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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100208 times)

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Hello everyone  :)
I'm a new writer. My Kami-Oshi is Atsuko, and the main pair of this story is Atsumina :heart:
This is the prologue of my story. I got inspired by the song "Lucky Seven"
I hope you like it.   :)
Please forgive my grammar and wording mistakes  :)
Beyond the Sea

Chapter 1: Captain of “The Legend”
Chapter 2: An Encounter
Chapter 3: A New Companion
Chapter 4: Welcome Doctor
Chapter 5: An Old Friend
Chapter 6: Traumatic Past
Chapter 7: Revenge
Chapter 8: Mysterious Girl and Jun’s Past
Chapter 9: The Cursed Land
Chapter 10: First Meeting
Chapter 11: Sudden Attack
Chapter 12: Fragment of Memories
Chapter 13: The Forgotten Past Part 1 Part 2
Chapter 14: Secret of The Past Part 1 Part 2
Chapter 15: Pain
Chapter 16: Danger
Chapter 17: Part 1: Wmatsui  Part 2 Marimii Part 3 Mayuki Part 4 Kojiyuu Part 5 Atsumina + SayaMilky Part 6 Atsumina + SayaMilky
Chapter 18: Reunion
Chapter 19: Matsui Clan
Chapter 20: Investigating
Chapter 21: Special Guests
Chapter 22: Case Close?
Chapter 23: Going Back
Chapter 24: Before Storm
Chapter 25: Lost
Chapter 26: Painful Heart
Chapter 27: The Reunion of Two Hearts
Chapter 28: The Mysterious Men
Chapter 29: The Real Heir
Chapter 30: Final Fight (Final)

                                                                                                          Beyond The Sea
   Pirate is the term that uses to indicate people who are the thieves on the sea. They steal goods from the Mercian’s ships and other rich people ship. They steal people goods and money and kill them. They are in people mind is bad people.
      However there is a group of Pirate who only steals from pirate, fraud and corrupt nobilities. Their rules are only stealing from bad people and never kill them. They only kill pirate.
   Their ship is named “The Legend.” They are very popular. They are known as the strongest and the most fearful pirate. The prize that the kingdoms have put on their heads is a big money which people can use to buy a castle and live as a king.
        Fate has brought them together, and what destiny will they face together.

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Here is the Chapter 1
The bold sentences is the characters introduction.

Chapter 1: Captain of “The Legend”
Atsuko's POV
My name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of the pirate ship, “The Legend.” Yes, I’m a pirate. Our targets are corrupt nobilities, and rich heartless people.  On top of that I want to find the greatest treasure.
           Maeda Atsuko (Acchan): Captain of the pirate ship, “The Legend.”
-   She is cold, quiet, and rarely shows her emotion, but in side she is kind hearted and care for her friends and family.
-   Her main weapon is a long sword with a phoenix engraved on the guard of the sword. She also carries a small gun and a hidden dagger
-   Her parent was killed when she was 6

   There isn’t many crews member in this ship
“Atsuko-nee, Jun is back”
   That is my sister, Kashiwagi Yuki, is the vice-captain of the ship. She is responsible in controlling the ship.
           Kashiwagi Yuki: Fighter
-   She is smart
-   She is good at short distance combat
-   She uses long katana as her main weapon. Her deadly weapon is a string the hidden inside her ring
-   She was adopted by Atsuko’s parent when she was 2

“Okey, go tell everyone to meet in the meeting room” I told her.
   Jun that she mentioned is one of my crew members. He is like my brother. I save him from the slave trader 18 years ago. He is from a very wealthy family. He was sold by his cousin after he became the heir of the Matsui clan. His job is gather information about the target for us.
              Matsui Jun:  Fighter
-   He always fights by hands, and he carries a flexible sword in his belt
-   He was saved by Acchan when he was a kid
-   His duty is to find information about the target

   “Good morning Acchan” Haruna said while yawning. 
“Morning, Nyan Nyan” I greeted her.
          Kojima Haruna (Nyan Nyan): Shooter
-   She is a my pace girl
-   She good at controlling and aiming canons in battle
-   She uses 2 hand guns as her main weapon.

   Her name is Kojima Haruna. One day 8 years ago, while I was fighting with other pirate ship, I saved a girl who was captured by those pirates. Her name is Kojima Haruna. For some reason she did not want to go back to her house, so she joined our ship. She is a great shooter, and I appointed her to control our cannons.
“Hi Acchan, Nyan Nyan” Mariko and Mii-kun said
           Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama): adviser
-   She is like Acchan’s sister
-   She  always solves any problem that occur
-   She is playful, but she is very serious and reliable

Shinoda Mariko is my advisor. She is like a big sister of the ship. I met her 10 years ago. She travels around with her childhood friend. We helped her to trick a fraud land owner. After that they join our ship.
Minegishi Minami he is an inventor. He is Mariko’s childhood friend. He invented a lot of our equipment. This ship is also renovated by him. Even so sometime his inventions are not work correctly.
          Minegishi Minami (Mii-kun): inventor
-   He is Mariko’s childhood friend
-   He invented a lot of helpful weapon for Acchan’s group.

   “Today, we will attack a Mercian ship” I said to them
 “This Mercian, he is a fraud. He always cheats other people to get their money. A lot of people lost their property from him. In addition, he also associates with the corrupt nobilities to get away from his sin.” Jun said
   “As I investigated, his ship will pass this Maze Rocks at noon in other to go to this island.” Jun adds
   “Like Jun said, Maze Rocks will be a good place for us to attack.” Mariko said while pointing to the map.
     “Certainly, that place has a lot of submerged rocks.” Haruna said
   “In addition, there is a big rock for us to hide. Once his ship gets near the Maze Rock, we will force his ship to go into those rocks by our cannon.” I continue
   “After that we will approach that ship and attack them.” Yuki concludes
   “I have invented a new kind of cannon ball. This cannon ball is very special” Mii said
   “What is special about them?” Yuki asked
   “Instead of damage the physical figure of the ship, this cannon ball will contain spicy smoked” Mii answers
   “Once it hits the floor, it will spread the smoke over the ship. We will wear those masks that I just invented. It will protect us from the smoke” Mii continue
   “Are you sure it will work out, Mii-kun?” Haruna jokily said
   “Of course, it will” Mii proudly answers
Everyone giggles
   “Good job Mii-kun” Jun said
   “This will make our job easier” Mariko adds.
   “Now we will start preparing for our plan” I said
End Atsuko’s POV
After the meeting, they all return to their room to prepare for the mission.
At noon, everyone is already in their position to attack.
When the Mercian’s ship is close, Atsuko give a sign for Haruna to prepare the cannon with real cannonball to force the ship to change its direction.
   “Nyan Nyan, fire” Atsuko commands
 “Aye aye captain” Haruna said and starts firing the Cannonball near the ship.
The Mercian ship after got attack from The Legend, they panic and change their wheel go right into the Maze Rock and stuck there just as Atsuko’s plan.
“Mii, change the Cannonball into the spicy smoked “Atsuko commands
“Right away” Mii said
“Nyan Nyan, aim at the quarter deck and deck of the ship” Atsuko said
After the smoke spread all over the ship, Jun said “guys, ready to have some fun”
“Let go” everyone shouts.
They all wear the mask and ready to go to the Mercian ship
Yuki controls the ship to come closer to the Mercian ship. Then they bridge the two ships.
The ship is in Chaos. Eveyone is Panic and aimlessly running around
Taking the opportunity, they come to the capture and tied all the crews and the businessman together and take all their money and goods in the cargo hold.
When the smoke is gone, the man yells at the Atsuko “who are you? Do you know who I’m? How dare you attack my ship?”
Atsuko walks to the man, takes off her mask, smirks and said “My name is Maeda Atsuko.”
 “MAEDA ATSUKO, captain of THE LEGEND? You filthy pirate”
Yuki comes and slaps at his face and said “don’t yell at her, and who do you call filthy?”
“If you yell again, this sword will cut through your throat” Jun said and puts his sword on the man neck
“Just throw him into the sea” Haruna playfully adds
“Please don’t kill me. Maeda-sama, you can take all you want. Please spare my life” the man begging
“You are a coward” Atsuko said with a contemptuous look 
“You and the people you associate with are the real filthy thieves” Yuki continue
“You tricked people who are in their tough situation, and then take all their money and properties to make yourself richer. We just take something that obviously doesn’t belong to you.” Mariko adds and laughs.
“YOU...You will pay for what you have done……” the man said while gritting his teeth
“We will wait for that” Atsuko coldly said, and walks away
Leaving the man alone in his ship yelling and cursing them
Then they return to their ship and ready to go to the island to buy supply and food.
I hope you like it. Feel free to comment about your opinions  :)

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Sounds interesting! Can't wait for the next update!

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Very interesting new story there

There are going to have my fav. pairings too...

Can't wait to see when the other characters are coming

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the wonderful fic

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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yuhuu i'm waiting for takamina n the gang appear  XD
update soon ^^

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This fanfic looks very exciting  :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow:
, I can not wait for takamina and the other appear and all my favorite pair also here  :mon squee:
please continue it soon author-san  :mon firecrack:

if I could give an advice athor-san  :glasses:,  please give distance at dialogue among the players
for example
 “Certainly, that place has a lot of submerged rocks.” Haruna said
  “In addition, there is a big rock for us to hide. Once his ship gets near the Maze Rock, we will force his ship to go into those rocks by our cannon.” I continue

   “After that we will approach that ship and attack them.” Yuki concludes

   “I have invented a new kind of cannon ball. This cannon ball is very special” Mii said

maybe like this author-san ,so its not difficult to read
hehe,just an advice athor-san   :hee: I'm sorry if it bothers you
Matsui Rena <3
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This fanfic seems really good!! I love stories about pirates!!  :mon determined:
I can't wait for the other characters to appear!!  :nya:
Please update soon!!!  :pig sleep:

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  • KojiYuu/FuuMiru/SayaMilky (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Hmmm, I suggest that you should create a distant between some lines above and down. :)

Waiting for your next update~ :on gay:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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  • i'm just a trash !
I can't wait for the sequel, how they met their partner .. thank you author-san to quickly update

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Wow. A pirate setting eh..
Can't wait for Yuko and the rest to appear. :glasses:
I have a question though, is Yuko, Mayu and Takamina going to appear as a boy character?
Anyway, I'll be waiting for the next update!
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

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Takamina hasn't appeared yet. wondering if she wud be a guy or a woman.

Acchan is very strong and devilish. Too perfect!!

i can't wait for the next chapter.

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Wow this is so awesome  :shocked

I never read a fanfic when they become a pirate  8)

I reall looking forward to read it even more  :thumbsup  :thumbsup

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This is a great fanfic.

I hope Takamina will be a guy, because Jurina is a guy here.

Waiting for your update.

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@kairi65: Thank you for reading my story  :)

@cisda83: Thank you for reading my story   :)

@Pokotan: Thank you for reading my story  :)

@fira_188: Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for your advice. I’m a new writer, so your advice can help me improve. I appreciate that!  :heart: :)

@NamiRay!!!: Thank you for reading my story. :)

@ChibiRine: Thank you for reading my story. Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate that!  :D

@purnamazaki: Thank you for reading my story :)

@JoeYee: Yes, Yuko, Mayu, and Takamina will appear as a boy character. Thanks for reading my story :D

@Kazuko: Thank you for reading my story. Takamina will appear as a guy.  XD

@vivinardisa: Thank you for reading my story.  XD

@sadrilim: Thank you for reading my story. Yes Takamina will be a guy.   :love:

Thank you for all of your comments, and thank everyone who read my fic. I will do my best to update chapters as soon as possible.   :fap

Here is an update chapter 2  :)

Chapter 2: An encounter

Atsuko POV

   After we park the ship at the deserted part of the Reef Bay, we prepare to go into the Alley city. However, before we can go, we have to disguise ourselves. The reason is the wanted notices about us are placed all over the island, and our prize is so high.

   This small island is a part of the kingdom name Whitewave. In the past, this is a beautiful and peaceful kingdom. But after the king was killed 20 years ago, this kingdom became corrupt, disorder, and chaotic.

   After we finished our disguise, we leave the ship and walk toward the city. When we reach the city, Mariko and Mii-kun go to buy supply for the ship, and Mii-kun also wants to buy some supply for his experiment. Yuki and Jun go to buy food and any necessary goods for us. While waiting for them, I will go and take a look around the city.

End Atsuko’s POV

   When Atsuko walks pass the series of food stand, she saw something that caught her attention. There is a little boy who sneakily tries to steal money from a short man. Then the little boy got caught by the man.

       “Hey kid, what are you doing?” the man asks

   The kid just stutters. He thought that he definitely is hit by the man

   “He will definitely be punished by that man” Atsuko thought

        However, she was wrong. To the boy’s and Atsuko’s surprise, the man does not hit him. Instead he gives him some food and asks

   “Why do you want to steal my money? You know that if you get caught, you will be hit or thrown into jail”

   “My mother is sick and hungry. My house is out of food and I don’t have money to buy food and medicine for her” the boy said while crying.

   After the man hearing that, he buys for the kid some food and gives him some money.

   “Here kid, bring this to your mother. This is some money, go find a doctor for her” he said and pats the kid’s head.

   The kid says thank to him and happily rush back to his home. Atsuko looks at him with a surprise look. When she sees that the man looks at her and smiles, she snaps back and starts walking away.

        “That man, his smile, somehow it looks familiar” she thought.

   After Atsuko finish eating, she leaves the food stands and walks to another place. When she passes through the corner of the market, she sees the little boy again. He is cornered by two big men, one with red coat and one with black coat.

   “Give me the money that the short guy just gave you.” One of the men demands

   “No, this money is for my mom” the boy said in trembling.

   When the men are about to hit the boy, Atsuko runs toward and kicks the red coated man on his face. Making him to fly and hit the wall. Then she grasps the coat of the other man and through him into big garbage.

   “Why are you hit the boy?” Atsuko angrily said

   “His father own our boss money, so we just come and collect it” one of the man said

   Then she gives those two a deadly cold look; they are scared and stand still.

   “Are you ok little boy?” she bends down and gently asks.

   “Yes, I’m. Thank you onee-chan” he answers and smiles at her.

   “Did your father own them money?” Atsuko asks the boy.

   “My father is a gambler. He takes all money at home and also borrows a lot of money to play. After that he run away and leaves me and my mother” the boy said in tear.

   Atsuko’s heart fells tight and sad. She stands up and walks to the two men.

   “How much did he own your boss?” she asks

   “1000 Gold” they answer

   Atsuko takes out her pocket and gives them the amount money

   “Take this and leave the boy and his mother alone” Atsuko said and glares at them

   They take money and run away

   Atsuko sits down before the boy

   “Here take this money with you and take good care of your mom, ok?” She said and gives him a gentle smile.

   “No, I cannot take this. You already pay off my debt with a lot of money” the boy quickly replies.

   “You deserve that. And here keep this flag. If anyone tries to hurt you, just show this flag to them.” she smiles and whispers to him

    The boy opens the flag. There is a unique letter “L” in the middle of the flag. That is the symbol of the popular pirate “The Legend.”

   “You are Ma…” the boy widened his eyes and asks with a low tone, but he is stopped by Atsuko.

   “Remember to say that you are that captain’s little brother” she smiles and winks to him

   He hugs her. After that he runs back to his house.

   Atsuko smiles and starts walking to another place.

Atsuko’s POV

   After saying goodbye to the boy, I start walking again.

   When I pass through the forest, a group of men comes out and starts blocking me.   

   “Ok, beautiful girl, we saw you gave a lot of money to that kid. These days we are out of money, can you give us some of your money, too” one of the guys spoke.

   “In our house is also very boring, how about you coming with us and entertain us?” another one said, and then they all laugh like crazy

   I signs and thought “I thought I will have a peaceful day”

   When I am about to fight those guys, suddenly I heard a voice behind me

   “Honey, where are you going? I look for you everywhere”

   I look back and realize that he is the short man in the food stand

   Suddenly he grasps my hand, pulls me closer, and smiles at me. Then he whispers into my ears

   “Don’t worry, I will save you” then he kisses my cheek

   “Wh..wha..what is he doing?” I stun and look at him with surprise look; I can feel that my face is getting hot

   “Hey midget, this is non of your business. Back off” the big man angrily said

   “Sorry guys, but this girl is my girlfriend. She and I have to go now” he said to the guys

   Suddenly, he throws sand that he holds in his hand to those men. Doesn’t let me response, he drags me to run with him.

        While running, I feel something flashing in my mind, a familiar feeling. For some reason, I suddenly hear someone voice “Acchan, Acchan…”

   “A little boy voice? Who is that?” I thought.

   A sudden the stop snaps me out of my thought.

   “What are you doing?” I annoyingly said while pulling my hand out of his grip

   “I just want help you get away from those bad guys” he said with a smile

   “By the way, my name is Takahashi Minami, you can call me Takamina” he continues and gives out his hand

   “I don’t need your help” I said with a cold tone and walk away.

End Atsuko POV

   “At least, I saved you, and I already told you my name. Could you tell me your name?” Minami reasons while following Atsuko.

   “First, I did not ask your help. Second, you told your name by yourself” she answers and keeps walking.

   “But I want to know your name. I want to be your friend” he pouts

   She stops and asks “why?” “Why do you want to be my friend?”

   “When I saw you at the food stands, I somehow get a familiar feeling. For some reason, I really want to be your friend.” He answers honestly

   “Maeda Atsuko” she said


   “You are the girl in the wanted notice?” he said with a surprise tone

   “Yes, why? Are you afraid, or do you want to capture me for the prize” still keep the cold tone she asked him.

    “No, no, no, I just didn’t think that a popular pirate that makes everyone frighten when they hear her name in the past 7 year can be that young and beautiful, and I don’t think that you are a bad person” he quickly answer and give her his big smile.

   “Somehow I can feel my heart beat fast when I look at his smile” She thought

   “You are weird” she said while trying to keep herself calm.

        After calming down, she said

   “Don’t follow me” then stares at him and walks away.

Atsuko POV

   When I’m back to the ship, Yuki and Jun are already back

   “Hi Atsuko-nee, where have you been?” Jun greets me

   “I just walked around the city and try their food” I answer

   “It is really you, Atsuko-nee. ‘A food lover’” Yuki laughs and teases me

   “Yes, I’m” I said jokingly

   “where is Nyan Nyan?” I ask them

   “Oh she is still sleeping in her room” Yuki answers

   As expected, that is really her.

   “How about you two, how is your shopping?” I ask them

   “Good, we bought a lot of good stuff and fresh food for us” Yuki answer.

   “OK that is good. Now I will go back to my room. Inform me when Mariko and Mii-kun are back” I said to them and go down to my roon.

End Atsuko POV

   While Yuki and Jun are talking to each other, Mariko and Mii come back.

   “Hi guys” Mariko and Mii greet them.

   “Where is everyone?” Mariko asks them

   “Nyan Nyan is sleeping in her room, and Atsuko-nee just went back to her room while ago” Yuki answers

   “By the way, who is that guy?” Jun asks

   “Hi everyone, my name is Takahashi Minami. You guys can call me Takamina.  From today, I will be your new crew member” Minami said with a smile on his face

   Yuki and Jun surprise about the introduction.


    That is chapter 2. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. feel free to comment about oppinions  :)

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Wow ....

It's so sweet atsumina finally meet and they are a childhood friend  :?

And how can takamina join the crew  :huhuh  :?

I hope you Will update soon  :cow:  :cow:

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This is really great!!

hope you update soon.

Atsumina forever  :cathappy:

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Hm? did Acchan lose her memory before this story?

and exactly how Takamina manage to join..? :shocked

update soon!

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it's getting mooooooore interesting!
keep writing and update soon author-san!

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Ah... was takamina was the boy in Atsuko's memory?

What would Atsuko's reaction be about Takamina's membership?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 3
« Reply #19 on: June 20, 2015, 02:26:02 AM »
@vivinardisa, @Kairiri65, @cisda83, @Kazuko: Thanks for reading my fic. :)

@sadrilim: Thanks for reading my fic. Yes, Atsumina Forever  :wub: XD

Thank you everyone who read this fic :)

Here is my update for chapter 3

Chapter 3: A New Companion

Mariko POV

When Mii-kun and I come back to the ship, I only see Yuki and Jun

“You guys are already back” I greet them

They all turn back to look at me.

“Oh hey, Mariko-sama, Mii-kun” Yuki and Jun greet us

“Who is he Mariko-sama?” Jun asks me

“Hi everyone, my name is Takahashi Minami. You guys can call me Takamina.  From today, I will be your new crew member” Minami said with a smile on his face

Takahashi Minami (Takamina): A swordsman

-   He own a sword with a dragon head engrave in between the rain-guard and cross-guard

-   His parent died when he was 6

“Takamina is like my brother” Mii-kun said.

“His father takes care of me because my parent passed away when I was 6.” Minami adds.

“Sorry” Yuki said and everyone look at Minami.

“nah, it’s ok” he smile at them

“So, what about the new crew member?” Jun asks

“Well, from now on he will join our ship” I said to them.

“I met him in the market, and since he is a skilled swordsman, I think he is a good candidate for us” I add.


“Hey Mii-kun, I think we bought enough material for our ship. How about you? Did you buy something for your experiment?” Mariko asks Mii while checking all her stuffs.

“I think I’ve got enough. We should get back now. It is already dark” Mii answers.

When they turn around, they suddenly bump into someone.

“I’m sorr… ah, Takamina?” Mii said with surprise tone.

“Oh, Takamina what are you doing here?” Mariko asks Minami.

“Oh hey, Mii and Mariko-sama long time no see” Minami greets them.

“I just travel around from town to town” Minami said.

“How are you guys doing? Still together as always huh” Minami asks teasingly and giggles.

“I’m fine. And he still follows me around” Mariko answers Minami and pats Mii’s head.

“I’m not following you, and don’t pat my head like I’m a kid” he annoyingly said.

“You two the same as always” Minami giggles

“Put that aside, Takamina you just travel around right?” Mariko asks

“Yes, why?” Minami answers with confusing look.

“Takamina, did you hear about the pirate group “The Legend”?” Mariko asks

“Yes, I saw a lot of wanted notice about them” Minami answers

“And I just met their captain while ago” Minami though and smile.

“What up?” Mii aks when he saw Minami smile.

“ah.. nothing. And what about them?”  Minami said.

“Do you know that we are one of them?” Mariko continues

“What!!! You are “The Lehmmp”” Mii covers Minami mouth before he could finish his words.

“Hush, Takamina, you are too loud” Mii talks to him with a whisper tone.

“Sorry, I just thought that they just have them same name with you guys. I never thought you two are one of them.” Minami talks in a low tone.

“Do you think there will be that coincident” Mii raises his eyebrow and asks.

“Anyway, I want you to join ours ship” Mariko speaks.

“Why?” he asks

“Well, to tell the true, we short in member. Since you are a strong swordsman, we will become stronger. Therefore we will be able to fight any stronger opponent in the future.” Mariko explains

After a while

“Ok, I will join you guys” Minami accepts the offer.

“That is great” Mariko and Mii said together.

End Flashback

“So, that is the reason” Yuki said.

“And you’re a skilled swordsman huh?” Jun asks Minami

“No, I’m not that good” Minami said and smiles shyly while scratching his head

“Hey guys” Haruna goes up and greets everyone.

“Who is he” Haruna asks with confusing look

“He is Takamina, and he will be our new crew member” Mariko said

 “What do you think Yuki, Jun” Mii asks them

“Welcome to our ship, nice to meet you Takamina” Yuki and Jun said and shake Minami hand.

“Nyan Nyan can you call our captain, and then we will introduce each other” Mariko said

Haruna goes down and informs Atsuko

“Acchan, Mari-chan and Mii are back. They also brought a new crew member.”

“A new crew member?” Atsuko asks Haruna

“Uh, Mari-chan said that he is her and Mii’s childhood friend. She also said that he is a skilled swordsman” Haruna tells Atsuko while they are walking up to the ship deck.

When Atsuko got up to the ship deck, she sees a familiar figure.

“It cannot be” Atsuko thought

The small figure turns to her and greets her with a wide smile

“Hey, Atsuko, we meet again”


“It’s you again” Atsuko finally said with a surprise tone

“Acchan you know him?” Mariko said in surprise tone because she know that Atsuko never like to interact with strangers especially telling her name. 

“Yes” Minami answers

“No” Atsuko answers

Atsuko glares at him

“By the way, don’t call me like we are close with each other” Atsuko coldly adds

“But you accepted to be my friend” Minami pouts

“I never said that” Atsuko answers annoyingly

“But you already tell me your name”

“That because you keep following me”

“Wait, where did you meet Acchan, Takamina?” Mii Asks

“I met her at the market this morning” Minami answers

“Oh I see. So Acchan what do you think about him?” Mariko asks

“Since everyone is agree, it is fine by me.” Atsuko answers

“Well, welcome to The Legend, my name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of this ship. Nice to meet you” Atsuko shakes his hand

“Nice to meet you, too” Minami smiles widely and shakes her hand

“My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, vice-captain” Yuki shakes his hand

“My name is Matsui Jun,”

"My name is Kojima Haruna, you can call me Nyan Nyan.”

“OK you all know each other. Now I will go back to my room” Atsuko said and leave the deck.

Mariko sees that Minami is still looking at Atsuko. She said to him

“Don’t worry, Acchan is not hate you or anything”

“Yes, Mariko-sama is right; it is just Atsuko-nee’s character. She doesn’t like to interact with stranger.” Yuki adds

"However, I think it is opposite. Takamina, you had accomplished something. You made her to tell her name to you” Mariko teases and laugh

“Accomplished huh?” Minami thought

“Come on, Takamina, I will show you to your room” Mii said

“Ah, ok, let go” Minami answers.

On their way

“Do you like Accchan?” Mii whisper in Minami ear

“Wha…wha…what?” Minami stutter and his face turn red

Mii giggles

At night

Minami POV

Today is a day with full of surprise.


“Hey little boy, what are you doing?” I ask him

I caught him while he tries to steal my money

“I…I.. Ummm..I..” he stutter

“Why did you do that?” I sign and ask him

“My mom is hungry, and she is very sick. I need money to find for my mom a doctor” he speaks in a small voice.

*sign* poor little boy

“Here takes these foods to your mom. And here take some money to find a good doctor to your mom” I said to him.

   After I say goodbye to him, I look up and see a girl is looking at this way. She has a pretty and angelic face. Her eyes are very beautiful but cold. Somehow I feel that she is very familiar. I smile at her but she just turns her face and walks away.

   After finished eating, I start walking around the city. When I pass through the corner of the street, I hear some noise. Curious, I walk to the sources of the sound. I see that girl again. She is defending the little boy that I just gave him money.

   She comes closer to the boy, bends down and lifts him up from the ground. She gently asks him about what happen to him. After he told her his entire problem, she stands up and walks to the two guys who are still frighten because of her glare. She asks them about the money. After everything is settled down, she goes back to the boy and gives him money.

   She pats his head and gives him a gentle smile. That is a beautiful smile that I’ve never seen before. However, that smile is also so familiar like I’ve seen that somewhere. Seeing that smile somehow it makes me calm, and my heart just skips a beat because of it.

   Then she leaves. I quickly hide behind the wall. I keep looking at her, and I don't know why but my feet start following her by themselves. Then I see a group of guys is surrounding her. I bend down to pick some sand in my hand and walk toward her.

“Honey, where are you going? I look for you everywhere.” I call her and pull her closer to me.

   When I pull her close to me, she look at me with surprise eyes. I whisper "I'll save you," and then I kiss her cheek. Her surprise face is so cute. Looking at her face, I want to tease her more. However, I have to get rid of those guys first. I throw sand to their eyes and pull her to run with me. Just running with her is very fun. When I think that it is far enough I stop. She quickly pulls her hand out of my.

She asked me "what are you doing?"

"I just want you to help you." I answer

"By the way, my name is Takahashi Minami" I introduced myself and give her my best smile.

"I don’t need your help." she coldly said to me.

"May I know your name" I ask her


She ignores me and walks away.

I follow her and said

"At least, I saved you, and I already told you my name"

"First, I did not ask your help. Second, you told me your name by yourself"

Wow she is so cold, but I get a feeling that deep down she is a very warm girl.

"I just want to know your name and to be your friend" I pout

Suddenly she stops. "Why?" "Why do you want to be my friend" she asks me.

"Somehow I feel so familiar when I see you" I honestly answer her

"Maeda Atsuko" she answers shortly

Yatta! I know she has a soft side.

Wait "Maeda Atsuko" I mumbling to myself. "That sound familiar. Ah… The wanted notice." I shout to myself

"She is that person, but she is too young"

"You are those people in the wanted notice?" I accidentally speak out. I think I make her upset

"Yes, why? Are you afraid or do you want to turn me in to get the prize" she blankly said

I scold myself of how stupid I’m. Just when I can slowly be friend with her, I ruin everything. I quickly answer

"No, no, no it just that you are very young. I never thought that a well-known pirate in the past 7 years is that young. On top of that I don't think you a bad person to turn you to the nobility here" I smile at her

She turns around and said with a soft tone

"You are weird"

Somehow just those words are powerful enough to make my heart skip a beat.

However just a few second, again with a cold voice she said to me

 "Do not follow me” and leaves.

I stand there look at her back and think “girl are very complicated.”

Then I continue wandering around the city. While walking I keep thinking about her, her angelic face and her gentle smile.

“I wish I could meet her again.”

 Because I keep thinking to myself, I do not focus to the road and hit someone.

When I about to apologize to them, they call my name. I realize they are my childhood friend, Mariko and Mii-kun.

It has been a long time since I see them. To my surprise, they are in the pirate group “The Legend,” the same group with Atsuko, and they ask me to join them.

“This is my chance to meet her again.” I thought to myself.

I don’t know why but I really want to meet her again.

Then I came to them to the ship, and become their comrade.

End Flashback.

I sit on my bed and think to myself

“Why does she not like interact with other?”

 “Atsuko, I don’t know why but I want to make you open up yourself, and smile to me.” I talk to myself.

Then something just flashes through my mind “Atsuko, Atsuko…why that name is so familiar”

At the same time

In Atsuko’s room   


“Why my heart beat so fast when I see his face?” Atsuko thought to herself.

“And why did he kiss my cheek?” Atsuko touches her cheek while her face slowly turns red.

“That smile and those eyes …. Minami, Minami, Minami…. so familiar” Atsuko whispers to herself and slowly falls in sleep.


    This is chapter 3. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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