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Title: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
Post by: Suicchin on October 15, 2012, 01:26:34 AM
Well, hello! I'm Suicchin aaaaand this is the first fanfic I post here, so I'm kind of excited  :panic:

First of all, I'm sorry if I make some big grammar mistake. I'm not used to write in English (I speak Spanish, so everything I know of english language was because I went to an institute to learn it). I apologise now so that you understand my situation while reading  :nervous

Second, this fanfic is based on the new AKB PV, UZA, so if you haven't watch it yet, I recommend you to, so that you can understand the fic and most important because the PV is OSSSSOOOOOM.

Well, enough with the talking. Here it is a little prologue.

The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple


The sound of loud steps could be heard in the halls of the old abandoned house.

A teenage girl of about 16, with black shoulder-length hair run through them, lost and a little bit annoyed.

-That girl… she should learn to take care of her things more… -she complained to herself.

She and her little sister were playing with a kite when a powerful wind blew it away from the child, and unfortunately it went trough the window of the scary neighbor’s house.

She didn’t want to go in, but her little sister begged for her to bring it back and she just couldn’t leave it.

So she took courage and went to the place, being carefully enough not to trip on the floorboards that where too old and look really fragile. The last thing she needed was falling in a hole on the ground and getting hurt.

But now, she got lost, and the place was really creepy. It got worst when the whistle sound of the wind echoed through the open windows. She was shaking badly, peeking here and there looking for the toy, when something caught her attention.

She opened the heavy wooden door and entered to an old fashion room. There was dust everywhere and it was pretty dark inside, so it was very difficult for her to see beyond a few steps from were she was.

-What is this place...?–she asked to no one in specific.

-Well, we could totally answer that Maeda Atsuko… - a smooth and low voice answer at her back. She turned around very slowly, barely able to breath.




That's all for now. Hope you like it and wait for the next update! :peace:
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [PROLOGUE]
Post by: matsuru on October 15, 2012, 01:50:52 AM
interesting prologue!  :twothumbs

looking forward to next update
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [PROLOGUE]
Post by: JuRikki on October 15, 2012, 02:01:47 AM
Wonka couple? Could it be JuriMayu?!

Interesting! Looking forward for next update ^^
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [PROLOGUE]
Post by: yukofan on October 16, 2012, 02:22:39 PM
YUP..UZA PV is so awesome..i'm excited about you make a fanfic based on the PV..
can't wait for the first chapter!!!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [CHAPTER 1]
Post by: Suicchin on October 16, 2012, 11:52:08 PM
Thank you all for the support!

You will be undertanding the story more on the following chapters :peace:

Here the first chapter!

Chapter  1

Meeting the Wonkas

-Well, we could totally answer that Maeda Atsuko… - a smooth and low voice answer at her back. She turned around very slowly, barely able to breathe.

-WHAT THE…. KYAAAAAAAAA. S-somebody pinched my butt.

The girl with the strange hat sighed and shook her head.

-Mayuyu, you know you don’t have to touch other people butts without their permission...

-But, Juri-chan, I MUST do it! – the other girl whined and run to the side of her companion. – It’s the mission of the Oshiri Sisters. You wouldn’t understand!

Atsuko just stayed there, opening and closing her mouth like a retarded fish, too confused to say something.

-But you totally ruin the mood – She pouted her ducky lips and stomped her foot on the ground.

The third girl started to walk backwards, silently while the other two continued to argue, too absorb in their bicker to pay attention to her.

-Okay. Okay Atsuko. You are just dreaming! Yeah, that’s it. You’d just… hit your head with some stick on the way here and you’d probably blacked out… That totally makes sense… And what with these creepy imitations of Willy Wonka? - She was actively talking with herself when she bumped with a box and fell to the ground, drawing back the attention of the girls to her.

-Shhhhoot…. – cursed Maeda, looking the way both strangers approach her.

- Sorry for that, Maeda Atsuko – the shorter one said.

-Yeah, sometimes we get lost in our fights.

Atsuko just nodded her head and remained silent, still on the ground.

-We just heard you said something about us being ‘creepy imitations of Willy Wonka’…

-“Oh God, now they’re going to get mad and kill me slowly…”- she thought, closing her eyes as a way of protection.

The other two glance at each other a little confused. – Actually, we are cousins… I mean, with Willy Wonka… The only difference is that he dedicated himself to create candies and chocolates, while our family was more into the toys creation…

-Juri…I think she’s still too confused to listen to anything you’ve just said – Mayu murmured, pointed at the shocked girl.

They remained silent, waiting for some reaction.

-Wait…what? Like…you’re talking seriously?... – finally she snapped out of her own world and got up.

-Totally serious. – Mayu said.

-Absolutely serious. –Jurina affirmed.

-We are the Wonka Couple! –both said, posing with one hand on their stick and the other on the brim of their hat.

-Mayu Wonka! But everybody here calls me Mayuyu. – The said one bowed politely.
-And I’m Jurina Wonka, her younger cousin!

-“Younger?” – Atsuko though –“She looks even more mature than me…”

-You can call me Jurina – her voice decrease to a husky and teasing tone, accompanied with a playful wink.

-Okay… - The intruder nodded slowly, trying to retain the information given. – So, you two are cousins… and at the same time you are cousins with Willy Wonka… - she held her head with one hand.- Now I sounded insane…

-No no, we swear it’s true! And you are the only one that can help us! Please! – Mayuyu took a step and held Atsuko’s hand, with a pleading look in her eyes.

-And how can I do that? I don’t even know you. Wait, no, you don’t even exist! Everything is in my head, yeah, that’s right, and now I just need to get up and go to my house.

-Just believe what you want, but I can assure you we are totally real and if you don’t help us we’re going to be here stuck forever... – Jurina’s face showed no emotion at all, just seriousness.

- How is that?

-You may sit down, this is going to be a little long story to tell.


I'l probably going to update on the next two or three days, depending on how much homework I get from the university, so please be patient.

Sorry if it's short, but I hope you like it!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 16/10 CHAPTER 1]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on October 17, 2012, 12:00:53 AM
Ah, JuriMayu here are just PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

 :wub: :wub: :wub:

I'm eagerly waiting for a certain Oshiriko-chan in a ballet get up to appear!!!

 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Update soon!!!!  :bow:
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 16/10 CHAPTER 1]
Post by: Megumi on October 17, 2012, 12:03:58 AM
I liked it a lot!
The wonka couple!

Can't wait for next update!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/16 CHAPTER 1]
Post by: kahem on October 17, 2012, 02:05:03 AM
Sounds funny ^^
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/16 CHAPTER 1]
Post by: JuRikki on October 17, 2012, 10:20:18 AM
Ahaha genius! They're produce toys! Not a chocolate and candy XD

Will Willy Wonka appear in this fic? :lol: kidding..

Interesting! I'm waiting for Rena and Sakura-tan ><
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/16 CHAPTER 1]
Post by: Suicchin on October 19, 2012, 09:00:47 AM
Thank you all again! I'm relieved you're liking it!
I promise next chapter is going to be a little more entertaining and faster than this one, but I needed to write it so that you could understand what is going on.

Any suggestions, constructive criticism or whatever is welcome n.n

Here's next chap, enjoy it!

Chapter 2

The curse

- How is that?

-You may sit down, this is going to be a little long story to tell.

They made Atsuko sit, positioning in front of her, as if they're going to tell a story to a little child.

Jurina was the first to spoke, plating with the handle of her stick.

-A long time ago, my father and Mayu's, were searching for the key to create unique and original new toys. They traveled around the world, learning from different cultures, looking for new techniques for his creations.

- And why was them so eager to know those things? I mean, you said your family business was as famous as Willy Wonka' was, but producing toys... -Atsuko interrupted, leaning forward with interest.

-Yeah, that was right - now was Mayu's turn to talk. - That was until someone stole their creations. There was this guy, a spy. He betrayed them... I think his new business is called Hasbro or something like that. Anyway, the thing is, our fathers arrived at some strange native place in India.

Jurina started walking, rotating the stick with each step. - There, they found a witch or a shaman, as she called herself. They made a deal with her...

-Wait, wait a minute. What does this have to do with the fact you are here?

-Be patient,girl. We are getting to the point.

-Well, then, get to it! -she was starting to feel annoyed as the cousin could notice by the frown on Atsuko's face and her cross arms.

Mayuyu sighed and cleared her throat - Okay okay, I'll  summarize it then. Basically, what happen was that this woman made a deal with our fathers; if they succeed in their business, they'll have to return to the village where she live and give her a percentage of the income.

-Yeah, that was predictable, so? - Atsuko pressured them to finish.

- You're kind of annoying,you know? - Jurina rolled her eyes. - If it's so predictable then tell us what happened.

-.... You have a point there... Continue...

-My father... -Jurina paused and looked at her feet, with an expression in her face that Atsuko could not decipher.- He got really ambitious and selfish. He started managing the company on its own, leaving uncle out. He became greedier and greedier.

-My father then tried to stop him, they fight and Jurina's father... he... - Mayu stopped talking, swallowed the knot that formed in her throat and continued when Jurina touch her shoulder, encouragingly - He shot my father. He died and I went to live with Juri in her house, THIS house.

-You know,this is getting a little creepy... -Atsuko said, trembling by a sudden chill. - Then...then why you need my help?

-Remember that old shaman? Now is were she enters again. My father didn't fulfill the deal, so she cursed everything that he loved, his family,me,Mayu and my old sister Rena, the ones that were dears to us, our friends, the daughters of his workers, everything that could ruin his business. - Jurina clenched her fists, which turned white.

-We are tied to this house, but we had the best part. - Mayu tried to calm Jurina's increasing rage by taking her hand.

-Best part? So, being tied to a house and couldn't be able to go outside is a good thing? I can't imagine what is worst then... - she then got up and step in front of them, putting a hand on each girl shoulder.- Tell me what can I do to help! - she shouted suddenly.

The cousins looked at her surprised, but soon their faces lit up with a big smile. -REALLY!? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - both girls jumped over Atsuko, hugging her tightly with watery eyes.


They looked at each other, then looked down to the floor, where the old fragile boards creaked.

-Watch out! - Jurina hugged her cousin and she jumped to the side with her arms.

-W-what is that......WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH - Atsuko's scream echoed through the house.

- A-atsuko-san! - Mayu screamed, but it was late. - Juri, what do we do now?

- We can't move from this floor... Since she entered, the magic got worts. I can barely stand near the door... We'll have to wait until she finds the way to come back to this floor... Until then, what worries me the most the floor where she fell...

Meanwhile, Atsuko groaned as she felt the annoying pain in her butt. - *cough cough* Ugh...where I am... -she ask to no one, trying to see through the dust raised by her fall.

Suddenly, she felt something strange on her chest, something like hands...on her...chest... -What...?




See ya on next chap! :D
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/19 CHAPTER 2]
Post by: JuRikki on October 19, 2012, 10:06:03 AM
Whoaaa an update! Fufufu~ I like it!

Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/19 CHAPTER 2]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on October 19, 2012, 11:22:16 AM
Yes, she fell where I wanted!!!! OMG, it's Yuko-sama, right?!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: This is so awesome!!!! I'll be waiting for your next update eagerly!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/19 CHAPTER 2]
Post by: kahem on October 19, 2012, 09:04:41 PM
Sad story T_T
Poor Acchan hahaha!!!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/19 CHAPTER 2]
Post by: Megumi on October 22, 2012, 10:38:30 AM
Oh no so sad for the Wonka couple and now Acchan is
meeting a pervet?  :rofl:

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:

Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/25 CHAPTER 3]
Post by: Suicchin on October 26, 2012, 02:22:24 AM
Hello again! Sorry for the late update. This week had been crazy ( it was my birthday and I have a lot to study too T_T). So here's the new chapter. Thanks all for the support and I promise to update sooner.

Chapter 3

The seven magical watches

Suddenly, she felt something strange on her chest, something like hands...on her...chest... -What...?



-Hum, not bad, but Nyannyan's are better. - a short girl said.

-W-what the hell!? S-stop touching my boobs perverted squirrel ballerina! - Atsuko shouted to a shorter girl who had a bright smile on her face, showing cute dimples on her cheaks.

-Squirrel? That's not my name, girl. I'm Yuko!

-I don't care who you are! D-don't go touching others chests like that! - the taller girl had her arms around her protectively.

-It's the Oshiri sisters' missions. You wouldn't understand! - the ballerina said, still smiling like it was nothing.

-A-ano...Sorry for interrupting, b-but who are you? - another girl appeared from behind Yuko. She looked shyer than her, but it was as beautiful as the older.

-I am Maeda Atsuko. -she approached the other ballerina, hoping she was less pervert.- And you are?

- Watanabe Miyu,but everybody calls me Milky. Sorry if my friend frightened you. She has always been like that, she gropes at me all the time, but you get use to it... - Milky shruged her shoulders.

-Do you know those Wonka freaks?

-Do you mean Jurina and Mayuyu? Of course, they're our friends! - Yuko answered happily. It was obvious the girl really loved the mentioned couple. But then her beaming smile turned into a frown, like she was thinking about something.

-What's the matter, Yuko-san? - Milky asked with concern.

-Well, it's been almost ten years since the last time we saw Mayu and Jurina, right?

-Yeah, I think so. But remembered the curse.

Atsuko was listening to them carefully, trying not to miss any kind of usefull information.- Excuse me, what is that curse you are talking about?

-Didn't they talk about it? - Yuko seemed troubled.

-Yeah, they have talked about it, but when they were going to tell me what could I do to help them, I falled and appeared here.

-I see... -now was Milky's turn to look troubled.- We should tell her Yuko-san. She can help, I can sense it... We can trust Maeda-san...

-Yeah, I know, but...

-Please,tell me what can I do! - Atsuko took Yuko by the shoulder and looked into her eyes. The surprised girl nodded and took a deep breath.

-Okay.I'll tell you, but if you betray us, I'm going to kill you personally,understand? - the squirrel girl became really serious, and before speaking, she carefully looked around the room, as if anyone could spy from the shadows. Atsuko nodded.

-The curse says that if a person,not cursed obviously, can find the seven magic watches inside the house, then take them to the ones dears to the one cursed, now we are talking about Jurina and Mayuyu, then the curse could be broken. - She said in a whisper.

-That's all? It sounds easy... - Atsuko replayed, but Yuko abruptly put a hand on her mouth.

-Shh. There is more. There are bad things inside this house, Atsuko. Bad and evil things, that could harm you really bad. We, the ones who where living people not so long ago, still have our humanity, but there are evil creatures, no humans anymore, that want to destroy anything that doesn't belong to the house... In this case...You...

The girl started shaking in fear. Now she was worried. Why was she trying to help this strangers that she barely know? She didn't find an answered in that moment, but she could feel inside her that it was her destiny, that she needed to help them.

-Do you still want to help us? - Milky was watching silently until she spoke, unnable to contain her anxiety anymore. - Because, you may know, some of us aren't so eager to help you. There may be cursed ones that will put you through differents tasks to get the watches they protect...

-I said I was going to help you before, and I still will! - Atsuko showed determination. She was going to help them, she was going to be brave for once in her life, she was going to do something for others and not be the spoiled and selfish girl she was told she was by her parents. It was her time to shine, to do something correct.

-That was the answered I was waiting ... -Yuko want to the a wooden stage. It was like a little ballet stage, probably where they'd have to dance for eternity. She took a little box from a loose board and brought it to where she was. - Here is the first magical watch. Please, take care of it like it was a part of your soul.

Atsuko open the box and found a really old pocket watch, like the ones gentlemen use at others times. -They look like common clocks to me...

Yuko punched slightly her arm, with a pout on her face.- Don't said that. You know those where really popular when we were humans... Be carefull, they are really fragile.

That made Atsuko think. Since when these people were like that? She approached the clock the her ear.- I can't listen the tick tocking of the clock...
-Of course not silly. This is a place with no time. The time here has stopped a long time ago. When you find the other six, the time should start working again. Or that what it is said...

-That totally makes sense...

Sudenly, the place started to spin and tremble.

-Oh no, a magical bortex! Quickly Atsuko, pack away the watch. A vortex can send you to other places inside the house, but you never know where. Please, be carefull, always watch where you are steping and please, please find the other watches. - Yuko hold Atsuko by the arm firmly while speaking, but then the force of a hurricane came trough the window and pushed Atsuko through the door, making her loose consciousness in another room of the house.


Hope you like it! I'll be waiting for comments, critics, and whatever. Read you soon!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/25 CHAPTER 3]
Post by: Megumi on October 29, 2012, 07:09:33 PM
 :panic: this is even more interesting now...

So there will be the bad guys here I'm curious who Atsuko will meet now in the next room.

Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 10/25 CHAPTER 3]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on October 29, 2012, 08:43:25 PM
^ Yeah, I wonder who are the bad guys, too...  :? Rena-sama, Maritroll, NyanNyan?...  :twisted:
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
Post by: Suicchin on November 02, 2012, 06:59:57 AM
@anzai48 :Actually, I'm a big fan of Tim Burton myself, and like very much the work of Helena and Johnny, too. So don't be surprise is some parts of this fics resemble to their work. :thumbsup
@Megumi & @sakura_drop_ : Patience is a virtue. You'll discovered that soon~!   :lol:

Thank you all for the support. Please, if you have any contructive criticism or particular comment, feel free to say it!

Also,I want to make something clear,just in case. Sorry if you were/are hoping for some loooooveee~ here, but I don't think it will appear soon  :nervous xD The main porpuse of this fic is to be about fantasy, misterie, maybe some angst and funny moments, but who knows, maybe there would be some flirting too.

I was thinking about writing some paralel stories too, like what is the Wonka Couple doing when Atsuko is searching for the clocks, what do you think about that?

Enough with the talking, here's the new chapter.

Chapter 4

Things start to get bad

-Hmm...- Atsuko groaned slightly, trying to remember where she was and what was she doing.

-Oi, Paru,look. The girl is waking up - she could hear a cute and childish voice. She felt it like it was really near, just above her.

-Shh, Sakura-chan. Remember what Rena-sama said. She can't know who we are...

-But she could be hearing us now...

-That's why I'm telling you to keep quite. We were told to watch her, but not to talk to her...

-I know that, I was there when Rena-sama talked to us for the first time in...what? Twentie years?

"Okay...this is getting weird again..." Atsuko thought to helself while pretending to be asleep. When she heard that those girls were there to keep an eye on her, she decided it was wiser to fake than to introduce to them. " What I am gonna do now?" she tried to move very very slowly, but felt that her hands where tied. "Shot... I'm really in problems... These girls must be the ones that Yuko girl was talking about when she said there were bad people in here...Although they don't sound dangerous at all..." she sighed internally and continued hearing.

-What are we gonna do when she wakes up? -the one that seems older whispered.

-Sashi-sama said to bring her to her room first. She wanted to see the girl before taking her to Rena-sama...

-But if she finds out that we disobeyed her and instead do what Sashi-sama says she will get really mad...I don't want to make Rena-sama mad... - The one called Sakura gulped, her voice shivering from fear.

-Yeah...I understand how you feel... But Sashi is our senior too... We can't do as we pleased... Let's wait...

- You don't have to wait. I'm already awake you know? - Atsuko was looking at them with determination and a little scowl.

-W-w-w-waaah! Paru! What do we do!? - Sakura shake the other girl, pannicking.

-S-sakura! Please! S-s-s-stooppp... -  her companion stopped abruptly and bowed, apologizing. Paru arrenged her clothes and her strange hat.

-You look like... - Atsuko started saying was looking at their outfit.

-Yes. We are dolls. Well, we were humans, but then the cursed came and we turned into this rare mix between Mad Hatter and procelain dolls and...

-Sakura! Stop! - Paru comanded

-Sorry... -the younger girl mumbled, obviously embarrased.

Atsuko just watched at the two quietly. "Great... This is my lucky day. First perverted ballerinas... Now some psychotic dolls who work for another creepy and unknown person...Thsi is just great...What will come next? Pinnochio dress up as Jack Skellington?(from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas)" she rolled her eyes and kept watching the nonsense that dolls were exchanging.

-I hate it when you start mumbling like that...

-You do it to Paru!

-I don't do it as oftenly as you!

They started shouting until a base came fliying from a door Atsuko didn't notice until them, and almost get the girls.

-You two! Stop it! I heard another voice there. Bring her to me before Rena wakes up! - it was another female voice coming from said door. The voice sounded pissed, but girly, like a young lady... Though Atsuko related it more to a dog's bark?

"Oh no...I'm dead..." She though. She tried to struggle against the dolls, but it was in vain. Sooner that she expected, she was in front of another girl. The person was sitting with her back facing Atsuko, so she couln't see her face clearly, although a dim light made it difficult to see anything at all.

-Bring her here, so that I can see her face, you stupid girls... - the voice commanded.

The dolls nodded, as if the other one could see them, and forced Atsuko to walk to the front of the one called "Sashi".

-Hmm...Not bad... Although I'd have prefer a loli to save me... - she sighed, like if all of that was a boring thing. - I don't know why Rena was so interested in you, even to the point talk to us... I can't see anything special in you... Boring face... Boring hair... Hiper mega boring clothes...- she eyed Atsuko from head to toe, her school uniform,her straight black hair, every detail  about her.

-Hey! I'm here you know?- Atsuko could feel the heat of anger creep to her cheeks, pouting.

- Whatever... - Sashi got up and walked a few steps, but couldn't move a lot far from her chair. That was when Atsuko noticed the threads which were hanging from some place on the ceiling.

"I was being sarcastic when I thought about the Pinnochio thing, you know Kami-sama?" She was surprise. The girl looked like the other dolls, but has those wires that didn't allow her to move freely. Now it made sense to her, why this girl seemed so annoyed and bored. She couldn't really move like other cursed ones, like her herself. She would be in the same animic state.

-I am Maeda Atsuko - she didn't know why, but she felt the urge to introduced helself.- May I know your name, please?

Sashi turned around abruptly, with a surprised expression on her face. Then, the suspicion took its place. - Why do you want to know that?

-I...I don't know... I just felt like it - she shrugged. She held the gaze that Sashi was giving to her, but then, suddenly, it softened.

-I am Sashihara Rino. People used to call me Sashi, less letters and easier to remember. You two. -the older one pointed to the dolls. - Don't be rude. Introduce yourselves.

Paru, the one who seem older and more confident of the two, took a step to the front and made a peace sign.- I am Shimazaki Haruka, but you can call me Paru! Nice to meet you, Maeda-san, and sorry for tiding you. -she made a cute smile.

-And I am Miyawaki Sakura, but you can call me Sakura. It's a pleasure, Maeda-san! - the little one bowed.

Sashi then ordered them to untied Atsuko and the three of them started to seem more pacific and friendly towards her. It was now or never.

-Ano...Excuse me Sashi-san, I don't want to be rude, but I'm in a kind of hurry. Maybe you could help me a little?

Sashi looked at Maeda expenting the question, arching an eyebrow.

-Well, you see. I'm looking for this clocks, you know? And...- she looked to her feets, playing with her shoes in a adorable and childish way,hoping to trick the girls until a loud sound that came from another room was heard.

-Oh no... - Sashi murmured, looking to a big black wooden door.- She has awake...

Atsuko could see Sakura and Paru gulping and holding toeach other, like they were afraid of something.

-Quickly, Maeda-san. Rena has awakened. You are in danger if she isn't in a good mood.- Paru and Sakura quickly tied her again.

-Sorry, but it's better if she founds you like this, like she's ordered.

Our protagonist didn't understan a thing. Everything happened really fast. First, she was starting to get alog with these girls, now, she was walking through a dark corridor,with the dolls with their heads down in front of her, and loud noises coming from the door that was at the end.

"Oh,Kami-sama, please help me..." She though before entering to a cold and gloomy room.


Hope you like it. Read you soon!

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Post by: kahem on November 02, 2012, 09:02:10 AM
hahahah!!!! Poor Acchan!
Can't wait for Rena ^^
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
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Rena is bad guy.. nooooo
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
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This is amazing!!! :thumbsup

Paru and Sakura-tan are so cute!!  :yep:

And poor Acchan.... :smhid

And Sasshi....she can't move freely like other dolls?... *hugs her comfortingly*

Ah, I'm so waiting for Rena-sama's appearance!!!  :wub:

Thank you for this update!!  :bow:
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Whoaaaa I'm curious about Rena!!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
Post by: Megumi on November 06, 2012, 05:54:47 PM
 :shocked Rena is scary?

 :panic: Can't wait for next update!
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
Post by: hakase309 on November 17, 2014, 09:17:40 AM
Thanks for creating this fic m(_ _)m
Title: Re: The Fantastic world of the Wonka Couple [update 11/02 CHAPTER 4]
Post by: Kirozoro on November 17, 2014, 02:06:47 PM
Please update

I want to know what happen next after Rena wake up