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Author Topic: Just Missed my Stop- Chapter 8, part 1 (Wmatsui, MariHaru) 23/03/2014  (Read 15238 times)

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Note: This is my first time writing for Jurina and Rena. All mistakes are mine, and I apologize for them.  :nervous

Title: Just missed my stop
Pairings: Wmatsui and Mariharu on later chapters
Word count: 3,457


Rena has no idea how things had spiralled into this, clutching the leather straps of her bag more tightly in her hands, she took a deep breath, raised her eyes from the tiled floor, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and dared to clarify.
“Ano... sensei, did you just ask me to marry you?”

The man in front of her didn’t bother looking up and continued playing with his fingers, his forehead breaking out in sweat. He remained seated on the opposite side of the table as Rena sat on the other side, books and paper-works acting as a fortress between them. Rena opened her mouth to ask again when he suddenly grabbed at his tie and cleared his throat.
“Yes... Yes. I did.” He finally answered, his voice shaky in parts.

 Rena immediately closed her mouth and looked away. She stared at the report on her lap that she was planning to turn in when sensei had just blurted out that he wanted her to marry him. The situation so drastically changed in a dime that it almost seemed surreal.

The thing is... they haven’t even dated.
: :
Rena hates crowded trains with a passion akin to a thousand burning suns... well not really, but she really does hate it. She hates the way that she constantly had to curl in on herself to stop her books from falling and being trampled on, the way that she can never get out without her clothes being wrinkled, the way that strangers can just breathe down her neck and press their bodies against her. What she hates the most though is that she can never get a seat.

The train passed a station and the great mass of standing people started to move as other passengers squeezed themselves through all the bodies to reach the automated doors, the woman beside Rena raised her hand to adjust her shoulder bag and in the process elbowed Rena sharply in the gut which caused her to lose her grip on her books and they started to slide down. She was already panicking when a hand reached out to push them back up again as Rena scrambled to hold them properly. Crisis averted, she immediately threw a glare at the culprit before bowing to thank the person who assisted her. When she raised her head, the girl was smiling back at her, waving a hand to tell her it was nothing before placing it back to the straps of her backpack. Rena noted the sailor uniform and instinctively looked around- these high school students always moved in packs- to be surprised that the nearest group of similarly clad girls were all the way in the front of the cabin.

“Shall I hold some of those for you?” She looked back at the sound of the girl’s good natured question, noting the confused frown on the younger girl’s forehead. Rena immediately blushed, the girl must have found her actions weird.

“That’s very... nice of you, but it’s ok.” She answered, tightening her hold on the books.

The girl pursed her lips, scratching at her cheek as she stared at Rena, “Please, just let me, carrying that much can’t be easy.” The girl smiled and raised her right hand slightly, “I promise I won’t steal them.”

The girl looked so eager, grinning from ear to ear with her hands outstretched playfully, that it almost felt like Rena was the one doing her a favour. She figured that it was fine, the girl was the one insisting anyway.

She sighed dramatically and handed her two of the lightest books, which the girl immediately took a hold of.  “I guess it’s fine but only because you promised not to steal it.” She said mock sternly then smiled back at the girl, “Thank you...”

“You’re welcome.” The girl looked down at the books in her hand, “... Matsui Rena-san.”
: :
Sensei finally looked up at her with pleading eyes and Rena swallowed her rejection, as she nervously played with her necklace.

“I heard that your older sister is sick.”

Rena froze, holding unto the pendant of her necklace that the little anchor was digging into her palms. Airin... He was going to use Airin as a bargaining chip.

It wasn’t like Rena could answer anything else after that.

“I’ll marry you, Matsui-sensei.”

~*0*~ 0 ~*0*~
Chapter One

Airin’s laughter woke Rena up to the sunrise clearly visible on her sister’s hospital window, throwing the room momentarily in shades of orange and black. That Airin looked vibrant, was the first thing she thought of, as her sister continued laughing at the movie that was playing on the screen of the hoisted up television. She looked... full of life. At that moment, while the whole of Sakae was probably asleep and lethargic, Airin was alive.

It was silly but she almost wanted to cry.

These four walls were all Airin had known, she would have had a lot of great friends, she could have watched this exact movie with them. Airin was so full of life and had so much to offer, Rena shouldn’t be the only one who knows of it.  Isn’t that just unfair?
She reaches out to tuck a strand of unruly hair behind her sister’s ear and Airin turns shining eyes full of mirth at her. “Hey, Rena. Did I wake you? You shouldn’t be sleeping like that you know.”

Rena just stuck out her tongue and proceeded to stretch her aching back, the metal chair she was on scooted back a little with the action creating a sound that made them both cringe.

 Airin glared and Rena laughed back.

Her sister was just about to return to the movie when she asked monotonously, “Ne... what do you think of marriage?” Airin turns to her again cocking her head a little to the side, her eyes losing focus as she thought about it.

“I don’t really have an opinion in particular...” Airin narrows her eyes “...just that my little sister is too young to be thinking of it.”

“Well, I really can’t help it. With a face like this, I’m just reeling them in, you know.”

Airin nods furiously at that and Rena loses the teasing grin as warmth crept up her neck. “My imouto is definitely the prettiest.” Her sister declares, raising both her hands to do a double thumbs-up, Rena swats at her arm.
“Stop it, nee-san. You’re really embarrassing sometimes.”

Airin laughs at her, reaching out to pinch her cheek. She speaks through her sister tugging at her. “But don’t you think... I mean... if it seems practical... you know. If the husband-to-be is financially sound, it wouldn’t be such a bad decision, right, nee-san?”

Her sister stops pinching her, the bright smile on her face disappearing. She scowls at Rena for a long moment as her little sister squirms at her seat. She hated disappointing Airin, it was just the two of them now, and there’s no approval she craves more than that of her sister.

“If you want to marry now, right at this very moment, I’d let you, Rena. With a smile, I’d let you. But only if you said that you can’t live another day without the one you love. Do you hear that? I said love. It doesn’t matter if you waited ten years to get married as long as the only reason you can think of is ‘financially sound’, then no time is long enough.  You’re marrying a person, not a bank account, Rena!”

The overwhelming urge to lash out at Airin surprises Rena and she scoots back further into her chair and clenches her fists roughly, digging her nails into her palms to ground herself.  It was true that Airin didn’t know how hard Rena worked to make ends meet. It was true that she didn’t know how many part time jobs Rena had... but it wasn’t her sister’s fault. If Airin could, she’d be the one working twice as hard for Rena.

“You’re right nee-san. Don’t worry, when that time comes, I’ll present you a man that I couldn’t possible live without... no matter how corny that sounds.”

Airin smiles at her again and pats her lap. “Of course you will, Rena. I know you will.”

:: ::

The train was heavily crowded again and all Rena could do was sigh as she surveyed the packed cabin, reaching out for one of the handle bars to settle in for a tiring ride. The loud chatter of a group of high school students up front was starting to get to her and she desperately rooted through her bag for her ipod to drown them out, when a hand suddenly grabbed her own. She looked up, one of the earphones already in her ear, to see the girl from her last ride looking over her shoulder at her, grinning. She pulled her forward hurriedly, then turned around to push on her shoulders. The next thing Rena knew, she was finally seated.

So this is how it feels.

“Rena-chan, you’re always so pre-occupied. This is why you never get to seat.”

“Rena...chan?” she voices out, almost subconsciously as she looks up at the girl currently smiling down at her, slightly swaying from the movement of the train. Now that she gets a good look at her, she looks quite imposing for a high school kid, her eyes holding such intense vibrancy that it’s hard to look at, but also hard to look away. She just looks so self-assured that Rena feels hesitant before her unwavering smile. The girl looked so eager and good-natured but Rena could never shake the feeling of being shy in the face of such confidence. Even the black sailor uniform she was wearing adds to the constant determination shining in her eyes.

“Shouldn’t I call you that? You could call me Jurina-chan, if you want. Or you know, just Jurina. Oh... that’s my name by the way...” the girl’s smile immediately changes to a sheepish one as she once again scratches at her cheek, “... Matsui Jurina.”

Rena processes the torrent of words, blinking back as the girl continued... she didn’t look so self-assured now.
“I... don’t you not remember me. I guess you wouldn’t huh?” at this, the girl steps back and looks to the side, Rena follows her gaze to the now-quiet high school students who were staring back at them, the girl sighs and made a slight bow. “Gomen ne, I’ll leave you alone now.” She says, dejectedly letting go of the handle bar she was holding on and trying to squeeze through two office ladies who immediately looked away from the two of them, they were definitely eavesdropping.
The high school students up front started to make noises again, all of them making gestures for the other girl—Jurina—to go back to Rena, one of them even said out loud, “What is wrong with you? Go back, go back.”

Rena tried to reach for the girl but Jurina finally succeeded in squeezing herself through the two ladies and immediately proceeded to hurriedly walk away, she almost tripped in her haste to get away from Rena, and Rena’s “Matsui-san” was left in the stale air inside the cabin as Jurina finally arrives to her group of friends, too far to hear Rena’s wavering voice.

Rena watches as one of her friends pushes her playfully, as the others all stepped closer, their indecipherable mutterings starting up again.

Rena sighs deeply, leaning her head against the glass pane behind her, everyone seems to be moving at a pace far faster than the one she was moving in and she was always a little bit slower to answer, always a little bit lost.

“You should have been a little bit sensitive, you know.” A disappointed voice says and Rena rights her head to glare at one of the office ladies. The girl just flips her black hair back, fixing her fringe absentmindedly as she continues to lecture Rena.
“The girl even found a seat for you, if you didn’t remember her, you should have at least pretended.”

Rena eyes the name tag clipped on the girl’s gray uniform, as the other office lady decided to also butt in. “Kids these days are equal parts outgoing and sensitive, huh?”

“I know this may sound rude... but please stay out of it, Sasshihara-san, Minegishi-san.” She answers pointedly, jamming the dangling earphone in her other ear just slow enough to hear the office ladies teasingly say, “Oh don’t be like that, Rena-chan.”

Apparently, everybody wants to be close to her. 

 :: ::

Yuki was staring at her weirdly when Matsui-sensei’s class ended, and Rena really can’t blame her as she had almost slid off her chair in her desperation to not make eye contact with Matsui-sensei. Her friend continuously tapped her fingers on her table as Rena finally pulls herself to seat properly.

“What is happening, Rena?” Yuki says suspiciously and Rena pretends to laugh before grabbing Yuki’s hand and pulling at her to move closer, the screeching noise from Yuki’s chair was the only sound in the room since all her classmates had gone out to lunch. Nevertheless, Rena peers around her friend to check for any bystander, returning to clasping Yuki’s hand when she sees no one.

“Yuki... I have a big problem.” She says, and Yuki nods a little, pursing her lips and moving a little bit closer.

“What is it? You can tell me, Rena.”

“Don’t say anything, okay... I mean you could, just don’t freak out.”

Yuki nods once, staring at Rena expectantly as she gathers her courage. “Matsui-sensei... just asked me to marry him.”

Yuki bursts into laughter, struggling out of Rena’s grip as she doubles over, now clutching at her stomach. “ got me...” another bout of laughter escapes her and Rena had the overwhelming urge to push her so that she falls to the floor.

“What the heck, Rena... that was so random...” she continued, now trying to breath through her uncontrollable laughter.

Rena clears her throat and deadpans, “At least I made you happy.”

Yuki immediately stops laughing and looks at her with widened eyes, “You—you can’t be serious, can you?”

“Apparently I can be.”

“But... but... when did you two start dating? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Rena sighs and narrows her eyes at her friend who raised both her hands, “Sorry sorry, not the point I know, but when did you start dating?”

“That’s the point we didn’t. Sensei just sprang it at me when I came to pass my project.”

Yuki’s tapping severely increased and Rena found herself counting it as her friend sorts through her news quietly, “Why did he want to marry you?”

“Apparently... I look like his first love. He never got to be with her since he was younger than her and she married early, long before he made a name for himself.”

Yuki shoots back, a hand covering her lips, “Ehhh... isn’t that a bit creepy?”

Rena nods absentmindedly; she did find it a lot creepy and wanted to run out of the room when sensei admitted it. “I thought so too. I mean, I still think so... but... Yuki...” she leaned closer and Yuki did the same, they both looked around conspiratorially, “Airin-nee needs constant medical attention and I’m at my limit. I’ve already said yes.”

Yuki blinks back at her, her mouth opening and closing and Rena bumps their shoulders to wake her from her daze. Yuki immediately slaps her so hard, Rena could only look back in shock as her eyes grew misty with tears.


“What is wrong with you, Rena? That wasn’t the answer I was expecting you to give, not in a million years. You should have laughed yourself out of that room, not say yes, you idiot! This isn’t some summer class, Rena. You’re going to be his wife for life.”

Rena reigned herself from slapping her back and just hisses her answer heatedly, “Do you think I don’t know that. I always have a plan, Yuki. You know that. I didn’t plan on marrying so early... but isn’t this a chance? I’ve always had Airin as my priority, wouldn’t this be best for her?” Rena asks, she could almost cringe from the way the anger bled out of her voice to give way to the desperation she felt. She needed Yuki to be on her side.

“What about falling in love, Rena?” Yuki asks and Rena could almost roll her eyes, not her too.

“When have I ever fallen in love, Yuki? I’ve never thought about it. And anyway, what makes you think I won’t love sensei.”

Yuki sighs, clutches Rena’s hands tightly and pulls her into an embrace. “You know why I don’t think you’ll love him...” her friend begins in a despondent manner, “... You won’t because he doesn’t. He’s not in love with you, he’ll never fall in love with you... He’ll see her instead of you, and for your sake Rena, if you do marry him...I hope you won’t come to love him. That’s just cruel.”

Rena closes her eyes as Yuki lets her go. “I really need to, Yuki.... I really need to.”

She hears Yuki sigh heavily and she opens her eyes to see her friend getting up from her seat. “I know you do, Rena. I just wish your ‘chance’ wasn’t something like this. Come on... I’ll treat you to lunch.”

:: ::

The group of high school students were for once clustered near her.
Rena closes her eyes for a moment and leans her forehead on the metal pole she was holding unto as she notices one of them glace at her for the hundredth time. They’ve been doing that for most of the silent ride—like the dark set skies visible through the blurred windows, almost all of the passengers looked tired and gloomy, preferring to nod off to sleep or to silently contemplate the world through the rain-streaked windows of the train than to regale each other with the current highlights of their day.

The only one who didn’t look at her—who was visibly ignoring her—was  Matsui Jurina.  Their eyes met once, earlier , the other girl surreptitiously taking a peek at her while she adjusted her bag, however before Rena could offer her a smile, Jurina had already turned away scratching at her cheek, her ears visibly red. 

Rena blinks when she notices that she had been staring at the other Matsui for quite some time—that was probably partly why the other girls kept glancing her way. She shakes her head to ward of the drowsiness she was feeling, her stop was close and she had work. This was no time to think up apologies to a high school kid, especially when she really hadn’t done anything wrong.

She hears Jurina say heatedly, “stop looking at her”; as she opens her leather bag to search for her umbrella.

This must be her lucky day.... It wasn’t there.

Rena yanks the zipper down fully and started to rummage in earnest, but there was no sign of her yellow foldable umbrella. She even found the burger wrapper that she had placed there yesterday but not her freaking umbrella!

The curse word left her mouth before she could reign it in and all Rena could do in the aftermath was to continuously bow to the old man seated in front of her in apology and to look out the window afterwards, desperately hoping that the rain stops.

She reached her station but the rain did not stop.

Time to face the music. Rena moves with the departing crowd, going with the flow and waiting to be ejected out of the train like vomit from a person who just had so much to drink.

Really, she has no reason to make the comparison prettier; her day had been shitty so far.

She barely kept her balance as she stepped out of the train, the other passengers all hurrying around her and not caring whether they shove her down the filthy floor. Umbrellas were already opening left and right, as she descends down the stairs. The ground beneath the stairs was no longer covered and Rena could see the splashes the hurrying pairs of feet make. She was definitely going to get sick.

When she walks out however, expecting the sudden downpour, she was surprised to find that there was none. She was even more surprised with the green umbrella over her head, and the person suddenly huddling close to her.

Matsui Jurina bows down in greeting and Rena just stares at her.

Thank you for reading. :grin:

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later)
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NEXT CHAPTER !!!!  :bow:

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later)
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Its because of "slight MariHaru later" that makes me want to read it...XD...can't wait for it...

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later)
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This is greeat!  :D

I got a feeling that Matsui-sensei and Jurina is related... :?

Can't wait for updates  :roll:
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I'm kinda confused about Matsui-sensei and Jurina. Matsui-sensei seem to be a man, J's dad or is it J herself?

Is this a two timelines fic?

Cuz I feel like reading Rena's Pov in her school days and her current life.

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) Chapter 2
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Sherin: Thank you for reading. :) Sorry for the confusion. The sensei is Jurina's dad. So you know, drama.

embee: Thanks for reading! Yup, you're right the sensei is Jurina's father.

yanouchi: I ship Mariharu with a passion! I like Kojiyuu too but Mariharu... :twothumbs

olive29: Thank you for reading!  :) Bows back  :bow:

Word Count: 1888
Chapter II

The man next to her almost slipped in the puddle that was forming between a crack in the paved walkway, and Rena moved out of the shade of the umbrella instinctively to steady him but before her hand could grasp unto his coat, he barely saved himself by grasping on one of the light posts lining the walkway. 

He bowed in thanks at her and then hurried away probably from embarrassment.

Jurina pulled her back, handing her a handkerchief without saying a word.

Actually, she hadn’t said a word the whole way, apart from answering Rena’s “thank you” with a curt “you’re welcome.” She was trying to though, she would open her mouth as if to speak then close it abruptly and blush immensely. It was cute, Rena had to admit, but it was frustrating too. She was no longer a teenager who could stand this kind of things.

“Mat—Jurina-san?” she starts, brushing away the wet strands of her fringe away from her eyes.

The other girl turns to her immediately, as if surprised that she was breaking their vow of silence. “Ano... do you live near here? Because it’s getting late and your parents may get worried.”

The other girl scratches her cheek and Rena finds it weird that she already knows this habit. They’ve only talked all of two times.

“My sister lives in an apartment near here. I’ll just go there after Re—Matsui-san gets home... I mean, I don’t have to take you home or anything if you don’t want me to...”

It was definitely a crush.

This was going to be a headache.

“It’s like a completely different person...” Rena muses, tapping her lips and raising her eyebrows teasingly. If she treats her like a kohai then maybe she’d get the idea and they could just be friends. Rena would like to be her friend. Jurina seems to be a genuinely nice and thoughtful person and it would be kind of nice to have somebody in the train she could talk to instead of staring blankly out the window.

Jurina turns to her, her brows crinkling together in confusion. “Huh?” she asks, leaning closer to Rena. She really does not look her age, Rena thinks for a moment, this is dangerous I can’t be finding a kid attractive...

“Jurina-san was so confident and cheerful when I first met her but suddenly, she won’t even talk and can’t meet my eyes.” Rena grins at the other girl who immediately looked her in the eye as if proving something. “Your shyness is kawaii” she adds.
Jurina visibly puffs out her chest, and raises her chin. Rena could see her grip on the umbrella’s handle tighten. “I’m not shy!” the other girl protests and Rena had to hide her grin as she says back, “eh... but the way Jurina-san has been acting....”
The other girl was about to protest again indignantly when Rena couldn’t help it anymore and had to let out her laughter. Jurina’s indignation immediately disappears from her face and she slumps dejectedly. “You’re treating me like a kid.”

“Gomen. It wasn’t my intention.” Rena immediately says, she didn’t think she’d get offended so quickly.

The other girl abruptly stops, reaching out a hand to stop Rena as well. And when Rena faces her, Jurina had this look in her eyes that reminded her of Kira Yamamoto in his Gundam staring out at countless Zakus[1]. The sudden conviction in her eyes cannot be clearer if it was daylight. “It is. I can see it is... you know... you know what this is Matsui... no—Rena-san. Thank you for trying to let me down easy.”

Jurina looks away for a moment and Rena wishes that that was it. This didn’t have to get more complicated than this.

“Daisuki.” Jurina says firmly and Rena’s mouth opens a little in disbelief at the guts of this kid. “I know you’re thinking I’m too young, that’s why even if you know what I feel you can’t take it seriously. I understand that. But, I’m not the type to just go down without trying.  So, I’m sorry Rena-san, but I can’t take your way out so easily... I’ll just come out and say it—Daisuki.”

Rena blinks back at her for awhile, “You don’t even know me...” she manages to say.

“That’s not true.”Jurina dismisses decisively. “I know that Rena-san works hard and is determined, even if she had to stand in the train she usually opens her book to study when she’s not carrying too much. I know that Rena-san is kind, on the one and probably only time that Rena-san got a seat, she gave it up to a mother and her little daughter and even gave her phone’s charm when the kid liked it. I know that Rena-san is probably a little wimpy...” at this Jurina gave her a crooked smirk, “on the times that I see her out of the train’s window running to try to catch it before it leaves the platform, she never, not even once, ever came close to reaching it... I know that I like you, I know that very well.”

Jurina stares at her expectantly after her barrage of words and... really, she can’t be expecting her to say something tangible to that... this things only happen in movies and only when the protagonists had already spent most of the movie time together.

“I—I don’t know... what to say.”

“I understand. I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable, I don’t expect anything only that you don’t treat me as a kid and my feelings as a joke.”

Rena nods hesitantly, “I’m sorry... I’ll remember that.” She says and she and Jurina stare at each other for some moments before the younger girl smiles sheepishly and motions for them to continue walking.   

Rena could feel the awkwardness suffocating her as they continued down the rain soaked path, splashes of people’s feet and the constant ‘tip tapping’ of the heavy rain the only things cutting through their enforced silence. She was trying to read the lighted signboard of a store across the street when Jurina cleared her throat and captured her attention again.



Jurina smiles at her, “I forgot to mention that I know you like melon pan too...” her smile turns into a grin, “but you really shouldn’t be smuggling it inside the train... not to mention drooling openly at it.”

All Rena could do in reply was blush madly and swat at the currently laughing girl’s arm.

:: ::

Jurina was telling a funny story about her sister pranking her boyfriend on their anniversary when Rena begins to notice that this was her street and that her apartment building was close ahead. She hated to stop the other girl since her sister’s antics were really funny and the way the girl was telling it so animatedly was amusing Rena to no end, however, they can’t keep walking the street forever and Jurina has to go home since it was really getting late and Rena has to take her night shift at the convenience store.

“Jurina-san. This is my apartment.” She says, extending both arms and making a ‘ta dah’ gesture before she could think better of it. The younger girl just laughed at her, then stared at her weirdly.

“Eh? This is Mari-chan’s place too?”

“Mari-chan?” Rena asked, as they approached the double doors.

“That’s my sister... she lives here too. She just moved a week ago.”

“Eh? So you’re staying here. That’s good, I was already getting worried that you had to walk alone.”

Jurina grins at her, “I’m so happy that Rena-san’s so attached to me already.”

Rena blushes at that and turned to look away as they entered the building’s lobby, opening her bag and searching for her key.

“Eh? Uso!”

Rena turns back to Jurina at the girl’s sudden outburst to see her running towards a ponytailed girl in a red cocktail dress who had just stepped out of the elevator. It was Kojima Haruna-san, the girl living next door from her.

“Nyaro?” The other girl looks up at that and stares dumbfounded at Jurina.

“Jurina-chan? What are you doing here?”

Jurina didn’t answer her though just literally leaped at her with open arms, capturing Kojima-san in a bear hug. “I missed you so much, Nyaro. If you’re going to hide from Mari-chan, please don’t hide from me as well.” The girl says and Rena wanted to interrupt them just to ask Jurina how the heck will she treat her as anything but a kid when she’s practically wagging a tail in childish delight at Kojima-san.

“Gomen ne, Jurina-chan. Did you come to visit me? How did you know I moved here?” Kojima-san asked, brows furrowed and obviously thoroughly confused.

Jurina squeezes her one last time before letting go, “No, I’m visting Mari-chan. She moved here last Monday.”

From Rena’s vantage point by the counter, she could see Kojima-san’s confusion disappear and anger replace it. “Mari-chan? Mari-chan moved here?”

Jurina grins widely at her, “Yep, she must have missed you too.”

Kojima-san was just going to open her mouth to say something when the elevator opened again and Jurina called “Nee-chan” to the girl who stepped out of it, however before Rena could take a good look at her, Kojima-san had already blocked her view as she walked... no, stomped... towards the girl.


“What is your problem, Mariko? Stop doing this. I said I didn’t want to be roommates anymore, didn’t I? You never listen to me.”

“I never listen to you?” Jurina’s sister said, scoffing a little after, side-stepping Kojima-san and continuing towards her sister. She looked to be controlling her anger, running her hand through her short hair in apparent exasperation. “I’ll tell you my problem Haruna. My problem is that you’re the one who didn’t listen to me. Just packed your bags and left without a word, and that would have been fine...” once she reaches Jurina, she extends a hand to ruffle her hair, before facing Kojima-san who had followed her.

“It would have been fine... but you just disappeared, Haruna. I call you and you don’t answer, I go to one of your runway shows and you escape into thin air before I could talk to you. You said you don’t want to be roommates anymore, you never said anything about not being friends. I’m sorry if I did something wrong.”

The anger on Kojima-san’s face just disappeared at that and she suddenly looked lost and cornered as she says, “You didn’t do anything Mari-chan... it’s just... I don’t want to cause trouble for you anymore.”

Jurina’sister, Mariko-san, sighs heavily at that, still exasperated but no longer mad. “How many times do I have to tell you that if it’s you... It’s not trouble. If it’s for you, it doesn’t matter. You’re my best friend, Nyaro. I like taking care of you.” 

Kojima-san closes her eyes for a moment, as if grounding herself, then she opens them and she no longer looked lost. “Move out, Mari-chan. You can’t keep doing this. I’ll take care of myself... You have to take care of your relationship with Sato-san and you can’t do that if you’re continuously fussing over me. I’ll take my leave now.”


[1] This is a character from the anime Gundam seed, all rights are to Sunshine animation.


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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later)
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I want to read next please. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later)
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Mariko-sama with Sato-san? As in... SATO?  :lol:

Can't wait for their scene...

That's sweet of Mariko to take care of Haruna...

JuriRena interactions were GOOD! But I just can't with Jurina's dad and Rena... just kill me!

Keep it up! : :thumbsup
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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 2
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Oh I'm guessing R is in Uni then.

I thought it was two timelines where one she was still in Highschool and the other, her current working life.

Now I get it.

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 2
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Matsui-sensei is Ju's father???

The age gap is so.... DAMN HIGH !!!


Update soon,please...

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 2
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if it’s you... It’s not trouble. If it’s for you, it doesn’t matter.

I love when she said that to Haruna...aaahh i hope theres more MariHaru later on...

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 2
« Reply #11 on: December 09, 2013, 03:51:04 PM »
I've been reading this forum as silent reader for quite a while. I've read many amazing fanfics here, but none had me literally fangirling   like yours before. I even registered just to leave a comment. Please keep the good work <3       

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 2
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Nice fanfic  :cathappy: will try to patiently wait for the next update :)
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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3
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atsuminaftw: Thank you for reading, I'll try to update as regularly as I can.

mashioou: Thank you very much for the kind words. I'm happy you're enjoying this and I hope you like this chapter as well.

yanouchi: Go mariharu! Thank you for reading, and if by any chance you own the mariharu tumblr account, I really found your fanfic list very helpful when I was looking for mariharu fics. Thank you.

olive29: Thank you for reading. Yes, their situation will really get messy, real fast.

Sherin: Yup, Rena is in uni :). Thank you for reading.

embee: Do you mean Sata-san of akbingo? Because when I read your comment I thought of him and Mariko and hahaha... that is awesome! I remember that in a shoujiki shogi game Jurina mentioned that Sata liked Mariko. Thank you for reading.

Zita: Your wish is my command?  :P Thank you for reading.

Chapter 3 Part 1 of 2

The haggard looking man decked out in a wrinkled suit and drowning in a pile of law books let out a string of curse words when he overturned the cup noodle that he was eating right into his pants. Rena sprung into immediate action, stooping down below the register to yank the cabinet’s doors open to take out a couple of packed tissues, handing them over to the man who had already moved on to checking if any of his notes got stained. He looked so stressed out that Rena wanted to pat him in the back.

“Thank you.” The law student said, tearing the plastic wrapper and stooping down to wipe the mess on the floor with the tissues. Rena stops him hurriedly.

“No—I’ll get a mop, please use it... on yourself, sir.” 

The student nodded at her dazedly, sitting again on the metal chair and inspecting his books. Rena was just excusing herself to retrieve the mop from the storage when the bell above the convenience store’s door chimed signalling customers.

“Welcome.” She parrots the usual greeting and rushes to the storage. When she came back the law student was now staring far off into space, completely forgetting his enormous workload, he continued to ignore her as she cleaned up the mess he made.

“ Nande? Nande, Nee-chan?”

She looked up so fast, she got a little dizzy.

It seems that her day with Jurina had not come to an end.

The girl was with her sister, both of them wearing the same panda sweater, the hood of which had ears. Jurina was wearing hers over her head and Rena can’t deny that she found her seriously adorable.

Adorable, like a child. Definitely.

Her sister, Mariko-san—as she introduced herself to Rena earlier, was hunched over the freezer rooting through the ice cream containers and was probably the reason that the student beside her was staring, love struck. She retrieves a container and waves it in front of her sister who immediately made a cross with her arms.

“Just decide already, Jurina.” She says, faking exasperation as she rooted around again.

“Answer me first. What did you do to Nyaro this time?”

“Why do you assume it’s my fault? Why can’t it be Nyaro’s?” Mariko-san says, her voice slightly hollowed as she dove further into the freezer.

“Double Dutch.” Jurina informs, pointing for a moment before continuing, “Let’s face it. It’s almost always your fault, you tease Nyaro too much.”

“But it’s fun to tease her.... And anyway, I did nothing this time. I just came home once and Haruna just said that she had to go. I asked her why, but she wouldn’t say... then she avoided me like that time when she was punishing me for posting kid pictures of her on facebook—ah!”  Mariko-san trails off into momentary excitement as she waives another container at Jurina in triumph, the younger one approving with a thumbs up.

Rena finally notices that the student was already looking at her strangely and she looks down at her task to see that she was wiping at nothing, the white tiled floor was already clean. She smiles at the man and retreats back to the storage to return the mop, but before she could, someone had grabbed it right out of her hands.

She wasn’t surprised to find Jurina grinning back at her, she was surprised though by the fact that she was no longer wearing her sweater but was holding it in her other hand. “Konban wa, Rena-san.” She greets, taking a step backwards when Rena tried to reach for the mop.

“Aren’t you sick of me already?” Rena asks, as she tries to retrieve the mop again only to have Jurina twirl around her. There was no winning this, she had always been a wimp.

“How could I be? Didn’t I say I like you.” Jurina answers, her voice losing some of her teasing humour as she said the latter part. Rena could feel her face starting to heat up as she looked around to see if the girl’s older sister had heard her.

She didn’t. Mariko-san was on the other side of the convenience store, looking at the magazine racks.

“Konban wa, Jurina.” Jurina voices out, raising her voice in a poor imitation of Rena’s. She scowled back at her.

“Konban wa, Jurina-san.” She greets then she extends her arm and taps her foot, “now give it back.”

Jurina grins at her and hands back the mop obediently, then follows her as she made her way back to the storage. “Ne, what do you think of that guy? Should I yell at him to stop staring at Mari-chan?” Jurina asks, gesturing at the law student, who had resumed eating his second cup of noodles while still staring at Jurina’s sister, with her head.

Rena shakes her head absentmindedly in reply, trying to keep the mop from falling over. The mop was winning the hard fought battle unfortunately, so Rena just left it sprawled on the floor. She’ll just fix it before she leaves. “He’s a regular here and he’s harmless, he’s always so focused on his books, this must be the first time he realizes that females actually exist.”
She answers, keeping her voice low so that she won’t be overheard, unfortunately, it compels Jurina to lean closer to her and Rena already knows that the girl was pretty, her moral compass really does not need this.

“I find that hard to believe if he sees your beautiful face every night.” Jurina quips, smiling cheekily at Rena, who pushes her head away.

“Where do you get this? Do you have a sleazy uncle or something?” She asks exasperatedly and Jurina just starts to laugh.

“I do actually. Mari-chan and I quote him on his stories of conquest on a daily basis.”

“Well, you’re not conquering me at all...”

Jurina’s smile widens, her chin raising slightly and when she says “not yet,” she sounded so convinced that Rena could feel her heart skip a beat as if willed by Jurina’s conviction. Her face was burning as she turned around from the cheerful girl and marched towards the register. “I’ll ring you up.”

Jurina was still smiling behind her sister at Rena when the siblings finally came up to the counter to pay, Mariko-san bowing at
her in greeting. The sisters bought all kinds of junk foods and carbonated drinks, not to mention the tub of ice cream that they had agreed upon earlier. When Rena picked up the magazine Mariko-san bought to scan it, she doesn’t know why she was surprised to see Kojima-san, decked out in a black velvet gown, staring back at her. 

“The cut really suits her.” Mariko-san says with a smile. She looked to be smiling more at the picture than at Rena but Rena still decided to smile back and voice her agreement just in case. The older girl’s smile widens as she hands over her payment.

: :

Jurina smiles back at her from the other side of the glass door, then turns to follow her sister, pulling on her panda sweater.

: :  : :

When she finally made her way back to the apartment the next day, Matsui-sensei had left a message asking if they could go out to watch a movie together.

Rena called back to say yes.

[TBC in part 2]

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3
« Reply #14 on: December 14, 2013, 03:52:47 AM »
 I'm enjoying it too much already (/ω\)
I like your writing. It's direct, and the narrative flows without being long and one does note get tired reading it.

I'm very fond of this  young conqueror Juju... And the panda jersey, nice touch ;) recently she wore something like that. #cutenessoverloaded

the character development is being trustful so far
, although I've been expecting more Maritroll ♡.♡
(oh, the poor law student get away easily this time... Wwww)
 good starting. Waiting for next chapter (/'ω')/

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3
« Reply #15 on: December 14, 2013, 10:17:42 PM »
How conected are Matsui sensei and Jurina?
This is going to be crazy :shocked
Thank for update.

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3 Part 2
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Part 2 of 2
This is the other part of chapter 3, sorry it got delayed I had so much school work.
Thank you for reading.


Chapter 3: Part 2

He was wearing a suit.

The restaurant that they were supposed to meet in had two security guards standing erect in front of the glass double doors and when she went up the three-flight stairs she almost bumped into a uniformed man who turned out to be a valet. The classical music being played on the piano by a dark-suited man immediately caught her attention upon entry, but another suited employee welcoming her profusely and asking her if she had a reservation reclaimed it. She told him his name and he led her through the rows of elegantly set tables and formally dressed patrons-who she noted looked at her patronisingly- to a table on the far left of a raised platform. Matsui-sensei looks up as she approaches.
He was wearing a suit.

She was wearing a polka dotted blue blouse tucked into a black skirt.

This was a very bad start.

She could feel him scrutinizing her as she took her seat opposite him. “Gomen ne, I—I thought... I didn’t think we would be eating at a place like this, sensei.”

Matsui-sensei smiles at her, albeit a little thinly. “Call me Masaki.” He says, then adds, after a beat “You can’t have expected us to eat at a mall, did you Rena?”

She could feel her cheeks getting warm from embarrassment as she looked down at the engravings on the plate in front of her. She apologizes again and sensei—Masaki-san dismisses her apology with a simple “It’s fine.”

They talked about... unfortunately, the economy sparsely before the menu arrives and again Rena can’t help but grimace... she knew nothing of these western cuisines. She just ordered the cheapest one and hoped to high heaven it won’t taste so weirdly.

The good thing is that it tasted fine, the bad point is... well the rest of the lunch. Rena was forced to listen to another bout of history lesson on the shogunate as it seemed to be Matsui-sensei’s favourite topic but that was actually better than the occasional lull in their conversation which felt like it was going on forever for Rena. Matsui—Masaki-san did not look all too interested when Rena talked about manga after he asked her about her hobbies and Rena immediately tried to remember a history lesson to cite just to escape the ear-deafening silence she knows would be coming.

By the end of it, her nerves were so frazzled from constantly trying to improve the mood.

He walked her to a taxi at her insistence and closed the door for her after saying that he enjoyed their time, Rena echoed the sentiment. It was the biggest lie she said that month.

:: ::

Jurina was eating a cup of ramen in the lobby when she arrives.

“Kawaii, Rena-chan.” She starts and Rena made her way over to seat opposite the girl just to have a chance at a normal conversation at last.

“Did your sister kick you out? I imagine you could be a handful.” She says teasingly, swiping the girl’s chopsticks. Jurina scowls at her for a moment then starts to aggressively retrieve what Rena stole.

“Just because Rena-chan is just the cutest today doesn’t mean you get to be mean.” Jurina scolds as she finally retrieved her chopsticks after holding Rena’s wrist in a death-grip to wrestle it away. She immediately started eating again.

“Apparently, Mari-chan prank called the landlord to get back at him for wolf-whistling at Nyaro. He found out somehow and is now giving her an earful. It’s nothing, she’ll get out of it. She always does.”

“Are those two still fighting?” She asks the girl, who tipped the cup of ramen to drink the remaining soup before answering her. “The landlord and nee-san?”

Rena shakes her head, “Kojima-san and Matsui-san?”

“Me? We’re not fighting. Nyaro loves me.” Jurina asked, confused, before smiling mischievously and wiggling her eyebrows,
“I’m very lovable, Rena-chan. You’ll find that out soon enough.”

“I really doubt it. I mostly find you a braggart. But I meant your sister.”

Jurina looked even more confused for a moment then clapped her hands suddenly, “ah... my sister’s last name is Shinoda. The truth is...” Jurina trails off, turning her attention back to her noodles to discover that she had already finished it, she then looks up at Rena. “I’ll tell you... since I really really really like you and I want you to know me... I—I want to show that I’m willing to trust you so I hope in the future you could trust me as well. Mari-chan was my mama’s daughter from her first husband... they got separated after she had me from an affair.” Jurina stops abruptly, taking a deep breath and Rena extends her hand across the table to place it beside the girl, their hands barely touching. Jurina fixates on their hands for a while, “Mari-chan had always loved me though. Don’t think of her badly even for a second. Mari-chan’s the only one who loves me.”

Rena feels that it was inadequate just to say that she understands, because she doesn’t, she feels it wrong to say that she was sorry, because what Jurina feels is obviously guilt and pitying her is the last thing she’d want. She feels like she should tell the girl something personal as well, just so that they were on even grounds, just so that she could reward such a show of trust with one of hers as well.

She didn’t tell her anything though, just grabbed her hand firmly in hers and gave Jurina a faint smile.

“I’m sorry I pried.”

“You didn’t at all.” Jurina says shaking her head and holding on to her tightly, then she grins at her so suddenly that it couldn’t be anything else other than forced.

“I set that up beautifully for you Rena-chan, when I said that Mari-chan was the only one who loved me you should have answered dramatically that she was not the only one because you do too. Sometimes, you ruin everything.”

Rena stares at the girl for awhile, the grin still plastered on her face, then she gave the girl’s hand another squeeze before deciding to play along.

“Fine... I love you so much that I can’t breath from the weight of my feelings towards you, Jurina-san. Let’s get married right now.” She deadpans at the girl whose smile turns a little more genuine, a little more excited.

“Okay. Let’s go now!”

Rena rolls her eyes, “You’re not even legally allowed to drink yet.”

“Fine... I’ll settle for getting engaged.”

: :  : :

Shinoda-san was complimenting the landlord’s great fashion sense when Rena and Jurina decided to head up. However, Rena notes, she was doing it in such a backhanded manner that Rena is seriously surprised that the pudgy man had not caught on.

“This black suit is so slimming. You really chose well. I would have thought the task impossible but you’re so great you’ve proved me wrong.” She says in that honeyed voice that was actually charming Rena as well. Jurina walks over to them and surveys the man with her sister, nodding her head as well.

“That tie really looks good on you sir!” Jurina adds, flashing such a harmless smile that anyone would have believed her.
By the time the landlord had to leave, he was already in such good terms with Shinoda-san and Jurina that he even offered to profusely apologize to Kojima-san.

“You look cute, Matsui-san.” Shinoda-san says as a way of greeting after the landlord had rode the elevator to the lobby. Rena looks down and colors because she didn’t know if she was being insulted as well.

“Eh...” Shinoda-san starts laughing, “kami, no... did you think? No... I really am serious. You really look cute.”

“Thank you, Shinoda-san.” She says, following Jurina with her eyes just until the girl disappears into her sister’s room.

Didn’t even say goodbye.

Shinoda-san bows at her then leans sideways on the wall beside her, crossing her ankles. “I heard from Nya—Haruna that you had been very accommodating to her. I want to thank you very much for that, she gets sick often and when she left... I was constantly worrying for her. The fact that you had helped her, a stranger, when she needed someone to take care of her—Haruna’s... Haruna means the world to me. Please believe me when I say that I am indebted to you... perhaps forever.”

Rena was going to attempt to answer but Jurina had then chosen to walk out, carrying another cup of ramen on one hand and boxes of DVDs on the other. “Rena-chan, let’s watch some of this together. Mari-chan has to go and see a client and I don’t want to be cooped up in the room all alone.”

“Why don’t you just wait for Nyaro. Matsui-san might be busy.”

“She’ll have time for me, she’s my fiancée.” Jurina says cheekily, pinning the DVDs in her armpit so she could hold unto Rena and start pushing her to her unit.


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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3 PART 2
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"She I'll have time for me. She's my fiancee." >>>>  Just loled so hard high now!!! *tears*
thanks for Maritroll in this chapter ;)
and matsui-sensei just got to involved to the history talk, that the movie was forgotten wwwwww

and thanks for update! hope for the next chapters to come quickly (/'ω')/ (but take your time... Since you have school work to do. :) )
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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3 Part 2
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“She’ll have time for me, she’s my fiancée.” Jurina says cheekily, pinning the DVDs in her armpit so she could hold unto Rena and start pushing her to her unit.
This sounds so sweet. :oops:

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Re: Just missed my stop (WMatsui, slight Mariharu later) chapter 3 PART 2
« Reply #19 on: December 17, 2013, 12:11:39 AM »
I've been following your updates closely and am excited to find out where the story is going. Looking forward to more  :)
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