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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100297 times)

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I've never got bored to read this fic.
every single chapter is getting more cool.
keep update it fast author-san

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@Raizel, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83, @vivinardisa, @kazuko: Thank you!  :wub:

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is chapter 11

Chapter 11: Sudden Attack

After saying farewell to Tomo, Tomochin, and the town people, Atsuko’s group continues their traveling

Somewhere in the forest

A man comes into a house

“I have something I want to ask your master” The man said to an old servant.

“Please wait for me, sir.” The servant bows and leaves.

After a while

“My master tell you to come in” an old servant said

“Hello my friend!” a man comes and pats his shoulder

“What do you want to talk to me, Black?” the man said and sits down.

“The captain of the pirate’s ship that against you, she holds a sword that the same as his” Black said

“She has the sword huh? No wonder.” The man thought

“What is her name?” The man asks

 “Her name is Maeda Atsuko” Black said.

“Uhm. It is just like “her” name” the man said

“Does that mean his daughter is still alive?” Black said

“There is one way to know. She wears a phoenix necklace” the man said

“I see. However, I cannot believe that she is still alive.” Black said.

“Did you kill her?” the man said

“Not yet. I want to confirm if she is his daughter.” Black said.

"Actually, no matter if she is "her" or not, I will also kill her" Black continues.

“However, if she is “her”, I will make sure that she will suffer as much as I did for those years. That is what she has to pay for her father’s sin.” Black said with anger and holds his fists tight.

“That is all I want to ask. I will take my leave now.” Black said and leaves the room

“Good luck my friend” The man said with loud voice

Then he leaves the place

In the evening

Atsuko's ship stops at a holy island which is called "Dragon Island." The island worships Dragon.

"Wow! The island looks so fantastic" Yuki said.

"Since it is still early, why don't we go and look around this island." Mariko suggests.

"That is a good idea. Let's go Nyan Nyan." Yuu said

“Ok” Haruna said

"Rena, let's go." Jun said

"Uh" Rena smiles at Jun

"Everyone, just go ahead and enjoy. I still have something to do.” Atsuko said

“Atsuko-nee, you don’t go with us?” Yuki said

“Uh, just go and enjoy Yuki.” Atsuko smiles at Yuki

“How about you? Takamina. Will you go?” Mii ask

“No, I’ll just stay here. Just go and enjoy.” Minami said

“Ok then we will leave now. Bye guys” Mariko said

When they all leave, Atsuko said

“You don’t have to stay here with me, Minami.” Atsuko said

Minami comes to the bench and sits next to Atsuko.

“Atsuko, are you still worried about Black?” Minami asks

“Uh, how do you know it?” Atsuko asks him

“You are my girlfriend. How can I not notice that lately, you strangely silent and always space out?” Minami said

“It is my fault that everyone is in this dangerous situation right now.” Atsuko sadly said

“Why did you blame yourself for that?” Minami asks

“If I did not take revenge, we would not get involve to them. Because of my decision, I brought everyone into this mess” Atsuko looks down and said.


“Ouch...It is hurt Minami” Atsuko said while caressing her forehead.

Minami uses his fingers to flick on Atsuko's forehead.

“Atsuko, since when did you become a worried person like this?” Minami said while looking at Atsuko.

Then he comes closer and hugs her

“They go with you and help you because you are their friend. If they don’t think that way, they already leave you for a long time since that night” Minami said

“So stop blaming yourself. Believe me, with our power, we will defeat them no matter who they are” Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles.

“Uh, thank you Minami” Atsuko smiles at Minami

“If you ever think like that again, I will use my fingers to flick on your forehead.” Minami said.

Then he forms his thumb and index finger near Atsuko's forehead. She thought that she will be hit again, so she closes her eyes. However when she closes her eyes, she feels something soft touches her lips. Minami hugs her and kisses her passionately. After a few moment they pull out and smile at each other

At the city

“Atsuko-nee is acting very strange these days. Did something bother her?” Yuki thought

“Tomorrow, I will bring her to this town to cheer her up” she thought and smiles to herself

“What is funny, Yuki?” Mayu curiously asks

“It's nothing. It is dark. Let’s go back now, Mayu” Yuki said and pulls Mayu with her.

In the early next morning,

Yuki happily pulls Atsuko to go outside with her.

"Atsuko-nee, let go out together." Yuki happily said.

"Where are we going Yuki?" Atsuko said.

"We go into the city to play" Yuki cheerfully said

Seeing those two run out of the ship, Mariko curiously asks

“Where are those two going this early morning?”

“Maybe Yuki wants to cheer Atsuko up” Minami said while looking at their direction.

“Oh” everyone said together

They walk around the city and look around the place.

"Yuki, why did you pull me out here to play this early morning?" Atsuko asks

"It has been a very long time since we can be together alone like this" Yuki said

"I want to spend this whole day together with my precious sister" Yuki continues while clinging on Atsuko's arm.

"Oh, I thought you just want to spend your whole day with Mayu" Atsuko teases her.

"Atsuko-nee!!!." Yuki pouts

"Aww my cute sister, this whole day is all your" Atsuko said and pinches Yuki’s cheeks.

"Let's keep going, Yuki" Atsuko said.

Yuki and Atsuko walk around the market. They happily enjoy their time together. They sit and eat some food in the market.

"Yuki, how are you and Mayu these days?" Atsuko asks.

“We are good. Mayu treats me very well” Yuki answers

“Good to hear that” Atsuko said

"But we are not as sweet as someone else" Yuki said and giggles

"What do you mean?" Atsuko innocently asks

"You and Takamina" Yuki teases and Atsuko blushes

"Takamina is very care about you. I'm happy that you found a very good boyfriend" Yuki said

"You are always alone. You close yourself to the world. I'm glad that Takamina is able to make you open up a little." Yuki smiles at her sister.

"Thank you, Yuki" Atsuko said

"Are you full, Yuki?" Atsuko asks


"Come on Yuki. Let's go to another place" Atsuko said.

They stand up and walk toward the forest.

"Look Yuki, there is a beautiful waterfall" Atsuko said.

"Let come and sit there" Yuki said

They stay silent and enjoy the scenery. Sudden Atsuko breaks the silent

“Thank you, Yuki. I know you pulled me to this town to cheer me up, right?” Atsuko said

“Uh, because you seem so down these day” Yuki answers

“Uhm...this town is very peaceful right Yuki?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, Atsuko-nee, I really like it.” Yuki said

“Say, Yuki, do you plan on someday you will leave the ship to settle in this kind of place and live peacefully with Mayu?” Atsuko asks.

“What happened Atsuko-nee? Why did you ask me like that?” Yuki worriedly asks

“Uhm… Nothing, it is just that since we were kids, you always experienced a lot of different dangerous situation. Being a pirate is very dangerous. It becomes more dangerous now since we go against that group. It breaks my heart every time I think that I won’t be able to protect you. You are very precious to me. I want you to be safe and happy.” Atsuko sadly said.

"Atsuko-nee, those years that staying with you is very precious to me. I did not see them as difficult or dangerous situations. I enjoy every single day." Yuki sincerely said

"Atsuko-nee is my only family. I don't want to go anywhere. I only want to be with you. Please Atsuko-nee, don't leave me." Yuki said while sobbing.

Atsuko hugs and pats Yuki’s back

"Sorry Yuki, let forget what I just said. We will always be together no matter what. Let’s enjoy our day" Atsuko said while wiping Yuki's tear.

"Ok, Atsuko-nee" Yuki said but her voice is still down.

"Come on Yuki smile for me" Atsuko said while smiling brightly at her sister

Finally, Yuki smiles at her.

In the evening

At the ship

Minami goes back to the ship

“Atsuko and Yuki come back yet?” Minami asks

“Nope” Mii answers

“Already miss “your Atsuko” Takamina?” Yuu teases

“It is just that she went out from early morning until now. It makes me worry.” Minami said

“Uh...Those two really take their time” Haruna said.

“Yes, I also worry about Yuki.” Mayu said

“Don’t worry. They are pirate. No one can hurt them” Mariko said

“It has been very long time since they hang out together. Maybe they just want to spend more time together” Jun said

“Like Jun said, since they didn’t have time alone together much, I think they have a lot of things to talk together.” Rena said

“Uhm… I hope they just forget the time.” Minami said in worry tone.

“It is ok, Takamina. They will be back soon” Yuu pats Takamina shoulder.

“Why I got this uneasy feeling? Atsuko please be safe.” Minami thought to himself.

At the forest

“It is already evening, we should go back now Yuki before everyone starts worrying about us” Atsuko said and stands up

“Yes, Atsuko-nee” Yuki said

When they are about to leave, Atsuko hears some noise from the trees

“Who is it? Come out now.” Atsuko said

“We meet again Maeda Atsuko.” Black said

“It is you again” Yuki said

“Last time I said that if next time we meet again, that will be your dead date.” the man coldly said.

Then he takes out his swords and jumps toward Atsuko. Atsuko takes her sword and blocks his.

“That sword, how can you have that?” he asks

“Why should I tell you” Atsuko answers.

“Then keep that to your grave” He said and kicks her

Atsuko bends backward to dodge the kick. Yuki also takes out her sword and attacks him from behind. He notices and dodges her sword.

Then Atsuko jumps up to slash him from above. He raises his sword to block that.

Atsuko jumps back and then runs toward to attack him once again. He jumps up and kicks her from behind. Atsuko jumps to the left to dodge him.

Then she uses her hands to support and lifts her up, and turns to kick his face. He raises his hands to block her attack. Although he blocked her kick, but the effect makes him steps back a few steps. Then Yuki jumps to attack him from above. He got cut in his left arm.

He stabilizes himself and said

"As expected from the famous ship”

“But in the end you will still be killed by me." the man smirks.

He rushes to attack her once again

"Let's see about that." Atsuko said and jumps over to dodge his sword.

However, He turns around and injures her right hand, and kicks her stomach. Atsuko is hit and steps back a few steps. The kick makes her cough

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki calls her when seeing her is injured

“I’m fine Yuki. Don’t worry” Atsuko said.

"Yuki?" Black thought.

Yuki then runs toward him and attacks him. He jumps up to dodge her sword. Quickly, he jumps to the back of Yuki and kicks her back. Yuki is hit. She flies and hits a tree.

While Yuki is still trying to balance herself, Black rushes to her again to attack her.

"Yuki watch out" Atsuko calls her

When Black is about to attack Yuki, Atsuko runs to Yuki to shield for her. His sword pierces in her stomach. After that he kicks her at her stomach, Atsuko flies and fall into the stream.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki shouts.

"It is your turn now. Don't worry" he said and rushes to Yuki.

While Yuki is fighting with him

*Pant* ...*pant*...*pant*...

"I have to get her out of here" Atsuko thought

Atsuko takes out a smoke bomb

"Mii gave this to me. Let's hope it works." Atsuko thought

Then she throws the bomb to the man’s direction. After the smoke spread out, Atsuko shouts

"Yuki get out of here. NOW"

"But...” Yuki shouts back

"GET OUT" Atsuko shouts louder.

Then Yuki rushes out before the smoke disappears

"I won't let you" he shouts and jumps out from the smoke.

He chases after Yuki. Atsuko sees that. She jumps out of water and rushes after him. Black catches up with Yuki. He injures her left hand and pins her to the tree.

“Now die” he said and raises his sword.

Yuki looks at him with the eyes full with anger. Her eyes make him stun a little

“Her eyes, it is so familiar. It is just like “her”.” Black thought.

While he is still deep in his thought, a dagger flies to his direction. He jumps back to dodge it.

"Your…opponent…is…me" Atsuko said while painting.

"Atsuko-nee are you ok?" Yuki said in worry tone.

"I... *Cough* am...fine" Atsuko weakly said.


"Get out Yuki" Atsuko said while holding her bleeding wound

"Wait for me Atsuko-nee" Yuki said while sobbing

He chases after Yuki, but Atsuko blocks him.

"I told you *cough* your opponent is me *cough*" Atsuko weakly said and smirks.

Then he notices something shine on Atsuko’s neck. That necklace and its shape, so you are his daughter after all” Black thought and smirk.

"Don't think that I'll leave you. I have a lot of thing to settle with you." Black said

Then he rushes to the girl. Atsuko dodges his sword, but because she is wounded, her movement is slower. The sword pierces on her left chest.

"I will make you suffer as much as I did in those years." Black continues, and he release his grudge into his sword

He shoves his sword deeper making Atsuko to fall on her knees and cough up blood.

Atsuko holds Black’s sword

*Pant*... *Pant*... *Pant*...

“What…did…I…do…to…you?” Atsuko weakly said

He kicks her once again. She flies and hits the rock.  Atsuko stands up uses her sword to balance herself.


Black rushes to Atsuko. He grasps her neck, and raises her up.

"It is your father’s sin. You have to pay for what your father did to me" Black said

"*pant*...*pant*... What…do *cough*you…mean? Do…you…know…my…father?" Atsuko breathlessly asks

"Know him? Not even know him. He is the reason that I live as the person as I'm right now. He killed my family." he shouts and tightens his grip

"Even my only daughter, she is only two at that time, but he mercilessly killed her. My daughter, He threw her off the cliff." Black pushes her hard on the rock, and punches her stomach.

Atsuko once again cough up a lot of blood


"Did…you…see*cough* my…father…did…that? *cough* or…it…is…just…your…fault…accusation." Atsuko said while trying to escape from his hand.

"Fault accusation. Everything you said is just excuses for your father” Black said and throws Atsuko to a tree.


Atsuko tries to stands up

“Not good, my vision is slowly blurred. Yuki, I hope you already get to the ship, I cannot hold any longer.” she thought to herself.

“Now die” Black rushes to her

“Minami” Atsuko closes her eyes and thought.

At the ship

Minami walks back and forth on the main deck. Suddenly he hears something


"Atsuko" he thought

He stops and looks around. It makes him more worry.

“Why she is not come back yet? What is this feeling in my heart?” Minami worriedly thought.

“This is very late now. Are they really ok?” Yuu said in worry tone.

“I have to go and find them” Minami said and runs out of the ship.

“We will go too” Everyone said

When they got out of the ship, they see Yuki is running toward them.

“Yuki what happened” Mayu rushes toward her and asks.

Yuki came back with her left arms is injured and panting.

“Yuki what happened? Where is Atsuko?” Minami quickly rushes to Yuki and asks

“Atsuko-nee, Atsuko-nee…”

“Atsuko, what happened to her, Yuki please tell me” Minami urges Yuki

“Calm down Takamina, let’s Yuki calm down first” Mii said and pats his shoulder.

“Quickly go to the forest, Atsuko-nee is in danger” Yuki finally said after catching her breath. Then she faints because of exhausted.

After hearing that Minami quickly rushes to the place. Then Yuu and Jun follow him. Before they go, Yuu turns and said to them

“Nyan Nyan, Mariko, Mii, Rena stay in the ship and help Mayu take care of Yuki”

“Ok” they said.

“Atsuko, Atsuko please be safe” Minami thought while running to the forest.

His heart is burning like it is placed in fire. He looks every parts of the forest. When he gets to the waterfall


Minami breathlessly calls her name when he saw a slender figure is lying on the ground unconscious. He runs towards her. Quickly he lifts her up in his embrace. Her white shirt is now dyed into the crimson color, and her face is so pale.

“Atsuko, please wake up. Open your eyes Atsuko” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said in tear.

"" Atsuko weakly opens her eyes.

She tries to raise her hand to touch his face. Minami catches her hand and places on his face

"D..o n't c..r..y" Atsuko tiredly said and faints

"Atsuko, wake up. Atsuko, please open your eyes and talk to me." Minami cries out

“Takamina, what happe…” Yuu catches up with Minami

Seeing Atsuko's condition, he runs toward them and checks on her.

“”Atsuko-nee” Jun calls and rushes to Atsuko.

“Takamina, calm down, Acchan is still breathing, but we have to bring her to back quickly.” Yuu said after checking her

Minami quickly carries Atsuko and rushes back to the ship.

“Atsuko, please hang in there.” Minami said to Atsuko.

When Minami reaches the ship, he shouts while quickly bringing her to her room.

“Mayu, please treat Atsuko’s injuries now.”

Mayu just finished treating Yuki’s wound. When he is about to go up to the main deck with other, he sees Minami rushes down the stair. He quickly follows him.

“Rena, can you help me?" Mayu calls Rena.

"Mii, can you bring water here for me." Mayu calls

"Ok right away.” Mii said and runs out of the room

After a little while Jun and Yuu are back

“How is Atsuko-nee” Jun asks

“She lost a lot of blood. The sword nearly stabbed into her heart, and the injury on her stomach is very bad, too." Mayu sadly said.

"Atsuko" Minami looks at Atsuko who is now very pale while holding his fists very tight

"However seem like someone already treat her. Therefore, her wounds stopped bleeding.” Mayu said in wonder tone

“Now I need a lot of herbs to make her medicine. Jun can you go to the city and buy those in this paper for me”

“Ok” Jun said and rushes to the city

After a several hours, Mayu with the help of Rena finally bandaged all Atsuko’s injuries. At the same time Jun comes back with the herbs.

“Jun, give me those herbs, I will go and make her medicine immediately.” Mayu said

“Rena, come with me.” Mayu continues

After a while, Mayu comes back with medicine in his hand.

“Give this to me, I will help her drink.” Minami takes the small bow and comes to Atsuko’s bed.

He sits down and carefully lifts Atsuko up. He lets her lean on him and feeds her slowly. However, when he feeds the medicine into her mouth, Atsuko coughs out all the medicine. He tries to feed her again, but she still cannot drink it. Everyone looks at her with worried eyes

“Atsuko, please drink this. Drink this for me, Atsuko.” Minami said while tear is rolling down on his cheek.

He tries to feed her again. This time slower and the amount is less than the first time. Finally she is able to drink it. Minami is very happy about that. After a while, Minami finally feeds all the medicine to Atsuko. Minami puts Atsuko on her bed again and turns to Mayu.

"Now, Atsuko drank the medicine. When will she wake up, Mayu" Minami asks

"I hope she will wake up soon.”

“Why did you say that?” Minami asks

“Her injuries are very serious. One of her injuries is near her heart, so it is very dangerous. Plus she lost a lot of blood. Therefore, although we treated all her wounds, she is still very weak.” Mayu said and looks down

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki runs to the room and calls her sister.

"How is she now Mayu?" Yuki asks while sitting on Atsuko's bed and holding her hand.

"For now, her condition is stable. Though, we have to wait for her to wake up. It is the only way to know that she is out of danger.” Mayu said.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki calls and cries

“Yuki, what happened to you two? Mariko asks.

“We got attacked by Black.” Yuki said.

“That bastard, I’ll kill him when I see him.” Minami said while tightening his fists.

“Because of saving me, she is in that condition right now.” Yuki said while crying.

“It’s ok now Yuki. You two are safe now.” Mayu said while wiping Yuki tear.

“It is already late. Since Atsuko’s condition is now stable, you guys go take a rest. I will take care of her” Minami said

“Ok, you also take a rest. When Acchan wakes up, she properly doesn’t want to see your exhausted face” Mariko said.

"Uhm" Minami silently answers.

Then they left the room.

In the room

“Sorry Atsuko, I said that I will protect you, but now you are hurt so bad.” Minami said while caressing Atsuko’s face.

“Please wake up soon. I want to hear your voice, see you smile, and feel your hug.” Minami whispers while tear running down on his cheeks.


"," Atsuko weakly calls in her unconscious and tear runs down from corner of her eyes

Minami is woken up by Atsuko’s voice. He looks up and sees that Atsuko’s face is full of pain. Her face is covered with sweat.

",," Atsuko repeats the words in pain.

"It's ok now Atsuko. I'm here for you. I won't let this thing happen again."

He said while holding her hand and stroking her hair. Then he leans up and kisses her forehead. Atsuko slowly calms down. Her breath is back to normal.

Somewhere in the forest

“I hope she will be ok” a tall man said

“She will be fine, don’t worry. She is a strong girl. Plus you already give her the medicine.” a shorter man said while patting his friend shoulder.

At some place

"How it is possible? Her eyes, her name" a man though

“And, who are those two people?” He thought

“If they didn’t interfere, she will die now. However with those injuries, I doubt that she will survive." Black smirks

"I will make her pay for what he did." He shouts


That is chapter 11. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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Woah this was such an awesome chapter! :onioncheer:

I wonder who the mysterious people are and what Acchan's background really is.

Can't wait for the next update

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Wow it's soo cool  :cathappy:

I Wonder how Yuki meet with atsuko  :?

Hope you Will update soon  :thumbsup

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Really can't wait for the next update author-san...
Atsuko.. I hope she will be okay,  :cry:
And who are they that save atsuko? :?
Thanks for the update..

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Jun very romantic here !
:bow: :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Black is Yuki's father, right!?

Really??? Did Atsuko's father really kill Black's family or the big boss of the evil organisation that arranged the elimination of Black's family?

The two people that saved Atsuko from Black... who are they?

Atsuko's father and Minami's father?

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vivinardisa, @Raizel, @purnamazaki, @cisda83: Thank you!   :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic   :)

Here is Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Fragment of Memories

At the ship

In the early morning

Mayu and Yuki go to Atsuko’s room to check on her injuries, and bring medicine for her.

“How is her condition, Mayu?

“Her pulse is still weak, but it is better than last night." Mayu said

"Good to hear that." Minami said

"We will take our leave now. Takamina, takes some rest, don’t make my sister worry when she wakes up." Yuki said and leaves with Mayu.

Minami sits on Atsuko's bed and feeds her medicine.

“Atsuko, please wake up soon” Minami said and caresses her face.

After two day

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sees the familiar scene

“This is my room. Am I still alive?” Atsuko thought

“Atsuko, please wake up. I miss you” she hears Minami voice

“Ah, it hurt.” She tries to sit up, but her wounds are still hurt.

While Minami is still sleeping, he feels some movement on the bed. He opens his eyes, sees that Atsuko is awake.

"Atsuko, you finally wake up. I'm so glad" Minami said and stands up

"Minami" Atsuko weakly said

"How do you feel right now, Atsuko?" Minami gently asks

"I’m tired and a little hurt *cough*. But seeing you here with me, I think I'm fine now. *cough*" Atsuko said and smiles.

Atsuko tries to sit up again, but Minami stops her

"You are still weak. Just lie down. Wait here, I'll go and call Mayu" Minami said

"Ok" Atsuko answers

Immediately, Minami rushes out of the room to call Mayu.

Atsuko is lying on the bed and closes her eyes. While she is still deep in her thought, Minami calls her.

"Atsuko" Minami is back with Mayu and the group.

"Atsuko-nee, how are you?" Yuki runs to Atsuko and asks.

"I'm ok Yuki. How is your arm?" Atsuko said

"My arm is fine now." Yuki said

"Acchan, Are you ok?" everyone asks

"Uh, I'm. Thank you everyone." Atsuko said

"How is she now Mayu?" Minami asks

"Atsuko-nee woke up now, so she will be fine. But because she lost a lot of blood, she has to take a lot of rest. Here is her medicine." Mayu said

"Since you have to take a rest, we should leave now." Jun said

"Thank you everyone. Sorry for troubling you guys.*cough*" Atsuko said 

"It's ok. I think you still weak. Take more rest." Mariko said.

Then everyone leaves the room. Minami comes and sits on Atsuko bed

"Are you tired, Atsuko?" he asks and caresses her face

"Uhm" Atsuko said.

"Let drink this and then sleep, ok" Minami said

Minami carefully lifts Atsuko up and feeds her. Then he puts her down and covers her with a blanket

"Sleep well, Atsuko." Minami said

"Uhm... Minami, I think you should go back to your room and take a rest too. I know you are exhausted." Atsuko said while holding his hand.

"No, I’ll be here with you. I'm fine. Don't worry. Now my captain, sleep well" he gently said and kisses her forehead.

The next day

At night

Atsuko wakes up and see that Minami is resting his head on her bed. He is holding her hand and sleeping. She slowly sits up

"Ugh...My wounds are still really hurt." She thought.

She carefully removes Minami's hand from her so that he does not wake up. After stepping down from her bed, she takes her blanket and covers him. Then she walks out of the room up to the deck.

She sits on the bench and looks up to the sky. She tries to remember what happened on the day she was attacked


"Now die" Black said.

"Minami" Atsuko closes her eyes

She heard the sound of weapons against each other. Atsuko opens her eyes which are now blurry because of exhausted. She sees two men wear black coat with hood on their head and mask on their face.

"Who are they?" She thought.

"Who are you?" Black said.

"We are no one" a man said

"His voice, did I hear it somewhere?" Atsuko thought while trying to keep herself conscious.

"You lucky, I will take your life another time" Black said and left.

"Let go check on her?" A man said to his friend

"Who are they? I want to ask them but why I cannot say a word." Atsuko thought and slowly lost consciousness.

"Hang in there" is the last thing she heard.

End flashback

"Who are they? Why their voices are so familiar?" Atsuko thought

"That voice feels so warm and gentle" Atsuko recalls

"And Black, He said about revenge. What actually happened 20 years ago?" While she is thinking, suddenly her head is aching.

" head is hurt" Atsuko holds her head

Then something warm touches her shoulder. She looks back.

"Minami" She calls

Minami puts a coat on her shoulder.

"You just woke up. Why did you go out here? What if you caught cold?" Minami worriedly said

"You know how worry I'm when I woke up and didn't see you anywhere. If you want anything just tell me." Minami said with a serious tone.

"I'm sorry Minami. I just want to take some fresh air, and I really don't want to wake you up. I know you are really exhausted because of taking care of me" Atsuko said and looks down.

Minami puts his hands on Atsuko's shoulder and pulls her into his embrace.

"Baka, next time if you want to go somewhere just tell me, I will go with you. I don't want you to meet any danger again, and I cannot protect you like this time." Minami whispers in Atsuko ear.

"My heart nearly stops beating when I saw you lying on the ground motionless." He continues, and his voice is shaking.

Atsuko hugs him back

"Sorry Minami." Atsuko said and buries her face into his arm

"How are your wounds now? Are they still hurt?" Minami said while sitting next to her.

"It is better but still hurt a little." Atsuko said

"Atsuko, when I came here, I saw you holding your head. Does you hurt somewhere?" Minami worriedly asks

"No, it just that there is something that reminds me of the past. But when I try to remember it, my head is hurt." Atsuko said.

"By the way, Minami, when you went to save me, did you see someone else there?" Atsuko turns and asks

"No, I only saw you there. What happened?" Minami asks

"When I nearly got killed by Black, there are two mysterious men came out and saved me" Atsuko said and tells Minami everything.

"That remind me, when Mayu treats your wounds, he said that there is someone who treated your wound first." Minami said

"I wonder who they are" Atsuko said

"One more thing, when I was fighting with Black, he said that my father killed his family" Atsuko said

"He said that?" Minami asks with surprise tone

"Uhm... Even though I lost my memories, I have a feeling that my father is not a murderer." Atsuko continues

"I wish I could remember what I have forgotten" Atsuko sadly said.

“Don’t worry Atsuko. I’m sure that you will soon remember that. I also believe your father is innocent.” Minami said and smiles at Atsuko.

“Thank you Minami. *cough*..”

“Come on. Let’s go back to your room. It is getting cold out here.” Minami said and helps Atsuko to stand up.


Then they go back to Atsuko’s room

At the top of the ship mast

There are two men watching them

"Do you think it is time to let her know." a shorter man said

"Uhm...let watching them a little more" the tall man said


Next night

"Papa" a little girl runs toward her father. After her is her mother

"Atsu" her father lifts her up

"Honey, you and Atsuko here, Where is Yuki?” her father asks her mother

“Yuki is still sleeping in her room” her mother answers.

“I see.”

“So, Atsu, Papa will go out of town in two day.” the father said

“Papa will go out of town. Atsu will miss Papa. Atsu, don’t want Papa go.” the little girl said and pouts

“Atsu, Papa is really busy. Atsu has to be a good girl” her mother said and kisses her forehead.

“Uhm, Atsu will be a good girl” the little girl said and hugs her father

“Atsu stays at home remember to help your mama and take care of Yuki ok? When Papa gets back, we will celebrate your birthday on a big ship.” her father said

“Yatta, we will celebrate with **** right?” the little girl said.

“Of course, we will celebrate with ****” her father said

Suddenly, everything around her disappears, her father and mother. Surrounding her is only white and emptiness.

“Papa, Mama.” the little girl shouts while crying

“Papa, Mama, Yuki, where are you? Atsu is scared. **** where are you” the girl cries more.

Then a little boy appear in front of her eyes

“**** don’t go. Please don’t leave me” the girl calls and cries.

She chases after him. She shouts and cries

“Please don’t go, don’t leave me”

Outside of Atsuko’s room

Minami just goes back to Atsuko’s room, and he hears Atsuko’s voice. Immediately, he opens the door and runs into her room. He sees Atsuko’s hands rise up into the air as if she tries to catch something.

“Please don’t go, don’t leave me…” she calls and tear runs down from corner of her eyes.

Minami quickly runs to her and catches her hands

“shhh...Atsuko, calm down. I’m here” Minami said while caressing Atsuko’s face

“Don’t go….don’t leave me” Atsuko haft shouts and sits up.

Her face is covered with a lot of sweat, and she breathes heavily. Her eyes are at lost. Minami hugs her to calm her down

“Atsuko, what happened? Do you have a nightmare?” he worriedly asks her

Atsuko is now calm down a little bit. She calls


“I went out a little. When I came back, I heard you voice. What happened, Atsuko?” Minami said and looks at Atsuko's exhausted eyes.

“Did you have a nightmare?” he asks her while holding her hands

“I don’t know Minami. It is like a dream, but it seems so real.” Atsuko said in a confused tone.

Then Atsuko tells him all her dream.

“However, I cannot see any of their face. One more thing, there is a name that I cannot remember. Although I can feel that name is very important, I cannot remember that” Atsuko said while holding her head.

"When they all disappear, I'm really scared. I don't know what to do. I'm all alone there." she said while shakily hugging herself.

Minami hugs her

"You will never be alone Atsuko. You have me, Yuki, and everyone in this ship. They all care for you a lot." he said while patting her back.

"Thank you Minami for always be there for me" Atsuko said and buries her face into his neck.

"Minami" Atsuko calls him


"Please don't leave me." She whispers, and her voice is shaking

"I won't ever leave you." He whispers and kisses her lips.

"Now lie down and sleep. You still need a lot of rest so that your wounds can be healed fast." Minami said.

"Minami" Atsuko calls his name again.

"What is it, Atsuko?" He said

"Can you ...uhm hug me" she shyly said

"Ok my princess." He said and lies down next to her.

He puts his arms around her waist and pulls her closer. She snuggles herself closer to him.

"Good night Atsuko" he said and kisses her forehead.


"I think it is time for her to know" a tall man said

"Ok" a shorter man answers

In the morning

On the main deck

Jun and Rena is talking with each other. Two men with hood and mask appear.

“Who are you?” Jun asks

“We want to meet Maeda Atsuko” the tall man said

“What do you want from her?” Rena asks

"We have something to give her" a tall man said

"What happened Jun?" Yuki comes up and asks

"They want to meet Atsuko-nee" Jun answers

"Are you together with Black?" Yuki asks in angry tone.

"No" the shorter man said.

In Atsuko's room

Minami is woken up because of some noise from outside. He opens his eyes and sees that Atsuko is still peacefully sleeping next to him. Carefully, he steps from her bed so that she doesn't wake up. He goes up to the main deck and asks

"What's happening?"

"They are looking for Atsuko-nee." Yuki said

"Those two men, they are just like what Atsuko described" Minami thought.

"You two are the one who saved her in the night she was attacked, right?" Minami asks

"Yes." The short man said

"Thank you for saving her" Minami said and bows

"No problem" the short man said

"Where is Maeda Atsuko?" the tall man said.

''What do you want from me?" Atsuko is woken up by the noise and comes up

"Take this" the tall man throws a piece of paper toward Atsuko.

"Read and you will know what to do" the tall man continues.

"Can you tell me who you really are?" Atsuko asks with serious tone.

"We are friend" the tall man answers.

Then they leave.

Atsuko opens the piece of paper. It said

"If you want to find the answer about your question, find this person, 'Minegishi Kuu'."

"My father" Mii said

"What do you want to ask my father?" Mii asks.

"Did Mii's father know about my past?" Atsuko thought

"I have to meet him" Atsuko continues her thought

"Ok, we will go to Mii's house to meet his father." Atsuko said.

At night

Atsuko hold the paper and reads it again

"I hope I can find my answer there." Atsuko thought and looks at the sky.

"You will find your answer I'm sure about that." Minami hugs Atsuko from behind and whispers.

"Minami" Atsuko turns around and hug him back

"Somehow I can feel that your answer may be related to me" Minami thought to himself.


That is chapter 12. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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Minami is so sweet  :wub:   :inlove:

Now the adventure will start again yeay  :cow:  :w00t:

Update soon will be waiting  :thumbsup  XD

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Atsumina are just too cute!

I wonder what Kuu has to do wih everything as well

Thanks for the update once again!

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The past is going to be revealed in the next chapter

I can't wait to find out about Atsuko's past....

And the little boy in Atsuko's dream is it Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out about the truth

Thank you for the update

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Author san can you add sayamilky to this fic... i mean like they would be a nice additional pairing... like milky as mayu's cousin or sayaka as jurina's best friend or something.. i hope you would consider this...

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Love the Atsumina moment!!! More Mayuki pls!!! :nervous :nervous

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@vivinardisa, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :wub:

@Hdiwnsyjsgsisbusvs: Thank you for reading my fic. I will think about that.  :) XD

@kimseoyeonc: Thank you for reading my fic  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 1 of chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Forgotten Past (Part 1)

After two days

Their ship reached the island. Mii is really excited because he is back to his home.

“Everyone prepare. We will go to Mii’s house now” Atsuko said

“Ok” everyone said

Then they leave the ship and follow Mii. Mii’s house is a big mansion, located deep in the forest. They reached Mii’s house after a very long walk. Then Mii leads them to the guest room.

“Everyone, wait here, I will call my dad.” Mii said and leaves.

Atsuko all the time just stays silent. Minami notices that. He holds her hand and said

“It is ok Atsuko. Everything will be fine”

“Thank you Minami” she looks at Minami and smiles.

"I'll go out a little for some fresh air." Atsuko said.

"I’ll go with you" Minami said

"It's ok Minami. I just go outside of the house. I'll be right back." Atsuko said and smiles.

"Ok, Comeback soon" Minami said.

After a while, Mii comes back with his father.

"Sorry for making you wait, guys" Mii said.

"Hello everyone, my name is Minegishi Kuu, Mii's father." Kuu introduces himself.

Then they introduce each other to him. Until Yuki’s turn

"My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you." Yuki said and bows.

"Kashiwagi Yuki? Could it be? Impossible." He thought

Everyone is confused because Kuu just stays silent.

"Dad" Mii calls Kuu

"Ah sorry, nice to meet you too” Kuu said and shakes Yuki's hand

"So why did you guys want to meet me?" Kuu asks.

"Actually, the one who want to meet you just went out. She will be back soon." Minami said

"Uncle Kuu, Long time no sees. How are you doing?" Minami happily asks Kuu.

"Long time no see. I'm fine. How about you?" Kuu said and pats Minami’s shoulder

"I'm very good." Minami said and smiles.

"By the way, Takamina, prepare yourself. Father of your fiancée will come here in three days." he said

“I was very worry since you are not at home. Luckily you are back in time.” Kuu happily said

"What?" everyone shouts

Jun is angry and comes to Minami.

“What is that about?” he takes Minami by his collar.

“Jun, calm down” Rena stops him.

“If you already have a fiancée, why did you want to date my sister?” Yuki angrily asks him

“Yuki, calm down, let hear what Takamina say.” Mayu takes Yuki’s hand.

"I thought that you already dropped that topic." Minami said

"Takamina, your parent is dead, and they entrusted you to me. I have to take care of you." Kuu said

“I told you that I’ll find the person who I love myself.” Minami annoyingly said

“I want you to marry someone that comparable to you. She is from a good and wealthy family. Plus, her father is your father’s friend.” Kuu reasons

“I don’t care. That is why I left 8 years ago. Why did you still going on about that.” Minami said

Then he leaves. When he opens the door, he sees a pair of hurting eyes is looking at him.

“Atsuko” Minami calls

She turns and runs out of the house.

"Atsuko" Minami shouts and runs after her.

Before he goes, he turns and said.

"I'm definitely not going to marry someone I don't love." He emphasizes his words.

"Atsuko? It cannot be" Kuu thought

Kuu turns around and looks at the figure

Outside the house

Minami chases after Atsuko into the forest.

“Atsuko stops. Wait for me” Minami calls

Atsuko stops by the lake.

“What do you want Takahashi-san?” Atsuko asks, but she still doesn’t turn to face him.

“Atsuko, why did you call me that way? Let me explain, please.” Minami said

Minami tries to hold Atsuko’s hand but Atsuko slaps his hand.

“My goal when I came here is to know about my past, but I got another surprise new.” Atsuko said and laughs bitterly.

“Atsuko, Please hear me out.” Minami said

“Congratulation, Takahashi-san” Atsuko said while trying to hold her tear.

Minami is at his limit. He holds Atsuko's arms and pins her to the tree.

“What are you doing, Takahashi-san?” Atsuko said in surprise.

“Don’t call me like that.” He angrily said and roughly kisses her lips

Atsuko tries to pushes him out, but he is too strong.

“Stop it, what are you doing, Takahashi-san” Atsuko finally pushed him out and shouts

“Never, I told you don’t call me like that.” He shouts

“Stomhmm…” Atsuko said but again is stopped by Minami’s kiss.

She tries to push him out but no use. After a while Atsuko finally gives in and replies his kiss. He kisses her gently and passionately until they are out of air. When they pull out, Minami hugs Atsuko and buries his face into Atsuko’s neck.

“Please Atsuko, don’t call me like that. It is hurt and lonely” Minami said in tear.

“8 years ago, He told me about that, but I already denied. After that I left home. I thought he already dropped that topic. I’m sorry. I don’t know he still keeps that thought.” he explains

“Please Atsuko, I don’t need anyone. I only need you. You are everything to me. I love you. Please don’t act like we are stranger.” Minami said in tear.

Atsuko slowly raises her hands and hugs Minami.

“Minami" Atsuko calls him and tightens her hug.

After a few moments, Atsuko and Minami are now calm down. They sit beside the lake, and Atsuko rests her head on Minami’s shoulder.

"You know what Minami" Atsuko looks at Minami and said

"Huh?" Minami said while caressing her face.

"It was very hurt when I heard that you have a fiancée." Atsuko said

"The thought of losing you invaded my heart. I was very scared. My mind kept repeating the thought 'what am I going to do without Minami?'." Atsuko said while tear is rolling on her cheeks.

“‘Who will love me? Who will support me every time I need? Who will protect me from hurt?' those questions kept repeating in my head. It was too much for my limit. I felt like I'm going to break down.” Atsuko said while hugging herself.

Minami wipes Atsuko’s tear and hugs her.

"That will never happen. I will always stay by your side" Minami said and pats her back.

Then they sit there and enjoy the scenery for a while.

"We have to go back now. Everyone must be worry about us" Atsuko said

"Uh let's go back" Minami said.

On their way back, a man appears before them.

"We meet again Maeda Atsuko" he said

"Black" Atsuko and Minami shout.

"I didn't expect that you still alive after those serious injuries." Black smirks.

"Sorry to disappoint you about that" Atsuko said and smirks.

"Actually, it is opposite. I'm pretty happy that you are alive. Therefore I can torture you more. I want you to feel the same way as I feel in the past 22 years."  He angrily said.

Minami takes out his sword and stands in front of Atsuko.

"I won't let you harm her again" Minami said in anger.

"That sword, so you are that bodyguard's son." Black said.

"You know my father" Minami asks

"I'm the one that kill your and her father. How can I not know them? Those swords are the one that they used to fight me." Black smirks.

"You killed our parent?" Atsuko shouts

"Yes, I'm" Black said and laughs

"My father is killed. How can that be? Uncle said that my parent die because of sickness." Minami thought.

"Anyway, if so, I have more reasons to kill you. I will take revenge for my and Atsuko's parent." Minami shouts in anger.

"Don't hold the grudge on me. If you want to hate, hate her father. I attacked that ship because of him. I want to take revenge for my family. If your parent didn't go in that ship, they would still be alive" Black said and laughs.

Hearing what Black said, Atsuko steps back and drops her sword.

"Atsuko" Minami turns around and worriedly calls Atsuko.

"However, I didn't expect that you two still alive after that incident. I thought that my friend already made sure that no one can escape that ship alive." Black continues

Suddenly something flash in Atsuko head.

"Atsu, hide in this closet. Don't get out ok"

Atsuko drops down and holds her head. Seeing that, Minami bends down

"Atsuko, what happened?" Minami holds Atsuko's shoulders and worriedly asks

"My head is hurt" Atsuko said

"Short guy, do you know how your father died? I pierced my sword in his stomach and kicked his face." Black said in enjoying voice.

Atsuko holds her head tighter. Her head is getting hurt more and more.

"About her father..."

"Shut up." Minami shouts to cut his words

"I really enjoy seeing her suffer like that." Black said and laughs out loud

"I slashed his back..."

Minami takes out his sword and rushes to Black

"I said shut up. You jerk" Minami shouts angrily

Fighting for a while, Black stops and jumps back

"You are pretty good just like your father. Today, I will stop right here. Next time I will torture that girl more." Black laughs and leaves

Atsuko holds her head. Her tear is falling nonstop.

"Minami's parent was killed because of my father." the thought keep repeating in her head.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami asks

"Who am I? Minami, Who am I? Is my father really a murderer?" Atsuko cries and asks.

Atsuko holds Minami's arms tightly and repeats the question.

"Atsuko, calm down, calm down. Don't listen to that Jerk." Minami tries to calm Atsuko down

"Did your parent die because of my father? Did you lose your parent because of my father, Minami?" Atsuko weakly asks.

"Atsuko, please calm down. Don't listen to him." Minami hugs Atsuko and pats her back

"Who am I? Minami, Who am..." Atsuko repeats the question and faints.

"Atsuko, Atsuko." Minami calls her.

Immediately, Minami carries Atsuko and rushes back to the house.

Meanwhile at the house

After Atsuko and Minami left the house

"Sorry everyone for this rudeness" Kuu said and bows.

"I'll take my leave now. Please feel free to go around the house." Kuu said and leaves.

At Kuu's room

He sits on his chair and closes his eyes.


"Uncle Kuu, uncle Kuu" a little boy is holding a little girl’s hand and runs to him.

"What is it Takamina?" Kuu said

"Tomorrow I will celebrate Acchan’s birthday on the ship." Minami excitedly said

"Will you make something for us to play?" Atsuko asks.

"Of course Acchan, I will make for you a special present." he said and lifts the two kids to sit on the chair opposite him.

"Uncle Kuu, When will we meet Mii?" Minami asks

"Yes. When will we meet him?" Atsuko excitedly asks

"I will take him here after your birthday. I cannot wait to tell him about you two." Kuu said and pinches Atsuko's and Minami's cheek.

"Yatta" Atsuko and Minami happily shout.

End flashback

"Acchan, are you still alive?" Kuu whispers


"Uncle Kuu, where is Minami?" little Atsuko asks while holding Yuki.

"Don't worry Acchan. I will go and look for him. You two stay on this boat ok?" Kuu said, and Atsuko nods.

After a while he comes back with Minami on his hand.

"Acchan, we will go now" he calls Atsuko.

Suddenly, the big wood that holds the boat broke and falls onto Atsuko and Yuki

"Yuki, watch out" Atsuko shouts.

"Atsuko, Yuki." Kuu calls.

End flashback

While Kuu is deep in his thought, he hears Mariko's voice. He steps out from his room. Seeing Atsuko's condition, he quickly runs to them.

"Atsuko is in shock." Minami said and rushes to Atsuko's room.

In Atsuko's room

"What happened, Takamina? Why Atsuko-nee is in this condition?" Yuki worriedly asks

"We met Black. He said that he is the one that killed our parent. He said that he attacked our parent to take revenge for his family." Minami signs

Everyone looks at Minami with surprised look

"Atsuko is very confused." Minami said.

"Her face resembles with Nami. Somehow looking at her, I can feel the presence of Atsushi." Kuu sits silently and looks at Atsuko.

"Uncle Kuu, I have a question." Minami calls and Kuu looks at him

"You said that my parent died because of sickness. However, why did Black say that he killed my parent together with Atsuko’s?" Minami said

Kuu is silent and closes his eyes

"I will tell you everything when Acchan awake." Kuu said

"Acchan? How did you know Atsuko's name? As I remember she has not seen you yet." Minami is confused.

"As I said, I will tell you everything when Acchan wakes up." Kuu said

"You guys should go back to your room and rest. It is very late now." Kuu said.

Then everyone leaves the room.

At night

In Minami's room
(Italic is Minami's dream)

"Mama, mama, let’s go of my mother" a little boy shout and jumps to kick the man

The man takes the boy by his shirt and throws him to the ground

"Minami, get out of here." his mom said

Then a man raises his sword and slashes his mother back

"Mama" Minami sits up and shouts
He breathes heavily

"What is that? Is that my memories?" Minami thought while holding his head.

"Tomorrow, I will know everything" Minami thought and gets back to sleep

"Acchan, let's go to your house and play" a little boy said

"Uh Minami, Let's go" little girl said and holds little boy's hand.

Another place

"Takamina, let go to the boat" a man said and holds Minami

"Yes uncle Kuu." Minami answers

"Acchan, Yuki let's go" Kuu calls

Suddenly the boat fall down into the sea

"Atsuko" Minami shouts and sits up on the bed

"That little girl who I used to see in my dream is Atsuko? Atsuko and I know each other since we were a kid?" Minami thought in confuse.

Suddenly everything flashes back to him. He tries to gather all the things in his head.

"Mom, Dad" he calls in his mind, and his tear unconsciously falls.

After a while

"It is nearly morning. I should go to check on Atsuko." Minami sits up and leaves his room.

In Atsuko's room (Italic is Atsuko's dream)

"Acchan, why did you look so sad" a little boy asks

Then he comes and sits next to her near the lake.

"****, my papa went to a business trip. I miss him." The little girl said.

"My father also goes together with uncle Atsushi. I also miss him. That is why I asked my mom to come here to play with you." The little boy said

“Let's go and play, Acchan" the little boy said and runs off.

"Wait for me ****, wait for me." The little girl calls and laughs.

Suddenly she is surrounded by fire. The little boy disappears behind the firewall

"**** where are you? Mina....Mina....Minami" the little girl runs and calls

"Minami" Atsuko shouts and sits up.

Atsuko looks around and realizes that she is in her room

"Minami is that little boy in my dream. Does that mean Minami and I know each other long time ago? Did everything Black said is truth?" Atsuko thought and holds her head.

Then Atsuko hears the door opens. She lies back and pretends to sleep. The figure comes and sits on her bed.

"Atsuko, I finally remember about you." The figure said and strokes her hair

"Minami" Atsuko thought

"The familiar little girl appears in my dream is you. I'm very glad that I remembered you." Minami said and kisses her forehead.

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes

"Minami" Atsuko calls Minami.

"Atsuko, you are awake." Minami happily said

"Are you ok, Atsuko? Does your head still hurt?" Minami concernedly asks.

"I'm fine Minami. Don't worry" Atsuko said and smiles.

Then Atsuko sits up

"I want to meet Mii's father. I want to ask him about the past." Atsuko said and stands up

"Uh, let's go. Yesterday uncle said that he will tell us something when you wake up." Minami said.

"He did?" Atsuko turns to look at Minami with surprised look.

"Uh" Minami nods.

Then they come to the guest room. While they are talking with each other, everyone steps in.

“Acchan, how are you?” Mariko asks

“I’m fine now, thank you” Atsuko said and smiles

Then Kuu comes in.

"Ok, since everyone is already here. I'll start." Kuu said

“Firstly, I was the inventor in Atsuko's father's house. I'm also Atsuko's and Minami's best friend." Kuu introduces himself

"The swords that you two are keeping are your family treasure. It was made by special material. Only the head of the clan can hold that” Kuu said

"Acchan, your father is Maeda Atsushi, a noble, head of the Maeda clan." Kuu continues

“Maeda clan?” Rena shouts in surprise

Everyone looks at her with confused look

“I thought about that when I heard Acchan’s last name in the first time” Rena continues

“I heard from my father that Maeda clan is the most powerful nobility clan. They have superior power in every aspect in political and business. Every other clan has to listen to them.” Rena said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise.

"And your parent, Takamina, they aren't normal businessman. Your father, Takahashi Kai is a head of Takahashi clan. He is the strongest swordsman in the clan" Kuu continues

“Takahashi clan, I heard about them through my thief friends. Takahashi clan is a knight clan. Every member in the clan is very strong and skilled swordsman.” Yuu said

“Uh, that is correct. You can say that those two clans are the most powerful clans. Maeda clan and Takahashi clan have a long time relationship. Takahashi clan will assign its members to be the bodyguard of the important people in Maeda clan.” Kuu adds

"Since Kai was born, he was assigned to be Atsushi’s bodyguard.  However they only see each other as childhood friend and best friend." Kuu said

"Takamina, you asked me about your parent. The truth is your and Acchan’s parent were killed, when we were celebrating Acchan’s birthday on a ship.” Kuu said


"Wow, uncle Kuu, your fireworks are so pretty. They have my name" little Atsuko excitedly said

"So, little princess, do you like my present?" Kuu asks.

"Yes, I love it." Atsuko said and smiles widely.

"Atsu, papa and mama have a present for you" Atsushi said

Nami gives Atsuko a glass bracelet with special decoration.

"Do you like it, Atsu?" Nami asks

"Yes! Thank you Papa, Mama." Atsuko cheerfully answers.

"Atsuko-nee, Yuki also have a present for you" Yuki runs toward Atsuko and gives her a daisy

"Wow Yuki, it is so pretty. Thank you" Atsuko smiles at her sister

"Mama helped me picked that." Yuki said

"Acchan, I also have a present for you" Minami cheerfully said.

"What is it Minami?" Atsuko asks.

"I know that you really like vegetable. Today, I asked my mom to teach me how to cook your most favorite dish. I hope you like it." Minami said and gives Atsuko the food

"Minami is the one doing all the cooking work" Akiko said

Atsuko eats and said

"Delicious, Minami, very delicious. Thank you" Atsuko hugs Minami and kisses his cheek.

Minami blushes. Everyone sees that and laugh.

"Uncle Kai, where is my present?" Atsuko holds Kai coat and pouts.

"My present is together with Minami's food" he teases the girl

"That present is not count. That is Minami's." Atsuko reasons

"How about I will perform Kung Fu for my cute little princess?" Kai pinches Atsuko’s cheeks.

"Yatta" Atsuko jumps happily.

After a fun and enjoyable party, they all go back to their room and sleep.

At Midnight

Kuu heard some noises from the deck, so he goes out of his room to check. On his way, he meets Atsushi and Kai

"What happened, guys?" Kuu asks.

"We don't know. We just heard some noise and come here" Kai said

"Let see what happened" Atsushi said

When they come to the main deck, they see 4 masked men standing there.

"Who are you people? What do you want from us?" Atsushi said.

"I come here to make you pay for what you did." a masked man.

"What do you mean?" Atsushi asks.

"Don't play dumb with me." the man shouts and rushes to attacks Atsushi

Kai takes out his sword and blocks the man

"Kuu, go to Nami’s and Akiko’s room, call them and take them to a safe place." Atsushi shouts

"Ok." Kuu said and runs.

Kuu runs to Nami's room. He knocks the door, and Nami opens the door

"What’s wrong, Kuu?" Nami worriedly asks.

"Our ship is under attack, Atsushi told me to take you guys to the small boat." Kuu said

"Can you go to Yuki’s room to wake her up and bring her there for me? I will go to Atsu’s room to wake her up and go there later." Nami said.

"Ok” Kuu said

Before he goes to Yuki’s room, Kuu runs to Akiko’s room. He told Akiko to go to the small boat

“I will go to Minami’s room and bring him there.” Akiko hungrily said

Then Kuu goes to Yuki’s room and brings her to the small boat first. When he reached the boat, he doesn't see Neither Nami and Atsuko nor Akiko and Minami. He puts Yuki on the boat

“Hide here. Uncle will go and find your mama and the rest." Kuu said.

After checking Nami’s room, he runs to Atsuko's room.

End flashback

While Kuu is telling about the past, Minami notices that Atsuko’s expression is changed. She holds her head tightly and looks so hurtful.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami asks.

His voice interrupts Kuu. Everyone turns and looks at them.

"Minami, my head, something keep ringing in my head. It’s hurt" Atsuko said then she faints

"Atsuko, Atsuko." Minami holds Atsuko and calls her

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki and Jun run toward her

"Mayu, can you see what happened to Acchan." Mariko said

"Atsuko-nee is in shocked. Maybe her memories of that night return to her. I think we should bring her to her room and let her rest." Mayu said.

Minami carries Atsuko back to her room. He puts Atsuko on the bed and covers her with a blanket. Then he sits on the bed and looks at her. He moves the hairs that cover her face. Her face is still showing pain expression.

"I will never let you experience those things like that night once again." he said and kiss her forehead.

Then he comes back to the guest room.

“Sorry for the wait" Minami said.

"Uncle Kuu, What happened in that room that makes Atsuko so shock like that?" Minami asks.

"I don't know. When I get there, I saw her mother, Nami, is lying on the floor. She was...." Kuu pauses, and his face looks so sad.

Everyone silently looks at him and waits for his words

"…Stabbed by a dagger in her heart" Kuu said and looks down

"So cruel" Haruna said.

"How about Acchan, where was she?" Yuu asks

"I found her inside a closet." kuu said.

"So she witnessed everything?" Rena asks

"Uhm, I guess" Kuu signs

"What happened to Atsuko-nee?" Jun asks.

"She looked terrify. Her eyes were full of tear. I asked her what's wrong, but she did not say a word until her father come" Kuu said


"Acchan, what's wrong?" Kuu asks

However, Atsuko still stays silent. Her body is shaking. Her tear is rolling down.

"Nami, Atsu" Atsushi runs to the room.

"Nami!!!!" Atsushi runs to his dead wife and hugs her tight.

"What happened to her, Kuu?" Atsushi said in tear.

“I don't know. She said that I bring Yuki to the boat first then she will go after me. However when I came there, I did not see her. Therefore I went back here" Kuu said.

"When I go in, everything turned out like this" Kuu sorrow said.

"Papa..." Atsuko finally speaks up and runs to her father.

"Papa, Mama...Mama..." Atsuko said in trembling voice.

"It is ok now Atsu. Papa is here. Can you tell me what happened?" Atsushi hugs his daughter.

"I'm scared papa. I'm scared Papa." Atsuko doesn't say anything except those words.

Then Atsushi hears someone is coming. He looks up to Kuu and said.

"Please take care of my daughter for me. Take her out of this place right now." Atsushi said.

"Atsushi, don't you come with us?" Kuu asks

"I'm not finish with them. Kai and I just escape from them for a moment. We will buy time for you. Please take care of our children." Atsushi said.

Then Atsushi turns to Atsuko.

"Papa has to go now. Atsu, be a good girl and go with uncle Kuu, ok?" Atsushi gently said to his daughter.

"No, papa, don't go." Atsuko hugs her father tightly and said.

"Atsu, you are a strong girl right." Atsushi said and Atsuko nods.

"Good let go with uncle, ok." Atsushi said

"Here Atsu, take this sword with you. This is for you." Atsushi said and give her the sword.

After that he leaves the room. Then Kuu holds Atsuko and runs to the boat.

End flashback

"After I took Atsuko to the boat, I went to look for Takamina and his mother. I ran to the storeroom after checking every room. When I get there, I saw Takamina was sitting next to his mother and crying. Standing next to him is Kai." Kuu said

"What happened?” Yuu asks

"My mother was killed because of protecting me." Minami said

"What's wrong Takamina?" Mii asks.

"I remembered everything that night." Minami said in tear.


"Mama what's wrong?" Takamina asks as his mother picks him up and runs out of the room.

"Someone is attacking our ship. Uncle Kuu said that we should go to the small boat." Akiko said.

When they get near the place, they see a masked man runs to their direction. Akiko quickly hides. She takes Minami and runs down to the storeroom to hide. Suddenly, someone kicks her back. Akiko falls on the floor, and Minami fall out of her hands.

“Mama” Minami calls his mother

“Run, Minami” Akiko said

The man comes and picks Akiko up by her collar. Minami sees that he run toward his mother

“Put my mom down” he jumps and kicks the man’s back

The man is angry. He takes Minami by his neck and throws him on the floor. Then he takes his sword out to stab Minami

“Minami” Akiko runs toward and holds Minami.

The sword slashes on her back and makes a long and deep wound.

“Mama” Minami screams

When the man is about to stab Minami again, a swords pierce through his stomach. Kai appears behind him and killed that cruel man. Kai releases his sword and runs to his wife and son.

“Akiko, are you ok?” Kai calls his wife.

“Please Akiko, wake up. Talk to me” Kai cries

“Don’t cry Kai. Please take care of Minami for me” Akiko weakly said and then she passes away.

“Mama...Mama...” Minami calls his mother while crying.

End flashback

“My mother, because of protecting me, she was killed by that man.” Minami said with a shaky voice. His eyes are all red because of anger.

Outside the room

There is a figure sitting on the floor, leaning on the door, and crying.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sorry….” the figure keeps repeating the thought.


That is chapter 13 part 1. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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Omg it's so sad, it makes me want to cry   :cry:  :(

Want to now more about their past  :O  :D

Update soon  :cathappy:  :cow:

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Wow their past really sad..  :cry:
Both Minami and Atsuko's mother are dead, but how about their dad? :?
Minami remember everything and Atsuko's memory slowly came back.. :w00t:
Can't wait to know more about their past.. :panic:

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Oh my.... I really enjoy the story  :shocked :w00t:
I hope you update soon  :bow:

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OMG!!  The story is so nice can't wait for the next chapter!

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i just read it and i love it hehe ♡♡

who is black? why he want to kill atsuko?

update soon please :D and please give me MORE WMATSUI!!! XD XD XD

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Oh... more more flashback...

Who was the figure that was apologizing repeatedly silently....

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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