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Author Topic: Misunderstand  (Read 2978 times)

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« on: May 29, 2006, 09:33:29 AM »
This is a Yossie Miki FanFic. Please excuse my poor grammer ^^
Enjoy :D

Misunderstand (Part 1)

After filming today's Hello Morning, Yossie was quite tired from the sumo game. Her sweat are clearly visible in a distance.

" in....the room..." Slowly dragging each step, not one second when she step in the room, she was tackled from behind.

"WHOA-AH?!" Humphed Yossie who fell on the tatami. Still confused and on the ground, she was flipped onto her back and was now snuggled with a mess of body.

"Yoshizawa-san~~~~" Said the mess of body on top of her.

"Makoto? Didn't you went to get some drink with Konno?" Quite surpriced, Yossie just layed there with Makoto.

"Yeah, I was going to but...." Makoto didn't get to finish her sentence, she felt a very strong very angry mess of killer atmosphere.
The very tired Yossie haven't felt it yet, confused with why suddenly Makoto stopped talking all at once. Makoto tends to talk her ear off when they are alone.....just then, she look over Makoto's shoulder and her face drains of all color.

" this....." The very angry very scary looking person said quietly and slowly. It's even worse than her yelling out. Now this is the power of this person. It's better her shouting than to hear her speaking like this.

Why you ask?
 Because she's bottleing her anger, it'll explode ten times worse when it finally came out.

Why Yossie look like a living dead now you ask? (Yossie's face is so pale right now....)
Because not only she'll be living in hell now, also she wont get to sleep at all tonight.

"Mi.....Miki....!! Let me explain!!!!!" In her hurry to reach Miki, Makoto was dumped over when she rush to get up.

But its too late.


The door is in her face....shaking from fear.....all she can do is stand there.

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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2006, 09:02:50 PM »
Misunderstand (Part 2)

 Once again, dragging each steps slowly. Yossie had find excuses for herself not to go home directly after the incident. She try to think of a way to explain to her girlfriend just what has really happened. To no avail, she knew Miki wouldn't listen at all in her current mood.

Circleing around their apartment, Yossie sat down on a sidewalk pinching her nosebridge.

"Why do this have to happen to me....." Sighing at her unfortune. She continue to idle.


"Stupid Yocchan, Baka Yocchan, I HATE YOU YOCCHAN!!!!" An object flew out of the bedroom. "She's....she's so....UGH!!!" The ranting continues as another object joined the first one on the floor.

Jumping onto her feet, Miki started to pace in the living room.

"Where is she?....she can't still be with...." Just when she thought about it, the doorbell rang.

Still angry with Yossie, Miki decided to ignore the bell. But it kept ringing, as if the person knew she'd be at home.
Stumping towards the door, she didn't bother looking at the peephole, the door opened with such force it crashed the wall and almost slammed shut again.

"Whoa whoa whoa, calm down~! Is that a way to treat your friend?" The dark skinned girl said it disregarding seeing Miki's angry face, she walked right in and sat down on the sofa.

Realizeing her bad manner, Miki holds back her anger and apologized. "Sorry Rika-chan....its just...Yossie pisses me off!!!" Going back to her angry mode, she slams the door shut.

Patting at the spot beside her, waiting until Miki seated herself. "So I heard." Smileing at Miki she continues. "Miki, Makoto came to me right after what had happened. She was very worried and she came telling me everything hopeing that I can talk to you. So please listen to me ok?" Said Rika gently.

Seeing Rika's gentle smile, Miki calmed down to her normal self. She used to be disgusted by Rika's persona in front of the screen, but once she get to know her and hang out with her, she realize that Rika is a very gentle person. She's almost like a guardian angel and is a very good friend.

Rika explained from start till the end, seeing Miki nodding ever so often between sentences, she felt quite relieved to see Miki finally understand the whole thing.

"Soga...." said Miki who look a little sad now. "And I go and assume..... I feel so bad for shouting at her now..."

"Dont worry about it," Rika patted Miki's shoulder "She'll be fine, but maybe you'd like to do something to surprice her for all that trouble?" Rika's smile grew into a grin.

As if a lightbulb is lited, Miki smiled at Rika and both of them started giggling.

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« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2006, 11:05:02 PM »
Your grammer's not bad, it's pretty good :)
Yossi+Miki with Rika as mediator = cool

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Aww, thanks lil_hamz ^_^

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Misunderstand Part 3

Still worried about Miki being mad, Yossie has been giving herself a major headache trying to think of something that'll calm Miki down. She rushed to the nearest butcher shop and bought a few pounds of the best BBQ beef, thinking that'll help her case.

After the purchase, Yossie is still very reluctant to go back to their apartment. Its not the first time that Miki's mad at her, but this time is slightly different, she was caught in a bad situation and to be seen by Miki herself just made the matter that much worse.

She had always been friendly with all the members, but a few have some very close interaction with her on and off screen. With the history that she had, its no wonder Miki would feel insecure, being popular amongs the Hello!Project girls, she had them fighting for her affection.
She's given equal attention to each of them if possible, but its just different with Miki. There is deeper feelings going on between them, when Miki had come up to her full of courage and confessed, Yossie was first shocked and showered with extreme happiness and they have been together since.

There are alot of time Miki got jealous because someone's touching her, Miki would try to break it up subtley if possible, and when she can't, she kept it inside her and Yossie would get and earful when they reach home.

[She gets jealous and mad because she care about you...] Yossie had told herself. She totally understand, but its just really hard to communicate once Miki's in one of her mood. Like the one she's probably having now.

Finally decided she should just go home and face the music, Yossie would first apologize to Miki and if possible, explain the whole thing and hope Miki would listen.


"Tadaima~~~~" Yossie greeted the dark empty room. She looked around her and can't see a single thing. Trying to touch the light switch but she was stopped with just one word.

"Don't" It was said so softly, Yossie almost couldn't hear it.

"Miki?" Yossie still can't see her at all.

Just then she saw a candle-lite table in the next room, on it there are so much food enough to feed an army. Those are all Yossie's favourite food, and from the look of it, Miki had prepared them herself.

Miki came into her sight, dressed in a tight sleeveless tanktop with spheghetti straps, and a very short skirt that only came to her thigh. She leaned by the doorway, eyeing Yossie from head to toe.

Jaws drop to the floor, all Yossie can do is stare at Miki and rooted at the spot. Fearing her eye's going to pop out and roll away, she quickly blink a few time, but still unable to move.

Miki snickered at the impact she had on Yossie, just as she had hoped. She slowly sauntered over, with only a fist distance of space between them, raising one finger, she carasses Yossie's face, slowly moving it down to her jaw, tracing both her sexy lips, coming down to her chin and ended up just below her throat. "Speechless?" Miki whispered softly just outside of Yossie's ear.

Yossie's heart started pounding double time, the ear that was whispered in turned bright red. She gulped a few time and still can't find her voice. She nodded once in reply to Miki's question.

Miki giggled and left her side, pulling out a chair, she make the "come-hither" motion with the same finger.
Obediently, Yossie slowly moved over to where Miki stands, with the gentle pressure on both her shoulder, she was seated on the chair Miki had pulled out.

"You just sit here, and i'll be right back, ok?" before she go, Miki quickly give a peck on Yossie's cheek.

Watching Miki walking out of the room, Yossie slowly carass the spot where Miki had kissed. Still very confused about Miki's sudden change in mood, she feared she would say the wrong thing so she'll kept her mouth shut and let Miki talk and be in control.

Soft romantic music was heard coming from the other room, with a bottle of red wine and 2 glasses, Miki came back and stood beside her. Pouring some wine into both glasses, she handed one to Yossie, clink their glasses and sips it slowly untill she finish the glass.
Yossie follow suit but kept their eye contact. Smileing at Yossie, Miki filled their glasses again, but this time she moved to sit in the opposite side of Yossie.

Raising the glass in the air, Yossie mimic her motion.

"To us" winked Miki.

"To us" Yossie said, as both of them finish the glass of wine.

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My attempt at a very hot scene, not suitable for young children xD Viewer discretion is advised. (if the board decided its not suitable for reading, go ahead and remove this article. lol, not sure the limit that we can wrote in here)
Misunderstand Part 4

After slowly finishing off their dinner, Miki had started to collect the dishes to the kitchen, just sitting there, Yossie still can't figure out what had happen while she was out there.

Miki was so angry this afternoon, all Yossie can do is worry and thinking up a solution to calm her down, even going as far as buying Miki's favorite BBQ beef. That's one of the last card she plays, usually it worked whenever Yossie manage to piss Miki off, but this time, not only did she not give a glance at the meat, Miki basically threw it aside and had concentrate on this nice romantic dinner.

Miki came back to the room hearing Yossie mumbling to herself, snickering inside her head, she place a tray of fresh strawberry, a bowl of melted chocolate and a bottle of champaign with two flute glasses.

“I know you’re confused and wondering what is going on, but… I wont tell you just now… You’ll just have to wait and see…” grinning devilishly Miki went over and sat on Yossie’s lap. Putting her arms around Yossie’s neck, she leaned down and kissed her lip. It was a chaste kiss, leaving Yossie wanting more.

Leaning forward, Yossie wanted to continue the kiss but was stopped by a pair of hands on her chest. “No no no~ Not yet, we’re going to enjoy the strawberries first.” Winked Miki.

Filling up the flute glass with champaign, Miki handed one to Yossie and clink their glasses together. Downing the drink, Miki pick up a strawberry by its stem. Dipping the fruit slowly into the melted chocolate, carefully covering it with a coat of dark brown goodness.

Watching Miki, Yossie felt like she’s being hypnotized, the soft music, the glistening candle lights, a beauty in her lap, and the show she put on with the fruit starting to do something to her body. Reacting in pure instinct, she leaned forward wanting to bite the strawberry off of her seductive girlfriend. At the last second, Miki pulled it out of her reach.

“Na uh, I didn’t say you can eat it did I? It… has to be eaten like this ~~” Teased Miki.

Biting into the chocolaty fruit, its succulent juice flow down her chin, leaning towards Yossie, she feeds her the delicious strawberry from her own mouth.

Surprised at this intimacy act but not enough to deem herself motionless, she returned the favor by giving Miki one heck of a kiss. Their tongue battled for dominance of each other mouth, entering and retreating, teasing each other endlessly.

Finally breaking off for air, both of them looked flushed and aroused. The room temperature had increased and the look passing through them both is enough to electrocute a person. They continue feeding each other this way till the bowl of fruit is empty.

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Quote from: cchen
They continue feeding each other this way till the bowl of fruit is empty.

That's is soooo HOT!!! How do you even come up with these sort of things?!?  
Maybe i'm just lacking in the "sexual creativity" department :|

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Quote from: huggumwuggums
That's is soooo HOT!!! How do you even come up with these sort of things?!?  
Maybe i'm just lacking in the "sexual creativity" department :|

Lol, iunno, i guess i've read enough to learn something from some fanfic xD

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Misunderstand Part 5
(Warning: slightly not so explicit indication of an adult scene is in this chapter, viewer discretion is advised.)

Under the comforter layed two naked body, one holding the other from behind. The bed were a mess from last night's exciting activity. Yossie woke up to the sunlight shinning into the room, wanting to take a quick shower but not wanted to wake up her lover, she slowly and gently rolled away from Miki's back and out of bed.

She tiptoed to the bathroom, turning on hot water she went and wash her face. Stepping into the shower she felt rejuvenated, not like last night didn't do the same for her but its slightly different.

"How did the chocolate even get here?" Yossie wonders as she clean herself up. Both her and Miki were covered in the melted chocolate from last night's rampage.

The hot shower is doing wonders to her over exhuasted body, she's not complaining though, she smirked to herself.

Just as she started to wonder off with her thoughts about last night, the shower cover was uplled aside, a slender smaller body stepped in and hugged her from behind. Despite the running water, Miki layed her head on the middle of Yossie's back.

"How long have you been up?" Miki mumbled into Yossie's back.

"Not long," Turning around, Yossie faced Miki. Tilting her chin up, Yossie looked gently into Miki's slightly lidded eyes. Mistakening it as sleepiness. "do you want to go back to sleep? You didn't sleep alot last night."

"Neither did you, but I don't need sleep, I need.....THIS"

Miki tackled Yossie and ravished her once again in the shower.

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Misunderstand Part 6 / Last Chapter

After finally finished showering, Miki went into the kitchen and prepared some breakfast for the both of them. She took out a couple of bagels and toasted them in the toaster, she also took out some of the beef Yossie bought instead of ham or bacon, she need her meat desperately for energy. Pouring two glasses of milk she placed everything on the table as Yossie finished dressing and coming over to sit at the table.

"Thanks Miki!!" Yossie devours the bagel in an instant.

Miki can only smile and shake her head. She'd do the same to her meat.

Miki had planned to talk to Yossie this morning, she was just going to speak but the bell rang at that exact same moment. Both her and Yossie went and greet the guest.

"Rika-chan!~~~" Excalimed Miki who instantly walked up and hugged Rika. Returning the gesture Rika greeted Yossie over Miki's shoulder.

"Morning Rika," said Yossie. "Should I be jealous and wondering what's going on?" Pretending to be angry, Yossie crossed her arms and taps her feet.

Pulling apart, Miki smacked her arm lightly as Rika speaked up. "Well, I was just wondering how things go between you guys. Considering you know... yesterday."

"How did you know about that?" Yossie look between the two girls.

"I was just about to tell you, Rika is the reason I'm not mad at you anymore." Miki stuck out her tongue at Yossie and went to get Rika a drink.

Still not getting it, Yossie looked at Rika for an answer.

Rika smiled and explain the whole thing to Yossie, from Makoto's visit to the idea she given Miki.

"So, what are you going to do to repay me?" teased Rika.

"Ahh~~~ I get it now, so I really should thank you for rescueing me eh. I thought I'm a dead meat if I come back home yesterday, whew." blowing out a breath and rubbing the top of her head, Yossie is finally carefree again.

"Yup, got that right buddy, now where's my reward?" Leaning her face sideway towards Yossie, it was obvious she wanted a kiss from Yossie.

Having no doubt and really thankful for Rika, Yossie kissed her without worry.

Just then, both Yossie and Rika sense an formidable angry presense. [UH Oh....] They both thought as they slowly turned to see a very fired up Miki burning with inferno standing at the kitchen entrance. The juice glass she was holding cracked under her fingers.



Once again the cycle that is Yossie and Miki...... Continues.

The End.

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« Reply #10 on: June 05, 2006, 04:48:55 PM »
i love this fic, really
i'm waiting for updates in your blog cchen!

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« Reply #11 on: June 06, 2006, 05:32:40 AM »
Aww, thanks len ^^
As for updates..... >_> *runz away*

I'll try my best. lol. The picture review is ...omg xD

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« Reply #12 on: July 03, 2006, 09:18:53 AM »
Cchen, I really looooove you fanfics and blog:heart: :heart: :heart:

Keep up the good work!:kgreat:

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wow...*out of breath*
thanx for this fanfic...i'm the biggest mikiyossie fan!
i really liked it :heart:

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