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Author Topic: Just Missed my Stop- Chapter 8, part 1 (Wmatsui, MariHaru) 23/03/2014  (Read 14904 times)

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Re: We looked like Giants (Wmatsui) Prologue
« Reply #20 on: December 24, 2013, 02:57:21 PM »
Shingeki no Kyojin- Attack on Idols!
This is a snk au because well... it had to be done and because of the recently released OVA which was awesome!
Note: sorry for the lack of updates of "Just missed my stop", I want to transition to the second phase of the story but I'm kind of getting stumped on events to transition to it.

Advance Merry Christmas, nothing like blood and gore to celebrate a festive holiday.

Title: We Looked Like Giants
- From Death Cab for Cutie and because I like puns
Word Count: 1,211


They were just laughing earlier.

They were just laughing earlier, chasing away the fear that is now a constant in humanity's bones--in their bones-- with funny anecdotes about a harsh training that finally finally they could laugh about, each of them occasionally tugging on the gears that seemed weightier outside the walls, trudging through broken cities that once saw life.

They were humanity's last wing of hope.

None of it felt like flying though.

The outside world was a canvass of endless trees, maybe a deer or two, or a dilapidated house scattered before their weary feet. The old man next door had always said that it must have contained endless wonders, things that were once the height of sophistication. He must have lied.

They were just laughing earlier.

These people that she had shed blood, tears and endless sweat with, in one moment they all felt alive, for a moment invincible on the belief that it was time to strike back, then in the next their laughter had turned to screams, the green canvass had turned to red and Rena forgot all that she had learned once Shawako had been taken right next to hear. She was her friend, but Rena fell on her ass three times trying to run away from her and her pleading cries.

She had barely worked the 3d maneuver gear to avoid being taken herself. The broken roof that she landed on hardly seemed like a safe place but she stayed put for sometime, overwhelmed by the carnage. All she hears are screams and the sound of bones breaking.

Everyone was dying around her.

It was true what they said: they were grotesque looking, some with smiles that would have looked disarming if not for the blood marring their faces.

Her hands were shaking as she held the blade's handle, her legs were as well and all she wanted was to curl up and cry for the friends that she had for a fleeting moment. But she was humanity's last hope. Trembling before the monsters who had terrorized them is not the end that she envisioned for any of them. It wasn't the end that she wanted.

She drew the twin blades and bended her knees. Aim for the nape.

The roof gave way.

It gave way, taking her by surprise as she went free falling down the abandoned house. The pain was dizzying when she hit the ground, like thousands of burning needles driving into her backbone. She only had a moment to turn around and try to stand before the rest of the roof fell on her, trapping her within. A broken wood probably pierced her side from the searing pain that followed.

This wasn't the death that she envisioned either.

"Retreat!" someone yelled, "Fall back, fall back, just fall back!"

She could see Airi looking around as some of the senior soldiers drag her by the arms, she was crying, disheveled and splattered with blood, she was screaming for her and Rena tries to dislodge herself, succeeding in only driving the wood deeper. Airin kept crying until Hattori-san leaned over her. In Rena's blurring view, Airi must have aged a decade in just a moment, wiping away her tears, nodding her head and getting on one of the horses obediently.

She saw her look back once before the darkness took her.

: :  : :

The world was quiet again when she opened her eyes and Rena immediately started crying as the pain once again overwhelms her. She wasn't dead. She didn't die with the indignity of total helplessness and Rena was thankful, a short thrill of joy going through her at the fact that it wasn't going to end like this.

She felt insane but the tears she cried were of joy.

She had to get out of the cage of debris that she was in though.

She twisted to the side, lifting her right side as high as the space could get. The pain almost took her consciousness away again. The wood was stuck to her side preventing her from moving. Rena tries to take the blade that have fallen in front of her, just out of her easy reach, of course.

She didn't have the wherewithal to worry about titans anymore, stretching her body and clenching her jaw through the pain, fingers digging through the dirt, dislodging strands of grass as she desperately tries to reach it. It felt like salvation when she finally reached it, the metal handle cold from the falling darkness of the evening.

Rena immediately went to cutting the piece of wood free, her hands clumsy from fatigue and sweat blurring her sight. Easing herself with both arms out of the debris once it gave way.

It felt like she had already lived a century.

Once free, all she could really do was turn on her back and breath in and out, eyes going wild as she surveyed the surroundings.

There were no Titans. Everything ached but nothing was broken.

She was unbelievably alive, she couldn't stop the crazy giggling even if she wanted to.

: :  : :

The sight of the mutilated bodies instantly diffused all her previous elation. Eyes staring at her lifelessly—that is if they still had their heads yet, that is if they weren’t eaten whole. Bodies strewn and thrown about recklessly like there wasn’t anyone who would have cried for them back home.

Rena doubled over, her shaking legs barely keeping her upright, and she locks her jaws against the acidic bile that she could feel rising. She has to keep it down, her comrades had suffered enough debasement.

One foot in front of the other, she has to remember it. She was still alive she has to remember that.

She has t—Sawako had both her eyes looking up at the night sky, Rena finds it familiar: Sawako had always liked the stars—the fact that those tiny specks of light could overcome the vastness of the night’s darkness. Rena closes her eyes for a moment, tries to remember the smile that usually accompanied her friend’s face.

She tries to ignore the fact that only her friend’s head remained.

Shaking her head, she salutes to her friend, drying up the tears that had steadily flown down her cheeks, then moves through the carnage of bodies trying to look for remaining supplies.

It was downright disgusting her to loot the dead, but she was still alive and she has to do what was necessary to stay that way. Her gear had been destroyed by the incident earlier but some of the 3d gears of the others were still thankfully fine, she takes one and then looks for full cans of gases. She takes three, just enough for her to carry. She opts for her own blade since it had saved her earlier.

She could barely see any of them when she decides to start moving, she gets on her knees to bow to them and salutes them one last time before turning around and beginning her mad dash to gain some ground while it was still night.

In the pack that she carries, she’d placed as many arm bands as she could collect.


Thank you for reading. This one would be fairly short.

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Re: We looked like Giants (Wmatsui) 2 shots
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Is Rena in the Survey Corps or in the Garrison or just a trainee? It sounds like she and her comrades/friends were out in a place/district with a wall breach.

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Re: We looked like Giants (Wmatsui) 2 shots
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okay that's just plan weird... :huhuh please ignore this comment XD

You've just gained yourself a fan!  :w00t: :twothumbs

P/S: on prev comment, yeah i did thought of sata (sata/sato ---> meh, kinda same to me :P) it would be fun if you'd really write about mariko/sata pairing imo XD
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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Four
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Luffel: Thank you for reading! I hope you'll enjoy this update as well.

Zita: Thanks for reading! Jurina in this is half sweet and half presumptuous.

Regarding how close they are, Jurina's actually living with her father in this.

Mashioou: Thanks for reading! Haha yup, Matsui-sensei and Rena have more than age-gap standing between them. Jurina got the movie date somewhat though lol.

Maritroll always and forever, she's actually my favorite member because of it.

Chapter Four

        After the 4th time that Jurina decided to invite herself into her room to watch movies, under the pretence that Shinoda-san had to leave her alone to attend to clients,—taking up space in her couch and getting increasingly closer to her on the white leather seat at each viewing, brandishing every kind of junk foods known to man and parking herself there for the rest of the day until Kojima-san arrives from a shoot—Rena have had it with her choice of Korean melodramas. She admits that at first she found it adorable and funny the way Jurina would just burst into tears at every predictable tragedy that befell the leads and even cried a little herself at that one particular movie with the Alzheimer inflicted leading lady, but in general she was just done with all the depression and she was sure that they were both getting fat from the amount of ice cream they had consumed battling the sadness that those movies just attack your soul with. It was almost offensive. 
        The result was that she decided to borrow some horror movies from Yukirin. That wasn’t her brightest moment. Yukirin had attached herself to Rena like a leech, asking who this Jurina she was watching it with was over and over again and asking to be invited so she could see for herself. Rena must have said ‘my neighbour’s sister’ a hundred times while trying to escape from Yuki’s iron clad grasp on her forearm until Yukirin got this look on her face, her brows crunching together and her eyes narrowing in thought, momentarily releasing Rena before remembering herself and tightening her grip once again.

Rena sighs. This was not good.

       “Chotto...matte. Isn’t the girl from the train who confessed to you also named Jurina? I found it weird that you actually remembered her name...” Yuki’s thoughtful veneer turns teasing as she smirks at Rena, “But now it makes sense since it doesn’t seem as one-sided as you had me believe.”

        Rena violently jerks her arm to free herself, snatching the DVDs in Yuki’s other hand before hurriedly backing away from her friend. “Don’t be stupid, Yuki! The kid’s... a kid, she’s still in high school for kami’s sake.”

“And yet you didn’t deny that it wasn’t one sided” her friend says, saying the words slowly like they were in a crime procedural and Rena was moments from cracking.

“I just met her, and I did deny it you BAKA. I said she’s too young for me.”

Yuki waves her hand dismissively, “Love at first sight. Age is just a number.”

“You would say that like it was some kind of viable argument, Yuki.” Rena answers waving the DVDs once before bowing to her friend and saying goodbye.

She was already on the staircase when Yuki snuck her head out of her door and grinned at Rena, “good choice of movies by the way, very good for cuddling.” She says before immediately retreating before Rena could say anything.

“This is your fault, Jurina.” Rena says under her breath as she continues down the stairs pissed that Yuki had the last word in their non-argument.

::  ::

Jurina didn’t come knocking that day though.

Rena wasn’t disappointed or anything but she could have told her or something. She did make the effort to travel all the way to Yuki’s to borrow the DVDs.

::  ::

Shinoda-san was in front of Kojima-san’s door when Rena opens hers on her way to school.

Kojima-san can be seen inside trying to close the door while Shinoda-san was pushing on it trying to get inside.

“What’s the problem now, Nyaro?!” she asks exasperatedly, grunting a little as she tries to push harder. Kojima-san squeaks when the door opens farther.

“Mari-chan, stop it! Go to your date and stop trying to tag along with me.”

“I’ve already promised you that we’ll do some shopping today, why is this becoming an issue? I’ve already told Shinji.”

Rena shakes her head a little as she puts on her flats, the story between these two never changes, it’s like Jurina’s formulaic melodramas.

“Sato-san had already said that he’ll be very busy for the rest of the month. I can manage on my own.” Kojima-san says her words hampered by her breathing.

“I promised you first!” Shinoda-san says in reply, slapping her other hand on the wood suddenly, “How did you know that anyway? Did Shinji tell you this?”

Shinoda-san’s scowl got increasingly severe when Kojima-san merely tried to push the door again without answering and Rena hurriedly retrieves her bag from the hook on her door so she could get out of there.

“He did, didn’t he?” Shinoda-san’s voice had gone quiet and Rena tries to pass them, averting her eyes from what was happening.

“Just open the door, Haruna. I don’t care what he said... again. Just open the door.”

Rena guiltily sneaks a peek over her shoulder to see Kojima-san opening the door. “Don’t be mad, Mari-chan.”

Shinoda-san tugs on the strands of hair that had escaped Kojima-san’s bun, oddly fond given their argument. “I’m not mad Haruna. I’m just tired... of this.” She says, tucking the strands behind the other’s ear.

Rena enters the elevator and shakes her head again. It seems that Kojima-san and Shinoda-san’s story is closer to those Korean melodrama’s than Rena initially thought.

::  ::

The Anime club’s session took longer than usual as they debated the effect of the popularity of ‘moe’ to the development of the animation industry and when Rena with one of her friends, Oya Masana, finally leaves the community building where the clubs usually meet, the sky outside was already a light orange from the setting sun.

Masanya was talking about her favourite Hayao Miyazaki film when she suddenly stopped talking and walking to scrunch her eyes for awhile and then hurriedly went to unzipping her bag and rummaging inside.

Rena follows the direction that Masanya had stared at earlier to see a high school student in a black sailor uniform sitting on one of the benches lining the path and directly in front of the bulletin board. She was just turning to her friend to tease her about being a huge lolicon when she realizes that the student looks awfully familiar. She turns back in surprise to see that, yes, it was indeed Jurina who was sitting there looking dejectedly at her wristwatch scratching at her cheek with her other hand.

She bows and mutters some hurried excuse to her friend who only waives a hand too busy from probably looking for her phone so she could take a picture.

Rena makes her way towards Jurina who has now taken out her phone and was staring dejectedly at it this time. She shivers from a sudden gust of wind, pulling down the sleeves of her pink cardigan while watching Jurina swipe away the strands of hair that had been blown into her face.

“Jurina-san, please tell me that you’re not stalking me.” She says when she was close enough to the younger girl.

Jurina immediately looks up, her face spotted in shadows from the shade of the tree above her. “Rena-chan?” she says, surprise evident in her face. She immediately looked ten times happier than she had been and Rena fights the blush that was warming her cheeks from the thought that someone can be so delighted from the mere fact that she was there.

She narrows her eyes at the now smiling girl, “so, tell me.” She demands sternly.

Jurina shakes her head, “No. I wasn’t, but... you go to school here, Rena-chan?” she inquires, getting on her feet and retrieving the leather backpack sitting next to her.

“Yes. I’m taking Medical Technology.” Rena answers, taking a step closer to Jurina and raising a hand to tuck the strands that had been blown into the other’s face again before catching herself and stepping back again.

Jurina swipes at it herself before looking down at her phone again, she was still looking down on it when she begins to speak, “Ne... are you going home? Want to go to the mall for awhile?” She looks up then at Rena with big puppy dog like eyes that were obviously meant to manipulate her into agreeing.

Rena sighs heavily before nodding her head reluctantly, “fine, but only for awhile. I have to go see my sister at the hospital.”

Jurina immediately loses the puppy eyes as she inquires on her sister’s health and Rena takes a deep breath before replying that Airi’s fine, because Airi will be fine. Rena would make sure of it. Jurina then immediately grabbed one of her hands tugging her towards the gate and Rena allows the handhold to last until they reach the gate before dislodging her hand and sliding it into her cardigan’s pocket.

Jurina only turns to smile warmly at her.

::  ::
They went to the arcade and Jurina wiped the floor with Rena on almost all of the games, laughing at Rena’s increasingly whiny statement that she was just not good at physical games.

“Those are consoles, Rena-chan. All you had to do was press buttons and move the joystick.” Jurina says walking backwards to talk to Rena.

“I don’t play those either.” She says haughtily, raising her chin slightly, “I prefer to actually do something productive like studying.”

Jurina grins at her, “You’re so cute when you’re defensive. Kawaii!” She then spots a dance evolution Kinect arcade and pulls Rena towards it.

Jurina soon learns that that was a big mistake.

“One more time.”

Jurina breathes heavily before answering, already bent forward and bracing herself on her knees, “We’d already done it 5 times.” She complains.

“I’m going to win this time.” Rena insists, wiping away the sweat forming on her brows with a handkerchief. She obviously can’t win against Jurina in any of the arcade games but dancing just needs practice and she’ll definitely win this one with enough tries. Jurina shakes her head before moving to start the game again.

She had already won twice by the time that she had to leave to visit Airin, more from the fact that Jurina was already tired than from actual improvement but nonetheless those were still a solid wins in her opinion.

Rena stops by a bakery to buy melon pans, while the other excuses herself to buy something. When she exits the heavenly smelling establishment, Jurina was standing by the glass wall clasping a bouquet of pink carnations.

She immediately interrupts Rena's opposition, “It’s not for you. I know you don’t want them.” She then extends them to Rena, immediately contradicting her statement, who raises an eyebrow in confusion and doesn’t take them.

“It’s for your sister. I hope she gets well soon.” Jurina says in explanation, nudging Rena’s right hand with the bouquet gently.

Rena takes them with shaking hands, steeling herself from crying and wondering why she was getting this emotional.

“Thank you.” She says, her voice breaking a little.

“They’re not for you so why are you thanking me?” Jurina asks, teasingly.

Thank you for reading. ;)

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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Four
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Jurina is so sweet here :oops:

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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Five
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Note: This is only part one of chapter five, part two involved the transitory events so I needed to edit it here and there.
Word Count: 1,520 for this part

Zita: I'm afraid she won't be for long  XD

As always thank you for reading! I wanted to include Yuko in this chapter but I wasn't able to. :( Anyway, I really hope she'll have a great career as an actress. However, I did manage to include Tano Yuuka and Muto Tomu, their antics in real life has been really funny, Tano-chan in particular has been very interesting! Maybe I'll write an OS  :lol:

Chapter 5
Part One

Rena was watching the track team practice from her seat beside the window, constantly being impressed at the athletes as they raced around the open grounds, their faces visibly shining from sweat. Sports had never been her forte, she could barely do a single sit-up. She was that pathetic at it. So watching the members of the track team practice was legitimately amazing her.

She turns when Yuki taps on her table, chopsticks in one hand, offering her one of her sushis. When she leans forward to eat it, her friend withdraws her hand with a smirk and Rena scowls up at her.

"So how was the horror movie date?" Yuki asks, wiggling her brows and even winking once, chomping down on the sushi she had previously offered Rena.

Rena sighs in exasperation, she was just going to tell Yuki to stop her over acting when she was distracted by the loud laughing of some of her block mates who were all trying to steal food from each other’s bento, amused by their antics she turns back to Yuki with a smile.

Yuki quirks an eyebrow, "You're not irritated? Are you sick?"

"Let's say that I'm gradually getting used to overly enthusiastic people." She answers, spearing a tomato from her salad and popping it into her mouth.

"I see...? So, how was it?" Her friend pushes again, abandoning her bento to turn expectant eyes solely in her direction.

"Don't even remind me." Rena answers, getting irritated once again just by the memory, also abandoning her food to lean closer to the other girl, "Jurina was not scared at all! I was all excited to call her a wimp and to tease her for the rest of her life, but she just laughed at it, the more gruesome it was the more hilarious she found it. The girl's a psychopath!" she vents, remembering Jurina laughingly yelling at the tv about how idiotic the characters were. "That was fun, Rena-chan! Let's watch another one." she mockingly mimics Jurina's enthusiastic response to Yuki's great entertainment seeing as   now her friend was grinning.

"I guess there wasn't any cuddling?"
Rena glares at her, "and there never will be."

Yuki's obviously teasing response was interrupted by Matsui-sensei appearing by the door and calling for Rena. Yuki, her back facing the door, visibly rolls her eyes.

"Matsui Rena-san, may I talk to you for awhile?"

"Hai, sensei."

Rena closes the plastic lid on her store bought salad, placing the fork that came with it above the lid before standing up and smoothing the skirt that she was wearing. She looks down at her feet as she walked to the door, only stopping when his black leather shoes came into view.

"Please walk with me to the office, I'll tell you along the way." Matsui-sensei says lowly and Rena nods once and follows her teacher into the corridor. Fortunately, student's rarely venture near the teacher's office and as Rena expected Matsui-sensei merely led the way and didn't start a conversation until they reach that part of the building.

"Are you free tomorrow?"

Rena looks around before answering, quickening her pace so that she was walking beside her sensei so that they could better hear each other. "Ah, hai. Does sensei want to go somewhere?" she asks politely, hoping--probaly in vain-- that he was merely inquiring and didn't really want to go out.

"Will you meet me at the same restaurant... at say 6 p.m?" he asks, pushing at his glasses and glancing once at her.
It was too naiive too hope for anyway, Rena thinks briefly as she tries to smile up at the visibly nervous man.

"Of course, sensei."

: :  : :

Jurina grins at her from the front of the carriage.

Rena colors from being caught staring mustering a weak wave at the other girl. Jurina waves as well before being pulled by the arm back into the conversation which her friends were having, all of them huddled close with identical smiles on their faces.

Rena looks away, trying to while away time by reading the writings on the other passengers’ clothing, preventing her eyes from swivelling to Jurina who was now totally engaged in the conversation, arm swung over one of her friend who was staring at her steadily. Rena blinks... she failed on that one obviously. Her phone suddenly alerts her that she had a message and Rena breaths a sigh, thankful for the distraction.

She reads the message, almost losing a grip on the phone when the girl in front of her moved back suddenly: Yuki was asking what Matsui-sensei wanted earlier and Rena rolls her eyes. Really, Yuki was such a mother hen sometimes. She was about to inform her so that she would stop pestering her for the truth, Yuki had great persistence when it comes to these kind of things, when a hand flicked at her nose and Rena looks up in surprise.


The younger girl sways a little on the spot, throwing a hand to grasp at the pole Rena was holding on. “Hi, Rena-chan. How’s your day?” she asks, making a little salute. Rena bows a little in greeting, noticing that one of the fingers on Jurina’s right hand had been bandaged.

“What happened?” she asks and Jurina scrunches her brows in confusion for a moment before waving that same hand dismissively.

“Volleyball accident, I was an idiot.” She answers, laughing a little after. Rena wanted to inspect her hand farther but wonders if it would be exactly the kind of thing a mother hen would do, she didn’t want Jurina to get any... ideas.

“But it doesn’t hurt anymore, right?” she asks instead, averting her eyes as the taller girl leans forward, further pushed closer to Rena by the passengers currently boarding the packed train, when Jurina next speaks Rena could see strands of her hair slightly moving from the force of the younger one’s breath.

“You can kiss it better.” The girl says in that lilting voice that clearly indicates that the words are empty of anything other than teasing, nonetheless Rena could feel her cheeks starting to warm.

“You—You really should stop acting like a creepy pervert...”

Jurina laughs at that slightly, “Really? I do sound like one, right?” and when she looks up at her, the girl looked not the least bit offended or bothered. Rena narrows her eyes, tugging hard on Jurina’s hair once.

“And you seem to think that it’s a charm point. You have a problem.”

“I do, don’t I?” Jurina says, nodding slightly and still smiling.

“Yes, you do. You really do.” Rena answers, trying to keep the corners of her lips from curving upwards.


Jurina groans a little as a hand grabs her elbow and Rena turns her head to see one of Jurina’s schoolmates tugging at her.

“We still haven’t decided where to go. Why do you keep disappearing?” the long-haired student asks exasperatedly.

“Leave Jurina alone, we don’t need her. Tomu, come back to me!” Another of her friend then shouts from the front of the carriage, ignoring all the annoyed glares directed at her.

“Yuuka...” both Jurina and her friend says under their breath dejectedly.

The one who was apparently Tomu-san, starts pulling at Jurina again, “seriously what’s the point if you’re not there? You’re like the whole point.” The girl lectures and Jurina nods as if chastised, waving at Rena as she was dragged through the thickening crowd.

Her phone vibrates in her hands, and Rena shakes her head slightly before looking down at it and reading the message.

From: Yukirin
Subject: Are you still alive?

Are you still alive? Why didn’t you answer me, Rena?”

Rena sighs and starts typing up a detailed reply.

: :  : :

Kojima Haruna-san was probably the prettiest person that Rena has ever met. She remembers thinking ‘ah, of course’ when she learned that her new next-door neighbour was a model, a face like hers really should only belong on the front covers of a fashion magazine. Rena also remembers thinking that that would be the extent of their interactions: Kojima-san had already bragged, hadn’t she? She no longer had any need for a conversation with her.

Kojima-san however, was also one of the weirdest person that Rena has ever met. Unlike what Rena had expected, the older girl kept talking eagerly with her whenever they encountered each other, but her stories had always ranged from the confusingly bizarre to the most meaningless. The other girl was also prone to zoning out, leading to some of the most intense apologies Rena had received for a slight that was basically nothing.

So when Kojima-san steps out of her room as Rena was passing by to hers, blocking her path and handing her a beater, Rena takes it before looking up confusedly at her, and when Kojima-san says “Rena-san let’s bake a birthday cake”, Rena only thinks ‘ah, of course it’s a cake’ as she was pulled into the other girl’s room.

[To be continued in Part two of this chapter]

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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Five
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I really really love your fic.

I wonder whose birthday is it??

Update soon, please.. :bow:

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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Five
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Someone has a birthday? Who?
Thanks for update.

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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Five
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Who birthday??

I wonder if it Mariko, since it MariKoji

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Re: Just Missed My Stop (WMatsui) Chapter Five
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Finally got time to comment @_@

OMG DORAMA session without cuddling??? Juri lost at this. Hahahaha

what you mean by "I'm afraid she won't be for long." BAD JURI???? *_*

please, don't leave us out here to die in the cold without more chapters O_O #dramatic
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What Yuki said (Mayuki)
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Note: I'll have to apologize to those waiting for the next part of Just missed my stop. I had exams so I really can't edit it, anyways I hope this would be a consolation. I've written this part before as an idea for a Mayuki fic  :P. I hope everyone would like it. I promise I'll get on it as soon as my exam period is over.

What Yuki Said

Kashiwagi Yuki looked like her eyes were going to fall out, a deer in the headlights if there ever was one and Mayu’s eyes swivel from the slack jawed expression on her senpai’s face to the title of the movie bolded above the catatonic girl.
The title... well... if the poster didn’t tell her... the title most definitely did... the poster had two people in the throes of well... ecstasy and yes... they were naked.

There was suddenly two hands clasping tightly on her shoulders , and Mayu couldn’t help but step back from the sudden closeness of Kashiwagi-san who was obviously trying to speak, mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water but failing at that just proceeded to shaking her head vigorously from side to side.

It was kind of like watching a comedy...

“May—Watanabe-san... ah...ah...” Kashiwagi-san finally managed in a stuttering voice that gradually grew in intensity and Mayu tried tucking her head to hide her face from the attention of the other people roaming the mall who was throwing glances to the two of them. She tries to pry the hand off her right shoulder but Kashiwagi-san only became more panicked, tottering on the heels of her feet.

“It’s not what you think! I’m not like that! I’m really not...” she starts again in the same intensifying tone and Mayu finally had enough of the embarrassment and raised both hands to cup Kashiwagi-san’s face to wake her up from her panicked trance.

She wasn’t expecting this from the vice-president of the student council who everyone practically worshipped.

“I really don’t care.” She states clearly and flatly, interrupting Kashiwagi-san who was opening her mouth to say something. “I really don’t care. I won’t tell anyone. I didn’t see anything.” She adds further, removing her hand from the other’s heated face to finally wrestle her shoulder’s free.

The older girl’s hand fell limply at her side as she stared at Mayu, her brows furrowed and her forehead breaking out in sweat. “I don’t want you to think I’m like that...” Mayu hears her say as she bows and turns to leave. She really didn’t have time for anyone’s closet perverted-ness when there was a limited copy of her favourite anime’s ova on sale.

: :  : :

There was another girl waiting by the gate of the school who positively glowed upon seeing her sister approaching and Mayu wanted to roll her eyes from exasperation, looking up at her sister’s easy going smile in annoyance.

“This is why I don’t like going to school with you Sae-nee.” She says as she tries to step away from her sister who immediately took a hold of her arm.

“Don’t be a deserter, Mayuyu.”

Mayu rolls her eyes again and tries to wrestle herself free only to go off balance and tumble right into the middle of a swarm of people walking nearby. A hand grabs her arm as she was about to tumble down, pulling her closer to steady her.

“Are you okay?”

Kashiwagi-san’s eyes widen slightly in fear and recognition when Mayu raised her head to answer her, her other hand nervously tucking stray strands of her long silken hair behind her ear, and the hand on Mayu’s arm tightening perceptibly. Mayu throws out both her arms to steady herself, thanking the other girl once she was sure that she wasn’t going to lose her balance.

Kashiwagi-san still hadn’t released her arm but she did manage a forced smile. “Be careful next time, neh?” the older girl says in a gentle tone that was only betrayed by her quivering cheeks when she mustered up the ‘smile’ again and the panic still present in her eyes.

Mayu didn’t like how patronizing she was and was about to say so when all the other students circling Kashiwagi-san started to join in and tell her that they think that she should be careful too.

They sounded like the buzzing of a million mosquitoes and Mayu was getting annoyed just standing there listening to them, looking up at Kashiwagi who was still holding her arm tightly she notices the slight closing of the other’s eyes, the slight tilt of her head and the momentary furrowing of her brows.

Ah... she must find them extremely annoying too.... How does she stand this everyday?

She really hated fangirls and fanboys... Kashiwagi was just a student just like them... a slightly perverted one, but a student nonetheless. There was nothing special about her.  There was no reason for them to follow her around like she could perform magic and walk on air. Her sister is in the same boat too, they shouldn’t follow her around either, following Sae everywhere she goes and asking Mayu incessantly for her sister’s number.

Mayu hated them the most.

Kashiwagi pulls her closer almost imperceptibly as if she could sense Mayu’s growing ire and Mayu just wanted to groan at that, all she wanted was to get out of these circle of drooling admirers and back on her way to the gate but the vice-president seems to have a problem letting go... literally.

“Ano... Kashiwagi-fukukaichou...” she starts slightly jerking the arm that was still captive to indicate that she wants to be freed. The taller girl just stared at her for a moment her face just clearly showing that she wanted to say something, biting her lip almost too hard that Mayu was afraid she was going to get trampled on if she draws blood and her adoring fans all try to kill each other to get to her.

She admits--- that maybe too “shoujo manga” to actually happen.

The other girl finally lets her go, immediately placing both her hands behind her back and pulling a much realistic smile on her face than earlier. “Mah... Mayu...” Mayu watches as she looks down suddenly, her face steadily coloring. “Wa—Watanabe-san, I mean... ah... you should go now, the bell might ring soon.” She stutters out, waving one hand as if Mayu was a dog and she was shooing her way. She didn’t bother telling her that she was the one actually keeping her there and just shook her head as she pushed herself out of the tight circle.

Kashiwagi Yuki seemed to just be weird in general.

[Maybe to be continued?]

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Re: What Yuki Said (Mayuki)
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What kind of question is that!? Of course it's "to be continued"! :)

I like your writing style and it would be nice, reading a MaYuki fic from you.

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Re: What Yuki Said (Mayuki)
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waaah you have to continue!! it seems funny, yuki really is a weird girl here haha
good luck in you exams >u<

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Re: What Yuki Said (Mayuki)
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yes you have to continue The mayuki FF!!!!


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Re: Just Missed My Stop C5 part 2 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Note: Very sorry for the late posting. I hope you guys enjoy this second part of Chapter 5.
On a slightly technical note, I find it really difficult to write Kojipa, she's just so interesting but I can't point it out why she's so interesting. It's just a collection of almost opposite like personality. She's supposed to be an airhead but she's a tsundere and a sadist at the same time sometimes, she's also marketed as this gorgeous person but she's also a huge slob. She's great basically.
Other notes: The part in italics in the beginning and the end are in Kojipa's pov, the first one is a flashback when they were still living together and the other is a little further back, when they were still in high school. And that scene of Rena and Haruna cooking brought to you by AKBINGO cooking stadium, whatever episode that was.

Archer1992: I'll really try to continue the mayuki fic if time allows it.  :twothumbs. Thank you for reading.

Rochilu:Yukirin is kind of quietly( except when reacting) funny, she's really intriguing sometimes. Thanks for reading!

Kir-El: I'll really try my best to continue it, Mayuki has a different kind of dynamic than WMatsui and it might be fun to write for them. Thank you.

Mashioou: Here's the other part, you can't say I left you out in the cold anymore :P Thank you for reading.

Kirozoro: You'll find out whose b-day it is in this chapter.  :) Thank you for reading.

Zita: The b-day girl is identified in this chapter, haha. Thanks for reading.

Olive29: Thank you for loving this fic :inlove: and here's the update. Thanks for reading.

Chapter Five
Part Two

The truth was, Haruna had always thought that their door belongs to Mariko and when Haruna once told her best friend of this Mariko agrees with her, obviously amused but never weird-ed out. Nodding her head and telling her in that lofty voice she always liked to use that she should never open it for anyone else, only Mariko. That was why Haruna would always like her best, where others would smile uncomfortably at her burst of thoughts, Mariko would be interested; her teasing demeanour betrayed by the way that she always leans closer, as if to encourage her to talk further...


So... The truth is, their door belongs to Mariko and when Haruna hears the door bell ring, she’d put on a  scowl and stamp down her excitement to see her—they live together for Kami-sama’s sake—and prepares to scold Mari-chan for forgetting her keys again and again.

It had always been Mari-chan who appears before her... until it wasn’t.

“Ano... Kojima-san, could we talk?”

Haruna blinks as Sato-san’s always intense eyes stare her down, both hands tugging at his black winter coat, rigid even as he just stands there. Haruna looks away for a moment, pushing the door further open before smiling up at Mariko’s boyfriend.

“Of course, Sato-san. Is Mari-chan downstairs?”

The man flinches at the mention of Mariko’s name and Haruna’s eyes stray again towards the elevator on the end of the hallway.

“She’s...she doesn’t know I came.” Sato-san forces out, rubbing a hand on the back of his neck, looking uncomfortable.

“Eh—she doesn’t? Nan—“

“Kojima-san, onegai... onegai... please move out.” Sato-san suddenly throws out, gripping the edge of the door so suddenly that Haruna almost tripped on the slippers scattered on the floor in her haste to step back from him.

Her day wasn’t supposed to end like this, all she wanted after twirling and walking to and fro a narrow stage and almost falling once was to go back home and watch a movie with Mari-chan, hear her throw out deadpan sarcasm at dramatic scenes and hog the popcorn—guilty-ing Haruna about the extra fat. She belonged here waiting for Mari-chan’s door to open. Why was she being demanded to leave?!


“It’s not okay.” Sato-san interrupts shaking his head slightly, “It’s not okay. You two were together once and it wasn’t her who did the leaving, Kojima-san. It’s not okay for the two of you to stay together. scares me... the way Mariko-san looks at you. You were together, Kojima-san. My girlfriend is basically living with her ex-girlfriend and spending more time with her than with me.”

Sato-san stops to take a breath and Haruna seizes the opportunity to actually make this a conversation and not a monologue.

“It’s... it’s not like that! You can hardly call what we did dating. She loves you... hontoni! We barely dated... we never liked each other that way I—“

“IT’S NOT FAIR...” Sato-san immediately colors from his outburst, “it’s not fair to me. Please give me a chance with Mariko-san, you already said that you never liked her... so please. Do this for us. I can make her happy.”

Haruna’s first thought was that it wasn’t fair to her as well... It wasn’t like she couldn’t make Mariko happy.

: :  : :

Rena stares at Kojima-san’s back warily as the older one peered inside her refrigerator, then turns to the table before her amazed at the mess that Kojima-san had created. The girl said she was just beginning to bake. The brown tabletop was sprinkled in white from the small bag of flour that had probably fallen from the upright position Kojima-san had left it in, on the right side almost at the very edge—as if shoved there in a haste—were used plates and utensils that had absolutely nothing to do with the cake they were baking from the looks of them, actually, every bit of that table was occupied by an explosion of materials.

Rena’s head throbs just from looking at it.

“Ah...I found it!” Kojima-san says excitedly, shutting the door of the refrigerator with her foot and slamming the block of butter in front of Rena playfully. Rena cringes as the scattered flour scatters more from the impact.

“Yosh...” Rena hears Kojima-san say but she was just so transfixed by the unbelievable mess before her that she couldn’t look away. A hand waves in front of her and she shifts her focus on the rubber band that the other was waving at her face.

She looks up to see Kojima-san with one hand holding her long brown hair together, a rubber band between her teeth. Kawaii.

“Let’s begin, Rena-san” she mumbles through the band.

: :  : :

“Kojima-san, please don’t!” Rena tries to desperately move across the table to Kojima-san’s side to stop the other girl from dumping a very large dose of confectionary sugar into the cake’s dough.

She didn’t make it in time and Kojima-san just shrugs at her as she begins to further mix the contents of the large bowl, “More is always better, Rena-san.” She says assuredly and Rena hangs her head as she walks back to her side of the table bypassing the cream that she was beating to walk her way to the sink to wash another large bowl from Kojima-san’s endless supply of unwashed kitchen wares. They’ll probably need it to make a new dough later, unless they want whoever was receiving the cake to die from diabetes right on the spot.

By the time the sun was setting and Rena had to prepare for her shift at the convenience store, they had miraculously—well, truthfully she had—baked a pretty decent red velvet cake. Kojima-san immediately started snapping pictures of it and of Rena who tried to hide her flour covered face, the one she had gotten when she made the mistake of telling Kojima-san that her kitchen looked a bit untidy. Kojima-san chased her around, laughing and still taking shots of Rena’s retreating figure and outstretched hands.

“We’ll put it with the cake! Come on, Rena-san.” Kojima-san says, holding Rena’s arm and pulling it away from her face. Rena tucks her chin further to avoid the camera, trying to breath through the laughter as she asked why anyone would like pictures of her dirty face.

“She’d like any picture actually...” Came Kojima-san’s almost wondering reply and Rena stops struggling for a moment as they both stare at each other.

“Whose birthday is it?” Rena finally asks, more for confirmation since she thinks she probably knows who it is already.
Kojima-san blinks back at her and then tilts her head to the side, the strands of her long hair falling like silk along her shoulders.

“Eh? Didn’t I say? It’s Jurina’s”

Rena swallows the sudden lump at her throat as she wipes at the flour still in her face, “she didn’t... tell me.” She lets out lowly and Kojima-san furrows her brows together in confusion for awhile and Rena averts her gaze to the scattered fashion magazines on the carpet.

Kojima-san reclaims her attention by waving a hand dismissively, “It’s no matter; you’re still invited. We’re having a party!” she declares a bit too enthusiastically and then overrides Rena’s opposition—on the ground that Jurina and her wasn’t that close yet—with a shake of her head, saying, in a tone of finality “I don’t care, you helped me bake the cake so you’re coming. Besides, Jurina practically drools at your feet.”

: :  : :

She spent the whole of her shift thinking of something to give the younger girl.

: :  : :

After her only class of the day ended, Rena rides the train to the hospital, carrying a bunch of mangas in her leather shoulder bag and a plastic of melon pan grasped tightly in one hand. As she walks the brightly lit hallway towards her sister’s room, she tried to occupy herself with thinking of conversational points that she and Matsui-sensei can engage with later momentarily distracted by nurses, who recognize her as Airi’s sister, who bow and greet her as she passes by them.
Airi was already drawing when Rena arrived, hunched over her drawing pad on the wooden bed table that had her name engraved on it, biting the end of her pencil lightly as she stared intensely at her endeavour, slightly tilting her head in thought.

Rena couldn’t stop the quirking of her lips at the adorable sight.

“Hey, Picasso.” Rena greets, pulling the door shut behind her and making her way to the metal chair beside her sister’s bed.

Airi didn’t even look at her, just waves a hand not holding the pencil in greeting.

“How many times? He has a totally different kind of art style...” Airi lectures again and Rena just nods her head indulgently as she pulls the chair back so that she could have the space to sit. Airi finally looks at her as she settles herself in the seat, immediately grabbing a melon pan from the plastic and taking a bite, she shows the drawing with a flourish and Rena claps her hands enthusiastically, teeth clasped tightly on the bread.

“Is this good enough?” Her sister asks, tapping the pencil on the metal frame of her bed and eyes solely on the drawing. Rena makes a thumbs-up, even though her sister wasn’t looking—answering in the affirmative.

Rena spent the whole time until her “date”, chatting with her sister and trying to snatch the drawing pad from her when she draws unflattering illustrations of how Rena, in cartoon, is supposed to look like. She needed it—Airi’s presence. She needed it so that she could smile happily at sensei and pretend to be interested in everything he has to say.

She was using him. She knows that and he knows that.

: :  : :

The floor beneath her was starting to get cold and Rena could feel the goose bumps crawling up her exposed arm as she sat there with her knees tucked tightly against her body. The carpet and the bean bag chair were only a few nudge away but Rena stayed put, staring at the leather box sitting harmlessly on her glass coffee table. In the hour or so that she had sat there immobile, it seemed that her stares had turned to glares, as if she could glare the thing out of existing.

It was an engagement ring.

She couldn’t quite believe it and Rena remembers that out of body sensation that she felt when sensei had slid the box across the table at her, bumping one of their water glasses along the way. She felt like she was just watching it from someplace else, as if directing herself to act appropriately. She was really at the sidelines then, just trying to coach herself into an appropriate reaction...but the seated her was not following, just staring dumbfounded at the opened box with that silver band, the rehearsed smile slowly slipping off her face.

She scrambles up hastily, unthinkingly as if she had been zapped by electricity, getting on her hands and knees to approach the table, throwing out a hand to touch the object... truthfully she was expecting her hands to go through it... can’t it just disappear? The box slid across the table and almost fell off from the force of her swipe and Rena could feel the panic rising up her chest again upon confirming once again that... yes, this is really happening.

The doorbell suddenly rung and Rena felt like throwing up from the sudden lurch of intense panic that gripped her. She couldn’t feel her legs when she stood up at first and then the needle like sensation sets in and Rena hobbles her way to the door, cringing with every step.

Shinoda Mariko-san’s good natured smile immediately turned into confusion upon catching sight of Rena’s barely lit room when she opened the door, and Kojima-san who was previously trying to get away from Shinoda-san’s bear hug stopped her thrashing and actually moved her head to have a better view of the insides of Rena’s room.

“You’re not summoning Satan right, Rena-san?” Shinoda-san says reclaiming her smile, and Rena just blinked back at them for a long moment, trying to grasp the words that were being said to her.

“Ano...” she starts, her attention being diverted by Kojima-san’s steady approach towards her, the other’s eyes narrowing almost in suspicion at the insides of her room, she hurriedly moves forward and pulls the door close behind her. “Can—can I do anything for you?” she finally musters up the focus to say and both Kojima-san and Shinoda-san grins at her at that.

“We’re having a party!” they said almost simultaneously and Rena blinks at them in confusion again.

“Jurina’s birthday...” Kojima-san supplies expectantly and Rena almost wanted to hit herself, she can’t believe that she forgot that it was Jurina’s birthday and that Kojima-san had invited her.

“I—I have to go change, I don’t look presentable.” She stutters out, already retreating and twisting the knob behind her.

“Actually you look almost too presentable actually.” Shinoda-san says just as Rena was about to make a hurried dash inside to fix herself.

Rena looks down at herself in confusion, and was almost surprised to find that she was still in the blue bubble cocktail dress that she had worn earlier to her date and she raised both her hands almost reflexively to feel that her fringe was still in the French braid she had fixed. She hadn’t even bothered to remove her high heeled sandals. She was really out of it.

“I—let me change into some normal clothes... I’ll just knock on Kojima-san’s door after.” She says and Kojima-san agrees immediately at that but Shinoda-san lingers a little and stares at Rena.

“Is there anything else, Shinoda-san?” Rena asks politely and the older girl stares at her some more before shaking her head and flashing an obviously strained smile.

“No... no. We’ll wait for you in Haruna’s room, okay? Please feel free to bring every food inside your unit.” She says, her uncertain expression disappearing as she winks at Rena before she follows Kojima-san.

: : : :

Jurina didn’t look surprised when she joins the “party”, Rena guesses that the other two must have told her that she was coming as well, just thanked her, in a slightly reserved tone, when she greeted her a happy birthday. Nonetheless, she still asked Rena to plop down into the sofa next to her and proceeded to sit as close as possible without actually sitting on her. The younger girl even placed the party hat, that Kojima-san handed to Rena, on Rena’s head; pulling the band playfully and letting it snap slightly against her chin.

The party it turned out was just pigging out on the different kinds of junk food and sweets scattered all over Kojima-san’s coffee table and watching a marathon of comedies.

“Yes, I know. You’re overwhelmed by this party scene, Rena-san. Sorry though, we’re just the party kind.” Shinoda-san says in a deadpan manner when she notices Rena almost staring confusedly when Kojima-san pops a movie into the DVD player. “Be careful with Haruna, she’s the wild kind.” She adds tilting her chin towards the girl in question who glares at her.

“It’s fine, Shinoda-san. I’m not into those kind of parties either.”

“Urusaii! I baked a cake and all. Stop complaining, Mari-chan.”

“Rena-san baked that cake... yes... yes... Jurina. She was the one who baked it. No... you can’t have it all.” Shinoda-san says addressing Kojima-san teasingly before turning to her sister who positively glowed at the information and interrupted her before she could say anything. Both Jurina and Kojima-san scowls at her and Shinoda-san laughed it off easily, grabbing the popcorn bowl and offering some to Rena.

They were all really... weird.

Shinoda-san laughs heartily when the comedic scenes involved a little bit of violence, laughing even harder in parts where Kojima-san lets out a put out “I don’t get it.”, leaning forward on the sofa as if she would understand it more by being closer to the television, the older girl pulling her back by the elbows every time and proceeding to spell it out laughingly at her. Kojima-san would then laugh belatedly. It was starting to look like a gag to Rena.

Jurina, on the other hand, only paid attention to the start of the movie her attention being gradually drawn to Rena who also gradually lost focus in the movie because of Jurina’s distractions. The younger girl played with her hair at first, twirling it in her fingers almost absentmindedly as she stares at the television, casually letting it tumble down to Rena’s shoulder before repeating the act. She got tired of that eventually and started to eat the cake, repeatedly telling Rena (and Kojima-san, once) that it was the greatest cake she’d ever tasted, going as far as coercing her to take a bite out of her own fork which then led to feeding. Rena thinks that she ate more of the cake than Jurina did, the younger girl beaming up at her every time she’d raise the fork to Rena.

Jurina then handed her the fork and the saucer and opened her mouth expectantly, and Rena rolled her eyes and fed her once.

“That’s enough you’re getting fat.” She says teasingly and Jurina, who was biting down still at the fork, removed it hastily and protested vehemently, listing all the sports club she was in.

Rena can’t believe she’s still standing.

Jurina then stops and smiles cheesily, wiggling her brows before saying, in a really syrupy way, that she won’t mind getting fat if Rena cooks for her every time, leaning even closer and whispering, “like maybe for life” right at her ear and Rena almost fell over laughing at her, that was so ridiculous and disgustingly sweet. Jurina just grins back, taking another bite out of her plate while Kojima-san leans across Shinoda-san’s lap to ask Rena what was so funny because “Mari-chan and I didn’t get it,” even adding that the movie was kind of stupid under her breath.

Rena thinks Jurina’s kind of stupid... it’s not that bad of a thing.

: :  : :

Kojima-san was turning slightly red in the face as she puffs her cheeks and looks away from Shinoda-san who was leaning on one of the corridor’s railing, then continues rubbing her hand vigorously together. Rena watches Shinoda-san roll her eyes exasperatedly from her place opposite the two friends, leaning on the door of Kojima-san’s unit. They were all waiting for Jurina to get back from getting her coat in Shinoda-san’s place and the two older girls had spent the time bickering slightly.

“Just get your gloves, Haruna.” Shinoda-san repeats and Kojima-san just absolutely blows with a sudden ‘urusaii’ that had Shinoda-san raising both hands up in surrender.

“It’s troublesome to go back to my room just to get it! If Mari-chan is so persistent why don’t you get it for me?” Kojima-san demands, waving her hand towards the general direction of her room in frustration.

“Seriously, Nyaro? Your room is just there. If you get anymore lazy you’d start to moan out protests just for walking.” Shinoda-san mutters out, almost disbelievingly, as she steps closer to Kojima-san and stops her from rubbing her hands together. Rena watches, feeling her face heat up slightly, as Shinoda-san holds both hands in her own and brings it to her lips to blow on it, that same expression of exasperation still in her face before lowering both their hands and slipping them into the pockets of her winter coat, the sudden jerk causing Kojima-san to step closer.

She really shouldn’t be here... nor seeing this.

“It’s not warm either.” Kojima-san declares flatly, visibly unperturbed by their sudden closeness, tilting her head up at the short haired girl. Shinoda-san, for her part, looked absolutely done- pursing her lips and narrowing her eyes before biting out a dry, “Gomen-ne, hime-sama.”

Then they just proceeded to stare at each other and... she really does not want to be here. Shinoda-san and Kojima-san obviously has issues. Rena hates issues.

Fortunately for her, Jurina came bounding up to them clad in a woollen sweater with a blue bon bon knit cap fitted snugly in her head, chanting ‘ramen, ramen’ excitedly. Shinoda-san joins her after a beat, finally taking heated eyes from Kojima-san’s face.

: : : :

The ramen store, a short walk from the apartment building was actually really popular in the area and Rena could almost be called a regular. The owner of the place, who wasn’t there today, had taken a liking to Rena’s ability to find edible the spiciest things and would constantly challenge Rena to eat a specially made spicy ramen for free, upping the spiciness every time Rena finishes one with a satisfied sigh.

He vows revenge on her every maybe the oji-san didn’t really like her.

Her musings on her relationship with the ramen oji-san was interrupted when Jurina sneaks a taste of her Ramen, standing up in her seat and leaning over the table. The younger girl’s teasing smile immediately turns to a grimace and moments after she was tearing up, hurriedly downing the glass of water her sister had offered her.

She sits back down almost dazedly, the look of disbelief on her face turning to betrayal as Rena stares back at her innocently. 

“Nande?” she utters almost brokenly as her sister and Kojima-san laughs at her.

Rena only shrugs back, and Kojima-san launches into a tale about the very same experience happening to her when Rena and her went to eat together. Jurina sympathizes heavily, throwing nasty glances Rena’s way during the conversation and Shinoda-san kept lightly jabbing at their misfortunes. The dinner was whiled away talking until a group of the older two’s common friends walked into the restaurant and they excused themselves for awhile to catch up with them.

Jurina was still looking at her with slight resent as Rena sips the soup, tipping the bowl with both hands.

“Gomen ne, Jurina. I didn’t really mean for that to happen.” She says evenly, placing the bowl back into the table and momentarily putting her palms together in apology.

Jurina looks down at her, but Rena could see the ends of her mouth twitching—she’s definitely not angry anymore. “This is the present that I get from Rena-chan, huh, intense suffering and pain.”

Rena quirks her brows at the melodramatic statement then immediately feels her heart beat pick up and her face warm even further; her hand immediately going to the large pocket of her red coat as she taps the fingers of the other against the table, frantically. Should she give it to her now? Should she even give it?

“Rena-chan?” she hears Jurina ask, as she decides to just wing it, snatching the roll of paper tied up with a satin blue ribbon and thrusting it at Jurina who looks back at her emptily.


“It’s... it’s my...our present, please... Airi and me.” she says, nudging the paper further in Jurina’s direction until the younger girl takes it. Rena was going to avert her eyes but the look of utter delight and excitement that sweeps across Jurina’s face holds her eyes to the other girl.

Jurina unfurls the paper and smiles widely at it.

Rena had asked Airi to draw something for Jurina, showing some of the photos of the younger girl that Jurina had inexplicably sent to her phone on random times of the day. In the drawing, Jurina was the lead singer in a band, Rena remembers the drawing vividly as she was the one who colored it under the strict supervision of her sister.

The grin on that cartoon face looked exactly like the grin that Jurina was sending Rena’s way and Rena couldn’t help but grin back at her, “Happy Birthday, Jurina.”

Jurina closes her eyes for a moment as if savouring her voice and Rena almost blushes even further at the thought, opening it a moment later with the same look in her eyes as the one she had when she told Rena that she loved her. “As I thought, having Rena-san with me is still the best. Thank you and please thank Airi-san as well for me.” She says in that voice that was completely devoid of that childish inflection, just clear and heartfelt.

Rena looks down as she picks on the noodles still in her bowl, “If Jurina really thought so, then why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“The truth is... I didn’t want you to know...” Jurina starts, offering a crooked half smile when she looks up at her, “this isn’t the birthday that I wanted you to care about... I’m... I’m still 17. Next year though... next year, Rena-chan. On my next birthday, I’ll be an adult and perhaps Rena-chan would take me more seriously then... when I tell her that I love her.”

And Rena knows that it wasn’t the time... it was the worst possible time but she knows that what Jurina feels is real, just from the way she looks at Rena with that silent adoration that you only really wear once in a lifetime, on a first love. And, the truth was... no matter how stupidly wonderful Jurina was... Rena can’t be her first love.

The same time next year, Rena would be someone’s wife.

Rena can’t be Jurina’s first love... first love only ends in tears and Rena can’t really fathom making Jurina cry.

It was Jurina’s birthday and it wasn’t the time... but there really was no time for this kind of things.

“I’m engaged.”

: :  : :

Haruna watches in her seat as Mariko makes her way to the door of the classroom after having been called by one of the seniors of the broadcasting club that Mariko was in, effectively interrupting Mariko’s interruption of her Harvest Moon game.
Haruna recognizes the look of overcompensated pride and concealed nervousness in his grinning demeanour from the look one of her batch mate made as he told her his feelings for her yesterday.

She averts her eyes from the scene and goes back to her game as the senior started confessing to Mariko.

“Gomen.” She hears Mariko say in a regretful way, “but I have promised my childhood friend that I would wait for him until he gets better and can finally leave the hospital so that we could be together.” Mariko follows breathlessly only placing the regretful inflection on the last few words but otherwise sounding like she was reading a script. A few moments later, Mariko was back to sitting across Haruna and chatting with her as Haruna made non-committal sounds as she continued playing her game.

“I hope your childhood friend gets better.” She tells her, tilting her head a little and sticking out her tongue at the older girl.

“I don’t want to say this since I already have a reputation of looking at others from above but rejecting confessions is really becoming a chore.”

Haruna waves a hand dismissively, “then just reject them plainly.” She says as she returns her sight to her gameboy.

Mariko makes some kind of scoffing sound, “No way am I going to do it like you do, Nyaro. Saying ‘No, sorry.’ Is a bit, just a bit though, heartless.” She says sarcastically.

“But they’re being so troublesome!”

“Ah... so it’s just your laziness speaking. Let’s be real, Nyaro is a sadi--”

Haruna swivels in her seat to face Mariko–she was sitting sideways in her desk chair earlier as she leans forward elbows on her knees as she played—pointing a finger in warning at the other girl who looked highly amused, “Don’t even say it.”

“Sadi—“ Mariko abruptly stops, scooting in her seat to be closer to Haruna, looking conspirational as she motions for Haruna to move closer, and in a whispered voice she says “ne... let’s just date so they’ll get off our backs. It’s okay for me if its Nyaro.”

Haruna withdraws and shakes her head, remembering Akimoto Sayaka-san—one of their classmates and close friend—covering her ears as Mariko teases her and saying repeatedly that it’s better not to feed the monster. Mariko had to explain that one to her.

She won’t feed the monster.

“Haruna, what about it?” Mariko pesters, ducking her head to look at Haruna’s face as she continued to play.

Mariko kept pestering her that in the end she agreed just to be left in peace, it was a joke anyway and Mari-chan was sure to forget it once Sayaka-san arrives from her track and field practice. Mariko loved teasing her.

When Mariko pulls one of her hands from the console though and interlaces their fingers, it didn’t look that much of a joke when Haruna turns to find her staring at their joined hands with that smile that Mariko only reserves for her younger sister.

“It’s a deal then.” Mariko whispers, almost at their joined hands.

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Just Missed My Stop C5 part 2 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Ahhhhh...Rena finally told Jurina the truth...

What will happen next?

Will Jurina be able to convince her to leave her fiance, Matsui-sensei who also Jurina's father??

Or will Rena become Jurina's stepmother???

Ohhhhhh...NyanNyan used to date with Mariko...


Update soon,please...

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Re: Just Missed My Stop C5 part 2 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Mentally screaming because- :on voodoo:
this chapter- :nya:
I mean-  :pleeease:
I just- :stoned:
NOPE. :imdead:

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Re: Just Missed My Stop C5 part 2 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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holycrap way to ruin J's birthday Rena O_O but maybe Jurina will just go in denial mode and remind Rena that of course rena's engaged, she's her fiancee.

“Fine... I love you so much that I can’t breath from the weight of my feelings towards you, Jurina-san. Let’s get married right now.” She deadpans at the girl whose smile turns a little more genuine, a little more excited.  :lol:

“Okay. Let’s go now!”

Rena rolls her eyes, “You’re not even legally allowed to drink yet.”

“Fine... I’ll settle for getting engaged.”

mariharu angst  :bleed eyes:

update whenever possible just please don't take too long   :)

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Re: Just Missed My Stop C5 part 2 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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And it's out. :stoned:
What noe Jurina? :(

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 6 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Note: I’m going to apologize but I’m pretty much going to troll. This chapter is mainly Mariharu, as per Mariko-sama’s greatest trait. There is WMatsui though. 

Thank You again for those reading this. I guess the last chapter was pretty angst heavy huh :lol: I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Chapter Six

Akimoto Sayaka looks about ready to hit her and Mariko had to constantly look down so that she could get rid of the grin that kept creeping up her face. As she thought, Sayaka-chan is the best, her looks of creeping suspicion mixed with confusion is really making Mariko’s day.

She shuffles closer on her knees to the standing girl, momentarily leaning down to push her notebook a little out of her way.
She flashes Sayaka a polite smile as she loops the tape measure around her waist, subtly tickling the other girl when she wasn’t looking anymore. Sayaka had endured the tickling attacks for a considerably long time, only gritting her teeth and looking confused as Mariko feigns innocence as she hums pretending to be preoccupied with the task at hand. The rather serious girl quivers a little but holds it, muting an irritated glare immediately and Mariko couldn’t help it anymore and just bursts into laughter.

“I just knew you were doing it on purpose. Why won’t you just grow up already, Shinoda?” The standing girl asks exasperatedly, now fully glaring at Mariko who had dropped the tape and was now just sitting on the wooden floor. When she didn’t get an answer as Mariko kept laughing, she scowled further and threatened to tell on Mariko to her boss.

Mariko wipes the slight tears forming in the corners of her eyes and smirks back, “ah… aren’t you getting larger around the waist area, Saya~chan.” Mariko singsongs at the other girl, pretending to consult the tape measure as if she paid attention to it earlier.

A finger was promptly shoved at her face, “I said never to call me that, it gives me shivers.”

“Sayapi, then.”

“Tell Kojiharu to just die.”

“Maa…maa… no need to get so angry in the morning.” Mariko gets on her feet and pats the girl’s shoulders. Sayaka just frowns at her.

“Then stop harassing me! Just have your assistant measure me and bother somebody else, Mariko.” Sayaka retorts back, not missing a beat, waving a hand in a ‘shooing’ gesture at the short haired girl who was already back to looking at her notebook, perching herself in a nearby couch.

“Hai, hai.” Mariko answers back distractedly as she grabs a pencil from the desk next to her to make adjustments on her design, “Abe-chan, please measure Akimoto-sama for me.” She then calls out the open door to her assistant who was positioned outside her office.

The image on the paper slightly dims as her friend looks above her at the drawing and Mariko looks up suddenly at the other girl causing their faces to be inches apart as the other was leaning down. Sayaka goes cross eyed for a moment then steps back embarrassed. “Stop getting in my face!” she complains and Mariko laughs again.

Abe Maria-chan, her assistant, bows as she steps into the room and immediately gets to work. Mariko didn’t bother trying to supervise her, the girl was so efficient she could probably replace her.

“Haruna’s not going to be part of this show, Mariko?” Sayaka asks and Mariko hums for awhile as she surveys her drawing before looking up and shaking her head.

“Not when the designs are mine, but she’ll probably appear for the other designers in our company. You know designers love her…” She reaches for her eraser. “I don’t like hiring her, her agency gets a headache because she insists on making everything free when I do.”

“Just get married already.” She hears Sayaka say in the most exasperated manner and Mariko just rolls her eyes. Almost all of their friends had said those words to Mariko or to Haruna at some time, usually exasperatedly and also usually followed by an annoying list of things that proves that they were too nauseating together. Whether it was the fact that they chose to live together halfway through college, or the fact that Mariko used to text Haruna random things several times a day or that when they went on vacations with them they also chose to room together.

They also like to point out when they both protest-usually Haruna- that it’s not like they don’t find each other attractive since they dated. She always wondered why no one mentions how they also broke up.

They should, it was then that Mariko learned that Haruna was never going to be hers.

: :  : :

Haruna watches from her perch above one of the long tables as Ohori Megumi-san frets around the design room, nervously pulling back her hair in a ponytail as she gathers her design materials, constantly glancing at her slim wristwatch. She follows her lead and checks her phone, it was already ten at night. Kuramochi-san shrugs at her when she meets her eyes as she whiles away time scanning the room. They were the only models left from the earlier batch of 6 that Ohori-san had asked to come, some for initial fitting and some for measurements.

Haruna had been there so long past her dinner time that she was almost tempted to steal the miniscule leftover from what appears to be Ohori-san’s lunch in the table.

“Yahoo” A voice greets from the suddenly opened door on the other corner of the room and Ohori-san drops the dress she was just inspecting in surprise.

“Aha... you’re cramming again!”

Haruna slides off the table at the sound of that teasing voice, her lips quirking up as she was already heavily familiar with this kind of teasing. Mariko steps into the room, closing the door behind her with a smile fully directed at the other designer and Haruna, just for a moment, feels put out by that fact.

“Go away, you grade schooler. I don’t have the time to deal with your childish pranks.” Ohori-san immediately says, gathering the dress from the floor and waving her hand at Mariko, who just laughs.

“Why is everyone trying to send me away today?” she asks, not the least bit offended, following Ohori-san again as she started to move. “Megumi...Megumi... you’ll regret it if you ignore me.”

“Seriously, Mariko, you know I love you—but I’ll slap you in the face if you don’t stop pestering me right now.”

“You won’t say that after I tell you that I’m here to help you.”

Both she and Kuramochi-san moved slightly back when the older girl suddenly bursts into tears and turned around to grab Mariko into an almost desperate bear hug, the captive girl looking surprised by the sudden reaction as well.


“Mariko, Mariko. Aishiteru! Aishiteru, Mariko.” The crying girl starts and Haruna almost laughed from the way Mariko’s face was contorting into incredulity. “Thank you, thank you. I just feel so overwhelmed... just so overwhelmed with everything!”

Her best friend awkwardly pats the other girl on the back, subtly trying to get herself out of the tight embrace. When Ohori-san finally lets her go, Mariko had to struggle to place her nonchalant smile back in her face.

“So... how can I help you?”

Haruna almost jumped when Ohori-san suddenly points a finger in her direction, and Mariko meets her widened eyes with a slight quirk of her lips in recognition. “This is Kojima Haruna-san. Kojima-san this is Shinoda Mariko.” Ohori-san throws out in rapid fire already making her way towards Kuramochi-san. “Mariko, please take Kojima-san’s measurements. Can you even believe the guts of Hashimoto-san quitting on me today?” she continues, grabbing hold of Haruna’s hand and pushing her in Mariko’s direction. “Oh... Kojima-san, Mariko cracks really weird, random jokes... no, she’s not drunk.”

Mariko laughs loudly as Haruna makes her way over to her, “Hear that Nyaro, I’m not drunk.”

“Please don’t speak to me. I’m embarrassed by the way that Ohori-san views your failed attempt at humour.”

Mariko pinches her cheek just as Ohori-san turns to look at them, “please tell me you two know each other because that was really rude, Kojima-san.”

Mariko was already digging around the mess on the table when she answered. “No, Kojima-san’s just the lowest.” She says in a throw-away manner then proceeds to pull a tape measure from under a pile of discarded dresses. Haruna frowns at her when she looks up again, pulling away when Mariko tries to pinch her again.

Ohori-san just eyes them warily before ushering Kuramochi-san to the fitting room hurriedly. Haruna watches as Kuromachi-san almost trips on the dress the designer was holding from the force of her pushing. They both really had a rough day.

Her and Kuramochi-san, she means. Somehow, she really resents how Ohori-san ate dinner right in her starving face and didn’t offer her anything... she somehow doesn’t want to invite her in her pity party.

“Is it aliens again?”

Haruna blinks and refocuses her eyes on Mariko who was kneeling in front of her, halfway out from under the table seemingly having fished a notepad from under it and staring up at her with an amused smile.

“Aliens?” she asks as Mariko stands and props herself slightly up the table, still looking very amused about everything. “Why are you so happy?”

 “No reason, can’t I just be happy?”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve done something bad when you’re this happy.” Like posting her embarrassing childhood photos on facebook or once pretending after falling off the stairs to have selective amnesia when it comes to her for two whole weeks —that one actually made her cry.

Mariko just smiles wider, taking one of her hands to tug her closer so that she could measure her. “I was just thinking that I missed Haruna earlier... you are.” She answers after a moment, right at her ear as she moves closer to measure the length of her shoulders.

Mariko had always liked to play light of things, to tease and laugh and to jest and usually when she says things like this, it was always meant to embarrass her but sometimes... she says those words in a way that Haruna wonders if it was still a joke or not. It was the tone of her voice that does it sometimes like it was supposed to be teasing but she seems to feel them too much. It was also the slight pause in her breathing after, as if she’s waiting for Haruna to say it back.

This was the way that Mariko had always said that she loved Haruna when they were ‘dating’, and she had always thought... it can’t be anything other than another joke. That relationship wasn’t real anyway—how could Mariko mean them?

That’s the tone she uses now... and Haruna would take it like it is. It’s a joke, like everything is to Mariko.

Mariko’s in a real relationship now, so it can’t be anything other than that.

So Haruna makes a face and calls her sappy—like she’s done before—and watches as Mariko moves away, laughing... the thing was... it was that pause again that Mariko does just before laughing, that pause when she visibly tightens her jaw and her whole body goes rigid for a moment, her eyes glancing up at Haruna’s---Sato-san had implied that Mariko loved her and in those little moments, Haruna believes just for a second that maybe Mariko did.

Then she remembers... of course it’s nothing but a joke.

: :  : :

Haruna can feel Mariko’s breath on the back of her neck and it was making her unexpectedly uncomfortable, as the taller girl continues to measure her, humming occasionally but otherwise remaining silent. She could feel her face and her neck warming and wonders if Mariko would find it odd that she was suddenly turning red. She closes her eyes and takes a breath as she feels the tape loop around her waist, Mariko’s fingers trailing off her stomach lightly—Haruna almost raised one of her hands to hold Mariko’s hand in place, remembering herself and fisting both her hands so tightly she could feel the nails digging into her palms.

This shouldn’t be happening.

She can’t keep feeling like this, what was the whole point of leaving if she can’t rid herself of this urges. Mariko’s someone else’s now and she can’t act like this... Mariko had always been meant for someone better—more...normal.

When she opens her eyes however, she meets Mariko’s gaze—she hadn’t even noticed that she had moved—and could almost slap herself when her eyes dropped to the other’s lips almost immediately... she had never kissed her before—even when they were supposedly dating...

What would it feel like...?

The tape measure looped around her neck falls as Mariko lets go of it, placing both of her hands on Haruna’s arms and stepping even closer to her. She should be alarmed she knows... but all she could think of as Mariko leans closer, eyes so focused on Haruna that she seemed almost possessed, was that she really wanted to know what it would feel like... just this once.


Haruna steps away in alarm, almost tripping on the fallen tape measure. Mariko shakes her head once and then that smile appears on her lips again and she lets out a chuckle.

“I almost got her... You really have the worst timing, Megumi.” She hears her say as Ohori-san approaches them.  Haruna feels unsteady, as if she was standing on a moving platform rather than the wooden floors. She imagines herself being carried away by the movement as Mariko stands still, falling farther away with every giggle and laughter.

“Stop teasing the models, please! I need this finished.”

Mariko salutes her, feigning seriousness in her rigidity, and Haruna breathes in and lets it go... she really has to remember that it was nothing but a joke.

: :  : :

Jurina was seated on the seat directly opposite the pole that Rena was leaning unto and Rena sighs for the hundredth time, trailing her eyes from the chatting teens in front of her to the passing buildings visible through the window of the train.

Rena shouldn’t really stare at her anymore, she doesn’t exist anymore to Jurina... they’d boarded the same train home almost most of the week but Jurina had never looked her way even once. She feels... disappointed and discarded.

How pathetic that a kid six years younger than her was reducing her to tears without even doing anything.

Rena feels utterly humiliated as she drops her head and tries to reign in the tears. It was frustrating how she couldn’t do anything, how Jurina didn’t do anything. It was fine if she was going to be mad, Rena would have listened to it. Rena at least wanted to have a conversation.

Jurina had said that she likes Rena as a person, was it all just a lie? The moment she can’t have her, it’s all over.

Jurina had asked her then with a rapidly disappearing grin if she was joking and Rena had told her sincerely that she wasn’t. The younger girl didn’t say anything anymore after that just continued to eat the ramen in front of her and Rena was left to stare at her, confused and almost choked up with the need to say something. She wasn’t given the chance to though, Jurina continued looking down at the ramen she was eating and she hadn’t looked up once at Rena since then.

: :  : :

It was raining again, the sky which was light and unassuming just moments before turning dark and menacing, and Rena had forgotten her umbrella...again. 

She stands by the station’s exit, leaning on the wall and watching absently as various passengers make their way down the steps, most of them pulling their coats tighter around them and some rooting in their bags for the umbrellas that they did not forget.  She follows their shoes as they pass by her until one pair stops directly in front of hers and Rena closes her eyes once because it couldn’t really be anyone else.

She’s hadn’t even known that she was waiting for this so badly that she really started to cry.

“Rena-chan, you’re quite forgetful aren’t you.”


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