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Author Topic: Just Missed my Stop- Chapter 8, part 1 (Wmatsui, MariHaru) 23/03/2014  (Read 15241 times)

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 6 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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“Rena-chan, you’re quite forgetful aren’t you.”

WHO? ................ Well I think I know.  :P

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 6 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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So Mariko acts jokingly because she thinks (for some absurd, unknown reason) that Haruna doesn't like her...
Haruna thinks Mariko doesn't like her the way Sato-san said she did because she's always joking around...
Damn it MariHaru, stop being two dorks from some Korean drama and talk to each other! >.<
I felt like crying for Rena because Jurina's ignoring her... ; . ;
All the culminating stress from the hospital, school, work, the engagement, and Jurina possibly giving up...
The missing umbrella was just the thing to push her over the edge...
Jurina, don't give up on Rena! >_<

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 7 P1(WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Thank you reading again and Happy Valentines!
Yuuyu: Thanks for reading, Mariharu really has some pent-up issues in this fic  :lol:
Zita: Thank you for reading... what you know is right(?)  XD

Chapter Seven
Part 1
Jurina’s hand on the handle of the umbrella was slightly shaking, sending slight tremors through the metal stem to the plastic canopy above them, Rena had been observing it for half of their walk home.

They hadn’t said a word to each other.

 It felt like they were repeating all the things they did when they first shared this walk home but that time it had every cliché of a beginning...this time the silence really felt like an end.

She really liked her though, the way that she was unapologetically enthusiastic about almost everything, the way that she embellishes her stories and acts as if the most mundane things were exciting, the way she wears her heart on her sleeves so clearly for Rena to see—Rena had never been the sociable type, sometimes she finds it hard to contribute to conversations; to smile just the right way to appear enticing and Jurina... Jurina just makes everything easier. Rena doesn’t have to try so hard to think about what to say since the younger girl appears to be interested in everything that falls out of her mouth, Rena doesn’t have to wonder whether the girl thinks badly of her behind her back since Jurina so openly shows her emotions and her opinions.

It wasn’t... stressing and sometimes that was almost something precious.

Rena really liked her, and maybe if it was a different time... if she was a different age, then maybe they could have---
What was she thinking?! She’s only making things worse.

“Are you mad at me?”

Jurina says and the tone and the words were so unexpected that Rena was jolted from her internal turmoil so suddenly that she felt disoriented for a moment staring at Jurina’s dejected form, her shoulders hunched slightly forward, her eyes fleetingly raising to Rena’s before staring back at the ground, her other hand scratching her cheek lightly.

“Shouldn’t...” Rena clears her throat and also looks away, “shouldn’t I be the one asking that?”

A couple of droplets of heavy rain falls on her as Jurina suddenly fumbles the umbrella and Rena hears her swear lowly under her breath as they both scramble to right it, fingers clumsily touching like the moment was not clichéd enough. Jurina finally holds it steady, turning to her again and tilting her head unconsciously in confusion. 

“You thought I was mad?” she finally voices her confusion, turning her head a moment later to glare at the office woman who bumped into her before scrunching her brows again questioningly at Rena.

“I wasn’t the one who was ignoring myself like I wasn’t there right in front of me.”

Jurina’s lips quirk a little after Rena lets the words out in a tone bordering accusation, “How can you ignore yourself to begin with?” she answers in a teasing tone that Rena thinks she had absolutely no right in using after that hellish week of anxiety she placed her under.

Rena rolls her eyes and didn’t dignify her with an answer.

“I wasn’t--- I wasn’t mad. There’s no reason for me to be...”Jurina begins, losing her teasing smirk and averting her eyes from Rena once again. Another person bumps into her and Rena starts thinking that they really shouldn’t be having this conversation in the middle of a sidewalk bustling with hurried people running from the rain when Jurina gets annoyed and pushes the man in retaliation.

“I don’t think—“

“I still like—“

They both stop, Rena trying to make hand gestures to indicate that they should take cover and Jurina looking increasingly annoyed with the interruptions. The younger girl holds out her free hand to indicate that Rena should continue.

“I don’t think—can we talk somewhere else? You keep getting hit and though I’m starting to find it funny, you’re just getting angry.”

Jurina sighs deeply, looking extremely aggrieved by everything before clutching Rena’s hand in hers and pulling her through the busy crowd, shoulder checking everyone in their way and evilly glaring at anyone who so much as makes a sound in outrage.

Youth can really make you reckless.

Rena tries to apologize as Jurina drags her along all the way to a cafe situated in the same street as her apartment. The younger girl opens the glass door with a forceful push and Rena barely had the time to register the greeting that the cashier made behind the counter before she’s seated in one of the plush tub chairs opposite the younger girl.

She tries to launch into a lecture about how everything that happened in the last few minutes was of the heights of rudeness but stops when Jurina apologizes herself in a shaky manner looking so incredibly anxious that Rena wonders if Jurina didn’t have it worst when they had not been talking to each other.

She thinks she loves me, of course it was worst.

“Jurina-san, what would you want to drink? It’s Rena-chan’s treat.” She says instead, smiling a little when Jurina looks up from staring at the table.

Jurina just frowns further. “Please don’t talk like that. I’m not a child. I know that my actions earlier had been childish but please don’t talk like that. I want to talk to you... and I wish you would take me seriously.”

Rena sighs, this had constantly been their problem but it was something that Rena almost instinctively resorts to whenever things starts looking like something else between them. She knows if Jurina hates something it was this, and she really doesn’t like hurting her or annoying her but the fact was... this was her strongest defence.

Sometimes her only defence.

“I’m sorry, but please...what would you like?”

“It’s fine.” Jurina answers almost immediately, managing a small smile almost in reassurance directed at Rena before scanning the board above the counter displaying the menu of the cafe. “Hot Choco, I guess, and thank yo—What?”

Rena tries to rearrange her disbelief into a more neutral expression immediately but Jurina had clearly seen her looking at her weirdly. “What is it?” Jurina asks again.

“It’s just... after you said you weren’t a child you went and asked for a hot chocolate...” Rena tries to say through the amusement she was having trouble stifling. Jurina rolls her eyes at her.

“I didn’t know hot choco had an age limit.”

“Fine... fine. I’m sorry again, you’re so irritable today.” Rena says patting Jurina’s arm as she moves out of her seat to order,
“I’ll just be a minute.”

: :  : :

Rena watches as Jurina finishes the hot chocolate almost in one gulp, her eyes almost teary eyed from the temperature and her face coloring. It seems Jurina doesn’t do well with nervousness.

Jurina then stares at the coffee that Rena was still nursing meaningfully and Rena shakes her head at her, “No way am I doing that. We can talk like this you know.” She answers pointedly, setting the barely reduced cup down on the table and playing with its rim.

The younger girl stares at her uncertainly for a moment, fingers randomly entwining together and Rena nods at her since Jurina seems to be asking for reassurance. They needed to talk and Jurina can’t back out now. They were going to part ways amicably if they were to part, Rena was an adult and Jurina insists on being treated as one, they’ll talk like adults.

“I... I know this isn’t something that I should say... but I still like you. That’s... that’s what I want you to know the most. I still like that you’re clumsy and wimpy, I still like the way you smile... I still like the fact that you sometimes talk like you are a shoujo manga hero and the way you get embarrassed by my puns—“


“---I STILL... like it. You’re still you, the fact that you have a ring on your finger doesn’t change that.”

Rena reaches across the table to place her palm above both of Jurina’s hands, to stop her almost frantic tugging of her fingers. “Even if you say that, it won’t change the fact that I’m going to get married soon, Jurina-san.” Rena regrets the words almost immediately when Jurina flinches as if she had been slapped.

“I’m sorry and I understand why you were mad at me.”

Jurina shakes her head at that, hurriedly clasping Rena’s hand with both of hers, “No... no I wasn’t mad. I have no reason to be... Rena-chan had offered me friendship from the very start. Let –let me do it again, I’ll be a better friend this time... I’ll like you as a friend this time.”

Rena fights the relief that was coming over her at the words, it really eased her to hear that they don’t have to forget about each other... that she could still enjoy her company—but wouldn’t this just be making things difficult for Jurina?

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you still mad, Rena-chan? I’m sorry that I ignored you... it’s just that if I can’t even be entertaining then what good am I to you? I just needed to collect myself for a bit. I’m sorry.”  Jurina tries to grin at her after that when Rena still didn’t say anything—and she hated herself for it, she wanted to talk to her all week, to tell her she meant something to her but she can’t even open her mouth to say something back. She was just letting the younger girl fix everything for her.

“Hora, Im sorry... you’re sorry. We don’t really have a problem—“

Rena had almost thrown herself across the circular table as she pulled the other girl in an embrace, surprising Jurina who immediately stopped talking to raise her hands to hold Rena as well. It was awkward but it was the least of her problems seeing as she started to cry again as well. She just can’t stand to hear Jurina make little of her own feelings.

“I’m sorry... I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—I didn’t mean to. Please stop talking like this... I’ve hurt you—please stop acting like I didn’t... please be a kid in front of me just this once. It’s my fault...I’m sorry, Jurina.”

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 6 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Damn... the emotion !!!

Jurina offered Rena a friendship...
but, will she hate Rena if she knows that the older girl will be her step mother???

Jurina....  :cry:

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 6 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Commenting on the previous chapter: #DEAD MariSaya moments  <3 my heart could not take it!
I've always been a Kojiyuu shipper, but yours Mariharu... Maritroll, sharp as always <3.<3

Latest chapter: ohhh the feeels... Rena, what will you do now? Your falling. Don't deny it... "Sometimes her only defence." >> that part...

always hoping for new chapters (/'ω')/ good work!

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Re: Just Missed My Stop Chapter 7 P1 (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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Re: What Yuki Said Chapter 1 P1 (Mayuki)
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Hi! This is the next installment of my Mayuki fic. I'm sorry it took so long to update. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 1
Part 1

Come to think of it, it was kind of a disaster waiting to happen.

Mayu didn’t think of it as one though when she told Aika that she wasn’t going to eat lunch with her since she was going out to buy the new character song that was just released that day.

Aika told her in no uncertain terms that she was insane.

She was exaggerating was Mayu’s first thought as she tried to use the garbage bins behind the school building to get over the fence surrounding the whole campus. When she jumped down unscathed, she thought that definitely this is no big deal, she’s seen some of the more rowdy boys of the school do this all the time. It can’t be that hard.

After she bought the CD and was on her way back to the campus, she still thought that nothing could go wrong, she was so confident that she was already wording the phrasing of her boasting at Aika as she walked closer to the school.

It wasn’t really that hard, I barely shed a sweat.

It was a disaster waiting to happen from the very beginning though and Mayu realized that when she was forced to almost jump just to duck behind the large garbage bins, the crisscrossed fence digging into her palms as she pushed herself closer to it, when she fortunately saw the group of boys standing dejectedly with varying states of injury being lectured by the Student Council President. Takahashi was even pointing fingers animatedly at the offenders.

She breathes out a long suffering sigh. They had to choose now to have a fight and get caught having it.

She observes the scene having nothing else to do, noticing that almost all of the boys were not even looking at Takahashi-Kaichou and when she follows most of their gazes she finds that there was another student at the scene.

Kashiwagi Yuki... who was looking directly at her with the same bulging eyes and dropped jaw that she had when they saw each other at the mall.

“Is everything fine, Yukirin?” Takahashi-san asks, startling the already startled Kashiwagi who jumped a little and started to stutter out something. Mayu wanted to roll her eyes at her exaggerations but she was already too afraid of Kashiwagi pointing her out to really do anything.

She was definitely getting grounded and might not even hear the ani-song that she bought as punishment.

“ANO...ano... Everything’s fine Takamina. Ah...ah...” Kashiwagi begins, eyes darting every which way and hands throwing out meaningless gestures. Mayu sees her take a deep breath, lowering her hands to her sides and curling them into a tight fist—Mayu knows that this is the time that Kashiwagi rats her out and prepares to stand at least with a dignified expression.
She didn’t know what expression it was though.

Kashiwagi then smiles politely, turning to the group of boys and surveying them. “Takamina, would you mind if we first bring them to the clinic? I think some of them are badly injured.” She says, even throwing a worried glance again at the group.
“Ah, you’re too kind, Yuki.” The president answers, turning her pointing finger at the vice-president this time while shaking her head. Mayu pled to high heaven that they would just leave.

“Come on, come on. We’ll have sensei talk to you guys at the infirmary.” Takahashi says, motioning for the group who were all now looking at Kashiwagi with almost identical dreamy smiles to start moving in front of her. She made them form a line and started marching them to the clinic... or wherever...Mayu really does not care. Finally! The smell was seconds away from making her nose fall off.

“Would you mind coming out of there, Watanabe-san.”

Mayu couldn’t really say that she was surprised when Kashiwagi immediately walked towards the fence and peered through it at her with a very confused expression the moment the president rounded the corner of the building with the delinquents—still she couldn’t help but sigh. She was so close to sneaking in without incident.

The older girl’s confusion immediately turned to disgust as she takes a couple of steps back, her nose visibly wrinkling from the smell of the garbage.

“Get...what...get out of there, Ma—Watanabe-san...” she says through the hand that she had thrown over her mouth and nose.

Mayu scales the fence, watching the taller girl warily as the girl kept on repeating for her to be careful with an increasingly panicked voice. She climbs over the top finally and lands on the cover of the garbage bins that had probably wrecked her sense of smell. Kashiwagi walked closer, extending both her hands slightly as if too catch her, still going on and on about being careful.

“Shut up already... I’ll be careful.” She dismisses when the repetition finally gets on her nerves as she bends her knees to jump down to the ground. Kashiwagi did stop her needless pestering but she was immediately by Mayu’s side when she lands grasping her right arm tightly and assisting her to stand.

She rolls her eyes as she shakes herself free from the girl’s grasp. “I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Mayu wonders if Kashiwagi was even listening to her when the girl steps even closer and started dusting her off and inspecting her for scrapes. She repeats that she’s fine as she takes a step back from the girl who upon securing that Mayu was fine started to lose her exaggerated panic and begun to frown.

“You left school grounds.” The older girl says disapprovingly, waving her hand towards the fence.

Mayu wonders if it would be worth the trip to the office just for the chance of calling Kashiwagi: Captain Obvious.

The other girl lets out a defeated sigh when Mayu just blinked at her—because really what can she really say? She’d been caught red-handed.


“—Embrace me through the night.”

Kashiwagi trails off as Mayu interrupts her, her jaw dropping again but more slowly this time, her eyes blinking rapidly.
“Wha—what?” she manages after a moment of just the two of them staring at each other.

“That’s the movie title... right, Kashiwagi-senpai?”

Yes... it was her only way out. Blackmail it is then.

“Are you... are you threatening me right now?” the girl exclaims in disbelief stepping closer to Mayu and reaching a hand as if to grab her but never did, just continued gaping at her like a fish.

Mayu tries to look nonchalant as she speaks, this was her only way out of getting grounded, “It’s not a threat, senpai. A deal. No one will know that I snuck out of school and no one will know that...well... no one will know that you’re...” Mayu almost laughed at the way Kashiwagi almost lurched to get to her, raising both her hands to try and cover Mayu’s mouth.

“A pervert.”

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Re: What Yuki Said Chapter 1 P1 (Mayuki)
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i like itt !! please update soon !! :bow:

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Re: What Yuki Said Chapter 1 P1 (Mayuki)
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haha at first i tought that the movie was a romantic one, but Mayuyu said that Yuki was a pervert haahaha what were you watching Yukirin xDD
i will be waiting for the next parts! >u<

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Re: What Yuki Said Chapter 1 P1 (Mayuki)
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The start of Mayuki fanfic seems more than nice to me ^^
I'll look forward the next chapter!

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Re: What Yuki Said Chapter 1 P1 (Mayuki)
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I want more Mayuki! :twothumbs

Just what in the world is Yuki's hobby for Mayu to say she's a pervert? XD

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Just Missed my stop Chp 7 part 2 (Wmatsui, Mariharu)
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Hello! This chapter would be kind of a filler I'm sorry since the next chapter is taking a bit too long to construct. This would be kind of fluffy(not really :lol:) but the next chapter would probably be the fall out so yeah... this one is happier in comparison.

I'll do the replies on the final chapter so thank you very much for reading this fic. :twothumbs

Chapter 7
Part 2

The moment she saw her, Rena wanted to open the door again and get out of the building. Their last meeting really only ended in embarrassment for her, a sobbing mess in the younger girl’s arms, the pounding of her heart drowning away Jurina’s mumbled words of comfort.

She acted stupid. Really stupid.

But Jurina was acting even more stupid now.

The younger girl was balancing a whole stack of text books and a net book in one hand and a cup noodle in the other, taking shaky steps towards one of the tables scattered in the lobby of the apartment building. Rena just knows that it will all end up in a mess so against her better judgment and her flight instincts warning her she approaches Jurina who was looking straight ahead, her mouth set in a determined line and her eyes firmly on her prize.

“Ju...rina-san...” she calls watching Jurina blink as if woken up from a stupor before turning her head towards her.

“Ohayou, Rena-san~” she singsongs in greeting, her lips quirking in a smile as Rena steps closer and takes the net book and the cup noodles from her.

“Ah... arigato!”

Rena feels even more embarrassed as she stupidly mumbles her reply of ‘you’re welcome’ instead of actually saying it properly like a normal person would. The warmth that was rapidly claiming her cheeks was not helping their situation at all.

Jurina ignores her awkwardness though and Rena... likes her even more.

The books were deposited with a heavy thud on the table and Jurina lets out an anguished sigh, immediately stretching her arms and rotating her shoulders as she dropped on one of the plastic chairs. Rena follows suit and sets the cup and the net book in front of the exaggerated girl.

Should she excuse herself now?

“Rena-san, you’re in college now, right?” Jurina pipes up, her aggrieved act forgotten as she gazed up expectantly at Rena.

“Ah...hai.” Rena answers feeling gradually stupider when she couldn’t help but avert her eyes from Jurina’s. The girl looked so harmless and puppy like, what was her problem?!

“Since Rena-san is older than me...” Jurina starts and Rena wonders if she only imagined the inflection that the girl placed on ‘older’, “she’s surely more knowledgeable... Thank you for volunteering for tutorials, the whole Matsui clan will remember your kind heart.” She finishes, taking a huge sip from her cup noodles then proceeding to usher Rena in the seat opposite her.

“Wh—what tutorials? No way... I can’t be responsible if you fail.” Rena panics, all her head contains are medical terminologies that Jurina will have absolutely no use for and nothing else. Hadn’t she been calling herself stupid all morning?

Jurina suddenly frowns at her and Rena feels like panicking even more, “What’s up with you automatically assuming I’ll fail. Together we stand, Rena-san, divided we fall.” She finishes losing her frown and nodding sagely at Rena.

“I think you’ve been reading too many books already.” Rena couldn’t help but say as the girl kept spouting off quotations about camaraderie. Jurina was seconds away from making a pun about it and Rena would rather they not embarrass themselves further.

“Think about the Matsui ancestors, their legacy is riding on my shoulders.” Jurina ignores her as she continues in a dramatic voice, the smile that she’s suppressing making her cheeks quiver.

Rena feels herself steadily lose her blush at every silly argument Jurina throws out and she rolls her eyes at that last one. “Why can’t their legacy ride on my shoulders? I think I’m more intelligent.”

The younger girl hushes her with a careless wave of her hand, “our ancestors are NOT the same, Rena-san.” Jurina starts laughing, “that would have been awkward.”

The warmth rapidly returns to her cheeks as Jurina’s laughter painfully tapers off though she determinately retains her smile, averting her eyes from Rena’s as she switched her attention to opening her net book.

The overwhelming need to leave consumes Rena making her fidget in her seat but she knows... she knows that she owes it to Jurina to stay and weather whatever uncomfortable-ness their situation is bound to generate. Jurina apologized for running away and promised not to anymore... Rena has to stay in this seat no matter what.

Mahh... that was kind of dramatic.

“Do you have an exam?” she manages to ask the girl who was grinning at something on the screen of her device. “I don’t think whatever you’re doing counts as studying.” She follows up as Jurina burst into giggles.

The younger girl immediately swivels the net book so that the screen was facing Rena, getting out of her seat almost in a flash to stand behind Rena who looks back at the girl bewildered. Jurina just points at the screen and places both her hands on the older girl’s shoulders, forcing Rena to look away as she leaned closer.

“The pandas are really cute... look at that one slide.” Jurina least Rena thinks that that was what Jurina said as she can’t focus on anything other than the gentle breath that was touching her neck—bared due to the ponytail that she had messily made earlier, and the warm hands on her shoulders.

What was happening?

Jurina laughs lightly again and Rena feels like she was overheating, fighting the urge to place her hands on her chest in a vain attempt to stop the sudden throbbing of her heart.

“You—you really should start studying...” she throws out, reaching a hand to bring down the screen and shrugging Jurina’s hands to get out of the chair in one fluid motion.

“But the pandas—“

“The pandas can wait—anyway I—I have to go.”

Rena almost stumbles on her own feet in her haste to get out of there, answering Jurina’s concerned questions with a hurried ‘I’m fine. I’m fine.’, trying to reach the elevator as fast as possible without running.

“I’m sorry, Rena-san.” Jurina calls out dejectedly just before Rena could step into the elevator and escape whatever hellish, inappropriate feelings Jurina’s suddenly making her feel.

Rena stops and feels absolutely awful, turning on her heels and retracing her steps back to that table. She waits until Jurina looks up again at her.

“It’s my fault. I’m sorry, Jurina.”

: :  : :

The awkwardness still hadn’t left them, Rena surmised, as she looks above the top of the Microbiology book that she had retrieved from her room upstairs to peer at Jurina who was frowning at her history book.

Jurina looks up apparently to memorize what she had read and caught Rena’s eyes. The younger girl smiles at her for a moment before her gaze turns unfocused as she starts muttering historical facts.

It was the separation.

It was the separation, Rena thinks, as her eyes  uncontrollably follow Jurina’s every twitch and movement. It was that one week where Rena just knew that they were never going to talk to each other ever again. It was that loneliness that sunk into her stomach and made her feel ill that was making her act this way. That ill-feeling is still lingering.

The sight of Jurina makes it simultaneously better and worst.


Rena averts her eyes quickly since it felt creepy how she had whiled away the minutes staring at the underaged girl.

A book was pushed closer to her and Rena looks at Jurina questioningly.

“Can you see if what I’m saying is even in the vicinity of what is actually written?”

: :  : :
Rena had spent the better part of that week sitting across from Jurina as the younger girl studied for her exams, asking Jurina standard questions from the latter’s book and hearing her complain about the number of names and dates that she had to memorize over and over again. The girl loathed History, like all high school students really, and made sure that Rena knows it. 

Rena would be lying if she said that she had gotten over the sudden effect that Jurina was having on her cardiovascular system as the unwarranted blushes and the throbbing of her heart still persisted whenever Jurina smiles at her a certain way or when they get too close for comfort... but Rena is certain that it would fade. She missed her and was scared of losing her and this was just the effect of the relief that she was feeling... it would pass away with continued exposure.

She was reading her medical books a time too many.

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Re: Just Missed my Stop Chp 7 Final Part (WMatsui, Mariharu)
« Reply #52 on: March 07, 2014, 08:53:45 PM »
Note: Sorry about the long delay! But here it is the final part of chapter 7. So... yeah... this won't be pretty  :nervous

olive29: Thank you very much for your kind words. :love: This chapter is heavy on the emotional front as well so I hope you like it.

Mashioou: Mariko does seem to like affectionately trolling Sayaka doesn't she? :lol: I like Kojiyuu too, don't worry, I just like Mariharu a little more haha.

Yuuyu: Yeah... Rena's going through the wringer this time :lol:... Thank you very much for reading.

Again, thank you very much to everyone reading this fic. I hope you'll like this one as well.

Chapter 7
Final Part
: :  : :

Rena watches her hands clumsily fasten that one stubborn button on her coat, shaking slightly from the cold, as the blue cloth gradually gets spotted by white. Rena blinks, and the spots had become spots of a darker blue before being covered by the falling snow once again. Failing again with that one button—it was a whole history of battles that she had never won since she bought that coat in her first year—she pulls the sides of the wool beret that she was wearing in slight irritation, causing her fringe to cover her eyes farther.

She tries to watch the world through the strands of her hair for awhile in curiosity before swiping them away. The whole campus before her was succumbing to winter, green gradually being covered by the steadily falling snow, leaves disappearing under a precarious canopy of white, the space before her dotted with the physical representation of the falling chill. Rena watches as students lazily make their way to classes, pulling on their coats and rubbing their hands together, the path that they had taken remaining long after they had left.

The gloves that she had placed beside her on the wooden bench feels cold when she pulls it on, Rena yawns and closes her eyes for a moment, imagines the History class that she had missed because of being here, imagines Yuki looking oddly at her empty seat.

This isn’t something that a friend would do.


Rena opens her eyes to a ball of snow exploding in her face.

Jurina didn’t look sorry at all.

It wasn’t right to think it but she was missing her already.

: : : :

Jurina drops down next to her, shrugging off the snow still on her hair from Rena’s retaliation, still so enthusiastic even in the lulling cold morning. Rena reaches out a hand to help her... thinks better of it and pulls it back quickly to tangle in her own hair before the younger girl notices.

She notices the big backpack seated in between them and looks disbelievingly at Jurina. “This is all you’re bringing?” she asks as the other girl noisily zips up her leather jacket.

Jurina nods absentmindedly as she finishes her task before facing Rena with a smile again, “Yup! Is there something wrong?” she asks, but from her tone Rena knows that she’s just baiting her.

“Ok then.” She answers plainly, watching as Jurina instantly frowns at her.

“There clearly is. Aren’t you going to ask why I brought only this much?” she follows up almost with a whine and Rena turns a little to hide her smile.

“You don’t seem to be bothered by—“


Rena allows the smile to graze her face as she turns again to finally ask Jurina why. To her confusion, the girl only blinked back at her for awhile, staring until Rena could feel the warmth on her cheeks successfully chasing away the encompassing chill, until Rena feels embarrassed for both of them and waves her hand in front of the other girl.

Jurina acts like nothing has happened, and like how things have been between them lately, they both smile determinately and glosses over that ‘irregularity—anomaly’ in their friendship.

“We’ve agreed to go backpacking across Arizona! Tomu said we were all insane and that she wants better friends and Annin contemplated not coming but they were overruled by the majority. It’s better to travel lightly, you know.”

Rena agrees with Tomu and Annin, whoever they maybe... and wonders how Shinoda-san had allowed her sister to leave the country on ‘a chase for the sun’(Jurina’s words, not hers)  only with that puny—well it wasn’t really—bag.  She was about to say so when Jurina glances at her wristwatch and jumps off the bench, sinking slightly as the the built up snow gives way under her feet.

“Well... I have to go, I’m picking up Annin to make sure she doesn’t actually ditch us.” She says as she stands there almost expectantly in front of Rena.

“Okay, I’m pretty sure you guys won’t be smelling nice when you come back but have fun anyway.” Rena answers, tightening her hold on the edges of the wooden bench with both of her hands, and forcing a teasing smile at Jurina. Jurina sticks out her tongue in revenge for a moment but still stood there, holding on one of the straps of her dangling bag with both hands.

“Don’t miss me too much, okay?” she finally says with a voice that almost breaks at the end, erasing the teasing manner she initially adopted to say it. Her smile looks pained for a moment and Rena feels that sinking in her stomach again... she feels ill again. It would only be two weeks and Rena shouldn’t think that she’ll miss her this much.

“Just come back soon, so I won’t.”

: :  : :

Masana was staring at a group of middle school students chatting on the table next to them, gliding her finger on the screen of her phone on the table absentmindedly, that wistful smile never leaving her face. And Rena wouldn’t really have noticed since she was becoming increasingly befuddled and sleepy from the text on her book if only Yuki wasn’t pointing at Masana disbelievingly with large exaggerated hand movements.

None of them were really even in the realm of progress in their studying. Churi—Takayanagi Akane—sitting next to Rena and taking pictures of them, had long surrendered, her constant clicking only interspersed with yearnings for vacation.

“Masanya... we’re going to get reported, please stop.” Rena tries, throwing a fry her friend’s way. Masana blinked once and colored immediately.

“Give me that, Churi! Don’t tag a picture of us with #lolicontime... what is wrong with you? The Watanabes are going to fire me if Mayu sees this!”

“Watanabe-chan’s not a loli anymore...” Masana says in contemplation almost regretful and Rena chews on her melon pan feeling a headache coming at the absurd conversation happening around her. Her phone vibrates and Rena opens the e-mail to Jurina’s dirty face.
Subject: Almost got killed!
From: Jurina-chan <3


Rena rolls her eyes and contemplated changing again the name that Jurina used to input her details on Rena’s phone.

I tried to tease Annin a little while we were trudging around the Grand Canyon(Picture coming up!) earlier but she pushed me so hard I almost fell off! That near death experience only made me realize that I miss Rena-san a lot!(^o^) How’s your studying going? I find it helpful to look at cute panda videos once in a while to clear my head. This method is Mari-chan approved!

Rena glances sideways at Yuki, clamping her lips tightly to prevent the amused smile that she knows is coming. Her best friend was still inspecting Churi’s photos for incriminating pictures and tags, Masana and Churi both lamenting every deleted picture—Rena lets a quiet smile slip pass and settles farther in her seat, clutching her phone with both hands.
Jurina had been gone for almost two weeks and Rena had found herself—like how she did that week that Jurina ignored her—anxious That weight in her stomach falls heavier whenever she receives these playful messages and those increasingly haggard pictures, she feels oddly lonely seeing Jurina’s smiling face.

She’d always been a little bit selfish... just great at denying it to herself most of the time.

Subject: Soap
To: Jurina-chan <3
You don’t seem to be that worried about almost dying though, Jurina-san. Please remember to take a bath once in a while.
Our not going. You did seem to be having a lot of fun watching those videos instead of studying. Let’s watch them together when you get back.


Rena closes her eyes and pushes a drawn out sigh through her teeth... she shouldn’t have included that last part. Her phone vibrates again and Rena almost didn’t want to read Jurina’s reply.

I want to go back now then. ^-^

Yuki had her lips pursed staring at her when Rena averts her eyes from the screen and from the way her friend was looking at her, Rena didn’t need the warmth rapidly migrating to her cheeks to know that she was blushing.

Yuki wasn’t smiling teasingly at her though... they both knew that it was a problem.

: :  : :

Haruna would have probably laughed at Minami’s face if the situation was different— she had never turned down an opportunity to laugh at the shorter girl. Her friend looked so scandalized and confused, pushing herself to the edge of her seat and almost sliding off of it to disappear under the table, her eyes shifting from every person in the table. Haruna tries not to follow Takamina’s gaze though when she directs it in the general vicinity of Mariko, instead looking the other way only to be met with Sayaka’s equally confused face and Atsuko’s almost displeased expression, her fork still raised and the pasta gradually slipping off it.

It was supposed to be a fun night out for all of them though the ‘out’ part didn’t really come into fruition since both she and Sayaka were already tired from the rehearsals that they had done earlier for the fashion show and they both had absolutely no will left to walk around. Minami and Mariko was then bullied— Mariko, more bribed that bullied really—to cook dinner for them and it was going around so smoothly: Minami was telling a story that no one was even vaguely interested about except Mariko who was laughing probably more at the storyteller that the story and Sayaka had already roped all of them to a karaoke session the next Saturday; Atsuko gobbled down the food and only stopped to embarrass Minami as usual and Mariko threw random puns—stolen from Jurina, definitely—at random times whenever Sayaka was saying something, her grin widening the more the other girl got irritated.

The conversation came into a painful halt however after Haruna asked Minami whether she wants to go to the mall with her, adding in a joke that she’ll try to fix her wardrobe, the next day since she had no one to accompany her. Mariko then asks—and Haruna really should have expected it—if ‘Nyaro’ had forgotten that she had already agreed to come with her.

Haruna had not forgotten... but she had not forgotten as well what almost happened that night in Ohori-san’s office and neither had she forgotten Sato-san’s message still sitting there in her inbox asking her if she wouldn’t mind if Mariko cancelled since he had just arrived from his office trip and wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend. That was how he phrased it—and people had always called her a bit of an air-head but even she could read the obvious possessiveness in that message.

Mariko went from smiling at her, mildly amused at her ‘forgetfulness’, to blank-faced, withdrawing from resting her chin on both her hands, as Haruna explained as casually as she could that she thinks that since Sato-san had just arrived yesterday Mariko should spend the day with him. She had pushed her plate suddenly the moment Haruna said Sato-san’s name, her hands balling up immediately almost to rein her frustration in.

Haruna watches as the older girl closes her eyes and breathes out a little, one hand coming up to run through her curled strands once before muttering a breathy apology and then remained silent staring at her lap. Haruna averts her gaze and the situation stayed like that for awhile.

Mariko was unfair. Haruna thinks as she watches Minami try to open her mouth before closing it again. This wasn’t how a normal person in a relationship should be acting. Mariko was acting so negligent of Sato-san and Haruna, as her best friend, has to help her realize that... has to know her place. She won’t placate her because she wasn’t wrong this time.

Atsuko surprises her when she grabs her own plate with one hand and Minami with the other. “Please, please talk it out.” She says as she makes Minami grab Sayaka and marches them out of Mariko’s unit.

Haruna turns to Mariko, expecting her to say something—Mariko had always been the one who likes scolding her—but Mariko just continued staring at her lap and Haruna after playing with her utensils for awhile decides to break the silence.

“I’m not going to apologize.” She says firmly, wanting to quickly do the opposite after Mariko finally looks up, her eyes lined with unshed tears. Mariko despite her personality had always been a bit of a cry baby. Haruna turns her attention to the utensils again and continues, “I—I think you two should spend more time together. You’ve been cold to him, Mariko—Sato-san’s... right... you shouldn’t be prioritizing me. I’m not young anymore, Mariko, I can take care of myself now. Sato-sa—“

“I don’t care about him!”


“I know I’m selfish.” Mariko interrupts, smiling derisively at herself after, “I’ve always been—and I don’t care about him if you’re part of the equation. You know this... no matter how many times you or anyone else say that I’m too invested in’s not going to change. I won’t care about anything else in a situation that involves you, Haruna.” 

Haruna passes the spoon that she was holding from one hand to the other, bowing forward to allow her hair to fall a little and cover her face. She hears Mariko sigh in frustration and she grabs the spoon tighter to stop herself from turning just to see the look on the other woman’s face. “It’s not normal.” She says then, barely audible to her own ears. “I’m just your friend... Sato-san’s your boyfriend.”

“Haruna, would you at least look at me.” Mariko says, then scoffs a little when Haruna refuses with a shake of her head. “You’re friend—“

There was that pause again, Haruna thinks as Mariko trails off for a moment, What does it mean Mariko? What do you want me to say when you pause like that? Why can’t you just say what you mean, you know I hate puzzles.

“—my best friend, I won’t put someone else above you when I’ve known you almost all my life... you say that I hardly spend time with him. I hardly spent any time with you when you moved out and became scarce all of a sudden—“

“It’s my fault now then, Mariko, huh?” She hears the bite in her words, this had really gotten old very fast and she never had that much patience to begin with.

“No! Haruna!” Mariko sounded on the verge of really crying, her words shaky despite its volume and Haruna finally turns to see Mariko angrily wiping her tears away. “This is so frustrating! I hate that Shinji’s meddling with us like this. Just—just what do you want me to do, Haruna?”

I want you to say what you actually want to say, instead of asking me what I want you to do all the time.

The spoon clatters on the bowl as she lets it go to lean over the table and wipe some of Mariko’s tears away for her, she tries to smile gently despite the burning in her eyes. “I want us to stop acting like this. I hate fighting with you—we’re best friends right, Mari-chan? Let’s act like friends, huh... like how you act with Sayaka and Minami and Atsuko. I want you to go out with Sato-san tomorrow and act like a girlfriend. This way...this way... we won’t fight as much anymore.”

Mariko stares at her for awhile as Haruna lowers her hands, no longer crying, her cheeks slightly flushed and her lashes still wet and Haruna thinks, not for the first time, that Mariko was sometimes so pretty that it hurts to look at her. She places her hands on the table and starts to move away.

Mariko grabs her and pulls—and  Haruna thinks first before every thought is obliterated: Mariko really never listens to what anyone wants—meeting her halfway as she rises slightly in her seat in a clumsy kiss that was every bit of that first kiss that they never had when they had dated as kids, not a thought given to technique just overwhelming emotions and the need to get closer—just a little bit closer... and Haruna knows that Mariko had answered her questions finally.

“Let’s be friends then, Nyaro.”

: :  : :

Her heart was going to leave her chest the rate that it was going, Rena thinks, and closes her eyes as the dizzying panic overwhelms her again, her hands shaking as she tries to wrap it around her knob and was locked and Rena rattles it anyway wildly before almost dropping her clutch bag in her frenzied search for her keys.

The door opens and Rena takes shaky but hurried steps inside, giving up on the lights when she fails to locate the switch by touch once, and dazedly she makes her way to her bedroom, stubbing her toe so hard on an unknown furniture that tears sprang in her eyes almost immediately.

She can’t be bothered with it though as she continues, throwing her bedroom open and slamming it close. Her bed sinks down under her weight as she sits down at the edge of it and Rena doubles over to steady the whirring filling her ears and the unsteady ocean in her head. She takes up the frantic search of her clutch bag once again and her phone’s screen illuminates her face as she finds it.

Rena takes in calming gulps of air as she searches for her contacts.

The ringing raises her anxiety to almost impossible levels and Rena feels like being sick from the worry that takes over her.

“Moshi moshi? Rena-san?”


Shinoda-san looked for all the world like she had really just met Rena for the first time, offering her hand with a polite greeting, if only Rena hadn’t noticed the slight hardening of her jaw. Matsui-sensei calls her Mariko-chan, almost patronisingly, and didn’t seem that particularly pleased to see her and Shinoda-san kept her polite smile so well that Rena couldn’t tell if the sentiment was returned....Rena couldn’t really tell anything anymore since her heart started to palpitate so hard that she could hardly stay seated at that table.

It wasn’t so hard to guess who the connecting factor between them was.

The conversations in that restaurant started to become one loud, continuous buzzing that was making her head hurt and the sight of Shinoda-san talking about...Jurina... with her...father made Rena want to stand and run away.

Matsui. Matsui Jurina.

“Hai? Did you miss me so much to actually call me?”

“I want to see you...I want to see you, Jurina.”


Final notes haha: Have you guys seen the Mae shika mukanee film ver. Jurina and Mayu were giving off severe Nezumi/Center vibes to me haha, well Jurina more than Mayu.

Lastly, Happy 17th Birthday to Jurina!


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Re: Just Missed my Stop Chp 7 Final Part (WMatsui, Mariharu)
« Reply #53 on: March 08, 2014, 01:43:20 AM »
This chapter is... SUPERB

Rena is starting to have feelings for Jurina... It's more obvious when Jurina left her for two weeks...

I hope she tell her problems, about Ju and that Matsui-sensei to Yuki so Yuki maybe could knock some sense into her head...

Rena and Mariko met accidentally when Rena was having a 'date' with Matsui-sensei.. Wonder what Mariko would do... Will she ask Rena to stop seeing Jurina?? Will she be mad at Rena?? Will she tell Jurina that Rena is going to marry her father??
Because we know how protective Mariko is towards Jurina.. So I know she won't just sit and watch, because it's involve her beloved sister...
Rena is in a pinch...

And there's MariHaru...
Mariko loves Haruna... Ever since in high school, Mariko love her... And Haruna didn't know that, did she??
Hopefully that kiss will bring out Haruna's feeling for Mariko..

So many emotions in this chapter, really....

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Re: Just Missed my Stop Chp 7 Final Part (WMatsui, Mariharu)
« Reply #54 on: March 08, 2014, 06:15:38 PM »
...Jurina... with her...father made Rena want to stand and run away.

Well if something like this would happened to me, there is high possibility that I would be already dead.
1: Mariko would kill me
2: I don't think I could handle it.

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Re: Just Missed my Stop Chp 7 Final Part (WMatsui, Mariharu)
« Reply #55 on: March 09, 2014, 02:08:47 PM »
I NEED an update for this, I'm so into the story that I can't wait!!!! :inlove: :banghead:

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Re: Just Missed my Stop Chp 7 Final Part (WMatsui, Mariharu)
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This fic is a challenge to read in public when it puts you through such an emotional whirlwind that you can't keep a straight face.

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Aikata(Sakurai Reika/Wakatsuki Yumi)
« Reply #57 on: March 23, 2014, 08:21:38 PM »

Word Count:609

Pairing: Sakurai Reika/Wakatsuki Yumi

Note: Well, I've watched that Nogi Doko episode and really liked this pairing(Reika was a mess lol), I've also read javs' Nogizaka fic and really liked it, seriously please read it.(^-^)

Note2: Regarding "Just Missed My Stop" I'll probably not be updating it this month, probably April, since my finals is coming up. I'm really sorry and I promise to update as soon as I can.

Last Note: I admit I'm not very familiar with Nogizaka46 since I'm mainly an AKB fan so I'm sorry if the characters act a little inconsistently. This is a one-shot by the way.

:: ::

Yumi guesses that she could only blame the other members for her predicament and maybe the fact that she didn't escape from this friendship the first chance she got.

And maybe that unfortunate valentine special too-- it's not like she hadn't suffered enough because of it, being thoroughly embarrassed continuously by Reika's rejection.

She stares at the mirror despondently for a moment, raises a hand to push up the wide rimmed glasses that had fallen slightly askew--Reika had handed those to her, placed it on her actually--and lets out a long suffering sigh that was probably the tenth one that she had let out as she was fixing herself. She pulls on the brown wig that Reika had also handed to her and surveys if she looked "ikemen" enough as their captain demanded.

She really should learn to say no to her.

::  ::

Mattsun was twirling her hair and swiveling on her chair as she whines about the love-ban rule and the fact that she'll never actually get a real taste of valentines and Yumi watches, getting alarmed, as other members started joining in the whining--getting increasingly agitated.

Reika opens her mouth beside her and from the look on her face, nodding slightly with her brows scrunched together, Yumi was pretty sure she was actually going to join them. She scoots her chair closer to Reika to stop her from failing to be a captain again but before she could raise a hand to knock some sense into her, Reika shuts her mouth and tilts her head momentarily in contemplation.

Yumi feels stupid for feeling proud that her best friend-probably?- got a clue.

"Hey...Hey...settle down." Reika says but the others were so consumed by well...hormones, most likely, that they they didn't pay that much attention to her...none at all actually.

Mah, that's nothing new...

"URUSAI!!!" Reika says again, her admittedly thin patience wearing almost immediately and the others all stop to look at her. Reika then whips out a smile that she usually uses for photo shoots and fan meets and the others all roll their eyes at her, even Yumi can't help but join them.

"Minna, don't be like this. Aren't we idols? I'm sure that the adoration that we get from our fans is more than enough to compensate for a boyfriend. That's love too you know." she says cheerily, throwing out her fist in meaningless triumph at the end and Yumi felt so much second-hand embarrassment at that last gesture that she had to avert her eyes from the enthusiastic captain.

"Eh, I don't think you can say that when you haven't even dated, Sakurai, ever." Maiyan says, trying to look innocent but failing to hide her smirk. She really likes to mess with everyone...

The others started to agree with her and Reika started to color from embarrassment and also indignation, knowing her; and Yumi notices Maiyan looking around almost shocked at the others' reactions--she really did just mention it as a throw away joke.

"Fine! I'll date and after I'll tell you guys, that it's not all that, at all!"

"How are you--" Yumi tries but Ikoma beats her to it, asking almost worriedly if Reika was serious since that would then be a violation of the love-ban rule.

Reika didn't even miss a beat as she pointed immediately at her, keeping her gaze on the rest of the group. Yumi scoots back, away from Reika's finger, already feeling slightly ill since she knows this scheme that her friend is cooking up is not going to be anything other than trouble.

"I'll date Wakachin and I'll show you guys!"

:: ::

I'm really sorry again and I promise to update more regularly once vacation starts.

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Just Missed my Stop Chapter Eight-Part 1 (Wmatsui/Mariharu)
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Hello, I had some free time from my hellish examinations so I decided to finish this part of chapter 8 and post it. I promise that once vacation starts I'll start to update more regularly. I'm sorry again.
Notes: The italics are again Mariharu flashbacks from High School, the first one is Haruna's and the second is Mariko's. I think this gives a little bit of idea on why Mariko and Haruna's relationship was such a mess. On the WMatsui front...well, the mess is coming with the speed of light... :lol:.

Yuuyu: Miichan's always so dramatic in the best way  :lol: and well, please don't read this one in public as well...

Fausto: Here's the update! I'm sorry it's so late but I hope you'll like this one as well.

Zita: In that shukan episode Mariko was really scary! Rena's predicament is kind of Haruna's fault though since Mariko was supposed to be in the mall with her.

Olive29: Yuki and Airi would have quality time with Rena in the next chapter...and let's just say...she'll need it :D

Last Note: I'm having Atsumina feels lately if anyone would please please suggests me fics to read!

Chapter 8
Part One


Haruna feels Mariko staring at her from her seat next to her but she ignored her and continued playing with her game boy. Mariko audibly sighs and Haruna momentarily loses the rhythm of her rapid fire punching of the button A as she imagines the accompanying eye roll that Mariko must have done.

They were all bored, Mariko can’t expect her to entertain her all the time.

She feels the other girl lean closer and from her peripheral she could see the older girl place her elbow on Haruna’s arm table, sighing loudly again before reaching out a hand to play with her hair.

“Tell me what I have to do oh, Kojima-hime, so that I would be worthy of being looked upon.” Mariko drawls sarcastically and Haruna peeks up at her once just to glare at her smirking face before turning her attention back to her game.

“I don’t think Ojiisan-sensei is coming.” Mariko says again after awhile of her just turning and turning Haruna’s hair around her pointer finger. Haruna makes a non-commital sound at that before yelling in surprise when Mariko releases the strands she was previously playing with to hit the off button on Haruna’s device.

“Nandeeee!!!?” Haruna says, ignoring all the heads that had turned towards them. She vaguely hears Sayaka say Mariko’s name in a voice that suggest that it was the only explanation necessary. Mariko looked up at her with a smile that suggests that she’s pissed as well. She could almost feel the frustration mounting, Mariko always liked to pick fights with her with no apparent reason at all.

She pinches the bridge of her nose to calm herself before moving her head so that she was closer to the other girl who was staring at her like she was the only person in that room with her. “Why would you do that, Mari-chan?! I was so close to winning.” She whispers harshly, trailing her eyes away from her best friend to the rest of her classmates who were all obviously trying to eavesdrop.

“What?” Mariko whispers back heatedly, before remembering herself and changing her tone to a more neutral one, the poker face that she was so known for blanketing her face again. “What? Can’t I get angry when I’ve been trying to talk to you for an hour and all I get are either grunts or variations of ‘you’re noisy’ or ‘play with someone else.’ Am I a kid?”

“Well, why can’t you ‘play’ with someone else, though? It’s not like no one would want to.” Haruna answers back, annoyance lacing her words.

“I don’t want to...’play’—what are we 10?—with anyone else.”

“Why not? You always did before when I told you I have to focus on my game.”

Mariko looks down at that and Haruna furrows her brows in confusion when her ears begin to redden, “It’s different now... I want to spend time with you more.”

“Why?” Haruna asks and almost slapped herself because she really sounded dumb.

Mariko looks up and for a moment Haruna thought that she might cry before that mask takes over again and Mariko waves a hand as if to say whatever, before pushing herself away from Haruna—the legs of her seat scratching gratingly on the cement floor—and standing up to approach a group of girls who were all grouped around a pile of fashion magazines who almost had a seizure upon seeing her walk to them.

Haruna looks down at the black screen of her game boy for a while as the room lights up with chatters again, she could faintly hear Mariko talking about eyeliners, before turning the device on and resuming her game.

They were fighting again.


Rena feels cold, lying halfway in bed, her feet on the carpet—heels having been kicked off somewhere. The blanket was just beneath her but she really had no will left to move, so she allows the shivers to course through her body as she looks up dazedly at the unlit fluorescent bulb barely visible in her darkening room.

[/i]“English is really hard, Rena-san! We got lost so much and it was an absolute nightmare asking for directions...”[/i]
Jurina was still talking to her and Rena blinks back the tears that were starting to gather again... how could she have gotten herself in this situation?

Ne, Jurina...did you know?... I’m marrying your father.

Rena could feel her heart beat speeding up again and frankly, she could barely hear Jurina since the panic was continually deafening her ears... but she could hear her.

“Yuka was such a huge baka, she just kept on repeating—“

She could still hear her... she still doesn’t know...

You said you wanted to be with me forever, right? Well... it seems that that would be possible. It’s funny, ne?”

“I bought something for you! It’s a souvenir shirt—hmm... it says—“

Rena bites her knuckles hard as she feels the sob coming, angrily swiping away the fallen tears. She shouldn’t have called. It was a mistake that was only making her feel worse, it was only making her predicament seem even more real... yes, here is the daughter of the man you’re marrying.

But...she had to hear her... all she could think about as she emptily smiled goodbye to him, as she made that absent-minded, panic-stricken dash home—was that she wanted to hear her... talk just the same way she had always done. She was so taken by fear that when Jurina answers the phone it would just be a barrage of accusations—she had seen Shinoda-san stiffen momentarily, seen that flash of anger in her eyes—accusations seems to be the only way things would go.

Jurina sounded the same though and Rena felt relieved for a moment before she realizes that she had to be the one to make Jurina sound different. She had to tell her.

I’m going to be your mother... at least you already know me, right? If she laughed now, would it really look like she had lost her mind.

Mou, are you even listening to me?

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, the huskiness in her voice stayed as she finally answered the other girl, thankfully it doesn’t seem like she would be wracked by sobs again. “I—I have something to say to you—“

Are you okay?” Jurina interrupts her, the feigned annoyance that she had adopted earlier being replaced by anxiousness. Rena takes a deep breath again, covers her phone as she tries to clear her throat.

“I’m fine... but—“

Are you crying? Why? Are you hurt somewhere?” She sighs as Jurina interrupts again, sounding increasingly worried with every word and Rena just wanted to blurt it out at her... just so it would be over. She couldn’t do that to someone she cared for though, none of this was Jurina’s fault. She didn’t know what she wanted but she knew that she didn’t want to hurt Jurina.

Is it him—your fiancé...I mean. Did he make you cry?” Jurina asks with such hesitancy that Rena wonders if the other girl regretted bringing up the topic halfway through her question.

“No...he—he didn’t...I want to talk to you...” Rena opens her eyes finally as she trained her gaze on the ceiling finding the silhouette of the bulb again, she takes a breath again—was her lungs failing her? “about my fiancé.”

Jurina didn’t answer for a long moment that Rena wondered if the younger girl had hanged up on her, “ Does he make you happy?

Rena wanted to tell Jurina to shut up and stop asking questions that Rena didn’t want to know the answers to—she just wants to tell her, so that it would come from her. “He does... we’ve been together almost for three years, and there was never a moment were I was unhappy.”

Now Rena wanted to tell herself to shut up, but she couldn’t stop the lies from coming out of her mouth. They had to be happy... she had to be happy, for Jurina, it couldn’t just be a relationship out of some deal. This was her father...Rena couldn’t just use him.  This was Jurina’s feelings she trampled on, it can’t just be some business deal.

That’s—that’s...ah... I couldn’t do this...afterall...” Jurina’s burst of laughter sounded so devoid of joy that Rena wanted to stop it, reach through the phone and cover her mouth. “Gomen, Rena-san... I really want to...but... I can’t...still.
She considers pushing the conversation despite Jurina’s disposition but she felt that that would be heartless.

When I come back... tell me then... about him. I promise I’ll listen, I’ll be your friend...I promise, but...I can’t right now. Are you mad?

“I’m not mad. Okay, I’ll tell you then... you’ll—you’ll be my friend right?” Rena feels her heart beat decreasing, it was easier to breath and she knows that for all her conviction... she preferred it if she never had to tell her... ever. This slight respite, though so momentary, was so relieving.

I’ll be your friend, Rena-san. I promise.


Rena had hardly slept that night plagued with the nightmare of walking over and over across the aisle in her wedding dress with Jurina seated in one of the front pews clapping her hands, staring at her with emotionless eyes, and was finally woken up by the buzzing of her door bell.

She stayed in place for awhile staring up again at her ceiling, watching the morning sunlight filtering inside her room, those sometimes visible little dots of light playing across her hand as she stretches it up dazedly. The warmth of it fights the chill of winter and Rena closes her eyes again as the buzzing destroys that almost moment of peace.

When she finally got the courage to pick herself up, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to see Shinoda Mariko-san standing there, looking at her with the same emotionless eyes that the Jurina in her dream had.

“Shinoda-san.” Rena greets, trying to be polite but she was just really spent, she felt tired and almost like she was contracting a fever. The woman in front of her bowed once and then the emotions flood her face all at once taking Rena and even Shinoda-san herself by surprise. Shinoda-san looked pained and almost pleading when she finally says something.

“You didn’t know, right?” She asks, stepping closer and staring at Rena like she was willing her to answer that she didn’t.

“I didn’t” she finally says and Shinoda-san’s shoulders slump in visible relief only to turn rigid again as she runs her hands through her hair in agitation.

“That’s Jurina’s father.”

Rena felt like she was choking on her own tongue when she answered in a small voice that she gathered that.

“Did you also know that Jurina loves you?” Shinoda-san asks in a voice so pitiful that Rena hardly recognized her. Shinoda-san was a lot of things but she had never appeared pitiful to Rena once. The older girl’s hand was shaking when she brought it up to rest on her open door. “She told you didn’t she? Jurina had told you... you can’t say that you didn’t know.” She follows, her eyes trailing away from Rena to glance momentarily on Kojima-san’s door.

“I—I know that you told her it was impossible... you were engaged, Jurina knows this you know... and when she told me... well, I knew from the beginning she had no chance...” Shinoda-san pulls a smile that looked more like a grimace at this, “but...when she told me that you can never be anything other than her friend... well, I hated you, because Jurina cried her heart out like a baby, and I love Jurina. I really love her. It was like relieving my first heartbreak along with her, and now...with her own father...”

Rena looks down upon hearing that. Jurina had told her a thousand times that she loved her and Rena acknowledges in some way that some part of it was serious, that she had hurt her by rejecting her but she had always seen Jurina’s age as some kind of excuse: She’s too young for me, she’s too young to understand, she’s too young to feel so much. She knew that she hurt her, but since Jurina never cried once in front of her about it, Rena thought ‘ah, she’s too young to have taken her puppy love so seriously.’ She’d made her age an excuse not to understand how much she had pained the younger girl... but hearing it now from the person who probably understands Jurina the most in the world Rena can’t use the excuse of ‘too young’ when Shinoda-san had told her point blank that she made her cry so much that her sister started to hate her.

She looks up to try to apologize when Shinoda-san smiles sadly at her, “It wasn’t your fault... it was no one’s fault... I was going to yell at you. I was getting myself angrier by the minute as I marched through my unit... but it wasn’t your fault. Just please...tell Jurina... I need it to come from you. Tell her clearly, explain it to her. Sometimes, Rena-san... the words we didn’t say affect us more than those that we did. You have more of a chance being understood when you do things on your own terms.”

Shinoda-san pushes away from her with that same sad smile still in her face, and Rena opens her mouth to try to say something...anything but Shinoda-san just shakes her head, “You have nothing to say to me. You don’t owe me anything...not apologies, not explanations. Tell Jurina... Jurina’s the one who’ll need it.”


Mariko subtly looks over the shoulder of Kitagawa-san, who was busy talking about her favourite brand of bag, at Haruna from her perch on top of Mai-Mai’s table. The girl was still determinately playing, slouched slightly in her seat like the slob that she was. Mariko can’t help but get offended at Haruna’s complete lack of care about her anger.

“I don’t know why you even bother...” Mai says lowly, and Mariko can clearly hear the exasperation in her voice though the other girl kept on her ‘dumb’ smile as the group around them continued chatting away. Mariko smiles for awhile at Kitagawa-san, who funnily enough looked for a moment like she was going to cry after.

These people need a love life.

 “What?” she mumbles then leans a little to look at the magazine that Ai-san was showing her.

“How many times had this backfired on you, Mariko? Kojima’s not the type who’d come grovelling because you got mad. You have to learn a new way to be an attention-seeker.”

Mariko rolls her eyes at her ‘friend’ before composing herself to agree to whatever Kitagawa-san had just told her, the other girl had been asking her questions and telling her everything under the sun since she had approached the group—mainly Oshima Mai, as they actually get along despite Mai-Mai’s lack of IQ, and Mariko had listened at the beginning but gradually grew tired of it when the girl circles around topics just to open her mouth.

“Wow.” She says, turning her attention back to her friend, “it actually sounded like there was actually brain functions involved on those statements.”

Mai narrows her eyes at her and throws out her arm suddenly, pushing Mariko off the table. She almost stumbled face down on that dirty floor!

“Are you alright, Mariko? I don’t know what happened, my arm just moved on its own.”

Mariko glares at her as she perches herself again on Ai-san’s table, “It’s alright it’s probably because your brain can no longer control them from lack of use.” She bites out. Kitagawa-san started laughing out loud at what Mariko said and both Mai-Mai and she forgot to bark at each other to stare at her weirdly.

“Mai-Mai’s so dumb, isn’t she, Mariko-chan? That’s so funny!”

Mariko looks at her friend from the corner of her eyes before mustering a tense smile, “ah...hai...?”

“Rina, for Kami’s sake, get over your silly crush on Mariko. You’re starting to look creepy. She’s not that great.”
When Kitagawa-san started throwing the magazines that she was holding on Mai-Mai and stating vehemently to Mariko that she had no crush on her and then asking Mai again how she could tell her like that, Mariko figures that Haruna was right... talking really was over rated and it was so much better to stay quiet and watch her best friend get increasingly angry at computer graphics. She excused herself from the group with an uneasy smile, trying to assure Kitagawa-san that everything was fine as she started to back track to Haruna.

At least Haruna spared her a glance as she takes her seat with another over blown sigh. “I’m not angry anymore.” She declares after a while, scooting her seat closer with her feet and leaning on Haruna’s table again. The ending was predictable, if Mariko was going to be serious, even when she started the fight earlier she knew that she’d be back here with Haruna not even lifting a finger after her. This was always the way it was, she would want Haruna’s attention and get angry when the girl would not give it to her, but Haruna either doesn’t care that much, was too lazy or was just inexperienced with this kind of things but she would never try to appease Mariko and they would end up together later, as if the fight was just a passing car on the intersection of their relationship.

But...Mariko hoped that things would be different... not that they would fight loudly... but that Haruna would at least look like it bothered her... they were... each other’s now and Haruna... was her girlfriend—she made sure to tell it to every single guy who tried to confess to Haruna as snootily as she can muster—maybe it would be hot to see her mad?...maybe it would be nice to see her care.

Haruna eyes her for awhile in between the loading of her game and Mariko almost groaned at that—Kitagawa-san almost cried because she talked to her and she was just ‘loading’ material for Haruna—before sighing and turning off her game boy. It was pathetic how much she took her victory over that game device to heart before she dramatically pretends to swoon.

“It’s almost like hearing a confession” she drawls teasingly at the other girl.

“What happened over there, Mari-chan?” Haruna says, bending down to take her shoulder bag off the floor and stow that ‘blasted’ game boy. Her face came so close to Mariko, that her heart started beating more quickly just by their proximity, and Mariko extends her hand again to play with Haruna’s long hair just to be in contact with her.

“Never mind that” she says quickly, following Haruna’s gaze over to the said group where Mai-Mai was still being pelted, now with school supplies, before turning her focus back to Haruna. She glances once at the door where ‘ojiisan-sensei’—a name Haruna actually used, that Mariko copied because she found it amusing, because she felt lazy trying to remember his really long surname—was still nowhere to be seen.

“Ne...let’s just go... he might have gotten rheumatism or something... let’s go to Disney.” Haruna turns to her, biting her lower lip in contemplation and Mariko can almost see the laziness taking over Haruna. “If your only reason is I’m lazy or it’s troublesome, don’t even say it.”

She scoots closer and brings her face as close to Haruna’s as she could without actually doing what she wanted and kissing her, Haruna goes cross-eyed but wasn’t that bothered. “Let’s go...okay, Haruna? Just the two of’s a d—“

“I wanna go to Disney as well!” Yukarin interrupts, a hand on Mariko’s shoulder pulling her back from Haruna and another on Sayaka’s arm as she pulls her forward. Mariko wondered how Yukarin still wasn’t dead from the intense hatred that she was projecting back at her, as her ‘ex-friend’ waved over to Atsuko and Takamina, who was tying Atsuko’s hair. “Acchan and the toddler are coming as well.” She declares enthusiastically.


“Hi, Rena-san”

It was one o’ clock in the morning and Rena closes her eyes for awhile before surveying the empty convenience store, she had called Jurina again with that same anxiety as last time that Jurina would answer the phone with distain and tell her all the ways in which she wants nothing to do with her anymore. Jurina answered the phone just as enthusiastically as always but Rena’s stomach continued to twist in worry, this enthusiasm won’t last long, was all that she could think about.

Rena thought, as Jurina started to launch on a story, that she really liked the way Jurina talks—every word was laced with conviction, when Jurina tells her that something made her happy, Rena sometimes can feel it just by her tone of voice alone. Jurina laughs and Rena missed her so much... not just for the days that passed with her abroad...but for the days that would come.

“Jurina... did I make you cry?” Rena asks without thinking as Shinoda-san’s distraught face flashes in her mind. Jurina stops talking... trails of in the middle of a word, and Rena starts to regret even opening her mouth.

“If...if I did...I’m sorry.” She follows, when the younger girl still hadn’t said anything. Jurina sighs audibly.

“You already said that, remember?” Jurina says neutrally.

“I know but... if I—if I made you cry, I feel it more now.” Rena feels stupid... she wasn’t articulating herself well—she never had—but she needed to get her feelings across now more than ever.

“I—I did...cry...but... it was worth it. I took the chance...and for those times that I deluded myself into believing I had a chance... I was really happy... just for that chance alone, thank you Rena-san. Don’t apologize, there’s nothing regretful about it.” Jurina says, laughing slightly, “ah... this feels like something a movie character would say...I kind of feel proud...of myself?”

Rena closes her eyes, knowing that she shouldn’t say the things that she would say next... considering the problems that she had already, saying it to Jurina would just be creating a mess—but Jurina was going to hate her soon, would look at her differently soon and just for this Rena that still exists in Jurina’s eyes she wanted to say it.

“I—I liked you as well... when we first said all those things that you liked about me. I—“ she takes a deep breath before forging on “I liked a lot of things about you as well... but most of all I liked how you weren’t afraid to make me know you, how you weren’t afraid to know me. I was never that kind of person... and the truth is I did find it hard to make connections. Jurina-san...Jurina, I feel connected to you and it was because you helped me. If... please...please allow me to say this...if only you weren’t so young... if only it wasn’t now... I would have... we could have...” Rena trails off, afraid to say it and Jurina stays silent on the other side... or maybe she was saying something...but the blood rushing to her head and the pounding of her heart was blocking the other girl out.

“Thank you.” Jurina finally answers. “Thank you... from this me who loved you...truthfully...this is the best that I could have hoped for.”

“Jurina... when you come back home, can we meet each other? I want to tell you something and if you still don’t, I’ll bow to you and be the one who’ll be really thankful.”

Thank you to everyone reading this fic again :bow: and I'll probably organize this thread when I have the time it's kind of a mess.  :lol:

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