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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 100209 times)

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This story is getting more interesting!
Does Thunder relate to Yuu?
What will happen to our pirates next?
Can't wait to your next update!!!
And about Lightning, I love how Atsuko jealous haha

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What a turn of event!

It's not right in the kokoro, it's right in the OSHIRI!

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Everyone is reunited!  :mon fyeah:

I wonder how Thunder is related to Yuu's past...

Awesome update as usual!
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Thunder is Yuu's father?

Will they be able to safely investigate and take back Matsui clan leadership?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@kimseoyeonc, @tong99826, @Claito, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you! :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 19  :D

Chapter 19: Matsui Clan

When they settled everything at Kuu's house, the group departs to the Elite Island.

In the meeting room

Atsuko and the rest gather to discuss about the plan.

"Roy is a smart man. We should be careful when dealing with him" Rena said

"We cannot go against him openly because almost everyone in the clan is on his side." Rena continues

"I see." Atsuko said

"How about my parent?" Jun asks

"Your parent...." Rena pauses and looks down.

"What happened to them, Rena?" Jun worriedly asks

"Sorry for keep this as a secret Jun" Rena sadly said to Jun

"They are there, but their power is not there. They were expelled from Matsui Clan 5 years ago." Rena said

"Why? What happened?" Jun asks

"Roy accused your father that he used Matsui clan's ship to deliver some illegal goods." Rena said

"How can that be? He definitely would not do that" Jun shouts

"I know. I also said that to my father hoping him to stand up for your father. Because of our house relation, I hope that with my father position, they can reconsider that. However, he said that Roy had a witness and evident." Rena sadly said

"That bastard. I will kill him" Jun said and slams the table

"Sorry Jun. I cannot do anything to help them" Rena said and sobs

"It is ok, Rena. We will help them clear their name for sure" Jun said and wipes Rena tear.

"Jun is right, we will make Roy pay for his action." Atsuko said 

"How about the head of the clan?" Minami asks

"Uhm...Jun's grandfather." Rena said

"What's wrong?" Yuki asks

"There is something weird about him." Rena said

"What is it?" Jun asks

"After Jun kidnapped, he never goes out of his room. The only person can go to his room to deliver his words is Roy." Rena said

"There is something fishy about that." Yuu said

"I think we should go in that way." Jun said

"Rena, is there any trustworthy person in Matsui clan?" Atsuko said

"Uhm....I guess Jun's aunt." Rena said.

"Aunty Tamaki?" Jun asks

"Yes, it is her. Remember, she really loves you and takes care of you when you were a kid?" Rena said

"When your father was accused, she stands up for him. However because lacking of evident, she had to step back. But she always said that your father is innocent." Rena said.

"I always went out to meet her. She is an independent member in Matsui clan. She is very straight forward." Rena continues

"I see. So we maybe have one ally." Jun said

"However, we also have to be careful. Because you haven't met her in more than 3 year, we should be caution before showing her our intention." Atsuko said

"Uh, we should consider possibility that she may be in Roy's side now" Mariko said

"Until we get a strong evident to accuse him, we have to investigate secretly" Minami said.

“Uh,” Everyone nods

"While doing that, we also have to test her to see if she is still herself." Yuu adds

"About testing her, can you do that Rena?" Atsuko said

"I think I can" Rena said

"Jun, I guess you shouldn't reveal yourself at this moment." Minami said

"Yes, I know." Jun said

"I think you should disguise yourself and investigate around the city" Mariko said

"Uh, I think so." Jun said

“One more thing, if he is one of them, I think Acchan shouldn’t appear too.” Mariko said

“Uh, there is a chance that he will know me.” Atsuko said

“I think I will investigate outside. Maybe in the Matsui clan employees” Atsuko continues

“I will go with her. Rena, can you help us go into the employee?” Minami asks

“I think I can. My father’s friend work there.” She said

“Haruna and I will investigate Matsui clan.” Yuu said

“Yuki, Mayu, Mariko, and Mii will go with Rena to her house and watch out everything around her.” Minami said.

“Ok, let’s settle everything like that.” Atsuko said

Then they go back to their room and rest

In the morning

The ship reached the island. They park far away of the city so that no one can notice them. Then each of them goes to their own job.

Rena and the four go to Rena’s house. Jun disguises himself and goes into the city.


At the ship

Atsuko, Minami, Yuu, and Haruna stay in the ship and disguise them self for their job. Because Atsuko has to work in the ship, among the employees, she has to disguise into a boy.

"Minami, look, do I look cool?" Atsuko happily asks Minami

He chuckles with his fiancée’s cuteness

"Of course you are. My Atsuko is beauty as a girl and handsome and cool as a boy." Minami said and pinches Atsuko's cheeks.

"If I'm a girl, I will definitely fall for you" Minami said and pecks her lips

"Thank you Minami" Atsuko said and kisses Minami's cheeks

Then they go to the meeting room and wait for Yuu and Haruna

After a while   

Haruna finished make up for Yuu, and they go to the meeting room. Minami and Atsuko are sitting in the meeting room. Seeing Yuu walks in, they burst into laugh


"Shut up you two." Yuu shouts

"Calm down Yuuchan. You are very cute." Haruna comfort Yuu.

"Nyan Nyan" Yuu calls and hugs Haruna.

"Haruko-chan, you are so cute" Atsuko calls

Then she and Minami laugh again.

"You two, I will make you pay later." Yuu angrily shouts

"Enough of playing, let get to work guys." Atsuko said and stand up


Then Haruna and Yuu go to Matsui clan. Atsuko and Minami still have to wait for Rena’s news

Rena's side

Rena and the four go to her house. When she reaches the house, a guard said happily

"Rena-sama, you are back."

"Hello" Rena said

"They are my friends" she introduces the four

"Go and call master and mistress." he orders the other guard

Then Rena goes into the house.

"Rena, you are back" a woman calls and runs to hug her

"Mom," Rena calls and hugs her back

"Are you ok? How are you doing these years? You look so thin" her mother worriedly said and sobs

"I'm fine, mom. Don't worry" Rena smiles and said

"Why did you come back here? You dare to run away from home and the engagement. Do you know how embarrass I was?" a man comes out and shouts.

"Honey, Rena just came back don't yell at her like that." Her mother said

"Don't worry Rena. He was very worry about you when you left. He just acts like that" her mother whispers

Rena looks at her father and smiles. He turns away crosses his arms and a little blushes

" just came back. Go to your room and rest" He said while hiding his embarrass

"Someone, prepare four room for Rena's friends" he calls a servant

After that he goes back to his office.

"Come on Rena, I will lead you to your room" Her mother said

Then her mother leads Rena and the four to her room

In Rena's room

"Rena, I have a good news for you." her mother said and sits down

"What is it, mom?" Rena asks

"Your father already cancelled the engagement" her mother happily said

"Really, mom?" Rena cheerfully asks

"Uh" she nods

"He was very sad when you were gone. He regretted that he forced you." her mother continues

Rena happily hugs her mother

"It is very good right Rena" Yuki said and smiles

"Uh" Rena said

"Mom, I want to introduce you to my friends. They saved me from pirates and helped me a lot" Rena said

"You were kidnapped" her mother gasps in shock

"I'm fine now mom. They saved me" Rena said.

"Thank you everyone." Rena's mom said and smiles

"Mom, let me introduce them to you" Rena stands up and said

"This is Yuki, and next to her is Mayu"

"That is Mariko, and next to her is Mii" Rena continues.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Matsui" they bow and said

''Nice to meet you all" Rena mom said

"Mom, I have a favor to ask" Rena turns to her mom and said

"What is it, honey?" she asks

"I have two other friends. They also helped me. They want to work at Matsui clan ship dock. Can you ask father about that?" Rena said

"Ok, honey. What are their names?" She asks

"Their names are...."

In the morning

At a big restaurant

"Minami, do you think they will hire us?" Atsuko asks

"I think we will pass. After all Rena is already sure about that." Minami answers


At the ship

Yuki, Mayu walk into the ship

"Hello Yuki, Mayu" Atsuko and Minami greet

"Hi" they greet back

"How is thing going?" Atsuko asks

"Everything is ok. Rena's father and mother very love her. There is nothing to be worry at the house." Yuki said

"That's good" Atsuko said

"Her father also cancelled her engagement with Roy." Yuki said

"That is a good new" Minami said

"Rena also told her mother about you two. Her mother said that tomorrow the manager will meet you two at this restaurant." Mayu said and gives them the paper that has the restaurant name on it.

"Ok." Minami takes the paper

"By the way, where are Rena and the rest?" Atsuko asks

"Rena is still talking with her parent. Mariko and Mii are staying there to check on the house" I see

"Where are Nyan Nyan and Yuu?" Yuki asks

"They went to the Matsui clan to apply for the job." Atsuko answers

"I see" Yuki said

End Flashback

When they are talking, a men walk into the room. They stand up and now before him

"You two are Katsu and Katsuo, right?" The man said

"Yes, we are" Minami answers.

"My name is Katsu, and this is my little brother” Minami said

“My name is Katsuo” Atsuko said.

“My name is Nobu, Manager in the Matsui clan ship dock.” Nobu said

“Hello sir” Atsuko and Minami said

“You two look so skinny with the porter job” Nobu said

“Don’t worry sir. We are stronger than we look” Minami said

“Ok, your job is carrying goods from the dock into the ships. I will take you to the ship dock to see how they work.” Nobu said

“Yes sir.” Atsuko and Minami said

After a while they reach the ship dock

“Everyone, come here. I will introduce you to two new workers.” Nobu calls

Then all of them gather in front of them.

“This is Katsu, and that is Katsuo. From tomorrow, they will work here. Everyone, remember to help them.” Nobu said

Mean while

Outside of Matsui’s household

“Ready Nyan Nyan, We will go inside to take the task” Yuu said

“Uh” Haruna nod

Then they walk to the back door of the house. They knock the door

“What do you want?” an old man asks

“Hello sir, my name is Haruko, and she is my sister Haruka. We just came to this island, and we lost all our money. Therefore we want to find a job to earn enough money to go back to our hometown.” Yuu said and fakes crying.

“What a pity. Come in you two. I will ask my master to see if she agrees to hire you two as the maid at the house.” the old man said

“Thank you sir” Yuu bows and said.

“Wait here. I will be right back.” the old man said and leaves

“Yuu, do you think they will hire us?” Haruna whispers in Yuu’s ear

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan, I’m very confident with my acting skill.” Yuu confidently whispers in Haruna’s ear

“By the way, from now on, you should call me Haruko.” Yuu continues

After a while

The old man comes back

“Miss Tamaki agreed to hire you two. Now follow me.” the old man said

“Yes sir.” The two happily said

“Thank you for helping us” Yuu said

“It is ok. Looking at you two remind me of my daughter. By the way, from now on just call me uncle Nori.” The man said and smiles

“Yes, uncle Nori” Yuu and Haruna said

While they are walking, Nori introduces them about the house.

“From now on, Haruko, you will server Master Roy. You have to serve tea and bring food for him.” Nori said

“Roy, it is a good chance.” Yuu smiles in his mind

“Yes, uncle Nori.” Yuu answers

“And you, Haruka, You will server Miss Tamaki. Because her servant just left, you will be her personal maid.” Nori said

“Yes, uncle Nori.” Haruna said

“Here is your room.” Nori said and shows the two their room

“Thank you” they said

“Haruko, go to the kitchen to work. Haruka, follow me, I will lead you to Miss Tamaki’s room” Nori said

“Yes, uncle” They bow and said

In the market

After Atsuko and Minami go around the ship dock, they are dismissed. They will start their work from tomorrow. After preparing everything, they happily walking around the market and talking with each other

"Those goods look heavy don't you think, Minami?" Atsuko asks

"Uh, are you really ok, Atsuko?" Minami worriedly asks

"Uh, I'm will be fine." Atsuko confidently said

"However, after this, I want you to treat me a big meal" Atsuko continues and smiles brightly

"Of course, anything for my food-lover girlfriend" Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose.

They walk by a big and luxury looking carriage. The man turns around and looks at Atsuko

"That smile..." He thought.

In the evening

At Rena’s side

Rena goes out with Mariko. She goes to the restaurant to wait for Jun’s aunt.

“I hope that she is ok” Rena said

“Uh, we need her in our side” Mariko said

Then they hear a knocking sound. A gorgeous lady comes in

“Rena, long times no see, how are you doing?” She happily said

“Aunt Tamaki, I’m fine. How are you?” Rena said

“I’m very good” she answers

Then she steps in the room. There is a girl follow her

“Nyan Nyan?” Mariko and Rena surprise thought.

“Who is she aunt Tamaki?” Rena calms asks

“She is my new personal maid, Haruka. Her and her sister is in trouble. They want to earn some money to go back to their home town, so I hired them.” She said

“Hello Misses, My name is Haruka.” Haruna said and bows

“Nice to meet you” Rena said

“And who is she Rena?” Tamaki asks

“She is my friend who I met when I went away.” Rena said

“Hello My name is Shinoda Mizuki. Nice to meet you” Mariko said and bows

“Nice to meet you, too” Tamaki said

Then they sit down and talk


Jun take a little walk around the city

“This place changed a lot. It cannot be helped. He sold me when I was just 5.” he thought

“I wonder how they are doing now.” Jun thought

When Jun looks across the market street, he sees a middle aged woman. She looks so thin and pale.

“She looks familiar” Jun thought

Then he hears someone whispers behind him

“That is Mrs. Matsui, Matsui Tadashi’s wife. What an unfortunate family.”

“Mom” Jun thought

“Uh, their son was missing for years. Then they was expelled 5 years ago.” another housewife speaks up

“Looking at her right now. No one will know that she was once a Mistress from Matsui clan.” another woman said

“Uh, poor them. She always does charity works and helped a lot of poor people” another woman said and sighs

“Uh” The three women nods

Jun follow his mother to see what she is doing. His mother goes to shopping. Jun is standing in a corner of the street and looking at her. His tear rolls on his cheeks

“Mom, I’m such a useless and terrible son. For all that time, I didn’t know how hard you and Dad have been through. I just think about myself and act selfishly. I didn’t consider your feeling and decide to abandon you two and this clan.” Jun thought while holding his fists tightly.

After finishing shopping, she goes out of the city. Jun quickly follow her. While she is walking in the forest, a group of men walk out and block her way.

“My-my, what do we have here, our Emi-sama.” a man said and laughs

“Please step aside, I have to go back home” Jun’s mother said

“What if we don’t want” another man said and laughs

“What do you want?” Jun’s mother asks

“We want some money” the first man said

“I don’t have” She answers

“Don’t say thing like that Emi-sama. Just give us some of your money and you can go” a man walk toward her and said

“I don’t have. Even if I have, I will never give to those like you” Jun’s mother said

“You…” Then man raises his hand to slap her

His hand is stopped by Jun.

“How can you treat someone older than you like that? Her age can be your mother” Jun shouts and throws the man’s hand down

“Who are you? It is none of your business.” He shouts

“I’m just a free traveler. I just want to help her from your despicable action.” Jun said

“You don’t know who you pick on, travel man” The man said

“Hee! You guys that scary?” Jun said in challenging tone

“Young man, thank you for helping me. However, don’t fight with them. They are Matsui Roy’s men. He is about to become the most powerful person here. I don’t want to trouble you” Jun’s mother said

“Mrs. I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m not afraid of anyone. I just do what I think is right” Jun said to her

“Let see what a big mouth like you have” the man said

“Get him guys” he shouts

Then the group rushes and attack Jun. Jun easily takes them down.

“Remember that. You picked on the Matsui clan. Your life will not be easy. I will revenge” the man shouts

“I’m waiting” Jun said

Then the men run away.

“Thank you, young man” Emi said

“No problem. Where is your house, I will escort you there?” Jun said

“No, it is ok. I can’t bother you” She said

“It does not bother at all. Just tell me.” Jun said and smiles

“Then thank you.” She said

“No problem. By the way, give me those heavy things, I will carry for you.” Jun said

“But…” She hesitant

“It is ok” Then Jun takes all the things that his mother is carrying and walks her back home.

At the same time

In Matsui house

In the kitchen

“Everyone, today, we have a new maid in the house.” The chief said

“Her name is Haruko” he said

“Hi everyone, my name is Haruko. Nice to meet you all” Yuu said and bows

“Everyone, please help her from now on.” the chief said

“Yes sir” they all said

“Haruko bring this food to Master Roy’s office” the chief said

“Yes sir” Yuu said

Then Yuu brings the tea and food to Roy’s room. He knocks the door

“Master, here is your lunch.” Yuu said

“Come in.” He said

Then Yuu opens the door and comes in

“Just put it on the table” Roy said

“Yes sir” Yuu answers

“Are you new?” Roy asks

“Yes, I’m. I was hired this morning.” Yuu slowly said and bows

“I see.” Roy said

“Wait, tomorrow, clean up my room and my office while I’m out” Roy said

“Yes master” Yuu said and bows

“I have to take this chance to investigate him” Yuu thought.

“Do you need anything master?” Yuu asks

“No, you can go now.” he said

“Then I will take my leave.” Yuu bows and leaves

At night

While Rena is sitting in her room, a figure jumps into her room.

"Jun" Rena happily calls and rushes to hug him

"Rena" Jun hugs her back

"To days, I cannot talk to you. I miss you so much" Jun said and buries his face on her neck

"I miss you, too Jun" Rena said

Jun breaks the hug and kisses Rena’s lips. Jun hugs her waist while Rena puts her hands on Jun’s neck to deepen their kiss. After a while, they break the kiss and connect their forehead

"Rena, I'm very happy that your father canceled that marriage." Jun whispers

"Uh" Rena smiles

Then they sit down and talk

"This morning, how is thing doing with aunt Tamaki?" Jun asks

“About that…”


At the restaurant

Rena and Tamaki are talking with each other.

“How are you doing these years, aunty?” Rena asks

“I’m doing fine. I still manage the business at the west side of the island” Tamaki said

“How about you Rena? Did you find uhm...Haruka, I want to talk privately with Rena a little bit. Can you go back to the house first?” Tamaki said

“Yes, ma’am” Haruna said and leave

“If so then I will take my leave too.” Mariko said and goes out

“Ok. Talk to you later” Rena said

“Did you find Jun, Rena?” Tamaki said in low tone

“I didn’t” Rena shakes her head

“So, there is no news about him” Tamaki said in disappointed tone.

“I also secretly hired a lot of people to find him, but I received the same result” She continues

Rena is silent and looks down

“Don’t worry, Rena. We will find him for sure” Tamaki said and smiles

“Uhm… aunty Tamaki, about Roy, What do you think about him?” Rena asks

“Roy? Uhm… I don’t know why did you mention him all of sudden, but I definitely against him to become the head of the clan.” Tamaki said

“I can feel something weird from him ever since the day Jun was missing. I have a feeling that he has something to do with that incident. If I know he relates to Jun’s missing, I will make him pay for sure.” She angrily said

“Hush, hush, Aunty, don’t you scare that Roy’s men will hear you say that?” Rena said in shaky tone.

“Rena, what happened to you? How can you say thing like this?" Tamaki said in confuse

"It is true. I heard my parent said that he is very strong. I think we shouldn't mess with him." Rena scarily said

Tamaki looks at her and frowning

"About Jun, I think we should give up now. I'm looking for him for 4 years, but didn’t make any progress. You too, don't waste your money with that problem" Rena carelessly said
Tamaki angrily slams the table and stands up

"How can you say thing like that Rena. I can't believe you turn into a person like this. Rena, I knew 4 years ago will never say that. Maybe I was wrong about you. You just like those in Matsui clan.” Tamaki said in anger

"I just tell the truth. It is your choice to listen or not. Maybe I will consider Roy's propose again" Rena said and shrugs

"He is now strong and powerful" she continues

"You... What make you turn into this terrible person" Tamaki said

"I’m just being a reasonable person. that is all. I think you should do that too, aunt Tamaki." Rena said

"Matsui Rena. You changed. You changed now. I can't recognize you now." Tamaki said while shaking her head

“I think I will go now.” Tamaki sighs and said

Then she angrily leaves the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant

Rena sits back and smiles happily

End Flashback

“With her reaction like that, I believe that she is still her” Rena said

“Sorry Rena, you had to act like that and listened to aunt Tamaki’s yell” Jun sadly said while stroking Rena’s hair

“It is ok, Jun. If it is about you, I can do everything” Rena said and smiles

“Thank you, Rena. I love you” Jun said and hugs Rena tightly

“Everything for you Jun. You don’t have to thank me. And I love you, too Jun.” Rena hugs him back and said

“How about you Jun? What are you doing today Jun?” Rena asks

“I...I met my parent” Jun said

“You met them” Rena breaks the hug and asks in surprise

“Uh, however I hid my name. I said that I’m a free traveler.” Jun said

“I see.” Rena said

Then Jun tells Rena about how he met his parent

“My father is sick. I asked Mayu and Yuki there to help them” Jun said

Rena looks at Jun with surprise look


In the forest

Jun walks together with Yuki and Mayu

“Mayu, Yuki, can you two do me a favor?” Jun said

“Sure, what is it Jun?” Yuki said

“I want Mayu to check on a person. He is very important to me” Jun said

“Of course, who is he, Jun?” Mayu asks

“My father” Jun said

Yuki and Mayu look at him with surprised look. Then Jun tells them everything

“I will Jun. I will definitely cure him” Mayu said

“Thank you” Jun happily said and leads them to the house

End flashback

“I see. No wonder, I didn’t see them everywhere” Rena said

“I’m such a horrible and selfish son. My parent there endures a lot of pain and hardship. And I just selfishly go around and didn’t bother about their feeling at all” Jun said and slaps his face

“Calm down, Jun. You just didn’t know that. Don’t blame yourself about that. Your parent will be sad if seeing you like this” Rena holds Jun’s hands and said

“Everything will be fine, Jun. They will be fine, Jun” Rena hugs Jun tightly and said

At midnight

In the forest

“How are you doing Yuuchan?” Haruna said

“Everything is fine.” Yuu said

“Tomorrow, I will go in his office and his room to clean up” Yuu whispers

“Really?” Haruna said

“Yes, It is all thank to your genius hands that makes me looks so harmless” Yuu said

Then he lies on her laps and kisses her hand

“Stop flattering me Yuuchan.” Haruna said

“How about you, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu said

“I’m ok, too” Haruna said

“I tried to get close to some maids in the kitchen to find some information.” Haruna continues


“Haruka, can you go back first?” Tamaki said

“Yes, ma’am” Haruna said

Then she leaves the restaurant. When she reached the house, she goes into the kitchen. At there, she hears some maid is talking with each other. She comes closer to them and greets them.

“Hello everyone.”

“Hi Haruka. Why are you here? I thought you go with Tamaki-sama.” The maid A said

“She told me to go back and wait for her here.” Haruna said

“Oh, I see.” the maid B said

“Do you need help in anything? I’m free anyway.” Haruna said and smiles at them

“Uhm… nothing much. Can you help us clean up all of these ingredients?” The maid A said

“Sure” Haruna answers

They are happily talking. Their job ends quicker than every day.

“Thank you Haruka. You are a great help” The maids said

“It is ok. From now on, if you need anything, just tell me. If I’m free, I will help you” Haruna said and smiles

“Thank you, Haruka” they said

End flashback

"I see. that is a good start" Yuu said

"Uh" haruna nods

"Tomorrow, if I'm free, I will go there and investigate more" Haruna said

"Uh, However, Nyan Nyan, remember to be careful ok" Yuu said

"Uh, I will" Haruna said

“It is already late, Nyan Nyan, let’s go back now before someone notice that we are not in our room.” Yuu said

"Ok" Haruna said

Then they go back to the Matsui clan

Outskirt of the city

In a small house

Atsuko and Minami decided not to go back to the ship now to evade any suspicious; they rented a small house in the outskirt of the city. Atsuko is lying on the bed while thinking about what she heard this morning. Minami is lying next to her. Noticing that Atsuko is so quiet, he calls and asks her

"Atsuko, why are you so quiet?"

"Ah, I think about what we heard this morning when we was going around the dock." Atsuko answers

"I see. About that incident, right” Minami said

“Uh, there is definitely something fishy about this.” Atsuko said

“I think so. Maybe, that guy somehow directly or indirectly involve in Jun’s father case” Minami said

“I think so” Atsuko said

“I guess we have to tell this to Jun. He can investigate more from outside.” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Then we should…”

“Minami, another thing” Hasn’t finished his words, Atsuko turns to Minami and said

“When we were walking around, I overheard an interesting story from two workers there” Atsuko said

“What is it?” Minami asks while stroking her hair

“There is a ghost ship in the dock.” Atsuko said

“Ghost?” Minami said in surprise

“Uh, no one dares to come closer to that ship. They said that at night, they can hear women’s crying voice in there. Sometime is the scratching sound like someone use their nails to scratch the wood” Atsuko said
“That sound weird” Minami said

“Uh, I’m so curious. I want to know what is in there” Atsuko said excitedly

Minami sits up to looks at Atsuko and smiles. He puts his hands on two sides of Atsuko's head, then he bends down closer to her face making her blushes. Then he kisses her lips. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. They kiss each other passionately. Atsuko hugs his neck to deepen the kiss. After a while they break the kiss and smiles at each other.

"Ok, my little curious girl. It is very late now, let sleep. We have to wake up early for work tomorrow. We will investigate more tomorrow, ok." Minami said and smiles

"Ok" Atsuko said and smiles back at him

"Good night, Atsuko" he said and kisses her forehead

"Good night, Minami" Atsuko said

The he lies down next to her. Atsuko snuggles closer to Minami while Minami hugs her pulls her closer to him.

In a big house

"Give me that person picture" a man said

"Here sir" The woman said

"Why did you want to know her face?" She curiously asks

"Do I have to tell you every single thing I do" the man said in a cold tone

"No sir, I'm deeply sorry" The woman kneels down and said

"Ok, you can go now. Remember, do your best with your job. Don't disappointing me" he said

"I will do all my best sir" She said and bows

After the woman left, the man looks at the picture again

"I never thought that you will look just like her" he said and touches the person’s face in the picture

Then he leaves the room.

"Sir, are you leaving?" His servant asks

"Uh, go to Forbidden Island" he said


That is chapter 19. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)

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  • Shipping Sayaka x Everyone... especially with milk
So many cute moments in this chapter :mon inluv:

Atsumina, Kojiyuu and Wmatsui are too much for my heart

On the downside, I feel bad for Jun and his parents  :mon cry:

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Whose that person in the picture  ;)
Why must you leave people hanging  :cry:
Update soon!

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I think the mysterious man is Atsuko's father
Yeah AtsuMina moments so cute ;)
Update soon! Thank you very much :)

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They kiss
each other passionately. Atsuko hugs his neck to deepen
the kiss. After a while they break the kiss and smiles at each
"Ok, my little curious girl. It is very late now, let sleep. We
have to wake up early for work tomorrow. We will
investigate more tomorrow, ok." Minami said and smiles

How rude you left it halfway  :angry:

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Oh... Atsuko is found out already

What kind of troubles are they going to come across?

Will the investigation go well?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 20 01/11/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @kimseoyeonc, @tong99826, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 20  :D

Chapter 20: Investigating

In the early dawn

Minami and Atsuko walk into the other side of the city to meet Jun

“Hi Atsuko-nee, Takamina” Jun waves at them

“Hi Jun” they greet him

“How is thing going?” Jun asks

“Everything is ok, today is our first day work there” Minami said

“Jun, we heard some information about your father’s case. We want you to investigate more” Atsuko said

“What is it, Atsuko-nee?” Jun asks

“Yesterday when we were walking around the dock with the supervisor, he accidentally spilled out something for us” Minami said


“Katsu, Katsuo, this is Haru. He is the supervisor. He will lead you guys around here” Nobu said

“Ok” Atsuko and Minami answer

“Hello, nice to meet you two” Haru said

“Nice to meet you” Atsuko and Minami said

Then he leads them go around the place

After a while

“What a tiring day. If Itachi didn’t sudden quit, I don’t have to do this.” Haru mumbles

However Atsuko heard what he said. She turns to him and innocently said

“Sorry for trouble you like this Haru-san” Atsuko bows and said

“If you don’t mind, we have some money. When you finish your work here, you can go to get some drink with your friends” Minami adds

“No, no, no, how can I take your money” Haru said

However, inside he is very happy

“It is ok. This is as our thank for your hard work” Minami said

“Then I will receive this. Katsu, Katsuo, you two will be fine here. I promise” He smiles and said

“Thank you Haru-san” Atsuko and Minami said and bow

Then they keep walking

“Uhm...Haru-san, forgive for my curiousity. Can I ask you something?” Atsuko asks

“Katsuo, you are my friend. Just ask me anything” He said and pats her shoulder

“Just now, I heard you mention about Itachi. Who is it?” Atsuko said

“Itachi, he is supervisor here as me. However he quit. Right after, Master Matsui Tadashi’s incident” Haru said

“What happened?” Atsuko continues

“He is the wit….” when he is about to say something then he stops

“Why did you want to know?” Haru looks at her and asks

“I just curious” Atsuko smiles and said

“Katsuo, don’t curious too much” Minami said

“Sorry, that is my bad habit. I’m sorry Haru-san” Atsuko said and bows

“It is ok. Little guy, let me tell you this. If you want to live peacefully in this place, don’t curious too much. Master Roy doesn’t like curious people” Haru said

“Ok, the tour is over. Tomorrow, you two have to come here early for work ok. Don’t be late” Haru said

“Yes, thank you Haru-san. I hope you enjoy your drink” Minami bows and said

“Katsuo, learn from your big brother” Haru said and leaves

End flashback

“I see. So if we stick with that guy, we can know more about my father's case right?” Jun said

“Uh” Atsuko and Minami said

“Haru mentioned Roy in this. Therefore, I guess it has something to do with both of them” Minami said

“I got it. Thank you Atsuko-nee, Takamina. I will go investigate about that” Jun happily said

“No problem” they said and smile

Then Jun leaves the place

“Come on Atsuko. Let get to work” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and said

In a small house in the forest

“Thank you, Watanabe-san and Kashiwagi-san for taking care of my husband” Jun’s mother said and bows

“No problem, you don’t have to do that Matsui-san. We are Zoro’s and Rena’s friend. This is what we have to do.” Mayu said

“I didn’t know that you two also know Rena. It is very a great coincident” Emi said

“Uh” Yuki and Mayu smile and nod

“Rena is a good girl. Although I’m a little sad when she can’t find Jun, I’m glad that she safely back to her home. My poor Jun” Jun’s mother said and cries

“Don’t be sad Matsui-san. Rena said to us that she sees you two as her parent. Therefore you can just see us as your children” Yuki holds Emi’s hand and said

“Thank you, you two” She smiles at them and said

“It is nearly noon. I will go to the market to buy some food for you two.” Emi said

“It is ok Aunt Emi, I will go for you. You stay here to take of Uncle Tadashi” Yuki said

“Oh ok, Thank you you two” Emi said

“No problem Aunt Emi. You don’t have to keep thanking us like that” Mayu said and smiles

Then Yuki and Mayu leave the house. On their way, they meet Jun

“Hey, Jun” Yuki and Mayu greet him

“Hi Yuki, Mayu” Jun greets them

“Thank you very much for taking care of my parent” Jun continues

“You are really their son” Yuki said and smiles

“Huh?” Jun looks at her with confused look

“Your parent and you just keep thanking us all the time.” Mayu said and smiles

“You are our friend. You also grow up together with me. I see you as one of my family member, so are they. They are your parent. I see them as mine. Therefore don’t thank me anymore” Yuki said

Jun looks at them and smiles

“How is he?” Jun asks

“He is better now. I’m positive that he will get well in no time.” Mayu said

“I’m glad” Jun said and sighs in relieve

“Yesterday, when I saw him on his bed, I felt my heart hurt” Jun sadly said


On their way to Emi’s house

“Young man, may I know your name?” Emi asks

“My name is Zoro” Jun said

“Sorry for my curiousity, but why did you wear a half mask?” she asks

“Uhm...after an accident half of my face was burned. Therefore, I have to wear this” Jun answers

“Sorry Zoro-san” Emi said

“It is ok. And you don’t have to call me like that. Just Zoro is fine” Jun said and smiles

“Ok” she smiles back

“Matsui-san, can I ask you this question?” Jun said

“Uh, what is it Zoro?” Emi said

“Why did you know that those blocking you are Matsui Roy’s men?” Jun asks

“Because they do that every day, sometime they will take away my groceries. Sometime they will throw my thing on the ground.” Emi said

Jun holds his fists tight.

“I swear that I will make you pay for all you have done to my parent Roy” Jun thought in anger

“Why did he have to do that?” Jun asks

“Because he hates my husband, he was the one that forced us in this situation. And my son, Jun, some rumor said that Roy did something to him. My poor son” She said and sobs

“Don’t be sad Matsui-san. I’m sure your son will be fine. Maybe one day, he will come back and save you two.” Jun said

“Thank you Zoro.” Emi said

When they get to the house, they hear someone coughing

*cough* *cough* *cough*

“Tadashi” Emi rushes to the house

Jun follow her

“Are you ok, Tadashi” Emi asks

“I’m fine, Emi” Jun’s father said

Then he looks at Jun

“Who is he, Emi?” Tadashi asks

“His name is Zoro. He helped me from Roy’s men” Emi said

Tadashi sits up from his bed and bows at Jun

“…*cough*…” Tadashi said

Jun rushes to him to catch his shoulder

“It is ok, Mr. Matsui. You don’t have to do this to me” Jun said

“You are sick. You should lie down and rest” Jun continues and helps him to lies down

Then Jun and Emi leave the room

“What happened to him, Mrs. Matsui?” Jun worriedly asks

“He was hit by those people. Then I don’t have enough money to treat him. After that he got cold, I don’t know what to do now” Jun’s mother said and cries

Jun felt his heart is tightened again. His anger is filled up

“Don’t worry Mrs. Matsui, he will be fine. I have a friend he is a doctor. I will ask him to check on Mr. Matsui.” Jun said

“Really Zoro. Please help my husband. He is my only family now. Please.” Emi said and holds Jun arms tight

“I will. You just wait here.” Jun said

End flashback

“Uh, I’m glad that his condition is stable now” Yuki said

“We think we should go now. Your parent is waiting for us” Yuki said

“Ok, thank…”

“Jun, you are about to say that again” Mayu said and laughs

“Ok, bye guys” Jun laughs and leaves


At the ship dock

Lunch time

“Katsu-nii, over here” Atsuko waves at Minami

“Katsuo, how is your work?” Minami asks

“Uhm...Ok.” Atsuko answers

Then Minami sits next to her, and they are happily talking to each other. While they are talking, a man comes to them

“Hey Katsuo,” The man pats Atsuko’s shoulder and said

“Hey” Atsuko said and smiles

“I never thought that a man this skinny like you can be strong enough to carry those goods.” the man said

“Is that so?” Atsuko smiles reluctantly

“However, if taking a closer look at you, you are very cute, just like a girl. If you are a girl, you definitely very cute” He moves closer to look at her.

“ that so” Atsuko said and moves back

“Who are you?” Minami uses his hand to stop the man’s face

He is not happy about this. He is frowning and looking at the man

“My name is Kei. I work with Katsuo this morning.” he said and rounds his hand around Atsuko’s shoulders.

“Is that so” Minami said while catching the man’s hand before it touches her shoulders

“Katsuo, go sit on my seat near the wall, I will sit here.” Minami said and pulls Atsuko to sit near the wall.

“Who are you?” Kei asks

“My name is Katsu, I’m his big brother.” Minami said and glares at him

“Don’t be like that. I won’t do anything to him” Kei said and pats Minami’s shoulder

“Hey Kei, I look for you everywhere.” A man runs to them

“Oh, hey Katsu, you are here too.” he said

“You know him, Katsu-nii?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, he works with me. His name is Taku.” Minami said

“Hey, that maid girl just now is very cute right?” Taku said

“She also seems to like you a lot” Taku continues

“Hee! So there is a girl like you, huh” Atsuko smiles at him and said

Minami feels quiver after Atsuko’s voice

“It isn’t like that. She just approached me. I don’t think she is cute.” Minami quickly denies

“She also wiped your sweat” Taku continues and grins

“No, she didn’t. I pushed her out before she did” Minami answers immediately

Atsuko is silent and eats her food

“I’m dead now” Minami thought

“Really?” Taku said and giggles

“Taku, stop saying those misunderstood things. I already have a fiancée at my hometown. I only love her. What if she heard about that, she will be sad.” Minami said

“Oh, sorry, Katsu. I didn’t mean, too” Taku apologies.

“How about you, Katsuo, do you have a girlfriend?” Kei asks

“Yes, I did. We already engaged. When I earn a lot of money, we will get marry.” Atsuko quickly said

“Oh, I see. So you guys come here to earn money for your new family?” Taku asks

“Uh” Minami and Atsuko nods

“I’m envy you two. I still don’t have a girlfriend yet” Kei whines

“Me too” Taku sadly said

In Matsui clan

Today, Tamaki has a business trip. However she didn’t bring Haruna with her. Taking the chance, Haruna go to the kitchen to investigate more

“Hey Haruka. Are you free today?” the maid A asks

“Uh, Tamaki-sama is on her business trip. She said that I just stay here.” Haruna said

“So, you guys need me help in anything?” Haruna asks

“Yes, still cleaning the ingredients” the maid B said

“Ok” Haruna said

They are happily talking to each other. Then Haruna decides to give it a shot

“You guys, I have one curious question. It is fine if you don’t want to answer that.” Haruna innocently said

“It is ok, just say it. If we know anything, we will tell you.” The maid B said

“When uncle Nori led me around the house, I saw a big room. However the door is shut tight. He said that that room is forbidden. Why is that?” Haruna said

The two maids look at each other

“Ah. is ok. Don’t mind about my question.” Haruna said and smiles

“That room is Master Natsu’s room, head of this clan” the maid A said

“He shut himself in there after Master Jun was kidnapped. He forbids anyone to come to his room” the maid B adds

“The only one that permitted to go there is Master Roy.” The maid B continues

“Oh” Haruna said

“So, Master Natsu must trust Master Roy very much, right?” Haruna said

“Not at all” The maid A whispers

“Master Natsu loves Master Jun the most. He always said that Master Roy is hopeless. Master Jun at that time, although he was only 5 years old, he is very smart, a promising person. Master Natsu puts all his hope on him.” The maid B said

“Don’t tell anyone what we will tell you after this” The two maids said

“I promise” Haruna said

“Master Roy’s parent was expelled from this clan by Master Jun’s father. He found out that Master Roy’s father fraud at the money of the clan. After one year of expelling, they got sick and died. Master Natsu felt pity on Roy, so he brought him back. However, he never looks at him once. Therefore when he said that only Roy can meet him, we were very surprised.” The maid A whispers

“Wah!” Haruna said

“There are more, five years ago, Master Tadashi, Master Jun’s father, was accused deliver illegal goods. Rumor said that that is Master Roy revenge on him.” The maid B whispers.

“Wah, this clan is full of mystery right?” Haruna said

“Uh, Remember don’t tell anyone ok, or we will be in trouble.” The maid A said

“Don’t worry. I won’t" Haruna said

In Roy’s room

Yuu slowly opens the door and walks in the room. He looks around the room

“His room is so big. I guess I have to spend a good deal of time to look around” Yuu thought

“Let’s see what he got here?” Yuu said and looks around

Yuu runs around the room and looks at every corner of his room.

“I already checked his office. There is nothing there. His room is the only thing left.” Yuu thought and frowning

He turns around to look closely once again.

“Wait a minute” he thought

Yuu notices something strange on the shelf

“This statue. Its position is really suspicious.” Jun thought

Then he comes closer to it. He looks around the statue to inspect it.

“Hum…” Yuu thought while stroking his chin

Then he turns the statue’s arm. Suddenly a drawer of the shelf opens.

“Yes, got you” Yuu happily thought

Then he looks at the secret drawer.

“Uhm… a book.” Yuu thought

Yuu turns the book and looks

“A good evidence” Yuu thought and smirks

“Good job, Yuu” Yuu proudly thought

Suddenly he notices someone outside. He immediately hides the book and rushes to the door. He saw a man jump over the wall. He quickly rushes to him into the forest. He rushes into the deep forest

“Where is he?” Yuu thought and looks around

Running around for a while. Then Yuu decides to go back to Matsui clan. Afar from him, there is a shadow standing on the tree branch and looking at him.

“Be careful” It whispers

In the evening

Atsuko and Minami are walking home after their work. They silently walk back together

“I hope she is not mad” Minami thought

Atsuko is still silent and walking. After a while they reach the house.

“Atsuko” Minami call Atsuko when they got into the house

Atsuko looks at Minami

“Why are you so quiet? Are you mad at me? All I said in the noon is truth. I didn’t even look at her.” Minami panicky explains

Don’t say anything, Atsuko leans and kisses on his lips

“Baka, I knew that. You also said that you have a fiancée. That makes me very happy” Atsuko smiles and said

“Then why did you are so quiet from the ship dock to here.” Minami confused

“I remember what Kei said this lunch” Atsuko said and sits down on the chair

“So you remember about him” Minami said in pouting tone

“Minami, it is not like that. What are you thinking?” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

“Hahaha...I just tease you. It is about the ghost story right?” Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“That ghost thing just happened after Jun’s father was accused and expelled. More precisely, after Roy take Jun’s father position to manage the dock” Minami continues

“That is so suspicious” he said

“Uh, even though that ship is abandoned, Roy still keeps it” Atsuko said

“Uh, that is the case.” Minami said

“Atsuko, how about we go there to take a look” Minami continues

“Good idea” Atsuko said

“However, are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami worriedly asks

“You have to work a lot to day. You look exhausted. Look at your hands. They are all red” Minami continues and kisses her hands

“I’m fine Minami. Just a little tired” Atsuko said

“Firstly, let find something to eat first, and wait until night then we will go there” Minai said


Mean while

In the forest

Mii and Jun walk around the forest

“Did you find any information about Itachi, Jun?” Mii asks

“I did. He is the witness who accused my father” Jun said

“I see. If we can find him, we can prove your father innocent” Mii said

“Uh.” Jun nods

“Did you find where he is, Mii?” Jun asks

“Uh” Mii nods


Mii goes around the ship dock to ask about Itachi

“Hello” Mii greets a worker

“I come from another island. I look for my far relative” Mii smiles and said

“I heard that he work as supervisor here. His name is Itachi” Mii continues

“Itachi? He quit long time ago.” The worker said

“Really? What can I do now? I came all the way here. Do you know where his house is?” Mii asks

“It is outside of the forest. In the south of the city” the worker said

“Can you give me his direction?” Mii asks

“Ok” the worker said

End flashback

“I see. Let go there Mii” Jun said

Then they go to the west side of city. They look around to find him. Suddenly, they hear someone calls

“Help me, someone help me. Please spare my life. I will never tell anyone about the ship and Master Roy”

Jun and Mii look at each other

“Let’s go there” Jun said

When they get there, they see a man is about to be stabbed by the assassin. Jun jumps up and kicks his face. The man falls on the ground. He turns and kicks the man again at his temple.The assassin falls on the ground and lost conscious.

After that they turn to the man

“You are Itachi, right?” Jun asks

“Yes, this is me.” Itachi said

“You blamed Mr. Matsui Tadashi about trading illegal goods, right?” Mii asks

“Who are you? I don’t know what you are talking about. I just tell the truth.” Itachi said

“You don’t have to lie to us. We knew everything. If you still stubbornly cover for Roy, this thing will happen again. Don’t you see that Roy tries to shut your mouth by killing you? Help us and we will protect your life” Jun said

The man is silent a little. Then he looks up at them

“Please save my life. I will help you two” Itachi said

Jun and Mii look at each other and smiles

At night

After finished their investigation, Minami and Atsuko go back to the ship

"No one here yet" Atsuko said while yawning

"Atsuko, why don't you sleep a little? You look really exhausted." Minami worriedly said while caresses her face

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"Come on, let lie down here" Minami leads her to the bench

"Rest your head on my lap and sleep a little" Minami said

"Uh, thank you Minami" Atsuko tiredly said

The she lies down on Minami lap

"Sleep well Atsuko." Minami said and pecks on her lips

"Uh" Atsuko nods

Then she falls in sleep immediately because of tiredness. Minami looks at her sleeping face and smile. He strokes her hair to comfort her

Meanwhile in the forest

Tamaki is walking through the forest to the other side of the island.

"Why did she told me to go there" she thought


In the restaurant

Tamaki walks in a room. There is Mariko sitting there waiting for her

“Why did you invite me here?” Tamaki coldly said

“I just being a pigeon messenger” Mariko said

“Rena gives you this letter.” Mariko said

"What is it?" she asks

"When you go back home, just read it and you will know." Rena said and smiles

At Matsui clan

In Tamaki's room

Tamaki opens the paper

"Tomorrow night, go to the other side of the city. There is a ship. Go there and you will find what you are seeking" Is what written on the paper

"What is it?" she thought

"What does that mean?" she confused

"Anyway, maybe I can find some information about Jun there." she thought

End flashback

"Rena, this is the last time I trust you." Tamaki thought while walking.

Then she saw a ship with very small light

"Maybe that is the one." she thought and comes closer

She is hesitated to go in.

"Welcome Matsui-san" Mariko said

"Mizuki-san?" Tamaki is confused

Mariko and Mii go into the ship

"Come on Matsui-san" Mariko calls

She is still standing there and looks at them with very confused look

"Don't worry. You will understand everything when you get there." Mariko said

"Oh ok." then she slowly walk into the ship

They lead her to the meeting room.

In the meeting room, she sees a girl is lying on a bench and resting her head on a cool looking man's lap. She is sleeping. The other side of the room is a long black haired girl, and sit next to her is a gentle looking man. Then she look across the room she see a person with a black coat and a half mask on his face. She look next to him is

"Rena?" She thought in surprise

Rena is sitting next to that person, and they are holding had

"What is going on here?" she thought

"Hey guy" Mariko and Mii great them

"Hey" they greet them back

"What happened to Acchan?" Mariko asks

"She is just exhausted because of work. Therefore, after finishing our business, I told her to rest a little" Minami said

"I see. What a caring fiancée you are" Mii said in teasing tone.

"By the way where is the two?" Mii asks

Then the door swing opens

"Sorry, we are late. We have to wait for everyone to sleep. Then we sneak out here." A man voice hurriedly shouts

Atsuko furrows her eyebrows because of noise

"Hush Yuu, you are going to wake her up" Minami said in low tone while stroking her hair

"Oh, I see. Sorry” Yuu said

“Yuu?” Tamaki thought

"Haruko, Haruka? Why are you two here? And why did you sound like a boy?" Tamaki is very confused right now

"Rena, can you explain to me what it is" she raises her voice a little and frowning

"Before I explain everything, I want you to meet this person first." Rena said and stands up with the masked man

"Who is this person?" Tamaki asks

"He is my fiancée" Rena said

"So what. Did you ask me to go here so that you can introduce your fiancée to me. Then saying that 'oh sorry Aunty, I already found a new man. Let forget about Jun' huh?" She angrily said

"And those people who are they? Are they the same group as him? Why did you disguise yourself to go into our house? Why did they fake their name? What is your intention, Rena?" Tamaki shouts

"Please, calm down Matsui-san. Why don't you look to see who is Rena's fiancée first" Minami said

"Why should I do that?" Tamaki said

"Because if you don't, you will regret because of that" Atsuko sits up and said

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami asks

“Uh, I’m.” Atsuko nods

"Fine. Just a look. It doesn't hurt." Tamaki said

Then Rena removes the mask from the person face. Jun face slowly reveals

"His face. It is so familiar" Tamaki steps back and thought

Then Jun looks up.

"Jun" she calls a name that she wants to call for so long

"Aunt Tamaki" Jun calls and smiles

"Jun, is it you? You are still alive" Tamaki said while touching his face

"Yes this is me. Aunty" Jun said

"That girl over there saved me from pirate" Jun said and point at Atsuko.

Then Jun and Rena tell her everything that happened to him.

"That is what happened" Rena said

"I see." she said and sobs

She walks quickly toward Atsuko

"Thank you for saving my nephew. Thank you" she bows and said

"No problem. You don't have to do that" Atsuko said and smiles.

Then Tamaki turns to Rena

"Sorry Rena for yelling at you." she said and bows.

"Actually, I'm quite happy about that, because you still think about Jun like that." Rena said

“So every misunderstanding is now clear. Let go into the business.” Atsuko said

“Before that. Let us introduce ourselves to you. My name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of this ship. We are pirate." Atsuko introduces herself

"My name is Takahashi Minami."

"My name is Minegishi Minami"

"Let me introduce myself again. My real name is Shinoda Mariko"

"My name is not Haruko. My name is Oshima Yuu. I'm a thief"

"I'm also not Haruka. My name is Kojima Haruna"

"Nice to meet you Matsui-san" they said and bow

"Likewise" Tamaki said

"The reason they disguise is to go into Matsui clan to investigate about Roy." Jun said

"Roy?" Tamaki said in surprise

"Yes, Roy. We suspect that he is doing some illegal thing in our ship dock." Jun said

"I see" Tamaki said

"Tamaki-san, I have a question," Yuu said

"What is it?" Tamaki asks

"Did you meet Mr. Natsu?" Yuu asks

"My father? I haven't met him since a long time ago. The only way I contact to him is letter. If I want to ask him something, I have to talk through Roy.” Tamaki said

“Don’t you think it strange?” Minami asks

“I thought about that, but if I stubbornly go there the guards in the Matsui Clan will arrest me.” Tamaki said

“They only one they listen is Roy.” Tamaki continues

“I want to fight him back, but only me, I can't anything. Therefore, I try to find the proof to prove that my brother is innocent while hiring people to look for Jun. If I have them, I think the elders will stand in my side again” Tamaki said

“I see” Atsuko thought

"Tamaki-san, where is the elders?" Atsuko asks

"There are 4 elders. They live in four different places. Three of them live in south, west, and east. The most powerful eldest lives in the central. Matsui clan is located at north" Tamaki adds

"They only gather together when Matsui clan have important event. They will be here in two day to host the heir ceremony. That day Roy will be officially head of the Matsui clan." Tamaki said

"Why didn't the elders say something about my grandpa not go outside" Jun asks

"They don't involve in any Matsui’s business unless there is someone complain to them about members in the clan. However, they require witness and proofs in order to get them involve." Tamaki said

"So our chance to take down Roy is the ceremony" Atsuko said

"Tamaki-san, I have a favor to ask you" Atsuko continues

"What is it?" she asks

"Can you...."

In a big house

“You are back. What did you get?” an old man asks

“I found her. She is alive. I knew where she is” a man said

“Take me there” an old man said


That is chapter 20. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)

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Something seems fishy with Mr Natsu...   :glasses:

Oohhh, mysterious people at the end :mon star:

At least Tamaki is on their side now.
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  • But I think TakaHarem is not too bad either ^~^
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I like your fanfics! I have been following this fanfic since chapter 8...? Or chapter 7? Can't remember lol.

And also your other fanfic "Fateful Encounter" i like this also :)

But I couldnt leave a comment :'(

Sorry. :'( but now at least for now, i can leave you a comment :)

Oh i cant help but I think Grandpa Natsu sounds suspicious... He said he cant trust Roy but Roy can enter his room???

My guess is perhaps, grandpa Natsu is already dead but no one except Roy knows about this...

Or i guess grandpa Natsu is locked in a room as a hostage...?

I like all pairings here! XD

Please continue! :)

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Erm... more mysteries...

What's going to happen next?

Can they defeat Roy?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 21 08/11/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

@korin48: Thank you for liking both of my fics. I’m glad you like them!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic   :)

Here is chapter 21  :D

Chapter 21: Special Guests

The night before the ceremony

Roy steps in the ceremony room.

"Why did you call me here?" he asks the woman siting on the chair

"I just want to ask about my father. Did you kill him?" she ask him

"Aunt Tamaki, what are you talking about? How can I kill my own grandpa?" he answers innocently.

"How about Jun? Did you also kill him?" she continues

"No, he is my precious cousin. How could I kill him? He was kidnapped by pirates. Don't you see that I also got injured because of them" He answers and smiles

"Aunt Tamaki, how could you say that? I would never do anything to harm them." He comes closer and said

"Stop it already. That is disgusting. Whatever you do now, no one can oppose you. The whole clan, even the elders are on your side. Tomorrow you will become the most powerful person in this island. So don't act like innocent." Tamaki said

“However, you can’t act like that any longer. Today I will take off your mask” Tamaki continues

“Only you?” Roy asks while frowning

“With me” a man said and steps inside the door

"Who are you?" Roy stands up and said

"Did you forget me, Roy?" the person steps in the room

"You are..." Roy said in wonder

"Roy-nii ‘I want to play on the boat’.” Jun said

"Jun" Roy shouts in surprise

"How can..."

"How can I still alive?" Jun continues his word

"I was saved in that pirate ship." Jun said

“I want to say that how can I know that you is really Jun. Maybe you are just some imposter” Roy said after calming down.

“I’m impressed. You are still calmed down like that” Atsuko steps out and said

“Who is that?” Roy shouts

“You will know us in a second” Minami said

"I will let all the clan know your true face" Jun said

“ what?” Roy laughs

“What is my “true face” that you said? I don’t know what you are talking about, imposter. You said that you are Jun. What is your evident?” Roy still calmly said

“I can be the evident that you asked” Rena said while stepping out

“Rena” Roy calls

“What are you doing here?” he said in surprise

“Before I said that, I want to introduce to you people who will judge you tonight” Rena said

“Who are them?” Roy furrows his eyebrows and said

“Us” a union voice said

The South, West, East and Central elders step in.

Roy widens his eyes in surprise

“Elders?” Roy said in confused

“They are all imposters, don’t let them trick you elders” Roy said

“We know what we are doing” The West said

“We aren’t easy to get tricked like you are underestimating us” The South said

“They have a lot of evidences to accuse you. Let see what you have to defense yourself” The East said

Then they sit on their seats

“Now, the judges are all here, we will go into the main dish” Jun said

“Wait, firstly, I want to ask who are you?" Roy said and points at Atsuko

“My name is Maeda Atsuko” Atsuko said

“You are Maeda Atsuko” Roy shouts

“I should have known.” Roy said

Then he turns to the four elders

"Elders, she is Maeda Atsuko. She is the captain of the pirate ship. Don't trust them" Roy said and bows

"Don't try to change the topic here. Let me take off your mask, right here" Jun said

"Firstly, the evidence about you involved in human trader. You use Matsui clan ship to deliver people to trade" Yuu said

"Who are you? Don't blame me that. I don't know what you are talking about" Roy half shouts

“I’m Haruko, Master” Yuu imitates girl voice.

“I found this book in your secret room. It is the customers list, including the type of goods.” Yuu said and smirks

"I think elders know his handwriting, right?" Yuu said and gives them the book

The West takes the book and looks through it.

"What does this mean?" He said and throws the book on the ground

"Please elders; I don't know what they are talking about. Who are you people? Why did you blame me?" Roy asks innocently

"Don't lie anymore Roy. We still have one more guest for you to meet" Jun said

“Who?” Roy said

“Take him in” Atsuko said

“Itachi” Roy stands up and looks in surprise

“I saved him before you can shut his mouth forever” Mii said

“Now tell the elder all the things that you told us" Jun said

Itachi rushes to the elders and kneels down

"Please elders, please help me. They threatened me to accuse Master Roy. He is innocent." Itachi said

"What did you say? You unfaithful servant" Jun angrily shouts

"Thank you Itachi. You are a true servant. I'm thankful with your honest" Roy said

"Elders, all the thing that they said were lies. He is an imposter. He is not Master Jun." Itachi said

"I'm Matsui Jun. Elders, there is one more thing is grandpa. I believe that he captured grandpa." Jun said

"I'm not, Grandpa is still in his room" Roy said

"Then explain for me why didn't he go out for all those years? Why did he sudden let only you go into his room while I heard that you and him aren't in that good term" Atsuko said

"I believe he only take you back because your parent was dead. Did he really trust you that much?" Minami said

"I don't know where did you people got those information. It is true that my parent was expelled. Because grandpa took me back and raise me, I swore that I always be loyal to him." Roy said

"Then call him here" the Central speaks up

"That is correct. If you want us to believe you, why don’t you call him here?" the North said

"Grandpa is resting in his room. I really don't want to wake him up, but to prove my innocent then I have to." Roy said

Then he orders his servant to call Jun’s grandpa out

After a while

Roy's servant comes back with an old man next to him

"Natsu, how have you been doing?" The Elders ask

"I'm doing very well. Roy takes care of me very good" Natsu said

Then he turns to Jun and the group

"Who are they?" He asks

"Grandpa, that man said that he is Jun. He also accused that I captured you" Roy said

"Hahaha...those are nonsense. I'm right here safe and sound." Natsu said

"Also my grandson Jun was already dead. One year ago, the person who I ordered to investigate about him said that he was sold to a mine owner and was dead because of overwork." The old man sadly said

"That is a lie. Everything is a lie. Grandpa, this is me. Don't you recognize me" Jun said

"Who are you? I don't know you" Natsu said


"Enough, now what can you say huh?" Roy said

"One last thing, elder did you check the ship. Yesterday, when we investigate that ship, there are full of girls and children were captured there” Atsuko said


At night

Atsuko and Minami go to the ship dock. They stealthily go into the ship. Suddenly they see some guards around the place

"Guards?" Atsuko thought in surprise

"Is this ship supposed to be abandoned? Why there are a lot of guards here?" Minami whispers

"That is the case. I guess we find the right spot" Atsuko said

They continues their investigation while carefully hide from the guards. Then they go down to the storeroom. Suddenly, a guard walks up. They hide behind the wall.

When the guard walks through them, Minami steps behind and hits his neck. Then they pull the man to hide.

When they get near the storeroom, they hear some strange sound.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

“Minami, did you hear that?” Atsuko turns to Minami and whispers

“Uh, let’s go” Minami said

They follow the knocking sound. It leads them to the corner of the room

*knock* *knock*

Minami sits down and does the same thing

*knock* knock*

“It empty under this” Minami said

“Let find the door.” Atsuko said

Minami and Atsuko look around the place. They use their hands to examine the floor

“Here” Minami thought

“Atsuko” Minami calls Atsuko in small tone

Atsuko goes to his side

He opens the cover. They widen their eyes in surprise. They see a lot of girls and children under their

“Please help us” A girl said in tear

Minami gives a sign of silent

“We will save you” Minami said

End flashback

"We did. Let wait for him to comeback" the Central said

Then 4 men rush into the place.

"Sir, we went to that ship and look around, but we didn't see anything. That is just an empty old ship" servant of the Central Elder said

"How about you three" the East asks

"That is true. We didn't see anything there" the other three said

"How can that be?" Atsuko thought

"Did he know our plan? Why did he always look so calm" Minami also deep in his thought

"Now, who is the criminal here? All of your accusations are proved to be false. Do you have anything to say?" The Central said


"By the way, elders, please let me tell you who they are. They are all pirate." cutting Jun's words, Roy said

"That girl over there is the captain. They are ‘The Legend’, the dangerous pirate" Roy said and points at Atsuko

"I see. Guard catches them." the Central said

Atsuko and others take out their weapon and prepare to fight back

"Wait, I can handle this, Elders. I can make them surrender." Roy said

"We will never do that" Jun shouts

Roy slowly walks toward Atsuko

"I have something I want to talk to you. I want you to surrender right here, right now" he said

"You did a lot of wrong thing. Why don't you reflect your sins" he acts as sincerely

"Stop that disgusting act. We won't surrender" Atsuko steps up and said

"I honestly don't want my servant to get hurt. therefore I ask you to surrender. I promise your life will be fine" he said and comes closer

"Never" Minami said

He comes in front of Atsuko and bends down near her ear

"If you don't do that, I can't be sure about Jun's parent safety" He whispers on her ear with a small tone that only they can hear

"Did you see that old man? He obeyed me perfectly. I like his action. If you also do that, Jun's parent will be just fine" he continues

"You are despicable" Atsuko angrily said

She holds her sword tightly then loosens. Atsuko throws her sword on the floor

"Ok, we surrender" Atsuko said

They all look at her with surprised look.

"What a smart little girl" he laughs and claps his hands.

Then he changes his expression

"Catch them" He coldly said

"And bring Maeda Atsuko here" he continues

Then he turns to the elders

"Sir, she is very dangerous. She killed a lot of our business partners. The notices to kill her are placed everywhere. Kill her will save a lot of people. Therefore, I think we should kill her here." Roy said

"I won't let you do that." Minami protests

"Press him down" Roy said

Then two guards push Minami down.

"Atsuko" he calls her

Because his hand was tied, he can't do anything. The rest of the group shares the same fate as Minami

"Uhm...I don't think we should kill her here. Why don't we give her to Takahashi or Maeda clan? They have more power than us. We are just a business clan" the West said

"Uh, I think he has a point" the East agrees

Roy looks at Central and gives him a slight nod, but that act didn't get away from Minami's eyes

"I think we should just kill her here. She is a criminal anyway. Killing her won't affect anything." The Central said

Minami seems to realize something. He laughs out loud.

"I see. That is it" Minami said

Everyone looks at Minami with curious look

"Does everyone know why did Roy confidentially do all his crime openly without any fear?" Minami asks

"Do you know why did our plan fail?" He continues

"That is because there is a big wall behind him. The most powerful wall is siding him" he said

"What do you mean? I didn't do anything wrong" Roy shouts

"That's correct; all of your evidences are false. Don't accuse other like that" the Central said

"Elder, did you tell him about our evidences?" Minami asks the Central Elder

"What are you saying? You accuse me cooperate with Roy to do all of those things?" The Central angrily shouts

"He will never do that. In this island, he is the most powerful. He doesn't need any more power to be superior." The others elders said

"He doesn't need power, but he needs money. What they do is trading people?" Atsuko said

"Although he is the Elder, he cannot control the ship dock of Matsui clan openly. Therefore he makes Roy head of the clan. After that their trading road will be wider" Minami adds

"Shut up. How dare you accuse an elder like me like that? You pirates just want to ruin my reputation. I think we should kill that man too. And the rest, lock them up in the prison, and I will deal with them later" the Central angrily shouts


"Do you against me? Do you have something to say?" Cutting the South, Central said

"No, we all agree." Three elders said

"Good" he said

Then he turns to Roy

"Kill her first, and then kill him" he said

Then Roy takes out his sword

"Say goodbye to this world one last time" he said and smirks

Atsuko fearlessly stands there. Roy pierces his sword to her heart. When the sword is about to stab her, a small knife flies and pierces in Roy's hand making him drop his sword. He groans in pain

"Who is that? Guards catch the intruder" the Central shouts

"Who is intruder?" A voice said

That is a strong and firm voice. His voice shows his power. Everyone turns to the door. There are two old men walk in. They look strong and superior. Following them is a lot of strong looking guards.

Atsuko look at the old man who is walking into the room. The old man looks at her gently.


"Grandpapa, you won't come with me, papa, and mama?" Little Atsuko asks her grandpa

"Grandpapa is sorry. I have a very important meeting to attend. Your papa can't go there, so I have to go." her grandpa said

"Atsu wants grandpapa to go with me" Little Atsuko pouts

"Don't pout like that Atsu. Grandpapa promises with Atsu that grandpapa will find a free day and play with you for whole day, ok?"  Her grandpa said

"Grandpapa promise" Atsuko happily said

"Promise" Her grandpa smiles and nods

“Yay! Atsu loves grandpapa the most” Atsuko happily said and hugs her grandpa

End Flashback


Taiki is sitting in his office. Suddenly one of his guard knocks his room and panicky said

“Master Taiki, I have very important news”

“Come in.” Taiki said

“What happened?” he continues

“Sir, Master Atsushi’s ship was attacked and sank” the guard kneels and said

“What? How can that happen? Where are they now?” Taiki slams the table and shouts

“We don’t know. Our guards saw the remained of the ship at the shore with our flag and crest on it.” The guard said

“Where are they?” Taiki said

“No one there. I already order our men to look for them” The guard said

Taiki falls back on his chair

“My Atsu, Atsuko” He calls her name in tear while looking at a crystal bracelet which he prepared for her birthday

End flashback

"Atsu" he calls her

"Grandpapa" Atsuko calls

A word, the old man is longing for a very long time. His tear rolls on his cheeks. That is really his precious granddaughter. The little girl he loves the most.

After a little emotion, he wipes his tear and firmly said

"Release her now"

"Who are you? Why should I?" Roy said

The four elders still stun when realizing who he is and also the old man next to him.

"Ask them" the old man next to him said

Roy turns to the elders who now shrink because of scare. They quickly rushes to the two most powerful people

"Sorry Master Taiki and Master Takashi, we don't know that you two will come here." They bow at them and said

They are scared of them because one of them is Maeda Taiki, the head of the most powerful clan in both politics and business. He has power to take down anyone or any clan against him. Plus, the other is Takahashi Takashi, head of the strongest clan in fighting and strategy.

"I said release them" Taiki said again


"Release them" Taiki raises his voice cuts the Central words

"But they are dangerous pirates sir" Roy said

"Shut up. Who give you permission to talk?" Takashi said

"She is my granddaughter, the heir of the Maeda clan. How can you treat her that disrespectful" Taiki angrily said

"Also he is my grandson. How dare you hit him, the heir of Takahashi clan in the future?" Takashi said

The elders are surprised and steps back. The West, East, and South kneel down on the floor and said

"We are terribly sorry. We didn't know about that. Please forgive us" they said

Then they ordered the guard to release all of them. Taiki walks toward Atsuko. He raises his hand to touch her face

"Grandpapa" Atsuko calls him

"Yes, this is me grandpapa. You don't know how long I have been waiting to hear that word. I thought that wouldn't be able to hear those words again, Atsu. Atsu of Grandpapa" he said and hugs her tightly

Mean while

One the other side

Takashi walks toward Minami.

"Minami, you are a man. You have to be strong to protect your loved one"

"I will be strong and protect Acchan"

"Grandpa" Minami said

"Minami, you grew up now. You are really a strong man. I miss you so much" Takashi said and hugs Minami

"I missed you, too. Grandpa" Minami said

After a while

Taiki turns to the elders and Roy.

"The first reason that I come here is to find my two granddaughters and my grandson future in law. I'm happy that Atsuko, Minami and the rest are safe. You all should also happy about that. If there is something happened to my precious Atsu, you all will face a very terrible consequence." Taiki said with a very strong voice

They all are scared and terrified with his words

“We are very sorry sir” The Elders scarily said

"Our second reason we come here is to solve a case. A big problem" Takashi said

"Sir, may we know what is it? Let us see if we can help you" the South said

"Need not. We already solved. We come here to catch the criminal" Takashi said

"Guards catch Matsui Roy and that Central Elder, Matsui Naku" Takashi orders

"May I ask what did I do wrong?" Roy said

"Everything that my granddaughter accused you is true. That is your crime" Taiki said

"But they all were proved to be wrong. Plus why did I'm also captured?" Naku asks

"Those things are just faked. Before I come here, I already ordered my servants to investigate that ship. You two just hide those kidnapped in a cave. My servants also captured your men" Taiki said

"Take him out" Takashi said

Then his men lead two men out. They push them to kneel down before Taiki and Takashi

"Say the truth and I will spare your life" Taiki said

"The Central and Master Roy ordered us. Please don't kill us" one of the man said

"You..." The Naku angrily said

"Next, guard brings them here" Takashi said

Then his guard brings out two people, a man and a woman.

"Mom, dad" Jun calls

They look at him

“Jun, is that you?” his mother touches his face and asks

“Yes, this is me. I finally back” Jun said and smiles

Then she realizes something when seeing his eyes

"You are Zoro" she said in surprise

"Yes, he is me. I'm sorry, that time I can't reveal myself yet. Therefore I have to fake my name" Jun said

"You are ok is all the matter" she said and hugs him

“Jun, we miss you so much” his father said

Then they hug each other and happy about the reunion.

"They are safe now, Natsu, you don't have to act anymore" Takashi said

"Thank you Taiki, Takashi. I owe you big" Natsu said

"That is all his acts. Matsui Roy and Matsui Naku are the culprits. Roy captured me for all those years. He forced me to give him the head of the clan position. If not, he will kill my son and daughter in law" Natsu said

Now the two are speechless because all the things are revealed now.

Suddenly, someone throws smoke bomb into the room.

“Everyone, be careful” Minami shouts

Then they hear a voice

"Please excuse me. I have to save my mighty boss"

"Lightning" Atsuko thought

When the smoke disappear, Roy is nowhere to be found, and Itachi died on the floor

“Man!” Jun angrily shouts

“Don’t worry Jun, I will order people to find him” Natsu said

"We will help" Taiki and Takashi said

In the forest

“Thank you for saving me, Lightning” Roy said

“You are our master after all. Don't say that” Lightning said

“Good job, you aren't my favorite for nothing" Roy said and laughs

“Thank you sir” Lightning said and bows

"Now, I want you to kill Maeda Atsuko for me. It was her again ruin my plan" Roy angrily said

"Yes sir" Lightning said

"And I will take my revenge on Jun" Roy angrily said

“Jun, I will make you pay for what you had done to me" Roy continues

In Matsui clan

Atsuko and the group gather in the big room

“Grandpapa, let me introduce my friends to you” Atsuko happily said

“I know them” Taiki said

“You know them?” Atsuko asks in curious

“When we knew information about you and Minami, we order our secret servants to go here first to investigate and protect you two. That is why we knew you are in danger” Takashi said

“That young man over there is Yuki’s boyfriend right?” Taiki said

Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and walks toward Taiki

“Hello Mr. Maeda, my name is Watanabe Mayu. I’m Yuki’s boyfriend. Please to meet you” Mayu bows and said

“Uhm, I hope you can love her and take good care of her. Although, she is not my blood related granddaughter but I loves her as one. If you make her cry, you are picking on the whole Maeda Clan” Taiki seriously said

“I will never make her cry” Mayu sincerely said

“Good” Taiki said

“Grandpa” Yuki calls him

“What is it, Yuki?” Taiki asks

“About my father, he is…” Yuki pauses

She doesn’t know how to say that

“Your father is an assassin, right? He indirectly killed my son, my daughter in law and Kai and his wife, right?” Taiki said

Yuki looks down

“Grandpapa, that time he was tricked by those criminal. He thought Papa killed his family. That is why he did that. Please forgive Yuki’s father, grandpapa” Atsuko kneels in front of him and said

He stands up and walks to Atsuko

“Stand up, Atsu. Grandpapa won’t punish him, and I don’t have that intention in mind. You are safe is my most happiness. About punishment, I will give to the one that plan on killing your father” Taiki said and helps Atsuko to stand up

“Yuki, I’m not angry at your father. Don’t be sad ok” Taiki said and pats her head

“Thank you grandpa” Yuki said and hugs him

“You are Kuu’s son, right?” Takashi asks

“Yes, my name is Minegishi Minami, nice to meet you two” Mii said and bows

“And you are Shinoda Mariko, right” Taiki said

“Yes, please to meet you” Mariko said and bows

“Nice to meet you two” Taiki and Takashi said

“You are Natsu’s grandson, Jun, right?” Taiki said

“And next to you is Matsui Rena, your fiancée” Takashi said

“Yes, thank you for helping my clan” Jun and Rena bow and said

“No problem.” Taiki and Takashi said

“You are Kojima Haruna. Yuki’s cousin”

“Yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Maeda, Mr. Takahashi” Haruna said

“And you are Oshima Yuu, right? A famous thief “the squirrel”...” He said

“Yes, I’m” Yuu said

“Uhm….” Takashi looks at him in wondering eyes

“What happened, grandpa?” Minami asks

“I think he looks so familiar. Seem like I met him somewhere before” Takashi said

“That is correct. I keep wondering about it the whole time” Taiki said

“Really, gradpapa, Taka grandpa?” Atsuko asks

“Uh” Takashi nods

“Maybe you saw his wanted notice” Jun said

“Yes. That might be the case” Yuu said

"Uhm..." Taiki and Takashi nod

Then Atsuko happily asks the two

"Grandpapa, and Taka grandpa, how can you know us here and all of that?"

"Your uncle found you. He told me that you are here" Taiki said

"My uncle?" Atsuko said in wonder

"Shin, your uncle. Don't you remember, Atsu? He used to take you out to play when you was a kid" Taiki said

"Taiki grandpa, Atsuko lost some of her memories, so maybe she still can't remember him" Minami said

"I see"

"Shin, Shin, Shin..." Atsuko thought

Suddenly her head aches. She holds her head tightly

"Atsu, are you ok?" Taiki worriedly asks

"I'm fine grandpapa, don't worry" Atsuko said

"I will take Atsuko back to her room for her to rest." Minami said

"Uh," Taiki nods

Then Atsuko and Minami leave the room

In the forest

There are three men talking to each other

“We finally found you, my friend” the man said

“You two are fine. I’m glad.” The other man said

“Uh, that is a very long story, I will tell you later” the man said

In the morning

At a restaurant

Rena sits inside and thought

"Why did aunt Tamaki call me here this early morning?" Rena thought

While she is still thinking, the door opens

"Aunt Tama...Roy, why are you here?" Rena stands up and shouts

"Hello Rena, my wife to be. Let have some fun" Roy steps in and said


That is chapter 21. Hope your guys enjoy reading it!  :)

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Oh god... something better not happen to Rena  :mon pray2:

But on the bright side, Takashi and Taiki saved the day... If only Lighting didn't come

And we have more mysterious figures at the end again...

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Who was lighting I really curious. What's happen with auth tama??she tricked rena or sth :( i smell sth dangerous here
WMatsui in my heart <3
Kamaoshi : M.Rena

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 22 15/11/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vickystar: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is chapter 22  :)

Chapter 22: Case Closed?

In the morning

while Jun is walking around the garden, he sees his aunt, Tamaki

“Aunt Tamaki” Jun calls

“Oh, hi Jun.” Tamaki waves Jun

“Where is Rena, aunty?” Jun asks

“That is what I want to ask you.” Tamaki said in surprise

“I thought you are with her. This morning she said that you tell your servant to call her to meet at the restaurant.” Jun said

“I didn’t order anyone to say that to her. I have an urgent business, so I left from early morning. However, I forget something, so I go back here to get that.” Tamaki said

“Not good” Jun worriedly said

“How long did she go out?” Tamaki said

“Not long, I have to go there now. I have a bad feeling about this.” Jun said and runs

“I should tell Atsuko’s group about this, and ask them to go there.” She thought and rush to Atsuko’s room

At the restaurant

In the room

Rena is sitting and waiting

“What took aunty so long?” Rena thought

“If I know it like this, I will call Yuki to go with me” she boringly thought

“Ah, I’m bore” Rena said

“How about I will accompany you?” the door opens and a man comes in

“Roy, how did you get here?” Rena stands up and shouts in surprise

“You thought that Tamaki invited you here, right?” Roy said and smirks

"You did that?" Rena said

“Yes, I tricked you. I knew that she will go out of town this early morning. Therefore no one will know that is a trick" Roy said and laughs

"What do you want?" Rena shouts and steps back.

"Nothing. I just come here to meet my wife to be" Roy said

"I'm not your wife. Jun will notice and come here to me" Rena said

"Let see about that. I will make Jun regret for going against me, and ruin all my work.” Roy angrily said

“Jun and the rest are looking for you. They will definitely catch you and punish all your sins.” Rena shouts

“Don’t be so sure about that.” He said and goes towards Rena

“What are you doing?” Rena shouts and steps back

“What do you think? Can you guess?" Roy said and smirks

He keeps walking toward her

"Don't come near me" Rena shouts

"Aww don't be like that honey." He said and raises his hand to touches Rena's face

"Take your filthy hand of me" Rena shouts and slaps his face

"Rena, since I step in here, I always try to be gentle to you. However, look like you don't appreciate my work. I will make you regret for what you had done to me. How dare you run away from my wedding proposal?” Roy shouts and keeps cornering  Rena

“I never love you. Why should I have to stay?” Rena shouts and steps back

Suddenly Roy takes Rena’s hands and pins her to the wall.

“I will make you regret for what you just said” Roy said

“Let go of me” Rena struggles


Jun runs as quickly as he could to the restaurant. He rushes to the waiter and asks

“Where is Rena?” Jun holds his shoulder and asks

“Master Jun,” The waiter calls

“Answer me quickly, where is Rena?” Jun shouts

“S..she is in room number 2.” the waiter said

Then Jun rushes to the room. When he is about to get there, he hears Rena’s voice.

“Let’s go of me.”

“Rena” Jun thought and rushes to the doors

He strongly kicks the door

“Rena” Jun shouts

He sees Rena’s hands are pinned to the wall by Roy while Roy is trying to kiss her

Jun rushes to Roy.

“Take your filthy hands off her. You bastard.” Jun shouts while taking him by his collar and strongly punches his face.

The punch makes Roy stumble and fall on the floor

“Jun” Rena calls him and runs to hugs him

“Rena” Jun hugs her back

Her body is shaking because of scare

“Jun, I’m scared” Rena shakily said

“It is ok now Rena. I’m here. No one can do anything to you.” Jun said and pats Rena’s back

Then he takes out his coat to wear for her. Taking the chance that Jun is still comforting Rena, Roy tries to escape once again. However when he gets to the door

“Not too soon buddy.” Yuu stands in front of him and smirks.

“You are such a low creature. You don’t have the right to call yourself a human.” Tamaki said

“All that time you still don’t regret about your action.” Yuki said

"Yuki can you take care of Rena for me" Jun said

"Ok," Yuki comes to Rena

Then Jun comes to Roy.

"You dare to touch Rena" Jun angrily said

He takes Roy's collar.

"You jerk" Jun shouts and punches his face.

Then he kicks his stomach. Roy kneels down and coughs.

"I will kill you" Jun shouts

Then he rushes to Roy again. He strongly kicks his face. He kicks him again and again

“You dare to make her cry. Go to hell” Jun shouts and kicks him at his face

He takes Roy’s collar and punches his face

"It is enough Jun" Minami said

"I'll make him pay for making Rena cry" Jun said

"Jun, I also want to kill him right now for what he had done. However he is not worthy for you to kill. Don't let your hand dirty with that man's filthy blood" Atsuko said

"Jun, I'm also ok now. Let him be punished by his sin" Rena gently said

“Let’s take him back to the Matsui clan for my grandpa. I bet that he will make him suffer a great deal” Atsuko said

"Ok, let's go Rena" Jun said and holds Rena's hand

Then they leave the restaurant.

In Matsui clan

"Throw him into the jail. This evening Taiki grandpa and Taka grandpa will punish him" Jun orders his servants

Then he pulls Rena with him to the backyard

"Rena, are you ok?" Jun looks at Rena and gently said

"I'm fine now Jun. Just a little scared" Rena said and smiles

"I'm sorry Rena. I should have follow you there" Jun said and tear rolling on his cheek

"I'm fine now Jun. Don't be sad. He couldn’t do anything to me" Rena said and wipes Jun's tear

"You were scared. I should go there smhm..."

Haven't let Jun finish his word, Rena leans and kisses his lips

"I'm really ok now Jun." Rena said and hugs Jun tightly

"Rena" Jun hugs back and buries his face on her neck.

In the forest

Atsuko and Minami walk hand in hand around the forest. Atsuko is silent walking beside Minami

"What are you thinking, Atsuko?" Minami asks

“Huh? Why did you ask, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“You are so quiet” Minami said

"I just think about last night." Atsuko said

"You mean the one who saved Roy?" Minami said

"Uh, her voice is familiar with Lightning. She said ''my mighty boss" does that mean Roy is the one behind all of this?" Atsuko said in wonder tone

"Uh, that is correct. However, if he is the boss, then our parent's case won't be any related" Minami said

"Uh, he is too young to do that." Atsuko said

"But, there is still one more person" Minami said

"Matsui Naku" Atsuko said

"Uh, that is him. Still, if he is the big boss, then Lightning should save him too right" Minami said

"Uh, that is the case" Atsuko said

"Anyway, let's wait until this evening, when our grandpas judge him" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nod

"Atsuko, looking at you, I can guess that there is still something in your mind other than that right?" Minami asks

"Uh, as expected for the only who understand me the most" Atsuko said and clings on Minami's arm

"It is Yuu, and his strange behavior this morning" Atsuko explains

"So you think and concern about Yuu all day long while walking with me" Minami said in sad tone

"Of course not. I of course always think about you and you only. Really. The way I think about you and him is different. Everyday, if I don't see you, I will miss you. It is just Yuu's behavior this morning really weird. He is my friend, so I worry. That is all." Atsuko hurriedly explains

"..." Minami stays silent

"Minami" Atsuko shakes his arms

“Hahaha, Atsuko, you really don’t know how to joke” Minami smiles and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“Minami, you are meanie.” Atsuko pouts

"You tricked me. You make me worry. I thought you mad at me. I hate you Minami" Atsuko said and walks away

"Wait" Minami holds Atsuko's hand and pulls her into his hug

“Sorry, my wife” Minami whispers in Atsuko’s ear

“Who is your wife?” Atsuko said and crosses her arms

"You. Maeda Atsuko is Takahashi Minami's wife" Minami said and kisses her lips

"Who said that?" Atsuko said

“This said that” Minami said and shows the necklace

Then he hugs Atsuko.

"Sorry Atsuko, I will not that that again" he said and buries his face on her neck

Atsuko hugs him back

"Let continue our walk, Minami" Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami nods

Suddenly Minami shouts in surprise

“Look this way Atsuko”

Atsuko immediately turns to look at Minami. Then she feels something soft touches her lips. Minami kisses her

“Hahaha, you are easy to get trick” Minami smiles

“Baka” Atsuko shouts in embarrassing

Suddenly, they hear someone laughs.

"Hahahaha, what a lovely couple" A black figure jumps down from the tree.

"Lightning" Atsuko and Minami shout

"Hello handsome." lightning said

"What do you want?" Minami stands in front of Atsuko and said

"I want to kill you two" Lightning said

"However, since I really want a handsome like this to be my servant, I will give you second chance" she continues and smirks

"Leave her and follow me. I will spare your life, Minami" Lightning said and winks

"Shut up ugly. I told you before right. I will never be your servant. Go back and dream about that." Minami shouts

"You..." Light shouts in anger but her word is cut by Minami

"By the way, don't call my name like that. Those words coming from your mouth feel disgusted. The only one can call my name like that is Atsuko" Minami said

"Go back now old hag" Minami said and laughs

"You, I will kill you. How dare you call me that?" Lightning shouts

"You all come here" Lightning shouts

Then a group of men in black appear. They kneel down before Lightning

"My wonderful, what can we do for you?" the leader said

"Kill that girl. Leave the man for me" Lightning orders

Then she bends down in front of the leader

"If you can kill her, I will fulfill your wish and give you a wonderful reward" she caresses his face down to his neck and seductively said

"Yes my queen. I will do everything for you" the leader said

Then they rush to Atsuko. Minami takes out his sword and fight them. Lightning jumps between them

"Your opponent is me" Lightning said to Minami

"Don't worry Minami. I will be fine. Those stupids cannot do anything to me. Do your best ok." Atsuko said and kisses on Minami cheek.

"Ok" Minami smiles and kisses her forehead

"Say your last word to each other. Today will be your dead date." Lightning said.

Then she and the men rush to them.

In Atsuko's side

The men surrounding Atsuko. Then they rush to her at the same time. Atsuko jumps out of the circle and kicks the leader by his head. Then she takes out her sword and blocks their attack. Then Atsuko turns and kicks the man behind her by his neck.

In Minami's side

Minami takes out his sword and blocks Lightning attack

"This time I will not take you slightly like that time. Prepare to die." Lightning smirks

"Let see about that" Minami said and pushes her back.

Lightning jumps up and raises her sword to slash Minami from above. Minami blocks her sword and strongly pushes her out. Then he rushes to her and kicks her face. Lightning uses her arms to block Minami kick. Minami turn around and use his other leg to kicks Lightning stomach. Lightning got kicked and steps back a few steps.

*Cough* *cough*

"Not bad" Lightning smirks.


Yuu walks silently toward the deeper part of the forest.


In the morning

When Yuu steps out of his room, he sees a small letter at his doorstep. He picks up and opens it.

“That man’s hand writing” Yuu thought

“Go into the deepest part in the west forest. I have something to ask you” is what was written in the letter

“How did he know me?” Yuu thought

“Anyway, I will go there and find out about that” Yuu thought

End flashback

"What do you want to see me?" Yuu said

There is a figure standing on the tree. He jumps down from it

"Thunder, what do you want from me?" Yuu coldly said

"Where did you get the haft part of this bracelet?" he takes out the other part of Yuu’s bracelet and asks

"How can you have that?" Yuu shouts and rushes to take it

Thunder steps back and then jumps up to dodge

"Who gave you?" Thunder asks again

"It is none of your business" Yuu shouts

Then he rushes to Thunder again. Thunder turns to the left to dodge and kicks Yuu's back. Yuu falls on the ground

"What is your relation with Yuko?" He asks

Yuu widens his eyes in surprise

“Who are you? How did you know my mother?” Yuu asks

“You are Yuko’s son” Thunder said in surprise

"Who give you permission to call my mother name?" Yuu stands up and rushes to Thunder

Thunder still stuns with what Yuu said. Yuu punches his face making him to fall on the ground. Thunder stands up and hold Yuu's arms

"Where is Yuko, now?" He asks

"I said don't call my mom like that. Who are you?" Yuu struggles and shouts

"Answer me" Thunder shouts

He looks directly at Yuu's eyes. Yuu is surprised with his eyes

"Who are you? How did you know my mother?" Yuu asks

“Answer me, where is Yuko?” Thunder shouts louder

"She died when I was four" Yuu said

Thunder loses his grip in Yuu's arms

"She died" he whispers with shaky voice

“Why did she die?” Thunder asks while holding Yuu’s shoulders

“She died because of waiting. She waiting for the man that left her when they just married half year. He left and never come back” Yuu shouts in tear

“That man didn’t even know that his wife is pregnant at that time.” Yuu continues

Thunder steps back

“She was pregnant at that time.” Thunder thought

Then he looks at Yuu

"What is your name?" Thunder asks

"It is none of your business." Yuu raise his voice.

“Answer me, What is your name?” Thunder shouts

“Oshima Yuu” Yuu said

“Oshima Yuu.” Thunder thought


There are a couple is sitting at the shore and looks at the sunset. Their hands are entwined with each others. The girl rests her head on the man shoulder.

“Yuji, in the future what do you want to name our children” The girl asks

“Why did you ask so sudden, Yuko?” Yuji asks

“I’m just wondering” Yuko said

“Uhm...if the child is a boy, I want to name our son is Yuu.” Yuji said

“Why?” Yuko looks at him and said

“Because, in kanji, our names share the same word “Yuu” It shows that he is our son, our love.” Yuji said

“Also I want him to grow up and be a gentle person like you” he continues

“That is a great name Yuji. I love that” Yuko said

End flashback

“Yuu is my son” Thunder thought

“Yuu” Thunder calls and touches Yuu’s face

Yuu slaps his hand and said

“Who are you?” Yuu asks the question once again

“...” Thunder is silent

“I ask who are you?” Yuu shouts

“...” Thunder still stays silent and looks down

“Why did you keep silent? Afraid to say that name to me? Oshima Yuji” Yuu shouts in anger tone

Thunder widens his eyes in surprise.

“So, it is really you. I knew that since the time I picked up a letter from Minoru’s hide out. That is your handwriting. I saw once when I was a kid.” Yuu said and laughs

“You are that unfaithful man.” Yuu said and pushes him away

“Yuu, you don’t understand” Thunder said

“Understand what? Do you know how my mom suffered for all those year. People in town laugh at her. Relatives ignored her. Your family kicked us out of the house. We have to live an isolated life. She had to work everyday until dark. Then she died because of overwork” Yuu takes thunder’s collar and shouts

“Yuu, forgive me. Father didn’t know about that” Thunder said

“Don’t call my name, and don’t you dare to say that word to me. I have no father. My only family is my mother. My father was already dead before I was born” Yuu shouts

“I swore before my mother’s grave that I will kill that man when I meet him.” Yuu continues

He rushes to Thunder and bunches his face. Thunder stumbles and falls on the ground. Yuu bends down and holds Thunder’s collar.

“Do you know how hard she had to face?” Yuu shouts

He keeps bunching Thunder face until his hand sore and blood run down from Thunder’s mouth. Yuu’s tear is falling non stop. He loosens his grip on Thunder’s collar

“She loves you very much. Even though you left her without an explanation, she still told me good story about you. She said ‘don’t hate your father. He always has a good reason for his work’.” Yuu said

“When I saw the letter with your handwriting on it, and the person who wrote it is Thunder. The letter is about delivery people to sell. After that, I heard the name Thunder is the one who works for those human traders. I hope that I was wrong about your handwriting.” Yuu continues

“Somehow, inside me, I still hope that you was one of the victim of those pirate. You was dead when you were on your way back to us. I don’t want my mother to be sad because the man she always trust is a good man is actually a criminal. So tell me what is the so good reason that made you leave her alone without a word” Yuu said

Thunder stays silent

“Don’t stay silent. Say something. Defend yourselves. Or your only reason of leaving her is to work with criminal like this.” Yuu said and punches Thunder once again

Thunder takes Yuu’s hand and stands up.

“I also love Yuko more than anything. One day you will understand my action.” Thunder said

“And that day is not so far.” He continues

“What do you mean?” Yuu asks

"When the time come, you will know." thunder said

"Listen to me. Never judge something by its look. Look deep inside it. At that time, you will know what to do” Thunder continues

“Why should I listen to you?” Yuu said

“Stop being stubborn and listen to me. Think about your mother and listen to me” Thunder said

“Here. This is haft part of the bracelet. Keep it careful.” Thunder gives Yuu back the box contains other half bracelet

Thunder jumps on a tree branch. Then he jumps into the forest. Yuu stands there and hold his fists tight.

“What is your so good reason that make you left my mother like that” Yuu thought

Then he walks back to Matsui clan.

On his way

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls him

“I’m looking for you everywhere” Haruna runs to him and said

Suddenly Yuu rushes to her. Then he hugs her tightly, and buries his head on her neck

“Yuu” Haruna calls him softly

“Sorry Haruna. Can we stay like this for a while?” Yuu said with shaky voice

“Uhm” Haruna said and hugs him tightly

Yuu hugs Haruna and cries silently on Haruna’s shoulder

“Yuu, what happened to you?” Haruna thought and tighten her hugs

“Haruna, please don’t leave me. I only have you in my life.” Yuu said sincerely

“Baka, I told you before right. I’m your family, and you are my family. I will never leave you no matter what. We will be together forever.” Haruna gently said

“Thank you Haruna. Thank you” Yuu said

After awhile Yuu breaks the hugs.

“Thank you Haruna” Yuu said

“Anytime Yuu. You don’t have to say that to me” Haruna said and kisses his cheek

“Are you ok now?” Haruna worriedly asks him

“I’m fine now. Thank you Haruna” Yuu said and pecks on Haruna’s lips

“Everyone is looking for you. Let’s get back now Yuuchan” Haruna said and holds Yuu’s hand

“Uh, let’s go Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and pulls her with him

Back in Minami's side

Minami fight Lightning from tree to tree. Lightning jumps behind Minami and kicks his back. He bends down and dodges it. He getting far and far away Atsuko's place.

“Give up already. Your boss was captured by us.” Minami said

“Not a chance. I will save him for-sure. However, firstly, I have to complete the mission that my mighty boss gave me” Lightning said

Lightning rushes to Minami once again. She point her sword toward him. He uses his sword to block the sword. Sudden Lightning jumps up to a branch of a tree.

"Do you know why I named myself Lightning?" Lightning said

"It is none of my business" Minami said

"Because I'm fast. Now, I will go and finish my task. Say goodbye to your lovely little girlfriend" Lightning said and throws a smoke bomb to Minami.

The she rushes back to Atsuko's place

"This is bad. She tricked me" Minami thought.

He tries to get out of the smoke.

In Atsuko's side

Atsuko is still fighting with some of the men left. In the tree far away from her. Lightning is standing there.

"I will not miss this time" Lightning thought and raises the bow at Atsuko

"Bye Bye captain" Lightning said

Then she shoots the arrow. Feeling something strange, Atsuko turns back. However, when Atsuko turns back the arrow is already flying toward her. Because it is too sudden, she is unable to do anything.

"Atsuko" Minami shouts

Suddenly, another arrow is flying toward and hits the arrow that is about to hit Atsuko. It changes the direction of Lightning's arrow.

"Who is that?" Lightning shouts

Follow that is a long silent.

"Maeda Atsuko, this time is your luck. You are able to escape the dead two times. I promise you that next time, my arrow will pierce in your heart. Mark my word." Lightning shouts and

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami rushes to her and worriedly asks

"I'm ok, Minami. Someone shoots the arrow to save me" Atsuko said

"Thank goodness" Minami hugs Atsuko and said

"Who is the one just saved my life?" Atsuko thought

"Atsuko, let's go back the Matsui clan now" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nods

Then she picks Lightning's arrow and go back to the clan

In Matsui clan

When they get to the gate, Yuki hurriedly rushes to them

"Atsuko-nee, Takamina, we are looking for you everywhere." Yuki said while catching her breath

Atsuko and Minami look at each other with confused look

“Grandpa and Taka grandpa are waiting for you two in the meeting room” Yuki said

"What happened, Yuki?" Atsuko asks

"Roy...Roy...Roy was killed" Yuki said

"What? How can that happened?" Minami asks in surprise

“He was shot” Yuki said

“How can that be? Isn’t he is their boss?” Atsuko thought

Suddenly Atsuko remembers something

“How about Matsui Naku” she asks

“He is fine. After discovering Roy’s dead, Taka grandpa immediately ordered his guards to check on him.” Yuki said

“That is good” Minami said

“Where is everyone?” Atsuko asks

"Nyan Nyan went to look for Yuu. Mariko and Mii go around the house to ask the servants. Jun, Rena, Mayu is at the jaij to check on Roy’s body" Yuki said

“Yuu?” Atsuko thought

"Yuki, can you go to the meeting room and tell grandpa and Taiki grandpa that we will go there later. We will go to the jail first” Minami said

“Ok” Yuki said and leaves

“Let's go check on the jail, Atsuko" Minami said

In the jail

Minami bends down to look at the dead body. Mayu is checking the body

“One shot at heart.” Mayu said

“Impressive. Just through the window, they can shoot accurate like this.” He continues

“This arrow is the same with the one in the island” Jun said

“Lighting and Thunder again” Rena said

“That is Lightning” Atsuko speaks up

Everyone looks at her

“This is the arrow which shot me moment ago” Atsuko said and takes out the arrow

“That is weird” Atsuko thought

“Then, let’s go back to the house and talk about this” Minami said

Then they all go back to the meeting room in the house

In the meeting room

Rena, Jun, Mayu, Minami, and Atsuko walk in

“Atsu, Takamina you two are back” Taiki said

"Gran papa ,Taka grandpa" Atsuko greets them

"Grandpa, Taiki grandpa" Minami greets them

“Where is Mii and Mariko?” Atsuko asks

“Also Yuu and Nyan Nyan, too?” Minami adds

“Mii and Mariko haven’t came back yet.” Yuki said

Then Yuu and Haruna are back

“Hi Yuu, Nyan Nyan, where have you been?” Jun said

“Hi guys” Haruna said

“We just walk around the forest” Haruna continues

Yuu just stays silent. Atsuko notices that

“What’s wrong Yuu? You are strangely silent today” she asks

Yuu looks at Atsuko

“I’m fine. I just don’t feel very well” Yuu said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Hi guys we are back” Mii said

“What did you get Mariko, Mii?” Minami asks

“We went around the house and talked with almost all the servant in the house. All of them said that they didn’t see anything suspicious.” Mariko said
“I see." Atsuko thought

“How is Roy, Atsu?” Taiki asks

“He was shot by an arrow and died.” Atsuko said

“Seem like he is not the one behind this. Someone wants to shut him up” Minam said

“I see, I will order more people to investigate about that” Taiki said


That is chapter 22. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D

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I had a hunch that Thunder was Yuu's father and I guess that I was right! Their past is kinda sad though...   :mon waterworks:

And I wonder what Thunder's words that he said to Yuu meant

But wait... Roy isn't the mastermind then? I wonder who it is then... :mon huh:

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sorry for not commenting the past chapters  :cry: :cry:
let me comment on this one then!
nice update! the story is getting complicated!
Can't wait for the next update!

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