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Author Topic: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) 15/15 - COMPLETED  (Read 21061 times)

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Re: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 11
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A short chapter but I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Have a nice reading ! :)

Chapter 11 - All I want is you

Iriyama Anna’s POV

We quickly reached Yuria’s place, silently.

“Do you want some help for this?” Juri asked, speaking about all the stuffs.

“It’s fine. Come back home.” Yuria answered at her sister. “Go take a rest at home.  I won’t bring any trouble with your father.”

“But Yuria-“

Yuria pulled Juri in her arms to comfort her.

“Go home now.”

Juri broke the hug. Looking at the girls, I decided to leave them but Juri stopped me.

“You stay here.” She said before closing the door in front of me.

“I’ll take a rest.”

I turned around, looking her going in her room. I sighed and started cleaning the house.


“You clean…?” A sleepy voice said behind me.

She reached the couch and sat next to me. Putting her head on my shoulder, she slowly took my hand.

“Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Isn’t that Yuria…” I lowered my head while she squeezed a bit her grip.

“Why did you leave me?” She removed her head and let go my hand.

“I’m sorry, it’s my mother…” I finally looked at her.

“Really?! You’re 21 years old! Is it your mother who decides about your life?!” She yelled at me.

“No!” I stood up, trying to hold back my tears.

“So what?!”

“I don’t want that she makes me suffer… I’m so selfish, I’m sorry Yuria…” She also stood up, taking my hands. “I needed to support you and… everything became worse…” I couldn’t hold back my tears which started falling.

“I’ll protect you.” She said, pulling me in her arms.

I wrapped my arms around her neck. Then, our lips met. I put all my feelings in this kiss. Our lips danced together, mixed with my tears. But I couldn’t take it anymore and broke it, crying badly. My forehead against her top, I couldn’t stop myself.

She pulled me slowly and we sat on the couch again. My arms wrapped her waist while she stroked my hair slowly, my head on her chest.

I was afraid. Afraid of everything. I couldn’t know what will happen if I leave my mother. I didn’t want to suffer again, like in the past. But I didn’t want to be selfish, leaving Yuria alone. I knew it was better for her, to stay without me. I didn’t want my mother makes us hurt, mostly Yuria.

“Yuria…?” I called her when I finally stop crying.

“Yes?” She answered while I removed my arms and sat next to her.

“I-I… I can’t stay with you.” I said, lowering my head and standing up.

“No! Anna, please!” She shouted, grabbed my wrist to stop me.

I turned around, looking at her teary-eyes. Her look, it hurt me. She was mad at me. I wanted to protect myself, to not suffer but… She was suffering because of me. I grabbed a tissue and clean the blood which started running from her nose. Her grip on my wrists strengthen, she closed her eyes and held her head with the other hand.

“Emotions. I can’t control it.” She spoke in a little voice.

After some seconds, the blood stopped running. She came closer, slowly I couldn’t look away from her eyes, attracted by her deep eyes. I felt her hand stroking my cheek, slowly. Her breath against my lips, our noses touched.

“Stop!” I yelled, pushing her away. “I can’t, I don’t want to make you suffer again. It’s better if you stay away from me.”
I turned around, running toward the door.

“No!” She shouted, squeezing me from behind.

Her arms wrapped my body, I couldn’t move anymore. I felt her heartbeat and her strong grip around me.

“I love you. I really do. No matter what, I’ll protect you. No one can hurt you. I’m not fine without you Anna. You’ll never make me suffer because you’re with me. I’m 21 years old now. I’m not a kid anymore, I know what I want.” She released me slowly and made me turn around to look at her. “All I want is you, Anna.”

These words gave me an electroshock. The tears flowed on my cheeks. Tears of guilty or tears of joy, I didn’t know. I couldn’t move, my body was paralyzed. I loved her, with the bottom of my heart. All she wanted, it was to stay with me. 

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I looked at the stunned girl in front of me, with a light smile on my face. Pulling her wrist, I gave her a passionate kiss.

“I… I…”  She managed to speak but nothing come out.

“Shut up, idiot…” I took the blushing girl by surprise in my arms.

She hugged me back slowly.

I felt better, my heart was less heavy. The girl who I loved was with me, in my arms. I didn’t want to let her go.

“Don’t leave me anymore.” I whispered before kissing her cheek. 

“I love you.” She finally said.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 12
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Have a nice reading ! :)

Chapter 12 - Stay with me

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I woke up, opening slowly my eyes. A light smile appeared quickly on my face when I saw the sleeping girl next to me. I extended my arm to stroke her cheeks softly. This girl was so perfect. I gazed at each detail of her face. Her closed eyes, her nose, her cute cheeks, her pink lips.

“Stop staring at me.” She said, blushing badly.

“Did I wake up you?” I asked, looking at Anna who was burying her head in the cushion.

She mumbled something but I couldn’t hear. However, I didn’t stop staring at her and I continued to stroke her hair.



“Tell me what happened with your mother…”

I removed my hand. She turned around toward me, an almost sad smile on her face. She quickly came closer to kiss my lips gently before sitting on the bed, her always body hid by the sheets.

“She is an alcoholic. She never took care of me like a mother must do. She even hit me. The scar, it’s from her. But as I’m a student, I’m not able to live by my own way.” She stopped a few seconds her speech. “I have no choice that staying with her.”

I only smiled when she looked at me. I wanted to ask about her father but I stayed quiet.

“Stay with me.” I said after a few minutes of silence.


“We’d already lived together for some months. Bring your stuff here.”

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I stared at her, bewildered. Was she serious? I mean… live with her? It could be so perfect… Suddenly, the reality hit me.

“Yuria… If I go home, she will not let me come back here…” I avoided her gaze.

“I will come with you, okay?”

I nodded slowly while she wrapped her arms around my naked body.

“All will be fine.” She added, looking at me with a soft smile.

“Thank you.” I mumbled, feeling her breath on my neck. 


“Will you stay here? I mean in the bed.” She teased me.

“I’m waiting for you to go first.” I answered with pink cheeks.

“Why?” She said a bit confused.

“I don’t want you to stare at me again.” My cheeks became redder. 

“Liar. You’re a pervert Anna.” She kissed my cheeks before standing up, leaving me embarrassed by her teasing.


I was lying on the couch. My eyes closed I thought about Yuria’s offer. I felt some pain in my chest, I didn’t want to come back home anymore. She told me that she will come too but… I didn’t want that something bad happen. After all, I didn’t know how my mother will be…

A soft hand stroked my face slowly. I opened my eyes and looked next to me. Yuria was here, squatting with a bright smile on her face.

“I missed you.” She spoke in a gentle tone.

A light smile appeared on my lips while I grabbed her hand slowly.

“Are you ready?”

I nodded and stood up, following her toward the door…


We reached my “home”… She wanted to knock but I suddenly stopped her. She looked at me, confused.

“Yuria, don’t let me alone with her…” I said, looking down.

“I will not.” She answered in a comforting tone.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. We walked inside, hearing my mother’s steps toward us. We could smell the alcohol strongly. The mess was everywhere in the flat. The dirty clothes, the empty bottles covered the old floor.

“Anna! You com-” She said, stumbling.

She suddenly stopped when she saw Yuria. She came closer to us and started yelling.

“Who the fuck are you?!”

I tightened my grip on Yuria’s hand. My mother looked down, seeing it.

“Who do you think you are to do that?!”

“I’ll take my stuff.” I said in a little voice while Yuria followed me without releasing my hand.

My mother ran after us, continuing to shout some random words and sentences, more and more offensive.

“You wanna leave your poor mother! Filthy kid!”

I bit my lips, trying to hold back my tears. I took my stuff. It wasn’t too much, only my clothes and my school’s stuffs.

“Go away! And never come back! I never loved you!” Her last sentence was followed by a bottle threw against the wall.

Then, we left.


“It’s over now.”

I stayed blank, staring the floor. Yuria started stroking my back slowly…

“Let me alone…” I muttered, going into her room before slamming the door strongly.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I let out a sigh, looking at Anna. I stood up and reached my bedroom. I knocked at the door but she didn’t say anything.

“Anna, I know it’s hard for you.” I waited for an answer.

She started sobbing quietly, I decided to push a bit the door. She lowered her head, avoiding to look at me.

“Why are you crying?” I asked, squatting in front of her.

Seeing Anna as this broke my heart. She left her family after all… But I thought it was better for her. I hoped I didn’t do something wrong. I kissed her forehead gently and started leaving her.

“Yuria…” I turned around while she raised her head. “Don’t go…”

I sat next to her, taking her in my arms. I stroked her hair gently. She put her head against my neck. Then, I felt her grip on my shoulder as a child who doesn’t want to be leave alone.

“I couldn’t take her in my arms before leaving…” She said, sobbing. 

To Be Continued…

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Re: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 13
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This is the same 'story' with a different point of view. Enjoy~

Chapter 13 – Birthday

Iriyama Anna's POV

I suddenly opened my eyes, awake by a loud noise. I turned on the light and looked next to me. The place was empty. I stood up and walked to the living room.

It was been one month that I was living with Yuria. This girl changed my life as I transformed her.

I looked the figure who was standing up close to the window. I reached her, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"What are you doing?" I asked, sleepy.


"You should go to sleep." I said, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind.

She grabbed my wrists, gently. We stayed like this for some seconds.

"Let's sleep so." She answered and stood up before pulling me to our room. 


I sighed, reaching the kitchen. I took my phone, texting my girlfriend.

To: Yuria
Hey, where are you?
Why did you leave earlier?
From: Yuria
I'm already at school!
Sorry I couldn't wait for you, I needed to do something important.

I didn't understand. Yuria didn't like school. Why did she go earlier? I hoped that she didn't have a stupid idea in her mind.


"Hello Renacchi." I greeted my best friend.

"Hi. Isn't Yuria here?" She asked a bit surprised.

"What?" I answered and looked at her place behind me.

It was empty. Yuria wasn't at school. I decided to send another text.

To: Yuria
Where are you?
Why did you lie to me?

But no answer. Rena cast a quick glance at me.

"Don't worry. I'm sure all is fine." She smiled and patted my shoulder kindly.


I heard Yuria pushing the door, slowly.

"You're finally here." I said, blank.

"Ah y-yeah... Sorry." She mumbled, embarrassed.

"I'll take a shower." I snapped coldly. "You're an idiot." I mumbled, pouting.

"You're cute." She said, next to me.

"I'm mad, you lied to me."

She grabbed my arm, making me stop.

"Hey, I'm sorry, okay?" She apologized, stroking my cheek.

"Yeah, yeah." I answered, leaving her.   

“Anna, wake up.” Someone whispered at me.

“Let me sleep.” I groaned.

“It’s already late, you’ll not sleep all the day.” She said, staying standing up next to me. “Are you still mad?” She asked while I didn’t answer.

I heard Yuria sigh and left in the room.


I finally left my bed and reached the living room. She stood up and we stared at each other for some seconds. She tried to speak but nothing came out. I saw her biting my lips and she suddenly turned around.

“Yuria? Are you fine?” I asked in a worried tone while I came closer to her.

“Yeah…” She mumbled without looking at me.

“You aren’t, tell me what’s wrong.” I said and took her hands gently.

“You’re an idiot. It’s your birthday, stop being mad at me.”

“Eh?” I let out, surprised, before looking toward the calendar.

It was my birthday, I forgot my own birthday… I felt like an idiot. Yuria was trying to be kind to me.

I released her hands slowly.

“Be ready for this evening. We’re going out…” She mumbled before leaving me.


“Anna! I asked you to be ready!” My girlfriend yelled at me.

“S-Sorry…” She said, avoiding my eyes.

I looked down, guilty. 

“Can you cancel the reservation?” I heard Yuria say.


“I don’t care.” She snapped coldly.

I didn’t dare to look at her, still sitting on the couch.

“Smile. It’s your birthday.” She said, wrapping her arms around my neck, gently.

I finally looked at her with a little smile. She wanted to surprise me but I ruined everything.

“You’re the prettiest.” She spoke softly before kissing my pink cheek. “I have something for you.”

She sat next to me and gave me a black box. I opened carefully. It was a pendant. Y and A were intertwined. A perfect pattern.

“Sorry if you don’t like it-”

“It’s beautiful…” I interrupted her.

“Really?” She said, bewildered.

“Can you help me?” She nodded and I handed her the pendant.  “Thank you.” I added, looking it again.

“Happy birthday.” She said with a warm smile.

“I love you Yuria.” I hugged her tightly.

“I love you too.” I felt my girlfriend hugging me back.

Kizaki Yuria's POV

I stared at the stars, the night sky. All the sky was covered by these shinnies stars.

A light smile appeared on my face, thinking about her. It was been one month that Anna was living with me. I changed her life as she transformed me. She was so perfect like an angel. It will be her birthday soon, in two days, the 3th December... I wanted to give her something important but I hadn't any idea.

I heard a door being open behind me, I turned around and saw my girlfriend reaching me.

"What are you doing?" She asked, sleepy.


"You should go to sleep." She said, hugging me with her arms. 

I took her wrists, her beautiful wrists... Suddenly, an idea came in my mind.

"Let's sleep so." I smiled before grabbing her hand to pull her in our room.


I left the room, trying to be quiet as possible....

I reached the shop, looking all these beautiful pendants. I didn't know what I should buy for her. A pendant? A bracelet? I didn't know. I thought about a bracelet but a pendant... It could have a personal pattern. It wasn’t my kind of stuff. I was lost.

From: Anna
Hey, where are you?
Why did you leave earlier?
To: Anna
I'm already at school!
Sorry I couldn't wait for you, I needed to do something important.
"Did you need some help?" A young man asked me.
"No thanks."
I answered before taking my phone. One new message from Anna. She texted me earlier already… I sighed and decided to ignore it.
To: Juri
Sister, I'm lost.
What shoulder I buy for Anna's birthday?
From: Juri
Don't you have any idea?
To: Juri
Maybe... a pendant or a bracelet.
Which one is better?
From: Juri
Buy a pendant with a new pattern.
Something that you make yourself.


I pushed the door, slowly.

"You're finally here." She said, blank.

"Ah y-yeah... Sorry."

"I'll take a shower." She snapped coldly. “You’re an idiot.” She mumbled in a pouting tone.

I looked at her, shamed. I lied to her but... it was for her. I didn't want to ruin the surprise. 

"You're cute." I said, next to her.

"I'm mad, you lied to me."

I grabbed her arm, making her stop.

"Hey, I'm sorry, okay?" I apologized, stroking her cheek.

"Yeah, yeah." She answered, leaving me. 


“Anna, wake up.” I whispered at the sleeping girl.

“Let me sleep.” She groaned.

“It’s already late, you’ll not sleep all the day.” I pouted, staying standing up next to the bed. “Are you still mad?” I asked because she didn’t answer.

I sighed and left her in the room.


She finally came in the living room. I stood up and we stared at each other for some seconds. I tried to speak but nothing came out from my mouth. I bit my lips and turned around.

“Yuria? Are you fine?” Anna asked in a worried tone while she came closer to me.

“Yeah…” I mumbled and looked down.

I was definitively not into this kind of stuff…

“You aren’t, tell me what’s wrong.” She said, taking my hands gently.

“You’re an idiot. It’s your birthday, stop being mad at me.”

“Eh?” She let out, surprised, before looking toward the calendar.

I felt her grip released me slowly.

“Be ready for this evening. We’re going out…” I mumbled before leaving her.


“Anna! I asked you to be ready!” I yelled at my girlfriend.

“S-Sorry…” She said, avoiding my eyes.

I cast a glance at the clock and called someone.

“Can you cancel the reservation?”

‘But, a lot of people would-‘

“I don’t care.” I snapped before hanging up.

I looked at my girlfriend who was sitting on the couch, staring the floor.

“Smile. It’s your birthday.” I said, wrapping my arms around her neck.

She raised her head and looked at me, behind, with a light smile on her face.

“You’re the prettiest.” I added before kissing her pink cheek. “I have something for you.”

I sat next to her and handed a little box. She opened it and looked at me, confused.

“Sorry if you don’t like it-”

“It’s beautiful…” She said, taking the pendant.


“Can you help me?” She asked, giving me the pendant.

I nodded and put it around her neck.

“Thank you.” She said, looking it again.

“Happy birthday.” I told her with a smile.

“I love you Yuria.” She hugged me tightly.

“I love you too.” I hugged her back, stroking her head.

To Be Continued…

I’m sorry if it was too much ><

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Re: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 14
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Hey ! It will be the end soon !

Have a nice reading~

Chapter 14 - Health

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly, waking by the noisy sound.

“Yuria…” I mumbled, sleepy.

She hummed softly next to me while I turned around.

“Your phone is ringing...”

I saw that she tried to take it, hitting the desk next to her. The light illuminated her face. She rubbed her eyes slowly before picking it and leaving the room.

“Why are you calling me?” I could hear her voice.

That became suddenly silent. Something fell on the floor violently.

“Yuria?” I called but she didn’t answer.

I stood up, reaching the living room. I turned on the light. Yuria was on her knees, the broken phone close to her. She was sobbing, her back to me.

“What happened?” I asked and patted her head gently.

She removed my hand and stood up, the tears rolled on her cheeks. I took the phone and looked at the screen.


‘Anna…’ Her voice seemed weak.

“What happened?”

‘Our mother… She is gone.’ She hanged up.

“I’m sorry.” I said, looking at Yuria.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“I want to stay alone…” I mumbled, avoiding her look.

“Yuria, you shouldn’t-”

“Please!” I suddenly shouted, making her shut her mouth.

She started leaving me but a cough stopped her. She turned around, looking at me.

“Are you fine?” She asked, worried.

I came closer to her, I finally stopped coughing and stared at her with teary-eyes.

“Leave me!” I yelled, grabbing her arm strongly.

I raised my punch quickly. She was terrified. I stopped myself, the tears on my cheeks. We stared at each other. I lowered my arm slowly.

“I-I’m sorry. Anna I-” I quickly apologized.

I closed my eyes, holding my head with my hand. All was suddenly spinning around me.


I winced in pain and bit my lips. Little by little, my grip on Anna’s arms became weak. Then, I felt myself falling in my arms.


“Yuria. You aren’t a kid anymore, right?” A woman told me with a light smile. “You’ll be strong… Your parents are-”

“I know.” I interrupted her, lowering my head.


I looked at my reflection. I take a scissors, pulling my sleeve. I trace a light line on my skin. I did it again, stronger. The blood was flowing along my hand as the tears on my cheeks. I wanted to die.
“Yuria!” Juri shouted, seeing me on the floor.

She shouldn’t have found me. I needed to end it.

She pulled the scissors up, throwing it on the floor. She wiped the blood gently while I stared at her without moving.


“I’m not mad!” I screamed at my father. “It’s your own fault! You never took care of me.”

He came to me, raising his punch. Then, I felt a pain in my stomach. I reached the floor slowly.

“Go out and never come back.”


“Yuria, is it serious with Anna?” Juri asked, looking in front of her.

“We’re living together.” I answer her with a light smile on my face.

“Take care of her then.” She laughed a bit at me.

I’m sorry Anna. You had a peaceful life before. It’s my fault, I hurt you and I made you worried about me. Maybe, I should have stopped everything… I love you but… It could be better if I was not here, right?


I felt a soft grip on my hand. I opened my eyes slowly, titling a bit my head. I stared at her.

“Yu-Yuria…” She spoke as a whisper.

A nurse and the doctor went into the room, looking at me with a warm smile. She reached me while Anna released my grip and left me to speak with the doctor.

“How are you?” The nurse asked.

“Better. Can I… ask a favor?” I said, trying to be quiet as possible.

She nodded with a light smile.

“Can you tell at my… friend to leave me alone? I won’t that she thinks… I mean…” I managed to find my words but she interrupted me.

Anna came back to us.

“Iriyama-san, she is in a better state but you should let her take a rest.” Anna nodded, casting a quick glance toward me and then, she left.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I reached the roof, looking at the city in front of me.

“You seem upset.” An almost familiar voice said to me.

“I know, she asked you…” I mumbled while she reached my side. “Watanabe-san I-”

“Miyuki.” She interrupted me.

“Well, Miyuki-san I-”

“Stop being formal.” She giggled a bit.

“I’m sorry…” I lowered my head, sadly. “I’m scared.”

“About what?” She asked in the same kind tone.

“I thought she will punch me.” I admitted.

I felt a pain in my heart. I didn’t want to be afraid of her. I couldn’t… she was my girlfriend but…


“Leave me!” She suddenly yelled, grabbing my arm strongly.

I saw her, raising her punch toward me. As she did with the people who were bothering me. I distinguished the aggressiveness in her eyes. It was the first time that she had this behavior.

“I-I’m sorry… Anna I-” She mumbled, removing her arm.

I felt as if she couldn’t hurt me but… I was afraid anyway… 


“I never thought that of her. Somewhere, I felt sorry. I should’ve left her alone.”

“Isn’t your fault.” Miyuki told me, putting her hand on my shoulder.

That reminded me my mother. The sudden violence… I didn’t want that happen again.

“You seem to really love her.” She said while I stared at her, confused. “If not, you’d be gone.”


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I gazed at the sky, sitting on my bed. I let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong with that sad face?” A teasing voice said behind me.

I turned around and looked at her.

“Hey Juri.” I smiled a bit.

“You aren’t fine.” She immediately answered and sat next to me.

The tears flowed uncontrollably. She stroked my back softy, trying to make me stop.

“She hates me now…” I started speaking. “I almost punched her… How could I do that?!” I yelled, mad against myself.

“Yuria… It’s not your fault.” Juri said my name in a soft tone.

“She is scared of me. I saw it when I woke up yesterday. And… she didn’t come today…” I looked at Juri, hopeless. “I know she will not…”

“She can’t hate you. She loves you so much.” She told me, trying to reassure me.

“I won’t be violent against her… I don’t want to be like…him.”

Juri stood up and made me look at her.

“Listen to me. You love her and she loves you. You aren’t him. Apologize, tell her everything about your feelings. She will understand you.”

When she stopped her speech, we cast a quick glance toward the door, seeing Anna who was here.

“I’ll leave you.” Juri said before turning turned.

“Anna…” I said, standing up while she walked to me. “I’m sorry. It wasn’t me. I won’t hurt you.” I took her hands, gently. “I don’t want you to think that I’m like him. I love you, I can’t hurt you. I’m so sorry. You’re everything to me.”

“Hey…” She removed one of her hand to stroke my cheek gently, a soft smile on her lips. “I love you, no matter what. You did nothing.” She paused for some seconds. “You should be worried about your health, not me.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized again.

She pulled in a warm embrace. I couldn’t stop crying while she stroked my back kindly.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

She seemed so… sweet and frail…

“Yuria. I love you but…” I stared talking when we pulled each other away. “I’m afraid that you do it again.” I admitted, looking into her red eyes.

“I’m sorry…” She said again. “How can I change your mind…?” She asked, biting her lips cutely.

“You can’t.” She stared at me, a face filled with sorrow and fear.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 15 [Part 1]
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So, this is the last chapter, I decided to write it in two parts.

Enjoy the first one :)

Chapter 15 [Part 1] – Love me

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I wiped the tear which was rolling on Yuria’s cheek. She couldn’t. Of course she couldn’t, she was everything for me, that’s why I still loved her. She didn’t seem to have understand it though. I leaned down and put my lips upon her. But she didn’t react, staying as frozen. She kept staring at me, emotionless. It seemed that my kiss made her more confused. So, I decided to help her to understand.
“I told you, I love you, no matter what.” I said before leaning again and this time, she was kissing me back.


Yuria’s health was good. I was reassured, I didn’t need to worry anymore. She became calm again, no fights no bickers. Her mood was softer. It was as before, I wanted to stay in that peace atmosphere forever.


Someone knocked at the door. Someone that I didn’t expect to see again…

Opening the door, my smile fell quickly. My heart squeezed in my chest hurt. Why? Why was he here? How did he know?

“So, this here that you are… sweetie.” He spoke softly.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” I mumbled, stepping back.

It couldn’t be true…
“Your mother told me that you were at your boyfriend’s house.” He said and walked inside.

My mother? She didn’t know where I was living. Did she followed us? Yuria who was sitting on the couch turned around, distinguished my terrified eyes.

“Who are you to come here?” She snapped coldly.

“Oh… Isn’t a boy…?” He said, stunned. “Anyway, you should come back with your mother. She needs you.” He looked at me with a light smile.

His smile was creepy. I couldn’t speak. I stared at Yuria, begging for help. I couldn’t do anything. It was a nightmare. She seemed to notice I was lost and stoop up to reach us.

“Go out from here.” She said, pointing the door.

Yuria’s tone was harsh. She was clearly caring about me.

“But she is my daughter-”

“She is twenty-one years old. So, leave us now.” She continued talking in a calm tone.

I reached Yuria’s side, grabbing her arm as a little kid. I needed her to protect me, I just wanted to vanish. Suddenly, he pushed her and grabbed my arm strongly. My heart stopped beating, I was panicked.
“You come with me!” He shouted, slapping my cheek hard.


I opened my eyes quickly, sitting on my bed. I breathed aloud, the sweat running on my face. What was that? A nightmare?

“Anna?” Yuria called me name, confused.

I let out a long sigh and laid down on her top, wrapping my arms around her body. I felt calmer. My heart wasn’t beating hard anymore. She didn’t speak and simply stroked my hair gently. I liked it, feeling her fingers playing with my hair.

“I won’t sleep anymore.” I mumbled while she checked the time on her phone.

“It’s early.”

She looked really sleepy.

“I think I’ll study.” I said, leaving the warm embrace.

“Are you sure?” She asked in the same sleepy tone.

I didn’t want to think about the nightmare. I needed to think about something else. Even though I already missed Yuria’s arms.

“The exams are close.” I told her.

It was just an excuse. I didn’t think I could be able to study at such an hour.


Finally, that pushed me to study. I wanted to complete my year. I need to have a goal. But Yuria didn’t seem to worry about it. She looked at me while I studied, she didn’t work. When I asked her, she simply avoided the question. I couldn’t make her study if she didn’t want to.

“Morning amore.” I stopped writing and looked at the girl who just kissed my head gently.

I felt my face flush. She rarely called me with that kind of nickname. I thought that was cute but my shy side made me feel bad.

“T-That’s embarrassing.” I mumbled, looking down.

“What?” She pouted a bit.

I could distinguish the sadness in her voice.

“Nothing.” I answered in a hurry tone before writing again.

She giggled, making me relax. She quickly kiss my hair and left me. How she could be so sweet?


“Yuria?” I called my girlfriend who was sitting in the couch.

She turned around to me, a light smile on her lips. I reached her and sat. Putting my head on her shoulder, I intertwined our fingers.

“Tell me, why your adopted father hate you?”

I needed to know. Couldn’t do anything at that time, I didn’t know all the story. I wanted her to explain me. We didn’t see him or speak about him since the… accident.

“I was a stupid kid, brining myself into troubles. The sickness, the fights, the cries… everything, it was too much for him. He started hating me as I started hating myself.” She started explaining without looking at me. “He hurt me. Mom tried to protect me but she couldn’t.”

“Did Juri know…?”

“She knew. But what she could do? Nothing. He is her father. She is his biological daughter, he couldn’t hurt her.”

Yuria was right but she could call the police or… No, it was her father. She couldn’t take her father to the police. I removed myself from her.

“I don’t want to think about it anymore.”

She tried to avoid the talk. I didn’t give up and asked her again.

“Why did he bring you in the hut?”

She glared at me. It seemed my question was bothering her. Maybe,  I should have asked her.

“Seriously? Why are you asking?” She told me, upset.

“It’s important Yuria. I couldn’t… I… Forget Yuria. It’s enough. We will not talk about it then.”

She didn’t want to give me an explanation. After everything I was still by her side. How could she do that?


“Still studying?” I heard my girlfriend’s voice next to me.

We used to spend a lot of times together but not recently as I was often busy.

“You should do the same Yuria.” I spoke without stopping what I was doing.

I thought I will make her angry. But she wasn’t. She didn’t care.

“You should take a break.” She said, kissing my nape playfully.

I couldn’t give up now even though Yuria tempted me to take a break right now. I was working hard after all, it could be a good idea. I tried to think straight but her kisses disturbed my thoughts.
“You should stop that.” I snapped a bit coldly.

Her kisses stopped quickly. I was a bit too harsh. I turned around, seeing her leaving me. I put my pen down and stood up. I made her angry against me. I reached the living room where Yuria was sitting on the couch.

“Are you pouting?” I teased her, trying to relax the atmosphere.

“You should stop to tease me.” She answered without looking at me.

“Sorry Yuria. I didn’t want to make you angry…” I put my hand in her hair, stroking it kindly.

I wanted to explain myself but… Yuria was stubborn. She didn’t care about my explanation and kept staring in front of her.

“I’ll go back to study.” I told her because she didn’t answer at me.

She was clearly sulking. I left her, a bit sad.


The door was pushed slowly. I raised my head, discovering Yuria staring at me.

“I just need to pick something, I’ll not bothering you.” She said and walked inside.

I let out a sigh and stopped her from leaving. I grabbed her arms. I looked into her eyes. She was stunned. She didn’t expect me to stop her. 

“Stop being stubborn.” I told her, in an almost sad voice.

I definitely didn’t like it. We couldn’t fight again for a stupid thing. I was sorry but I wanted her to understand she went too far.

“Are you going to ignore me all the day?”

I was pretty upset that she didn’t want to care about what happened. Maybe, she did but she didn’t show it.

“Sorry.” She mumbled, looking away.

That was all? She only apologized. She knew I’ll forgive her after all. 


The exams passed. The result was today. I was in a hurry. I distinguished the mailman who was coming toward the house. I quickly opened the door and he looked at me stunned.

“Here.” He handed my two letters.

I thanked him and gave one letter to Yuria. She took it slowly and we opened it.

I felt so relieved when I saw the result. 422/500. I passed, I couldn’t be gladder. Well… Maybe if Yuria… No it was impossible, right? I cast a quick glance at her.

“I failed.” She said, putting the letter on the table. “Anyway, I knew it. I didn’t study and I’m not good.”

She looked hopeless. It was her fault but she put herself down.

“But you can have your certificate with retake, right?” I asked, sitting next to her.

I tried to reassure her, I wanted her to succeed.

“I learn nothing. It’s fine, I don’t care anyway.”

It wasn’t true. She cared and I cared. She couldn’t give up. That university made us meet. I wanted her to leave while passing and not failing.

“You will work and you will have it.” I told her while she looked at me confused.


Yuria was working hard. I helped her a lot. In fact, I was very proud of my girlfriend. She finally tried, I knew she could do it.

Today, I couldn’t be with her. I was going out with Rena. It was the umpteenth times that she asked me out and I finally accepted. I felt bad about leaving Yuria alone but she told me everything will be alright and she will work hard alone.

“Annin, you’re here!” Rena said, hugging me quickly.

“Long time no see.” I smiled at her.

I was busy with study and then with Yuria. I missed her a lot. She also missed a big part of my life. I didn’t text her, it wasn’t a right time anyway.

“What’s up?” She asked.

I told her everything. She listend to me attentively. But something made her upset. I could distinguish it in her eyes.

“Did she really… raise a hand to you?” Rena said with worry.

There were worries in her eyes. She was my friend after, she must have been worried about it. But I didn’t want to something bad happen, it was over. I forgave Yuria and… Rena should have been worried.
“It’s okay now.” I answered, trying to reassure her.

I showed a slight smile. I felt as if it was fine. I couldn’t prevent what will happen but I didn’t want Rena be worried about me.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Someone knocked at the door. I didn’t move, thinking it was Anna. Yet, that didn’t stop. Anna should have opened the door and came in. I guessed it wasn’t her. I decided to reach it and opened the door.
“How can you dare?!” A familiar girl shouted at me.

I stepped back, surprised. She walked inside the place. Why did she come in my house?

“Don’t be violent anymore against Anna! If you do it again, you’ll be in a serious trouble!” She continued to yell.

I stared at her, not able to speak. I understood. She was worried about Anna. I felt bad. It was my fault. Did Anna send her to me? I was so bad that she couldn’t tell me?

“R-Rena?” A voice spoke, next to us.

“I’ll go.” She said, leaving us.

I looked at Anna, dumbfounded. It wasn’t because of Anna. I felt a bit reassured, my girlfriend didn’t hate me.

“Is… Is everything okay?” I mumbled.

I was afraid about Anna’s answer. And if it was her? No, it couldn’t. She was stunned to see Rena who was shouting at me. 

“I’ll talk to her tomorrow.” She answered me, looking toward the closed door.

So, she will go out with Rena. Did she try to avoid me? Was it because of me? The questions were stuck in my mind. I couldn’t think about something else.

To Be Continued…

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Re: Support me, Protect me, Love me (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 15 [Part 2] END
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The end~
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy this story :)
See you another time for a new one :D

Chapter 15 [Part 2] END – Love me

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Anna! Anna! Anna!” I shouted, running toward my girlfriend who was lying on the couch. “I passed the exams!” I jumped on her.

“Yuria, calm down.” She giggled before I hugged her body tightly. “See? Everything is possible.” She teased me with a smile.

I finally could spend time with my beloved girlfriend. I did a lot of wrong things and I wanted to make her happy.

“Anna? Can we go out today?” I asked and stood up.

“T-Today? Well…” She muttered, avoiding my eyes. “I’m already going out with Rena.” 

“I see. Tomorrow then?” I asked again with a little smile.


Was she still mad? No, she couldn’t. If not she should have told me. Maybe, she didn’t want to spend time with me.
She still met Rena and that bothering me. She came into my house to yell at me. Seriously, I hated this girl even though she was Anna’s friend.
We never talked about my adopter father since the last time. I didn’t want to speak about him anymore. I wanted to forget everything. I knew that hurt Anna because I stayed quiet about an important thing in my life.

“Are you okay?” She asked, putting her finger on my cheek.

That pulled me from my thoughts.

“Let’s watch a movie tomorrow.” I said, looking at her.

She finally showed me a warm smile, nodding. I felt a bit relieved.


“So? Which movie do you wanna watch?”

“Hm well.” Anna spoke in a thinking tone.

“You should watch La La Land.” A voice said behind us.

We turned around, discovering Rena. Really? I couldn’t stand this girl. But Anna seemed to be happy to meet her.

“Did you watch it?” Anna asked with a warm smile.

“No, but I’m going right now.”

“Let’s go then!” She said, looking at me.

I managed to show her a slight smile and I followed the girls. I couldn’t say anything. I just kept my mouth shut and did as if that didn’t bother me. 


“He told me he wanted to make me suffer for all the troubles I brought.”

Anna looked at me, dumbfounded. We were sitting, watching the TV. She asked nothing. I decided to tell her. She deserved it, the truth. I felt like she could give her life for me. She stayed by my side after all.

“He put me in the hut because it was better that in the home. Nobody came here.” I let out a sad sigh, feeling Anna who grabbed my hand gently. “Do you have another question?”

Anna’s cheeks turned red. That reminded me when she came her for the first time. I unconsciously smiled. She was still curious, Anna will never change.

“I’m sorry for bothering you with that.”

“It’s fine.”

I kissed her forehead gently.

Was it really? The past will catch me one day. I knew it, both knew. I just lived my life, trying to not think about it anymore.


I couldn’t take it anymore. I loved Anna. That was why I couldn’t. I did my best. Why did she do that? She was my girlfriend. Why then? I didn’t understand.

“That’s enough.” I muttered, sitting on the couch.

“What?” Anna asked, looking at me.

“You’re always with her. We never hang out together.”

“Last week we went out to watch a movie.” She answered in a light tone.

Was it enough for her? She met Rena a lot.

“And we met Rena.” I said, feeling her eyes leaving me.

“Are you jealous?” She teased me and I looked at her.

I didn’t like her tone. I wasn’t joking, I was serious. She couldn’t take it lightly.

“Yes.” She stopped reading and stared at me, confused. “What?” I snapped while my cheeks turned pink because of my confession. “She came here to shout at me as if I was a kid! I can’t like this girl and you’re always with here. So yes, I’m jealous.”

I needed to tell her the truth. Maybe, she will do something. I hoped…

“Fine. Stay jealous then. I’ll continue to see her anyway.” I shut my mouth. “I did a lot of things for you. So, let me do what I want to.” She finally yelled.

I didn’t except her answer. I didn’t want to her yell at me. I just thought it was better if I told her. I was wrong. It wasn’t a good idea.

“Anna, I didn’t want to make you mad…”

I tried to stop her for being mad but it was too late. My words already hurt her.

“And you know what? You’re a kid, you aren’t able to control yourself! I’m leaving!” She said and stood up.

“Wait! Anna! I’m…” She slammed the door. “… sorry…”

I couldn’t run after her. I stayed in the house, alone. That what she thought about me. I was just a kid. It couldn’t end like that. I closed my eyes, feeling the tears which was rolling along my cheeks. Will she come back? I couldn’t know. She loved me, right? But… I went too far again. She did a lot for me and I just messed up everything, being selfish. I thought it was okay to be jealous. She was my girlfriend, she was mine.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

How could she say that? She was a selfish kid. Why? I loved her. I left everything for her, I was ready to give everything for her. Did she understand that? I knocked at the door.

“Hey, what’s happened?” My friend said, letting me go inside.

I couldn’t answer, feeling the tears coming.

“Annin, stop crying…”

That didn’t want to stop. What did I do? Was it my fault? Did I overreact?  If I came back, will she forgive me? I didn’t know what I needed to do.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

‘Kato Rena’ was writing on the mailbox in front of me. I knew Anna was here. Rena was her best friend, she had nobody else. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to apologize. So, I reached the door and knocked.

“I wanna see Anna.” I spoke in confident voice, looking into her eyes.

“She doesn’t want.” Rena started closing the door but I stopped her with my foot.

“Please… Let me talk to her.” I tried to convince her.

She turned her head. I could distinguish Anna behind her. She shook her head and Rena looked at me again. Even Anna didn’t want to talk to me. I just couldn’t stay like that. She never ignored me so long.

“No.” She snapped and closed the door.

I rested my head against it and let out a sigh.

“Anna I’m sorry.” I started talking loud enough for her to hear. “I know. I did a lot of mistakes and some are really serious. I don’t want to fight with you anymore. I’m sorry for being jealous. I already told you but I need you. I don’t want to our relationship end because of a stupid thing. Forgive me.” I opened my eyes and started leaving.

That was all I could do. Tell my real feelings. I hoped she will understand. I felt ashamed. It was my fault, again. I felt a pair of warm arms around my waist. I immediately recognized Anna’s scent.

“Rena is important for me. She was protecting me. She was afraid for me. You can understand that, right?” She told me in a soft tone.

“It’s me, the one who protects you.” I spoke, lowering my head.

“Then, who protect me against my stupid guardian?” She said in an almost amused voice.

She was right. I hurt her and Rena protected her from me. It will never happen again. I didn’t want to someone take my role. Anna’s arms left me and I turned around toward her. I looked into her eyes.

“I’m sorry for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean it.”

I stroked her cheek softly with a light smile on my face.

“So, am I not a kid?”

“You’re not.” She chuckled a bit.

I pulled her in my arms. I felt well in Anna’s arms. I didn’t want to leave her anymore.  I needed to tell her another thing, without pulling away from the hug.

“Anna, I just want to be with you. So please. Love me.”

“Love me too.”

The End.

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Just a quick epilogue ^^


Third Person’s POV

“Mama~!” A little kid shouted. “Auntie is here!” She jumped everywhere.

“Calm down Yui.” The tall woman said, opening the door. “Hello.” She smiled.

“Hey Juri!” A raven-haired woman greeted her sister.

“Hello Yuria, hello Anna.” Juri answered before leaning down toward the little girl. “Hello Yui.”

“Where is Haruka?” Yui asked, titled a bit her head.

“She is coming, don’t worry.” The older told her with a wink.

Another woman and a kid came behind Juri and they went in to living room.

“Hello Rina.” Yuria smiled at her sister’s girlfriend.

The two little girls were sitting on the floor, playing with some toys.

“Haruka~” Yui called her friend who didn’t answer.

“Yui, stop bothering your cousin.” Anna giggled at her daughter who pouted.

“Wait, I’ll take some drink.” Yuria said, standing up.”

“I’ll help you.” Her sister followed her. “You finally have a great life.” Juri told her when she reached the kitchen.

Yuria turned around, looking at Anna with a warm smile.

“I have.”

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