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Author Topic: Green Poison - chapter 1 (WMatsui) 19/08/2016  (Read 2627 times)

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Green Poison - chapter 1 (WMatsui) 19/08/2016
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Green Poison

Chapter One

How far would you go to get what you want? Would you sacrifice everything? Your family? Your friends? Your loved one? To her, questions like these were a pain. What she wanted was already hers and that was money. Family? She did not have one. Friends? She does not need any. She has billions in her bank already. Her loved one? She would often think that love is dead. Her one and true companion was money. It is always there, more helpful than useless family and friends. But how did such a greedy person come to be? Well she did not start off rich, she started dirt poor in a downtrodden home filled with unwashed dishes, unclean bathrooms, and dirty trash.

When she just a little girl in December of 1997, age six, there was a slight blizzard brooding outside her home, the house as cold as ice, the girl huddling for warmth. Her mother came in the house late with a man carrying her. It's one of those days she would think. She was used to this in her household, a random man having a little "fun" as her mother would call it.

"Open the door.",said the man as he stood outside my mother's bedroom,"You must be Rena. She told me about you. I hope we have a good relationship.",he said as he waited for me to open the door.

She sighed, shivering as she stood up and opened the door for the man and he went in but before she shut the door she said,"I doubt it." She wondered what her life would have been like if her father had not died. Maybe they would have been a happy family, eating breakfast together, going on vacations, and all the like. But she knew it was just a fleeting dream and quickly dismissed it as she entered her own room.

Her room unlike the rest of the house was clean and tidy. She wanted to be different from her mother who was all broken and dirty. So she makes an effort to be different, as different as she can from her mother.

It was one of those days. She would hear the noises coming from the other side of the wall. She sighed as those were filled with sadness and despair. So she put on her thickest coat, opened the bed window, and jumped out into the darkness.

Because she knew whenever her mother would bring in a person, she would have about two or three hours of time to go to a place she enjoyed very much, the casino. It was inside a hotel, the casino was, so she could wander a bit without anyone questioning her about her doings in the place often thinking that she just another guest.

Fortunes were won and lost in a blink of an eye. She mostly saw the latter part of that but when she sees the former, it makes her a bit excited. Money is a powerful tool, she knew that. But what she did not know is that it could ruin people's lives.

When she first found this place, she wondered why people would bet everything they have on a chance to strike gold, when the chance so small. She did not understand ,at the time, that money makes the whole world go round and that just a bit of cash is very valuable. She would, however, learn a lesson more dangerous to her than to other people. She learned that money is everything, more important than love, family, and friends. Money is the second most valuable thing other than one's life.


It was now 2014, her eyes twinkled in delight at the sight of her treasury, wealth made from insider trading, money lending, and other illegal practices. To her, it was not enough, there must be more to come, more to steal, and more to conquer.

Many lives were ruined because of her, the little girl who did not know any better, the one who just wished to have a happy family, a loving mother, a living father. But those parental figures are out of her sight now, they were pushed back into the abyss she calls her mind.

She enjoyed looking at the wealth and was about to turn around to exit her treasury before several police officers entered. Guns were pointed directly at her, no faltering hands, no second thoughts, she knew from then on her scheme was over. These police could not be bought and her company which stood behind her through thick and thin, would crumble into nothingness.

A man came up to her and explained the charges, cuffed her hands, read her Miranda rights, and escorted her out of the building.

Hundreds upon hundreds of reporters were situated outside the doors of the building, hoping to get a story out of the despicable woman who cheated millions. She did not deny these charges, there was too much money in that room to even argue.

So she sat down in that police car without a word or struggle but upon her was a gentle smile or was it smirk? What was this woman up to?


To Matsui Rena, money was the most valuable thing second only to one's life. She was young, beautiful, and smart, and she knew she had a lot of years ahead of her, years to make more money. She had amassed quite a fortune and allies to help her. So when a bail of 15 billion yen was slapped on to her, it was paid so quickly she was not even in her prison clothes.

But trust, trust was hard to get. Her allies left her, no more business partners, her shares divvied up and sold to the stock market. She had no friends, no one to count on, she only had herself to get through it all. Why did her old allies pay off her bail? Because like her, life was absolutely cruel on them and every one deserves a second chance, a lesson Matsui Rena had never learned.


"Are you saying this card is blocked?", Rena said as she tried to buy a bag of chips from the convenience store.

"Yes. Yes I am. Please get out now before I call the police. It the ninth time already you have asked this.",the cashier said exasperated at the woman who cannot even afford a bag of potato chips.

Life was tough on her. She lost all her money and her home. She lived by the river next to all the other homeless people, helping her get set up as they treated her with respect and care. She did not know that feeling of being cared for, it was very foreign and uncomfortable. The homeless people cared for each other like they were family, not just people who lost the game of life. She distanced herself from them, thinking she was better, different from all of them. But she knew deep down, that she was the same as them.

"Yo Melonpan get us some sake!",another homeless person, Shinoda she was called, yelled out to her.

She hated that nickname. Just because she mentioned it once that she liked doesn't mean that she absolutely adored it, much less deserved a nickname for it. But she just sighed, stood up, and got some from the cooler, and gave it to them before retreating back into a tent she called her home.

She did not know that just outside her tent, something important was happening.


"You grunts wanna work for me?", said a strong looking woman who looked down upon the happy group by the campfire.

"Work where? I don't think you'd want us.", another homeless person, Takamina, said laughing as the others laughed along.

The woman got real low, close to Takamina's face, before answering with a smile.

"The Yakuza."

The group was silent at the offer, speechless and fearful of the amount of danger they were potentially in right now. Slowly Takamina shook her head, signaling a decline. The strong woman looked at the other six homeless people who also followed Takamina's lead.

As much as they would love to work again and make some money, working for the Yakuza was a bit to extreme for their tastes and could even get themselves arrested or worse, killed.

The woman sighed, straightening herself up,"What a bunch of cowards.",she said before she noticed a closed tent,"Whose is this?",she questioned.

"T-That's Rena-san's tent",the trembling voice of Mayu answered.

The woman was curious of who was in it and slowly opened the tent.

"Hey you.",the woman said to Rena who was sleeping. Rena did not answer and that angered the woman a bit. The woman then stepped inside the tent and lightly slapped Rena's face to wake her up. Rena slowly opened her eyes, surprised at the intrusion.

"What are you doing here!?",Rena said as she roughly pushed her away.

The woman laughed before speaking,"Wow I have never been treated this way. This is new!"

Rena was confused at the sight. She did not understand what was happening and looked outside to only see the faces of her homeless people looking in, curious of the scene.

"Who are you?", Rena asked.

"Oh yeah I forgot to introduce myself.",the woman said before she stood up and bowed.

"Matsui Jurina and would you like to work for me?"


Rena did not ask what job it was, all she knew was that it paid very well and she needed to get out of there. She followed Jurina to her car and got in the back seat with her, a driver driving them both to the destination.

The ride was silent and stiff. She wondered what job homeless people would be employed in but quickly dismissed the thought as she now had her chance to get back to the top.

She thought about many things on the ride to here Jurina was taking her such as how much was the pay, were the people competent, and lastly how did she get caught for her crimes?

She did not leave a single trace of evidence except for the treasury.

Was she betrayed?

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Re: Green Poison (WMATSUI)
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Wow its nice~
Yakuza theme, i like where its going..
Gonna wait for the next~

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Re: Green Poison (WMATSUI)
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Waiting for chapter 2 author-san
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Green Poison (WMATSUI)
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What a cool opening chapter! The Yakuza theme is very intriguing, and I love how you've built up all of this mystery around Jurina! Rena looks like she's in for quite the adventure!

I'll be looking forward to your future chapters!
And WMatsui ftw~

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