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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100294 times)

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I love it ...  Author-san..
WMATSUI..... :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Wmatsui moment  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
~WMATSUI forever~

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Thanks for the update author-san!

Wmatsui are so cute and I hope MariMii happens next chapter  :on bleed:

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Finally wmatsui .. Thanks author-san

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i love you
i love you
i love you

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Yeay finally WMatsui become together  :inlove:  :inlove:

Update soon  :thumbsup  :thumbsup

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Authorchi,Update soon  :byebye:

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@ shinigamielf, @Raizel, @The Ray, @sadrilim, @Bakamina_Oshi, @purnamazaki, @kazuko, @vivinardisa, @ChrunchyCream: Thank you!!  :inlove:

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is chapter 9  :D

Chapter 9: The Cursed Land

"Atsuko-nee, the storm is getting stronger" Yuki said to Atsuko.

"Acchan, I saw a small Island on our left. It is near our ship" Mariko said

"Ok, we will park there to evade the storm." Atsuko said

Then Yuki controls the ship to go near the island.

In the Evening

The storm stopped. They come out of the ship and go into the town.

"This island looks familiar" Minami thought.

"Ah" Minami said.

"Atsuko, remembered once I told you that there is a town that I want to take you there?" Minami asks

"Yes. What is it Minami?” Atsuko asks

"This is that town, “Lantern Town.” It has a lot of lanterns. At night, they will hang a lot of lantern in front of their houses and the street. It is really beautiful." Minami said

"Wow!! I want to see that" Atsuko excitingly said and smiles

"Come on! Let’s get to the town." Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him.

"They just like little kids" Mariko said and everyone giggles.

Atsuko and Minami get to the town first, but the town is very dark and gloomy. The house’s doors are shut tight, and the atmosphere is very quiet like a dead town.

"Why is no one there?" Atsuko looks at Minami.

"Weird, last time when I came here, this place was very crowded and bright even at night." Minami said


"Did you hear someone scream, Minami?" Atsuko asks.

"Yes, let’s go there to see what happened." Minami said.

They run to the direction that they heard the screaming. When they get there, they see a man who is attacked by a strange creature.

"What is it?" Atsuko asks

"I don't know. Let’s help him first" Minami said.

Then they run toward the man. The creature sees the two are running toward it. Therefore it runs away. Minami comes and helps the man to stand up.

"What happened? What is that thing?" Minami asks

"It appears two years ago. It attacked a lot of people." The man said

"By the way, my name is Kasai Tomo, thank you for saving me. And you two are?" the man said

"My name is Takahashi Minami, you can call me Takamina. Nice to meet you" Minami said

"My name is Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan. Nice to meet you" Atsuko said.

"Maeda Atsuko? You mean you are the captain of the pirate ship "The Legend"?" The man jumps in surprise, holds her hand and asks.

"" Atsuko steps back and said

"I did not think that people from such a small island know about us" Atsuko thought

Minami takes Tomo hand and separates from Atsuko’s.

"What do you want?" He asks while frowning.

"Ah, sorry. It is just that I heard a lot about you and your ship from a lot of Mercian who came here. They said that even though you are pirate, but you only attack pirates and greedy people." Tomo said

"I really admire you. Maeda-san, can you help me save my friend from being sacrificed to the sea God?"

"What do you mean? Can you tell me more detail about that?" Atsuko curiously asks

"Yes, let’s go to my friend's house. Her family owns a small inn. I'll tell you everything there" Tomo said

"Acchan, where are you guys going?" Mii calls

"We looked around the city to find you guys" Mariko said

"Sorry, we had some problem on our way" Minami said

"Why the city is so silent?" Yuu said

"It is also dark" Jun said

“All the house's doors are shut tight” Haruna said

"I have a creepy feeling when I walk around this city" Yuki said

"Acchan, did you see a strange creature running around here." Rena asks

"You guys saw that too?" Atsuko asks

"Yes, at the city gate" Jun said

"It run very fast. What is that thing?" Mariko said

“Tomo will tell us about that thing” Atsuko said

"My name is Kasai Tomo, you all are in "The legend"? It is a great pleasure to meet you all."
Mariko looks at Atsuko like to ask "did he know us?" and Atsuko nods.

After they introduce each other, they follow Tomo to his friend's house.

At Tomo's friend house

"Everyone please wait here. I'll go and call her" Tomo leads the group to sit in the guest room and leaves.

"Tomochin, I have some guests to introduce to you" Tomo calls his friend

"Tomo, where are you going? It dangerous to go outside at this time you know" Tomochin steps out and said.

"Sorry, I just want to kill that thing to save you" Tomo said in sad tone.

"Tomo, if becoming a sacrifice is my fate, I will accept that. However if you die, you tell me how can I tell you parent about this?" Tomochin said

“I’m sorry. But you don’t have to worry about the sacrifice anymore; I have found someone to help us.” Tomo said cheerfully

“Who?” Tomochin asks

“Pirates” Tomo said

“Pirates? How can they help us Tomo” Tomochin said in worry tone.

“They are the famous pirate that I always tell you” Tomo said

“The Legend?” Tomochin asks

“Yes, now, come with me quickly” Tomo said and pulls his friend with him.

They enter the guest room

“Hi everyone, this is my friend Itano Tomomi, you can call her Tomochin” Tomo introduces his friend

“And they are…” Tomo is about to introduce the group.

"Sorry. I'm late" Minami said while stepping into the room.

Minami has to take something from the ship so he comes late

“Takamina-san?” Tomochin calls Minami

“Oh it is you” Minami said

“You two know each other” Atsuko asks in surprise tone.

“I told you before that I’ve been here right, I saved her from a group of bandits” Minami tells Atsuko

“Yes. Thank again that time for saving me Takamina-san” Tomochin said to Takamina.

"It is great to meet you again" Tomochin said and clings on Minami's arm.

Then they introduce themselves

“Tomo can you tell us what happened, and what do you want us to help you?” Atsuko said and pulls Minami to the seat

“This town is lantern town. Each house in this town always hangs 2 lanterns in front of their house. Everyone lives here very peaceful and friendly. However, two years ago, that creature appeared. It attacked a lot of people. We were very scared. Then one day, a man appeared and said that he is the messenger of the Sea God. He said that the Sea God will help us prevent the monster if we offer him a young girl as a sacrifice every month. He also said that we are forbidden to go outside after the sun is set.” Tomo said.

“I see. But this kind of thing is so unrealistic.” Jun said

“Yes, I feel fishy about the messenger” Yuu adds.

“This month is my friend turn. I don’t want her to die, so I went outside to find that monster and kill it. However I failed. Fortunately, you two were there to save me.” Tomo continues

“Please Maeda-san, can you help us about this. In two day, she will become the offer. Please help us.” Tomo said and bows.

“Atsuko-nee, what do you think?” Yuki asks Atsuko

“Uhm… Ok we will help you two.” Atsuko said

“Thank you everyone” Tomo and Tomochin bow before them

“No problem, you two don’t have to do that.” Atsko said.

"Takamina-san, this time you will save me again. It just like fate brings us together." Tomochin said and leans closer to Minami

“It is not that big deal.” Minami leans back and reluctantly smile.

Atsuko sees that. She feels like something is burning inside her.

"Why she is always clinging on him" Atsuko thought and stands up. When she is about to walk away, Minami catches Atsuko's hand

"Atsuko, where are you going?" He asks

"Back to the ship" Atsuko coldly said.

“Today is very late. I think tonight we have to stay here. Tomochin, do you still have rooms for us?” Mariko said

“Sure, you guys come with me” Tomochin said and leads them to their room.

“Sorry guys, I only have four double rooms left.” Tomochin said

“It is ok. we can share room with each other.” Yuu said and smiled evilly.

“Acchan, you will share room with… Takamina. Yuki will stay with Mayu, Jun will be with your fiancée, Rena, Mariko will be with Mii” Yuu said

“Eehhh?” everyone shouts at the same time

“And of course, I will be with my Nyan Nyan.” Yuu said and hugs Haruna’s waist

“What kind of division is that?” Atsuko said

“Everything is settled. Now go to your room” Yuu said and pulls Haruna with him

“Since when he becomes our boss” Everyone thought.

In Kojiyuu's room

“Nyan Nyan, I want to sleep in the same bed with you” Yuu pouts

“No, you are a pervert” Haruna straightly declines

“But you are my girlfriend” Yuu said

“No mean no. That fact won’t change anything” Haruna said

“I promise I won’t do anything” Yuu said

“No is no, now be good and go back to you bed.” Haruna insists

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu looks at Haruna with his puppy eyes


“*sign* Ok, but if you do anything, I will kick you out of the room” Haruna said and gives her deadly glare at Yuu.

Yuu gulps and said “Yes ma’am.”

“But before that…”

Yuu said and pulls Haruna closer and kisses on her lips. After a while he pulls out and said

“That is my goodnight kiss, goodnight Nyan Nyan”

Then he jumps on her bed and closes his eye

Haruna is blushed and smiles at her boyfriend. “Goodnight Yuuchan.”

In WMatsui's room

“What a pitiful girl. She will become an offer but cannot do anything” Rena said.

“Uh, I hope we can help her” Jun said

“I think that Tomo is in love with her, but at the end he will lost her.” Rena said in a sad tone

Jun comes and hugs her

“Don’t worry. We will definitely save her.” Jun gently said

“Uh, I hope that after that he can confess his love to her.” Rena said

“How lucky we are that I finally meet you again” Jun whispers in Rena ear

“And I will never let go of your hand no matter what” Jun tightens his hug

“Yes, we finally meet each other. I’m very happy at that moment. I’ll never leave your side Jun” Rena said and hugs him tighter.

“Let go to sleep Rena, tomorrow is a long day” Jun said and kisses Rena’s lips

“Uh, goodnight Jun” Rena said and kiss Jun back.

In Mayuki’s room

“Mayu, what do you think about that monster?” Yuki asks

“What do you mean Yuki?” Mayu turns to look at Yuki

“According to Tomo, That creature is very scary, it attacks people” Yuki said

“Are you scared Yuki” Mayu holds Yuki’s hands and asks

“I feel a little scare, but the scariest thing is the sacrifice. It so cruel” Yuki said

“Uh that kind of thing should not appear” Mayu said

“Yes, I think so to” Yuki said

“I think we should sleep now. It is pretty late now” Mayu said and yawns

“Uh let’s sleep” Yuki said

“You know what Yuki” Mayu said

“Huh?” Yuki turn around and asks

“I will protect you if something happen.” Mayu said while blushing

“Thank you Mayu” Yuki said and kisses his cheek

Mayu leans and kisses Yuki’s lips “Goodnight Yuki”

In Atsumina’s room

Atsuko sit on the bed while Minami tidying their stuffs

"Atsuko" Minami broke the silent.



Atsuko doesn't say anything and turns her back on him.

"Atsuko, are you mad at me? Tomochin and I is not what you think. I just saved her. That is all." Minami turns Atsuko to look at him.

“Minami” Atsuko finally speaks

“What is it Atsuko?”

“You came to this town before right?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, about three years ago” Minami said

“And at that time, you saved Tomochin, right?”

“Yes, on my way to travel around, I saw her being surrounded by a group of bandits. Therefore I helped her fight them” Minami said

“And did you use the same method as last time you did to save me? (Chapter 2)” Atsuko pouts

Minami looks at his pouting girlfriend and smiles. He comes to sit on her bed. Then he hugs her from behind.

“Of course…” he said and stops

"That is why she clings on you.”

Atsuko pouts and is about to pull out his hand from her waist

“...Not, I only use that because that is you” he whispers and kisses her cheek.

Atsuko face turns red, but she turns away from him

“Don’t lie. Maybe you want to come back here because you want to meet her again."

“Bringing you here to see the lanterns is true, and using that method only for you is also the truth.” Minami said and rests his chin on Atsuko shoulder.

“The truth is in that city, I saw you save that little boy, so I knew that you can handle those guys. However, I want to talk to you so I use that method to attract your attention” Minami said and laugh.

“So you tricked me that time” Atsuko pouts and looks at Minami

“Of course, If not, how can I get close to my cold captain” Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“Now, my princess, do you still feel jealous with Tomochin?” Minami teases Atsuko

“I’m not jealous” Atsuko folds her hands and looks away

“Ok, you are not”

Minami said while turning Atsuko’s head to look at him. Slowly their faces get close to each other until there is no gap between their lips. Minami pulls Atsuko closer to him, and kisses her passionately. After a while they pull out from each other. Atsuko now lies down, and her head is on Minami’s laps

“Say, Minami what do you think about this incident?” Atsuko asks Minami

“I think the most suspicious person is that Messenger” Minami said while stroking Atsuko’s hair

“Yes, I think so, too” Atsuko answers

“It is really strange. Just when the town is attacked, he appeared. Too much for a coincident” Minami said



Minami looks down and sees that Atsuko is already asleep. He gently puts her on the bed and covers her with the blanket. He smiles and kisses her forehead

“Goodnight, my angel”

Then he returns to his bed.

In Marimii’s room

Mariko is lying on her bed while Mii is still doing his experiment

“Mii, what do you think about this monster?” Mariko asks


“Mii-kun, what will you do if…” Mariko pauses “I become the offer?” Mariko said in wonder tone

“...” Mii still silent

“Mii” Mariko calls him

“Huh?” he turns and looks at her

“*sign* never mind, Goodnight” Mariko said in sad tone

“Uh goodnight” Mii said

Several hours later, Mii walks to the girl who is sleeping right now

“I won’t ever let you become an offer no matter what even if it costs my own life” Mii whispers and kisses her forehead

“I will always protect you” Mii looks at her peaceful face smiles and said.

Then he returns to his table and continue his work.

In the morning

Everyone gather at the guest room to discuss about the problem. When they are about to talk, they hear a loud voice at the door

“Tomomi comes out here. We have a message from God that we want to tell you.” a man shouts

Tomochin runs to the door and opens it. Suddenly, a group of men runs into the house and their hands hold a staff.

“As Messenger-sama said, in your inn have eight unclean people. He said that the Sea God is very mad. He wants them to get out of his island, right now.” the leader said

“Now, it is very fishy” Atsuko thought

“But…” Tomo is about to retort, but he is stopped by Atsuko.

“If your island is not welcome us, then we will leave now.” Atsuko said to her group

“But we have to go to our room to get our belonging” Atsuko said

“Make it quick” a man said

“We will” Minami said to them

After they finished packing their stuff, Atsuko goes to Tomo and said

“Thank you for welcoming us here. I hope we will meet again”

Then Atsuko shakes Tomo’s hand and leaves. When they get to the ship, Atsuko orders Yuki

“Yuki prepare to leave”

“O...Ok Atsuko-nee” a little hesitates, but Yuki still follows her sister order. On the ship, everyone is silent.

After their ship depart for a while.

“Yuki, turn the ship around, aim at the deserted part of the island and park there.” Atsuko said

“What do you mean, Acchan?” Yuu asks

“Actually,...” Minami explain


They all go back to their room to pack their stuff.

“Minami, this is getting more suspicious” Atsuko said

“That Messenger is afraid that we will find out something, so he tries to drive us away” Minami said

“Yes, but right now we cannot go against him openly. We have to know who that man is first.” Atsuko said

“I think I will write a small paper briefly tell Tomo where we can meet him” Atsuko said

“Uh, that is a good idea. We will let the ship move far away from the island. After going far enough, we will turn back. However not so close because they can notice our ship again. Then we will use small boat to come to the land” Minami said

“Uh, let do it” Atsuko said

End Flashback

Yuki chooses the far place from the town to park their ship.

They step on the land, and see that Tomo and Tomochin are walking toward them. When Tomochin sees Takamina, she runs toward him and continues clinging on his arm.

"Takamina, I know you will come back to help me" Tomochin said

Takamine turn and looks at his girlfriend. Atsuko turns her face and walks away.

"Tomo, let’s go to another place and talk." Atsuko walks toward Tomo and said

Minami quickly pushes Tomochin away from his arm, and runs to Atsuko

"Our captain is jealous" Mariko sees and laughs in her mind.

Then the group follows them

"When will the ceremony start?" Minami asks and holds Atsuko's hand.

"The ceremony will be held in tomorrow evening, before the sunset. They will tie her in a wooden post that they place near the shore. Her head will be covered with black cloth. Then they will leave the place. There will be only the Messenger and the girl. We are forbidden to go outside. He said that when he communicates with the sea God, we must not interrupt. If we interrupt, thing will get worsen." Tomo said.

"I see." Atsuko said

"Jun, can you go to check on that Messenger’s house?" Atsuko said

"You two go back to your house first. We will meet here in early tomorrow morning." Atsuko continues.

"Ok" tomo and tomochin said.

"Bye takamina, see you tomorrow" Tomochin said and winks at Minami.

"Yuki, Rena let go back to the ship and wait for Jun" Atsuko said and pulls Yuki and Rena with her

"Wow! Takamina, this time you make our captain really mad" Mariko said and laughs

"Stop teasing me. What can I do now?" Minami said and scratches his head.

"Minami, you are very popular with cute girl huh?" Yuu said and giggles evilly.

"So Yuuchan wants to be like that too?" Haruna glares at Yuu.

"Yes, ah No, I only want my Nyan Nyan" Yuu said and runs toward Haruna.

Haruna also turns away and walks back to the boat.

"Nyan Nyan, wait for me" Yuu said and chases after the girl.

"Anyway let's go back to the ship first" Mii said.

At the Messenger's house

Jun's POV

Atsuko-nee tells me to check on the guy who calls himself the Messenger of the Sea God. Now, I'm hiding on his house roof. I saw that he is writing something.

"Someone, come here" he calls his servant

“Yes sir” a man comes and said

"Bring this to the messenger pigeon." He orders

"Yes sir"

His servant bows and leaves the room.

"Let see what the letter is about" I thought to myself and left the roof

On my way, I see a strange room. It looks very suspicious.

"I think I have enough time to catch up with that guy" I thought.

I stealthily step into the room. When I turn back, I see something that nearly makes me scream.

" this the so called monster that this town is fear of?" I ask myself

Before my eyes are a mask of the creature that everyone in this town is scared of.

“I have to catch that pigeon to see who his “God” is?” I said to myself.

I quickly jumps out of the room and runs to the back yard. I saw that the servant is about to release the pigeon. I jump out of the house and hide in a bush. When the birth is flying above me, I jump up to catch it. I open the letter

“Our goods will be served this evening after the sunset.” is what is written on the paper

“So, all the things that happened in this town are caused by that guy.” I thought

“Let inform this to Atsuko-nee” I run back to the ship.

At the ship

In Atsuko room

"Atsuko, can I come in" Minami knocks the door and said


"Atsuko" Minami calls her again.

"I'm sorry. I don't have anything with Tomochin. Atsuko, I only love you" Minami said with a sincerely tone.

"Atsu..." before Minami knocks again, Atsuko opens the door.

"Minami, I trust you. It just frustrated me when I saw that. Sorry for making you worry" Atsuko said when looking down.

"It's ok. You trusted me is all the matter" Minami lifts her head and smile at her.

When they are talking, Yuki comes and said

"Atsuko-nee, Jun is back"


That is chapter 9. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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Wow an update  :inlove:

Wait for the next chapter  :cow:

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Wow.. That moment when they in the room.. really :inlove: :inlove:
What exactly the monster that Jun saw?  :? And then cliffhanger.. :cry:
Can't wait for the next.. :twothumbs

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Uodate soon Author-san  :fap

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Awesome update!

I love the jealous Acchan btw!

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"Minami, I trust you. It just frustrated me when I saw that.
Sorry for making you worry" Atsuko said when looking


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Ah... another kidnapping attempt...

This so called big organization...

Would the Legend be able to defeat the evil organization

Would they be able to save tomochin?

Would Tomo be able to get his girl?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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@vivinardisa, @Raizel, @ChrunchyCream, @Bakamina_Oshi, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 10

Chapter 10: first meeting

After spying at the Messenger’s house, Jun comes back to the ship to inform Atsuko what happened.

“Atsuko-nee, Jun is back” Yuki calls Atsuko

“Ok, tell everyone go to the meeting room. I’ll be there in a minute”

At the meeting room

Everyone is already at the meeting room

"Jun, what did you find out about that guy?" Atsuko asks

"He is a fake, and the strange looking creature is only a fake, too" Jun said

"As expected" everyone nods and said

"In a room, I found a mask of a beast with two gloves that had claws attacked on it." Jun explains.

"I also found out that that man is associated with some kind of group. To my guess, they could be human trader." Jun said

"It’s them again" Atsuko thought

"I caught their messenger pigeon, and found the letter. It said that ‘the goods will be served in tomorrow evening after the sunset’." Jun continues

"It matches with the time of the ceremony" Rena said

"I see, so they want to capture girls in this way. They will disguise themselves as a beast and a messenger to trick the people in town." Yuu said

"Then they will use that opportunity to catch the girl which implies to be an offer that is taken by the God without any trouble" Mariko adds.

"What a dirty trick" Yuki said

"What are we going to do now? It will be dangerous if leaving Itano-san as a sacrifice" Mayu said.

"We will fake the offer" Atsuko speaks up

"What do you mean about that?" Haruna asks.

"I mean one of us will be the offer instead of Tomochin. When we get to the ship, we will signal the rest to come and attack it. If we are lucky, we will be able to save some of the girls from the previous months" Atsuko explains

"So who will be the candidate for that" Yuu asks

"I will" Atsuko raises her hand

"No way, it’s too dangerous, I won't let you do that" Minami strongly opposes.

"But if it is about the height and figure, I’m almost the same as her. Therefore, they won't realize what happen" Atsuko reasons.

"I won't let you do that no matter what reason it is." Minami insists

"Don't you want to help them?" Atsuko continues

"I don't care. I will find another way to do that. Letting you go into that kind of dangerous task is none of the option" Minami said and looks at her with serious eyes

"But...fine" Atsuko said and sits back.

"Wow, I have never seen this side of Takamina before." Mii thought

"The stubborn captain is defeated" Mariko giggles

"I will do that" a voice comes from the door

Everyone turns around

"Tomo" everyone said in unison.

"Sorry for eavesdropping your conversation, but waiting at home makes me very worry. Therefore I decided to go out here to ask you guy if I can help with anything." Tomo said

"When I knew that they are human trader, I want to do in place of her. I want to protect her." Tomo continues

"Are you sure? This task is very dangerous" Mii asks.

"Yes. I understand Takamina-san's feeling. I also don't want the person I love to be in any kind of danger. I..."

"Tomo, you are stupid" Tomo’s words is cut off by a girl voice.

"Tomochin? What are you doing here?" Tomo said in surprise tone.

"I follow you. I’m afraid that you will do some stupid thing again, and I'm correct." Tomochin said in an anger tone.

"Well, you two talk to each other, we will go out" Minami said to them and pulls Atsuko with him.

Then everyone follow them.

"Tomochin, you are really important to me. I Uhm... love you for a long time. I know you don't love mhmm.." unable to finish his word, Tomochin pulls him down and kisses him on his lips.

"I love you, Tomo. I'm sorry that I did not realize it sooner. I always thought that I love Takamina who saved me from the bandits. 2 days ago, When I saw him again, I thought that this is my chance to be with him. However, this time he is with Acchan. Although I know that I don't have a chance, I still want to try to get him. Just a moment ago, when I heard him strongly against the idea that Acchan will go in place of me, I knew I have no chance. However, it is surprised me that losing Takamina is not as hurt as when I heard that you will disguise as a sacrifice for me." Tomochin said

"At first I thought it is just because you are my best friend. However, when I heard you said that you loved me, my heart is pounding so fast." Tomochin continues

"That is when I realize that my feeling for Takamina is admire and for you is real love" Tomochin shyly said and bends her head down

"Tomochin." Tomo calls her

"But then I realize something..." Tomochi looks at Tomo with angry eyes

" it..? Tomochin" Tomo is scared of the girl’s eyes

"I realize that even though you love me for all those years, you never have a gut to confess to me. Even worse, when I cling to Takamina, and try to get him, instead of jealous, you encourage me." Tomochin said

"and want to find another man for me ." She raises her voice

"When I think about that, it is really pissed me off." Tomochin glares at him


"Tomochin, I know you love Takamina-san. I want to help you, but I know that Maeda-san and takamina-san love each other. I promise you when you are safe, I will find a good man for you" Tomo encourages his friend

End flashback.

"I'm sorry Tomochin. It is just that I think I'm not match for you. You are beautiful and smart while I'm weak, useless, and cannot do anything good except cooking." Tomo said sadly.

Tomochin heard Tomo said that she flicks on his head

"You idiot, I'm not finding a perfect man. I'm finding the person who love me and likewise. Who said that you are hopeless? You are the most gentle and nicest man in my heart." Tomochin said and hugs Tomo.

"Thank you Tomochin for loving me" Tomo said and tightens his hug.

Then they go to Atsuko and the group and said.

"Acchan, Takamina, sorry for the trouble that I made." Tomochin bows and said

"It's ok" Atsuko said and smiles

"Good to see you two are together with each other." Yuki said.

"Congratulation you two" everyone said together.

"Now back on business, who will replace Tomochin to go to the sacrifice?" Atsuko said.

"As I said before, I will. I will disguise as her" Tomo said.

"No, you cannot" Tomochin againsts

"Tomochin, now I have more reason to do that. You are my girlfriend, and I will protect you no matter what. Trust me, I will be fine" Tomo said

"Ok but be careful" Tomochin said

“What do you think Haruna? Can you disguise him into a girl? More precise, Tomochin” Mariko asks

“Hum…” Haruna looks at Tomo

“Since he is skinny, and his height is almost the same as her, I think I can do it.” Haruna said

"Ok then that settles. Tomorrow we will sneak into Tomochin’s room and replace her with Tomo. Because you will be covered by a black cloth, it will be easier." Atsuko said.

"Rena will escort Tomochin back to the ship. Yuki, Mii, Mayu, and Haruna will stay back to cover for Tomo. You guys try to replace the preparers. Minami, Mariko, I will stay on the ship and wait. Jun and Yuu will hide near the ceremony place to guard. When the ship comes and takes Tomo, you two will sneak into the ship because you two are very fast. You two will wait until the ship go to its hideout. After that you will fire the signal for us to come to that place." Atsuko said.

"Ok" everyone said

"Now everyone, go back to your room and rest" Mariko said.

At night

On the ship deck

 A tall figure is standing there. She is looking at the sky and whispers.

"I wonder if you still remember our promise."


Everyone in the ship is busy preparing for the battle. Haruna disguises for Tomo.

At noon, they sneak into the city through the forest. Then they stealthily go into the back door of Tomochin’s inn. While Tomochin’s parent is busy with the faked messenger, they go right into Tomochin’s room. Mayu puts sleeping poison into his dark, and aims at the people who prepare for Tomochin. After they fall in sleep, the group steps in.

"Quick Tomo, wear this clothes and sit down" Yuki said

"Rena, lead Tomochin out of the room by the back door" Jun said

"Ok, you guys be careful." Rena said

Time for the ceremony

"Don't worry Tomo. We will protect you" Yuki whispers in Tomo ear

"Thank you Yuki-san" Tomo said.

Then they go out of the room. The town people follow the messenger to the shore. Then they lead Tomo to the wooden post and tie him there.

"Please sea god, accept this offer and protect us from the monster." The faked messenger said and raises the touch to the sky.

"Now everyone, please return to your home. Remember no one go out." the man said to them.

"Yes. Messenger-sama" they bow at him and leave.

At the shore

Now, there is only him, and Tomo.

"Yuu, look, there is something coming at Tomo’s direction" Jun said

"Here they come. Ready for a big fight Jun" Yuu said and folds his sleeves

"Anytime Yuu" Jun said and holds his fists

The ship is coming closer and closer. Then they park near the shore.

"Hey guys, we have a new good." the fakes messenger said

"How is its quality?" the boss said

"This one is very beautiful sir" he bows and said

"Good, guys, take this one to the storeroom, and lock her there. We will check on her later" the boss said

"Phew. I thought I’m going to die if they take of the cloth right here" Tomo thought

While they are checking on Tomo, Jun and Yuu sneak into the ship. Then the trader moves the ship. When the ship stops, Yuu said to Jun

"Jun, signal everyone. I will go to the storeroom to check on Tomo."

"Ok" Jun said.

Then they separate and do their work.

Jun goes to a corner where no one can see him and fire the signal. The light signal is made by Mii. It is only a light fire to the sky. It makes no sound.

At The Legend

After leading Tomo to the shore, the rest come back to the ship.

"Atsuko, there is the signal" Minami points to the sky and said.

"Good, Yuki, follow that direction." Atsuko said.

"Roger" Yuki said.

Meanwhile, Yuu sneaks into the storeroom to check on Tomo. He unlocks the room and whispers

"Tomo, Tomo"

"Yuu-san. Finally you are here. I'm very scared." Tomo happily said

"Just wait a little longer. Jun already signal Acchan. They will come here right away." Yuu said.

Then he hears someone comes down.

"Someone comes I better hide" Yuu said then locks the door again.

Then he hides in the barrels. A man comes to the room. He is a little drunk.

"I heard that you are very beautiful. Come here let me see you face" he said and runs toward Tomo.

"What should I do? What should I do now?" Tomo is panic

"What a pervert man. Good Thing that Tomo replaced Tomochin “Yuu thought.

When the man is about to catch Tomo, a big explosion come from the ship deck

"What is that sound?" he is frustrated and steps out of the room.

The explosion is the attack of Atsuko's ship. Fortunately for Tomo, they come on time. Then they bridge the two ship and run to the human trader ship

"Who are you? How dare you attack us?" the boss said

"I'm Maeda Atsuko. Captain of The Legend." Atsuko said

"I know what you are doing with people in the “Lantern Town”. We come here to release those poor girls that you captured." Yuki said

"You people again. Last time it is you who attacked Ken's ship. He is weak so that you guy can win. However this time, it is your doom" the boss said and other his man to attack them

They easily take down all the crews. The boss is really mad now. He takes out his sword and run toward them.

"Is that all you got?"

Minami swings his sword and cut half the boss’s sword. Then Atsuko rushes to him and takes him by his neck.

"You know about Ken. That means you in the same group as him. Tell me who your real boss is" Atsuko asks him

"Ha ha ha... With those people like you, want go against my master. Don't make me laugh. He will kill you all" he said and laughs like crazy

"Tell me or I'll kill you right now" Atsuko said in anger

Then once again an arrow flies through Atsuko and shoves into the man’s throat. They look back but see no one.

"Good job you guys" Yuu comes up with all the girls that are captured in the past 5 months.

Then they return to the ship and go back to the island

"Who is the big boss" Atsuko is standing on the deck and thinking.

"Don't worry, one day we will get him" Minami hugs Atsuko and said

"Uh" Atsuko said and smile to Minami

When they get to the town, Tomo tells them everything about the human trader and how Atsuko's group helped him

"Thank you for saving our town" the eldest thanks them

"Sorry about our rudeness" he bows before them

"It's ok you don't have to do that" they bow at him

"If you don't mind, will you stay here to join us in our lantern festival? This will be our very first Lantern festival after two year." the eldest invites them

"Thank you for you offers. It is an honor for us" Atsuko said and bows to him.

Then they return to their ship after a tiring day.

At night of the lantern festival


"Atsuko, come here. I have a place I want to show you" Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him.

When they nearly get there

"Atsuko, can you close your eyes for a moment?" Minami said.

"What is it, Minami?" Atsuko curiously asks

"Ssh. It is a secret. Now be a good girl and close your eyes" Minami said

"Ok" Atsuko said and closes her eyes

He leads her to the top of the mountain.

"Ok, now you can open your eyes." Minami said

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. Before her is a sea of lanterns that is form from the houses, streets, and the market. Minami led her go to the highest place in the town so that she can see everything.

"Do you like it, Atsuko?" Minami looks at Atsuko and asks

"I love it, Minami" she said with amaze tone and hugs Minami

"I'm very happy that you like it." he said

"Thank you Minami. This is the best" Atsuko said and places a kiss on his lips.


Mayu and Yuki walk around the town. Yuki spots something interesting.

"Mayu, they make the flying lantern" Yuki said to Mayu

"Uh, they are so beautiful" Mayu answers

"Mayu, I want to do that too." Yuki said

"Sir, may I have two lanterns" Mayu asks the salesman.

"Sure, here is yours. You can write your wish on there. We believe that when the lantern reaches the sky, our wish will come truth." the man said

"Thank you" Mayu said and returns to Yuki's place.

"Here Yuki. He said that you can write down your wish. Once it reaches the sky, your wish will come truth" Mayu said

"Wow, let's do it Mayu" Yuki excitingly said

Then they fly their lantern.

"What did you wish Yuki" Mayu asks

"I wish that I can be with you forever" Yuki said and smiles to Mayu

"How about you, Mayu"

"It is a secret" Mayu said playfully

"It is not fair. I already told you my wish" Yuki pouts.

"Give me your ear; I will whisper my wish for you.” Mayu said

 When Yuki leans closer, Mayu pulls and kisses her lips.

"I wish that I can see your smile every day." Mayu whispers into Yuki’s ear.


Jun and Rena are walking along the river while entwining their hands together

"Jun, it has been very long time since we walk together like this" Rena said while walking beside Jun

"Yes, I really happy that I can be with you right now" Jun tightens his hold.

"Jun, do you plan on return to the Matsui clan" Rena asks.

"Uhm... I don't want to go back to that place where is always fighting, tricking. Every time, people face each other with a mask" Jun said

"Here I can be free. Everyone treats me as their family. They see me as who I'm." Jun said.

"Yes, I can feel that although they are pirate but their hearts are pure and kind." Rena said

"Sorry Rena, that you have to follow me around like this" Jun said

"It's ok Jun. As long as I can be with you, I can go anywhere. Besides that, being with them is fun. I can experience what I've never done before." Rena said and smiles.

"Thank you Rena" Jun turns and hugs Rena.

Then they sit on the river band and enjoy the night.

“Look Rena, There are lanterns that floating on the water.” Jun said

"So beautiful!" Rena said

"Rena, do you want to do that?" Jun asks and pulls Rena up with him.

There are a lot of couples there. Jun finds place that no one around and takes out the lantern.

"Let do it together Rena" Jun said and smiles at her

"Uh" Rena said and smiles


Yuu invites Haruna to go to the river bank. They sit next to each other and look at the night sky.

"Nyan Nyan, I’m curious, can you tell me how you become the crew in Acchan's ship?"

"Uhm... Acchan saved me from a pirate ship 8 years ago.


Haruna's POV

I sit alone in a storeroom. I was kidnapped by the pirate when I was walking on the shore. Then they locked me up here. Today I hear a lot of noise coming from above. Then someone opened the door. A young girl with a length shoulder hair

"Hi miss, my name is Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan. I'm captain of the ship named The Legend. You are safe now. You can go to our ship" she said and smiles to me.

"Thank you" I said to her and follow her

"What is your name?" She asks me

"My name is Kojima Haruna, you can call me Nyan Nyan" I said

"Ok, Nyan Nyan, Where is your home? We can take you to there” Acchan said

"I don't want to go home." I said and look down

"Uhm.... Do you want to join us?" Acchan asks me

"Can I?" I ask her with surprise tone.

"Why not?" She said and smile.

Then she takes me to her ship. In the ship, there are another two girls and two men.

"Hey guys, we have a new crew. Nyan Nyan, can you introduce yourself?" Acchan said

"Hi my name is Kojima Haruna, you guys can call me Nyan Nyan." I said and bow to them

"Hello Nyan Nyan, my name is Shinoda Mariko." a tall girl with short hair said

"My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, vice-captain of this ship" a skinny girl with long black hair said

"My name is Minegishi Minami, you can call me Mii."

"My name is Matsui Jun"

End flashback

"I think pirate is cool, so I accepted her offer and join them." Haruna said.

"I see." Yuu said

A little silent between them. Then

"Why don't you or Acchan ask me why I don't want to go home?" Haruna asks with curious tone

"Acchan did not ask because she knew it is your personal matter, so I will wait until you willingly tell me." Yuu said and smiles.

"Thank you Yuuchan" Haruna said and hugs him.


At the ship

"Mii, don't you want to go to the festival" Mariko asks Mii

"..." Mii is still silent and does his work.

"Mii, did you hear me?" Mariko angrily asks.

"Ah, sorry Mariko, Did you say something?" Mii said

"Never mind, Just stay with all your precious inventions." Mariko said and slams the door.

"Sorry Mariko, just a little more" Mii thought

At the ship deck

Mariko sits on the bench and looks up to the stars.

"Mii, do you still remember our promise?" Mariko mumbles and tears are rolling on her cheeks.

Suddenly a pair of arms hugs her from behind.

"Of course I remember that" someone whispers in her ear.

Mariko turns around. Her eyes wide opens.

"Mii?" Mariko surprisingly said.

"How can I forget our promise" Mii said and smiles.


On the shore

There are two little kids, one girl and one boy.

"Hey Mii, I wonder how the stars are like when we look closer" little Mariko said

"Mariko, I promise that one day when I will invent something that will help you look more closely to the stars." Little Mii said and smiles

"Thank you Mii." Little Mariko smile and kiss Mii's cheek

"Mariko, will you always be with me together forever." Little Mii innocently asks

"Yes, I will." Mariko said

"Let do the pinky promise" Mii said.

End Flashback

"Here is my present for you" Mii said and gives Mariko a cylinder shape thing.

"Its function is just like binoculars, but I made some changes on that. You can use it to look at the stars." Mii said

Mariko takes it and looks through its lenses

"Mii, thank you it more closer now" Mariko happily said

"So all this time, did you try to make this thing?" Mariko said and Mii nods

"Sorry Mariko, I promised that I will make thing that helps you look the stars closer, but I only can make this one. It just shortens a little..."

"Ssh Mii, you remember our promise is the matter. This thing is more than enough to me." Mii's word is stopped by Mariko's finger

"Thank you for making this thing for me" Mariko said and kisses his cheek.

“One more thing Mariko” Mii said

“You owe me one promise. I want you confirm that once again.” Mii said with serious tone

“What?” Mariko is confused

“You promise me that you will be with me forever.” Mii said and Mariko blushes

“Now I want you to confirm that to me one more time” Mii said and turns Mariko’s face to face him

“Will you be with me together forever?” Mii asks

“Mii” Mariko blushes while looking at his serious eyes

“Didn’t I always with you since that time” she smiles and said.

Mii heard that. He smiles widely and hugs her

“I love you Mariko” he said

“I love you, too, Mii” Mariko smiles at him

Then he leans down and kisses her lips.

“Hooray. You two finally together” Yuu jumps out and said.

“Congratulation you two” everyone said

“Finally, you two confess your love to each other” Minami said.

The two heard the noise quickly pull out

“W...wh..when did you guys get here?” Mii stutters.

“Just in time for the main part” Yuu said and smiles evilly

Everyone giggles while the two is blushing. When they are having fun with each other, a knife flies to Atsuko's direction. She notices and dodges it.

“Who’s there?” Atsuko shouts

“ha..ha..ha. Nice to meet you “The Legend”.” a man in a black clothes and a mask on his face said

Behind him is another man. He just stays silent and crossing his hands.

“You all are annoying pirates. You, captain Maeda Atsuko, You butted in a lot of our business. Our boss is very mad” he said

“So, what do you want now?” Atsuko said with a cold look

“However, our boss will forgive you in one condition.” he said

“What did he want?” Minami asks

“Join force with us. You will get a lot of benefits. You can do whatever you want without any prevention” he said

“What a juice offer” Atsuko steps up and said

“So, you will acc…”

“Too bad, I’m not that cheap and low life to bow down before those despicable people.” Atsuko cuts his word and said.

Atsuko glares at him with strong and determined eyes.


“Yes, we will not follow your evil plan.” Yuki steps up and said.

“You people are stupid. You denied this offer, so you are our enemies. You will die now. Black, kill them” the front man said.

Then the man behind steps up

“Her eyes, they are strong and confident. Interesting” Black thought.

He rushes toward to attack her. Atsuko takes out her sword and block his attack. He jumps back

“That sword, how can that be?” he thought

“Maeda Atsuko, you are interesting. This time is just our first meeting. I will just leave like this, but next time you will die under my sword” he said and leaves.

“I’ll always wait for you” Atsuko smirks and said.

“Black, didn’t you hear me. I said kill them now” the man orders.

“I just come here to be your bodyguard. I’m not your servant. Even your boss doesn’t dare to order me around. Next time, I’ll cut off your head if you order me again” Black said while pulling the man collar

Then they leave the place.

“So, now we really pick on some strong enemy, huh?” Yuu said

“That Black guy is the dangerous one.” Jun said

“That’s right, His eyes are full of killing aura” Minami said.

“Uh, we have to be careful with him” Yuki said

“Now, the real battle is about to begin” Atsuko said with a serious look.

In the dark corner of the ship

There are two men with a hood on their head. They stand there and look at Atsuko’s group

“Finally, we found them.” A man said

Somewhere in the forest

“That sword, it belongs to "that person". How can she have that? I have to ask him about that” a man thought


That is chapter 10. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  XD

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Finally MariMii together.. Omedetou.. :fap
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The mystery surrounding Maeda's sword..
The reason why Haruna can't go back home..
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Yay all the main couples are together!

I had the random thought whilst reading this- what if the boss was aki-p? I know that he's probably dead but what if?

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Oh... Oh....

Some of the mysteries about Atsuko and Yuki are going to be revealed soon

Would Tomotomo follow them or not?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Yeay MariMii is finally official, Nice chapter  :thumbsup

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