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Author Topic: [AtsuMina] Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi 8 (11/8/16)  (Read 100665 times)

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 1 (8/28/14)
« Reply #40 on: August 28, 2014, 10:54:44 PM »
Eeehhh??? famale?? Ace??  :O
who is she then if not acchan?? or?  :?
getting too curious bout this girl who will be takamina's dates partner ..
then what about acchan?
ah, thank you for the update  XD

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 1 (8/28/14)
« Reply #41 on: August 29, 2014, 05:11:31 PM »
Who's that person Author san??????!!!! :scolding:
Tell me now!!!!  :mon headbang:
Lol, kidding. Hope u will update soon. Thx

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 1 (8/28/14)
« Reply #42 on: August 29, 2014, 06:26:20 PM »
Oh wow! Takamina is going to date someone? I wonder who...Atsuko maybe.
You started of pretty well, I like it already. Maybe a little of grammatical errors, but so far, there's nothing much I can say, but say, NEXT PLEASE!!!
I'm curious who's the girl she's going to date.

Oh yeah, I was wondering if you are going to update Maji and Kowaii also? I really want to know they end.

Please update very soon. XD Peace!

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 1 (8/28/14)
« Reply #43 on: August 30, 2014, 10:12:24 PM »
Dareeeee??? Whoo?? Acchan????
Oh author. san update please ^^

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[AtsuMina???] Nisemono 2 (9/28/14)
« Reply #44 on: September 28, 2014, 11:23:28 AM »
@amachan48: Hi there new reader :D glad you’re taking a liking to my new fic. Hope you’ll stay even after finding out who it’ll be.
@Feat: Lol you’ll know now and thanks for reading.
@cisda83: I end it there because that is the art of cliff-hanging, to keep people interested lol and I think it was mentioned somewhere in real life that she doesn't have the dating rule stated in her contract. I could be wrong though... The restaurant was from Mujack when she had a date with Yuko, not Tomochin.
@Kakeru15: Thanks for reading and commenting as always ^_^
@nutangmo2: You will find out this chapter about the girl. I tried my best to make the girl seem like Atsuko, but it seems you already know it’s not. Also, it seems you’re a new reader, so welcome and thank you XD
@Justqle: It seems you have someone in mind, who do you think it is? And no worries, Acchan will still be in the story. I’m not sure on the result yet though… anyway, thanks for reading and commenting as always :)
@ubulubulbilu: Reading your comment makes me laugh, but you’ll find out this chapter.
@noah minami: Are you the one who write fanfics? Thanks for reading mine.

I do hope that after finding out about this person, you guys would still be interested in reading my fanfic.

Anyway, continue on :)


Chapter 2

“Hajimemashite Takahashi-san.” The girl smiled sweetly at the soukantoku, causing the young leader to have a raise in heartbeats.

“H-haijimemashite… um…”

“Kohaku Uta desu, Utan is fine.” The girl bows slightly, giving the captain that cute smile again.

“Kohaku-san yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” The short girl nodded, looking at the taller one up and down. She was wearing long black skinny jeans, a slightly big love pink shirt that shows off one of her shoulders, and hi-top Nike sneakers to match.


“Ah, hai?”

“Call me Uta, or Utan.” Kohaku puts her hand out to shake it with her oshimen.

“Then call me, Minami or Takamina.” Takahashi shook the hand, but felt a tiny shock. She looked at her empty palm wondering what the tingle was just now.


Takamina look up with face blushing red from hearing her real name. The only other people who has ever calls her by Minami is Atsuko and Mariko. She didn’t know how she felt about the girl in front of her calling her by such an intimate name.


Kohaku was pointing to a staff-san with another note in hand. The soukantoku took the paper and read it out loud again.

“Now that you have met your partner, Kohaku Uta-san…” The leader took a quick glance at the girl then focuses back on reading.

“Please eat lunch with her and get to know each other at your restaurant…” Out of the captain’s peripheral vision, she can see the taller girl smiling at her, making her own lips curve up too.

“Please have fun, as this is the first of your many dates.” Hearing the word date makes both of the girl blushes.

“Good luck Takahashi-san and Kohaku-san.” That was the end of the note, leaving the two girls standing, and looking at each other shyly.

“Um, Kohaku-san, do you want to sit inside or out here?”



“Call me Uta, Mi~na~mi~” The girl pouted her lips, hoping that this would make Takamina stop the formality.

“Ah... U-Utan?” The expression on the soukantoku’s face makes the taller girl giggled.

“Un~ and it’s a nice weather today, why don’t we sit out here?” The girl walked over to pick the middle table.

“Okay, I’ll be right back, you sit first.” The leader walked back into her restaurant to find her worker.

“Yamagata, we’ll be eating soon, so tell the chef to turn on the kitchen and bring the menus out.”

“Hai, Takahashi-san.” The worker bows and went to do what he was told.

The captain walked out to the porch, but suddenly stopped. She saw Kohaku leaning on the rail, watching the scenery. The girl seems so peaceful. She must have worked really hard to be able to enjoy this serenity.

Takamina walk towards the girl and lean on the rail next to her. The girl doesn’t seem to notice the shorter one, as she continues to watch people enjoying their company down below.

“It’s nice up here, huh?” The soukantoku spoke up, surprising the taller one.

“Sorry for scaring you.”

“It’s fine, and yeah, it’s really nice. I’m jealous of you for owning this place.” The girl jokes, causing both of them to chuckle.

“You can always come here if you want. Just let me know.” The leader smiled genuinely at the girl in front of her.

“Thank you. I might take you up on that offer.” The girl grins back, not noticing a piece of leaf has been stuck to her hair.

Takamina reach out to pick the piece off. She then straightens out the messed up hair. The hair was medium length; it goes down to the middle of the girl’s neck. She has one tiny braid on each side that she puts behind her ears to show her face.

Her hair style kind of reminds me of Atsuko’s… there seem to be some resemblance too…

“A-arigatou Minami.”

“Takahashi-san, here are the menus.” Yamagata stood next to the table watching his boss telling the girl to sit down. He continues to wait till both girl settled down before he placed the menu in front of them. He was going to ask if the girls wanted anything to drink, but his boss beat him to it.

“Would you like anything to drink, Utan?”

“Ah, coke would be fine, thank you.”

“Yamagata, two coke please.” She told her employee, then going back to looking at the menu.

“Hai, I’ll be back soon.” He took his bow and left.

“Have you chosen what to eat, yet?” Takahashi asked, already knowing what she, herself, wanted.

“Um, everything looks so good, I don’t know what to pick.” Kohaku pouted, having a hard time choosing.

“What do you usually like?”

“I like everything…”

“Wah, that doesn’t help at all…” Both girls giggled.

“Why don’t you just order for me?” The partner suggested.

“Eh? What if you don’t like what I ordered?”

“Hmmm… then you have to take a picture with me.” The request was simple. Takamina would have done it either way.

“Okay, deal.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Yamagata was back with the two cokes. He got his note out, ready to jot down the orders.

“Yamagata…” The boss signaled for her worker to bend down to whisper to him.

“Bring us some gyoza for appetizer. For the main course, I’ll have katsudon, and for her, spaghetti cream avocado with shrimp. Then for dessert, two cream brulees.”

“Hai, wakarimashita, is there anything else?”

“Nope, thank you Yamagata.” The employee bow and left to pass on the order.

“What did you call for us?”

“Hmm, that’s for me to know, and for you to find out.” The leader teased, moving her eyebrows up and down, making the girl across laugh.

“Fine, meanie.” Kohaku stuck her tongue out like a child, causing them both to break out in joy.

“So how old are you, Utan?" Minami wondered as she regained her composure.


“Eh? Um, you look young, sooo twenty?”

“Hontou ni? Arigatou.” The girl smiled widely, taking it as a compliment for looking young.

“Are you gonna tell me?”

“I’m twenty-two.”

“Wow, you’re only one year younger…” Takamina was really surprised.

“Yeah and you’re twenty-three, happy belated birthday.” The girl grins at the captain.

“Thank you, so do you know me and what I do?” The leader didn’t want to assume that she is well known in Japan. There are people out there who don’t know what AKB48 is, let alone, knowing who she is.

“Un~ you’re Takahashi Minami, AKB48 no soukantoku, a member of no3b, captain of team A, who debuted as a soloist already.” Kohaku said it proudly.

“Wah~ AKB ga suki desu ka?”


“Oshimen wa dare desu ka?” The question made the taller girl blush. She looks at the captain and answered shyly.

“M-Minami desu.” She looked away, trying to calm her beating heart.

Takamina was taken by surprised. She didn’t expect herself to be her partner’s oshimen. Somehow this makes her really happy.

“Arigatou  gozaimasu.” She stood up to walk over to the other side. She held the girl’s hand with both of hers, shaking and bowing her head at the same time in appreciation.

“Here’s the appetizer.” Yamagata came out to settle the gyoza down on the table.

“Can you refill our coke please?”

“Hai.” Yamagata took the two glasses and went back inside.

Takamina went to sit back down, waiting for the drinks to come. She looks at the girl, waiting for her to get the first piece, but said girl didn’t even move.

“Utan, you can dig in, you know?”

“I was waiting for you to take the first one.”

“Eh? I was waiting for ‘you’ to take the first piece.” Both of the girls laugh at their silliness, and decided to take a gyoza together. They dipped it in soy sauce and put the whole thing in their mouth.

The leader looked over at her date to see if the girl liked it. The girl was chewing with her mouth full, looking like a chipmunk, and hand was fanning the hot air that was coming out. The sight was funny, making the owner of the restaurant giggled.

“Mou~ don’t laugh at me.” The girl tries to pout, but the food was still too hot for her to do it, causing the shorter girl to laugh even harder. They both continued eating what’s left of the appetizer, and wait until the main course comes out.

“So how did you like it?”

“It was really good. I feel like I won’t be getting that picture now.” Uta pouted, giving Takamina her puppy dog eyes, which only makes the girl chuckled.

“There’s more coming out. You still have a chance of saying you don’t like it.” The soukantoku was definitely teasing the younger girl. She hadn’t had so much fun teasing before because she’s always the one on the receiving end.

“You’re right. I will get that picture with you Minami.” The girl grins at the leader showing her perfect white teeth.

Yamagata came out with the main course, putting katsudon down for Takahashi, and the spaghetti cream avocado with shrimp on Kohaku. He then took the gyoza plate, asking if anything else was needed.

“Give us another refill on coke, please.”

“Hai.” He took the two glasses and left.

“Wah~ This looks sooo good Minami!” The girl was really excited about her food.

“Well… try it; see if it’s good or bad.” The captain giggled slightly for receiving a playful glare from her partner.

“I know you’re teasing me.”  She pouted, but she twisted her fork into the spaghetti, getting ready for the first bite. She watches the soukantoku looking at her while she tried it. She put the tangled noodles into her mouth and slowly sucking it up.


“I’m glad.” The owner starts digging into her katsudon.

“Yours look really good too…” Kohaku look over at the bowl.

“You want to try?”

“Hontou?...  Ah~” The girl opened up her mouth, wanting to be fed.


“Feed me~” The captain took a piece of her katsu and gave the girl a taste.

“I-is it good?” A red tint was on Takamina’s face as she asked her date.

“Un~  Oishii~

“Do you want to try mine too?”

“Sure.” The captain was about to use her fork to get some, but the girl smack her hand away.

“I’ll feed you.”

“U-uh, no, it’s okay…”

“Come here… say ahhh~” The shorter girl reluctantly open her mouth to eat some.

“Wow, it’s really good. I never tried my own restaurant’s food before.” Both girls went back to their own meal, but the taller girl’s eyes never left the shorter one.
Minami starts digging into her favorite dish, and in the midst of eating and chewing it, she heard a soft giggle coming from the other side.

“W-what? Is there something on my face?” The leader scrunches her eyebrows, checking herself, but nothing was visible.

“Neh, neh, did you notice?”


“Indirect kiss~” Uta was grinning widely at Takamina, making her blush, and choke on her food.

“Are you okay Minami?” The partner stood up and walked over to her date, patting her back, calming her down.

“Y-yeah, I’m okay…”  The captain took a ship of her coke to swallow down her food. She signaled for her date to go back to her seat, and continue eating.

“So, um, what do you do Utan?” The question made the girl stopped eating, and to look up at the owner.

“I can’t tell you…” The girl looked away, feeling embarrassed.

“What do you mean? Why not?”

“I… it’s just... I can’t… not yet anyway…” It was really clear that the girl felt uncomfortable sharing, but that made the leader wonders why.

“Will you tell me by the end of our date?”


“Depends on what?”

“You’ll see.” It was the girl’s turn to tease the beloved soukantoku, but the shorter girl oblige anyway.

Yamagata came out right on time as they both finished their food. He cleaned up the plate and brought out the dessert, then took his leave.

“I hope you like sweets. I heard cream brulee here is pretty good.” This comment made by the owner cause Uta to laugh.

“You do realize this is your restaurant? I know for sure it’ll be delicious like the others… which makes me sad because I won’t get that picture.” The girl pouted, making the captain took her cream brulee and move next to her.


“Let’s take some pictures on our phones…” Takamina said while turning her face somewhere else for she didn’t want Kohaku to see her red cheeks.


Both girls took out their iPhones making faces towards it. There are pictures where they were both eating the dessert, there are pictures where the date feed the shy owner, and there’s one where Minami was caught by a surprise kiss on the cheek from Uta. They had lots of fun with each other as they finishes off the sweets.
“That was really delicious, thank you Minami. How much is it?” The girl took out her wallet wanting to pay for her portion.

I guess they didn’t tell her it was on us…

“No, its fine, you don’t have to pay.”

“I would feel bad if you take this…”

“The company paid for us, but even if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have let you pay…”

“Oh? They didn’t tell me much about this…” The girl scrunches her eyebrows, wondering why they didn’t give her the details.

“Is there something wrong?” Takahashi was concern about her newly made friend.

“I don’t want this to end yet…” Kohaku whispered to herself, but the leader had heard what she said. She, herself, didn’t want this to end yet either.

“Let’s go.”

“Huh? Go where?”

“Don’t you want to continue our date?” Takamina chuckled, holding her left hand out for the girl to grab.

“U-un~” The girl smiled at her partner, and took her hand. They both walk together swinging their clasp hands toward the festival place.

There were so many games to play. They walk past a kiosk that has a one piece cell phone charm. It was a hello kitty luffy with the pirate skull sign dangling below it. The charm came in pink and blue, and if you pop all six balloons, you get the pair.

“Neh neh, Utan, I want to play this.”

“What do you want to win?

“Do you see the One-Piece phone charms? I want them~” The soukantoku told her partner excitedly.

“Okay, I’ll win it for you.” The girl paid for it and told the store owner what she wanted.

“Eh? These things are hard to win though, so let me pay and do it.”

“No no no, let me win this for you, please?” The girl gave the leader her pout and cute puppy dog eyes, making the captain let her do what she wants.

“Okay, good luck Utan~”

Kohaku got six darts and tries to focus on each balloon. The first three were a clear shot. The fourth popped, but the fifth didn’t, the game was over.

“Awww, you did your best Utan, it’s okay…”

Uta didn’t want to see the sad look on Minami’s face, paid the store woman for another round.

“What are you doing?” The captain pulled on her partner’s shirt.

“I’m winning you the phone charms Minami and you will get it.”

The captain was amazed by the determination showing on her partner’s face. She hopes her date would win it this time.

“Good luck Utan~”

“Hmmm, if you give me a kiss, I bet I will easily.” Kohaku grins widely at Takamina, making the girl red.

“I-I don’t think that would change anything…”

“Well, you never know if you don’t try, right?”

She does have a point, but it’s embarrassing…

“I’m waiting~”


Minami gave Uta a kiss on the cheek as good luck, but she immediately looked away. The girl was surprised for she didn’t expect the soukantoku to kiss her. She was only teasing the girl, but now that she got the kiss, she will definitely win for sure.




After hearing three quick balloons popped, the leader turned to watch her date. Again, her partner was really serious and determined. She can feel that the girl would really be able to deflate all six of them.



There was just one balloon left. This is it. Either a hit or miss. She was watching her with concentration, but the girl didn’t throw the last dart.

“Minami, come here.” Uta waved her date over to stand in front of her towards the wooden counter.

“W-what is it?”

“I want you to throw this one with me.”

“Eh? It’s not possible, I can’t do it…”

“Trust me.”

The girl put the dart in Takamina’s right hand, and held onto it with her own, laying her head on her shoulder. She wraps her left arm around the girl’s waist as they focus together.

They threw it.

It was the slowest three seconds of their lives, and…


“Yatta~” Minami screamed out in delight, turned around, and wrapped her arms around Uta’s neck in a tight hug.

Both of them jumped around giggling with each other. Kohaku picked the leader up and spun her around, making both of them laugh out of happiness.

“Congratulation.” The owner of the store gave Uta the two phone charms. The girl took them and gave it to her partner.

“Thank you, Utan.”


“Where else do you want to go?”

“Hmm, there’s a pond of fishes that makes your feet smooth, right? I wanna go there.”

“Eh? You like those things?”

“It’s a funny feeling.”

“Okay… let’s go.” Takahashi walked first, but then she notices her partner wasn’t moving.

“Something wrong?”

The girl didn’t say anything except for holding her right hand out. The leader blushed again, understanding what she wanted, and took hold of it as she lead the girl towards the fish place.

“So we have to go in here to get to the fish pond, and we can use the hot spring too, but we have to pay first.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“No, you already got me the charms, let me pay for this.”

Uta really didn’t want Takamina to pay, so she stood in front of her date, left arm wrapping around the girl’s waist and lean forward.

The kiss on the cheek took the captain by surprised, making her turn her face somewhere else to not look at her partner.

The taller girl took this opportunity to pay for the both of them, causing the shorter one to frown.

The soukantoku continued to lead her date to the fish pond to get their feet smooth out, but the incident earlier still bothered her.

They got to the place as Kohaku put her feet in, while Takahashi was just watching her.

“Utan~ I said I’ll pay for it.” The AKB girl pouted, bringing the subject up.

“I don’t want you to pay though…” The younger girl said with her eyes staring at the older girl’s lips.

“Why not?”

“Hmmm, because I’m the boyfriend, aren’t I?” The girl tilted her head in question.

“Eh? I’ve always been the boyfriend though…”

“I think Minami is more suited as a girlfriend.” Uta smiled sweetly at Takamina, leaving the girl speechless.


“Un~” Uta scooted over sitting closely next to Minami. She then encourages her to also put her feet in, but the captain squirmed a bit due to it being ticklish. She held her date’s hand again as they both played around with the tiny fishes.

I haven’t had this much fun in a while…

“Where else do you want to go after this?”

“Hmmm, I want to eat some festival food.”

“Huh? You’re hungry again?”

“Awww, come on Minami~” The girl took hold of the leader’s arm and shook it playfully.

“Hai hai, we’ll go get some food.”

“Yay~ let’s go, let’s go.”

Both girl took their feet out and wiped it dry. They went back to the festival area and came to a takoyaki stand.

“Which fillings do you want, Minami?”

“How about shrimp?”

“Okay, one order of takoyaki shrimp please.” Uta told the owner and paid for them.

“Utan~ stop paying for me…”

“It’s okay, Minami, I was the one who wanted to eat.”

“I know, but… is it because you’re the boyfriend?” The captain tilted her head cutely, wondering if that was the only reason.

“No...” The girl shook her head. She then looks at her date in the eyes.

“It’s because I like you.” The seriousness in the girl’s eyes make Takamina couldn’t look away, causing her to utter nothingness. 

The soukantoku didn’t know what to say. She didn’t expect that to be the answer. She wonders when the girl started liking her.

While Takahashi was in her own thoughts, Kohaku got the food, and lead her partner to a quiet area where it’ll just be the two of them watching their surroundings.
“Open up, Minami.” Uta took a ball of takoyaki, blow on it, and feed it to Takamina.


“Really?” The girl then took one and ate it herself. She nodded her head up and down in agreement to what her date had said.

“Neh, Utan…”


“D-did you mean what you said earlier?”

“About what?” The girl knew what the leader was hinting at, but she wants to hear her say it.

“About liking… me…” The short girl has a hard time saying it out, for she was shy.

The younger girl settled the food down and took hold of the older girl’s hands. She looks at her in the eyes and repeated the same thing she did before.

“I like you, Minami, I mean it.”

“Why? How? When?” The soukantoku was definitely confused. She only met the girl today, and she still hasn’t known much about her.

“I like you because you are sweet and caring… I don’t know how, I just do, and since I’ve became a big fan of yours… I know I only get to see the Takahashi Minami from AKB48, but I would really love to get to know the real Takahashi Minami, if you let me.” The girl was really sincere, Takamina can feel it, but she doesn’t know if she feels the same way towards her date.

“I know you are confused right now, and that you’re not sure about your feelings, but can we just get to know each other first?”

The captain really wouldn’t mind getting to know more about this girl. She had so much fun with this person, which she hadn’t for a long while. This girl makes her laugh, makes her relax, and even treat her like the girl that she is. Even if she doesn’t develop any feelings for her, she can gain her as a friend, and that is also valuable.

“Okay.” Takamina smiled at the girl.



“Yay~” Uta hugged the soukantoku, glad that she’ll have a chance.

The girls continued on eating, they wouldn’t have remembered that this whole date was being filmed, if the staff member didn’t give Takahashi another note.

“We are glad to see that things are working out well between Takahashi-san and Kohaku-san.” Both girls blushed.

“We are sorry to inform you that the filming will be over soon, for it is getting late.” The girls looked up in the sky and it was indeed getting dark. They had too much fun together that time flies by fast.

“We would like for the both of you to keep the details of this date and program to yourself until this episode is published…Please enjoy the rest of your date without any interruption until we all have to leave.” The staff came back to take the note and true to their words, the girls were left alone as the crew continued to record, and at the same time packing up.

“Neh, Utan?”


“So what is it that you do?” Takamina brought up the subject of work again. Since they are getting to know each other, it’s only fair that she also knows what her date is doing.

“I’m afraid if I tell you, you won’t like me anymore…” Kohaku look away with a sad expression, leaving the leader clueless.

“No matter what you do, I won’t change my mind and here... I want you to keep this.” The captain handed over the blue one-piece strap to the girl.

“Eh? This is yours though…”

“You won it, and I really want you to have it. I hope you don’t mind getting the blue one because I like pink…”

“Are you sure? These phone charms are made for couples, you know.” The taller girl teased the shorter one, earning a playful slap from said girl.

“I know… j-just keep it okay?” Takamina turned away, hiding the red tints on her cheeks.

“Minami~” Uta leaned in, getting ready to give the soukantoku a kiss.

“Hmm?” The older girl turned over, her face came into contact with the girl’s lips.


“Thank you.” The younger girl smiled.

“I-it’s nothing, b-but don’t think I forgot about the main question.”

“Neh, Minami~ will you kiss on the first date?” Kohaku lean in close to Takahashi, leaving only a few inches between them.

“W-what? Why would you ask that?” Blood was rushing up to the short girl’s head. She didn’t know what to do.

“Kiss me then I’ll tell you.” The partner leant in closer, making the leader move back.

“What do you mean?”

“You want to know what I do, so kiss me and I’ll tell you.”

“N-no, tell me then I’ll kiss you.”

“So you will kiss me?” The girl grinned, having the captain caught in her web. The leader was so nervous that she didn’t think straight and just switch the order of what the girl had proposed.

“N-not on the first date…”

“So maybe the second date?”

“Utan~ tell me.” Takamina whines and pouted her lips, making her partner giggled.

“I’m A…”


Now that you know who the third person is... I present you Nisemono's official poster

So yeah... thats chapter 2. I hope it wasn't too boring for you guys, as it's only the first date.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment ^_^

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 2 (9/28/14)
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uwah..... I didnt see that coming!!!! well, I think I have heard about a girl named "Kohaku Uta" somewhere

and then I remember a few months ago, in one of Acchan's fanbase group in FB in my country, someone mentioned about her and say that Kohaku is looks A BIT like Acchan. 

but well, for me, it didnt seem so -___-

and, I kind of surprise too, to know this girl is a jav star. hahahaha.

and by the way, thank you for thw update author-san. it's getting more interesting now. can't wait for Acchan's appereance soon ^_^

update soon, lezperv-san!!!

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 2 (9/28/14)
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I like the dating scene lots...

Also the way they interact...

But not 'Kohaku Uta' the real one...

Hope it was just someone using the name

Saw her picture... she is nowhere near Atsuko cuteness and attractiveness

Well whatever it is, still looking forward to your next chapter

What's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 2 (9/28/14)
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Author san how could you forgot about me * sigh* ... maybe because I was busy with student life. The dating between minami and uta is adorable xD
I wish for more updates.  My birthday coming soon * whisper 26th October*  haha hope for someone update as gift xD

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 2 (9/28/14)
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I know Acchan is different person from Uta

But why do I see Acchan in her character

Or maybe she is really Acchan

Or Acchan's sister

Uwaah, I don't know anymore   :panic: :panic: :panic:
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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 2 (9/28/14)
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I know what is Uta doing...~ >:)
Btw, this is an interesting story, keep updating author-san

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Re: AtsuMina???: Nisemono Chapter 2 (9/28/14)
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wow!! thanks author-san!!
all three are great!! i've reread them like three times already!!
i'm especially interested in <Maji?>
hope you will continue it~~
I look forward to the next updates !! XD

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[AtsuMinaUta] Nisemono 3 (10/26/14)
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@amachan48: lol honestly, I don’t think anyone saw it coming :P There are some similarities between Atsuko and Uta, but more when Atsuko was in AKB. I’ll attach a picture one day so you can see it ^_^ and thanks for commenting. I’m glad to know that I still have someone who is interested in reading this story of mine.
@cisda83: Thank you. I wish to go on dates like that, but since I don’t have a significant other, Minami gets to enjoy my fantasy haha. I’m sorry to say, but I am using Kohaku Uta the real one. Uta has some attractiveness to her, but everyone is different. I’m glad you would still want to read this story of mine :)
@noah minami: Lol, I didn’t forget about you… it’s just I swear there are 2 other people with the same username as yours so I’m not sure if you’re the reader or the writer or both X3 Gomen ne? Wow you and I have something in common, mine is on May 26 :D 26! Hehe and Happy Birthday! Hope you like your gift :P
@IamNot_Glad: lol, it’s Nisemono for a reason, right? But maybe you’ll feel better after reading this chapter? XD
@taenylove: hmmm how would you know, huh? :P lol but thank you, I will continue to update.
@lossc: lol I should thank you for reading my fanfics, let alone, reading it 3 times :P and no worries, I will finish the other OS. I’ve just been busy lately with Nisemono and school, so yeah…

Here is Chapter 3 with Atsuko in it, so y'all get the action you wanted X3


Chapter 3

Minami POV

I can’t stop thinking about our first date. I had lots of fun, which I haven’t had in a while. She makes me laugh a lot, and she treats me nicely. I can’t stop thinking about her, but when she told me what she did as her job; I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say or how I felt about it.

I haven’t seen her for a few days now, and it isn’t because I’m avoiding her. Even if I have less work now, I still have the paperwork from before the new program started plus the new ones, so it has been occupying me.

I kept true to my words about not changing my mind, but it’s hard to let it go. If we were to really become a couple, would she continue doing that, would she stop it for me? Why am I thinking about dating her when I don’t even know my own feelings yet?

The only other person that I’ve ever felt something for was Atsuko, but she decided to go out with that guy, and as her best friend I couldn’t stop her. I had no rights to stop her from experimenting and dating other people because she doesn’t belong in AKB anymore. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt when she picked someone else over me though.

I’m not sure how long it took for me to get over it. Whenever I’m on the verge of being done with her, she always comes back to me, making me fall for her again. Then when she made up with her boyfriend, she left me just as quick as she came, and I became nothing to her.

The only other person who knows about us is Mariko. The others teased me and Atsuko about being with each other and dating each other, but they only thought we were best friend and nothing more. Little did they know that their teasing is actually real, that the Team A captain and ace were really a couple, even if it wasn’t official.

During my down time, I really couldn’t have asked for a better friend than Mariko, because she was there for me like any real close friend would. She took me out, she cheered me up, and she even scolded me when needed to be. I might as well fall for her, but she’s like my older sister, and that would have been weird.

I remember there was a guy who asked me out before. It was Joy-san. I was completely surprised because I never thought anyone could like an unattractive and a tomboyish girl like me. I was happy that he confessed to me, but sadly I didn’t feel the same way for him because I had Atsuko, and even if I didn’t I was still in AKB.

What if I told him that I’ll consider it after I graduate? Would he have waited? Would I have been happier that way? It was in the past and there was no point in thinking about it. I had my fun share with Atsuko, and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s just… now… I’m lonely.

All my close first gen friends are already graduated, leaving us no3b members. Sometimes I wonder if I should go next because all three of us are getting old. Maybe not Miichan, but Haruna and I are getting there. People would think that because we three are the only first gen left, we get special treatments, but we really don’t. The hierarchy in AKB is long gone. New styles and methods are applied.

I told almost everyone even in interviews, that I’ll graduate before or after AKB’s 10th year anniversary, but I don’t know if I can stick for that long. I love AKB, and I want to be there for the new gens, but I’m getting tired. I want to do my own things. I want to write my songs and release more singles. I want to dabble in politics. I want to do many things, and it seems dating is not really one of them.

I don’t know if it’s the aspect of me expecting that I won’t find anybody, or if I’m scared of being hurt again. I can live on work, and work alone, but all my friends will eventually get married…

Atsuko… will get married… and I can’t continue to be unhappy like this. I want to find somebody who will make me happy too, someone who is better than Atsuko’s boyfriend because I don’t want to be cheated on. I want someone who will treat me right, adore me, understand me, have patience with me, and can just be lazy with me.

I realized that I’m describing someone like Atsuko, but Atsuko doesn’t have the patience. She forces me to do a lot of things, and I guess thanks to her, I can eat some raw sushi now. Even though Atsuko is very aggressive, she’s only doing that for me. She wants what’s good for me and I love that about her. She drag me places, but I enjoy them in the end.

I know because of this side of Atsuko, people think she is a very spoiled and selfish girl, but she isn’t. She has her own way of showing her affection, and I guess being tsundere is one of them, but not a lot of people get the privilege of seeing the Atsuko I know.

I can also see someone else with those aspects. I can see it in Utan, and maybe she’ll have more of what I’m looking for, but haven’t figured out yet.

Speaking of Utan, I wonder what she’s doing... but then again, I don’t want to know. I kinda miss her. I want to hang out with her again. I wonder if she thought I ran away or something…

I hope she doesn’t think that because even if I don’t know how to react to her job, I still want to be her friend, but do I? Do I just want to be her friend? She likes me and even confessed to me, but what does that mean for me? Do I like her back? What about her work? Can I tolerate that?

I just don’t know…

I don’t know…

I need to find out…


Third POV

“Takamina, over here.” The leader saw Mariko standing up and calling her over.

Sitting at the table were her friends. Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Yuko, Tomochin, Tomomi, Sayaka, Sae, and… Atsuko. What is she doing here? Doesn’t she have work or a boyfriend to hang with? The tiny girl sounded like a boyfriend who broke up with their girlfriend and it’s awkward to see them. 

“Takamina, long time no see.” Miichan said, exaggerating as usual.

“I saw you guys just a few days ago, it wasn’t that long.” They all laughed.

“So, Takamina, how is the new program?” Sayaka asked, but there are a few that shows confusion on their face.

“Minami has a new segment with a partner that Akimoto-sensei wanted her to do with.” Mariko briefly explains to the others.

“Oh, how is it?” Tomomi asked, clinging onto Tomochin’s arm. The captain looked around, feeling like a third wheel with all the couples sitting around her.

“It was really good. I had lots of fun on my first date.”


She looked at everyone’s face, and they all seem to show shock, except for Mariko. Takahashi knew that she knew what Akimoto-sensei had planned. She turned to look at Atsuko, but said girl showed confusion.


“Did you just say…”


“As in a real lovey dovey date?

“As in girlfriend and boyfriend date?”

“Why do you guys keep asking the same question over and over again?” They make it seem like the soukantoku was not date-able…

“Ignore them, Minami, so tell us the details.” Mariko shushes them up as she wants to continue listening.

“I can’t really give you guys the details, but we ate at my restaurant-“

“The food was really good.” Yuko commented.

“After that, we played at one of the kiosk and they won me a pair of one-piece cell phone charms.” The short girl showed her friends the strap, smiling brightly at them.

“Where’s the other one?” Haruna asked.

“I gave it to the person…” She doesn’t know why, but she can feel the heat in her cheeks.

“Awww, Takamina has become a girl.” Miichan teased, making the others laugh, except for Atsuko. The ex-ace has been wearing the same expression since she heard of the word ‘date’.

“And then, and then?” Tomomi pressure the girl to continue her story.

“We went to the fish pond to get our feet smooth-“

“That was fun, wasn’t it, Takamina?” Yuko seems to remember the challenge that they did against each other.

“After that, we went to a takoyaki stand and bought the shrimp filling, we shared it together at a quiet place... The person paid for all the activities that we did. I felt bad about it though…”

The friends were happy for their ex-leader, being able to find someone who could make her happy. Mariko especially excited to see Minami being interested in another person after the thing with Atsuko.

“Did anything else happen?” Sae inquired.

“Um… they kissed me… but on the cheek!”


The soukantoku blushes hard, while her friends were making noises of how cute the date was. Acchan, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be happy at all. In fact, she seems really irritated. Mariko was the only one who notices it. She smirked to herself knowing that Atsuko is getting jealous.

“Neh, Minami, who is that person?” The ex-ace held onto the shorter girl’s arm, trying to find out more information, and to see if the person is any big threat to her.
“I-I can’t tell you guys…” The redness on the captain’s face remains.

“The date is only for the segment, right Minami? You don’t actually like this person, right?” Acchan continues to investigate this date. She doesn’t like it when someone is trying to steal Takamina away from her, because the leader is hers.

Nobody seems to notice what Atsuko was doing, they all think it’s a normal question, except for Mariko. She knows that her friend is trying to get back into Takamina’s life, trying to dominate her life again, and keeping the girl in the palm of her hands.

“R-right…” The answer was not convincing at all. It seems the soukantoku’s heart was slowly opening up for another person to come in. This definitely will not fly by Atsuko. The girl is determined to do something about it.

“Neh, Takamina, when is your next date?” Miichan was super curious.

“Hmmm, I don’t know yet, I still have lots of work to take care of before I can go on another date with…” The leader clasps a hand over her mouth before she gave them the info that her partner is a girl.

“With?” Acchan inquire.

“N-nothing… anyway, I don’t know when, but I’ll try to finish my work fast.” Takahashi smiled at her friends, making them smile too. They can see that their ex-leader is excited about this date of hers, and are rooting for her, but there was one thing that all of them have on their minds.

“Wait a minute… you’re in AKB though… you can’t date, it’s against the rules…” Sayaka was the one who said it, making everyone stopped in their tracks.

“U-um…” The captain looked over at Mariko, asking for help silently.

“Hey, it was Akimoto-sensei’s idea, so just let it be. Also, aren’t you guys dating each other even back when you guys were in AKB, so why can’t Minami?”
Takamina looked over at the older member and nodded her head in thanks.

“Yeah… about that… thanks for keeping it a secret, Takamina.” All the friends said their thanks to their ex-leader, feeling bad for forgetting that it was the small girl who had protected them from the rule.

Atsuko on the other hand is fuming quietly. Who is this person that can make Minami so excited? Who is this person that would make Minami wants to finish her work fast to go on another date? Just who is it?!

“Yeah, it’s not like Minami wanted to date, she has me after all~” Acchan snuggled into Takamina’s embrace, hugging her close, leaving said girl lost.

“Hmm, but don’t you have that boyfriend of yours, Acchan?” Mariko tries to help the person she respect the most away from the friend that she also adores. Atsuko needs to stop playing with Minami like this, and just let the girl be free.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The ex-ace glared at the older woman, which said woman didn’t care.

“We all have seen or at least heard of it. I know for sure that Minami have seen it, since she reads the news every day.” The taller girl challenged.

“Minami~ you don’t believe it, do you?” Atsuko asked, pouting her lips cutely.

“I-I…” Takamina withdraws her arm and looked away from Acchan, making the said girl surprised.

She believes in the rumor and she knows that it’s true too. She just didn’t want to say anything about it for she has no rights to stop her friend, but… why would Atsuko pretend like it’s not happening?

“Tell me that you don’t, Minami.” The ex-ace continues to insist upon her ex-captain. She didn’t want to believe that the soukantoku is not hers anymore. She didn’t want to admit that she’s losing her girl…

Minami is mine!

“I-I don’t know…”

“Come with me.” Acchan drags Takamina to the girl’s bathroom and into a stall. She locked up before turning around to crash her lips onto the leader.

Takahashi was surprised. She didn’t expect the girl that she had a thing for is now kissing her. She tries to stop the girl, but said girl was too aggressive.

“Stop, Atsuko, stop.”

“I missed you, Minami.” The ex-center continues her approach. She held onto both of the girl’s wrist, and held it above their heads. She continues to attack those juicy lips that belong to her, but Takamina was still trying to resist.

“I love you, Minami…” It was the last thing Acchan said before the leader gave in to her heart’s desire. She had also missed the ace very much, but the news had struck her badly.

Maeda continues to suck and kiss the soft lips before her until she started to lick on them. The motion made the older girl gasp, which gave her the opportunity to stick her tongue in. She plays and twists around the other girl’s. Soft and quiet moans can be heard coming out from both of the girls. It was getting hot and steamy in that bathroom stall.

Acchan starts letting go of Takamina’s wrist, moving her hands to the girl’s waist, and massages them. She rolls the girl’s shirt up to touch her tone stomach. Oh how she misses these abs whenever she hugs and sleep on the girl.

Atsuko have a sudden lust that needs to be fulfilled. She wants to do it with Minami, as they’ve never done it before. She wants to make the girl hers. She wants to put a claim on her. She wants her.

The ex-ace travels up the captain’s shirt, reaching her laced bra, squeezing it slowly to get a reaction out of her.

Sooo soft…


The group of friends watches as Acchan pulled Takamina away. They all had a confuse look on their face, wondering where they were going.

“Do we want to know where they going?” Yuko asked.

“Knowing Acchan, she’s probably…” Mariko started, but didn’t want to continue.

“Should we be worried?” Tomochin wonders…

“I think Takamina should be fine… Acchan just probably want to know more about the person.” Sayaka tries to reassure everybody.

“Anyway, Mariko, you want to explain what was happening earlier?” Miichan questioned her girlfriend, wanting to know. 

“What do you mean?”

“I believe we all noticed how you attacked Acchan earlier…”

“Yeah, why did you mention her boyfriend?” Sae inquired.

“Nothing… don’t worry about it.”

“Mariko, what do you know that we don’t? Tell us.” Miichan coos her girlfriend, wanting to find out about two of her best friends.
“If Minami is happy with this person that she’s dating with on the program, then I’ll support her. I don’t want to see her being hurt by Atsuko anymore. Their relationship is over since Atsuko left and got someone else.”

“I didn’t know they were together. We thought they were just best friend…” Yuko and everyone else were surprised.

“That’s what they want you to think.”

 “We really didn’t know…” Haruna said, feeling bad for not being a good friend to her leader, which others also felt the same.

“It’s not like Minami would scream out ‘I’m sad and lonely’ to all of us or about her relationship…” Mariko has a point. They know the soukantoku doesn’t like bringing her problems to other people, and that she doesn’t like to share personal things either.

“Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I rather see Minami happy with someone we don’t know than being played around with by Atsuko… Don’t get me wrong. I love Acchan too, but she needs to move on…” None of the members know what to say. Mariko was right. They want their friend to be happy, and if the ex-ace can’t give her that, then someone else should. They didn’t know that Takamina was constantly being hurt by the ex-ace. They thought the only deep affect that Acchan has on Minami was only during the Tokyo Dome and last theater performance graduation.

“Whatever Takamina wants, we’ll support her.” Miichan said, with the nodding agreement of the others.

Just when they finished discussing this topic, they saw the leader walk fast out of the restaurant without even saying goodbye to them. They then saw Acchan walking out as well, not sure what had happened when the two girls were gone.

“What do you think happened?” Sayaka questioned.

“I don’t know, but I think I have an idea, considering both of their faces are red…” Mariko, being the older wise person that she is, a quick glance was enough for her to grasp the situation.

“Should we do something?” Tomomi asked.

“I think the best course of action is to wait and see how things go for Minami. Then we can intervene when it’s needed…” All the girls present listened to Mariko.

They watch the older member as she seem to know more than what she was letting on, but she was just acting casually as usual, making them wonder what is running inside that sharp head of hers.


Minami POV

Atsuko suddenly dragged me to the bathroom and pushes me into one of the stalls. I was really confused by her behavior, and out of nowhere, she kissed me. To say I was shock would be an understatement.

I wanted her to stopped, but she was too strong. She told me that she missed me, but if she did then how come she never calls me or hang out with me?

I missed her too, but ever since she dated that guy, I tried to keep my distance. She’s at the age where she wants to try new things, instead of being confined to her love from AKB.

We never even officially claim that we’re each other’s girlfriend. We never really talked about it. We just let things flow, and maybe that is a mistake. Maybe it would have been better if we had discussed about our relationship.

She continues to put her lips on mine as I struggled away. The kisses she be giving me brings back good memories, but it also brought the bad. The soft lips of hers made me remember how we enjoyed each other company, how we sneak glances at each other, and how we say ‘I love you’ to each other.

“I love you, Minami...” She said to me. The way she said it is just like how I remembered them. They made my heart beat faster, gives me butterflies, and makes me want to give it all to her.

I kissed her back, not resisting anymore. I missed these lips that just know how to caress mine, the tongue that just knows how to make its way into my mouth, and the possessive hungry feeling that can never satisfied her. I missed them all.

I felt her hands massaging my stomach. She hadn’t touched this abs of mine since she graduated, actually, since my birthday. She celebrated my 23rd birthday with me and my other friends, and stayed over for the night. We always share bed together, and she’ll always cling to me. During those moments, it was just me and her, Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko with no titles attached.

She continues to move her hand up, holding my cup in her hands. I think I know what she wants, but I’m not ready. I don’t want to give it to her, yet. Not when she’s in a relationship with someone else.

It’s wrong, it’s just wrong…

I used all my strength to push her against the other wall. I unlocked the stall and rush my way out.

“Minami!” I heard her called me, but I just kept walking. I can’t face her right now. I don’t feel right about this.

I continued heading out of the restaurant, not even bothering to say bye to my other friends. I went back to my office to work on my stuff that I have. I was fully concentrating on working through the piles of paper sitting on my desk.

Even though I completed through half of it, I was too tired to continue. I couldn’t stop thinking about the incident in the bathroom with Atsuko. I’m just so lost and confuse right now. I need help, I need a sign, I need something to point me into the right direction.

*knock knock*

“Come in.”

“Takahashi-san, Akimoto-san wants to see you.”

God, what’s going on now?

“Thank you Togasaki-san, I’ll be there in a minute.”

He left me alone, as I relaxed for a moment in my chair. I close my eyes, breathing in and out, and then got up to meet with sensei.

Is there a change that he needs to talk to me about? Did the thing between me and Atsuko get to him? No… no one was there though… I don’t know what to expect.
*knock knock*

“Come in” I heard from inside the door.

“Sorry to disturb.”

“Takahashi-san, glad you can make it.” He was the one calling for me, I have to come…

“Is there something wrong, sensei?”

“No, nothing is wrong. You’re doing a superb job.”


“I wanted to ask you about the new program. How do you like it?”

So all of this was his plan? He was the one who set me up with Utan? Why does he want me to go on dates, and why her? There’s nothing wrong with Utan. I’m actually glad that it was her because it could have been anyone else, and I might not be able to have as much fun.

Speaking of Utan, I kinda miss her. I want to hang out again, go on another date.



“Oh, yes, it was fun.”

“I’m glad. What do you think of your partner?”

Why is he asking me about her? He was the one who picked her, right? What is he trying to do here?

“She’s nice. We had fun together… why?”

“I just want to know if you’re okay with her.”

If I’m okay with her? What did he mean by that?

“I’m talking about her work…” He clarified for me, probably seeing the confusedness on my face.

“W-what about it?” I know what he was implying. He was probably wondering if I’m okay with her having that kind of job. I honestly don’t know if I’m fine with it or not.

“Are you okay with it? If you’re not, Takamina, things can be arranged.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ll replace her.” He looked so serious when he said that. If I didn’t know any better, I thought he would get rid of her.

The thing is, I don’t know, I really don’t. I only met her for the first time a few days ago, and had so much fun with her. Shouldn’t I give her another chance before I decide that her work affects my opinion on her? After all, I even agreed to us getting to know each other better. I can’t go back on my words.

“Can I have more time to think about it? I’ve only just met her…”

I don’t know why, but the old man is smiling at me. It’s starting to creeps me out a bit.

“That’s the answer I expected from our soukantoku.”


“I knew you wouldn’t just disregard people without giving them another chance.” He seemed to be proud of me.


“I just want you to be happy Takamina. Acchan really did a number on you…”

What? What did he mean by that? Does he know about me and Atsuko?

“Excuse me?”

“I know it’s hard to find a partner after her, Takamina, I know. I can never find another like Acchan either, but I believe Kohaku-san can do it for you.” I don’t think I have ever been sooo confused and lost in my life, like I am today. I feel like he is hinting something, but I’m not sure.


“I hope she’ll be sufficed.” I still don’t understand what he is saying, but since he is smiling at me, I reciprocated it.

“Is there anything else you want to tell me sensei?”

“I want you to pick the second date.”

“Eh?” Why do I have to pick?

“Pick it, so we can tell the filming people where to be.”

“H-hai, wakarimashita.”

“Have you got your date’s phone number, yet?”

“Um… no…” Somehow I feel embarrassed about not having them.

“Okay. I leave the matter to your hands. I trust you’ll be fine.”

“Arigatou gozaimasu.”

“Now go think about it and contact the crew for the next filming, okay?”

“Yes sir.” I bow and take my leave.

I walk back towards my office again thinking of where I should pick. What place do I want to go that I haven’t for a while? I scratched my head for an answer, but none came up.

I got back to my office, and went back to work, but I couldn’t focus. What place should I pick? I really don’t know.

“Gah! First is Atsuko, and now this!” I lay my head on the table and close my eyes.

Utan popped up into my head; her smile, her body, and her treatment towards me. I want to see them again. I want to see her.

Maybe she can help me forget about Atsuko… and of course I meant that in a friendly way, nothing else.

I need to find a place. I need to think of one. For god sake, why can’t I think of anything!

Then a thought came into my head. This is it. This is the place. I called the crew member and told them where the next date will be.

I’m glad I got that done. Now, all that is left is the leftover paperwork that I needed to do before I’m free.

Just wait for me.

Wait for me…



So yeah, how you like that AtsuMina action? lol  :lol:
Well I do hope you guys like it ^_^
There will definitely be more Atsuko, so stay tune :D

Comments are appreciated.

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 3 (10/26/14)
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atsumina could be the end, as :bow: :thumbsup  Atsuko have repented and fight for love minami. Of course having a bit of drama.

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 3 (10/26/14)
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thanks for update...
I like how Uta treat Takamina,
she treat her like a girl, not a guy.. i love the new couple UtaMina.. :D :D

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 3 (10/26/14)
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With the states of how things are going, I will not mind a final TakaUta pairing (or anyone who can bring happiness to her on that matter) . Unless Atsuko finally makes up her mind on who she really loves instead of just playing around with Takamina's feelings like that, then it's only right for Takamina to find someone else whose love is genuine as stated by Mariko. Since you haven't delved much into Atsuko's inner state of mind up to this point, I can't really judge what her true feelings are. From the description of her thoughts upon hearing about Takamina's date, the only thing I can conclude is that she seems like someone who just doesn't like seeing her things/people being taken away - like when a kid's toy is taken away from him - rather than jealousy sprouting from love. If this is what Atsuko really is (in your fic of course) , then Takamina deserves to find another happiness. If not, then I'd like to see how Atsuko fights for Takamina back  :twisted:?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next chapter :). I hope I don't have to wait 1 month :nervous!  And what does Nisemono mean anyway XD?

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 3 (10/26/14)
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Uh oh, I spotted a very very jealous Atsuko. She's quite obvious; funny how others didn't see that :lol:
Though, I find it really odd that the rest of the gang didn't notice the relationship between Atsuko and Minami the whole time and realized it when Mariko told them.
Atsuko is very aggressive towards Minami, and the kiss in the bathroom is quite hot.

Minami is confuse with her feelings with Utan.
Looks like Minami is going to see Utan again soon.

Please update soon!!  XD

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Re: AtsuMinaUta: Nisemono Chapter 3 (10/26/14)
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Author san! !!! Haha thanks for the birthday gifts.  I like it alot xD. Sorry was away. My birthday I was busy doing report but still celebrate it hahaha xD. Cool 26 may .I will remember it.  Oh what the other user name? I think I'm the only noah . Noah minami. 

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[AtsuMina] Kowai! part 4 (One-Shot Incomplete 10/28/14)
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@Mina: Hey there new reader :) Well I think you’re new lol. I’m pretty sure everyone wants AtsuMina to be the end couple, but we’ll see.
@minami_pops: Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before, so welcome :D I’m glad you like the new couple, and can see how she treats Minami differently than Atsuko and other AKB members. I honestly don’t like it when she’s constantly getting teased about being a guy, so I want someone proper to treat her right, but I guess your ‘but’ is that you would prefer AtsuMina as the end couple lol
@Tanchan: Wow, thanks for supporting the crackship UtaMina lol. I really appreciate the whole paragraph that you wrote because that is how I feel too, but we’ll see. I’m not sure how Atsuko will prove her worth, but it’ll be interesting to see how far she’ll go to get Minami back… Normally, I would update whenever I finished a chapter, but if I were to do that then it’ll go on hiatus like Shiroi x Kuroi Tenshi, so uploading once a month is the best bet for now since I’m currently working on chapter 6, but it’s getting harder for me to write -_- Also Nisemono means imposter/2nd/fake/similar to the first, so if you take a look at Uta, she’s similar to Atsuko, hence she’s like the 2nd Atsuko, aka Nisemono. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting ^_^
@Haru_jei: It’s because AtsuMina isn’t official and they’re really close best friend, so the others never thought more of their relationship. I honestly don’t know why I wrote it this way, but since it turns out like that, I kept it lol. I’ve always like aggressive/possessive Atsuko, it just suits her, and thank you for reading :D
@noah minami: I’m glad you like it. Well, it’s okay, at least you had fun on your birthday :D Even if you remember my birthday, you don’t write any fics, so what present will I get? :P I’m pretty sure there was another one like this Noah_minami or noah_Minami or Noah_Minami, unless that’s all you lol


So there is a special treat today because I'm in a happy mood. If you don't know why then you must punch yourself in the face :P
I'm very happy because our AtsuMina took a few pictures together and they are super adorable!!!  :wub:
If you haven't seen it then go to the AtsuMina page now because I posted them there :D

Anyway, please enjoy more AtsuMina lovey dovey cuteness from Kowai! part 4 ^_^


Kowai! part 4

Atsuko POV

Minami continues to lead me towards the café, while I was just watching her and following her obediently. I wonder why she is so agitated with Yuko, but it doesn’t matter to me because then she’ll be all mine.

Even though, as much as I like the distance coming in between her and the squirrel, I want to see her smiling face instead of the frown and furrowed eyebrows.

“Minami?” I called her name, trying to get her to talk to me

“Hmmm, nani?” She turns to look at me and grinned. Gosh, why does she have to do that, now I’m speechless.

“What is it, Atsuko?” She now sounds concern. I closed my eyes to snap myself out of the trance. I’m trying to make her feel better, not the other way around.

“How come you acted that way with Yuko?”

It seems she’s taking a moment to think before answering me. I let her take her time, not wanting to rush her, as we continued walking.

Silence fell upon us, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Sometimes we just need the quietness away from others to keep our sanity in check. We kept moving forward, while I was looking at the surroundings with our hands still clasp together.

I turned my head to the back to see if our friends are trailing behind us, and they were, but at a big distance. I guess they understood the fact that Minami needed time to herself.

I was in the middle of spacing out when I felt the hold on my hand tighten. She turned over to look at me with such seriousness that I thought I was back in AKB practicing for one of our dance moves.

“You’ll be with me forever, won’t you?”

Then she said it. She said those few simple words that made my heart beats so fast that I thought I was having a heart attack. Never have I ever love someone so much before, but then again, I have never fall in love with anyone else because she alone is enough for me. Her question was so innocent that she made me fall in love with her all over again, probably even way more beyond the limits.

“Of course, Minami, you don’t have to ask.”

She smiled at me, and continued to say words that won’t let my heart take a break.

“Then you’re enough for me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, watching her checking our surroundings.

“You’re all I need.” She whispered as she leant in, giving me that genuine smile before she sweetly and softly kiss my lips, leaving me in a daze.

After we parted, I instantly blush as she uses her thump to wipe the gloss that remains on the side of my lips. I observe her loving expression as she continues to fix me up. Her eyes are sparkling, her face is glowing, her touches are gentle, and she is just an amazing girlfriend in general.

“There, as perfect as always.” She said to me, giving me a quick peck before holding my left hand and continues walking.

I placed my right hand over my chest to stop the beating, but it continues to pump rapidly. I tried to calm myself by looking everywhere, and saw a bag of chips that I like to eat. It reminded me that our friends were behind us, so I wondered if they saw what had happened earlier. Gosh, I think they did, and that doesn’t help the redness on my cheeks.


“Hm~?” She turned to look at me with her pouty lips. Gah~ Kawaii~

“I want to eat those chips.” I pointed to the bags that had caught my attention.

“Eh? We’re about to be there and eat though…”

“Mou~ Minami~ I want them…” I held her right hand with both of mine, swinging it back and forth in a child-like manner.

“Hai, hai, whatever you wish for watashi no hime-sama.” She placed her left hand over her chest and slightly bows at me. She then look up and gave me a wink.

*doki doki*

My heart is pounding nonstop again, and it’s all her fault. One day I’m gonna die and the doctor won’t even know why.

“Let’s go.” She pulled me into the store with her and got a basket on the way. We walked to the snacks isle and look at all the varieties.

“How many bags of chips do you want and do you want anything else?” She started grabbing the chips and put it in the basket. I honestly don’t know how many I want, but I’ll just let her decide.

“This should be good right, Atsuko? Let’s look at the candies.” I believe she put ten bags into the basket, and now she pulled me over to the sweets. I would have been fine with two, or three, but ten is a bit much I think.

“I remembered you said that you like this chocolate candy, right?” She grabbed ten of the box and put it in the basket.

“Didn’t you say you like these fruit candies too?” She took ten bags and put it in again.

“Oh look, there are pockies here, and there are three flavors.” She took two of each and throws it in as well.

“Gummi fruit candies!” She took a few and stuffs it in the basket.

Okay, this is way too much. Why is she buying so many? I may eat a lot, but this is kind of more than what I can handle, and I only wanted chips in the first place. Oh my god, does she thinks I’m fat?

“Minami!” I need to stop her.

“Hm? Nani?” She looks at me as if what she’s doing is normal and I’m the odd one.

“Why are you buying so many?” Did I say something weird? Why is she looking at me weirdly?


“Let’s go pay for these.” She took the basket and put it on the counter. I swear the cashier looks really shock with all these junk food in it.

“Are you having a party, miss?” The girl asked my Minami, but why is she blushing? Who does she think she is to talk to my Minami?! Atsuko, you need to calm down. Breathe girl, breathe.

“Nope, it’s for my girlfriend, hehe.”

Did I hear correctly? Did she just say what I think she said? Am I dreaming? I didn’t really have time to think as she pulled me over and rest her hand on my waist. The cashier looked at us as if she was trying to remember something.

“Oh my god, you’re Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko, it’s a pleasure.” The girl was smiling at us, and nods her head up and down.

“So Maeda-san does eat a lot, huh, Takahashi-san?” She tries to joke with my Minami. I’m getting irritated by the seconds. Have she not heard what Minami had said before? I’m her girlfriend for god sake.

“Yeah, but I love my girlfriend either way, haha.” Both of them laugh while I just stood in Minami’s arm, quietly trying to regain my composure.

“You guys are so close. I want a best friend like this too. I’m so jealous.” It seems the cashier misunderstood the word girlfriend and thought we’re just best friends. Well you know what; we even slept together, hah! Now what?

“Don’t worry, you’ll find the right one, one day. Though, I don’t think you would be as ‘close’ to your best friend as we are.” Minami! Don’t tell people about our sex lives.

“Well of course not. You guys have known each other since middle school. No friendship can beat that.” I’m glad this girl is dense, and doesn’t think about the undertones.

“You bet! Especially when she sleeps over at my house at night, and we-“ I covered her mouth from talking because this is way too much. We do not need other people to know what we do at our home, or more importantly, what we do at night.

“- and we stay up late to watch movies and catch up.” I finished her sentence, and smiled at the girl as if nothing was weird going on.

“Ah. I really want such friendship.” Yeah, if you’re gay…

“So what is our total?” I am really trying to get us both out of here.

“That would be 4,970 yen please… Um, who is paying?”

“That would be me. I have to be able to provide something as simple as snacks for my girlfriend, right? Otherwise she might leave me.” That does it. You do think I’m fat, don’t you? I started hitting her arms.

“Itai, itai, Atsuko~ See how tsundere my girlfriend is?” Minami continues to tease me.

“I’ve never seen Maeda-san so active before.” Normally people don’t get to see this side of me, but Minami seems to bring it out, and now I can’t stop because it’s all her fault.

“Atsuko~ stop hitting me so I can pay for our food.” I stopped a second when I heard she said ‘our food’.

“Here’s 5,000 yen, and you can keep the change.”

“Thank you very much, Takahashi-san, though I can’t believe Maeda-san actually eat that much.” Now this girl thinks I’m fat. You’re gonna be in big trouble later, Minami!

“Oh no no, she eats two bags or three at most, the others are to stack up our cabinet at home. Well, anyway, nice talking to you.” Before I get to say anything, Minami had already pulled me out of the store.

She continues to walk with one hand holding the bags, and the other holding mine. I wonder if our friends noticed that we were gone, and if they went ahead of us.

“Neh Atsuko.”

“Don’t think you’re off-“

“I love you~” Just like that, I’m surrendered speechless.

“I will still love you even if you do get fat, but you’re not, okay?” She looks at me and smiled.

“You will always be the sexiest, prettiest, and most perfect girl in my eyes.”

*doki doki*

Once again my heart is beating rapidly. She just knows the right thing to say to me, and I feel like I need to do something to tell her that I love her just as much, but how?

I’m pretty sure I stared at her for the longest as we continue walking our way towards the café. I know that she knows I’m looking at her, but she just continues to smile. She never expects anything back from me, and that is one of the things I love about her.

“We’re here Atsuko.” She walked in first with me in toll.

As we’re reaching the table, before anyone could say anything, I took the bags out of Minami’s hand and put it near our seat. I dragged her with me to the bathroom and pushed her against the door. I know I’m being a little aggressive right now, but the look in her eyes say it all. She trusts me completely even if I am crazy.

“I want you~” I whispered against her ear, feeling her shivering a little.

“Right now~” I say against her mouth before I capture those long awaited soft lips. She giggled slightly, making me smile.

“Atsuko, our friends are waiting, we need to go.” She reached out to tuck a piece of hair behind my ears.

“I don’t care… Minami…” I tried to kiss her again, but she pushes me back with her finger lying on my lips. I lick her index, causing her to draw back.

“We can… always… do this… later~” I felt her hands travel up and down my back before she stops at my butt. She squeezes and pulled them against her, rubbing my pelvis towards her leg.

“I-I can’t w-wait.” I’m breathless right now. The bathroom suddenly feels hot. I need to take my clothes off. I need to take her clothes off.

“Patience… is a virtue…” She said before locking our lips together, sucking on the bottom and giving it a bite.

“Itai…” It hurts a bit, but she licked the pain away. I entwine our tongues together, exploring each other’s mouth. The kiss was so slow and sensual that it’s causing the fire in me to grow.

“We need to stop here…” She pulled back, but I kept reaching forward.

“Please, Atsuko, let’s wait till we’re home.” She gave me one last kiss before she went to the mirrors to check herself. She came back to me and fixes me up as well.

We took a deep breath and breathe out as we left the bathroom.


Third POV

Minami and Atsuko walked back to their friends hand in hand, as if nothing had happened at all, and that they were just using the restroom.

“What did you guys do in there?” Yuko asked, being the perverted squirrel that she is.

“Peeing?” Minami answered, as if it’s the most obvious thing to do in a bathroom, which it is.


“What else?”

“You could be doing- itai!”

“Always talking about dirty stuff…” Kojima got irritated by her short girlfriend.

“Anyway… where did you guys go? We were walking behind you guys, but you guys suddenly disappear.” Shinoda asked.

“Atsuko wanted to buy some stuff, so I took her to the store.” Takamina pulled up the bags full of snacks.

“Woh, why so much?” Miichan asked, trying to look into the bags, but got smacked by Acchan.

“To stack them at home.” The leader smiled looking through the white plastic. She pulled out the bag of chips and handed to her ace.

“Thanks, Minami.” The actress gave her girlfriend a kiss on the cheek in appreciation.

“You guys should try this. It’s really good.” Acchan pulled open the bag, and let everyone took a piece.

“Wow, this is good!” The soukantoku took another piece and popped it in her mouth.

“I need to buy some of this too, right Mariko?” MariMii agreed to go to the store later. Miichan tried to grab another piece from Atsuko, but the ex-center slapped her hand away.

“Hey no fair, Takamina got another piece, and I can’t?”

“She’s my girlfriend and you’re not.” Acchan stick her tongues out at the girl, which the gachapin did back.

“I want to buy some too, Tomochin.” Kasai was whining to her tough looking girlfriend, which said girl couldn’t resist.

“What do you think, Sayaka?”

“It’s really good, but I don’t think I’ll buy them like Takamina did for Acchan…” Both the athletic girl was watching their calories even though they didn’t need to.

“Neh Yuko, I want to go get some too…” Haruna looks at the squirrel, but said girl was staring at her piece of chips with a pale face.

“Yuko?” The second ace finally snapped out to look at her Kojiharu. She wanted to say something, but was too in shock to. She turned to look at Acchan, and saw her smiling towards them.

This is the same one from last night…

“Something wrong, Yuko?” The ex-center girl asked concern.

“Where… How… Have you always eaten these chips?”

“No, I just found out about these yesterday, why?” The taller of the two smiled, knowing where this conversation was going.

“F-from who?” The squirrel started to be scared. What if…?

“From a dream~”  Yuko’s face turned even paler, like she has seen a ghost.

“Eh, Atsuko, so you didn’t even know what it tasted like?” The leader turned to look at her girlfriend, not believing that she only wants the chips because of a dream.

“Well, I do know what it tastes like, that’s why I wanted it…” Acchan pouted her cute lips.

“Hai hai, sorry for doubting you and your dreams when it comes to food.” Takamina teased, but held onto her ace’s hand to let her know that that she was just joking.

“Hmmm, I know what else taste like in my dreams~” The actress look at the shorter girl with lust in her eyes, making said girl blushed.

On the other side of the table, the second ace was still in her shock world, not paying attention to anyone around her. She kept thinking if last night’s activities were real, but she couldn’t get her mind around it.

“Yuko?” Kojiharu sense something off with her girlfriend and was worried about her.

“Y-yeah?” The squirrel’s eyes never leaving the AtsuMina couple.

“Are you sick? Why you keep staring at Acchan like that?” Haruna touched Yuko’s head to see if it’s warm, but it’s not, instead it’s cold.

Out of Atsuko’s peripheral vision, she can see that the short girl was still staring at them, and that makes her giggle.

“What’s funny?” Takamina inquired.

“Nothing~” The ace continue to smile nonstop and bashing her eyelashes at her girlfriend. Takamina squint her eyes at Acchan, knowing that something is up, but let it go.

“Can we order to eat now?!” Miichan has been waiting long enough, and she wants food now. She definitely destroyed any tension that was there.

The leader and her actress both sit down, and Yuko finally snapped out, starting acting normal. Now that everyone was settled down and was themselves again. They started chatting and ordering for food.


“So Yuko, what’s it like graduating from the group?” Sayaka asked, wanting to know if the burden was finally released and gone.

“Well, I only graduated for one day, so I’m not sure… but I do feel freer.”

“I think the only person who understands how you feel is Acchan.” Miichan said, knowing as a matter of fact.

“I think Takamina will understand one day too, when she finally decided to leave the group, and retired from the Soukantoku position.” Mariko commented. It’s not unknown that these three girls carry the most burdens, but the oldest member believes that the leader carries the most. Not only does she have to look over 200 members, but she also have to be an example.

This discussion was about Yuko at first, but then turns into the AtsuMina couple. All of them face the girls, but said couple was in their own world. They weren’t even listening. Instead, they were whispering with each other and giggling at whatever that only the two of them knows.

Sensing many eyes on them, they stopped their conversation and looked at their friends.

“What?”  Acchan asked, feeling a little uncomfortable with the attention that they’re receiving.

“We were talking about the both of you, but clearly, you guys weren’t listening.” Mariko teased.

“W-what did you guys discuss?” Takamina asked, feeling a little bad for ignoring her friends.

“How Yuko felt free when she graduated, and that only Acchan knows the feeling. Though, Mariko said that you would eventually too, when you graduate.” Miichan repeated.

“Ah, well, we’ll see when I get there.” The captain didn’t want to think about her graduation yet.

“I guess I do know how Yuko feels, but there is one thing that you’ve experienced while I haven’t, right?” The actress winked at her ex-competition, causing said girl to cough.

“What is that?” The soukantoku wonders, asking her girlfriend.

“I don’t know. Maybe there is something she needs to do, isn’t there Yuko?” Acchan stares straightly at the squirrel, making said girl remembering those scary words from her nightmare.

Don’t disappoint me, Yuko, or I’ll be back… with more…

“T-Takamina!” Yuko suddenly stood up, shouting out her comrade’s name.

“Y-yeah?” Minami was confused, still sitting in her chair, holding onto Atsuko’s hand.

“P-please be my best friend!” The squirrel then bows down and remained in that position.

Atsuko on the other hand was laughing internally. The sight in front of her was really funny. She turns over to look at her girlfriend, but said girl was stunned. All the others were shock too.


Acchan wanted to laugh really hard at Minami’s reaction, but she held it in. She continues to watch on and see what the squirrel would do. Would Yuko continue to beg or would she just give up? Would Minami accept or would she refuse? Would the second ex-ace need another special visit?

“Please be my best friend. Like what you had proposed yesterday.”

“If I remember correctly, you said no in front of everybody, and explained why we can’t…” Takamina turns to look at her girlfriend, wondering if the younger really did had a talk with Yuko like she said she would, but how is possible when they were together all the time?

“I was dumb. I made a mistake. Let’s be best friend. Onegaishimasu!” She continues to bow.

“Yuko what is going on?” Haruna asked, finding everything to be weird, but she wasn’t the only one.

The ex-heavy rotation center looks over at the actress, contemplating if she should try to explain what had happened the night before, but she doubt anyone would believe her.

“Yuko, it’s okay, I understand why we’re comrades instead… You don’t need to force yourself.”

“Please Takamina!”

“I’ll always be your friend, so don’t worry, and… I have Atsuko, that’s already enough for me.” The leader looks over at Acchan smiling, eyes full of love, really meaning what she said.

“Minami~” The younger girl leans over to give the shorter girl a peck on the lips. She was really happy that Takamina had expressed her feelings in front of their friends.

“Takamina…” Yuko was defeated. She stared at the girl who causes her nightmare, but said girl face was emotionless towards her. She feels like this wasn’t the end of it.

“Is anyone else here confused?” Miichan asked, and practically the whole entire table raised their hands, except for Atsuko and Yuko.

“Okay, I think we need to move onto a different topic, and start eating.”

Everyone agreed to the idea and dived right into their food, while talking about anything and everything. They talked about their relationships. They talked about their career. They talked about AKB. They just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

Little did they know that there will be more things that occur later on. What could those things be?


I guess there will be more parts to this one-shot than I thought...
I hope you guys enjoyed it.
Please look forward to Nisemono Chapter 4 next month ^_^

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 4 (One-Shot Incomplete 10/28/14)
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thanks author san
khehehe.. i like reading the AtsuMina fanfic s but when i got interest in it, i'll comment. actually i'm looking for new couple for Takamina, dosen't mean i didn't want it end with AtsuMina but... yeah right now i'll support Uta for Takamina... aah it's up to you then. it's just my though :D

and i'm looking forward for your next update,
kowaii is so funny and really got me :wink:

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Re: AtsuMina: Kowai! part 4 (One-Shot Incomplete 10/28/14)
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 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm laughing a lot with Kowai! so funny!

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