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Author Topic: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 39 Update/ July 24, 2017  (Read 38462 times)

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Chapter 38

Acchan’ s POV

My body jolted hearing the door rung not because of electrifying buzz it created. It’s because my heart seems hypnotized by the moment. I close my eyes squeezing out all the memory of his voice out… I grab the granite kitchen counter for support… “I’m sorry Kai-kun, but I can’t…” I grip my chest with my right hand… “I’m sorry…“ his face is all over my head… I’m so anxious as the last time I saw him that close was he resting on my lap while I’m begging for his life….

Kai ’ s POV

"Oh…. my… so it’s true that you had an accident…” Because I’m injured the girl strength wins over me without permission she makes her way inside my unit even if I keep on stopping her…

“Ray answer me…How did you know my place?”

“I went to Jurio’s bar last night and I heard his conversation with Mayu-kun…”

“Oh, my poor future husband… So it true that you had an accident.."She continuously walking her way to my living area without even caring of my warnings …"I bit my lips realizing the girl who is living with me was in the Kitchen .

As my unit has to pass Kitchen first before the living area. I close my eyes in frustration on how to stop this girl from going further.

"Kai-kun is it ok if I prepare curry rice? I did not notice that we are running out of stocks…Maybe I should go shop for…su-supply…"Atsuko voice stutters noticing the visitor who barged her way into my room.

"Kai who is she?” Ray pointed Atsuko…

“She is Acchan my…"Even if I have hard time reaching Atsuko’s side… I walk fast beside her.

"Maeda Atsuko desu…”

“You are?” The visitor tilts her head.

“I’m her personal..” I clawed Acchan’s shoulder with my free hand the sending amount of pressure to stop her.

“Yes, she’s my personal girlfriend…"Atsuko’s glared me while tucking her lips, annoyance was painted all over her face

"Personal girlfriend?????” Atsuko retorted, having no choice but to squeeze her shoulder to mine while shaking my head…Begging her to trust me…

“Personal Girlfriend????” Ray clarifies..

“No..” Atsuko pushing me with her elbow…

“What is this all? About?” The girl beside whispered.

“No, of course, my mistake.She’s my girlfriend…."I shook my head again and whisper…"Just get along I will explain it later…please, Atsuko save my life…”

“What did you say?” The girl beside me who plays deaf in hearing my request…

“I’ve already say please…. what do you want me to say?”

“Kai-kun I thought you're still single? Jurio even confirms it last night…"As Ray further interrogates me.

"No, of course, I’m in a relationship…. ”

“For about…”

“A – a week and we are living together…Now we decide to live together because of my Honey.."Saying that Atsuko started stepping on my not casted feet making me groan in pain…

” she’s so sweet she decided to live with me so she can take care of me…“

"Acchan please help me get rid of this witch out of my life please…"I beg to Acchan that she answered by rolling her eyes.Our visitor's eyes scanned my self-proclaimed girlfriend from head to toe…

Atsuko pulled my collar and whispered, "Okey just for now Kai-kun..” I froze hearing Atsuko answer…

“Tha-thank you…”

“Oh, miss. ”

“I’m Ray..”

“Oh… You’re the idol right?"Atsuko said amusedly.

"You want to have lunch with us I’ll be cooking curry.."I hung my head down hearing Atsuko invitation.

"Will I not bother..”

“No!!! I never knew my personal boyfriend  …"Atsuko glared at me… "has a cute idol friend..”

“Ok I brought Kai some fresh fruits too..”

“Oh How sweet of you…"Atsuko took the basket of fruits then slammed it on my stomach…"Get rid of your hands out of my shoulder or you will be having two injured arms… I slowly remove my hands then put it in my pocket.

"No, ask her out” I plead…

I was sitting on the dining table with Ray across mine she seems so down after hearing that I’m already not available….Atsuko started setting the table…

“Ah, Atsuko I can help I stand up..”

“Just sit down and entertain our guest…"I pout hearing from her. It seems like she’s using the situation as payback time…

"Ah Ray I’ve heard that you’re Album  is doing well in sales..”

“It’s always like that so it really did not bother me at all… ” nice attitude ?

“So Jurio told you about my accident?”

“I just overhear it between him and Mayu-kun then I blackmailed Jurio that if he did not tell me your address then I won’t be going to his club…”

“That brat really want to die early…”

Atsuko returns and started eating, basing just by looking  Ray still not believing my relationship with Atsuko I should do something to convince her..

I look at Atsuko who started eating and then took a glimpse to Ray who was about to start eating..“"I lift my casted right hand..”

“Acchan I can’t eat..”

“You said that you can eat alone and you still have other hands…”

“Acchan can you please feed me..”

“Atsuko stop shifted her view to me and inspect me…I look down and playing the chopstick in my left hand…

"Ah…"I open my mouth widely so Atsuko can feed me… Not paying much attention to the food the chicken slipped too my cheeks making my face covered with the stew…

"I’m sorry Kai-kun.."Atsuko wipes my face with table napkin and started giggling with the way I look…

"I just finish taking a bath..”

“I said I’m sorry…"Then she pinched my cheeks making my blood traveled to my whole face.

"There there… ”

“Stop making fun of me I’m hungry…”

“You look so cute Kai kun your dimples has curry..”

“Feed me properly…”

“Yes, young master. "I scowl my face then she started giggling again..

"Now I’m having my ulcer..”

“Stop exaggerating…You don’t even eat properly last time complaining that I feed you salad and you are not a goat..”

“That’s why I’m still hungry…”

“Fine fine….”

“I will accompany you to the grocery I want meat…”

“No, you should eat vegetables too… That’s the reason why you didn't. grow.You and Yuu-kun”


“Ah gomen I  never taught you’re still sensitive about your height…"We laugh together not noticing the other girl across our sit.

"So when did you now each other..” Ray but in..

“Since we are kids…”

“childhood friends?"Ray clarified.

"Yes, I just confess to her last week after years of admiring her…”

Atsuko face turns to me with a brow twitching.

“So Kai-kun she’s the girl you said that you’ve like…”

“Yes, i-it’s complicated…How’s the food? Did you like it? You know Atsuko is the greatest cook that I’ve known in my life..”

“You really seemed in love with her Kai -kun I never saw you act like that since I know you.."I stop and smile.

"Kai-kun finish your food here…Atsuko feed me with potatoes…” I close my eyes as Atsuko is using the situation to feed me with veggies.

“I thought that was meat..”

“Stop complaining just eat properly…"Atsuko hissed…Why do girls change their mood in just split of s second…

"After eating Ray bid her farewell living me and Atsuko on my unit… She never talks after Ray left about our relationship… She silently getting the plates bringing it to the kitchen..I followed her bringing glasses.

"By the way thank you for saving me with Ray…”

“She seems interested in you… I put the glass on the counter and resting my back on the nook…

"She confessed to me a lot but she’s not my type…”

“I’m sorry dragging you into this…”

“No, I’m fine… I’m always doing it with Yuu-kun back in high school..”

“I promise that will be the last..”

“Kai-kun? You love me since a long time right?”

“I’m sorry …” I said and nodded.

“I’m sorry I don’t know about until now. I’m not taking it seriously…”

“I’m sorry.Because I confessed to you …You must feel really bad.But in the first place, it not your fault if I like you..”

“Now I’m realizing maybe Yuu-kun was feeling the same as I’m feeling now…”

“I know… let’s just finish the contract so you will stop being sorry and worrying…"I tried to approach her but the pain stops

"I already take it.Atsuko… I’ve already made up mind and that is to be assigned in Hokkaido…”


“We have a big project there I have to be in charge for a year.”

“Kai, do you really have to go? It’s already decided that is too old to handle the climate there…”

“I see…"And if Yuu and Haruna’s plan of living to New York Atsuko will be completely alone…I said in my head…

"So you really are leaving?”

"I wish the best for you Atsuko."Lying to myself…I was about to leave when…

"Yuu-kun knows your feeling to me all along right?"I just nod in guilt.

"That’s what I’m thinking when you confessed to me that why I acted harshly to you….”

“I’m sorry..”

“I blame you for loving me that’s why Yuu rejected me… I blame you ….Thinking he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings…. Yuu will never take anything you like……” Atsuko sighs and wipes her tears..“I’m so stupid of thinking like that …..I’m so stupid wishing it was like that… But it's not it's not like that. Now because of me, you got injured… I’m so sorry, for being selfish all along…”

“Shhhh…. I’m sorry Atsuko..”

“Kai-kun do you really have to go far?”

“I have to…”

“Are you doing this because of me?”

“Atsuko living together with me what does it like..”

“My parents agreed to me living here because you are respectable person…Living with you for a while so I can repay my gratitude for saving my life and causing trouble..”

“It’s not what I mean… Atsuko have you ever see me as a man?”

“Of course.You are Kai-kun…But you are li-like my older brother that always looking for me and you going to Hokkaido makes me sad…”

“I feel the same too when you left for France and when you are hospitalized for months… But it's different I was thinking will you still know me? All I’m thinking back then was are you going ti return… You now my feelings so there is nothing I to hide…”


“In all the people in the world, you are the one who can understand my feeling… But I'm grateful that at least at least you did not push me away …"Atsuko shook her head…

"I know how it feels being the person you like… being near to that person without asking for anything I understand that…I tried holding on you but I will be more selfish if I ask you to stay and hurt so leave Kai if that’s what will make you happy.."She stands up and entered her room…

I was standing outside her room…

"Thank you, Atsuko I love you…”         

Acchan ’ s POV

After lunch Kai did not dare to go out from his room. I knock many times from his door but not even his shadow shows…

“Kai- kun I will return to my room now… Just eat and leave your plates in the kitchen OK….”

Not even hum answered me.. He must be shy after what happens this afternoon… But it's his fault…“Tsk” I clench my fist and throw it in the air wanting to hit him so hard… Kai -kun is like a girl PMSing ...

Always have moods swings. “Don’t worry I will buy you some pads next time….”

“Cling cling…. ” A cool breeze hit my back … My eyes followed where the sudden cold air is from. I stop seeing the balcony’s sliding glass door slightly open… Closing the door I notice a small figure sitting on the floor while drinking alcohol….


The man leaned back, eyes are full of terror as I stood in his side arms crossed…

“Wha-what the heck.!! ” Kai screamed out of surprise.

“What the heck??."Copying him with full emphasis.

He quickly hid the can behind his back while averting my gaze.

I put my palm in front of him, confiscating the beverage.

"What do you think you’re doing Mr. Takahashi…”

“ I-I can’t sleep…”

My brows curves hearing his answer.

“So you think you will be healed easily with that? Give it to me come on..Of course, it will hard for you to sleep it's just eight pm”

“Just leave me alone Atsuko….”

“ Not without that can…” I flipped my hand half way…“ Come on..”

“Atsuko!"He said a bit annoyed. Without further warning, I tried grabbing the can on his back…

"Atsuko!!!"He begged for me to stopped.

Finally, I get the can in his back but it was too late for me to withdraw… One of his hand was gripping my right shoulder as our face is just half a foot apart… My eyes were captured by him…

” A-atsuko….“ Then both of his hands are raised in surrender.

"It’s because of your stubbornness” I slap his shoulders.. ( Damn it’s so hard)

I averted his eyes and sit on the inclined doors step. I drink on the can not know how to explain…

“ I - I’m sorry but not really sorry…” Kai scoffed hearing me apologize.

“It’s because this is bad for you…” I shook the canister. He just nods in reply…

Kai rests his head on the glass door…“ I never felt this helpless and useless…”

I smirked hearing him" You should learn from the expert then…“I pointed myself using my right thumb.

Kai shifted his head on me… ” All my life I’m helpless and useless..“

"Acchaaan…"Kai retorted.

I smile to him “I’m sorry Kai-kun…  "I bit my lips then bows down… ” You wouldn’t be in that situation without my stubbornness… “It’s my fault…All my life I rely it on Yuu-kun and on you. Now that Yuu-gun asks me to stop hoping I also lost you…“ I gulp on the can again… "All my life I been grateful to Yuu-kun I-I just realize you are also always there for me…And for all the years I did not say enough thank you. But please for this last time I’m asking you another favor… Be healthy and get well soon… It's the only way I can thank ou….”

“I did not ask anything Atsuko really… And about the accident, it is not your fault I’ve already asked my staff to remove the scaffolding bit none abide me..”

“But still…”

“But still you are stubborn…"Kai chuckles…

"I’m sorry for treating you badly these past days it is just…”

“I - I understand…”

“ Acchan… Thank you for everything….”

“I smiled hearing it from the guy who has been acting nice these past days…”

“ I’m sleepy…."I yawned Kai laugh…

Kai's POV


It’s been three days of living with Atsuko and I guessed it's not that bad living now we fight lesser about things we always argued from which is food and medicine… Oh, how I hate taking a pill…. Ding dong ding dong… She must be home but I already give her the password… Ah without piping out I just open the door making me drop my clutches…

"Wha-what are you doing here Ray?”

“To take care of you…”

She jumped into me making us fall to the ground.

“Ah'Ittai!!!”. She started crawling on my top and I tried hard pushing her away but having one hand can never win with her…

“I like you Kai-kun…I really like you…I promise to give you everything…”

“Ray get of me ….Please…Ittai!!!"I held my head… This is why I hate dealing with girls…”

“Ray grab my two wrists and put it on the side…"I will show you that I’m greater than that bitch you have ..”

“Ray stops this and this will be the last time you can call Atsuko a bitch!!!No one can call her that…"I used all of my strength to push ray on my side …

"What do you see in her? I’m rich, Popular and beautiful why can’t you see I


"I’m looking at her madly I’m so pissed that I biting my lips to supress my temper …

"Do you want to hear it? I love Atsuko….I really love her…That I hate people bad mouthing her… You did not know her for you to look down on her…”


“I love her that I’m willing to be hurt just to be on her side…I love her that I’ve asked my best friend to take good care of her even if it’s killing me inside… I love her that even if I saw flaws but I’m loving her more..”

Then I saw the doors open I moving my head slowly seeing Atsuko enter my flat…Her face changes and inspecting the whole situation… Ray's face shifted on the side with her head down….I quickly remove rays legs out of mine…

“A-Atsuko it's not what you’re thinking…"Our clothes are all mess up…

"Get out from this place Ray.."Atsuko said coldly…"GET OUT !!!! Don’t wait from my temper to hit you bitch…."Ray took her heals then dashed out of my unit.

"Acchan let me explain…” Acchan silently walks and kneel beside me…“I can explain.."She was all silent and not answering me…Atsuko helped me sit on the couch and took the first kit on the kitchen…My eyes can’t help to follow her… Why am I feeling bad that Atsuko see me with another girl in that situation?

"I need to see if the the wound was open..”

I nodded making her remove the band on my head.

“Ittai!!!"I flinch feeling the gauze stick on my wound…

” I’m sorry"

“ No, it’s fine just be more careful…”

“Ah… Thank god it just bleeds or we need to go to the hospital to re-stitched it again…”

“I see…Atsuko about what you’ve seen…”

“No it's fine I know what she did…”

“I’ve done that too with Yuu in Singapore…But When I return to my consciousness I stop…I feel bad saying that to Ray when I also did that too..”

“You’re different you are the type that will stop when you know there is something wrong but Ray would still force herself…"Atsuko starts cleaning my wound with cotton and antiseptic. Awkward silence feels the air when Atsuko finally break it.

"Thanks, I know we are in a relationship for you to protect me like that..”

“It’s nothing, of course, your still my friend after all..”

Atsuko smile and lowered her head staring my eyes my hand is both in my legs rubbing my hand on my legs feeling so tense…She moves closer to my face making me move back a little and blew my wound…

Dugdug dug…

Oh my god this feeling again

Dug dug dug dug…

My breaths become short and fast……

dug dug…

Ding dong…

Atsuko stands up and went to the intercom seeing her leave I flopped my whole body down to my couch…

“What was that  I whispered to myself…Calm down monkey… calm down…. My god, I’m having a heart attack!!!


I saw Rena and Jurio walking on the hallway Rena …

New York

“I’m sorry but I don’t think your offer will be the best way for my company now… Sooner my shop in Japan will be close, even though I want to return to my homeland but with my problems shops in France and with my problems with business partners I don’t think I can…"Mario said pushing the documents on the table after four days of waiting for him this the only answer I can get…I bit my lips thinking proper way to reconcile…I took a deep breath and rested my back on my sit…

"I understand…"I said with my voice in defeat…

"Can you still reconsider…"Haruna spoke gaining my attention…

"Being fashion consultant for a big company like Maeda corp.. is great opportunity for my business but expanding with my business like this I can’t I’m sorry but I will still help as much as I can…”,Looking at the guy on my front with sincerity I held Haruna’s hand mounting the word It's ok.

“Yuu don’t think I’m taking things personally as you have passed with my wife..”

“I understand …"I stand on my chair and bow my head…After few more chats and bidding our goodbye, I and my girlfriend went back to our hotel room.

"You can find the best person to be fashion consultant of Maeda Corp…”

For week but I do nothing time is ticking or this project will be a total failure..I’m tapping my phone on my lap waiting for my girlfriend to finish taking shower… I close my eye thinking other plans of where to get the fashion consultant… I asked my executive assistant to check suitable person which suits the position…


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Chapter 39

Standing in the middle of the board room with eyes piercing on me...My heart is beating fast with all the air escaping my lips. For the final time, I closed my eyes. I need to do this as instructed, there is no place for mistakes Oshima Yuu... I bit my lips.And started the presentation of our next spring line...

“President, are you mocking the members of the board with your presentation...    Director Tanagawa utter... I intensely glaring at him. His words are all criticizing my presentation like a dog barking on his owner.

"What a nice presentation isn't  you going to tell the board that your trip to New York to get Shinoda Mario as our fashion consultant was not successful ....."

"Oshima Yuu, What is the meaning of this?" my father's voice roared across the room...

I bow 90 degrees then stand straight " I do apologize for not having House of S as our in-house label and make him as fashion consultant..."

"But where did you get that amazing presentation?"
Director Yamashita asked

"I guess all the concepts are  good  having design competition for new fashion designer at the same time fashion shows and making our department stores sales personnel trained about  styling be a good concept"

I grinned seeing the approval of almost most of the board...Hearing how impressed the board members are director Tanagawa did not dare to talk more.
"Tell me, how did you come up with those concepts?" my father asked.

"Aren't we putting the Maeda's corporation standards down?"

"This presentation will not be possible without this person ladies and gentleman the new Maeda's Corporations fashion consultant...

"What ?????"Director Tanagawa utters the door opens with my secret girlfriend walking inside with all her grace.Her red formal coat and pencil cut skirt... 

"so hot" I whisper.

I look to my father's expression his gaze fixed at me while gripping his pen so tight..

Haruna received clap on her idea then the boards' members started asking her questions that she answers naturally... I never thought my girlfriend is intelligent like this.

"President Yuu are you serious? You hire a model to be the fashion consultant. "Director Tanagawa

"I think Ms. Kojima Haruna popularity with the both ladies and men will give the advantage to our company at the same time her education and experience abroad .. My eyes shifted to Acchan but her eyes diverted fast to avoid mine.

Without a sweat, Haruna gets the majority of the votes... 
Walking back to my office with my girlfriend overly excited talking to me... My father walks out from the elevator....I and my Gf stop l, Haruna stayed silent then look at me with fear....
"This time I no longer can protect the both of you, most especially you Oshima Yuu I cannot protect your position in this company...Wolves are lurking around waiting the right time to get your chair ... "My father walk pass as making my girl gripped tightly on my arms... 

" Otoosan."


"I'm sorry but I don't think your offer will be the best way for my company now...

 Sooner my shop in Japan will be close, even though I want to  return to  my homeland but with my  shops problems in France and with my problems with business partner I don't think I can..."Mario said pushing the documents on the table after a week of waiting for him this the only answer I can get...I bit my lips thinking the proper way to reconcile...I took a deep breath and rested my back on my chair...

"I understand..."I said with my voice in defeat...

"Can you still reconsider..."Haruna spoke up gaining my attention...

"Being fashion consultant for a big company like Maeda Corp. is a great opportunity for my business but expanding in with an internal crisis like this I can't I'm sorry but I will still help as much as I can..."Looking at the guy on my front with sincerity I hold Haruna hand mounting the word It's ok.

"Yuu don't think I'm taking things personally as you have passed with my wife.."

".I understand...."I stand on my chair and bow my head...After few more chats and bidding our goodbye, I and my girlfriend went back to our hotel room.

"You can find the best person to be fashion consultant of Maeda's Corp..."

I have one week but I  have nothing, time is ticking on this project will be a total failure..I'm tapping my phone on my lap waiting for my girlfriend to finish taking shower... I close my eye thinking other plans of where to get the fashion consultant... I asked my executive assistant to check suitable person which suits the position... 

Now Haruna and I are back in our Hotel room... I took a break working on my laptop and watch the view of central park from my window... My hands are in my pocket.

"Everything will be alright Yuuchan" Haruna peck on cheek hugging me from my back tightly....

"I don't want to give up because I'm doing this for you baby..."I shifted looking my girl who is starting playing with my dimples with her finger....

"I know..."She said with a sad tone ..My girlfriend released her hug and walking back to our bed with her hands pulling my wrist. I sigh and follow her knowing what is she trying to imply ...She sat on the edge of the bed and I kneel in the front meeting her eyes with mine.  "Haruna..."I said softly...

"Don't give up please Yuuchan "She cupping my face....

"You don't need to ask me that baby.."Haruna holds my neck...

"I don't want to go back to Tokyo not having concrete plan.." Haruna enveloped my neck with her arms and my torso with her legs...

"I don't want to go back to Tokyo with this feeling..."Resting her forehead on mine... The way Haruna was breathing was enough for me to understand her feelings.Pulling my neck to rest her face on my shoulder moment past I feel something wet on my shirt and I feel her body started trembling...

"Haruna.." my voice are broken being with my girl emotional breakdown...

"Please don't..."

"I never said I will.."

"I'm sorry because I'm not good enough to help you.."I remained silent listening to her...My shirt becomes tighter fitting my body as her hands and clenching it tighter...

"Maybe I'm a bad luck  because..."I shut her sentence with my lips not liking what was Haruna pointing at.I push mine with her forcibly then suck her lower lips with love her eyes shut feeling every step that my lips were doing with hers... She parted her lips gasping for air..I stop and put my index fingers on it...

"Never said a bad word about yourself if you do not want me to get mad at you again..."Haruna nods like a kid and bit her lower lips...

"Haruna if you only know as I become stronger whenever you're near..."I pull her head back to my shoulder. "I owe you my success... " We become like that for minutes not saying words but feeling the heartbeat of each other is enough to understand our feelings... Haruna's phone rung stopping us on our lovey Dovey session...She took it on the bedside table then ask my permission her to answer away from me...Nodding my head giving Haruna permission for her to leave me... watching her back moving the distance...I sat on the edge of the bed where my girlfriend sat before... I sigh and slump my body down as I stretched sidewards.Then I feel something hits my elbow. I notice a notebook that draws my attention ...

"Nyan Nyan..."My lips curve upward realizing that I sounded a grade schooler reading the cover... I remove the belt of the notebook I sigh as the pictures fall directly on my face I sat up and put the pictures back to the notebook. "I wonder how many magazine pages she cut out with this pile of pictures. Not being aware I happened to take a look at each picture ... My brows met as her notebook with fashion design picture and some have call outs from which body type, season, and girl interests her notes are a rich of information from the designer of the and brands..."I never thought she's this way versed with fashion..."

"Ahem...."I expectably I did not notice my girlfriends sudden returned... Her left brows curved upward with her arms crossing her chest asking for an explanation...I look down being guilty of invading her privacy... Crawling back to the edge of the bed I pulled her to my lap... "I'm still waiting for an explanation...

"She said coldly...I kissed her arms and rubbing her marshmallow skin to subside her disappointment...

"Who called you?"

"My manager ask me to report on Monday..."I nod..."I'm waiting, Yuu..."Her voice becomes stricter that made me more tensed up..."Nyan nyan what is this for?"

"I'm the one who asked you first..."

"I'm just curious so I open this up I'm so sorry for invading your privacy baby.But I become more curious as I flip pages more...."

"It's my prediction for coming fashion for upcoming season not just in Japan but I also have pictures..blah blah...."For the whole time that she's talking impress on how she loves fashion industry...

"I forgot that you've graduated fashion merchandise..."

"hmmm.... "Ideas run to my mind while grinning...


a light slap wakes me from revere...
"You’re thinking perverted things again..."

"How could say that? I'm working baby.."

"I do not believe you."She holding my dimples with his right hand and shook my head left to right.

"You should be, Where do you want to go?"


"Because I want to spend my last day in New York before going home ..."


Present time

Haruna was staring at her hands after walking inside our office, She was like that for few minutes.I tilted my head and come closer to her while waving my hand distracting her from her starring her hand...

"Is there something wrong my Nyan nyan?"

"I did it Yuuchan.."   

I nodded in confusion "yes you did it."Nyan smile at me cheekily... "I did it Yuuchan..."

"Yes, baby you just repeat it what you've said before..."

"I did it Yuuchan..."

"Hai baby.... "I smile lovingly and confused on her  "You did it smoothly"Nyan nyan biting her lips will grinning. "Board of directors approved me being
Fashion Consultant...." Haruna biting then started to cry...I hug her tightly... "You're so lovely, baby...."I kissed Haruna's eyes the hug her tight...

"It's our position now and no one can take it away from you... I hug Haruna tightly.... "I still don't have a contract...." I pull my body away then tilted my face... "What do you think I will work free because you are my boyfriend?." I close my eyes and smile in exasperation.... "Hai.Hai..." I raised both of my hands in the air "Was my body enough to pay your services?"Haruna crossed her arms over her chest then put her fingers on her chin.... "Hmmmmm...  I should be the one charging you for that...But let me think of it" She pulled my tie and give a peck on my lips...."

"You know that should not be doing that to me..."

"You know I can do what I want with you" I smirked and shaking my head in disbelief.  Haruna pulled my chin using her right index finger...

"You need to meet my manager first." Her free hand is roaming over my shoulder... "But before that let me hear your offers..."I'm breathing fast and shallow as my girl was doing tricks that she knows I love...

"How could you initiate thing with Oshima groups C.E.O.?Haruna keeps kissing me hungrily... "Haruna Baby we can't do this here...

"I know..."She pulled away then walk sexily to my desk ... She reaches my family picture then touch it with her fingers....

"How I wish I'm included in this too..."
I walk towards her then grab the picture frame to her..She sigh... Pain... can be heard from it.

"I'm sorry...."

"I will work hard for it Yuuchan I will not give up..."

"No, We baby" I cupped her face then kissed her forehead...

"We will make it happen.."

"After what your dad said in the elevator..I realize that I need to work hard for this....I'm scared with your parents but want them to acknowledge my existence..."

I only answer her with a deep sigh and rest my lips on her forehead while my thumb keeps on caressing her cheeks...

"I will make your dreams come, true baby, I will make it happens."Haruna nod ...I hug her then brush her back...

Atsuko's POV

He is back...

Yuu-kun, Thinking about it his absence makes me reflect on my feelings for him. Since the day he rejected my feelings I always cry. I love him so much and hearing his love will not go beyond friendship my world collides.... But then I inflicted the pain on Kai that caused an accident... Should I be thanking KaI because after his injury my heart broke somewhat subside....

I'm sitting in the board room with other board of directors.... Since Yuu started the presentation I also started spacing out... But my eyes were fixated on the lady wearing hot red formal clothing.... She was sexy and elegant the exact description of fierce...

 "Ha-Haruna-chan...." I gulp...

" Meet our new fashion consultant Kojima Haruna..."

Whispers like bees started....Since Kojima Haruna enters the room critics started debating about her credibility.... But her name in the fashion scene was so big that everybody looking at her as a money-making-machine. Was here experienced enough to handle the position of course not there is more experience fashion icon which is good in the marketing world. But her name is a hot item...And having an internationally famous designer par with the local supermodel and an effective brand ambassador you will pick the one whose named concreted her existence ... All girls want to be like her... Her fashion statement was a big talked I'm social media... But the word is being a consultant... Can she be capable of Rebirth of Maeda Corp... Then I stare on Yuu maybe she's not but the guy standing will use her for that to make it happens...

It's a landslide decision she got chosen as her ideas are fresh at the same time will only spend less... She must be the goddess of fashion and social media...

I'm walking back to my office... "Acchan."I close my eyes damn how I wish ground will eat me right now... Fuck ... Now I regret choosing a position who will be working closely with him... Just act like you did not hear him Atsuko... I started passing again.."Director Maeda..." I breathe deeply and my claws are buried on my notebook... But I need to be professional... I turn my back ...

" We will be having a meeting regarding O hotel in Sapporo ..."

"Hai... President.."

" And How was Kai?."

"Fuck.... I want to melt on my own feet right now.....

" He is good.." Yuu smiled bitterly and nod.

" 3 pm..."

Then he bows and walks back to the elevator... I held the railing of the corridor... Why am I in this position?

Haruna's POV   

For many times I rolled over on our bed as I'm trying to catch a dream but I am far of sleeping....The meeting with the board had ended but I'm still anxious about my new position in Oshima group... This is such a big responsibility and failing would put my relationship with Yuuchan... Tiredness is evident on my squirrels face...Using my elbow I supported my own weight resting it on my bed... My neck is all stretch watching Yuu's sleeping face..... I poke his dimples and kiss.

"Charming as ever .." I puckered my lips as I'm slowly bending closer to his cheeks... But in a second my lips were already captive by him and my waist is already in prison on his arm...I was caught at the moment but was awaken noticing his other hand traveling into my bum... My right-hand traces his muscular arm then pinch it before it reaches its destination...

"I- Ittai nyan nyan!!!!"Yuu begs....

"How could you trick me again?"Yuu chuckled and try for another round of smooch but I already stopped them.... 

"How could you lust over my body?"He countered me with another question...

"I'm the one who asks first?"

"Tsk!!! Nyan Nyan  I'm just initiating it so you wouldn't be shy"

"Shy your face Yuuchan..."I Rest my head I his chest then slap his stomach..."

"I'm sorry asking you this much to save me... "

" I'm scared Yuuchan.."

"What if I failed?"

"It means I fail too..."

"Don't worry Nyan nyan we will both work hard..."Yuu rubs my back and kisses my forehead... 
"I don't think I'm good enough for the position.."

"The fact that the board agreed is enough to say  you are a qualified baby."

" I want to be in that picture frame too."

Yuu keeps on caressing my cheeks while our eyes are connected... But I flinch feeling the muscle on my cheeks being pulled by my asshole boyfriend "Ittai-Ittai Yuu-chan..."Yuu chuckled then stop when I pulled her hands away with my cheeks...

"Baka!!!!!"Yuu chuckle more like a child ... Then he pulled my skin again then squeezed it together..."Yuuchan!!!!!" I scream by being pissed....He laughs then composed himself. I just realize baby your cheeks is like mochi... soft and flexible...
I smack his head hearing him.. "You really not listening to me..."How could you make fun of me you are not taking me seriously...."Before I can more he already captured my lips...  We stop when we can barely breathe... you caressed my cheeks again... "Now that you are pissed but still love me are you still thinking about What if?"

"Haruna, All I do was to introduce you and your ideas on the board. What happened next is beyond my knowledge.It is you..."

I tuck my lips and look at his eyes again Yuu smile while combing my hair with his fingers...

"The board's acceptance of you was far more than I expected and far more than I expect they will accept Shinoda... "

"But I do not have experience..."

Yuu hugged me tightly and he rested his chin on my head.

"Hmmmmm..... When they give me this position I don't have experience too When they ask me to take over Maeda Corp I don't have experience on Managing Department stores......"

"Yuu hold my hand locking his fingers with each finger of mine...

"Never think that you will fail.Remember I'm you, partner...Yuu kissed my forehead... All you need to do is to work on your ideas and my work is to market it...

" Yuu winks and kisses my forehead..."Sleep now my mochi, We still have a lot of work to do Tom...."

"I love you Yuu..."

"I love you more baby..."

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I like it dude. but please end this soon. I am tired wif the suffering Kojiyuu.

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