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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100292 times)

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yuki!! you're the best!! :on GJ:
ohh someone attack them :on freeze: hope they're ok
update soon :kneelbow:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Would they be able to go back to Kuu's house?

How did they able to know where Atsuko's ship located?

What about their journey to Maeda clan?

Can't wait to see the next one

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea(Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii)Chapter 17.1 06/09/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vivinardisa, @kimseoyeonc, @rindg, @key17, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 1 of chapter 17  :)

Part 1: Wmatsui

On the shore

Jun slowly opens his eyes. He realizes that he is lying on the shore. He caresses his temples and said

“Where am I?”

Then he looks around

“Where is everyone?” he thought

Then he remembers last night


“Rena, hold my hand tight. Everything will be ok” Jun said

“Uh” Rena looks at Jun and nods

Then they jump into the sea while the storm is very strong.

End flashback

He turns around

"Rena, Rena" Jun calls

Then he stands up and runs around the shore. Then he sees a figure is lying on the white sand. He quickly runs to there.

“Rena” Jun calls and shakes her shoulders

Rena slowly opens her eyes.

"Jun" Rena calls him

"Rena, are you ok?" Jun asks

"I'm fine, Jun. How about you?" Rena asks

"I'm ok.” Jun answers

“Where are we?” Rena looks around and asks

“I don't know. I just woke up and realize that we are on this shore." Jun said

"Come on Rena; let's take a look around to see if there is any city in this island." Jun said and stands up

Then he extends his hand for Rena to help her stand up. They walk into the forest.

"I hope that everyone is ok." Rena worriedly said.

"They will be fine. We should find someone to ask about this island and how to return to uncle Kuu’s place." Jun said

"Uh" Rena responses

When they are walking, they hear some noise like fighting.

"Did you hear some noise, Rena?" Jun asks

"Uh." Rena said

"It is coming from over there" Rena continues

"Let's go there and take a look." Jun said.

Then he holds Rena's hand and runs to the direction. When they get there, they see a man is attacked by four masked man. He is cornered.

When one of the masked man is about to kill the man, Jun rushes to the man and uses his sword to block the sword.

Then Jun turns around and kicks his face making the man fall down on the ground. Seeing that, the others rushes to Jun. Jun jumps up to dodge their attack. He uses his sword to injure their legs. Then he uses round kick to kick their faces. The men stand up and run away.

Jun turns to the man and helps him up.

"Are you ok?" Jun asks

"Yes, I'm. Thank you" the man said

Then he looks up to see who saved him

“Jun, is that you?” the man said in surprise

"You are..."Jun pauses and looks at the man

“You are Daisuke?” Jun happily call

“Yes, it is me. Jun, it has been very long time since we met each other. How are Acchan and Yuki doing?” Daisuke happily said

“Yes, it has been very long time. For the time being, we are separated from each other.” Jun said

“What happened to you guys?” Daisuke worriedly asks

“It is a long story. I will tell you later.” Jun said

“You know him, Jun?” Rena asks

“Uh” Jun responses

“Who is she Jun?” Daisuke asks.

“Her name is Matsui Rena. She is my fiancée.” Jun answers and holds Rena’s hand

“Congratulation, Jun” Daisuke happily said

“Hello Matsui-san, my name is Sasaki Daisuke. Acchan, Jun, and Yuki helped me in the past, nice to meet you.” Daisuke introduces himself and extends his hand to shake Rena’s hand

“Hello Sasaki-san, Just call me Rena, nice to meet you.” Rena said and shakes Daisuke’s hand

“Just call me Daisuke.” Daisuke smile

"By the way, Daisuke, who are they? Why did they attack you?" Jun asks

"I don't know. I just come back from my business trip. Then they appeared and attacked me." Daisuke said

"Maybe they are bandits. They want to steal my money" he continues

"I don't think so. Your belonging is over there, but they didn’t even take a glance at it. They only focus on you." Jun explains

“Do you know someone that hates you or something?” Rena asks

“Uhm… I don’t know.” Daisuke said

“Anyway, put that aside, let’s go back to my house.” Daisuke said

“Ok” Jun and Rena said

After a while they reach Daisuke’s house.

“Master Daisuke, you are back.” a servant said and bows

“Uh, prepare two guest rooms for my friends here.” Daisuke said

“Yes, sir.” the servant bows and leaves.

Then they come to the main house

“Mother” Daisuke calls his mother

“Daisuke, you are back. Are you hurt Daisuke? What happened? Where are your bodyguards?” his mother said

“On my way back here, I was attacked by a group of men. They were killed. Luckily, Jun and Rena were there to save me.” Daisuke said

“Mother, this is Jun. He is the friend that I told you before, and the girl next to him is Rena. She is his fiancée.” Daisuke introduces them.

Daisuke’s mother turns to them

“Thank you for saving my son’s life.” his mother said and bows.

“No problem, Mrs. Sasaki.” Jun and Rena said and bow.

“Daisuke, next time, you have to be careful. You are the head of Sasaki clan.” his mother worriedly said.

“Yes, mom. Next time, I will be careful.” Daisuke said

“Now mom, I will excuse myself to my office.” Daisuke bows and leave with Jun and Rena

“By the way, mom, can you tell uncle Kaoru to meet me later in my office. I have some business to talk to him.” Daisuke said

Then he leads Jun and Rena to his office.

“Jun, tell me what happened to you guys.” Daisuke said and sits down on his chair

Jun and Rena come in and sit on their chairs

“Our ship was attacked when we were on our way travel around.” Jun starts telling story

Daisuke widens his eyes in surprise

“Before our ship exploded, we all jumped out of it. Because of the storm, Atsuko-nee, Yuki, I, and some of my friends were separated from each other.” Jun said

“I hope that Acchan and the rest ok.” Daisuke worriedly said

“Daisuke, I have a favor to ask you.” Jun said

“Of course, anything Jun. You saved my life two times.” Daisuke said

“We promised that we will go to Atsuko-nee’s father’s friend house to meet each other. Do you know where the “hidden island” is?” Jun said and bows

“Uhm...'hidden island' I know where it is. My family has some business with people over there. I will call people to escort you guys there." Daisuke said

"Thank you Daisuke. I own you big time."

“No problem, Jun. You helped me a lot too” Daisuke said.

While they are talking with each other, they hear a knocking sound

"Come in" Daisuke said

"Daisuke, you call me." a man said

"Yes, uncle Kaoru, I have some business to talk to you." Daisuke said.

"Who are they?" Kaoru turns and asks

"They are my friends, Jun and Rena. They saved my life on my trip back here." Daisuke said.

"You are busy. We will take our leave" Jun said and stands up with Rena

"It is ok, you guys just stay here. You are my friend. Therefore it is ok." Daisuke said

"Ok" they answer and sit back

"What is it Daisuke?" Kaoru asks

"I just went to our business branch in the west side of the island. You are the manager of that place right?" Daisuke asks.

"Yes, what happened?" Kaoru asks

"The workers complained a lot about their work’s atmosphere and benefits.” Daisuke said.

"Those workers are just lazy. They always complain about everything." Kaoru said.

"Not just everything, I saw by my own eyes what they are complaining about. They are the one that help our family business survive. They are the one that make those products for us to sell. You should concern more about them" Daisuke said with a serious tone.

"Sorry Daisuke. I will concern about them more." Kaoru said and bows.

"One more thing uncle Kaoru" Daisuke said

"The material to make our produnt is bad. It is not the first class material. What happen if our customers complain about them. If anything happen, our reputation will be affect” Daisuke slams the table and said.

"What is the provider that you work with? Didn't we always work with the provider in the east side of this island? Why did you stop our contract without noticing me?" Daisuke angrily said

"Sorry Daisuke. They raised the price, so I thought I will change another provider. I plan on telling you but you are very busy with our business. Therefore I accepted the offer from another provider." Kaoru said.

"Raising price? I just talked to them on my trip. They said that there is no change in our contract. They also very curious why did we stop our business with them." Daisuke shouts.

"Sorry Daisuke. My assistant said that, so I thought it is truth. I will ask him again. If he lied, I will punish him" Kaoru said and bows.

"Next time, I will be more careful." Kaoru continues.

"You better do that. Next time if this thing happened again, even you are my uncle, I still have to do something about that." Daisuke said

"Yes, I know" Kaoru said and bows.

"That all I need to say to you, you can leave now." Daisuke said.

"Then I will take my leave now." Kaoru said and leaves.

"Sorry that you guys have to see that." Daisuke turns to Jun and Rena and said.

"It is ok" Jun said.

"He is your uncle?" Jun asks

"Yes, he is my mother little brother. He works for my father business for very long time. I don't know why these years his management is getting worse. I heard a lot of complaining about him." Daisuke said while caressing his temples.

"Uhm.... And you, you are very mature now. Just like an experienced businessman. Not a young and stubborn teenager who Atsuko-nee saved several years ago" Jun teases

"Is it?" Daisuke playfully asks

"Uh" Jun nods

"My father died 2 years ago. I inherited all his business. Therefore I have to focus on the business, and work hard to not let my father down." Daisuke said

"Sorry to hear that Daisuke" Jun sadly said.

"It is ok." Daisuke said.

"Will you guys stay here for a while? I want to show you guys this island and our business.” Jun asks

"Uhm...ok" Jun

“Daisuke, I have a question to ask you.” Jun said

“What is it, Jun?” Daisuke said

“Did something strange happen to you these day?” Jun asks

“Uhm… nothing much. Two days ago, the ship that I supposed to be in was sunk. Luckily, nothing happened to anyone on the ship.” Daisuke said

“Why didn’t you there?” Rena asks

“When I was about to go there, my mom got sick. Therefore I had to stay at home to take care of her, and I ordered my servants to go and apology my client for me.” Daisuke said

“What happened to the ship?” Jun asks

“There is some crack in the ship. Maybe the ship is too old.” Daisuke said

They sit and talk for a while. Suddenly, they hear the sound of something broken. They run out of the room

“What happened?” Daisuke asks a servant

“Sorry, Master Daisuke. Your mother ordered me to bring some herbal tea for you. However, a cat jumped out. I was surprised and drop the tray.” The servant kneels and bows continuously.

“It is ok. Stand up. I’m fine after all, so I don’t need that tea. Just go back to your work, and don’t tell my mother about this or else she will punish you.” Daisuke said.

“Thank you Master Daisuke.” the servant bows and leaves.

Then another servant runs to him

"Master Daisuke, your mother wants to meet you" she said

"Ok, I'll be there." Daisuke said

And Daisuke turns to Jun and Rena

"Sorry guys. Can you guys wait for me a little in my room; I want to show you around the house." Daisuke said

"Ok" jun said

"I will be right back" Daisuke said and leaves

Then Rena and Jun go back to the room.

"Jun, you are worry about Daisuke, right?" Rena asks

"Uh, I get a feeling that those people are not normal bandit. Their target is him." Jun said

"Also the incident two days ago, it is too much for a coincident." Jun continues

"That is why you agree to stay here right?” Rena asks.

"Yes. I don't trust his uncle. I can feel something strange from him" Jun nods

While they are talking, Daisuke are back

"Sorry for making you guy waiting." Daisuke said

"It is ok." Jun said and smiles.

"Let's go" Daisuke

They go around and Daisuke introduce them around the house

"It is already dark. We should go back now" Daisuke said

"Uh" Jun nods

Then they go back to Daisuke's room

"We will go back to our rooms now. Good night Daisuke" Jun said

"Ok, good night guys" Daisuke said

Before Jun leaves, he turns and said to Daisuke

"Be careful with everything around you ok."

"Uh, I will. Thank you" Daisuke said and smiles

Then Jun and Rena leave the room. When they get out of the room, Jun notices something strange.

"What is it?" Jun said and walks closer to the place

"A death cat" Rena said in surprise

"What happened?" Jun said

"This is where that servant dropped the tea. It is poisoned." Jun thought while frowning.

"It is very weird now" Jun seriously said

On their way

Jun holds Rena's hand and walks slowly through the backyard.

"What are you thinking Jun? About that cat?" Rena asks and Jun nods

"That reminds me. This evening, you said that you feel something weird when you look at Daisuke's uncle. What did you feel?" Rena asks

"His eyes, they are just like Roy's. Outside, he looks like very obedient, but inside there is a very dark soul." Jun said with a shaky voice.

Rena looks at Jun and hugs him.

"It is ok now Jun. Everything is in the past. No one can harm you now." Rena gently said to Jun.

"Thank you Rena." Jun hugs her back and whispers.

"Because of that, I want to help Daisuke. He is my friend. I don't want him to experience the same thing as me or worse than me." Jun said.

"I'm sure you can do that. My Jun can do everything if he wants." Rena said to him and kisses his cheek.

“‘My Jun’ huh?" Jun teases Rena

Realizing what she said. Rena blushes madly.

"Hahaha...My Rena-chan is very cute when she blushed" Jun teases and pinches Rena's cheeks.

"S..stop teasing me Jun" Rena said and turns away.

"I'm not teasing you. I just praise my cute Rena-chan" Jun said and turns Rena to look at him.

"Since when did you become a smooth talker like that?" Rena said and pouts.

"I would only be that way when I'm around you" Jun smiles and kisses her lips.

Then they continue walking. After a while they reach Rena's room.

"Ok, good night Rena" Jun said and kisses Rena's forehead

"Good night Jun" Rena said and kisses his cheek.

Next morning

Daisuke takes Jun and Rena around the city.

“Last night, did you guys sleep well?” Daisuke asks

“Yes, the room is very comfortable.” Jun said

“Glad to hear that. You two are my friend, so I want you guys to feel my house as your and enjoy staying here.” Daisuke smiles and said

“Today, I want to introduce you two to someone” Daisuke happily said

“Who is it, Daisuke?” Jun asks

“It is a secret, when you get there you will know.” Daisuke said

Then Daisuke takes them to a restaurant. The restaurant is decorated very special. The waiter leads them to a big room

“Please sit here and wait for me.” Daisuke said

Then he runs out of the room.

Inside the room

“I wonder who the person that he wants to introduce to us is.” Jun said.

“Uh, me too” Rena said

While they are talking with each other, Daisuke comes back. Beside him is a young girl.

“Jun, Rena, I want you guys to meet my girlfriend. Her name is Chiyo.” he said to Rena and Jun.

“Wow!! That is great Daisuke.” Jun congrats Daisuke

“Chiyo, this is Jun, the one that I always mention to you with the other two, Acchan and Yuki. The girl sits beside him is Rena. She is his fiancée.” Daisuke said

“Hi Jun and Rena, nice to meet you two” Chiyo said

“Hello Chiyo, Nice to meet you too.” Rena and Jun said

“Chiyo is daughter of the owner of this restaurant. Her father is also the famous chief in this city.” Daisuke introduces Chiyo

“Oh, this place is very special, huh?” Jun said

“Uh” Daisuke nods

Then they sit down and talk with each other while eating.

“It is time. I should go to the factory to check on their work” Daisuke said

“Chiyo, say hi to your father for me. I have to go now.” Daisuke said to Chiyo

“Uh, you should be careful ok. Don’t exhausted yourself from work” Chiyo gently said

“Uh, I know” Daisuke said and smiles

After saying goodbye to Chiyo, Daisuke leads them to his work place. It is a big factory with a lot of workers.

“This place is my father treasure. He spent all his life to create this place. That is the reason why I have to work hard to keep it and help it develops even stronger.” Daisuke seriously said

“You really grew up a lot. Somehow, I really admire your determination.” Jun said and pats Daisuke’s shoulder.

“I’m the one that admire you. You guys travel around and helps everyone who is needed. That is really great.”

They are happily talking while going around observing the place until evening. After checking the paper works and the place, they go back to the house. From the factory, in order to go back to the house, they have to go through a big forest. While they are walking, there are a group of men sudden jumps out and surrounding them. They rush to attack Jun, Rena, and Daisuke.

“Daisuke, stand here, don’t move. Rena and I will protect you.” Jun said and Daisuke nods

Then he rushes to them. Seeing Jun runs to them, they run into the forest. Jun chases after them.

In Rena's side

She is also fighting with some of the men. She chases after them to other side of the forest leaving Daisuke standing alone in the place.

Back to Daisuke

“Jun, Rena” Daisuke calls and looks around

Suddenly, someone appears in front of him.

Being taken by surprise, Daisuki steps back and shouts

"Who are you?"

The man suddenly pierces his dagger in Daisuke's stomach

"," Daisuke said while holding the knife in his stomach

"Jun, *pant* Rena,*pant* help me" Daisuke breathlessly calls

"Call them for help? It is hopeless. They are really stupid. My men lured them very far away from here. No one can help you now" the man said and laughs haughtily.

"" Daisuke tiredly said

"Since you are going to die soon, I will tell you who am I so that you can rest in peace." the man said and smirks.

Then he takes off his mask.

"U..uncle, why?" Daisuke said in surprise

"Yes, it is me. You asked me why. Easy, because of your money, I want all the property of Sasaki family." Kaoru said and smirks

“…” Daisuke breathlessly said

“Shut up, did you see me as your uncle? You scold me; yell at me like I’m your servant. I have had enough now.” Kaoru said

"If you die, I will take all of them. I want to be a boss. I'm tired of being a small manager. Always bow down before you. Hearing your scold" Kaoru bends down and said while slapping Daisuke's face.

"!!!" Daisuke weakly shouts and then died.

"Hahaha. Good night my precious nephew. Sleep your long life sleep." Kaoru said and laughs out loud.

"I can't believe that you treat your nephew and family like that" a woman said

Kaoru is startled by the voice. He turns around and shouts in surprise


"You still remember that I'm your sister huh? Kaoru" Daisuke's mother said.

"How can you? How did you?" Kaoru said in surprise.

"Do you think that we are stupid enough to leave Daisuke alone there?" a man voice appears

Kaoru is surprised. He turns to the sources of the voice. When he turns back, he sees Jun and Rena are standing in front of him.

"How can you?" his face is filled with confused.

"At first, when Jun said that, I actually doubted it a little. I thought 'how can my own uncle treat me that way,' ‘my uncle would never do that to me,' but I was wrong. You are not a human. You are despicable." Daisuke stands up and said.

"How can you?"

Because of too much surprise, Kaoru is speechless. He cannot say anything except those three words.

"Thank to Jun's amour that I'm still alive until now." Daisuke said.


"Goodnight Rena" Jun said and kisses Rena's forehead.

"I will go and take a look at that Kaoru guy. He looks so fishy to me" Jun said.

"Be careful Jun" Rena said and hugs him

"I'll" Jun said and pats Rena's back.

Then Jun leaves to Kaoru's place.

At Kaoru's room

"That little brat, who does he think he is? Yell at me like a low life servant." Kaoru said and slams the table.

"Tomorrow, I will take everything from him."

"Tomorrow, he will go to the factory with his two friends. You, arrange your men to prepare for the action." Kaoru tells his servant.

"In order to go back to the house, they have to go through the forest. We will attack them on their way back to the house. You guys try to lure those two friends of him far away from him. After that I will go out and kill him." Kaoru said

“Yes sir” the assassin said

“I knew it.” Jun thought

"That despicable man, in order to get what he want, he willingly to get rid everyone even his family." Jun thought while holding his fists tightly.

After spying on Kaoru's room, Jun goes to Daisuke's room.

Jun knocks the door

"Daisuke, are you still awake?" Jun calls

Daisuke opens the door and asks

"What happened Jun?"

"I have something to tell you." Jun said

"Please, come in" Daisuke said

Daisuke and Jun sit on the table

"Daisuke, after seeing your uncle, I felt something not right about him. Therefore, I decided to spy on him." Jun said

Daisuke widens his eyes in surprise.

“What make you think like that?” Daisuke asks

“His eyes, those eyes make me worry.” Jun answers

“Therefore I went to his room just now.” Jun continues

“Did you get anything?” Daisuke asks

"When I went to his room, I overheard that tomorrow he is plan on killing you." Jun said.

"What did you say Jun? He is my uncle. How can he do that to me?" Daisuki said in disbelief tone.

"I know this is hard for you to believe that. I have a plan that can make everything clear." Jun said.

"What will you do?" Daisuke asks.

"Firstly, tomorrow, wear this when you go out with us." Jun said

“What is it” Daisuke asks

“A special amour, my friend gave it to me. It will help you prevent all type of weapons that attack you. The only thing you have to do is act like dead” Jun said

"Tomorrow, Rena and I will act like we are tricked by his men. You will stand in the place and wait for him." Jun said.

"Ok, I will follow your plan. However, I don't think that my uncle did that to me." Daisuke said.

Then Jun leaves the place

End flashback

Kaoru is speechless.

"When you stab me, I tried to hold the blade very hard so that I can fool you that you actually stab me. Those blood came from my hand" Daisuke said

"When we act like we were tricked by your men. Our people had already ambush around the forest. When your men run out of the sight, they will jump out and capture all of them" Rena said.

"Your plan is completely fail from the first place." Rena continues.

Kaoru sits on the ground and looks down

"Kaoru, how can you do that to us? I'm your sister, and Daisuke is your nephew. You are heartless.” Daisuke’s mother said

“Family, uncle? Did you people see me like that? I’m no more than a servant in this house.” Kaoru shouts

Then Daisuke’s mother slaps him

“Did my husband treat you badly? You have a place to live, money to spend and a job. He let you manage all his work in the west side. Do you still not satisfy about it?" Daisuke's mother angrily said

“Brother in law treated me very well. However, when Daisuke inherited the place, everything changed. Although I'm responsible, he is the one in charge.” Kaoru said

"It is true that no one looks down on me. However, it is just outside. Behind me, they said that I’m no more than a dog of Sasaki clan” Kaoru continues

“I'm just a small manager, and I'm tired of it. I want to take over everything." Karou shouts.

"Do you know why did I also take the work there?" Daisuke asks

"It is because your management. You didn't care about workers. You like benefit but you forget the quality. When I inherited the place, I heard a lot of complains. That place nearly collapses because of you." Daisuke angrily shouts

“It is just your reasons” Kaoru said

“Until now, you still don't not regret about your action. I’m very disappointed. Don’t blame your problem on other.” Daisuke’s mom said

"Take him to the authority in this island" Daisuke said

"Yes, sir" his guards answers

Then Daisuke turns to Jun and Rena

"Thanks you two again. This time we really owe you big time. You saved my life and our business." Daisuke said and bows

"No problem. You don't have to do that" Jun said and pats Daisuke shoulders

"Now your problem is solved. We will take our leave now. I don't want everyone to worry about us." Jun said

"Ok, I will order my servant to take you back to that island." Daisuke said.


That is part 1 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)

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Thats great :") i love it. Thank you :d You did your best^^ glad to read it :)
WMatsui in my heart <3
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thanks for wmatsui :D :D ♡♡
update soon~

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Hello Author-San first of all I apologize for being silent reader it's because maybe I'm to lazy to comments, hehehe, anyway I l OK he your fic, everyone playing their role very well, Atsuko team are strongest one the help others and make everyone happy, as always there is trouble I like it so much. Please continue.

PS/ can you teach me some fighting sense cause I'm bad in it

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Yeay an update  :w00t:

WMatsui moment  :wub:

Update soon  :cow:

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Wmatsui saved someone...

And in the road to go to the hidden island

How about the others?

Can't wait to see the next adventures

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea(Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii)Chapter 17.2 13/09/15
« Reply #148 on: September 13, 2015, 12:55:25 AM »
@vickystar: Thank you for reading my fic. I’m glad that you love it.  :D

 @AI712, @key17, @vivinardisa, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

@wmatsui fanfic: Thank you for reading my fic. I’m happy that you like it.  :D About the fighting scene, I don’t know much. I just write them according to my imagination. Sometime I use google to search for some styles of martial arts.  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is part 2 of chapter 17

Part 2 Marimii

In a big house

Mariko wakes up and looks around the house. She sees Mii is sitting on her bed and looking at her. Seeing Mariko wake up, Mii gently asks

"You finally awake. Are you ok?"

"Mii? Uhm, I'm ok." Mariko answers and sits up.

"Where are we?" She looks around and asks

"I don't know yet" Mii shrugs

"When I woke up, I realize that we are in this house. The homeowner said that he found us at the shore." Mii said.

"I see" Mariko said

"I think we should go out and thank him properly." Mariko continues and Mii nods

Then they go out of the room. They see two people are sitting silently. The two turn to look at Mariko and Mii

"Your friend is finally awake, huh?" the man said

"Yes, She is. Thank you, Rikuto-san" Mii said

“Hello, Aya-chan.” Mii smiles and greets the little girl

“....” The girl stays silent

“Aya, Mii nii-chan greeted you. What should you do?” Rikuto strictly said

“Hi” she said shortly

“Aya” her father raises his voice

“It’s ok, Rikuto-san” Mii said and smiles

“Hello miss, how are you doing?” Rikuto said

“I’m fine, Thank you, Rikuto-san” Mariko said

“By the way, my name is Shinoda Mariko” Mariko introduces herself

“Rikuto-san, Thank you for saving us” Mariko and Mii said and bows

“No problem” he said

"Come on you two, sit down. I will bring something for you to eat. I bet that you two are hungry, right?" Rikuto said

"Thank you" Mariko and Mii bow

Suddenly Aya stands up and leaves

“Where are you going, Aya?” Rikuto asks

“I go out for a little bit” Aya answers

“Come back soon” Rikuto said

Then they start to eat

"Rikuto-san, I have a favor to asks you" Mariko said

"What is it?" Rikuto asks

"Can we stay here one more day? We want to find a ship to get back my house" Mii said

"Of course, you can stay here" Rikuto said and smiles

"Thank you" Mii and Mariko said

When they finished eating, Mii said

"Please excuse us; we will go out a little bit.”

"Ok, see you guy later" Rikuto said

Then Mariko and Mii leave the house. They go around finding a ship. While they are walking around the city, they hear something

"Hey, that girl, she doesn't have a mother. Her mother abandoned her since she was born”

“What happened?” Mariko looks at Mii and asks

“Let’s go there and take a look” Mii said

“Uh” Mariko said

When Mariko and Mii go there, they see a group of kids are surrounding Aya. They are throwing stone to her.

"Hey what are you doing to her?" Mariko shouts and runs to Aya

Seeing Mii and Mariko, the boys run away.

"Are you ok Aya-chan?" Mariko asks while helping Aya to stand up

"I'm fine." she answers shortly and withdraws her hand from Mariko

"Let's us take you home" Mariko said

"I'm fine by myself. I don't need your help." Aya said and runs away.

Mariko looks at Aya with worried eyes.

"Let go back now Mariko." Mii said and holds Mariko's hand

"Uh" Mariko nods

They reach home at the same time with Aya

"Aya, what happened to you? Your clothes are dirty. You are hurt" Rikuto said in worry tone

"I'm fine. I just fell." she said

"Let me clean your wounds." Rikuto said and lifts Aya up.

Then he sees Mariko and Mii step in

"Hi, welcome back. Just make yourself at home. I have to take care of Aya a little." He said

"It is ok. Just take care of her. Don't worry about us." Mariko said

After a while Rikuto comes back

"How is she, Rikuto-san?" Mariko asks in concerned voice

"She is ok. She is asleep now." Rikuto said and smiles.

"That is good." Mariko said

"Sorry for my curiosity, but can I ask you something?" Mariko asks

"Uh, what is it?" Rikuto looks at Mariko and asks

"Uhm...where is her mother?" Mariko seriously asks.

Rikuto looks at Mariko in surprise. He is silent and looks down

"Sorry for my question. If you don't want to answer it, you don't have to" Mariko said

"Sorry again for my sudden question. It is already late, we will excuse ourselves now" Mariko said and bows

"Uhm ok." Rikuto said

Then Mariko and Mii go back to their room


Mii wakes up. He lies on his bed and looks up to the ceiling

"Today, Mariko acted very strange." Mii thought

"Did she remember that again?" Mii closes his eyes and sighs

Then he sits up

"I should go and check on her" Mii said and stands up

When he comes to Mariko room, he sees no one there

"Where is she?" Mii thought

Then he goes around looking for her. He goes to the shore because the house is near there. He sees her sitting alone there. He comes and sits next to her

"Mii?" Mariko is surprised

"Why are you here? I thought you are sleeping by now?" Mariko asks

"I should be the one asks you that question." Mii said and looks at Mariko

Mariko looks down.  Mii uses his hands to lift her face up.

"Did you remember that past again?" Mii gently asks and Mariko nods

"Just now, I had a nightmare." Mariko said

"Acchan and everyone said that they don’t want me together with them. They said that I’m an unfortunate child" Mariko said and pauses

"You also said that and walked away from me. You don't even look back at me once" she said in tear.

Mii hugs Mariko tightly

"Don't worry Mariko. I will never leave you alone no matter what. Everyone too, they won't do that to you. You are their friend." Mii gently said and stroke Mariko's back

Mariko breaks the hug and look directly at Mii's eyes

"Really?" she asks with shaky voice

"Uh, I mean that" Mii said and smiles

"Thank you Mii" Mariko smile and kisses Mii at his cheek

"Anytime for my lovely girlfriend" Mii smiles and kisses Mariko's lips

"It is already late now. We should go back to sleep now" Mii said and stands up

"Ok" Mariko stands up

In the morning

When Mariko and Mii come to the main house, they hear someone is shouting.

"Papa, I hate you."

Then they see Aya rushes out of the house.

"Aya" Rikuto calls

He sighs. When he turns back, he sees Mii and Mariko are standing there.

"Sorry, we did not mean to see that." Mii said and bows

"It is ok." Rikuto sighs and said

"Can you tell us what happen? Maybe we can help you." Mariko asks

"I can't border you two with my problem." The man said

"You saved our life. Just see this as our thanks to you." Mariko said

"Last night, you asked about her mother right?" Rikuto said

"The truth is her parent was already dead. I'm not her real father. I just found her in a village" Rikuto said

"That year, I was still a free traveler. I go around from town to town. Then one day I came across a village. That village was under attack of bandits. I went into the village to see if there were any survivors. Almost every house in the village was burned down. Then I heard a crying sound.  I quickly ran to the place. When I got there, I saw a baby girl lied on the ground. Her face was covered with blood. Above her is a man shielded for her. I immediately picked her up. She looked pale and hungry. I went to a city nearby and bought something for her to eat. After that I took her as my daughter and came back to this Island, my home town to live" Rikuto said

"Wow. It must be very hard" Mii said

"Uh, However, I'm very happy to have her." Rikuto said and smiles

“But I got a feeling that the more she grows up, the gap between us get wider” He continues

"Yesterday, do you know why did she look like that?" Mariko asks

"I don't know. That is why this morning I tried to ask her, but it turned out this way." Rikuto said and sighs again


Rikuto goes into Aya's room. He knocks the door

"Aya, are you awake?" Rikuto asks.

Then Aya opens the door for him.

"Come to the main house. I have something to asks you" Rikuto said

Aya just stays silent and follow him. He sits on the chair and asks

"Tell papa what happened yesterday?" Rikuto said

Aya is silent and looks down.

"Did you get into a fight?" Rikuto continues.

Aya is still silent

"Tell me what happened? Why did you stay silent?" Rikuto raises his voice a little

"Yes, I fought some jerks in the town" Aya answers

"Fighting? Calling orders a jerk? Who taught you that?" Rikuto said

"Fighting is a bad thing. It is even worse since you are a girl. It is very dangerous you know." Rikuto said in calm voice

"Do you care about that? Do you care about me?" Aya said

"What are you saying? Of course I care about you. You are my daughter." Rikuto said

"I thought you only care about your business. You never actually talk to me. You always just go back home and ask me question like a prisoner." Aya shouts

"Aya" Rikuto calls

"It cannot be helped, right. Because I'm not your real daughter, I'm just a burden to you." Aya shouts

"Aya" Rikuto shouts and slaps her

Aya holds her cheek. Her tear is rolling on her cheeks

"I hate you papa" Aya shouts

Then she runs out of the room.

End flashback

"I don't know where she got that information. She is acting very weird." Rikuto said

“At first I thought that because I forgot her birthday, therefore she act like that. However, she acts weirder and weirder day by day.” Rikuto said

“She talks less and always stays in her room.” Rikuto worriedly said

“I cannot understand her anymore.” he sighs and said

"Did you know that she is bullied by the kids in town?"  Mii asks

"She did? She never tells me that she is bullied" Rikuto said

"That incident is not the matter who tells whom. It is the matter do you concern about her enough" Mariko said

"Uhm… These days I have been busy with my business. I think I should apologize to her." Rikuto said in regret tone

"So, what really happened yesterday?" Rikuto said

"Yesterday, she had a fight with the boys in town. Then they threw stones on her" Mariko said

"Those kids" Rikuto slams the table

"But why did they bully her? She is just a little harmless girl." Rikuto said

"They make fun of her about doesn't have a mother." Mariko said


"Hey, that girl, she doesn't have a mother. Her mother abandoned her since she was born”

“Shut up” Aya shouts

“I just said the truth. You are an unwanted child.” the boys laugh

“It is not truth.” Aya said

“And your father, my parent said that he is not your real father.” They laugh again

“I told you to shut up” Aya shouts and rushes to slap his face

“You little brat. What do you think you are doing?”

He rushes to her and push her. Aya falls on the ground. Then they throw stone to her.

End flashback

“Those kids, I will do something with them for hurting my daughter.” Rikuto angrily said

"I'm really wrong here. I should pay more attention to her. I thought providing her with enough money, food, and every necessary thing is enough for her." Rikuto said

"Property, food, and others are needed. However, what she need the most is your care. Therefore, she won't feel that she isn't needed. She is a burden." Mariko said

"Can you two help me to find her? I want to say sorry to her." Rikuto said and bows

"Ok, leave it to us." Mariko said

Then Rikuto, Mii, and Mariko leave the house. They run into the town to find Aya.

“Aya-chan, where are you?” Mariko calls

“Aya-chan” Mii calls

“Let’s split out. I think it is faster.” Mariko said

“Ok” Mii and Rikuto nods

Then they run to each side of the village

Mariko’s side

She runs around the town and asks a lot of people, but none of them saw Aya. Then she runs through the market. When she is about to turn to another place, she sees a little figure sit in the corner of an abandon house. Her face buried between her knees. Mariko come closer and sits next to her.

“Aya-chan, why are you sitting here?” Mariko gently said

Aya is surprised. She looks up and realizes that is Mariko

“It is none of your business” she coldly answers

“But I want to be your friend.” Mariko said

Aya widens her eyes in surprise

“Just leave me alone. You don’t have to bother yourself.” Aya said

“Stop being a stubborn girl” Mariko raises her voice

“What do you know about me? How can you say that I’m being stubborn? No one understand me, no one love me.” Aya shouts

“How about your father? He cares for you and loves you a lot. How can you not realize that?” Mariko shouts

“He is not care about me. He only cares about his business. And he is not my real father. I heard what those villagers said; I’m not his real daughter.” Aya said in tear

“Blood related or not, is it matter? The only matter here is he loves you as his own.” Mariko said

“You keep saying that no one understands you, no one loves you. Do you think that you are the only unfortunate girl in this world? There are a lot of people whose fate are more unfortunate than you.” Mii said

“I have a friend who her parent was killed in one night. She has to live by her own since she was a kid. What do you think about that?” Mii asks

Aya is silent and looks down

“And you said that he does not love you because he is not blood related with you, right” Mariko continues.

“Let me tell you this. I also like you. I have no parent. My mother died since I was born. My father died when I was four. I had an aunt; however she did not see me as her niece. She sees me as a bad luck. She hit me and threw me out of her house. Everyone in town see me as a curse thing. Those kids in the town hit me every day.” She said

Aya looks at Mariko with surprised look

“The only one that cares about me is Mii and his father. They took me in and take care of me. So do you think that blood related is important?” Mariko seriously asks

Aya looks down

“Look Aya,” Mariko turns and said to Aya

“I know sometime your father is too concern about his business. He forgot your birthday. However, I know that you understand that he love you right?” Mariko gently said and Aya nods

“You just upset about what the boys said right?” Mariko said and Aya nods

“How about go home with me and tell him your real feeling.” Mariko said and smiles

“Uh, Thank you Mariko-neechan” Aya finally smiles and said

When she runs back, she bumps into a kid.

“It is you again, orphan girl” The boy angrily said

“I’m not an orphan, I have a father. My father loves me very much.” Aya holds the boy’s collar and shouts

Then a woman appears and pushes Aya fall on the ground.

“Get your filthy hand off my son. You are a rude kid. It is truth that kid with no mother is like that.”

When she is about to hit Aya, a hand stops her.

“What are you doing to my daughter?” Rikuto angrily said and throws her hand

“Rikuto-san” The woman steps back

“What happened with having no mother? She is better than someone else having a mother but acting like an illiterate kid.” Rikuto shouts and glares at the boy

“You...” the woman angrily looks at Rikuto

“My daughter has me to teach and take care. I don’t need anyone to do that instead of me. If I see any bruise on my daughter face again, you know what will happen right?” Rikuto warns

“You know me when I was young right. I said that and I mean that.” Rikuto continues

“Come on son. Let leave those people alone.” The woman said and quickly leaves the place.

“Papa,” Aya said and jumps to hugs him

“Sorry papa, for my stubbornness.” Aya said

“It’s ok. Papa also sorry because focusing too much in work and forget your feeling.” He said and pats Aya’s head

“Come on Aya, It is already evening. I had ordered servant to cook a lot of your favorite food. Let’s go back and eat” Rikuto said and smiles

“Yes, Papa.” Aya happily said

At home

4 people are happily sitting and eating together

“Thank you Mariko and Mii.” Rikuto said

“No problem.” Mii and Mariko said and smile

“By the way” Mii said

“I found a ship that passes our house. Tomorrow we will go. Thank you Rikuto-san for your hospitality.” Mii said

“Mii-niichan, and Mariko-neechan have to go?” Aya said in disappointed tone

“Don’t be sad Aya. They also have their business to do.” Rikuto said

“We promise that we will come back here when we have time.” Mariko said and smiles

“You promise?” Aya said

“Uh.” Mii and Mariko nod

“Yay” Aya smiles

At night

Mariko sits on the shore and look at the pearl


“That kid again. Her mother died after giving birth to her. Not long after that her father also died. She is such an unfortunate girl” those people in town whisper to each other when they see Mariko passed by

“Don’t go near her. She is an unfortunate child. If you play with her, bad thing will happen to you.” a woman said to her children

Mariko looks down and walks faster through the market. Then she bumps into a little boy.

“Hey kid, be careful when you go around” his servant pushes her

“Young Master, are you ok?” the servant said

“I’m fine. You don’t need to push her like that.” Mii said and stands up

He walks closer to the little girl. He extends his hand and smiles

“Sorry for my servant rudeness. Are you ok?” Mii said

Mariko ignores him. She stands up and walks away.

“Hey, my name is Minegishi Minami, you can call me Mii. May I know your name?” Mii asks

“Young master, you shouldn’t talk to her. Didn’t you hear what people in this town said? She and you come from two different worlds.” The servant said

“I don’t care. You just go to my father place first. I will go there later.” Mii said and chases after Mariko

Mii looks around the market for Mariko. Then he hears a lot of noise. He runs to the place. When he gets there, he sees a group of boy is kicking Mariko. She is lying on the ground and shrinking herself because of hurt.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Mii shouts

He picks a stick and hits the boys. They run away. Then Mii turns to Mariko

“Are you ok?” Mii asks

Mariko just stays silent. She tries to stand up but fail

“Let me help you” Mii catches her hand and said

Mariko withdraws her hand from him

“Just leave me alone” She said with a small voice

“Didn’t you hear the people in town said? You will get bad luck if you go near me.” Mariko said

“Those are nonsense.” Mii answers

“That is truth. My mother died after giving birth to me. My father died not long after that too. My aunt said that I’m a bad luck and threw me out of her house.” Mariko said

“I don’t believe that. However, if you insist, here take this” Mii innocently said and gives Mariko a small pearl.

“What is it?” Mariko curiously asks

“A lucky charm. It will bring good luck to you” Mii said and smiles

Mariko takes the pearl and looks at it.

“Come on, let go to this place. I will introduce you to my father.” Mii said and pulls Mariko with him

When they get near the place, Mariko suddenly stops. Mii looks at her with confused look

“What happened?” Mii asks

“W...w..why did you go to my aunt house?” Mariko shakily asks

“Your aunt house? That?” Mii said and Mariko nods

“My father is a big customer of her business. So don’t worry. They cannot do anything to harm you.” Mii said and pulls Mariko with him

When they get into the house, Mariko’s aunt sees her

“You, who allow you to come back here?” She shouts

“It is me.” Mii said

“Who are you? Take them out of here” Mariko’s aunt said

“Young master, you come.” a servant said

“Mii, did you cause any trouble that makes Mrs. Shinoda shouts at you.” Kuu speaks up.

“Young master” Mariko’s aunt thought

“Ah, nothing, it is just a misunderstood. I just said to that dirty girl over there.” She said with a soft voice to Kuu

“Mii, who is she?” Kuu asks

“She is my friend.” Mii said

“Mr. Minegishi, that girl is an unlucky girl. You shouldn’t let your son near her.” Mrs. Shinoda whispers to Kuu’s ear

“Is that so? Mii, Is she an unlucky girl?” Kuu asks and Mariko looks down

“Of course not, she is just a normal kid.” Mii said

“Today we will stop our talk about business here. I will go back to my inn now. I will order my servant to tell you more about my requirement.” Kuu said then he leaves with Mii and Mariko

At the inn

“Papa, can we take her to our home. She said that her aunt abandoned her. She is homeless.” Mii said in pleading tone.

“Little girl, what is your name?” Kuu bends down and asks

Mariko hides behind Mii’s back

“My name is Shinoda Mariko.” She answers in small voice.

“Shinoda? So she is your aunt?” Kuu asks and Mariko nods

“Unexpected, huh” Kuu said

“Master, everyone in the house talked about her.” A servant said

“What did they say?” Kuu asks

Then the servant tell him everything that they heard

“I see.” Kuu said

“So, papa, can we?” Mii asks

“Mariko, will you come to our house?” Kuu asks

“Can I?” Mariko said and looks down

“Of course” Kuu smiles and said

“Thank you” Mariko finally smiles and said

“Yay, Mariko, I cannot wait to introduce you to my best friend. He has the same name as me.” Mii happily said and pulls Mariko go to the ship.

End flashback

She unconsciously smiles at the pearl

“Why are you smiling?”

A voice startles her. She turns and looks at the source.


“I just remember our first meeting” Mariko said

“That is the lucky pearl that I gave you” Mii said

“Uh, that is my important charm.” Mariko said and smiles

“Looking at Aya, it reminds me at that time. It is you and uncle Kuu helped me. I’m very lucky.” Mariko said and smiles

“Mii, I have a question.” Mariko looks at Mii and said

“Huh? What is it?” Mii said

“Why did you help me back then?” Mariko asks

“Uhm...b..because I like that little girl” Mii said and blushes

Mariko smiles and leans to kisses Mii’s lips

“Thank you Mii”


That is part 2 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)

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Aww this was a sweet chapter

Mariko's past is so sad  :mon waterworks:

Stupid aunt that threw her away...  :mon annoy: :on voodoo:

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yoo.. marimii is so sweet
who's next? atsumina? kojiyuu? or mayuki?
update soon please ;)

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Hello everyone  :)
I'm a new writer. My Kami-Oshi is Atsuko, and the main pair of this story is Atsumina :heart:
This is the prologue of my story. I got inspired by the song "Lucky Seven"
I hope you like it.   :)
Please forgive my grammar and wording mistakes  :)

                                                                                                          Beyond The Sea
   Pirate is the term that uses to indicate people who are the thieves on the sea. They steal goods from the Mercian’s ships and other rich people ship. They steal people goods and money and kill them. They are in people mind is bad people.
      However there is a group of Pirate who only steals from pirate, fraud and corrupt nobilities. Their rules are only stealing from bad people and never kill them. They only kill pirate.
   Their ship is named “The Legend.” They are very popular. They are known as the strongest and the most fearful pirate. The prize that the kingdoms have put on their heads is a big money which people can use to buy a castle and live as a king.
        Fate has brought them together, and what destiny will they face together.

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Ah... Mariko's flashback...

Very sad but sweet childhood memory

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea(Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii)Chapter 17.3 20/09/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @key17, @Saint0angel, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is part 3 of chapter 17  XD

Part 3 Mayuki

Yuki wakes up and looks around the room. She sees a girl sitting on the chair opposite of her.

"You finally wake up." The girl said

"Where am I?" Yuki asks

"You are at my house. When I went to play at the shore, I saw you and a man were unconscious there. Therefore I brought you here." the girl said

"A man? Mayu?" Yuki thought

"Where is he right now?" Yuki ask

"He is in the room next to you." the girl said

"Can you take me to him?" Yuki asks

"Follow me." the girl said

Then they go into the room next door.


Mayu slowly opens his eyes. He sits up

“Where am I?” Mayu thought

Then he steps down from the bed

“Let’s check on outside” Mayu thought

When Mayu is about to walk to the door, the door opens

“Yuki” Mayu calls Yuki

"Mayu" Yuki rushes to Mayu and hugs him tightly
"Yuki, are you ok?” Mayu asks and hugs Yuki back

"I'm fine; she is the one who saved us" Yuki answers and points to the girl.

Mayu turn to the girl and said

"Thank you for saving us." Mayu said and bows.

"No problem." the girl answers

"By the way, my name is Ozaki Akira, nice to meet you two.” Akira said and shakes Yuki’s and Mayu’s hand

“Hello Ozaki-san, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you, too.” Yuki said

“My name is Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you, Ozaki-san” Mayu said

“It is ok, just call me Akira.” Akira said and smiles.

“What happened to you two?” Akira asks

“Our ship is attacked and exploded. We have to go to our friend’s house to meet the rest.” Yuki said

“Once again, Thank you for saving us, Akira” Yuki said and bows

“No problem, you don’t have to do that.” Akira said and smiles.

While they are talking, a knocking sound interrupted them

“Akira-sama, master Kenichi’s condition is getting bad again.” The servant said

“Ok, I will come to his room right away.” Akira answers

“What happened?” Yuki asks

“My grandpa, he has been sick for 5 month. We call a lot of different doctor, but no one knows the reason of his illness. Now his condition is getting worse and worse.” Akira said in worried tone.

“Let me try” Mayu said

“You?” Akira is surprised.

“Yes, he is a doctor. Let he checks on your grandpa. Maybe he can find something.” Yuki said

“You are a doctor. Please Mayu, please help my grandpa” Akira said in begging tone.

“I’ll try my best” Mayu said

“Let’s go, I will lead you to my grandpa’s room.” Akira hurriedly said and leads them to the room.

At the Kenichi’s room

“Akira-sama” The servants greets her

“Akira, where have you been in all the morning? We are looking for you everywhere.” a middle aged women said

“Sorry aunt Kimiko, I just went around the shore to play.” Akira answers

“Who are those two that with you Akira?” a man asks

“I saved them at the shore. Let’s Mayu checks on grandpa first. Then I will introduce them to you all.” Akira said

“Who is he? Is it ok for him to check on grandpa?” the man said with a doubt voice

“Don’t worry, Ken-nii. He is a doctor.” Akira said

“Ok, Mayu, can you check on my grandpa?” Akira turns to Mayu and said

“Ok, excuse me.” Mayu said and walks near the bed

After a while, Mayu finished checking Akira’s grandpa. Then everyone leaves the room to the main house to talk.

“How is he, Mayu?” Akira asks

“Uhm...he got a very weird sickness. It is not easy to cure. Fir…”

“You just like those useless doctors who came here before. You just want to ask for more money” Akira’s aunt cut Mayu’s word and said with a scornful voice.

“That woman is so full of herself.” Yuki angrily thought

“Aunt Kimiko” Akira calls her aunt

Then she turns and looks at Yuki and Mayu

“Sorry Yuki, Mayu.” Akira bows and said

“It is ok Akira; you don’t have to do that.” Yuki said

“You, keep all your money to yourself, we don’t need any of it. We do this because Akira saved our life.” Yuki angrily said and points to Kimiko

“One more thing, would you let me finish my words before rudely cutting order people’s words like that. After I finished, you can make as many judgement about my work as you please” Mayu said

“You….” Kimiko is very angry

“Mayu, can you continue” Akira turns to Mayu and said.

“Firstly, Akira, can you tell your servant to buy the herbs in this paper for me.” Mayu said

“Ok, leave it to me” Akira said and takes the paper

“After that I will make medicine for him.” Mayu said

“Ok, now I will introduce you two to my relative.” Akira said

“Yuki and Mayu, she is my aunt in law. Ozaki Kimiko. She is my uncle’s wife.” Akira said and points to the middle aged woman sitting at the left side of the room.

“Sitting next to her is my uncle, Ozaki Kenta. He is my father older brother.” Akira continues.

“You two are Yuki and Mayu, right. My name is Ken, I’m Akira’s cousin.” Ken said

“Nice to meet you” Yuki and Mayu shake Ken’s hand.

“Now I will excuse myself to show Mayu and Yuki around our house.” Akira said and bows

Then they leave the room

At the garden

They are walking around and talking

“Yuki, Mayu, I'm really sorry about my aunt. She is always like that, always looking down on everyone.” Akira signs

"It's ok Akira. We don't mind about that" Yuki said.

“Akira, where is your parent? I didn't see them around" Yuki asks

"My parent died one year ago. When they went on a business trip, their ship sank." Akira sadly said

"Sorry Akira." Mayu and Yuki said

"It is ok. The only person that really loves me is my grandpa. He takes care of me very good. Therefore, I want him to get well soon." Akira said

"Don't worry Akira. I will do my best” Mayu said.

"Yes, we will do our best to help you." Yuki said and smile

"Thank you Yuki, Mayu" Akira said and smiles.

Then someone is coming to their direction.

"Akira-sama, how are you doing?" a man comes and said

"Oh, hi Jiro, you are back. How is your trip?" Akira said.

"Everything is good. The business there is doing very well." Jiro said

The man looks at Yuki and Mayu with a puzzled look

"Jiro, this is Yuki, and Mayu. They are my friend." Akira introduces them.

"Mayu is also the doctor. He is treating for grandpa right now." Akira continues.

"Mayu, Yuki, this is Jiro. He is my father assistant. He works for my house for a very long time. I see him as a family member in this house" Akira said

"Hello, nice to meet you" Yuki and Mayu said and shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you, too" Jiro said.

Then a servant comes and calls Akira.

"Akira-sama, we bought the herbs that you ordered."

"Ok, I will go and make the medicine for him" Mayu said and leaves.

"Yuki, I have some business to attend. You can go to our backyard to check on our garden. I'll be right back." Akira said to Yuki

"Ok. Don’t worry, just do your business" Yuki said.

Then Akira leaves with Jiro.

Yuki is walking around the back yard near the kitchen while waiting for Mayu. Then she hears some voice near her place

"Hey, you are new here right?" a girl A asks

“Yes, I just work here last month” a girl C said

"You know a forbidden in this house?" The girl B asks

“Forbidden?” the girl C asks

"Yes." the girl A said.

At the kitchen

After making the medicine, Mayu takes the medicine and gives it to Akira's grandpa. After that they go back to their room

At night

Mayu are in Yuki's room. They are talking with each other

"Mayu,  how is grandpa's health?" Yuki asks

"Uhm....very strange" Mayu answers

"Strange?" Yuki curious

"Uh, strange. Checking his face, he definitely looks like a normal healthy person. However he seems to be in some kind of coma state." Mayu said

Yuki looks at Mayu with a puzzled look.

"Then when I checked his pulse, his pulse is not stable. It is not like some normal illness." Mayu continues

"So how are we going to help him and Akira, Mayu?" Yuki worriedly said

"I have one solution in my mind, but I have to check on him a little more to make sure." Mayu said.

"Oh ok. Let me know when you are clear." Yuki said.

"I will" Mayu said and smiles.

"Mayu" Yuki calls and leans her head on Mayu's shoulder.

"What is it, Yuki?" Mayu asks while stroking Yuki"s hair

"I wonder if Atsuko-nee and the rest are ok." Yuki said in worry tone.

"Don't worry Yuki. They will be fine. They all are famous pirate. This thing cannot cause them any harm." Mayu reassures Yuki

"Uh....I hope they all are ok." Yuki said.

"Even so I still feel a little worry for Atsuko-nee. This is the first time we are separated from each other." Yuki sadly said

"Here I have you with me. However, I don't know if she is alone or with someone else. Does she meet any danger?" Yuki continues and sobs

Mayu turns Yuki's face to looks at him. He looks straight into her eyes.

"Listen to me Yuki. Don't worry, Atsuko-nee will be fine. I'm sure about that." Mayu gently said and smiles

"We will finish here quickly, so we can back to uncle Kuu sooner, ok" Mayu continues

"Uh," Yuki finally smile

"It is already late. Yuki, I think you are already exhausted. I will go back to my room. You should sleep now." Mayu said and hugs Yuki

"Uh, Good night Mayu" Yuki said and kisses Mayu's cheek

Then Mayu leans down and kisses her lips

"Good night Yuki" Mayu said

Then he leaves the room.

At dawn

While Mayu and Yuki are still sleeping, there are a lot of noise coming from outside. They are woken up because of that. Yuki opens the door and looks around. Then she sees Mayu steps out from his room.

"Mayu, do you know what that noise is?" Yuki asks and Mayu shakes his head

"No, I don't. I also was woken up because of that noise" Mayu answers

"Let's go there and check." Mayu said to Yuki.

Then they go to the main house where the noise comes from. When they get, they see Akira's aunt is running around like crazy. Everyone surrounds her and tries to keep her calm. While she is running, she mumbles something to herself

"They are back, they are back."

Yuki and Mayu run to Akira's place

"Akira, what happened?" Yuki asks

"I don't know. When I was sleeping in my room, a servant called me. She said that my aunt is acting very. Then I came here." Akira answers

"Mom, what happened? Who are they? Mom, what are you saying?" Ken tries to hold his mother and asks.

"They are coming, they are here to revenge." She shouts and then run out of the house.

Luckily, Jiro just comes back from the front door. He catches her. Then Mayu quickly give her some sleeping poison to make her calm down. Then they bring her back to her room

"Mayu, can you check on her to see what happened to her?" Akira asks


Then Mayu comes and check her condition. While he is checking, he thought.

"That's weird, everything is ok. Her health is fine. There is nothing wrong, but why did she act like that?" Mayu thought.

Then he turns and asks Kenta

"When did your wife act like that?"

"I don't know. Last night, when we are talking together, she was still fine. A few moments ago, she suddenly wakes up and starts running around." Akira's uncle said

"Do you know what did she mumbles" Yuki asks

"I heard mom said something like 'they are coming, they are back to revenge" Ken said.

Suddenly, Kenta’s expression changes. Yuki notices that

"What happened, Mr. Ozaki?" Yuki asks

Kenta startles because of the sudden question.

“Ah,, I’m just worry about her.” he reluctantly answers

“Why did he stutter like that? There is something wrong with him.” Yuki thought

“Who are they that your aunt mentions, Akira?” Yuki asks

Akira just shrugs in reply. Then she looks at Ken. Ken also just shakes his head to show that he also doesn’t know.

"Uhm, firstly, I will make some medicine to make her mental stable." Mayu said

"Please help my mom" Aiko said and bows

"You don't have to do that. I'm a doctor. I'll do my best to help my patients." Mayu said

"Then I'll leave now to make medicine for her and your grandpa." Mayu said

"Let's go Yuki." Mayu calls Yuki, and they leave the room.

Yuki is walking around the yard and thinking

“This house is full of weird stuff. Yesterday, those girls mention about something very suspicious. What really happened after all?”


“Watch out, Yuki.”

Mayu shouts and rushes to Yuki. He pushes Yuki aside. There is a flower pot that falls directly at her head.

“Yuki are you ok?” Mayu quickly asks

“I’m fine, Mayu” Yuki answers while sitting up

Then she gasps when she sees Mayu’s head is bleeding.

“Mayu, your head is bleeding.” Yuki panicky said while wiping the blood

“I’m fine, Yuki. Don’t worry, it is just a scratch.” Mayu smiles and said

Akira and everyone in the house heard some noise. They quickly runs out and asks

“What happened, Mayu, Yuki?” Akira asks

“A flower pot fell from there.” Mayu said point to the room at the top of the house.

Everyone gasps and steps back.

“Are you sure that flower pot fell from there?” Ken asks.

“Uh, when I’m about to call Yuki that I finished the medicine, I saw the pot was falling directly at her.” Mayu said

“What is with their reaction? It gets weirder every second.” Yuki thought.

“Whose room is that, Akira?” Yuki asks

“Ah, uhm… my second uncle, Ozaki Kenshin. He committed suicide 8 month ago.” Akira said

“From that day until now, no one goes into his room. It is strange that there is a pot fell from there.” Akira continues.

“Uhm.. maybe I’m wrong.” Mayu said

“Ok, everything is fine now. I have to bring medicine to Mr. Ozaki. Ken-san, can you bring this to your mother’s room?” Mayu said

“Ok, give it to me.” Aiko said

At night

Mayu is talking with Yuki in her room.

“Mayu, are you ok?” Yuki worriedly asks while touching his head

“I’m ok, Yuki” Mayu said and holding Yuki’s hand

“Don’t worry ok” he continues and kisses her forehead

“Uh” Yuki responses

"Mayu, do you feel something weird about this house?" Yuki asks while leaning on his shoulder

"Uh, a lot." Mayu said

"I still don't know why Akira's aunt is acting like that." Mayu said

"Mayu, do you know yesterday what did I hear when I was waiting for you?" Yuki quickly asks

"What is it, Yuki?" Mayu curious asks

"I heard the conversation between the servants in this house about Akira's parent and her second uncle." Yuki said


"The forbidden?" A girl C asks

"Yes" the girl A answers

"The room at the top of the house, everyone is forbidden to go in there" the girl B said

“What is that room?” The girl B asks

"8 month ago, the second son of master Kenichi committed suicide there. He jumps from there” the girl A said and uses a creepy voice to express.

"Wow, so creepy. Why did he do that?" the girl B asks.

“No one knew the reason. I heard some old maid said that his dead maybe related to Akira-sama’s parent’s dead.” The girl C said

End flashback

“Akira’s parent? They died 1 year ago, and Kenshin died 4 months later” Mayu said

“Uh, that is the reason I said that this house is weird.” Yuki said

“Then what did they say next.” Mayu curiously asks


“Isn’t that Akira-sama’s parent are dead 1 year ago? Why did it related to master Kenshin” The girl B asks in wonder tone.

“Uh, one year ago, on their way to the neighbor island, their ship was trapped in a big storm and sunk.” The girl A said

"However, rumor around this house said that they were killed. There was no big storm on that day" the girl C said in serious tone.

“They also said that because they were dead so sudden. Their soul is wandering around and cursing this house.” The girl A adds with a creepy tone

“That sound is so scary. Is that story is true?” The girl B asks in shaky voice

“Don't know. It is only a rumor.” The girl A said and shrugs

“However…” The girl B raises her voice a little

The other two girl look at her with a curious look

“3 month after the sinking accident, master Kenshin got a weird sickness all of sudden. No one knew the cause. He ran around the house and said a lot of weird thing” The girl B said

End flashback

“Running around and saying weird thing? It is just like aunt of Akira.” Mayu said

“Uh, at first, I thought they are just a group of free girls like to gossip. However, this morning, I saw Akira’s aunt. I start to believe some part of their story.” Yuki looks at Mayu and said

“Then what happened to Kenshin next” Mayu asks

“After he gone crazy, Akira’s grandpa ordered to lock him at that room and appointed some servants to guard him” Yuki said

“Actually, he died in his second attempt to commit suicide.” Yuki continues

“His second?” Mayu surprised asks 

"Yes. In the first time, Kenta was able to stop him." Yuki said

"However, they said that when Kenta was pulling him back, he kept saying 'Kenji called me. Kenji called me. They want me to go with them'." Yuki continues

"It just like he saw illusion about Akira's parent." Yuki said in wonder tone

"Wait, Yuki, what did you said?" Mayu quickly turns to look at Yuki and asks

"I said illusion about Akira's Parent." Yuki said in confused.

"That's it. Why didn't I think about it" Mayu thought.

“But who did that? This is a rare type. Not that anyone will know about that.” Mayu kept thinking.

“Mayu, why are you spacing out?” Yuki shake Mayu and asks.

“Ah, sorry Yuki, you word just gave me a big hint.” Mayu said and hugs Yuki

“I’m glad. What is it, Mayu?” Yuki hugs him back and asks

“That is…”

In the evening

In the room at the top of the house

“Kenji, what are you doing here?” Kimiko said

“Kenji, where are you leading me?” she asks

“Why did you want me to take this knife with me?” she continues walking into the room

Suddenly she puts the knife at her throat and cut it. Her blood is puffing all over her clothes. Then she falls on the floor, and dies immediately.

Then someone steps in the room.

“That is what you deserve.” It said

“Jiro, why did you do that?” a voice comes from the door surprised him.

“Akira-sama” Jiro is surprised and said

“So the culprit is you” Akira sadly said

Jiro just stays silent and looks down.

“Just take him out already. It is such a despicable servant.” Kimiko slowly stands up and said

“You aren’t dead yet?” Jiro is surprised.

“Mayu and Yuki knew that you use a special kind of bee to poison her. That poison makes her see illusion.” Akira said

“This morning, they gave the antidote for aunt Kimiko already.” Akira continues

“How did you know that I did that?” Jiro turns to Mayu and Yuki and asks

“Akira told us that you like to research about medicine and all kind of herbs and strange bugs and insects. Therefore, I guessed that you knew about those bees.” Mayu answers.

“I see” Jiro said and sits down on the chair

“Yes, I poisoned her with that bee poison.” Jiro said

“You also are the one that poison Kenshin right?” Yuki asks and Jiro nods

“Jiro, why did you do that?” Akira asks

“You don’t have to ask an unfaithful servant.” Kimiko speaks up

“Someone, bring him to the authority for them to punish him.” Kimiko calls the servant

“Wait. I knew him when I was a kid. I know that he will never harm our family. Please Jiro, tell me why did you do that?” Akira said in tear.

“I think the reason he did that is related to the dead of your parent.” Yuki said

“Am I correct, Mr. and Mrs Ozaki?” Yuki continues

Hearing that, the two step back a few step.

“By the way, the one that threw the pot on Yuki is you, Mr. Kenta, right?” Mayu said

“I..I..d..don’t know what you are talking about.” Kimiko stutters

“Why did I have to kill that girl? She and I are stranger” Kenta said

“You tried to scare us out of here because you afraid that Mayu will find a way to cure Mr. Kenichi” Yuki said

“…” The two step back and stay silent

“Miss Yuki is correct. I did that to take revenge for Master Kenji and his wife.” Jiro speaks up

“Take revenge for my parent? Why? Isn’t they died because of storm.” Akira asks and holds Jiro’s shoulder

“They lied to you, Akira-sama. The storm on the day wasn’t strong enough to make master’s ship sank. They are the one that make master’s ship sunk.” Jiro said

“Don’t calumniate us so that you can be free.” Kenta shouts

“I’m not. 3 month after master Kenji died, I overheard Kenshin confession at Master’s grave at night. He said that he killed Master because Master Kenji knew that he fraud to take money to play gamble.” Jiro said

“Uncle kenshin did that.” Akira is shocked

“You know that the poison of the bee is very special. It can manipulate human’s mind. It makes them see what they fear the most. That is why I poisoned him by that. As I expected, he saw Master Kenji and jumped off from this room.” Jiro said

“If only uncle Kenshin did that, why did you want to kill my mom?” Ken asks

“Your parent is not so innocent in that incident. They are the one that planned everything.” Jiro said

“What are you saying? Stop blaming us. Take him out now.” Kenta shouts

“Stop, let him talk.” a voice comes from outside the room.

“Grandpa! You are awake” Akira happily said

“How can you? Last night…” Kenta words is stopped by Kimiko

“You don’t have to hide. I knew that it is you who puts this chronic poison in Akira’s grandpa.” Yuki said

“What are you talking about? What poison? Stop saying nonsense.” Kimoko said

“Actually, I knew that Mr Kenichi is poisoned when I let he drank my first medicine. I researched about that poison before, so I knew its symptom and treatment. On the first day, I just let him drank a small part of the antidote. His state is better, but the next day, it back to the state of the first day. I heard a servant said that she saw Mr. Kenta went into Mr. Kenichi’s room that night.” Mayu said

“That is why we plan everything on this day so that all the true will be reveal here.” Yuki said

“Uncle, aunt, why did you kill my parent? And why did you poison grandpa?” Akira said in tear

“We did not kill your parent. Don’t let him deceive you.” Kenta said

“Then do you remember this letter?” Jiro takes out a letter

Kenta tries to take it, but Jiro pulls back and gives it to Akira.

“In two day, they will have a business trip. Make a hole in the ship so that they can never come back again.------- Kenta.”

Akira reads out loud the letter.

“You, why did you do that? Kenji is your little brother.” Kenichi said and slaps Kenta

“You asked me why. It is because of you. You only love him. I’m the oldest son, but instead of giving the business to me, you gave it to Kenji.” Kenta shouts

“Because you are useless, you only listen to your wife. You never do anything good. How can I trust you and give you everything? *cough*” Kenichi said

“Grandpa, calm down. You just woke up.” Akira said and helps him to sit down.

“Then why did you poison grandpa?” Akira said

“Because he is too old and stupid, Kenta is here, also my son. He is his only grandson. However, he plans on giving everything to a girl of a youngest son. Therefore, if he died, everything will belong to my son and his family” Kimiko said

“Mother, why did you do that? My wife and I don’t want grandpa’s business or property. Grandpa asked me before, but I denied his offer. I can create my own by my own hand.” Ken said

“You and father are so selfish. You two only think of yourself” Ken said in disappointed tone.

“I think the one that need to be punish is you two not Jiro.” Kenichi said

Then he turns to his servants and order

“Take those heartless out of my eyes. I don’t want to see them anymore.”

“Yes sir.” The servant said

After everything is settled, they come back to the main house.

“Thank you Yuki and Mayu for saving my life” Kenichi said

“It is ok Mr. Kenichi. Akira saved us. That is our way to repay her kindness” Yuki said.

“You two don’t have to say that. Your help is greater than mine.” Akira said and bows

“Akira, actually I have a favor to ask you” Yuki said

“What is it Yuki?” Akira asks

“Do you know where I can find a ship? I want to go back to my friend’s house.” Yuki said

“Oh, about that, my servant will take you two to your home with our ship” Kenichi said

When Yuki and Mayu is about to say something

“And don’t think about deny my offer. I insist about that” Kenichi said and smiles

“Ok, thank you Mr. Kenichi, Akira." Mayu and Yuki said and bow

Then Akira leads them to the bay where her family’s ships park.

“Bye Yuki, Mayu, take care. Hope to see you two soon.” Akira said

“When we finish our business, we will visit you again.” Yuki said and smile.

Then their ship departs to the Kuu’s house.


Here is part 3 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)

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wow!! they're always save someone's life!! such a good pirates!! :on GJ:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Mayuki also saving someone somehow

Well they're on the way to the others now

What about the rest?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Nice going, detectives Mayu and Yuki, saving people everywhere  :on GJ:

Can't wait to find out what happens to the others as well!

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Mayu is so cool xD

Thanks for the Update and Update soon :D :D
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Beyond The Sea(Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii)Chapter 17.4 27/09/15
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@key17, @cisda83, @Bakamina_Oshi, @rindg: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 4 of chapter 17  :)

Part 4 Kojiyuu

At a pirate ship

In the storeroom

Yuu's POV

Here I'm, being locked up after escaped from the death god. Now I'm about to meet him again. However, I cannot give up. I have to save Nyan Nyan from that ugly and stupid pirate. He wants to take her as his wife. It is unforgivable. I have to find a way to get out of here. *sigh* what is an unfortunate day

End Yuu’s POV


After jumped out of the ship, Yuu and Haruna hold on a wooden plank. They are floating on the sea for half day. Then they see a ship come to their direction.

"Hey, help us. Someone, help us" Yuu tries to raise his voice louder to take the attention from people on the ship. Finally the ship turns to them

"Nyan Nyan, they finally notice us" Yuu happily said

"Yes, lucky for us" Haruna said.

However when the ship get nearer, they notice something.

"That flag. A pirate ship" Yuu shouts

"I hope they will not do anything bad for us" Haruna said in worry tone.

The ship stop and someone come to them in the small boat to take them in. When they got to the ship, the pirates immediately surround them.

"Let's see who is begging our help" A man with a messy beard said

"So that ugly guy is the captain" Yuu thought

"Thank you captain for saving our life, we don't know how to repay your kindness." Yuu tries to please them while shielding Haruna behind him

"That girl behind you, she is so beautiful." the captain said

"What does that guy want?" Yuu furrowed his brows and thought

"Give the girl to me. That is your best way to repay me" the captain said.

“That jerk, no way I want to give her to you. However, he has a lot of people. I cannot fight all of them and protect Haruna at the same time. Let’s see what his intention is first.” Yuu thought.

"What do you want from her?” Yuu asks

“Since she is very beautiful, I want to take her as my wife.” the captain said and laughs out loud together with his underlings.

“He what? He wants to marry my Nyan Nyan. Not in million years. I have to find a way to get us out of this situation.” Yuu said

Then he turns to whisper in Haruna’s ear

"Nyan Nyan, can you hold him for one day. I will trick all of them and take us out of this situation."

Haruna nods slightly.

"I accept your offer" Haruna said

"But, Nyan Nyan... you are my girlfriend. Why?" Yuu hurtfully said

"You are just a small thief. How can you protect me while the captain of this ship is a strong and reliable man." Haruna said and walk away from Yuu.

"Young girl, you are a smart girl." the captain said and laughs.

When he is about to hugs her shoulder, Haruna bends downs to dodge his hand.

"But I have some condition before becoming your wife." Haruna said

"What do you want? Just say it, I will do it for you." the captain said

"Because I was born in a wealthy and traditional family, I want my wedding has to be very formal." Haruna said

"Why is it so important?" the captain complains

"Wedding is the most important thing to me. If you don't accept that, I would rather die than becoming your wife." Haruna said and turns away.

"Ok, just do as you please." the boss gives up and said.

Haruna smiles in her thought.

"Good job Nyan Nyan." Yuu thought

"I want our wedding will be held in two day from now" Haruna said.

"Ok, as you wish." the boss said.

"Until the wedding, you are forbidden to go near me or to my room" Haruna said

"What? Why?" the boss said

"That is traditional in my hometown." Haruna said

"Fine" the boss is pissed of

"Those are my first conditions. The rest I will tell you later." Haruna said

"What? You have more?" the boss said.

"You don't want. Then forget about me being your wife." Haruna said

"Ok, ok I will listen to you." the boss said

"Captain, don't forget our promise" Haruna said in soft tone and winks at him.

"Ok, everything is settle" the boss said.

Then he turns to his men.

"Take my wife to be into her room. Then take that guy into the storeroom and lock him there" the boss said

"Wait what. Why did you lock him up?" Haruna asks in surprise.

"Just now, didn't you said that you don't care about him, so why did you worry when I lock him up?" the boss frowning and asks

"Even so, he is my friend. Of course, I'm worry about him. Can you just set him free?" Haruna pleads

"I'm not stupid. If I let him go around freely, you and he will escape from here right." the boss said and smirks.

Haruna looks at Yuu with worried eyes. Yuu smiles reassure her.

End flashback

“It is already night, those stupids definitely asleep by now.” Yuu thought

“I should make my move right now.” Yuu stands up and walks slowly to the door

Yuu looks around the place and notices that the 2 men that guard him are sleeping. He slowly picks the lock of the door. After success, he stealthily walks behind the 2 men on the table.  Yuu hits one of the men behind his neck. Doesn't let the other man react, Yuu uses his hands to hit the other man hard on his temples. Then he locks them up in the jail. After that he sneaks out of the room. He sneaks around the place to find Haruna. Then he notices a room with two guards stand in front of it.

“Wow, that pirate is not as stupid as I thought.” Yuu thought.

“Uhm….How can I distract them?” Yuu strokes his chin and thought.

Then some ideas pop in his head. He goes back to the storeroom and unlocks it. He comes in and wakes up one of the men. When the man wakes up, Yuu puts a dagger on his neck

“Shut up or I will kill you” Yuu said

The man quickly nods

“Stand up and listen to my instruction.” Yuu orders

He nod and stands up.

Before he goes out, he checks the other man once again.

Then he leads the men to Haruna’s room. He stands behind the man and puts the dagger behind the man’s back

“Stay calm and walk slowly to them. If you do any suspicious move, this knife will go inside you” Yuu coldly said.

The man only just nods.

Then the man slowly walks to them while Yuu is hiding behind him. Thanks to the night, the view of the guards is limited. Therefore, Yuu successfully approaches them.

"Hey man, didn't you guard that man. Why did you come here?" the man said.

"Just answer as normal. Don't do any funny thing." Yuu whispers and puts the dagger nearer.

"He is locked and sleep like a dead person. Therefore I come here to take some fresh air. Plus there is other guy guard him down there" The man said while trying to calm down.

“Asks them, how does the girl doing?” Yuu said

The man nods and said as you said

“How does the girl doing?”

“She did not do anything. Our boss is inside with her.” The man said

“What? He is inside. I need to act quickly.” Yuu thought

When the man is getting between the guards, Yuu quickly hits the man behind his neck. At the same time he turns around and raises his leg to kick the guard opposite him on his jaw making the man lost conscious. Then he uses his elbow to hit the man on his right side at his throat.
Suddenly, he hears Haruna’s voice

“What are you doing?”

Quickly he kicks the door and runs to the room

“You filthy pirate, what are you doing to my Nyan Nyan.” Yuu shouts

“Yuuchan?” Haruna calls him

Then he realizes the situation. He sees a teenager boy kneeling on the floor opposite with Harura

“What is it?” He said in confuse

“Where is that ugly man?” Yuu asks

“And who is that kid?” Yuu continues.

“I’m that pirate. That is my disguise.” The boy said

“What?” Yuu said

“What happened here, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu is totally confused

“Calm down Yuuchan, Sit down and I will tell you.” Haruna said


Haruna is sitting in her room

“What should I do now? I hope Yuu’s plan work” Haruna thought

Suddenly the door opens. The captain comes in

“What are you doing here? I said that you are forbidden to come to my room.” Haruna stands up and said.

“....” The captain keeps silent

Then he slowly walks toward Haruna. Haruna steps back. The captain takes her hand and pulls her closer. Haruna uses her other hand to attack his eyes, but he catches it. Then she raises her foot to step on his foot making him to step back and loose his grip. Taking the chance, she uses her head to hit his forehead. The captain steps back and falls on the ground. Quickly, Haruna takes the man’s hand and twists it behind his back and strongly press him on the floor.

“Thank you Acchan for this martial art lesson.” Haruna sighs in relief and said.

“Acchan?” The captain thought

“Wait.” he said

“Shut up, I told you before right. Don’t mess with me.” Haruna said and presses him down more.

“You are Kojima Haruna, right? You are Nyan nee-chan, right?” The captain said

“Who are you? Why did you know my name and call me that way?” Haruna said

“Do you remember the 12 years old boy in “Dew Island”?” The man said

“Kazuki? What about him?” Haruna said

“It is me, Nyan nee-chan.” The man said

“Don’t lie; if you are him, you are only 18 Years old now. Do you think I’m stupid?” Haruna said

“I don’t know how did you know him but don’t deceive me that way.” Haruna continues

“Nyan nee-chan, It is me. I’m Kazuki. This is just my disguise.” The man said

Then Haruna uses her hand to pull out his wig. Haruna takes out her small knife and place it on the man’s neck

“Now, stand up and turn around. Don’t do any stupid thing or I will cut your throat right away.” Haruna coldly said

Then the man slowly stands up and turns around. He uses his hand to take out his mustard and erases all his disguises.

“It is really you, Kazuki.” Haruna frowns as she tries to remember him.

“Yes, this is me. Many years ago, you and Acchan nee-chan saved me from a group of bandit.” The boy said.

Then Haruna put back her knife.

“Then, Kazuki, tell me, what are you doing?” she asks and crosses her hand

Suddenly Kazuki kneel down before her

“What are you doing?” Haruna said in surprise.

End flashback

“So that is what happened?” Yuu said and sits down

“Uh” Haruna said

“Then kid, if you knew Haruna, why did you act like that and locked me up in the first place?” Yuu glares at Kazuki

“At first, I just felt that her face is very familiar to Nyan nee-chan. Therefore I did that.” Kazuki said

“Why did you come here and act like that?” Haruna asks

“Tonight, I went here to check if you are really Nyan nee-chan. I just want to take a closer look at you. When I heard you said ‘Acchan,’ I knew it is really you. Sorry, Nyan nee-chan” Kazuki looks down and said.

“It is ok” Haruna said

“Then, why did you lock me up” Yuu said

“Because I don’t know who you are.” Kazuki said with an ease attitude.

“But I’m with Nyan Nyan.” Yuu reasons

“That doesn’t matter. I just want to lock you up.” Kazuki said and smirks.

“You, little brat” Yuu said and smacks Kazuki’s head.

“Ouch, why did you hit me?” Kazuki said and caresses his head.

“Nyan nee-chan” Kazuki pouts

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls

“Nyan Nyan why did you siding him?” Yuu runs to Haruna and pouts

“It is really ashamed. Famous thief the Squirrel was tricked by a little brat.” Yuu said and sighs

“You are that famous thief” the boy stands up and said

“Uh” Yuu nods

“That’s cool.” Kazuki happily said

"You are really happy because you can meet a famous thief in person, right?" Yuu said with a proud face

"No, I'm happy because I successfully tricked a famous thief" Kazuki smirks

Yuu smacks his head again. Kazuki glares at Yuu while caressing his head.

“By the way, Kazuki, why did you become a pirate? And why did you kneel before me?" Haruna said

"That remind me, please Nyan nee-chan, can you help me?

“What happened?” Haruna asks

“My father is missing” Kazuki said

“1 month ago, our village was attacked by a group of pirate. They captured the girls in my village. My father led a group of men to their place to save the girls. After 1 month he and the rest still aren’t back yet. Therefore, I’m on my way with some of the villagers to go and find him.” Kazuki continues.

“Those are villagers?” Yuu asks

“Uh” Kazuki answers

“To evade the pirate’s attention, we disguise like one of them to go there.” He continues

“No wonder, they are easy to take down.” Yuu said

“Please Nyan nee-chan, can you help me find my father?” He said in begging tone.

“Do you know where those pirates are?” Yuu asks

“I heard my father said that their location is in “Sin Island”.” Kazuki said.

"Sin Island" Haruna and Yuu look at each other with surprised.

“You two knew about that place?” Kazuki asks

“Uh, we went there once.” Yuu answers.

“Please, can you two help me” Kazuki bows

“Uh, we will help you.” Yuu said

“Thank you Nyan nee-chan, Yuu.” Kazuki happily said

“No problem, Kazuki” Haruna said

“Do you know anything about those pirates?” Yuu asks

“I heard they called themselves the “Demon.” Kazuki said

“Demon” Yuu frowning

“What’s wrong, Yuu?” Haruna asks

“I have some unfinished business with the boss. He is a traitor. He killed my best friend” Yuu said in angry tone

“You know about him” Kazuki asks

“Not only know. We used to be best friend, brother.” Yuu said

“He is a heartless man. He kills people without any mercy even his own little brother.” Yuu said and hold his fist tight.

“In the past, I nearly got killed by him.” Yuu said

“He is that strong?” Haruna asks and Yuu nods

“Then what are you going to do now, Kazuki?” Haruna asks

“I’m not afraid. I will go there to save my father and the rest for sure.” Kazuki said with serious eyes

“You really grow up huh? You are not the weak little boy that Acchan and I saved from those bandits.” Haruna said

“Yes, I have to. My father is the head of the village. Now he is missing, so I have to be responsible to my village. I have to follow my father footstep. He is the greatest dad, and I see him as my grow model. I want to be like him and protect everything dear to me.” Kazuki said

“I really miss my father and the rest. I hope he is ok. He is my only family.” He looks down.

Yuu looks at the boys and smiles. He walks toward him

“Its ok boy, we will definitely save them.” Yuu said and pats Kazuki’s head.

“Somehow I really admire you and your father” Yuu thought

“Thank you Yuu” Kazuki said.

“By the way, where is Acchan nee-chan? And Why did you two float in the sea?” he asks

“Our ship was under attacked and exploded. We were able to jump out of the ship before it exploded. However because of the big storm, we were separated from Acchan and the rest.” Haruna said

“We still don’t know if they are ok. After helping you, I will go back to my friend’s house to meet them. Hopefully they are ok” Yuu said.

“Who can be that strong to attack you guys “The Legend”?” Kazuki said in surprise

“Uh, this time we pick on a very big enemy.” Yuu said

“Oh, I see. I hope Acchan nee-chan and the rest ok.” Kazuki said

“Uh” Yuu and Haruna nod

“It is already very late. I will leave you two to rest. Tomorrow, I will introduce you two again for the rest.” Kazuki said

“Ok.” Yuu and Haruna said

Then Kazuki leaves the room.

Inside the room

Kazuki left the room, and Yuu still deeps in his thought.

“Yuu-chan, are you ok?” Haruna holds Yuu’s hand and worriedly asks

“I’m fine, Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and smiles

“Why did you ask?” Yuu asks

“You look like you have a lot of thought about that pirate” Haruna said

“Uh, I really hate him. When I think about him, I really want to kill him right away.” Yuu furiously said

“Can you tell me what happened?” Haruna gently asks

“Uh, you know the fact that I escaped from Aki-sense’s ship with Acchan right?” Yuu said

“Uh” Haruna nods

“After saying goodbye to them, I travel around the island. Then I was captured by a mine owner” Yuu said


“I’m so bore. Acchan and Yuki wanted to go on their own way. What am I going to do now?” Yuu walks around and though.

Suddenly someone stands behind him and hits his necks. Yuu falls and lost conscious. When he wakes up, he realizes that he is in some kind of room. He sits up and looks around

“Where am I” Yuu thought

“You are awake” a voice makes Yuu startle

He turns and looks at the source of the sound. He sees in the corner of the room, there are two kids.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Yuu stands up and asks

“My name is Kuno Minoru, and this is my little brother Kuno Minato.” the older kid said

“You are just like us was captured by the mine owner. He wants to find free labor. Therefore he captures all the homeless kids.” Minoru said

“By the way, what is your name?” Minoru continues

“My name is Oshima Yuu.” Yuu answers shortly

End Flashback

“That is how I met them.” Yuu said

“Together, we escape that man and live as a group of thief. Every day, we will find information about those rich and greedy. Then we will rob them.” Yuu said

“That time, I thought that we will become good friend and brother for life. However, 8 years later, one day, I overheard Minoru were talking with someone.” Yuu said

“I heard they called him captain. After hearing all the conversation, I realized that he is a pirate. He used me and Minato to take money for him to build his troop and ship.” Yuu angrily said

“What happened next, Yuu?” Haruna asks

“I rush into the room to confront with him. Then we start a big fight. Minato tried to stop Minoru. To my and his surprised, Minoru heartlessly killed him before my eyes. Before Minato died, he helped me to escape the place. I swore that I will kill him to revenge no matter what.” Yuu said and holds his fists tight

“This is my chance to take revenge. I will definitely kill him this time” Yuu continues

Haruna comes and hugs Yuu

“Please Yuu, please calm down. Don’t do reckless thing. I don’t want anything bad happen to you.” Haruna said

“Nyan Nyan, don’t worry. I will not do anything reckless. Now I have someone to take care and love. I will not let me in any dangerous situation and leave you alone.” Yuu reassures with Haruna

“Now, it is already late. Nyan Nyan you should rest now.” Yuu said and Haruna nods

Next morning

Kazuki leads Haruna and Yuu to the deck to introduce them to the villagers on the ship

“Everyone, They are my friend. The incident yesterday is just a misunderstanding. They promise that they will help us” Kazuki said

“Nice to meet you all” Haruna and Yuu said and bow

“Nice to meet you” the group said

“Our ship will reach the island in this evening, so everyone, prepare to attack them tomorrow” Kazuki said.

“Ok” Everyone said

At the meeting room

“Minoru is a smart man. We cannot attack him in normal way” Yuu said

“So, what are we going to do?” Kazuki asks

“Do you know where his hideout is, Kazuki?” Yuu asks

“I heard that his hideout is located in a deserted valley in the west part of the island” Kazuki said

“I see. Tonight, I will go there and investigate that place.” Yuu said

“I will go with you” Haruna said

“No, it is too dangerous.” Yuu said

“But…” Haruna said

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan, I will be fine.” Yuu said and smiles

“Yuu, can I go with you.” Kazuki said

“Uhm… ok.” Yuu nods

At night

Yuu and Kazuki sneak into the valley. They hide behind the big rock to observe the place.

“Their hideout is in that cave?” Yuu whispers

“Uh, There are a lot of guards outside the place” Kazuki said

Then they slowly sneak closer to the cave

“There are a lot of them inside too.” Yuu whispers

Then Yuu wait for a good chance to capture one of the guards. He hits him at his neck and brings the man back to the ship. Then they go back to the ship.

In the morning

They bring the man to the meeting room and ask him

"Where is the place that your boss keeps all the girls and the villagers?" Yuu said

The man keeps silent

"Where are they?" Kazuki holds his collar and asks

He still keeps silent

"Are you testing my patience?" Yuu bends down face to face with the man and asks

The man still stays silent

"Tell me now or die" Yuu holds the man by his collar and puts the knife on his neck.

The man struggle but still doesn't say anything

"Ah...ah...ah" is the only thing he is able to said

Yuu is suspicious. He opens the man mouth and checks

"His tongue was cut" Yuu shouts in surprise.

"What?" Haruna and Kazuki shout

Haruna sits in front of the man and asks

"Can you write?"

The man nods

"Can you tell me what happened to you?" Haruna asks

The man takes the paper and pen that Kazuki gives. Then he writes on it

"I'm just a traveler. I go around the sea with my friend. Then one day, Minoru attacked our ship. He captured me and some of my friend and cut our tongue so that we cannot commute with each other. Then he assigns us to guard the case." Kazuki reads out loud

"That is so cruel" Haruna said

"May I know your name?" Haruna asks

"My name is Jiro" Kazuki reads out loud

"Jiro-san, we want to attack Minoru. Can you and your friends help us?" Yuu said

The man nods

"Thank you Jiro-san" Yuu, Haruna, and Kazuki said and bows

"I also want to thank you guys for saving me" Jiro wrote and bows

"Can you go and convince to your friends and the victims that he did the same thing as you guys to help us?" Yuu asks and Jiro nods

"I have another question. Do you know where did he keep all the girls and victims that he captured?" Kazuki asks

"They were locked in a room at the end of the cave." he wrote

"Ok, tonight we will attack them" Yuu said.

After knowing where they lock the girls and Kazuki’s father, they start the plan

At midnight

Yuu and Kazuki come to the place. They arrange all the man to hide behind the big rocks around the cave. After everything is set, Yuu gives a sign for Jiro to go in. Kazuki disguises as one of them to protect Jiro. He and Jiro silently go around convincing Jiro’s friend and other victims. Outside Yuu and the rest are waiting for their sign.

After a while

Kazuki sneaks out and signal for Yuu to silently attack. More than half of the guards are his prisoners and they are received the same treatment as Jiro. Yuu comes out of the hide place and orders the rest to follow his introduction

Taking the opportunity of the night, Yuu successfully disable all the guards outside of the cave

“Kazuki, you go with the rest to find them. I will go and find Minoru” Yuu said

“Uh, be careful Yuu. Remember what you promised to Nyan nee-chan before go there. I don’t want to see her cries.” Kazuki said

“Don’t worry boy. Did you forget who am I” Yuu said and smirks

“Yuu” Kazuki calls him

Yuu turns around and asks

“What is it?”

“What I said last night was a lie. You are also one of my grow model after my dad. You helped a lot of poor people. I really admire you.” Kazuki said

Yuu smiles at him

“One last thing, thank you for helping me” Kazuki said and bows

“You’re welcome kazuki” Yuu said and smile

Then they run into the cave. Yuu takes the left side of the cave and goes straight to the boss room

At Yuu’s side

He stealthily takes every step. He checks around to see if there is any guard left. Suddenly a man passed by. Quickly he hides in the corner and waits. When the man steps near him, Yuu uses his hand to cover the man mouth and break his neck. Then he keeps walking. Finally he reaches the room. He stands there and knocks the door

“What is it?” a man voices from inside the room

“I have some urgent business to report to you” Yuu said

“Come in” he said

When Yuu opens the door, the man stands up in surprise

“Who are you? I did not see you before” The man said

“Captain, did you forget about me? Didn’t you see my face familiar?” Yuu ask

“Uhm … a little” The captain said in wonder tone

“So, you really forget about me, Minoru” Yuu said in cod tone

Minoru is taken back by Yuu’s words

“Did you forget the day you killed your own brother, Minato?” Yuu asks

“ are Yuu” Minoru stutters

“Yes, I’m” Yuu said

“How can you come here? Guards, guards” Minoru shouts

“No use, I killed all of them. I also save people who you captured and cruelty cut their tongue.” Yuu said

“How can you?” Minoru shouts

“Now, I will take my revenge for me and Minato.” Yuu said and rushes Minoru

“Don’t underestimate me. Remember, you were the loser that day.” Minoru said and takes out his sword

Minoru raises his sword to attack you from above. Yuu raises his daggers to block it. Then Yuu kicks his legs. Minoru jumps back to dodge the attack. Then he swings his sword to attack Yuu from his left side. Yuu bends down to dodge the sword. Then he catches Minoru’s hand and throws him to the wall. Minoru fold his feet to contact with the wall. Then he jumps toward Yuu and injured his left arms.

“What do you think? It is time for you to beg for my mercy” Minoru smirks

“Don’t be too full of yourself. This is just a beginning.” Yuu said

Then they rush to each other once again. Minoru pierces his sword toward Yuu. Yuu jumps over him to dodge the sword. Then Yuu slashes his back make Minoru to fall on the round.

“That is for Minato.” Yuu said

Then Yuu kicks Minoru’s face. Before Minoru can balance himself, Yuu throws his dagger toward him. The dagger flies and shoves into his heart. Minoru fall down and die right away. Then he leaves the room. On his way out, he sees Kazuki and the rest

“Did you find your father? Did you save all your villagers?” Yuu asks Kazuki

“Yes, I found them all. This is my father.” Kazuki happily said and introduces his father to Yuu

“Thank you for saving us, Yuu” Kazuki said and bows.

“No problem. Now, let’s go back to the ship before Nyan Nyan starts worrying about us.” Yuu said and they return to the ship

At the ship

“Yuu-chan, you are back.” Haruna happily said

“Your arm? Are you ok?” Haruna worriedly said

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan that is just a scratch” Yuu said and smiles

“Kojima-san and Oshima-san, Thank you for saving our village. I don’t know how to repay you two” Kazuki’s father said and bows

“It’s ok; you don’t have to do that. Kazuki also saved our life. Just see this is our thank for him” Yuu said

“Son, I’m very proud of you. You are able to come here and manage the village very good.” Kazuki’s father turns to Kazuki, said and pats his head

“Thank you father, but I still have a lot to learn from you.” Kazuki said

“I think you and the rest should go to rest. You all should be very exhausted.” Kazuki said

Then they leave to their room

All the time Yuu just stands there and silent

“Yuuchan, will you stay in the deck with me?” Haruna said

Yuu is surprised

“Uhm...ok” Yuu said

“Why did you want to stay here Nyan Nyan?” Yuu asks

“To relax.” Haruna answers.

“Oh” Yuu answers

Then they silently stand there and look at the sky

“Uhm...Yuu…” Haruna calls Yuu

“Huh, uhm what is it, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu aks

Yuu is a little surprised because this is the first time she calls his name with a serious voice.

“Can I ask you something?” Haruna said and looks at Yuu

“Haruna, don’t be hesitate. You can ask me anything.” Yuu gently said

“Can you tell me more about yourself? I only know you used to be in the same ship with Acchan and you are the famous thief.” Haruna said and looks directly at Yuu’s eyes

Yuu looks at Haruna with a surprised look

“Moments ago, I can feel your sadness when you looked at Kazuki and his father. It is ok if you don’t want to talk about that. If that past is very sad, I hope you can forget the sad past. I just don’t want to see you sad” Haruna sincerely said

Yuu can feel the happiness in his heart. Immediately, Yuu pulls Haruna close to him and kisses her lips. When they break the kiss, Yuu hugs Haruna tightly

“Thank you Haruna. You can’t image how happy I’m right now.” Yuu happily said

"I actually admire Kazuki. He has someone to look up. My father is not like that." Yuu said, and Haruna tightened her hug

"Since I was born, my only family is my mother. I don’t have a father, and I don’t know who he is. Anytime I ask my mother she just stayed silent and cried. Sometime, she told me his stories, but she said in tear. Therefore I decided that I will never ask her about that. People in my village looked down on us. They defied us, and expelled us. My mom has to work very hard to raise me. When I was four, she passed away" Yuu said and tear rolls on his cheeks.

Haruna doesn't know what to say, so she hugs him tightly to ease his pain.

"I'm your family Yuu. I'll never leave you alone" Haruna whispers

"Uh, and I also never leave you alone" Yuu said

After a while, Yuu and Haruna go back to their own room.

In Yuu’s room

Yuu takes out a letter from his pocket


After killed Minoru, Yuu goes around to examine the room. Then he sees something on the table

“A letter” Yuu thought

“This hand-writing” He thought in surprise

End flashback

“Is this your good reason?” Yuu thought and frowning

Then the next day, Kazuki's ship takes Yuu and Haruna back to Kuu's house.


That is part 4 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.   :)

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Yuu's past is finally revealed!

I wonder what that letter was  :dunno:

Thanks for the update author san

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