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Author Topic: [News] Manaka Inaba to graduate from Country Girls  (Read 1310 times)

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[News] Manaka Inaba to graduate from Country Girls
« on: August 04, 2016, 05:55:14 PM »

With her current medical treatment which put her on hold from her activities, Manaka Inaba has graduated from Country Girls.
With the formation of Country Girls and after moving to Tokyo, from the end of April, her carrier has been put on hold after her sickness, asthma, from which she suffered from a young age, showed more significant symptoms and began to be an obstacle to her activities.
After that, we looked after the progress but her current condition do not meet the requirements needed for activities such as the numerous nation-wide lives performed currently by the group in many places.
There had been many discussions and considerations with her, with her family and with the doctors but in order to not cause any more inconveniences with the group's activities, as well as understanding her feelings, it came to the conclusion of graduating Country Girls.
From now on, we will look forward to her possible activities as Manaka Inaba while watching at the progress of her medical treatment.
To everyone who was looking forward to her resumed activities in Country Girls, we apologize for not following those expectations.
We plan to watch attentively at Manaka Inaba being able to be in the start line for new activities.
We ask you humbly to support Country Girls from now as well.

Representative Director
Takeshi Nishiguchi


It has been already 3 months sinceI have announced my activities break to everyone...
I would like to thank you because during this pause, I received many comments, I made you worried.
To everyone, as well as to Country Girls members and to everyone from Hello! Project, I would like to apologize for making you worried.
At this occasion, I, Manaka Inaba, on this 4th of August,
have graduated from Country Girls.
After the announcement of my break, I announce you my sudden graduation,
I am really sorry for surprising you with this news.
To everyone who was waiting for my resumed activities,
Please accept my apologies.
I gave my everything so far into the medical treatment of the asthma, but there are still disappointing days
With the current condition now, I am not ready to continue the activities of going nation-wide,
However this condition is not always bad,
There are days when my physical condition stabilizes but,
The condition was depending on to the weather or on the days.
With such a condition, I cannot cause any more worry to everyone by receiving your support,
I think to avoid any hindrance at the group's activities, to not cause any problem to all the members,
The decision of this was the graduation, please forgive me.
And to all the members of Country Girls
Thank you so much...!!
As a member of Country Girls, I have experienced many things,
To meet all the fans is an important treasure for me.
Please everyone continue to support even more Country Girls from now as well!
Nothing has been decided concerning the future but, I, Manaka Inaba, think I have to be able to do something to pay back all the support I received from everyone.
While becoming indebted to everyone from the company office, I would like to think at myself from now on.
From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to all everyone who has been involved with me.
Thank you so much.

August 4th 2016
Country Girls
Manaka Inaba
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Re: [News] Manaka Inaba to graduate from Country Girls
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2016, 07:25:28 AM »
A great talent was lost so this is sad, wish her all the best!
LJ★  ~Rest in Peace marimari, Jabronisaur, ChrNo & Fushigidane

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Re: [News] Manaka Inaba to graduate from Country Girls
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2016, 05:14:49 PM »
I'm SO BUMMED, she was my fave in that group. I feel doubly bad for her too because I have asthma and I know how frustrating it is to have that limit you.

Hopefully she'll be able to do some great things, still. Good luck, Manaka.  :heart:

::Rest in Peace, Jabs. You'll be forever missed. <3::

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Re: [News] Manaka Inaba to graduate from Country Girls
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2016, 07:16:22 PM »
She never really got to showcase her cool dance moves in CG. Hope she'll be back and form a duo Riho  :yep:

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Re: [News] Manaka Inaba to graduate from Country Girls
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2016, 08:24:30 PM »
Wishing Manaka san good health and
much happiness as she follows her path!

As a fan, this news is

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