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Author Topic: S2 This Is My Life's Dorama - chapter 10 (WMatsui) 19/03/2016  (Read 120881 times)

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Matsui Jun was an honor student that is very popular among girls,
but that suddenly changed when he lost both of his parents in an accident.
His grandfather, Matsui Tomonobu,appears in front of him and demands he be the successor to his famed family
which has influence over the entirety of Japan's economy.

An aristocratic life begins for him that he’s only heard about in stories.
A gorgeous house, outstanding servants.
And life at the richest school in Japan, “St George Academy.”
Everything is different from before and he is still a little bit  troubled with his daily life.

What kind of new life he would experience from now on ?
Hmm,this is  my first fanfic so i don't know what will happen
and sorry for the grammar mistakes,mispellings,and the schort prologue
OH,i got the idea from a novel btw OwO
Please give me some critics,then byeeee X3
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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Prologue
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Welcome.. author-san.. :welcome
Wow I can't wait for Jun's school life..  :twothumbs
From the prologue I know this fic will full of drama.. :w00t:
Please update the first chapter soon.. :thumbsup

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Prologue
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Hii,  :welcome

Since Jun is in a rich school I wonder if the other 5 will be rich as well  :theking
And since Jun is a guy, I'm wondering if you're going to make 2 more guys for the other pairings (pls dont make Yuko a guy, she's cute has a squirrel   :oops: )

I look forward for ur next update!  :fap

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Prologue
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@ Raizelcchi arigatou~~~~^^
@ takagil,I'll consider it ^^

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Prologue
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Yeaaay.. I cant wait ...!!!!

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Prologue
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Update soonnnn XD

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Prologue
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Can't wait for chapter 1
Please update author-san  :bow:
~WMATSUI forever~

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Jun's POV

What are you going to do if something like that happened to you Jun ?,my dad's word echoed in my mind as i saw a girl inside a carriage being chased by a car,i close my eyes thhinking what will I will do about it.


I wake up and do my usual routine,my life is normal,my parents cared for me,i got many friends,my grades are good even i became a honor student,but one thing that never leaves my mind,why i have a different last name with my mother,why  i don't have any relatives from my father,and why my mother's familiy seems to hate me ?,I mean yeah well  whatever i don't care about it,and i eat ,my breakfast with my family,as i eat my breakfast i saw the news and It’s about the recent accident,well but the targeted ones are the rich ones it doesn’t concerned me
“Recently,there’s many accidents like this,doesn’t it darling ?” my mom ask to my dad while covering her mouth with her hand
“It doesn’t matter mom,only the rich ones are targeted anyway” i shrugged her off,and they frowned
“Jun,What if,what if me and your mom got into something like that ?”
“Hm...,Well,I’ll deal with it somehow” i grinned,and they smiled
“Yabai....,I’m going to be late,ittekimasu” i quickly take my bag,and wear my shoes as i exit my house

“Itterashiai” my mom waved to me,i head to the garage secretly and take my father’s motor bike,and my mother found out so i have to,walk to school shit. I turn back and saw my mom and a=dad waved to me,i never thought it was the last time i saw them,right at the fifth period,the teacher called me and i was informed that my parents died,so yeah that is,even at their funeral my relatives doesn’t even bother to come,and suddenly a man come down from a limousine and come to me his name is Matsui Tomonobu and claimed to be my grandfather ,he told me that he would take care of me,and  so i accept it

Back to now

“I’m...” i  ran down the hill to get my motorbike,and i chase them
“Miss,I’ll help you so calm down okay” i said to the so-pale-looking girl inside carriage,and she simply nodded,i jump to the jeep car,and i wonder why the butler doesn’t do anything about her,as i jumped to the car a guy swing a bat to my feet,thanks to my feet i dodged it and kick his head,”one down three to go” as i said that i knock down the next guy the next three guys were down ,but i forgot about the driver and  he threw a knife at me,and shit  i close my eyes waiting for getting stabbed,but the butler take it and beat the guy instead,OMG,the carriage fell down to the cliff,i forgot ,that we are on a cliff,so i jumped down and hug the girl,i fell to the ground hard and passed out

Timeskip 3 hours passed

I wake up finding a girl sleeping in my arms,.man she's damn beautiful,but why is her skin is so pale ?,is she sick or something ?,and she woke up
"Kyaaaa,who are you ?!,achoo" wow,she got mood swings,and she's freezing probably because of her clothes are torned so i take off my jacket and give it to her,"ah,arigatou" she blushed,"BTW,my name is Matsui Jun,yours ?" i helped her up
"My name is Kashiwagi Rena,thanks for saving me Matsui-kun" she smiled,and at time i forgot how to breath,i have many girlfriends but this is the first time i felt something like this
"No,It's fine,because we have to help peoples who are in trouble right ?" i use my cat-likre smile,and her face is as red as a tomato
"Kashiwagi-san are you alright ?,your face is red" i ask in concern
'No I'm fine"she smiled stiffly ,and her feet is injured so i torn my shirt's sleeve as her emergency bandage,and i carry her bride-style so she don't have to walk
"Matsui-san,you don't have to do that you know,i could walky by myself"she said as i walk
"No,I can't led a lady walk especially when she's injured" and there's a super silence until we walked,and we arrived at the main street,she thanked me and left
"Yabai...,I'm so freaking late" i said as i drive my almost-broken motorcycle to Tomonobu-san's office

Normal POV

"He got some guts to make me Matsui Tomonobu wait,as i expected from my Grandson" a man in his 60's smirked at his office
"Like what i said,Matsui Tomonobu called me here !" jun said to the guards
"Well,you're throwing some great names there" Guard a said
"I'm serious" Jun tried to break trough the guards
"Behave yourself"guard be pull his hand
"Hey,It's true,i said,i have the prove" jun start to search for his phone in his pocket,ah i forgot it's in my jacket that i gave that girl
"where is it ?,I'll call the police"guard C left
"hey I-"
"Halt !" Tomonobu called
"Tomonobu-sama !" a guard looks surprised and they all bowed to Tomonobu
"That kid is my grand son,release him now !" he glared
"Tomonobu-sama's grand child ?!" and guard b collapsed
"Jun follow me" Tomonobu enter the elevator with jun
"Tomonobu-san,sorry I'm late" Jun smiled bitterly
"Why don't you call me grandfather ?" Tomonobu's expression softened
"Ojii-sama ?" he grinned ear to ear
"You are rteally your mother's son" he sighed as they stepped out from the elevator
"It's true isn't it ?,thst my psrents didn't die in a accident" Jun said
"Yes,so what will you do if you find the culprit ?" Tomonobu asked
"Revenge of course" he looked away
"And then ?,you will get the next revenge,How could you live in pain like that ?" tomonobu turn back at jun
"Aren't you sad that your daughter died ?" Jun looked at tomonobu
"But i have you now,I have no one but you" Tomonobu simply answered  and left Jun couldn't say anymore
"ano.. you will ttend a party,everyone will be surprised if you look like that" a maid say to me
"oh okay" Jun followed the maid and he take a bath then change his clothes in a hotel room,cuz apparently the author forgot to mention that the next 3 building is the company's building too

Jun's POV

I arrived at the ballrom and people were happily chatting,and suddenly the lights were turned off and ojii-sama were shined with the spotlight
"To my dear guests,and officials who supported Matsui group,I apologize for the long wait,let me introduced you to someone"and suddenly the spotlight shined on me to,and all eyes were on me too,luckily i could maintain my nervousness due at my old school,where girls treat me like I'm some kind of...better not say anything
"This is my Long lost Grandson and the heir of Matsui group Matsui Jun" what ?! HEIR ?! i don't know about this,and everyone started to whisper each other
"Wait ?!,i didn't heard about this !",and so my hell began
"Jun-kun,you really look like your Grand father" a grossing man said
"Thank you" i smiled in return trying to be polite
"Shall i introduce you to my daughter ?" a random guy a said,well no thanks i had enough girlfriends already
"No thanks,i had a girlfriend already" i politely reject him while i use my intimidating aura,and all random people try to introduce their childs
"excuse me,but I think he feels intimidated by surrounded like this" a man in his 40's said and all the random people back off
"how pathetic they are,they're trying to get near Tomonobu-san trough you" the man earlier
"yeah,it's like they're expecting me to die faster" i sighed
"Ah,i haven't introduced myself,My name is Kashiwagi Ken,Nice to meet you Jun-kun" Kashiwagi ?!
"Yeah,Nice to meet you too Kashiwagi-san"
"May i introduce you to my daughters ?" since he looks so kind and probably i could meet that girl again so okay
"Ah,hai" i smiled
"Yuki,come here" Yuki ?,but that girl said that her name was Rena
"My name is Kashiwagi Yuki,Nice to meet you otouto" OTOUTO ?! *otouto means little brother
"nice to meet you too" i shake her hand
"Where's Rena ?" oh she ran off somewhere,ah there's mayuyu,let me introduce him to you" she pulled my hand trough the crowds
"Kirin what are you doing ?,so pity of that guy"
"Oh shut up you sexual harasser squirrel" she rolled her eyes
"He,It's SKINSHIP not sexual harassment,oh My name is Oshima Yuu,nice to meet you Jun"
"My name's watanabe Mayu"
"Kojima Haruna" a tall girl raised her hand
"Yamamoto Sai,and she's Watanabe Miyuki" the guy oversized chin point at the girl besides him
"NIce to meet you guys,And those random people wouldn't let me rest they always bothered me,luckily there's people who is around my age" i sighed
"Well for now lets take a seat" Yuu said and i sit next to the window and across me is sai
"Hey,is that a french bread" i point at his chin,and yuki's friends laughed
"It's my chin" sai sighed
"Hey,do you have any girlfriend ?" Mayu asked me
"Yeah,I have a lot of them,but i don't love any of them" i answer
"Better end those or someone will kill you" sai sweatdropped
"Well i think that we're off already,because i lost my phone earlier"
"Hey,do you ever fall in love ?" yuu asked me with a goofy grin
"Yeah, i think ?" and i stared at the window and saw a park near here as i look closer there's that girl earlier and she's in trouble
"OMG,i think i found my love" i ran towards the exit and i think they were chasing me too
An update guys,and takagil-san I'm sorry for making yuko a guy m(-__-)m
reviews please OwO
Thanks for reading this crappy fic mT^Tm
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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Wmatsui .. Wmatsui .. Wmatsui
Please continue author-san ...

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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I like it! :cow:
The playboy Jun fell in love at first sight to Rena. :cat happy:
What can be better than that??
Update soon, author-san. :bow:

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Jun is so cool.. He smart, strong, and a badass that ride a motorbike.. :w00t:
Hope he can save Rena again and make her fall for him.. :inlove:
Thanks for update.. :twothumbs

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Should i make rena a bit naughty here ?

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Yes please...  :inlove: :inlove:
It will make Jun to not become a playboy again.. :lol:

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Ok,I will~~~~  :grin:

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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Add Furuyanagi plssss

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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I'll try

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 1
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I can't wait to see for rena a bit naughty  :cathappy:
~WMATSUI forever~

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Jun's POV

I finally reached the park finding her bothered by some thugs,i punched the guy that tried to touch Rena as hard as i could
"Don't ever you try to touch her with your filthy hands" i grab thug a's collar,and the other thugs tried to punch then the other thugs tried to punch me
"You little" thug b tried to punch rena but i cover her so he hit my face instead
"You B*TCH,you'll pay for this !" i hit him again again again,rena told me to stop but i can't
"JUN STOP IT !,HE ALREADY SUFFERED ENOUGH !!!" Yuu,Sai and Mayu pull me back to prevent me to hurt him further
"Yuu,Sai,Mayu release me now !" i tried to break free,and sh*t that guy ran off
"Could you please stop giving me headache Jun ?" Suddenly grandpa approached me
"But he's the one that started the fight ojii-sama" i said as i sit on a bench besides rena
"What did he do brat ?" ojii-sama raised his left eyebrow
"Well,he bothered Kashiwagi-san so i" Sai smirked at my statement

"Hoo,so how did you two met ?,i presumed you guys met before am i wrong ?"mayu said
"she's the one that made me late earlier,and what i told you about your injured feet Kashiwagi-san ?"
"I can't stand crowds so i snucked out" she pouted
"Aren't you cold ?" i ask with concern,because she is trembling
"Yeah a little" she smiled weakly
"fuh...,you really have to be taken care like a  baby not a boss" i chuckled and put my blazer on her
"Arigatou Matsui-san" she blushed
"Awawawawaw young love,So how about it ken ?" ojii-sama asked to Yuki's father
"Yeah i think i could agree to it,so Rena,Jun from now on you guys are officially fiancee"
"Ha ?!" that was  the only word i can say while rena frozed like a statue
"well,let's leave the lovebirds give them some privacy,I will be waiting in my office Jun,don't take to long" Ojii-sama smirked and left with the rest of the group.

"That was,weird isn't it Matsui-san" rena laughed lightly
"Why don't call me Jun like everyone else ?" i looked away blushing
"And call me Rena in return" her face is red too
"okay then Rena-chan" i use my cat smile attack
"Oh,let's get back for now,It's dark already,It's not good for ladies" I carry her bride-style to her wheel-chair
"Jun,I could walk by myself"she pouted
"Nope" i simply answered as i push her wheelchair towards the building

Mini-time-skip at the car

"So i'm going to live with you ojii-sama ?" i asked him
"No,I'm building a house for you now it's going to be done next month so with the time being you are going to live in an apartement"
"Alone right ?" i aked hopefully
"with one butler to make sure that you live properly" he sighed
"yayy,arigatou ojii-sama" i cheered
"I've moved your things there,and you will be attending school tomorrow"
"okay" i answered simply
"Your room is in 148-158'th floor" he looked at me
"Number ?" i ruffled my hair
"The whole floors is yours"
"HUH ?!",and we arrived i head immidiately to the 148 floor and found my new butler Sebastian Michaelis told me that my room is i don't know,i changed my clothes immediately,and doze off to sleep.

Timeskip Morning

"Goshujin-sama It's morning please wake up,you need to go to school today" someone wakes me up *goshujin is master
"5 more minuets,I hate school fangirls are crazy " i shrugged him off
"you said the same thing 15 minuets ago,so please wake up now"
"........." i didn't say anything
"Goshujin-sama,Rena-ojou-sama came to visit you" i guess it's sebastian who wakes me up
"HUH ?!,RENA ?!,WHERE IS SHE RIGHT NOW,IMMA TAKE A FLASH SHAWAH" i ran to the shower as fast as i can and changed into my uniform,after that i rushed to 148'th floor since my room is at 150'th floor that became my whole room,i run to the living room finding sebastian chuckling
"Sebastian,YOU TRICKED ME ?!" my face was red from anger and embarassment
"My deepest apology goshujin-sama,Master told me to do that if you doesn't woke up

"Ano ossan..." i clenched my fists *ossan is oldman LOL
"For now let's have breakfast Goshujin-sama" he bow to me
"And call me Jun not goshujin-sama,it's a bit bothering for me" i said as i sit on the dining chair
"Then is Jun-sama fine for you ?"
"Well,it's fine i guess" i smiled bitterly i ate my breakfast and head to the door
"Oh,sebby you will be attending school to am i wrong ?" i ask
"Hai,Jun-sama the school require that the students have to bring his/her butler/maid to school"
"why aren't you wearing an uniform ?" i sweatdropped
"Because we're not students Jun-sama,And please wear your waistcoat and necktie"
"I hate waistcoat,it's suffocating me,i guess the necktie is fine" i sighed and wear the necktie,as messy as i could
"Jun-sama please button your shirt properly" he said again and that's making me irritated

If you guys are wondering how the uniform looks like it's like this:

and how jun wears it :

"No thanks i hate formal things" i get in to the elevator
"Sebby-chan,why should i wear a limo to school,can i ride a motor bike ?"
"Nope,we can't risk your health like that,what will you do if the motorcycle fell down ?" he smiled creepily
"Limo can crash" i stick out my tongue
"Hai,hai then please prepare a motorcycle for Bocchan" he said to a bodyguard
"Yeayyy,arigato sebby-chan,but nevermind i'll go with limo" i said that immediately when i see a troop of bodyguards around my new bike,and i enter the limo sulking,and sebby was chuckling
"I just can't win against you huh sebby ?" *sigh* i looked at the window
"Yes,it is we've arrived Jun-sama" he opened the door for me,and i get down getting stares from the students,and screams from the girls
"Kyaaahhhh,he's so handsome" random girl a squealed
"I want to marry him !!!!!" random girl b squealed,and the girls starting to chase me
"YOU LIED TO ME AGAIN SEBBY,YOU SAID THIS SCHOOL HAD NO FANGIRLS ?!!?!?!?!?!" i ran to random direction and finally lost them
"looks like i finally lost them" i sighed as i walk in a place that seems to be this school's cafeteria,and i accidentaly bumped to someone
"Ittaiii !!!" i hold my sore forehead
"Ittai..." i heard a familiar voice
"Haruna ?" i quickly helped her up

"Ah,Jun what are you doing here ?" she ask with an airheaded expression
"I'm transferring here of course" i use my lady killer cat-smile
"Oh,otouto you're here" of course yuki's the one who said it
"Could you please stop with that otouto ?,it's still to fast i just met Rena yesterday" i sweatdropped
"Oh btw this is your phone,i got it from rena yesterday,and i've told all of your girlfriends that you were off with them" she throwed me my phone
"Whadda heck ?!,YOU TOLD THEM WHAT ?!" i quickly checked my phone but someone throw it and it landed someweher
"Hey,that's my- Rena-chan ?!" i use my scared puppy version
"What do you want playbboy-san ?" she glared at me
"N-nothing ma'am" i froze instantly
"Jun-sama so here you are,don't ran off like that" sebby panted
"Oh,sebby i have to run away if not probably those girls will go crazy"
"Oh ?,who are  those girls Jun ?" rena pinched my puppy ear
"I don't know ma'am,when i enter the school building they suddenly chase me like a mad man,ouch ittai yo rena-chan~"

"Jun-sama we have to greet the headmasters,since Master Tomonobu donate a very big amount of money to this school" sebby drag me
"Then please excuse us" sebastian add as he bowed and continued to drag me,after that we greet the headmaster and the staff and they gave the same aura like the random people last night,and it's creeping me off,i never heard a teacher calls their student with SAMA ?!
"My name is Matsui Jun nice to meet you guys" i add my sentence with my lady-killer cat smile,which caused the girls to blushed
"Do you have a girlfriend Matsui-sama ?" classmate a asked me
"No i don't And please call me by my first name everyone"i said as i sit on my desk,as an ex-honor student i could say this school hava quite hard lessons for ordinary student,since i'm smart i could say it's easy,and here rena is glaring at me it feels so suffocating,luckily yuki's gang is with me except mayu,and yuki herself,so we eat lunch together,we talked a lot of things,and we decided to hang out after school together

Timeskip afterschool

I'm waiting for rena on the school's parking area i don't know how ojii-sama sent me this car,yattaa sebby and ojii-sama gave the permission to drive my own car/bike,and here I'm beside my brand new red Veneno Roadster and here i thought it's limited edition and it's not producted anymore,i don't know just how powerful is Ojii-sama,i understand now why my parents says something like that
"woahh man good Lamborghini you have there,I've always wanted this car but it's not producted again,where did you buy it ?"
"Oh,yuu,i dunno,rather i don't wanna know" i answer him truthfully
"Well,if i were you i rather keep it a secret too,ah there's everyone,let's meet up at Ginza okay" yuu winked at me,heck rich brats,shopping at ginza o,o
"Did you wait long Jun ?' rena tried to catch her beath because she ran here earlier
"Geez,you don't have to run I just came too anyway" i smiled at her as i open the car's door for her
"Geez,so a playboy could be a gentleman sometimes"
"Playboys are gentle French bread" i rolled my eyes and take a seat on the driver's seat,i turned the engine on and started driving
"Jun..." Rena suddenly speak,breaking the silence between the two of us
"Nani Rena-chan ?" i replied at her question still putting my concentration on the road

"About your phone earlier,gomenne..." she kissed my cheek,and Milky take a picture of rena kissing my cheek,yeah i should have pick a car that had a roof shit
"Oh shut up giraffe,and since when you guys are behind me ?!" i rolled my eyes
"Oh,Jun here,sebastian-san said that you forgot this" she hand me a wallet,i presumed it's the new one for me
"Oh,arigatou rena sorry for making a trouble" i took the wallet and put it inside my pant's pocket,and there's a silent between us
"Rena-chan we've arrived" i quickly get down and open the door for her
"Rena,milky,nyan2 hide !!!,papparazi are here !!!" as i heard yuki's sentence i quickly take my hoodie inside the car and use it to cover rena,and the rest of the gang run with us.

"fyuhhh,finally we lost them",and now I'm alone in this oversized shopping district,aah~,the girls are staring at me again,I'm starting to wander off don't know where to go,and i don't have a phone now,ah i checked my wallet what's inside,and here there's my student ID,an unknown ID,and a overflowing money here,a platinum credit cards from various banks,a platinum card that had Matsui name on it,hmmm for now i'll buy a phone i really need it now,so i took a map and head to the Apple store in this district since there's a message that i could buy whatever i want,so i bought an grey Iphone 6 plus,white Ipad air 3,Ipod and whatever,with the cases and accecories,and i buy beats black-gold V-moda headphone,beats pill safari,and i realized that sebastian is tailing me,so i called him out,"Sebby-chan,come out I knew you're there",and he come out
"it seems that i failed tailing you Jun-sama" he smiled
"Here,bring my stuffs,and  put your number,ojii-sama's,gori-san's,and yuki's gang number there" i give him my phone and stuffs but not my headphone and iPod lol,and in a matter of seconds he gave my phone back with the complete set of number
"I've put all of the numbers that you need,including a the driver's number"
"good,now i have to search rena" i called her
"Jun-sama,why there are some girl's clothings,and shoes,is it for rena-ojousama ?" i shusshh him in embarassement
*on the phone*
"Moshi-Moshi,Dare desuka ?" (hello,who is this ?),her voice sounds like she's about to cry
"Rena-chan ?,it's me jun where are you ?"
"J-jun,k-kowaii you" (Jun,i'm afraid) hearing that i cut the line off

"Sebastian,tell all of the guards and gori-san to find Rena NOW" i quickly ordered him and i ran off to search her
"Yes,my lord" he bowed to me before he ran off somewhere,minuets by minuets i ran around the shopping district,and a troop of guards are searching for rena,finally i found her,scared alone behind a building,i ran as fast as i can to her and hug her immediately
"Rena-chan,it's fine don't cry again,I'm here" i caress her back to soothe rena
"Jun...,gomenne i lost your hoodie" she sobbed,so that's why she cried ?!,because she lost my hoodie ?!,OMG i facepalmed
"Rena-chan,it's fine it's a cheap hoodie anyway,i could buy a thousand of it" that's what i said but inside my heart i was screaming and crying in agony,that hoodie is worth my saving for 6 MONTHS,6 MONTHS OMG,but since Ojii-sama is rich,i could replace it one way or another

"Hontou ?" (really ?) she ask with an angel-like face
"un,it''s fine" i nod,my hoodie... TvT
"arigatou,jun" she kissed my lips,and i replied to her kiss,the kiss get more and more intense as i slip my tongue to her mouth,and our tongue fight for dominance which i won,and she broke the kiss lacking of air,i smirked
"Rena-chan,i dunno you were this bold" she blushed at my statement,and i got a call that everyone is at starbucks,they told us to go there,and heck how could Mayu-san knew my number ?
"It was my first kiss,so you better take responsibillity" she blushed,and i interwined our fingers,and at the way i saw her looking at a shop,i guess she wanted to go there,so i called Sai to tell everyone that I'm on a date with rena
"You want to go there ?" i asked her and chuckled
"Un" she nodded shyly,and we entered the shop,and i just realized that this shop is for girls,shit everyone is stariing at us,more specifically at me,and whipering something like,he's a ikemen,dang he's with her girlfriend,lol
"Jun,how does this look ?" she showed me a necklace

"I think it suits you very well rena" she blushed in embarassement,totaly different from the one that kissed me earlier,as i follow her aroung the shop i found a good phone strap for the two of us,It's a 4 leafed strap designed for couples
here is how it looks :
and after a few moments later we head to the cashier and i pay for it being a good fiancee hohoho
i gave her the gold one and i choose the black one for myself,and it's getting dark i should take her home,but dinner first,so we ate dinner in a cafe
"Rena-chan,let me take you home" i said
"Eh,you don't have too,i could call oniisama to pick me up"
"Nope,i insist" i open my car's door,letting her in" and i drive her home,but there's no one who opens the gate,and i got a mail from yuki that she's putting rena in my care tonight,WHAT KIND OF IRRESPONSIBLE SISTER IS SHE ?!
Lol,so what's going to happen at rena's sleepover hohoho~
sorry for the grammar mistakes and misspelings,lol
oh and reviews please

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Re: This Is My Life's Dorama (WMatsui,MaYuki,Kojiyuu,etc) Chapter 2
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Ano ojii-san has spoiled jun too much. :panic:
But i think everyone loves the spoiled jun.
Thx for update. :bow:
Keep it up. :cow:

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