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Author Topic: Jube's OS Collection [140218 - Remnants of Summer (NagiUha) ]  (Read 23511 times)

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Final]
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Sad... T^T

Nagi... Uha... TT____TT

It is good, but so sad... *grabs tissue and blows nose*

@Ruka Kikuchi : There, there... *pats your back* Thanks for hangin on and reading till the end.

Well...... Fushichou can die, theoretically, if she has nothing left of her body to regrow, right?

@Yuki88 : Thanks for reading. About that... Well~~ it depends how you define 'death'. Even if her whole body is destroyed no one can be sure about her consciousness. And who knows~? Whether she could meet again with Ryouha; whether there really is that [Heaven] for them.

The fate of those of two after the end... I'll leave 'em to your imagination.  :)2

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(OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Afterwords]
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Hello everyone. Nice to see you again~ And for those reading for the first time, nice to meet you~ 8)

Right, what's with the nonchalant greetings? Ha ha. Anyways, this fic is a little collab I have with Rena-chan Daisuki and this one will be weeelll... a bit different from my usual fic. It will be a very light story...I guess? Hmmm. But it's not like there won't be any conflict. Ah, well.

To put it simple: It's a love comedy.

There will be five part to this story, 2 kouhai side - 2 senpai side - 1 revelation, and each part will be told from a different perspective while the story keep progressing forward. 

Well then, let's get on with the first part. This one from the cute little kouhai, the yandere princess.

Notice ME, Senpai !!
~ Kouhai Side: Goto Rara ~


Nice to meet you everyone! 

My name is Goto Rara. Just call me Rara for short.

I am a first year student from Ryuugami High School for The Gifted, one of the best school in Tokyo where only a very few could enter. Well, I didn't intend to brag, but people around the town tend to call us the elites or some sort. It was only natural of course since most of Ryuugami students excelled not only in academic but also in other fields like music, or art, or sports. Among those many clubs, there was this one certain club which Ryuugami High most famous for.

That club was the Choir Club.

And I, you see, am a member of that club.

Our Choir Club was one of the best, winning many awards and competitions throughout the country. I could even say the best of the best! ...well, almost. The only other team that could match us was that Choir Club from Oodora Public High School, and thanks to our school's name the two clubs were nicknamed “The Dragon and The Tiger” of high school choirs. Even the seniors said that the two schools had been rivals for so long that they're not sure themselves when it started! It was a friendly kind of rivalry though, so it's not like the two side resented each other or anything, but for me, well... I just kinda had that feeling where I don't want to lose to those tiger-people. You know what I mean?

But hey anyways, enough about me. I wanted to introduce you to my beloved senior instead! A certain senior who I really admired and also the one who made entered this club in the first place. There she is! There, the one practicing on her own by the end of the clubroom. I sweetly smiled and approached her.


I called her name with a sing-song tone. Her soft singing voice came into a stop right after, her eyes that were fixated on the paper in her hand turned to meet mine.

“...hello, Rara.” She returned my smile with that small smile of hers.

“You are early today.”

“Not early as you, senpai. You're always the first to arrive at the clubroom so I just think I have to try as much.”

I pulled a chair over and put my school bag on it, pulling another one for myself. I stared at her, resting my chin above the headrest and she gave me a blink.

“Umm... is there something you need, Rara?”

“Oh, sorry. It's nothing, I just want to take a little breather. Do you mind if I listen to your practice for a while?”

“...i-it's okay.”

She returned her attention back to the paper, seemingly a bit embarrassed to have someone listening to her solo performance. I enjoyed every bit of it though, and I closed my eyes, immersing myself in her beautiful voice; the voice that mesmerized me and brought me here back when I was first came to this school. There was this unique quality in her voice, you see, a hint of calm fierceness that was still decorated with a pint of cuteness. Hmmm, it's hard to describe but that's just how it was. But it wasn't just her voice that made her so amazing. There were her cold exterior that contrasted her delicate interior, her timid way of speaking, her cute and kind personality, her beautiful brown eyes, and well many many more. In short, Ryouha-senpai is just so amazing!

   “Ooh? I wonder what you're grinning so much about, Rara-chan.”

Eh? I reopened my eyes, finding someone crouching just in front of me and staring straight back to my eyes.


I literally jumped out of my seat, nearly falling to the floor if not for that person holding my arm to stop my fall. I let out my breath, putting out a childish pout as I stared back at that person.

“Gosh, don't surprise me like that, Churi-senpai.”

“Sorry, sorry~ Don't kill yourself now.”

She returned back to her full height and I looked around the room to find the other club members had already arrived. She turned back to me with a smile, a piece of paper on her hand.

“We're starting the usual practice shortly so get your sheet ready, okay?”

“Right away, prez'!”

I gave her an energetic reply, taking my own vocal scores from my bag and walking to my position beside Ryouha-senpai.

“Let's give our best today too, senpai.” I flashed her a bright smile, and she patted my head.

“...okay. Let's go.”

Yes! I secretly cheered inside, feeling all charged. The two of us switched our focus to the musical scores right afterwards and, taking a long breath, our daily practice began. We started with the usual voice exercise, singing Solfege up and down the scale, before finally getting on the real song. It was a tiring exercise, but everyone was giving their all so it was actually pretty fun. I got Ryouha-senpai beside me too so I didn't even feel much tired at all, and before I realized the sun had almost set in the horizon.

“That's all for today, everyone.”

I heard Churi-senpai said, and everyone stopped their singing.     

“Thank you for today!”

“Thank you very much!”

Those words were exchanged one after another as we finally finished our practice, each of the many members tidied up their things or taking a sip of water for relief. I said my own share of 'thanks' and smiled, stretching my stiff arms to the air as I heard Ryouha-senpai let out a tired sigh beside me. Another good practice today! I happily thought as I saw her folded her paper and walked back to her bag. I skipped along behind her.

“Hey, everyone! Wanna grab a bite after this?”

I heard someone shouted, probably Tani Marika-senpai, and a light bulb popped in my head. I nudged Ryouha-senpai on her arm.

“Nee, Ryouha-senpai. Will you tag along?”

I saw her paused for a while, before she answered.

“I'm sorry, Rara. I...have something to do after this.”

“Eeh? Is that so?”

She nodded and patted my head, taking her bag with her as she walked toward the door.

“Umm, I'm leaving ahead, everyone. See you tomorrow...”

I saw her bowing slightly, listening to the other club members replying her goodbye, before she really left. I pouted, touching the place she just patted me before tidying my own things. Geez, she's always like that. Always coming right home and never tagged along with everyone else whenever we're planning on a little walk after practice. It kinda made me a bit downhearted. I sighed.

“What with the long face?”

Hm? I glanced to my right, finding Churi-senpai beside me.

“Oh, it's just you Churi-senpai.”

“Now what do you mean by that?”

I heard her chuckled but I just shrugged her off, returning my attention back to my bag.

“Say, Churi-senpai.”

“What is it, Rara-chan?”

“It's just... I'm just a bit curious. Why is it Ryouha-senpai never hang around after practice?”

“Oh. Now that I remember you're still new here so you haven't known. Well that, you see~”

I saw a mischevious smile stretched on her face and she drew closer, whispering to my ear.

   “It's because she is meeting up with her girlfriend.”

I see. Meeting up with her girl— girl... g-g-girl—girl—! WHAAAT!?!!

“HER GIRLF—mmph!?”


She clamped her hand over my mouth, shushing me.

“That's a secret, okay? To put it more precisely, Ryouha is keeping it a secret but almost everyone know about it already. She's easy to read sometimes.”

I stared at her with wide eyes, still not believing my ears. Excume me!? Did she say that Ryouha-senpai... has a girlfriend!? No. No no no. That has to be a lie. But well, she's kind and popular and all but still... Kuuh, just thinking about her being so lovey-dovey with someone else made my blood boil. Who is it? Just who is the person!?

“Uh, are you okay Rara-chan?”

I shook my head, trying to clear my thought.

“Yes. I'm just, umm, kinda shocked. I just cannot imagine Ryouha-senpai, y'know...”

“I know, I know~”

I heard her giggled and she put a hand on my shoulder.

“If you're curious how about you see it for yourself? Hmm, I'm sure they'll be meeting on the train station like usual. Just make sure that Ryouha doesn't see you, okay?”

I nodded and she patted my head. I heaved my back to my shoulder and waved her goodbye, leaving the clubroom in quick steps. My eyes burning with fury. Oh, I'll do that. I clenched my hand, quickening my steps. My mind fixated on that one precious senior of mine.

Don't worry, Ryouha-senpai. I'll look so so closely. And if I find that girl is no good, oh just you see.

I let out a dark laugh deep inside.

I'll make her regret for life, for ever setting her eyes on you...


“No sign of the girl, yet.”

I quietly said to myself as I lowered the magazine in my hand, peeking to see my beloved senior on the train platform just ahead, a white mask covering my nose and mouth for disguise. The small convenience store I was in was just right behind her, so I could see her back through the window. She was sitting on the bench and kept looking at her phone. She's waiting for someone. Definitely. I was more sure because at least two trains had passed and she just ignored them.

“Where are you ms.girlfriend? How dare you make Ryouha-senpai waiting for almost an hour!”

I growled. And I thought I almost crumpled the magazine in my hand. Argh, that's it. I put the magazine back to its shelf, about to approach my senior, but before I could step through the store's automatic door, I saw her suddenly standing. I stopped dead on my track, and, following her line of sight, I switched my gaze to my left.

There was a girl, with black wavy hair that flowed just past her shoulder, a big stupid smile on her face. She was waving, and even behind the store's glass window I could still hear her shouting 'Ryouhaaa~~' like there was nobody else around. I saw Ryouha-senpai flustered, grabbing and lowering the girl's hand, her face as red as tomato. The girl only chuckled and Ryouha-senpai puffed her cheek before smiling, showing her a sweet happy smile I never saw before. Right then, I knew who the girl was.

It's THE girlfriend.

I returned to my previous spot behind the book stack, snatching another magazine and hiding part of my face behind it. My eyes locked on the couple monitoring their every actions. Grrh, the two of them seemed to be enjoying themselves, talking to each other like that. At least scold her, Ryouha-senpai! She made you wait for hours, right? Well, not 'hours' but—huh, wait. That girl's uniform... I think I've seen it somewhere...


I nearly shouted, but good thing I managed to stop myself.

That girl is from Oodora High!

I hissed, deepening my glare. Having a girlfriend was one thing but someone from that good-for-nothing Oodora—oops, sorry. Did I say something? Uh-oh. I broke out of my self-talk when I heard a train announcement by the speaker, turning my head just in time to see both of them stepping inside.

Wait, I'm not done yet!

I discarded the magazine and rushed outside, getting just in time before the train door closing behind me. I let out a sigh. Now where are they? Ah, there! I pushed through the row of people, walking a bit closer to the two. The train was a bit crowded since a lot of students from many different schools were going home at the same time, so I couldn't get a good look at them. On the other hand, it'd be easier for me to blend it and disguised myself in this crowd so I guess it's even.

   “--sorry for making you wait, Ryouha.”

A voice. I narrowed my eyes. Is that the girlfriend? And what's with the thick Kansai-ben?

   “Club's running a bit late and all. Did cha wait for long?”

   “'s fine, Nagi. It... wasn't that long, really.”

That was Ryouha-senpai. And she just said a name. What was it again? Nagi?

   “THAT long? Lemme guess, an hour or so?"


   “I'm sorry. I'll make it up to ya, I promise.”

   “...when you promise something you end up breaking it... so just don't.”

   “Eeh, that's so mean~”

I heard the two of them laughed and I couldn't contain myself anymore. I raised my head and stood on my tiptoe, trying to get a better look.

   “ 'lright then. I'll come ta fetch you by the school gate tomorrow~”

   “D-don't. I told you not to, right?”

   “Hm? Yer still keeping us a secret?”

   “...well, it's just...I'm not ready to tell anyone, yet...”

   “Geez, you and yer shyness~ Don't really hate 'em though, kinda cute actually. Ha ha~”


STOP.FLIRTING.WITH.RYOUHA-SENPAI! I could almost hear myself shouted as I stood higher on my tiptoe, seeing a faint silhouette of them. Just... a bit... more—


    That hurts!!!

This time I really yelped. Fortunately I still managed to bite down my voice. I held the bump forming on my head and turned to my left, trying to find who was it that dare to smack me across the head without a care whatsoever.

“Stay down and don't move around, pipsqueak.”

What!? I glared at the source of voice.

“If you're going to block my view of Nagisa-senpai then leave.”
 the world...?

I froze, staring at the...'weirdo' who stood right there beside me.

It was...well, from her high squeaky voice it's a girl, I guess. A huge afro wig on her head. She wore a shade even inside the train, and that mask that covered her mouth had that twirly moustache thing painted on it. I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to clear my thought. Right, maybe I'm imagining things. I took a deep breath and reopened my eyes. No luck. That weirdo was still there beside me.

“You haven't gone yet?”

“Uuh... Excuse me, miss...” I glanced at her clothes a bit, finding the now almost so familiar Oodora uniform. “This 'Nagisa-senpai' you are talking about, is that THAT Kansai-ben speaking girl with the huge stupid smile?”

Ah, great. My tongue slipped. The weird girl seemed offended from the way I described the girl and she grabbed my collar, drawing me close.

“Listen, little miss. That is NOT a stupid smile. Nagisa-senpai is very kind so she smiles all the time for the sake of cheering people. She just happens to be stupid, that's all.”

Isn't that the same!? I felt like slapping my own face.

“And the most important...”

The girl released her grip on my collar, hitting her own chest lightly.

“The only one who can call Nagisa-senpai an idiot is ME.”

...oh god.

I buried my face to my palms, hearing the weird girl snickering in pride.

Ryouha-senpai. Please hurry up and notice...
That girl you called your girlfriend is bringing with her some weird maniac!

I screamed to myself inside, trying to keep my mind sane among all the shocking discoveries I found today.
I really have to save her from these crazy Oodora bunch. Right away!

At that time I didn't know

that the decision I made back then,
and the weird girl I met that day,

would change my whole life forever...

...or probably not.

Notice Me, Senpai! : Goto Rara Side // END >> next side...
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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part One]
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 :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

note: This Fic is made 'cause of to much paying dere typequiz and birthday scenario game

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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part One]
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YEAY!!  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:  ANOTHER FIC TO READ.

THIS STORY IS REALLY FUNNY. HAHAHHA  :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:

NAGIUHA TO THE WORLD!!  :ding: :ding:

AND BY THE WAY. WHO'S THE 'WEIRDO' PERSON?  :dunno: :dunno: :mon huh: :mon huh:
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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part One]
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note: This Fic is made 'cause of to much playing dere typequiz and birthday scenario game

@Rena-chan Daisuki : Agreed. Those games are killing me.  :lol:

AND BY THE WAY. WHO'S THE 'WEIRDO' PERSON?  :dunno: :dunno: :mon huh: :mon huh:

@Janix123 : Yes, NagiUha FTW!!  :ding:
And thanks for reading. About the 'weirdo'... she'll be revealed in the next chapter so stay tune for it~  8)

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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [bonus cutscene]
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A little cutscene I found while finding ideas for this fic>> link
Bad Rara. Don't tease your senpai so much.  :smhid  :lol:

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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part One]
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OKAY!  :mon thumb: :mon thumb:

CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT UPDATE.  :mon dance: :mon dance:

I HAVE TO KNOW WHO THIS WEIRDO PERSON IS.  :mon dunno: :mon dunno:



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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part One]
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Such a cute story so far. NagiUha is such a cute pair and I'm wondering how Rara and the "weirdo" (I'm guessing Riri is Riripon) plan to breakup the couple (if that is the plan).

RaraRiripon as the ending couple would be something.  :lol:

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Final]
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 :fainted: :fainted: Nagisa!!  Uha!!! 
I hope you'll meet again... one day... :err: :err:
Nice fic and it's really interesting. Sad ending though. Hehehe
Hehehe. I'm a person who can't help but love AKB48 Group. I'm a silent reader please treat me well. I'm the kind of person who gets crazy over my favorite pairings

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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part One]
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hohoho... nice to see you again jubethehare-san  :D

i'm looking forward to this fanfic by the way, because~ nagiuha was here!!  XD (of course i'm expecting a lovey-dovey scene)

riri is riripon? (am i right?  :?) she's the one who called nagi idiot? xD kinda funny here..

hmm i smell a lot of possesive scent here  :w00t:

update soon!  :thumbsup
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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part Two]
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Hello and nice to meet you again.  Thanks for reading part one. 8)

@kyudere : Well, we'll see about that~

@fath107 : Nice to see you, too. And look forward to it~

Alright, that's all the comments, I guess. Let's get on with the second part.
This one from that weirdo kouhai, the kamidere mastermind.

Notice ME, Senpai !!
~ Kouhai Side: Sutou Ririka ~


"...and this one goes here. Perfect."

I hummed, putting the thick book back to its respective shelf. Alright. Looks like that's all of them. I put my hands to my hip, eyeing the clean and tidy bookshelves with a proud smile. Another job well done. I took out my notebook, drawing a small tick beside the words 'Literature Club'.

Why, hello there. Were you listening? You must be wondering who I am. Then allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sutou Ririka, a student at Oodora Public High School, class 1-A.
And as for club, frankly I wasn't enrolled in any. I am just the obedient little servant of my great idiotic senior.

Speaking of my senior she wasn't enrolled in any club as well, though if you meet her you'd find that she's just as busy as your average student council. I'd say even busier. And it was all because of this. You see this smiley arm band pinned on my sleeves? Read it out loud.

[Rainbow Makers]

That's the name of her self-proclaimed club where she goes around helping other club or roughly anyone in need. To be honest, she's just very selfless to the point where I'd call her stupid—

"Whoa, you're finished already? That's amazing."

Hm? There's someone else here. I stopped from my self-rambling and glanced to my left, finding a  girl staring at the bookshelves I just tidied with awe. It was Yagura Fuuko, a member of Literature Club and one of our clients for today.

"Hello, Yagura-san.” I greeted her plainly. “And yes, I've put all of the books back to its respective shelf. Sadly some were in such a bad condition so I took the liberty to renew the labels and straighten their pages as well."

"Eh, really? You don't have to—"

"It was nothing. I just recently transferred to Oodora but I've known just how rough the students can be with books. I've also put some warning label around the library like 'be quiet' and such, but hmm. Should I use stronger words like 'shut up and read'? What do you think, Yagura-san?"

I perfectly conveyed everything without missing a beat, tapping my chin in thought. Yagura-san simply stared back at me, as if trying to process my words, before she let out an awkward laugh.

"A-ah, I think that is enough for now. Just leave the rest to us Literature Club, umm, Sutou-san is it?"

"Yes, it is Sutou Ririka. So, is there really nothing else you need?"

She shook her head and flashed me a soft smile.

"No, we're all good now. Thank you very much, Sutou-san. Oh, and please give my thanks to Nagi-chan as well. Speaking of which, she...isn't coming today, is she?"

Hmm. Was it disappointment I heard in her voice? And what inside that cute frilly bag she held? Cookies? I pondered to myself before flipping through my notebook, reading through the job list.

"Yes. Today there are many clubs asking for help so we're splitting the workload. I believe she is with the Kendo club now."

"I see..."

"Anyways, it's almost time for me to take my leave. Just call us again if you ever need any help. Oh, and are those cookies for Nagisa-senpai? I can bring them to her if you want."

"What, o-oh. Um, yes. She's been helping me a lot so I was just thinking, you know, just to repay her kindness..."


"B-but of course for you too, Sutou-san. Aha ha ha. Ahem, anyways. I-it'll be great if you can deliver, I mean, share this with her. Thank you again for your help."

"You are welcome."

I took the said treat with me and gave her a quick bow, before walking out of the school's library.  I eyed the handmade cookies and blinked. You never change, do you? Nagisa-senpai... I snickered, before putting the cookies into my bag.

Well then. It might be sudden but let's do a little quiz.

What will happen if you mix kindness, a good sense of joke, and a killer smile?
That's right; a people magnet.

Nagisa-senpai is one of that natural yet so oblivious people magnet.

Her stupidity aside, she always has this strange charm that make her capable of getting along with everyone. Literally. But since she's tall and fairly strong, quite good looking too I must say, I think it's more accurate to call her a 'chick magnet'. Hm? How about me, you ask? Hmph, how foolish. My connection with her had far surpassed that shallow stage! I'd love to tell you our story but let's focus on the moment, shall we? Now then...

I had finally arrived at the school's dojo, a classic Japanese sliding door blocking my path; I slid the wooden door open without a single knock. There were numerous students dressed in traditional kendo outfits inside, some sitting by the edge of the tatami while some clashed their bamboo swords with each other in a small friendly match. You see, the Female Kendo Club was in the middle of an intensive training and since they had a competition shortly the club's been very crowded. It would be hard to find Nagisa-senpai in this sea of black identical helmets. I shrugged and nudged the nearest person I could find.

“Excuse me. Do you know where Nagisa-senpai is?”

"Nagisa...oh, you mean the helper girl? She's over there sparring with the captain."

I followed her direction, finding some crowds circling that small area she was pointing. Looks like a huge match just ended, and I could see the two contestants bowing at each other. They both removed their helmets.

"Thanks for the good match, Shibuya."

"Eeh? Nah, no way~ I'm way under yer league, Sayaka-senpai. At least I can be a sturdy target, ha ha~"

"Yeaaa, sorry about this. It's kinda embarrassing but the other members said they're too scared to go on a spar with me.”

"Well, that's only natural. Yer sword strike's strong enough to crack even my thick skull~ Seriously, don't be too harsh with the girls, 'kay?”

I saw her stole a wink at the girls, making some of them swoon. There she go again, cluelessly activating her charm with no restrain whatsoever. I ignored the delightful screams on the background and pushed through the crowds.

"Glad to see you still intact, Nagisa-senpai."

She blinked and turned her head to me, carrying her helmet on one arm.

"Oh, Ririka. Done with yer task? Good girl, good girl~"

She put her free arm around my shoulder and patted my head, obviously not aware of the situation around her. I could already feel numerous glares boring into me. I smirked. Heh, like I even care. You see, the good thing about her personality is that she's close with everyone but never fixated in one person, so I only have to make sure that she always had enough time for ME. So glare all you want people. Be burned with all your envy.

Ha ha ha ha!

Okay, that's enough for now. I switched my attention back to my grinning senior, faking a sigh.

"Please senpai, are you trying to rub your scent all over me? You're stink of sweat."

"Sheesh, yer tongue as sharp as ever."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Oh, and while I'm at it—" I searched around my bag and she drew closer to me, trying to peek into it. I tried to hide my smirk as she did that, before tossing the bag of cookies to her.

"This is from Yagura-san. A token of gratitude for all your help she said."

"Whoa, seriously? This's great~ How'd she know I love cookies?"

Well senpai, I could only wonder. She released her grip on my shoulder and eyed the sweets with joy, playing with the plaid ribbons on the package.

“Aww, look that cute heart design~ A ha ha~”

"Err, Shibuya? Ya sure it's a good thing to take that?"

I heard the kendo captain asked and Nagisa-senpai gave her a blink.

"Something wrong with it, Sayaka-senpai?"

"Uh, yeah, that's technically...  y'know... and I thought I heard from Milky that yer already..."

Don't even try, Sayaka-senpai. She wouldn't get it. I saw Nagisa-senpai tilted her head, making the older girl nudged her forehead in frustration.

"Aren't you... with that choir girl from Ryuugami..."

"Ryuugami? Oh, you mean Ryou—aaaaaaaaahhh!!"

What now? She suddenly shouted, before taking her bag and rushed to the changing room.

"I'm late! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm SERIOUSLY late!!!!!"

She ran back out, jumping on one leg as she hurriedly put her shoes on. Late? What could she be late for?

"See ya, Sayaka-senpai! If ya need anythin else tell Ririka, she'll note 'em for later. Gotta go, bye! You too, Ririka."

She ran out of the dojo in full speed, ruffling my hair as she passed me by. I sighed and fixed my hair. A choir girl from Ryuugami? I stole a glance at Sayaka-senpai. Does she actually refer to that sickeningly timid girl I saw with Nagisa-senpai yesterday? Only one way to find out.

I pulled my trusted disguise out of my bag, a toy glasses complete with its fake nose and thick moustache, putting it on flawlessly.

"I'm sorry Sayaka-senpai but I'm taking my leave as well. Just send me a message if you need anything. Good day."

"Uhh, yeaaah..." She gave me a strange look. "B-bye?"

I left without a single bow, walking to that certain train station near the school's vicinity. Once I got there I could see Nagisa-senpai on the usual platform, clasping her hands in front of her as she talked with someone. I drew closer and hid behind the nearby pillar.

   "Sorry, sorry, sorry~~! I'm late again today!"
   "...I told you it's fine, Nagi. You've been busy, right?"
   "Yea but... Haah, I'm really sorry, okay?"

I listened to the conversation in silence, watching the two girls closely. As I thought, she's meeting with that Ryuugami girl again. Just what kind of connection do they have?

   "Uurgh, wait I know!"
   “...what is it?”
   “I have something to cheer you up. Ta-dah!”

I saw Nagisa-senpai took out the previous cookies, showing off the treat with a huge smile. The girl seemed a bit flustered from the sudden present.

   "This is...?"
   "Homemade cookies~ A friend of mine give 'em to me. It looks delicious so I thought I'd share it with ya."

The girl's face fell a bit as she heard that and she hesitantly took them, eyeing the pink package. Now this is weird. Nagisa-senpai is a big glutton and she never share her food with anyone. I said it again, NEVER. So why is that girl an exception? How suspicious.

   "...a 'friend' ?"

   "Yep, a friend."
   “What's wrong, Ryouha? Ya don't like cookies?
   “N-no, I like them... Thanks...”
   “Haha, yer welcome. Let's eat 'em together, okay? Oh and lookie, the train's arrived~ C'mon."

They're moving. The two girls stepped into the train and I followed them inside, watching their every actions while making sure to keep myself hidden.
Alright, now what will—

"Geh, it's you again."

Hm? A voice. It sounded a bit from below.




Ah, it's the pipsqueak. The same little annoying pipsqueak that disturbed my observation yesterday.

I took my eyes away from my target for a while and turned to face her; she took a step back, seemingly, how to put it, disgusted by my presence. I blinked.

"That is my word, pipsqueak. Are you going to disturb my view again?"

"Well I'm sorry but it is YOU who disturb my view."

I narrowed my eyes dangerously.

"Who are you? One of Nagisa-senpai's stalker?"

"Stalk--excuse me!? I have ZERO interest in that idiotic girl! If I ever need anything it'll be for her to stay hundred meters away from Ryouha-senpai."

She scoffed and crossed her arms, while I kept my silence, trying to decipher her surprisingly hostile behavior. Right. Is she one of those possesive delusional stalkers? I mulled to myself as she continued her speech.

"And what does that idiot think she's doing? Giving her girlfriend a present she got from another girl!? Grrh, does she have no delicacy at all!?"

Haven't I told her that I'm the only who can call Nagisa-senpai an idiot? I tried hard to refrain myself from giving her another smack. And of course, Nagisa-senpai was too dense for—whoa, wait. Hold on. I think I missed something.



"The words you just said, repeat them."

"She don't have a delicacy--"

"No, before that."

"She' her girlfriend a present she got from another girl--wait, why are YOU ordering me around!?"

“Good. Now shut up.”

I ignored her outburst and returned my attention to my previous targets, studying their behaviors. Hmm. They do seem close. But hey Nagisa-senpai is naturally close with everyone so it wasn't that strange. But hmm, something does look...different. I had to make sure of this. I turned back to the pipsqueak and snaked her arm, dragging her with me.

"W-wha--what do you think are you doing!? Get your hands off me, you freak!"

I ignored her once again, dragging her out of the train with me as we reached the next station. She leaped a good few feets away as I released her, hissing and glaring like a scared animal. Pfft, typical. I removed my toy glasses and showed her my usual expressionless face.

"Sutou Ririka, Oodora High, first year. Now tell me all you know about the relationship of those two."


"Do I need repeat everything for you?"

"And you think I have the obligation to tell you!? You rude Oodora punk!"

She crossed her arms, glaring dagger at me, and I glared back.

Alright Ririka, keep your cool. Breath in, breath out. You have this situation under control.

"Listen, little miss--"

"It is Goto Rara, mind you."

"Very well, Goto-san. I apologize for my rudeness. So let's redo our first greetings."

I cleared my throat.

"Nice to meet you. I am Sutou Ririka from Oodora High. A junior of Shibuya Nagisa. And you are?"

"Goto Rara. Ryuugami High, first year. A member of Choir Club and the junior of Kitagawa Ryouha-senpai. And for your information, it was so NOT nice to meet you."

"Wonderful. We can actually talk this out peacefully, can't we?"

She gave me a huff, still crossing her arms, but I could sense her hostility decreased a bit. Right, time to dig for the information I need.

"So, Goto-san. I heard that you said Nagisa-senpai is the girlfriend of this senior of yours?"

I put some emphasis on the word 'girlfriend' and I saw her reacting badly to it.

"Yes, that is correct. Tch, even remembering about it make my blood boil."

Hm, hm. So that's her problem? I silently mulled, keeping my poker face in check.

"You don't like the sound of that, I see. And why is that?"

"And you still think I will ever tell you?"

"Oh, but I insist. Because I also don't like the idea of them being together."

She flinched, the anger in her eyes disappeared in an instant. Looks like I hit a jackpot. I gave her a smile, the best fake smile I could muster.

"What a surprise. It seems like we're both victims of a very same situation."

"What are you trying to say..."

"You want your senpai back, right Goto-san? And so do I. So as fellow juniors why don't we work together?"

She gave me a suspicious look but I kept my calm. The art of persuasion is all about patience, don't you agree? Right. Let's continue.

"Of course, this must sounds ridiculous to you. I mean really, a strange person you never know suddenly pulling you out of a train and demanding you to work with her. It's just so crazy."


"But Goto-san, that's just how desperate I am. And I need your help. If we work together we might really be able to save them from each other."

I waited for her answer. A good few seconds passed and still no response. I sighed and raised my hands in defeat, taking a step back.

"...right, I'm sorry. Just forget what I was saying. Maybe this is just too sudden for you. We can go back to our respective stalking and watch both of our seniors drifting further and further away..."


“Sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day.”

I turned on my heels and started to walk away. Slowly, really slowly.

Now, let's count in





Got her. Hmph, I'm such a genius. I gave her a glance, still keeping my cool facade.


"Look. First, let me make it clear. I DON'T LIKE YOU NOR YOUR STUPID SENIOR. But for the sake of Ryouha-senpai, just for the sake of her, I'll consider your offer."

"I'm happy to hear that."

"But!" She raised her index finger, accusingly pointing at me. "If I find you doing something suspicious or worse! You're trying to hurt Ryouha-senpai, then I'll make you regret it forever. DEFINITELY."

"Alright, then. Do we have a deal?"

I offered my hand to her and she took it, crunching it as hard as she could. I gave her a smile, trying to hold back the pain, and she smiled back.



So everyone, I'd like to tell you a little story. A story when I and Nagisa-senpai first met. I've promised this before, correct? So you all better be grateful and listen carefully.

Our story began three years ago on a certain school in Osaka. I was in my first year of Junior High back then, just a typical poker-faced nerdy girl who find it hard to fit in among the brash Kansai kids. My standard Tokyo dialect only made things worse. You see, I changed schools a lot thanks to my father's job so I don't have many friends. I don't care much though; I would probably transfer the next year and meet new people anyways. So I thought, until she came along. That's right. It was Nagisa-senpai who first talked to me with her silly mock-up 'Tokyo-ben', dragging me around and letting me join her group called [Rainbow Makers]. There was five of us back then and I must say spending my time with them was one of the happiest moment in my life. Sadly I had to transfer abroad the next year so I thought that'd be the last time I'd seen her.


..., I'm just joking.

Seriously, are you all a fool? There are things called SNS and internet, mind you, so even though I couldn't see her in person I could still monitor her activity. More like I did that every day. And when I found out that she's moving to my hometown Tokyo I felt like this was my chance to meet her once again. I managed to convince my parents to let me return to Japan and continue my high school in Oodora, the place where she's enrolled in. So here I am now.

What, did you just call me a stalker? Now that is simply rude. I'm only making sure that she's doing fine, thank you. You see, her idiocy worried me sometimes. She might be physically strong but her head is just so empty that she's prone to mental manipulation. I poked her cheek and she groaned, turning in her sleep. She hugged her blanket closer.

Oh just for your information, it's 6am in the morning now, a good twelve hours after my deal with that pipsqueak Rara. And I'm currently in Nagisa-senpai room. Now would you please stop calling me a stalker? I properly enter from the front door, thank you very much. Anyways, back to our previous topic, Nagisa-senpai is very easy to control that it worried me. But well, I couldn't say I never take advantages of that; it's just too hilarious to pass on. Let me give you a demonstration. I took a random magazine from her desk and roll it into a tube.

"Senpai~ Oh, Nagisa-senpai~"

I whispered to her ear through it and she groaned, tossing in her sleep.

“Can you hear me? If you can then nod.”

She gave me a nod and I continued.

"Now, do you see that huge burger over there? It looks so delicious. Don't you want to try it?"

I could see her smiling and reaching her hands up like a zombie. I snickered. Whoops, better get on with this before she started drooling.

"You walk closer and closer but wait. It's not a normal burger. It's a killer burger. And it's trying to eat you. Run, senpai, run!"

She frantically tossed around, sweating profusely, before she finally fell and hit the floor with a huge 'thud'. That's it. My stomach hurts. I tried to stifled my laugh as I saw her sitting up in panic, her eyes wide open.

"The killer burger--!?" "Good morning, senpai."

She stared at me and blinked, once, twice, before letting her shoulders fell with a huge groan.

"Ririka...? Urgh, what...are you doing in my room..."

"Your mother let me in."

She gave me another blink before dragging her feet to the door, poking her head out.

   "Good morning, sweetie. Wow, you're up early today. Breakfast will be ready soon so calm your growling stomach for a while."
   "That's not it, mom. Ririka."
   "Oh, I forgot to tell you. Ririka-chan will be having breakfast with us starting today. Her parents are still abroad so it's up to us to take a good care of her, okay sweetie?"

She let out another long groan and closed the door. I gave her a long look.

"Do I bother you, senpai?"

"What? No, No... It's just *yawn* a bit early, ya see. Sorry to make ya feel bad, ha ha~"

She smiled and patted my head, walking toward the bathroom.

"Just make yerself at home. I'll go take a bath for a while."


She closed the door behind her and I took a seat on her bed, breathing in her scent. I felt like doing another teasing.

"Hey, Nagisa-senpai."


"Where do you put your gravure collection?"

"Wha--hey! I told ya I don't have any!!"

Right. I snickered and looked under her bed, revealing her treasure cove. She really never changed. I took one of the magazine to my hand.

"Oh, so you're onto this type of-- "RIRIKAAA~~!"

The magazine magically disappeared from my hand and I looked to my right, Nagisa-senpai grinning and hiding something behind her.

"Would you mind waiting downstair~?"

"If you say so, senpai."

"Good girl~"

She patted my head and pushed me out of her bedroom, quickly closing the door. I could hear a 'click', followed by some curses and frantic shuffling. Pfft, she's just too amusing to tease. I snickered and walked down the stairs, waiting for her by the dining room. I spoke with her mother in the meantime, just the typical small talk about how I and my family have been doing, until she finally stepped out of her room ready with her bag and school's uniform. She sighed and took a seat beside me, hitting me square on the head. I flinched.

"That was hurt, senpai."

"It should be."

"And what is that for, may I ask?"

"For rummaging my belongings without permission."

"But I believe you told me to make myself at home."

"...just can't argue with ya, ain't I?"

"Glad you understand."

She gave me another light punch on the shoulder and stuffed some toast to her mouth, munching down her breakfast. I ate my own bread quietly.

"By the way, senpai."


"Who is Ryouha?"

She froze. She technically froze, as if you just find and click a 'pause' button to her system. Her face turned blank.

"I wonder who."

"Is she really your girlfrien—"

"Whoaaa thanks for the meal, mom! I'm off!"

She took her bag with her and ran out of the house. What a childish way to escape. I sighed, taking my unfinished bread with me as I followed after her.


She didn't answer and kept walking.

"Nagisa-senpai, will you slow down for a while?”

Still no anwer.

“Senpai, I won't tell anyone—"

Whoops. She suddenly stopped and I nearly bumped into her. I blinked, watching her back.

"Promise you won't?"

"I won't."

She sighed and finally turned to face me, scratching her cheek.

"I promised Ryouha not to tell anyone so don't let it slip, 'kay?

Though a lot of people know about it already. I prevented myself from saying that and gave her a nod instead.

"Thanks a lot, Ririka."

"No problem."

She flashed me a smile and continued walking; I quietly munched on my bread and walked beside her. Now, do you all remember about the deal I made with pipsqueak Rara? Here is my part of the plan: I'd make Nagisa-senpai feel agitated about her relationship while pretending that I want to help her, but in reality I'd only drive the two apart. Like I said Nagisa-senpai is an idiot and I've known her long enough to know the perfect way to control her. But still, the topic is quite delicate this time so I need to choose my words carefully. I took a deep breath. Time to put the plan in motion.

"So how has it been?"


"You and your girlfriend. The two of you are keeping your relationship a secret, right? It must be hard...”

"Can't say it isn't.”

"You can talk about it with me if you want."

I tried to sound as if I really care and she put her arm over my shoulder, drawing me closer. That time, I almost felt bad for trying to deceive her. Almost.

"Thanks, really."

I just gave her another nod and she let out a small laugh.

"Ha ha, well... Ya see, there's been a lot of errands lately right? And thanks to that I kept coming late to our appointment.”

"I see. Then?”

"Well, Ryouha said she's cool with it. But—"

"And you believe her words? Senpai, you really are hopeless in romance. I'm starting to feel sorry for your girlfriend."

"Hey, that's cruel! Why would ya even say that?"

"You're just too dense. I'm sure you don't even realize that girls kept swarming around you like bees to honey."

"Uuh, Ririka-chan? Ya sure we still talking about the same topic—“Shut up.” I stuffed the bread I had earlier to her mouth, forcing her to shush.

“I'm the one doing the asking senpai, so please be quiet. You can answer me by nodding or shaking your head.”

She paused, before answering me with a nod.

“First, have you been taking a good care of your girlfriend?

She looked away for a while, seemingly thinking, before she nodded.

“I cannot agree with that.”

She flinched, giving me a perplexed look.

“Tell me. Aside from your usual meeting on the station, have you ever do anything to make her feel special?”

She raised her index finger, trying to argue, but I didn't give her the chance.

“--Like escorting her home, or making little surprises for her, or perhaps taking her on a special date with just the two of you?”

She paused, giving me her usual blank look, before lowering her finger slowly. I sighed and removed the bread from her mouth, watching her walking to a nearby wall and planted her face to it.

“Right. I'll take that as a 'no'.”

“...I'm a horrible person.”

“Next. When was the last time you spend your weekend with her?”

“Last, no, two months ago...I guess.”

“Whoa, you really ARE horrible.”

“Can't help it!!”

She turned to face me again, seemingly frustrated.

   “Ryouha and I been busy with our club, and she said—“

And you believed her, AGAIN. Look, senpai, is it really hard to ignore other people and make her your top priority for a chance?
She must have wanted that from you and yet too embarrassed to tell.”

“Uurgh, well, Ryouha is very timid and all but--”   

“To make it worse, you keep flirting behind her back.

“Now wait a sec! I never—

“Then please explain how girls keep flocking around you.”

“That's—I don't—I have no idea, dammit!”

“Wow, I'm getting more and more sorry for her.”

She groaned and slammed her head one more time, before sliding down to the ground. She hugged her knees, sulking like a kid, and I stared at her for a while. Well, this is easier than I thought. I sighed, finishing my delayed breakfast in one gulp.

“Now, don't be so disheartened, senpai.”

“'re just making me feel more horrible now, thanks a lot.”

“Nonsense. I have a reason for telling you all this. In fact, I'm here to help you.”

I patted her shoulder and she glanced at me, staring back with a hopeful look; I almost lost my poker face back then, but I managed to hang on.

“I'll help you out with your relationship.”


“Of course.”

I smiled, offering my hand to her.

“I'll tell you one; I will prepare the best date scenario for the two of you. The best one you would ever seen.

“Guuh, Ririka~~ Come here you~!”

She gave a huge bear hug right after, showering me with more thanks.

Oh, Nagisa-senpai you adorkable idiot.

I sighed and silently thought to myself, my smile unknowingly turned into a smirk.

I'll get you back under my fingers, for sure...

Notice Me, Senpai! : Sutou Ririka Side // END >> next side...

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finally being posted~

Riripon is kowai~~
but it does suited her

Nagi just wait for ur doom~ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part Two]
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LOL  Riri and Rara's Master Plan... BREAK THEM APART!!! :w00t: :w00t:
I wonder if the plan will work cuz...
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Nagi just wait for ur doom~ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Ooh, I like the sounds of that~ Let's see how our brain will play her around, shall we? :lol:

LOL  Riri and Rara's Master Plan... BREAK THEM APART!!! :w00t: :w00t:
I wonder if the plan will work cuz...


But it'll be bad if we underestimate those scary kouhai. Let's see how far can they go...

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Hello and nice to meet you again.  Thanks for reading till part two. 8)

This one is, weelll... a bit different in atmosphere from the previous ones.
Blame the cheesy part to Rena-chan Daisuki. I'm still twitching even now thanks to that, from the romance-diabetes and from searching Ryouha's pictures for reference.
And I guess seeing Nagisa flirting with other members on her SNS just quadrupled the effect... Is this suicide squad? Am I part of the suicide squad now? Heck, what am I even talking about... Ha ha ha... *dies*

Well, please just ignore my previous rambles. Let's get on with the third part~
This one from the timid senpai, the tsundere tiger cub .

Notice ME, Senpai !!
~ Senpai Side: Kitagawa Ryouha ~


“Thank you for today, everyone. See you again tomorrow...”

“See ya~” “Thanks for the hard work.”

I gave my club mates a quick bow, fixing my grip on my school bag in front of me. Their joyful and energetic replies brought a small smile to my face, before I started to leave the clubroom and out to the sizzling heat of summer.

O-oh. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier.

My name is Kitagawa Ryouha.

I'm currently in the second year of Ryuugami High and also the member of its Choir Club. Umm, what else? Where am I heading now? Well, I am now heading to the train station to meet someone. There seems to be a problem though. I sighed and pulled out my cellphone, checking on the digital clock flaring on its screen.

  04:00 pm

Today's rehearsal ended a bit quicker so it's roughly one hour earlier from our appointment. But even then... I let out another sigh. You see, this person I was going to meet tend to come late. A lot. A very very lot. Well, not that I'm really bothered with it—huh? N-no. I am not angry at her. She's been busy with her own club so... I am not angry at all, okay?

Eh? Who is she? Umm, well, she...


She's my girlfriend...

O-okay, that's enough—huh? How did we meet?

I-it's nothing grand, really. Do you really want to know? ...fine.

It was around one year ago, I believe; I was still in my first year and had just joined the Choir Club. The National High School Choir Competition had just began back then, and somehow, though I was a new member I was included in the roster. Perhaps you already know about this but Ryuugami had one of the best High School Choir in the country. And well, being the only first year in that team...I think it was understated to call that I was nervous. I was right out terrified, of all these huge image and responsibilities I had to carry. I tried to give my best, while each win made the nervousness inside me grew bigger and bigger. Finally Ryuugami managed to get into the final and faced their biggest rival Oodora High, but that moment, I couldn't contain the pressure anymore.

I guess I ran off back then, hiding myself somewhere on the dark corner of the rehearsal room, crying all my fear out. And it was then that I met her. She just incidentally found me while she got lost; a very silly way of meeting, I must say, and instead of leaving she just stay there with me. 

    “Are ya lost? Well, I'm lost too. So let's wait together 'till someone come ta fetch us, 'kay?”

I didn't know what to say. I just laughed. The worry inside me melted all together from her big wide smile. It was not long until the rest of the team from both Ryuugami and Oodora found us by the backstage, chatting and smiling at each other as if there's nothing that bothered us. We got closer since then, and before we know it, well...

That's it. I've told you there's nothing grand. And it's not like I've told anyone that we're dating because...i-it's just embarrassing, okay? So let's just put it away and returned to the current time for now.

I huffed and tapped my card on the automatic gate, stepping into the train station. Our school was a bit far from each other but fortunately our house were on the same direction, so we always met up on the train station after school. Of course there are times when we couldn't go home together but we always informed each other at least a day before. But even then Nagisa almost always come late. ...oh, it's her name; Shibuya Nagisa. Anyways, I walked up the usual platform ready for another long wait, but before I could reach the usual bench, I stopped dead on my track.


She was there. Nagisa was already there, standing by the station pillar as she read a piece of paper in her hand. She put down the paper and nodded, facing the pillar and mumbling to herself as if she's talking to it, before dropping her shoulder and returned her attention to the paper. I giggled as I saw that. Geez, just what kind of silly play is she doing now? I shook my head and quietly approached her.

“...Nagi? What are you doing?”

She froze as she recognized my voice, her face turned blank as she crumpled the paper and put it into her pocket in a flash. She turned to me with an awkward smile.

“Whoa, uh, h-hello, Ryouha. Yer early today, a ha ha~”

“You're the one who's early...”

“O-oh, is that so?”

She looked away scratching her head, and I blinked. She's...acting strange. Somehow... She seemed to realized the weird look I'd been giving and she cleared her throat, regaining her composure.

“Say, Ryouha.”


“Ya don't have anything else to do after this, ain't cha?”

“...I guess not.”

“Wheew, that's a relief... Alright then~”


She suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me with her, surprising me a bit with her action.

“W-wait, Nagi!? Where are we going?”

“Safe that fer later. The train's almost leaving, hurry hurry~”


The train's automatic door closed right behind us and I let out the breath I was holding, glancing at the smiling girl beside me. What is she on now? I silently mulled as we walked away from the door, trying to find some seat. The train was heading to the center of the city instead of the residential area; the exact opposite from our usual route. It wasn't as crowded in the current hour but not exactly empty as well so we only managed to find one seat by the corner, Nagisa letting me sit while she stood on the free spot in front of me. I silently stared at her necktie swaying here and there as the train moved, before I finally decided to call her.

“, Nagi?”


“Where...are we going?”

She looked at me for a while before switching her eyes somewhere else, seemingly thinking. I blinked. She's acting weird again...

“Uuh well, y'know that we've been busy with our club, right?”


“That we barely spend our time together and all?”


“So~ I was just thinking, y'know~”

She scratched her cheek and chuckled, looking a bit embarrassed. It's been a while since I saw her wearing that expression. I waited for her to continue, my hands unconsciously hugged my bag to my chest, suddenly feeling all nervous.

“W-what is it?”

“Well, let's... Let's go on a date today. Just the two of us.”

I froze as I heard that, staring at her grinning face. My own face must have turned red back then since I could feel some heat on my cheeks. I shrunk back in my seat, hiding my face behind my long strand of hair.


I whispered the words quietly, but she seemed to hear it since I could hear her letting out the breath she was holding. I smiled. A date... I wonder when was the last time I hear that... I hugged my bag tighter, my eyes wandering around to distract myself from the joy bursting out of my chest.


I blinked, shaking my head as I saw something...odd from the corner of my eyes. that?

There was a girl wearing, umm, let's say some kind of party props...? Sitting there on the other end of the train. I think there was another girl beside her but I wasn't really sure. And somehow... somehow... the two girls were watching me. I wasn't sure since their eyes were hidden but it just felt like that.

“Uh, Ryouha?”

Nagisa tilted her head, waving her hand in front of my face. I shook my head again.

“Somethin' wrong?”

“I-it's nothing.”

“Ya sure? Ya don't look good...”

“...yes, I'm fine.”

I covered my eyes, trying to erase the image from my mind. ...right. It's probably just my imagination. Have I gotten too nervous that I started seeing things? I took a deep breath and let out an equally long one.

“Come here.”

I felt Nagisa pulled away my hand from my face and planted a soft kiss on my forehead. She chuckled.



I didn't answer, simply giving her a nod. She kept her hold on my hand as she looked out the window, rising back to her full height.

“Oh, we've arrived. Come on, Ryouha~”

I guess there's no use thinking about it... I gave her a small 'ok', letting her took me out of the train station and into the bustling town. The street was decorated with colorful ornaments befitting the season of summer, and I could see the many posters of ice creams on the countless cafe lining up the sidewalk. I smiled. The merry atmosphere managed to lift up my mood, and after a few more walks we finally arrived on our first destination.

“Ta-dah! Here we are~”

Nagisa released my hand and stretched her both arms to her side, grinning widely. It was a restaurant, or a cafe to be exact, with pastel colored walls and some cute fancy design. I stared at the cozy looking building for while, before letting out a small giggle. I could hear Nagisa whining beside me.

“Heey~ what's with that laugh?”

“...are you hungry already, Nagi?”

“That's cruel~ I'm not all about eating~~” She gave me one of her playful pout, and I still couldn't stop my giggle.

“It's ice cream~ Ice cream, 'kay? I remember that ya love 'em a lot.”

“Ah, I guess I am...”

“Then it's settled. A friend of mine told me that they have the best parfait 'round here, so let's have some~”

The small bell on top of the cafe's door rang as she opened the door for me, a waitress came to give us the menu as we took our seat. I absentmindedly browsed through the pictures, stealing a glance at Nagisa. She seemed to be thinking hard. I giggled again. She's very picky sometimes for a glutton... After a while she finally nodded and closed the menu, raising her hand to call the waitress. I turned my own eyes back to the menu.

“Waiter~ I want to or...der...

Hm? I blinked as I heard the strange tone she used and lowered the menu from my face, trying to figure out what's going on. I saw her there with her usual blank face she had whenever she's dumbstruck, staring at the waitress beside our table; a girl around our age with short black hair and a seemingly flat expression, a pen and a small notebook with her.

“Can I take your order?”

That girl asked in a rather monotone voice and Nagisa lowered her hands slowly, her face turned a bit sour. ...that was a rather odd reaction. I mentally noted as I heard her asked for 'the chef's recommendation', the waitress penned down her order before she bowed and left.

“ you know her, Nagi?”

“Yea—I mean, no! No way~ She just, err, look like someone I know but nah, probably just a coincidence. Ha ha~”


“Don't seem like she knows me either, so probably a different person. Yup. Gotta be it.”

She crossed her arms and nodded, seemingly trying to convince herself. I hummed to myself, letting my eyes wandered around the room. The cafe seemed quite busy, but not very much crowded so the guests could still felt the cozy atmosphere. I noticed some similarities among the guests though; most of them were couples, and seeing that made me a bit self-conscious somehow. Did Nagisa choose this place on purpose?, probably not. She said a friend recommended this cafe to her and she didn't seem to realize her surrounding. But still, why are there so many couples? What is so special about this place? My eyes scanned around the many tables, trying to identify... something. Anything. ...wait. Could it be that the parfait—

Here is your order; our cafe's special parfait. Enjoy.”

I stared at the big glass of parfait in front of me with wide eyes, and I could see Nagisa did the same. Both of us gazed at the cold treat in silence.

I knew it.

I shrunk back in my seat and I could see Nagisa planted her hand to her face, seemingly as embarrassed as I was. It was one of those overly sweet and cutely decorated fruit parfait for couples, with some hearty design that was enough to make me curled up in embarrassment. I never knew such things ever existed outside of storybook... I glanced at Nagisa, seeing her taking one of the spoons as she grumbled and glared at the previous waitress, a hint of red still left on her cheek.

“Uh, we better start eating, ha ha~ Shouldn't waste food when it's there~”

“Y-you're right. We shouldn't waste food...”

We both ate quietly, keeping our eyes on our own spoon as we did. The awkward silence continued until Nagisa decided to break it.

“Hmm, not as bad as I thought. It's quite delicious~”

“I...guess so...”

She chuckled as she heard that, starting to eat in a faster pace. I paused, nibbling on my spoon as I saw her started to happily gobble down the treat.'s not that bad, I guess. I smiled.

“Aah, sorry Ryouha.” She stopped eating for a while, switching her attention to me.

“We should've shared this equally.”

“'s fine. I'm already full anyway.”


I gave her a nod and she tilted her head, somehow still not convinced. I chuckled and leaned forward a bit, reaching my hand to wipe the stray cream on her cheek.

“Just take your time and eat slowly... Here, you even got cream on your face...”

“Ah! Hold on—“

I blinked as I she suddenly grabbed my hand, and what she did after that nearly made my heart burst.

She licked the soft cream off my fingers, not even leaving a drop unclean. I quickly retracted my hand as she finished, my face turned several shades of red from her unthinkable action.

    W-w-what does she think she's doing!?!!

I loudly shouted inside my head, but she only gave me an oblivious face.

“Yer face looks so red, Ryouha. Something wrong?”


“Hm? We shouldn't waste food, right?”

She laughed, and I fell back to my seat, clenching my hand tight to my chest. S-she...she's just—! God, she's unbelievable... I sighed and wiped my hand with the white napkin by the table, trying to calm my racing heartbeat. As I thought she really is being weird today... I mulled to myself as I waited for her to finish the parfait, locking my eyes on my shoes.

“Wheew, that was tasty~ Don't cha think so, Ryouha?”

“Y-yes... L-let's get going now...”

“Hm? Okay, if you say so.”

I quickly stood and walked away to the front door, waiting for her as she took care of the bill. Okay Ryouha, now calm down. S-she's your girlfriend so it's fine if she does something like that once in a while, right? R-right. But really, what's gotten into her? Suddenly being so bold like that... I glanced at her as she approached me with her trademark smile, flinching a bit when our skin touched from a simple holding hands. I sighed. Hmph, it's all your fault, Nagisa... I pouted and squeezed her hand. She scratched her chin as I did that, seemingly realizing my uneasiness.

“Uhh, did I make ya angry somehow?”

“ Not really.”

“Uurgh, okay, okay~ Whatever it is, I'm sorry~ I'll let ya choose the next place, 'kay?”

I huffed and started to walk. Now then, where should we go next? I-I know that this is a date but... I need to find a place where I could relax and enjoy our time leisurely. Huff... Bookstores or library are not good choices; Nagisa would fall asleep in an instant. Game center would be too noisy. Amusement park? It's nearly 6pm now so there wouldn't be enough time for us to enjoy anything. I sighed and let my eyes wandered again, trying to find some ideas as we walked down the darkened sidewalk. The street lights had started to lit up when I finally found something, and I raised my hand to point on a certain poster pasted on the nearby wall.

“How about that...?”

Nagisa turned her head toward it, grinning as she read the headline.

“Well, why not? Been a while since I've gone to the aquarium anyways, ha ha~”

“...then let's go.”

The aquarium wasn't very far from here and it opened until night time. It's also not crowded in weekdays and it's quite fun despite the quiet atmosphere; I couldn't find any better choice than that. I let out a relieved sigh as I saw Nagisa playing with the seal on the nearby tank, following the animal's head as they tilted their head simultaneously. Well, looks like she's back to her usual self. I chuckled and took my eyes off her for a while, walking over to the huge tank of colorful tropical fishes. The water behind it basked the whole room in a soft bluish hue and I put my hand on the glass, watching the small fishes quietly swimming to a silent symphony I couldn't hear.


I yelped, feeling Nagisa's arms around my waist. W-what now? I flustered, trying to calm my stammering voice.

“...w-what is it?”

“Nothing. Just wanna stay like this fer a while.”

She put her chin on my shoulder and I could feel my face started heating up again from her action. She's been really weird today. Really really weird... We stayed like that for a while, only the two of us gazing at the huge miniature of the sea that seemed about to drown us in it. I didn't know how long had passed, was it hours or simply seconds? Until Nagisa whispered something to my ear.

“Hey, Ryouha?”


“It's almost a year, ain't it? Since we started dating.”


She turned me around, pinning me to the thick glass before us. I flinched a bit as the cold surface touched my skin. What is she—!? I didn't manage to finish that thought as I saw her gazing into my eyes with an expression I couldn't decipher, and I held my breath, hearing my own heartbeat drumming in my ears.



“Y-you've been acting...very weird today...”

“Have I?”

She answered rather blandly, her voice wasn't filled with her usual playfulness. I could feel her grip on my left wrist faltered a bit before she pushed it harder to the cold glass, as if regaining her resolve.

“I was just thinking. 'cause it'll be our anniversary soon and I guess...”

She took a deep breath, before whispering softly.

    “I'll have to make it special for you...Ryouha.”

She drew closer until our foreheads touched, and I could now feel her warm breath against my skin. I closed my eyes tightly.

“W-wait, Nagi... I...”


“I'm sorry...”

I pushed her away rather roughly, putting all the power I have left on my free hand and making her tumbling back a little. I stepped away from the scene, my eyes locked on the floor all the while, watching her shadow against the carpeted surface.

“I-I have to go.”


“Thank you for today...It”

I turned and started walking. My footsteps echoed in the wide empty hall and I walked faster, unable to face her. I left the aquarium without another word, going straight home and locking myself in my room right after. I couldn't sleep well that night. The image of her face under that soft bluish light kept looping in my memories as I hugged my blanket closer. I didn't know what I felt back then. Was I overwhelmed by the happiness? Or was I drowned by the lingering fear? I wasn't sure nor I wanted to think about it.

There was only one thing left in my mind as I drifted asleep. One thing and one thing only.

    How am I supposed to face her tomorrow...?


“ This is wrong.”

I sighed, stumbling to the chair behind me as I reread the music sheet on my hands. I held my head. This is bad, I couldn't concentrate at all...

Two days had passed after that event in the aquarium, but still I haven't managed to overcome my feeling. W-well, I'd calmed down... a little... But it was all because I hadn't met Nagisa again since then. We're not having a fight. It's just... she's been texting me that she's gotten busy again so we wouldn't be able to go home together for a while. I let out another sigh.

“Everyone~! Churi-san said she couldn't make it again today, so we'll be training on our own.”

Ah, the prez isn't here again. I wonder what she's been up to... I mulled to myself, trying to distract my thought as I hummed a melody under my breath. It might sound bad but... I'm kind of relieved that she didn't come. I just didn't know what I'd say to her if she heard my current singing. Haah... I had to fix this uneasiness as soon as possible...

“The prez has been acting weird... Don't you think so too, Ryouha-senpai?”


I saw my junior Rara pulled a seat beside me, somehow looking a bit disappointed. I tried to give her an assuring smile and petted her head.

“...I'm sure she has a reason.”

“But she never ditch trainings before and has been very strict with them!”

I chuckled as I heard that.

“I think it's fine to slow down for a while... We don't have any competition in the upcoming months anyway...”

“Kuuh, that's true but—ah! Please excuse me for a moment.”

I blinked, seeing her suddenly pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and tapped the screen rather rapidly, turning away from me. She seemed to be agitated, and I could see her smiling to herself after a while. ...hmm. I never saw her wearing such joyful expression outside anything relating to choir club. It made me...curious somehow. I scooted closer, trying to take a peek above her shoulder.

“'s rare to see you playing with your phone in the middle of club activity.”

“R-ryouha-senpai!” She instinctively hid her phone. “I'm sorry! I know it's forbidden but...”

“It's fine, I'm not scolding you... I'm just... a bit curious.”


She trailed off and looked around for while, before she drew closer to me.

“Say, Ryouha-senpai,” She whispered to me so that only the two of us can hear.

“Have you ever heard of the [Rainbow Makers] ?”

I blinked. Rainbow makers? It... sounded so familiar somehow. It's not like I've heard about it but I think I'd seen it somewhere; somewhere close... and quite often, too. I couldn't really put my fingers around it though so I shook my head. She let out a sigh.

“You see, they're a group of school girls helping roughly anyone in need, but they never ask for anything in return. They started out on a certain junior high in Osaka, but since the members went to different high schools the group has been disbanded for a while now.”

“...ooh. That's a pity.”

“Don't you think so? But there's rumor that some of them still continue their activities by their own. Especially that one who went to Oodora high! She's very famous among the girls and even got her own secret fans club.”

“ that so?”


I saw her typing something on her phone and I waited for her, starting to feel agitated myself. Somehow I felt something behind my curiosity. Something... suffocating... like worry or even a hint of jealousy... I wonder why... I gulped, trying to find my voice.

"Umm... can I ask you one thing, Rara?"

"Of course, senpai! What is it?

“This girl from Oodora that you're talking about... What kind of person is she?

“Hmmm. Weeelll, I can't deny that she's charming and all... but I think she's kind of a player. She seems like she can't commit herself to one person. Oh, I have a friend who's a fan of her. And she keeps sending me her picture. Let's see... oh, here's one.”

I stared at the picture for a while and as soon as I recognized the person on it, my eyes widened. I snatched the phone from Rara's hand and took a closer look, still couldn't believe my eyes. My hands trembled.'t be...





It's her. It's her. I just couldn't mistake her anywhere. She was there on the picture, smiling as the other girl planted a kiss on her cheek. Now I remember, why the name [Rainbow Makers] felt so familiar; I've been looking at it for a long time, on that smiley armband she always wore on her right wrist.

“Oh? You know her, Ryouha-senpai?”

The realization struck me and I fell back to my chair, my mind went totally blank. Wait, c-calm down. D-don't jump into conclusion yet, Ryouha. I took a deep breath, calming myself as I tried to examine the picture better. ...that's not Oodora uniform. Perhaps it was a photo from back in her junior high. I tried to assure myself.


I flinched, feeling the phone vibrate in my hand as the word '1 new message' appear on the screen. Rara mouthed a quick 'excuse me' and took her phone, tapping the screen again. She sighed.

“Ah, my friend sent me another photo. Uh, wait. This is just taken recently she said? And that person, wait, that's...”


“Umm, Ryouha-senpai? Please correct me if I'm wrong.”

She turned at me with an awkward smile, showing the photo on her screen.

“Isn't this... Churi-senpai?”

I froze. Staring at the screen with wide eyes. The picture was taken from behind but I could see their face as they happily chatted with each other, walking side by side along the crowded street. ...I just didn't know what to think anymore. Something felt hurt inside me and I switched my eyes to the ground, unable to say anything.

“Hey, you two little aces. Whatcha doing speaking by yourself like that? Come on, let me join your circle~~”

“Hands off, Tani-senpai.”

“Aww, Rara-chan~ So cuuuteee~~~ Hey, hey, what are you looking at on your phone—“

I thought I heard a gasp, but I just wouldn't care anymore.

“Rara-chan! You—why are you—how did you get this!?”

“Ouch—what's wrong with you, Tani-senpai!? Something wrong with showing this to Ryouha-senpai!?

I flinched as I heard that, slowly raising my face to meet them.

“So you know...”

“No, Ryouha...

"You know about me and Nagisa... and yet..."

"Look, I-I can explain. Churi is just—“

“Where are they, Marika-san?”

She clamped her mouth shut. I clenched my hand and stood, fixing my glare at her.


The girl turned her face away from me, gritting her teeth.

“...the shopping district.”


“They're meeting on the shopping district after school.”

I turned on my heels right after, running out of the clubroom.

“Wait, Ryouha—!”

I heard Marika-san calling me but I didn't care; I kept running, bumping into some people along the school corridors on my way. I didn't stop running until I reached the shopping district and I fell to my knees, catching my breath as my eyes scanned the busy street. Where are they... I pushed myself back to my feet and started walking. It was as if I had forgotten how to think; I just walked. I walked and walked and walked, searching for familiar faces among the dizzying crowd, and as soon as I spotted something on the corner of my eyes, my legs stopped moving.

That black wavy hair...

That huge warm smile...

I saw her there walking with someone else beside her; another girl with the same Ryuugami uniform like me and the same Choir Club.
I saw them there trading smiles as if there was no care in the world.

And I froze, feeling something wet trickled down my cheeks.

And I think... my heart just crumbled right then...

Notice Me, Senpai! : Kitagawa Ryouha Side // END >> next side...

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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part Three]
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 Ryouha you'll be fine. Don't you worry.
Thx for the update jubethehare-san.
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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part Three]
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Aww... Ryouha  :cry:

Wonderful read and really looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part Three]
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Ryouha...! Everything will be alright!!!!!  :cry:

Seriously though, Churi is my kami-oshi and all, but reading this chapter... God it breaks my heart.... I didn't know what to think after she had decided to conspire against Ryouha... I wonder if this was all apart of Rara and Riripon's plan...

Nagisa... How dare you cheat on Ryouha!!  :cry:

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NOOOOOOO!!! RYOUHAA!!  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

please don't cry! arrgghhh!!  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

i can't believe it! why churi?! WHY you did that to ryouha?!!!  :cry: :angry:

i think this is riripon plans  :bleed eyes:  :bleed eyes: it really makes a trouble between nagiuha  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: but wait... i think this is your plan too jubethehare-san  XD :smhid

you're too cute to be a devil rara-chan  :doh:

and... two of them almost... almost... kiss  :cry: (i've been waiting for it you know u.u)

so... so... what next??  :panic: :panic: it'll be nagisa side right? i'll be waiting for it~  :D

thank you for the update and please update soon!  :bow: :bow:
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Re: (OS) Notice Me, Senpai!! (Riri > NagiUha < Rara) [Part Three]
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 Ryouha you'll be fine. Don't you worry.
Thx for the update jubethehare-san.

Aww... Ryouha  :cry:

Wonderful read and really looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Thanks for reading~ And no worries, Ryouha will be fine... maybe... *look away*

i think this is riripon plans  :bleed eyes:  :bleed eyes: it really makes a trouble between nagiuha  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: but wait... i think this is your plan too jubethehare-san  XD :smhid

Hmm, what me? Well~ I know nothin'~~  :shifty:

Seriously though, Churi is my kami-oshi and all, but reading this chapter... God it breaks my heart....

Nagisa... How dare you cheat on Ryouha!!  :cry:

Weeell, actually~ Nagisa is my kami-oshi too, but I have to say she's this kind of person >> link

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