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Opposite Attraction
(RisaNeru OS)

A girl with long hair and droopy eyes skipping toward a certain short haired tsundere girl.

Neru : Risaaa~ (Neru hugged Risa from behind)

Risa : *grunt* What? (Risa said with a cold tone)

Neru : *pout* Don’t you miss me?

Risa : *roll eyes* Why would I? You’ve only been absent for one day.

Neru : But I miss Risa though... *puppy face*

Risa didn’t say anything. Neru could only sigh, she used to Risa's cold treatment.

15 minutes later, Takahashi Minami (the science teacher) came into the classroom.

Takahashi : Good morning, class.

Students : Good morning, Takahashi-san.

Takahashi : Put your homework in my desk!

Risa : *paled* Yabai, where did I put my homework?

Neru : Here, you left it at my house yesterday. *smile*

Suo da, I came to see Neru yesterday because she was absent. I was really worried about her. *sigh* if only I’m...
Risa : Thanks. (Risa said with a flat tone)

Neru : Un *look down* (Why Risa always acted so cold to me? Does she hate me? Maybe she does, after all she always told me how I always annoyed her). *frown*

Riiiing...... (Break time)

Risa took her bento out of her bag.

Neru : Risa, wanna eat together? *smile*

Risa : No, thanks. (Risa answered with a cold tone)

*Neru frowned*

Risa left Neru and went to her usual place, the school’s rooftop.
While Neru went to the school’s canteen to eat with her friends.
Her best friend Fuyuka noticed Neru’s gloomy face.

Fuyuka : Neru-chan, daijobu?

Neru : Un. I’m OK. *smile*

Fuyuka : It’s “her” again, isn’t it?

Neru didn’t say anything and just continued playing with her food.

Fuyuka : *sigh* I just don’t understand why you even liked someone like “her”. She’s cold, un-social, clearly there’s nothing in her that is attractive. Maybe except her face, can’t deny that she’s beautiful. But still-

Neru : You should eat your food, we only have 10 minutes left. (Neru tried to changed the subject)

Fuyuka : Really? *checking her watch* you liar! There’s still 15 minutes left *showing her watch to Neru*

The next day

Like usual, Neru sat besides Risa.

Neru : Ohayou, Risa. *smile*

Risa : Hnn. (Risa ignored Neru)

*Neru frowned*

Shinoda (the homeroom teacher) came into the classroom.

Shinoda : Good morning, class.

Students : Morning, Shinoda-san.

Shinoda : Today, we’re going to have a new student. Hirate-san, please come inside!

A girl with really short hair and super cool look came into the classroom.

Yurina : Hirate Yurina, desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu *bow* *smile*

Students : *squeals* so cool~

Shinoda told Yurina to sit beside Memi, behind Risa and Neru.

Neru : She’s so cool, right?

Risa : *grunt* Not really. What’s with her? Hirate ain’t that cool.

Memi : Hi, my name’s Kakizaki Memi. *smile*

Yurina : Hirate Yurina. Nice to meet you, Memi-chan. *smile*

Memi : *blush* N-nice to meet you too, Yurina-chan.

Riiiiing........ (Break time)

Unlike the usual, Neru didn’t bother to asked Risa to go eat with her. She went straight to the canteen.
Neru walked toward Yurina and Memi’s table.

Neru : Do you mind if I sit here?

Yurina : Not at all. *smile*

Memi eyed Neru suspiciously. Usually Neru would eat with Fuyuka, Manaka and Aoi.

Neru : I’m Neru. Nagahama Neru. You’re Yurina, right? *smile*

Yurina : Un. Yoroshiku ne, Neru. *smile*

Neru : *shy smile* Un. Eto...may I know why you’re transfered here?

Yurina : Dad’s job. He got promoted so we have to moved to Tokyo.

Neru : Ah~sou desu ne. I hope you will enjoy your time here. *smile*

Yurina : Of course. *smile*

Memi was groaning internally. She didn’t like the way Neru and Yurina looking at each other. She was the one who talked to Yurina first. *Stabbing food with a fork*

Yurina and Neru walked toward the classroom side by side. Memi walked silently behind them.
Risa eyed them curiously. What happened? Does Neru starting to go after Hirate now? Is she giving up on me?  *frown*
Risa frowned but quickly changed her face back to her usual poker face.
She doesn’t want Neru to think that she’s jealous or something.

Hours later

Shiraishi : That’s all for today. Don’t forget to do your homework!

Students : Arigatou, Shiraishi-san.

Neru : Yurina, wanna go home together? *smile* *extending hand*

Yurina : Sure. *smile* (Yurina took Neru’s hand)

Memi : *crying internally* why are they holding hands like that? She should’ve go home with me instead!

Risa : Cih. What’s all that about? Is she seriously going after Hirate? *frustrated*

The next day

Neru : *giggle* sou? I also like that scene.

Neru and Yurina were walking inside the classroom hand by hand.
Risa looked at the two with a pained look.
(What is this feeling? Jealousy? It’s so painful... Risa groaned internally).

Neru : *patted Risa’s shoulder* Are you okay, Risa?

Risa : Hnn. (Risa answered shortly)

Neru : Sou~ (Neru answered shortly)

Risa : *sigh* Clearly she doesn’t care about me anymore.
Risa couldn’t concentrate to what the teachers say so slept.

Neru : *poke* *poke* Risa~ wake up! Wake up!

Takahashi : Watanabe....!!!

Risa : Neru, daisuki...!!!

Students : *laugh* *giggle*

Takahashi : *amused* What an interesting thing you said there, Watanabe-san. But next time, PAY ATENTION TO MY CLASS!!!

Risa : *embarrassed* Hai, Takahashi-san (mou, why did I said those things out loud. God, please just kill me now!)

Risa buried her face on her hands.  She was so embarrassed, she wished the floor would swallow her whole.

Neru : *blush* *glanced at Risa*

Riiiing (Break time)

Neru : Risa-

Risa dashed outside the classroom. Neru ran after Risa. They walked into an abandoned classroom.

Risa : *pant* *pant* You idiot! *facepalm*

Neru : Risa...

Risa : Neru...*cleared her throat* that’s not like what you-

Neru : Did you really meant it? Do you like me? Tell me! *walked toward Risa*

Risa : That’s not- I mean...*walked backwards*

Neru : Ii yo. I like Risa too...(Neru kept walking toward Risa until their face were a few centimeters apart.)

Risa : *gulp* N-Neru...?!

Neru pinned Risa to the wall. She eyed Risa’s soft lips. So enchanting. Made her wanted to kiss it so bad.

Risa : Neru-!

Neru kissed Risa without warning. Risa was confused for a moment. But she quickly responded, leaning forward so she could kiss Neru back.
After a few seconds, they broke apart. Neru shyly looked at Risa, biting her lip.

Risa gazed at Neru’s pink lips. She wanted to kiss her again. She led Neru toward a chair, she made Neru sit on her lap. She kissed Neru while hugging her tightly. Neru wrapped her hands on Risa’s neck.

Having Neru in my arm and feeling her lips hugging mine is just... God, I want more of her.

Risa licked Neru’s lip, asking for entrance. Neru didn’t understand her signal so she made her way inside Neru’s seifuku, fondling her breasts.
*Neru moaned* Risa quickly insert her tongue into Neru’s mouth. Their kiss became wilder by the seconds. Risa’s hands were on Neru’s breast and butt, kneading them.

Neru moaned wildly into the kiss, clenching her hands on Risa’s hair. Neither of them can stop, until they’re run out of breath.

Neru: *pant* *pant* Risa-!

Risa dove for another kiss, she didn’t give Neru enough time to catch her breath. This time she have both her hands on Neru’s bosom. Neru moaned again. She felt so embarrassed, but her body was too weak to denied Risa’s touch.

After a few moment, Risa cut their kiss. She moved her lips toward Neru’s collarbone and neck. She bite Neru’s neck, earning a lewd moan from Neru. Things got steamier and steamier until-

*bang* *gasp*

Fuyuka, Manaka, Aoi and Yurina were stunned. Manaka quickly covered Aoi-tan’s eyes.

Fuyuka : Neru...Risa...what the-???

Risa pulled her hands from Neru’s seifuku. Neru fixed her seifuku and get up from Risa’s lap. Risa followed Neru’s move and fixed her messy hair. Both of them were still panting heavily.

Neru : *bite her lip* W-we were just-

Fuyuka : You know what, don’t bother explaining what you guys did. We know. Anyway, we should go back to the classroom. Class’s already begin.

Risa and Neru glanced toward each other shyly.
They all walked toward the classroom. Fuyuka approached Neru.

Fuyuka : *whisper* Anyway you have something on your neck.

Neru touched her neck. She felt a slight sting on her neck. She pinched Risa’s arm.

Risa : Owww. What was that for? (Risa touched her arm)

Neru didn’t say anything and dashed into the classroom. Risa ran after Neru.

Risa : Neru~

Fuyuka : *shook her head* Those two...

She never understand why her super-friendly bestfriend fall in love with an unsocial girl. Neither did She ever thought that a cold girl like Risa would fall in love with a super-cheerful girl like Neru. But maybe that’s what people called “opposite attraction”.


Woohooo finally I've written my first RisaNeru story  :yossi:
Yeah, I know it's not that good but I've done my best  :hee:
So please reply this story so I could improve  :bingo: :on ksweat:
Japanese / Re: Fumika Baba (馬場ふみか)
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AKB48 Fanfics / Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Last post by Janix123 on Today at 12:23:18 PM »
My favorite 乃木坂46 pairing with their three cute kids from the previous story. Love reading their stories...moreover they have their own family which is very cute aand funny at the same time when i try to imagine how fun and happy their family is. 

Maiyan being cruel towards her daughters made me laugh. Ikuchan also...protecting her allowance. Yuki and Momoko being playful. Nanase being the responsible one and also the one who is able to handle Maiyan. Love all their characters.

Looking forward for more Nanamai and family fics . thanks for the fic
H!P News and Releases / Re: Juice=Juice WORLD Tour 2017!
« Last post by bluewind78 on Today at 11:33:07 AM »
The mission in Indonesia's yesterday was met with microphone troubles. And true to their special forces nature of teamwork, the girls improvised and relayed the microphone by hand during the song. This earned them applause & respect from The Indonesian Juice=Juice Family:

Here's a video of such episode during Jidanda Dance:

True Professionals!

And pls enjoy the pics of their expedition in Indonesia:

And Karin-chan, your dream has come true... (from 3 years ago)..

And I'm still beating myself up why I wasn't able to make it to the Malaysia Meet and Greet...when all THIS is happening! (this picture is wrong on so many levels  :lol: )

Tomoko dominating Karin (What else is new?), Aarii and Sayubee is literally molesting poor Nanami..and Ruru... WTH, Ruru...that's your Commanding Officer for God's sake!

I never realized until now Leader sure is sexy  :drool:
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