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Author Topic: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 2B ~ I Need A Break!  (Read 8742 times)

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SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 2B ~ I Need A Break!
« on: July 27, 2013, 01:12:22 PM »
Hello everyone..
Here's my 1st fanfic.. and probably the 1st SNH48 fanfic in this forum..
I am well aware that SNH48 isn't well-known here.. (or at least that's what I can judge)
So.. I'm simply taking an attempt to start writing to let you guys know more about SNH48..
I would be really happy if you guys are willing to read or having an interest though you might have no idea who / how SNH48 members are..
I'll simply try my best to introduce SNH48 to you guys through this fanfic (though it might be focus on some members)
As I said before, since this is a way to make you guys know more about SNH48..
So.. Some of them are facts (happened)..  :)

Before I start my prologue, I'll share this first..
It's SNH48's 4th MV, Ponytail to Shushu.. (please watch it there)
SNH48 is currently having a battle with MIC男团, who has more views/statistics win..
SNH48 is currently in the 5th, while their opponent is in the 3rd.

Since this fanfic isn't merely a fanfic, but also to spread the love, I'm open for discussion or questions when it comes to SNH48 members..
Like who this person is, etc.. :lol: I will be really glad if there's someone asking those tbh XD

Let's get started..


In the mid 2012, selection for SNH48 was started.. There were 38066 applicants applying throughout China.. They went through rounds of eliminations in order to get to final. All rounds of elimination were held in some respective provinces, which means, they didn't have to go all their way to Shanghai in order to see whether they made it to final round or not.. Some days before the final round, finalists arrived Shanghai and they were accommodated.. 3 people sharing a room. Most likely, those who shared the same room came from the same province, but that's not something definite. Sometimes, we can see where people from different provinces stay in the same room and get to know to each other.

The most awaiting day had finally arrived.. October 14, 2012, the final round of elimination was held. Members got into the audition room one by one to have their skills tested. Not little can we see those who were nervous.. Though most of them were so nervous, we still can witness some members who had high self-confidence which made her looked kinda calm. Finalists were being interrogated right after they came out of the room.

In the evening of the same day, official announced members who made it to SNH48, or else known as 1st generation of SNH48. Finalists who passed were quickly being makeover and attended the very very very first press conference of SNH48. There, they were introduced to public for the very first time as SNH48 1st generation member. A total of 26 girls made it here, well, it became 28 if we add Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya in it.

Final day had finally passed..
Members still stayed in the accommodation prepared by the official, but they could't go back as their training was about to start really really soon

Okay.. Prologue is done..
I'm currently preparing for the 1st Chapter though.. Looks like I am able to update 1st chapter tonight..

*P.S. As for the prologue, the number of applicants, the finalists who made it as SNH48 1st generation member.. It's all true.. included the part where they interview each one of them as soon as they leave the room, the makeover thing.. included their press conference in the final elimination day.. It's also true  8)

And.. If you're curious enough.. Here's it.. The photo of SNH48 1st generation member in their very 1st press conference..
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Thank you, Crests-sama
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Re: SNH48 fanfic
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 01:34:36 PM »
Interesting.... As a person that's techically chinese-american, I guess I know some about SNH, but never went too deep into it...
Well, let's see how it turns out~ though it would be cool if it's not just idol based... like maybe a bit of extra kaboom in there~
But who knows how it'll be~ I dunno any pairings in SNH if there are any...
Not so great with chinese names~ But, let's see~ Just curious, will Sae or Suzuki be part of the story as a major character?

(Long comment considering that it's a prologue currently, but meh~)

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Re: SNH48 fanfic
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2013, 02:13:12 PM »
Shinoki : Um.. Haha.. as you can see, I'm Savoki oshi.. Most of my story will be around Savoki, though it's not just Savoki.. :) :) I simply take Savoki cause I've been following her since her 1st appearance, and you can say that I know Savoki the best compared to other SNH48 members  :( :( As for Sae and Mariyannu.. Well, they did appear in the real life right? So, they'll definitely also appear here  :nervous Thanks for reading anyway, have you watched their Ponytail to Shushu MV? It's their 4th MV @.@ but already in that outfit.. It's summer after all  :nervous

Before the 1st Chapter.. We're going to have some Introduction to Members..
Well, these members are members you might encounter often here, in this fanfic.. Well, as for other members not being introduced here, right now..
I might introduce them to you guys later  XD

1st member..
Name : Zhao JiaMin 赵嘉敏
Nickname : Savoki
Birthday : 22 July 1998

2nd member..
Name : Xu JiaQi 许佳琪
Nickname : Kiki
Birthday : 27 September 1995

3rd member..
Name : Jiang YuXi 蒋羽熙
Nickname : Shochan
Birthday : 18 February 1999

4th member..
Name : Wu ZheHan 吴哲晗
Nickname : Wuzhe 五折
Birthday : 26 August 1995

5th member..
Name : Tang Min 汤敏
Nickname : Minmin 敏敏
Birthday : 3 September 1996

6th member..
Name : Qiu XinYi 邱欣怡
Nickname : Wanwan 湾湾
Birthday : 11 January 1997

7th member..
Name : Dong ZhiYi 董芷依
Nickname : Kongkong 空空
Birthday : 20 August 1993

8th member..
Name : Dai Meng 戴萌
Nickname : Diamond
Birthday : 8 February 1993

9th member..
Name : Mo Han 莫寒
Nickname : Momo
Birthday : 7 January 1992

10th member..
Name : Yu HuiWen 俞慧文
Nickname : Amanda
Birthday : 5 July 1990

11th member..
Name : He YiChen 何轶琛
Nickname : Chenchen 琛琛
Birthday : 7 January 1990

12th member..
Name : Zhang XinFang 张馨方
Nickname : Xiaoxing 小杏
Birthday : 25 October 1988
Thank you, Crests-sama
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Re: SNH48 fanfic
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2013, 02:24:51 PM »
yosh~ I was waiting for a SNH48 fan fic all these time~
I was actually planning on making a SNH48 fan fic prior on my "Heart Shaped Virus" fan fic.
But sad to say... I have no enough knowledge on SNH48 (facts of the members, pairings , names of the other members)
so it's good to know that there will be a SNH48 fan fic~
 :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

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Re: SNH48 fanfic
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2013, 02:52:10 AM »
AlmiraTheGreat Thank you for reading! Haha.. Well, it's nice to know that you're interested in SNH48 as well.. Who is your oshimen / favorite member there? Guess we can discuss it someday :p hahaha.. I'd be really happy though.. I don't really see there are lots of people interested in SNH48 here, in jphip.. But still, I'm going to do my best here! :doh:

Chapter 1 ~ Saved by a 'Troll' ?!

"Uh.. It's already morning, huh? Still so sleepy.. I wanna sleep" Savoki said to herself, still lying on her bed..

(turn to the other side and saw a figure)

"Ah.. She hasn't waken up as well huh? Nice then, I can continue sleeping" Savoki continued, then her eyes slowly closed, continues her sleep.

[After some moment]

"Excuse me, JiaMin.. JiaMin.." Wanwan said to Savoki as Wanwan shook her, waking her up..

"Ehh?" Savoki shocked..

"Wake up now. Aren't we supposed to get ready now? We're going to be late if we don't get ready now" Wanwan told Savoki, then made her way to the bathroom.

"Ah.. Yes.. You can use the bathroom first" Savoki replied Wanwan who is already making her way to the bathroom.

Why am I chosen to be her roommate again? Savoki asked herself..
Though we have had a little conversation last night, still.. It's just so awkward
Out of all the members, I think there's one who is so outstanding.. Stands out so damn much..
Wanted to be her roommate, unfortunately it's not me who is chosen! Ugh.. Regrets it so much..
Why can't it be me again?"
as Savoki keeps on questioning..

[After some time, Wanwan finally finishes showering]

"I have finished using the bathroom. You can use it now" Wanwan said with her typical princess style

"Sure" Savoki replied as she made her way, using the bathroom.

[In the bathroom]

Wow.. All of these belong to my roommate? Savoki continued talking to herself..
What a rich kid huh? Savoki continued as she started showering.

[After both of them finished preparing]

"Shall we go now?" Savoki asked Wanwan..

"Sure!" Wanwan replied..

Answers were short as they're still feeling awkward towards each other..
Both of them were not talking about anything and just made their way together to the hotel lobby..

[In the hotel lobby]

"Wow, a lot of members have been waiting here" Savoki said shocked..

"Yes, at least we're not the last though" Wanwan replied..

"Ah, you're right. Not the last.. Good enough" Savoki said and made her way sitting on the empty sofa..

Since it's surrounded by members she barely knows, she just sits there quietly, taking out her phone, plugs the headset in, listening to music..

It doesn't take a long time for her to see the 'goddess' she meant coming out from the hotel lift with her roommate..

Ah.. She's here.. I wanna befriend her so damn badly, but how am I supposed to do it? I'm too shy to make a move!! Should I just wait for her to come to me? But it's rather impossible, isn't it? She looks so cool.. and gorgeous.. a goddess.. how can she come to me?!! Ah~ Guess I should just wait for my courage then
Savoki thought..

Looking at her 'goddess' talk to a group of people.. Savoki's mind started again.. OMG I wanna go there I wanna go there I wanna go there.. But isn't it funny for me to suddenly butt in their conversation? Arghhh.. Someone please save meeee

It doesn't take a long time that she actually really 'saved' by someone..

"Okay everyone, please gather now" said their manager who eventually comes..

"Okay, is everyone here now? Who is not here yet?" the manager asked.

"Everyone is here" replied one of the staffs.

"Good, since everyone is already here, let's get into the bus and head to a really special place" the manager told them..

Everyone automatically makes their way in pairs, except for some of them, included Savoki, who just made her way there alone..

[Arrived their destination]

"Okay, let me introduce this place. This is your practice room.. A place where you'll spend most of your time while you're here" introduced the manager..

Everyone just nodded.. The room is pretty simple.. mirrors everywhere. The room is simply full of mirrors!

"So, shall we start the practice?" suggested the manager..

[After practicing and introducing the staffs, they have a break]

A group conversation
Dai Meng : How do you feel about the practice just now?
ZhiYi : Well, I'm well prepared of it.. Though I am not used to it.. But I'll work hard! Being part of 48family is my dream.
Mo Han : So do I. I've been dreaming of becoming a performer, performing in front of the fans will be what I'm doing next!
Tang Min : Uh.. I don't have any comment. I've chosen this path. I'll just stick with it..
ZhiYi : What about you yourself?
Dai Meng : Me? Dancing is pretty much the thing I like to do. I'm just so high now..
ZhiYi : By the way, did you guys realize that girl JiaMin? She looked pretty much a loner. I wonder if she's not in a good terms with her roommate.
Dai Meng : seriously? Who is her roommate?
ZhiYi : I'm unsure. It's not like I remember everyone's roommate in the first day right?
Mo Han : What are you guys gossiping about. It'll be bad if she figured it out though.
Meanwhile, Tang Min only looked at JiaMin who is all alone with her earplugs on.

Another group of people
JiaQi : I'm going to continue practicing. Are you coming as well?
YuXi : practicing? I'm so tired already. It's like my whole body is about to ripped off.
JiaQi : What are you talking about. The practice isn't anything yet.
YuXi : seriously? Why are you so sure?
JiaQi : That's what my feeling says.. [as she grinned at her roommate]
YuXi : I was expecting a more serious thing though.
JiaQi : Jyaa.. Stop complaining.. Just come with me now. Let's practice splitting together!
YuXi : I'm not good at splitting.. Another one perhaps?
JiaQi : Well, that's the reason why we're practicing splitting. If you're already good, why do I have to choose that again?
YuXi : I might need some help..
JiaQi : Sure! I'm free enough to help you.
JiaQi looked around.. realized everyone is currently in groups, leaving the loner alone.
JiaQi : Say.. Why is she alone?
YuXi : Who knows. It's not that I've talked to her before.
JiaQi : Ah right.. It's not like you're going to start a conversation with others [she said as she smirked at her roommate].. So, shall I invite her to join us instead?
YuXi : I don't mind.

JiaQi made her way to JiaMin, followed by YuXi approaching JiaMin.
JiaQi : Hello.. [she greets as she waves, as well as giving a smile]
JiaMin : *shocked at the sudden approached* Ah hello..
JiaQi : We (Kiki pointing herself and YuXi who is beside her) are going to practice our split. Wanna join us?
JiaMin : (Savoki is really shocked at the offer. It's like.. Seriously? Savior is here! A step closer to her 'goddess'!! For real, in the first day"
JiaQi : (Kiki snapped Savoki out of her thoughts) Are you coming with us? It's like.. It's better for you to practice instead of sitting still right? Unless if you're really tired and wanna get some rest.. Then we won't force you..
JiaMin : No, I'm coming.. I'm not tired at all. And sitting this way, waiting is pretty boring! (Savoki replies as she gives her typical smile)
JiaQi : Nah.. What a good response! Shall we go now? (Kiki asked as she lends Savoki a hand)
JiaMin : (Savoki happily receives it) Thank you!
JiaQi : Doesn't matter.
[As they made their way to the other side of the room where they're going to practice]
JiaQi : So, you're Zhao JiaMin right?
JiaMin : *shocked* Ah, yes. I'm Zhao JiaMin (but then she smiles as she knows someone remembers her)
JiaQi : Do you know who I am?
JiaMin : Um.. You're Xu JiaQi right? And she is Jiang YuXi..
YuXi : *totally shocked* Wow.. How can you remember me..
JiaQi : Someone remembers me!! Yattaaaa.. I'm so happy now.. From now on, please tell me if you need something!
JiaMin : *shocked* Wow.. What a response. It's not that I've done something big that I receive a jackpot.
YuXi : How can you remember me? I don't even know anyone unless she told me (Shochan said as she looked at her roommate)
JiaQi : Don't you think everyone is just as ignorant as you.. (Kiki teases Shochan)
YuXi : I'm not ignorant okay.. It's just that my mind works so slowly.. Uncooperative if I could say! (Shochan defending)
JiaMin : Uh.. Excuse me.. You can just stop now (Savoki butts in)
JiaQi : Haha.. It's not a big deal. I just love to tease her so damn much! (Kiki replied while laughing)
JiaMin : What a happy roommate.. (Savoki said in a really soft voice, looking down)
JiaQi : What did you say? And now you even know that we're roommates?
YuXi : Your memory is definitely so good.. Scares me..
JiaMin : Ah.. Nothing. It's just a coincidence that I remember you guys are roommates.
JiaQi : Seriously? Let me guess.. You must remember this because of this kid huh? (Kiki points at Shochan)
YuXi : What are you talking about, huh? (blush goes all over Shochan's face)
JiaMin : Ei.. It's not that.. It's like.. You guys are both tall right.. So.. Guess I remember it because of that?
JiaQi : We may be tall.. But, there are also some tall members right there right?! (Kiki pointing at a group of 5 people)
JiaMin : Well, yes.. But.. Still.. In my eyes.. Those I remember were you guys..
JiaQi : Haha.. Take it easy.. Anyway, looks like your roommate is pretty close to Amanda huh?
JiaMin : Amanda? (Savoki questioned)
JiaQi : Yes, Amanda, Yu HuiWen. She's the one carrying YuQi bridal style..
YuXi : Say.. Which one is your roommate again?
JiaQi : Her roommate is the one clapping her hands..
YuXi : seriously? Is it true?
JiaMin : Um.. Well, yes..
YuXi : Wow.. How can you know her roommate? (Shochan is in amazement)
JiaQi : I've told you. Don't you think everyone is as ignorant as you are (Kiki says followed by laughter)
JiaMin : Amanda.. Yu HuiWen.. (Savoki said in a really faint voice)
JiaQi : Yosshh.. Let's stop talking and start practicing now.
JiaMin : You're the one who keeps on talking though (Savoki thought in her mind)

Thanks for reading the 1st chapter..
In order to give you guys a better comprehension at the characters..
Since it's a 'quite' long conversation of Kiki.. Then.. Guess I'll introduce Kiki to you guys first..
If I am given a chance to choose someone who describes Kiki's character well, then I'm going to choose "Shinoda Mariko" aka Mariko-sama..
Seriously.. In my eyes, Kiki's attitudes are so Mariko-sama. She's such a troll, loves to fool around. But when it comes to serious moment, she's very reliable. She's also the member who gets along with others really really well.

P.S. Kongkong aka Dong ZhiYi is a wota.. She is a MariHaru shipper.. Though she's a MariHaru shipper, Kongkong knows a lot about other groups as well.. Looks like she knows the most out of other SNH48 members.. As for Momo aka Mo Han, the wish to be able to perform in front of the audience is also the truth.. She mentioned it in one of the interviews before. As for Tang Min, you're going to encounter more facts about her later.. Not now.. Hahaha.. Roommate things.. It's true.. Well, they're not roommates now, but they were roommates.. SNH48 has changed the roommates thing 3 times.. In the very first time, it's true that Savoki is paired up with wanwan, while kiki is with shochan.. If you guys are interested, I can tell the very first roommate things :3 About the split things.. The 3 of them (Savoki, Kiki, Shochan) often practiced together.. It's actually shown through videos, etc..

And.. I'd like to apologize cause I mixed using their full name and nicknames together. I did it purposely in order to make readers get used to the name and nicknames.. Sorry for the inconvenience! Seriously.. I'm sorry :(

Another attempt in helping you guys..
This is the typical smile of Savoki I meant.. There's a kinda deep dimple both in the right and in the left side

While.. This is the one..
A photo of Amanda carrying YuQi bridal style.. Amanda herself is known as the member who loves to carry other members this style~

Hope these help  :sweatdrop:
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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 1 : Saved by a 'Troll' (?!!)
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2013, 03:19:00 AM »
Ah... Interesting... but if possible, it would be nice if you would add like a slight description of how they look... cuz it's in thrid person and I have trouble remembering who is who... Chinese names and etc somehow always slip through my mind really easily...
looks interesting? Somehow, despite being behind schedule for something, I ended up reading this instead, well, worth my few minutes~
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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 1 : Saved by a 'Troll' (?!!)
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2013, 03:32:08 AM »
Xu JiaQi is my oshimen!!!!  :nya: :nya: :nya:

anyways your fic is very interesting~ looking forward for the next chapter~   :luvluv2:
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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 1 : Saved by a 'Troll' (?!!)
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2013, 05:40:34 AM »
Hahaha!! Sorry~ I was just lurking around on the prologue~
-Oh...Savoki is a loner~ But she's trying to make some friend~
-And...'Goddess'? Who is that??~ I'm not missing something right??~
-Hehe~ Nevermind~ So glad that Savoki has made some friends~~
-Wonder what'll happen next??~ Hah~ Gambare~~

>Can't wait to see more of it~ Though maybe i'll be lurking again~

(PS: Oh yeah...I think i'm in love with Tang Min already~ She's the one who i like a long time ago, then i forgot about her for a long time already because i'm not into SNH before...But now i found her~ Minmin!~ Trying here!!~ ><) Hehe~

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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 1 : Saved by a 'Troll' (?!!)
« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2013, 05:58:48 AM »
Shinoki Adding a slight description of how they look? @.@ In the end, in the front, or in the middle of the chapter?  :? :? Regarding Chinese names.. I gotta admit those.. haha.. Their names.. Are very alike.. But don't worry.. the more you read them, the more you get used to it.. Or at least that's what I experienced  :lol:

AlmiraTheGreat WOW JiaQi oshi! Hahaha.. JiaQi.. She's seriously funny though.. Such a troll.. She's one of my favorite members.. Perhaps the only favorite members that made me go crazy with her fanservice! Hahaha.. Just.. She's the best la :p I mean, the best in terms of giving fanservice.. hahaha..

Kochiki Well, from what I judge in the beginning, she's kinda a loner.. Hahaha.. It's like.. Even till early 2013, she rarely took 2-shot with other members except with Kiki and Shochan ~.~ It's just how 'loner' type she was.. hahahaha.. Hm.. well, looks like you need to re-read it in order to find out who the goddess is.. hahaha.. I bet you will be able to know who she is! hahaha.. And about those testimony.. Savoki thinking she's a goddess.. It's actually a fact as well.. Savoki mentioned this goddess as someone who is elite, cool-type, pretty.. LOL ~.~ seriously.. it's dangerous if savoki is fangirling over her goddess @.@ Hm.. Ah~ TangMin.. hahaha.. she's such a cutie though.. Although wanwan is more of a cutie to me :p

As you can see.. My signature~ those are SNH48 members!!
I'll tell from left to right :3
Diamond / Dai Meng, Kiki / Xu JiaQi, Savoki / Zhao JiaMin, Wanwan / Qiu XinYi, WuZhe / Wu ZheHan   XD
All of them were taken in 525 Concert Blooming For You~ Um.. 25 May 2013 :3 :nervous :nervous
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Thank you, Crests-sama
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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 1 : Saved by a 'Troll' (?!!)
« Reply #9 on: July 28, 2013, 10:26:31 PM »
SNH babies huh? I'm don't know much of them and that's my biggest problems cause they are SO AWESOME and I like their voices and their songs esp River :)
I can't wait for your next update :)

EDIT: And their a big nono D: Their gayness is going to be like SKE's :DDDD

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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 1 : Saved by a 'Troll' (?!!)
« Reply #10 on: July 29, 2013, 05:16:27 AM »
WotaOtaku~ Hahaha.. Seriously? Well, they ARE awesome!  XD XD so who is your oshimen / favorite member? Is it possible that you don't know her name? @.@ And.. their gayness? @.@ is there any? Hahahaha..

Chapter 2A ~ Tsundere Princess's Pride!

"Okay, since it's the first day, your practice section has ended. You are going to have a free time for the rest of the day. But before you are dismissed, I would like you guys to tell you guys that your new weibo accounts have been created! You are given a chance to post a very last post in your old account though" the manager told them.
P.S. weibo is one of social medias.. It's almost the same as facebook. Since facebook, G+, twitter, youtube and else are banned from China, so for keeping in touch, they use weibo.. Every SNH member has one account, included Sae and Mariyannu.. If you'd like to see, I can give you the links though :)

Members are so excited that they finally have their official accounts..

"Then, have fun for the rest of the day! Starting from tomorrow, we're going to have a more serious practice. Have a great rest, meet up at 6.25am in the hotel lobby. I don't want anyone to be late" continued the manager.

"Okay.." replied all of the members.

"Now you are dismissed. Have fun" the manager said.

"Thank you" replied the members.

[Dai Meng ~ Mo Han discussion]
Dai Meng : Momo, what are you going to do?
Mo Han : Me? I don't know.. I'd be happy to have a stroll though. I wanna see Shanghai more.
Dai Meng : Ah~ Let me accompany you then!
Mo Han : Seriously?
Dai Meng : Of course! I'm from Shanghai.. So I'll show you around!
Mo Han : Thank you!
Dai Meng : Don't have to thank me. It's the very least can do though.
Suddenly a group of people came to them.
HuiWen : Hey.. We are going to have a stroll around here, wanna come and join us?
Dai Meng : We've actually had our plan, but (turned and looked at momo)
Mo Han : I don't mind. We're planning to have a stroll as well. The more the merrier, isn't it? (Momo smiled, which relieved Diamond)
Dai Meng : Ah.. Then, both of us are coming!
HuiWen : Good! Who else do you think we can invite?
Dai Meng : Have you guys invited them? (Diamond looks at Minmin)
XinFang : I have invited her. Minmin and ZhiYi have agreed to come along!
Dai Meng : Wow.. Minmin? I don't know that you're that close to Minmin that you have a nickname for her!
XinFang : Ah.. She's my co-worker back then though.. When we're working as maid-cafe.
Dai Meng : Eh? But.. (interrupted by Momo)
Mo Han : Seriously? Maid-cafe? Aww.. that must be so cute..
Dai Meng : But I thought you're not from Shanghai? (continued after Momo stopped)
XinFang : You're right. I'm not from Shanghai. But that doesn't change the fact that we were co-workers.
Dai Meng : Ah.. Okay, I'm waiting for your story then!
XinFang nods.
HuiWen : Wanwan ya.. Are you sure you aren't inviting your roommate to come along?
XinYi : Ah.. It looks like she's not interested though.
HuiWen : Don't wanna give a try?
TangMin and ZhiYi join the conversation
ZhiYi : What try?
YiChen : An invitation to Wanwan's roommate.
ZhiYi : Wanwan? I supposed it's you huh?
XinYi : Yes, you can just call me Wanwan.
ZhiYi : Sure! I will~ but who is your roommate btw?
Dai Meng : To be honest, I don't know either.
XinYi : My roommate is someone who looks uninterested in coming along. Who do you think?
ZhiYi : What an answer.
Tang Min just looked around.. Found the loner Savoki, having fun with others..
HuiWen : Her roommate is JiaMin.
ZhiYi : Gosh!! Seriously? Never thought you're her roommate though.
XinYi : What happened? She said something?
ZhiYi : No, not at all. It's just.. Since she likes to be alone, (interrupted by Tang Min)
Let's stop your gossiping her.
ZhiYi : Ah.. Fine.. Looks like you're so defending her.
Tang Min : It's not it.
Dai Meng : Enough enough..
HuiWen : Yossh.. Wanwan.. Why don't you try to invite her?
XinYi : Me?
HuiWen : Of course.. I think that you're the closest to her among us though. You're her roommate right?
XinYi : Aih.. Fine.. Pray that she accepts, otherwise my pride.. My pride.. *sighs*
HuiWen : Best luck for you!
XinFang, YiChen, YuQi : Good luck!!
Dai Meng : Wow.. what a friend.. yossh.. Goodluck!!

[Qiu XinYi approached Zhao JiaMin and friends]
JiaQi : Hey, hello..
XinYi : Helo.. We are about to have a stroll around here, do you guys wanna come along?
JiaQi : I'm actually still so high.. I wanna continued practicing tbh.. Sorry to turn down your offer.
XinYi looked at the 2 more guys, JiaMin and YuXi..
JiaMin : Looks like I'm going to stay here as well, sorry..
YuXi : Sorry..
XinYi sighs.. My pride..
XinYi : Alright, have fun!
XinYi said then she turned back, heading the group.

[Back to the previous group]
HuiWen : Looks like you failed huh?
XinYi : What I've told you? She doesn't seem to be interested though.
HuiWen : Haha.. Come on.. Having a try is fine..
XinYi : But my pride.. My pride..
YiChen : Come.. Let me hug you.. (Chenchen said as she hugged Wanwan, patting wanwan on her head)
Dai Meng : What a drama..
Tang Min : Anybody else to invite?
HuiWen : Looks like it's only them left here though..
Tang Min : Ah you're right. Then, shall we?
HuiWen : Yossh.. Go!! Let's go.
"Have fun" was what the members say one by one as they left the practice room.

[In the practice room, the 3 of them, Jiang YuXi, Xu JiaQi, and Zhao JiaMin]
YuXi : JiaQi, you said that you wanted to continue practicing. It's just an excuse, isn't it?
JiaQi : Eh? You thought so? Actually I'm kinda serious in answering though.
YuXi : What? Seriously? You still wanna practice? I'm about to die already.
JiaQi : Haha.. What are you talking about? You should just go with them.
YuXi : I thought you were only making excuses..
JiaQi : I'm still going to practice though. So what about you?
YuXi : I'm so tired already..
JiaMin : I want to continue practicing too, tbh.
YuXi : You too? For real? OMG I'm surrounded by 2 crazies
JiaMin : Who do you think the crazies are? she thought..
JiaQi : We're not crazies okay..
YuXi : Okay, then you practice.. I'm waiting.
JiaMin : Waiting?
JiaQi : Are you sure you're not coming along?
YuXi : Didn't you know that I'm about to die?
JiaQi : Ah alright.. Happy dying! Hahaha.. (Laughed out loud at her roommate)
JiaMin : The troll in front of me is seriously funny!

Ah~ As you guys can see, it's 2A, which means there'll be 2B (at least) hahaha.. Hopefully this aren't that boring.. UM.. I've tried making it more realistic.. As from what I observed, Tang Min is someone who didn't really like to talk about others.. While for Diamond~Momo's case.. It's kinda obvious to me that Diamond is the one who talks more compared to Momo.. Momo is kinda quiet though.. And, who else? Nah.. Yu HuiWen, Zhang XinFang, He YiChen, Qiu XinYi, Li YuQi used to be really close.. Well, I said 'used to'.. If you're questioning why, you're going to know it later. Diamond and Momo were roommates, and they're so close to each other. Both of them loves anime or cosplay, or something related to that. Regarding XinFang and Tang Min were coworkers.. It's also true..

Nah.. As usual.. Some photos to make you have more imagination~

Here's a photo of Momo aka Mo Han smiling.. :3

Wanwan aka Qiu XinYi

A very old photo.. This is Minmin aka Tang Min and Xiaoxing aka Zhang XinFang during audition..

This is a photo of Kiki aka Xu JiaQi and Savoki aka Zhao JiaMin during practice (kinda old, pre-debut, back in 2012)

Okay, hope those help  XD XD
Thank you, Crests-sama
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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 2B ~ I Need A Break!
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Chapter 2B ~ I Need A Break!

[In the practice room, while practicing, YuXi is in the toilet]
JiaQi : So, let me have a guess.
JiaMin : Guess? (showing a confused face)
JiaQi : You come from Guangdong!!
JiaMin : Ah, yes. I am from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.
JiaQi : Nah, you see. I know!
JiaMin : Ehh.. What a stalker (Savoki thought)
JiaQi : Do you know where I come from?
JiaMin : ZheJiang?
JiaQi : WOW! How can you know?? I don't know if you know me this much!! (as Kiki gets excited)
JiaMin : Ehh.. It's just a coincidence though..
JiaQi : Coincidence? I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! YOU MUST LOVE ME THIS MUCH THAT YOU FIND OUT ALL OF THESE! (still being so excited)
JiaMin : Ehh.. Well, I do stalk your profile cause I wanna know who is the roommate of YuXi though.. But.. (In Savoki's thought)
JiaQi : Nah.. YOU ARE QUIET! Silence means consent!! Aiyoo.. Too bad.. I.. (interrupted by Savoki)
JiaMin : It's not that I don't wanna defend. It's.. (interrupted by Kiki)
JiaQi : Too bad I belong to someone~ (Kiki said as she smiles all by herself, imagining)
JiaMin sighs..
JiaMin : Being all alone with this troll is definitely no good.. Savoki thought.
JiaQi : So, what did you wanna say again just now?
JiaMin : Ah.. Nothing..
JiaQi : Seriously? Ah~ Guess you take back your confession huh? Cause I told you I belong to someone?
JiaMin : Who wants to confess to you?!! Savoki's mind is about to explode
JiaQi : Don't worry, though you take back your confession, I accept it wholeheartedly.
Right at that moment, YuXi came back, but she managed to heard what Kiki said.
YuXi : Looks like I miss something..
JiaMin : No, you don't miss anything.
JiaQi : Hey, who said she missed nothing? She missed a big moment!
Yuxi : Eh? What moment?
JiaMin : The moment you're not here.
YuXi seems disconnected (she didn't understand)
JiaQi : She!! (pointed at Savoki) confessed to me!!
JiaMin defended herself as quick as possible..
JiaMin : No! I didn't do that!! You know your roommate.
YuXi smiles as she knows it's definitely not true, but she decides to play along.
JiaQi : Eh.. What's wrong with me?
YuXi : Aih.. You love her? You confessed to her? I thought you love me?
JiaMin panicked.
JiaMin : No! NO!! Seriously.. It's not like that~ (as she nearly gives up) Oh my.. How can she know? It's just getting more and more dangerous, isn't it? Aigoo.. I don't know how to act now. Why am I stuck here? Gonna blame Kiki for everything happened!
YuXi : Hahaha.. I was just kidding though..
JiaMin : Glad that you trust me.
YuXi : Easy~
JiaQi : Hey hey.. Does that mean nobody believes me?
JiaMin : Most likely..
JiaQi : I can't believe it.. Wuzheeee.. (crying out a member's nickname)
JiaMin : Wuzhe? (Savoki questioning the name)
JiaQi : Yes, wuzhe you know.. wuzhe.. discount 50%!! (P.S. Wu ZheHan's nickname >> Wuzhe 五折 means discount 50%)
JiaMin : Why are you mentioning it then?
JiaQi : Forget about it. You'll know about it someday.
JiaMin : Why is this troll so random?
YuXi : Have you guys actually finished practicing? I'm tired of waiting. It's been 2 hours..
JiaQi : Yossh.. Let's go..
JiaMin : Where?
JiaQi : I don't know.
JiaMin : Ehh..
Yuxi : Let's go eat something nice!
JiaQi, JiaMin : Let's go..

Okay, chapter 2B ends.. Next chapter is probably situation from another group of people, the one consisting Minmin aka Tang Min.

As for this Chapter.. some facts
- Savoki aka Zhao JiaMin was born in Shenzhen (Guangdong Province)
- Kiki aka Xu JiaQi came from ZheJiang Province, along with fellow member, Wuzhe aka Wu ZheHan.
- Shochan aka Jiang YuXi is the most different person among these 3 members. Both Savoki and Kiki have high spirit in dancing, loves dancing as well. While Shochan gets tired so quickly, etc. In terms of attitude, style.. Shochan is also the most different one (among these 3).
- In my opinion, both Savoki and Kiki are people who pay a lot of attention to small things, while Shochan is someone who doesn't really pay attention to those. There are some reasons behind this though.
For instance.. In the past, when I changed my Display Picture, then I asked Savoki. She knew that what's different is none other than Display Picture. That happened twice. Well, if Savoki is paying attention, it's still acceptable. What shocked me was actually Kiki aka Xu JiaQi knew what was different. When I asked her, she said.. "me" (because my display picture was WJia aka Savoki / JiaMin and Kiki / JiaQi). Stunned by it, I asked further questions. I asked her, "Did you know what was my previous Display Picture?" ~ This answer shocked me. She knew that before WJia, my display picture was a photo of JiaMin and YuXi. Not only that, she continued that before JiaMin and YuXi, my display picture was MariHaru. (This is the truth. I experienced it. I was just totally shocked.. It's not that she only knew what changed, but she remembered what were the previous ones! Thumbs up for Kiki Xu JiaQi). While for Shochan aka Jiang YuXi, when I changed my Display Picture to Savoki and her, she didn't even realize it. Well, it's actually acceptable considering that a lot of fans commenting. That's why.. I won't give something negative to Shochan. I'll just leave something positive to both JiaMin and JiaQi.
- In my opinion as well, Kiki aka Xu JiaQi is like a stalker. Why? I don't know if you can consider this as a 'stalking' or not, but.. Once, well, in 14 July 2013, I updated my status, showing landscape to Savoki (mentioning Savoki only). Then, in 21 July 2013 aka a week later, all of a sudden, someone liked my weibo update. Confused, I look at it. What made me shock is, the one who liked my weibo update is none other than Kiki, Xu JiaQi. Worse part is, that update wasn't recently. It was a week ago (P.S. I always update weibo at least twice a day, mentioning Savoki). so.. It's like.. WOW.. Do you guys think I'm right to think that she stalked my profile?  XD XD
- Last but not least, just like how 48family is, SNH48 members used to reply to fans, but they stopped replying since 5 February 2013.

Hopes my really really really long explanation made you guys understand more.

Here are some photos..
Kiki aka Xu JiaQi.. imagining herself with someone?? look

Shochan aka Jiang YuXi smiling look

Savoki aka Zhao JiaMin questioning look
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Thank you, Crests-sama
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Re: SNH48 fanfic ~ Chapter 2B ~ I Need A Break!
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Even though I like Savoki, I'll be more ad if her couple is Just jingyi. Thank you for the ficts, it's hard to find fanficts about SNH48 in English. Thank you again

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