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Author Topic: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 13  (Read 7062 times)

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Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 13
« on: May 25, 2016, 01:37:22 PM »
Hi, everybody!! I'm new here but I hope you will enjoy my fanfic on Majisuka Gakuen !! 
English is mot my first language, it's french, so if I make mistake, sorry in advance and tell me what is bad, please.
You will follow the adventures of Kawakami Juri, a student get transferred to Majisuka Jyogakuen.
Of course, she is half french and half japanese. Tell me if you like this fanfic. If this is the case, I will publish the other chapters.

Chapter 1: Obstruction

The inevitable happened, I was transferred to another school, which one? A Yankee high school of course! I will spend my last year in high school yankee, Majisuka Jyogakuen. My name is Kawakami Juri. How did I get here? Great question! Even I don't know, maybe to straighten the level? I don't think so … Well the worst I slap me, a change of air will do me no harm, right? I am currently in my new direction in high school, but before I have to meet Center aka Matsui Jurina for friends. It’s been long since I had not seen it, we’ve known since college. But unfortunately, our paths have separated, while Jurina liked to fight, I’d rather sleep on my study table, everyone’s choice. Besides, as soon as she knew I was going Majijo built, she said she wanted to see me in a park near the School, already I do not know where this school is located, it is still necessary I know where that shit park? She’s kidding, by chance? The worst is that she knows that level orientation is not joy … So therefore I head to the park without any mark, hopefully find girls from high school to ask for directions. So I walk, I walk until a path where the girls discuss. I hope they are Majijo, otherwise I not give dear to my skin. I approach them until they perceive me, already we have the same badge. Well now they have seen me, I will ask them:

Juri : “Excuse me, can you tell me where the school Majisuka Jyogakuen, I’m a little … lost.

Girl 1 : - What you want?! Looking shit is that, huh?

Girl 2 : - Yeah what you want us, then? You want us to fight it?!

Girl 3 : - Yeah right she wants it !! ”

Uh … ok … It’s starting already bad, I know these are the Yankees but still, get excited just because I asking my way? They are dangerously close to me to get to my height. I breath of exasperation … I’m going to repeat myself so …:

Juri :“- I-I just asked you to show me, if you had wanted or if you know where this place is, where the school is located Majisuka Jyogakuen …

Girl 2 : - She does not care about our mouth there? You think we’re dumb enough to not know where this school is located? Looking shit with us here? Huh?! ”

One of three girls choppent my neck while the other two are behind it. Wow, I did not think this simple question would annoy, is that all they are all Yankees as likely? If that’s the case, I feel that this new year will not be okay … I wish her hand is on my neck and I sighed once again:

Juri : “From a loose my neck, right? Two, did your mother have never taught you manners? And three, I insinuated no such so be reasonable and answer me! I’m already pretty late like this.

Girl 1 : - Bitch !! I’ll smash your face in, wait a minute !! ”

Suddenly she started to give me a shot I stopped with my hand and I began to shake her wrist, she screamed in pain until her knees hit the ground.

Juri : “I see that you do not intend to answer me … I’ll have to use the hard way. ”

She was still screaming until I shorten her sufferings by sending a kick to the chin and then her body is completely fell to the ground. After completion, I started to approach the two others who were now trembling with fear. I took the neck of one of them.

Juri : “So you tell me accounts where this high school, or you want to end up like your friend ? ”

While I was talking to one of the girls, the second give me a shot to the shoulder that I let go of her friend.

Girl 3 : “Yahhhhhhhhh !! Let her go ! ”

I did not move an inch and the other girl began to speak. Her fist was still on my shoulder.

Girl 2 : “So we made the least clever, Ms. I demand my way ? I see you’re wearing the uniform of Majijo, do not you be a tenkousei ? ”

Suddenly, I caught her wrist with my chin and I gave her an elbow in the stomach. She collapsed to the ground holding her stomach and gibbering insults. I put my foot on her stomach, she cried out in agony. I bent down and I told her :

Juri : “Now as you imagine ? So yes I am new, I do not want to fight but I have raised my hand … So now tell me where that damn school is located, before I get angry more !! ”

That’s when I sent her my right fist in the face, after I returned, and I continued to push my foot in her stomach. Suddenly, her friend approached to check whether the other was still want me and said, crying and petrified :

Girl 3 : “I-I will tell you where it is ! ”.

So I approached her but she stepped back, probably because of fear, so I stopped and I announced with my best smile:

Juri : “Really? Are you really going to tell me? Finally someone believed in this band! Then this is where to? You tell me and I’ll leave you alone and of course I will not hurt you.

Girl 3 : - Y-you t-take that way and you’ll be there-re, t-there will be a p-par-park in f-front of you ! ”

Suddenly, she started to flee. I wanted to thank but the short go, I’m already late. Now the park management and thus meet Jurina!

To be continued …
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 1
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Chapter 2 : Reunion

I'm currently walking to the park to meet us. Finally, this is not what I would call a park seen that there is only extended sand. I feel that someone is following me since I walked along the small road ... He approaches more and more of me. He is wearing a nurse outfit ... Wait a minute, since when a guy wearing a nurse's uniform? It's a girl and she starts running towards me. Would she be one of the girls before? I don’t think so ... Suddenly the punches of this stranger walked toward my face, I stopped with my hand. She smiled ... Wait! I recognize that look !! One of the most confident and arrogant looks I've ever seen! It's her !!

Jurina : "Then I see that your reflexes are still good, Ju-chan.

Juri : - Ju-Jurina ??

Jurina : - Don’t tell me you had forgotten me? It makes me very sad and mad if you did that Ju-chan ... You know how I am when I’m mad, don’t you?

Juri : - Me? forget you? Are you kidding me! I never forget a fiery fist as what yours and then your smile reminds me pretty much trust you have in your abilities. "

It was at that moment that Jurina has dropped her fist and she gave me a huge hug, strangling me in passing. She took me to a bench for us to sit and talk. A detail crumpled me, she’s no longer a student of this school, right? I decided to ask her :

Juri : "Tell me Jurina, why are you wearing a nurse's outfit? You try to seduce someone?

Jurina : - You want me to seduce you, Ju-chan? And to answer your earlier question, I am a graduate of Majijo, I now work as a nurse and takes this road to go to work.

Juri : - Wahhh, and say I am the only person to know your player side ... So why you wanted to see me?

Jurina : - Oh yes! Why were you transferred to this school? I think you know Majijo is a Yankee high school, right?

Juri : - Yes I know because this is the school where you were and I have no idea why and how I got into this school ... My teachers had perhaps tired of me because I sleep all the time instead of attending classes.

Jurina : - So you will never fix that Ju-chan ... Your attitude is exasperating really ... But believe me that the time when you could sleep like you seemed gone. "

Why she said to me with that smile? As if I intended to fight all the time an arrival time there? Indeed, I intend to fight but when necessary. Her answer intrigues me. Is she hands me a trap? I doubt she would do this to me!

Juri : "Why? What happens in Majijo so I can not sleep?

Jurina : - Ju-chan, you're going to fight for your survival. With your abilities, you're in danger because you are one of the most likely Yankee to reach the top of Majijo.

Juri : - You kidding me again, right? I have nothing of that! You think I'll do it but you get wron ...

Jurina : - Listen to me until I've finished speaking, I'll explain the laws of Majijo then not a word. "

My body is shivering suddenly. Ah, it was time that I had not heard that cold, authoritative tone that is her. She is always so impatient.

Juri : "I want to listen to you but I would not fight to conquer the" top "as you call that so ...

Jurina : - Either ... I will see the result anyway Ju-chan. Well I'll start at the bottom of the scale, the Yankees said “standards” will not do you no harm because they are the proud. Then you have the various Team as Team Hinabe or even the Golden Eyebrows that have enough drinking skills. Above, there are some girls but that there playing solo ...

Juri : - You mean like you at the time?

Jurina :- I had Nezumi with me, let me finish want you? And finally, we reach the "top" of Majijo together. Rappappa consisting of 4 queens and the President. In the order of the lowest to the most powerful, although these queens are the most powerful queens in the history of Rappappa. We  have Yoga, Bakamono, Magic and Otabe. There remains only the president who is Salt. This is the person you have to watch out the most, with Otabe. You can not imagine how Salt is powerful ... And Otabe is the smartest yankee of this school. Bakamono possesses superhuman strength, she’s able to project the body of these enemies over thirteen meters! Magic is also a rather special case, she uses conjuring tricks to defeat his enemies, so be careful!

Juri : - But wait, there's one missing, right? And this Yoga? She ... what's so special about her?

Jurina : - For Yoga, she relies on what can be called the flow or the aura if you prefer.

Juri : - So what I have to remember is that I just have to avoid Rappappa and it's good. Because I guess if I put myself in a fucked queens, the cavalry arrives. Uh Salt is so powerful? She's stronger than you? Impossible …

Jurina :- Basically, you've got it even though I think you will raise your fist with queens. In fact, I don’t know if Salt is more powerful than me, because I've never had to fight against her, yet. I consider her like she’s my rival as I consider you as my equal.

Juri :- I don’t think she's stronger than you, if she never wanted to fight you is that either she knows how powerful you are or she never give a fuck.

Jurina : - Ju-chan, I don’t think she cares, it's just Otabe who has assigned a restriction that she’s not allowed to fight other Yankee except if they belong to a school and it’s time that you go meet your new playmates. Oh, did not reveal for an any reason your true identity is synonymous with challenge then, choose a nickname. Until next time and you lose outright ban. I am the only one able to beat you, okay?

Juri : - Yeah yeah I know, you want to kick my ass so much? And a nickname? I don’t even know where I'm going to use ...

Jurina : - I'll give you one, one that will suit you perfectly, believe me. What do you think of Hidden? I certainly do not want to be racist but it shows that you are not really japanese and anyway, you're holding back each time. This will add a touch of danger to your character.

Juri :- I know I have French origins but why, I choose an English nickname? And made that into a nickname, it's not too much?

Jurina :- Hell noooo, don’t worry! It will give you formidable air!

Juri : - Yeahh ... If you say so ... Ok, works well. "

Thus Jurina walked away and she walked to work. I never thought that in a Yankee high school, there was a hierarchy ... Besides this Salt ... She intrigues me. For Jurina says that Salt is her rival ... It does not grow on trees! I renseignerais on site. So I resumed my route to Majijo until I saw a large building with tags everywhere and yankees, jostling and shouting. Soooo I think I arrived. As Jurina looks so well, "Have fun!". I have a feeling I'll break me ...

Unknown POV :

Meanwhile, behind a wall near Majijo:

Unknown : "So this is it, huh? The trainee of Majijo ... If she knows Center is that it must be pretty rough girl too ... Even stronger than Salt ... I must warn Antonio-nee-san! "

To be continued ...
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 2
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2016, 10:22:41 PM »
WMatsui and YuiParu is coming, not now but later, so be forward to it, guys!!

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 2
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2016, 03:58:03 AM »
this story is intersting 8)
but please keep the she and he correctly, please
its making me confuse

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 2
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2016, 06:12:52 AM »
Yeah! :rock:
More MJSK :ding:
Juri Knows Center :OMG:
Yey!Wmatsui and Yuiparu :farofflook:
Update Soon Author-san :frustrated:
I'm Counting On You  :glasses:
Ganbatte  :kneelbow:

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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Thanks for reading my fic, guys !!   :bow:
When the ''He'' is in this chapter 2, it's normal, because Juri doesn't know if the person was a girl or a dude   :hiakhiakhiak:
Juri knows person you can't imagine  :angry1:

Soo, now, I will update the chapter 3.

Enjoy !!

Chapter 3: Welcome to Majisuka Jyogakuen

Juri POV :

So it's what looks like a high school for Yankee? High school girls shouting incessantly tags on walls, insults all goes? Jurina was told that I could not sleep, there it's done now ... How will I get to sleep with all the fuss? Pfff, when gotta go, gotta go, so I decided to return to the school playground. Damn, look at me all this crap on the pavement, nobody cleans the yard or what? I saw a group of five or six girls who look at me with a haughty air. Why they look at me like that? I board not even talk to them ... Suddenly they began to approach me. I have to fight, that's it ... They begin to talk to me :

Girl 1 : "Come, come, but what do we have here?
Girl 2 : - Looks like it's a tenkousei, right?
Girl 3 : - You must be right, I don’t know her ...
Girl 4 : - What if we showed her our little ritual?
Girl 5 : - Yeah you're right, show her who we are! "

They are laughing. They don’t care about my face? Anyways, I moved. But on the other side, there is one thing that bothers me ... Why they were golden eyebrows? This is to shine in the night or what? They think they are bright spots? Ahhh but nah, it's a team of which I speak with Jurina. It comes back to me now is the Association of Golden Eyebrow. Weird ans creepy as clothing style ... I myself will perhaps one day. I will ask them a trick I saw a little sleep, after much work ... I can’t anymore!

Hidden : "Say, there's not a corner where I could sleep? I'm a little tired there ...
Girl 5 : - Oi! We are what to you, uhn? Tourist guides?
Girl 1 : - I think she doesn’t care about our face! Let's show her what we have in the belly!"

Oh damn ... It will not start, though? Seriously! I just asked a question and they tell me that? I really fell in a high school with stupids ... I know they are yankee but ... I will not say they are super nice and diplomats ... They come to form a circle around me. And that's go again, yay ...

Rappappa POV :

Meanwhile, the high school rooftop, three people were present, one at the barrier of the rooftop and the other lying on a couch, sleeping and last, doing yoga.

Otabe : "I know you want to sleep, but take a look at this scene Salt.
Salt : - Otabe ... must ... really ... I ... that way?
Yoga : - Otabe-san, is it really so important that Salt-san has to get up?
Otabe : - Yes, Yoga, you might also come to see instead of stretch you, you will not be disappointed. "

All at once, two other people had arrived. With these new entries, Salt had forced to stand.

Bakamono : "Salt-san, Salt-san! Tenkousei arrived !!
Magic : - Oi! Bakamono, stop screaming! Can’t you see that you have bother with your loud voice! I've already told you, "Tenkousei" isn’t a name!
Bakamono : - Magic, shut up! I scream if I want to, first !!
Otabe : - Enough! Check it instead of shouting. For God's sake, my ear, kids ...
Magic and Bakamono : - Yes ... Otabe-san ...

The five people present on the rooftop, have advanced to the railing. Bakamono crouched beside Otabe stroking her head, Magic and Yoga were beside Bakamono and finally, Salt stood beside Otabe. Salt yawned as usual.

Salt : "There is ... nothing ... interesting ...
Bakamono : - I confirm! Salt-san is right!
Magic : - For once, I agree with Bakamono, this fight is bland ...
Otabe : - Salt and other ... Look to the end. We don’t know what can the tenkousei then it would be better that you all look at his first fight against our students.
Salt : - Hmphh ... As if I had ... something ... to do ...
Yoga : - We don’t need this, we are strong enough to protect Salt-san!
Bakamono : - Yeah !!!! It can be screwed !!! Magic huh?
Magic : - Yes, I agree with you, Bakamono and Yoga, we can go to the club room. Otabe, don’t tell me you're afraid of the tenkousei ... I am wrong?
Otabe : - Magic, I'm not afraid of her, it's just that I feel that she has the capacity to make us waver ... I hope I'm wrong. Then, look to the end.
Salt : - Wait ... the ... tenkousei intrigues me ... "

Otabe and others were shocked that the words uttered Salt. In addition to these words, Salt smiling! She smiled as if she was ready to pounce on her prey for shredding. This behavior was more her arrival since the arrival of Sakura.

Hidden POV :

After they formed a circle around me, one of the five began to darken over me with her arms forward brandished. I grabbed her arm and gave her a strong punch in the stomach. She fell to the ground holding firmly the stomach. The others started running towards me shouting and insulting me. One of the four other girls wanted to give me a punch but I stopped by stopping it with my left hand, I pulled her to me and then gave it a shot with my right hand while another is came from behind. So I gave her a kick in the stomach. Both were on the ground, there remained more than one. The latest arrival is front and grabbed my wrist for two I would not do anything. I gave her a blow in the stomach knee followed by a punch to the chin after she dropped me my wrists. I was about to leave when a group has kept me the ankle. She gasped loudly.

Girl 3 : "How .... you're ... named … ?
Hidden : - They call me hidden. This correction be a lesson. So now tell me where I could sleep.
Girl 3 : - There .... the rooftop or ... ... abandoned room, doing ... your choice ...
Hidden : - Thank you.
Girl 3 : - ... There's just one thing ... you ... have to ... know ... Rappappa is watching you ... and ... will ... to your ... kits ...
Hidden : - Beats me in the balls, sorry. "

She let go of my foot. So I went. I'll see where that famous room is located. It seems that Jurina was told there was a room where her friend, and she, Nezumi, going all the time. Strongly that I find this room so I could finally, finally sleeping! Just before, I'll do a quick tour of the school.

Rappappa POV :

Otabe : "So? How do you find the fight and the tenkousei?
Bakamono : - She’s very powerful! She came out in no scratch, you have to do it !
Magic : - Bakamono ... Do not get too excited. She has fought as weaklings ... So we can’t yet qualify for the powerful.
Yoga : - Magic, tey are the Golden Eyebrow anyway ... Most of our Yankees could not have overcome.
Magic : - TCHH ...
Otabe : - That's right, Yoga, she has good potential but I don’t think she will be gone in depth, what do you think, Salt? "

Salt was already in front of the sofa and went to bed. It was a sign for others to leave, so they decided to leave. On the rooftop, there remained only Otabe and Salt. Salt was just smiling since the end of the confrontation. This reaction surprised many Otabe who hastened to make her talk.

Otabe : "So Salt, how did you find the tenkousei?
Salt : - She ... hides ... her strength ...
Otabe : - Yes, but what surprises me most is that she managed to get away without a scratch ... It's not bad for a start.
Salt : - I hope ... her to ... go up stairs ... She ... I ... want to ... fight her, I ... have chills ...
Otabe : - You say that as if you wanted the four queens lose ... Anyway, we'll see what it will give later and see she’s really wants to climb our stairs. "

Otabe decided to leave and leave alone Salt for let her sleep. Salt sank slowly into sleep while continuing to smile.

To be continued ...
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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Thanks For The Update Author-san :farofflook:
Who's hidden :dunno:
Wanna Know More About The Golden Eyebrow :glasses:
Yey! Yuiparu Detected :nya:
Update Soon Author-san  :kneelbow:
Keep It Up :hee:

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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is the rooftop hidden go to where salt sleep?
is the golden eyebrow the one in mjsk 1&2?
waaa, i'm curious
please, update more longer

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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is the rooftop hidden go to where salt sleep?
is the golden eyebrow the one in mjsk 1&2?
waaa, i'm curious
please, update more longer

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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Thanks everyone !  :ding:
In the chapter 2, Jurina called Juri Hidden, that's why Hidden is Juri.  :hee:
And for the longer of the chapter, don't worry!! This story will have about 50 or 70 chapters or 100 in separate parts.
For the Golden Eyebrows, well yes and about where is going Hidden, you will see soon!  :cool1:
I don't know yet so be patient, please  :on asmo:
I will update soon and thanks for comment.  :bow:
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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Le author of Majisuka Gakuen the 8th here lol ur story is great so far, just work on ur grammar and keep he and she separately lol he=boy and she=girl, remember that and keep up the good work ^^

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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Thanks for your advice, SakuraBlossom-sama  :bow:
I love your story too  :onioncheer:

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 3
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Ready for the next chapter? There you go !  :cool1:

Chapter 4: Friend or enemy?

Hidden POV :

After fighting to face these Golden Eyebrow, I decided to explore a little this high school to get to know my enemies. Let's be clear on one thing, if I have to be wary of everyone, therefore everyone is my enemy. By definition, right after but I think there may be some exceptions. It is not I be bored alone isn't good but it would be nice to find someone to talk to. I will not call Jurina whenever I get bored, I do not want to interfere in his work. I see a staircase so I'll take it. I think this school 2 stage since no one on the ground floor. I arrive on the 1st floor and I see a lot of girls in the hallway. I decide to move me and there, all the girls have strayed from my path. Uh ... What's going on here? Wait, wait ... Do not tell me they are afraid of me because I beat this team? Are you kinding me ? It's not as if I were sintered with a queen ... They are all staring at me, as if I eat them ... I don’t like that ... I decided to ignore them and continue my way. By cons, there is a strong smell of food, it feels extremely good! I'll go check it out, damn it gives me more hunger with fatigue, my appetite grows! I knock on the door to see if I can go there and the girls, who were in the class, have all turned to see who it was! I take those looks for a "yes" and I walk in to see five girls. They formed a circle and there was smoke. No doubt, this is where we get that smell! They are all sports outfits, a red and orange jacket with written Hinabe on it. I guess that's the Hinabe team. They do not seem to have noticed me so I advance. I hope it will not conclude on a good fight but, as they say, "Never two without three. ". I am now behind them as they are back.

Hidden : "Oi. Do you know where the abandoned room? I would like to establish my space. Can you show me where it is?
Girl 1 : - Who are you?
Girl 2 : - You got a problem? You want sinters?
Girl 3 : - As if we were going to tell you where it is! Find out for yourself, bitch!
Girl 4 : - Can’t you see you bothering us now? We are trying to eat a little, then get out! Bitch! "

Oh fuck ... They are going up in pressure. "Never two without three," huh? Jump enough! I find I'm too nice there! Once or twice, it happens, but the third time ... I'm sick that insults me while I pose a question. I sigh and I digress a little to the back door and decided to open it. Then I come back to them. They look at me with eyes fried whiting ...

Hidden : "You too then? You will also put you there?
Girl 2 : - "You too" what? You have a problem ? Looking shit there!
Girl 4 : - We'll get to what? Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean, bitch!
Girl 3 : - Go, break up, let us eat peaceful ... "

Oh fuck, I got tired !! So I put a kick in the back of the talking. By pushing, she accidentally spilled preparation. The other of the team were all lifted in angry mode insulting me as always. The one I pushed, has recovered. One of the five, lying on my left, wanted to bludgeon me a fist in the face so I pulled her arm and gave her a kick in the belly, which propelled her out of class until 'in that she takes the wall. Another took me from behind to block for me so others can beat me then I turned around, just in the last moment, for others of her team would beats me, right? Something they made, so obvious, duh! There remain only three girls. The two, who were present to my right and to my left, also tried to give me blows to the ribs. It was then that I managed to take both their heads with my hands. So I slammed the head of the right one with the head of the left. They are K.O.. So I was approaching the last, who were in front of me. She retreated and retreated to hit the racks and thus the back wall. I approached her to grab the collar of her uniform.

Hidden : "Okay, now that I have settled some details, you can tell me where is that fucking room? Hurry up, I don’t have nothing else to do.
Girl 5 : - T-t-tell me why I should tell you, I don’t know you. Argh ... Unless ... That is you're the ten-tenkousei!
Hidden : - Holy fuck, yes! Finally ! Yes I am the tenkousei, and by the way, my nickname is Hidden so now stop calling me "the tenkousei", it breaks me but at one point! I am very upset because of you and the other girls I've fought. So now tell me where is the fucking room, for crying out loud! "

When I wore her, she was a few centimeters from the ground. I threw her off and sent her to waltz down the hall. Damn ... I have to calm myself, otherwise I will become like Jurina, hysterical and impatient sigh. Well I still decides to help her up.

Hidden : "So it is that? This room? Let's be done with this story ... I am already quite tired ...
Girl 5 : - And what do I do with my friends? I will not leave them like that!
Hidden : - Arghhh!! Fiiineee! I'll wear them if that's what you want, then take me to this room. You’re really a pain in the ass, don’t you? Fineee ... What is your name ?
Girl 5 : - This is Ken-kenpo ... "

I let her pass me for she shows me the way. I now carry around with four bodies, limping, I want ... Those who were in the hall have moved away to let us pass. Suddenly five girls down stairs. Four of them were wearing jackets with images above while another had her uniform. The latter must be the leader because the others are behind her. Suddenly I see that Kenpo stopped. She trembles, she has a problem or what?

Hidden : "Kenpo, why you tremble? You need to pee or something else?
Kenpo : - N-No!! Those who are ... before we ... That is what is Rappappa! We have to get away !! Otherwise I don’t give expensive of our skin, Hidden-san! "

Damn !! I lacked more than that! Fell on Rappappa in just one day had to. I really have no luck, if you knew Jurina ... She's a fucking medium or something?! It's not my day, urgh ...

To be continued ...
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 4
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Wohoo! New Update Thank You Author-sama :onioncheer:
New Character Appeared :whistle:
Update Soon Author-sama  :gyaaah:
Keep It Up :kneelbow:
Ganbatte :byebye:

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 4
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I'll just be honest here, hope u don't mind.
I like Majijo n' any fics relating to it, that's why i open this thread with hope that i'll enjoy it. But sadly.. I don't understand most of the part of the story due to the grammar. :cry:
I think u need a proofreader.
No offense here. I'm just saying what i thought as a reader since i have expectations on this story.
I know u can do it much better n' u got my support, author-san..
Ganbatte! :on GJ:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 4
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Thanks for the advice, really, It's not a offense don't worry.  :on GJ:
If you can help me to make this story better, I'm in and I'm thankfull, readers.  :onioncheer:
I suck in grammar I know but I wanted to try this challenge, even so English is not my first language.  :depressed:
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 4
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Heol, u update faster than me :fainted: :farofflook: I still have to deal with school lol ;^;

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 4
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Haha, I have school too, u know? I have my exam in two weeks ...  :on blackhole: :fainted:
But the chapter are already write soo it's simple  :lol:
Ganbatte for you fic  :onioncheer:

Sooooo it's time for the next chapter, guys!! :cool1:


Chapter 5: Rappappa and the bold

Hidden POV :

Kenpo : - Those ... are ... That's Rappappa! We have to get away before we ... !! Otherwise I do not give expensive of our skin, Hidden-san!
Hidden : - Calm down! I don’t intend to deviate from their path, you don’t know how your buddies are heavy, then crawling up, fuck !!
Kenpo : - But it’s Rappappa ...
Hidden : - It was not the time for that! Get away ! I'll pass if you're scared! "

Having said that, she let me pass. Well ... Even if it's Rappappa, I have no choice. I have to pass because I might not be able to keep time with the other four. Since before, the middle will not stop smile at me, she have a problem or something else ... That's it, I'm in front of Rappappa. But damn, the middle girl can't stop looking at me? Besides her smile makes me freak out ... Like she going to eat me ... Maaaaaaaaannnn, kill me already!

Salt : "So ... Is that you? The ... tenkousei?
Hidden : - Yeah, it's me. Hidden is my nickname.
Salt : - Hidden ... huh?
Hidden : - Yeah, by cons, you could not talk faster? You have two voltage or ... "

Suddenly Kenpo put her hand over my mouth so that I don’t say more. Why is she so afraid of Rappappa? They don’t look so strong ... I turn back to Kenpo to see what is wrong and she told me I don't have the right to say this ... Oh okay, I think I had already noticed. After talking to Kenpo, I decided to turn around to face the Rappappa when I see that there is one that had advanced. She wears a purple jacket. Damn ... Don’t tell me I have to be sintered to a queen like Jurina had said? I really unlucky today ... She takes me by the collar, like others yankee ... They don't know that it hurts?

Yoga : "By what right dare you speak to Salt-san that way? You owe her respect and obedience, understood?
Hidden : - You can let me go? It will help me a lot and sorry to disappoint you, but I have neither respect nor obedience to Salt. Just because I don’t know her and neither do you. "

She cringed. She was about to give me a punch when a hand prevented her. This speaker was wearing a red jacket. She also smiled to me ... It's not a good sign ... It's my first day and I already fought four times in one morning ... I don’t know what I'm going to become ... A gesture of the red jacket, the another recanted and returned to her original place. This red jacket is infront of me.

Otabe : "It's true you don’t know us, it's only your first day here. So I do presentations immediately. As your friend pointed out, we are Rappappa. My name is Otabe, nice to meet you. "

Otabe bowed infront of me ... This is one of the queens whose Jurina had told me ... The more polite here but also the smartest. I must pay attention to her ... Damn, this girls feel like she was dangerous! Like a tiger maybe ... Dunno. She started up again.

Otabe : "So that yawning is our president, Salt. Then we have the purple jacket, Yoga, one in beige jacket, Magic and blue jacket is Bakamono. I wish you an enjoyable year with us, Hidden-han.
Hidden : - I am also pleased to meet you, but can you move out the line? It must be a little moved for you but I carring around me those wounded and I would enter the abandoned room. Can you tell me where it is? It'll save me time, thank you in advance. "

The others, except Salt and Otabe, would intervene but Salt stopped them with a gesture of the hand. Salt came up beside Otabe. They don't want to stop smiling, huh ? It's sooooo creepy! Stop already ugh ...

Salt : "You ... are ... very bold. I  ... like you ... a lot ... Come challenge me ... ... when you want ...
Otabe : - We're not there yet, Salt. So yes, we will remove us. The room you speak of is on this floor but in the opposite way. Keep walking and stand still in the last door you'll find it. "

To thank them, I bowed me. The Yankees who were upstairs, were speechless. They dared not move an inch as if their lives depended on it. So, as Rappappa going in the same way as Kenpo and me, so I have followed and we separated in this room. Good and well I'm finally here !!!! What is dusty in there! Well fortunately the furniture in the room is put under tarps because otherwise I would have already going crazy.

Hidden : "Oiii! Kenpo, open windows and remove the tarps!
Kenpo : - Why am I supposed to do, huh? I'm a Yankee, not your maid you know!
Hidden : - Yeah  meanwhile, it’s me who takes your teammates so do what I tell you or I balance your pals in the corridor.
Kenpo : - Yeah yeah it's good I'll do it ... "

After Kenpo is some cleaned, I could see what the room looked liked. It's not bad, it goes to a small marker. There are cabinets near the window, at the bottom of the room, a chair in the middle, surrounded by sofa and table. There is also a Majijo flag. It's missing a minibar and it would be perfect! Well I have to put this girls on the couch because I will not hang on very long!

Kenpo : "Hidden-san?
Hidden : - Hmm?
Kenpo : - Thanks for taking care of us !!
Hidden : - It's nothing, it's the least I can do since you decided to show me where it was. "

I continued my discussion with Kenpo when suddenly I saw a girl waiting at the door. She had short hair and wore the uniform of Majijo. She have an aura, a strong will,less than the aura of Salt but there still is one. She looks so much like Maeda ... I invite her to come inside. Kenpo closed the door and the newcomer stood infront of me, while I sat in my chair and Kenpo was near the door. Her look ... A look so familiar ... Certainly, she has many similarities with Maeda. It's as if she wanted a duel ... I start the discussion.

Hidden : "I want to find out who you are and what are you doing here?
Sakura : - My name is Sakura and I was coming to school when the first years have informed me that there was a tenkousei and she had already fought against the Golden Eyebrow and she was going to fight against the Hinabe team. And you, who are you ?
Hidden : - I’m Hidden and I’m the one who looking for ...
Sakura : - Tell me.
Hidden : - Hmmm?
Sakura : - Are you gonna beat Rappappa member for conquer the top?
Hidden : - For the moment, no. I don’t care about this top, I just want to sleep all day, and you?
Sakura : - It's good we are not enemies then, at least for now. Yes I am conquering the top.
Hidden : - You fought against who in that Rappappa?
Sakura : - Against Yoga and Bakamono.
Hidden : - Oh yeah anyway ... By cons, if I had to fight against a queen, what will you do to me?
Sakura : - I will overcome you to know which of us is the best able to climb those stairs.
Hidden : - You know what, Sakura? You intrigue me enormously. You know what ? I think I may be finally changed opinion ... I don’t know yet. For you to tip the balance.

I smiled at her. Not a nice smile, a predatory smile! I really want to see what she has in the belly! Prepare yourself, little sister of Maeda!

To be continued ...

Author note: Do you except a Hidden VS Sakura fght, don't you? Well, you have to be patient for the next chapter!  :hee:

またね !!  :on asmo:
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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 5
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Fast Update Author-sama  :onioncheer:
Sakura-sama Appeared :whistle:
I Think Your Story Is Good Author-san! :farofflook:
But Some Words Are Misspelled But I Can Understand Too And I Know Your English Is Not Your First Language But Still Keep It Up :kneelbow:
Update Soon Author-san :gyaaah:
Ganbatte! :byebye:

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Re: Majisuka Gakuen : New Era : Chapter 5
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Thanks for all your support!  :farofflook:
Then, it's time for the chapter 6 guys, be ready for the SayaMilky (it will be soft, sorry but later  :on bleed:)
More character will appear!  :cool1:

Enjoy!  :on gay:

Chapter 6: Change of plans and deal

God (because God worth it) POV :

Girl 1 : "Antonio-nee-san !!! Antonio-nee-san !!!
Girl 2 : What happens, for crying out loud! KY! Stop yelling and disturbing Antonio-nee-san for nothing !!
KY : Oiii, Zakoboss, you got a problem? I have very important news to tell her then shut the fuck up and tell me where she is!
Zakoboss : Did you say anything here ?!
Girl 3 : You have not finished soon to yelling everywhere?! What is your problem, you too ?
KY and Zakoboss : Don’t interfere in it, Tsurishi !!!
Tsurishi : I'm afraid for you ‘cause Antonio-nee-san is not here yet, so if you don't want to fall on Antonio nee-san, shut up! "

While KY, Zakoboss and Tsurishi were fighting over who should be silent, another person entered the room. She wore a nurse's outfit and a leather jacket on top. She was followed by another girl who was wearing a pink nurse's outfit . Having noticed their presence, KY and company have stop their futile fight and began to tremble. The girl with the leather jacket sat down in her chair while the other was standing at her side. The girl in pink all spoke while smiling like a sadist.

Girl 4 : What's the matter with you? Want to start a fight? You want me to help you with a little caress?
Zakoboss : Coby-san, that's not what you think! We had just a small disagreement, nothing more!
KY : It's true !! Isn’t it, Tsurishi?
Tsurishi : Y-yes !! We swear!
Coby : You're really sure? Too bad …
KY : It reminds me that I must inform you that, Antonio-nee-san !!
Antonio : On what?
KY : A tenkousei has appeared in Maji-jo !! So they say, she’s supeeeerrr powerful !!
Antonio : Another tenkousei? With the small Sakura, it therefore makes two ... So that's two times as likely that Rappappa be destroyed ...
Tsurishi : Don’t forget that Sakura has already beaten down Yoga and Bakamono!
Coby : It's true, I hope the tenkousei will quickly climb the stairs so I could finally give little caress to Maji-jo!
Antonio : Don’t rush us. We'll see the final result. We don’t even know if the tenkousei wants to climb the way until Salt ...
KY : In this regard, Antonio-nee-san, I have a little information to tell you that will displease you. The tenkousei doesn’t want to climb the stairs ... I overheard her and another person, it turns out ...
Antonio : It's a shame we have to force her to climb this staircases ... And what did you say?
KY : She's a good friend of a former Rappappa!
Antonio : Oh, interesting. It's very unusual for a tenkousei ... And who is this Rappappa?
KY : It’s Cen-center !!!
Tsurishi and Zakoboss : O-oiii !! Are you really sure? This crazy bitch?!
KY : Hell yeah!
Antonio : Center? I wouldn't think this tenkousei was friends with her ... It's an another reason for us to force her to climb this stairs!
Coby : Antonio, how are you going to made that tenkousei change her mind?
Antonio : Don’t worry, Coby, I already have my own idea. "

Hidden POV:

After sleeping for more than five hours, I decided to get up. It is finally the afternoon. Kenpou had finally fallen asleep as the rest of her team. Other Hinabe were still unconscious. Since I was bored, I decided to wake them up, one by one. I approached one of the five. I held her by the neck while giving her a few slaps by the way.

Hidden : "Oiii !! Will you wake up, yeah?
Girl 1 : Wowowow !!! C-c-calm down, would you?! You're going to let me go yeah and who are you first?
Hidden : Oii !! Calm down! It's only me! I'm Hidden, I'm the girl who brought you here earlier.
Girl 1 : A-ahhh, t-that’s y-you? I-i’m s-sorry! And wh-where I-I am?
Hidden : Yeah, be sorry. It's me who have back you here and we are in an unoccupied room. This will be my lair now. And what's your name ?
Girl 1 : Do I thank you ? My name Uomone and I'm l-lea-leader of the team Hinabe!
Hidden : Ohoh ... Leader, eh? It's not me you should thank but your buddy Kenpou. If she had not persuaded me carring you, I would have left you fainted in the hallway, believe me. Okay now I want you to wake up all your little band, would not hurt.
Uomone : Okay, I'll do that. We thee shall all one!
Hidden : Exactly, when thou dost awake all, I would like you proposed something. "

After hearing my order, Uomone was surprised and intrigued by this sudden announcement. So she woke all her friends, including Kenpou.

Uomone : "Oiiii !!! Wake up, lazy band !! Do it before I kick your ass !!!
Girl 1 : Are you serious now?
Girl 2 : It has just been demolished by a nag Yankee and you wake us like that?
Uomone : ... You know, she ....
Girl 3 : Uomone, why we wake up? The couch is soooo comfortable !!
Girl 1 and 2 : It's soooo this !!
Kenpou : What's going on, bitchies?
Girl 2 : Kenpou !! You're serious ? You have abandoned us while we were being screwed?
Girl 3 and 1 : Dirty coward !!
Kenpou : Uh ... What’s your problem?
Uomone : Oiii !! Hear me bitchies !! Thanks to Kenpou, we arrived in the room so stop insulting her !! And introduce yourself to the one who carried you !!
Girl 1,2 and 3 : Uomone ... You're not serious? We're yankee !! Why would apologize?
Hidden : That's true ... Why apologize? Kneeling is so much better.
Girl 1,2 and 3 : But who are you you?
Hidden : Oh ... How interesting ... You don’t remember me? The nag Yankee who stoned you, does it mean anything? Well, unfortunately, it was me. By the way, I am Hidden.
Girl 1,2 and 3 : ... YOU??? WE ARE SORRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
Hidden : ... You have no balls, huh?
Girl 1,2 and 3 : Well ... No ... We're not guys!
Hidden : ....
Hidden : Forget it, I ... Uomone not expecting bad of my champions, but now my expectations are far exceeded ...
Girl 1,2 and 3 : You’re champions? But what you mean?
Hidden : You will know more later, introduce yourself first, I don’t know you, except Kenpou and Uomone.
Girl 1,2 and 3 : O-ok ...
Girl 1 : I'm Dodobusu I am the ace of the team Hinabe!
Girl 2 : Mine's Kusogaki, the strongest member of this team. I managed to deal a blow to Bakamono, everyone considers it as an achievement.
Hidden : We can say that, this is pretty good and unexpected.
Girl 3 : And the best for last, I’m Jisedai, the secret weapon of the team !!
Uomone : So Hidden-san, what do you think?
Hidden : ... I'm not sure ... But to me, you have some potential ... I like you, guys.
Uomone : Hidden-san, what did you want to tell us?
Hidden : All in good time, Uomone. First sit down, I’m stressing to see you standing. "

The team has therefore Hinabe sitting on two sofas, next to me. On the couch, on my left, there was Dodobusu and Kusogaki, while on the other, lying to my right, there was Jisedai, Uomone and Kenpou.

Hidden : "I want you to become my bodyguard. "

To be continued ...
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