glad you liked it..

chihiro: hm? nacchan?
madoka: eh? *heart suddenly beats fast* *slowly turned around to see natsu waving and smiling at them*

madoka: why are you here natsumi?
chihiro: going home nacchan? *smile*

natsu: un~ i mailed maa-chan if she's still here but she isn't answering so i thought i'd go drop by..
chihiro: oh.. hehe, so you wanted to fetch her? *hopeless smile*
madoka: *blush*
natsu: un~ and i kinda wanted to see my bestfriend too~ *sweet smile*
chihiro: *blush* is that so? *giggle* 
natsu: un~ i'm really lonely that our seats in class is far from each other now you know~ i'm not used to it.. T^T i'm not used to it without chii-chan by my side or near me..
chihiro: such a child nacchan ^^ *was happy hearing natsu's words* *looks at madoka  who was feeling uneasy*
madoka: . . . *pout*

natsu: it's getting late, we'll go home now chii-chan *smile*
chihiro: un~, take care you two,
madoka: hai, thanks again chii-chan..
chihiro: mm.. bye bye.. see you tomorrow~
natsu: bye chii-chan~ see you tomorrow~!!! oyasumi~!! have a nice sleep okay? ^v^
chihiro: un.. ^^
natsu: hehe~ let's go maa-chan~

*then natsu and madoka started to walk home*

chihiro: *looking at the back of her two friends who was going home*
chihiro: as i thought.. not only aoitan, maa-chan likes her too.. am i right? *painful smile*

~( ̄Д ̄;) あとで (; ̄Д ̄)~

- at natsu's room

natsu: ahh~ at last we can rest~ ^∇^ it's a tiresome day~ right maa-chan?
madoka: mmm... *just got out from the bath*
natsu: hmm? your a bit quiet for the whole day maa-chan, what's the matter? not feeling well?
madoka: i'm not really quiet today you know, your seat is just far so you don't hear me talk with our other classmates! hmpt..
natsu: *grins* heh~ so you really care about how our seats are far from each other eh? as i thought you will get lonely without me~ don't worry i'll go to your seat and disturb you from time to time~ *sarcastic laugh*
madoka: *red face* don't get ahead of yourself stupid natsumi!! *throws pillow at natsu*

natsu: hahaha~ at last genki madoka is reacting to my teasing~
madoka: what?! natsumi!!! are you making fun of me?!
natsu: nah~ i kinda just miss our teasing hehe~ you've been quiet these days i'm lonely you know~
madoka: huh? you should be happy i don't tease you that much yet you miss them? are you stupid? *smile*
natsu: haha~ you know how much i'm irritated the first time we met in the restaurant? we were in bad terms and then you're always teasing me.. but as time passed i get to see you and your personalities.. it's different from the surface.. you're really kind and caring for your friends.. and although were always teasing each other it become a routine for us that were having fun from it.. you're really funny, interesting and caring though you don't show it *laughs*.. but that's what i like about you~ *smile*

madoka: *blushing* what are you talking about?! you're really a sweet talker aren't you?! *heart beating fast*
madoka's mind: *natsu's words keeps repeating on her mind*   **`that's what i like about you~`** **`that's what i like about you~`** **`that's what i like about you~`**

natsu: hm?  haha i'm not~ ;p
madoka: *red face up to her ears*
natsu: ohhh~? how unusual~? the queen is blushing on what i said~ hahaha~
madoka: stupid natsumiii!!! *throws pillows on natsu's face*
natsu: heh~ do you want pillow fight?
madoka: i hate you natsumi!!
natsu: haha~ but i don't want pillow fight~ *grins* you are always saying that you hate me aren't you? *tackles madoka on the bed wrapping her arms around the taller girl*

madoka: *shocked* *blush* h-hey!
natsu: *tickles madoka*
madoka: kyaa!!! n-natsumi!!!!!!! *trying not to laugh from natsu's tickles* hey- *still trying not to laugh* n-natsumi.. stop tickling me!!
natsu: hahaha~ this is fun ne?
madoka: this is no fun!!! *burst out laughing*
natsu: *still having fun tickling madoka*

madoka: mou.. *got tickled again by natsu* ahh- n-natsu-mi stop *got weakened from natsu's tickles*
natsu: O///O ohh maa-chan.. you let out a sexy voice?
madoka: *embarrassed* pervert!pervert!!pervert!!!!! i hate you natsumi!!!! *burried her face on the pillow*

natsu: eh? hahaha~ come on~ don't get embarrassed now~ it's not intentional that you did that... *pfftt* *trying not to laugh* b-but it's not my fault that you let out a sexy voice~ oh and did you know you're calling my name too~ *trying not to laugh but* hahahaha~
madoka: *death glare at natsu* I REALLY REALLY HATE YOU NATSUMI!!!
natsu: hahaha gomen maa-chan.. it's just i really missed teasing you~
madoka: hmpt.. *turns around not facing natsu* *buried her face on the pillow*
natsu: ehh? you're angry for real?
madoka: *ignoring natsu* *still embarrassed*

natsu: ehh? she's really angry?! (ノ´д`) waahhh~! maa-chan i'm so sorry!!
madoka: hmpt!!
natsu: wahh.. gomen maa-chan.. へ(´д`へ) *hugs* *pats madoka's head*
madoka: *blush* *not looking at natsu*
natsu: i'm sorry maa-chan please?
madoka: ...
natsu: ahh- you smell nice hehe~
madoka: you're teasing me again go away! i hate you!
natsu: ehhh.. maa-chan T^T don't hate me please~ (oT-T) i'm sorry..
madoka: . . . *not talking to natsu*
natsu: *hugging madoka, saying sorry*

5 minutes later-

madoka: . . . *still not talking to natsu*
natsu: *still hugging madoka, saying sorry*

natsu: ma-do-ka~ i'm really sorry~ T_T
madoka's mind: this is warm.. *small smile* but maybe i should forgive her already~ hehe,

natsu: ah- that reminds me, when i was tickling you earlier i feel like this happened in my dream haha~
madoka: dream?
natsu: un~ i dreamt of us hugging and tickling each other~ haha how funny isn't it?
madoka: *remember the time where they were really tickling and hugging each other, and that she confessed*
A/n: madoka confessed on #33, the time when natsu was drunk :lol:

madoka's mind: so she did remember.. did she? *suddenly nervous* did she remember that* what i said? said that i l-like her?

madoka: ne, what else do you remember in your dream? *nervous*
natsu: ehh? that's the only thing i remember, why you ask?? ahh- haha interested?
madoka: not really, hmpt~

madoka's mind: i see.. so she really didn't hear that.. *kinda disappointed* no it's a good thing she doesn't heard that, it's embarrasing.. *sigh*

natsu: hehe~ you're kinda soft like a teddy bear, hugging you feels nice~ :3
madoka: *small smile* *blush*

madoka: *turns around and flicks natsu's forehead* it's getting late stupid natsumi, we have school tomorrow i'm going to sleep
natsu: a- it's true!! T^T

madoka: *yawn* come on now, just sleep natsumi.. okay? *smile*
natsu: hehe~ un~ *cat smile*


~(^∇^*) 次の日 (*^∇^)~

-the next day, Aoi is happily walking towards their classroom.. she feels refreshed from what was bothering her..
on how can she confess properly to natsu`

Aoi's mind: I feel both excited and nervous right now... but i know maa-chan and chiichan will help me out~! ^_^ they will surely understand me the best~ because we're great friends~ ♫♪♫♪♪

and then aoi arrived at their classroom really early

Aoi: ah-! maa-chan and nattan is still not here ...  *looks for chiichan* ah there she is!

Aoi: chiichan~!! Ohayou~! *hugs chiichan*
chihiro: hehe ohayou aoitan *hugs back* you look so energetic today~
Aoi: hai~ *sweet smile*
chihiro: did you and natsu finish your project?
aoi: not yet but ^_^ wanna see it?
chihiro: sure ^^

while looking at their projects madoka and natsu arrived

fan 1: kyaaaa~ natsu-sama!!!
fan 2: ohayou natsu-sama!!!
fan 3: ahh- natsu-senpai!!

chihiro: nattan sure is really popular ^_^"
aoi: and all of those girls are noisy *pout*
chihiro: yeah hehe but that can't be helped~
aoi: *pout*

natsu: yo~! ohayou aoitan~ ohayou chiichan~ you guys are early~ \(^▽^@)ノ
chihiro: ohayou nattan, maa-chan~ ^^
madoka: ohayou chiichan, aoitan *smile*
aoi: ohayou maa-chan, nattan *hugs*
natsu: hehe *pats head* did you sleep well?
aoi: un~
madoka: *uneasy seeing them hugging* ...

-and then their classes start~
while having their lessons, aoi is still thinking about how she will ask her two closest friend  to help her out

aoi's mind: *glancing at natsu* nattan, i really wish my feeling will reach you out~ nattan i really love you~

aoi's mind: okaachan~ i'm really nervous to tell it directly to natsu now, but i know i will be okay.. my friends are here to support me *happy*


- lunch break~
its already lunch break... but natsu is called to the newspaper club

natsu: mou~ but i'm hungry T_T and that work can be done later why do ai-chan called me now *pout* it's lunch time (@ ̄Д ̄@;)
nana: gomen ne senpai~ but rabutan-senpai  really need your help now~

natsu: chiichan help me here~
chihiro: *giggle* sorry nattan but i cannot help you, it's her calling you~
natsu: mou~ okay then i'll go now T_T eat lunch without me T.T
aoi: he-he~ *trying to smile*

natsu: *notice aoi's face*  ah! hehe *pats head* don't worry i'll be right back :D please leave some food for me ^_^
aoi: :3 hai~
natsu: ja ne minna~ T^T

-and so natsu goes with her kouhai as her club's president love-tan is calling for her..

aoi's mind: hm.. maybe this is my chance now to ask chiichan and maachan~ hehe~ i'm kinda nervous

chihiro: aoitan? is something matter?
madoka: hm? aoitan?

aoi: hehe i'm fine i'm fine etou... ah how about we eat our lunch at the rooftop *smile* just the three of us~
madoka: i guess it's okay and its more relaxing there than here
chihiro: hehe okay then let's go there~

-so the three of them went upstairs up to the rooftop and had their lunch there..
while eating they talk about lots of stuffs like what is the next event on their schools... student council stuffs, clubs works, etc,,

chihiro: hehe, that's reminds me.. when maachan opened her locker earlier, there are many love letters inside that it overflow haha~
madoka: hey chiichan that's kinda embarrassing.. and it's not all loveletters you know,,

aoi: hehe really?! did you read it?
chihiro: hehe she said she doesn't want to read it she just left it there
aoi: eeeh? but why maa-chan?
madoka: its just that... mm.. it will be troublesome answering all of those..
chihiro: *giggle* maybe maa-chan already have someone she likes that's why she doesn't entertain anyone~ *teasing*
aoi: eh????? really??????
madoka: *trying not to panic and blush* not really. that's not true..
chihiro: hehe~ just kidding~ *smile*
aoi: how about you chiichan? :) did you like someone now?
chihiro: eh? why suddenly ask me that? i don't have..
aoi: *giggle* so my two closest friends have someone they like now *pout* and they not sharing it to me
chihiro: eeeeeh wait what your thinking right now is wrong
madoka: *sigh* i told you aoitan it's not true,
aoi: *pout* but chiichan is it true someone is trying to court you???
chihiro: ehh? what?
aoi: hehe~ sakuratan told me~ her friend is interested in you~ and last time you went out with sakuratan and her~ (* >ω<)~ what was her name again? ha-ru?
madoka: its haruppi
aoi: ah right~! haha~
chihiro: wait there is nothing between us *blushing hard*
chihiro's mind: mou~ good thing nattan is not here..

aoi: *giggle*
madoka: how about you aoitan? do you like someone?
aoi: *blush* yes i do.... ^w^
chihiro: *heart beat fast* *trying to smile*

aoi: uhm.... its- ahm..
madoka: well?
aoi: chiichan and maachan are my closest friend and whom i can trust the most.. i want to ask you.. uhm i have a favor to ask from you two..

aoi: actually..

chihiro&madoka: hmmm...

aoi: i-its natsu.. i like natsu even before when we are kids.. chii-chan maa-chan, could you help me confess to natsu?

chihiro's mind: i knew it.. *pricking heart pain but still trying to smile*

madoka: *shocked* *never expected aoi to also like natsu*

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AWWWW MAAANNN That was sooooo awkward and Chihiro was the only one who knew about their feelings for Natsu. She was so mature and observant. XD
Aoi on the other hand is too....... pure? XD;
While Madoka is just tsundere :P
Anai Chihiro is my one and only.

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@Yuki88 ii ne~ :3 sorry if we take long to update a lot of things happened ^_^

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