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Author Topic: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection - Infinity II (Final Part) 170513  (Read 12695 times)

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 3) 160122
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Chapter 4


Back at the base, Miichan had just finished her training session with the young trainees. Since she didn’t really know what else to do, she decided to go see what Sasshi was doing. Humming to herself, she walked down the hall until she got to Sasshi’s working station.

She knocked on the door. “Oi, Sasshi, you busy?”

No answer.

She knocked louder. “Sasshi!”

Still no answer.

Miichan got impatient and opened the door. “Oi, hetare! Answer me!”

However, she didn’t see Sasshi anywhere. She started getting worried and looked around the room.

She then heard the sound of someone groaning in pain. She moved towards the source of the sound and saw someone in the corner of the room.


Sasshi slowly looked over at Miichan.

“..G-get out of here… hurry!”


She cried out again and then, Miichan saw red markings appear on her arms, back, and legs.

“Argh… please, hurry and run.. before it gets loose!”

She started clawing the wall, her cries becoming more intense. Miichan saw fangs grow in her teeth.

“Sasshi… are you a..?”

Sasshi suddenly roared out and her eyes glowed red.

I’m hungry...” she spoke in a different voice. “I want.. BLOOD!

Her nails grew long and she nearly scratched Miichan. Miichan kept dodging, not wanting to hurt Sasshi.

“Oi, Sasshi, snap out of it!”

Sasshi screamed in pain again and she started turning back to normal, the marks still visible, however.

“...Miichan… I’m sorry…” Sasshi breathed out as she panted, falling to her knees.

“..Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why did you hide the fact.. that you’re part demon?”

“Did you REALLY think I would tell you guys a thing like that?!”

Miichan saw Sasshi’s eyes grow tearful.

“I’ve had to live with this all my life! My mom left me because my dad was a demon who cursed her only child! I was transferred to multiple schools, orphanages, and foster families! I lost my home, my family, my friends… You guys were all I had left!”


As the marks finally disappeared, Sasshi grabbed the girl’s shoulders.

“Listen, okay? I can keep my demon side under control. With my seals, charms, and regular supply of blood tablets. But you can’t tell anyone.”


“Please! Nobody can know about this! ...I don’t want.. I don’t wanna lose the last few people I can call my family!”

Miichan held the girl’s hands. She saw a tear run down her face and wiped it off.

“You crybaby…” She gave a smile. “Alright, I understand. Your secret’s safe with me.”

Sasshi only cried more, bowing. “Thank you, Miichan!”

“Okay, no more crying. It makes you look ugly.”


Miichan only laughed and ran as Sasshi started chasing her.


The four got to the forest and started their search for the remaining Cross associates. They split up into two pairs; Takamina with Mayu, and Haruna with Yuki.

After each pair separated and started looking, Takamina couldn’t help but feel a bit relaxed when she was with Mayu. She thought maybe it might’ve been because Yuki wasn’t around; her intimidating atmosphere made things tense, but now that it’s just Mayu, the tension lessened.

“I don’t feel anything close by,” Mayu said. “We should be safe for now, but let’s still keep an eye out.”

Takamina became a bit more curious and asked, “So.. Mayu, how are you and Yuki able to sense people near? Is that just part of being a Fae, or is it because you’re elves, or… something like that?”

“Us Fae have very heightened sensory processing. And also, we elves usually have strong links with spiritual powers. For instance, some can communicate with spirits.”

“And what about you two?”

“We don’t have those powers, but a more common ability; we can see people’s auras and also manipulate our own during combat.”

“Ah, that’s right, those lights that surrounded them,” Takamina remembered the two auras that surrounded them.

“Nee, Minami,” Atsuko then brought up. “Mayu said that she could sense me.”

“Ah, right,” Takamina spoke up, facing Mayu. “Mayu, you sensed a spirit near me. You said so when we first met.”

“Oh, yes. That’s because her soul is linked to you. I could sense her spiritual aura was connected with you, which is why I sensed her.”

“Ah~ that makes sense! Er, kinda.. I’m still kinda new to all this.”

Mayu chuckled. “If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.”

Takamina pursed her lips before speaking again. “I do have another… You and Yuki? What kind of, erm.. relationship do you two have?”

Mayu then suddenly stopped, “What makes you ask something like that?!”

“I-I… I just thought, the two of you must be close.”

“W-Well, I… I can’t say… It’s something I’ve promised Yukirin...”

“Oh… I see. Sorry. I shouldn’t have--”

“No. It’s fine. I’m sorry too, for reacting in the way that I did.”


Just then, Mayu felt a chill up her back.

“Someone’s here.”

Takamina saw a shadow flash by them. Then, something suddenly hit Mayu at the back of her neck and knocked her unconscious.


As Takamina knelt down to her side, she looked up and saw a figure wearing a similar black outfit as the man they encountered before. This one had a hood covering their face. Takamina quickly loaded her gun and aimed it, but the figure disappeared and reappeared behind her. Takamina quickly dodged the oncoming attack and kicked the man.

He came at her with high speed attacks, making it hard for her to keep up. The man threw a punch, but Takamina grabbed his fist. Feeling an incredible force build in her arms, she suddenly pushed the man back, feet away from her. She looked at her palms and backs on her hands, which had glowing symbols on them, only for a second.

“Again… Just like that time,” she thought, remembering her fight with Yuko.

She hurriedly ran back to Mayu’s side and shook the girl, trying to wake her.

“Mayu! Oi, Mayu! Wake up! Please!”

“Minami, it’s no use. She’s out cold.”


Just then, the two saw a light glow from an earring on Mayu’s ear. A white orb came out and took the form of a little white aura rabbit. It hopped around in the air, circling Takamina and Acchan, gliding around them and even cuddling Takamina’s cheek a bit.

“Hahaha, cute~” Takamina couldn’t help but comment.

“She must recognize us as friends.”

Just then, the figure got up and sped towards them.

As Takamina rushed to arm her gun again, the bunny rabbit hopped to her feet and circled them. Takamina then saw what looked like wings on her ankles. As the figure ran towards her, a reflex kicked in and Takamina suddenly jumped, flying in the air.


She jumped back to the ground and felt a lightness at her feet. She was moving incredibly fast now and was dodging the man’s attacks. In an instant, she caught him off guard and shot him in the back of the neck, killing him.

After she was done, the wings disappeared from her feet and she wiped the sweat off her brow, catching her breath.

“Well, that’s one.”

“Haruna and Yuki might be facing the other one.”

“Where could they be?”

The rabbit floated down to Mayu’s head and kissed it. Coated in white aura, Mayu started to float in the air.

“Wow~” The two spoke in unison.

The bunny started down the path, Mayu floating behind it. It stopped and looked over at the two.

“I think it wants us to follow her,” Acchan said.

The two started following the rabbit down the path. Takamina took Mayu’s hand and held it so she wouldn’t float away.

“Don’t worry, Mayu,” she said reassuringly. “You’ll be okay.”


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 4) 160126
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Chapter 5


Yuki and Haruna were searching for the other Cross associate. A black aura raven which Yuki had sent out flew back to her, perching onto her shoulder.

“Find anything?” She asked it, to which it just squaked. She sighed, “Nothing, huh…”

“I wonder if Takamina is alright. She and Mayu may have run into them.”

Yuki turned back to the raven. “Go check on them.”

It then flew away and left the two alone.

“Do you trust that girl?” she then asked Haruna.

“Takamina? Yeah, of course I do.” Haruna smiled at the dark elf. “Come on, give her a chance. She’s much stronger than you think.”

“If you say so…”

They then heard a rustling in the dark. They readied their weapons and saw a figure come out from the shadows.

“Oh, Nyan nyan~”

Haruna simply groaned. “Yuko?!”

“How’s my wife doing?” Yuko inched closer, puckering her lips. But she was stopped when Yuki sped up to her and placed a gun on her forehead. “Ah. Black.”

“Leave before I kill you,” Yuki said darkly.

“Oh, now, now, there’s no need for that,” the demon said as she slowly circled her, the gun still following her, however. “I just wanted to see my Nyan nyan~”

“We’re in the middle of a mission, Yuko. Leave us alone!”

“Aw~ but I wanted a kiss~”

“No! We’ve got more important things to do!”

“Right. We’re looking for associates with the Cross organization.”

Yuko then made a disappointed face. “Ugh, those bastards? Why do they have to ruin EVERYTHING?! It’s because of them I haven’t been getting my proper fill of souls!”

“That may be a good thing,” Yuki bluntly said.

The demon blew at her bangs. “Damn Cross…”

Haruna then demanded. “We both understand your feelings, but for now, you need to leave, Yuko!”

“Only if you give me a kiss!”

The hunter pouted, looking at Yuki, who just rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Mou, fine!” Haruna pouted. “But just one!”

“On the lips!”

“On the cheek!”

“I’ll take it!”

Yuko closed her eyes as Haruna walked over and gave the short demon a small, quick peck on the cheek, making Yuko smile.

“OK~ Now I’ll be off!” she then ran off, waving one last time to the tall girl. “Bye, Nyan nyan~”

Haruna let out a frustrated sigh.

“Why must we put up with her?” Yuki asked. “I can end her life in one shot.”

“Well, at least there’s one thing Yuko agrees with us on… Cross.”

The two then heard a laugh from the shadows.

“Who is speaking bad of Cross?”

The two readied their guns. They saw the figure appear and start attacking them. The pair fired shots, trying to hit the figure, but he kept dodging. He then suddenly approached Yuki.

“You!” He gave a twisted grin. “You once belonged to the darkness! Why do you not succumb to your darkness?”

“Because.. the darkness is not what controls me!”

She coated herself in black aura and pushed the figure back. He moved to throw a punch, but then Yuki used her super speed to dodge. She then created knives from her aura and stabbed the man, killing him.

As the aura died down, Yuki still had an angry scowl etched on her face.

“Don’t let it get to you,” Haruna said. “He was trying to make you lose it. You did right by keeping your cool.”

Yuki only nodded.

The raven then came back, flying to Yuki before turning into a light orb and being absorbed into a ring on Yuki’s finger. The two then saw a white aura rabbit hopping their way. Not long after, Takamina was seen, along with Mayu still unconscious and floating.

On Yuki’s face, all anger disappeared and a look of worry was seen by the short woman.

“Mayu!” Yuki ran towards the girl and held her hand, her other palm caressing Mayu’s cheek. “Mayu..! Is she okay?” she asked Takamina frantically.

“Yes. She was just knocked out.”

“Thank goodness…”

The bunny went back into Mayu’s earring and the aura faded, making Mayu fall into Yuki’s arms.

“Mayu. Mayu, wake up,” the girl said as she slapped her cheek gently. “Mayu!”

Mayu’s eyes slowly opened and looked up at Yuki.


The two embraced, Yuki holding Mayu’s head as the latter buried her face in Yuki’s chest.

“You’re okay… Thank goodness, I was so worried.”

“Mamarin.. Mayu’s.. tired…” Mayu said sleepily. “Mayu.. wants to sleep…”

Yuki gave a sweet smile. “Alright. It’s late; you did very well. Go on and sleep. I’ll carry you back.”

“Thanks, Mama…”

Takamina’s eyes widened a bit when she saw Yuki kiss Mayu’s forehead gently. The girl then picked Mayu up from the ground and carried her bridal style.

“Let’s go.”

As the three started walking, Haruna happened to notice Takamina’s cheeks were slightly pink. She chuckled.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“U-um.. are Yuki and Mayu, er.. in that kind of relationship?”

Haruna thought about it for a moment before saying, “Maybe. They sure do act like it, but I’m not too sure.”

“Oh…” Takamina simply said before she started following Haruna.


As sleeping hours came, Takamina had just finished preparing for bed and was heading back to her dorm in the agency building. Since all of them lived together, it felt sorta like college or having a big sleepover.

Takamina yawned as she walked down the hall, until she passed one of the dorm rooms. She saw the door was wide open and revealed Yuki standing by Mayu’s bed, watching over the girl as she slept. Yuki didn’t seem scary anymore and looked more like a guardian angel. Even back at the forest, she was acting much like a mother to Mayu.

“Do you need something?” Yuki asked, as she sensed the girl standing there.

“O-oh, I…” Takamina shyly stepped in. “I just think it’s sweet.. how you care for Mayu like that.”

“Is that so…”

“I was wondering… what kind of relationship do you two have?”

“Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that.. you treat Mayu like a mother, yet… The two of you are polar opposites.”

Yuki looked at the sleeping girl, smiling. “Mayu is… the one who gave me light.”

“Gave you light?”

“Yes. In my life, which was filled with cold darkness.. she came and brought me the light. She made me feel emotions I had long forgotten, feelings such as happiness and love. She’s very dear to me…”

“I can tell because of your actions. It’s like you’re repaying her for what she did for you.”

“All I want is for her to be safe. If she were gone… my life would lose its light again.”

Yuki’s voice sounded sad and sincere. She really did care deeply for Mayu, Takamina said in her mind.

“I know how you feel. I have a friend who’s really close. I dunno what if I could live without her.”

Acchan blushed a bit hearing Takamina’s compliment. “Minami…”

Yuki looked at Takamina.

“I’ll warn you. Tonight, you got your first taste of the darkness hiding in the world. But it’ll only become more dangerous from now on. This world… it’s not all light and happiness.”

“I understand…”

“I hope you do.”

Takamina nodded.

“You… you gonna be alright? Like, you need sleep, right?”

“Not necessarily. I’m a dark elf, anyways, and most dark Fae are nocturnal. We get our energy from the moon.”

“Ah, I see. Then, uh… good night, I guess,” Takamina bowed before leaving, shutting the dorm room.

Though, Takamina still couldn’t help but smile. “She really is like her mom…”

“Minami,” Acchan then spoke. “Did you mean that earlier? That you couldn’t live without me.”

“Of course I meant it. You’re my best friend, Atsuko. I don’t know what my life would be like without you.”

“Oh, Minami!” Atsuko hugged the short girl, snuggling with her.

“Come on, let’s go to bed.” Takamina yawned as she and her ghost friend headed to their dorm.


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 5) 160128
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your story are great as always!  :cow:

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 5) 160128
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Chapter 6


An hour before sunrise. Yuki was asleep by Mayu’s side, her hand holding onto hers, and her head resting on the bedside. In her mind, Yuki was taken back to the moment she first met Mayu and was reliving it in her dreams.

Yuki, otherwise known as Black, was a part of a group of dark elves who lived in the shadows. They were shrouded by darkness; it was what controlled them.

They had one rule that must never be broken. That was, to never interact with those of the light. The light was a major threat to their darkness. Light was their weakness. Light was what killed them.

Or, at least… that’s what they’re all made to think.

Not Black. Black thought differently. She was infatuated by light. It made her feel things she had not long felt. Wonder and curiosity danced within her when she thought about light. But she was trapped. Everyone in her clan told her to avoid the light, for it would bring her end if she ever let it take away her darkness.

So, one night, as the rest of the clan was asleep, Black decided to run away. She wanted at least one night away from the darkness, to see light. The first light she ever saw… was that of the full moon shining in the sky. And then, the stars that filled the sky along with it. The sight made Black’s heart race. She had never thought light could be so dazzling and beautiful.

She then saw lights that were closer to the ground. They were small creatures, all emitting lights of different colors. She wanted to reach out and touched one of them. She held her hand out and watched as the creature floated around her hand and up her arm. It danced around her, a small sound like a bell ringing in Black’s ear.

“They’re very pretty, aren’t they?” a voice rose.

Black looked and saw a young girl dressed in almost all white and baby blue smiling at her, some of the other light creatures floating and dancing around her.

It was Mayu.

“They’re pixies. I’m guessing by the look on your face, you’ve never seen one.”

Black shook her head.

Mayu got closer so the two could see each other closely. Black found the girl beautiful. She didn’t think there was such beauty in the world, up until this moment.

“I’ve never seen you around here before,” Mayu said, observing the girl. “What’s your name?”

Black was silent. She didn’t know why, she just couldn’t.

“Oh, come now, don’t be shy.”

“...M-my.. my name is…” Black spoke softly.


At the time, Black had not used her real name in ages. She had nearly forgotten it. But…


Mayu smiled. “Yuki. Like snow?”

That was when Yuki remembered. Her first memory as an infant was lying asleep in a woven basket out in the winter snow.

She nodded.

“I’m Mayu. I’m a light elf. And what are you, because I can sense you aren’t human?”


“Go on. Tell me.”


She furrowed her eyebrows. “Dark Fae?”

Yuki nodded. “Dark elf.”

“Ah, then that makes sense why you’re out here so late.”

“I.. ran away. I wanted.. to see light.”

“Well, you can always come here.”

The dark elf shook her head. “Brothers and sisters say that light is dangerous…”

Mayu only laughed.

“That’s silly. Light can’t hurt you. Not our light, anyways. Our light heals.”

“Light.. heals?”

“That’s right. The light of the moon, for instance. See these flowers?” Mayu pointed at some white flowers blooming. “They bloom only under the light of the moon.”

Yuki knelt down and looked at the flowers. “Beautiful…”

“I know, right… The true beauty of it all, it all looks so… pretty from a new perspective.”

“I’ve never seen beauty like that. All I’ve ever known was… darkness.”

Mayu chuckled again. “Well, Yuki, you’ve been in the dark for too long.”

That statement made Yuki laugh as well.

However, Yuki soon had to leave, due to the worry that her clan would find her missing and punish her. Before she left, though, she promised Mayu that she would come back and see her in the same place again.

So, it was then, that Yuki started having secret rendezvouses with Mayu in the forest. She would show her the most beautiful places and teach her things Yuki had never known about the world.

One thing that most intrigued the two were legends about humans and the mortal world. Mayu had dreamed of leaving the forest to see the human world. Hearing her stories, Yuki, too, wanted to learn more about the humans.

“I know!” Mayu came up with an idea one night. “Let’s make a promise! One day, you and me will go together to the mortal world!”


“Come on, it’ll be a good way to learn about them!”


“But what?”

“I… I can’t leave my brothers and sisters.”

“Yuki,” Mayu touched the girl’s cheek. “Don’t you think that if your clan truly loved and cared about you, they would let you go?”

“But that’s just it. Anyone who would disobey the clan would become a traitor. They’d kill me!”

“Then just run away, like you did when you first met me! We’ll both run away, together! And they won’t know!”

“But, Mayu…”

Yuki then sensed a dark force approaching…

“They’re here,” she said quietly, her eyes widened. “They’re coming for me. You need to hide.”


The two quickly stood up and Mayu ran into the shadows where she hid. Yuki stood there as her clan members appeared in the dark side of the forest. Yuki remained on the side filled with light.

“Black, what is the meaning of this? Why have you gone to the light side?”

“Because, I decided that the darkness is not what rules my life. I have seen light.. I have felt emotions I never felt before… Being within the darkness has kept me from seeing the beauty of the world.”

“Black, don’t be ridiculous,” one of the figures spoke to her, their eyes glowing red.

“Mayu… Mayu told me--”

“That girl is a liar,” he interrupted, keeping a firm gaze. “She is a fool who does not know the true power of the darkness.”

“Mayu is not a--!”

“Silence!” he roared, stepping out from the shadows a moment.

Yuki was taken aback by what she saw. From what she had recalled of her clan, her leader was very beautiful.

But now… he looked like a beast.

“You see it, don’t you? This is what the light does to you. It warps your mind. Makes you see what is ugly and horrid.”

“No…” Yuki started shaking in fear.

“Look for yourself!”

The creature pulled out a black mirror. Reflected in Yuki’s eyes was a monster that resembled herself. She screamed in horror, covering her eyes. Mayu saw her friend crying, but the horrible monster was making her afraid. The creature approached Yuki and uncovered her eyes, staring at her.

“You are a being of the night. You belong to the darkness.”

“..I… belong.. to.. the darkness…” Yuki spoke, slowly hypnotized by the monster’s gaze.

With that, all fear had disappeared from Mayu’s mind. All she could think about saw saving Yuki. She created a bow and arrow with her white aura and shot the clan leader, piercing his chest. Yuki immediately snapped out of the trance and saw Mayu.


The other clan members charged at the two, but Mayu fought them all off, shooting her bow and arrow into each one of them. When it was all over, the light arrows that penetrated the monsters killed them.

Yuki was still shaking in fear, holding her head while crying in a catatonic state. Mayu hugged the shivering girl, rubbing her back.

“It’s okay…”

After her body was exhausted from all the shock, Yuki fell asleep in Mayu’s embrace. In her dreams, she saw two figures hovered above her.

“Mama..? Papa..?”

She saw her tiny infant hands reach out to them, but then, she saw an unknown creature come up from behind and killed them. The creature looked at Yuki and grabbed her with its claws. After that, her world became dark.

When Yuki woke up, she saw she was in a different part of the forest, now near a large pond with crystal clear water. She looked down at her reflection and saw, not a monster, but herself. The same smooth snow white skin and raven black hair she had always had.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Mayu’s voice rose, causing Yuki to look at the girl.

She held Mayu’s arms. “Please tell me… I’m not a monster, right?”

“No. You’re beautiful.”

“But, that mirror..!”

“It was a spell. That creature tricked you.”


“The mirror it showed you was a cursed mirror. It made whatever it reflected look like it’s opposite, so anything that was beautiful would become ugly and terrifying.”

“Then…” Yuki looked back to the lake. “What about this?”

“This pond’s water is enchanted. When you look into your reflection, it reveals your true self. As you can see, your reflection does not change. You aren’t a monster; you’re exactly who you should be.”

Yuki gave a sad look, remembering the monsters.

“They all… lied to me.”

“They are shapeshifters. They can take the form of anything,” Mayu explained. “I looked into your memories as you slept. The leader killed your parents and kidnapped you as a baby.”

The dark elf’s hands gripped at the ground. “They were never my family to begin with…”

“I’m so sorry, Yuki.”

Yuki shook her head. “Don’t be. It’s now I finally realize what my true purpose is.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s to stay in the light… and see the beauty of the world,” she held Mayu’s hand. “With you.”

“You mean..!”

“Let’s do it. Let’s go to the human world.”

Mayu smiled and cheerfully hugged Yuki. “Thank you!”

“No… thank you, Mayu. For giving my life light again. Now, I want to return the favor.”

They broke the hug, staring at each other.

“As long as I stand by your side, as long as I shall live, I will protect you. No matter what, I won’t let the darkness ruin our lives again.”

Mayu smiled again. “Yuki…” Then, she chuckled.

“What now?”

“You sound like a mom. From now on, I’m calling you Mama,” Mayu laughed.

The two embraced one last time before standing up and beginning to make their way to the human world…


The morning sun rose and Mayu woke from her slumber. She looked to her side and saw Yuki sleeping at the side of the bed, her hand firmly grasping hers.

Mayu smiled and gave Yuki a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Love you, Mamarin.”


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 6) 160129
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Chapter 7 (Part 1)


“Crap! I better get back!” Takamina said to herself.

She was out doing some early inspection when she got a message from Miichan. She told her to hurry back because of an important mission.

As Takamina was running, she didn’t see a woman walking the opposite way as her and ran into her.

“Hey, watch where you’re going,” she said annoyed.

“Ah! Sorry!” Takamina bowed before continuing to run off. The woman clicked her tongue and kept walking.

Takamina made it back to the agency and reunited with the group.

“Okay, what do we got?”

“First off,” Miichan asked, “How was inspection? No demonic spirits?”


“No Cross associates.”


“No rogue werewolves or vampires?”

“No and no.”

“Good. Now, let’s begin then.”

Miichan approached the computer and pulled up a few pictures of some murdered people. All of them had identical bite marks on their necks.

“There’s been some vampire activity recently, and I would like to investigate this particular matter due to the victims, not just the culprit.”

“Why the victims?” Takamina asked.

Haruna pointed at the screen and said, “Those people… they’re all rogues.”

“All of them?”

“Not only that. Take a look at what Sasshi found when me and her did some night investigation just last night.”

Miichan then pulled up a picture of a murdered Cross associate, with the same bite marks.

“A vampire did that?!”

“We can’t be sure whether this vampire is on the good side or not. They could just be another rogue.”

“Or like Yuko…” Haruna mentioned.

“How’ll we find them?” Mayu asked.

“We think we may have an accomplice,” Sasshi said.

“You got a name and face?”

“Yup.” Miichan then pulled up a picture of the mentioned suspect. “This is her. Matsui Rena.”

Takamina’s eyes widened. It was the same woman she had just ran into moments earlier. She remembered her rather angered glare, so Takamina wouldn’t be surprised if she was an accomplice.

“We’re gonna have a stake out. Spy on her and see what she does.”

“Yuki, Mayu, you’ll come with us to find her location,” Haruna said. “Takamina, you’re coming with me and Miichan.”


“Yosh! Let’s move out!”


After some searching, the group found Rena in Tokyo and started following her around undetected. They started watching her as she entered a local cafe. Mayu and Yuki entered the cafe and watched her from a distance as Miichan, Haruna, and Takamina monitored from outside.

“Do you think this is their rendezvous point?” Haruna asked.

“We can’t be too sure.” Miichan then spoke into an earbud Mayu and Yuki had. “You two, be sure to keep an eye on her.”

“Of course.”

The two watched and saw Rena ordered something from the menu, specifically pointing to something so the waitress could see.

“Mamarin,” Mayu said. “This girl’s aura isn’t dangerous…  What if she isn’t working for the vampire?”

“Then it’s all a misunderstanding. Besides, this vampire could most likely be using her, as well. Making her do things against her will.”


“Still, I can’t help but feel something off about her aura.”

“Me too. I’m not quite sure what it is, but--”

The two were suddenly cut off when a loud ringtone started playing.

Akai pinhiiru
Gimme your touch
Gimme your breath
Gimme your eyes

Rena suddenly blushed and grabbed her phone out of her pocket, apologizing frantically as she rushed to the bathroom. The trio saw the sight from outside.

“Yuki, follow her. Make sure she doesn’t see you.”

Yuki nodded and got up from her seat. She walked to the bathroom door and started listening carefully to the girl as she talked on her phone.

“...Yeah, I’ll be there in a second… I can’t talk for too long. There are people watching me… Right. I’ll see you soon.”

Yuki heard the footsteps and quickly backed away as the girl left.

“Excuse me,” she bowed before leaving and letting Yuki enter.

“Did you hear all that?” she asked.

“Yeah, we heard,” Haruna said. “I wonder if she knows we’re watching her.”

“What’s going on now?”

The three looked at the café window and saw Rena sat down and put away her phone. The waitress then came and handed Rena a cup of coffee and a plate of melonpan.

“It looks like she’s having lunch.”

They all watched as Rena began happily eating the melonpan. She then took out a book from her bag and read it as she drank her coffee. As she looked through the pages, she would often pause a bit to take another sip or bite of melonpan, as well as chuckling a bit on funny parts.

When she finally finished, she bookmarked the page, paid for lunch, and left the cafe. They started following her again and saw her going down the street until they reached a bar and café called "ROZE".

“Lunch again?” Takamina asked.

“No. This must be the rendezvous point.”

They saw her enter the building and decided it was Takamina and Haruna’s turn to investigate. So they exited the vehicle and made their way to the entrance.

“Nervous?” Haruna asked.

“Un, a little… I’ve never faced a vampire.”

“Be careful, kay? I’ll be here to help, but they’re seriously powerful.”


“Now, let’s go.”

With that, Takamina nodded and pushed open the door. As soon as the two hunters walked through the door, they saw that the bar and cafe was near empty. The woman they had been tracking was nowhere to be found. The only other person that was there besides them was a bartender at the counter, cleaning some glasses.

He took a look at the two and smiled. “Welcome.”

The two silently bowed, politely.

He set the glass down. “Anything I can do for you?”

“U-um…” Takamina stuttered, blushing as the young man was very handsome. “We.. we’re looking for someone. We thought we saw her come in here.”

“Well, no one’s come in besides you two, so you can wait here until she comes. Have a seat,” he gestured to the two open seats in front of the counter.

“Thank you… erm...”

“Ruka. Just call me Ruka.”

Since the two still needed to investigate they just ordered some water and decided to wait for Rena to turn up.

“Strange~” Miichan scratched her head. “We ALL saw her go in there, right?”

Mayu and Yuki nodded.

“So,” Ruka asked the two hunters, “what brings you ladies in? You said you were looking for someone.”

“Ah, yes. Uh, actually, we were supposed to meet them here.”

“But, uh.. looks like they haven’t turned up.”

“Welp, it’s no one expect us.”

“Yup. You, me, and--”

Just then, another young man appeared and walked to Ruka, hugging him from behind.

“Ruka~ Why are you still so busy? Didn’t you say we were going to--?” he stopped when he saw Haruna and Takamina. “Ah! Customers~”

“Are you a bartender too?” Haruna asked.

“Mm~ more like a host. Name’s Haru.” The boy grinned, then knelt down on the counter and close to Haruna. “You smell nice~”

Haruna blushed a bit. “Th-thank you, I guess…”

“Nee, Ruka, I’m hungry. Make me a parfait.”

“No, Haru. We’re still on shift.”

Haru then smiled as an idea entered his mind.

“Then let’s make parfaits for these ladies, too. We can all share!”

“Eh?! Is that okay?!” Takamina said.

Ruka chuckled. “Well, I guess it’ll do no harm.”

He then proceeded to make four parfaits and served two of them to the hunters.

Yuki facepalmed. “We came for a mission, not for desserts…”

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped,” Mayu said. “Parfaits are delicious.”

“And is it just me or do Ruka and Haru seem to be acting a bit like…?”

“Ruka, open up. Ah~” Haru spooned in some of the parfait into Ruka’s mouth, the sight being witnessed by the hunters.

Takamina blushed.

“Now me!”

“Hai hai~” Ruka said as he spooned up some of the ice cream in the parfait and fed it to Haru, the boy smiling.

“They’re very cute,” Haruna whispered to Takamina.

“Uh, y-yeah.”

“Ah, Ruka,” Haru looked at the bartender. “You have whipped cream on your face.”

Then he did something unbelievable (in Takamina and Haruna’s eyes anyways)...

He leaned forward and licked the whipped cream that was on Ruka’s face. The two hunters blushed. Actually, Takamina’s face was as red as a tomato at this point. She was internally screaming over the sight.

“Oh my…” Acchan chuckled at Takamina’s expression.

“A-a-a-are you two… um… y’know~?” Takamina awkwardly asked.

Ruka’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What?”

“Aw, Ruka, can’t you take a hint?” Haru pouted, then smiled to Takamina. “Yes. We’re a couple~”

“EEEEEEEH?!?!?!” Takamina screamed out. Haruna was surprised, too, but not so much. The two kinda acted like a couple. Atsuko also suspected as such, but she still continued to giggled over Takamina’s reaction.

“Yup~ We’ve been together a long time~” Haru said, facing the other man. “We’ve done this~ and that~ and those sort of things~”

“Th-th-those sort of…?” Takamina couldn’t even speak.

“Oi, Haru, not here. It’s embarrassing…” Ruka said in a low tone.

“Why? We can just give these girls a little show, let them see how deep our love is~” Haru said as he inched closer, their lips just centimeters apart.

But as they were about to kiss...

“I need to go powder my nose!” Takamina said as she quickly bolted towards the bathroom.

“Mou~” Miichan groaned. “Takamina, remember to look for Rena,” she spoke through the earbud.

“I know! I know already! I… uh…”

However, Takamina soon found that she was not near a bathroom, and was in a hallway that seemed to have several private rooms.

“Oh, so it’s this kind of bar and cafe…”

As Takamina was walking through the hall, she then heard a sound coming from one of the rooms. She saw the door was cracked open and got closer to take a good listen.

“Ngh… n-no.. wait, not yet.. Jurina…”

Takamina’s eyes widened. “That voice… it’s her!”

“Don’t worry, hime. No one will disturb us. Now...”

She heard Rena’s voice start to die down. When she took a peek through the crack, she saw that Rena was in the room with another young woman. Not only that, they were… KISSING!

Takamina blushed again. It was a really rough, deep kiss, the girl with Rena was very aggressive and dominant, taking charge in the kiss. She desperately wanted to look away, but her eyes remained locked as she couldn’t move or do anything.

As they broke the kiss, Rena fell limp in the woman’s arms. She licked her lips and leaned in toward her neck, brushing back strands of Rena’s hair. Takamina clearly saw a fang flash out from her as she bit down on the latter’s neck. Her eyes widened as she heard Rena cry out; not a cry in pain, but rather a moan of ecstasy.

Takamina quickly ran out and kept running until she did finally find the bathroom. She turned on the sink and splashed cold water on her face.

“Oh my God…! This is too much! First, two male co-workers flirting and being all lovey-dovey, now two women were making out!”

“Minami, you saw, right?” Acchan said. “That woman who was with Rena… she’s a vampire.”

Takamina nodded. “Then we were right. She’s an accomplice.”

“Also… if that woman was a vampire, do you think there are others here?”

With that statement, Takamina’s eyes widened.

“Oh no…”

She rushed back and saw Haruna was still with Ruka and Haru. She went to her seat, still a bit shaky and her cheeks flushed.

“What’s the matter, cutie?” Haru asked with a chuckle.

“U-um… Haru..-kun.”


“Er.. d-do you know.. anyone by the name of.. M-Matsui.. Rena-san.. who comes here?”

With that, Haru’s smile disappeared. She looked at Ruka, who whispered something to him.

“Um… I think it sounds familiar, uh… I’ll be right back.”

He then left, leaving the two confused.

“What happened?”

Ruka leaned over the counter.

“So.. Matsui Rena, you say? What business do you have with her?” he asked.

“Eto… we’re friends!” Takamina said in a panic. “W-we went to college together! We’re meeting after having graduated a year ago! Right, Haruna?”

“Uh, y-yeah!”

“Oh, is that all?”

“Yes~! We wanted to know how she was doing!”

Ruka then gave the two a serious glare.

“So, if you’re her friends, you’ll know everything about her.”

The two looked at each other, then nodded.

“Alright… what’s her favorite food?”

“Ah. Melonpan!” Haruna said.

“And her favorite book?”

“Uh, oh, what was it she was reading? Um.. it’s a novel called ‘Promise of a Rose’. Right?”

Ruka scoffed. “Did I say it was a novel?”


“You two are lying,” he said with another glare, leaning closer. “Who are you really? What do you want with Rena?”

“L-l-look, we don’t wanna start a fight, so--”

As they were talking, the woman Takamina saw before walked out. She had a really pleased look on her face and adjusted her crooked jacket, smiling and humming a song under her breath. She sat down a wine glass in front of the bartender.

“Sayaka, give me a refill~”

Takamina and Haruna’s faces became confused expressions, “Sayaka?”

Ruka cleared her throat. “You got the wrong person.”

“Hm?” The young girl looked at Takamina and Haruna and her eyes widened. “Ooh~ I didn’t realize we had company.”

“Jurina…” Ruka leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

“Oh… so they want to harm my princess?”

She glared at the two and stood up.

“You want to hurt my Rena-chan?”

“N-no! This is a misunderstanding! We--”

Jurina flashed her fangs and charged to punch the short girl, only to be stopped by Haruna.

“We just want to ask you a few questions.”

“Sorry, but I only talk with my actions,” she said before attempting to kick the tall woman. She grinned at the two, “So instead of words… let’s use our fists.”

Takamina wanted to run away, but when she turned around, she saw Ruka standing behind her.

“W-wait,” Takamina tried to reason. “I-I don’t wanna fight vampires! I mean, if you really think about it, vampires are really cool! Hahaha! Y’know, with their strength and looks and.. er, scary sharp fangs..!”

“Takamina!” Miichan yelled through the earbud, causing some feedback. “You have to fight! This is no time to be scared!”

“Mou, shut up!” Takamina threw the earpiece out.

“So that’s your game,” Ruka said before he stepped on the earbud and crushed it.

“Please, Ruka-san! We have an obvious size difference! I’d never win against you!”

“Takamina, all this ranting won’t help!” Haruna said.

“No, she’s right,” Jurina said. “Also.. Ruka is a black belt in aikido.”

The shorter woman shivered in fear. “Mou!”

“Now then, shall we get started?”

Ruka and Jurina entered their fighting positions.

“Takamina, we have no other choice,” Haruna said as she pulled out her dagger. “You have to face your fears and fight!”

“H-hai..!” Takamina pulled out her gun.

Ruka and Jurina were the first to make a move on the two hunters. The two dodged and quickly started to counter their attacks. Haruna slashed her dagger, trying to stab the vampire. She ended up getting a cut on the cheek.

“Yada~ you cut my pretty face,” Jurina pouted. “Oh wait…”

Haruna watched in shock as the wound healed itself.

“Nevermind,” Jurina said with a catlike smirk.

“Just let me ask you this, are you lot working for Cross?”

“Huh? You mean that evil company?” Ruka asked.

“No, no, no~” Jurina said as she walked away. “Why on Earth would we be working for that group of devils?”

“Then.. what are you--?”

“Jurina!” Rena burst in and saw the current situation, her eyes wide.


“Rena-chan~ why’d you have to ruin the moment? I thought I told you to stay in the room.”


Takamina pointed at the woman. “O-oi, Matsui Rena! You’re an accomplice for this vampire, right?!”

Rena looked at Takamina. “Ah.. that chibi who ran into me today.”

Takamina blushed. “I am not a chibi!”

“Haa~ let’s just get this over with.”

She then whistled and a brown dog suddenly ran in, barking at the two. Takamina got surprised and ended up tripping, falling the ground.

“Woah, you okay?” Ruka knelt down and reached out his hand.

“Th-that trick won’t work!” Takamina pulled the man down and grabbed his hair. “You aren’t gonna fool me with an act like that! You hear?!”

"Takamina, calm down!"

However, as she pulled on it, she was surprised when the hair she was holding suddenly slipped off. As it did, long dark locks of hair flowed down from Ruka’s head, moving just past her shoulders. Takamina looked at the wig she was now holding, blushing as she stared at Ruka.

“Y-you’re.. a girl?!”

That was when Jurina started laughing.

“Oh my God! I wondered how long it’d take before you realized! Hahahaha!”

However, as she was laughing, Takamina and Haruna could hear another voice laughing. The two looked and saw the dog suddenly turn into Haru, who still had the brown dog ears and tail.

“I can’t take it anymore! Hahaha! This is so funny!”

Takamina blinked, confused. “Huh?”

As Jurina calmed down, she looked at the two hunters. “Hey, there are more with you, right?”

“Uh, yeah…”

“Bring ‘em in. We need proper introductions.”


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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection (Bloody Rose - Chapter 7 Pt. 1) 160130
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Short update. Sorry for the long wait. ^_^

Chapter 7 (Part 2)


“Ahem, now that we’ve all gathered, why don’t we begin introductions?” Jurina spoke as she and her colleagues sat in front of the hunters.


“Starting from me. I’m Matsui Jurina, as you now know, I’m a vampire.”


“And beside me is my lovely girlfriend, Rena~” Jurina snuggled against the girl’s arm.

“And here I am, thinking that you two were sisters,” Takamina said, with slight confusion in her voice.

“Heck no. There’s no way I can be related to this century-old vampire,” Rena said.


“You see, Rena’s just a normal human being,” Jurina explained. “Also, don’t mind her way of speaking. Even though she looks tough as nails, she can be a softie as well.”

“Sh-shut up..!”

“Ah, you’re blushing now. So cute~”

“Ano, if I can go next,” Ruka raised her hand. “My real name is Sayaka, but I go by Ruka when I work here. I’m also human.”

“So, your job is to cross-dress?”

“Yes, same as Sae.”

“That’s me~!” Sae raised her hand. “I go by Haru! Ah, and also, I’m an inugami and Sayaka’s partner!”

“And you two are also a couple?”


“So… if you guys aren’t rogues or working for Cross, then what are you?”

“We’re hunters, like you. We’re Angel Trump,” Jurina said.

“Angel Trump? I’ve never heard of a hunter association by that name…”

“Because we aren’t a public hunters association,” Sayaka explained. “We’re more like underground black-ops.”

“And it’s only just a few of us.”

“So, the ones who have been killing the rogues.. was you four?”


“So then, who is your founder?”

“Ah, Mariko. She’s away with other businesses to attend to.”

“I wonder when she’ll back~” Sae pondered.

“So have you killed any recently?””

“Yeah. Last night, we just finished off a guy from Cross who was trying to hit on my princess,” Jurina said, laying her head on Rena’s shoulder.


“Well, not ‘hit’ on her, per say,” Sayaka said.

“I thought we said we’d never speak of it,” Rena growled, “By the way…”

“Hm? What?”

“Have you guys traced down the whereabouts of a werewolf?”

“Um, not recently.”

“Damn it!” Jurina suddenly yelled out, “Some other supernatural must be with that… thing, because I can’t sense it anymore!”

“E-Eh…? Why would you want to hunt down a werewolf?”

“Personal reasons,” Jurina said bluntly.

“Well, for now, our main focus is the Cross organization. I’m sure we can all agree, human or not, that the Cross organization is bad.”


“Well then, if you ever need any assistance, you can contact us. Consider us.. accomplices. Ufufu,” Sae chuckled.

“Sounds like a deal.”

“Same with you,” Takamina said, “If you need help with that werewolf, just call us.”

“Gotcha,” Jurina walked up and held out her hand.

Takamina stood up and shook her hand. “Yoroshiku!”


Later that evening, Sayaka and Sae were cleaning some of the glasses when Jurina walked out.

“I’m heading home for tonight, you two~” she said. “You both working the night shift, too?”


“You aren’t too drunk, are you? You had quite a few Bloody Marys… and Rena’s blood as well,” Sayaka said.

“Don’t worry, you guys~ I’m a vampire, remember? I can hold twice the amount of liquor any human can.”

“Well, if you say so…”

“Bye guys~” Jurina waved as she left the cafe.

Sae looked over at her girlfriend. “It’s just the two of us now, ne…”


The puppy girl hugged Sayaka’s waist.

“Today was so tiring…” Sae said as she leaned her head on the girl’s shoulder. “I’m exhausted. Ne, let’s go take a nap together.”

“Sae, we can’t sleep. We’re working the night shift.”

“But we worked all day today.. and then the Bloody Rose came and lots of things happened.”

“I know but--”

“Please?” Sae asked with those innocent puppy eyes.

Sayaka looked around, seeing no one had come. She grinned.

“Well, rarely anyone comes at this hour, anyways. I guess a little nap wouldn’t kill us.”

Sae smiled and held her girlfriend’s hands before dragging her to a comfy couch in the middle of the room.

“Oyasumi~” Sae said before kissing Sayaka’s cheek and nuzzling into her shoulder, drifting into slumber.

Sayaka planted a soft kiss on the puppy’s forehead. “Oyasumi…”


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 :love: :inlove: :inlove: :wub: ITS SO AMAZZZING I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING, I FALL IN LOVE WITH THE FIC, CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPTER  :panic: :panic: :nya: :luvluv1: :ptam-glow:

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection *New project in progress!* 170114
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We have a new project that I will be posting here! It's a sequel to the Kagekidan musical, "Infinity"!

Hope everyone looks forward to it~ :D

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection - Infinity II (Part 1) 170115
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Infinity II can be accessed and read on Asian Fanfics!

Part 1 is up now! Here:

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection - Infinity II (Part 1) 170115
« Reply #29 on: January 18, 2017, 09:06:19 AM »




 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Ruka and Michael's Fanfic Collection - Infinity II (Part 1) 170115
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@cisda83 Okay, I will! I haven't worked on it in a while, so maybe after Infinity II, I'll get back to it.

Speaking of, Part 2 is up!


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