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Author Topic: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS  (Read 1773 times)

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(Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« on: April 14, 2017, 07:38:21 AM »
Collection of wafflekyun's keyakizaka46 short OS

1. (berimona) Tag Game


Odanana yelled while other students scrambled as she did so. Today class 3C was playing a tag game, Odanana started it when it was announced that the teacher wouldn’t able to make it to class today. It was indeed a chaos, people running from here to there, trying to hide and not get caught by the tagging squad.

Mona sprinted towards the field, hell no she was gonna get caught today. Sugai had promised them she would gave the last man standing a quality Belgian chocolate and boy Mona loves free stuff so much she would die for that.

"I see Rika there!!" Ozeki yelled, she was the part of the tagging team. Rika looked like she's struggling to run away from Ozeki and her weird running style.

"What a mess." Mona thought to herself, she couldn’t stand to watch Rika being hogged by Ozeki so she grabbed the latter's hand and ran with her. Rika looked confused, she didn't understand why Mona would take her hand like that.

"Goddamn they're everywhere." Mona said again, eyeing Pon and Zuumin who are also a part of tagging team trying to get Koike down. She could hear the poor girl's scream from afar.

"The gym." Mona said to Rika in which she only nodded in agreement. Both of the girls proceed to enter the gym. Mona's eyes screened the place briefly and decided for both of them to hide on the locker.

"I think I'm good here." Mona said again, panting. She's tired from all the evading game she had done. She simply needed to wait it out till 3 pm for her to be the winner.

"Why are you taking me, Shida-san." Rika looked at her, puzzled. She's still holding her tiger plush. Mona jerked back, she forgot she had taken Rika to her custody earlier out of pity. At this rate she needed Rika to get tagged because there could only be one winner.

"I forgot there's you." Mona said honestly. Rika giggled a bit and took her phone out.

"Today Rika is with Shida-san. Shida-san please say your comment." She said, taking video.

"Don't put it online, dummy. They could easily find us." Mona said, asking Rika to put her phone down.

"Heeh, apparently Shida-san doesn't like to be recorded." Rika said again, smiling to the camera.

"Where is Mona anyway? I think I saw her this way earlier."

Mona's ears caught a chitchat from outside and immediately put her hand on Rika's mouth to shut her down.

"Mmhmm." Rika protested.


"Are you sure this way?" The voice is heard again and Mona is starting to panicked.

"Probably just my eyes. Let's check the bathroom."

Mons let out a relived sigh and proceed to let her grip on Rika go. She realized that her face is so close to hers. It felt like she had this sudden urge to just simply kiss the other girl.
Rika was always been this cute, and Mona had always have eyes for her. Ever since the 'murder' incident she grew to like the girl more and more than before. She was just scared to approach her, Rika wasn't part of her inner circle of friends. Talking to her might raise question from her fellow peers, so she just brushed it off. But now she's here with her alone, never before feeling this close.

"R-Rika..." she said, stuttering a little.

"Yes, Shida-san?"

"Y-your face is too close to mine." She said again.

Rika smiled and put her tiger on Mona's lips, imitating a kissing sound.

"Want a kiss?" She said casually with her infamous innocent smile.

"Excuse me." Mona said, brushing the tiger off and kissed the girl softly. It tasted sweet, just like lemons.



Odanana yelled, leaving Mona in an eternal embarrassment.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 07:21:56 AM »
"Want a kiss?" She said casually with her infamous innocent smile.

"Excuse me." Mona said, brushing the tiger off and kissed the girl softly. It tasted sweet, just like lemons.



Odanana yelled, leaving Mona in an eternal embarrassment.
HAHAHAHAHA laughing hard at that part :lol: :lol: :lol: please write more!! :cathappy: :cathappy:
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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2017, 09:27:20 AM »
Dani noooo!!
why are you interupting??

this is so cuteeee

continue this please
 :mon whimper:

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Collection of wafflekyun's keyakizaka46 short OS

"R-Rika..." she said, stuttering a little.

"Yes, Shida-san?"

"Y-your face is too close to mine." She said again.

Rika smiled and put her tiger on Mona's lips, imitating a kissing sound.

"Want a kiss?" She said casually with her infamous innocent smile.

"Excuse me." Mona said, brushing the tiger off and kissed the girl softly. It tasted sweet, just like lemons.



Odanana yelled, leaving Mona in an eternal embarrassment.

I was laughing like crazy :v :v :v :v

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2017, 07:23:15 PM »
Oh BeriMona again  XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
Thanks so much, wafflekyun~
I'm looking forward for the coming OS  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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2. (risaneru) sneaky

"I know I know! We should watch Beauty and the Beast!" Miichan said in front of the class, pointing towards the princess icon on Netflix. The class had a laptop and a projector set up already, after all today is a movie day. Odanana and Habu had been arguing whether to watch some anime movie or the blockbuster Captain America earlier, so Miichan suggested another movie instead.

"Hello? Shouldn't we like watch something more educative or scientific? We're still on a class after all." Yonemin said, disagreeing. She had the idea of watching several documentaries about bacteria or sort, she even talked to the teacher about this and already got an approval. "We should watch documentaries."

Her remarks got her a big booing in return, no teenage girl in this room wanted to sit down for roughly two hours listening to some old man's voice telling about something they all can't see.

"Teach said we can watch anything tho." Techi said calmly. "Not just something scientific."

"She's right, and since the majority of us doesn't want to watch documentary anyway. I suggest we watch something more commonly received?" Sugai added, somewhat agreeing on what Techi had said. She wasn't a fan of a boring documentary nor the childish princess story anyway.

"Sherlock Holmes seems interesting." Neru said from the back of the class, surprising everyone. She wasn't really interested in today's agenda anyway, but well maybe she could get her favorite thing to be played.

"Boring." Odanana said, rejecting the idea.

"Then what? You all can't decide anyway so why not go with a de facto choice?" 

"It's not de facto since only you want it." Odanana said again.

"Only you said it's boring, the rest didn't say anything in which I take as agreeing." Neru added, playing with her hair.

"Can we all just watch Beauty and the Beast instead?" Miichan said again, almost like she's begging. "Or something that doesn't make everyone angry."

"Ugh fine. Anybody opposing this? Neru?" Yonemin finally said in defeat, clicking on the said movie.

"Nope, I'm good." Neru said, raising her thumbs up.

The students of class 3-C quickly returned to their seat once the movie started and the light had been dimmed. Neru kept her position on the back of the class accompanied by Risa. The rest of the gang were absent today, Fuuchan said she's too lazy to come since today's agenda is just watching movie while Nijika went to Hokaido for a family wedding.

"Boring." Risa mumbled under he breath, didn't seem to show even slight interest.

"Do you had such a bad childhood thou come to hate Beauty and the Beast?" Neru said, chuckling. She was holding the latter's hand, caressing it softly as she did so.

"Do you find this enjoyable? A goddamn princess story? Come on." She groaned softly, trying not to disturbed the others. Well they're sitting far back from the screen anyway, so that's shouldn't be much of a problem.

"I  do actually. I love classics."

"Y'all just disney nerds."

"Just be quiet will you? Or do I have to kiss you to shut you up?" Neru said, keeping her eyes on the screen.

"Well I'll be glad if you were to kiss me, princess."

Neru chuckled. "What are you now? The Beast?"

"Probably, try me."

"Just shut up."

Everyone seemed to be greatly immersed on the movie, it had a great musical number to sing along to and some did so. Neru found this type of story enjoyable, after all every girl's dream is becoming a princess.

 "When will this end?" Risa said again, groaning.

"My God, Risa. It's only like 10 minutes since it's started."

Risa frowned. No, it already feels like forever to her and she's bored as hell. She began to leaned closer to Neru, slipping her hands down to her waist.

"What?" Neru asked but Risa didn't answered. She kissed Neru softly on her cheek, brushing it with her lips ever so slightly.

"R-risa?!" She said, surprised. Risa's arms found her way to her waist, rubbing it softly. It tickled. It tickled so bad Neru feel like she just need to burst out laughing.

"S-Stop!!" She said, trying to get the other girl's hands away. "Ha-haha-! Ri-Risa!"

"I won't stop until you kiss me." Risa said with her smug smile, she enjoyed teasing the girl especially when she's extremely bored.

"Alright, geez." Neru gave in and leaned in for a kiss. Risa quickly responded, she bit Neru's upper lips softly but it wasn't enough for the short-haired girl. Her hands roamed Neru's waist, tickling again as she did so. Neru pushed her away, in a sudden urge to scream.


"Ne-Neru... sh-shush..." Risa said, doing the damage control. Odanana had already switched the power on and everyone had give them the strangest stare ever. Risa quickly buried her head on her desk in embarrassment.

"Ahem." Odanana said again, demanding explanation.

"Yes, is there something wrong?" Neru said, acting innocent. She tried her best to keep calm and composed.

"I think I heard some noises." Odanana said again. "Keep quiet, will you?"

"Yes of course ma'am. Now where were we?" Neru bowed a bit.

"The most exciting part!" Miichan said, couldn’t wait to press play on the laptop again. Odanana nodded and turn the power off.

"Don't be too loud." Risa protested, gripping  Neru's arm a bit. "I'm super embarrassed."

"Next time don't do it here. " She smirked.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Wafflekyun-san, it's my first time commenting here, and I'm happy that you make a os with RisaNeru pairing,
Can you make a YukkaNen next? Bc they're my otp!  Please
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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #7 on: April 24, 2017, 08:31:52 PM »
Kyaaaa! RisaNeru OS!!! Thank you so much for writing this... :heart: Honestly I wanted to give up on this pairing(?) because they just exist in TokuDare drama, but you wrote it as if it's the same setting as the drama so I cannot help myself aaaaaahhhhh

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #8 on: April 24, 2017, 08:37:34 PM »
Kyaaaa! RisaNeru OS!!! Thank you so much for writing this... :heart: Honestly I wanted to give up on this pairing(?) because they just exist in TokuDare drama, but you wrote it as if it's the same setting as the drama so I cannot help myself aaaaaahhhhh
Me too!! I feel you emprezz48-san!
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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #9 on: April 28, 2017, 03:08:28 AM »
RisaNeru kyaaaa *intense fangirl squel in the background.*
Risa is basically the one who asked for it but then she got embarrassed when Neru got too loud lol
Thank you so much  :bow: :bow: I'll be waiting for more  :cathappy:

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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3. (monarisa-friendship) open letter

How are you? Have you been well? Are you still in this world too anyway? I don’t know, perhaps you should tell me. It’s been a while since you’ve been gone, nobody knows where you are or what are you doing now. One day the teacher just came in and tell the whole class you won’t be coming to school anymore. The seat beside me quickly become an empty seat even just for a while.

I have been missing you. Do you still remember the time we exchange letter during class? Almost got caught by the teacher because I couldn’t hold my laugh. It was so funny I wish you would send me one of those things again someday, tho I know it would be very much impossible. Right know I mostly spend my day sleeping in class because you weren’t there anymore.
I miss our texts, our funny emails about things that aren’t important. Sometimes you would just send me a picture of a cat, or mostly candid Pe-chan pictures.

I still don’t like the new girl, who now sit on what used to be your bench. The teacher introduced her to us two weeks ago and her name is Akanen. She was cold and treated me like a stranger, I couldn’t stand sitting beside her. She told me I should just let you go, because now you’re gone and there’s her on your seat now. But I refused to acknowledge her somehow and I don’t want to simply gave your seat up. In the end, she just left for another seat on another corner of the class. I know I’m selfish and I shouldn’t be like that, I feel sorry for the girl now.  I thought she tried to befriend with me but I turned her down, that seat is after all for one and only Risa. Nobody else. I couldn’t bear with the thought of somebody is replacing you on that seat and I certainly doesn’t like the way she treated me. Maybe you’d like me to find another friend, or to at least give them time. But I also need time, and I don’t think I’m ready for the second time. It’s like I’m building a wall around me and my bench. It does sounds like I’m in Attack on Titan anime tho.

Probably you were playing with me the whole time with your existence. You entered my life just to tell lies that I don’t, and will not, understand. Or was it never a lie to begin with? Is it just me who felt tricked and played? Were you actually meant what you were saying? Who knows, I certainly don’t know. You called me your friend yet you were gone without a trace and left me confused and mostly in a denial state. I thought you should take responsibility of this, but it was wrong to say such thing. I should take full responsibility because in the end, it’s me who fell to your game completely. It’s fine, I’ll play your game too if you want. I will take that you’re gone forever, and that us are both a complete stranger in the first place.

I treasured the memories we had, all of them are nice memories I think I would hold on to for so long. It was short yet It feels like it was long, your presence was like a sunshine on my gloomy days. You encouraged me, gave me advice, laughed with me and so on. If you do not wish to come back I guess I should be respecting that but I was deeply hurt with the fact that you were gone.

I hope you’re reading this, I don’t know. Who knows? I was just hoping.

Sincerely, Manaka.

Mona folded the last of her paper and opened the window softly. With a big sighed she throw her paper airplane out of the window, letting the wind to flew it wherever it wants.
She was finally ready to let go.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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4. (risaneru) 願いごとの持ち腐れ

“Line up.”

Neru stood firmly, hands in place with smile on her face. The old man with her long white beard began to shout at them in a vigorous pace but they all stood still, didn’t dare to bugged even for one inch. Everything had to be in order for the late show.

“Smile wider.” He said again after noticing Neru’s porcelain face. Neru flinched, she could smell the man’s bad breath away and it made her nauseous, the same feeling she got everytime she knows the man was approaching near her. The diligent girl smiled anyway, setting great example for the rest of them. The old man moved forward for closer inspection. He took out a small scissors and carefully fixed stranded fibers on Neru’s dress. She was finally groomed and ready to go.

If we can use a magic to make our dreams come true, then everyone in this world will be forever happy

“You guys are such beautiful dolls! Wonderful!” The old man exclaimed in happiness and the lines of girls dressed in gowns bowed to his way, as if they’re trying to show respect for him. Neru was always disgusted by that, she just wanted to spit on the old fart’s face for fuck’s sake yet she never did so. This was the life she had to live on, to serves a man’s pleasure. Someone would buy her eventually, using her to decorate their big mansion and ordering her around like no tomorrow. She was one of the dolls, sold to many barons or wealthy misters who owns vast plantation overseas. Maybe if she was lucky, the man who bought her would be a civil human being who had at least a heart to show for a mere doll like her.

A useless wish, everything is granted by a dust of magic

She had watch everyone come and go from this old hall countless times, if someone wasn’t selling for a long time they’d be thrown away to the street. ‘That poor Yui.’ She mumbled, remembering a certain name she had known for years ever since she came here as a little girl. The Yui doll had been gone long, people just weren’t interesting enough to bring her home. Neru still remember that look, that cry for help she desperately chanting the moment that old fart threw her away on the stormy night. Such worry had cross Neru’s mind countless times, what if someone never buy her? Where would she end up to? She didn’t know, and didn’t wish to know.

A useless wish, I don’t even want magic

With a sprinkle of golden dust, the dolls were alive that night marching their way to the main center stage. Gentlemen with tux were sitting with their serious face, trying to judge them whether they were worthy or not to be taken home with such an expensive price. Neru stood still, trying to give them the best presentation she could ever do. She was nervous, incredibly nervous. The old man’s assistants were scrambling around the hall, whispering a thing or two to various gentlemen. Occasionally they would point their finger at her, but Neru didn’t flinch. She was just hoping one of these men were interested enough to buy her.

His smile is like a warm and loving sun

She spotted him on the corner of her eyes, a tall man with light brownish hair staring at her with a soft gaze. Or was it a woman cladded in a tux? Neru wasn’t entirely sure. Those eyes were too soft for a hungry man whom she usually found roaming on this hall. She was captivated, as if sending thousand invisible signals so he would raise his number and call her out. Neru was tempted to call the man as the sun.

The useless magic, I’m finally using it on this exact place

“I would like to buy doll number 14.”

Neru could hear it, her number being called by a loud yet a stoic voice. She didn’t dare to look back, she couldn’t. But she knew for sure that the sun didn’t call her, after all she hadn’t move her gaze even an inch away from the warm looking man. The assistants approached her and turn her around to face the potential buyer. It was a woman in a Royal Guard uniform, he built is tall with a stern face. It was also easy to mistook her for a man, then again, a being that usually filled this whole hall. Neru knew that the Royal Guard didn’t have a nice reputation. They were sometimes abusive and their high status makes them arrogant. Neru heard stories about dolls who were bought with member of the Royal Guard ended up dead and mostly found on the city’s sewage.

“Would you please state your name, kind ma’dam?” The old man said, looking ecstatic. Disgusting. Probably he was sniffing her money.

“My name is Hirate Yurina.” She said firmly, raising Neru’s number while doing so. “I would like to buy number 14 for 900 golds.”

‘Is that how much I worth?’ Neru mumbled again, keeping her posture still. The old man was once again yelp in joy, probably that was pretty much of a cash he needed. This time Neru flinched a little, the woman didn’t look as friendly. She could end up as slave or maid or god knows what.

“Is there anyone in the room who would like to buy the same doll?” The old man asked again, using the old rusty microphone. There was a moment of silent and it felt like hell to Neru who was praying furiously instead for another kind sir to take her home.

“I would like to propose 10000 golds for the same doll.”

One day two people fight on a useless problem, without me realizing it I just want them to get along well

“Thank you for you patronage, si- I mean, ma’dam.” The old Man said in a sinister tone, taking the chest filled with gold coins on his hand.

“It’s okay, many mistook me as a sir a lot too.” The woman tipped her hat as courtesy and proceed to enter her carriage. Inside there was a doll, sitting without any expression and when the woman entered the carriage and closed its door, the doll became alive and well.

“Were you scared?” She asked gently, tucking her own light brown locks while doing so. “It’s ok, you weren’t a doll anymore.”

She broke down in tears and moved her hands to wiped her cheeks herself, something she hadn’t done in literally years.

“I’m Watanabe Risa, what’s your name?”

“Neru. Nagahama Neru.” And she was human once again.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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5. (berimona) Thoughts

"How may blue skies have been there?"

Rika turned her face around, puzzled. She could see Nanako sitting beside her, arms stretched as if she's trying to measure something up above, except there were no stars present. It's just a clear sky up above, filled with floating clouds on a bright summer day. Rika wasn't sure how to answer such question, after all she never really give it a thought. Doesn't really matter anyway, even if there were billions of them before the one she saw today; it wouldn't change anything.

"I don't know." She said without even trying. She shifted her gaze back to her phone, scrolling through her feeds like the usual. Nanako looked back at her, wasn't really impressed by Rika's short answer.

"Do you think it could be billions?"


Pointless. All of it were pointless.

"Why do you even ask that?" Rika said again.

"I was thinking, which sky will I see later on the day I died."

It wasn't a strange thing to be honest, she knew Nanako too well to expect such question coming from her mouth. People around here were just like that, sad and gloomy. Quiet and stoic, nothing much you can expect when you lived in such a small town. Feels like people are just doomed to feel such. Everyday feels like a repeated routine of people being angry and frustrated. The phrase "I just want to die!" or "The adults just don't get what I want!" is something she would hear almost every day. Maybe everyone feels like that deep inside, hidden angst and dissatisfaction. The feeling of wanting to break out from their own prison yet they were always fall on the silent majority side; doing nothing even when teachers were trying their best to make the situation at least a bit better for them.

"Probably a black one."

She could hear a cold voice coming from behind, it was one she knew far too well. Mona was already behind her, chewing her gum with her headphones hanging on her neck.

"Really?" Nanako said again, gazing to the bluish sky up above through the class's windows.

"I guess. Can't wait to see one regardless." Mona said, gum popped right after she said that.

When will it stop?

Rika sighed, this talk would never end anyway. Once again people of this place didn't know and didn't want to smile. To be perfectly honest, Rika was also not the cheery type. She wasn't a sun who could knock a person's heart, bringing them joy as she did so. She couldn't open the door of opportunity for anyone else nor she could grab a chance even for the good of herself. She belonged here, on the flock of people who favor constant discord between themselves and the society as whole. People who claimed to be the outcasts, who were proud to called themselves eccentric.

"Have you guys..."

"Yes?" both of Mona and Nanako turned their face to her, listening. Rika wasn't really sure but she just wanted to get it out of her chest, simply to make it less hurtful.

"...ever think about how beautiful life is?" she said and it earned her a surprised look.

"Life? Life is beautiful? what a joke." Mona said, slamming her hand to the nearest table. "It's just a constant suffering."

"Probably, yeah." Rika said softly.

"Come on Rika, time to go home." Mona said, offering her hand to the sitting girl. She nodded and quickly put her things on her small bag. Nanako waved goodbye at her the time Mona had walked towards the classroom door.

Since when it got so gloomy.

It wasn't like Rika didn't want to be a strong person, a bright one who always cheer everyone up with smile and positive vibes instead of constantly following the gloomy mood of the people she knows.  She wanted someone to say that her name means hope, something that will keep them going through their rainy days.



Mona stopped, noticing the sky had gotten so grey and thunder begin rolling on the other part of the town. They could see it clearly; the sky had turned darker than it was about ten minutes ago.

"Do you have an umbrella with you?" Rika said, searching her bag for one also. Mona shook her head, she didn't have one after all.

"Shall we wait?" Rika said, putting her hands on her back. The rain poured heavily as if it didn't want to stop soon. Or was it really like that? Was this one gonna last long or it was just gonna last for some minutes, and then after that a bright clear blue sky will showed up once again. Who knows, Rika wasn't a god.

"I hope it cleared up really soon." She said, humming.

"Why? I thought everyone loves rain." Mona said again, puzzled.

"It's sad. I don't like it."

"What do you mean you don't like something sad? You do."

Rika sighed. Probably Mona's right, she belonged on this part of the town after all.

"You're right. Sorry."

"Are you okay?" Mona asked her.

"When will we ever be okay anyway." she chuckled. "I guess."

"Just give up being something you're not anyway, everyone's the same with you. Don't have to be worried."

"I'm just--"

The rain continued to pour.

"The flowers of the summer isn't only sun flowers. You don't have to be one if you can't."

"I want to be one." Rika said, stuttered. She wanted it, she wanted to be the light instead of the dark. She wanted to be someone's sun; hell be it a sun flower too.

"What else that I have to be then? Is it wrong to have such wish? To be as bright as a goddamn sun flower?!" She said again, frustrated.

"We are just not one! We are outcasts, we're different! Stop acting like you're not!"

"I guess..." Rika said, between her fast breathing, between the pouring rain. And then it just came from the corner of her eyes, a small puddle of water. It's glimmering from the small ray of the sun that managed to fight its way through the thick dark grey clouds above. She hoped it would appear there, a reflection of herself she aspired to be. A mirage; tho she knew it was impossible during a pouring rain like this.

Mona moved towards her, holding Rika's hand without even saying a thing. It seemed like the right thing to do, she probably would've thought that.

"Would you consider my name as a hope?" She said, leaning her head towards Mona's shoulder.

"I don't believe in hope." She said, chuckling.

"If you were to believe, that is."

Mona smiled, "I guess. You seemed like one."

"Why are you like this? Why's everyone like this?" Rika said again, for the first time in a while she questioned it. She thought it was always been an unspoken rule to not ask about other people's past, or things that had molded them into a such sad human being.

"Who knows. Probably everyone was just having it rough, or maybe someone told them to be like that. I guess we just don't have room to be something else." Mona said, eyes looking up towards the sky. Still dark, no sign of the rain to stop anytime soon.

"If you were to given the opportunity to be something else, would you take it?"

Mona paused and then smiled. "I rejected one two years ago. I'm pleased to be the way I am now."

Aah, so that's how it is for her.

"Do you not like the way I am now?" Mona asked her softly to her surprised. Rika didn't think like that of her of course, Mona was always her loved one. Her dearest one.

"I like you just fine."

"Too bad, I like you a lot tho." She said again, laughing. Something you'd rarely see.

"Funny, I never thought you'd be the one who's gonna say that."

"Am I not allowed to express my love for you?"

"Is that even a common thing to say for the likes of you? Go back being sad and gloomy like you always do." Rika said again.

"Fine." Mona pouted, folding her arms.

"I was just kidding."


Rika gave her a small peck on her cheek, and this time the rain stopped pouring.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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And another Berimona. Guess what? Im damn high to the sky you know :peace: :peace: :peace: Thanks for writing.
In another side, now I want to translate this OS into Vietnamese, would you give me the permission?  :nervous

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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And another Berimona. Guess what? Im damn high to the sky you know :peace: :peace: :peace: Thanks for writing.
In another side, now I want to translate this OS into Vietnamese, would you give me the permission?  :nervous


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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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6. (berimona) キスは待つしかないのでしょうか? (Could a kiss be something for which one can do nothing but wait?)

"Can I really do it?"

Rika mumbled to herself, eyes locked to a certain short-haired girl sitting on the chair across the bookshelves. Her hands were shaky and she couldn't stop fidgeting for good, after all today is the day she decided to stop hiding her feelings for Mona. It started a year ago, she could still remember it vividly on her head, the sight of Mona entering the school gate on that one day of spring. She was a 2nd grader already, a shy one and obviously didn't have much of a company. Their seat was far apart during the principal speech because Mona was a first year, a girl about to begin her life as a high school student.

That girl looked scary.

She thought about that once or twice about Mona, every time she spotted the young lad on the school's hallway. Her glaring eyes scared her easily, yet she was captivated and charmed by the way she looks. Tall and most certainly quite fit, as Rika knew the latter had joined the basketball club like all the popular girls do. All she did was looking from afar, wondering if she could ever get close to Mona herself? Tho she recalled that she had been speaking to her during a joint field trip, because their school doesn't have much students and they just cramped all the trips together with students from different grades. She was happy that time, and Mona was funny and charming. Rika wasn't so much of a talker but she did talk when the person is right, or when it concerned things that she likes so much. They were tasked by their peers to go wash the dishes, since the group were also mixed for the cooking time. She talked about bread because Mona had asked her why she didn't even touch her curry rice earlier. In the end she just rambled endlessly on how she prefers to eat a toast rather than chomping down a plate of rice. Mona laughed, probably she didn't expect it to come from her mouth.

"Isn't it scary?" Nanako once said to her, back when Rika said herself she's not gonna hide her feelings anymore. She didn't say anything back, but it might be true. They both didn't know what might happened next, will Mona feel the same as her or not.

"But I wonder will it be okay... if all I did is waiting."

"If that's the case..."

Nanako's answer wasn't definitive, she didn't exactly encourage her to do so. After all, she didn't want Rika to get hurt by rejection. Nanako was a good girl, the only one whom she could talk and trust her secrets to. They didn't go to the same school anymore unfortunately, since she moved back to her hometown Yamagata.

"I wonder if you'll notice me..." Rika mumbled again, gazing through the empty space between books, admiring every bit of Mona's side view. It almost feels like she's a shadow, hiding completely behind Mona's brilliant light. Feels like that girl embodied the sun herself with that smile of hers, warm and exciting. The cool facade Mona had worn during her early days had vanished, replaced by genuine smile and silly laughter. Rika had notice such during her court visits after school, simply to check if Mona was still there or not. Sometimes the girl smiled back at her but Rika just turned her gaze shyly, wasn't particularly ready for such a thing to happen. But of course, it made her happy for the rest of her day.

Why do I want her to know?

Such an odd feeling she thought, while she tried her best to not be noticed yet she felt if very painful on her chest every time she thought of her feelings being unknown. It was partly the reason she wanted to say it out loud already, for once and all no matter what the outcome is. Probably it was best to just straight tell Mona how she's feeling inside even tho she probably didn't have much courage to hear Mona's answer.

"You should just ask her for a kiss."


Nanako laughed, feels like she got Rika good that time. Once again they were talking endlessly on the phone, telling each other's worry for a comfort in return. That night Rika told her again, asking her what she should said on the moment of truth.

"Isn't that too soon?" Rika said again, unsure.

"Well maybe that will work tho. If she kisses you then the feeling is obviously mutual."

Rika hadn't thought about that at all, the image of them holding hand already enough to make her stomach churned in nervousness, let alone a kiss on her lips. She never did such thing, nor have Nanako. But she had heard from the latter when Nanako told her a story about her dating classmates who were caught kissing by the teacher one Monday afternoon.

"It's time."

Rika walked over to the other lane, where she could easily spot the tall girl leaning against the shelves with a book on her hand. She approached cautiously, nervously. Mona looked away from her book, noticing a certain girl had walk towards her. She was puzzled, didn't remember having a certain unfinished business with the said girl.

"Umm... Shida-san, right?"

Mona smiled, noticing that it's the girl she spoke to sometime ago.

"Yes, correct. May I help you?"

You can do this.

Rika swallowed her own saliva.

"Excuse me..."

Say that you like her, Rika...

"...can you give me a kiss?"

What. did. you. just. said.

Once again the short-haired girl was puzzled, surprised, Was it a pleasant one? She couldn't tell even by herself. It was an extremely odd question to give an answer to. Rika closed her eyes, cursing herself for saying the wrong thing and now she didn't have the courage take it back nor too deny it. Do girls have no choice but to wait?

Mona leaned forward, brushing Rika's bangs to the side, smiling for herself. It only took seconds before she could easily captured the other girl's lips, taking it to collide with hers.

Rika didn't know how to kiss, it felt really all over the place yet fluttering at the same place. Why's Mona so good on this? Maybe she had thought of it just now. It feels like Rika wanted Mona to teach her more about the way of kissing, if this wasn't going to be their last and only one of course.

What should I do? Should I keep closing my eyes?

Eventually Rika keep closing her eyes, until Mona broke the kiss for her. Rika was flustered, was it mutual?

"I didn't expect you to say that." Mona said, chuckling.

"...It wasn't something I originally wanted to say..." Rika said, admitting her mistake earlier. Mona frowned.

"Really? Then I have to apologize for the kiss then."

"N-No, I mean--"

"What is it?"

"I wanted to say that I like you."

Mona smiled, "Then same with me."

Rika's eyes widened in disbelief, filled with joy. She turned her gaze away shyly, feels like it's the right thing she would do.

"Do you mind... if we kiss again? I... want you to teach me how to..."

Mona let out a small laugh.

"Sure." and she kissed her again behind those shelves, stopping time for personal pleasure.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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 :on bleed: :scared: :imdead:

thank you for berimona   :heart: :heart: :heart:

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