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Author Topic: The Black Rose {YukiRena+Other pairs} Chapter 19+20 (Final) - COMPLETED  (Read 25169 times)

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 14 [160716]
« Reply #100 on: July 18, 2016, 09:16:06 AM »
I've been a really silent reader but I must say, this story is gold! :D

Oh no, Rena's kidnapped ; n ; And Hide's gonna break her too ; n ; /cries rivers/
I wonder what JuriYuki along with the rest of the team will do now.
Looking forward to your next update~

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 14 [160716]
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I've been waiting for this update so long, and after some fluffy holiday you write, now you decide to kidnap Rena.... HOW DAREEE YOUUUU.....

Please have some Merci to my weak shipper heart, although I'm kinda having a heart attack, at least I can die in happiness (yet curious) after reading your update....

will wait for the next update.... and please don't give us more CLIFFHANGER....

first time i decide to reply my reader comment and that's because your comment is very funny  :w00t:
Well what can I say? You know how much I love suffering my Reader  :twisted:  You see i'm evil Arthur and i love seeing you cry MUWAHAHAHAHA and there is no way i will stop hurting you XDD

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 14 [160716]
« Reply #102 on: August 15, 2016, 06:04:16 PM »
I've been waiting for this update so long, and after some fluffy holiday you write, now you decide to kidnap Rena.... HOW DAREEE YOUUUU.....

Please have some Merci to my weak shipper heart, although I'm kinda having a heart attack, at least I can die in happiness (yet curious) after reading your update....

will wait for the next update.... and please don't give us more CLIFFHANGER....

first time i decide to reply my reader comment and that's because your comment is very funny  :w00t:
Well what can I say? You know how much I love suffering my Reader  :twisted:  You see i'm evil Arthur and i love seeing you cry MUWAHAHAHAHA and there is no way i will stop hurting you XDD

Not as Sadistic as me though, I murdered several AKB girls and tortured more. Hide of your fic is just a wannabe compared to me!


*hovers hand on Exterminatus button*

Ruka knows what I am gonna say to her *wink*

Now will you excuse me. I am going to feed Meat to Sayanee and Chicken to Churi.....



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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 14 [160716]
« Reply #103 on: August 19, 2016, 07:29:09 PM »
I've been waiting for this update so long, and after some fluffy holiday you write, now you decide to kidnap Rena.... HOW DAREEE YOUUUU.....

Please have some Merci to my weak shipper heart, although I'm kinda having a heart attack, at least I can die in happiness (yet curious) after reading your update....

will wait for the next update.... and please don't give us more CLIFFHANGER....

first time i decide to reply my reader comment and that's because your comment is very funny  :w00t:
Well what can I say? You know how much I love suffering my Reader  :twisted:  You see i'm evil Arthur and i love seeing you cry MUWAHAHAHAHA and there is no way i will stop hurting you XDD

Not as Sadistic as me though, I murdered several AKB girls and tortured more. Hide of your fic is just a wannabe compared to me!


*hovers hand on Exterminatus button*

Ruka knows what I am gonna say to her *wink*

Now will you excuse me. I am going to feed Meat to Sayanee and Chicken to Churi.....


you just murder them tortured them but that just word not feeling feeling is when one line is enough to make your reader cry without kill or torturing them simple watch your lover dying in front you yet you can do nothing to save her

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 14 [160716]
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Chapter 15


Rena woke up in a daze. The last thing she remembered was returning to her room after changing into her yukata, then everything after was a blank.

As she woke up and looked at her surroundings, she saw, was somewhere dark and murky, it was an unsettling place. She tried to stand, but then saw that she was tied to the chair she was sitting in.

She tried to scream for help, but found her voice was restrained by a cloth that covered her mouth. She felt adrenaline run through her as she tried to analyze her situation, but found she had seemingly no escape. She could only try her best to scream through her cloth gagging her.

Just then, she heard the metal door creak open and saw a figure with red eyes walk in. She heard mad chuckles as the figure approached her, revealing a bloodbathed Hide. He faced Rena with a wickedly twisted grin, raising his red blood stained hand to caress her cheek, leaving red marks.

“I’m going to have so much fun breaking you~” he said in a chilling tone.


“Rena was kidnapped?!”

“Yes. Most likely, he captured her after she had finished dinner and went to her room,” Jurina explained. “Me and Yuki found this note left by him.”

“Argh! Even on vacation, we have to hunt down a vampire!” Sasshi groaned. “What the heck?!”

“What are we gonna do now?” Mayu asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Yuki spoke, her eyes had a serious aura. “We’re going to save her and slay that vampire.”

“Yuki’s right. This is our job as hunters,” Takamina said. “But we can’t all leave. Only two of us should go.”

“I’ll go,” Jurina said.

“No you can’t, it’s dangerous. He isn’t a normal vampire.” Yuki said.

“She’s my sister. I have to go save her.”

“Hide is different. He’s.. warped. Insane. And he’ll break Rena and make her the same way.”

“That’s exactly why I have to go,” Jurina said firmly, staring at Yuki with very serious eyes. Eyes that pierced the vampire’s gaze like a knife.

The two stared off for a while, and Yuki could see not just the seriousness, but the sincerity in her eyes. She already knew very well how much Jurina loved and cared about Rena, so it was no surprise that Jurina wasn’t going to give in without a fight.

Yuki smirked. “Fine. You and I will go.”

“Alright, it’s decided then,” Takamina smiled. “But, you two be careful.”

“We will.” Yuki said as she put on her hunter clothes and readied her weapon.

“You ready?” Jurina asked as she hide the dagger inside her coat.

“Yup. Let’s move out.”

Before they can walk outside, Yuko came running toward them while holding a sword in her hand.

“Yuki! Take this with you. I made this sword especially for you.” Yuko smiled as she handed her the sword.

“I don’t need it.”

“Oh, come on~ Don’t reject my gift.” Yuko pouted. “Trust me, this will come in handy during battle. Please~”

Yuki rolled her eyes and took the sword. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome~” Yuko smiled.

“Now, let’s go. Rena could already be in danger.”


Hide was laughing at Rena’s futile attempts to try and break free of her restraints. He laughed at how she tried to call for help, but her screams remained muffled.

“Look at you, you’re so weak in this state,” he chuckled. “So helpless… Hahahahaha, I can’t get enough of it!”

Rena scowled at the vampire as he walked closer. Grinning, he removed the gag from her mouth.

“I can’t wait to hear your screams as your sanity snaps.”

“You won’t get away with this,” Rena growled. “Eventually, someone will know I’m gone. They’ll come for me. And then, they’ll kill you.”

Hide laughed. “Oh, really?! I don’t think your girlfriend is strong enough to kill me.”

“Y-Yuki is not my girlfriend!” Rena blushed slightly.

“Hahaha! How can you say that? Why are you denying your feelings?”


“I can see it… It’s so obvious, you love her.” Hide chuckled. “I bet she will be mad if she finds out you don’t acknowledge her as your lover.”

Rena gripped her fists. “It doesn’t matter… What matters is, she will defeat you. She’ll come here and slay you!”

“Hehehe, well… until she does, why don’t we have some fun?”

Hide then grabbed Rena’s head, holding her in place. He whispered something and Rena started to see visions appear in her mind. She saw visions of her parents dying, her sister covered in blood and crying.

“No..! Mom… Dad… Jurina!”

“They died because of you…” Hide said. “It’s your fault..! Hahahaha..!”

“N-no..!” Rena screamed as tears started forming. “It’s not my fault!!”

“It is! Quit denying it, they died because you were weak!”

Rena screamed in pain as she saw how vampire killed her parents, and he laughed at Rena while drenched in their blood.

“How weak..! Pitiful little girl~”

“Shut up..!” Rena screamed, not wanting to hear the voice. “You can’t control me!!”

“Oh, really? You think so?’

“Y-Yuki… will come save me…” she breathed out.

“Okay! Hahahaha! How about this?!”

Hide used another power at her which made her black out. When Rena woke up, she found herself in a dark room.

“Rena~” she heard a voice call her name as she saw someone step out in front of her.

“Yuki!!” she smiled as she saw her lover approaching her, she run toward her, but got blocked by mirror wall. Yuki just laughed at her.

Rena smacked the mirror as she tried to broke it.

“Yuki!!!” She yelled her lover name as she were smiling at her, but suddenly, the view changed. She saw Yuki kneeling in front of a woman who had a silver sword in her hand and smirking evilly. The blood were tripping over Yuki arms, she were covered in blood.

Rena’s eyes widened as she saw the woman pierce the sword through Yuki, making her cough up blood.

“NO!!!” Rena screamed as she repeatedly punched the mirror, trying to break free. “Yuki!!!”


“No..! No..! Yuki…!” Rena cried with her eyes closed, squirming in the chair as she was having an intense nightmare.

Hide just chuckled as he watched the girl suffer from his illusion.



Jurina and Yuki were getting closer to Hide’s location. As his place started to come into view, Yuki and Jurina pick up the speed.

However, a shadow came from behind and chopped Jurina behind the neck, knocking her unconscious.

“Jurina!” Yuki stopped running and saw Hide standing there.

“Hehehe, looks like someone wasn’t looking where she was going~”

“Hide… where is Rena?” Yuki said with a dark glare.

Hide just kept laughing, irritating the girl more.

Yuki hissed at him as she took her sword out. “Leave her out of this. She has nothing to do with all of this.”

“Of course she does! You fell in love with her! The two of you committed the ultimate taboo!” Hide laughed as he licked his lips. “Her blood is tasty!!”

Yuki’s eyes widened. She slashed the sword in a swift motion.

“You drank her blood?!”

“Just a little taste. Don’t get so mad~”

She slashed the sword again, this time cutting Hide’s cheek. “You bastard..!”

Yuki then took out a electric whip as she cracked it at Hide’s feet and snatched the whip back causing him to fall down.

She then tied him up with the whip and grabbed Jurina, carrying her in her arms and running off. She followed the scent of Rena’s blood to find her location. Her ear twitched as she heard sounds of screaming in the distance.

“Rena!” she whispered and started running faster, holding onto Jurina tightly.

She kept running until she found an old warehouse. She set Jurina down and entered the abandoned warehouse. She heard Rena screaming and laughing, and found her strapped to a chair in the back of the room. Blood were dripping off her nails and hands as she scratched the wooden surface of the chair arms. She was laughing madly while babbling gibberish.

“Rena!!” Yuki eyes widened as her raised.

“Nee, okotteru?” Rena asked while giggling as she stared at Yuki.

She rushed toward Rena and tried cutting the chain. “Don’t worry, I will take you out off here.”

Rena didn’t respond and just kept laughing. Yuki knew she was on the brink of insanity, she knew Hide’s torture would make any human eventually snap.

The chains weren’t coming off, as she keep yanking them angrily. She then heard Hide’s laughter as she saw him getting closer to the warehouse, holding a broken whip in his hand.

“Look at the poor girl. Hehehe...” He laughed throwing the whip away. “Hahahahaha! You have become weak over this human!”

“You..!” Yuki growled, clenching her fist.

“What are you going to do now, Black?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“I will make you pay!!” She roared as her vampire side took over her, her eyes glowed red as her claws grew. She ran at lightning speed to Hide and scratched at him with her claws.

Hide just laughed, but his laugh soon vanished as Yuki grabbed him by neck and slammed him on the ground, leaving a dent in the floor. He coughed the blood as he tried to get up but Yuki slammed her boot on his knee, causing him to scream loudly.

“What you’ve done is unacceptable! Unforgivable!”

Hide just chuckled as his mouth dripped blood.

“You traitor… Why give your life for this human..?”

“Because this human will be my future.” Saying this she grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him outside. Soon, the sun was rising on morning. She kicked him out of the warehouse, letting the sun hit him and burn him alive, he screamed in pain as he turned into ashes.

Yuki then called the others, informing them to come to their location and take Rena to the hospital. After an hour of waiting, the rest of the hunters arrived with an ambulance and they took Rena to the hospital.

Sayaka picked up Jurina and carried her as Takamina went to speak with Yuki.

“Yuki, how were you able to find this place? It’s been abandoned for years.”

“Oh, um… we just happened to stumble upon it,” Yuki lied.

“Well, it’s good that you did. If you didn’t find her sooner, Rena might’ve been beyond saving.” Takamina praised her.

Yuki bowed her head, thanking her. “It was nothing, really.”

They then drove to the hospital and waited to hear what the doctor had to say about her condition. After some waiting, the doctor came and said that her condition was starting to stable and that she would have to stay hospitalized for a few days.

Yuki went to the room where Rena was resting. She saw Rena lying in the hospital bed, staring up at the ceiling. Dragging the chair closer to the bed, she sat on it and kissed Rena forehead. Rena looked at the vampire girl and smiled at her.

“Snow angel…” she spoke almost like a child. “You came back…”

Yuki’s eyes widened. “Rena..?”

“I was wondering when you’d come back. I’ve been waiting for you,” Rena smiled innocently.

Yuki saw what was going on. Rena’s mind took her back to her childhood memories, making her act like how she was when she was younger.

“I missed you!” Rena smiled, reaching her hand to hug Yuki. She pulled the girl close and hugged her tight, snuggling into her chest.

“I missed you too, Rena…” Yuki said with a soft smile.

“Mou~ where did you go off to?” Rena pouted. “It was lonely without you.”

"I’m sorry, I had something to do.” Yuki replied stroking Rena’s hair.

“What? Did Santa have a big job for you to do?”

Yuki chuckled. “Yes, he did. I’m sorry I let it keep me from seeing you.”

“It’s okay. You’re here now, and I’m REALLY happy you’re here!”

“Of course. You wanted us to be friends, right?” Yuki patted her head. “I’ll always be here for you.”

Rena smiled, giggling in pure innocence and bliss. Then, her smile suddenly faded as she remembered something.

“Ah!” Rena started searching for something. “Where is it? Where did I put it?”

“Eh? What?” Yuki asked, confused.

“The snowflake you gave me!”

The vampire furrowed her eyebrows. “Snowflake?”

“You gave me a snowflake before you left. You said you would meet me again and told me to keep it safe!” Rena started to tear up. “I’m sorry I lost it!”

“No, no, don’t cry,” Yuki held the girl’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry, snow angel… I didn’t mean to lose your snowflake…”

“I’ll find it for you. Don’t worry.” She whispered caressing Rena cheeks. She kissed her forehead before rushing out of the room.

She walked down the hall and saw Jurina with Sayaka and Sae.

“Jurina, come with me,” she grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her to the restroom where they could talk.

“Hey, watch the grip!” Jurina said, pulling her wrist free.

“Does your sister have a necklace or something in the shape of a snowflake?”

“Huh? Why do you need to know?”

“Just tell me where it is, don’t ask much.” Yuki ordered.

“Hmm… no, I don’t think so. Not that I’ve seen her wear a snowflake necklace or anything. But, she does have a box where she keeps all her old jewelry. Maybe it’s in there.”

“Do you know where it is?”

“She keeps it in her closet, but she hasn’t taken it out in years, so I honestly don’t remember.”

Nodding, Yuki walked away and rushed to Rena house, with vampire speed. She hurried to Rena’s room and opened up her closet, searching for the box with her jewelry.

After some rummaging, she found a small blue box with a pink ribbon tied around it, keeping the lid shut. The colors were faded and the box was covered in dust. She blew the dust off and untied the ribbon, opening the box.

She found it was full with different kinds of necklaces, bracelets, and broaches. She started looking inside the box, when she pulled out a necklace that looked like a snowflake, put part of it was broken. There weren’t any other snowflakes in the box, so she knew it had to be the one.

She then closed the box and put it back in its place. She then rushed back to the hospital, holding the necklace in her hand.

Once she got back, she went to Rena’s room, but saw the nurse was leaving.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I came to see Rena.”

“Well, okay, but, I just gave her a shot to let her rest, so make it snappy,” the nurse explained before leaving.

“Did you find it?” Rena asked as Yuki entered.

“Yup. But, it looks like it’s broken,” she said before handing the necklace to Rena.

Rena just smiled, holding the necklace. “It’s okay… I still have it…”

Yuki smiled warmly, patting the girl’s head.

Rena then looked up and asked, “Do you still have yours?”


“Your necklace. The one that matches this…” Rena’s eyes drooped as the drug started to take effect. “It was.. Part of our promise…”


“Don’t you remember..? We made a promise… that we would run away together…”

Yuki stared Rena confused. She doesn’t remember if she ever promised something like this to her, even if she did, why did she?

“You’re gonna.. keep our promise, right..? We’re gonna.. be together… right, Snow..?” Rena’s eyes started to flutter shut as she was drifting out of consciousness.

“Yeah… we'll be together,” Yuki said before Rena passed out, still holding the necklace in her hand. She kissed her forehead gently. “Forever.”


To Be Continued

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 15 [160904]
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Glad to know that Rena is fine... Now what is that promise little Rena is talking  about

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 15 [160904]
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It's been along time that i'm not visit this forum. And when i see this fic there are alot of update so happy.  :cow:
and nice chapter  :twothumbs I'll waiting again for your next update...
Ganbate kudasai... (^0^)9

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 15 [160904]
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waiting for the next chapter ~  :wub:

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 15 [160904]
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Update? There is no...

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 15 [160904]
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Update? There is no...

Sorry it's been a while. I'm hoping to pick this back up whenever I'm able to. Otherwise, though, I may end up dropping it.

I really am sorry! :bow:

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I'm so sad to hear this  :( . But it's fine, it's your fic   :yep:

But let me hope that you will update it someday   :)

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Hiatus is over! We're back! :D


Chapter 16


After three days, Rena was back in stable condition and discharged from the hospital. After her mind started restabilizing, she forgot about when she was acting like a kid to Yuki. Even after she left the hospital, however, she decided she needed a break from hunting and took a personal vacation.
While everyone was doing their job, going out to slay vampires, Rena stayed at home by herself. The empty house was quiet and still without the company of Jurina or the vampire Yuki. Not really knowing what else she could do, she decided to sleep.
And she dreamed of snow...

“A new hunter?”

“Yes,” Takamina confirmed with the group, gesturing to a young girl with short hair standing beside her. “She just transferred to Tokyo from Kagoshima.”

“My name’s Miyawaki Sakura. It’s nice to meet you,” the girl bowed.

“Sakura-chan, then. Yoroshiku!” Sae greeted her cheerfully.

“Since Rena’s taking a break, Yuki, Jurina, you two will be helping her out on missions. She’s a skilled prodigy, so it shouldn’t be much trouble.”

“Understood,” Jurina said before smiling at the girl, “let’s get along, Sakura-chan.”

Sakura blushed a bit by her charming smile, nodding before glancing at Yuki. She stared at her for a moment before bowing her head.

“Yosh! Sayaka, I need you to come with me,” Takamina then said. “The rest of you, start training.”
“Yes, ma’am!”
As the girls split into their respective groups, Sakura began training on her own. She put on some fingerless boxing gloves and began training with a dummy, performing some dirty boxing mixed with kickboxing elements.

Yuki glanced over at the girl as she and Jurina set up for combat training. While distracted, she didn’t notice Jurina run towards her and was tackled by the younger girl.
“Ahh!” she hissed as she was thrown to the ground. “Oi! I wasn’t ready!”

“Haha, sorry, sorry.”

As she helped Yuki up, the vampire then asked, “Hey, Sakura-chan looked at me weird earlier… Do you think she suspects I’m a vampire?”
“Eh? You think so?”

“Mm… the way she looked at me felt like she was suspicious.”

“What do you wanna do about it?”

Yuki tried to think about it, but when she glanced back, she saw Sakura was staring at her. Yuki looked away, pretending not to look at her.

“Hey, Yuki-san, Jurina-san,” Sakura called out to them. “Could you come over here?”

The two looked at each other before approaching the girl on the other side of the room.

“What’s up?” Jurina asked.

“I was wondering if one of you could help me train. As a sparring partner.”

“Sure,” Jurina smiled, “Yuki-san, would you wanna start?”
“Eh! Uh, sure.”

As Sakura got into position, Yuki popped her knuckles and neck.

“Don’t think I’ll go easy on you,” she told her.

“That’s my line.”

“Huh--” Once Yuki was in position, the girl suddenly ran towards her, grabbed both her shoulders, and tackled her to the floor. “AHH!!!”

Everyone turned to look when they heard Yuki suddenly screaming. Takamina and Sayaka also came back in, only to see Sakura holding Yuki in an uncomfortable position. She had her arms around her neck in a choker hold, Yuki struggling to break free.

“Ack! Uncle! I give, I give!” Yuki said, tapping out.

Sakura immediately let her go, making her collapse face first onto the floor.

“Holy crap, Sakura! Where’d you learn how to do that?!” Sasshi asked.

“My dad used to be a wrestler. We played wrestling all the time.”

As Yuki sat back up, holding her neck, she noticed Sakura was wearing a ring on her right hand.

“Sakura… what’s that ring?” she asked.

“Oh, uh… it was a birthday present from my dad last year!”

“Lemme see,” Jurina said, looking at the ring on her hand. “Hee~ cool design.”

“Woah, that is cool!” Takamina also commented.

“Is this real silver?”

“But why is it a snake?” Sasshi asked, catching Yuki’s attention.


“It’s Ouroboros. It represents the cycle of rebirth.”

As they were talking, something started happening to Yuki. The voices became drowned out by a high pitch ringing and she suddenly stopped moving. Stopped breathing. Her eyes wide, her pupils shrunk to the size of needles.

“Ouroboros… the snake..!”

Suddenly, one of the lights in the room blew a fuse. Sparks flew, making everyone scream and shocking Yuki out of her trance.

“Eh..?! What happened?!”

“No way! The light blew a fuse?”

“I’ll have to call the maintenance…”

“But how did that happen? It was just fine before.”

“Yuki, are you alright?” Jurina asked with a worried expression.

“Y-yeah, why do you ask?”

“Cuz your nose is bleeding.”

“What?!” Yuki touched her nose, looking to see blood on the tip of her finger. “How did this happen?!”
“Someone, get Yuki tissues!”
“Snow..! Snow angel..! Where are you?!”

“Lily… you have to run!”
A snake…

“I-it hurts.. Snow…”

“I’m sorry.”

Rena’s eyes fluttered open as she woke from her dream. She blinked furiously and touched her cheek, seeing she saw crying.

“Eh..? Why am I…?”

She tried to recall the dream she just had and why she was crying, but everything was fuzzy. All she could recall was pure, white snow.

Since Rena was awake and there was nothing left to do, she decided to go outside for a walk. She put on a large white coat, as it was freezing outside, and started walking. She didn’t have anywhere particular to go, so she just aimlessly walked around town.

She stared up at the sky, seeing it covered in clouds tinted silver.

“I wonder if it’s going to snow again… Maybe that’s why I’ve been having weird dreams lately.”

She then stopped at a café. She saw a sign that showed it was giving out a sale on hot chocolate, probably due to the oncoming winter season.

“Might as well go in…”


“Mou, I don’t understand how this happened,” Yuki groaned with a tissue stuck up her nostril.

“Don’t worry about it, Yuki. Nosebleeds happen. Usually to Sasshi,” Jurina said with a chuckle at the end.
The vampire girl sighed heavily.

“Seriously, though, I don’t remember how that happened… I just blacked out for a second earlier.”

“Blacked out?”
“Yeah… it was weird.”

“Yuki,” Sayaka called out to the girl. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. I think it was just from training earlier. I’ll be okay.”
“If you’re sure. But if something happens again, Takamina advises you should go home and rest.”


It was then that Takamina called everyone to inform them of a mission.

“I just got word from the hunter’s division in Nagoya of a vampire. I need two of you to go down and check it out. Who wants to go?”
“I’ll go!” Jurina immediately volunteered.
“Alright. Who else?”

Everyone looked around, unsure of who would go. Yuki didn’t even see Sakura offer to go.
“I’ll go,” Yuki raised her hand.
“Yuki, are you sure?”
“Yes. If no one else is willing to go, then I might as well.”
Sayaka smirked. “You all should follow her example. Yuki is fearless.”

The two hunters stepped forward and Takamina and Sayaka saluted them.
“Good luck, you two.”
“Haa~ so bored…” Rena sighed as she finished her cup of hot chocolate.
She looked around at everyone, relaxing in the quiet café. Couples sharing sweets, college students studying, a writer working on the rough draft of his next work. All different types of people.
She sighed again, asking the waitress to refill her glass. As she waited, she suddenly felt a chill go down her spine.

“Why do I feel like… I’m being watched?”

She looked around, but couldn’t see anyone looking her way.
Rena tried to shake off the feeling, just as her refill of hot chocolate came. She took hold of the cup, blowing it off to cool it down.
Then, she felt her phone vibrate. She got up from her seat, walking to the bathroom to take the call.

“Hello? Jurina?”

“Rena-chan, this may sound sudden, but me and Yuki are going to Nagoya.”

“Eh?! Why?”

“We got assigned a mission there. We’ll only be gone a few days.”
“Alright… But, if something happens, I’m coming there straight away.”

“Don’t worry, nee-chan! We can handle it.”

“Oh… Okay. Have a safe trip.”

“Un! Bye, love you~” Jurina’s voice spoke with a smooch. Instead of replying, Rena just hung up.

She then returned to her table, gulped down all of the hot chocolate, paid for her drink and left the café. She started walking home, but suddenly felt her legs grow weak. She became dizzy and wasn’t able to see straight.

“W-what’s..going on…?”

Rena collapsed on the sidewalk, lying unconscious as a tall man approached her.



To Be Continued

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 16 - Hiatus OVER!
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Rena got kidnapped again??!!  :banghead: :banghead:

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 16
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Chapter 17


Yuki and Jurina arrived in Nagoya, where they had seen the busy streets. They walked to the front of the hunter’s base, signified by the symbol shared by their own base in Tokyo. They walked inside, greeted by a young woman with long hair.
“You must be the hunters Takamina-san sent. My name’s Furukawa Airi.”

They saluted to Airi before the woman guided them to the training room.

“Churi!” Airi called out. “They’re here!”

The two saw a girl with red hair, smiling at Airi, before looking at them.
“So, these two will be my partners for the day?”
“Yeah. Churi’s our top Elite, but this case here is quite a handful.”
“We weren’t sure if we could get you involved in this particular case, but we felt that we must.”

“Take a look at this.” Airi took out her phone and showed them a picture of what looked like a victim in a vampire murder case. Only, the bite marks seemed very small.
“A few days ago, we got a report from someone saying they got attacked by some kind of dark shadow. When we went there to confirm if the information was true, we were surprised to find many dead bodies in the area just like this one.”
“Eh?! How many?”
“Almost 20, all of them drained of their blood. The bite was similar to the vampire bite, but it was small, more like a snake bite.”
Yuki’s eyes widened, “Snake bite..?!”
“Yep, so we decided to send our strongest team to investigate about that creature, but sadly none of them were able to kill those things.” Airin explained.
“Why?” Jurina asked.
Churi sighed, ruffling her hair. “Because it was a shadow, a dark shadow..”
“What? A shadow? Are you kidding me?! How can a shadow kill people?” Jurina asked.
“Was it a demon shadow?”
“We aren’t sure what it is. But we’ve been trying to catch it since…”
“I almost got it last time,” Akane said. “But that thing surrounded me with it’s shadow and for moment I felt as my body got squeezed by a many snakes..”
Yuki walked toward the white board where all the information about the shadow demon was written. She picked up one of the pictures where they captured a shadow. There was a snake coming out of the shadow as it was attacking.
“It’s a Shadow-walker..!” Yuki whispered, catching everyone's attention.

"A what?"

"Shadow-walkers... A Dark witch's familiar."
“A Dark witch?” Akane repeated.
Yuki nodded. “A hybrid of a witch and a human. They have powerful magic, and can summon familiars from the Shadowrealm. But they are unable to control their human form because it’s unstable. They need human energy to maintain it.”
“Wait, so you think this is the work of a witch and a Shadow-walker, not a vampire?” Airin asked.
“Perhaps.” Yuki replied as she put the picture back in its place.
“Well, whatever it is, we need to find it and kill it now. Before it kills anyone else.” Jurina said.
“But how are we gonna kill that creature? Us humans are too weak against it. The only thing that could possibly face it would have to be inhuman...”
Jurina looked at Yuki, who just stood silently.

“Um, Airi-san, Churi-san, can you give us a minute?” she then asked.

“Eh? Uh, sure?”

Jurina grabbed the vampire’s wrist, pulling her to the other side of the room to talk.

“Yuki, you should tell them you’re a vampire!” Jurina whispered.

“What?! Jurina, are you crazy? They’d kill me!”

“Not in this situation. They just said, the only thing that can beat a Shadow-walker would have to be inhuman. Plus, you can always just erase their memory when it’s all said and done.”
“But, even if I told them, do you really think I could kill the witch’s Shadow familiar?”
“You’ve killed three high rank vampires from your OWN clan! I’m sure you could take on a mere witch-demon-thingy!”

Yuki shook her head. “I’m a vampire, not a witch. I can kill any other creature excluding a Dark witch. I can’t defend against their magic.”
“Listen to me,” the girl grabbed her shoulders. “You are a royal vampire and I believe you can totally kick that witch’s butt!”
“Well… if you’re sure.”
The two returned to Akane and Airi, Yuki taking some courage before speaking.
“I think I can help you both.”
“The truth is… I’m a vampire.”
However, when she said that, they got no reaction from the two. Yuki just blinked, as if expecting a huge, shocked reaction from both.

“D-did you not just hear me? I said I’m a vampire.”
“We know.”
“Eh?!” She and Jurina were the ones to give the shocked reaction.
“Y-you know she’s a vampire?!”
“Of course. Your boss informed us when she called.”

“Takamina did?!”
“Takamina knew? That’s impossible!”

“Well, she told us she knew, and she told us we could trust you.”
Yuki felt touched. She was surprised that they trusted her so easily even though she was a vampire.

“Alright, you three go on ahead,” Airi commanded. “Track down that demon witch and kill it!”

“Yes, ma’am!”
The three headed out to the area where the Shadow-walker was last present. Akane saw a trail of blood where the last victim was attacked and followed it.

“This way, you two.”
Yuki and Jurina followed her as they started tracking the energy left off from the being.
“So, let’s go over the plan,” Yuki said. “Since the Shadow-walker can’t be touched or harmed by weapons in its shadow form, our best bet is to kill the master.”

“That’s right,” Akane replied. “If we kill the witch, the familiar should return to the Shadowrealm.”

“Sounds easier said than done…”

The three of them then heard someone scream. They looked and saw two figures standing. One of them looked like a shadow, grabbing someone and throwing them.

“Alright, where is she?!” the blonde woman said. “Show your true self! Where are you?!”
“There they are!”
Akane drew her knife as they approached the scene.

“That’s enough!” she said as Yuki and Jurina pointed their guns.
The witch then looked at them and sneered.

“Nuisances… Kill them!” she commanded the shadow. It lunged toward them, but they quickly dodged, advancing toward the witch.

“Yuki, we can’t keep dodging forever. Try to subdue the shadow while we take care of the witch.”

“Got it!”

As Jurina and Akane started attacking the witch, Yuki went toward the shadow. The shapeshifted into a wolf form and bolted toward her.
Yuki got tackled and began brawling with the wolf, both rolling on the ground, scratching and punching. Her lips became bruised and started to bleed, both growling as they circled one another.

“Your friend is quite a feisty one,” Akane commented.

“Thanks,” Jurina replied with a smirk as she shot the witch, who dodged leaving only a graze on her cheek.

“That girl… she’s a vampire, isn’t she?” the witch commented.

“What? You scared?”

The witch just laughed. Jurina grew annoyed and cocked her gun, shooting another round.
“Stupid human! You’re pointing that gun the wrong way!”
“Shut up, you!” Akane slashed her knife, cutting the witch’s shoulder. “We are hunters! Vampires and demon worshipping witches like you must be slain to protect the innocent!”
The witch laughed again, grabbing the hunter’s wrist and twisting it.

“That’s such a measly cause! Each one of you humans shall perish anyways!”
Akane grabbed her with her other hand, flipping her over.

“Jurina, now, while I’ve got her down!”
Jurina nodded and took her gun, shooting the witch in the back. As the witch screamed, she broke away and slowly got up, holding her head in pain.

“N-no..! No! Don’t punish me!!!”

She then suddenly burst into blue flames, burning into ashes. As she did, the wolf Yuki was fighting turned back into a shadow and slowly burned into black smoke as well, leaving only dust behind.

“We did it…” Yuki breathed heavily.
Meanwhile, somewhere in a dark cellar, Rena was chained up, her energy being drained and her thoughts dizzy in her head. Her vision was blurry and all she could comprehend was a woman in front of her.

Around her neck was a white snake which was biting into her neck, absorbing all her energy. Its glowing red eyes flickered as it slithered off her body, sliding toward the woman and wrapping itself around her wrist. It bit into her arm and a red energy was absorbed into her own body, making her smile.

“What powerful energy… Warm like a fire. You are quite a treasure, hunter,” she spoke.
She then took out an apple, ripe and red, holding it in front of Rena. She looked up weakly and leaned forward, begging for a bite.

The woman said nothing and placed the apple in her mouth. She held it as the girl weakly chewed, savoring the sweet juice from the fruit. In a matter of seconds, the apple was down to its core. She threw it over to a pile of other apple cores and leaned down.

“Even if you are a human, you’re quite beautiful… Perhaps I should sire you.”
“No..! Don’t make me a vampire..!” Rena tried to shake her head, but found it too hard to even do that.
“No… your value comes from your purity. Turning you would taint that.”

She pondered on what she should do. Rena’s fingers twitched as she tried to move her hand, but was slipping in and out of consciousness.

“I know. My daughter could make use of you,” she then said. “Yes… If my child absorbed your energy, her true power can finally awaken.”

“…” Rena started to black out, but she heard one last thing as her mind faded out.
“Finally, the Black Rose shall bloom.”
“Haa~ that was easy,” Jurina sighed happily as she and the others returned to the base.
“Yeah… too easy, if you ask me.”

“Hm? What do you mean, Churi-san?”
Akane looked down. “I mean, in her final moments, the witch seemed… scared. I think there’s more to this than we know.”
Airi then approached them.
“Well, how’d the mission go?”
“Smoothly, nonetheless… But we’re worried there’s more to this than we know.”

“The witch screamed that she was going to be punished. Do you think that maybe the witch we killed wasn’t the true master?”

“You mean, there might be another, more powerful Dark witch who’s doing this?”
Suddenly, alarm bells rang as they heard loud explosion outside the training room. Akane ran out to investigate, only to look back with a horrified expression.
“It’s back! The Shadow-walker! It’s coming back!” she screamed.
“We didn’t kill it!”
“Crap..!” Airi hissed, then turned to everyone and commanded, “Everyone, get your weapons!”
“How the hell did they find our base?!” Churi huffed while picking up her guns and knife.
“How should we know?!” Jurina screamed in her panic as she loaded her gun.
“They must have felt it!” Yuki spoke as her eyes turned at the door. “Or it followed us after the battle ended!”
It burst open and a huge shadow entered. It stared menacingly at them while letting out a low hiss.
“Oh sh*t!!” Churi cursed as she loaded her gun and aimed the shadow and fired at it, but it didn’t effect the shadow as the bullets simply passed through him and hit the wall behind him. “Bullets won’t work on him!”
Jurina found a dagger and threw it, but it also passed through it body.
“Run! We can’t defend against it!!” Yuki yelled, grabbing Jurina’s hand and leading her toward the safe passage, but before they can get out, the shadow bolted to the room and appeared in front of Yuki.
It then grabbed her and engulfed her in a dark shadow. Yuki screamed as she tried to attack the shadow but the shadow squeezed her body causing her unable to move.


To Be Continued

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 17 [170703]
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Oh no! Geki is in some deep shit!

*grabs AR-15*

Don't worry I'll save u!


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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 17 [170703]
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And now Yuki got kidnapped too!!!!

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 17 [170703]
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Chapter 18


“Yuki!” Jurina yelled as she tried to reach out for Yuki, but the shadow disappeared, taking Yuki with it.
“Oh God…!”
“D-Did it eat her?!”

“It took Yuki! What do we do?!” Jurina grabbed Airi. “We have to get her back! We didn’t want this! We just came for a simple mission, to slay a vampire! We never asked for any of this!!!”
“J-Jurina, calm down!”
“NO!!! I won’t calm down! That thing took Yuki away! It could..!”

The girl was unable to speak. She couldn’t imagine what that demon shadow would do to her. She screamed in frustration and burst out of the room.

When Yuki blinked, she suddenly found herself chained up to a wooden stake. She tried to break free, only to find that she was tightly bound by the silver coils of chains. She hissed as the silver paralyzed her movements, brazing her skin slightly. She looked around the dungeon she was in, trying to figure out where she was.
Suddenly, she heard a door creak open. She saw the shadow enter, along with an all too familiar figure that shocked her to see.

“Why, hello, Yuki.”
“Why are you here?”
“Our Queen demanded that you be brought here. So I had to comply.”

“Queen..? You mean, my mother?”
“That’s correct, my dear,” a female voice then spoke. Yuki saw a woman in a blood red dress walk in, long white hair flowing down her back as she stared at her. She suddenly grew tense, a large pit formed in her stomach as she faced the woman.

The woman’s pale face, ageless, curved her scarlet lips in a grin as she walked toward her daughter.

“Ah, my rose… How are you, Yuki?”
“Better if I weren’t chained up.”

“Trust me, I didn’t want this just as much as you did. But Clyde informed me that you have betrayed our clan. You’ve killed three royal members of the High Circle, and… you’ve fallen in love with a human.”

She clicked her tongue as Yuki just glared at her.

“How disappointing… I expected better from you, my daughter,” she said as she stroked her cheek.
“Leave Rena out of this.”

“Rena. So that’s her name.” The woman chuckled. “While your actions are quite punishable… I understand why you became attracted to her. The pure energy within her, that passion burning within her. So strong, so alluring.”

“What do you know?!” Yuki rose her voice. “Rena is… Rena is just a human! She has no involvement with our kind!”

“Oh, but my dear Yuki, it’s simply too late. You have committed sin by giving yourself to her.”

Yuki shook her head. “Please, just leave Rena be… I love her.”
The woman simply scoffed.

“Love? How weak…”

“My Queen, I believe Yuki needs to understand what she truly is,” Clyde said.

Yuki looked confused, her eyebrows furrowing. “Eh..?”

“Perhaps you’re right. After all, soon, she will bloom and unleash her dark power. And, oh, the possibilities of what you can accomplish then…”

“Powers? What are you talking about, Mother?”

“My Yuki… You are the Black Rose.”

Yuki just became more confused. “What?”

“You see, Yuki, your mother, our Queen, isn’t just a vampire. She’s also a Dark witch,” Clyde explained. “And as her daughter, you were blessed with terrifying dark power.”

Yuki’s mother touched the center of her chest with one finger. Yuki felt her breath suddenly hitch as a burning feeling enveloped her chest and caused it to tighten.

“I implanted a seed into your body. A seed of a witch, that gifted you with great power.”


“Now that seed will hatch and you shall awaken as you truly are. A Dark witch vampire, powerful and ruthless… just like me. You will be the very creation of pure darkness, in MY image! The next Queen to your clan!”

“N-no!” Yuki screamed as she caught her breath. She glared at her mother. “I won’t allow it… I’m nothing like you!”
The Queen didn’t answer, and simply looked at her. She looked down at her arm, and smirked.

She saw what Yuki could not. A scar appearing on her arm, wrapping around her. It was a scar that resembled a thorny rose vine enveloping her arm.

“Clyde, I trust that you will succeed,” the woman said. “Do not cease until she is willing to comply to my wish.”

“Of course, my Queen,” the young man bowed as she left the cellar.

Clyde then turned and looked at the shadow. He gave it a nod as the shadow approached Yuki. The shadow morphed into a snake and crawled up Yuki’s body until it reached her neck. She tried to shake it off, but was unable to as the silver chains burnt her skin.

The snake wrapped around her neck and sunk its fangs into her. Yuki felt her tense muscles start to weaken without her control as a venom entered her body.

“N-no… Clyde… Mother…” Yuki’s eyes fluttered as her mind went blank. Only one thought left echoing as she lost consciousness. “Rena…”
“What?! Yuki was..?!” Takamina exclaimed as she talked with Airi over the phone. The woman explained the situation that occurred mere moments ago. “Yes… Yes, I see. And how is Jurina?”

Sayaka merely stood, watching Takamina pace in her office as she listened.

“Good. Just keep her safe. As for Yuki, we’ll start a search party... Yes, thank you very much, Airin.”

She then hung up, taking a deep breath.

“What happened?”

“Yuki was captured.”


She then looked at the tall girl seriously.

“So… is it true? What you told me earlier,” Sayaka asked. “That Yuki is a… vampire?”

“Yes, it is. You just don’t remember. Your memory of the ordeal was erased. Luckily, though, mine was kept in tact.”

“But why would you keep up the act if you knew?”

“Because, that day when Yuki altered our memories, I sensed something different about her. That she wanted something much different than what she had been given all her life. She wanted to change her ways as a vampire.”

“And that’s why.”

“Yes. And I’m glad my intuition wasn’t wrong,” the short woman smirked.

Sayaka chuckled in response.

“Alright, let’s get everyone together. Contact Rena for me.”


Takamina left her office and went to talk to the rest of the hunters and crew.

“Listen up everyone, it looks like things have been compromised. Yuki’s been captured by an unknown enemy.”

“Eh?! Yukirin’s been kidnapped?!” Sae exclaimed.
“What about Jurina?” Mayu asked.

“Jurina is okay. But our main concern is Yuki. I can’t risk losing anyone else, so I need just one of you to go to join Jurina on the search to find Yuki.”
“I’ll go, miss,” Sakura immediately volunteered.
“Sakura..! Are you sure?”

“Yes, ma’am. They need my help, and I’m willing to go.”

“Alright. You and Rena, once she gets here--”

“Takamina,” Sayaka walked in and interrupted her, looking at her worriedly. “We have a problem. Rena’s not answering her phone.”

“What? But she always answers. Even if she’s on vacation.”

“Exactly. I’m worried something’s happened to her.”

“You and I will go check on her apartment. Sakura, start heading to Nagoya. I’ll contact Airi on your arrival.”

“Yes, ma’am!”
Yuki’s mind drifted, deep within her slumber. She travelled back through time, across many past lives, to a familiar dream. A dream that was covered in snow. She was alone in a dark forest, until she came across a human child.

“Hey… don’t be afraid. Come out.”

The child held her hand out to her, a tiny warm palm holding her cold one. The girl gave Yuki a beaming smile, her giggle ringing like a silver Christmas bell.

“What’s your name?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“What? Why not?”

“If I tell you my true name, you will know what I am. And you will be afraid of me.”

But the child just shook her head. “I won’t. You aren’t scary. You look like an angel! A snow angel!”

“An angel… you say?”

“Yes! I’ll call you snow angel!”
“Snow angel..?”
No wonder that name was so familiar. Why it always warmed Yuki’s heart when she heard little Rena call her that. But, this child wasn’t Rena. She had pale white hair and crystal blue eyes. Who was she?
“You and me, Snow, we’re friends now!” The child then handed her a snowflake shaped necklace. “My name is Lilian! Everyone calls me Lily!”

“Lily… thank you.”

Memories started to play like a movie. Ever since that day, the vampire named Snow would secretly meet with Lily in the snowy forest, a secret playground for just them. Over time, Snow watched Lily grow into a beautiful young woman, meanwhile she herself never aged. As a vampire, her body was frozen in time.

However, curious feelings started to dwell in her chest as she spent more and more time with Lily. As she watched her grow and mature, a new emotion started to bloom within her, like a small flower blooming in the eternal winter forest. Love.
“Lily… let’s run away.”

“If the villagers or my father find out about us, they will surely punish us. We won’t be able to see one another again. We have to run away from this place.”

“But where will we go?”

“I have an idea where. Remember what I told you, about what lies beyond this cursed village.”

“You said, there are places where it’s not an eternal winter. There are places where there’s warmth and sunshine, and flowers that bloom in spring.”

“Yes. I can take you somewhere far from this winter time capsule and you can finally experience your first proper spring! You can roll in the grass and pick fresh strawberries! And it’ll be just the two of us. No one else.”

“Snow… I’d love that!”

“Then, meet me here tomorrow. Don’t tell anyone where you’re going.”

“I promise.”

However, that promise…
“Lily?! Lily! Where are you?!”
Snow dashed through the forest, trying to find the girl. She began to worry what had happened, if someone had found out and forbid her from leaving the village.

Fearing the worst, she had no choice but to dash toward the village and find Lily herself. She became like a shadow, moving in the darkness to hide herself as she approached the village.
She then saw Lily bursting out of her home, running away as her parents tried to catch her.

“Lilian, stop! Come back here this instant!”
“Just leave me alone!”

Snow saw her run blindly into the dark forest and started running after her, trying to catch up.

“Snow! Snow angel! Where are you?!”


She kept running and running, her legs growing sore and losing her breath. The cold air constricted her lungs, making it hard to breathe.

She then heard a scream from Lily and bolted in her direction.

“Lily!!!” Snow dashed as fast as she could, until she could see the figure of someone collapsed on the ground. Her eyes widened, seeing Lily weakly trying to stand back up. “Lily!”

“S-snow… a snake..bit me…” Lily breathed out, pointing to the bite mark on her ankle.


“I’m so tired, Snow… L-let’s go.. Hurry…”

“Just hang on,” she said, picking the girl up and carrying her as she ran out of the forest. She soon reached a single tree that stood alone in the snow and laid Lily under it.

“A-are we there yet..?”

“Not yet, Lily. The snake that bit you, what did it look like?”

“I-it was… Black… eyes…”

“Black with red eyes?”

“S-snow… I’m sleepy…” Lily whispered, visibly growing weaker and paler each passing second.

Snow knew what was going to happen. With the cold weather, and the venom from the snake bite in her body, Lily wasn’t going to survive this. She was going to die, without ever experiencing the spring she wanted.

“D-don’t worry.. Lily,” Snow forced a smile, fighting the tears that welled in her eyes. “W-we’ll be there soon… We’ll be at that place… You’ll get to see the sun and the grass and the flowers…”

“And it’ll be the two of us… right?”

Snow nodded. “Yes. Just the two of us.”

Lily weakly smiled, a tear falling down her cheek, crystallizing into ice from the cold wind.

“H-hey… Snow… do you think you can tell me… your real name..?”

“My…” Her eyes widened, seeing Lily’s eyes flutter shut. As she drew her last breath, she screamed, “My name is..!”

However, before she could finish, she suddenly felt a pain at her ankle. She looked down and saw a black snake with red eyes biting her ankle.
And on its head, was a circle forming a ring.

“Y-you… Ouroboros…”

Snow fell to the ground, laying beside Lily’s lifeless body. She held the necklace that she had always worn, the first gift given to her by the human girl. With her dying breath, she whispered to Lily’s spirit, staring at the sky as her vision became dark.

“Lily… I promise… In another life.. I’ll save you… I’ll make sure we’re together… And.. I’ll tell you.. My.. real.. name…”

“Black Rose. Open your eyes.”

Yuki’s eyes opened, blank, black orbs staring at Clyde, who gave a devious grin.
“How are you feeling, Black?”

“I feel… strange. I feel different… I feel.. Powerful.”

On the backs of Yuki’s hands, marks resembling black roses glowed. Up her arms and legs, around her neck, were marks resembling thorny vines.
Clyde released her from the chains, allowing her to step down.
“Your mother is going to be very happy.”


To Be Continued

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 18 [170705]
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Hey guys, so, I got the final two chapters ready and this fic will soon be completed.

Lemme know in the poll if you want me to just go ahead and post both chapters at the same time. Thanks. ;)

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The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 19
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Okay! Here they are, the final two chapters of Black Rose!

Chapter 19


Jurina sat by herself, sulking about Yuki being captured. She held her knees as she sat on the ground, until she was approached by Akane.

“Mind if I sit here with you?”

Jurina just shrugged. Akane sat down and heaved out a heavy sigh.

“I understand where you’re coming from. You’re worried about Yuki. I can sympathize with that.”

“You’ve experienced your partner being captured?”

“Well… not exactly. But, I know your concern for someone you care about greatly.”

“I guess it’s because of my family situation. I was always clinging to my older sister, Rena, and I depended on her a lot, so I naturally became the type of person who relies on others.”

“So, tell me, why did you become a hunter?”

“Because… for the amount of dependence I felt for those around me, I wanted to protect them just as much. I wanted to be by my sister and become strong like her.”

“It’s okay to have weak moments, too.”

“Un… I think it’s time I start fighting for myself instead of someone else.”

It was then that the door to the base opened and they saw Sakura walked in. Akane didn’t know who she was, but Jurina recognized her immediately.


Sakura approached her, bowing to Akane. “Takayanagi Akane-san, my name is Miyawaki Sakura. I was sent to assist Jurina-san in finding Kashiwagi Yuki-san.”

“Ah, is that so? Good, we need all the help we can get at this point.”

Jurina got up, whispering, “Sakura… you shouldn’t have come. This enemy… Whatever it is, this enemy is too tough. We--”

However, she was silenced when Sakura placed a finger on her lips.

“Come with me. We’ll start that way.”


Confused, she just reluctantly followed. Akane smirked, “Good luck.”

Once they left, Jurina soon asked, “Sakura, where are we going?”

“We’re going to find Yuki-san, of course.”

“Y-you shouldn’t have come alone. You should’ve brought Takamina, or Sayaka, or my sister--”

“Rena?” Sakura interrupted. “She’s missing, too.”

“What?! Rena’s missing?!”

“I suspect she was captured, as well. Those two are quite special, after all, but you can’t have one without the other.”

“W-what are you talking about? What’s the connection between Rena and Yuki?”

“For that, I have to tell you an old story,” she simply replied. “Hundreds of years ago, in a village cursed with an eternal winter, a human girl met a vampire in the darkness of the forest. She befriended the vampire, unaware of her monstrous true form, and they would frequently meet there.”

“What..? What does this have to do with--”

“Be quiet and listen.”

Jurina flinched a bit. “Okay…”

“As the girl got older, the vampire started to fall in love with her. Knowing that her feelings were forbidden, she made a promise with the girl that they would escape the cursed village where no one could find and separate them. However, before they could reach the rendezvous point, they were both bitten by a snake and died.”

“A snake..?” Jurina soon remembered Yuki’s behavior earlier. She seemed very frightened at the mention of a snake.

“The truth is, that snake was a Shadow-walker, a demon.”


“And the venom in his bite cursed them. Century after century, they would be reborn, meet, fall in love, and tragically die. An endless cycle of despair that repeated for hundreds of years. As if the Devil cursed them to never be together, it’s a cycle that can only be broken by a miracle.”

“So… that means…”

“Yuki and Rena are those girls, cursed centuries long ago and trapped in this endless loop of death and rebirth. The Ouroboros Curse.”

“How do you even know about this story? Who told you?”

“No one told me… I’m the one who’s been trying to break the cycle.”

Jurina’s eyes widened as Sakura turned around, seeing her irises glow purple for a moment.

“I’m a Shadow-walker, working for an organization known as Walpurgis. I was tasked with the mission of breaking them free of this curse, several hundred years ago. Each time, I watched them meet and fall in love, but each time, I failed to save them from the death curse.”

“So… you're not human… You’re centuries old…” Jurina whispered in realization. “Walpurgis… like Walpurgisnacht. The witch’s harvest.”

“It’s understandable you don’t know them. They keep themselves hidden, even from human memory. If you’ve ever met someone from Walpurgis, you would soon forget you ever met them.”

“So, how do we break the Ouroboros cycle? We just need to keep Rena and Yuki from dying, right? Is there a time limit?”

“I wish it were that simple. I’ve tried it before, but even then, the curse would take hold of them and the cycle would come to pass. No, what needs to happen is something that defies the very notion of the curse. Something that hasn’t happened in their previous lives, a drastic enough change that can free them… but what?”

They both tried to think, until Jurina came up with an idea.

“Would Rena be turned into a vampire?”

Sakura pondered on it, thinking hard in imaging the situation.

“Possibly… but I don’t think likely. Unless…”


“If not Rena-san giving up her humanity… Yuki…”

Jurina’s eyes widened. “I-is that possible?! Turning a vampire human?!”

“I’m not sure myself. But it might just be enough, if we succeed.”

“How do we do it?!”

“We have to make a potion. Essentially, it’s a cure for vampirism. We just have to get the right ingredients--”

“Then let’s not waste time,” Jurina grabbed the girl’s hand, then noticing her Ouroboros ring. “Ah… this.”

“It’s what keeps me in my human form. Without it on, I revert back to my shadow form.”

“I see… So that’s why you still look human.”

“Oi, is that an insult?” Sakura asked, making them both giggle. “Alright, let’s hurry! We may not have long!”


“Snow angel! You’re a snow angel!”


“You look like an angel. I’ll call you snow angel from now on!”

Snow angel..? That sounds so familiar…


That song… that humming… I recognize it.

“Yuki..?” Rena opened her eyes, seeing a girl who looked familiar to her. A girl with black hair and red eyes.

She looks like.. Yuki…

“Lily… my name is..!”

Rena’s mind suddenly stirred awake, breaking her from her dream. At the same time, she felt a rush of memories hit her.

Snow angel… so it wasn’t a dream. Yuki was always...

Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Yuki in front of her, staring at her coldly.

“Y-Yuki..?” Rena tried to reach out, but find that she couldn’t move. When she looked down, she saw she was bound to a wooden stake, wrapped in chains. “What’s going on..? Yuki..?!”

Her throat was dry, and her muscles felt weak. It felt like she had been asleep for days, her body not having the energy to move.

“Too bad, hunter,” Clyde’s voice rose. “It looks like you lose.”

“What..? Yuki, help me out..!”

“She won’t listen to you.”


“She is no longer the same Yuki you once knew. She’s now the Black Rose.”

“Black Rose?”

It was then that she heard a new voice; a woman’s laughter.

“She’s finally bloomed into the flower I intended her to be,” Yuki’s mother spoke, circling her daughter. “She will be perfect, as the next Queen of her clan.”

“Who are you? What did you do to Yuki..?!”

“Silence her.”

Yuki rose her hand, and suddenly, Rena felt vines wrap around her mouth. She tried to speak, but her voice was muffled by the tight restraint of the black vines.

“You know, I have been thinking, if I used up all your energy on just me, I could gain so much. But in the end, who needs it more than myself? Then, I realized. Why, my daughter, of course.”

Rena was simply confused. She didn’t know what the woman was talking about.

“With this powerful, pure energy residing within you, and the infinite dark energy inside of her, she will be the most powerful vampire queen to exist! All will fear her, all will bow to her! Humankind will be powerless to stop her.”

Rena shook her head, trying to break free, but found it impossible as she still felt weak.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Yuki’s mother snapped her fingers, and Rena screamed as she was shocked with black lightning. “Don’t go wasting what little energy you have left.”

Rena watched as the woman pet Yuki’s head, smiling.

“My dear rose, it’s time for your final transformation. You will become what I’ve always wanted you to be.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Please, Yuki, wake up..!”

Yuki approached Rena, grabbing both her shoulders. Rena could feel the intense aura of darkness overflowing from the vampire, an aura that was weakening her more.

The rose marks on her hands glowed as she began absorbing Rena’s energy. A white aura surrounding the chained girl became absorbed into her, growing weaker and dimmer as she did so.

“No..! Yuki, stop..!” she tried to scream, but her voice was again silenced. Tears welled in her eyes as she stared at Yuki’s blank orbs.


Tears fell down her cheeks as her eyes closed, her body becoming limp as she lost nearly all her energy.

“That’s it, Black! Don’t stop until she’s completely run out of energy!” Clyde exclaimed with a smile.

Yuki grabbed tighter, gripping her shoulders.

“Snow!” A voice suddenly called to her, making her stop. She froze in her place as she stared wide eyed at Rena.

“What are you waiting for, Yuki? She’s almost dead, take all that’s left of her lifeforce!”

Yuki stared at her hands which glowed white. White light… White snow.

“!” She grabbed Rena’s shoulders, but this time, she restored Rena’s energy to her. The white aura grew stronger as Rena regained consciousness.

“Hm..? Mm..! Mm-hm..?!”

“What are you doing?!”

“I won’t… I won’t kill Rena!”

She grabbed the silver chains, not caring that they burnt her palms, and ripped the chains off her. She released the vines from her mouth, and Rena didn’t hesitate to hug her.

“Rena..! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay. I knew it wasn’t your fault.”

“Yuki, how dare you! Let that human go!” her mother commanded.

“No, mother. I won’t allow this to go on any longer.”

She raised her hand and summoned black vines to attack her mother, but was stopped when Clyde drew a sword and sliced them.

“No one shall touch our Queen. You truly are a traitor, Black.”

“My name is not Black. I’m Yuki!” she declared as she summoned more vines. “Rena, stay behind me.”


“You don’t have your weapons with you, right. I have to protect you.”

She created a cage of vines and black roses around Rena. Yuki glared at her mother and Clyde, gripping her fists.

“I’m tired of everyone controlling my life… From now on, I say where my life goes.”

She made vines grow from under Clyde’s feet, grabbing his ankles and soon ensnaring him. Even as his sword cut the vines, they just grew back stronger than ever.

“Stop this!!!” Clyde demanded.

Yuki just gave him a dark look and started forming her hand into a fist, slowly. As she did, the vines tightened and started to crush Clyde’s body. He screamed out in pain as the thorns pierced into his skin, blood dripping down to the floor.

“Yuki, I demand that you stop this immediately!”

Yuki didn’t listen, and just continued to crush Clyde.

“Listen to me! I am your MOTHER!!!” she screamed louder.

“Yuki?!” Rena saw the marks were glowing an ominous black, and a black aura was surrounding Yuki. She called out to her again, but she didn’t hear her. As her fist tightened, Rena could hear the sound of Clyde’s bones being crushed.

“AAAAAH!!!” Clyde screamed out, his fangs growing sharp from the pain.


A new voice reached Yuki’s ears. When Rena turned around, she saw Jurina and Sakura standing there.

“Jurina..! And… who is that?”

“Yuki-san, that’s enough! If you go on any longer, the darkness in your heart will take over your soul! That power within you is dangerous!”

“Sakura’s right! Just stop! None of this is worth it!”

“Yuki…” Rena called out again. “Let’s just… go home.”


Yuki dropped her hand, un-balling the fist. Clyde was released and fell to the ground, his body weak and slowly bleeding out. The marks on her hands stopped glowing as she spoke one last time.

“Never… go near me or my friends ever again, Mother. If you do, I will…”

However, she didn’t finish her sentence. She just took a deep breath, turning around and releasing Rena from the cage.

Rena cried and hugged the vampire girl, letting her cling to her tightly.

“I’m so sorry for getting you involved with this mess,” she whispered, stroking the girl’s head to calm her. She planted a kiss on her cheek and said, “Let’s go home.”

Rena nodded, smiling while holding Yuki’s hands…


“..!” Yuki suddenly felt something warm splatter on her face. Her tongue instinctively touched it. “...Blood?”

When she opened her eyes, she only saw Rena staring at her, with a shocked look in her eyes… and a trail of blood going down her lips.


Then, she looked down and saw it. Her mother’s long white hair, grown out and sharpened like knives, stabbing into Rena’s back and through her chest. Yuki’s eyes widened in horror as the blade-like follicles retracted and Rena collapsed in front of her.

“Rena!” she screamed, catching her as she fell.

“Nee-chan!!!” Jurina ran to her sister’s side, Sakura following after her.

“No… No! This can’t happen!” Yuki cried as Rena struggled to breathe. Her palms became stained red in her blood. “I don’t understand…”

She looked at her mother, tears in her eyes.

“Why?! Why did you have to kill her?! Whatever happened to the law of the vampires? ‘A life for a life’! I spared your life! So why did you have to do this to Rena?!”

“You’re right… A life for a life. I had to punish you as a traitor.. But I would never kill my own daughter.”

“Monster…” Jurina gripped her fists, tears falling down her face. “Queen of the vampires! You ARE a monster!”

Yuki held Rena close as she got paler and weaker, gripping onto her.

“Yu..k-ki…,” she whispered weakly. “I finally remember…”


“Th-the two of us… we met.. A long time ago… We promised.. t-to leave together… W-we would go somewhere… n-no one..could separate us… Just us two… Remember..? Snow..?”

“Snow..!” Yuki’s eyes widened, “Yes… Yes, I remember..! I…”

Rena coughed, more blood escaping her mouth as she started losing consciousness.

“Lily, wait!” Yuki screamed, holding Rena’s face and staring in her eyes. “I said I’d tell you my real name… Remember?”

Rena nodded slowly, tears from Yuki’s face hitting her cheeks.

“My real name… It was Krahe.”


“That’s right. The name of the raven, the bird of the darkness. The guide of the Nightshade.”

“Th-the bird of..the realm of the dead…” Rena weakly smiled. “Krahe… what a weird name.”

She chuckled softly, her eyes closing as she drew her last breath. Jurina covered her mouth, tears still falling freely.

“We’re… too late,” Sakura said lowly as Jurina hugged her crying.

Yuki sat frozen, her eyes glued on Rena’s lifeless body. Her blood, red as roses, seeping everywhere. Staining her white skin. And…

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!” After a long scream, she grabbed Rena…

And bit into her neck.

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The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Chapter 20 FINAL!
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Chapter 20


Yuki bit strongly into Rena’s neck, and suddenly, a storm of black rose petals gathered around the both of them.

“W-what’s happening?!” Jurina screamed as the wind picked up around them, a hurricane of black wind and black petals covering the room.

“It can’t be… Impossible!” Yuki’s mother’s eyes widened. “She can’t be trying to..!”

The storm grew stronger. Everyone had to shield themselves as they became blinded by the intense power culminating in the center of the room. All Jurina and Sakura could hear was a howling wind.

“This storm… this wind,” Jurina thought, “it sounds like Yuki… crying.”

Soon, however, the storm slowly died down. When she uncovered her eyes, she saw Yuki slowly rise up, staggering a bit. However, strangely, the black marks on her body were gone.

“W-what..just happened..?” she asked.

As for Rena’s body, it was covered by rose petals, buried in a mix of black and red. Only one of her hands was visible.

“R-Rena..?” Jurina slowly crawled over, touching her sister’s hand. It was cold as death. She looked up at the vampire, “Did you turn her into a vampire?”

“...I don’t know what I did.”

Sakura’s eyes then widened, an idea forming.

“Yuki-san… your powers.”


“Try to summon them again. Try to use your powers like you did earlier.”

Yuki tried as she had suggested, holding out her hand, concentrating… But nothing happened.

“What..?” she looked at her own hand, trying to summon her power. “Why isn’t it working?”

Yuki’s mother grew angry. She looked down at Clyde, who was still incredibly weak.

“What are you waiting for?! Kill her!” she commanded.

“I-I’m sorry, my Queen… My wounds..won’t heal..!”


“I think… this is the end for me,” he said, collapsing. “It was… an honor to serve you…”

As his eyes closed, the rage in the Queen’s chest burned even more. She stared at the three of them, who started to back away as a powerful, deadly aura surrounded her.

“A life for a life… That’s the law of the vampires! Right?! YUKI?!?!” she screamed as her eyes turned blood red. Her hair sharpened into blades, aimed at the three of them.


Jurina and Sakura drew out their guns, shooting the woman. However, she just laughed, her hair grabbing the guns out of their hands and crushing them.

“Silver cannot harm me! Not with the magic I have! I am the Queen of the vampires; the most powerful of them all!!!”

“N-no… it can’t be!”

“And you,” she pointed at Sakura, “Shadow-walker.”

“What?” Yuki was surprised, looking at Sakura.

“Instead of me, how would you like to be killed by your own kind?!” she said as she summoned her own Shadow-walker.

As the shadow and the Queen’s sharp blade-like hairs approached them, they could only fear the worst and their eyes shut.



“There’s no…”


They all opened their eyes, only to see a giant wall of black, thorny vines in front of them.


Yuki looked at her hands. No marks, no aura.

“But… if that wasn’t me, then who..?”

“YOU?!” The Queen’s voice echoed as the wall of vines unraveled, revealing the true identity of the one who was protecting them.


“Nee-chan?! How did you do that?!”

Rena looked at them, her expression showing she was just as shocked and confused as they were. Her eyes were purple and the same rose and thorn markings that were on Yuki were now on her body.

“That’s it..!” Sakura’s eyes widened, a smile curving her lips. “The change that breaks the cycle!”

“The what?”

“Wait, are you saying.. My sister’s not human anymore?!” Jurina asked, realizing what she was talking about.

“No, she’s not! That’s what freed them from the curse! Yuki gave her power to Rena!”

Yuki’s jaw dropped. “I did what?!”

“She did what?!” Rena and Jurina both said.

“Rena-san, you’re a Dark witch now! You can defeat the Queen!”

Rena looked at her hands, then looked to Yuki.

“What should I do..?”

Yuki looked at her mother, then she gave a serious look back to Rena.

“Take her.”

Rena slowly nodded, turning back to face the vampire and Shadow-walker. She summoned the vines to her side, shooting them forward against the Queen’s hair blades.

This time, the blades were unable to cut the vines, making both nearly indestructible against one another. She wrapped the vines around her hair, as well as ensnaring the Shadow-walker. She threw the shadow against the wall, keeping it there.

“You won’t hurt my friends,” she said, piercing the vines into the shadow being, causing it to disperse into dust.

“This can’t be… You were dead!” The Queen yelled. “You are a mere human! How can you be a Dark witch?!”

“I don’t know… But to be honest, I don’t care,” she said with a smirk.

She summoned multiple vines, pulling the woman down and choking her neck.

“No!!! NOOOO!!!” She screamed as Rena then created a sharp blade from the vines, and pierced the vampire queen’s chest, instantly killing her.

The Queen fell, turning into dust. Rena then fell to the knees, the vines around her falling lifeless.

“Rena!” Yuki ran to her, holding her close as she caught her breath, her hands shaking from the amount of energy she let out.

“Th-that was… crazy.”

“I know. But, it’s over now,” Yuki hugged Rena, the two of them embracing in the silence as Jurina and Sakura just watched them.

“It’s all over… isn’t it?” Jurina asked. Sakura just replied with a nod. “Well… what happens now?”


A year later…

Sakura returned to the Walpurgis organization, her short existence as a vampire hunter forgotten as if it had never been.

Jurina continued to grow and improve as a hunter, eventually branching out as a solo hunter. In the back of her mind, a fragment of her memory remembered Sakura, as that part of her was unable to forget that life changing event.

“Senpai!” Her junior and partner, Haruka ran up to her, hugging her.

“Haruppi! You made it!”

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” The girl giggled as she fixed her glasses. “I can’t believe it… I still can’t believe I was invited to a tea party by a royal vampire! Your connections with her are incredible, Jurina-senpai!”

“No, it’s nothing, really! Yuki just happens to be dating my sister. That’s all.”

“Speaking of, what’s it like having a witch for a sister?! Does she teach you magic?!”

“Alright, alright, calm down,” Jurina said. “We’re here.”

Haruka’s eyes sparkled as they arrived at the front of a mansion. The mansion that Yuki once lived alone in, but now, has made it a home for her, her girlfriend, Rena, and her new little sister (kind of), Jurina, when she was on vacation from hunting.

“Seriously, senpai, how much money did this mansion cost?! Royal vampires are so amazing!”

Oh, and that’s the other thing. Vampires aren’t so secretive of their existence anymore. After Yuki’s mother died, Yuki stepped in as the new Queen and started a new way of living for her kind. Now, vampires could go out in public and not be feared by humans.

Jurina rang the doorbell, Haruka all too excited to step inside and meet the vampire queen, Yuki.

“I wonder what she’s like~ I wonder if she’s pretty, ufufufu,” she whispered, making Jurina chuckle.

The door then opened, revealing Rena in a red dress.

“Jurina!” She hugged her sister, the rose marks on her arms like tattoos, open for Haruka to see them.

“Sugoi~ Jurina’s sister is super pretty!”

“So, is this the girl you’ve been telling me about?” she asked.

“Yup! This is Haruppi. She’s my junior and my new partner.”

“Ko..!” Haruka stiffened up, bowing to Rena. “Kodama Haruka desu! It’s nice to meet you!”

“Hehe, you were right. She IS cute.”

“Ehh?!” Haruka blushed, Jurina’s eyes widening as she slapped Rena’s shoulder.

“O-oi, don’t say that out loud..!”

“Come, Haruka-chan. Let’s go,” Rena said as she guided the blushing girl into the mansion.

She stared in awe taking in the vintage style of the mansion. She was amazed at all the antiques, the paintings, the rugs under her feet. Everything had a Victorian-era feel to it, an atmosphere that she had never experienced before.

“Yuki~” Rena called out as they stepped outside into the garden. “We’re here!”

Haruka saw a young woman in a black dress, with a red rose near her chest. She turned and smiled at Rena and Jurina.

“Good. We’re all here. Now then, shall we have tea?”

“Yes, please.”

“Come this way,” Yuki beckoned to Haruka. The girl just nodded and followed them to a gazebo in the center of the garden.

Haruka sat down as Rena poured out some tea, handing her cup to her.

“Thank you,” she said before taking a sip. Her eyes widened, seeing a red rose petal floating in her cup. And the taste of the tea, which was black tea, was surprisingly sweet as honey.

“Do you like it?”

“Ah, yes!”

“I’m glad. It’s a special brew, with rose nectar mixed in.”

“Rose nectar… so that’s why it tasted like honey!”

“How’s your work been, Jurina?” Yuki asked.

“Good. We just slayed a demon yesterday.”

“Hehe, you two are a strong pair, huh.”

“Yup! I’m glad to have Jurina-senpai with me! But… sometimes I wonder if I drag her down.”

“No, no, not at all! I’m happy to have you as my partner, too, Haruppi.”

“Uwaa~ that makes me happy!” she said, tears welling. However, they soon disappeared as she saw a slice of cake set out in front of her.

“Go on, dig in,” Yuki said.

“I will! Itadakimasu!” she said as she started eating the sweet, chocolate cake. There was even a candy rose on her cake. “Wow! So good~”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Even so, you both seem to love roses. I’ve never seen a garden filled with so many of them.”

“What can we say?”

“Roses are our signs of love.”


After Haruka and Jurina left and night fell upon them, Yuki stepped out to take in the moonlight in the garden. Fireflies flew around her, setting the night ablaze with their glow.

Yuki sighed in bliss, sitting down to look around at the colorful roses blooming around her.

“Can’t sleep?” Rena’s voice rose as she turned and saw her approaching to sit beside her.

“No… Just enjoying the night.”

Rena laid her head down on the vampire’s shoulder, staring at the stars.

“They’re so pretty…”


She looked up, seeing a smile on her face. She raised a brow, giggling.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Us… What we are. What we’ll be in the future.”

The girl blushed a bit, giggling some more. “What do you mean?”

“You were raised from the dead… and now you’re a Dark witch. You’ve become an Immortal, like me. And since I’m a vampire, I can live for hundreds of years. What do you think our future holds? How will the world change? And, how will we change, if we ever do?”

“Of course we’ll change,” Rena replied, pondering the thought. “All I can see… is you and I, together. For all eternity.”

“Do you think we’ll live onto see the end of the world? Or much longer than that?”

“Who knows. Frankly, I’m just happy being here with you.”

Yuki smiled, taking hold of her eternal girlfriend’s hand.

“And I wouldn’t want that any other way.”

The end

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