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Author Topic: [News] Tsunku has stepped down/"graduated" from being Hello! Project producer  (Read 1817 times)

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According to his new book Dakara Ikiru (Therefore I Will Live), Tsunku confesses that he stepped down from being H!P's producer right after Morning Musume's New York concert in October of last year, but is still active as a songwriter.

It also just occurred to me that the iconic "Produced by Tsunku" line that's been on the majority of H!P media has been absent from many of this year's releases, including Momusu's releases...and apparently he's not listed in the credits of the Gradation concert DVD.


Personally I can't quite put into words how I feel about this revelation...but I think this image macro will always be relevant:
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I feel it is more of a direction that needed to be taken but he wants to keep himself active somehow :nervous

His voice may have left but his mind will continue.  I just hope that stepping away can open them up to other minds to step in although that's a risk always willing to be taken to consider that he will never leave his baby altogether just enough to see it bloom in someone else's hands

Just my thought after hearing about it but it seems he made a conscious decision, putting aside something he had been working on for his whole lifetime :thumbsup
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JTri greeted me with "Tsunku :(" on IRC this morning so I thought he had DIED.

So compared to that, him stepping down is much less severe. :P

I'll miss new music from him because when he writes a good song, it just won't get old. Ever. :lol: But at the same time, I'm loving like, the new Kobushi Factory songs, so I don't think H!P is musically DOOMED from now on. I'm not sure if their hits will have the same longevity, though. Like Taiki Bansei and Tsugi no kado wo magare are great the first 10 listens and after that it's a bit... "ok I get it, is this song ending any time soon?" ^^;;

We'll see, but the most important thing is that the man is happy, or as happy as can be. I always thought I'd quit being a fan when Tsunku quits, but now that it's sort of here (I know he said he'll still be writing sometimes), it still feels like nope, I'm not going anywhere. I may become even more casual a fan, but there's no reason for me to stop rofl.
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Well Tsunku not being in charge certainly explains this last year's explosion of new members.

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So he'll still be penning lyrics for H!P..wonder if he's still on staff payroll, or contracted freelance..

'cause IIRC he does own a company outside of Up-front umbrella
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