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Author Topic: Meeting My Idol - Chapter 2: Flutter [05.09.2016]  (Read 7056 times)

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Meeting My Idol - Chapter 2: Flutter [05.09.2016]
« on: August 29, 2016, 06:57:20 AM »
A request from Wattpad. Just posted this here to share.  :lol:

Meeting My Idol

Chapter 1: Signature

It wouldn't be too appealing if ever she'd be seen in just a plain V-neck shirt topped with a gray hoodie jacket and a pair of jeans which neither couldn't be classified as skinny nor baggy. It wouldn't be too appealing for Fujie Reina but for times like this, she desired not to be too appealing. For one last look at her enormous mirror, she turned around and smiled. After that, she put on a face mask and a pair of simple round eyeglasses to complete today's get-up.

Reina got her sling bag and left for the door. Wearing no make-up has somewhat bothered her for a bit. "What if someone recognizes me?" She thought to herself. But it is too late to back-off.

She left to take a ride on a bus. She doesn't normally ride public vehicles like this. She has a car but using it isn't convenient this time. Sitting on the second to the farthest seat, Reina looked at the peaceful weekend morning outside the window. It is Saturday today and a really good day to spend time doing what one really wants and that's the same case with her.

The thirty-minute ride felt a somehow faster and soon she found herself walking into the streets until she saw from a distance the place she was looking for...

Many teenagers gathered over the open field where there are stalls spread everywhere. Magazines, comic books, light novel issues, figurines, keychains, costumes, posters and other merchandise goods have been fleeting everywhere. Reina walked into the comic book stall because it is the one with the least people. The line only consisted of about three people and she followed the line.

The joyful snickers of the people there made her heart flutter. It is good to see the people who enjoy the same stuff you enjoy. There were genuine smiles on their faces especially when they got to see some new items which they can add up to their collections. Reina stopped from her daydream when she heard someone call, "Miss?! You're next!"

She walked in front of the stall and her eyes roamed into the piles of comic books around. The stall owner smiled at her before greeting her.


She smiled and adjusted her glasses before speaking. "How much would this one cost?" She asked as she pointed to a certain comic book.

"That's on sale and you can buy it for only 1000 yen."

"Really? Then, how about the nine more volumes? Does it cost the same?"

"Yes, Ma'am! All in all, you can get the package for only 10000 yen. And a free autograph from its maker."

Reina smiled from ear-to-ear with her eyes gawking at the girl. "Then, I'll--Why are you staring at me?"

She asked before giving the 10000 yen to the girl. "You look familiar!"


"Yeah, Fuji--"

"Noooo! W--We just met! I--I'm not..."

"FUJIE REINA-SAMAAAAA!!" The sales lady said before squeaking out in joy. Reina got alarmed and started to dash away from the crowd, leaving the comic books behind. The people's eyes swarmed around her, showering her with the attention she tried not to get. She ran swiftly but someone caught her hand which caused her to stop...

"W--What!?" She turned to face the person but was shocked to see a red-faced girl catching her breath.

"I ran this far to give you this and you're going to raise your voice at me!" The girl said before handing to her a paper bag. Reina saw a couple of fans running towards their direction.

"We'll handle that later... For the meantime... RUN!!" She grabbed the girl's wrist and dashed off with her until they managed to lose the persistent followers.

They ended up hiding into a shrine and Reina sat up on an empty bench. The girl sat behind her as sweat flowed all over her face. "That's close!"

Reina sighed out of relief and smiled at the panting girl beside her. "Anyways... Thanks! I was saved!".

"Just... what was going on? I was just about to hand you this. Why are they following you... and who are you?!" The girl asked out of confusion.

"Well..." Reina removed her face mask and eyeglasses. The girl's eyes widened after seeing the sweaty face behind the lame disguise. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "This is who I am..."

"F--Fujie Reina!" The girl finally managed to say. "Is this true? Or am I dreaming?" She pinched herself but it hurt so that means this is perfectly true!

"Thank you." Reina breathed as she moved close to the girl and wiped the sweat on her face with her handkerchief. "What's your name?"

"H--Haruka... Ishida Haruka."



Reina nodded. The girl blushed. "That's what I'll call you! Thanks for this! Wait... What is this--Ahh!! The books!! Thanks, Harukyan!!"

"No, I should be the one to thank you! I--I'm your fan honestly, Fujie-san!" Haruka confessed.

"Really? But you didn't recognize me when I was wearing the face mask." Reina chuckled. "Okay, then I'll give you something in return... A token for saving me..."

She rummaged through her bag before holding up a dream catcher on her hands. "This is the only thing I have brought over... I wonder if it is fine?"

"It is!! Thank you so much, Fujie-san!" The girl accepted the dream catcher and held it with much care.

Reina searched inside the paper bag. She brought out the first volume of the book and flipped the cover, "I thought there's a free signature..."

The girl blushed very red. "Ah! I forgot! Sashihara-san didn't remind me." Haruka grabbed the volume from her before showing a sign pen.

"Wait! What are you--"

But before Reina finished her words Haruka had already signed on the page. She smiled shyly at Reina before handing the book back.

"Masaka..." Reina examined the curly signature. "You made this?!"

"As much as I don't want anyone to know, yes, I'm the one who made that." Said Haruka. "But please keep it a secret from anyone. I'm just starting my career and I'm planning to keep a mystery identity for the mean time."

"Sure sure.." Reina smiled at her. "I'm glad to meet you! But... may I ask why is this sold on a very low price?"

"Well... That one's the first series I made and it was also self-produced. The company who provides for my finances wanted to get rid of that as soon as possible. That copy was the last one. I personally like that first one the best. That book was the one I put my effort and all my heart--Wait. Why am I telling you this?" She laughed awkwardly. "Never mind..."

"I'll take good care of this. I promise..." Reina said before placing the paper bag carefully inside her sling bag.

"Thank you, Fujie-san..."

"Fujie-san is too formal. Reina would be fine, Harukyan~"

She smiled at Reina. "So, would it be fine if I call you..."

Haruka whispered the nickname into the girl's ears and it made Reina smile.

"Ii yo. I like it."


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Re: Meeting My Idol - Chapter 1: Signature [29.08.2016]
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2016, 08:25:13 PM »
Interesting start :)
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Meeting My Idol - Chapter 2: Flutter [05.09.2016]
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2016, 09:58:45 AM »
@kuro_808: I hope it's not only the start which will get your interest  :lol: XD

well, here's the next chapter guys  :thumbsup

Chapter 2: Flutter

"Reinyan..." The girl whispered to her ears. Being this close to her idol made Haruka's heart thump so loud. She smell the sweet fragrance of her hair and even the expensive perfume she has sprinkled on her clothes.

"Ii yo. I like it." Reina said with a smile. Her smile is shining like the sun, it looks so beautiful to the other girl.

It was then that Haruka realized that she still has some important thing to do in a little while. She immediately checked her watch and saw that it was almost time.

"Nee, Reinyan. I've got to go now... I have something to attend to." Haruka said with a sad face. But Reina still smiled at her.

"I understand. Anyway, thank you for this, really!"

"Thank you for this, too!" She said, pertaining to the token she gave her. She put it inside her bag and stood up. "See you next time?"

Reina nodded as she waved her hand. Haruka ran away to the bus station, leaving her alone at the shrine.

The sequence of events that has happened today did shock Haruka a bit. She met her idol, Fujie Reina. And she even got called by an endearment by her. But will they see each other again? That was the thought which bugged her mind as she rode the bus...

The journey hardly took twenty minutes and right at the bus stop, her friend, Tano Yuka, was waiting for her.

Yuka waved her hand at Haruka who ran towards her immediately as she got off of the bus. Just how eager the girl was to tell her about today's happenings.

"Yuka!! I can't believe it! There's something I need to tell you!"

Yuka loved seeing how excited Haruka is. She smiled at her and pinched her cheek lightly. "About your new comic book series? Or a newly-released anime?"

The girl shook her head. "I met Fujie Reina!"

The younger girls eyes widened. "Are you kidding me?"

Haruka shook her head violently. "She even brought a whole series of my books."

"That's quite a news! So did you exchange phone numbers and such?"

She shook her head again. "I got it out of my mind... Anyways, where will we be going today?"

Yuka smiled brightly as she grabbed her wrist and dragged her along as she walked. "Tomu-chan, is coming home today from America. I want you to come with me at the airport. She has brought some friend over. Tomu said that her name is Hillary."

"A foreigner?"

"Half-Japanese, though."

The two walked a bit more before reaching a car parked in a distance.

"Who's car is this?" Asked Haruka as they both entered the car.

"Komari let me borrow it for today. Might as well tour the other two in town." Said Yuka before driving the car away.

Few minutes after. At the airport...

"Tomuuu!" Yuka hugged Tomu as soon as she saw her. They were childhood friends and they did maintain their friendship up until now. "I miss you!"

"I miss you too, Yuka." Said Tomu before planting a kiss on Yuka's cheek. "You too, Haruka-chan."

"Anyway, I thought you're with someone?"

"Yes, just went to the restroom. I think she'll be here soon."

As the three girls waited, they started exchanging stories. Tomu excitedly told them about America and how it felt to be there and study. People passed over their sides and the swirl of noices felt new to the girl walking by the distance. Her heels clacked as she walked towards the group of three. She was about a feet away when Tomu noticed her.

"Ah~ Hirari!"

Haruka and Yuka both looked at her. The girl slowly removed her sunglasses and a pair of shining irises welcomed their gazes. She greeted them with a warm smile, a smile that made their hearts flutter.

"Hi, Hirata Rina is my name but people usually call me Hillary." Introduced Hillary to the newly met girls. The two almost gawked in sight upon seeing an exotic beauty right before their eyes. Yuka shook Hillary's hand as she introduced both herself and Haruka.

"Nice to meet you, Hillary." Said both Yuka and Haruka. The two girls helped the other two with their suitcases and managed to get it into the car.

Yuka still is in charge of the driving while it was now Hillary sitting on the passenger's seat. The back seat belonged to the other two, the left being took by Haruka and Tomu on the right side.

Hillary intently watched the scenery outside the glass. It has been quite a while since she last went to Japan. The surroundings looked new to her but the feelings were still as nostalgic as ever.

"Summer is going to start soon. Maybe we should all go to the beach sometime." Suggested Yuka as she kept her focus on the road.

"That would be great!!" Said Tomu excitedly. "Right, Hillary?"

"Yeah, it would be." Smiled Hillary at Tomu. Then she continued on looking out of the window. Haruka was doing the same, though...

And it was when she saw a large billboard where there is an enormous picture of Fujie Reina, endorsing a clothing brand.

Tall, beautiful, elegant and refined, that is Reina. It was far from how people see Haruka. Reina is even kinder in person than in what people assume when they see her in TV shows. She's the perfect idol Haruka secretly admired since before...

And their meeting yesterday just made Haruka look up to Reina more...

"What could Reinyan be doing right now?" Haruka thought to herself as she let her mind drift off to somewhere else.

They toured the whole town and their last destination is the shrine. It was almost 1pm. After driving to the shrine, they could grab something for lunch.

Haruka didn't expect to see Reina still sitting at the bench on the shrine. She asked Yuka to stop the car and she swiftly got off, running towards Reina with a fast speed.

"Reinyan!!" Called Haruka. Reina looked at her waved her hand. She removed the face mask covering her face.

"Why are you still here?" Asked Haruka.

"Well, since it's my day off today, I just wanted to breathe some air. Besides, I forgot something." Reina pulled out her phone and handed it to Haruka.

"What about this?"

"Maybe we should exchange numbers? So that, we could hang out sometimes..." Reina's cheeks slightly turned pink. The other girl typed her number and saved it. She pulled out her phone, too, and Reina did the same.


"Hey, you haven't had lunch yet, right? Do you want to go with us?" Offered Haruka.

"I think I'll pass this time." Answered Reina. "Not that I don't want to go with you, it's just that the fans..."

"It's alright. Maybe next time?"

"Of course! As long as my schedule's free!" Said Reina cheerfully.

"Guess I'll be going now!" Haruka said. "Bye bye, Reinyan!"


She ran back to the car as Reina pulled her mask up.

"Let's go?"


Sorry for the short update  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

Thanks for reading!!  :deco:

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Re: Meeting My Idol - Chapter 2: Flutter [05.09.2016]
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2016, 06:23:47 AM »
Now it seems like they just run into each other :lol:

I wonder how it'll develop between the two of them :nervous
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Re: Meeting My Idol - Chapter 2: Flutter [05.09.2016]
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2016, 04:35:40 PM »
To be honest, I never thought of Harukyan and Reinyan as a couple before I read this story.
But, I like this! I wonder how their relationship will develop later on...
Thanks for the interesting two chapters, Author-san!
Keep on writing :)

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