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The AKBar48 / Re: (Group) The BNK48 Thread
« Last post by muppet on Today at 03:54:30 AM »
BNK48 do the Shounichi tradition proud

【MV Full】Shonichi วันแรก / BNK48
Sports / Re: Official NHL Thread
« Last post by daigong on Today at 02:12:41 AM »

Fuckin What a RUN!! Good get rid of Dubnyk and the wild. FUCK THE DUCKS!  :tama-mad: Jets Vegas Conf Finals BRING BACK DA CUP!!! :hip smile:

THANKS for da Jersey PEG SHEETY WREEKKIN CRU!! Even Black Onyx Gave me a High 5 LMFAO

went to the Summit Show - a sports card show in town FUCK!! Met Jari Kurri and Esa Tikkanen so kind and gracious I was geeked up like a lil school girl what are the odds of meeting these two LEGENDS!

Shook his hand dropped a Kiitos! and he said something like ole hyvä??? But he was like all business when I threw in a Suomi Perkele :finland:

I was totally hungover and just talking shit with Kurri, the line wrapped up and he was just waiting and I was waiting for my photo to print. So I'm like YO check out my site, run by Finns, most Finns in the world and gave him my jphip business card XD I gave him 2 he gives me back 1 fuckin pockets it :lol: so we still standing and I'm like do you like kebab in a total Finnish accent but he's like what? I'm like what's your favourite food and he's like Finnish meatballs and I'm like what's the difference between dem Ikea Swedish meatballs and he's like DAAAAAAMN LMFAO :jphip:

Tikkanen was super nice too I think he cracked up at Suomi Perkele but dude super nice. You usually have to be a big time season ticket holder to meet these guys up close even though they do come to town often for reunion events, this might be the last one for a while GO OILERS GO!!!!
Congratulations to Ririka san and her husband!
Wishing all the best to to them for a long and happy Union!
Japanese / Re: Hinako Sakurai 桜井日奈子
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:03:22 AM »
Hinako san!
二万 views + を

Hinako won’t stop now,
it’s onward and upward!
Japanese / Re: RaMu (ラム)
« Last post by Snowy696 on April 22, 2018, 11:34:07 PM »
The Official Keyakizaka46 Girls Forum / Re: [Keyakizaki46] The Saito Kyoko Thread
« Last post by vlinorman on April 22, 2018, 08:32:32 PM »
Kyoko & Memi chan

AKB48 Fanfics / Re: My short fics ~ SADISTIC FEELINGS (MAYUKI ft WMATSUI) PART4
« Last post by cmze on April 22, 2018, 06:59:06 PM »
Damn all my fics are blocked... -__- What should i do?    :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:                                                                                         
                                                                                                          PART 4

During the lunch time Mayu couldn't help to think about certain vampire girl. "Why am i thinking about her? she uses me as her personal blood bag." she thought slaping herself softly.

"Mayu.. you won't believe what happened to me?!" Jurina let out surprisng and grabbing Mayu to take her to an empty classroom. "Wait Juinaaaa..." she said as she is being dragged.

Both girls entered an empty classroom. Jurina sat on a chair  "I met a vampire who wants to kill all the vampires in this town, she even gave me all their spots
where they hide." the younger of the two said waiting for Mayu reply.

Mayu put her finger on her chin "I think its a trap...Why would she want to kill her own kind? that's fishy." she continued as she walks around the classroom. "I want to kill Yuki but it doesn't seem like we can trust in that vampire." she said.

Jurina sighed "Well i will trust her, she doesn't like being a vampire and will set her free from her nightmare!"

"Her?" Mayu interrupted and looked to the younger girl not hiding her annoyance.

Jurina got up from her seat and gave Mayu a backhug "It's not what you think...she really dislikes Yuki that's why i'm trusting her."

Mayu looked other way "What are you planning on doing?" she asked interested.

"Hunting party. i'll call my colleagues and then we will have a clean city!" Jurina said before Kissing Mayu on her cheek.

Soon the bell rang and the girls went to their classroom. Mayu couldn't help to feel concerned about Jurina so she thought that it might be a good idea investigate by herself if it is a trap.


Mayu was laying on her bed wondering why Yuki haven't come to harrass her like she usually does so she got out of her bed, grabbed some scissors and cut her hand, her hand was dripping blood.

"Somebody missed me?" Yuki with a mischievous smirk said standing in front of Mayu

"It's not what you think!" Mayu let out serious looking other way.

"Right!" Yuki let out then with her finger made Mayu to look at her. "You like this, don't you? you are just as bad as me.." she said grabbing Mayu's wounded hand.

Mayu looked at Yuki as she takes her hand to her mouth and suddenly bit her.

The younger of the two whimpered in pain then watched as the good looking vampire sucked the blood from her hand.

After a few seconds Yuki stopped then looked at Mayu who was absent in her thoughts.

"Somebody is very comfy with this!" Yuki let out and pushed Mayu to the bed behind her then she got on top of her. "What are you hiding?" she asked looking at Mayu in the eyes impressed by her so unhuman antics.

Mayu grabbed Yuki by her neck and pulled her down. Both shared a passionate kiss hands their hands exploring each other's body.

After sometime Mayu surprisingly hit Yuki with a sharp wooden stick. Yuki fell of the bed.

"Holy water... Nice!" Yuki let out hurt but with a smirk "You are so lucky that i can't remove this stick..." she said complaining.

"You like games right?" Mayu asked with smile helping her to get only to put her on a chair then grabbed the chains under her bed.

Yuki bit her lip "This was trap.." she said as Mayu put the chains on her.

 "I like you so won't kill you... yet." Mayu let out with a smile.

"If you wanted to play rough, you just had to ask!" Yuki let out annoyed.


"Are you sure?" Jurina asked unsure

Gekikara smiled "A hunter having mercy with a vampire... that's not correct" she said accepting her destiny.

Jurina looked at the vampire "You saved me...that's why!" she said nervous and red.

Gekikara sighed " Finally i would be able to rest... don't forget tomorrow is the last day i will become a monster again so you better have everything ready!" she said before leaving.

Jurina put her hand on her face "Would i be able to kill her? why am i doubting so much?" she said as she looks how Gekikara leaves. 

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