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Author Topic: High School Romance Chapter 1 (Suberies/IkuIshi + Multiple Pairings)  (Read 819 times)

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Hello everyone! :mon hi:
So I've been working on this for a long time. :mon ignore:
This is my first multi-chapter fanfic for Hello! Project. :mon inluv:
The main shipping for this will be Suberies but there will be a lot more couples. :mon determined:
Also some former members will be included as well. :mon misch:
Please review or leave a thank you or both! :mon cute:
Thank you so much! :mon bye:

High School Romance
Chapter 1: First day of school

It was the first day of school and the first day of being a second-year high schooler for Ikuta Erina.

For the most part it seemed like a normal sunny day, Erina had gotten up early and was making her way to school.

“I’m getting the feeling that this year will be a great year!” Eripon said to herself as she arrived to the school.

“Hopefully it is, it seems to be off to a good start so far with this weather.” Erina turned around to see Suzuki Kanon. A sweet and reliable girl who Erina became friends with in their first year.

“Ah! Good morning Kanon-chan! Any idea if Fuku-chan and Riho are here yet?” Eripon asked the slightly chubby girl that always had a smile on her face.

“I think Mizuki maybe around here somewhere and I just got a message a little while ago from Riho saying she woke up late and is running a little late.” Kanon said with a small laugh.

Erina laughed a little to herself. “No surprise there since Riho seems to like to sleep a lot. Why don’t we go look at the board to see what class we made it in?” Erina said pointing at the board that everyone was surrounding.

“Sure and we can check for Fuku-chan and Riho’s names on there too.” Kanon said looking at the group of students.

Just as she said this Erina and Kanon heard a girl yelling and the sound of footsteps coming toward them.

“Oh! Look who made it on time, guess we won’t have to look for your name now anyway.” Erina said as Sayashi Riho came up to them breathing heavily looking tired.

“You just hush your mouth. I was having a good dream.” Riho said with a small glare and a sigh to her friend.

“Oh? What about?” Kanon teased their friend who blushed but before she could say anything the three girls heard a soft and calming voice.

“You two quit picking on Riho-chan. Glad you all made it on time for the first day of school.” Fukumura Mizuki said with a sweet smile that stopped the girls from bickering.

“Oi! Mizuki-chan, where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you!” Eripon said with a pout and stomp of her foot causing the others to laugh. She couldn’t hold herself together for very long before she started laughing too.

After a little bit Mizuki replied with a smile. “I was actually with the student council thank you very much. So actually, I’ve been waiting for you guys.” The taller girl said with a taunting smirk.

“Of course you were… Well anyway, why don’t we check for our names now before the assembly starts?” The shorter haired girl said changing the subject.

The four girls began walking to the board. When they got there a girl caught Erina’s eyes. She was standing with a few other girls. The girl was small with hair that was a light brown color and a little past her shoulders. She had beautiful brown eyes that anytime Eripon looked into them she felt like the girl was staring into her soul.

“Keep staring like that, Ikuta and she will think you’re a creep.” Eripon looked to her right and saw it was Riho who said that.

“She won’t think I’m a creep. You’re just picking on me.” Erina said with a small glare to the longer haired girl.

“She will if I go tell her.” Riho said with her signature smirk to her friend who glared at her.

“Riho-chan, stop picking on Eripon.” Fuku-chan said scolding the shorter girl.

“Anyway it seems like Eripon and Fuku-chan are in the same class and Riho and I are in the same one this year. I guess we’re split up this year.” Kanon said pointing back at the board.

“That sucks we won’t all be in the same class this year.” Eripon said with a small pout when she noticed out of the corner of her eye that the girl she was staring at was walking towards them with a few other girls.

As they were walking up Erina couldn’t help but notice the way the girl looked while walking with her hair blowing in the wind. Eripon knew the girl but hadn’t talked to her much yet.

“Hello, Ayumi-chan. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Zukki said with a smile to the small girl.

“It really is. So, are you going to be in the dance club again this year, Sayashi-san?” Ayumi asked the girl who had just been teasing Erina.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be? Hoping to get all the attention this year?” Riho said teasing the other club member.

“No, things just wouldn’t be that fun without my rival.” Ayumi said with a smirk.

Erina felt a small hint of jealousy from the way Riho was talking to her crush. However, just before she could say anything suddenly there was a high pitch squeal followed by a giggle.

Everyone turned to see what the commotion was all about that was coming from the other girls that were following Ayumi.

“Ishida-senpai! Will you tell Maa-chan to stop poking me and saying there’s a boy in this school?” A short-haired girl that looked irritated.

“Sato-san, leave Duu alone. Kudo, I can’t always stop her just because we’re neighbors. Why don’t you ask her yourself? Maybe you like the attention. Hmm?” Ayumi replied with a raised eyebrow.

The comment made the short-haired girl blush bright red. “Yeah right… Anyway, who’re are these people?” The girl said with a smile to the group trying to change the subject.

“Oh, this is Sayashi-san, Suzuki-chan, Fukumura-san, and Ikuta-san.” Ayumi said motioning to the girls.

The two girls who were messing around before looked at the group but Erina felt the short-haired girl look at her a little longer than the others before smirking and chuckling a little to herself which irritated the girl.

Ayumi turned back to them before motioning to the other girls. “And this is Kudo Haruka-chan and Sato Masaki-chan. They’re both just first years but I have known them for years.” Ayumi said with a smile.

“Hey you guys just up and left me over there. What are you doing exactly?” A girl with long hair and slightly tan skin, Erina knew her since she was a in the same year. The girl’s name was Iikubo Haruna, a funny and nice girl all be it kind of nerdy.

“Sorry Haruna-chan, I decided to come over here and I guess these two chose to follow. Anyway, did you find out about the classes we’re in?” The short-girl asked with a certain sparkle in her eyes that Erina thought was cute but didn’t know what it was about.

“We’re in class 2-C together and you two are in class 1-B together.” Haruna said shaking her head at the smaller girl who sighed knowing what the sign meant but leaving Eripon and her group confused.

“Well, we all better head to the assembly it’s about to start soon. Maybe we can all catch up during lunch.” Fuku-chan said to Ayumi and the others before turning around with Zukki and Riho following behind.

Erina decided to stay behind for a little bit to talk real fast to the smaller girl she had feelings for. “Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day today. Oh, and you look really pretty today Ayumi-chan. Is it okay that I call you that?” Erina asked with a kind of flirty smile.

Ayumi blushed at the compliment slightly before her mind clicked that Eripon had just asked her a question. “Sure you can call me that, Ikuta-san.” She said with a big smile on her face that made Erina blush a little.

“Please you can be a little friendlier you know.” Eripon said with a smile back.

“Okay, Ikuta-sa – I mean, Ikuta-chan.” Ayumi’s smile grew more as did her blush.

“Well I better go before the others wonder where I’m at and get mad.” Eripon said before running off to catch up.

Ayumi stood there staring after the girl that made her blush bright red and smile grow.

“So that’s the Ikuta Erina you’re always talking about?” Kudo asked with looking in the same area.

“Yep, that’s the great Erina that you’ve heard so much about from Ayumi.” Haruna said with a smirk to the boyish looking girl.

“She was quiet the whole time. And she had a scary face when we looked at her earlier. Like this.” Masaki said while trying to pull off the look that Eripon had on earlier.

“Maa-chan, that’s not very nice. She’s actually a really nice girl and super funny. I can’t believe she called me pretty…” Ayumi turned red again just at the thought of it.

“Hmm… I think Duu is prettier though!” Maa-chan said causing the tomboy to blush and the short girl to glare her.

Haruna laughed at the three girls who were now all kind of arguing. “Ah young love…” Haruna said with a sigh.

“Why don’t we make our way to the assembly now and settle this all later with a little help?” Haruna said with a smile that made all three girls suspicious but they all decided to agree not knowing what was going through the girl’s head.

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Meaning to comment. I love this a lot although I'm holding to see the second chapter as well  :nervous
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Re: High School Romance Chapter 1 (Suberies/IkuIshi + Multiple Pairings)
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Interesting and well written! I'm looking to read the next chapter :)

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