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Author Topic: Not OS >>> [Chapter 12] Dec.19,2012  (Read 114173 times)

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Not OS >>> [Chapter 12] Dec.19,2012
« on: November 08, 2011, 12:27:55 PM »
 :) Hi everyone~ It's my first time writing a fanfic so it might not be a good one and I just wrote this out of a blue.. :err: just wanna write it... But I still pull out all my courage to post this here  :depressed: Hopefully it won't be as bad as I think it is.... :cry: And I do not know if I will write any more... depending on my mood I guess  :nervous Well, thank you for reading this  :kneelbow: And I guess this is a One Shot? And excuse me for my grammar  :P

Table of Contents:

One Shot >>> Two Girls' Secret Feelings (Below)
OS >>> [White Christmas] Kai x Acchan
Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 1] Atsumina
Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 2] Preview
Christmas One Shot - Santa's Christmas Present [Part 2] UPDATED 11/12/24
OS >>> [Gladiator] (Part 1) Atsumina
OS >>> [Gladiator] (Part 2)
OS >>> [Gladiator] (Part 3)

Second Identity - Visual Prince >>> Second Identity - Visual Prince [Chapter 1]
Second Identity - Visual Prince [Chapter 2]

Not OS >>> Not OS [Prologue]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 2 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 2 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 3 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 3 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 3 Part 3]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 4 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 4 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 4 Part 3.1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 4 Part 3.2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 5 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 5 Part 2.1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 5 Part 2.2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 5 Part 3]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 6 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 6 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 6 Part 3]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 7 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 7 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 7 Part 3]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 8 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 8 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 8 Part 3]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 9 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 9 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 10 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 10 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 11 Part 1]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 11 Part 2]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 11 Part 3]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 11 Part 4]
Not OS >>> [Chapter 12]UPDATED 19/12/12

Two Girls' Secret Feelings

Tomochin's POV

It was always her alone who noticed my change in behavior, when I'm mad or sad. She's always there when I needed someone to comfort me and talk to me. She always know how to cheer me up, she was always there for me. Always...

And now I that I know that I've fallen for her, I no longer know how to face her. My heart beats so fast and rapid when I'm with her, when she's near to me. I can't stop thinking about her when I don't see her. But I will keep this feeling to myself because I'm afraid of losing her, it is better remain best friends rather than losing her, not being able to talk to her or touch her. I'll keep this feeling deep inside box in my heart and lock it so that she will never find whats inside the box.


"Hey Tomo!" she called to me, which made my heart skipped a beat.
"What? Takamina" yes.. the small little girl who was the captain of AKB and Team A was the one who I've fallen for.
"I was gonna ask if you wanna grab a bite with us after the practice" looking at Haruna, Miichan, Acchan and Yuko.
"Sure, why not?"
"Yatta! Then let's meet in front of the building after the practice." Takamina says happily, then she returns to her friends.

I was really happy that Takamina has invited me to get something to eat after practice, so I dozed off for awhile. Then I realized that I was late for 30 minutes!!!
I hurriedly ran to the front of the building but I do not see anyone there so I thought they already went leaving me here.. feeling the pain in my heart. Well, I can't blame them since I was late for 30 minutes afterall. I guess they just went without me.. as I was losing the hope I spotted the small captain there standing rubbing her hands since it was cold today. I was shocked!
"Takamina?!" Then she turned and walk towards me.

"Mou~~~ You're so late Tomochin" as she pouted.
"You've been waiting for me for all these time???"
"What do you expect???" exclaimed Takamina.
"Why did you wait for me? Takamina.." I asked
"Well.. I want to eat with you Tomochin" she blushed as she said.. waaa she's so cute when she's blushing~~
"By the way, why were you late for 30 minutes?!! Do you know how cold it was out here????" she said while she pouted at me.
"Well... I..." I can't tell her that I was too happy about her invitation that I have dozed off for 30 minutes can't I..... "Well I've got some business to take care off" I lied.
"Anyway, let's hurry since the others are still waiting for us at the restaurant" she said while pulling me. My heart starts to beat so loud and fast that I was afraid that Takamina might notice it but I do not want this moment to end.

Just when I've said that I wanted the moment to last forever, we were now in front of a restaurant. As we went in we saw Haruna, Miichan, Acchan and Yuko there sitting down chatting and enjoying their food. Then Takamina shouted out  "Oi! Didn't I tell you guys to wait for us???" as she let go of my hand which made me feel disappointed as she went to join them.

"You guys were sooo late!" says Yuko while trying to grope Haruna.
"Yea! You guys were late for almost 40 minutes!!" says Haruna while smacking Yuko.
"Whaff are you guays doaing aloakne togeather?" smirked Miichan as her mouth is full of food.
"Swallow before you speak." says Takamina as she shake her head.
"Well, we're late because Tomo was late for 30 minutes!" says Takamina as she ordered her food.
"Tomo, why were you late for 30 minutes?" Acchan asked
"Well.. um.. I was late.. because.. I have some business to take care off" I said as I blushed.
"What business?" asked Miichan with her eyes full of curiosity looking at me.
"Nothing" I said while I averted my eyes from Miichan and place my order to the waiting waiter.
"Hmm.." says Miichan while smiling at me as if she knows what I'm thinking about.

After eating, we all went home separately Haruna with Yuko clinging on her and I'll go with Miichan since we were going on the same direction leaving Acchan and Takamina since they live near each other. Acchan put her arm around Takamina's as they were laughing and walking back home, seeing it makes my heart bleed it hurts a lot but there's nothing I could do. After reaching home I just slouch on the bed and close my eye while thinking about Takamina as I slowly fall asleep.

Acchan's POV
We were always with each other, and I really enjoy laughing and chatting with you everyday. You would always cheer on me when I don't have confidence with myself or when I'm feeling depressed. You will always share your happiness with me. Your smile always save me from all the problems I had. You are a very important person to me and I thought that we were best friends until... when I found out that I actually love you more than best friends.


"Aaah.. I'm hungry" I said while rubbing my tummy. Hearing this Miichan suggested that we should grab a bite after we finished practicing our dance as she drools.
"That's a great idea Miichan" says Yuko who was clinging onto Haruna while Haruna trying to remove Yuko's hand from her waist.
"Yea! Why don't we also invite Tomochin?" says Takamina as others agreed with her. Hearing this I feel a bit jealous, not that I hate Tomochin its just that.. I didn't want Takamina to be the one who suggested it. Then Takamina starts walking to Tomochin and invites her, seeing it I started to pout and Miichan seems to notice it.

"Why? Are you jealous? waifu~" says Miichan playfully.
"Wha.. what? of.. course I.. I'm not jealous!!!" I stuttered...
"Oh~ Really??" says Miichan with her devilish smile. I ignore her as I watched Takamina walking back telling us that Tomochin will be joining us later.

After the practice, everyone was at front of the building now.. except Tomochin and we've been waiting for 10 minutes..
"Where's Tomochin?" asked Miichan as she rubs her tummy since she's really hungry now.
"Takamina, you sure she's coming?" asked Haruna doubtfully.
"Yes I am!" shouted Takamina as she peeks inside seeing no one.
"Well, you guys go and grab a sit first I'll wait for her then we'll meet you guys there. But wait for us before ordering." said Takamina
I wanted to say no but....
"Yea, let's go first" said Miichan who's really getting impatient since she's getting really hungry.
So Haruna, Yuko, Miichan and I decided to go first.

After reaching the restaurant, we grab a sit and Miichan starts placing order like there's no tomorrow.
"Miichan, I thought Takamina said to wait for them" I said
"Come on, I'm really starving here. You won't want me to die of starvation do you, waifu~?" says Miichan as she display her puppy dog eyes.
"Yea, let's eat first and wait for them" says Haruno as she trying to discipline Yuko on her seat.
"Nyan Nyan~~~ I wanna eat you~~" Yuko said and earning a smack from Haruna after she says that.

"Ain't Takamina and Tomochin a bit late? It's been 30 minutes already" I said worriedly.
"Well, maybe they decided to ditch us and enjoy dinner together" Miichan jokingly said which made me worried.
"Are you worried??" laughed Miichan as she smirk.
"I.. I.. I'm not!" I shouted as I pouted at her.
"Alright, alright I'm just joking" says Miichan as she eats her food.

What if.. what if.. Takamina really ditch us and enjoy her dinner with Tomochin?? I starts to think and feel my heart in pain when I think about the possibility.
Mou~~~ It's all Miichan's fault now that I'm really worried about it!

Then I saw Takamina holding hands with Tomochin as they came in the restaurant.. I feel sour and pain in my heart.
"Oi! Didn't I tell you guys to wait for us???" shouted Takamina as she join us.
"You guys were sooo late!" says Yuko while trying to grope Haruna.
"Yea! You guys were late for almost 40 minutes!!" says Haruna while smacking Yuko.
"Whaff are you guays doaing aloakne togeather?" smirked Miichan as her mouth is full of food.
"Swallow before you speak." says Takamina as she shake her head.
"Well, we're late because Tomo was late for 30 minutes!" says Takamina as she ordered her food and one of my eyebrow raised I then asked..
"Tomo, why were you late for 30 minutes?" I asked because I was really curious about it.
"Well.. um.. I was late.. because.. I have some business to take care off" Tomo said as she blushed which made me shocked and worried.
"What business?" asked Miichan which I was also curious about.
"Nothing" Tomo said while she averted my eyes from Miichan and place her order to the waiting waiter but I feel that it was not nothing.
"Hmm.." says Miichan while smiling at Tomo and I could feel that Tomo felt uncomfortable with Miichan's smile.

After eating, we all went home separately Haruna with Yuko clinging on her and Tomo with Miichan while I was able to go home with Takamina since we live near each other. I put my arm around Takamina's as we were laughing and chatting while going home and I hope that this moment will never stop which I know was impossible since now we're in front of my home.

"Well then, Bye Acchan see you tomorrow" says Takamina waving her hands as she started to walk away.
"Un, Bye Takamina see you tomorrow" I said while smiling although I felt a bit lonely.
After that I just lie on my bed thinking about Takamina and I felt lonely because I want to embrace her.
Then suddenly I received a mail and its from Takamina!

Forgot to say Goodnight~ (^_^)
Sweet dreams Acchan~


Smiling at the mail, I slowly fall asleep while holding on my mobile.
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 12:49:52 PM »
Woh!!!  :w00t:  nice2~~  :twothumbs   Tomo and Acchan secretly falling in love with Taka!!!!  :inlove:

Taka so lucky!!!!  XD  I like this!!!!  :heart:

oh, btw...  :welcome  and nice to meet you~~~  :nervous

please write more~~~  :bow:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Prologue]
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2011, 05:54:16 PM »
@Flean Thank you so much for reading it :kneelbow: Hopefully I'll be able to write more  :)
@Skytsuna Thank you for spending ur time to read this  :)

I've just got this idea when I was dozing off just now so I was wondering if it will be a good idea to write more about it. So here's a small part about my new inspiration  :nya:


Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami has known each other since they were born, because their parents are close friends and they have also been trained to be an undercover agent by their parents since they were young. They learn many types of martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Judo, Akido and so on, learn about different types of guns and firearms and how to use them, learn how to hack into the security systems, learn how to speak and understand at least 10 languages, learn how to ride and drive motorcycles, cars, vans, airplanes, helicopter, ships and so on, and learn social skills. Since they are going to become an undercover agent they are required to ace and be knowledgeable in many areas/fields.

They have solved many cases already since their debut as undercover agents last year. And they are really popular because of their looks, ability, family background and they are the youngest undercover agent in Japan (they are 18 years old only)!!! Everyone in Japan knows them!! But because of their popularity it's becoming hard for them to act as spies in the illegal organizations, so they have to disguise themselves every time which is tiring for them.

Their next mission was to gather informations and evidence about something 'fishy' going on in AKB Highschool (it's a co-ed school) and to find out who is the mastermind behind all these. This time they have to cross dress as guys since their female form is really well-known now... But little did they know that they will actually be turned into boys!!!!!!
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2011, 06:04:41 PM »
Ur so awesomeeee!!!
Iyaaaaaaaa takachin i luv takachin!!! :x
Plz write more takachin~


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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 07:17:18 PM »
owh!!! Takaboy!!!  XD  undercover agents and idols... that's just so mendol...  :twothumbs

make it KaixAcchan!!!! onegai!!!  :bow: :bow:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #5 on: November 09, 2011, 04:48:24 AM »
kaixacchan its good for me :D

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
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i really like your 2 stories  :heart::
* two Girls Secret Feelings i never would've expected that both acchan and tomochin would fall for takamina ( and of course she's oblivious, but for how long and who will she choose) so many questions/ so little time lol :twothumbs
* and the prologue do i smell a mendol themed fanfic, badass no3b ftw :thumbsup
anywho i'm going to stop blabbering and just say that you're super and :welcome to jphip !!!! :)

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 1]
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@incun123 haha I quite like Takachin too  :)

@Flean Hehe.. It will be KaixAcchan  :lol:

@Haruko  :) KaixAcchan  :peace:

@ilovecandiedapples Thank you so much  :) for reading and liking it  XD

I've tried  :err: hopefully it's not that bad..... I'll try to update the next chapter soon :mon study:
Please excuse me for my grammar  :P And thank you for reading  :kneelbow: And I haven't decide a title yet....  :OMG:

Chapter 1

Three girls can be seen sitting on the chairs in a Cafe shop... One eating cakes hungrily, one playing psp and one just staring out......

The short girl with a big ribbon on her head let out a big sigh* as she put her chin on the table and slouched on her chair as she asked "Why do we have to disguise ourselves as guys?"

"Well it's because we're too well-known now in our female form now duh! Takamina" says a cute girl while eating her cake like there's no tomorrow.

click.. click.. click.. is the only thing that can be heard from the girl playing psp.

"I know! But.." the ribbon girl, whose name is actually Takahashi Minami a.k.a. Takamina to her friends, wasn't able to finish her sentence since her phone starts ringing~  Kuchibiru Furezu Kisu ga dekitara~ Kimi wo Kimi wo...
"Hello?" answered the ribbon girl.
"Eh? Right now?.. Okay I got it" after that she closes her mobile and keep it in her bag and then she turns to her friends.
"Well.. Dad just called me and said that he wants to meet us at the Police Headquarter right now and tell us to go there fast."

"Eh?! Why? I though we're having a day off today and I haven't finish eating yet!" pouted the cute girl that was eating cake.

"Well we have no choice Mii-chan (full name is Minegishi Minami), so let's hurry up. It could be an emergency! And Haruna stop playing!"

"Wait Takamina, I almost clear the level" says the girl playing psp, or Kojima Haruna.

sigh* Takamina pays the bill and drags her friends out of the Cafe and dump them inside her BMW Active Hybrid 7 before she starts the engine and drive to the Police Headquarter.

Police Headquarter Meeting Room

“Hehehe… I can’t wait for them to try out my newest invention!” says a middle aged man who is in his lab coat smiling devilishly to himself.

“Oi, Takumi you think it will work?” asked the short middle aged man with rough features that made him seems intimidating and he has glasses on.

“Of course it will! I’ve tried it a few times on my assistant already! Stop being such a pessimist Hiroshi! Be like Kenji! He’s not complaining at all.” shouted the man who is in his lab coat with his index finger pointing at the last middle aged man who seems to be spacing out.

“Huh? What did you say?” asked the confused man who was spacing out just now.

The man in his lab coat or rather Minegishi Takumi rolled his eyes as he says, “STOP spacing out Kojima Kenji!!!”

“Maa, maa calm down Takumi, it’s not the first time Kenji spaced out right?” says Takahashi Hiroshi trying to calm his friend down.

Then suddenly they heard a squeaky noise that seems to come from the tires of a car and some screaming, cheering and shouting from the female officers downstairs.

“Oh! I think they have finally arrived!!!” says Takumi excitedly as he jumped out of his chair.

“Seems so” answered Kenji as he got up from his chair.

“Well let’s go welcome them” says Hiroshi with a big smile on his face showing his dimple as he opens the door.

At the Lobby

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~ It’s them!!!!! Wow!!!! The Aces of the Undercover Agent!!!! They’re so cool!!!!!! And blah blah blah could be heard everywhere. You might thought that a Hollywood Star is here, but no. It’s actually the famous undercover agents Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami.
As the three famous agents come out of the car, they could see and hear a crowd of people there screaming.

“Wow! What’s wrong? Why are there so many people? A Hollywood Star coming?” asked Takamina who was surprised from the crowd.

Minegishi Minami rolled her eyes as she answered, “Of course not! It’s US the crowds are screaming for!!!”

“Eh?! Oh!” answered Takamina I know that we’re famous.. but not this much…

Sigh* “Takamina can be clueless sometimes” says Kojima Haruna as she shake her head.

Suddenly the crowd parted into two forming a way as three figures walked towards the three best friends.

“Hi girls.” says the three figures.

“Oh, Hi Dad” answered the three girls as they saw the three middle aged man walking towards them.

“Well let’s waste no more time and go to my lab now!” says Minegishi Takumi excitedly while showing his famous devilish grin.

“Huh? Lab?” asked the girls confusedly.

“We’ll explain it later.” answered Takahashi Hiroshi.

At the Lab

“So… could anyone give us the explanations now?” asked Mii-chan irritated since she was forced to come here when she was having a good time eating her cakes.

“Okay, okay calm down Mii-chan” said her father, Takumi. “Well, you girls are here to test this new invention of mine” said Takumi excitedly as he told his assistant to bring in his new invention.

“Huh?!” says the girl in unison.

“Your next mission is to disguise yourselves as guys and gather information in the AKB High school right?” says Hiroshi.


“But there is still quite a bit of risks that you might be found out that you are girls! And it is always better to reduce the risks so…” Hiroshi was cut off by Takumi.

“So… TADA!!!! I invented this Super Ultra Transformation Machine Max!!!!” exclaimed Takumi as he pointed at his new invention.

It was a huge machine with many wires and buttons and there was something like an empty space, big enough to fit 2-3 people in it, and many lights flashing. Then on top of the machine there is something big written on it… “The Super Ultra Transformation Machine Max”

The three girls looked at the machine then look back at Takumi and said, “So? What does it do?”

“Hehe… don’t be surprised!!! It turns male to female and female to male!!!!!” shouted Takumi with excitement.

“What???!!!!!” shouted the girls with faces of disbelief in it.

Then Takamina accidently slipped out the words.. “Masaka….” as her face turned pale.

Seeing this Takumi flashes his famous devilish grin again and said, “Yes.. You girls will be turned into BOYS!!!!!!!”

The three girls then just stare at Takumi with the face of you-are-joking-right? As Takumi smiled at the girls widely and wriggle his eyebrows……


Once again.. Thank you for your time for reading this  :kneelbow:
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #8 on: November 09, 2011, 07:36:23 AM »
“So… TADA!!!! I invented this Super Ultra Transformation Machine Max!!!!” exclaimed Takumi as he pointed at his new invention.
LOL...  :lol: Super Ultra Transformation Machine... This is new...  :twothumbs 

I can't wait to read next chap!!!  XD  they tuning into boys~~ boys over flower~~ LOLOL...  :inlove:

Update soon...  :bow:

btw, I love their dads chara~~ like father, like son daugther.. hahaha... :rofl:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #9 on: November 09, 2011, 08:32:08 AM »
Hehehe it seems that Takamina is very popular~

ROFL they will be turn into boys hahahah

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 2 Part 1]
« Reply #10 on: November 09, 2011, 04:45:12 PM »
@Flean Hehe.. yea they'll be turn into boys but not yet.. I haven't finished that part yet  :err: And I also love their fathers' character  :wub: I totally agree with you  :on GJ:

@kahem Thanks for reading  :kneelbow: and  :twisted: they will become boys soon~  XD

Again.. haven't decide on a title yet....  :OMG: and excuse me for my grammar  :P

Chapter 2

Part 1

“Wait! Wait! Wait! This is a joke right?” asked Takamina with Haruna and Mii-chan nodding furiously.

“Nope I’m not” answered Takumi still wriggling his eyebrows and smiling at them.

Seeing the girls faces turning pale Hiroshi said, “Don’t worry girls, it’s only temporary. You could be turned back into girls again with the same machine.” giving the girls a reassuring smile.

The girls feel a bit more relief as Takamina asked, “Dad, are you sure that we will be able to turn back to girls again?”

But instead of Hiroshi, Takumi answered “Of course!!! Who do you think invented this??? And I’ll show you how it works! Come here Susan”

Susan, Minegishi Takumi’s assistant, came in and nodded as she understand what she should do. Then she walked in the empty space of the machine, then Takumi clicked on something then the door closed trapping Susan inside.

“Now girls.. watch! in 5 minutes you will see a male Susan or who I named Tarzan!!!” says Takumi as he pressed a big, circle, blue button.

Then suddenly there is some noises coming out from the machine as the machine shakes, the girls watch in discomfort because they know it will be their turn soon.

5 Minutes Pass……

Then the door suddenly open letting out steam of gases and a figure slowly walks out of the machine…

The girls try to scrutinize the figure… what they see is a man with short black hair and slim body walking out of the machine.

“Wow……..” says Takamina.

“She… or rather he…” says Haruna.

“looks really……” says Mii chan as she stares at the man.

Then they say in unison….

“plain…….” says the girls as the man now standing in front of them sad of what they’ve said.

……….. silence filled the room because of the the girls comment on the effect of the machine.

“Hahaha.. well girls this machine only bend your genes to turn you into your opposite sex, whether you will look hot and sexy or not still depends on your own genes.” explained Takumi as he understand the girls’ comment.


“Well then, who’s going in first?” asked Takumi as he stares at the three girls.

The three girls look at each other….

“Hey! Why not Takamina? Since she’s like a boy from the beginning already” says Mii chan while pushing Takamina towards the machine.

“Yea, yea!” agreed Haruna as she helps Mii chan to push Takamina towards the machine.

“Wait! Wait! Why me?!” shouted Takamina as she is resisting Mii chan and Haruna’s pushes against her body.

“If not you then who?” asked Mii chan as she continues to push Takamina towards the machine together with Haruna.

“I said WAIT!!!!” shouted Takamina as she free herself from Mii chan and Haruna. Then she continues “It isn’t fair!!!” as she glare at the two girls.

……… Silence filled the room once again, but was broken when Mii chan thought of an idea.

She smirked to herself before she speaks then she raise her right hand up in the air she shouted “Alright, alright! I’LL DO IT!” which shocked everyone in the room. Then she winked at Haruna who seems to understand what she means as she nodded.

“No! I’LL DO IT!” shouted Haruna who also raised her right hand up in the air which earns everyone’s staring to her and Takamina was dumbfounded when she heard what Haruna and Mii chan said.



Takamina stares at the two who was fighting to be the first to be changed into a boy. I thought they didn’t want to and was pushing me to it…. And what is happening now??!!! I can’t understand it!!!

Then Takamina decided as she raised her right hand up in the air, she shouted “I’LL DO IT!!!” Then she saw a smirk on Mii chan’s face……

Then at the same time Mii chan and Haruna said “Douzo, douzo, douzo...” to Takamina which left her dumbfounded and agape.


 :kneelbow: Once again Thank You for reading~
Hopefully I can finish the next part soon  :mon study:
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #11 on: November 09, 2011, 06:02:10 PM »
great ~~~

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
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Hahaha poor Takamina but it smelled the trap from kilometer away ^^


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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
« Reply #13 on: November 10, 2011, 01:33:29 AM »
LOL... Taka and her fail in life chara~~  :lol:  I can't wait for them to change into boys~~~  :cow:

I'll be waiting for the next part..  :thumbsup

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 2 Part 2]
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@Sydney W Thanks~  XD

@kahem  :lol: Yea~

@Flean  :) Here's the part~ Finally boys  :lol:

@skytsuna Yup, Takamina always failed but that's what I like about her XD

Thanks for the wait  :hee: Here's the part~~  :on woohoo:
Finally Boys!!!!  XD
And excuse me for my grammar  :P

Chapter 2

Part 2

Then at the same time Mii chan and Haruna said “Douzo, douzo, douzo...” to Takamina which left her dumbfounded and agape.

Takamina was truly shocked in how her two best friends team up against her, her mouth wide open as she stare at Mii-chan and Haruna who was smiling at her. Then she suddenly feel déjà vu.. as if this kind of situation has happened before…. Then she remembered…….


During their training, they are required to jump off a 32 floors high building and land using their parachute. But since they are still small they are afraid…

Young Takamina, Haruna and MIi-chan looks off from the roof of the building and swallow hard…

“Ne.. Takamina why don’t you go first?” asked the young Mii-chan

“Why??!!!” asked Takamina

“Well.. you're the most boyish and you're the bravest!” says Mii-chan

“No, I’m not the bravest although I’ll accept the boyish part” answered Takamina.

Suddenly, Mii-chan remembered something her father told her before… the method how he and uncle Kenji used to trick uncle Hiroshi when they were still young

Then Mii-chan raised her hand up into the air and shouted “Fine! I’ll do it” then turn to Haruna who seems to be shocked and wink at her, Mii-chan assumes that uncle Kenji also have told the method or story about their past to Haruna before.

After a few seconds Haruna seems to understand what Mii-chan was trying to do as she also raise her hand up in the air and shouted “No, I’ll do it” which leave Takamina agape…

After a few minutes of fighting Takamina finally raised her hand and shouted “I’ll do it!” and that's when Haruna and Mii-chan use this chance and said “Douzo, douzo..” to Takamina as Takamina said “Eh?”…


As the flashback ends Takamina mentally facepalm herself.. how could she fall for this trick again??!! When it has happened many times in their childhood already!! And now… she fell for it again….

Yes… she had failed again…

“Okay then. Takamina it is~ hurry up and go inside the machine” said Takumi who was smiling and laughing at Takamina that was still staring at Mii-chan and Haruna unbelievably.

The two middle aged man looked at each other and sigh* then nodded in agreement that Minegishi Minami is truly Minegishi Takumi’s daughter.

“Wait!” Takamina said when Takumi is pulling her now with the help of Mii-chan and Haruna towards the machine.

“What??” they all asked in unison.

“I mean…” Takamina was cut off by Mii-chan.

“I thought you said you will do it~” smirked Mii-chan.

“Well you and Haruna tricked me into it!!!”

“We did not~~~”

“Yes you did!!!”

“No, we did not”

“You did!!!”

Takumi was getting impatient now so he decided to just throw the three best friends inside the machine altogether and voila!!! Problem solved!!! Then he was smirking in how smart he was.

So Takumi took the chance when they are fighting against one another and grab them then pushed them inside the machine, the friends were shocked but before they can analyze the situation Takumi has already pushed the big, circle blue button and therefore, the door has now closed trapping Takamina, Haruna and Mii-chan inside.

Inside the Machine….

The three friends have finally snapped out from the confusion and they are trying to get out of the machine by punching and kicking it while shouting “Let us out!!!” but… nothing happened.

Suddenly, the machine started to shake and make noise and they friends are starting to feel dizzy and lose the power to struggle.

“Ah.. I’m feeling so dizzy…. I feel like I’m burning” says Takamina who is leaning on the wall of the machine holding her head.

“Same here…” says Haruna and Mii-chan.

Outside the Machine…

“Hey Takumi… are you sure it’s fine to push three people in???” asked Hiroshi who seems to be a bit worried.

“Why not?” answered Takumi who seems to be excited in how they will look like when they come out.

“Well… won’t their genes be mixed up?” asked Kenji

“….. I guess it will” answered Takumi who haven’t thought of that question before.

“What?! Won’t anything bad happen??” asked Hiroshi who seems to be really worried now about his precious daughter.

“Think positively okay?? Maybe… maybe.. Minami chan will get some genes that will make her taller LOL” answered Takumi.

Hiroshi facepalmed himself for trusting Takumi with this body transforming plan.. but what’s done is done, all he can do now is to think positively and hope that Minami could become taller like what Takumi have just said…

5 minutes pass……….

Ka-ching the door has now slowly opened letting out all the steams inside as three figures walked out slowly.

Hiroshi, Takumi and Kenji were quite shocked to see their daughter son as they walk towards them.

Takumi and Kenji were not that shocked actually… it was Hiroshi who has his jaw dropped when he sees a young man who quite resembles his precious daughter.

“Dad? Something wrong?” asked the young man who sees Hiroshi quite shocked.

“Huh? Un.. Nope, nothing’s wrong” answered Hiroshi as he smile to his daughter or rather son now.

Susan or rather still Tarzan brought up a big mirror, big enough to let the three young men see their whole body together at the same time.

The three young men stepped in front of the mirror and were shocked in what they see…

The first young man was the tallest among the three; he has stylishly-cut dark, brown hair with streaks of red in front, the way he stands and how he looks you could see air of elegance around him and from anyone’s point of view you could definitely say that he truly is a gentleman.

The second young man was neither the tallest nor the shortest; he has longish black hair with streaks of blue in front, he is slim and has a cute and smooth appearance, he seems to be out-going and easy to approach compared to his friends.

Lastly the shortest among the three but not so short just a little below average (which he himself was shocked at how much he has grown); he has shaggy and ruffled blonde hair with streaks of lighter blonde, he has pair of fierce eyes and together with his hair made him seems intimidating, he is well-built; his body is muscular, sturdy and vigorous. To sum him all up his seems like a delinquent or a bad boy type.

After scrutinizing themselves in front of the mirror, Takamina turned back and face Takumi and asked, “Why is it that I’m blonde? Well.. I’m sure that we don’t have any blonde genes in our family”

“You see.. it seems like a little bit genes from Haruna, Mii-chan and yours it somehow turns out like that.. You know like mixing color” answered Takumi

“So is that the reason why I and Haruna have streaks of red and blue which normally people don’t have unless they highlight it??” asked Mii-chan

“Yes” answered Takumi

“I’m actually quite surprised to see that Takamina is not as short as I think she would be but now that you say that our genes are mixed a bit so I guess Takamina should thank me for her height now right?” asked Haruna with Mii-chan nodding beside her.

Takumi burst out in laughter and answered “I guess so.. since Takamina is even taller than her dad now although her height is still considered to be below average. Hahaha”

Takamina ignored Takumi’s statement because she has a bit of complex about her height and was really pleased now to see how much she has grown. Although she was a bit shocked to see herself blonde but she was actually quite happy about her own appearance as she nodded to herself again as she see her own reflection in the mirror.

Takumi was out of breath laughing when he accidently pressed on a big, red button that says SELF-EXPLOSION as he try to hold on something to prevent himself from falling.

Then suddenly the machine says “SELF-EXPLOSION IN 60 SECONDS” as the others widen their eyes at what they heard.

“O oh….” is the only thing Takumi said after what he heard.

“Everyone, hide under a table!” shouted Hiroshi as he too quickly hide under a table.

Actually this Self-Explosion doesn’t cause large explosion, it only explode the whole system of the machine since Takumi just wanted to add this function for fun.

60 seconds passed…………………


Thank you for reading  :kneelbow:
Hopefully I can update the next chapter soon  :mon study:
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
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yay i'm the first comment  :D
oh uh now they're gonna be stuck as guys :drool:
i really like how the story is progressing, keep up the good work and please update
(takamina and her short wo(man) complex makes me laugh, she can thank miichan and haruna for making her a little taller :twothumbs)


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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
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hahahaha... LOL the flashback...  :wahaha: being fooled again and again...

“Think positively okay?? Maybe… maybe.. Minami chan will get some genes that will make her taller LOL” answered Takumi.
This really made my day~~ I was laughing hard at this... :mon lmao:

and now the machine exploded... they can't change back into girls???  :hehehe:

This story getting interesting...  :on GJ:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not? >>> Not OS [Chapter 3 Part 1]
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@ilovecandiedapples Thank you so much for reading  :) I'll do my best  :mon determined:
@Flean Yup  XD They'll be stuck as guys now  :mon evillaff:

Here's Chapter 3  :) Hopefully it's interesting  XD
Excuse me for my English  :P

Chapter 3

Part 1


The Super Ultra Transformation Machine Max self-exploded leaving pieces of it’s parts scattered everywhere inside the lab with smokes spreading around the area causing the people to choke and cough.

“cough.. cough.. cough… what the hell happened??!!!” asked Takamina as she slowly got out from the table that she was hiding under, her face and clothes were smudged by the dust caused by the explosion.

“Takumi accidently pressed on the SELF-EXPLOSION button of the machine” answered Hiroshi as he dust off the dust from his clothes.

“Why is there even a SELF-EXPLOSION button in the first place??!!!” Mii-chan taunted as her favorite dress was damaged by the explosion.

“Well…. I think it would be cool to have one…” answered Takumi as he wipes his face with his sleeves.

Mii-chan rolled her eyes and said “I know it’s cool BUT you ruin my favorite dress!!!!”

“I’m sorry Mii-chan……. I’ll buy you more clothes on the weekend and I’ll buy you dinner tonight okay?? You can order anything even the Super Glorious Fruit Cake and you can order as much as you want, it’s on me” said Takumi as he pat his chest and smile at his daughter who seems to be forgiving him already.

“Hm.. alright I’ll forgive you this time” answered Mii-chan happily as she was already thinking about what to order for the dinner tonight.

“Wait!!!!” shouted Takamina and after earning everyone’s attention she continue “What will happen to us?? The machine is now broken right???!!!!! Does it mean we won’t be able to turn back into girls again???!!!! Huh??!!!!” Mii-chan and Haruna started to panic as they realize what Takamina was pointing out.

“Calm down Minami chan, yes.. the machine is broken so you girls guys will be stuck like that, BUT don’t worry I’ll fixed it” answered Takumi confidently.

“But.. For how long???!!!!” asked Takamina.

“Well… there’s no exact time I can promise you since some of the parts are really rare and I don’t know how long it will take me to get my hands on the parts again but it will be fine right? I mean you’re going to be on your mission anyway and I don’t think that your mission will end very soon so relax.” answered Takumi.

Sigh* “Fine… I got it…” Takamina gave up since no matter what she say the machine won’t be fixed on short period of time, so the only thing she could do now is to wait.

Then everyone leaves the lab since they need to clean themselves up.

In the Shower Room

Takamina, Haruna and Mii-chan were removing their messed-up clothes so that they could clean themselves, but… Takamina have a problem…

“Er…” said Takamina as she was unsure if she would want to see her ‘new’ body part.

“Just don’t think too much about it Takamina, we’ll have to get used to it anyway or else we would be labeled as a weirdo” says Haruna who seems to have no problem at all.

“Right Takamina, you’re too self-conscious.. it’s your own anyway..” added Mii-chan as she went into one of the shower cubicle.

Takamina sigh* as she quickly remove the last piece of cloth and run inside one of the cubicle and started taking shower.

It took Takamina around 30 minutes to finally open her eyes and confront her problem; she almost fainted during her shower but nevertheless manages to finish her shower without fainting.

In the Meeting Room

“Oh! Takamina you finally arrive, you’re so slow” said Mii-chan

Takamina simply nodded and sat on one of the chair and rest her head on the table.

Seeing this Hiroshi start to speak “Seems like you guys are already tired so the explanations and trainings will start from tomorrow, you guys can go home and rest now”

“Training?? What training???” asked Mii-chan

“Train yourselves to act like a boy.. you can’t expect a boy to be acting all girlish and scream ‘Kyaa’ or whatever right? Unless you want to act as a gay character” laughed Takumi who then earned a glare from Mii-chan.

“Okay guys just go home and have a good rest for now, dismiss!” said Hiroshi.


2 Months Later

After all the training they have in the past two months the girls (guys) finally got a one-day-break for their hard work since they will be transferred into AKB High school the next day. They all got their new names Takahashi Kai, Kojima Riku and Minegishi Kuu.

Kai let out a deep breath as he stretched his arms up high in the air. Finally a break from the training it would be a waste to not use it efficiently.

Kai wanted to go and have fun with Kuu and Riku but they seem to be busy; Kuu wanted to visit the super popular Cake shop while Riku wanted to stay home and complete his game. So Kai decided to go and buy the newest Jump, spend time in the Game Center and eat his favorite Katsudon before going home.

Right now Kai was on his way to buy the newest Jump series but then he sees two men trying to flirt with the girl who seems to be troubled by it so he decided to help her.

Kai then jogged towards the girl and said “Sorry for coming late” then he pulls the girl and said “Let’s go to the movie theater now, it’s almost time”

But then the two men blocked their way and said “Hey young man, we were with her first. Move away!”

Kai then shrugged his shoulder and said “What are you talking about? She’s my girlfriend and we’re going on a date today” which caused a light blush on the girl’s face.

The two men then laugh and said “Come on girl, we’ll have fun together. Leave the midget, he’s boring”

Kai was enraged by the comment and he feels his blood boiling, then he said “First, I’m not a midget! Second, you guys are UGLY!!!”

The two men were now really mad and they threw punches at Kai which Kai easily defend and counter them back causing them to both fall on the ground unconscious then he said “That’s what you get for calling me a midget! Hmph!”

He was then interrupted by the girl as she said “Thank you” with a bright smile on her face.

Kai was stunned by her smile, she was truly beautiful now that Kai gets to see her clearly; she has shoulder-length, raven hair and beautiful facial features, her raven hair together with her snow-white skin makes her look utterly beautiful and sexy. She wears a white one-piece with pink Sakura petals as design and a white ribbon on her chest.

Kai snapped out of the trance when the girl asked “Are you okay?”

“Huh? Oh.. Um.. I..I’m Fine” stuttered Kai.

The girl giggled and said “Maeda Atsuko”


“My name is Maeda Atsuko. What about yours?” said the girl once again.

“Oh.. My name is Takahashi Kai” he answered as he let out a shy smile.


Thank you for reading  :kneelbow:
Hopefully I can update the next part soon  :mon study:
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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
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It took Takamina around 30 minutes to finally open her eyes and confront her problem; she almost fainted during her shower but nevertheless manages to finish her shower without fainting.
LOL...  :lol: she almost fainted...

and she already met acchan!!!  XD  need the next update~~~ :bow:

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Re: One Shot? or maybe Not?
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LOL :mon lmao:
so funny can't stop laughing(in the beginning)
so sad, Takamina got tricked again

please update soon
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