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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100297 times)

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the figure outside the room...
could it be Atsuko's father???

oh, I smell that the one to be engaged with Minami is actually Atsuko!

Please update again author-san!!

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I can't wait, update soon please.  :twothumbs atsumina  :wub:

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@vivinardisa, @Raizel, @ kimseoyeonc, @cisda83, @kazuko: Thank you!!   :D

@Dianalrs: Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

@ key17: Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

@Saint0angel: Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 2 of chapter 13.

Chapter 13: The Forgotten Past (part 2)

Back to the room

“So, that is what happened there.” Kuu sorrowfully said

“I’m very sorry to hear that Takamina.” Mii comes and pats Minami shoulder to comfort him.

“Are you ok Takamina?” Everyone asks in concerned voice

“I’m fine now. Thank you everyone.” Minami said.

“So, what happened next, uncle?” Mariko asks.

“Kai entrusted Takamina for me and left.” Kuu said and signs a deep sign


“Kuu, please take care of my son for me.” Kai said

“I have to go back there and meet up with Atsushi. We have to hold them there. Please take our family out of here.” Kai continues.

Then he turns and looks at Minami.

“Son, I have to go now. You have to be strong ok? You have to protect Atsuko and everyone.” Kai said to Minami

“Uh, I will” Minami wipes his tear and strongly responses.

“That is my son. Take this sword Minami and become a strong man.” Kai said and pats his head.

Then he leaves.

Kuu takes Minami to the boat with him. When they get to the boat, he calls

“Acchan, Yuki, let go.”

Suddenly, there is a big explosion making the ship shaking. The big wood that holds the boat because of that is broken. It falls onto Atsuko and Yuki

“Watch out Yuki” Atsuko calls

Then the boat falls down on the sea.

“Acchan, Yuki,” Kuu and Minami call them

However because it is midnight, they cannot see anything. Then another explosion happens. The ship is slowly sinking. Kuu have no choice but to take a piece of wood plank. He carries Minami on his back

“Hold me tight ok” Kuu said


Then he holds the plank and jumps into the sea.

End Flashback

“We floated on the sea for two day. When we were about to give up, there was a Mercian ship came and helped us” Kuu said

“Every day, Takamina cried and called his parent and Acchan. However, after a week, one day he woke up and did not remember anything.” Kuu continues

“So, as Black said, he is the one that did everything. He killed all your parents.” Jun said

“Why didn’t you go back to Maeda clan and Takahashi clan to inform them about that? Maybe with their power they can catch Black.” Yuu asks

“I don’t think only Black is the one did all of that.” Kuu said

“Why?” everyone looks at him and asks

“The dagger that stabbed Acchan’s mother have Maeda's crest on it. I think it may be related to the Maeda clan.” Kuu said

“That is the reason I brought Takamina to my home town and raised him as a normal person. I afraid that if go back there, Takamina would be in danger. Therefore, I kept everything as a secret.” Kuu said.

“So terrible” Yuki said and cries.

“A Maeda member did that?” Minami thought.

While they are talking, one of Kuu servants comes in.

“Master Kuu, Miss Atsuko is awake, but she is not in her room.” she hurriedly said.

“What?” everyone shouts

“Where did she go? Where did she go?” Minami holds the servant shoulders and asks.

“Calm down Takamina.” Mii said

“I’m sorry, Master Minami. When we get there, Miss Atsuko is not there already.” The servant bows down and said.

“Let spread around and find Atsuko-nee.” Yuki said

When they are about to go and look for Atsuko, another servant runs in.

“Master Kuu, Miss Atsuko is standing outside of the house.” the servant said

“But outside the rain is very heavy” Mariko worriedly said

“Yes. We call her to go in, but she doesn’t listen to us.” the servant said.

Hearing that, Minami immediately rushes to outside of the house.

Outside of the house

Atsuko is standing under the rain. She looks up to the sky, and tear is running down from corner of her eyes.

“Miss Atsuko, please come inside with us” a servant calls her, but Atsuko is still silent.

“Please Miss Atsuko, Master Minami will be mad at us if he sees you here.” another servant said.

“You all just go inside, don’t worry about me.” Atsuko said without changing her position.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her.

“...” Atsuko doesn’t responses

“Atsuko, why are you standing here?” Minami runs to her and pulls her hand

Atsuko turns to look at him with a blank expression.

“Just leave me alone.” Atsuko coldly said and withdraws her hand from him

“What happen, Atsuko?” Minami worriedly said.

“Acchan, come inside” Everyone calls her

“Atsuko-nee, please come inside” Yuki worriedly calls her.

“Everyone, just leave me alone” Atsuko shouts

“What happened, Atsuko?” Minami holds her arms and said

“Minami, Please just leave me alone. I don’t deserve your kindness” Atsuko shakily said.

“What do you mean by that Atsuko?” Minami worriedly said.

“...” Atsuko stays silent

Minami pulls Atsuko to his embrace and said

“What’s wrong, Atsuko? Please tell me” Minami said

“Minami, why don’t you hate me? Why, Minami?” Atsuko whispers.

“I really hate myself right now” Atsuko said and pushes Minami out.

“Why would I hate you? And why did you hate yourself?” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said

Atsuko’s eyes still show no emotion

“Please just go inside, Minami.” Atsuko weakly said.

“No, did you forget what you said? You said that you don’t want me to leave you alone right.” Minami said

“....” Atsuko just stays silent

“And I said that I will always be by your side.” Minami seriously said to Atsuko

“Please Atsuko, tell me what happened.” Minami said.

“Why did you say that I should hate you?” Minami continues.

“Black already said that his target is my father. Your parent is killed just because they are in that ship with us.” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, I told you don’t believe that jerk’s words. He is blinded because of revenge. All he wants is seeing you suffer. He just lied” Minami seriously said

"Everything he said is just like uncle said. How can that be a lie?" Atsuko said and steps back.

“Even if what he said is not the truth, I’m still a reason that your father and mother were killed. Moreover I’m also the reason that my father and mother got killed” Atsuko continues

“What are you saying Atsuko? It has nothing to do with you.” Minami reasons

“No, it was all my fault. If my birthday did not celebrate on the ship, everyone would not be killed.” Atsuko shouts in tear

“I’m the cause of your mother dead.” Atsuko continues.

She is crying harder. Her tear mixes with the cold rain.

“Stop it Atsuko, It is not your fault. It is just a coincident.” Minami hugs Atsuko tight and said

“You know what I heard when I hid in that closet?" Atsuko looks at Minami’s eyes and asks

"He said that thank to my birthday he has this opportunity to kill them” Atsuko half shouts

“Thank to my birthday that he can kill them all" Atsuko emphasizes her words.

“Atsuko, It is not your fault” Minami tries to convince Atsuko

“It is my fault” Atsuko insists



Little Atsuko run to her father

“Atsu, what do you want to celebrate in your next birthday.” Her father asks

“I want to celebrate in a big ship.” Atsuko said and stretches her arms wide

“Hahaha, as you wish my little princess” her father laughs and kisses her forehead

“Yay! I love you papa” Atsuko said and hugs her father tightly

“Atsu only love your papa, mama will be sad” her mother said and fake crying

“Atsu loves mama, too” Atsuko hugs and kisses her mother’s cheek

End flashback

“That is my suggestion. He thanked me for my suggestion” Atsuko said and laugh bitterly

“Our parents were killed. It is all because of me” Atsuko shouts and drops down on her knees

“Atsuko calm down” Minami tries to hug Atsuko to calm her down

“Let go of me. I caused you to lose your parent. You should hate me now” Atsuko struggles

“If it was not because of me, you wouldn’t be hurt because of those memories” Atsuko continues shouting while using her hand to hit herself

 “It would be good if I die that night or if I never exist"

“Stop it Atsuko, what are you saying?”

Minami takes Atsuko’s hands. He pulls her to his embrace and kiss Atsuko on her lips to stop her from saying and hurting herself.

“Atsuko, please don’t hurt yourself. What happened that night will never be your fault. Your parent and my parent will be sad if they see you like this.” Minami said in tear.

“Minami, Papa, Mama, uncle Kai, aunty Akiko, sorry, sorry” Atsuko said in tear

Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and cries loudly on his shoulder. Surrounding the place now is the sound of the cold rain and the hurtful crying sound of Atsuko. Then Atsuko faints because of tiredness

Minami quickly carries her back to her room. Her body is shacking because of cold. Yuki and Rena quickly run toward to help Minami

"Takamina, leave Acchan to us. You, go and change your clothes. They are all wet." Mariko said

"But..." Minami opposes

"She will be fine Takamina. Atsuko-nee will be sad if you get sick. Go change your cloth and come back here." Yuki said and Minami nods.

"Yuu-chan and I will bring some warm water for her" Haruna said and runs toward the kitchen

Minami quickly goes to his room to change. When he is back, Haruna and Yuu are already come back, and Mayu is checking on Atsuko’s health.

"How is she doing, Mayu?" Minami asks.

"Atsuko-nee is under the cold rain for too long, so she gets a fever. She really needs a lot of rest right now. Therefore her fever can go down faster" Mayu said.

“Atsuko” Minami sits on her bed and caress her face which is now very hot.

“Thank you, Mayu.” Minami said.

Then everyone leaves the room.

Outside the room

“So, she overheard our conversation” Mariko said

“Uh” Mii agrees

“So, that is what happened in the room. No wonder she looked so shock.” Kuu said and signs.

“I hope Atsuko-nee will be fine” Yuki sobs

“Don’t worry Yuki. Takamina will take care of her. She will be fine. I’m sure about that.” Mayu comforts Yuki.

“That is so cruel. Poor Acchan” Rena sadly said.

Outside the house

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell her to come here. She is suffering. Just let her live the careless life without remember everything would be better for her” a man said

“She will be fine. Her memories sooner or later will come back to her. You should not blame yourself” the other man said to his friend.

Inside the room

Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“Baka, why did you blame yourself for the incident that night?” Minami said while tear rolling down on his cheeks.

“Can you feel that Atsuko? Everyone is worry about you. It is not truth that you are not needed. You are their friend. They really care for you.” Minami whispers

“More importantly, I need you the most. I need you to fulfill my life.” Minami said and kiss her forehead.
At night

Minami wakes up. He goes and changes tower on Atsuko's forehead. He sits on her bed and looks at her sleeping face, but somehow her hurtful expression is still there. He bends down to check her temperature. Atsuko feels something touches her forehead. She slowly opens her eyes

"Minami" Atsuko whispers his name

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami worriedly asks.

Atsuko nods. Then she notice some tear in the corner of Minami’s eyes. She raises her hand to touch Minami's face.

"Why did you cry?" Atsuko weakly said.

"I cry because of your stupidity. Why did you make yourself suffer like that? I told you don’t listen to what that he said.” Minami angrily said

"Sorry Min..." Haven't finished her words, Minami puts his hand on Atsuko’s lips

"If you say "sorry" to me again, I'll be mad." Minami seriously said

“I want you to understand that everything is not your fault, and don’t ever think yourself is not needed once again.” Minami continues

"Uh, I heard you said that." Atsuko smiles at Minami.

"Now, you should sleep more. We will talk about that later. “Minami said


"Good night Atsuko" Minami said.

In the morning

Minami wakes up early. He checks on Atsuko's temperature. Her fever has gone down, and her face look peaceful now.

After a while

Mayu, Yuki and the rest walk in.

"Atsuko-nee, are you ok?" Yuki worriedly asks

"Sorry Yuki. I made you worry and sad again." Atsuko said.

"It is ok, Atsuko-nee.” Yuki said and smiles.

"Thank you Yuki." Atsuko smiles

Mayu comes and checks on Atsuko.

"How is she now Mayu?" Kuu asks.

"She is ok now.” Mayu said.

"That is a relief" Mariko said

"Sorry everyone for making you all worry about me." Atsuko bows before everyone.

"It is ok Acchan. Just lie down and rest." Rena said to Atsuko.

"I think you should rest more. We will leave now." Haruna said.

"Thank you everyone" Atsuko said.

The next day

Atsuko is better now. She asks Minami

"Minami, can we go to the backyard a little bit?"

"Of course" Minami said.

Then they walk to the yard.

"It feels so good to go outside" Atsuko said and slowly stretches her arms.

Minami is standing there, watching Atsuko, and smiling. Atsuko notices. She turns around and asks

"Why are you smiling?"

"Because you are back to yourself" Minami said.

"That day, when I saw you stood under the rain with those hurtful eyes, it broke my heart." Minami caresses Atsuko's face.

Atsuko raises her hand to hold Minami's hand and leans her face closer to his hand.

"That day, when I heard your story about your mother, it was really hurt. I could feel your hurt, your sadness, your anger, and your regret. My heart felt very tight. I remembered Black’s and that man’s words. It was ringing in my head. It made me think that 'it was because of my father that you felt that way,’ 'If it were not because of me, you would not be suffering like that'."  Atsuko cries and said.

"Sshhh… It is ok now Atsuko. I told you before, right. That is not your fault." Minami hugs and pats her back.

"I said that you should hate me. However, the truth is I'm very scared. I'm scared that you would hate me because of what Black said." Atsuko said, and her voice is shaking.

"Baka, I'll never hate you. I love you more than anything." Minami stroke Atsuko's hair and said.

"Thank you, thank you Minami. I love you, too" Atsuko said and buries her face on his neck.

While they are standing there, a servant calls them.

"Master Minami, Miss Atsuko, master Kuu call you two."

"Ok, tell him we will be right there." Minami answers.

Minami and Atsuko go into the guest room.

"Oh, everyone is here" Atsuko said in surprise.

"Uncle, why did you call us here?" Minami asks.

"I have something..." When he is about to speak, the knocking sound interrupted him.

"Come in" he said.

"Master, Mr. Kojima's servant came and said that he will be here at noon." The servant said

"Kojima? It cannot be." Haruna thought

"Who is he, Dad?" Mii asks

"I told you, he saved me and Minami 20 years ago. He is also father of Takamina's fiancée" Kuu said

"Uncle" Minami shouts

"So your fiancée is about to come here." Atsuko said and pouts

"She is not my fiancée. I'm not going to marry anyone except you, Atsuko." Minami shouts, and Atsuko blushes.

Everyone giggles at them.

"Don't worry, I'll apologize to him." Kuu chuckles

"Really uncle" Minami happily said.

"What can I do since your rightful fiancée is already here" He smiles

Everyone looks at him with a puzzle look.

"What do you mean, uncle?" Minami asks.

"The necklaces that you two are wearing" Kuu said and point to Atsuko’s and Minami’s necklace.

"Your parent wore those on you two when you two were engaged." Kuu explain.

"Engage?" Atsuko looks at Kuu

"Yes, you two were engaged since you were born."  Kuu continues.

"Eehhh!!!!!" Everyone shouts in shock.

Atsuko and Minami look at each other in surprise.

"Yes. Since your fathers are best friend with each other. They promise that if their child is a boy and a girl, they will engage them." Kuu said

"However, because of that night, I thought that Acchan was dead. Therefore, I try to find for you a good wife." Kuu explain.

"I would never expect that you two have found each other." Kuu happily said.

"That is unbelievable. After all these years separated from each other, you two still meet and fall in love with each other" Mariko said with amazed voice.

"Mariko is correct. You two are really meant to be with each other." Mii said.

"Congratulations you two" Everyone said.

"Kojima, fiancé, 8 years ago, could it be?" Haruna thought.

“No way” Haruna suddenly shouts and stands up.

Everyone is surprised and turns to Haruna

“What happened, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu asks

“Uncle, Mr. Kojima, by any chance, his name is Riku” Haruna hesitantly asks.

“Yes, how did you know that?” Kuu asks

“Wait a minute, Kojima Haruna…. Don’t tell me you are his daughter.” Yuu shouts and Haruna nods

“Does that mean Nyan Nyan is Takamina’s fiance?” Mariko and Mii shouts

“She is not my fiancée.” Minami annoyingly said and turns to looks at Atsuko

“Calm down Minami. I know.” Atsuko hold Minami’s hand and smiles at him.

“So, that is the reason why you don’t want to go home right, Nyan Nyan?” Atsuko asks.

“Uh, 8 years ago, my father said that he already promised with his friend that I will marry his friend’s son.” Haruna said.

“Although I don’t want that, but he is my father, I have to obey him.” Haruna continues

“Then one day, when I went out to walk at the shore, I was captured by pirates. Luckily, Acchan came and saved me. Since I said that I did not want to go home, Acchan invited me to her ship. Taking that opportunity, I decided to run away from home. I don’t want to be control by my father anymore.” Haruna said

“I want to find the person that I really love by myself.” Haruna continues and hold Yuu’s hand

Yuu looks at Haruna and smile.

“So that is what you really want” a voice comes from the room door.

Everyone turns and look at the sources of the voice.

“” Haruna surprised said.

"Papa?" every shouts in surprise

"Hello Kuu, long time no see." Riku said.

“Uhm, hi Riku" Kuu said

“My first intention to go here is to apologize about the marriage plan. My daughter is missing for 8 years. I thought that our promise cannot complete. But now she is here, I can keep my promise.” Riku said.

“Sorry Riku, I want to cancel our promise.” Kuu said and bows

“What do you mean?” Riku said while frowning

“I always thought that his fiancée was dead, so I accepted your offer. Now his fiancée is finally back. Therefore our promise cannot be completed.” Kuu explains.

"What do you mean Kuu? Do you want to take back your words?" Riku furiously said

Minami hold Atsuko’s hand and walks toward Riku. He bows before Riku and said.

“Sorry Mr. Kojima. But I did not accept your offer from the beginning. The person that I only love is this person. I will never marry anyone else.” Minami said with serious eyes.

“Do you think that you can use that excuse to cancel that.” Riku angrily said.

“But Papa, that is the truth. Takamina and Acchan love each other. Moreover, they were engaged since they were born. And the most important thing is I don’t love him.” Haruna said

“Haruna, since when did you learn to talk back to your father?” Riku slams the table and said to Haruna.

Haruna steps back and looks down. Yuu stands up, holds Haruna’s hand and walks towards Riku.

“What do you want?” Riku said while crossing his arms.

“Mr. Kojima, my name is Oshima Yuu. I’m Kojima Haruna’s boyfriend. Please accept us” Yuu said and bows.

“Pretty confident, huh?” Riku said.

“What can you do for my daughter? How can you be so confident when saying you love my daughter?” Riku seriously said

“Although I don’t know what will happen in the future, I only know one thing that if I still alive, I will do anything I could to love Haruna and make her happy.” Yuu said with a serious tone.

“What will you do if I said that I will not approve for you two no matter what?” Riku said

“I will do anything so that you can accept me” Yuu sincerely said

“Who are you? How can you confidently said that you will make my daughter happy?” Riku said

“I’m….” Yuu doesn’t know what to say

“Papa, stop it. I love him is all matter. I don’t care who he is” Haruna said

“Silent, you are not in position to say anything.” Riku shouts

Yuu pulls Haruna behind his back. He looks directly at Riku’s eyes and seriously said

“Although I’m no one, I will protect her no matter what. I will never shout at her like that. You are her father why did you always force her to do what you want. She also has her own feelings.”

“Now, listen clearly what I say. Even if you against us, I will always be with her and love her. Because of her I can go against everything even the world.” Yuu continues while holding Haruna’s hand tightly

“....” Riku keeps silent and close his eyes.

Yuu seriously looks at him.

“Hahaha...” suddenly Riku laugh out loud

Everyone look at him with a confused look. He turns to look at Kuu

“Sorry Kuu, for angry at you” He said to Kuu

“Ah, uhm…” Kuu doesn’t understand anything

“Papa?” Haruna looks at her father.

“Haruna, Since you were young, you always obey my words. Eight years ago, you were kidnapped by the pirates. I ordered and hired a lot of people to look for you but no new about you. It is truth that I came here is to apologize to Kuu. However, when I stood outside the door, I heard your voice. You are not a little girl that only obeys my words anymore. You are more confident and decisive. I’m very happy.” He said and pats Haruna’s head.

“When I stepped inside here, I saw you were holding Yuu’s hand. I knew that he is the one you choose and love. So I did that to test your boyfriend to see if he is serious about you.” Riku smiles at his daughter.

“Sorry Haruna for shouting at you” Riku gently said

“Thank you, Papa.” Haruna hugs Riku and sobs

Then he turns to Yuu

“Yuu, Remember what you said today. If you ever forget your words, I will make you pay for that.” Riku said with a serious voice.

“Yes, Mr Kojima, I will. Thank you for accepting me” Yuu said

“And sorry for my rudeness toward you” Yuu continues and bows

“It is ok. By the way, just call me uncle Riku. Don’t be so formal.” Riku happily said

“Yes, uncle” Yuu said and smile.

Then he turns to Atsuko and Minami

“Congratulation you two, you two really look good together." Riku smiles and said

“ Mr. Kojima” Atsuko and Minami said

"Please just call me uncle Riku don't be too formal, Takamina and... you are Acchan right?" Riku smiles and said

"Yes. Sorry for my late introduction. My name is Maeda Atsuko" Atsuko said and bows

"Maeda?" Riku is surprised.

"Uncle?" Atsuko notice his behavior. She curiously asks.

"Papa, what happened?" Haruna asks

"Ah....uhm... Acchan, can I asks you something?" Riku asks.

"Yes,” Atsuko answers.

"What is your father name?" Riku asks

"My father name? His name is Maeda Atsushi." Atsuko answers

"Maeda Atsushi!" He stands up and shouts

Then he runs toward and holds her shoulders

"That is her right Kuu?" Riku turns to Kuu and asks

"Yes, It is her. She is still alive Riku" Kuu said and smiles

"You are alive, you are still alive. I'm so glad. " Riku cheerfully said

Everyone looks at him with a confused look.

"D..did you know my father?" Atsuko asks

"Yes, but before I tell you the detail, can I ask you one more thing?" Riku looks at Atsuko

"Yes what is it, uncle?” Atsuko said.

"Are you with Yuki?" Riku asks

Yuki is surprised by his question. She steps up and asks

"Did you know me?"

Riku turns to look at Yuki

"You are Yuki? Kashiwagi Yuki, right?"

"You really look like your father. I am happy that you are alive too." Riku slowly walks toward Yuki.

"You know my parent?" Yuki asks

"I'm your father's cousin. You are my only niece." He said and hugs her.

"Uncle?" Yuki calls him, but she is still very confused.

"Who is my parent? And how did I become Atsuko-nee's adopted sister?" Yuki asks him.

"Your parent was killed by bandits. Acchan's and Takamina's father saved our life 22 years ago." Riku said

Everyone widens their eyes because of surprise.


That is part 2 chapter 13. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.   :D

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I want to know more about Yuki past  :cry:

Update soon  :bow:

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What happen yuki!!!!  :? :? :?
I hope nothing bad happen  :cry: :cry: :cry:
Updated soon!!

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I'm glad Nyan Nyan's dad accepts Yuu  :sashiko:

Really happy for the two of them

It's great how Minami and Atsuko and Yuki also met Kuu again

Please update soon author-san :mon pray2:, your fanfic is wonderful!  :mon squee:
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mooooreeee pliiiissss ....  :mon inluv:

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Ah... Haruna was Minami's new fiancee but Atsuko and Minami were engaged since they were babies.

Funny twisted there.... but lucky everyone is happy now

Eh... Riku and Yuki were saved by Atsushi and Kai

And more twisted....

I think Black is Yuki's father

Someone from Maeda clan attacked black's family....

He thought everyone died but Riku and Yuki were saved then....

Yuki since they thought her parents died, they adopted her as Atsuko's younger sister

But Black survived, he knew someone from Maeda clan responsible but don't know whom responsible.

Then someone from Maeda clan said Atsushi was the one that responsible for the attack of Black's family

Then Black and the person from Maeda clan attacked Atsushi and Kai families on the ship

So did I guess correctly... as to how the flashback about Yuki and Riku's past was.

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Ohhh I can imagine how Yuu & Atsuko feel when they hear about it.

I'm so curious about Yuki. Please update faster yeay!

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thank you for updating!! it's very nice  :on GJ:

i want to know about yuki's past too

can't wait next chapter!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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@vivinardisa, @kimseoyeonc, @AI712, @kazuko, @key17: Thank you!!  XD

@rindg: Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

@Korisu29: Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

@cisda83: Wow! :twothumbs Let's find out about that.  :)

@Celashcole: Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  XD

Here is part 1 of chapter 14  :D

Chapter 14: Secret of The Past (Part 1)

At the guest room

“Who is my parent? How did I become Atsuko-nee’s sister?” Yuki asks

“Your father is Kashiwagi Ryu, and Your mother is Kishinosato Juri. Your parent was killed by bandits." Riku said

“When I came to your house, I was only able to save you. Your mother covered you with her body.” Riku sadly said.

“Mother!” Yuki sobs.

Mayu holds Yuki’s hand to comfort her

“I took you and ran out of the house. They chased after us to the cliff. I held you and jumped off the cliff. Thank to Atsushi’s ship that we are still alive. Because I had some family issues, so I asked Atsushi to take care of you.” Riku said

“That was when our fathers met you for the first time?” Minami asks

“Yes. I always wanted to find your fathers to thank them again. 20 years ago, I saved Kuu and Takamina. I was very sad when Kuu told me that Kai’s and Atsushi’s family and Yuki were dead. However when I knew that Takamina is Kai’s son, I was very happy because I saved his son.” Riku said

“That time I really want to do something to repay Kai’s kindness. That is the reason why I came to meet you 8 years ago. I want to arrange the marriage between Takamina and my daughter
” Riku said and looks at Kuu

“I see” Kuu said.

“I’m very happy right now because Atsushi’s daughter is also still alive. Plus, I finally meet my niece, and found my daughter” Riku smiles and said

“Takamina, Acchan, in the future, if you need something, just tell me, I will help you.” Riku said

“Thank you uncle” Atsuko and Minami said

Then they happily talk to each other.

At night

Atsuko is walking around the backyard and thinking

“Today is so great. Yuki can finally meet her uncle. It is very coincident, Haruna and Yuki is cousin.” Atsuko thought and smiles

“However, who is that Black guy? Why did he keep saying that my father killed his family? I guess I should ask uncle Kuu about this.”

While she is deep in her thought, a voice calls her.

“Atsuko, are you there?”

"Minami" Atsuko turns and looks at Minami.

"What are you doing out here this late?" Minami asks.

"I just want some fresh air." Atsuko said and smiles.

"Come on, let’s go inside. Outside is very cold. It is not good for your health." Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him.

"I'm perfectly fine" Atsuko pouts.

"None excuses. I don't want you to get sick again" Minami said with a strictly tone.

Atsuko stops and calls Minami


“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami looks at Atsuko

“Can you go with me to meet uncle Kuu?” Atsuko asks

“You want to ask about Black?” Minami said and Atsuko nods.

“Let’s go” Minami said

Then they go to Kuu’s room

At Kuu room

While sitting in his room, he hears a knocking sound

“Uncle Kuu, Atsuko and I have something to ask you.” Minami said

“Come in” Kuu said

‘What did you two want to ask me?” Kuu turns to them and said.

“Black said that he attacked the ship because my father killed his family. He seems to hold a very deep grudge to my father." Atsuko said

“Yes. I can still remember his voice. It is full of hatred” Kuu said

“Do you know anything about that?” Minami asks

“I don't really know about that. He just said that and attacked us." Kuu said.

“....” Atsuko and Minami stay silent

Then Atsuko look directly at Kuu's eyes and sincerely asks

"My father did not kill anyone, right?"

"Of course not, your father is a good and gentle man. He is a good person." Kuu confidentially said.

"That is what I want to know. Thank you uncle” Atsuko smiles and said

Before she leaves, Kuu asks her

“I know I shouldn’t ask this, but when you were in that closet, did you see the face of the person who killed your mother?”

“Uhm... I don’t know. His words are the only thing I’m able to remember. Everything in my memories is still very blurry.” Atsuko said

“Oh ok, I just want to know that.” Kuu said

“You are wonder about the Maeda’s crest on the dagger, right?” Minami said

“Uh” Kuu answers

"Maeda's crest? Dagger? What are you two talking about?" Atsuko is confused

Kuu looks at Minami

"Atsuko, I want you to calm down before I tell you what happened" Minami gently said to Atsuko

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"When uncle Kuu came to your room that night, he saw your mother was lying on the ground with a dagger stabbed on her heart." Minami said while hold Atsuko's hands to comfort her.

Hearing that Atsuko holds Minami's hand tighter

"My mother" Atsuko whispers

Then something flashes on her head, but it is so blurry that she doesn’t know what that is. Suddenly, she feels a little headache. She holds her head tight. Minami hugs Atsuko

"It's ok now Atsuko. Everything is ok now." Minami said and pats Atsuko's back

"Uh, thank you Minami" Atsuko said

After calming down

“Then we will leave now” Atsuko and Minami bows and leaves the room

They walk silently for a while. Then a shadow appear before them

"We meet again Maeda Atsuko" he said

"It is you again, Black." Atsuko said and frowning.

“What do you want?” Minami stands before Atsuko and asks

"Yes it is me. I come here to make her suffer more" Black smirks

"I won’t let you" Minami said

“I can’t believe after hearing the truth, you still want to protect her, short guy. I’m sure that your parent will be very di-sap-po-in-ted” Black said and laughs

“Minami” Atsuko holds Minami’s shirt

“Don’t try to deceive me. No matter what, I will always protect her, and I believe that my parent will be very pleased when I protect Atsuko like this.” Minami said

Hearing that makes Atsuko very happy

"Now I can confidently said that my father is not a murderer" Atsuko seriously said

"You..." He angrily rushes to them

"You said that you are the one that attacked our ship 20 years ago to revenge. Did you see my father did that?” Atsuko said.

He ignores her question and takes out his sword to attacks her. Minami uses his sword to blocks the sword.

"Are you sure that you witnessed my father attacked your family by your own eyes?" Atsuko shouts and emphasize her words

He is taken with the question. He tries to calm himself and said.

"Don't try to deceive me so that you can escape from your father's sin. I swore before my wife and daughter grave that I will make him and his family suffer.” Black shouts

“Today, I will leave like this. However prepare yourself, next time when we meet again, I will make you beg for my mercy" Black said and jumps back into the forest.

Atsuko looks at his direction with worried eyes. Then they continue walking back to her room. After a while, they reach the room.

"Good night, Minami." Atsuko said and gives Minami a short kiss on his lips.

When Atsuko is about to go into her room, Minami pulls her into his hugs.

“Don’t worry Atsuko, everything will be fine. I will always be here for you” Minami gently said to her

"Thank you Minami" Atsuko whispers.

"Now, sleep well my angel." Minami said and pecks on Atsuko's lips.

In the morning

Atsuko is still sleeping in her room. Suddenly there are a lot of knocking sounds from outside. Atsuko is woken up by the sound.

"Mayu, What's happening?" Atsuko opens the door and asks

"Yuki...yuki..."  Mayu panicky said.

"Calm down Mayu. What happen to Yuki?" Atsuko said

Mayu takes a deep breath and said, "Yuki is missing."

"What!!!!" Atsuko shouts in surprise.

"What happened? When?" Atsuko holds Mayu’s shoulders and panicky asks

"I don't know. This morning, when I came to her room, there was no one in there. I went out and looked around, but I didn’t see her anywhere" Mayu worriedly said.

"Where is...."

"Acchan, Acchan" when Atsuko is about to say somethings, she was interrupted by Yuu’s call.

"What's wrong, Yuu?" Atsuko turns to Yuu and asks.

"Nyan Nyan is missing." Yuu runs to Atsuko and said.

"Haruna is also missing?" Atsuko shouts

"Also? Who is missing?" Yuu asks

"Yuki is missing" Mayu sadly said.

"What?" Yuu shouts

"What's happening in this morning?" Atsuko thoughts while caressing her temples

"Does everyone know about this?" Atsuko said

"No" Yuu and Mayu said

"Uhm, let just call everyone to the guest room first." Atsuko said.

In the guest room

"Atsuko, what happened?" Minami asks

"Yuki and Nyan Nyan are missing" Atsuko said.

"What!!!!" everyone shouts

"Everyone, did you guys know anything or any clues about this?" Atsuko asks

"Last night, after talking with each other, we just go back to our room." Yuu said.

"We also don't know anything about them" Mariko said
When they are talking, a servant comes in

"Miss Atsuko, someone sends you a letter" the servant said and gives the letter to Atsuko.

Atsuko opens the letter, and her expression changes. Minami asks

"What's wrong, Atsuko?"

Atsuko gives the letter to Minami

"Your sister and your friend are in my hand. If you want them back, come to "Sin Island"----Black." Minami reads out loud the letter.

“Black? It cannot be” Riku thought

"That bastard" Yuu slams the table.

“Black kidnapped them? What are we going to do now?” Mayu panicky said

"That is what he mean. He dares to touch those important to me." Atsuko thought and hold her fists

"I will end this" Atsuko thought

Minami notice Atsuko strange expresstion. He calls


 “I will go there and save them" Atsuko said

"Yes, we will go there to save t..."

"By myself" Atsuko cuts Yuu's words and emphasizes her words.

"What!!!" Everyone shouts in surprise

“What are you saying, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“I said that I will go there by myself” Atsuko repeats

“His target is me. I don’t want anyone to involve in this” Atsuko continues

“Are you crazy? You clearly know that he wants to take revenge on you. Do you want to die?” Yuu said

“Beside, Haruna is my girlfriend. I have to go there and save her.” Yuu continues

“What can I do? Because of me, Yuki and Haruna already involved in this dangerous situation. I don’t want you guys also involve in this.” Atsuko said

“And, He only wants my life. If I go there, he will definitely release them.” Atsuko continues

“Atsuko, calm down. Don't do any reckless thing.” Minami holds Atsuko shoulders and said

“If anything bad happened to you, Atsuko, tell me how am I supposed to live?” Minami looks directly at Atsuko’s eyes and said

“Sorry, Minami” Atsuko looks down

“Acchan, do you think that we are coward?” Yuu asks

“Of course not” Atsuko answers

“Then don’t say anything like don’t want us to involve in this.” Mariko said

“Haruna will be mad at me if I let you go alone.” Yuu said

“I’m positive that Yuki will get mad, too” Mayu said

“I will also involve in this for sure. When you saved my life, you didn’t think anything about dangerous. How can I sit back and do nothing.” Jun said

“Guys” Atsuko whispers

“We are pirate, and we don’t afraid of anything.” Mii said and smiles.

“See Atsuko, I told you before, right. You will never trouble them.” Minami said and smiles

“Thank you everyone.” Atsuko said and bows

“So, everyone, can you help me save Yuki and Haruna” Atsuko said and bows

“Of course, we will” Everyone said together.

"Anyone know about "Sin Island"?" Atsuko asks.

“Sin Island" Kuu said

"You know that island, uncle Kuu." Mario asks.

"Uhm… ''Sin Island" is a island of pirates and all kind of criminal" Kuu signs and said

“Do you know where it is uncle?” Atsuko asks.

“That island is very close here.” Kuu said.

“Uncle Kuu, can you take us there?” Minami said

“Uh." Kuu answers

Suddenly someone voice said.

"I want to go, too"

"Uncle Riku?" everyone calls.

"Uh, I want to go” Riku said again

"But it's too dangerous." Yuu said.

"Haruna is my daughter. I want to go there to save her, too." he said

"If so, I will protect you no matter what" Yuu said

“Then, everyone, prepare yourself. We will depart this evening” Atsuko said

"Ok, I will order my servants to prepare a ship for us." Kuu said

At night

At some place

A man sits on his chair


At a big house

Two men are talking with each other

“You are finally back” a man said

“Uh.” the other man nods

“In the past because of hating your father, you left the house and became an assassin. Since he is dead now, I think you should stop being an assassin. Go back to your house and inherit your family business” The man said

“That job is very dangerous, you know.” the man continues

“Uhm... I know.” the man said

End flashback

"It has been already 22 years" he thought and signs.


“Master, we found out something when we spying his house” a servant said

“What is it?” a man asks

“We stole this letter from him” The servant gives the letter to him

He opens the letter and read.

“That Jerk” He angrily slams the table

End flashback

“It cannot be. I hope my thought is wrong.” the man signs

At another place

Black walks in a room

“Hi my friend, what do you want to meet me this time?” a man said

“I want to ask you something about that day” Black said.

“Why did you suddenly ask about that?” the man said

“I saw something that remind me” Black said

“When I came to your house, I only saw dead bodies. Then I saw a man carried your daughter to the cliff and threw her there. I’m sorry. I cannot save your daughter at that time” the man sadly said.

“Uh, it is ok. It was not your fault. It was his fault.” Black answers

“When I came back I noticed that your housekeeper is still alive. Then I took him back to my ship and treated his wounds. However, he just only survives long enough to meet you.” He said

“Uhm” Black slilently replies

“Did you doubt me, Black?” The man said

“Of course not, you are the only one that helps me for all those year. You pulled me back from the deepest hell.” Black said

“I’m glad to hear that.” The man said and smiles

“I have something to do. I’ll take my leave now” Black said and leaves.

After talking with Black, the man walks in a room

“Sir, you called me.” The man said

“Uhm, does Black starts doubting about the past?” A man sits behind the curtain said.

“Don’t worry sir, I’m sure he is still in our side” The man said.

“If you say so, I trust you. Don’t mess up everything” He said

“Yes sir.” the man bows and leaves.

In Black’s house

Black stands in front of the girl who is unconscious

“You really resemble ‘her’.” He thought

“Is it possible that you are ‘her’? But why are you still alive and with them?” He wonders


A man goes back to his house

“Weird, why is it so silent?” he thought

When he steps inside the house, he saw a lot of dead bodies.

“What happened?” he thought

“Juri where are you?” He calls 

He runs up to his room. He breaks down when he sees a woman is lying on the ground. Her body is covered with blood, and her face is very pale. He slowly bends down and touches the cold face.

“Juri, opens your eyes please. Juri, Juri.” He whispers and tears run down on his cheeks.

“No, this cannot be true. Who, Who did that?” He shouts and cries

"You are finally back. Sorry I came too late, I cannot save your family. However, I am able to save one of your servants." A man steps out and said

"Daiki, why are you here?"

"I came here to visit you and your family. However when I came in everything is already like this. “Daiki sorely said

"You said that you are able to save my servant. Take me to him."

"Ok" Daiki said

In the ship

“Master… you… are …back” a servant weakly said

“You, tell me who did that? What happened?” the man said to his servant

"This morning, suddenly a group of men broke into the house. I heard his men called him, Master Atsushi. Then he ordered his men to attack us. He killed everyone in the house and Juri-sama. I disguised myself as a dead corpse to tricked them" The servant said.

"Why did he do that? I didn't even know who he is." The man asks

"I don't know. He just came and cruelty attacked us without telling us the reason" The servant said

“I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS, ATSUSHI.” he screams furiously

End flashback

“Did he really trick me? It cannot be, he is my best friend. He helped me to find that guy to revenge. He even got hurt because of that” He thought


In a wooden house in the forest

“Black, are you in there” A man calls

Black opens the door

“What happened? You are hurt” Black said in surprise

“*Cough* I’m fine, don’t worry.” The man said

“I finally found out who he is. Those guards in his house attacked me when I tried to escape” The man said

“Those people are heartless.” Black angrily said

“Who is he?” Black asks

“Maeda Atsushi, he is a very powerful noble.” The man said

“Maybe you shouldn’t take revenge. He is very powerful. I’m afraid that you will be in danger.” The man said

“I don’t care. I have no one now. I have to take revenge for my wife and daughter.” Black said

“If you say so, I will help you.” The man said and pats Black’s shoulder

“I found out that in two days, he will celebrate his daughter birthday in a ship, and he will not bring any guard with him there. It is your chance to attack him. There is only one thing you have to worry is his friend who is also his bodyguard. He is very strong” The man said

"How can he be happy like that while he killed other family" Black angrily thought

“Ok, I got it. I will go and prepare to attack him.” Black said

“I will go with you.” The man said

“It is too dangerous. You helped me a lot” Black said

“It is ok, you are my best friend, and you also helped me a lot in the past. I will call my friends to help you in case he brings some guards” The man said

“Thank you, Daiki. I own you big time. If in the future you need my help, I will help you with anything” Black said and bows.

“It is ok, we are best friend. You don’t have to do that.” Daiki said

End Flashback

“That girl is a smart girl. She definitely tricks me. I have to focus on my revenge.” He holds his fists tight

“Wait for me. I will make her pay for that.” He holds his necklace and whispers.

In the afternoon

After half a day their ship reaches the island.

“Everyone, are you guys ready?” Minami said

“Yes” they shout together.

“Let go” Atsuko said

They park their ship and step out from the shore. There is someone is waiting for them from there.

"Master is waiting for you" he bows and said.

Then he leads them to Black’s house.

At Black’s house

“Ready to meet your sister and your friend” Black said to Yuki and Haruna.


"What is it?" Black asks

"Master, your guest came" a servant said.

"Good, take them here" Black said.

Few moments later

"Atsuko-nee, Mayu" Yuki calls

"Papa, Yuu, everyone" Haruna calls

"Welcome to my house, Maeda Atsuko." Black said.

“Black.” Someone thought.


That is part 1 of chapter 14. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.   :)

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Where's jun and rena author-san ??
Thks fo the update

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Wah!!! Your chapters are getting exciting!!
Please update soon!!!

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It's became more interesting !!!!  XD

Update soon ........ !!!!  :cow:

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where's rena? she'll be fine right?

so, is it true that black is yuki's father?

next next next! XD XD XD

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Yeah... it's not wrong... black is Yuki's father

What's going to happen next?

Would the truth come out before too late?

Would Atsuko and Minami be able to take revenge for the death of their parents?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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I also have a feeling that Black is Yuki's father... :dunno:

Your fanfic is too amazing! :luvluv1:

Update soon author-San  :nya:
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Wait... isn't Black Yuki's father then? His wife was named Juri and he said that Yuki resembles someone...


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@purnamazaki, @key17: Sorry about that  :) Because chapter mainly focuses on Yuki, other characters might be missing. Thank you for reading my fic!!  :wub:

@kimseoyeonc, @vivinardisa, @cisda83, @rindg, @Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you!!  :wub:

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :inlove:

Here is part 2 of chapter 14

Chapter 14: Secret of the Past (Part 2)

At Black house

"Master, your guests is here" a servant said.

"Good, Take them here." Black said

The servant goes to the main door and leads them to the room that Black ordered.

They step into the room.

"Welcome to my house, Maeda Atsuko" Black said

"Yuki, Nyan Nyan" Atsuko calls them

Yuki and Haruna are tied by the rope and hanging up on the celling. Under them is a table with a lot of sharp spikes on it.

"Now, I'm here. Release them now." Atsuko said

"Don't rush. I have plenty of things to play with you" he said and goes toward Atsuko.

Everyone sees him coming toward. They take out their weapon.

"You people should calm down. If not, I'm afraid that the knife in my hand will accidently cut the rope and "BAM" hahaha. You people can image what will happen to them right?" he said and laughs out loud.

"You...!!!" Yuu angrily shouts at Black

"You are crazy" Minami shouts.

"Yes, I'm crazy. How can you not crazy if in one day you lost everything. My family, my only family, my wife, my daughter, they all died. When I came back, the only thing I saw was my death wife lying on the ground.” He shouts

“After that I received another new. My daughter was dead. She is only two, but he cruelty threw her off the cliff. What do you think about that?” he shouts and slams the table.

"Those are the good things that your father did to me. Thank you him that I became a person as I'm right now." he angrily shouts while pointing at Atsuko.

He takes the necklace and puts on the table

"Look at your father good work. That is the only thing they left for me" he takes Atsuko by her collar and points her the necklace

"Atsuko" Minami tries to pull her back.

"Don't move. If not, I'll cut the rope." He said to Minami

Minami steps back, but his eyes are filled with anger.

"I said my father DID NOT KILL anyone" Atsuko said and emphasizes her words.

"Shut up. Don't use that excuse to me." he said and pushes Atsuko.

“Atsuko” Minami catches her

“You always said that her father killed your family. Tell me what really happen in the past?” Minami shouts at him.

"Shut up. Now you question me. There is nothing to discuss." he shouts.

“If you cannot say that, I can say that you just tell the lie. You just make up an excuse for killing our family.” Atsuko said

“You, how dare you say that?” Black takes out his sword and points at Atsuko.

“Your father thought that he killed all of my family, but my housekeeper was saved by my friend. He told me everything. He told me that he heard the one led those people to kill them is ATSUSHI.” he furiously shouts.

“You just heard from a servant and blamed that my father did that.” Atsuko raises her voice

“He is my servant. He will never lie to me.” Black retorts.

"Enough of chit chats. I thought I will play with you more, but looking at the necklace, it reminds me how tragic and cruel their dead is. Therefore I really want to see your suffer face right now.” He said and raises the knife.

"Now, feel the feeling that I have to endure through all those years."

"Black, your target is me. Don't harm them" Atsuko shouts.

"My intention is making you suffer. If I kill you right now, it is too easy for you" Black said

“Let’s see. Who will I kill first?” Black said

“Maybe this girl, she is your sister right? Can’t wait to see your reaction” Black said and laugh like crazy

Then Black raises his sword to cut the rope.

"Please don't do that. I will do anything please just spared her life" Atsuko shouts and kneels down

“That is what I want to see. You want me to spare their life. Why don’t you kneel down and bow before me. Say that your father is wrong after that kill yourself. Then I will spare her life.” Black coldly said

“No, Atsuko-nee, you don’t have to do that. I’m not afraid of dead” Yuki shouts

“Shut up” Black shouts

“I can kneel before you. I can bow before you. I even can kill myself before you. However, I will never admit that my father is a murderer.” Atsuko said and stands up

“I gave you your chance, but you don’t accept my generosity. Then forget about it.” Black continues

“You said that my father killed innocent people. Why don’t you look at yourself right now? You are about to kill them. Do you think they are not innocent people? They didn’t kill anyone. They did not steal anything from good people. They help the poor and anyone who needs them. So what is their sin?” Atsuko walks toward and shouts at Black

“Tell me Black, what is their sin?” Atsuko takes his collar and shouts

Black is silent with what Atsuko said

“Then I’ll give you your last chance. Kill yourself here, right now.” Black said and pushes her out

“As you wish” Atsuko said and smiles

“Atsuko, what are you doing? Don’t do that” Minami stops her hand

“Sorry Minami, but this thing starts because of me, I have to end it. I don’t want those important to me get hurt again.” Atsuko turns to Minami and gently said

“No I won’t let you do that” Minami seriously said

“Wah! This is so touching. Do you think your act can make me change my mind?” Black said

“Don’t do that, Atsuko-nee. He just wants to trick you,” Jun worriedly said

“Jun is correct. He properly wants you to kill yourself. After that he still will kill them and us all later.” Rena said

“I’m a man of my words. I will never take it back once I said that.” Black said

“How can we trust you?” Mariko said

“Yes, you are with those kidnapper and human trader. Your first intention is kill us all” Mii said

“I have my own standard. I just want to take revenge on her. If she dies I will let you all leave right away.” Black said

“Or, I have another option.” Black smirks

“If you want your girlfriend back, kill her.” Black said to Mayu and Yuu

“No Mayu, don’t do that” Yuki said in tear

“Don’t worry Yuki, I know Atsuko-nee is the most important person to you. I will not do that” Mayu said

“Thank you, Mayu” Yuki smiles

“How about you? Kill her and she will be free” Black said to Yuu

Yuu stays silent and walks toward Atsuko.

“What are you doing, Yuu?” Minami stops him

“Let him go or I will cut the rope.” Black said to Minami

Minami still holds Yuu’s arm tight

“Let him go” Black raises his voice

“Please Minami.” Atsuko gently said

“Why did you do that to me, Atsuko?” Minami said in tear

He loosens his grip and let Yuu walk toward her. Atsuko stands there and closes her eyes

“Yuuchan please don’t do that. Even if I’m alive, I will never be happy about this.” Haruna said

Yuu stays silent and keeps walking. He walks closer to Atsuko and passes her. He stands in front of Black

“What are you doing? Kill her” Black shouts at Yuu

“Do you think that I will kill her?” Yuu smirks

“Haruna will never forgive me if I kill her, and I also will never forgive myself if I do that.” Yuu said

“Yuu” Atsuko turns around and calls

“I just want to take a closer look at you. Your name very suit with your heart and soul, they are all black. Don’t think us as level as yourself.” Yuu shouts at Black

“Good, you people are testing my limitation huh? I will make you all regret.” Black shouts

Suddenly a voice shouts

“That is enough Ryu. I can’t believe that you changed into a cold blooded monster like that."

Everyone turns to the sources of the voice

"Papa?" Haruna calls

"Who are you? How did you know my name?" Black asks

"Don't you recognize me?" Riku asks and steps up

"Riku-nii, you are Riku-nii?" Black said.

"Yes, it is me." Riku said

"That year, I came too late. The only one I was able to save is your daughter." Riku said.

"What do you mean? Isn't that my daughter was killed in that day too? And how did you know that my house will be attacked by her father?" Ryu said and points to Atsuko.

"Maeda Atsushi isn't the culprit." Riku said

"In contrast, he saved me and your daughter." Riku explain

"What do you mean? If it isn't her father, why did my servants said that it is him?" Ryu said.

“He properly tricked you.” Riku said

"The one who killed your family is Daiki." Riku said

"Daiki? How can that be? He is the one that helped me to take revenge while I was lost in pain” Ryu said in doubting tone.

"He lied to you. 22 years ago, I found out that Daiki planned on killing your family" Riku starts telling the past.

“In the past, I always suspected that Daiki uses your family business to do some evil thing. Therefore I ordered my men to investigate him.” Riku said


At Riku's house

A man quickly run into his room and said while panting.

"Sir, while we are investigating about his business with the pirate, we found out that Daiki is planning on doing something to your cousin, Mr. Kashiwagi."

"What does he want to do with Ryu?” Riku asks.

“Sir, last night, we stole this letter from him.” the man said and gives Riku the letter.

Riku opens the letter and read

“Dear Sir

I’m doing my plan right now. Kashiwagi Ryu will go on a business trip in two day. Taking that chance, I will order my men there and kill all his family. Then I will make him completely believe that that “man” is the one who kill his family. After that the only thing we have to do is waiting for the right time.

Trust me sir. Ryu is a strong assassin. He will win against anyone.

Suzuki Daiki”

Riku holds the letter tight in his hand.

“Not good, I have to go there now.” Riku shouts in his mind.

“Haru, call some men to repair a ship for me. I will go to Ryu’s house right now.” Ruki said

“Yes sir” Haru said

“If I involve in this, my family will be in danger. I should tell them to hide in a safe place first.” He thought

Then he leaves his room to prepare. A little girl runs to him

“Papa, where are you going?” The little girl asks.

“Haruna, I have to go out for two day. Be a good girl and go with your Nanny to our house” Riku lifts his daughter up and gently said.

“Ok, Papa. Haruna will miss you” Haruna said and kisses his cheeks.

“Nanny” Riku calls

“Bring Haruna to the house in the deep of the forest in the west side of the island. Hide and wait there until I come back.” He whispers to Nanny

“Yes master.” she bows and leaves

Then he left the house. Because of the storm, his ship is slow down. When he reaches the island where Ryu lives, he immediately runs to his house. Riku quickly runs through the forest. He runs as fast as he could.

"I have to be quick. They are in great danger" Riku thought while running.

When he reaches the house, there are a lot of dead bodies lying all over the house.

"I hope didn't come too late." Riku thought

He runs around to look for any survivor in the house. Suddenly, he hears someone is crying. He runs to the direction.

"Juri, Yuki, are you ok?" Riku run to them and asks.

Yuki is lying in her mother's hands. Her mother is injured and unconscious.

"" little Yuki breathlessly call while crying hard. Riku bends down to pick Yuki up and check on her mother's condition.

"Juri, juri, are you ok?" Riku worriedly asks.

Juri weakly opens her eyes

"Ri..ku..nii." She tiredly said

"Are you ok? Hang in there, I will take you to my ship right away” Riku said.

““I know *cough* that I..can..not *cough* survive *cough*” she weakly said

Then she holds Riku’s hand

“Please… *pant* Riku-nii, Please…take…care…of Yuki…for…me *cough* please… take… care… Of… her… for… me *cough*” Juri breathlessly said while holding his hand tight

“Don’t worry Juri, Yuki is my niece, I will definitely take good care of her.” Riku strongly said.

“Thank… you…” Juri said then passed away.

“Juri” Riku calls and cries.

Suddenly, one of his men comes and said.

“Sir, Daiki comes back. You bring Miss Yuki go by the back door. We will hold him here.”

“OK, take care.” Riku said.

Then he holds Yuki and runs to the back door.

While he is running, Daiki and his men catch up with them. Riku is cornered at the cliff.

“No way to run now Riku. As expected, you always interfere in my business. Give her to me then I will spare your life.” Daiki said

“Daiki, why did you do that? Why did you kill all his family? Isn’t he is your best friend?” Riku shouts.

“Hahaha…. It is all his fault. If he accepts my offer, maybe, he and his family will never end up in this situation.” Daiki said.

“What do you mean?” Riku asks

“Last month, I asked him to kill someone, but he denied that. So I will use this plan to make him my dog.” Daiki said and laughs haughtily.

“You know that he stopped being assassin for a very long time. Why did you force him to do this?” Riku asks

“Because our target this time is not easy” Daiki answers without any hesitation

“You...” Riku angrily shouts

“Since you will die soon, I will reveal my other intention. I also want to take over his business. Kill two birds with one stone. Very convenient don’t you think” Daiki said and smirks.

“But he saved you when you are in troub..”

“Stop with all that nonsense” Daiki cut Riku words and shouts

“Now give me that kid” Daiki said

“Never!" Riku shouts

"Even if I die" he said and jumps off the cliff.

In someone ship

Riku slowly opens his eyes. He sees strange scenery. He immediately sits up and looks around.

"Mr, you finally wake up." the girl said

"Where am I?" Riku asks

"My master saw you floating on the water. He saved you and brought you here." the girl said

Suddenly he remembers his niece

"Yuki, where is Yuki?" he thought

"Did you see a little girl about 2 years old with me?" Riku asks the girl.

"My master saved her, too. She is in the next room. He and his friend are there to take care of her." the girl said

"Please wait here I will inform him that you are awake." the girl bows and leave.

Some moment later

The door opens. There are two men come in to the room.

"Glad that you are ok, now. My name is Maeda Atsushi. Nice to meet you" Atsushi introduces and shakes Riku's hand.

"My name is Takahashi Kai, please to meet you." Kai said and shakes Riku hands

"My name is Kojima Riku. Thank you for saving us." Riku said.

"Can I meet my niece?" he continues.

"Of course, follow me." Atsushi said and leads him to the room.

Riku sees his niece. He quickly runs to her and checks on her.

"She is ok. She is just exhausted." Kai said.

Then Riku turns to Atsushi and Kai.

“Thank you for saving us.” Riku bows and said again

“No problem.” Atsushi said

“What happened to you two?” Kai asks

“My niece’s family was killed. I knew, but I came too late. When I got there, I could only save her.” Riku sadly said

Then Yuki wakes up. She opens her eyes and looks around

“,” Yuki calls and cries

“It is ok Yuki, uncle is here.” Riku comes and hugs Yuki

“What a pitiful child.” Atsushi said and strokes the little girl hair

“I also have a daughter. It breaks my heart when I think what if my daughter in this situation.” Atsushi said with concerned tone.

“I know this is too much to ask, but can you take care of my niece for me? I think my family also is in danger right now. I need to save my daughter. Taking her with me will be very dangerous for her. Please.” Riku said and bows before Atsushi

“Uh, ok. I will take care of her for you. I will see her as my second child.” Atsushi said and gives out his hand as a sign for Yuki to come to him

A little hesitation, but when Atsushi smiles to her, she slowly raise her hands to him. He hugs her and pats her back.

“Where is your home? We can take you there” Kai said.

“My house is in the north, I will show you the way.” Riku said

When the ship reaches the island after one day, Riku said to his niece

“Yuki, uncle have to go now. You stay here with uncle Kai and papa Atsushi, ok.”

“Un...un..un..cle” Yuki calls her uncle while giving out her hands.

“It is ok Yuki. I will meet you when everything is settled.” Riku said and holds Yuki’s hand.

“Thank you, Atsushi, and Kai. I own you a lot.” Riku said and bows

“It is ok. Good luck and take care.” Kai and Atsushi said.

End flashback

“After saying goodbye to them, I went back my house to find my daughter. Then I took her to a far and small island and settled there.” Riku said

"I tried to find your information, but I get nothing. Therefore I thought that you also were killed by Daiki" Riku continues

“Two years later, after I settled everything, I went to meet them again. On my way, I saved Kuu and Takamina. That was when I knew that Atsushi’s and Kai’s family were dead.” Riku sadly continues

“I’m really glad that their children are still alive.” Riku gently looks at Atsuko and Minami

“However, I know another shocking truth. You are the one that caused their dead.” Riku angrily said and looks at now speechless Ryu.

“Here is the letter that that year, my men took from Daiki. You are able to recognize his handwriting right. You were tricked by Daiki for 22 years” Riku said and gives the letter to Ryu.

Ryu holds the letter and falls back to his seat.

“Daiki knew that you used to be an assassin. Because you denied his offer, he did that to you.” Riku continues

“So, you really killed my parent and Minami’s parent through your assumption.” Atsuko said in tear and slowly walks toward Ryu

Ryu just stays silent and looks down

“Why don’t you ask him before you kill him? Why don’t you investigate about that?” Atsuko shouts at him

“Why don’t you at least let him defend for himself?” Atsuko takes him by collar and shouts

She takes a deep breath and said

“You killed my father because you thought he killed your wife and daughter. Tell me what should I do to my father killer before me now?”

Ryu kneels down before Atsuko

“I’m sorry, Because of my stupidity, I made an awful mistake. I killed your and his fathers. I know that my apologies will never heal all the things that you and him had to suffer since you two were a kid. Here take this sword and kill me. I promise, I will never fight back” Ryu said

“Kill you? You tell me to kill you? What an easy thing to say out of an assassin’s mouth” Atsuko said and laughs

“Tell me what will I get after I kill you? Will my and Minami’s parent will come back to us. Will I can meet my mother once again. Will it erases Minami’s painful memory about his mother dead” Atsuko shouts at him and choked

“Atsuko,” Minami hugs her and pats her back

“The pain that you gave us especial Atsuko is deeper than you thought. It will never be healed even if we kill you right now” Minami said and looks at him

Ryu looks down

“I’m a stupid being. I was so blind because of revenge. I blindly trust Daiki’s words without a doubt. I thought he is my best friend, my savior while he actually is my family’s murderer. And those who I murdered were actually the one who saved my daughter” Ryu shakily said

“What have I done for all those years? What have I done?” He shouts and slams his fists on the floor

Suddenly something flash in his mind

“My daughter?” Ryu thought

Then he stands up and looks at Riku

“Riku-nii, you said that you saved my daughter. Where is she now?” Ryu said

“Uncle Riku gave me to Atsuko-nee’s father. It cannot be…” Yuki though in shock

“Wait, you said that you gave my daughter to Maeda Atsushi. Yuki is her sister. Does that mean…?” Ryu looks at Riku

Riku slightly nods as agreement. Ryu’s eyes widens in surprise and happiness. He quickly walks toward to release Yuki and Haruna.

“Yuki” He calls and touches her face

“You are still alive. I’m so glad” Ryu said in tear

Yuki all the time just stuns because of all the truth that comes to her all of sudden. Her tear is falling nonstop. She slaps his hands

“Don’t touch me. You are not my father” she shakily said and pushes him out.

Then she run to Atsuko and holds her arms

"It's not true, right Atsuko-nee. Tell me it is not the truth, right?"

Yuki looks at her sister with teary eyes. Atsuko hears Yuki call but she doesn’t know how to answer that question. She just looks down

“What should I do?” Atsuko thought

“Uncle Riku, you said that my parent was killed by bandits, right?" Yuki looks at Riku and asks

"Sorry Yuki. I thought your parent was dead, and I don’t want you to involve in danger. I’m afraid that you will find Daiki and take revenge." Riku said.

“No, no, it is not the truth. It is no…” Yuki shouts and cries

Then she faint. Atsuko quickly catches her before she falls on the ground

“Yuki” Mayu calls and rushes to Yuki

"Mayu, what's wrong?" Minami asks

"She faints because of shock" Mayu worriedly said

“I said everything I have to say. I will leave right now. Reflect what you have done. Those kids are suffered because of you.” Riku said and leaves.

Mayu carries Yuki back to the ship.

Back to the ship

The group finally reached the ship. They all just stay silent and go back to their room.

In Yuki's room

Mayu puts Yuki in her bed and covers her with the blanket. Then they all leave the room. Mayu stays in Yuki’s room to take care of her

“Yuki, I will always be here for you. Please be strong.” Mayu whispers

“That is not truth. My father killed their father. No…No” Yuki said in unconscious.

Tear runs down from corner of her eyes

“It is ok Yuki. Everything will be fine.” Mayu gently said

 Then he strokes her hair and kisses her forehead.

In Atsuko’s room

“Atsuko, are you ok, now?” Minami worriedly asks

“Uh, I’m ok. However, I’m very worry about Yuki” Atsuko said

“She must be very shock right now” she worriedly said

“Uh, that sudden truth is very cruel.” Minami said and sighs

“What should I do, Minami?” Atsuko looks at Minami with teary eyes and asks

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I think Yuki will be fine.” Minami said and wipes Atsuko’s tear

“No Minami, you don’t know her. She is very fragile. I’m afraid that she cannot overcome this.” Atsuko sobs

“I feel myself so useless. Yuki is shocked like that, but I cannot say nor do anything to comfort her.” Atsuko said in tear

“Calm down Atsuko, she will be fine. She has Mayu, you, me and everyone in this ship. We will definitely help her to overcome that shock together.” Minami hugs her and pats her back

“Uh, we will definitely help her.” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

“Uh, however, we have another problem. That is the puppet master behind Daiki. He is the one that caused all of this. He is also the one that want your father to die. I guess he will somehow relate to the Maeda clan.” Minami said while stroking Atsuko’s back
“Uh, I wonder who he is. Why did he want to kill my father?” Atsuko said.

“Anyway, by now just put aside. I have a feeling that if we stick to the human trader, we will find out about him for sure.” Minami said

“Uh, I guess so.” Atsuko nods

“I think you should rest a little. You must be exhausted.” Minami gently said

“Uh” Atsuko responses

Then she continues hugging him and burying her face on his chest. He strokes her back to comfort her. Atsuko slowly fall in sleep in his embrace.

At Ryu’s house

Ryu stands up from the floor. He tears the letter and thought

“Daiki, I will make you pay for that.”

At a big house

A shadow walks in the room

“Sir, he found out the true.” the shadow said.

“Good job, go back to your place. I’ll take care of the rest.” The man smirks and said

“Yes sir.” The shadow said and bows.

“As I expected, Ryu, I will erase you by myself.” Then man though.


That is part 2 of chapter 14. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.   :) :D

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