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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100298 times)

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Atsumina must have known each other previously... 8)

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Atsumina is always so sweet  :heart:  :heart:

Update soon  :deco:

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This is awesome.  I really like the Atsumina sweet moment.

Yeah!!! You are the  best author san. :yossi:

hope you can updated soon.  :cow:

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i love how acchan being so tsundere!

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Ah... they felt to know each other... but dunno from where?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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@Kairi65, @vivinardisa, @sadrilim, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you for reading my fic  :)

Thank you everyone who read my fic  XD

Here is chapter 4  :)

Chapter 4: Welcome doctor.

   After several days traveling on the water, the ship stops at a small island. They decide to go to the island to buy food and medical supplies. After parking the ship near the shore, they all decide to go together because this island is small. When they step inside the city, they see no one.

"Why there is no one in this place?" Yuki wonder

"Wait, did you guys hear some noise?" Minami asks

"Uh, the noise is coming from over there" Atsuko answers

"Let go to see what is happening" Mariko suggests

"Uh, let go" Jun said

   Then they all decide to go to the sources of the noise. When they turn left from the corner they see a group of people. They form a circle and shout

"kill him. Kill the killer"

   They also hear crying sound of a woman

"Please spared his life. Please I'm begging you."

Atsuko's group looks at each other with a surprise look.

"What happen?" Haruna asks

"Let go and find out" Mii suggest and starts running toward the crowd.

   When they got there, they see a horrible scene. The crowd is gathering together and insults young boy whose hands are tied behind his back.  He is kneeling in the central of the circle.
On his left is a woman who is held by two big men. She is crying and begging their mercy.

"What a cruel city" Yuki angrily thought.

   They start throwing stone to the boy. Yuki is at her limit. She runs toward the young man and defends him. When one of the stones nearly hit Yuki, Atsuko runs toward and prevents the stone by her sword. Then, she takes out her gun, and shoots to the sky.

"STOP” she angrily shouts.

   The crowd stays silent. Yuki turns around, bends down before the young man and ask him

"Are you ok?"

He nods

   Then she takes out her handkerchief and wipes his blood on his face. The rest run toward Yuki and Atsuko

"What are you doing?" Minami shout at them

"Are you trying to kill this man?" Jun said and point to the young man

"So, what happened? Why did you people insult this young man" Mariko asks them

"He is poisoned us" one of the men said

"He is the cause of a strange disease." another man said.

Suddenly a man shouts "he is a murderer. Since you people are helping him, you are the same as him." then he throws a big stone to Atsuko.

   Being taken by surprise, Atsuko cannot do anything. She just closes her eyes and waits for the stone to hit her. Suddenly a hand grasps her hand and pulls her back. When she opens her eyes, she sees Minami is standing in front of her. His left hand already caught the stone. He strongly throw the stone back to the man who threw it. The stone flies directly to the men. It passes the man, but the distance between the man and the stone is just a millimeter.

"Next time it will go right into your face" Minami angrily said to him and throws him a deadly look.

"Th..thanks" Atsuko said

"No problem" he smiles at her.

"Do you have any proof to prove that he did" Yuki turns around and shouts at them.

"He has to be the culprit because everyone in our family is sick except his house. They are very healthy" a man said.

"If he did not poison us, then his experiment does. He always does weird experiment" another man said

"He always does crazy stuff" another one adds

"I did not do that. and my experiment is only with herb and plan. They are harmless “the young man finally speaks up.

"I don't know why my family is immune" he adds

"Yes, my son will not do that" his mother said in crying.

   Yuki goes to Atsuko and whisper something to her.

"Well, how about I make a deal with you people" Atsuko said

"What is the deal?" the eldest walks toward her and said.

"You people give us 3 days to find the real reason behind this." she continues

"If after three days we are not able to prove him innocent, not only him but I, myself will gladly accept any punishment from you"

"However, if he is truly innocent, I want you people to apologize to him and indemnify all the things that you did to him" Atsuko finishes

   Mariko and the group surprise with Atsuko's decision. She just looks at them and nods. Then she turns to them

"So, what do you think about that deal?" Atsuko asks them

"Fine, just do as you said. After three days, if you people still cannot find anything, we will wait for you and him right here." the eldest said.

"And don't think about running away" another man steps in said, and his hand is pointing at Atsuko.

   Atsuko comes to the man, smirks and bends his finger.

"Don't underestimate us. If we want to go, do you think with this amount of people can stop us" she said with a cold tone.

"By the way, don’t ever pointing your finger to my face like that if you still need your finger” she glares at him.

   The man is scared and steps back. He takes a few steps backward and turns to Atsuko's group

"Re... Rem....Remember our deal" then they leave the place.

   After those people leave the place, the young man's mother came to them and said

"Thank you for saving my son's life" and then bows before Atsuko

"If you want to thank, you should thank that girl"

   Atsuko said and points her finger to Yuki direction.

"She is the one that asks me to help your son, and I trust my sister's instinct." Atsuko said.

   Then they go back to the young man's house.

Day 1

At his house

"My name is Watanabe Mayu" he introduces himself.

"My name is Watanabe Ayu, mayu’s mother"

   They bow before Atsuko's group. Then after one another from Atsuko’s group introduce themselves to his family. Then his mother excuses herself to leave her son and Atsuko's group alone to discuss about the case.

"Watanabe-san, can you tell us what happen?" Yuki asks him.

"Just call me Mayu. It happened three days ago" he answers

"I don't know what happened. Everything happened in one morning" Mayu continue.


Mayu's POV

   While I am working with my research, my mom knocks my door

"Mayu, are you awake?" she ask me

"Yes, I'm, mom." I answer

   My mother opens the door and comes inside. I notice that my mom face is pale. Her expression is weird. My mom said in panic voice

“'There are a lot of people in this town got the same strange sickness."

"They gather at our clinic to wait for the medicine" she continues

"What did my uncle say about that?"

"He said the cause is unknown."

"What are the symptoms, mom?"

"Vomit, dizziness, stomachache." my mom said

"After a few hours some of them are lost consciousness" she continues.

"Based on those symptom, isn't that they just get poisoning. Maybe by food" I said

"But it is weird that half of the people in this city got that." my mom explains.

   Then after 3 days, the amount of patient is increase significantly. I try my best to look up every single book about plants and poison. Just when I get my best candidate, those people come and take me to the city center.

"Get out here Watanabe Mayu" they all shout.

   When I come out, they jump to me and tie my hand behind my back and bring me to the city center.

End Mayu POV

End flashback

"They accuse that my experiment is making disease appear" Mayu said

"So, what is your experiment about?" Haruna asks

"I research about some rare herbs in the book." Mayu answers

"Polluting is a lie. My experience is only with plant, flower, and herbs how it can affect the environment." Mayu reasons

"Put that aside, we have to go back to our case. So what should we do know?" Marko asks

"First, we have to find the sources of the disease" Atsuko said

"Mayu, you said that you nearly find out about the sources right?" Minami ask mayu

"Yes, the symptoms that my mom mention is really close to one rare plant" mayu answers

"But I have to have the thing that makes those people sick. Therefore I can decide whether or not it is that plant." Mayu adds

"You said that everyone come to your clinic in one morning 3 days ago have the same symptoms, right?" Mii asks.

"That means they have to use the same sources" Jun said.

"But 4 days ago, our city did not have any party or festival to celebrate together." Mayu said

"There is one thing in my mind that everyone in this city will use the same sources everyday" Yuki said while looking at her tea.

"But I don't understand why your family is not affected by it." Yuki said in confuse voice.

"You mean water right, Yuki?" Atsuko asks Yuki

“Yes, Atsuko-nee"

"Ah, about the water, my family only uses water in our well. We don't use the water at the river" Mayu answers

"So that is making sense now. I think we should go and take a look at the river" Minami suggests.

"Uh, we should go there" Atsuko agrees.

   Then they all go to the river and go to the watershed of the river. At there, they see a hole with some weird water in it. There is a small trench that leads the water to the river.

"I think we have found what we need to find" Atsuko said.

"Mayu with this water, can you be able to identify the plant?" Yuki asks him.

"Yes, I can. Give me 1 day and I will be able to identify it" Mayu confidently answers.

"Good, it is getting dark we should go back to your house and prepare" Atsuko said

   Far from their view, there is a shadow hides behind the tree and observes their action. When they get back to the house, mayu immediately go back to his room and start his work. The group also goes to their own room and rest.

Day 2

   Minami, Yuki, Jun, Haruna, Mariko, and Mii gather in Atsuko’s room. Atsuko wants to talk to them about the other thing.

"You guys know that there are no such things as naturally happen right?" Atsuko asks

"What do you mean Acchan?" Haruna asks

"You mean the hole cannot appear by itself. The water cannot get poisoned by that water by itself, too right?" Minami suggests his idea.

"You are right, Minami" Atsuko answers

"Minami?" Mariko raises her eyebrow and repeats

   Everyone is giggle. Minami is happy because she finally calls his name. Atsuko realizes what she just said. She can feel her face start getting hot

"Ahem…uhm well, I mean there have to be someone behind this" Atsuko tries to change the topic

"Certainly, but why did he do that?" Mii asks

"To blame someone or to get something" Mariko said.

"Uh, I agree with Mariko" Atsuko said

"We should wait for Mayu to finish his research so that we can ask him if he knows anyone hate him or his family" Yuki suggests

"Yes, but since we still have some time, Jun, can you go around the city. I want you to try to find some information about people in this city and Mayu's household too" Atsuko said

"Yes, I will go right away" Jun answers and runs out of the room.


   Jun gets back from his work. They all gather in Atsuko’s room again

"People in this city are as unfriendly as ever" Jun signs and said

"My information about them is not much" Jun adds

"They all have their own farm or field to work. Some of them are Mercian."

"They said that that day when they got back home after work, they saw their families were lying on the round and holding their stomach" Jun continues

"How about accusing Mayu is the culprit?" Yuki asks

"A man said that Tod told them about Mayu." Jun answers

"Who is Tod?" Haruna asks

"He is student of Mayu's uncle" jun said

"Oh, I see. Can you tell me about Mayu's family." Atsuko asks Jun

"His father died when he was ten. He lives with his mother. His uncle live with him, too." Jun said.

"What about his uncle?" Atsuko continues asking.

"His uncle is a well-known doctor in this town. Everyone respects him." Jun said

"He is also an expert in plants and herbs" Jun adds

"Oh, I see" Atsuko answers in wondering tone.

   Then they hear the knocking sound

"Atsuko-san, I finished my research" Mayu said.

"Come in" Atsuko answers

   Mayu comes, and they start discussing about the case.

"So, did you know what is that liquid?" Yuki asks

"Yes, it is from the plant name “Orchid Blood”. It is a rare plant. Its flower is a good medicine, but using too much can be very dangerous" Mayu said.

"That water was mixed with the juice from the flower" mayu continues

"The portion is very balance. When people drink the poisoned water in the river, they won't die right away. Instead, It will slowly build up in their body." Mayu explains

"If my calculation is correct, with that amount an adult can die after a week." Mayu concludes.

"I have only one question. Do you know how to make the antidote" Atsuko asks.

"Yes but it will take me half of the day" Mayu said.

"Mayu, you’ll take care of the antidote. We will go to the city center to tell them about you are innocent” Atsuko said.

“Ok” Mayu answers.

At the city center

“What are you people doing here? Did you find the proof?” a man said

“Yes, we will bring you to the sources of the disease” Atsuko answers.

   They follow Atsuko and the rest go to the watershed of the river.

“So, what do you want to show us?” the eldest said

“This hole” Yuki said and point to the hole

“According to Mayu, this hole is containing the juice of the plant call “Orchid Blood”. Although it is a herb, if people who use it too much, they will suffer a serious poisoning problem.” Mariko said.

“We found the proof of Mayu innocent” Yuki said to them

“How could I know this is real? That you people did not set up all of this” a man retorts

“Tell us how we can set this up while you order your man follow us everywhere.” Minami asks while pointing to the man behind the tree. The eldest is scared and said in surprise tone.

“ did you know that I order my men to follow you.” 

“Acchan said that already. ‘Never underestimate us’.” Haruna said to them.

“Fine, you guys have proved that crazy doct…” before he finishes words, he is kicked by Mii

“Hey, respect other people will you” Mii said

“Ok, you have proved that Mayu is innocent. But still you cannot find the real culprit” he said

“Who said that I will find the culprit for you? I just made a deal with you that I will prove Mayu’s innocent.” Atsuko coldly said and smile.

“Now my work is done. Finding the culprit is your problem not us” She said and then goes back to the house.

“Y...Y.You” he shouts.

“That is what they get for not showing respect to other” Mariko thought and giggles.

   Atsuko and the other go around the town for a walk. After Mayu successfully makes the antidote, he goes to the clinic and helps people who are poisoned there. They all thank and apologize about their attitude to him.

In the morning

   Atsuko is woken up by the knocking sound. Standing in front of her is Mayu’s mother, and she is crying. Atsuko tells Yuki to call other to her room. When they get there Mayu’s mother said

“They come and take Mayu again.”

“Please save my son. He is a little introvert and weird, but he is a good person” his mother bows to them

“What? But we already proved that his experiment is not related to the disease” Mii said with a surprise tone.

“Yes, but they said that there is a witness who saw him went to the watershed of river 6 day ago” his mother sadly said.

“They really want Mayu to die” Atsuko thought to herself

“Where is Mayu now?” Minami asks

“He is kept in the city jail” His mother answers

“We will go visit him now” Yuki said

In the jail

“Watanabe Mayu, your friends come to meet you” the guard calls Mayu

“Mayu what happened” Yuki asks

“I don’t know” Mayu sadly said


In the city center

“Watanabe Mayu after all it is you” the eldest said

“I did not do anything” Mayu answers

“Don’t lie. We got the witness who saw you go there 6 days ago” one of the guards yells at Mayu.

“I did not go outside that day” Mayu defends himself

“Bring the witness here then he cannot lie anymore” the elder said

   Then they bring the man out

“Tod?” Mayu is confused

“Tod did you see him at the watershed 6 days ago” the eldest asks

“Yes, when I went to pick up plant and herbs for my teacher, I saw him. He walked to the watershed of the river with something on his hand” Tod said

“Tod, why did you do that? Why did you lie? I did not go outside that day. You know that” Mayu yells and shakes Tod

“Guard keep him down, don’t let him insult the witness” the eldest said to the guard.

“If you said that he is lying, do you have anyone to prove that you are at home that day” the Mayor asks him

“No” Mayu sadly answer

“Bring him to the jail and tomorrow we will punish him” he continues

End Flashback

"So Tod said that he saw you go to the watershed." Atsuko said.

"Yes" he sadly said

"Well, we cannot do anything about it. They already have the witness. May be we are the one that got tricked by you" Atsuko said to Mayu.

"Please believe me, I did not do that" Mayu said

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki looks at Atsuko with sincerely eyes.

"Let go back and prepare to go back to our ship. We stay here for too long" Atsuko said to the group

"Yes, we should go now." Minami agrees.

“But Atsuko-nee” Yuki call Atsuko

“Yuki listen to Atsuko-nee, let go” Jun pull Yuki hand

“Thank you Yuki-san, you have helped me enough” Mayu bow before Yuki

“Sorry” Yuki sadly said

   Then they leave the jail

At night

   When they are about to leave the house, a person come to announce a shocking new. Mayu committed suicide in the jail. He left the letter

“I did not poison the water

but no one believe me

I’m hopeless”

At another place

“Sensei, what are we going to do now? Mayu is dead” a young man talks to the old man

“What do you mean?” the older man said

“You told me to blame him about poisoning the water” the young man whisper

“Tod, shut up” the old man scolds the young man

The older man opens his room’s door and looks around. After seeing that no one is around, he closes his door and said to him

“Be careful do you want everyone to hear that?”

“Now, that hopeless boy is dead, there is only his mother in this house” the old man said

“As his uncle, I’m…. very happy now” the older man said

“I only need to get rid of that woman, so I can fully take over this clinic. Bring this tea to her. After she died, I will announce that she is depressed because her son dead. Therefore she committed suicide, too” the man continues and laughs like crazy.

   Suddenly, the doors swing open, Atsuko’s group steps inside with the rest of the people in town including Mayu. Atsuko claps her hands and said

 “what a happy ending story.”

“Too bad, it has to end half way” she continues

“Mr. watanabe, I cannot believe you is the one behind this” the eldest said

“How can you…how did you?” the man is speechless.

“Good job, Tod” Mariko said

“Do you want to know what happen?” Yuki asks


   After leaving the jail, they get back to Atsuko’s room

“Atsuko-nee why?” Yuki asks Atsuko

“Jun, are you ready to go?” Atsuko asks Jun

“yes, I’m” Jun said and leaves the room

“Jun will deliver a letter to Mayu, and the letter will tell him what to do” Atsuko said

“And us we will prepare ourselves because tonight will be a long night” she continues

“What will we prepare?” Haruna ask.

“Ghost” Atsuko said and smile mischievously.

   Everyone follow with curious feeling.

At the jail

   Mayu sit on the bed with his hands cover his face. Then he feels something hit his head. He turns and sees a figure in the door jail

“Jun” he whispers

   Jun gives him a sign to read the paper

“Faked your death” is what written on there. Then he does what the paper said.

After Mayu die

In another place

   A black shadow sit in a corner and his body is shaking.

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me…. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry” he keeps mumbling those words.

   Suddenly, the window in his room open widely, and behind the white smoke there is a shadow. It appears behind the door.

“Tod, why did you do that to me?” the shadow with Mayu’s voice speaks to him.

“”please Mayu, please forgive me, it is your uncle who told me to do that” Tod said while kneels down.

“So you lie to us” the eldiest said to Tod

"I...I...I" he stutters

"Do you think that I really died?" Mayu stands in front of Tod and said.

"I use my newest experiment to fake my death" Mayu said

"If you want to reduce your sin listen to what we say" Yuki said to him.

   He silently nods

End flashback

   Mayu's uncle after hearing that, drop down on his knees and silently wait for people to take him out.

"Thank you everyone for saving my son" his mom said and bows to them

"It's ok you don't have to do that" Yuki said then they left.

Mayu's POV

   I don't know why but I want this

"Mother, I want to...." I turn to my mother and tell her my decision. However before I say that she smile and said

"Just go and chase your dream"

   I smile and hug her. Before I leave she whisper in my ear

"Yuki is cute and nice right? I like her to be my daughter in law"

   I can feel my face already red. I shout "mom" and then run after them. I chase after them to the shore. Then I call

"Yuki-san, wait for me."

   They stop and look back. She comes and asks

"What can I do for you?"

"I want to join you guys on your journey" I said to her.

   She looks surprise.

"Do you know who we really are?" she asks me

"Yes" I answer

"" she widen her eyes and said

"Although I live in this small island, but I heard about you guys. The people on town did not know, but I did. At first I have a little doubt because you guys are very young. But seeing you guys work and talk together I convinced" I said

"If you know about us why you want to join us?" Yuki asks

"Because I think you are good people, and I want to travel and learn a lot of new thing." I said and smile to them

"Atsuko-nee, what do you think?" Yuki turns and asks Atsuko-san

"I leave it to you Yuki" Atsuko-san said and pats Yuki shoulder.

   Yuki look at me smile and said "welcome to The Legend, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki, vice-captain. Nice to meet you"

   I'm very happy right now

"Thank you Yuki-san" I shake her hand

"From now on just call me Yuki" she said and smile.

End Mayu POV

At night

   Yuki is standing in the deck and looking at the sky

“You are still awake, Yuki?” a voice call her

   She turns back “oh, hi Mayu.”

“Thank you for believe me while no one did” he said to her

“No problem” she said

“Why did you believe me?”

“I don’t know. At first I just wanted to save your life. However when I heard their story then looking at your eyes, I get a feeling that you are telling the true.” Yuki answers

“I guess it just like my sister said that is my instinct” she continues.

“Thank you, hearing that makes me very happy” he said and smiles softly

“Hey Mayu, can you stop thanking me. It is way too formal.” she looks at him and smile

   Then they stand there and enjoy the night sky together. Far from their place there are two people who are sneakily looking at them

“I told you that we will have another couple here” a girl said

“Yea...yea.. you always right” a boy said

“Ouch, that hurt Mariko. Why did you hit my head?” a boy said why caress his head

“Keep it down, Mii-kun, you too loud. It because the way you said” Mariko answers

“Hey, you think when will they become a couple? Mii asks

“Soon” Mariko answers and smile devilish.


Atsuko’s room

“No, no Yuki..Yuki… Ken... don’t do that” Atsuko wakes up from her nightmare. Her face is cover with a lot of sweat

“That dream again. Why it keeps haunting me after those years” she thought to herself

   Atsuko get up and go the ship deck. She wants to relax

“You haven’t not sleep yet?” a voice a call her

   She turn around “oh hi. No I just woke up. I want some fresh air.” Atsuko answers

“How about you haven’t sleep yet?” she asks him

“No, I just like you. I want from fresh air.”

“Say, when on the island, about my plan, I only told Jun about it. Why did you agree with me to leave Mayu there in the Jail?”

“Because I trust you. By looking at your eyes, I know that everything that you do, you will have your reason behind them, and I want to support you.” he said and smiles

“Minami” she looks at him

“huh?” he turns to look at her

“Ah, sorry for calling you that” she quickly looks down

“It’s ok. I’m happy when you call me like that” he smiles at her.

“And can I call you Atsuko?” he looks at her and smile widely

“Since you let me call you Minami, so I guess you can call me that” she smiles, and looks away tries to act cool

“I don’t know why I feel very calm whenever I see your smile” she thought to herself and looks back at him. She realizes that he just stands there and looks at her

“What? Did something wrong?” she asked worriedly

“No, it is just that you have a very beautiful smile”

“You are really weird” she smiles again

“I feel very happy when seeing her smile likes that” Minami thought to himself.

   Then the two just stand there; look at the beautiful sky and feeling calm because of each other present.


That is chapter 4. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to comment your opinions.   :)

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Yeay now it's MaYuki  :deco: love them very much  :inlove:  :inlove:

Wonder how Atsuko and Yukirin past it's sound horrible  :cry:  :cry:

Update soon  :cow:  :cow:

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Really good .. I want they meet with renaaa hehe

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Can't wait for Rena's appearance

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Ah... Yuki has Mayu now...

The next pairing would be Jun and Rena...

Can't wait to see Rena

Thank you for the update

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I love the sweet moments between Atsuko & Minami.
please make another moooorre

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Thanks, Author-san. :hee:
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!  :tantrum:
And also can't wait for Rena-chan to appear!!! :mon inluv:

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Sihiii, They're getting closer. Hmm, how about the third person between them? Kekeke
Thx for this great story, it's like a video game story, an RPG story. I love it so much!
waitin for next update, sorry for my bad english

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@ vivinardisa, @kazuko, @ubulubulbilu: Thank you for reading my fic.  :)

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Here is chapter 5

Chapter 5: an old friend

   When Atsuko's ship reaches the crowded city, “Diamond City”, it is already dark. Therefore, they just park their ship and take a rest. They will go to the city in the next morning. While everyone is resting in their room, they hear some noise coming from the ship deck. Mariko and Mii come out first.

"Who are you?" Mariko asks the figure before them.

"You guy are famous pirate ‘The Legend’, right?" the figure asks.

"Yes, we are. Didn't you notice the sign of the flag" Mii answers.

"What happened?" Jun runs up and asks Mariko.

"This person is looking for us. Another words, he is looking for trouble." Mariko chuckles

"I come here to look for Maeda Atsuko" the figure said.

"What do you want from Atsuko-nee?"  Jun points his sword to the figure.

"Atsuko-nee? I thought she only has one sister" the figure thoughts.

“You are Maeda Atsuko’s brother? I thought she only has a sister” the figure asks Jun.

“How did you know?” Jun asks.

"Everyone what happened?" Yuki come to the deck with Mayu.

"Yuki, long time no sees" the figure greets Yuki.

"It is you" Yuki said with a surprise tone.

"What with all the noise up there" Minami said while coming to the deck with Atsuko.

When Atsuko appears on the deck, the figure sudden takes out his two daggers run toward her. Minami quickly takes out his sword, stands in front of her, and stops the daggers.

"Wow you have a good bodyguard huh?" the figure smile and said.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Atsuko asks the figure.

"Yuki, she doesn't remember me" the figure fakes crying and runs toward Yuki.

Seeing the figure runs toward Yuki, Mayu also stands in front of her to prevent the man.

"Yuu, what are you doing here?" Yuki finally speaks.

"Yuu?" everyone looks at Yuki.

"Do you know him Yuki" Mariko asks

"Yes, he is an old friend of me and Atsuko-nee" Yuki answers.

"Yuu? Hm Oshima Yuu?" Atsuko asks

"Acchan how could you forget me" he runs and jumps toward Atsuko, but Atsuko dodges yuu

"Why are you so cold to me Acchan?" The figure pouts

"Atsuko, do you know that guy?" Minami asks her

Atsuko signs and nods

"What are you doing here Yuu?" Atsuko asks him while folding her arms

"I heard a rumor that the most popular pirate "The Legend" will stop by this city. Since the captain has the same name with you, so I thought it could be you. Then I decide to come here and visit." Yuu answers.

"Wow Acchan, after a long time we did not see each other, you and Yuki have grown up and becomes very strong. You even become the pirate whose name are feared by both pirates and nobles" Yuu said

When Yuu looks around, he feels a heavy feeling

“Yuki, Acchan, can you two introduce me to your friends. I can feel the killing aura around them especially your shorty bodyguard” he said.

"His name is Oshima Yuu. Atsuko-nee and I met him when we were a kid. He also helps us with some problem" Yuki Introduces him

“You guys can call me Yuu, nice to meet you all” Yuu goes around and shakes everyone’s hand.

“Do you really come here just to see whether or not I’m the captain of this ship?” Atsuko asks him with a doubting tone.

“Common Acchan, I really miss you and Yuki. It has been a very long time since we say goodbye to each other.” Yuu said.

“She is clever as expect from the captain of the famous ship. Nothing can escape her eyes. But I have to confirm that information before tell them about that.”  Yuu thinks to himself.

“If so then I will leave you there. If you want to chit chat you can talk to them, I will go back to my room.” Atsuko said and leaves.

“No, I have to go now. See you in the city in the morning.” Yuu said and then leaves the ship.

In the morning

They prepare and then go to the city together.

Diamond city is a crowded city. There are a lot of rich people and nobilities live in this city.

   When they reach the city entrance, each of them goes to different places that they want. Atsuko and Minami go to the food court. Mayu and Yuki go around the city and buy some plants and herbs for Mayu. Jun goes and looks for weapons because he likes them. Mariko and Mii go to buy supply for the ship. This time Haruna join them to go into the city. She goes around the city and looks for clothes and some accessories. While she is walking around the market, she bumps into a small figure. The figure falls on top of her.

“Ah, sorry, my bad” the man said to her

When he looks at the girl.

Doki doki

"She is so beautiful. Wow my heart beat so fast" he thought.

"It's ok, but can you get off me" she said

"Ah so...sorry" he stands up

"Wow her voice is so sweet. Man! I want to talk to her, but I have to go now.” he thought

“I’m sorry for bumping to you” he bows and rushes out of the place.

At noon

   Atsuko’s group gathers together at the city gate except for Minami. He has to go buy something. He will catch up with them later. When they pass through the notice board of the city, something attracts attention of Haruna.

“What’s the matter, Nyan Nyan?” Yuki asks her.

“This” she points to one of the wanted notice, and it said

“The thief ‘The squirrel’ has broken into the Mayor's house and stole his house's treasure, ‘Red Diamond'.”

While they are reading the notice, someone calls them.

“Acchan, I’m looking for you everywhere, I really need you and your friends to help me right now”

“Yuu?” Atsuko turns around.

Yuu did not say anything. He quickly rushes to Atsuko’s group. Once again he hits someone before him.

“gr...ahh.. What a stupid day, why I keep bumping into people” Yuu shouts in his mind

"Are you ok, Nyan Nyan?"

Atsuko comes and pulls Haruna up.

Because Haruna is too focusing on the notice, she did not realize that Yuu run to her direction. Therefore when step back he accidentally bumps into her.

“Sor…ah, it is you” Yuu said

“It is you again, next time please focuses on your road” Haruna said with a little irritated voice.

“I’m sorry… wait” Yuu said then he realizes something

“Acchan, did you know her?” Yuu asks Acchan

“Yes, she is one of my crews and my friend” Atsuko answers

"Acchan, what is her name? Acchan, introduce me to her, Acchan" yuu keep asking while shaking Atsuko.
“Stop shaking me.” Atsuko said with annoying tone while taking Yuu’s hands out of her shoulders.

“*sign* Her name is Kojima Haruna” then she turn to Haruna “Nyan Nyan, this is Oshima Yuu. He is my friend”

Then Yuu runs toward Haruna, shakes her hand, and said “Nice to meet you. Nyan Nyan. Can I call you that?”

“Nice to meet you, too. I don’t mind about that” Haruna said

“Satisfy?” Atsuko ask while frowning

Yuu nods, and smiles. Then Yuu realize something he shouts


“What now, Yuu?” Jun

“I forgot the main reason that makes me to look for you guys” Yuu said while scratching his head.

“Acchan, I need your help” he said and pulls Atsuko with him

At the same time Minami reaches the city gate. He saw Yuu pulls Atsuko hand. He runs toward them. He takes Atsuko’s hand and pulls her back

“Where are you pulling her?” Minami stares at Yuu

“Calm down Takamina, I will not take “your Atsuko” to anywhere. I just want you guy to help me” Yuu said.

Hearing that makes Atsuko and Minami blush.

“What do you want us to help?” Mariko asks

“Go to my place, and I will tell you that” Yuu said and shows them the way to his place.

At Yuu’s room.

Yuu rents a room in an inn in city.

“So, what happened?” Yuki asks

“I want you guys to help me find the “Red Diamond" and return it to the mayor." You said with a serious tone.

"What?" Everyone shouts in surprise.

"Why did you want to find that?" Minami asks

"To fix what I did wrong" Yuu sadly said. Then he looks outside the window. His eyes full of regret.

"To tell the truth, it is me who stole that diamond from the Mayor” he continues

“But the one who stole the diamond is the famous thief ‘the Squirrel.’ Don’t tell me you are” Mariko said with a surprise tone.

“Yes, I’m that Squirrel” Yuu confirms.

“Why did you steal that diamond in the first place” Atsuko asks him

“I was tricked” Yuu said with a heavy tone.

“He saved me one year ago, so I see him as a friend, and I trust him.”

“4 days ago, he asks me to come to this city to meet him” Yuu said


“Hey Naru, long time no see. How are you doing?” Yuu greets his old friend

"Hey Squirrel, I’m fine. How about you buddy?" Naru greets him

"I'm good. So why did you call me here today?" yuu asks

"I have a favor to ask you." Naru said and signs

"What is it? Don't hesitate just ask me, I will do everything that I can to help you" yuu said

"10 year ago, my father own a rare diamond named “Red Diamond.” But one day, the man who now is the Mayor of this city came and took it from us. He said that the diamond belongs to him. Because we are just normal family, we cannot go against the rich. From that day, my father is very sad. Two month later he passed away.” Naru said and cries.

“From that day on, I promise in front of my father’s grave that I will take that diamond back and place it in his grave” he continues.

“10 years have passed, but I still cannot find the one who took my family treasure. One month ago, I finally found out who he is. But now he is a Mayor of this city, I’m just a businessman. I cannot do anything. I’m such a hopeless son. My father must feel disappointed about me” Naru continues with a sorrow tone.

“Squirrel, you are a great thief. Can you take this for me? I only have this wish. I really want my father to be happy even he is already dead.” He said in sincerely voice.

“Naru, I will help you. You saved me one years ago. I’m in your debt. I will take that diamond for you, so that you can bring that to your father grave. One more thing, I really hate those authorities who use their power to domineer people” Yuu said.

“Thank you, Squirrel, you are my savior. I’m forever in your debt” Naru said and hugs Yuu.

Yuu promises that man without realizing the real dark plan behind that hug. That night he goes to the Mayor’s house and successfully takes the diamond.

End Flashback

“How did you know that he tricked you?” Jun asks

“After met you guys on your ship, yesterday, I took a walk around the shore. Then I saw Naru sneakily went into someone’s ship” Yuu said.

“I decided to follow him to see what he is doing. That is when I eavesdropped the conversation between him and someone.


“Did you get the diamond” a man said

“Yes, I did. Easily.” Naru said in a proud voice

“Good job, I thought you will meet a lot of trouble to get things from that Mayor’s house” the man said

“I just use my brain for that. I trick a stupid Squirrel to do that for me. I just set him up and saved him one time. Then he act like my dog” Naru said and laughs haughtily.

Behind the door, Yuu stands there stuns with the confession. He is very shock, and tear is running down from his eyes. The one he thought is his best friend is using him. Naru betrayed him and tricked him even though Yuu trust him very much. He tightens his fist. He tries to calm himself down and continues to listen to the conversation.

“When will we meet them to sell them the diamond?” Naru asks the man.

“Our captain will be back here in 3 days. He will take the diamond and bring that to the client. Don’t worry after we got the money, you will get a handsome reward for your good work.” the man ensures him.

End Flashback

“He is so cruel. How could he do that to you? He betrayed your trust” Yuki said in sad tone.

“Did you try to go into his house to look for it?” Atsuko asks Yuu

“I did. After hearing their conversation, I went into his house to find it but there is no sign of the diamond." yuu said

"That is why I need you guys' help. I need you guys help me to find where his secret room is.” Yuu asks sincerely.

“I see. Because he already knows your face, you cannot do thing openly, right? Atsuko asks Yuu

“Yes, so can you guy help me?” Yuu answers.

“Firstly, we need to find a way to go into that house.” Minami said.

“We have three days before his boss comes and takes the diamond” Yuki said.

“We need to act quickly.” Mariko said.

“Jun, can you go to his house to find some information about him and his household?” Atsuko asks Jun

“You can leave it to me” Jun answers then leaves the room.

Haruna all that time just sits and listens to the entire story carefully while look at Yuu.

After a while, Jun comes back. He sits on his chair and speaks

“When I went to investigate his house, I found out that his house is hiring two people to help with the housework because there are two people just retire.”

“That is our chance to get the diamond” Yuu said

“We need 2 people, one will go and find out his daily routine. The other will go and find the secret room.” Atsuko said.

“I will go and find the secret room.” Haruna sudden speaks.

Everyone look at Haruna with a surprise looks, but she looks so serious.

“Why so sudden, Nyan Nyan?” Mariko asks

“I just want to help” she answers shortly

Yuu looks at her “Nyan Nyan, thank you”

“Now we have the one to find the room. I will find out about his daily routine” Atsuko said

“No, you can’t.” Minami said

“Why?” Atsuko asks

“Well, because you are Maeda Atsuko. Even though people cannot recognize you are the captain of The Legend, he associates with pirate. Therefore, the chance that your cover will be blown is very high” Minami explain

“I will be the one to find the information about his routine” Yuki volunteers.

“No, it is too dangerous. I won’t let you do that.” Atsuko strongly opposes.

"But... Atsuko-nee...” Yuki turns to Atsuko

"No is no" Atsuko said

"Atsuko-nee I’ll go. I always go and find information." Jun said

"In addition, Nyan Nyan is already a girl, so the other has to be a guy to protect her." Jun adds

"Ok, we will go with this plan" Yuu said

The next day

   Haruna and Jun go to Naru's house to apply for work. Luckily they all are hired. Haruna works as a housemaid. She cleans up the house and serves Naru drink. Jun works at the kitchen. When they start the work, they begin their plan.

At the kitchen

"Hello everyone, this is Sun (Jun fake name,) he will help you out in the kitchen" the housekeeper said.

"Hi everyone, nice to meet you all" Jun said and smiles cutely.

"Wow, he is so cute" young maids said together.

At the maid's room

"Hello everyone, this is Haruka (Haruna fake name) she will help you out from now on" the head housemaid said.

"Hello everyone, nice to meet you all" haruna said.

At the kitchen

Jun starts his work. He goes around talking with other housemaids.

"Hey, nice to meet you, you're Mai right?

"Hey Jun, you're able to remember my name?" she said shyly.

"Of course, how can I forget name of a beauty like you" he said and winks to her

The girl looks downs shyly, and her face is all red.

Mai work here for a very long time. She knows a lot about the house and Naru.

"Our master is a businessman, right?" Jun asks

"Yes, he is very busy" she answers

"Does he usually stay at home?"

"No, one week, he only stays at home in one day which is today." she said

"Usually where does he stay most of the time?" Jun asks

"Why are you so curious about master?" the maid asks in wonder tone.

"Ah, no, you know that I just work here today. I don't know anything about our master. I want to know where he usually goes, so I can avoid that place. I don't want to get in trouble." he said and smiles.

"Oh, I see. He usually goes to his study room. He will stay there for all day." she said.

"Thank you Mai. I own you" he said, holds her hand, and smile to her

"You're welcome" she said with her face is red.

"Another thing tomorrow, he will go for a business trip. He will go back on the early morning in the next day." she adds

"So tomorrow is Nyan Nyan chance to find the room" Jun thought.

"Thank you again Mai. I have to go now. Talk to you later" he smiles and leaves.

At haruna's place.

"Haruka, tonight you will bring tea to master's study room" the head maid said

"This is my chance" she thought

"Yes, ma'am" she said.

Haruna take the stray and go to the study room. She knocks the door

"Master, I bring tea for you" she said

"Come in" he said.

Haruna comes in. She looks over the place.

"Wow the room is big.” Haruna thought

   There are a lot of books on the bookshelf on the left side of the room. Opposite the bookshelves, there are a lot of drawings that hung on the wall. On the right side of the room is a shelf with a lot of antique and rare stuffs.

"Here is your tea, master" she puts the stray on the table.

"Do you need anything else master?" she asks

"No, you can go now" Naru said.

Haruna bows and leaves.


"Nyan Nyan, Jun how is your work" 3 figures go toward them.

"Hi Atsuko-nee, Takamina, and Yuu" Jun said and smiles

"Hi Acchan, Takamina, Yuu" Haruna greets them.

"We are doing well" Jun said

"I have found out that tomorrow he will go for a business trip until the next day." Jun said

"And he always stays in his study room every time he is at home." Jun continues

“Today, I got a chance to bring tea to his study room. Taking that chance, I placed the powder that Mii-kun gave me on his cup and tea pot” Haruna said


“Nyan Nyan, before you go, takes this with you.” Mii calls and gives Haruna 2 small pots.

“What is it, Mii?” Mariko asks

“That is my new invention. ‘Tracking Powder’.” Mii said

“Nyan Nyan, you find a chance to place the powder in the yellow pot on where that Naru guy touches. So when he touches anything, it will leave the powder there.” Mii continue

“Will he be able to see that?” Yuki asks.

“This powder is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Even if you touch it, you won’t feel anything” Mii explain.

“How can we recognize that?” Haruna asks.

“That will be the powder in the blue pot. You only need to spray this powder on that tracking powder. It will appear.” Mii answers, and then he does an example for everyone.

“Well guys, good luck” Mii said

End Flashback

"Tomorrow, I will go to his room. This will be my chance to investigate his room." Haruna continues.

“Good job, my Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and jumps to the girl. She raises her hand and stops him.

"When you find that place, you and Jun quickly return to the ship, ok? And You two remember to be careful” Atsuko said to them

“Ok” both of them said and leaves

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu calls Haruna

She turns around and looks at him.

“Please, be careful” he said to her

“I will” she smiles and nods

The next day

   Waiting for everyone to gather in the main door to send Naru off, Haruna and Jun sneak into Naru room. While Haruna goes inside and finds the trace of the powder, Jun hides outside to guard for her.

She takes out the powder in the blue pot and starts spraying the powder.

“I will start at the bookshelf.”

She sprays a little power to the shelf from book to book. After a while she already sprayed almost every part of the room

“Why it still doesn’t show up yet” she feels frustrated.

   She goes and looks around the room once again. She spots something shining in one of the drawing. She comes closer and looks at it. Then she takes out the drawing. Behind the drawing is a brick wall, there is a strange shape of brick with a little shining color on its two side.

Haruna tries to pull the brick out, but she can’t. Then she pushes the brick. The brick is slowly pushed back inside the wall. The bookshelf behind her opens a secret path.

Suddenly, she hears the knocking sound at the door.

“Nyan Nyan, are you ok?” Jun whispers.

   Because Haruna is inside the room for too long, Jun starts to worry, so he comes to ask. Haruna knows that her job is done. She pushes the brick back in its normal state, and then cleans up all the room. After that she leaves the room with Jun like nothing happen. Then they sneak out of the house.

“Our job is done. Now we will wait for the part two of the plan to finish” Jun said to Haruna.

“Yes, hope they are ok.” Haruna said.


(the night atsuko, Minami, and Yuu meet Jun and Haruna)

“Jun, you said that Naru will go on a business trip, right?”

“Yes.” Jun said

“Acchan, Takamina, can you guys help me one more thing?” Yuu turns to Atsuko and Minami and asks.

“You want to take revenge?” Atsuko asks

“No, there is one thing I want to confirm.” Yuu continues

“What is it?” Minami ask

“When I’m sure about it, I’ll tell you two.” Yuu answers.

“Well, I guess so. So Jun, where will he go?” Atsuko asks Jun.

“He will go to the west side of the city.” Jun answers.

“West side of the city, I recall one time he told me that he has a big house there. Maybe he goes there to check his properties.” Yuu said.

“Then tomorrow we will hide outside his house. When he leaves, we will follow him. We will wait for the right time to ambush him.” Minami suggest.

“Uh, that is a good plan.” Atsuko said.

“Good. But we have to be careful, he is very sly.” Yuu said.

End Flashback

   At the same time with Haruna looking for the secret room at the study room. At the main door, Atsuko, Minami, and Yuu are waiting for Naru behind the wall near the house. When they see the carriage runs out of the house, they follow him. When the carriage goes out of the city into a forest, they jump out and take down all the guards that follow him. Feeling that the carriage doesn’t move, Naru come out of the carriage. When he comes out, he saw Atsuko and Minami stand in front of him with a smirk.

“Who are you two? What do you want from me? Why did you attack my people?” He asks with an angry voice.

“Wow, you ask too many questions. However, we are not the one going to answer all your question. The one that want to meet you is over there.” Atsuko said and point to Yuu’s direction.

Naru turns around and fall backward when he sees Yuu.

“Sq...Squir..Squirrel?” he stutters.

“What’s wrong, my friend? Why you look so scared when you see me?” Yuu said.

“Of course not, I’m just surprised that you’re still here.” Naru stands, and tries to calm himself down.

“Take off your mask already, that disgusting” Yuu said.

“W..what are you saying Yuu?” he said and smiles softly.

“Do you think that your work is completely secret? Do you think that I did not know that you trick and betray me?” Yuu said angrily.

“So, you know about that. What do you want now? Kill me to revenge?” Naru said with a challenging voice.

“I just want to ask you some question. However, not in this place” Yuu said and punches Naru in the stomach.

At the Ship

“Did you guy caught him?” Mariko asks when she sees Atsuko and Minami walk in.

“Yup, this is our prize.” Minami points to Yuu who carries Naru on his shoulder.

“Did Jun and Nyan Nyan come back yet?” Yuu asks.

“Yes, they are.” Mii answers.

“Where is Yuki and Mayu?” Atsuko asks.

“They went out to buy some food together” Mariko answers.

“Hey, Nyan Nyan, Jun, how is your work?” Minami asks

“Success” Jun answers.

“Now, my turn to go and fix my mistake” Yuu said after he tied the unconscious Naru into the chair.

“I’ll go with you” a voice suddenly speaks.

“Nyan Nyan?” everyone looks at her.

“But this is very dangerous” Yuu said.

“That is why I’ll go with you” Haruna said.

“Aww Nyan Nyan, are you worried about me? You are so sweet” Yuu comes and pinches on Haruna’s cheeks.

“Don’t worry, I’m the great and handsome thief “The Squirrel,” I’ll be fine” Yuu said to Haruna.

Then he leaves the place.

At Naru’s house

Yuu sneaks into the house and comes to the Study room. He follows the instruction of Haruna and opens the secret room.

“Yosh, let go Yuu” he talks to himself

   Yuu steps inside the room. There is a long path that leads to a big door. He carefully takes each step to avoid any traps that place in the room. Suddenly a lance flies to him from his left side. He turns himself and bends backward to dodge the lance. Then he uses his hand to support and jumps up to dodge other two lances that coming from his right side. Lastly, he slides himself under the lances wall. Finally, he reaches the door.

“Finally …ouch”

   Suddenly, a knife flies directly to him. Luckily, he is able to dodge it by lean to the right, but his hand is injured by the knife. Yuu stands still for some time to see if there are some traps left. Then he opens the door and comes in. Yuu see the diamond is place on the table that put in the center of the room. He comes and takes the diamond. When he is about to leave, something suddenly jumps into him.

Meanwhile in the ship

“So you’re awake” Mariko said.

“Who are you?” he asks

“Friends of Yuu another word the famous thief “The Squirrel” Atsuko said

“Where is he now?” he ask

“He went to take back what he was tricked and accidently took from the rightful owner” Minami said.

“No way, how did he know where I hid that?” Naru said

“So, you curious about how did he know huh?” Haruna walks toward him and said.

“ are that maid girl. You tricked me” he shouts.

“We just did what you did to Yuu” Yuki said

“Even if he found that secret path, he never is able to go to that room. I put a lot of trap outside” He said and laughs haughtily.

“Even he lucky enough to escape the traps, he still cannot fight back…”

“The tiger you put in the room right?” a voice coming from the door that cuts Naru’s words.

Everyone looks at the sources of the sound.

“Yuuchan” Haruna speaks

Yuu came back with a scratch in his left hand and some scratches on his face.

“Yuuchan you are hurt” Haruna said and comes to takes care of his wounds.

“Why?” Naru can only say that word.

“I managed to escape from your lovely pet” Yuu said


Suddenly something jumps to him. In reflection he jumps back to dodge it. Then he realize

“A tiger” Yuu shouts “Naru you’re crazy”

   He takes out his two daggers and jump to the tiger from behind. The tiger struggles and throws him to the floor. It jumps to him and tries to bite his shoulder. Yuu tries to release his arms. Then he uses the dagger cut the tiger leg. The tiger groans in pain. Taking the opportunity, Yuu folds his feet and kicks its stomach. Then he stands up and quickly runs out of the room and close the door.

End Flashback

“Finally, you won. Do whatever you want to me” Naru leans back to the chair and said

“I just have one question. What group of pirate that you associate with?” Yuu asks.

“Ken, captain of “The Red Skull” he answers

Hearing that name makes Atsuko steps back and accidently slips on Minami’s foot. Minami quickly hold her to prevent her from falling down.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami worriedly asks

She snaps back and said

“I..I’m ok, Minami.” she said but her eyes are full of pain.

“Sorry I feel a little tired, please excuse myself” Atsuko said and rush out the room

Minami worries and follows her.


That is chapter 5. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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Are they gonna confront the red skull pirates now? And why atsuko is afraid of ken? Or is she afraid of red skull? Thanks for the update!

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KEEP IT UP AUTHOR-SAN  :ptam-glow: :luvluv2:
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I want to now about their past why did Atsuko become a pirate????  :?

Nice KojiYuu chapter, please update soon  :grin:  :grin:

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Red Skull???

Why did Atsuko seem to be scared or trouble when hearing about 'Red Skull'?

What kind of past do they have with each other?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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why atsuko look fear in the red skull ? so dont wait for the sequel and how they are met by rena .. update soon please
Thanks for update

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@Kairi65, @shinigamielf, @vivinardisa, @cisda83, @purnamazaki: Thank you  XD

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is chapter 6
Chapter 6: Traumatic past

At the ship

"Who is the pirate that you associate with?" Yuu asks Naru

"Ken, captain of “The Red Skull" he answers

When Atsuko hears that name, she steps back. Accidently, she slips on Minami foot and nearly fall. Fortunately, Minami catches her before she falls on the ground.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami worriedly asks.

“Uhm..I...I’m fine” Atsuko said and smile at Minami, but her eyes is filled with pain.

“I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well. I will go back to my room” Atsuko said and leaves the room. When Atsuko opens the door, Yuki and Mayu just come back.

“Hi Atsuko-nee” Yuki greets her.



“Ah s...sorry Yuki, hi Yuki, Mayu. Excuse me. I have to go now” Atsuko said

Then she quickly rushes out of the room. Minami worries and follows her. Minami catches up with her and holds her hand

“What happened, Atsuko? You look so pale?” Minami asks

“I’m fine Minami. I just feel tired” Atsuko said

“Don’t lie to me Atsuko. Who are those pirates “Red Skull”? Who is the guy name Ken? Did you know him?” Minami asks.

"...." Atsuko just stays silent and looks down.

"Your expression changed when you heard their name. Please Atsuko, tell me what happen. I want to help you." Minami tightens his grip on Atsuko hand.

 He looks directly at her eyes. Atsuko looks at Minami eyes. She feels that he worries and cares about her. She takes a deep breath and said

"They killed my second family, and nearly kill us."

Minami widens his eyes with surprise. They go up to the quarterdeck of the ship. Atsuko begins telling him everything about her untold past with the person name Ken.

Meanwhile in the meeting room

"What happen to Atsuko-nee, she looks...uhm.. strange?" Yuki worriedly asks

"Don't know. We are talking about the pirate group "the Red Skull" and the guy name Ken who Naru associates with. Then she said that she is not feeling well and left." Mariko answers.

"Ken" Yuki half shouts in surprise tone and looks at Yuu.

"Yes, it's him" Yuu nods and answers.

Yuki falls back into her seat

"What? What happen? Did I missing something. Why did Yuki react like Acchan when she heard about them too?" Mii said

Yuu looks at Yuki asking her if it's ok to tell them about that. Yuki nods

"He is a traitor" Yuki said

"I used to work with him in the same ship. My sensei saved Acchan and Yuki. Then Ken betrayed my sensei and killed him" Yuu said

"What?" everyone shocks about the revelation.

"I met Acchan and Yuki 20 year ago. That time I only 8 years old."

At ship quarterdeck

“The original name of “The Red Skull” pirate is ‘The Seagull’." Atsuko starts telling the story.


20 years ago, the pirate ship "The Seagull" spots a small boat is floating on the sea.

The Seagull is a pirate ship that goes against the rich and nobilities. It also fights any pirate ships that harm people.

They come closer to see what is on there. On the small boat, there are two little girls. One is about 4 years old, and the other is about 6 years old. The younger girl is crying under the older girl. The older girl is unconscious with blood is running down from her head. Above her is a big wooden stick.

"Captain, what are we going to do?" a crew asks the captain.

"Quickly, you guys come down there and take them here." the captain orders his crews.

They go down to the small ship. Carefully they remove the wooden stick from the girls. Then they carefully lift the unconscious girl up and take the smaller girl to the ship first. The captain comes and hugs the crying girl.

"Don't cry, you are ok now. Everything is ok now." the captain said and tries comfort the girl.

"Fire, a..hix..lot B..lo.od,...a lot...hix.of b.lo..od. Atsuko-nee..hix" the younger girl said with trembling voice

"It's ok now, you are safe now. Your sister is safe too" the captains hugs her and strokes her back.

The young girl starts calming down and stops crying. She looks at the gentle captain with her still red eyes because of crying.

"Good girl, can you now tell me your name?" he gently smiles to her and pats her head

"My name is kashiwagi Yuki" she said in a small voice.

Then they bring the little older girl up. She is unconscious. Yuki saw her sister and starts crying again

"Atsuko-nee, wake up. Atsuko-nee, Atsu..."

Then Yuki also faints because of shock, tiredness and hungrer. When the captain saw Atsuko’s condition, he quickly brings the little girl to the room. Then he takes care of the wound in her head. He also orders his crew to bring Yuki there.

"Captain, when we come down there, we saw that little girl hold this sword very tight. We tried very hard just to take it out of her grip." a crew tells him

"What a special looking sword. Maybe that sword is very important to her, give me" the captain said.

"Uhm, I just put it near her" he thought then leaves the room.


After a long deep sleep, Yuki wakes up. She looks around and realizes that she is in a strange room. Then she sees her sister is laying another bed opposite her. She jumps out from her bed and runs toward her.

"Atsuko-nee, Atsuko-nee" she calls and shakes her sister.

"Yuki, your sister is sick. Let her rest. Come here I bring you something to eat" the captain come in and call her.

She looks back and sees the gentle captain who saved her and her sister. She runs to him and hugs him.

"Thank you uhm..." she doesn't know how to call him

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself" he said and smiles at her.

"My name is Akimoto Yasushi. Nice to meet you. You can call me uncle Aki." he continues.

"Thank you uncle Aki." Yuki smiles innocently at the captain.

He smiles and pats her head. Then he leads the girl to the table to eat. While she is eating, Atsuko is awake. She sits up and looks around.

"Where am I?" she tiredly said

Captain Aki and Yuki notice and look back. Yuki is happy to see that her sister finally wakes up. She stands up from the chair and rushes to her.

"Atsuko-nee, you are awake. Yuki is very happy" Yuki said while hugging her.

"Wh..who are you?" Atsuko weakly asks.

Yuki is surprise with her sister words.

"Atsuko-nee, it is me Yuki. I'm your sister. Did you forget me?" Yuki said, and her eyes are full with tear.

"Yuki...Yuki... Ah my head hurt" Atsuko thought to herself while holding her head. Then something flashes before her eyes. She sees a little girl runs toward her and said


"Here Atsuko-nee this is my present for your birthday" the little girl gives her a daisy flower and hugs her

"Thank you Yuki" she said.

End flashback

"Yu...Yuki" Atsuko said then hugs her sister tightly.

"I'm happy. Atsuko-nee still remembers me." Yuki tightens her hug.

Atsuko realizes that there is someone standing in front of them. She quickly stands up and pulls Yuki to hide behind her back. She sees a sword next to her. She quickly grasps it and stands in fighting form.

"Calm down little girl. I'm not a bad person" captain Aki said to Atsuko.

"I found you and your sister on a small boat, so I took you two in" he continues

"Yes, Atsuko-nee, uncle Aki saved us" Yuki said to Atsuko.

"Thank you..." Atsuko said.

"Why don't you call me uncle Aki like Yuki" he said, and Atsuko just nods.

"What is your name little girl? He asks.

"Uhm... I don't remember...Atsuko?" she said in small voice.

"Atsuko-nee is Atsuko-nee" Yuki innocently said and hugs her sister again

"Wow Atsuko-nee there is some word on your necklace."

Atsuko takes her phoenix shape necklace and reads the words

"Maeda Atsuko"

"I think that is your name." the captain said

"Yuki I know you are still a little kid but since your sister lost all her memories, do you remember what happened to you two? Why you two are on that boat? And you said something about fire"

"I don't know. When Yuki woke up, Yuki only saw Atsuko-nee is unconscious and her head is covered with a lot of blood. I'm scare and cry. Then your ship come" Yuki said

"The only thing I remember is Atsuko-nee is my sister" Yuki said while clinging on her sister.

“Maybe the shock makes her forget what she just said when she comes to this ship.” the captain thought.

Then he leads the two to the ship deck to introduce them to the crews. In those crew there is one little 8 years old boy. He runs to them and greets them.

"Hello my name is Oshima Yuu. Nice to meet you two" he smiles at them.

"Hi my name is Yuki. Nice to meet you" Yuki smiles and shakes his hand.

"Aww Yuki, you're so cute" Yuu said and pinch Yuki's cheeks.

"..." Atsuko just stays silent.

"Hey, your name is Atsuko, right?" Yuu said to Atsuko

"Don't call my name. I don't know you" she coldly said.

"Ehh.. If I don't call you Atsuko, what do you want me to call you when I want to talk to you?" Yuu said.

"..." Atsuko keeps silent and walks away.

“She is so cold” Yuu pouts.

The captain comes to him and pats his shoulder.

“Be patient, Yuu. Even though she is just a little kid, I guess she has been through a lot. Although she lost her memories, but deep down in her heart, I think she still feels a lot of pain. Those are the reason she is very caution with strangers. Try to be her friend kid”

“Aki-sensei. Yes I will” Yuu smiles at his teacher and leaves. He rushes to Atsuko’s and Yuki’s place

"How about I call you Acchan?" Yuu stand in front of Atsuko and said

Little Atsuko stops whatever she is doing and looks at little Yuu.

“Acchan… someone had called me by that name before. Ah.. My head hurts again” Atsuko thought while holding her head

“Are you ok, Acchan” Yuu asks

"See I did not call your name. So can I be your friend?" Yuu said.

“...” he receives the same silent treatment from Atsuko

Then every day, he always come to play with Yuki and tries to be friend with Atsuko

“Acchan, can I be your friend? Yuki already became my friend for a long time” Yuu pouts

Atsuko looks at him and just nods.

They live peacefully in Akimoto’s ship. He treats them as his daughters, and starts teaching them martial art.

In the morning

He calls Atsuko, Yuki, and Yuu to the main deck

“Today, I’ll teach you martial art. Now take out your wooden sword.” he said to them.

Atsuko takes out her sword and does some movement. The captain saw and asks

“Acchan, do you learn Martial art before?”

“I don’t know. Those movements just appear in my head whenever I hold the sword” she said

Every day, he will teach them martial art and tactic.

2 years later

At night

In the captain's room

“Ken, you betray us. You work with the nobles. Kidnapping people and selling them.” The captain shouts at his vice-captain

“Captain, I did not do that. Trust me” Ken said

“Stop lying Ken. I had order people to investigate your work because you act strange lately.” The captain said

“Tsk, so you already knew that. Good, I don’t need to act anymore” Ken said and smirks.

“Why Ken? Why did you do that? I raised and watched you grow up from 3 years old boy until now. I treat you as my son. We promise that we will not work with those heartless. So why now you bow before them and shake their hand.” The captain said in disappointed voice.

“Money. It is an easy calculation.” he said and laugh loudly.

“I’m really bored with a bunch of rules that you make for me. A pirate but cannot kill and attack rich people ship for money. A pirate gives all their money to the poor. Don’t make me laugh. You are too old to be a captain now, my most respectful captain. This time I’ll be the captain of this ship and throw all your rules into your grave with you” Ken said and laughs like crazy.

Then he orders all his man to come and attack the ship. Actually, he already orders his man to hide and wait.

“Yuu, alert all the crews” He said to Yuu

Then the captain takes his sword and run out of his room. After that he rushes to Atsuko and Yuki to wake them up. He was stopped by Ken’s people. While the captain is fighting, Ken comes to Atsuko’s and Yuki’s room.

Acchan is woken up by the noise. Then she saw Ken walks in

“What’s happen Ken-nii?” half sleep Atsuko said while rubbing her eyes. Then Atsuko saw his sword is covered with blood. She stand up and takes her sword

“*cough*... Acchan, he is crazy,....*cough*.. he goes around…*cough*.... and kills a lot of people” Yuu runs to the room and weakly said

“Acchan, be a good girl and give me your sword” He uses soft voice to Atsuko

“No, uncle Aki said that he found this sword beside me, so it is very important to me and my forgotten past.” Atsuko said while holding tight her sword.

“That man is stupid. How can he ignore such a unique sword like this? I will take it by all means. Now give it to me.” he said

“No, never” Atsuko shouts at him

“You left me no choice” he said then he raises his sword to slash Atsuko, but she dodges. Then he turns back and kicks her at her stomach. Atsuko flies and hits the wall. Then he lifts her up by her collar, and tries to take the sword from her hand.

“Give me your sword” he emphasizes each of his word.

“No, I won’t ever give you this” Atsuko shouts

“How about this?”

Ken releases her collar and rushes to Yuki’s bed. He takes Yuki neck and lifts her up

“No, let her go” Atsuko shouts

Yuki is woken up because of surprised and cries.

“Atsuko-nee *cough*” she calls her sister.

He tightens his grip on Yuki’s neck

“Give me your sword now.” He said while raising Yuki higher.

“Atsu….*cough*…*cough*..” Yuki breathlessly call Atsuko

“Please, Ken, release her. I will do anything for you” Atsuko begs

“Give me that sword” Ken repeats once again.

When Atsuko is about to give the sword, Yuu rushes to Ken and kicks him from behind. Being taken by surprise, Ken slips Yuki and steps back a few step.

“Yuki” Atsuko rushes to Yuki

“You ask for this Yuu” Ken is mad.

He rushes to hit Yuu. When he is about to hit him, Aki captain runs into the room and kicks him. He is hit and falls back.

“Ken, how can you kill your comrades like that. You heartless monster” The captain shouts.

“Say what you want, today is the dead of all of you” he said and laughs.

“Acchan, take Yuki to the small boat and leaves here now” he said

“But…” Atsuko said

“This ship is in danger now. You two are like my daughters, so I want you two to live and happy.” he said and hugs Atsuko and Yuki.

“Yuu, takes Acchan and Yuki out of here, now.” The captain said

“hix…hix… uncle Aki” Yuki cries.

“No one can get out of here” Ken said and stands at the door. Aki captain takes his sword and rushes to him. He fights with Ken to buy time for Yuu. Unfortunately, when they run near the door, Ken runs to them and catches Yuki in his hand.

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki calls her sister

“Yuki” Atsuko shouts

Ken throws Yuki on the floor. He raises his sword to stab Yuki.

“No, Yuki. Please Ken don’t kill her.” Atsuko falls down on her knee and screams.

“I already gave you a chance, Acchan.” He said then raises his sword.

When he is about to stab her, immediately, Aki captain rushes to Yuki and uses his body to shield for her.

“Uncle Aki” Atsuko shouts

“Atsuko, quick take Yuki out of here” he said and coughs up blood

Atsuko rushes to Yuki and holds her hand to run. Ken kicks Aki captain to the wall. Then he runs to stop Atsuko. Yuu rushes to stop him, but he kicks him at his stomach makes him fall and cough. Now, he is standing in front of Atsuko and Yuki.

“You, traitor” Atsuko shouts to him

Ken swings his sword to attack Atsuko, but she is able to block his sword with her sword. He tries to punch her, but she dodges. She jumps up and tries to slash him, but because she is still a kid, she doesn’t have enough strength to injure him. However, she is able to make a scratch on his hand. That scratch makes him goes crazy. He holds Atsuko by neck. Then he cruelly crashes her on the floor and makes her to cough up blood. Aki captain gathers all his strength and rushes to Ken. He pushes him down on the floor and holds him tight. He looks up and calls Yuu.

“Yuu, take them out right now”

Ken tries to escape from the captain. He punches him at his injures and kicks his stomach.

Yuu rushes to Atsuko and helps her to stand up. Then he holds Yuki’s hand and runs out of the room. They look back at their uncle in tear. Although he is in pain, he still holds onto Ken to save his dearest people.

“Uncle Aki” Atsuko and Yuki call him in tear before completely out of the room.

Yuu leads them to the boat, and they leave the ship together.

End Flashback

At the deck quarter

Atsuko tells Minami her story in tear.

“Uncle Aki is the reason I became a pirate. I want to be like him helping people.” Atsuko said while sobbing

“I also want to be a pirate to find Ken. However, today, when I heard his name again, it likes a knife just stab in my heart once again. All the things that happened that night come to my head just like a tsunami. I feel scared” Atsuko continues while crying

Minami comes and hugs her to comfort her.

“I lost all my past. Uncle Aki is the person who saved me and helped me. He is like a second family to me. He sacrificed his life for me and Yuki” Atsuko said and hugs him back

“It’s ok now, Atsuko. You always have me beside you. I promise I’ll always be by your side and protect you” Minami said and tighten his hug

“Thank you, Minami. Thank you for always be by my side. Because having you here by my side, I found my courage now.” She said while hugging him.

“I’ve decided. I’ll go meet him and finish what I cannot do in the past” Atsuko continues.

“Good. If you want to find him and take revenge, I’ll come with you and support you” He breaks the hug and looks at her. Atsuko finally smiles.

“Thank you Minami” she said.

Then she leans and kisses his cheek. He is surprised but then smiles widely at her.

“We should come back to the meeting room and discuss your plan with them.” Minami said and hold Atsuko’s hand.

At the meeting room

“So that is what happened with you and Acchan” Mariko said to Yuki.

“No wonder, when Acchan and you heard that name. You two have that expression in your face” Mii said

“I hope that Acchan is ok” Haruna said.

"Yuki, I did not know that you had such a tragic past." Mayu looks at the girl who is crying in front of him.

He comes and hugs Yuki. Everyone looks at them with a surprise look.

"What happen to you two? You look strange from the first step you step into this room" Yuu asks evilly while stroking his chin. Mayu and Yuki face are all red.

"Actually...." before Mayu tells the story, the door opens. Atsuko and Minami step inside. Seeing Atsuko, Yuki runs toward and hugs her sister tightly.

"It's ok yuki. I'm fine now. Sorry for making you worry" Atsuko said while patting Yuki's back.

"Atsuko-nee, you are really ok right?" Yuki asks again

"I'm perfectly fine." Atsuko smiles to reassure her sister.

"Yuu, I have a favor to ask you" Atsuko turns and looks at yuu.

"Yes, what is it Acchan?" Yuu asks

"Can you delay the time you return the diamond to the mayor for me? I want to go to the meeting place and meet him." Atsuko said with a serious tone.

"You want to take revenge?" Yuu asks

Atsuko nods with determined eyes.

"Then count me in. I want to make him pay because he killed the person that I respect the most." Yuu said.

"Naru. Tomorrow where will you meet Ken? And how can he let me in" Yuu said

"Why would I tell you?" He said with a careless voice.

"You are challenging me?" Yuu said

Instantly, he takes Naru by his collar and pulls him to the fore deck of the ship.

"Do you want to turn into fish food or do you want to tell where the place is?" Yuu said with a devilish voice.

"Don't threaten me. I know you Squirrel. You never kill anyone" he said and laughs.

"So, this is your honor to be the first person who the famous thief kills." Yuu said and smirks.

Then he lowers Naru and loosens his grip.

"Wait..wait..wait...please don't do that" Naru shouts in panic.

"So what do you want now?" yuu smirk

"I will tell, I will tell" he begs.

"Good, now tell me quick" Yuu pulls Naru back.

"Tomorrow evening, I will meet him in his boat in the west side of the island. Just take my pendant and show them. They will let you in" Naru said.

"If you tell me sooner, you won't suffer like that." Yuu said.

Then Yuu takes Naru to the storeroom and locks him there. Then they go back to the meeting room

"Ok, tomorrow, Minami and I will disguise as Naru servants. I will go meet him and you guy will ambush outside. When I tell Minami to go outside, you guy will sneak into the ship and attack his crews." Atsuko said.

"Ok let settle like that" Minami said

"By the way, Mayu, you are about telling us about you and Yuki right?" Yuu winks to them.

Mayu’s and Yuki’s face become red because of what Yuu said.

"What happen? What is about Yuki?" Atsuko is confused and asks.

“Actually before you two come in here. We suspect Mayu’s and Yuki’s behavior. They are strangely close.” Mariko said and giggles.

Mayu and Yuki just sit and silent. Then Mayu looks at Yuki and stands up. He gathers all his courage and comes to Atsuko.

Atsuko looks up in surprise

“What is he doing?” she thought to herself

Suddenly he bows and said loudly

“I know this is not the time to talk about this, but I love Kashiwagi Yuki. We want your bless, Atsuko-san”

“Ehhhh!!” everyone in the room shouts in shock.

Then they look at Yuki who is all red now. Yuki just shyly nods

“When did you guy together?” Yuu asks

“When you guys go to capture Naru” Yuki shyly said.


“Yuki, do you want to go out a little?” Mayu nervously asks.

“Uhm, ok” Yuki answers

“ho ho ho, Mii-kun, someone is making his move” Mariko said and giggles.

Mayu’s face is all red. He quickly holds Yuki’s hand and run out of the room. They run to the river, sit on the band, and silent.

“Uhm...Yuki, the river is so beautiful right?” Mayu broke the silent

“Yes” Yuki answers

Then the atmosphere returns to the silent state. Sitting for a while, Yuki feels bored, and she asks Mayu

“uhm… Mayu, what are we going to do? Or we just sit here and silent all day?”

“Actually, I have something I want to tell you” Mayu looks at Yuki and said

“What is it?” Yuki looks at him and asks innocently

He holds Yuki hand and said

“I love you Yuki. I love you since the first time you helped me at the island.” Mayu said

“Mayu” Yuki widen her eyes.

"I know that you just pity on me at that time. Now you just see me as a frmmm..." haven't finish his word. Yuki already kisses his lip. Yuki part their lips and smile to Mayu

"Yuki" Mayu is surprised

"I love you too Mayu. Since the first time I seen you, you already attracted me"

Mayu hugs her tight and said

"I love you Yuki. Thank you for loving me"

"I love you too Mayu"

End Flashback

“Wow congratulation Mayu, Yuki” everyone said together.

Everyone claps and celebrates, but Atsuko still silent, and her eyes are close. Noticing that, everyone is silent.

“Atsuko-nee?” Yuki comes to Atsuko and calls her.

“Atsuko-san? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me anything, I will improve myself.” Mayu said in worry tone.

“You don’t need to do anything Mayu” Atsuko finally speaks up.

Her eyes are very serious, and those eyes that can look deep inside anyone’s soul.

“Are you serious about Yuki? Do you really love her?” Atsuko slowly asks him.

“Yes, I love her more than anything. I will do everything to make her happy.” Mayu said confidently

“That all I want to know. I want you to seriously love her.” Atsuko said her eyes turn into gentle gaze. She turns to Yuki

“Yuki is my only sister, and she is my only family. I love her more than my own life, so please make her happy and protect her if you really love her” Atsuko said and bows.

“But if you ever make her cry, I swear I will make you regret the day you do that to her” she looks at Mayu with a deadly look.

“Yes Atsuko-san, I will use my life to love her, protect her, and make her happy” Mayu said and bows before Atsuko

Atsuko finally smile at them and gently said

“Yuki congratulation”

Yuki runs toward Atsuko and hugs her tightly.

“Thank you Atsuko-nee”

Atsuko pats her head and smile.

“Thank you for accepting me, Atsuko-san” Mayu said.

“You still calling her like that, I think you have to change the way you call her” Mariko tease him

“Mariko is correct” Mii adds and everyone giggles.

“A...Atsu..Atsuko-nee” Mayu call, and his face is all red.

Everyone feels amuse when looking at this scene.

“Ok everyone, everything is settled. Now go back to your room. Tomorrow is a big day” Atsuko said.

Then they leave the meeting room and return to their room.

At night

In Jun’s room

He sits on his bed. On his hand, he holds a white pendant. Its shape looks like a Yang in the Yin-Yang.

“I wonder what you are doing right now.” Jun thought

“I hope one day this necklace can be complete.” he mumbles.


Here is Chapter 6. Hope you enjoy reading this. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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