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Author Topic: To Love, To Protect, To Forget (19/02/15) Prolouge yuiparu Sayamilky others  (Read 1721 times)

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To Love, To Protect, To Forget

She wasn’t proud no she was far from it but she had to do this. She had to hurt her. She had to protect her love no matter what. Even if that meant hurting herself in the process. Her love wasn’t helpless if she was then she wouldn’t hold the top seat as Rappapa’s leader. However even with this high position the girl never seemed to understand just what she held who stood beside her nor what would come with her lack of leadership.

That’s why Otabe stood there in front of Gekioko. In front of their rival school. She didn’t want more bloodshed and with the current situation with the transfer student she couldn’t let anything happen unnecessarily. Even the smallest thing could cause Salt to loose and with rumours buzzing around she had to know if it was true. If Antonio was truly aiming for them.  She had yet to put her foot on the enemy turf her body not following orders almost sensing something she didn’t. She took a breathe and simply looked up at the building. There was nothing special if anything it was just like Majio graffiti covering the white building like camouflage ironic that a school for nurses is dirty she thought. With one last look at the building she stepped past the gate heading inside.

She thought that heading to the top of would be hard but the students seemed to run to the sides parting like the red sea in order to avoid her. She smirked internally stepping up the stairs slowly and calmly. She reached the top quickly only a few of the students attempting to start a fight but she dealt with them quickly not wanting her time to be consumed by trivial matters. 

Reaching the top of the stair case she once again took in her surroundings only to be stopped “She doesn’t want to see you.” Came a voice from behind. She didn’t need to turn around to see who it was she knew she couldn’t mistake that voice. “She knows I’m here?” She questioned though that silence that came as her reply said it all. Of course she would know. “Leave.” The voice although seemingly cute there was a stern command behind it. “Kobii you should know I won’t leave until I get what I want.” She replied her back still turned showing a gold dragon. She heard a sigh but once again no reply so silently she stepped forward sliding the door open revealing a girl with a black leather jacket studded around the collar.

“I told you to never show your face again.”

“Things got complicated.”

“I don’t care leave.”

“No one was watching my back and before I knew it Majio was under attack.”

“That’s not my business leave.”



A/N: Yes another fic I know but blame the show its got me back into akb and so has AKBingo, Ebi sho and Geinin but Playgirls will be continued and with all sorts of things in my life I don't know when it will be updated but comment and tell me what you think thanks for reading and the support

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liking this fic! update soon!! :twothumbs :cathappy:

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interesting~ :D

please update soon! ^_^
hallo ... ds is ket

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Please... update soon... XD
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