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Title: ~ame's SS~ Time After Time - Chapter 4 (NTako) [31.12.2017
Post by: ametakarano on September 03, 2015, 11:52:24 AM
MINNA-SAMA! I, Takarano Ame, presents to you my short stories thread.  :heart:

This is where I'll be dropping off my precious short stories.



Alice's Mischief ( (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [SEE BELOW]
Time After Time (


Alice’s Mischief
(Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina)

Chapter 01

“Rena-sama…” A voice called from behind. The pale girl with the long, black hair remained unmoved in her high-back chair.

The one who called her is a tall lady with long, straight, jet black hair. She walked towards the front of the seated girl named Matsui Rena.

“My lady called for me that’s why I’m announcing my presence…” Jonishi Kei said as she bowed Before Rena.

“Very well, Keicchi…” Rena smiled slyly. “Anyways, I’m wondering where my other two dolls are loitering by now…”

“Yours truly didn’t know where they might be…” Kei answered straight-forwardly. “Would you like me to search and fetch them for you?”

“No need, Kei… They’ll be here soon. I can sense it.”

After Rena said that, the door swung open and another girl entered the dim lit room…

The newly-arrived girl, who is the eldest of Rena’s three so-called dolls, is named Kashiwagi Yuki. She shyly entered the room.

“G—gokigenyou, Rena-sama… Forgive me for my tardiness.”

“Explain why.” Rena said with an unforgiving voice.

Yuki was afraid. She didn’t want seeing Rena upset. “I—I ran into some old friend whilst I was going here and she started talking about so many—”

“Enough. I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

Rena was totally upset.

The girls glanced at each other, exchanging worried looks.

“Change into your costumes now.” As she stood up, Rena said with a superior voice.

Yuki and Kei had seen it coming.

So, they started walking out of the dim lit room with slow steps – leaving Rena there all alone…

The two girls headed to their dressing room. Upon entering, they can already see lots of sexy, bunny costumes hanged on the clothes’ rack.

Keicchi let out a sigh as she grabbed a piece of cloth. “I wonder where she is…”

“Ah, Jurina-chan? I don’t have any idea…” Yuki grabbed a costume, too.

The two girls started undressing themselves and putting on the clothes made of light materials and frills and laces everywhere…

Then, they looked at each other…

They looked miserably pitiful wearing those sexy costumes…

It has been like this for almost two weeks already…

The three of them have been Rena’s dolls… She, doing everything she wanted without any complaints from them.

They knew that they were just toys in Rena’s eyes…

But none of them had the courage to leave her. And the reason why…? It was obvious. They were obviously in love with Matsui Rena.


Rena was waiting inside her large play room, a special room adjacent to her own bedroom.

She composed herself. She had been really quite moody these past few days…

She was lost in deep thought when she heard few soft knocks on the wooden door.

“Come in…” She said, keeping up a stoic face.

Yuki and Kei both entered the room with racing hearts. Rena’s eyes scrutinized almost every exposed part on their body. Both felt like melting before Rena’s cold gaze…

“Keicchi… Have a seat right here…”

Kei did what she was told to do.

“Yukirin… I want you to lie on the bed.” Yuki was as nervous as hell. She laid herself on the bed. “No… Lay on your stomach.”

She turned to lie on her stomach… Rena went over a cabinet. She pulled out the drawer and reached for something inside…

Kei’s eyes widened when she saw it… and so did Yuki’s.

“Rena-sama… Wha—”

“Silence, Keicchi.”

The thing Rena was holding was a whip.

“My dear Yuki… Forgive me but…”Rena traced the whip along the back of Yuki’s thigh up to her back. “I’m going to punish you for your tardiness…”

Yuki shut her eyes closed as she felt the object ran through her body. “Rena-sama… I—I’m sorry…” She pleaded.

But Rena didn’t answer to Yuki’s pleading. Instead, she aimed the whip high in the air…

“Rena-sama! Please don’t—” Kei protested but she was stopped by Rena’s deadly glare.

“I said be quiet, Keicchi.”

She then proceeded back on her target. Yuki closed her eyes and silently prayed that Rena will not continue what she’s planning to do.

Again, she aimed the whip high up in the air.

But before it landed on Yuki’s soft white skin, the door banged open.


It was her third doll, Matsui Jurina. The short-haired, young girl stood there. “We need to talk.”

She went and gripped Rena’s wrist, dragging her out of the room. The two other girls sighed of relief. Thanks to Jurina, Yuki didn’t have her punishment.

Meanwhile, Jurina dragged Rena into the latter’s own bedroom.

“Rena-sama… I quit!” Jurina started what she wanted to say.

Rena wasn’t saying anything as she sat on the edge of her bed. She just stared at Jurina with dark blank eyes.

“Are you listening? I said I don’t want to be your doll anymore, Rena!”

“Oh, really?” Rena swiftly grabbed the edge of Jurina’s shirt, tugging it towards her. The action caused the girl to lose her balance and fall, seating right at Rena’s lap.

The latter took advantage of the situation and embraced Jurina.


“Are you sure you wanted to quit…?” Rena said this as her hands traced along Jurina’s tummy.

The young girl gasped. Rena’s touch never fails to make her knees weak.

Rena moved her face close to Jurina’s ears. “I need your answer, Jurina… Do you really want to quit…?”

Jurina cannot answer. Rena’s warm breathing tickles her skin.

Jurina gasped once again when she felt Rena’s hands trailing up, closer and closer to her chest.

“R—Rena… S—stop.”

But Rena pretended not to hear Jurina’s pleading. Her hand caressed Jurina’s now developed mounds.

“Are you sure… that you want to quit?”

Rena just repeated her question. Jurina cannot think clear, especially with Rena’s hands distracting her.

Rena’s actions were turning Jurina on…

She can clearly see that the young girl was containing her moans.

Rena was enjoying this. She loved watching girls getting aroused. But she loved it better when girls were being teased, being left on the edge just as they were fully turned on. She loved those disappointed and quite pissed look on a girl’s face – it looked so pitifully lovely.

But she had no mercy.

That was her nature…

She wanted to see more of Jurina’s aroused state so she moved her lips close to Jurina’s neck. She kissed it lightly.

The light contact lingered on Jurina’s skin, bringing electric impulses on her body.

She bit her lower lip to suppress the moan that almost accidentally slipped out of her mouth.

Rena isn’t getting what she wanted. That’s why she roughly kissed and sucked Jurina’s sensitive neck while she continues massaging her breasts…

Jurina cannot take it anymore. The lovely torture Rena was giving her makes her heart race and her knees turn to jelly. A soft moan escaped from her when the older girl lightly bit on her neck.

At last, Rena got what she wanted… but she needed to hear more! So, she continued her pace, pressing her body closed to Jurina’s. Another moan echoed in the room – much audible than the first one. Jurina’s hands arbitrarily gripped on the bed sheet. The pleasure she was getting was too torturous.

“I—I need to… stop her!!” Jurina thought to herself.

Rena felt Jurina gently arching her back. This is exactly what she wanted…

“Stop.” Jurina held Rena’s wrists and moved it away.

“Ooooh… So you’re resisting now?” Rena crossed her arms.

Jurina stood up and faced Rena.

“Why are you doing this, Rena?!”

“Because I wanted to.” Rena’s cold stare pissed off Jurina. “I’ll ask you one thing, Jurina… Why did you agree… and come with me in the first place?”

The question almost left Jurina speechless. “Because I…”

“You wanted this, too, right—”

“No! You don’t understand anything, Rena!”

“I perfectly understand. You are my little doll, Jurina…”

Rena showed no emotion at all. There came a hint of sadness on Jurina’s eyes.

“I—I loved you, Rena…”

Rena, after hearing that, almost had her mouth gaped open.


“I loved you, Rena. Back then.”


Jurina didn’t move at all. She just stood there with a fired up glare.

“I said leave me alone!”

Rena was now totally mad. Jurina did turn to leave the room, banging the door close and leaving Rena with a confused mind.

“She loved me? That can’t be true. Nobody loves me – nobody ever will.”


That's it, for now.

I'll post the next chapter maybe next week.

I'll appreciate your comments, minna-sama. Thank you~  :on slopkiss:
Title: Re: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 1 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [03.09.2015]
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Very interesting and cute. :glasses:

Waiting for the next update~ :mon bye:
Title: Re: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 1 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [03.09.2015]
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Sado Rena!!  :twisted: :twisted:
Rena x harem!! :fap :fap
Love it!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
You made me fly to heaven~~~~
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Title: Re: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 1 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [03.09.2015]
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THIS IS INTERESTING!!usually i read about J x harem but this R x harem!! :inlove: :inlove:
Title: Re: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 1 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [03.09.2015]
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i dont know what to comment
S&M theme with Rena x harem....
 :on bleed:
“She loved me? That can’t be true. Nobody loves
me – nobody ever will.”
i pity you
Title: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 2 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [15.10.2015]
Post by: ametakarano on October 15, 2015, 09:44:44 AM
hi, minna-sama!

thanks to all who left a comment! ChibiRine, niineechan, KashiwagiRena, and sastio13!  :deco:

uwaaaah. i'm very much sorry for being away for so long. at last, i finally have posted an update!  :peace: :panic: :sweatdrop:

Chapter 02

(Kei’s POV)

A day have passed since Rena-sama locked herself inside her room… She doesn’t want to talk to any of us. I wonder… will she be fine?

“Keicchi! Are you ready yet?!” Akarin’s loud voice called from outside my room.

I quickly put my things inside my bag and opened the door.

“You know… it’s weekend today so we can’t afford to be late! There’ll be lots of customers for sure!” Akarin began firing her words again. I just smiled at her and dragged her out of our shared apartment.

Yes, we live in the same apartment. She is my best friend since grade school and for many years, she had been my confidant. We’re like sisters… I would love it if she was my real sister.

Akari and I strolled downtown to the bakery where we work.

“By the way, Keicchi… You haven’t talked to me where you’ve been going these past two weeks…” She began asking.

It surprised me actually, about her questioning me of some things. Yes, I haven’t told her anything about Rena…

But… how can I tell her…?

I don’t really know how to.

“Oi, oi, oi, Keicchi!” She waved her hand in front of my face.

“Well…” I scratched the back of my head and diverted my eyes to the ground. “I—I’ve met a new friend…”

“Oh… Really?” For a moment, she had a surprised look on her face but she managed to quickly regain her normal face expression back. “I didn’t expect that… Anyways, why haven’t you told me? And who is this new friend of yours?”

I gulped… wondering where to start. I’m lucky we’re almost at the bakery. “I’ll tell you later… We’re almost here.”

“Oh, yes! We came just in time…” She said as she glanced at her watch. “You’ll tell me later, okay? Let’s go!”

The day passed by slowly. Akarin kept on bugging me all day asking me about my so-called new friend. I had her wait until we finally arrive back home…

As soon as we settled ourselves to the soft couch, Akari started bugging me again.

“Keicchi… Oi, Keicchi…”

“Hai… Hai…” I gave up already. I just hope she’ll understand me. “Well… do you remember Matsui Rena?”

“Matsui Rena… Hm… You mean our school mate when we were still at high school… She’s your new friend?”

I nodded. “Rena was the top student back then, if you can remember…”

“Yeah! The really quiet and quite a loner… It’s weird… You know back them there’s a rumor that she’s a creepy sadist!” She blurted out.

“Well, personally… I really like her since before…” I said.

“You don’t care if she really is a sadist?!”

“Well… That rumor is in fact, true.”

“What?! W—what do you mean?!” She stared at me with wide-opened eyes.

“Akarin…” Her eyes begged for an explanation, I can clearly tell. It triggered me to come out in the open. She’s my best friend and we promised not to keep secrets from each other… That’s why… I’m obliged to tell her about this… “I’ll tell you everything now.”


Almost two weeks ago…

Akari’s sick. I need to buy her some medicines and other stuff. It was past midnight already… Too lucky that few blocks from here lay a convenient store opened 24-hours a day. I grabbed my jacket and a cap and headed outside…

It was definitely a breezy evening…

The cool wind gushed almost ghastly, making all my exposed body parts freeze in the cold.

In a few minutes, I’ve reached the convenience store…

There are totally few customers: a long-haired teenage girl (too bad I didn’t see her face), a middle-aged am whom I suppose was a construction worker mainly because of his body built, and myself. This scenario didn’t really surprise me. In fact, I was more or less prepared because of the pepper spray inside my jeans’ pocket…

I bought everything that I needed. After doing so, I headed back home…

It was weird… I fancy hearing footsteps behind me. That’s why I turned my head and saw that there’s someone following me.

It is the man from the convenience store. I picked up my pace and walked faster. But the man did the same! I’m now certain that he’s following me! My heart thumped loudly as the distance between us shrunk…

Help! Someone please help me!!

I started running. It was when I was approaching a junction road that someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me, hiding both of us in the darkness.


“Silence.” She whispered. I’m sure that it is a girl’s voice. She covered my mouth with her soft hand.

From our position, we can see the man run, looking for me. He looked everywhere but failed to see me. Pissed, he stomped his feet and marched away.

The girl let go of me.

I breathe out a sigh of relief. “That was close… Anyways, thank you—”

The light slowly illuminated the girl’s face. It was more than a familiar face. It was someone I look up to, back then…

“Matsui-san…” I muttered.

“It’s dangerous strolling alone at midnight.” She stared at me. “You look familiar.”

“W—we attended the same high school… I’m Jonishi Kei…”

“Oh, yeah… I remember you. You’re the drummer of the school band, right?”

I nodded.

“Why are you still at the street at this hour?” Rena asked me. I explained to her why I was and asked her the same thing she asked me.

“I went to buy some food. I forgot to eat dinner. Anyway, my house is just around the corner.” She pointed at a dark road. I can’t see clearly where she’s pointing at. “Do you want to come over and have tea?”

“I’m sorry if I’m going to decline your invitation. I need to hurry home. My friend’s alone. Maybe sometime, I’ll make up to you… and thank you properly.”

Rena accepted my apology and smiled. “Sure. We’ll see each other again…”

We went on separate ways. I looked back at her as she was slowly being hidden beyond the vast darkness of the horizon…

That night passed very slowly. Rena’s image kept on flashing back on my mind, keeping me awake all night…

The following morning, I went to work alone. I suggested to Akarin that she should stay at home and rest…

The day went the same just like the usual, but after we closed the shop and was about to go home, I saw someone. Yes, it is Rena-sama…

“Ah! Jonishi-san… We’ve met again.”

“Yeah… I’m about to go home…”

“You want to hang-out for a while…?”

I checked my watch. It’s still a bit early… Well, I’ve already phoned Akari to check out on her, so I guess it’s fine…

“Sure…” I smiled at her and she smiled back. Whoa! She’s really pretty!

“Would you mind coming over to my house? I have some really good tea and homemade cake…” She invited.

“O—Okay.” When those brown orbs stare at you, you won’t be able to reject Rena-sama’s invitation.

She held my wrist and lightly dragged me along. Her hands are unusually warm, totally contrasting her cold personality… or maybe I just really don’t know her well…

We walked and arrived at her house within a short journey. It was really huge and quiet. Rena told me that she lives here alone…

“Are you not afraid?” I asked her.

“Why would I be afraid? I’m perfectly capable of living alone.” She said.

She showed me around her house, perhaps calling it a mansion would be appropriate.

Reaching the end of the hallway, we stood in front of a large door.

“And this is my…” My eyes gawked in amazement as she pushed the door open.


Rena and I were both shocked to see someone inside.

“Why are you… here?”

“Rena-sama… I wanted to…” The girl named Yuki lowered her voice and glared at me. “…surprise you.”

Yuki was wearing frilly clothes which I think was made of really light materials. She was a real beauty and her curves are almost reaching perfection.

Rena let out a sigh. “Come on. Let’s have something to eat while we chat…”

We went out of the large hall and walked back to the living room. Yuki and I sat facing each other. Rena went to the kitchen to prepare the tea and cake.

“I’m Jonishi Kei…” I said, finally breaking the ice. “Yoroshiku ne.”

“I am Kashiwagi Yuki. Yoroshiku.”

“May I ask something, Kashiwagi-san?”

“You are already asking something, Jonishi-san…”

“Oh, yeah… I’m curious… How are you related to Matsui-san?”

“Me…? I am Rena-sama’s—”

Yuki hasn’t finished what she was about to say because Rena came inside the room. It was her who finished Yuki’s words.

“She is my… personal doll.”

“W—what do you mean—”

“I’ll explain. Here, have something to drink…” Rena offered me a cup of orange pekoe tea and a plate of coffee cake.

“Thank you…” I took a sip from the cup and the tea really tastes good. Rena was smiling mischievously at me.

Yuki looked bothered. I’m quite confused.

“You liked it? I personally brewed them and ad…” I don’t know why, but it felt like I can’t hear her. “…xtra speci…” My vision was blurry, too. “…are you okay, Kei-chan?”

“I—I’m feeling a bit… diz… zy—”

And then, neither I could see nothing nor feel anything anymore.

Black out.


thanks for reading!

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Hey now! This is superb! I bet Akari's jealous. :mon XD:

Waiting for the next update! :mon bye:

Title: Re: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 2 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [15.10.2015]
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Hoho.. Bad Rena.. I believe she put something in Kei's drink. :kekeke:
No matter how long, i'll wait for the update. :mon determined:
Matta ne.... :on woohoo:
Title: Re: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 2 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [15.10.2015]
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sadistic rena is always interesting!!

i will wait for next chapter too :D
Title: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 3 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [30.12.2015]
Post by: ametakarano on December 30, 2015, 09:13:15 AM
@ChibiRine; @niineechan; @key17: To those who commented~ Sorry if it took me too long to update, but here it is~  :kneelbow: :luvluv1:

Sorry for the really late update. But... I don't want to leave stories hanging, so please bear with me.

An update, finally!

Thanks for everyone who reads this... and my other fics too~

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

Alice's Mischief
Chapter 03

(Kei’s POV)

I woke up with the sight of Rena staring at me, it startled me actually. I was supposed to sit up the bed but I felt my wrists tied up on the bed posts.

A mischievous smile was once again painted on her face. It was then that I noticed that I wasn’t wearing any of my clothes before but it was rather the same as what Yuki wears. I looked at Rena unbelievably.

“Forgive me for not telling you what lies beyond my invitation, Keicchi…” Her cold hands reached for my cheeks and stroked it lovingly. “I want you to be my personal doll, too… Kei…”

She was staring at me intensely; it was as if her eyes were drawing me closer and closer. My lips felt dry and trembling; I need to moisten it. As if I was jinxed, I shifted my face closer to hers and pressed our lips together for quite a long time.

When I broke the contact, I remained staring deep into her eyes. She flashed a smile, a sadistic one. “I suppose that was your answer. Very well, Keicchi…”

And everything started there… I don’t even know why or how I agreed in the first place…

But almost every day after my working hours, I spend few of my remaining time with Rena. Yes, by being her doll and attending to what she wants…

Somehow, having her by my side was enough to satisfy my desire.

A week passed, Yuki and I were starting to become close, too. We talked about ourselves and also share the same feeling for Rena-sama…


Akari stared at me in awe until the end of my story… I don’t know what to make up about her reaction except for the fact that it really surprised her.

“Sorry if I didn’t tell you about this before…”I said, breaking the momentary silence among the two of us.

She didn’t say a word, though. It bothered me actually, to hear nothing from her.


She diverted her gaze away from me. “I wish I shouldn’t have asked you about this, Kei…”

She said in a very cold tone, which kind of surprised me.

“W—What do you mean…?” I asked her.

“Do you really… like her that much?” Asked Akari.

“Yes. I think so…” It was an honest answer from me.

She let out a light laugh before turning her head to look at me…

My eyes widened when I saw her face. Her eyes are reddish and she was biting her lower lip to control her tears. I didn’t expect this kind of reaction from her… but it somehow brought a pain on my chest.

“A—Akari… What’s wrong?”

But she just smiled; a bitter one.


“Akari… Hey…”

“T—This is nothing.” Her voice started to shake and her tears started to fall.

“Then why are you crying…?”

“I’m disappointed… of myself, Kei… I’ve kept this for so long… I love you.” She blurted out.

The revelation shocked me. Really.

Akari stood up, ran, and locked herself inside her room. I don’t know what to do right now. I don’t think she would want to talk to me again.

I went out of our apartment, and dialed a certain phone number.

Right now, things are quite bizarre.

(Yuki’s POV)

The evening is drawing near when I received a call from her. Her voice tells me that she was far from a good condition so I immediately asked her where she was at the moment.

“At the park.” She briefly answered; her voice still sounded a bit nasal which I assumed was due to crying.

“Wait for me… I’ll be there in a while, okay?” I heard her say yes before the call has been ended.

I grabbed my coat and rushed to the park where I found her seated on a swing.

“Keicchi…” I softly said as I approached her. She glanced up, letting our gazes meet.


Before I knew it, she was already in my arms, crying.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

Kei managed to compose herself. Each of us sat on a swing. She began to tell me what happened to her…

I can somehow relate to her…

“Now, the question is… who is more important to you?”

Kei just stared at me in silence.

“You don’t need to answer it right away… It’s just that…” I let out a sigh as I swung myself lightly, feeling the wind brush on my exposed limbs. “You need to figure out what or who you really wanted right from the start…”

“I—I can’t understand…” Said Kei.

I just smiled at her remark as I suddenly remembered my own same experience. “Maybe you were just seeking out for attention… and it happened that it was Rena-sama who can give it…”

“You mean…” She paused as if having doubts on continuing her words, but still proceeded anyway. “I’m just using Rena-sama… for my own self-satisfaction?”

“That could be—”

“Don’t tell me… you were—”

“Partly yes…” I guiltily nodded. “I found my long-time girlfriend cheating on me… I was very mad that time and I went to a bar to drink myself to death, that’s when I met Rena-sama… She approached me with her mysterious smile. I’m telling you, her eyes are somewhat hypnotic.”

I paused to take a breath then proceeded again. “She asked me right away if I’m willing to be her doll, and I accepted it… I know it was kind of selfish on my part… but it will be the way wherein I can get the attention I wanted. I never knew that I’ll come to like her, but as days passed I found myself wanting her, reaching for her somehow…”

“Did she know that?” Asked Kei.

“I told her about my past, but not about my true feelings for her…”

“Me too…” Kei said as her hair was being blown by the wind. “Did Rena tell you anything about herself?”

Shaking my head lightly, my lips curled into a little smile. “She was very secretive when it comes to her personal information… I couldn’t even ask her because I don’t like seeing her angry…”

Rena’s image flashed on my mind and it kind of made me sad somehow. I didn’t notice the tears that formed on the shore of my eyes and were now slowly flowing down my cheeks.

I look miserable but I don’t care. Kei soon broke down into tears again… That moment, we shared the pain of being attached to Rena.

“I wonder… did she even care for us?” She blurted out.

“I don’t know either…”

“But that doesn’t matter anymore, Yuki…” She wiped her tears away by her bare hands. “Do you still want to be like this? To live like this?”

The question left me speechless.

Can I? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t know if I don’t step up and do what I think is right… This time I might need to consider getting stronger by myself…

I shook my head as a smile appeared on my face. “No… Not anymore, Kei…”

She smiled back at me as she reached for my cheeks and gently wiped the tears away.

“We should stop this fantasy before this consumes us totally…” I know Kei’s words will be remembered forever…

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Akariiiiiiiin. :mon zoom:

That broke my heart. :depressed:

Yuki and Kei are finally woke up and realized their true feelings. :frustrated:

This fict is so good I can't even express what I want to feel and day. :mon XD:

Waiting for the next update! :mon bye:
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haaaa!!!!! i'm forget about this fic! sorry!!!!
i wonder what'll happen to rena...
waiting for next chapter! don't make me wait too long, ok!
Title: ~ame's SS~ Alice's Mischief - Chapter 4 (Rena X Kei/Yuki/Jurina) [01.06.2016]
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Sorry, I haven't updated for moooonths. I'm really sorry...  :kneelbow:

But, yeah, I don't like dropping my stories without finishing them.

That's why, here's an update! At last, an update!

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Alice's Mischief
Chapter 04

(Jurina’s POV)


Why does it have to hurt like this? Why am I feeling this way?

I hate it – this feeling…

It was like something was pinching the inside of the chest. And the worst thing is that I’ve been feeling this way since I left her side…

This is my decision. This is for my own happiness – for my freedom. But do I really desire this kind of freedom? I don’t know. I don’t really know.

Rena is the most important person to me…

We’ve been childhood friends inside the orphanage. She was older than me but the nuns there said that I have the same case as her. We were both left and found at the doorstep of the Matsui Orphanage. Because of that reason, I can somehow relate to her. We have been very close since childhood.

But the day came when a couple adopted her. They were a decent couple with high status in the society but the man wasn’t capable of having a child. That’s why they resorted to adoption so that they can have an heiress of their wealth.

I can still remember that lonely day…


“I don’t want to go. I want to stay by your side, Jurina…” Pleaded Rena with tears on her eyes. I, myself, am now crying for I’m sharing the same sentiments with her.

“But… This is your chance! You can have your own family, at last!” I said to her, still convincing her to go even though it was against my own will.

“But you’re my family, Jurina!”

Her words made me break into more tears.

“Demo… Rena-chan… You can now have your own mom and dad.” I articulated, trying my best to smoothen my all shaky voice.

“But that would mean that I wouldn’t have you.”

“You can always visit here! I’ll wait for you!”

“Promise?” With teary eyes, she showed me her pinky finger. I linked mine with hers and smiled.


A week passed but Rena never paid a visit. It was the time when a couple decided to adopt me. The legal processing had been very quick and after another week, I was already about to have my own family… I was supposed to be happy but ever since Rena left, I never even had a smile on my face…

Why didn’t she even visit me once?

We promised to each other…

I left without speaking a word to my co-orphans. Inside my heart, I’m hoping that Rena would even show up before my departure. But I just got my hopes down again. She never showed up.

Years passed but the memory of Rena didn’t leave my mind. I often dream about her. I never heard a thing from her until an unexpected event just a week ago…

I was walking home from school that warm afternoon when I passed by a new ice cream parlor along the street. It was very hot that day and I somehow craved for some cold sweets.

I entered the shop crowded with students and kids. I thought of buying something for takeout since I bet there wouldn’t be any empty seat left. I roamed my eyes and I was lucky enough to spot a table with only one person sitting. I ordered a strawberry-flavoured ice cream and ran to the table.

“Excuse me? Can I sit here?” I asked the girl who was reading a book.

“Sure.” She said. I don’t know why but I felt my heart skip a beat after hearing her voice. I shrugged the weird feeling off and sat on the spare seat in front of the girl. Her order was a chocolate parfait which has already melted since she was too much absorbed in reading a book entitled “And then there were none”.

“Never mind about her.” I said to myself before starting to dig into the eye-appealing pink dessert. I smiled after having the first taste of it.

“Strawberry-flavoured? You haven’t changed at all…” Said the girl. The voice gave me creeps and as I looked at her, my gaze has met a very familiar one. “Hisashiburi.”

“Masaka…” I dropped the spoon after realizing who she really is.

“That’s too clumsy of you, Jurina.”


I sat there, dazed at her until I felt my visions going black…

I opened my eyes only to see her face right in front of me. The blue sky adorned her innocent features as her fingers carefully stroked my hair. I blushed immediately after she flashed a gentle smile.

It has been years...

The passing time changed her features a bit. But she still has that gentle smile and deep eyes. I felt my heart racing when she leaned in close and spoke, "At last, you're awake."

"Yeah... W--What happened?"

"Didn't expect that you would faint after seeing me." She chuckled as she moved her face away. I sat up and took the empty space of the bench beside her... "It has been a really long time, Jurina."

"Yes. What happened to you for the last years?"

"Long story... Want to talk about it at my house?" Suggested Rena. I didn't reject the request and soon stood up after she did. The breeze felt a bit warm, I don't know why. Or was it my heart... Which has found its warmth again?

We took a bus as we reached the bus station. The whole ride has been quiet and all I can do was to stare at her, still trying to convince myself that what's happening isn't a delusion nor a dream. Everytime she catches my gaze towards her, she would always flash a smile. And that smile was enough to make my heart thump wild.

When we reached the last station, we got off the bus and walked several meters until a certain huge house came into view. "Is that your..."

"Yes. Let's hurry." She said before grabbing my wrist and dragging me to the building.

"It's so huge!" I said after staring at the whole house.

"Let's come inside?"

Rena opened the gate and then she held my hand as we walk inside. It was a bit dark inside and too quiet until I saw two girls walking to approach us.

"Okaerinasai, Rena-sama." They said in sync with a bow. The girls are wearing frilly maid costumes. They both glanced at me. I can say that those two are real hotties because of their nice bodies and bewitching smile.

"Tadaima, Yukirin and Keicchi." Said Rena. "By the way, I'm with Matsui Jurina. Jurina, she is Kashiwagi Yuki or Yukirin and this one is Jonishi Kei or Keicchi." She introduced me to the girls. They had a small smile for me and bowed.

"Yoroshiku.." I murmured.

"We'll get going. I'll talk to you two later." Said Rena which the two only responded with a bow. Without looking at me, we walked further along the hallway.

We entered her bedroom and she let me sit at the edge of her bed while she took the space beside me.

It was too quiet and I wanted to break the silence. "Who are those girls? Your maids?"

"Not really maids. I prefer to call them my dolls." Answered Rena.

"Ah.. So what happened to you since the last time we saw each other?"

"Well.. To make the long story short, I became the heiress of this mansion and a small company after both of my foster parents... died." Answered Rena without any emotion.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to..."

"It's fine. People live and die. That's reality. And that's normal."

Then, silence consumed us again.. I was too anxious because I can feel my heart beating fast and I'm afraid that she might hear it. "But... why didn't you visit me at the orphanage Rena? If you did.. I might have told you my address and we might have been kept in touch of each other."

"We went to my foster parent's summer house for three weeks. I can't do anything to reach for you for that long time.. And when I came back to this town, I went to the orphanage only to find out about your departure."

"I was too lonely that you forgot about our promise."

She caressed the back of my hand and embraced me, whispering.. "That was a promise, our promise. How can I forget about it?"

My heart skipped a beat and I know I was blushing really red. "Rena-chan.."

"I want to ask you something, Jurina." She broke the embrace and stared at me with her deep brown eyes. She didn't wear a smile nor didn't exhibit sadness on her face.

"Do you want to be my personal doll?"


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Alice's Mischief
Chapter 05

(Rena's POV)

"Do you want to be my personal doll?"

That stupid question.


And a more stupid answer...

I let out a sigh and stared at the ceiling. Why am I feeling like this -- pained, sad? It was long ago when I felt truly sad. It was a long time ago since I last cried. I don't even know why I'm shedding my tears!

I have been alone for a long time. Secretly, I wished that I never was adopted in the first place. That certain moment killed all the happiness inside of me.


"Where are we going?" I asked my foster mother as we rode the black, elegant car of his husband, my foster father.

"To our summer house." She replied with a very sweet smile. She was indeed beautiful, and has that air of elegance.

"When can I visit the orphanage?" I asked out of the blue.

"The orphanage? We just came from there and you want to visit it so soon already?" Said my foster father while continuing the driving.

"Yes. When?"

"You can't go there anymore, Rena. You're our child now."

What?! Just what did that white man said?!

"B--But.. I promised that I'll go visit Jurina."

"Forget about that already, Rena. Forget about her, about your past.." Added mom.

I wanted to complain but words can't seem to flow out of my mouth. How can I forget someone whom I shared my wonderful childhood? I bit my lip hard and squeezed my hand into a fist. The suggestion angered me but now that I'm already here, I can never go back again.

We spent three weeks at the summsr house where I did nothing but to snooze at the veranda where a cool breeze went to greet my cheeks always. I didn't get too close with my foster parents. I realized that they only adopted me so that they can have an heiress for all their wealth. I didn't feel like I was their child at all, I am nothing but a mere business partner to them.

Things went straight and normal for a year until one night...

I woke up in the middle of the night because I had a very bad dream. I got off the bed and went by the window, I looked at the dark horizon outside when something caught my eyes. Just by the corner of the garden, I saw my mother talking with another man. It clearly is not her husband because the man she was talking to has a bigger body build than father.

They are talking extremely close to each other until I saw the man leaned closer to mom and kissed her.

I was too shocked of what I saw that's why I turned away and shut my eyes close. Is this just a continuation of my dream? But I knew that it isn't because when I pinch my arm it felt painful. I tried to go back to sleep with a clouded mind.

Series of events passed and one day, when I arrived home from school. I saw lots of police cars and an ambulance parked in front of our house. I didn't really know what the matter was but then a police went over me and asked, "Are you Rena?"

I nodded as a reply then he held my wrist and walked me up to an empty police car.

"What happened?" I asked him but he just looked at me with a faint smile.

"Well, you see, I can't be the one to explain the situation to you...”

"Why not?"

"I can't explain too.. But please come with me. I'll have someone tell you everything."

"My parents... Where are them?"


Just before the officer tells something, a woman approached us. "Is she Rena?"

The officer nodded and the woman approached me. "You look smart. I know you've been asking him. I'll tell you everything, Rena-chan." Said the woman as she smiled at me.

The woman went inside the police car and sat beside me. "Where are my parents?"

"We already called an ambulance. Rena-chan, they were assaulted by a notorious criminal. Did you see anyone went by your house over the past days?"

I told him about the scene I saw late night last time then I posted another question. "Will they be alright?"

"That I can't say. For the meantime, we'll track them down to the hospital to see."

"Thank you.." I said to her as the car started.

Few moments passed and we arrived at the hospital only to find out that both of my foster parents died. I cried my eyes out..

Am I fated to be deserted?

Am I fated to be alone?

The officers and concerned people had done their best to take me into their custody. I'm glad that the head maid of the house decided to stick with me.

But since the head maid is getting really old, her children has taken her into their custody after a few years of serving me.

Then, I'm alone again.

I inherited plenty of money and got to finish my studies to run the company left to me. But then I met a guy...

He's an employee of my company and had been eyeing me since before. He was a bit older than me. We dated, yes, we did.. And had entered a relationship.

At first, it was happy.. I felt happiness. But then one day, he changed. He visited my house and we spent the whole day chatting, eating, and having fun. Until the night came, we were inside a room adjacent to my bed room. That is where I used to put my books and paintings. I was showing him my art works when he cupped my cheeks and kissed me.

He took my first kiss. His kisses became deep and rough and it was like leaving bruises inside my mouth. I know I didn't want this yet!

I resisted but he was too strong that all my efforts were put to waste. His hands roamed all over, touching and feeling my body.

And you know what happened next. He robbed me my purity. Not only that, with all the filthy things he has bestowed upon me. Not long then, he left me. Broken and humiliated.

From then on, I lived alone. Alone with my heart tarnished by filth. I hated the fact that everyone was leaving me...

I want to hurt someone. Somebody.

I want someone to feel this way, too.

Why did I end up like this?


Why is my fate like this?

Am I really fated to be this way? To feel all these loathe inside my heart?

But, nothing can relieve this until I dominate someone. I need to.

Then, I set out my plan. To find girls whom I can play with...

I met Yuki, then Kei...

Playing with their hearts and body sure did something good to me. But then, I happened to cross paths with Jurina, who had been my best friend before. I can still remember those cheerful eyes and the warm smile.

And I felt envious. She had always told me that she loved my eyes because they are brimming. But now, they look dull. I want to take away those brightness of her eyes and make it mine.

And I found my way to meet her...

"Excuse me? Can I sit here?"

But then, I felt my heart pound after hearing her voice. I shrugged off the feeling and told myself that I was just getting excited.

"Sure." I managed to speak, at least. But the pounding of my heart seems to be faster and louder. It is definitely hard to conceal the joy that the meeting brought.

And then when I showed my face, she fainted all of a sudden! I carried her out of the parlour and waited until she regains her conciousness.



I want you back.

This time I wouldn't fool myself.

(Third Person's POV)

Rena went to the trouble of going to the school Jurina was attending. She arrived there few hours before dismissal and waited long at the school gate. School girls have passed her way but she is certain that Jurina wasn't yet.

But then she caught sight of the lady. She walked towards her... but... Jurina was with another girl and they were holding each other's hands. She looked happy and Rena felt something pinching her heart.


Jurina's gaze landed upon Rena and she was more than surprised to see her. More than fury and loathe, she was more than happy to see Rena. But, one thing that she didn't expect was to see a stream of tears flowing from Rena's eyes.


Jurina realized her true feelings once more and as she was about to reach for her, Rena turned back and ran.

What should Jurina do? Let her go again?

Meanwhile, Rena felt the warm tears flowing down her cold cheeks. "Baka! You're stupid, Rena!"

She kept on running until a warm hand grabbed her arm.


The voice. It was none other than Jurina's.

Rena's heart skipped a beat when Jurina pulled her for an embrace.

"I love you, Rena."

The embrace was warm, and so are the words. Rena felt her cheeks getting hot.


She locked her gaze with hers. It was drawing her closer as she sealed it with a kiss.

"I have been in love with you since then. I'm stupid for not realizing it sooner."

"Rena... I'm so happy."

"Sorry for everything, Jurina. I hope you'll forgive me.."

"I will always, Rena. And it wouldn't stop me from loving you."

Jurina kissed her again this time. It was the sweetest kiss Rena ever had. She had given Jurina her truest heart and there wasn't any doubt or regret on it because she know that Jurina will take care of it.

At last, Rena felt the joy of being truly loved.


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Minna-sama, here's my new story..

Time After Time

Chapter 01

New York City was once a dream to me. Yet here I am now, taking a stroll at the sidewalks of the famous metropolis. The streetlights make the place feel much livelier during the nights. My first few days of stay here somehow took my mind off the burdens of the life I lived back to my home. This really is why I went to New York City -- to forget.

I passed by a certain building where there is an ambiance of my country. I looked up at the signage where the word "Orient" came flashing. I decided to check out the place and found out that it was a bar...

"Maybe, I could go get some drink tonight..." I told myself. You know, a change of pace sometimes. I myself don't use to drink alcohol back then, except for rare occasions but I assure to drink in the minimal level. I never saw myself got drunk and I never plan to.

The room was half-filled with customers which are mostly Asians. Maybe they were looking for some place which can remind them of their home... I sat at the far-end of the counter and ordered some sake. I started drinking the oriental rice wine and the taste lingered on my mouth, making me feel nostalgic.

I can hardly believe that I've gotten this far in terms of my journey to oblivion. The memories are still clear to my mind as if things happened yesterday yet a month has already passed. My cheeks felt rather warm and I immediately wiped the small stream of tears. "No, you said you wouldn't shed a tear for that jerk, right?" I told myself as I took another gulp of the wine.

I ordered some sushi since I realized that I haven't eaten dinner yet. It was tasty, good enough to fill my empty stomach. I finished my food quickly and went back to my drink. The faint smell of an incense came through my senses when I started to feel a bit tipsy. A performer went into the tiny stage on a corner, really far from where I am. I tried recognizing the face but only a vivid image came on my sight. She sat by the chair and got her guitar in place. Might as well try listening to her, I muttered as I ordered more sake.

"Good evening, everyone.". Her voice was clear yet she still has that distinct accent when she started speaking. I noticed some people went near the stage and settled there to have a better spot to watch her.

"Maybe she's *hik* popular--" I muttered lowly.

"She sure is. She performs here regularly every Friday night." The bartender said to me as he handed me my drink.

"Oh, I see..." I said before looking back at the stage.

"I'm going to sing this song by Ms. Cindy Lauper. Please listen~"

The crowd applauded and cheered for her loudly. She smiled under the bright spotlight and started strumming her guitar. "Time After Time..."

Lying in my bed
I hear the clock tick and think of you

It seems that the lyrics made me remember something again. Why...?

Caught up in circles
Confusion is nothing new

Confusion. Yes, I am confused. Up until now. Why did that thing happened to me?

Warm nights
Almost left behind

Yet I was the one who was left behind.

Suitcase of memories
Time after
You picture me
I'm walking too far ahead

Too far, too far from you. But you don't care. You will never care even how much I go farther from you. If you will, then you wouldn't leave me in the first place. But though reality hurts this much, I need to accept my twisted fate.

You're calling to me
I can't hear what you've said

Are you? Or was it my imagination? Besides, why would you call out to me?

Then you say, Go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds...

I felt my tears falling again. This time, they wouldn't stop. I drank the sake, emptying the cup and had another one but my teardrops started dripping one after another into the sake cup, mixing with the drink. Her song made me realize that I am not really over with my past. Even though how much I wanted to move on, I can't and I don't know why. I drank the sake mixed with my tears then I wiped again my cheeks before telling the bartender, "A glass of beer, please."

If you fall, I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Time after time...

I hope someone will be there to catch me if I fall. If there is, then I would want to fall for that someone right at this moment!

The bartender served me a glass of beer. I chugged down the beverage in just a few seconds. I ordered for some more and continued to drink until it was all empty. My heart seemed empty, too. And so does my brain. My head felt heavy and dizzy as I tried to stand up...

I tried to sit back, but then I lost my balance and fell over somewhere until I saw nothing more but darkness...

I woke up inside a familiar place.

"What the?!" I muttered, when I realized that I am inside my room back there at Japan. How the hell did this happen! I'm at New York now!!!

But the thought left my mind when I roamed my eyes and saw myself by the mirror, trying out the wedding gown we bought for my wedding. I looked really happy as I looked at my reflection on the mirror wearing the beautiful gown. I remembered imagining what my fiancé would say once he sees me like this...

I laughed at the foolish thought and walked to the door. I turned the knob and walked out but... the other side of the door lead me into the church.

The church where I had my heart broken severely...

I saw myself by the center of the aisle, crouched into the ground and looking blankly into the empty space, the bouquet of flowers torn by my side. All of the people were looking at me. They were as shocked as I am. His parents walked out of the church after saying way too many apologies to my parents and me... But their words don't seem to enter my ears.

I just sat there blankly when my parents walked into me and assisted me to walk. I walked out of the church, still bewildered... I watched myself walking out and it still felt painful.

I can still remember what happened when I got back home...

The memories were still clear. I cried buckets of tears and I even torn the wedding dress into tiny pieces then I burned it to ashes... But still the pain didn't go away. I locked myself in my room for maybe three weeks... But then my parents suggested that I go abroad to clear my mind. I accepted the offer and packed my bags and went to New York...

I can see my image from the past, crying and cursing my fate. That's still the same me. A drop of tear fell down my cheek and it brought me back to reality...

I woke up from that dream. Good thing that I was able to wake up!

Stars on the ceiling? Am I still dreaming?

I pinched myself and it hurt. But... This is no where like my room. A mix of white and ivory on the walls and a wooden floor?!

But then when I realized the unfamiliarity of the place, I heard a voice singing and the soft strumming of a guitar...

"If you're lost, you can look and you will find me. Time after time... If you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting... time after time~"

It sounds familiar... but first things first--


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Time After Time

Chapter 02


Maybe I've said it too loud because my voice echoed all across the room. I heard a faint sound of footsteps coming closer and somehow felt afraid... who kidnapped me?! Could he be a man with a weird moustache? Or someone with a body of enormous muscles?Or some maniac wanting to rape me?!

Then I looked at my body.

What the!! I'm wearing someone else's pajamas!! He's a creep! He even saw my naked body already! I'm gonna kill this one for real!! I stood up the bed and charged, I'm going to knock this person/maniac's brain for real!!

Yooooosh! Three! Two! One! Charge!

I jumped over the mysterious person just before he came inside but we end up stumbling over the floor. It was then that I realize that the person was a girl!

"Ouuuch!" She exclaimed. "I guess you're feeling well already."

"Who are you?! Why am I here?! What happened to my clothes!?" I asked, firing her too many questions.

"Before I answer that, would you please get off of me? You sure are heavy." She frowned and I quickly got off with blushing cheeks. I sat at the edge of the bed, without looking at her.

"Do you want some tea? Or perhaps, coffee?" She asked politely as if I haven't done anything weird to her.

"Anything will do. Thank you." I answered.

"Then I'll go with coffee." She said before leaving me alone inside the room. I scrutinized every detail of the place. It was no where near my room but I somehow felt comfortable here... I don't know why...

The girl went back with a tray containing two cups of coffee and a small slice of cake. Looking at her, she looks quite familiar... But I can't remember what happened last night since I was at the bar... And... I can't remember...

I stopped from my thoughts when I heard the girl in front of me sigh...

"I can't believe I took a stranger into my house and ended up making a cup of coffee for you... You even jumped at me!" Frowned the girl. Who's she, anyway?

"Where am I and why am I here?" I asked after taking a sip of the coffee she prepared. It was brewed perfectly.

"Well, as you can see, this is my room and you're at my house." She answered and stirred her coffee. "I saw you at the bar just before I leave to go home. You're the only one left there and you fell asleep at the end of the counter. The bartender tried waking you up but it's no use. I helped him and had you stand up but when you slightly woke up, you vomited and it spilled all over your clothes and mine. That's why..."

As she proceeded with the story, I felt my cheeks burning red already. She sipped her coffee and stared at me. "You should eat the cake. I'm sure you are hungry." It made me look at the slice of cake and my stomach growled inside. "Don't worry. If I intend to poison you, I should have done it while you are helpless."

I took the fork and dig into the dessert. Once the food got into my mouth, I tasted the sweetness of the cake and it somehow lifted my spirits. "Oishii~"

"It sure is..." She sipped her coffee again. "Now, where were we? Ah, vomit. You stink of your own vomit and so am I. I didn't want you to cause too much trouble at the bar. I can't let you take a cab because I know you wouldn't be able to tell the driver your address. That's why I didn't have a choice. The only option left is to take you home. And I resorted to that."

"Thank you..." I said as I looked down and tried to hide my red cheeks.

"Now, finish your snacks. A cold coffee doesn't taste good at all." Said the girl.

I ate the remaining piece of cake and sipped the coffee quickly. As I do that, I tried remembering what happened last night. I blushed redder as the thoughts come clear into me...

"Anyways, why are you trying to drink yourself to death last night?" She suddenly asked. It made my chest painful inside.

"Well I--" But I stopped from talking when I felt her warm fingers by my cheeks, wiping a tear.

I didn't even notice that. She had a concerned gaze and looking at it made my heart skip a beat. "If you can't, don't force yourself to tell me." She swiftly stood from her chair. "I'll look if your clothes are already dried."

I nodded and thanked the girl. She was about to leave the room but before she did, she stopped by the door and spoke, "Don't shut the pain in your chest, it might blow you out."

The girl left and went back to the room quickly. "It isn't dried yet." She sat at the edge of the bed and looked at me. The silence between us felt very awkward and I was the one who started the conversation this time.

"You're the performer at the bar, right?"

She nodded at me as a reply.

"Anyways, I was there last night because..." Before continuing my words, I took a deep breath and started  "Well, I went to New York to leave my past behind and try to forget."

She looked at me intently and encouraged me to continue my tale. "It happened not so long ago, I had my marriage ruined by my runaway groom. I never thought he'd do that. I was as surprised as hell when that happened."

"Oh, a heart broken maiden searching for love at New York... Interesting enough."Said the girl. I glared at her and she smirked at me. "Go on."

"That's it! No more further details." I pouted and grunted as I diverted my gaze away. She chuckled lightly.

"By the way... your name. What's your name?" Asked the girl. It surprised me, the question, I mean. But yeah, we are complete strangers up until now.

"I'm Masuda Yuka. And you?"

"Sato Natsuki." She smiled at me in an instant. "Nice to meet you."

"H--How about you?" I asked her. "Why are you here?"

"Me? I was assigned by the company I'm working for a project here at U.S., just for a few months. I perform at the bar as a sideline job."

"Oh, I see." Silence enveloped the atmosphere again. "Anyways... thank you, Sato-san."

"No problem. Don't go drinking all out if you're alone." She said with a kind smile. It was when I realized that she was quite cute. "I'll go check your clothes again."

She left me again in the room but quickly returned with my clothes now dried. She handed me my clothes and closed the door. As I was undressing myself, I heard a soft strumming of a guitar. It sounds really great and it somehow makes my heart melt. It put my clothes on and enjoyed the sound when it stopped and I heard a loud thug. Quickly, I went to where I heard it and found Sato-san collapsed on the floor.

I ran to her and called her name multiple times, but she was unconscious. The guitar she was holding had a small crack maybe because of the fall. I carried the girl and settled her body on the couch as I called an ambulance...

The can of orange juice felt cold on my hands as I waited for the doctor to finish the examination. I clicked it open and drank the contents. The drink made me feel chilly suddenly but I loved its sweet and sour taste.


It was the doctor. I entered the room with him and he discussed the details to me. "Sato Natsuki-san's condition shows signs of anemia. This is the medications she needs to take. And please make sure that she takes that. She needs plenty of rest, too. I'll check her again later."

"Thank you, doctor."

He left the two of us inside the room. I looked at her and went closer to remove the strands of hair over her face. But the messy hair looked rather angelic, for me. My cold and shaky fingertips got in contact with her smooth and soft skin and it warmed my chest a bit. I made sure not to disturb her as I proceeded.

And then, it's done. I moved back to my chair and yawned. It's still morning but I'm feeling sleepy already. No, I need to remain awake! I must make sure she's fine. Yeah, a payback for her small charity last night. I did some stretching and went out to buy some energy drink at the vending machine.

But on my way back to her room, I heard my phone ringing. I answered the call since it was my friend overseas.

"Moshi moshi..."


"What is it, Natsumi?"

(It's about Umeda-san.)

"W--What about him?"

(He went at your house and also here and he's looking for you... I told him that you went somewhere far and that you don't want to see him now... Is that fine?)

"Unn.. Thanks, Natsumi."

(In case you want to talk to him, I'll send you his phone number.)

"Why would I talk to him?"

(For a proper closure, Yuka... You can't just leave things like this.)

"But that's exactly what he did. He left things just like that."


"Fine, do as you please, Natsumi."

(Good girl. Anyways, how's New York?)

"Just fine. Bright, just like Tokyo. I'll tell you next time, I'm quite busy here. I'll hang up the phone now."

(Okay, take care Yuka. I miss you.)

"I miss you, too, Natsumi... Take care."

And I hung up the phone. I went back to her room and sat on my chair. I received a message from Natsumi and it contained Umeda's phone number. I turned off my phone and calmed myself down.

I looked at her and she looks peacefully resting. I stared at her and felt somehow peaceful too. I stared at her and waited for her to open her eyes.


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Title: ~ame's SS~ Time After Time - Chapter 3 [29.08.2016]
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Time After Time

Chapter 03

(Natsuki's POV)

It sure felt rather too chilly inside the office. I wonder who set the unit into a higher temperature? I checked out the settings of the aircon unit, 18 degrees Celsius, just the same. Maybe, it's really just me who's feeling cold?

I let out a sigh as I stared at the tall piles of papers on my desk. Got to blame my two-day hospitalization and my freaking anemia for this load of work I failed to finish. Too bad, I don't think I can perform at the bar this Friday...

I checked my planner and knew that my flight somewhere was coming close to date already. I need to finish my job and meet the deadline. I took out the file on top of a pile and read it thoroughly before signing on the designated part. I did the same with the proceeding papers until I finished about half of it. I continued after sipping some water but then the telephone rang.

"Sato-san, you have a visitor at the lobby. She said her name's Masuda Yuka. Will I take her inside your office?"

Oh, I almost forgot! I reread her text message last night and we're supposed to have lunch together today! I just agreed to her because she took care of me when I was at the hospital...

FLASHBACK (Two days ago...)

I woke up with a dizzy gaze and reached on the table for my phone, but it isn't there.

"Sato-san! Are you feeling better now?" Said Yuka who's silhouette became clear into my vision. I roamed my eyes and I knew I was at the hospital. I tried to recall what happened and all I can remember is that I'm playing with my guitar when my visions turned into all black.

"I--I'm alright. Don't worry, this usually happens." I said. "Where's my phone?"

"Phone? Maybe it's on your house." Yuka concernedly tugged me back under the blankets. "Are you hungry? I can buy food if you want."

"No, I'm fine."

"But you need to eat!" She insisted until I can't refuse. In the end, she fed me with plenty of fruits and stayed with me the whole night.

The next morning, I woke up without her by my side. But she came later with some clothes on hand. The clothes were hers, though. She just lend them to me for a change in clothes.

With that said, she took care of me for the whole two days that I was at the hospital. I remember asking if she was busy but told me not to think about it.

We exchanged phone numbers and got bunch of texts from her as soon as I went home...

That's all, I guess.


"Please take her to my office." I said before fixing my collar and straigthening my skirt. I quickly cleaned up my things on my desk until I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in..."

The receptionist opened the door for Yuka and soon left us alone. Her eyes roamed around in amazement of my office. She sat on a chair in front of my table and smiled.

"You forgot, right?" Yuka said with a goofy smile.

I nodded as I placed my pen on my table safely, resting my hands for a bit. "Got plenty of work to finish. I think I need to pull-off an all-nighter again."

"You can't! You still need to rest like what the doctor said!" Insisted Yuka with a frown.

"If I mind about that too much, I'm sure I wouldn't finish anything here. The deadline's not getting any farther." I chuckled as I tapped my fingers lightly on the table. Yuka stood up and walked towards me to stare at my face.

"What are you up to, Masuda-san?!" I asked, a bit annoyed of what she's doing. "Don't stare at me like that! It's scary!"

"You didn't eat breakfast, too? Right?" She asked with scrunched brows. She caught me. How'd she know?

"I did grab a cup of coffee." I said before laughing awkwardly. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to stand. "W--Wait!!"

"Wait for what? It's past noon already! You need to eat, too. Let's go and have a lunch!" Ordered Yuka as if she was the boss here. She ignored my complaints and even dragged me out of the building.

The streets of New York was busy even day or night. We traversed the short journey and found a decent restaurant serving Asian cuisine. We entered the small building and found a seat on the far corner.

A waitress went over our table and handed a menu for each of us.

"Choose whatever you'd like to eat. My treat!" She smiled at me brightly.

I looked over the menu. How about some Thai food? Or Indonesian? I was having a hard time choosing. I'm not familiar with food like this because when I eat on restaurants, I prefer salad dishes.

"Dou?" Yuka asked me.

"I don't know what to choose." I plainly answered.

"Want me to choose for you?"

I nodded and looked at her as she told the waitress our order. After doing so, the girl left us. I silently watched Yuka as she fiddled over her phone.

"What's the matter?" I asked her but she just smiled and shook her head no. She isn't a good liar, though.

I insisted on asking her but got interrupted when our food came. A large bowl of noodles, a small plate of fried dumplings, a serving of rice cake and a pot of black tea. The aroma of the food smells too sumptous.

"Itadakima~su!!" Said Yuka cheerfully. I repeated what she said before splitting apart the wooden chopsticks. We dug into the food and ate it. Chinese cuisine sure is tasty. Yuka was happily eating her food when her phone rang. She looked at it but didn't move at all.

"Won't you answer it?"

She just shook her head in reply.

"Maybe you should. What if it's important?" I asked again.

She looked at the screen of her phone again before looking at me. I smiled at her, pursuing her to answer the call. She settled the chopsticks on the plate and excused herself for a while.

I took one fried dumpling and took a bite. The crust was crunchy and the inside isn't too dried. It was cooked nicely. I was munching on my food when she came back with a bothered face. "What happened?"

She sat on her seat with trembling hands. "Sato-san... Remember the reason why I was here?"

"Yeah, running away from past and forgetting about your runaway groom. What about it?"

Her lips trembled but she bit on it. "How can I do that quickly? How can I forget about him?"

"So, he's been bugging you again? For what? Did you even talk?"

Yuka shook her head. "I'm afraid to talk to him sooner. I don't want too face him when I feel so weak, when it was still him who makes me weak."

"So, what can I do for you?"

"Can you help me... Forget about him?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I don't really know how but I want to live like it is my new life. I don't know how to start back at zero."

"I don't know too if I can help you... All I can do is offer my company to you, when I'm not busy of course."

"I have something too much to ask, Sato-san..." She said looking away but then she looked back at me with pleading eyes.

"Hm?" I asked before sipping my tea.

"Would you mind if I... stay over at your house for the meantime?"


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Title: ~ame's SS~ Time After Time - Chapter 4 (NTako) [31.12.2017]
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After not updating this for more than a year. I'm baaaack~

As I promised myself before, I'm going to finish all of my stories. No matter how long it takes. XD

Chapter 04

(Natsuki’s POV)

"Would you mind if I... stay over at your house for the meantime?"

Masuda Yuka’s face looked stern as it was full of intent and seriousness. It was indeed a hard-to-answer question. Her eyes were staring as if it was begging me to agree. I don’t think I have the heart of stone to refuse.

It made me remember of that one time when my best friend, Kana, told me, err, scolded me.

"Stop pushing people away from you! Later you'll regret it, and no one would want to stay chasing you in the end."

"But you would..." I hugged her. "...right?"

"I'm serious, Natsuki!" Kana was really angry. She punched my arm lightly. "I can't believe how I can put up with your jerky attitude."

"Having you as my friend will be good enough for me."

"You shouldn't. I wouldn't be there all the time, you know."

“You can stay at my house, but for three weeks only!” I told her. She smiled at me. Her eyes seem to smile too after hearing me say that.

“Really? Thank you, Sato-san!”

"Anyways, may I ask why?"

Yuka's smile faded and diverted her eyes downwards. "I don't want to be alone for the meantime. I want to have a fresh start. I know it was too much to ask from you... But there's no one else I can run to."

"Was that person who called you... your ex-fiance?"

She shook her head. "It's a relief that it wasn't him. The call was from my friend, but it was all about him asking where I was."

Yuka looked at me with saddened eyes. "I was thinking about talking to him, but in the end I was too afraid of the pain."

"Then, don't push yourself to do it. Talk to him when you're ready to face him." I smiled at her, trying to bring some sort of relief through my sympathy. Yuka smiled back and nodded.

"Thank you..."

Both of us resumed eating and after quite some time, we are done and full.

"Anyways, when are you moving in?" I asked her as we walked out of the restaurant.

"Tonight." She answered. "Maybe we should meet up at the station."

"No need. I'll drive us home." I showed her my keys. "Meet me at 7pm at the park across the office building I work in."

"Okay theeeen~" Yuka walked ahead of me. She then turned around, her skirt fluttering along with the wind. "I'll get going!"

"See you later!" She said as she waved her hand. I nodded at her and went to the opposite direction, back to the office.


"The finance department and the director both approved our budget proposal. They were requiring us to submit full documentation of the expenses and also the progress of the project." Sato Natsuki's secretary handed her a clear file folder. She browsed it and nodded as she saw the approval signatures.

"Thank you." Natsuki flipped the pages until she reached the end of the document. "Please arrange a meeting for the project management team tomorrow morning. We need to work quickly. The project's deadline is already at hand."

"You have exactly one more month to work on it, Sato-san." The secretary checked on her planner.

"I know. The director expects me to finish this before I went back to Japan."

"I'll be preparing the necessary documents for the project. I'll re-think of a more efficient schedule too."

"Thank you." Natsuki looked at her watch. It's already 6:09pm. "I'll get going then. Contact me if there's any problem for the meeting tomorrow. And please send me through email the documents that I need to review."

The secretary nodded and left the room. Natsuki piled up her files on the filer across the upper right side of the table. She turned her laptop off and slid it into the bag. She also slid the project proposal she was reading a while ago and some more folders.

Checking her reflection at the small mirror on her table. She fixed her hair and wore her coat before going out of her office. She headed straight to the parking lot and got inside the car.

Natsuki drove to the place of the meeting -- a park. She went out of her car and took a stroll around. She felt a bit chilly as the evening breeze came in contact with her face.

"6:37 pm..." murmured Natsuki after taking a glance at her silver wristwatch. She saw the empty playground and it brought back some teenage memories,  which are all fresh from her mind.


Kobayashi Kana was quick. She ran towards her as she saw the drenched face and red bloodshot eyes.

"What was is it that he did this time?" Natsuki felt another surge of pain running across her heart. It was such a great turn of events even if she had saw signs of it coming. She never imagined this happening.

"He broke up with me."

Natsuki managed to say the words but it left a tingling feeling inside her chest. It was like something was pinching her inside and it felt too painful for her to bear. She just cried as she remembered the cold look in his eyes. His voice was cold as well. His words were like daggers of ice, repeatedly striking her inside.

"Stop crying." Kana told her with her stern and strong voice. "Miyazawa doesn't deserve any of your tears."

It was yet a simple task, but she can't control the stream of tears rolling down her cheeks. The pain of her first break-up was too much for Natsuki's young and fragile heart. Kana tightly embraced her friend and said, "Okay then, cry everything out! Let it all out!"

The heartbroken girl cried loudly, her face buried in her friend's shoulder. The tears have drenched her uniform but she didn't care. All that Kana wanted was to see Natsuki smile again.

"You don't deserve any of this pain, Natsuki. He doesn't deserve being loved by you..." Kana pat her back slowly, bringing comfort to her.

After quite a while, when Natsuki gained back her composure, she wiped her tears and managed to thank Kana for her company.

"Be happy, okay. I'm still here." Kana told her. "You should never cry again. You look ugly."

She didn't know if it was a joke or what but it made Natsuki laugh. "Kana..."

"Don't look at me like that... It wasn't a joke."

Natsumi's reminiscence stopped when she heard someone call her name. She looked behind her and saw Yuka running towards her with her luggage on hand.

"Did I make you wait too long?" She panted as she spoke.

Natsuki shook her head. "I was just taking a stroll. It's been quite some time since I went to a park. We should get going, I guess."

They both headed to the car. And Natsuki began driving. Both of them were quiet along the ride. The silence and the comfort of the leather seat lulled Yuka to sleep.

It wasn't a long ride, the car was parked in front of the house. Natsuki turned to glance at Yuka but she's still sleeping...

"Yuka..." Natsuki tugged on her arm and soon enough she opened her eyes, hazily having the girl's blurry image in sight.

"Oh, I fell asleep!" Yuka wen't back to her senses and quickly removed the seat belt.

She has been at this house before, but haven't took a good look. It was a small house, yet the lawn was spacious enough. There are daisies planted along the pots lined up on the side of the lawn.

They entered the house and took a quick tour around it.

"Anyways, I actually have a spare room, but the thing is that, I renovated it to serve as my office. That's why, we're going to share the bed."

"Will you be fine with that?"

"I don't really mind... How about you?"

"It's fine. Thank you again."

"Then, we're settled."

Yuka was smiling at me brightly. It felt good seeing her smile like that. It's been a while since I last saw someone smile like that...


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