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Author Topic: [Yuki88's Random OS Idea Center] - (OS038) Implication <ChiiNatsu>  (Read 40671 times)

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Glad you're back, Yuki-san~

And so I will look forward for more updates from you :D

Especially Virgin Love...

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Re: [Yuki88's Random OS Idea Center] - (OS012) You and Me/ChiiNatsu <HKT48>
« Reply #42 on: August 09, 2014, 04:21:40 PM »
YOSH! So it's already August 9 and I was supposed to finish the Chihiro x Natsu fic yesterday  :sweatdrop:


To everyone who read, left thank yous and comments, THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH  :bow:

@Cometerz48: Errmm.......... Lately more and more people find out my real identity being the writer behind Virgin Love. Is this a push for me to actually finish THAT CURSED EPISODE?!?!?!?!  :panic:

@kuro_808: HEHEHEHE yessss.

But anyway, I have another Chihiro x Natsu draft on my stash. It's pretty short and rather... borderline and to be quite honest I still wonder if it is decent enough to not post on the perv section LOL. NO, they don't go there yet but still............ OKAY.

Here I present you:


Joy Ride

"N-nacchan, p-please... N-not h-here..."

Anai Chihiro stuttered on her words as she whispered at her vice captain Matsuoka Natsumi, pleading her to stop touching her in places she shouldn't touch.

Natsu's lips formed a smirk unseen by the captain.

"But you like this, right?"

The hands of the younger girl snaked under the ponkotsu captain's sweaty t-shirts from behind to her abdomen, slowly rubbing up and down. She whispered on her reddened ear.

"You love how I am touching you while everyone else is sleeping on this bus."


Natsu chuckled. She moved one of her hands north, roaming under Chihiro's twin peaks with her fingers. She made a circle around the tip before pinching it gently, making the other girl flinched. She moved the other hand south, teasing her center from above the clothing with her palm. The captain gasped as she slightly arched her back from the indirect touch and it widened Natsu's grin.

"At least your body is honest."

Chihiro shook her head as she bit her lower lips to held a moan from escaping. She was gradually losing control of her body. She knew it wasn't right and she wanted to stop but her mind was torn because of the pleasure she felt. She crossed her legs tight as she pulled her vice's hand away from the south point.

"P-please, N-nacchan, I-I..."

The ponkotsu captain felt her body getting warmer and her heartbeat went above the roof as she could feel the younger girl's breath on her neck. She looked around and hoped that no one was awake to see the indecency their captain and vice captain were conducting.

Natsu smirked as she could tell that the young captain was slowly giving in. The vice left a peck on her captain's neck as she slowly drew her hands away from the captain's body, prompting her to turn around and give her a disappointed look. It amused her.

"I thought you wanted me to stop. So I stop."

Chihiro pouted to the answer and looked away. She was embarrassed with herself for giving in into the younger girl's charm. She took a deep breath to calm her raging hormones from exploding and gave Natsu her back.

Natsu stared at Chihiro's back with a smile. She leaned in and whispered to the older girl's ear.

"We'll continue this when we arrive."

The sentence was enough to make Chihiro blushed as she turned to look at her vice captain, giving her a hopeful look to which the vice replied with a quick peck on the lips, increasing the captain's blushes by thousand folds. It made Natsu let out a smirk again as she laid her back in the seat and muttered to herself.

"Can't wait."


Oh it's not over yet. Here I present you a little change of view in the bus.



"N-nacchan, please... Stop..."

"Nacchan is at it again, huh..."

"Haruppi-san, what are they doing?"

"Sshh, just pretend we're sleeping."

As the captain and the vice captain were a bit busy with each other, Kodama Haruka had to cover the ears of curious Tashima Meru from the little noise they were making. She let out a sigh when it was finally over.

"Meru-chan, I guess we have to switch your room tonight."

"Eh, why?!"

That night, the young ace was kicked from her own hotel room by her vice captain, and had no choice but to stay with understanding Haruppi who was left alone by the captain.



"What are they doing, actually? Tell me?"

Haruppi spat the water she was drinking because of the younger girl's curiosity.

"Errmm, ask them tomorrow. For now we should just rest."

The next morning when Meru met Chihiro during their breakfast, the young ace immediately asked her captain to satisfy her curiosity.

"Capt., what did you and Natsu-san do last night?"

The captain was choked by her own food when she heard the question. Her face had gone pink as she coughed and stuttered on her words.

"W-we were..."

"Just having meeting for some important business."

The calm voice that butted in to save the captain from embarrassment came from behind Meru as the person in question, vice captain Natsu tapped the ace's shoulder.

"Ah, Natsu-san."

"Nee, Chiichan?"


Meru wasn't satisfied with the answer but she just shrugged it and left the two with the captain sighing.

"Next time please don't do it in public."

The next one coming with stern voice was Haruppi, glaring at Natsu who held her arms in front of her chest.


Haruppi then glared at her captain. "Chiitan, you too!"

"I-I'm sorry."

The former ace rested her palm on her face. "Please remember there are underage KIDS, for God sake. Good thing that NakoMiku weren't there last night."

"Maa maa, I understand." Natsu smirked as she held Haruppi's shoulder and patted it.

The former center let go a sigh. "Seriously, do you know how many times Meru-chan bugged me last night just to ask what NOISE you two were making from the room next door OH MY GOOD I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE NUTS."

Chihiro blushed from the revealed truth before she patted her supposed roommate's shoulder and apologized.

"I'm sorry, Haruppi."

Natsu giggled as she whispered on Haruppi's ear, and the captain, who heard her words, blushed even more.

"You can join us next time."

Haruppi rolled her eyes as she smacked the vice captain's arm and walked away while holding her head.

"Mouuuu kanbenshite aaaaahhh!!"


In all honesty, it was a lot easier to write the omake part LOL. Comments and critics are appreciated, and also if it should be moved to perv section, I'll (hopefully) move it immediately.
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Re: [Yuki88's Random OS Idea Center] - (OS012) You and Me/ChiiNatsu <HKT48>
« Reply #43 on: August 09, 2014, 05:27:55 PM »
YOSH! So it's already August 9 and I was supposed to finish the Chihiro x Natsu fic yesterday  :sweatdrop:


To everyone who read, left thank yous and comments, THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH  :bow:

@Cometerz48: Errmm.......... Lately more and more people find out my real identity being the writer behind Virgin Love. Is this a push for me to actually finish THAT CURSED EPISODE?!?!?!?!  :panic:

Yes it is... *evil laugh*

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Re: [Yuki88's Random OS Idea Center] - (OS013) Joy Ride/ChiiNatsu <HKT48>
« Reply #44 on: August 09, 2014, 06:02:51 PM »

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It is actually quite mild and perfect for here...  We definitely need more HKT fics :3
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Re: [Yuki88's Random OS Idea Center] - (OS013) Joy Ride/ChiiNatsu <HKT48>
« Reply #46 on: November 12, 2014, 04:45:55 PM »
I'm too lazy for greetings at the moment so... Boobs K(C)leavae Boobs! B. K. B.!! HIYEEEEEEEEAHHH~!!!! *is whacked*

@Cometerz48: heh :v

@everyday48: I'm glad it made you laugh haha. Thanks XD

@kuro_808: Oh yeah we really do. And I'd appreciate NMB fics too.  :wub:

So yeah I'm finally done with THAT ChiiNatsu fic LOL. Took me months to finish the story then few more weeks for my friend to proofread it. I was inspired by the song with the same title, though something took over me when I wrote it and it got longer than I had expected.  :panic:
I'd like to thank Deukie (a.k.a. LoyalFlutist) for every motivational words given early in the process, without you this story would've ended as a mere draft haha.
And then kuro_808 for patiently waiting. DUDE IT'S FINALLY DONE.  :w00t:
And lastly to my innocent (but not really) friend who helped with the proofreading and smacked my pride to the bottom of the sea lol. Thank you for finishing the edit despite of all the complains about the length of the fic and also my rusty grammar skill  :grin:

Here I present you, the longest OS I've ever written.


*note: everything in italic indicates flashbacks

“Moshi moshi. Chihiro?”

“Moshi moshi. Yes, Natsu?”

“I'm sorry for the sudden request but... Do you have time tomorrow?”

“I do. Why?”

“You know, it's been a long time since we hung out with just the two of us. Do you wanna go out for a walk with me tomorrow?”

“...Sure. What time?”

“I'll wait for you at 1PM. How is it?”

“Okay, 1PM. Where should we meet?”

“The usual station.”

“Okay. Can't wait.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Matsuoka Natsumi heaved a sigh as he hung up the call. He threw himself to the bed and blankly stared at the ceiling as he asked himself why he called Chihiro and asked her for a date. She had always been his close friend but he already had a girlfriend. He knew it wasn't right to do it behind her back but he couldn't help himself. Not after he found out what his close friend felt for him all this time.


“Nee, Natsu…”


“If you have to choose between Madoka and me to be your girlfriend, who will you choose?”

Natsu chuckled. “What are you saying, Chihiro?”

“Nevermind, I was just kidding.” She put on a smile, trying to assure her friend that it was only a joke.

“I wonder who I would choose…”

She turned her head to see him looking at the sky, seriously considering her question.

“Nah, it's okay. You don't have to answer it.”

Natsu looked down and smiled as he turned to look at Chihiro. He cupped her chin with his fingers then raised her face and gazed into her eyes. His action made Chihiro's heart skipped a beat. She couldn't take her eyes off his gaze.

“You're cute, Chihiro.”

The seriousness in his words surprised Chihiro, and she could feel her face heating up as he slowly closed the gap between them. She was wondering what he was going to do when he stopped midway, grinned and pinched her plump, blushing cheeks.


Chihiro rubbed her cheeks and felt slightly disappointed. ‘What did I just expect him to do?,' she thought.

Natsu noticed the change in her mood. “What's with the frown on your face?”

“It hurts.” Chihiro pouted, trying to divert his--and her own--attention.

“I can't help, they look so inviting.” He patted her head and smiled apologetically.


Natsu looked at his watch. “Ah, it's time. Don't you have cram school today?”

“I do.”

“Then I'll walk you there.”

He stood up then grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet.


Natsu started walking but Chihiro stood still and watched his back before she called him.

“Nee, Natsu…”


She shook her head. “Nothing.”

Natsu let out a smile and grabbed her hand. “Jaa, let's go.”

Chihiro just couldn't say it. She didn't want to ruin their friendship. She was afraid that if she blurted out her real feelings to him, he couldn't accept it and would start distancing himself from her. It was the last thing she wanted.


“It's Madoka's piano concour tomorrow. Are you going?”

“Yeah. You aren't?”

“I can't. I have my university entrance test.”

“I see…”

“Please tell Madoka I'm sorry.”

“I'm sure she'll understand.”

Natsu had no idea that it has been a few weeks since the last time Chihiro talked to Madoka. Everything became a mess between the two when Madoka confronted Chihiro on her feelings for Natsu. It turns out that Madoka also had feelings for him and asked her to make up her mind to confess or not confess to Natsu.

“If you don't confess, I will when I win the concour.”

When Chihiro heard those words from Madoka, her shoulders slumped hard. She knew Madoka would certainly win the concour, being a piano prodigy trained on the instrument since she was a child. Her only option was to confess, but she would rather give up her feelings than to damage the friendship between the three of them even more.


“Hey, Anai-san.”

Chihiro turned her head to see the one who called her.

“Ah, Kodama-kun.”

Kodama Haruka smiled at the response and walked to her seat. He could feel his heart jumping excitedly as it was the first time he talked to her with just the two of them after they became classmates in their third year.

“It's rare to see you going home alone. Where's Matsuoka-san? Or Moriyasu-san?”

Chihiro froze when she heard the names, but resumed to prepare to go home as she replied nonchalantly. “They have their own business.”

The answer made a smile appeared on his face so he took a deep breath to calm himself. “Then... May I accompany you for today?”


When Chihiro stood up from her seat next to the window, she saw Natsu and Madoka pass by the schoolyard. She could feel a thud in her heart from looking at the two. She couldn't blame anyone but herself, because it was what she had chosen.



“Nothing. Let's go.”


From that day on, Kodama-kun, who Chihiro had now begun referring to as Haru instead, always walked her home whenever Natsu went home with Madoka. Chihiro felt like she found a cure to her pained heart with Haru's cheerfulness.

But she knew it was just temporary. Every single time she saw Natsu with Madoka, even just by chance, she looked away and tried to keep her tears from falling down. The longer the time passed, the more painful it became for her heart. Eventually Haru noticed it. One day, when Natsu apologetically excused himself to leave earlier with Madoka who was staring at Chihiro, Haru asked Chihiro to stay in the class.



“Can I ask you about something?”


“Have you ever liked someone?”

Chihiro was surprised by the question and was speechless. Haru, not waiting for her answer, continued.

“I met a girl I like. She was best friend with a boy in her class. I always thought there was nothing between them aside from friendship so I tried to approach her. Gradually she warmed up to me.”

Chihiro took a glance at Haru, who was considering his next words.

“But little did I know that she had fallen for her best friend long before. When he dated her friend, she must have been sad but kept the pain to herself. The sight pained me. I wanted her to forget him. I'd do anything to make her happy…”

Haru heaved a sigh and let out a sad smile. “In the end, I could made her smile, but I couldn't erase the sadness that kept surfacing on her eyes every time she saw the couple together.”

He extended his hands to hold Chihiro's and took a deep breath.

“I wish I could just ask you out but I know I have no chance to win over your heart against Matsuoka-san right now. Am I right, Chihiro?”

Chihiro raised her head and met Haru's gaze. Before she knew it, her tears fell down. Every single beads of tears she had been holding all this time.

“How could you tell everything?”

Haru raised one of his hand to wipe the tears flowing on Chihiro's cheeks with his thumb. He kept his gaze at her eyes.

“Because I like you, Chihiro. I'm always watching you.”

“I'm sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Haru took out his handkerchief, wiping Chihiro's tears as he waited for the stream to dry. Without them knowing, Natsu was standing outside the classroom. He lied to Madoka, telling her to wait for him at the school gate as he went to toilet but he didn't. He had been there listening since Haru confessed to Chihiro. He felt guilt creeping into his heart when she started crying as Haru revealed her true feelings.


When Chihiro was finally done letting out her frustration, she was flushing red from embarrassment.

“I'm sorry you have to see me like this.”

“It's okay.”

“Thank you, Haru.”

“Don't mention it.”

The scene left Natsu feeling frustrated, and he exasperatedly slumped down to the floor as he wondered what he could do. He had never known that Chihiro held any special feelings for him. He covered his face with his palm, cursing himself for not being able to see it. It was a while until he realized his phone was vibrating from a call--obviously from Madoka.

“What took you so long?”

“Sorry, I'm heading back now.”

Natsu stood up and snuck out, hoping that Chihiro and Haru wouldn't notice him. Somehow he made it to the gate where Madoka waited without the two in the class realizing.

“I'm sorry.”

“Apology accepted.” Madoka's pout turned into slight smile. “Let's go.”

They started walking away, and Madoka noticed how Natsu quiet was after he came back. She wanted to ask him if anything happened, but she decided to let it slide for the time being. She grabbed his hand tightly, as if to claim him as hers only.

She thought, “I will be fine as long as he's with me.”


“Can't wait.”

As Chihiro hung up the call, she came to realize that Natsu just asked her for a date.

“Why now, Natsu…”

It had been a couple of weeks since Haru confessed to her, and despite of the ambiguity in her response, he kept her accompanied. She still remembered what he said that day.

“I want to heal your heart.”

And just when Chihiro started to get over Natsu and got closer to Haru, the date invitation came so sudden. She didn't know why but she messaged Haru to tell him about it.

“Natsu just asked me to go out with him tomorrow.”

Chihiro put her phone away and covered her eyes with her arm--letting her mind wander. She really wondered why Natsu suddenly asked her out. Not too long later, a reply from Haru arrived:

“Are you going?”

Chihiro looked at the message and let out a sad smile. “I'm sorry, Haru…”

Haru anxiously waited for the answer, only to be upset when she told him that she had accepted Natsu's invitation. He realized that she still had feelings for the other guy, even though he had made progress in reaching for her heart. He heaved a sigh. “Nee, Chihiro… do I really have no chance against him?”


It was the next day; Chihiro had been wide awake since the previous night. She couldn't sleep due to constantly wondering why Natsu had asked her out.

Before she knew it, the time to get up was closing in, so she rose from her bed and washed her face to refresh herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed dark shadows under her eyes--the result of failing to sleep last night. She let go of a sigh and went on preparing herself for what seemed to be a date.

Meanwhile, Natsu arrived early and waited for Chihiro's arrival. He was also unable to sleep, and figured it would be better for him to come earlier. He looked at his watch.

“Twelve thirty, huh…”

He decided to fill his waiting time by browsing the photo gallery on his phone. He scrolled through them, noticing that there were a lot of photos with Madoka. He really hadn't been spending time with Chihiro lately, with Madoka keeping him by her side all time.
He kept scrolling until he found a photo of Chihiro he secretly took during the school trip. She was gazing at the scenery when he took the photo, and he thought she looked so serene in it.


“Who is?”

Natsu was startled by the sudden appearance of Chihiro. He quickly covered his phone screen and locked it--hoping that she didn't see what he was looking at.

“It's a secret.” He smiled, trying to cover it up--but it made her sad somehow.

“Ah, must be Madoka, right…”

“No! In fact…” Natsu stopped before he finished his words, making Chihiro confused.

“...In fact?”

Natsu shook his head and just smiled. “Nevermind.”

He took her hand and hold it tight. “Let's board the train.”

Chihiro glanced at their linked hands before looking back at Natsu's face. She knew her heart skipped a beat when he grabbed her hand.

She nodded and tried to look enthusiastic. “Yeah!”

As they sat in the train, both of them went into silence as they tried to find something to talk about. Natsu was still holding Chihiro's hand tight and it made Chihiro felt uneasy. She glanced to the side and found Natsu looking at her.



“Is there something on my face?”


“Then why you keep staring at me?”

“Because you're cute.”

Chihiro felt the heat rise to her cheeks, but she didn't want to set her expectations too high so she looked away. Again, silence filled them until they arrived at their destination.


Natsu took a glance to his side, realizing that Chihiro had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He tucked her hair behind her ear gently and smiled, as he whispered softly into her ear;

“Chihiro, wake up. We've arrived.”

Chihiro slowly opened her eyes. It took a short while before she realized that she had fallen asleep on Natsu's shoulder. She quickly sat straight and apologized to him.

“I'm sorry!”

Natsu just smiled and patted her head. “It's okay.”

Chihiro let out a smile, but she was confused by the way Natsu treated her. ‘Don't make me get my hopes up, Natsu,’ she sadly thought.

Natsu stood up and kept her hand held tight. “Then let's go to the beach!”

There wasn't many people at the beach Natsu chose and he felt somewhat grateful, even though he had no idea how this trip would end up.

“Natsu, I…”

Natsu could feel the uneasiness surrounding Chihiro, and he could understand why. He put his finger on her lips and shook his head.


Chihiro blushed and her heart beat really fast, but she was still unsure if it was a good idea to go out with Natsu after all.

“But Natsu, what if Madoka…”

Natsu held her by the shoulders. “Let's forget everything for one day and enjoy this special occasion.”

He then pulled his phone from his pocket and switched the profile to flight mode.

“Now, no one will disturb us today.”

Chihiro stared at Natsu with disbelief. She wondered what had gotten into him.

“Natsu, I must be dreaming, right?”

Natsu let out a grin and pinched her cheeks.


“See? It's real, so you should stop worrying and enjoy this time.”

Hearing Natsu's words, Chihiro became a bit relaxed. Nevertheless, there was a hint of sadness when she smiled.

“Just this one day... Isn't it…”


Natsu took her hand as they walked slowly along the shore line.

“So... How has it been going?”

“What is?”

“We haven't been talking for a long time, have we? I just wanna know how are you doing.”

Chihiro felt Natsu's grip tighten. It was as if he felt guilty for not spending time with her. She looked down and answered him.

“Life's good.”

“I see…”

They walked side-by-side in silence, and Natsu was thinking what more to say when Chihiro took off her sandals and handbag before she dragged him closer to the water.

“Since we're here, why don't we play a bit?”

“Well, I'm fine with that, but I'm telling you I didn’t bring a change of clothes.”

“Neither did I.”

Natsu chuckled. “Silly.”

Chihiro smiled. She missed this. Missed playing around with him. Missed being with him.

“Don't blame if you get a little wet then!”


She was unprepared when Natsu splashed the water at her. It wasn't much, but enough to make her jump back a bit. She splashed Natsu back for a revenge, but he managed to avoid her attack.

“Uh-uh, you're not gonna get me wet, girl.”

They laughed heartily as they splashed at each other. They weren't bothered by how drenched they had become. A while later, they were finally exhausted from playing in the water.

“Oh man, what should we do now?"

Natsu looked down and observed his drenched clothes. He then raised his head to check out Chihiro's, feeling his eyes seeming to bulge out of their sockets--he could see her bra through her wet blouse!

“Erm, Chihiro?” Natsu could feel the heat on his face as he looked away and took off his blazer, handing it to Chihiro. “Wear this.”


Chihiro was oblivious to her own condition, tilting her head in confusion, so Natsu had no choice but to make her wear his blazer before telling her the reason.

“Your blouse…”

She looked down and finally noticed how drenched her blouse was. It caused her to blush from the realization that Natsu could see what she wore underneath the blouse.

“T-thank you, Natsu.”

“D-don't mention it. Now we should think how to clean ourselves and dry our clothes.”

They walked and found an inn near the beach. It said it had an onsen facility, so they decided to check in there.

“Unfortunately there’s only one room left at the moment, sir, miss. Are you okay with that?”

Chihiro looked at Natsu. “What should we do?”

Natsu just smiled politely at the innkeeper. “Sure, please show us the way.”

Chihiro couldn't believe what she just heard from Natsu. Didn't it mean that they would spend a night together in the same room??

“Natsu, are you sure it's really okay?”

Natsu gulped but he told Chihiro regardless. “Trust me.”

His answer didn't really assure her, but she had no choice. He grabbed her hand as the innkeeper showed them the way to the room. Before the innkeeper left, she gave each of them a yukata for use after the bath.

“Please enjoy your time here,” said the innkeeper with a smile on her face.

Again, Natsu replied politely. “Thank you.”

When Chihiro observed the room, she was shocked when she saw that the innkeeper had prepared a futon for a couple. She could feel that the heat was rising up to her head and her cheeks were flushed. She turned her head to see Natsu biting his lower lips, his face reddened a little as well.


“I-it's okay. Let's take a bath and wash our clothes first.”

Natsu tried to be calm, and hoped that Chihiro didn't put too much thinking into it. As they walked into the onsen, Natsu reminded himself again.

“I can control myself. I have to.”

After they were back from their relaxing bath in the onsen--separated between male and female, of course--their dinner had already been prepared on the table.

“Looks delicious.”

“Let's eat.”

Chihiro sat down carefully, so as not to expose too much of her skin. She had her clothes laundered, even the undergarments, so she basically wore nothing but the inn yukata at the moment. She could only hope Natsu didn't notice it.

Sitting across her, Natsu tried not to think much about how they were clothed, as he was also wearing only yukata above his bare body. He hoped Chihiro didn't pay much attention to it.

They ate their dinner and when they were done, they called the innkeeper to clean the table. As they waited for the innkeeper to finish with the cleaning, Natsu took a glance at Chihiro--accidentally catching a glimpse of her cleavage under her yukata. He quickly looked away, before she realized that he was blushing. ‘Stupid me,’ he thought. ‘Why did I even glance there?!’

“S-so what should we do now?”

Chihiro's voice startled him. “A-ah, what should we do?”

Chihiro couldn't shake away her nervousness, with just the two of them in the room. She could tell that Natsu wasn't really comfortable with the situation, either.

“M-maybe we should just sleep.”

“I-I guess so.”

They were moving to the futon, when Natsu stopped as he was reminded about the futon.



“Maybe I should just sleep somewhere else.”

“I-it's okay.” Chihiro’s eyes met Natsu’s as she said, “I trust you.”

‘I’m the one who can't trust myself anymore,’ Natsu thought in his mind.

Chihiro looked at Natsu's troubled face. She felt awkward about their situation, but Natsu was still her best friend after all. She didn't want him to get sick because of her, so she worked up the courage to drag him along to the futon--only to accidentally trip on her own foot, the two of them ending up on the futon with her kneeling just above him.


Natsu was surprised by the sudden close proximity between him and Chihiro. He could feel the heat on his face rising. It became even worse when he noticed her cleavage peeking from behind her yukata, which she seemed to be oblivious about. His eyes kept on switching from her face to her chest, and he gulped as he was unsure whether to extend his hand and fix her yukata or let it be.

Chihiro, on the other hand, was frozen in position and had no idea what she should do next. She never thought that the accident would bring them to this awkward position. When she realized how close their faces were to each other, her cheeks became as red as tomato.

Both of them couldn't take their eyes off of each other. Natsu extended his hand to reach for Chihiro's face, but halted halfway as she was finally snapped back to reality.

“Natsu, I'm sorry!”

Chihiro quickly escaped from the awkward scene and moved onto her corner of the futon--giving Natsu her back. Her heart still beat so fast she could only hope it wouldn't kill her.


Natsu stared at Chihiro’s back and heaved a sigh. He felt a bit disappointed on one side, but on the other side he felt rather relieved. He knew he would have lost control of himself if Chihiro didn’t move out of that position.

He turned the light off, lied himself down at his corner of futon, and turned his back against her. “Oyasumi.”


It had been a couple of hours since Natsu tried to sleep. He was sleep-deprived, but he just couldn’t fall asleep knowing Chihiro was sleeping so close to him. He changed his position to face her and whispered.


There was no response from the other side, so he assumed that she was asleep. Little did he know, she was also unable to fall asleep. She kept her back facing Natsu to pretend that she was sleeping.

“Thanks for coming along today.” Natsu whispered.

Chihiro opened her eyes while still keeping her back to Natsu. She wanted to face Natsu, but she thought to wait until he finished what he wanted to say.

“I’m sorry that we barely hang out together lately.”

Chihiro bit her lips. She braced herself and turned to face him, surprising him to find out that she was listening.


“You don’t have to say sorry.”

“But I…”

Chihiro shook her head. “It was my choice.”

Natsu was confused. “Eh?”

Chihiro looked down as she tried to hold her tears from flowing. When she was at her limit, she tried to turn away before Natsu could notice, but he stopped her, holding onto her shoulder.

“Nee, Chihiro... Why?”

Chihiro turned to face Natsu again as her tears were threatening to fall. “What do you want, Natsu?”

"Do you like me?”

“I like you... as a friend.”

Natsu could feel her shoulder shaking as she spoke with a trembling voice, so he asked her.

“Is it the truth you’re telling me?”

Chihiro couldn't say a thing. Her eyes were teary as she stared at him.

When Natsu saw Chihiro’s teary state, he suddenly felt like hating himself. He wasn’t sure what to do, or even what to say to Chihiro.

“Chihiro, I…”

Chihiro shook her head weakly. “Please don’t say anything…”

Natsu couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled her into his chest and hugged her tightly as he apologized.

“I’m sorry…”

His action shocked Chihiro, and she could no longer hold back the stream of tears that had been threatening to fall. She hid her face on Natsu's chest as she weeped.

"Why are you doing this, Natsu?"


Natsu asked himself. Why was he doing it all? What did he want to achieve from it?

"I don't know either, Chihiro."

When Chihiro heard that, she lifted her head to look Natsu in the eyes, but stopped halfway.




Chihiro halted before she could finish. She still felt that it wasn’t right to confess to him, with him still being Madoka’s boyfriend. Even when both of them were literally so close to each other.

“Chihiro, look at me.”

Chihiro still kept her head down as she shook her head.

“Tell me what you wanted to say.”

“I can’t, Natsu. I can’t.”

"Why not?"

"Because once I say it, there'll be no way back for me!!"

Natsu could understand her reason, but that didn't stop him from putting his hand on her chin and raising her head to let her eyes met his.

“Look at me, Chihiro.”

When Chihiro braced herself, she saw the determined look in Natsu’s eyes.

“Just say it, Chihiro.”

Chihiro bit her lip, before letting out a sad smile.

“I love you, Natsu. I always have.”

When Natsu heard her confession at last, he let out a relieved smile and embraced her tight.

“Thank you for telling me.”

Chihiro saw his smile, and it made her regret her own decision of letting Madoka confess. She slowly moved her arms and rested them on his back, tightening the embrace. Her sudden initiative surprised Natsu, but it made him somewhat glad. He smiled as he nuzzled against her hair, enjoying the moment for all it was worth.

“Nee, Natsu…”


“Can we stay like this as we sleep?”


‘Only today,’ Chihiro sadly thought to herself before they both fell asleep.


The sun was already up high when Natsu awoke from his sleep. He opened his eyes slowly, and noticed that Chihiro was still sleeping soundly--and that they were still cuddling. He smiled and gently ran his hand through her hair but, his smile didn’t last long when he came into realization of the condition of their clothes. He glanced down and saw her cleavage peeking behind her loosened yukata, fully dawning on him how close to naked they both were. He tried to keep his cool despite all the heat gathering on his body, but it was difficult as he could feel Chihiro’s breast on his chest. He tried to distance himself from her slowly, but his attempt failed with Chihiro tightening her embrace in her sleep. Natsu took a deep breath before letting out a sigh. He decided to just resign to his fate, and waited until she woke up.

When Chihiro finally woke up, Natsu let out a relieved sigh and greeted her with an awkward smile.

“Ohayou, Chihiro.”

Chihiro was shocked when she heard that voice. She had forgotten that she had fallen asleep in Natsu’s embrace..

"O-ohayou, Natsu."

"Y-you know, Chihiro, it feels really good hugging you, but..."

Chihiro blushed with embarrassment when she heard it. And even more when Natsu pointed out their situation.

"You know very well that we both wear nothing underneath, and it’s possible to get a little bit out of hand under this situation, right?"

His words snapped her back to reality as she quickly released herself from the cuddle and rose from the futon, covering her chest with her arms. She noticed that Natsu's face was also flushing red, and he looked away from her as he slowly sat up.

“I'm sorry, Natsu."

“That was dangerous, you know.”

‘Yes, a very dangerous situation there,’ Natsu thought, knowing that she might feel something weird about him “down there.”

He stood up and noticed that their cleaned clothes had been delivered.

“Hey, we can change back into our clothes.”

The thought of being able to change back into her own clothes made Chihiro feel relieved, but another problem arose. Both of them looked at each other with the same thing in their mind. How should they change clothes in the same room?

“I-I guess I'll wait outside.”

Natsu voluntarily got up to walk out of the room, but Chihiro grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“B-but you are…” She couldn’t say that he, just like her, didn’t wear anything underneath and her face was flushing red from the embarrassment from the thought. Natsu noticed it, and smiled awkwardly as he rubbed her head.

“It’s okay. I’m a guy after all.”

When Natsu was outside the room, he let go a sigh.

“I guess I should use the toilet to finish my business for now.”




“What will we be after all this?”

“What do you want us to be?”

Both of them sat side-by-side quietly in the train, thinking of how they should answer their own questions. Chihiro rested her head on Natsu's shoulder and heaved a sigh. She certainly didn't expect herself to confess to him, much less to do so in such an intimate situation. Even more shocking to her was how positive his response was. Ever since they boarded the train, she was occupied with her own thought--until she heard the fake shutter sound of a phone camera and realized that Natsu was snapping a photo of her.

“What are you doing?”

A smile appeared on his face. “Capturing memories.”

Chihiro blushed. “But you only take photos of me. I wanna take photos of you, too.”

Natsu chuckled and teased her. “Oh? I have no problem with that.”

Chihiro took her phone out her bag and smiled as she stuttered with her words. “T-then how about taking photo of us together?”

Natsu's grin grew wider. “Good idea.”

They took a couple of photos together before looking through them.

“This one looks nice.”

“This one, too.”

Natsu glanced at Chihiro, who was looking at the photos with a smile on her face.

“Nee, Chihiro…”


“If I ask you to be my girlfriend now, will you accept it?”

Chihiro was stiffened from the sudden question. She faced Natsu with a look of disbelief.

“What about Madoka?”

“I'll break up with her.”

Chihiro felt the seriousness in Natsu's gaze when he said those words, but she couldn't help it when guilt crept into her heart.


Natsu let go a sigh and placed his hand on her shoulder. “I'm sorry, let's just leave it at that for now.”

They were engulfed by awkward silence until they arrived at the station. When Natsu raised from the seat, he noticed that Chihiro looked troubled and he knew that the question he had asked her was occupying her mind at the moment.


Natsu’s voice snapped Chihiro back to reality. “Yes?”

“Let’s go.”

Again, he grabbed her by the hand and gently dragged her. As they dropped off the train, Natsu was about to release Chihiro’s hand, but found that it was being held by her.

“Natsu, I…”

Chihiro hesitated. She looked down and bit her lip before she let her eyes met his.

“I wished I had confessed to you before Madoka did.”

She stood on tiptoe and landed a peck on Natsu’s cheek. Her face was reddening from her own action. She released herself from him and ran a short distance, before she turned her back and smiled at him.

“Thanks for yesterday. See you tomorrow.”

Natsu couldn’t believe what had just happened. He touched his cheek and he could feel the heat on his face. He stared at Chihiro's back as he murmured her name.


Somewhere further away from Natsu and Chihiro, without them knowing, Madoka had witnessed the scene between the two that just occurred. She was stunned.

“Natsu was with... Chihiro!?”


"Moshi moshi."


"It's me."

"Do you have time this afternoon?"

"I do. Why?

"We need to talk."

“Is it important?”


Madoka could sense an urgency in Natsu's voice as he was speaking. She could guess where the phone call was going, and didn't like it, but she agreed to meet him anyway.

“Okay. Where?”

“The usual cafe. 4PM.”

After Natsu hung up, Madoka threw her phone and herself on the bed. She couldn't think of any reason why he needed to meet her, other than to break up with her, especially after what she had seen between him and Chihiro in the morning.

‘Chihiro,' she thought in jealousy. She took her phone again and typed a message.

“I will never give Natsu to you.”


“Ohayo, Haru.”

“Ohayo, Chihiro.”

The day was still early when they met in front of the school gate and walked together to class. Haru glanced at Chihiro, his head full of thoughts regarding her meeting with Natsu.

“So… How was the meeting with Natsu?”

He noticed that she immediately turned as red as tomato when he brought the topic. She replied to the question with a shy smile on her blushing face.

“It went… well.”

“...I see.”

Haru felt a thud in his heart. ‘What did I expect?,' he thought.

Chihiro was flushed from the memories of Natsu’s warmth as they embraced each other, but another thought invaded her mind. She was reminded of the message she got from Madoka. She wondered what had caused the other girl to send her such a message all of sudden. Did Natsu really break up with her? Immediately after he told her that he would?

“Nee, Chihiro…”

Chihiro was brought back from her thoughts by Haru’s voice, prompting her to look at him.


“So… are you and Natsu…”

“Me and Natsu?”

“Are you two dating now?”


“I see.”

‘Not yet,' a small voice inside Chihiro’s head added. She was still torn between accepting Natsu’s proposal and letting him go for the sake of saving her friendship with Madoka, but a part of her started to revolt, wanting to fight for her own chance to be with Natsu.

Chihiro and Haru walked in silence on their way to the class. They had just started performing their duties as the class representatives for the day, when someone came in.

“Ohayo, Chihiro.”

Both Chihiro and Haru turned their heads to the source of sound and saw Natsu standing in front of the class with a smile on his face--clearly directed towards Chihiro.

Chihiro shily greeted back. “O-ohayo, Natsu.”

“Ohayo, Matsuoka-san. Not coming with your girlfriend today?”

Natsu chuckled at the fact that Haru sneered at him. He could sense jealousy from the other boy, knowing that he had feeling for Chihiros and was annoyed that Natsu came earlier than expected. The corner of Natsu’s lips were slightly turned up as he replied.

“None of your business.”

Chihiro glanced at them both in turn uneasily. They glared at each other intensely, as if they wanted to rip holes in each other's necks. The situation made her felt uncomfortable, and she was holding her broomstick tightly as she couldn’t utter any words to break the tension between them.

As if cued by the tension, footsteps could be heard entering the classroom. When Chihiro heard the person's greeting, she nearly jumped.


Madoka glared at Natsu, then Chihiro. It scared Chihiro to death, since she could feel the hate intensely.

"O-ohayo, Madoka."

Madoka ignored Chihiro's greeting as she walked straight to her desk and sat. It made Chihiro's shoulders go slumped. She glanced at Natsu and met his eyes. He slowly moved his lips in silence.

“I will explain later.”

Chihiro nodded slightly to tell Natsu that she understood what he said. She quickly finished her duty and prepared for the day’s subjects.

Meanwhile, Haru observed the lack of interaction between Natsu and Madoka. Questions were running inside his mind as he glanced at Chihiro, who seemed to have recovered from the shock of Madoka's glare earlier.

Soon the class was filled with other students and they weren't the only ones in class anymore. Chihiro took the chance to go to the washroom. After all, she needed to wash her hand clean after the morning’s duties. What she didn't realize was that Madoka was tailing behind her. Chihiro was washing her hand when Madoka entered and locked the door, surprising Chihiro.

“H-hi, Madoka.”

Madoka just stared at her with a stern expression on her face.

“A-anything you need with me?”

Madoka slowly walked closer to Chihiro. It made Chihiro nervous and she unconsciously stepped backward until her back met the wall--making her feel a bit panicked.

“I gave you time to confess before, didn't I.”

Chihiro gulped. “You did.”

Madoka leaned forward, making her look even more intimidating to Chihiro.

“Then tell me…”


“What did you do with Natsu?”

The question drained the blood from Chihiro's face. She had been thinking about what she should do if Madoka found out about her trip with Natsu, but she never thought it would come so fast. She was unprepared. She tried to pretend she was oblivious.

“W-what do you mean?”

Her answer made Madoka lean in even closer.

“Care explaining what you did yesterday? And the day before?”


Chihiro almost blurted out the truth to Madoka but she was saved by a knock on the washroom's door.

“Hey, who is inside? Other people need to fulfill their needs, too!!”

Chihiro felt a little relieved when Madoka retreated and walked away, but what Madoka said before she left stunned Chihiro.

“I saw you in the station. Natsu as well.”


“Chihiro, are you okay?”

“I'm okay, Haru.”

“You haven't seemed okay since you came back from the washroom, you know.”

“I'm sorry... but I'm really fine.”

Chihiro let out a smile to reassure Haru that she was fine. She knew she wasn't, but she couldn't let him worry too much.

“Well, if you said so…” Haru shrugged his shoulder and went back to his seat to chat with his friends.

“I'm sorry, Haru…”

Chihiro took a deep breath. What Madoka revealed to her shocked her so much. She wondered if Natsu knew. She looked around the class to search for Natsu but couldn't find him. ‘Maybe he's at the rooftop again,’ she thought. She took out her phone and typed a message to Natsu.

“Skipping class?”

Natsu was relaxing at his usual spot at the rooftop when he received the message from Chihiro. He smiled as he typed the reply message.

“Yeah. Wanna join?”

Chihiro looked at the incoming message and sighed. She glanced to Madoka’s table and saw her busy having a chat with her circle of friends, so she decided to sneak out of the class to go to the rooftop.

When Chihiro arrived at the rooftop, she walked to the spot where Natsu usually waited for her. He was lying down and closing his eyes as if he was sleeping.


Chihiro sat down beside Natsu and poked his arm.

“Natsu, are you really sleeping?”

There wasn't any answer coming from him, but she saw his lips arched slightly upward. She leaned closer and pinched his cheeks to wake him up.


“Serves you right.”

Natsu rubbed his cheeks to reduce the pain when he saw Chihiro pouting. An idea emerged in his mind about how to tease her.

“I was expecting you to give me a wake up kiss.”

His words made Chihiro blush hard, and she pinched Natsu's cheeks again.

“Natsu ecchi!!”

“Itai itai itai, yes yes I'm sorry!!”


Chihiro turned her back to Natsu, who had risen from his position and sat as he leaned to the wall.

Chihiro mumbled to herself. “I was close to giving it to you.”

Natsu was surprised. “Eh?”

“Never mind.”

The tone in Chihiro's voice made him sure she was embarrassed, so he smiled and leaned closer to her back. He embraced her from behind and nuzzled against her hair as he said,

“You're cute.”

His action made Chihiro's face go as red as tomato, but then she remembered why she came to meet him in the first place. She rubbed his cheek with her palm as she turned to see him.

“Natsu, we need to talk. About Madoka.”

Hearing the name made Natsu release her from his embrace.


Chihiro took a deep breath before explaining what happened in the washroom to Natsu. She also showed him Madoka's message from the previous day. He looked at the time and noticed.

“So it was sent after I called to meet her…”

“She told me that she saw us at the station.”

“I see.”

“What did you talk about with her when you two met?”

“I asked to break up with her.”

He really did what he said to me, thought Chihiro.

“But she begged me to stay with her. She told me she was leaving for Germany next month and she wanted me to bear with it until that time.”

“Madoka is leaving?”

“That's what she said.”

Chihiro looked down and let go of a sigh. The sight made Natsu felt troubled.

“What should I do?”

“Regardless of what has happened, Madoka is still my friend.”

The thing Chihiro implied from her words made Natsu feel guilty and he shook his head. “But you've sacrificed a lot, Chihiro.”

Tears started forming at the corner of Chihiro's eyes, but she smiled to assure Natsu.

“I will be okay, Natsu. I can always wait.”

Seeing Chihiro's teary eyes despite her smile wrenched Natsu's heart. He pulled her into a hug.

“I'm sorry, Chihiro. I'm really sorry.”

“I will be okay.”

Natsu rubbed the back of her head and planted a kiss on her hair.

“I want to make you happy…”


“Do you see Chihiro?”


Haru was just wondering where Chihiro had gone to, when she walked into the classroom.

“Hey Chihiro!”

“Ah. Hey, Haru.”

Haru wanted to know where she was when she skipped the first class. He looked at her and pondered how he should ask her. That was when he noticed her slightly puffy eyes.

“Chihiro, are you okay?”

Chihiro didn't reply to his question and proceeded to her seat instead. She hung her head low and stared at the table blankly.

Haru couldn't stand being ignored and walked his way to Chihiro's table. He squatted beside her and extended his arm to touch her shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

She glanced at him and forced a smile.

“I am okay.”

Haru didn't want to believe what she told him, but there was something in the way she looked at him that made him feel like she didn't want him to bother. He let out a sigh, before a sad smile formed on his face.

“Well, if you feel like telling, I'm all ears.”

Chihiro only responded with a nod and looked away. It made Haru frustrated, but he respected what she had decided and walked back to his seat even as his mind was loaded with questions.

As Haru left, Chihiro glanced at him and muttered an apology. She knew he would get mad at Natsu for what she told him to do.

At the same time on the rooftop, Natsu lay down on the floor and gazed at the sky. The option that Chihiro gave him made him felt devastated. He didn't want her to be the only one who kept on sacrificing herself. He pulled out his phone from the pocket and typed a message to Haru.

“We have to talk.”

Natsu knew he was being selfish by telling Haru the situation, but he was the only one he could rely on to make Chihiro happy until he could break up with Madoka.

When Haru received the message from Natsu, he narrowed his eyes into a line.

“What do you want?”

It didn't take long before a reply came as Haru's phone buzzed.

“I need to tell you about Chihiro. But don't tell her that I'm telling you.”

‘What the heck is he thinking?,’ thought Haru. He stared at the message on his phone with disbelief. He glanced over to see Chihiro, who was talking with one of their classmates, before typing a reply.

“Fine. Meet me after class is over, behind the gym.”

Haru took a deep breath and released it. He muttered to himself.

“This is all for Chihiro's sake.”


“Madoka, I need to take care of something, so can you go home on your own today?”

It took a little while in silence before Madoka said an "okay" to Natsu. He let out a smile and apologized.

“I'm sorry.”

Natsu could tell that Madoka was unhappy with the situation, but he felt relieved that she let it slide. He had no choice but to keep acting like they were still in a relationship.

From her seat, Chihiro stood and glanced over at Natsu. She watched him not leaving with Madoka and wondered why, when she felt someone holding on to her arm.

“Chiichan? Let's go?”

“Ah. Let's go, Aoi-chan.”

As Chihiro left with Aoi, Natsu quickly made his way to the gymnasium, where Haru had been waiting for him with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Let's get straight to the point. What do you want to talk about, Matsuoka?”

“I want you to stay by Chihiro's side for a little longer.”

Haru snorted over the request from Natsu. “I don't need you to tell me that.”

Natsu let out a relieved smile. “Glad to hear that.”

Haru tapped his foot impatiently. “Is that all you want to say? I have basketball practice to attend.”

Natsu stared straight into Haru's eyes as he spoke. “I love Chihiro.”

Haru gritted his teeth. “What do you mean to say by telling me that?”

“I can't be with her. For now.”

Haru grabbed Natsu by the collar and slammed his back to the wall. “If you're doing this just to hurt her in the end, I'm gonna beat you senseless, Matsuoka.”

Natsu flinched from the slight pain, but he didn't budge from the threat. “She knows everything that happened, Kodama.”

Haru's fist rose and he almost launched it to Natsu's face, but he stopped midway and released him.

“Whatever.” Haru turned his back and began to leave. He had already walked few steps before he stopped.

“Mark my words, Matsuoka. I won't forgive you if you hurt Chihiro.”

“I will remember that.”


“Nee, Chiichan, you haven't been going home with Madoka-chan. Is there anything wrong?”

Chihiro shook her head. “It's nothing, Aoi-chan.”

Aoi frowned. “I know I’m not as close of a friend as Madoka-chan is to you, but even I can tell that you look troubled lately.”

Her words made Chihiro stop walking. She looked at Aoi and tried to smile to put her worried classmate in ease.

“Thanks for worrying, Aoi-chan, but it's really nothing important.”

Aoi sighed. “I hope you won't end up hurting yourself in the end, Chiichan. Whatever your problem is.”

Again, Chihiro put up a smile, except it was a bitter one.

“I hope so.”


Chihiro had just finished with her evening bath when she heard her mom calling for her, saying she had a guest waiting.

“I'm coming.”

She went down the stairs to the living room and was surprised to find Haru sitting quietly as if he was deep in thought..


Hearing her voice, Haru snapped back to reality. He was thinking of what to say if Chihiro asked him why he visited her, when he noticed her presence.

“Hi…” was the only word came out of his lips. He swallowed the lump in his throat. It was his first time seeing Chihiro in her casual wear--even moreso in her sleepwear--and he thought she looked so adorable.

Chihiro stared at him confusedly. “Is there anything you need?”

Again, her words brought him back to the earth. “I... I was just having a walk when I passed by your home so I thought of paying a visit.”

It was a lame excuse, he knew, but that was the only thing he could think of at that moment. He couldn't tell her how worried he was after he heard Natsu's words earlier that day.

“I... See…”

Chihiro decided to sit down across Haru and waited for him to talk. They spent a few minutes in silence before Haru finally opened his mouth.

“It's getting late, so I guess I should go home.”

He rose from his seat and Chihiro followed suit. His behavior confused her, but she didn't say anything and just accompanied him to the gate.

“See you tomorrow, Chihiro,” said Haru with an awkward smile.

“Take care.”

As Chihiro watched Haru walk away, her cellphone--which she had been holding in her hand--rang. She took a glance at the caller ID and contemplated whether she should pick it up. It was from Natsu. She was still unsure if her love for him was a mutual one, even with all the affection he showered on her after she confessed to him. While she was contemplating, she went back inside her house.

On the other side, Natsu waited for Chihiro to pick up the call. He was ready to hang it up when he finally heard her voice.

“Moshi moshi.”

He took a deep breath and greeted her back. “Moshi moshi, Chihiro.”

There was a long pause in the call with neither of them starting conversation. It took a while before Chihiro spoke up.

“Natsu… Is there anything you want to talk about?”

“I just want to hear your voice.”

His simple tease was enough to made her face heat up. She fanned her face with her free hand to cool it down.


He knew her long enough to recognize the tone in her voice and he was sure she was blushing at that moment. He shook his head as he smiled.

“You made me feel like going to your place right away.”

Chihiro was flushed totally red when she heard that and she pouted. “Mou, Natsu.”

“I guess I should really be going there. Only if you want to, though.”

“It's not like I don't want you to come but…”


“...It's getting late at night.”

Chihiro couldn't bring herself to say it wasn't right to do this when Natsu was still with Madoka, even if he had asked to break up with her. She could hear him chuckling on the other side.

“Don't worry, I'm a guy.”

“But still…”

“I'm already in front of your house.”


Chihiro opened her curtain and looked at the gate, where Natsu stood and waved at her with a smirk on his face. She jumped from her bed and ran down the stairs.


“Konbanwa, Chihiro.”

Natsu took a glance on Chihiro's outfit and turned red as he noticed she was wearing a robe above her sleepwear and his mind suddenly played the scene from the inn again.

“Cute," Natsu blurted out in his mind as he covered his mouth and looked away.

It made Chihiro blush, but she shook her head to dismiss the embarrassment. “Why are you here?”

Natsu took a deep breath, stepped forward and rested his arms on the locked gate. He gazed at Chihiro's eyes as he firmly spoke.

“I'm worried about you.”

Chihiro bit her lip at his statement. She let out a sigh before she came closer to Natsu and held his palms inside hers. She could feel how cold his hands were, and rubbed her thumbs on them to give him warmth.

“Your hands are cold.”

“It's okay. Your hands provide enough warmth.”

She released one of her hand to open the gate. “Come in.”

She took his hand and dragged him into her house. As they were inside, she asked him to sit and wait as she took off to prepare some hot chocolate. When she was away, her mom came to the living room to check on the guest.

“Ara, Natsu-kun. Konbanwa.”

Natsu nodded his head and greeted back. “Konbanwa, aunt Wakana.”

“It's been a long time since you visited. How are you?”

“I'm fine, auntie.”

“Where's Chihiro?”

“She said she went to prepare some drinks.”

“I see. Jyaa, I should leave you now. Oyasuminasai, Natsu-kun.”

“Oyasuminasai, aunt Wakana.”

With Chihiro's mom leaving, Natsu waited for Chihiro in the living room by himself. His mind was filled with thoughts when Chihiro entered the room with two glasses of warm chocolate milk.



Both of them sat in silence as Natsu slowly drank the chocolate milk and Chihiro sat beside him watching.

“Ano ne, Natsu... Do you think it's really okay for us to meet like this? After all, you're still with Madoka.”

Natsu put the glass on the table then grabbed Chihiro's hands. “I'll take care of it if there's anyone saying a word about it.”

“What about Madoka?”

“...” Natsu went into silence as he tried to think of the solution. Chihiro saw his troubled expression when an idea flashed inside her mind.

“I guess we shouldn't meet face to face until then.”

Natsu looked up and stared at Chihiro with a frown forming on his face. “What if I miss you?”

Chihiro giggled. “We're still going to meet at school, Natsu.” She took her phone and shook it in front of his face. “And we have phones.”

“You're right…”

Natsu took a glance at his watch and realized how late it had become. He stood up with an apologetic smile.

“I wanna stay here as long as I can, but I should go now or I'll miss the last train.”

Chihiro accompanied him to the gate with their palms still linked to each other. Once they reached the gate, Natsu turned to look at Chihiro. He raised his free hand and rubbed his palm against her cheek before he leaned down and landed a peck on her forehead.

“Thank you for the warmth, Chihiro.”

With his palm still on her cheek, he could feel the heat catching up to it as her face turned bright red after the sweet peck. It brought a smirk to Natsu's face as he let go of her hand and they parted for the night.


Chihiro could only stand in awe as Natsu walked away. She touched her forehead as she muttered to herself.

“Can I even hold all these feelings until everything ends…”


“Nee, Chihiro, how about we go on a date this Saturday?”

Chihiro was zoning off in her seat in class when she heard Haru and his date invitation. She was surprised that he spoke out of blue.


Haru took a seat beside hers and faced her with a pout on his face. “We're graduating soon but I still haven't gone on a date with you even once."

“Hmm…” Chihiro was considering to whether to accept or reject the offer when she heard Natsu speak up.

“That’s a nice idea. Can I tag along with Madoka? We can have a double date.”

Madoka, hearing her name mentioned, turned her head in Natsu’s direction. It had been two weeks since Natsu agreed to stay as her boyfriend for a month longer, and what he suggested just now bothered her. She wasn’t stupid and she knew Natsu’s heart was never hers to begin with. She thought that she could sway his heart once they dated, but she couldn't. She took a deep breath and decided to play along with Natsu.

“Is it okay with you two? Kodama-kun? Chihiro?”

Natsu was surprised to hear Madoka agreeing to his idea. He took a glance at the girl who was looking at him with the same questioning look as his, before looking back at Haru.

Haru glared at Natsu, who just replied to his glare with a smirk. He had no idea what the other guy was planning, especially with Madoka tagging along.

The three of them turned to look at Chihiro, asking for her confirmation. She looked at Natsu, then Haru and Madoka, then at Natsu again--who flashed her his smile and gave her a slight nod--before finally agreeing. “O-okay. Let's go for a double date.”


Haru was happy with the acceptance even though he couldn't help but felt uneasy with the situation turning into a double date with the pair he wanted to avoid. He cast aside the uneasiness for the moment and surprised Chihiro by grabbing her palms.

“I'll make this date the most memorable moment in your life.”

It made Chihiro's heart skip a beat as she noticed how serious Haru's gaze at her was, and she cast her glance away due to the embarrassment. Natsu watched over the scene from his seat and couldn’t help but feel jealous over the situation as he put on a crooked smile to hide his jealousy. He knew how Chihiro felt for him, but he had never asked her what she actually thought about the other guy. He was so absorbed in this thought that he didn't realize that Madoka was walking toward him until she placed her hand softly on his shoulder.

“Natsu, we need to talk.”


“Let’s ride the rollercoaster!”

Haru was full of energy for the date as he pointed his finger towards the attraction with great enthusiasm. In contrast to him, Chihiro’s shoulders were stiff as she looked up at the ‘coaster and her face turned pale. She turned to face Haru and shook her head slowly.

“I-I’m sorry, Haru. I really can’t ride that rollercoaster.”

Hearing the startled tone in Chihiro’s voice, Haru turned to her and grabbed her hands. He looked a bit disappointed but gave her a reassuring smile anyways.

“It’s okay. We can still do the other attractions.”

The reassurance brought a little smile to Chihiro’s face, resulting in Haru grinning. The interaction between the two made Natsu jealous as he squeezed the hand linked with his tight.

“Natsu, it hurts.”

The tone in Madoka’s voice when she said that was rather calm, but she still gave Natsu a look when he took a glance at her.


They continued to walk around the amusement park while searching for any attractions they could ride. With the thrilling ride being out of question, Haru offered the group the water ride.

“Hmm, how about the log ride?”

He looked at Chihiro as he gently asked, “is it okay with you, Chihiro?”

“I-I think I’m okay with that.”

Chihiro let out a smile to reassure Haru. She was still scared, but she didn’t want the date to be boring for him.

“But won’t we be wet after that?”

Natsu voiced his opinion as he glared at Haru but before Haru could retort, Madoka cut their tension.

“Sounds like a great idea.”

The two boys gave Madoka a surprised look. Chihiro was bewildered by the other girl’s behavior, but she kept silent while glancing at the others.

Madoka chuckled to the reactions. “What's with that look? I wanna have fun too.”

“Ah, I see.”

Haru glanced at the others as he confirmed once again. “So… log ride?”

Natsu just shrugged his shoulder and Madoka nodded. Haru turned to Chihiro, who let out a smile as she nodded and said, “Un.”


“This will be our last date.”

“Are you serious, Madoka?”

Madoka rested her back on the wall as she looked up to the sky. “Actually my departure for Germany will be this Sunday.”

The statement shocked Natsu. “Eh?”

"I don't think there's any use of me staying here either way, with all the paperwork already completed."

“I see…” Natsu took a deep breath. “What will be of our deal...?”

“It will be terminated, of course.” Madoka cast her glance on Natsu. “I know your heart doesn't belong to me, Natsu. I can see that in your eyes.”

Madoka's words left him speechless, so she continued while staring at the floor.

“I thought you would have a change of heart if we dated. I guess I'm wrong.”

“...I'm sorry,” was the only words that came out of his lips.

“It's not your fault.” Madoka let out a sigh. “I should have noticed it earlier.”

Natsu only smiled apologetically as he patted the girl's shoulder and made her chuckle before she let out a sigh.

“I know this sounds selfish, but I hope Chihiro doesn't hate me for what I have done to her.”

“She's a good girl. I'm sure she doesn't blame you.”

Madoka smiled. “She is.”

Natsu chuckled.”You too.”

Rolling her eyes, Madoka shrugged Natsu's hand off her shoulder. “Oh please, Natsu.”

“I know you care about Chihiro.”

“I guess I do.”

They were in comforting silence when Madoka decided to speak her idea.

“Nee, Natsu…”


“Do you want me to help you separate Chihiro from Kodama-san at the date?”

Natsu was surprised by the sudden offer and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “If you don't mind? But how?”

“I'll figure it out.”

“Thank you.”

“So... Can I get one last hug?”

Natsu rolled his eyes as he chuckled. He smiled at her and leaned in for a hug. “Why not?”

“Thank you for what you've given to me, Natsu.”

“You're welcome.”


“That was fun!”

“Yeah, when the log starting to go down I was so scared that we would fall out of it!”

“I'm glad we bought these raincoats.” Haru took a look at the others’ outfits and smiled. “None of us are wet!”

"Except for our shoes, heh." Natsu rolled his eyes, and Madoka smacked his arm.

“Maa, maa. We had fun, right? Nee, Chihiro?”

Chihiro smiled and nodded. “Yea, I thought it was scary at first but it was more fun than I had imagined.”

Her words brought a grin to Haru's face as he turned to face the girl. “I'm glad you had fun.”

“What's next?”

Before Haru could advance further in his move, Natsu cut in like a knife. Their eyes met and sent spark of rivalry to each other, making Chihiro slightly uncomfortable with the situation and take a glance at Madoka. Madoka let go of a sigh when she saw Chihiro giving her an apologetic look. She decided to butt in.

“How about house of mirrors? It should be fun.”

The two guys had their tension diverted, at last. Haru didn't seem like he was fond of the idea as they had to go in separately into the attraction. Natsu, on the other hand, looked at Madoka and grinned.

“Sounds like a great idea.”

Natsu squeezed Madoka's palm that was linked with his to express his gratitude as he remembered what she told him before. He gave her a smile and made the pianist blush a bit. Their act made Chihiro felt a little bit jealous, and she frowned when she felt her hand grabbed by Haru. He gave her his reassuring smile.

“Don't worry, Chihiro. I'll find you.”

It was Chihiro's turn to be blushing red, and Natsu’s to be getting jealous again. Madoka could only let go of a sigh at the scene happening in front of her at that moment.

“Let's go.”


“I hate this.”

Haru grunted as he walked inside the maze of mirrors and talked to himself.

“Why did I even let that Matsuoka and his girlfriend decide which attraction we should play?!”

He kept following the path until he reached a dead end, forcing him to turn back, but not before he let out his frustration and shouted at the blocking mirror.

“Mou, yada!”

On the other side of the maze, Madoka could hear the frustrated scream and let go of a sigh. She felt sorry for the guy, as she knew well the feeling he had, although she had given up on Natsu.

“So sorry, Kodama-san.”

She kept walking and looking for a way out from the maze of mirrors while thinking about the two separated ones.

“I wish you two some luck in here.”

At the same time, Chihiro could also hear Haru’s scream. It made her worried as she noticed that he didn’t seem to like the idea of entering the house but he didn’t say a word about it, and even tried to reassure her that he would find her inside. She started wondering why they even went on this double date to begin with.

“And why a house of mirrors…”

She thought of how Madoka’s behavior seemed to be different today, as she was no longer hostile toward Chihiro. She even saw her smiling genuinely at her so many times.

“I wonder if anything happened…”

It crossed her mind that perhaps Madoka’s happiness was from Natsu not breaking up from her. The thought made Chihiro shake her head to clear out the negative idea. She wanted to hold on to Natsu’s words.

Not far from there, Natsu stood facing one of the mirrors as he took a deep breath. He looked at his reflection on the mirror and smiled when an idea flashed in his head.

“I can just call her phone to pinpoint the location.”

He took his phone out of his pocket and dialed the number.

“I'm going to find you here, Chihiro.”

It didn't took long before the call was answered, and it relieved Natsu that he could hear her ringtone very clearly from his spot.


“Is it okay there?”

“Umm, I'm not sure if I can find my way out but I'm trying.”

Natsu chuckled. “You're such a lost kid, Chihiro.”


He could imagine her pouting as she said the word and it brought a smile to his face.

“I'll find you and we'll walk out this maze together.”

Chihiro was somewhat excited, and all her worried thoughts vanished to dust as she walked slowly, waiting for Natsu to reach her place. It made Chihiro giggle.

“That is if you can find me in this confusing maze.”

Natsu chuckled again as he kept walking and tracking the origin of Chihiro's voice, since he could somewhat hear it, not just from the speaker of his phone.

“You can keep talking if you want, Chihiro.”


“It makes me easier to find you.”

Natsu could already see Chihiro's back and smiled as he proceed to approach her silently. When he was finally behind her, he grabbed her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder, surprising her in the process and turning her blushing red.

“I told you I would find you.”


It took a little while before Natsu released Chihiro, and he let out a grin when he saw how red her face has become.


“Mou…” Chihiro pouted and covered her reddened cheeks with her palms from embarrassment.

Natsu grabbed her hand and linked their fingers tight as they continued walking through the maze to find the way out.

“Ano ne, Natsu…”


"Why did you suggest this double date?"

Natsu was surprised by the question even though he had sort of expected her to ask. He looked away as he answered.

“Let's just say I'm jealous.”


His answer brought pinkish hue to Chihiro's cheeks. She felt happy that he was actually jealous toward her interaction with Haru. She turned to look at him still looking away, bringing a grin to her face.

“Are you embarrassed to admit that you're jealous?”

Natsu chuckled as he turned to face Chihiro. “You know I can easily turn this against you.”

Chihiro gulped when she saw Natsu's eyes and prepared herself when he gently pushed her onto the wall and rested his arm beside her head as he leaned closer to her.

“Admit it. You're jealous, too.”

Chihiro shook her head as her heart skipped a beat and she looked away. “No.”

Her denial made Natsu lean even closer, so close that she could feel his breath on her ears when he whispered.

“It's okay to be jealous, right.”

Chihiro couldn't help but giggle. “I guess so.”

They gazed at each other for a while before ending it with an embarrassed laugh, and went on with the walk.

“Nee, Natsu... I want to ask about Madoka.”


“Why did she agree on this idea?”

Natsu smiled. “I guess it's better if you have a talk with her later.”

It was soon that they could already see the exit. Both of them stopped right before it and looked at each other in silence before Chihiro broke it.

“I don't want this to end.”

Natsu could hear a little sadness in her voice and feel her tighten the grab on their linked palms. He smiled as he assured her.

“Don't worry. We can do this again sooner than you expected.”

Chihiro was confused and wondered what he meant with it. She felt a bit upset when he released his hand, but a bit relieved when he patted her head.

“Let's go out now.”


“I swear I'll never enter a House of Mirrors again!” Haru exclaimed. He was totally lost in the maze until a staff member of the attraction entered after Chihiro worriedly reported his missing to the person in charge. He was annoyed by the fact that Natsu laughed his ass off when he walked out the maze, accompanied by the staff.

“You shouldn't have agreed if you're not good at finding way out, Kodama-san.” Madoka politely told him as she held her laugh from escaping.

Haru grunted. “What could I say, I was a minority.”

Chihiro looked down and felt a little guilty. “I'm sorry, Haru.”

Haru saw Chihiro's remorseful face and couldn't help that it lit a smile on his face as he told her, “Nah, it's not your fault,” and he patted her head before sending a glare to Natsu.

Natsu still couldn't contain his laughter when Madoka poked his arm.

“I'm thirsty. Buy me a drink, please?”

She gave a look to him, hoping that he got what she wanted to say. She needed time to talk to Chihiro.

“Well, sure." Natsu smiled and turned to Chihiro. "Do you want something?”

“Anything is fine.”

“Okay.” He took a glance at Madoka, whose palms had met each other in front of her chest as she gave him a hopeful look. He took a deep breath as he faced Haru.

“Hey, Kodama, come with me.”

When Haru heard the sudden invitation, he gave him a glare. He surely didn't want to be with the guy who just made fun of him, but he was forced to when Natsu pulled the hood of his jacket as he walked away

“Come with me, I need your help in bringing the drinks later.”

“Fine, now let me go!” It annoyed Haru as he struggled before Natsu released him and smiled, weirding him out.

“Give the girls a little time for a talk, okay?”

Haru kept silent as he grumbled to himself, “Whatever.”

On the girls' side, both of them decided to take a seat on a nearby bench as they waited for the boys to return. They sat in silence but inside their minds, they wanted to break the wall. Madoka took the initiative and surprised Chihiro a little.

“So... We had fun, didn't we.”

Chihiro nodded. “Un.”

There was a short silence before Madoka spoke up again while staring at the crowds.

“I want to talk to you. That's why I asked Natsu to go and buy a drink. I'm glad he brought Kodama-kun along.”

Chihiro wasn't sure how she should react to Madoka's words and couldn't help but wondering why she needed them to be alone.

Madoka closed her eyes and took a deep breath before revealing the truth to Chihiro.

“I'm departing for Germany tomorrow.”

It took a little while for Chihiro to absorb the information, and it made her turn to look at the other girl when she realized what it actually meant.

“You mean…”

“It means today's date will be the last for me and Natsu.”

Chihiro couldn't believe when she heard Madoka telling her that without any hateful tone in it. She could feel that she was upset, but that was all.

“But I thought you were supposed to depart next week?”

Madoka let out a sigh. “I've been thinking about if for a while after Natsu asked to break up with me that day. I told him my decision”

She turned her head to face Chihiro who looked bewildered.

“I'm sorry, Chihiro.”

Her apology made Chihiro tilt her head from confusion. “Why do you apologize?”

A smile appeared on Madoka’s face as she moved closer and pulled Chihiro into a warm hug. “You are too nice of a person, Chihiro.”

Chihiro was surprised but hugged Madoka back. “Errm, thank you?”

Her response brought laughter to Madoka’s face and she released her from the hug.

“I'm sorry that I took Natsu away from you all this time.”

Chihiro couldn't believe her ears, staring at Madoka's face with confusion, making Madoka sigh before she continued.

“You know, I always thought Natsu would've had a change of heart if we went out.”

Madoka looked away from Chihiro, and stared at the sky while muttered to herself.

“I wonder why he didn't reject my confession back then…”

“I'm sorry…”

As if it was a reflex, the apology slipped out of Chihiro's lips and made Madoka giggle.

“You don't need to say sorry, really.”

“Sorry, it's a habit.”

Chihiro retorted with a smile growing on her face when she realized she used the apology words again, and laughter erupted between them. She was about to thank Madoka when she noticed the boys had returned from their walk for the drinks.

Natsu noticed the happy scene between the girls as he walked to them with a smile on his face and the drinks in his hands. Slightly behind him, Haru still kept his sulking face, which soon turned to a look of surprise as he saw the giggles occurring between the girls. What he saw made him felt a little relieved that they had somehow mended their friendship, but at the same time he worried because, with the two girls reconciliated, he only had one possible conclusion that he knew he didn't want to hear.

“Your milk tea, Madoka.”

“Thanks, Natsu.”

“Oi, Kodama, stop zoning out.”

Natsu's remark snapped Haru back into reality and he gave Chihiro her drink.

“Nee, the sun is setting soon. How about ferris wheel for the last ride?”

Haru's face was brightened hearing Madoka's suggestion and he took it as a chance to confess to Chihiro one last time. He didn't want to give up yet, even if the chances were already too slim.

“Great idea, Moriyasu-san!”

Madoka just smiled as a response to Haru's exclamation. She eyed Natsu and Chihiro looking at each other, and she let go a sigh as she had a feeling she knew what they were thinking with Natsu grinning and Chihiro blushing. She saw Haru's optimistic look and she couldn't help but felt sorry for him, so she grabbed Natsu's arm and gave Haru one last chance even though she knew the likely result would be.

“Natsu, you're with me, right?”

Natsu gave her a frown although he had no choice but to follow her as she dragged him to enter the gondola when it was their turn on the queue. The scene made Haru quietly express his gratitude to the pianist girl, before he turned to look at Chihiro with a smile and grabbed her hands.

“Come on.”

Chihiro felt a bit disappointed that she couldn't ride the attraction with Natsu, but she didn't want to upset Haru either so she smiled back at him and walked together as they entered the next gondola to arrive.


“Everything looks so small from up here.”


The silence engulfed the gondola that Chihiro and Haru were in, as Chihiro stared outside the glass to view the scenery while Haru was being nervous preparing his line to confess to Chihiro once again. He bit his lower lip while taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He started tapping his feet in his anxiety, and Chihiro couldn't help but noticing it.

“Haru, are you okay?”

Her voice was laced with worry, prompting him to glance at her and let out a smile.

“I'm fine.”

Again, they were immersed in silence until Haru realized the gondola would soon reach the top of the wheel. He prepared his heart, taking a deep breath before he started speaking.


“Hmm?” She hummed as she turned to face Haru.

“Do you still remember when we first started to get along?”

“I do.” That brings back memories, she thought, although some were a bit painful to remember.

Haru looked down as he started telling her what he was feeling for her. “I've always thought of how to get close to you, but I held myself, with you always being with Matsuoka.”

Chihiro wasn't sure if she should react with a smile, so she just kept her stare on him in silence.

“When Matsuoka finally went out with Moriyasu-san, I thought I finally had a chance.”

Haru, not waiting for response, continued his story. “It took me time to get along with you, but it was worth a lot to me. I realized how you felt for Matsuoka all this time when I saw how you watched him with those longing eyes, but I still wanted to fight for my chance.”

Chihiro was suddenly filled with guilt. She had a feeling of where Haru was heading, and she didn't want to hurt the heart of the guy who had been by her side through her hardest heartbreaking moments, even though it would eventually happen, so she gave him time to finish what he meant to deliver.

Across from her, Haru once again took a deep breath. Preparing his heart for one last time.

“I know I had confessed to you back then, and you didn't give me an exact answer that day, so I have to ask you once again.”

He crouched down to hold her hands tight and looked up to her face. When he saw her expression, he could already imagine what her answer would be, but he still pressed his last chance.

“Would you go out with me?”

Chihiro gazed at Haru, before she closed her eyes and shook her head.

“I'm sorry, Haru.”

Haru couldn't hide his disappointment when she slowly released her hands from his. He pulled back to his seat and laid his back on the gondola's wall. He looked down, but he strangely felt relieved at the rejection, with a small, crooked smile creeping onto his face.

“I guess I really couldn't win over that Matsuoka, huh.”

Meanwhile, in the other gondola, Natsu watched the scene closely as he had his back facing Madoka on the seat across. Seeing him like that, Madoka shook her head and let her palm meet her face.

“You know, Natsu, he needs this.”

What she told him made him turn around. “...But-”

“I know you're jealous and you wanted to be in a gondola with Chihiro, doing things I don't wanna say, but hey, this was supposed to be their date. Give him a chance to enjoy it.”

Natsu stared at her and tried to digest what she meant to say. He tilted his head as he failed to understand why she wanted to help his rival, making her let out a heavy sigh.

“I know how he feels. I was under the same condition after all. He needs to let it go, Natsu.”

Hearing her words, Natsu couldn't help but utter a “sorry” to Madoka, which she shrugged off.

“Nah, it's all over with us.”

The way she lightly brushed it off brought a smile to Natsu's previously frowning face.

“Thanks a lot, Madoka. You'll definitely find a good guy.”

Madoka chuckled. “Well of course. I'm gonna find nice German guy and make Chihiro jealous of me when I come back.”

Her retort brought Natsu a wide grin and he pulled a smug face when he said, “Doubt she will be, because she will have me when that happens.”

Madoka giggled. “True that.”

They had a little laugh before Madoka stopped and glared at Natsu.

“Court her properly and treat her well or you will face the consequence from me.”

Natsu raised his eyebrows from the sudden threat, before Madoka laughed again from seeing his shocked face.

“Just kidding, but yeah, I mean what I said. After all, she's my precious friend.”

Natsu let go of the breath he held before, he went into laughter along with Madoka and promised her “I will. I surely will.”

They sat in silence waiting for the ride to finally end. Natsu glanced outside and saw the sunset, then sighed.

“Oh maaan. You know, Madoka…”


“I wish you were Chihiro.”

Madoka rolled her eyes and chuckled as she saw Natsu's playful grin. “I wish you would just shut up.”

He chuckled and once again took a look at the gondola where Chihiro and Haru rode. He saw her looking outside like he did earlier, and wondered what was going through her mind at that moment.

Inside the gondola, Haru closed his eyes after the rejection. The little smile on his face was still there.


Chihiro, hearing her name called, turned her head.


“Thanks for telling me your feelings.”

Chihiro smiled. “I should thank you as well. Without you, my heart would probably have been in worse condition.”

“It's been my pleasure.”

It didn't take long before the ride ended and their feet finally touched the ground again. The sky had turned dark and they decided to call it a day, but Madoka once again made a suggestion..

“I want us to take a commemorative photo. Or purikura.”

The suggestion was warmly welcomed by the other three, and both Natsu and Chihiro patted her on the shoulder while Haru stood at the side smiling.

“That's great idea, Madoka-chan.”

Madoka grinned at Chihiro. “I know, right.”

“Then we should ask someone to help…” said Natsu, as all of them looked around and, before too long, Chihiro saw a familiar face so she decided to call the girl for the help.


The girl heard her name called and turned her back, with a smile growing on her face when she recognized the caller.


Aoi ran a bit as she came to the group's spot and saw the pairings. She wondered if Chihiro was dating Haru, but she decided to shrug it off for now as she let out a smile at Chihiro’s happy expression and decided to tease her.

“Oh, double date?”

Chihiro giggled as she turned to look at the others. “Sort of.”

“I'm sorry to bother you while you're having fun as well, Motomura-san but…” Madoka took out her phone as she asked, “can you help us take a photo?”


“We can take a picture together later, Aoi-chan,” added Chihiro, to which Aoi nodded happily.


Madoka and Chihiro stood to pose, but not before they called the boys to join. Natsu grinned as he stood beside Madoka, but then shoved by her to be between the girls. He smirked as he jokingly exclaimed, “MY HAREM!” and earned rightful smacks on the head from the girls beside him.

Watching the scene, Haru chuckled as he took a place beside Chihiro. He stood with a small space between him and Chihiro.

“Kodama-san, can you stand closer to Chiichan so it's easier to take the photo?”

Haru glanced at his side, seeing Chihiro smile, then saw Natsu beside her just nodding with a smirk as if to give him an okay. Haru rolled his eyes but silently thanked him for this last opportunity, and he rested his palm on her shoulder.

“Okay everyone, are you ready?” Aoi asked the group as she was prepared to shot already.



“It was a fun date.”

Haru let out a smile from hearing Chihiro’s remark when they finally called it a day, and he chuckled.

“Well, apart from some incidents, today was fun, indeed.”

Chihiro was relieved hearing him making fun of himself while grinning. She turned to look at Natsu and Madoka.

“So, I guess we should head back to our homes?”

Natsu smiled at Chihiro before he glanced at Madoka, asking for permission to take Chihiro home, to which Madoka rolled her eyes.

“Stop looking at me with those puppy eyes. It's not me you should ask.”

Her remarks made Natsu chuckle, and he turned to Haru but then decided to shrug it off and ask Chihiro directly.

“Shall I accompany you home, Chihiro?”

The invitation turned Chihiro’s cheeks red but she was still considering Haru’s and Madoka’s feelings as she took a glance at both of them. However, Haru just chuckled and pushed her gently.

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you, Haru.”


“Thanks, Kodama,” said Natsu as he smacked Haru's shoulder to express his gratitude, making Haru groan. He rubbed his smacked shoulder and his reaction brought laughter to the others.

“Maan, I didn't even smack you that HARD.”


They continued to laugh for a while, when Madoka took a peek at the time and noticed how late it had become.

“I guess it's time to REALLY separate now.”

Haru checked his watch and nodded in agreement. “I guess so.”

He turned to Natsu, who had already linked his hand with Chihiro's without anyone realizing.

“Matsuoka, you still remember my words, right?”

Natsu nodded as his mind flashed back a little to the scene at the back of the gymnasium.

“Don't worry. I'll take care of her.”

Madoka stared at the two guys, who seemed to have reach agreement with whatever they were talking about, and she could tell that it must be related to Chihiro when Natsu took a glance at her, making her raise her eyebrows.

“I promised Madoka I'll take very good care of her, too.”

Madoka let out a chuckle as she glanced at Chihiro, who seemed to finally notice that they were talking about her and turned flushing red as a result. She decided to change the subject for Chihiro's sake before she exploded from her blushing.

“By the way, would you guys come to the airport tomorrow? A little farewell doesn't hurt.”

Chihiro was the first one to give her response and nodded with a smile, then Natsu followed suit.

“Sure, we will.”

They turned to stare at Haru who seemed unsure. “Moriyasu-san, am I invited as well?”

Madoka giggled. “Well, of course!”

“Then I'll come, too.” Haru grinned.

“Thank you, everyone. Jyaa, see you tomorrow.”

“See you.”


“It's a bit cold, isn't it.”


Chihiro rubbed her palms against each other to create heat as Natsu wrapped his arm around her shoulder while they were walking in silence and, before they knew it, they had arrived in front of Chihiro's house. She walked past the gate and turned to face Natsu with a shy smile.

“Do you want to come in?”

The invitation warmed Natsu’s heart, but he had to reject it as he checked his watch. “Maybe next time. I'm afraid I will miss the last train if I do.”

“I see.”

Chihiro looked away with a warm blush on her cheeks when she heard the “next time” as he gave her an apologizing look.

“Jyaa, take care, Natsu.”

Natsu nodded. “See you tomorrow.”

He turned his back and walked away, but he stopped and turned back again to see Chihiro walk to the door of her house. He took a deep breath before he called her name loud and walked back to the gate.


The call made Chihiro turned her head again and she was surprised to see Natsu coming back so she made her way to see him once again.

“Natsu, is there anything else?”

Natsu saw Chihiro raising her eyebrows and chuckled as he extended his arms above the fence and touched her cheeks gently.

“I guess I have never told you face to face but…”

He looked down and bit his lower lips as he gathered the courage. Chihiro gazed at him and she could feel her own heartbeat rise from the situation. When he finally braced himself to gaze at her eyes, he smiled and told her,

“I love you, Chihiro.”

His sudden confession sent all her blood to her face, as she could feel the heat gather on her cheeks. She was glad that she could finally know what he felt for her all this time, and a smile slowly crept into her face.

“I love you, too, Natsu.”

The genuine smile on Natsu’s face turned into teasing grin as he heard her response.

“I know.”

“Mou…” Chihiro pouted, even though she was really happy at that moment. It made Natsu thought of how cute she was, before he pulled himself for the main event.

“One more thing, Chihiro…”


“Would you be my girlfriend?”

Chihiro's pouting lips slowly turned into a smile as she nodded and accepted his confession.



“You know, something feels a little different today…”

Madoka stared at the couple in front of her as they smiled sheepishly. She tapped the girl's shoulder with a smirk on her face.

“So I guess I should congratulate you two?”

“Well of course!” Natsu exclaimed as a smirk formed on his lips while his hand linked with Chihiro's. The declaration made Chihiro a little embarrassed and blushed as she looked down.

“Man, too much happiness here. I should stay away.” Haru pretended to sulk before he ended up chuckling and smiled at the new couple.


Chihiro looked up to see Haru's smiling face, and it made her feel happy as she let out a smile. “Thank you.”

Haru heaved a sigh. “I'm so jealous right now but I'm also happy for you, Chihiro.”

“Don’t worry, Kodama, you'll get a good girl soon. Probably.”

Haru sent a glare to Natsu with that remark, but he decided to let it slide, thinking of it as a motivation. He grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah. Probably.”

"A good guy like you will find a befitting partner, Kodama-san."

The sudden remark from Madoka surprised the other three. She put on a smile as she said that, making Haru's heart skip a beat as he wondered if she was being genuine or just teasing him. His grin turned into sheepish smile as he rubbed his hair in embarrassment.

“T-thank you, Moriyasu-san.”

The scene made Chihiro raise her eyebrows, and Natsu attempted to hold his laughter before he finally couldn’t hold it anymore and snorted.

“This is certainly interesting development.”

Madoka rolled her eyes before she sent a glare to Natsu. She turned to Haru and said, “Don't bother.”

“Is the spring finally coming to Haru?” Chihiro giggled as she came to understand the reason why Natsu was laughing. Natsu then added “pun intended,” to her remark, and they turned to look at each other with wide grins on their faces. Their interaction made Madoka let go of a sigh as she placed her palm in front of her face and shook her head.

“Mou, Chihiro, not you too.” Haru pouted from the reaction. His sudden irregular heartbeat was finally calmed after all the teasing from the new couple.

An announcement was then heard, prompting Madoka to look at her watch and check the time as she realized her boarding time was soon to come. She took a deep breath as she faced her friends to say goodbye.

“Then… I guess we should part here.”

The tears were forming at the corner of Chihiro's eyes, as she swept them before they could come down. Her lips were slowly turning into a sad smile when Madoka reached out and pulled her into a hug.

“Don't cry. It's not like I'm not coming back again.”

When Madoka released Chihiro, who was sobbing, she turned to Natsu and repeated what she had told him before. “Take care of her, okay?”

Natsu smiled as he put his arm around Chihiro’s shoulder and pulled her closer to him. “I will.”

When Madoka faced Haru, she patted his shoulder. “Let's wish ourselves good luck in finding our next love.”

Haru chuckled. “Yeah.”

Madoka picked up her baggage as she walked away, but she stopped after a few steps and turned her back.

“Natsu, I'm gonna find a German guy as I've told you, so you should all meet me when I come back!”

With her final words delivered, she grinned and walked away without waiting for a response. It surprised Haru and Chihiro, who had finally stopped sobbing. They stared at Natsu as he chuckled and muttered, “oh Madoka,” before he realized they were looking at him with questioning look.

“It's nothing important, really,” said Natsu as he pinched Chihiro’s nose gently and she pouted.


“Ahem, I guess I should leave now before I become a third wheel here.” Haru pretended to clear his throat and he waved his hand to the lovey-dovey couple as he left.

“See ya, Kodama.”

Natsu and Chihiro waved back as they watched his back blend into the crowd. When they could no longer see him, Natsu turned his head in Chihiro's direction.

“So… What should we do now?”

“I wonder…”

Chihiro observed him as his lips slowly formed a cheeky grin. He tilted his head and closed the gap between their faces in a blink of an eye, as he stole a kiss from her before he dragged her to walk.


Chihiro was still in a state of shock. Her heart skipped a beat and she could feel herself getting hot on the face as she touched her lips while looking at his back. When Natsu stopped his steps, he turned to see Chihiro's blushing face and he chuckled as he looked away. It wasn't like he wasn't embarrassed by his own action.


Chihiro pouted. “Mou…” She gazed at him before averting her eyes as she muttered quietly, “You should at least tell me if you’re going to do it.”

“I will tell you next time so you can prepare to kiss me back.”

She didn’t mean for Natsu to hear the last part, so his response, while he was grinning widely, had turned her face red as a tomato. She punched his arm before she hid her face in it.


The punch made him hiss a bit before he chuckled from her reaction. He checked his watch and noticed that the next train was going to arrive soon, so he whispered to her, “You know, as much as I have fun teasing you, we should leave now or we'll miss the next train.”

Her face still had the pink shade when she raised her head and nodded. He smiled and patted her head.

“Let's go.”



Huff, it's finally done. Now I can move on to other things.  :panic:

Comments and Critics are appreciated. :twothumbs
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That was looooong XD. Well that was wonderful although in the end it was meant to be :killed:
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Re: [Yuki88's Random OS Idea Center] - (OS014) Only Today/ChiiNatsu <HKT48>
« Reply #48 on: November 18, 2014, 11:52:41 AM »
Yo, everyone. I'm back. Thanks of anyone who has come and read my fics and... Whoa I'm on a roll with ChiiNatsu pairing lol. This is the first time I ship a pairing really hard, now that I think of it.  :yossi:
Actually this next short OS was inspired by team H's performance of Oshibe Meshibe Yoru no Chouchou by Chihiro (who was the under of Sasshi) and Natsu ahaha. It's one of the OS I finished in very short time and without much thinking.  :lol:

Here I present you:


If you come to me

The memories were still so fresh on Chihiro's mind. She saw how Natsu gazed at her throughout their performance of Oshibe Meshibe Yoru no Chouchou. She remembered the warm of her body when they embraced. She could still even taste her lips lingered on her own after she kissed her. Everything that happened on stage made her heart fluttered even after they had finished with the song. She didn't remember how she went through the rest of the setlist. It was almost as if her body moving out of reflex while her mind was flying somewhere else. She didn't realize that until the show ended and she finished changing her clothes. She just sat there in front of the mirror--looking at her own reflection and zoning off as her mind replayed the scene from the stage. Only when she felt her shoulder was tapped that she was brought back to reality. She saw her close friend looking at her through the mirror with an expression that she couldn't understand. She turned to face her.


There wasn't any reply coming from the team H center's lips, only her gaze was fixated on the captain. Her hand was still on her shoulder as they stared in silence and Chihiro waited for a word to slip out before Haruppi took her hand off and let out a smile.

"You did a great job today."

Chihiro only replied back with a smile. She didn't know what to say to her as she saw something that looked like sadness on her eyes but she couldn't bring herself to ask her why. She could only silently stare at her, wondering what was on her mind.

On the other side of the dressing room, Natsu was busy doting the kids when she noticed the scene between the captain and the center. Everyone in the group knew how the center felt about the captain and the vice captain couldn't help but wondering what had gone through her mind when she saw her love interest kissed another girl, even if it was brief and staged. She looked away from the two. She felt guilty toward Haruppi because she was so into her role in the performance that she forgot that both of them were merely acting. It all felt a little too real for her. The touch. The embrace. The kiss. She couldn't help but wanting more. Even though she knew she shouldn't feel that way about her captain.

Natsu let go a sigh as she glanced to  the captain and the center once again. She saw Haruppi let out a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes--her gaze was laced with a little jealousy and sadness--and she couldn't help but felt the pang of guilt grew even worse. The vice captain realized that the center position that Haruppi got in the setlist meant she would never get to do the song with Chihiro and she could only watch from the side bitterly every time they rehearsed and performed the song.

"Nacchan? Are you okay?"

The childish voice coming from Nako brought Natsu back to reality as she turned to meet the young girl's worried face and let out a smile as she patted her head.

"I'm totally okay."

Her answer seemed to relieve the young girl as she hugged the older girl tight. It made Natsu glad that she had place she could hide herself from all the overwhelming feelings she had for her captain ever since they started performing that song. It wasn't like she never had any feeling for her before. She just didn't realize that it would grow so much bigger. She let Nako off her lap and excused herself to the washroom. She needed to clear up her mind.

As Natsu walked past Chihiro and Haruppi's seats, she took a glance at the two and, as if the fate played with their hearts cruelly, her eyes accidentally met Chihiro's. It didn't stop her for walking her way to the washroom but still it made her heart skipped a beat when she saw her eyes. She quickly looked away and opened the door to the washroom. She stood in front of one of the basins and faced the mirror to see her own reflection. She turned the water knob on and quickly splashed her face with the cold water to calm her head. She rested her hands on the edge of the basin as she looked at the mirror and talked to herself:

"I shouldn't fall too deep or there will be no way back."

She kept on muttering those words and she didn't notice that someone made her entrance until she heard the sound of a closed door and the footsteps coming closer. She turned to look at the newcomer and couldn't believe her eyes as she saw who was standing there.


Natsu cursed inside her mind. She stared at the captain as she tried to keep herself calm from the appearance of her partner in that unit. She saw her bit her lower lips as she wondered what did she want.

"Nacchan, I..."

The words couldn't get through Chihiro's lips. She wasn't sure what to tell to the other girl. Should she apologize and say it's all misunderstanding or should she give up to the feelings that were flooding inside her?

Before she could decide, she felt herself being pushed to the wall. She was surprised at the sudden act from her vice captain, who looked straight into her eyes and it made her heart beat faster. Before she knew it, Natsu leaned it and Chihiro felt her lips being crushed by the same lips she had only briefly before. Her eyes nearly bulged out of her socket when she felt the pressure on her lips as she was unprepared for the sudden attack. She tried to release herself from Natsu but failed as the other girl wrapped her amrs around her waist. She didn't know how long the kiss lasted and started to give in when Natsu finally let her go and took so many steps backward. She looked as if she couldn't believe what she had just done to her captain.

"I-I-I'm sorry Chiichan. I didn't mean to do it!!" exclaimed Natsu as she stuttered at her words. She looked at Chihiro who was still shocked and froze at her spot as she repeated her apology again and again. She really had no idea what has gotten into her when she decided to kiss the captain. In front of her eyes, the other girl raised her hand and touched her own lips with her fingers as she glanced down before she finally looked up straight to the vice captain.

"Nacchan... We need to talk about this."

Natsu could see Chihiro's flustered cheeks and she knew she didn't look any different from the captain but the serious tone in her voice brought her consciousness back. She took a deep breath before she faced her again.

"Chiichan, I..."

"I'm not sure what I'm feeling for you, Nacchan..."

The words from Chihiro lighted a small hope inside Natsu's heart but she was quick to get her heartbreak as the captain went on.

"But this all shouldn't have happened."

Chihiro covered her eyes with her palm as she felt her tears forming around the corner of her eyes. She had wavering feelings toward her vice captain but she felt that she should end it before they committed things they shouldn't do.

As Natsu saw the captain's teary form, she felt the guilt return to her. She moved closer and did the thing that was usually done by Chihiro to her: she embraced her and gently patted her head to calm her. She could tell that her feeling was conflicted--the same as hers. She whispered to her ear that she understood her decision and she hugged her until she felt the sob stopped. When she was about to release her, Chihiro quickly wrapped her arms around Natsu's back and pulled her back.

"Can we please stay like this a little longer..."

Natsu listened to the plea and tightened the embrace as she let go a sigh.

"What do you think of me, Chiichan..."

She unconsciously spouted the same line she said in the performance and rested her head on Chihiro's shoulder. There was a long silence before the captain finally released herself from the embrace and replied, "I wonder.." with a smirk on her face--the same way as she did on stage. The response loosened the tension and brought a little smile onto Natsu's face as she decided to follow up and lighten the situation by continuing the skit and hugged the older girl once again.


The smirk on Chihiro's turned into a wide smile as she patted the younger girl's head. "Good girl..."

As the skit was coming to an end and they let go each other with a smile on their faces, the door of the washroom was opened by none other than the center Haruppi.

"What took you so long, Chiichan?"

Jealousy was obvious on her face as she noticed the existence of Natsu and stared at the vice captain for a long time. It made Natsu let g a sigh and walked toward the door to leave the two, but not before she turned her back and mouthed a silent message to the captain.

"It's not over yet."

As she saw Chihiro frowned at her suggestion, she chuckles and turned back to the door, facing Haruppi before she tapped her shoulder and whispered, "Good luck."

Natsu walked away leaving the scene with lingering feelings for the captain. It wasn't like the problem with their mutual feelings were solved but now that she knew that neither of them wanted this to go on, she knew she just had to move on with life. She packed her bag and was already prepared to leave when Chihiro and Haruppi finally came out from the washroom. Natsu didn't want to bother on what happened between them inside so she took her leave before they noticed. She was already on her way home when she saw an incoming message on her LINE from the captain. The message left her in an awe before she shook her head and laughed heartily at the content as it said,

"I'll show you my side you've never seen so come to me."


Comments and Critics are appreciated as usual lol.
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Incredible OS.  Left to do what Is possible but maybe later on a session to cap the night :3
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So yo hey I came back with more HKT fic lol. This time I bring you the hottest rumored pair in team H, Chihiro x Chiizu a.k.a. ChiiUme/UmeChii  :twisted:

I used the title because... Well, that's how they are haha.

But anyway, save the long talk, I shall present you:


Hikaeme I love you

"Do you hate me, Umemoto Izumi?"

I was shocked when I heard those words came out from the lips of Anai-san, my senpai whom I've admired for a long time. I realized that I poked fun of her more than I said the good things in front of her but I never thought she would think that I hated her because of that.

I took a deep breath before I threw the ball to the basket but even before it reached the goal I already knew that the ball wouldn't get into it. I let go a sigh. I never thought it would affect me this much, seriously. I decided to take a rest from my private basketball practice and laid on the floor. I stared at the ceiling as I let my mind wandered back to the scene where she uttered those words to me.

"You know, is it just me who thinks that we happen to have a lot of activities together lately?"

Anai-san turned to look at me before she continued stretching. It took a short while before she replied with a little smile on her face.

"I think so but... What's the matter? Are you happy that you get to spend a lot of time with me?"

I took a side-glance at her and when I saw her smiling face, I could feel that my heartbeat became faster and it was as if all of the blood in my body was being pumped to my face at that moment. I immediately looked away before she could notice that I was blushing.

"Not really. I'm just bored of seeing you so often."

I could hear her heaved a sigh when she heard my reply so I turned to see her as she stood up and looked down at me as she muttered,

"Do you hate me, Umemoto Izumi?"

There was something that looked like disappointment in her eyes and the corner of her lips pointed downward. She didn't wait for my answer and turned her back before she walked away to join the other senpai. All of my words left my brain when I saw her like that and I could only stare at her back furthering away. I closed me eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself. I continued with the stretching when I felt a hand gently tapped my shoulder so I took a side glance at her.


Rikopii just gave me a worried look as she let out a sigh. She always took care of the younger one, including me.

"Ume, you should've at least said something better, you know."

I stared at her before I looked away and my eyes caught Anai-san laughing with her friends at the other side. I felt a thud in my heart but I wasn't sure what I should do. I have always admired her and I wanted to tell her so but every time I tried to, my lips decided differently from what I was thinking inside my mind.

I heaved a sigh. "If only it was that easy, Rikopii..."

I kept my eyes on Anai-san when she suddenly glanced at the direction I was sitting at and our eyes met. I quickly looked away before she realized that I had been staring at her and I took a quick glance afterward to make sure if she had stopped looking at me but she hadn't so I looked away again. The second time I glanced there, she finally went on chatting with her friends.

"I know you don't wanna do it but it doesn't hurt if you tell her what you've been thinking about her all this time."

I glanced over my shoulder to see Mashiro joining Rikopii behind me. She pouted as she shook her head while I was looking at the direction of Anai-san, who had finished with the stretching and started her dance exercise.

"She's so beautiful..."

I uttered those words unconsciously as I watched Anai-san dance. She always danced so gracefully in contrary to me and my boyish style.

"You really should tell that to her directly, Izumi."

Mashiro's voice brought me back from my enthralled state and I turned my back to see her let go a sigh. I knew she was worried about me so I gave her an apologetic smile as I told her that I would be fine.

As I was finished with the stretching, I stood up and started practicing the steps we were taught in the previous day. Mashiro joined me with the practice and Rikopi left to check the younger girls. I was so focused in the practice that I didn't realize that Matsuoka-san was staring at me from the mirror as she stood against the wall behind me. She was one of the senpai who was with Anai-san until a moment ago. I could feel the intense stare when I was finished with the routine as she took off from the wall and approached me.

"Ume, we need to talk."

She crossed her arms in front of her chest when she was in front of me and for the first time I felt how intimidating her taller build was as I looked up to see her face scowled.

"Matsuoka-san, is there anything you need with me?"

I cautiously spoke to her as she stared at me while sneaking a glance at Anai-san. Everyone knew how protective she was toward Anai-san and I knew I just did something that might have pissed her off. I gulped as I felt her stare getting more intense.

"Do you realize what you're doing?"

I was surprised that Matsuoka-san spoke with a low tone instead of the usual loud intensity she often used when she was angry. She closed her eyes and looked up before she let go a sigh and faced me again. I glanced at Mashiro who was watching the scene worriedly. I knew she wanted to aid me but I wanted to try solving this on my own so I shook my head at her before I gave a response to Matsuoka-san.

"I do."

The glare she gave me was softened as a smile slowly crept into her face. She patted my shoulder while smiling crookedly.

"You should speak up more, Ume. For your own good."

I still remembered Matsuoka-san saying that to me with a little chuckle as she glanced at Anai-san before she left to continue her practice routine. I heaved a sigh from the memories and stared blankly for a while before I decided to close my eyes. It was a while until I opened my eyes again, and when I did, I found someone staring down at me while I was lying on the floor. I couldn't tell who it was due to the back-light until the person spoke up.

"Are you awake, Ume?"

When I heard the voice, I realized it was Anai-san and I quickly stood up.

"H-hi, Anai-san."

I wasn't sure how I should speak to her after the scene. I was surprised because it was so unusual for her to visit the basketball court. I could see from the way she dressed that she didn't come with the intention to play basketball--with the white blouse and knee-length navy blue skirts accompanying her maroon wedges.

"So you were practicing basketball, weren't you..."

I wonder why she was asking the obvious as she observed my clothing that consisted of a black printed T-shirt and red basketball shorts. I nodded to reply before I went to pick up the ball I threw earlier. I clutched the ball as I thought of how to start the conversation with her. We just looked at each other in an awkward silence before I could gather my courage at last.

"D-do you wanna join me practicing?"

She raised her eyebrows from my stupid invitation and then looked down as if to check her outfit.

"Maybe next time," said Anai-san as she looked up and smile appeared on her face. "I think I will be spectator for today. May I?"


I could feel my body trembled from nervousness. Sure I've been playing basketball for nine years but I've never had anyone seeing me during my self training session--even worse that it was Anai-san!

I took a deep breath as I tried to refocus my mind and pretended that I was alone. I started dribbling the ball and practiced a few tricks I had under my hand before I ran for a clean lay-up shoot. I did this few more times until I got a hang of myself and practiced jump shot afterward. I started to do well until I took a glance at the side and realized that Anai-san was watching me closely. I stopped running and I was probably blushing as my heart raced so fast when I realized how amazed she was at what she saw--which is me. When she realized that I hadn't been moving from my spot and my gaze was fully at her, she tilted her head to the side as she called out to me.

"Ume, is there anything wrong?"

Her feminine voice brought me back to the earth and I shook my head vigorously.

"I-I-I'm totally okay!"

I took another deep breath and tried to gain focus once again. I immediately threw the ball in a jump shoot and obviously the ball didn't made it to the basket so I quickly ran to pick up the ball.

When I ran back to the free-throw line, Anai-san took off from the wall and walked to my direction, making me froze at my spot immediately. I gulped and clutched the ball tightly as I couldn't take my eyes off her. She stopped outside the three-point line and gazed at me as she said,

"Please score this time and then tell me what you think of me, Umemoto Izumi."

I was so shocked from the sudden request that I dropped the ball from my clutch. The ball bounced and drifted to Anai-san's direction, prompting her to take it on her arms. I shook my head to clear my mind.

"What if I fail to score?"

My question brought a smile to her as she passed the ball back to me.

"You will score this one. I'm sure of it."

When I caught the ball, I was suddenly filled with courage and confidence. I had no idea how she even did that to me. I dribbled the ball few times before throwing the ball and scored. Just as she said. I pumped my fist to the air in happiness before I heard her steps coming closer so I turned my back and faced her. She was wearing a smile on her face.

"Now, tell me, what do you think of me?"

As she asked that question, Anai-san leaned in until there was only few inches left between our faces that I could feel her breathing. It made my heart beat faster and I could feel my face getting all the heat. She giggled as she noticed my condition and touched my blazing cheek with her fingers while holding my hand with her other hand.

"So cute."

The words surely made my face turned into heated tomato as I shook my head. I tried to let go off her hand but she held them tight. The fingers that were on my cheek were moving to my chin, lifting it up and forcing my eyes to met hers.

"I'll let you off if you tell me what you think of me. I promise."

I could feel myself trembling as she gazed at me. I gathered my courage and took a deep breath.

"You are a beautiful girl, Anai-san."

"Just that?"

Anai-san didn't seem to be satisfied with my answer as she tilted her head and brought my face even closer. I don't think I could handle the closeness between us anymore so I pushed her away with all my might. It made her fall to the back and she rubbed her butt as she flinched a little.

"Mou, Umechan, you don't have to be so rough."

I could still feel my heartbeat went over the roof but the guilt of pushing Anai-san made me quickly lent her a hand to help her stand.

"I-I-I'm sorry, Anai-san."

My stuttered response made her giggled as a smile appeared on her previously frowning face. She stood up and tidied her skirt before she gazed at me.

"What am I to you, Ume?"

I looked away from her eyes since it made me nervous. She kept her stare at me and waited. I took a deep breath to calm myself and formed the words in my mind to answer her question

"I have always respected Anai-san since the first time I entered the school. Your movement when you dance is so graceful and I admire that."

I gazed at her to prove the seriousness of my words but I couldn't hold it long as I became embarrassed and looked away when she let out a giggle.

"This is embarrassing, isn't it, Ume."

I nodded silently to her statement before I took a glance at her face and for the first time I noticed that she was actually blushing! Her cheeks were pink and she looked down but she kept on stealing a glance on me. Here I thought I was the only one who was nervous.

"I'm not used to this kind of situation, you know. Being the aggressive one..."

As she said that, her blushing started to spread to her ears--which I happened to notice when she tugged her hair behind one of them. Her words gradually faded out and I could barely hear the last words. It made me a little bit more relaxed and let out a smile.

"It's usually Matsuoka-san who does all the gobsmack talk, isn't it."

She nodded and smiled while still keeping her eyes down. Seeing her in such state, I murmured "cute", causing her to look up at my face once again while raising her eyebrows.

"Nee, Ume..."


She tilted her head as she narrowed her eyes into a line. "Did you just say 'cute'?"

I wanted to fake it so I shook my head but my blushing face seems to have give it away as I could hear Anai-san chuckled and turned her back against me.

"You know, Ume, you're cute, too," said Anai-san as she looked over her shoulder. Her compliment made me shook my head vigorously as I never thought of myself as cute.

"N-no, I'm not."

My reaction made her chuckled again and turned back to face me. She crossed her hands to the back as she grinned and leaned forward. I stepped backward out of reflex due to embarrassment but I stumbled and fell on my butt. I flinched from the little pain and rubbed the source gently. I looked up and noticed that Anai-san was crouching as she came closer. The grin was still on her face.

"Your face is fully pink now. So cute."

She extended her hands and poked my cheeks. I wanted to slap her hand away but I couldn't bring myself to, seeing her smiling happily as she played with my cheeks. I let go a sigh.

"I love it when I see your face turning red from the embarrassment," said Anai-san as she suddenly closed the gap between us and landed a chaste kiss on my cheek. It happened so fast I couldn't even evade it. She stood up and ran away as I was left speechless. I saw a glimpse on how red her face had become from the act and I thought that mine couldn't have been worse as I touched the cheek she just kissed and my mind swirled from the realization. Oh my God.

I stood up hastily to chase Anai-san and with my speed, I reached her before she could even touch the door handle and grabbed her wrist before she could escape.

"Wait, Anai-san!"

When she turned to face me, I could see her flushing red face and how she avoided my gaze when our eyes met. My heart was racing fast but I didn't let her hand off. She took a glance at me and bit her lower lips.

"Ume, do you like me?"

I gulped when she finally looked at me as I saw her eyes filled with hopeful gaze. I slowly nodded and looked down. I let go off her hand and covered my cheeks with my palm. I didn't want to think of how flushed I had become from this unprepared confession. I tried to refocus my mind and concentrated so I almost missed her muttering quietly.

"I like you, too."

When I heard those words, I was so surprised and my heartbeat skyrocketed to the point that it was possibly dangerous. I looked up and saw her glanced at me as she kept her stare to the side. When she saw my expression, she realized that I might have heard what she quietly said and she covered her face from embarrassment. She peeked from between her fingers.

"D-did you hear what I said just now?"

I let go a sigh before I smiled sheepishly and nodded. The air between us was filled with awkward silence as we kept our shy gaze with each other before both of us finally could no longer handle the pressure and burst into laughter. When we were finally done laughing, I felt Anai-san patting my head as she giggled.

"From now on, please be honest with me."

I nodded. "I will."

Right after I promised Anai-san, I felt that I was going to regret my decision to be honest with her about my feelings and immediately did when I saw a cheeky glint on her eyes before she opened her mouth to speak again while grinning.

"So... Mind repeating what you have said about me?"

My heart still raced fast but the teasing made me sighed before I got an idea and gave her a deadpan expression. Two can play games.


The grin on Anai-san's face quickly turned into a pout as she poked my arms with her index finger.

"But I wanna hear it again!"

I held her hand gently to stop her arm-poking and let out a smile.

"I like you. Do you like me?"

When she heard my words, the pout on her lips changed back into a wide smile as she giggled and nodded as she murmured "me too."

"Hmm, I didn't hear what you said?"

"Mou..." She puffed her blushing red cheeks from my tease and looked down before she took a glance and said,

"I like you, too."

She pulled me into a tight embrace after she said that and looked straight at me with a wide grin on her blushing face as she caught me frozen trying to process what was happening.

"Let's get along REALLY well from now on."



The familiar voice calling for me that belongs to a certain senpai approached me from behind and Mashiro, who sat beside me during the practice break, looked over her shoulder to see Anai-san skipping her way to our direction. The questioning look that Mashiro had on her face when she glanced at me made me let go a sigh as I whispered to her that I would tell her about it later.

"Ume, how about going on a date today?"

Her sudden request on what I promised that day made me spat the mineral water I was drinking. I hastily wiped my mouth with my hands before I turned to face her--my cheeks felt warm from the sudden rush of blood.

"A-a-anai-san, you promised not to say it out loud."

She stopped skipping and put her fingers to cover her mouth, pretending to be sorry but I could see mischievous glint on her eyes on me before she let out an "Oops."

I sighed before I smiled at her. "After the practice, is it okay?"

Hearing my answer, Anai-san let out a grin and turned back to leave but not before I saw her formed a frown on her eyebrows and pouted.

"Ume, I told you to drop all the honorifics and call me Chihiro!"

Damn, I gotta fix my habit. I can't help it, really.

"Yes, Ana- I mean Chihiro-san."

She let her palm met her face and shook her head as she let go a sigh before she stared at me.

"I'm sorry."

Again, she shook her head--this time, a smile appeared.

"Old habits die hard, I know."

She bid me a "see you later" as she walked away and I let go a sigh before I felt Mashiro pinched my cheeks and saw her eyes formed a thin line.

"Since when are you two dating?"

She let go off my cheeks and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Spill all the beans to me, Izumi!"

I told her what happened between me and An- I mean Chihiro-san at the basketball court during my self-practice session. I told her that we had cleared up the misunderstanding and we were not dating although we got along a lot better after that. Mashiro nodded as she listened to my explanation before she threw another question.

"Then, the date she just said?"

I knew she would have asked about it so I told her that I promised Chihiro-san to accompany her on her shopping day.

"I see..."

A smirk was formed on Mashiro's lips. I have a bad feeling about it when her arm was rounded around my shoulders and she whispered to my ear,

"Good luck with your date. I know that you have a little crush on her."

Her revelation almost made my eyes bulged out of their sockets and she ran away with a tongue in cheek before I could smack her arm. I could feel the heat rose to my cheeks as I took a glance at Chihiro-san's direction and saw her talking with Matsuoka-san. When she turned her head, she noticed me watching her and waved her hand to me. I was waving back awkwardly when I saw Matsuoka-san's smirk as she said something to Chihiro-san which made her giggled. I let go a sigh, not wanting to know whatever they were talking about, and went on with the practice.

It was soon time to go home and everyone was prepared to leave. I was waiting at the door as Chihiro-san bid goodbye to other senpai before she came to me with Matsuoka-san tagging along, who then tapped my shoulders and flashed me her cheeky grin.

"Ume, please take care of Chiichan well."

I quietly nodded and tried not to think much about the way she phrased her words. Chihiro-san, on the other side, seemed flushed as she smacked Matsuoka-san's arm playfully. I sighed as I turned to Chihiro-san.

"Jyaa, let's go."

Chihiro-san smiled as she nodded and grabbed my hand, making me blushed as I stared at her.



Comments, suggestions and critics are welcomed.

@kuro_808: That's your job. :P
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My job to make it happen like what I do on my tumblr.

Again what a nice one as long as Chiizu just says it without running over her toes every time XD
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Thank you for anyone who came and read and left thank yous and comments on this thread of mine.  :bow:

@kuro_808: Well, our Strawberry Cheese photographer is forever nervous in front of her ponkotsu capt oshimen.

So I'm back with another Chiinatsu fic lol. It's a bittersweet one this time and I seriously wonder how I ended up with this fic.  :panic:

This is the first time I wrote in letter format so... yeah, I'm kinda nervous haha.  :panic:

I'm not in the mood to say anything more (since when I'm turning into Natsu-like lol) so... here it is.


One Summer Love

Dear Natsu,

It's been a long time since we met in that summer, hasn't it. I am glad that you gave me your address that I can write this letter for you.

Do you still remember our first meeting when you saved me from drowning at the river? I thought I was going to die as I was starting to lose consciousness when I felt your arms held into mine and dragged to the riverbank.

You know, that evening after you accompanied me and my sister back to my family's vacation house and left afterward, my parents got really really mad at me for my carelessness. They almost grounded me but my sister begged them hard to not do so, saying that it was her fault that I fell into the river while we were playing tag and that she was unable to help me, even though it was just an accident. She asked our parents to spare me from the scene and told me to take a rest, knowing how exhausted I was after the underwater struggle. When I finally laid my back on my bed, my mind wandered back to you. You were a stranger but you helped me, who had no worth in your life. I wanted to get to know you.

Life works in wonder. We met again as I curiously went back to the riverside, hoping that I could find you there, and I did. You were just lying there on the grass, closing your eyes with no care to the world spinning around you. I smiled as I sat down beside you and observed you. You looked so carefree and I couldn't help but felt a little envious of you at that time. When you opened your eyes and saw me looking at you, you let out a smile as you said, "Hey, we meet again."

Since that moment, we spent the summer together. It's funny how we got along so well even though we barely knew each other. I still remember when we went to the beach nearby and you taught me how to swim so that I could erase my trauma of drowning. Or that time when we went to the summer festival wearing yukata. My vacation period ended the next day after the festival so I won't ever forget that time when the fireworks bloomed beautifully at the night sky and you stood beside me while our palms were linked to each other before you turned your head and leaned toward to kiss me on the lips. It was so bittersweet, knowing that it would be the first and the last time we kissed. I didn't want it to end. I wanted that summer to last forever. I didn't want to go back home and part from you.

It was the next day and I was already on my way to the station to head back with my family when I heard your voice calling for me. I turned my back and saw you running to me. I let you caught your breath as I saw the envelope you were grabbing inside your palm. When you finally caught your breath, you handed me the envelope and told me to write to you whenever I wanted to. I held that envelope close to my heart as I thanked you and turned my back to leave before you could see my tears that started to hang at the corner of my eyes. I felt you grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hug from behind before you whispered to my ear, telling me that you loved me. I could feel my tears dropping as I closed my eyes and you tightened the hug before you let me go. "I have to go," was the only thing I could say to you before I left.

In the end, my life got busier with the university and work life and I forgot to write to you. I  was packing my stuffs when I found the envelope and remembered my promise to you. I'm sorry that I haven't ever written anything for you. Even if I'm not sure if you still remember about it.

I'm sending you this letter to tell you that I'm getting married. To my childhood friend. He proposed to me last month after we went out on a date for months. He is a serious guy but also very clumsy at times. He is totally the opposite of you, who are so moody that you can go from being playful to being annoyed so fast. I have to admit that even if he often makes me smile, I can't smile as genuine as I could when I was with you. Even if he cares for me more than you probably do. Even if he understands me more than you surely do. But you're still the one who makes me happy. You're the one who makes me laughed heartily.

You know, I'm glad I got to meet you even if the things between us didn't last long (it was only that one summer, wasn't it). You showed me how to have fun while being myself. Me who has always been repressing my own feelings. I really want to thank you for giving me a way to enjoy my life. Even if it was just for a very short moment. I will treasure the memories of us together forever.



PS. I love you.


Comments and Critics and Suggestions are highly appreciated.
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That was a rather bittersweet letter :3
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Thanks for anyone who read through this thread lol.

@kuro_808: That was my intention.

I was struck by an inspiration at 3AM this morning before I poured it all into this monologue and finished it just now. If you wonder what's with the title... well, it's just a play of her name lol.


The Monologue of the Summer Beauty

the inspirational photo by Umemoto Izumi (lol)

The anxiety was clear on Matsuoka Natsumi's face even though she didn't say a thing about it as she looked outside the window. When she saw such photo of her while she was browsing in Google+, she let go a sigh, thinking how stupid she was for not realizing that a photo of her in such state was taken by Umemoto Izumi: one of the reasons for her anxiety. Even though the photographer probably did not think of anything when she took such photo.

Natsumi, usually referred as Natsu or Nacchan by the other members, felt anxious toward the existence of Izumi, more known as Chiizu or Ume, because she realized that lately the short girl was getting the interest of the ponkotsu captain, Anai Chihiro. The vice captain knew that she also teased the boyish shorty often as it was fun to see her flushing red face and how adorable she looked when it happened but it did not dwell well with her heart seeing her captain doing the same as her, especially knowing that Izumi held a little feeling toward Chihiro.

Natsumi was never sure what she actually felt for Chihiro. She played around with other girls, especially with Motomura Aoi and Moriyasu Madoka before but she had always got along well with the captain, even before she was separated from Aoi and Madoka. She had supported her role as captain before she was even appointed as her vice. The vice captain role only gave her more times and activities to be with the older girl, bringing them even closer than before as they discussed about the team so often. But never once she thought of having the forbidden feeling for her captain.

Natsumi realized that, by having such feeling, she would have so many competitors aside from Izumi, understanding so well that her ponkotsu captain was loved by the other members, whether just friendship, admiration, respect, or even more than that. Tashima Meru had stated so many times that she wanted to steal a kiss from Chihiro, no matter how many times she was rejected afterward. She did not even want to think of Kodama "Haruppi" Haruka, who had declared her love for the captain countless times and always got the approval from Chihiro even if Natsu was not sure if their feelings were at the same degree.

Izumi never spoke about it out loud but the vice captain could see it clearly how she felt for the captain, whom she also picked as oshimen. Natsumi saw how the short-haired girl got embarrassed and blushed just by having Chihiro close to her, even more when she talked to her.

Again, Natsumi let go a sigh. Sure, she wrote about how she would feel worried without the existence of Chihiro by her side on the day they had her seitansai and got a comment from the captain herself telling her that she loved her too. But that was not enough. She tried her luck, asking her out on the captain's post about making brownies. The reply was just the captain being embarrassed by it. The vice captain knew that her captain probably did not think of it as serious as she was. She probably thought that Natsu was merely joking about dating her.

Such thought discouraged Natsumi. It was not like she did not have her own problem to think of. Her degrading position in the group constantly made her worried of her value for the group. Ranking lower than everyone who was pushed less than her in the election only confirmed her own fear that she was not accepted as well as the other girls. She knew her own personality was the problem, being the moody tsundere girl. Some kept up with her, some could not and left.

Natsumi shook her head, wanting to shake all the thoughts away. She had a job the next day. But thinking of it brought back all the thoughts on Chihiro. When they were informed of the schedule for the day, her shoulders slumped as she found out that she would not go to the location for Odekake as did Chihiro, Haruka and Izumi. Instead, she was in for Goboten studio recording, with Meru and, luckily, Aoi. The vice captain was jealous, but she was glad that at least the young center and the former crybaby were there with her as they could make her forget about the ponkotsu captain for a while.

For the third time, Natsumi heaved a sigh. She felt like crying, and she did. She laid her back on the bed, covering her face with a pillow as she sobbed. She muttered her captain's name quietly before she drifted into the dream world while the tears were still flowing from her eyes.


Comments, critics and suggestions are welcomed.
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Nice inspiration and for the brief moment, Natsu could forget it only to be reminded :nervous
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I am not sure whether there is anyone who actually visits this thread aside from Kuro808 but oh well. Thank you for visiting and reading!!

I actually planned to turn the Natsu monologue fic into part of a series of HKT monologue and I have the drafts for the monologues of Haruppi and Chiizu but both are on pending at the moment since I'm due for my thesis deadline in few more days LOL.

As a result of my brain fried by all the analysis I've done for my thesis lol, I could only create this poem-style monologue that is a result of my thoughts on the relationship of Chihiro and Natsu (a.k.a. ChiiNatsu) but I decided to make it a fic with open pairing (you can just put whoever you deem fit into the line haha).

Here I present you:


You, Me, and Us

I wonder when these all were started.

You and yours.

Me and mine.

Then you and me.

We were friends.

We still are.

I don't know how we can even keep it.

Yours knows about me.

And mine knows about you.

Yet, we are still together.

All the smiles and fun times we had.

Are we all faking it?

Are we all masking our true feelings?

I would never know what mine is thinking.

I would never know what yours is thinking.

I would never know what mine and yours think.

About you and me.

About us.

It was just one single fling, we both convinced ourselves.

But we are just lying to yourself, aren't we.

I could never be "yours".

You could never be "mine".

You and me could never be a "we".

Yet, somewhere deep, You and me wish to be "we".

Even though it would never come true.

You have yours.

I have mine.

"We" could never be true.


Comments, critics, and suggestions are welcomed.
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I like how all the feelings get rolled up into one although I love it because the yanking of the heart XD
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I am not sure whether there is anyone who actually visits this thread aside from Kuro808 but oh well. Thank you for visiting and reading!!

I always read your Hkt fanfics  :cathappy: and i really enjoy it   :thumbup :thumbup   :heart:
sorry i am a silent reader though, anyway just sayin'  :nervous

it's quite sad that there are relatively few HKT fanfics around..  :cry:
so it's great that there are people like you who write good and enjoyable fics/drabbles about them :3

and also, i'll wait for chiizu's monologues~~ (coz i'm into chiizu right now  :lol:) ~just sayin'  :cathappy:

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Thanks for visiting and reading!!

@Kuro808: Me and my tendency of "yanking hearts"  XD

@ryo_heartkreuz: THANKS A HELL LOT. And yeah, I'm sad that there are only few HKT fanfics (also extend to other sister groups, actually) around. I'm glad there are still people like you who read HKT fics  :twothumbs

SOOOOOOO, I was checking my Google Keep and turns out that Haruppi's monologue is actually done LOL. My brain circuits are so fried I didn't even remember I already finished it  :panic:

Here it is...


The Monologue of the Spring Flower

Kodama Haruka took her shoes off lazily before she threw herself onto the comfortable hotel bed. The hotel room in Tokyo had been a place she returned to after work for weeks, as her schedule was packed with activities in the capital of Japan. The short haired girl heaved a sigh. She was glad she had so many jobs but at the same time she couldn't help but missed her home in Fukuoka so often. She missed her parents, her friends at the school, the team H members, the other HKT members. And her close friend, the ponkotsu captain Anai Chihiro.

Haruka had known Chihiro since their early days in HKT, back to the audition days. Back in the day when she used to treat everyone in the group as her rival, the captain was the first one who became her friends. They got closer as they spent their private time together. With the length of time the two spent together, the lisp center came to a realization that she had fell for the ponkotsu captain. She wanted to be more than just a close friend.

Haruka was never embarrassed in proclaiming her love for Chihiro. Anytime, anywhere. Even the crybaby Motomura Aoi told her that she was disgusted by how aggressive the lisp girl showed her love for the captain but she did not care. Nobody would have thought that she was serious about it either way. As long as Chihiro was by her side, it would be fine with her.

Haruka was sometimes filled with doubts about keeping Chihiro by her side. She was never the cuddly type to begin with and admittedly, she got a little jealous whenever she saw the ponkotsu girl smiled as she was embraced by the other girls. The usual suspects started with the notorious Matsuoka Natsumi. The vice captain had left uncountable traces of her touch on the captain. The short-haired girl knew how the two teased each other so often. She saw how cuddly they could get from time to time. She used to get jealous over Natsu clinging onto Chihiro so often but lately it did not bother her as much.

Haruka observed how Chihiro developed an interest in the latest hot item in team H, Umemoto Izumi. She saw how the boyish girl reacted to every tease from her captain with an embarrassed blush and how she shyly proclaimed her love for the ponkotsu captain from time to time. Still, she did not feel the urge to feel bothered by their interaction. After all, they were not as close as she was with the ponkotsu girl, she thought. Besides, she knew that the young Tashima Meru was serious in loving the boyish shorty and it was not like Izumi did not respond to her advances positively.

Haruka was certain where Chihiro's heart belonged. The fact that the captain willingly spent her off days with her already a solid proof for her. That she willingly listened to every of the center's troubled mind, she appreciated it so much. Haruka knew Chihiro's heart belonged to her. She realized it when the ponkotsu girl shed her happy tears on her birthday celebration show as Haruka made a surprise appearance. The lisp girl saw how her other contenders tried hard to keep their poker face when they witnessed how happy Chihiro was with just having Haruka in her birthday celebration. She secretly smirked on her mind for her little win over them.

Chihiro's heart is mine, thought Haruka. She did not feel the need to put any efforts to win it. She was sure. Her lips formed a smile when she thought of how the others did not stand a chance against her to win the captain's heart. The thought brought Haruka an ease as she slowly drifted into her sleep.


Did I just create an impression that Haruppi is a Chihiro-obsessed creep? XD *flees*

Comment, Critics, and Suggestions are welcomed.
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