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Title: Fall for me, will you? - chapter 2 (ChiNatsu/ChiHaru Genderbender) 11/04/2016
Post by: ryo_heartkreuz on January 31, 2016, 03:13:57 AM
just something I've been thinking to try writing, Lol, but idk, i did plot this and it will be about 11 chapters or so but i just hope laziness won't get in way.. :nervous oh well whatever.. xD ah this fic is genderbend lol  :cathappy:

Fall for me, will you?

1. It’s been almost 4 years, and this ponkotsu girl still won’t fall for me..

Matsuoka Natsu- rich, good looking, smart and cool, all the girls he have met can’t help to fall for him..
except for this one person.

“geez..” Natsu heaved a deep sigh while staring intensely at the person who seems to be immuned on his charms.
“and why did I even stayed in this club for? I mean I can be in sports club where the girls will be all over me for sure” he added as dark aura seems to appear behind him.

“Natsu?” Anai Chihiro, an innocent and cute looking girl who seems to be not influenced by Matsuoka Natsu’s charisma, glanced at him with a worried look.
“Are you okay?”

“a- s-sure i’m just okay” Natsu looked away with an annoyed expression but his gaze unconsciously turned to the beauty
“what’s up with that worried face.. really, I won’t fall for that you know.” he thought as he remembered the day they met, the time when his world turned upside down.

It was the beginning of their high school life and things are going perfectly for Natsu, he have many friends in his circle, many girls are confessing to her,
indeed, he was popular but he was also popular to the guys who hated him, accusing him on stealing their girlfriends.
For Natsu it was nothing but an ordinary scene but what surprised her was that girl.
“「Please stop picking on him or i’ll tell the teachers」that was she said even though she was scared” Natsu tried to hold his laughter remembering the details.
“after that I got close to her.. I got to know her little by little.. she is really a wonderful person in a unique way. Honestly, I want her to become my girlfriend but- it seems this girl is just really an air-headed. She didn’t care about my looks and she called me annoying with an honest face, I mean was she trying to pick a fight with me? Damn it. I was so irritated that I planned on making her fall hard for me, even reading that embarrassing book 「How to make a girl fall in love with you 101」 but all of that was just a waste! It’s really irritating, it’s annoying me! and it’s been 4 years after that! I even chased her in this university and up to this day all was nothing!” natsu grunted, the  dark aura behind him got darker with the thought.

“But what’s more than that, I hate the fact that while I was trying to make her fall in love with me, I am falling for her more..” natsu hid his flushed cheeks
“damn, why don’t you just fall for me?!”

“Are you really okay? Do you have a fever?” chihiro’s sweet voice interrupted his thoughts as she stands up on where she was sitting and walked to him to check his temperature.

“I- I’m o..k..” natsu’s eyes bewildered seeing her near his face, her smooth skin and sweet scent reaches his senses and it’s alluring him.
“chiichan-” he uttered while he tried to close their distance when an another person showed up and pulled chihiro out of his reach.

“OI-! natsu what the hell are you doing to chiichan?” the person glared at him.

Kodama Haru, He was Natsu’s greatest rival ever since highschool. Like Natsu, he was rich, smart, handsome and cool looking guy and in addition to that,
he also happen to fell for the same girl.

“Haru~ You said you won’t be coming to club today, I thought you have classes” Chihiro smiled at haru while natsu clicked his tongue in annoyance as he watch the two.

“ah, well our classes were dismissed early, hehe~ did you already missed me?”  haru slightly giggled as he pats chihiro’s head.

Natsu took off on his seat breaking the distance upon the two. “oi haru!” Natsu glared at him only to find the smirk forming on his face.

“waahh chii-tan, natsu is bullying haru again~ haru didn’t do anything wrong and natsu is picking a fight on him, waahh” he playfully acted as he went near chihiro and hugged the girl from behind before smiling at natsu sarcastically.

“why you-!” natsu’s face flushed from anger at him “Haru you’re playing unfair!!”

“I am not~” Haru stucked a tongue at him, annoying natsu even more.

“geez, you two sure gets along well” chihiro smiled breaking from haru’s hug. “Our senpais said they will be late so we should start handing these flyers now.”

“ehhh.. that’s too troublesome ” Natsu and Haru said in sync while chihiro giggled at them.

“Don’t copy me!” natsu roared at haru

“excuse me, but it’s you who is always copying me~” haru smirked at him

“Haru you’re really annoying” natsu shot at him while haru glared back

“are you referring to yourself matsuoka?”

“you are really irritating kodama!”

Haru and Natsu were glaring at each other intensely when Chihiro stopped them again. “Mou! Stop fighting you two”


“again in sync..” chihiro smiled helplessly at them
“look we really should distribute this now and gather new members, aichan and sasshi will be mad at us if we don’t gather new members and our club funds are cut” she added sighing

“don’t worry chiichan~ with my cool and handsome looks we will gather many members today~” Natsu flashed a confident smile at chihiro who only thanked him with a smile

“naive~”haru interrupted natsu’s confidence, smiling at him

“what?! Are you picking a fight with me again?”

“do you remember what our senpais told us?” haru gave an enraged natsu a poker face
“「don’t ever let what happened last year happen again, we don’t want any troubles from your fan girls again」 they said. Using looks and popularity would just cause us trouble, of course I would be sad to see my fan girls fighting over me, but I don’t want cause trouble especially to chiitan” Haru smiled gently at Chihiro but she was busy remembering what happened a year ago when they joined the club.

“Ah! Your fangirls.. “ chihiro suddenly exclaimed as she remembers the details
”hehe, sorry I forgot that you two are popular with girls”

“what the! Why did you even forgot that” natsu gave her an unamused face of irritation.
Indeed she didn’t even cared about his looks or his features, but what’s more she shrugged it off with a laugh.

“geez chiitan.. ponkotsu as ever, but I like that part of you” haru petted her on the head, as chihiro smiled back at him making natsu feel jealousy

“what? That’s only the part of her that you like? Hmpt, I like all of her personality,  how she always daydream like an airhead-” natsu argued trying to counter haru’s move on chihiro but he suddenly stopped seeing the two not listening on him

“then let’s do our best on gathering new members!” chihiro exclaimed excitedly while haru nods at her

“Listen to me will you?!” natsu exclaimed

“hm? What are you saying again natsu? Sorry I didn’t hear it” chihiro looked at him with a guilt face.

“… nothing important.. let’s go now?” natsu replied after a minute and looked away

“using that face to me.. you’re really unfair chiichan..” he thought as they walk through the campus and started giving the flyers to recruit other members.

It was just a matter of minutes when the girls started to flock around Natsu and Haru,
the two was able to control it after sometime as they are used to girls flocking around them when they noticed that chihiro was separated from them.

“It’s all your fault for flirting with those girls haru” natsu complained while they run searching for the girl

“are you really saying that to me when you keep on insisting that you’re more popular with girls than me?” haru gave her a blank look

“huh?! I did say that but it’s because you keep on provoking me with those annoying smirks”

“whatever, can’t you just stop your pointless rant and focus on looking for chiichan?” haru argued ignoring natsu’s complain

“huh?!” natsu snarled at him but was shut when haru spoked again

“remember that there are still threats for her because of the girls in our fanclubs”

“you’re really irritating but I guess you have a point” natsu muttered, now worried about chihiro.

This problem have been a cycle to them ever since highschool, the girls who have serious crushes on them often tries to get their attention away from chihiro
but it was not that serious trouble until last year in which the girl may put in danger if they have been late stopping the incident.

While natsu and haru was looking for her, chihiro on the other hand was enjoying her time alone handing out the flyers to the freshmen.

“It’s the literature club, if you are interested, please feel free to join us” she called beamingly, handing a flyer to one student who stopped by.

“watch out!”

chihiro heard a shout and was surprised to see the student in front of her while he blocks a ball flown on their direction with his arms.

“please be careful next time” the student who saved chihiro threw the ball back returning it to the group of students as they said their apologies and left

“ah-!” chihiro gasped in surprised “uhm- you’re arms, a-are you okay?” she rushed beside him to see his arm.

“i-it’s ok” he moved back looking away

“really? But you might get a bruise, we should put an ice on it” chihiro insisted feeling indebted to the guy who just saved her

“no need, it’s really ok-” he replied stepping back again

“Chiichan!” Chihiro heard Natsu’s loud voice from a far, she turned back to see natsu and haru running towards her.

“then i’ll be going on ahead, take care” he bowed before leaving

“Chiichan who was that?” haru asked as soon as he reached where the girl is, showing a jealousy on his face but as usual, chihiro was oblivious to it.

“you really easily gets jealous haru~” natsu smirked at him while he shrugged it off with an unamused face.

“i don’t know too.. ah- I should’ve ask his name, I forgot to say my thanks too” chihiro fretted while the two looked at each other wondering what happened.

“what happened?” natsu asked worriedly while haru stared at her waiting for her answer

“well, I didn’t exactly know too but before I knew it, he blocked a ball flying in my direction” she replied sighing “i haven’t said thanks”

“a-are you okay?!” natsu stuttered checking if the girl got hurt.

“i’m ok~ i’m lucky that someone saved me” chihiro giggled

“hmp, if I were just early I would’ve saved you instead” natsu grunted while haru seems to be quiet thinking of something.

“just a coincidence?” he thought gazing at the group of students

“Haru? is there any problem?” chihiro called while haru looked at her and smiled

“nothing~ should we go back to the clubroom now?” haru continued, smiling gently at the girl

“maybe I was just overthinking things” he thought.

After the tiresome club duty of recruiting new members, the three of them went back to their clubroom only to see their senpais are already on the clubroom having tea.

“seriously, you haven’t even have a single student recruited? What’s the use of your handsome faces?” sasshi, their senpai and the club president, looked at her two ikemen members with a pitiful look

“why just don’t you help us recruit more members instead of having tea here senpai?” natsu retorted “you even said not to recruit fan girls so how are we supposed to use my handsome face?”

“there still should be atleast one girl in your fans who are interested in literature club~” their senpai implied after sipping her tea
“ah~ we can’t even have funds to buy snacks”

“club funds shouldn’t be used for buying snacks senpai” natsu complained before seeing chihiro looking, making him calmer.

“you shouldn’t be rude to our senpais natsu” chihiro reminded him, in which he replied with a nod

“Natsu you really should do something about your bad attitude, you’re lucky that you have wonderful senpais with you to forgive you” ai-chan, their another senpai, added

“what?!” natsu sneered at his mind

“well, don’t worry about that senpais. I’m sure we’ll get new members” haru chimed in, assuring his senpai as he hands them a box of macarons
“i bought this earlier for us”

“oh~ thanks haru! You’re the best!” their senpais praised him while he turned to look at natsu with a grin

“hmpt, i’m not like you who is using food to gain favor” natsu sarcastically smiled at haru.

“oh really? then natsu won’t get any of his portion” haru countered with a smirk

“you really-!”

“natsu, stop picking a fight when eating” sasshi scolded them

“huh? It’s haru’s fault you know?!” natsu complained but her senpais ignored her

“geez, natsu you should just eat. here” chihiro smiled at her, once again he was calmed down “i’ll pour a tea for you”

“thanks, chiichan” natsu smiled at her warmly but was suddenly interrupted by haru

“chiichan~ look what i’ve bought earlier, a pumpkin flavored macaron~” haru chimed in

“eh? Pumpkin flavored? Really? Where did you get this haru?” chihiro exclaimed excitedly as she was fond of pumpkins, forgetting about natsu’s tea

“it’s a secret~” haru playfully stuck his tongue at her “here have a taste, ahn~” he continued, feeding her a macaron

“kodama haru- damn you! You’re always playing unfair!!” Natsu stared at him  with a threatening aura
but haru seems to be enjoying everything including natsu’s annoyed reactions

“uh-m excuse me- is this the literature club” a young girl appeared inquiring

“oh, are you interested in joining? no- you should be interested in joining right?” their senpai, aichan insisted on the girl making her step back a little

“geez, aichan don’t scare her like that. Sorry about that” chihiro calmly smiled at the girl
“yes this is the literature club, are you interested in joining?”

“hai!” the girl replied with a smile “and also he- hm? mou.. ah- senpai just a minute” she stopped her sentence and went outside room

“hm?” chihiro and others wondered.

“ah- sorry about that” the young girl giggled while pulling someone with her “he will also join”

“Ah!” chihiro exclaimed, surprised to see the guy who had just saved her earlier.

“you’re the guy from before. why are – you..” natsu and haru wondered in surprise too

“you know them?” sasshi asked, wondering what’s with the commotion

“ah, no- hehe, he just saved me earlier and I forgot to say thanks. Uhm- thank you” chihiro bowed thanking him

“ah that was nothing- ” he looked away with a bit of red tint on his cheeks while the young girl with him narrowed her eyes at him and sighed.

“My name is Tashima Meru and this is Umemoto Izumi-kun, and we’re interested in joining this club” the young girl stated smiling as he nod beside her.

“wait- he won’t be another rival right!? I mean there’s a girl with him!! I already have troubles on making a move on chiichan because of Haru you know, and she still won’t fall for me! I definitely won’t let this 4 years of making her fall for me went on nothing! Damn, Why just don’t this girl fall for me?!” Natsu grumbled to himself while looking at chiichan smiling at their new club members.

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Awkward much with Haru and Natsu trying to win over Chihiro although I wonder if there are others who take either one out of the running soon enough
Title: Re: (HKT) Fall for me, will you? 「ChiNatsu/ChiHaru」(genderbend)
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Is this Chihiro harem route that I've always imagined the whole time lololol
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ne ryo-chan  :cry: update this please OTL
Title: (HKT) Fall for me, will you? 「ChiNatsu/ChiHaru」(genderbend)
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@ kuro_808
- somehow xD though not that soon i guess  :cathappy:

- kuroiyuki-san!  :cathappy: well, i think i'm imagining the same chiichan harem but idk haha

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fall for me, will you?

It's been almost 4 years ever since Matsuoka Natsu, a rich, smart, cool and handsome guy had fallen in love with a beautiful yet complex girl  (or so at least for Natsu) named Anai Chihiro.
Frustrated about how Chihiro won't fall in love at him, he chased her in the same university in which the girl will be studying.
But it was not just Natsu who chased after Chihiro in the same university;
Kodama Haru, Natsu's greatest rival ever since High School,  who happened to fall in love with the same girl chased after her as well.

Years had passed, now they are in their 2nd year of college, the girl with whom Natsu had fallen in love still won't fall  in love back at him.
Moreover, a kouhai had joined them in the club who seems to have a crush on the same girl...

2 - Friends? Rivals?  No matter what, I'm the one who'll capture her heart!

It was yet again another cozy afternoon in the clubroom. Natsu, Haru, and Chihiro were in the clubroom with their kouhai, Ume, who was quietly reading a book in the corner of the table.
Their senpais, Sasshi and Aichan still have classes and so as their other new member and  lovely kouhai, Meru.
The weeks that passed by seems short but the literature's club two new members are getting along well with their senpais;
well, except for their kouhai Umemoto Izumi who seems to be awkwardly avoiding contact with their club manager, Anai Chihiro.

`ne Haru, do you think Ume have a crush on chiichan?` Natsu whispered to Haru who was sitting beside him as they watch Chihiro bugging their kouhai.

`Why? Are you jealous? ` Haru replied lazily which made Natsu smile at him in sarcastic manner

`heh~ look who's talking~` Natsu smirked at him. He knew that Haru is the jealous type more than him whenever chiichan is with others,
he also knew that Haru is just good at hiding his real emotions as they already know each other for  long now.

`you know, I'm confident on winning over chiichan` Haru calmly smiled avoiding Natsu’s teasing

`Huh? No,  of course it's me who’ll win! ` Natsu smiled back but Haru just shrugged it off with an unamused face 
`Geez, but chiichan seems to be having fun bothering him` he added as he continue to watch them.

Indeed, Chihiro is not the type to bother other people but she find it amusing how her kouhai, Ume, would blushingly avoid her.

`Ume~` Chihiro smilingly called him who was quietly reading a book.

`What is it, Anai-senpai? ` He replied not looking back

`Nothing~ I just want to thank you for helping me carry the books earlier` she giggled `ah- I told you to drop the formalities right? `

`It’s nothing` Ume answered shortly and continued reading his book

`So, you and Meru-chan knew each other since high school? ` She asked trying to open a conversation
`but Meru-chan skipped grades right? She’s just 16years old, we were surprised when she told us hehe~`

`un..` he responded but his gaze was on the book he's reading

`so you are like an elder brother to her? ` Chihiro asked

`hmm... might be` Ume lazily responded

`the two of you are always together` she added as she put a laugh

`yeah...` he answered, his gaze was still in the book

`mou! why are you not talking to us? ` Chihiro complained at him

`I am talking to you senpai, see?` he snickered replying at her

`geez!!` she sighed `Meru-chan is the one who always talks to us, you rarely talk to us, why? `

`no reason` he, again, answered shortly as he averts his gaze back at the book

`ah- you're in Music department right? is that your own guitar you always carry around? ` Chihiro sighed but she continued asking

`yes it's mine` he responded

`can you play for us then? ` the girl suggested as she smile at him

`eh? sorry but no-` Ume rejected Chihiro's suggestion as he hide his face upon the book he's reading

`how cold…` Chihiro complained again but still she was ignored and sighed in defeat

`chiichan also played guitar before, right? ` Haru recalled, as Chihiro sheepishly smiled

`I did` she giggled as she recalled the past

`eh? you did? ` Ume wondered in surprise

`yeah, but she did not take it seriously though` Haru continued, looking at chiichan

`and it was seriously terrible, if I would say` Natsu added  nodding

`that's mean! It wasn't that bad.. i guess.. but well it's true I didn't take it that seriously hehe~`

`oh... I see` Ume forcibly smiled at the girl but he lowered his gaze when Chihiro looked at him with a smile

`Ume~` she continued calling him

`geez, what is it again senpai? ` he sighed

`nothing~` Chihiro giggled `ah! I told you to drop the formalities and call me chiichan, right? ` she instructed as she continue to smile at him but Ume didn't answer her instead continued on his book.

`mou..` the girl pouted at him as he glanced secretly ` how can we tell if our kouhais are getting along with us` she continued

`well that's right` Natsu interjected ` call me Natsu too~ ah, you can add nii-chan if you'd like` he added grinning seeing his face turned red

`you can call me Haru-nii-chan too Izumi-kun~` Haru joined the teasing amused by ume's actions

`geez! could you stop that senpais!` Ume protested `don't you have classes this afternoon? `

`we don't have~` Natsu and Haru grinned at him

`ah-!! I forgot! ` Chihiro exclaimed `I was supposed to meet my classmates for the group report` she continued, fixing her things in haste

`why would you even forget that chiichan` Natsu commented as he watched the girl

`I’ll walk with you there` Haru suggested standing up on his seat

`i'll go too! ` Natsu added not wanting to lose to his greatest rival

`eh? There's no need` Chihiro insisted `it's okay really, you guys should just stay here, ah- you don't have classes after right? You should go home now if you'd like`

`ehh... but chiichan we'll go home together right~? ` Natsu whined but the girl only smiled at him

`are you sure? ` Haru asked as Chihiro nod at him `ok then, take care on your way. We'll just wait here, of course we won't go home without chiichan` Haru asserted, gently smiling at the girl

`un~ see you` she smiled waving at them as she ran off to her class

`hm... Haru, I’m bored! and I’m hungry-` Natsu whined breaking the silence between the three of them after chiichan had left

`why are you saying that to me? It's your own problem not mine` Haru shut him off

`uwah, so cold..` Natsu complained as he stares at Ume who was sitting in front of him

`Ume don't you have classes? why are you still here? senpai and others still have classes so we don’t have club activity today` Natsu asked

`I’m waiting for Meru` he answered before seeing Natsu grinned at him

`heh~ you two are always together huh, are the two of you dating? ` Natsu asked with a big grin on his face

`we're not dating` Ume defended

` Oh really? ` Natsu questioned him wondering, but Ume didn't answer as he knew his senpai will just tease him

`I just noticed this but Ume, why are you blushing when chiichan gets close to you?` Natsu curiously asked, wondering if his intuition was correct

`It's because chiichan is Ume's type of girl` Tashima Meru, their other kouhai, announced as she  suddenly showed up in the clubroom. 
`am i right? ` she continued, as she narrowed her eyes looking at ume

`your classes finished?` he asked looking at his watch, ignoring Meru's statement but the girl just went to one of the bookshelf pulling some books out of the shelf and putting it on her paper bag
`borrowing books? ` Ume asked

`yeah, I have Sasshiko-chan's permission` she answered walking out of the club room

`hey! where are you going!?` Ume inquired as Natsu and Haru watched their two kouhais

`going home of course, and there's a newly opened cake shop on the way so I'm in a hurry` she replied 

`wait- I'll just fix my things` Ume commanded the younger girl as he proceeded to fix his things

`Ume, hurry up! ` Meru whined as Ume walked to her and carried the paper bag she was holding.

`I told you to wait up, geez!` he scolded Meru before turning to his senpai `we'll go on ahead senpais`

`alright, take care~! ` Natsu and Haru waved at them as they left the room

`so they are not dating? ` Haru asked Natsu

`Ume said they're not and Meru-chan told us chiichan is Ume’s type of girl.. say, do you think he'll be a rival? ` Natsu asked back

`who knows..` Haru responsed

`geez..  I already have troubles with you on making chiichan fall for me` Natsu whined `and also it's been almost 4 years... 4 years? realizing it, 4 is an unlucky number right? uwah... damn it` he continued  his monologue as Haru just sighed watching him
`hey isn't it the same for you right? ` Natsu insisted

`was it already 4 years? It's not as if I know the exact time when I fell in love with chiichan you know. And also, unlucky or not, that wouldn't stop me. It’s nothing compared on what I feel for chiichan.`  Haru reasoned out with a proud look

`Ohh- yeah that’s right! efforts are more important` Natsu exclaimed `I also won’t lose to luck! And also I won’t lose to you Haru!` he added smiling at him but Haru only smirked as he shows him a pair of tickets for the Amusement Park.

`Let's see, I already have plans anyways~`

. . . Thereafter,

Days passed and it was already weekend; An attractive, casually dressed young man is impatiently waiting in front of the amusement park.
The girls who were passing by wanted to approach him but  is afraid to do so as they saw his frown turned into scowl .

`they didn't left me out, did they? ` Natsu ranted at himself as he looks at his wrist watch `I've been waiting for 15 minutes now- `

`Natsu, sorry we're late!` Chihiro called as Natsu turned to look at her.  `Have you been waiting for long?`

`Yeah i have been waiting for like a 100 years you know-` Natsu angrily complained but his anger seems vanished when she pleadingly look at him to apologize
`forget it, it's ok` Natsu turns his eyes away avoiding Chihiro's gaze `damn it, those- those alluring eyes won't affect me you know.. `

`Natsu why are you here? ` haru cut in, interrupting Natsu's moment

`huh? of course to not let you  enjoy this alone ` Natsu grinned `wait-! did you arrived here together?! ` he continued, glaring at haru

`oh~ I fetched her from home~` Haru smiled back to annoy natsu

`haru you-! you're so sly!` Natsu scowled at him in his grimace as haru continued to smile at him

`hm? where are the others? are they not here yet?` Chihiro asked stopping the two from their usual argument

`sasshi and aichan said they are busy  this weekend` Haru informed

`busy huh? they're  just probably on a date` Natsu commented letting a small laugh

`eh? then how about meru-chan and ume? ` chihiro wondered looking before she  saw the two running in their direction

`chiichan, nacchan, haruchan~ good morning~!` Meru greeted her senpais pulling Ume who was walking behind her `sorry we're late`

`it's ok meru-chan` Chihiro giggled at her as she greeted back

`meru-chan, is izumi-kun still reluctant to go?` Natsu laughed `well~ meru-chan is so eager to join us so izumi-kun have no choice but to tag along, right~?` he added grinning at ume

`senpai please stop that-` Ume scolded him with a deadpan look as Natsu laughed in response

`well, isn't it fine?  it's more fun when we are with everyone` haru stated as Natsu gave him a surprising look followed by a sarcastic laugh

`I can't believe you said that haru, when you're trying to make chiichan all by yourself`

`shut up Natsu` he retorted while Natsu snickers trying to suppress the laugh

`stop fighting you two, geez.. come on, let's go now` Chihiro smiled as they went inside the Amusement park

`meru-chan, what should we ride first? chihiro asked the younger girl gleefully

`let's ride the carousel~` meru answered pulling chihiro towards the ride and enjoying the scenery

`oh ume brought a camera? ` Natsu blurted noticing ume taking pictures as they follow the two girls around

`ume~ let's take a lot of pictures okay?` chihiro called smiling as he glanced sideways before looking at her again

`uh.. right` Ume responded in a low voice seeing meru pout at him with a wrinkled eyebrows

`someone is jealous` natsu whispered at ume, making fun of him

`despite of being short in height you are popular, right ume? ` Haru laughed, joining natsu in his antics but ume just resumed on taking pictures  totally ignoring the two

The three ikemen continued walking for about an hour following Chihiro and Meru who was enjoying the rides..

`geez.. this is not on my plan` natsu frowned talking to himself `let's see- I can leave the other rides but the most important ones are the haunted house, the paddle boat, and the ferris wheel.. wait- haunted house? It- it wouldn't be scary right? ` he let out a nervous laugh continuing to talk to himself while he reads some dating tips he had researched last night on his phone
`what else.. buy her some cotton candy or an ice cream.. but I already did this to her before! !` Natsu whined as he continue to read but he notice that the group are already leaving him behind

`why did you left me behind!? ` Natsu complained catching his breath after he ran towards them

`ah! sorry, we didn't notice..` chihiro responded with an apologetic smile as Natsu grumbled in dismay

`nevermind- huh? Where's haru and ume? ` Natsu asked noticing the other two was not there

`they went to buy ice cream for us~!  Nacchan should eat ice cream so your bad mood will lessen` Meru suggested energetically at her senpai who was in a bad mood already `ah- there they are, yay~ ice cream~!`

`Natsu? What's wrong? Don't you like to eat ice cream? ` Chiichan asked seeing Natsu in bad mood

`Yeah I kinda don't want to eat now.. ` He answered as he looks at Haru approaching them

`Chiichan~ sorry for the wait, here` Haru handed the ice cream to chihiro as she smiled to thank him.

`What's wrong Natsu? Don't worry we didn't forget to buy you an ice cream, here` Haru laughed at Natsu seeing him in bad mood

`I'm not in the mood to eat` Natsu stated

`me, me, me!  i'll eat it instead!` meru happily asked, oblivious to the atmosphere between her senpais

`oi meru-` ume scolded the younger girl

`eh.. but that's such a waste to not eat it! ` she whined as chihiro and haru helplessly smiled at her

`You can eat it meru-chan` Natsu said coolly trying to regain his composure `where should we go next? ` he asked forcing a smile

`natsu~` chihiro called

`hm? ` Natsu turned to look at the girl when she saw her near him

`here~ you can have a taste` Chihiro offered her ice cream as she affectionately smiled at him somewhat relieved of how natsu was trying to lessen his bad temper

Surprised by the girl's actions, Natsu's eyes widened.  He can feel his cheeks reddened as he chomp a bite

`give me one too chiichan-!` Haru intervened, jealous of what he's seeing

`oi- haru!! don't interfere` Natsu protested

`you said you don't want to eat ice cream` Haru reasoned out

`I changed my mind so don't interfere haru`

`uh- we could get more if you want` Chihiro sighed watching the two from their argument when meru suddenly pulled her away from the two

`Chiichan~ let's buy those animal headbands! ` Meru suggested happily

`hey- meru-chan` natsu called, but they already went ahead of them 

`oi ume your girlfriend is stealing chiichan from me` he complained whispering but his kouhai ignored him as they walk following chihiro and meru to the store

`chiichan~ this cat ears are cute, try it, try it~` meru happily asked as chihiro nodded at the younger girl

`there's also dog ears and bunny ears uwah~ so cute~` chihiro delightedly exclaimed `meru-chan try the bunny ears`

`Ah! This bunny ears are so cute~!`

`un~ ` chihiro giggled as meru tried the bunny ears and she tried the cat ears

`c-cute.. ` natsu exclaimed to himself wanting to hug chihiro

`ohh~ chiichan, so cute~!!` Haru approvingly smiled as he hugged and pat the girl's head

`aaah!!` natsu grumbled, again he was outran by haru `haru don't hug her! damn it! `

`haruchan, nacchan how about me~? ` Meru whined

`oh sorry- of course you're cute too meru-chan ` haru and natsu responded patting the younger girl's head

`right ume-kun?` haru continued, making fun of him but ume just nod and continued taking pictures

`ume~ what do you think? ` chihiro asked seeing her kouhai taking a picture of her

`eh?` ume glanced sideways `yeah, it's cute..`

`ume!! wear this one too!` meru abruptly said making him wear an animal headband `a bear ears`

`oh.. pff- un- it's suits you ume~` natsu suppressed his laughter while haru snickers beside him

`s-stop!! Geez!` ume's face reddened as he took off the headband which meru forcibly made him wear `oi meru!`

`hmpt! baka` the younger girl pouted at him

`well it really suits you ume~` chihiro giggled as his face become more flushed

`geez.. stop making fun of me senpais! ` ume  protested as he returned the headband 

`haru~ you should also wear one!  here a fox ears-` natsu sarcastically smiled at haru  `sly and cunning` he continued laughing

`then you wear the dog ears natsu-` haru retorted with a smile `noisy and submissive`

`oii-! are you picking a fight?!` natsu retaliated as haru snickered at him

`you started it!!`

`you guys getting along as ever` chihiro giggled

After paying for the items meru and chihiro bought, the group are now walking around the park

`where should we go next? ` haru inquired

`let's try the paddle boat~` meru gleefully suggested as her senpais agreed

`the paddle boat.-` natsu thought, staring at chihiro as they started walking  `according to what i've researched last night there should be a 2 seater boat.  i must make a move.. `

After some minutes of walking they have arrived in the attraction but there are no boats available that can accommodate the 5 of them at the same time

`there are only 3 and 2 seater boats` Natsu informed as he thinks of a way to make chihiro and himself together

`then i wanna be with ume ` meru proclaimed grabbing ume's arm `nacchan, haruchan and chiichan would go together `

`ehhh..` natsu protested while haru also complained

`i don't want to go together with natsu~ ` haru childishly whined

`geez, don't say that guys` chihiro helplessly smiled `then should we do rock-paper-scissors? ` she suggested

`ehh.. but i want to be with ume` meru complained but her senpais already doing the janken pose

`i won't lose to you haru` natsu stated putting his fist in front of haru's  and others do the same

`let's see-` haru responded to natsu's remark as they start


`ohhh~ too bad natsu~ ` haru grinned as natsu loses the game ` yay~ me and chiichan wins so we get the 2 seater, let's go chiichan~ ` 

`aaahh!! ` natsu gasped watching haru takes away chihiro

`mou.. i want to be together with ume alone.. ` meru sighed complaining again

`who would even want to be a third wheel for you two?!` natsu facepalmed  `geez.. this is the worst`

`third wheel? ` meru asked innocently   

`senpai stop sulking and let's go now ` ume insisted ignoring natsu's drama as they aboard the boat.

Natsu and Ume are on the sides while meru sits in the middle. From the distance Natsu was sulking and envious as he sees how chiichan and haru enjoying  their time  alone together.
The minutes passed by while they were riding the boat seems an hour of jealousy for natsu, moreover having his two kouhais flirting beside him made him more annoyed.

After the ride, they got off and sat on a bench park for a while.

`that was enjoyable~ right chiichan~? ` haru happily exclaimed as the girl beside him nod in agreement

`un~ it was` chihiro giggled

`good for you haru.. ` natsu heaved a long depressing sigh 
`lucky you.. it's been a torture.. not only I didn't have time alone with chiichan, I had to bear with these two damn love birds flirting beside me while I watch you and chiichan from the distance` he grumbled wrinkling his eyebrows in dismay `damn it.. `

`natsu? are you okay? ` chihiro asked worriedly seeing natsu in bad mood

`I am` he responded as the girl gave him a worried look `not.. ` he added whispering to himself

`should we eat lunch now?  it's already late though and we haven't eaten yet ` Chihiro suggested to the group then glancing at natsu  `right?` she smiled

`oh~ we should! we should! ahh~ i'm getting hungry~` meru chorused as she pulls her senpais to the food court inside the park

`what you guys wanted to eat? the three of us will get us food` natsu told chihiro and meru`just wait here on the table, okay? `

` ah, me, me! i want yakisoba, ah gyoza too and is there someone selling takoyaki?? and- and- hmm what's good to eat? ah- i want to eat crepes too ` meru energetically  responded  but was stopped by ume

`too much.. ` chihiro laughed beside meru so as natsu and haru

`you'll get a stomach ache if you eat that many ` ume told her

`mou..` meru pouted in response `then you just order for me, but don't forget the desserts ok? `

`ok got it`

`hehe~ then me too, i'll also leave it to haru and natsu ` chihiro smilingly told the two

`eh..` natsu complained

`you don't want to?` chihiro laughed at him

`hmp- of course i know chiichan's favorites~ ` natsu gave her a proud smile when haru pulled him

`oi haru- quit interrupting my moments, geez!` natsu whined

`chiichan and meruchan, wait here ok? we'll be right back, let's go ume` haru stated in which the two girls nodded

After several minutes , Natsu, Haru and Ume went back to the table  with the tray of foods they bought but they saw some guys bothering Chihiro and Meru.

`We already told you we don't want to accompany you ` Meru explained to the 5 guys bothering them

`but you said you don't have boyfriends right? ` one of the guys said as their friends get close to them

`sorry but we went here with friends so please leave- ` chihiro asked when the guys get more forcibly tried to get close with them but Natsu, Haru and Ume stopped them

` Sorry but we are already accompanying them ` Natsu said coolly with a death glare at the goons scaring them away

`chiichan are you okay? they didn't hurt you ? ` Natsu asked worriedly

`It's ok, they didn't. Thank you ` Chihiro smiled in relief

`waah.. those guys are really scary right chiichan? ` meru shrieked while chihiro agreeingly nod

`you okay? ` ume asked the young girl as he worriedly smiled at her

`i'm okay~ because I am with you and uhm- chiichan, naachan and haruchan too so i'm not worried `  meru shyly responded

'oh.. so meru-chan can be this shy too?' natsu laughed in amusement when haru tapped him on the shoulder

`Hey Natsu, those guys.. I saw them earlier when we we're on the way here at the amusement park` Haru told Natsu without letting the others know  `There were some girls  with them though.. `

`eh? what do you mean? ` natsu wondered, realizing what haru is trying to imply ` ah-! don't tell me..`

`well i must be overthinking things but we better be don't leave chiichan out of sight, just in case ` haru suggested as  natsu agreed to the idea

`natsu? haru? something matter? ` Chihiro inquired seeing them whispering to each other

`ah it's nothing  chiichan ` natsu assured her with a gentle smile

`don't worry about it ` haru added petting chihiro's head  but was pulled by natsu

`you're unfair haru! let me pat her too` natsu interfered

`mou- what am i ? a pet? ` chiichan complained which made them laughed `cruel `

`sorry it's  just you're too cute chiichan~ ` haru snickered at chihiro seeing her reaction

`yeah she's airheaded and it's kinda annoying but it's cute ` natsu added with a suppressed laugh

`that's cruel to say..` chihiro blushingly complained ` ume too, why are you laughing geez..` she continued  seeing her kouhai trying not to laugh

`well ume thinks chiichan is cute that's why he's laughing too ` meru glowered at ume, pouting `i hate you..`

`eh? ` chihiro exclaimed

`that's not it anai-senpai !  don't believe her! oi- meru! ` ume panickly reasoned as his face flushed up to his ears

`eeh~? is that so ume-kun~?` natsu and haru commented staring at him with a sarcastic grin.
Instead getting annoyed of having another rival like before they are more amused with his reactions that they had the urge to tease him instead

`that's not it! let's just eat ok?!` ume responded trying to regain his normal self after being embarrassed.

`ah reminds me- ume you didn't tell us that your birthday is near` Natsu asked while munching his food

`eh? it is? ` haru questioned

`you should've told us ume` chihiro complained `we should celebrate, right guys?` she added as natsu and haru nod at her

`how- how did you know that senpai?` ume wondered in surprise thinking how his senpai knew it though he thought it's meru who spilled the details

`i saw meru planning for it last time while waiting for you.. it's still weeks but she's planning already..` natsu grinned teasing his two kouhais

`w-waa don't tell him that naachan!!` meru exclaimed embarrassed as ume helplessly smiled at her.

`ah my bad` natsu laughed as he stuck a tongue at the younger girl

`ah- it's culture fest this weekends, we should celebrate it after that` haru suggested as the others agreed at him

`no, there's no need for that senpai` ume complained not wanting to gain attention but his senpais forced the idea at him

`geez, ume should just agree with it, I wanted to celebrate with you alone but it'll be fun too if we will celebrate with everyone, right?` meru nagged, making him sigh in defeat.

After their meal, the group strolled around but within that time, Natsu is always outranned by haru.
A little while they saw the haunted house.

`the haunted house.. should I invite chiichan?` natsu thought when he saw haru seems uninterested in the attraction. `well it's not as if I'm scared` he asserted

`how about the haunted house?` natsu suggested

`oh, do you guys want?` chihiro asked as she saw meru's face frightened and hide behind ume

`sorry, meru is bad at that so you can go ahead senpais` ume told them

and so, natsu and chihiro as well as haru went to the haunted house while ume and meru walked around the shops inside the park.

`haru i thought you're not interested in this?` natsu questioned whispering at haru while they are waiting in the line

`who would leave a woman with you natsu? especially this is a haunted house, you certainly planning something perverted to chiichan aren't you?` haru glared at him

`huh? it's not perverted! ah-`

`so you really are planning something` haru frowned

`natsu? haru?` chihiro called as it's their turn now to enter in the haunted house

`chiichan if you're scared feel free to hug me~` natsu grinned at chihiro

`don't believe that pervert chiichan, let's go` haru pulled her

`eh? pervert?`

`i'm not! chiichan don't believe him and haru don't take her away from me!` natsu scowled as they started to enter

Entering the haunted house, they can already feel a chilly atmosphere and hear a creaking noise. Natsu gulped as a shudder trickled his spine while they are walking in the hallways.
The faces on the portraits feels like it was staring at them and somehow he feels someone was following them and that made him uneasy but he was more determine to impress and protect chihiro.

`this attraction is carefully well built isn't it` chihiro complimented as she observe the surroundings

`uh huh` natsu answered `chiichan are you not scared?`

`well.. I am scared but I am with you two so it's ok` chiichan giggled

`chiichan..` natsu beamed a smile but he suddenly froze when they heard the door on his left suddenly opened

`w-w-what? w-who?` he uttered trying to regain calmness

`ah it's ok, it seems that the door was automatic` chihiro told them

`ah.. ha-ha is that so, let's go now chiichan` natsu forced a laugh dragging the two away

`hm? haru are you ok?` chihiro looked at haru who was quiet all along

`i- i'm ok chiichan, don't worry about me` haru reassured her when natsu laughed at him

`eh haru could it be that you are scared?` natsu teased

`i'm not scared you idiot! it's just that i don't believe in superficial things like this-` haru arguged when a shadow flickered on the corner of his vision `w-who's there?!` he yelled

`haru?` chihiro tried to calm him down

`ah sorry, just now i saw a shadow so- oi natsu don't laugh`

`sorry sorry, it's just that i've never seen haru that defensive` natsu sarcastically laughed as he enter a room when he felt a cold hand on his neck

`gaaah-!!` natsu jumped out in surprise `what the hell is that?!`

`hm? oh- it's a fake hand~` chihiro explained in amusement ` i picked it up earlier hehe~ sorry`

`are you trying to scare me?!` natsu breathed in relief `damn it, chiichan seems to be not scared. why did i even go to this damn place!` he grumbled

`anyway, let's just get out of here` haru suggested as he walks faster to find the exit

`haru wait up` chihiro and natsu followed

Minutes later, the three already got out and the two ikemen seems to be exhausted while chihiro surprisingly had fun.

`it was kinda fun isn't it?` chihiro asked delightedly

`it isn't!` haru and natsu answered in sync

`eh?` the girl just helplessly laughed at the two `ah, where is meru-chan and ume?` she continued asking before she saw meru waving at their direction

`was it scary?` meru frighteningly asked gripping ume's arms

`no it wasn't scary meru-chan` natsu claimed proudly

`looks who's talking big when he's really a scaredy cat` haru snorted

`you referring to yourself haru?` natsu glowered

`geez guys how many times did i told you to stop fighting, mou!`

`haha~ then where should we go next chiichan?` meru asked ignoring their senpais rants

`how about the roller coaster? ` ume asked

`ah, that's no good, chiichan is scared ` Haru implied as they look at at chiichan who turned pale when she heard roller coaster

`ah- sorry, I didn't know senpai`

`it's ok, hehe- don't worry about me and just enjoy yourselves` chihiro reassured them `ah i know! haru~ natsu~ why don't the two of you go`

`huh?! no way!` natsu complained hearing chihiro's suggestion

`why not? the two of you get along well so it's ok`

`natsu would just be a brat screaming on the coaster so i decline` haru protested

`what did you say?! don't tell me you're that scared again haru` natsu annoyingly smirked

`are you stupid? why would i be scared?` haru retorted

`who are you calling stupid!? you-!`

`geez! stop that you two!!` chihiro stepped in between them stopping their heated argument as their kouhai just silently watch them

`sorry` haru apologized seeing chihiro's troubled face

`well- s-sorry too` natsu also apologized not wanting chihiro get mad at them

`mou.. the two of you shouldn't fight, ok?` chihiro reminded haru and natsu as she warmly smiled at them

`geez.. all my plans are just wasted.. damn it what an unlucky day..` natsu sighed heavily as they started to stroll again

`chiichan~ haruchan, naachan.. ume and i will just rest there in the bench, were kinda tired from walking` meru inquired

`oh sure, what about you haru? natsu?` chihiro asked the two when she saw natsu's face in bad mood again `natsu? what's wrong?`

`nothing-` natsu replied coldly

`chiichan wanna ride the paddle boat again?` haru asked seeing chihiro worries about natsu

`huh?` natsu gasped hearing what haru suggested `oi- haru! stop claiming chiichan all by yo-`

`it seems natsu wanted to ride it again so he's in bad mood` haru stated making natsu gave him a confused look

`eh? really?` chihiro questioned with a puzzled look `then let's ride it again, the three of us`

`sorry, i'm kinda tired. I'll go join ume and meru so just go enjoy yourselves` haru told them as he left with their two kouhais

`natsu should we go now?` chihiro asked him

`uh- ok` natsu escorted chiichan along the way while his mind was wondering what had gotten into his rival
`haru? is he sick? but oh well better grab this opportunity to make chihiro look at me`

`natsu~` chihiro sweetly called him when they finally aboard the boat


`still in bad mood?` she inquired with a worried look

`a bit..` natsu mischievously snickered `but if you kiss me i'm not in a bad mood anymore`

`mou.. stop joking like that natsu` chihiro laughed at him `you know it turned out a fun trip with everyone hehe~`

`yeah..` natsu answered as he row the boat `geez, i'm not joking about the kiss chiichan` natsu mumbled sighing

`you know chiichan` natsu started `at first it's not really a fun trip with everyone but maybe it's not that bad at all` natsu smiled as he finally have some time alone with the girl he loves

While natsu and chihiro were having a fun time alone, Haru sat beside his two kouhais who was resting.

`despite of always arguing, Matsuoka-senpai and Kodama-senpai surely gets along well isn't it?` ume asked haru

`ah- is that so?` haru answered with a laugh `ume i told you to call me haru didn't i? geez..`

`i also think haruchan surprisingly gets along with naachan when the two of you likes the same person` meru chorused

`haha- yeah we do like the same person` haru admitted `sometimes i'm wondering too, how we are getting along despite that fact`

`but you know, i don't really hate natsu.. i can't hate him.. after all, natsu was my first friend` haru smiled looking down

`first friend? eh?` meru asked surprised as she and ume gave haru a curious look

`say ume, do you like chiichan too?` haru continued asking his kouhai seriously

`I- No, I don't think I would compete with the two of you. I think I just admire her that's all` ume stated seeing meru grit her teeth

`I see.. it seems you already have an important person in your heart` haru teased making meru blush


`haha..` haru just laughed seeing his two kouhais with a flushed face

`but chiichan, she seems oblivious though.. I mean it's obvious naachan and haruchan likes her` the younger girl asked

`I wonder if she's just that dense.. or she just don't want to ruin our friendship. The three of us..` haru gazed at the distant
`well, i already decided to gave my all and make chiichan fall in love with me so even with a friend i won't lose to anyone that's all`

After haru's statement the three was just silently resting and enjoying the scenery while waiting for natsu and chihiro.
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I had a high-pitched squeal when Chihiro let Natsu had a taste of her ice cream!!!
And then when Haru was being so kind to Natsu for letting him to ride the boat with Chihiro, awwwwwww XD
Haru's words on the last part about Chihiro not wanting to break their friendship haha, reminds me of the song Only Today :D

I wonder if Aoi will make an appearance, whether she will be just herself or genderbended lol.
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The battle for everything leading to Chiichan :lol:

Honestly, Haru and Natsu will have an epic battle although UMeru should have its own chapter :lol: