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Author Topic: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others] / 28/8/16 updated  (Read 27881 times)

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Re: Project J - chapter 7 [WMatsui & others]
« Reply #100 on: October 07, 2013, 05:26:30 AM »
Update this please.....  :cry: :cry: :cry:

I want to see cute Juju-puppy in here....  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Waiting for your update....  :) :) :)
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Re: Project J - chapter 7 [WMatsui & others]
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Re: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others]
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*Moan again*

The repeating sounds woke Rena up. It's already became a daily occurence for her to be woken up like this. For her, Matsui Rena, to be woken up with a certain clinging puppy latched herself on her body.

She felt her puppy girl nuzzled against her chest and felt a silly grin formed on her puppy's face. Rena sighed mentally and moved her hand to pry the puppy off of her.

'I wonder what she dreamt...with those grin on her face...'

At first when she found out Jurina always sneaked on her bed to cuddle every night, Rena always voiced her disagreement, which was easily bribed with Jurina's pleading puppy eyes. As it became a daily occurence Rena started to deal and live with it. But she certainly wouldn't admit that it kinda nice to have a warm cuddly puppy every now and then.

She got up from her bed and headed to the bathroom. After undressing herself, she let the warm shower loosen her sore muscle and freshen her body.

Rena let out a soft sigh. Until when the circumstances will continue? It's not that she have anything against the puppy living under the same roof with her, yet she have this unsettling feeling in her chest...which has gone worse after she met with Mariko several days ago. 

She felt like she was being watched.

'But...probably it's just my imagination...' Rena closed her eyes and let herself be immersed in the warmth.

Jurina stirred and fumble with the bedsheet for a while. Her heart sank a bit when she didn't find the warmth that's supposed to be there. 

The soft drizzle from the bathroom made a small smile back on her beautiful face. Even though it didn't stay there for long.

She remembered her conversation with Mayu few days ago.

"Nee nee, Mayu, what were you doing after you escaped?"

Mayu looked up and gave Jurina a look before she went back to her gadget. "I wandered aimlessly for a while before I met Yukirin..." She paused a little and smiled softly, "After Yukirin picked me off of the street, I kind of became her secretary." 

She blushed a little, wow. That made Jurina became more eager to dig more story from her friend.

"Secretary? So as her secretary you always have to be together with Yukirin all the time, right? Sound's like a mate. Maybe I can be Rena-chan's secretary too..." She finishes off with a dreamy grin.

Mayu rolled her eyes, this puppy really need a good lesson for common knowledge. Not that she blamed her, since she knew learning by books is quite different than to learn by oneself in the society. Not to mention the puppy beside her is not in a good term with books.

"Well, no, duh. It's not the same. Haven't you read anything about it in your books?"

"I have! Secretary is one of the many jobs one could do to survive in this cruel world! His or her job is to be a personal assistant and taking care of his or her boss."

A smile crept on the mouse's face. "Well, even though it's quite a...improper answer, it's not entirely false. Haruna became a model thanks to her asset and Yukirin's connection. Yuko was offered to become Haruna's manager, but she declined and was doing odd jobs on the street so she can gather more intel." The mouse take a look on Jurina before added, "Maybe you should start to look for a job too. I did a background check on Rena...She's an orphan, and currently are living from her scholarship with part-time jobs to cover her daily needs."

A job, huh? Maybe she'll call Mayu later to ask for an advice on how to get a job. Or she can always join Yuko on her adventurous way to get money, she heard the pay was great and she's quite confident with her physical ability. But maybe it'll made Rena seems she have to call Mayu later.

Her gaze lingered on the bathroom gaze a few seconds longer than it should. Part of her want to join the older girl, yet the more reasonable part of her decided not to. She did promise to take things slowly after all. She sighed and hugged her knees. What to do now...


The doorbell interrupted Jurina's thought. She knew better not to open the door to random person visit, so she opted to peep the visitor first. Who knows it was Acchan again, or Takamina, or the others... Hopefully not, since she didn't sense any danger from the visitor. Maybe it was a delivery service.

There standing in front of Rena's apartment door is a quite handsome man dressed in a butler suit. Whoa. It was unexpected.

"Jurina, who's that?" Rena spoke from inside, her soft step gradually went louder as she went to the front door. The sight that greeted Jurina was, how to describe it? Breath-taking, mouth-watering, mind-blowing, and more. The other girl was clad in a tank top and shorts that accentuated her figure nicely. 

Nice as in very, very nice. 

Her slightly damp hair, warmth radiated over her skin, and the fresh smell of the shampoo invading her nose.

Yep, very nice indeed.

Unfortunately Jurina's too busy to admire the other girl to think of more compliment in her head, let alone say it.

"Jurina?" The way she moved, the way she tilted her head is sooo adorable. The way she waved her hand is... 

"Are you there?"

"Uh..." her cheeks flushed. "Un, yeah?" and the blood roaming freely, painting the puppy's face red.

Rena rolled her eyes on Jurina's antics and opened the door. She felt the puppy's stare still following her closely.


"Oh, hi! Uhh, are you busy today?" the butler greeted warmly. The puppy inside tilted her head to have a better look. Butler or not, if he plan to snatch Rena-chan away...he'll have to cross her first.

"Not really, I have class later in the late afternoon, but other than that, I'm free. Why?"

"Actually..." The butler smiled sheepishly, "I need some help, we're kind of short-handed at the moment."


The cafe bustled with life and joy. And cheers.

Loud cheers.


"Nishi-nishi! Look here please!"

"Airi~n! You're so cool! Please be my boyfriend??"

"Kuu-chan, Kuu-chan, sit with me please!"

And full of overjoyed girls and young woman. Jurina peeked at the entrance where there's lot of curious girls peeked over and giggled. Wow.

"Jurina, what are you looking at?" Rena asked as she adjusted her vest.

"Are Nishi-nishi and the others very famous?" She learned this morning that Nishi-nishi is actually a female, graduated student from the same university. Actually, she's the previous president of the drama club. And after she graduated, she opened a cafe on her own and hire some of the students for the waiter / waitress. Scratch that, not a waiter or waitress, but butler and maid. 

"Well, they became instantly famous after the cafe they opened boomed in the festival last year." Churi answered. Churi herself dressed in a frilly French maid dress. She handed a set of black suit to Jurina. "Jurina, here's your suit. I finally found one spare that fits you."

"Ehh, why do I have to wear a suit?"

"Jurina. You're the one who offered to help. Wear it." Rena slipped on her suit and tied her silky black hair into a low ponytail. She looked at the mirror to make sure her appearance flawless and throw several confident smile. After satisfied with how her smile looks, Rena looked back at her puppy and smiled. "After all, this month's theme is Danso Cafe."



Another chorus echoed as Rena entered the cafe and starting to taking order from the customer.

"Whoa, Rena-chan also very famous, isn't she?" Jurina giggled as she adjusted her tie. Her Rena-chan is beautiful most the time, but when she put her mind into, she can also be very charming young butler.

"Hehe, she and Nishi-nishi is the most wanted butler when we opened the cafe in the festival lt year. They became so famous that our drama club got a lot of request to open a danso cafe regularly near our theater building, but the university shot down the idea. It's a good thing Nishi-nishi found this place."

"Churi, do I look okay?" Jurina asked as she straightened her suit, it's her first time wearing such an outfit.

If she was to judge from Churi's expression, Jurina was sure she looked good enoguh. Trying for a better service, she smirked and immediately got a blush.

"You look more than good, you look absolutely stunning!"

Churi dragged Jurina and pushed her towards the door.

"Go get 'em, tiger!"

And the chorus of excited teenagers went on another pitch for the rest of the afternoon as the puppy worked her smirk to the maximum level.

Nishi-nishi made a beeline towards Rena who were preparing an order and whispered,  "Wow, that smirk worked wonder."

"Look at the customer, they're smitten instantly...hey, you okay?" Nishi-nishi's voice turned worried as she saw the slight frown appeared on the other's face.

Seeing that smile and flirty attitude directed to other people other than her made the Matsui mood sour a little. Rena never admitted that deep inside her heart she was quite a possessive one. But maybe, just maybe, that's because she never had consider anything or anyone important enough.

"Hey, don't be that jealous. Being nice to the customer is just part of the job." Nishi-nishi nudged her friend and grinned. 

"I'm not jealous."

But her face clearly said otherwise. 

"Interesting." Nishi-nishi thought. Rena rarely pouts, but she did when she doesn't want to admit something that she was guilt as charged.

"Right, you're not. Now bring the coffee and cake to table 3." 

Rena brought the order to the respective table and looked at the clock. It's almost time for her class. Rena had discussed it earlier with Nishi-nishi and Jurina, when she went to her class, Jurina will stay and helped Nishi-nishi in the cafe until Rena finished her class and picked her up later in the evening.

Rena excused herself and went back to the locker room to change and gather her things. She need to hurry if she wants to arrive earlier and grab her textbook in the clubroom before the class started.

Nearing the campus ground, Rena immediately headed to the theater building. Once she went inside, she heard a small humming and guitar sound echoed from the hall. She cannot heard the muffled lyric, but the voice was undoubtedly beautiful. Curiously, Rena walked to find the source of the beautiful voice.

It was one of the empty music room. The light was turned on and the door was opened slightly, explaining why the melodious sound escape the room.

From the glass adoring the door, Rena found herself captivated by the voice even more.

"Jinsei wa kamihikouki
Negai nosete tonde yuku yo

Kaze no naka wo chikara no kagiri
Tada susumu dake"

It was a girl, the voice was husky but feminine. Her hair was cut short and boyish, so is her clothes that consisted of tshirt, jeans, and black leather jacket with several metal accessory adorned her appearance.

Judging from her appearance, she appeared in similar age with Rena. But her passionate voice when she sang spoke years of experience.

"Sono kyori wo kisou yori
Dou tonda ka doko wo tonda no ka

Sore ga ichiban daisetsu nanda-"

"Beautiful." She murmured unconsciously.

The guitar stopped playing as said girl opened her eyes and landed her sight upon awe-strucked Rena standing just outside the room.

And blushed.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb your concentration!" Rena opened the door and went to apologize to the other girl. "But it's so beautiful! I mean, your voice is, and I unconsciously- sorry!"

"Ah, thank you." The guitar girl smiled. In a closer inspection, her eyes and red lips added more sharpness to her appearance.

"Ja- I'm on my way then, I'm really, really sorry." 

"It's okay. Really."

"Um, pelase continue your practice, bye!" Rena hurriedly exited the room and walk briskly to get her textbook immediately. Face red from embarrasment, got caught up like that. 

Rena never noticed that one of the girl she passed stared her back intently before walking to the direction of the music room.

"What's wrong with her, blushing like mad and walking briskly like that." A girl dressed in floral white dress entered the room and sat beside the guitar girl. "And you too Sayaka-chan, why are you blushing like that?"

"She said my voice is beautiful."

"So what? I said it all the time, but you never blushed like this! What's the difference?"

"It's the first time anyone other than you said that, Miyuki."

Miyuki pouted and encircled her arms around Sayaka's neck. Hear streak of possessiveness kicked in.

"Sayaka-chan, I'm getting jealous."

Sayaka took one of Miyuki's hand and kissed it lightly. 

"There's no need to feel jealous..." Her expression turned somber. "All we have is only each other, afterall."

She felt the hug.

"Soon. Just a bit more...please bear it with me."



Project J - chapter 8. New day, new job, new threat END

Wow more than three years since my last update. I can't believe it. How are you guys <and girls>???

Tell you what, I've been repeatedly trying to write chapter 8, but honestly I forgot the plot I planned and write and rewrite it countless times. In the meantime, I fell in love with sayamilky when watching geinin. I didn't watch all the ep because show48 got shot down recently, but I've watched enough to have sayamilky fly and landed sliiiiightly just below my otp wmatsui, surpassing any other pairing I've ever seen.

So, actually I did plan sayamilky to appear in peoject J, but much much later in the story. But since the plot bunny just appeared, I decided to make a huge change and make them appear much more early and having them have a much more bigger parts in the story than initially planned.

So I have a little bit oot questions, and need a bit recommendations:
1. Where can I watch geinin eng subbed with good quality
2. Got any good sayamilky fics? I searched a bit and find them very scarce in existence

And lastly, have a good day for all of you!

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Re: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others] / 28/8/16 updated
« Reply #103 on: August 28, 2016, 05:30:29 PM »
Three years sure is a long time.. But seeing an update from a story we like, as a reader it still make us happy ( maybe not for all, but it sure makes me happy :) )

Oohh Puppy Ju is still as cute as ever... And Rena couldn't resist those cute puppy eyes..

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Re: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others] / 28/8/16 updated
« Reply #104 on: August 28, 2016, 05:31:58 PM »
OMG it's been forever!!! >w<

So now we have a new threat. What will happen?!

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Re: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others] / 28/8/16 updated
« Reply #105 on: August 28, 2016, 07:29:38 PM »
1) Youtube is thee only place I know of that has Geinin.

2) Read Nezukara's fics, (s)he's the only person i know who regularly writes SayaMilky.

Pls update soon though~

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Re: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others] / 28/8/16 updated
« Reply #106 on: August 28, 2016, 07:48:36 PM »
Oh my god.. It's a miracle~!!! I'm waiting this fic for a long time... XD XD XD

Waiting for your next update.. :) :)
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Re: Project J - chapter 8 [WMatsui & others] / 28/8/16 updated
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Nobody can beat Jurikun butler.. we love it! thank you for this update!!

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