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Author Topic: The AKB Host Club - Note from the Author!! {11/19/2017}  (Read 15507 times)

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The AKB Host Club - Note from the Author!! {11/19/2017}
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:36:08 PM »
For those who've read the prologue of this story in my Drabble and OS thread, this thread is the multichapter fanfic of that drabble.

(Congrats to those who've guessed earlier in the OS & drabble thread!) :on GJ:


AKB Academy. It is the school where only those who come from the highest society or from wealthy families attend. And at AKB Academy, there is the AKB Host Club, a club which consists of a variety of the school's prettiest, talented and excellent girls who have way too much time on their hands. Their job is to entertain boys and other students who also have too much time on their hands.


Host Club Members:

Maeda Atsuko

  • 2nd Year
  • Nickname: Acchan
  • Type: honor student, average commoner girl

Nicknamed "Acchan", Atsuko is an honor student attending AKB Academy, who everyone knows as the commoner girl. She was forced to join after she broke a valuable vase. In order to pay off her debt, she was made a host. But what the entire school doesn’t know is that she’s actually the famous actress and idol Ashiya Mizuki. So far only the host club knows this secret.

Takahashi Minami

  • 2nd Year
  • Nickname: Takamina, Kaicho(President), Boss
  • Type: Leader, Father, Prince(when in her “on” mode)/Failing(when in her “off” mode or around Acchan

Minami, mostly referred to as "Takamina", is the president of the Host Club. She likes to run a tight and well functional club, therefore treating the members with a family feeling style. She's often called 'Father' because of her role. Ever since meeting Acchan, she can’t help but have this huge crush on her. She is also Ashiya Mizuki’s number one fan, which multiplies her love and admiration for her...also making her a lovesick idiot.

Shinoda Mariko

  • 3rd Year
  • Nickname: Mariko-sama, Sado, Mother(used by Takamina)
  • Type: Sadistic

Mariko-sama is the host club's vice-president. Mariko is greatly known as the club's sadistic type of girl. Sometimes her sadistic personality can scare the members. She also is in charge of planning ways for the club to earn money from their guests by selling host club merchandise. Despite her sadistic character, as the oldest member, she looks out for the members caringly. Due to her position as the vice president, she is sometimes called “Mom” by Takamina.

Her family's famous for their fashion business. She often designs the costumes used for the host club's dress up days.

Minegishi Minami

  • 2nd Year
  • Nickname: Miichan
  • Type: mischievous, rebellious teen

Miichan is the host club's secretary and is in the same class as Atsuko. In the club she represents the mischievous type. She usually likes to poke fun at Takamina and the other members and often is called the annoying brat. She also acts as the vice-president's assistant and seen in charge of managing the club's merchandise when Mariko is busy with other things.

Kojima Haruna

  • 3rd Year
  • Nickname: Kojiharu, Nyan-Nyan
  • Type: Airhead, sexy

She is mostly known as "Kojiharu". Though she represents the airhead type in the host club, her cute personality and sexy pheromones attracts a lot of attention from the boys. She is usually poked fun of and continuously hit on by Yuko(who has an insane one-sided love for her) and the two are in the same class.

Oshima Yuko

  • 3rd Year
  • Nickname: Yuu-chan, Korisu
  • Type: funny, wild, kinda perverted

Yuko is the wild one in the club. Due to her short height and childish personality, she is often mistaken as a middle school student or even an elementary student. She is usually seen hanging around with Sayaka and Sae or playing with Kojiharu--who she has a one-sided love for. Even though she is good at being popular with boys, she likes to fawn over girls. Sometimes she tends to get a bit over the line and becomes a 'perverted old man' trapped in a girl's body.

Akimoto Sayaka

  • 3rd Year
  • Nickname: Sayaka-chan, Nii-san
  • Type: Cool, athletic, strong

Sayaka is a member with a well fit body and manly features, which makes her represent the strong athletic boyish type in the club. She is also seen as reliable and brave and is often called the club’s ‘big brother/Nii-san’. Unlike the other members that have male customers, Sayaka's customers are usually mostly girls.
She is a member and captain of the school's basketball club and the martial arts club and a master in aikido. It is also mentioned that Sayaka participates in other sports clubs' games or competitions by request.

With her best and close childhood friend Sae, the two are known as the Twin Towers. Because they both share similarities in their boyish features, the two tend to crossdress whenever the club dresses up for business as it became part of their role in the club.

Miyazawa Sae

  • 2nd Year
  • Nickname: Sae-chan, Genking
  • Type: Boyish, athletic, cool, childish(only when around Sayaka)

Sae is known as the host club's ikemen host due to her boyish appearance and personality. She represents the boyish type in the club. Her customers are normally mostly girls in contrast to the other hosts who usually have boy customers.

She and her best friend Sayaka are known as the Twin Towers for their similarities. She is also a member of the school's basketball club. Since they are best hosts for girls that like danso, Sae and Sayaka usually crossdresses and wear male versions of costumes the club wears.
Sae also seems to have more than one personality. Whenever she is doing her duties as a host, she appeals to the girls with a cool and playboy character. However she does a 180 turn whenever she’s around Sayaka, only acting childish and shows her true girly nature when around her.

Kashiwagi Yuki

  • 2nd Year
  • Nickname: Yukirin, Mama(used by Mayu)
  • Type: pure-hearted, princess

Yukirin is the member who everyone sees as the princess of the club. She’s always caring of the other members with her kind personality and is often seen with Mayu.

Her family is in the medical business and owns hospitals around Japan.

Watanabe Mayu

  • 1st Year
  • Nickname: Mayuyu, Cyborg Girl/CG

Mayuyu is the club's little genius. She represents the otaku type of girls and is crazy about anime. She is usually seen with Yuki whenever they’re doing club duties. Despite being young, she is known to have a pretty smart mind and is the top student in her year. You always see her with either a sketchbook or manga or an electronic device. Her genius mind and her nonchanging expressions is what gained her the nickname the "Cyborg Girl".

Matsui Rena

  • 2nd Year
  • Nickname: Rena-chan
  • Type: shy, innocent, multi personality

Rena is a 2nd year student and Jurina’s big sister. She may look shy on the outside most of the times. But...Rena actually has a double personality. Whenever something makes her mad, she changes into a psycho maniac bent on revenge for that person. This also frequently occurs if someone hurts Jurina, or if she just eats a LOT of spicy food. She has a habit of breaking into a monologue out of nowhere when inspiration hits her.

Matsui Jurina

  • 3rd Year Middle School
  • Nickname: Jurina-chan, Juritan
  • Type: childish, lolita

Jurina is the youngest member of the host club, as she is currently in her 3rd year of middle school. She currently also is Mariko’s apprentice. She is often mistaken as a high schooler because of her mature looks, but she loves cute things and is childish than she looks. She is very close with her big sister Rena.

*Images here are made by MYJR.
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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2014, 08:11:54 PM »
You're a new writer huh? It's awesome you want to take on this challenge to write a Host Club parody  :twothumbs

You don't know how many dramas and animes I've seen that makes me want to do the same haha  :lol:

anyway, I vote for option A!!!!!

I will kill people if they vote for B!!!  :shifty: then again, it's people's choice... but I won't read it though  :smhid

I don't really care for C, but that's okay too since it does correlates with the original story.
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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2014, 08:19:00 PM »
Voting for option A ~ :D
'boyish looking girl
Hm, doesn't that sound like Sae's characteristic?  :?

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2014, 08:26:41 PM »
I'm for A. Why do you ask? I don't know myself XD
Maybe Atsuko is in real life a famous Actress? And the idea that She tried to live a normal student life sounds completely cool. If it is possible in an elite school to live a "normal" school life... ^^! but that's another thing.

But how would that work? If she is really famous, would not all recognize Atsuko? And she would have enough money for paying off the dept.
Would be interested to know how you can solve that.

What interests me most is which pairs you give us. I hope for Atsumina, KojiYuu, the Twintower, Mariko-sama and Miichan, etc. ;)

And the other examples...
B: Let's put it this way, I'm not quite fond of Cross Dressing as a girl ^^! I like Cross Dressing as a boy, but not the other way. XD
C: sounds boring... and it would be pretty much the same as the original. No challenge for you Author-san. ;)

I hope I could help you in your decision. I'm already excited to see how you write the story.
hopeful see u soon!

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2014, 11:03:44 PM »
I vote for A...since i like the orginal gender ^^

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #5 on: November 05, 2014, 03:11:49 AM »
option A
but i hope one of your chapter use acchan danso  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
and takamina super girly and feminine  :D :wub:

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #6 on: November 05, 2014, 03:21:12 AM »
im choosing  option A!!!!!!!


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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #7 on: November 05, 2014, 07:00:28 AM »
option A i think ^^" but I think the secret can be more than that, maybe the secret can be carried by other character rather than acchan? maybe takamina is a boy XDDDDD and she pretend a girl and setup this club for her own wish hahaha XDDDD

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #8 on: November 05, 2014, 04:11:44 PM »
definitely voting for option A!!! :drool:

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #9 on: November 05, 2014, 08:18:51 PM »
i vote option A!! and who is pair wth atsuko ?
i hope atsuyuu hehe  :lol:

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #10 on: November 05, 2014, 08:40:21 PM »
I vote for OPTION A

Just can't wait to see how Atsuko acts as a host

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #11 on: November 06, 2014, 12:35:26 PM »
Definitely A  :lol: :lol:

I don't see Acchan as a boy who try to cross dress as a girl :smhid :smhid

Atsumina FTW  XD XD XD
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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #12 on: November 06, 2014, 08:24:07 PM »
Definitely option A. Can't wait for the story  :) :twothumbs

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Re: The AKB Host Club - COMING SOON!
« Reply #13 on: November 07, 2014, 05:54:48 AM »
but.. its gonan be a host club girls who have a DANSO CLUB right?!?! that would be epic with Jun, Ren, Mario, Kai, Riku

I think the secret could be Acchan is the director´s daughter, or is poor, or is a rich girl

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 - Welcome to the Host Club
« Reply #14 on: November 14, 2014, 08:18:08 PM »
FINISHED!!! Chapter 1 Part 1 is here!!! :onioncheer:

I repeat, this fanfic is a collab work of myself, Ruka Kikuchi, and MaYukiIsLife. Big kudos and thanks to them. :twothumbs

Thank you to all those who have voted earlier in my first post on this thread!

See what the result is!

And so without further ado, here's chapter one of my first multichapter AKB fanfic!


Chapter 1 Part 1 - Welcome to the Host Club

During the Host Club’s service hours...

Once the host club is open for service, they receive a great line of guests who come to be entertained by their hosts and hostesses. Usually those who come to the host club are boys by majority.

Like ordinary host clubs, guests will select the host they like and sit and spend time with that host during the club’s service hours.

For instance, there’s the club’s president, Takahashi Minami. At her table, there were several boys sitting around that requested for her.

“Minami-chan, what’s your favorite music?” one boy asked her.

"My favorite music? Hmm...well it’d be obviously whatever all of you like,” the president of the host club replied with a smile.

Takahashi Minami
2nd year
Host Club President
Aka: Takamina

Now sitting beside Takamina is one of her regular guests, a cool looking guy from the same year as her. He set down his teacup and spoke, “By the way Minami, I heard that the host club has taken in a stray kitten. Is that right?”

“Eh? Oh that’s sort of true. More likely she’s our new errand girl,” Takamina corrected.

And speaking of which, the person they’re talking about at the moment was now arriving into the club room.

“Oh there she is now.”

Atsuko had just returned from grocery shopping for the host club, one of her duties as their errand girl.

"Oh welcome back Atsuko. Did you get everything on the list?" Takamina was the first to greet her.

Maeda Atsuko
2nd Year
An ordinary commoner girl
Currently the host club’s errand girl

Atsuko only gave a depressed sigh as she placed the shopping bag she has down on a table and took the stuff she bought out.

In all honesty, she really wished she wasn't here right now. However due to breaking a very expensive vase, she is forced to work for the host club in order to pay off her huge debt of 8 million yen.

Among the contents Atsuko had bought, Takamina then spotted something that caught her curiosity, something she did not recall putting on the list of shopping items.

“Hm? What’s this?”

She had never seen anything like it before.

“It’s instant noodles, what else?” Atsuko bluntly answered.

“Instant?” some of the club’s guests said with puzzled expressions.

It was something new to the rich students and the first time they've heard such a thing.

But then Takamina gave a gasp of realization. “Ah, I see! I’ve heard about this! These are commoner’s noodles! You just add hot water to it and it’s ready to eat!”

Looking over her shoulder is another host in the same year as the president, Minegishi Minami. She was bewildered as well upon looking at the instant product for the first time as well.

"Whoa...check out the price. It's a lot cheaper than when we order a deluxe noodle bowl in the finest Japanese restaurant," she commented.

Minegishi Minami
2nd Year
The mischievous and rebellious brat
Aka: Miichan

The other boys were oblivious after hearing about this product for the first time.

“Who knew, commoners don’t have the time to have their own noodles handmade...”

“ cheap.”

Not comfortable with all the comments about just one simple instant noodle cup, Atsuko unenthusiastically spoke, “If it’s that much of a problem then I’ll just buy something else.”

But the club president shook her head. “No...I think I am going to try some,” she said, earning gasps from the guests.

“ mean you’re actually…?” Miichan said in bewliderment.

“Yes. I am going to eat this instant noodles!” Takamina boldly declared.

As if she’s going to perform something for the Guinness Book of World Records, the guests and some of the hosts gave sounds of awe and applauded for Takamina’s bravery.

Geez these rich kids…” Atsuko couldn’t help but think. But then again, she guessed that this is how rich people lived.

“Atsuko, would you do the honors and demonstrate how the preparation is done?” Takamina then requested.

Since she was the only person who knows how to do it, Atsuko sighed and reluctantly dragged her feet over to where everyone is waiting. All she had to do was open each instant noodle cup and poured hot water in each one before she announced, “Here. It’s ready.”

Pleased, Takamina looked at her customers. “Shall we proceed with the tasting then?” she insisted.

Some boys however were hesitant to taste the commoners’ instant meal.

“I’m kind of nervous…”

“Would my mother scold me for eating this?”

Here Takamina used her hosting expertise to try and convince the boys.

“What if I ask the other hosts to help me feed it to you handsome princes?” she inquired with eyes that showed eagerness.

“...I’ll gladly eat it if you insist!” one of her customers shouted willingly.

After that fanservice, the other boys and guests joined in saying they will try it as well.


Meanwhile, the other hosts were busy entertaining their own guests.

Sitting at one table together is Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu.

Yuki had the image of a princess and always charms boys and everyone with her kind smile and mother like nature.

Kashiwagi Yuki
2nd Year
The host with the princess image
Nickname: Yukirin

“A-ano, Yukirin...”


“Isn’t it true that you look after Mayu like you’re her mother?”


“So, if you were able to… would you want a daughter like Mayu for real?”

“Hmm, let’s see...” Yuki rolled her eyes as she thought. “If I could… I would adopt Mayu.”


At this moment, Mayu was entertaining her customers by drawing something in her sketchbook in lightning speed, one of her well known skills that is quite popular with the fans.

Watanabe Mayu
1st Year
The anime otaku
Nickname: Mayuyu, Cyborg Girl

After 10 seconds, the 1st year said, “Done!”

She turned her sketchbook and showed her guests an anime character she just drew.

The customers applauded at her success.



“Mayu-chan is so cute!”

“Mayuyu-chan, what is your favorite kind of anime?”

The anime lover took a moment to think. “Hmm...well...I love many kinds!” she pleasantly answered with a smile.

Her customers gave ecstatic sounds.

“She is so KAWAII!” they exclaimed.

“Mama~” she got up and walked over to Yukirin, hugging her from the back. “This is for you.”

“Nani?” Yuki looked at the picture, then blushed slightly when she realized…

“It’s you, Mama~”

“KAWAIIIIIIIIII~~~” All the boys cheered over Mayu’s cuteness and Yuki’s shy blushing.

Meanwhile, the handsomest member of the club, Miyazawa Sae, was conversing with her large group of customers.

Unlike the other hosts, Sae’s customers mostly consists of girls rather than guys. Why is that? It was because of Sae's handsome facial features and her boyish speech that got girls ogling at her.

Again, unlike the other hosts, instead of the usual skirt that all girls normally wear, Sae wears a pair of shiny black pants and  shoes that you’d find the boy students wear. She still however keeps wearing the girls' shirt and the girls' blazer on since she is still a girl but she wears a tie loose instead of the girls’ bowtie to give it the casual look. This look matches perfectly to Sae's pleasure and so to fit her boyish image.

“Sae-chan, can you be my boyfriend?” one of her regular customers eagerly asked.

Sae graced the girls with a pleasing smile that would get you swooning. "Well of course,” she answered eagerly, “How can I not resist the request of a beautiful princess like you?”

Miyazawa Sae
2nd Year
The host club's boyish ikemen ‘Genking’

Sae’s smile and answer made the girls squeal and fawn over the handsome girl.

“Such energy! No wonder why everyone calls you Genking Sae-chan!” one girl praised with stars in her eyes.

And to finish that, Sae gave her special wink that got the girls squealing with glee.

"Oh Sae-chan's so cool!"

"She's like a prince!"

"If she was only a guy, I would totally date her!"

Oh yes, it seemed that Sae also has a knack of seducing anyone, boy or girl, with her cute yet boyish charm.

Then one of the girls had a question for the club's ikemen. "Ano Sae-chan, do you happen to know if Sayaka-senpai is coming in today?" she asked.

That question made Sae stop and take a peek at her watch to look at the time. Then to the guests she said, "Hmm, I haven't seen her yet. It seems she must be running a bit late today.”

At that moment, the doors to the club room opened followed by another cool voice.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Entering the club room now is the strong looking girl with a chiseled looking face and long flowy hair half tied back, 3rd year student Akimoto Sayaka. Like Sae, she too possess some handsome features a male would have like her fit muscles and wide shoulders, and also has lots of fans that are females. In addition, Sayaka also wore her uniform in the same style as Sae's, necktie, pants and all. She is known as the other prince in the host club, or rather the entire school.

Those who have requested Sayaka as their host and have waited for her to arrive were enthusiastic and squealing when Sayaka made her entrance.

"Oh it's Sayaka-sama!" one girl yelled in excitement.

“We’ve been waiting for you Sayaka-senpai!”

"Prince Sayaka looks so cool!"

In a regal voice Sayaka spoke, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, ladies."

Akimoto Sayaka
3rd Year
The host club's athletic, strong 'big brother'

Her fans and admirers squealed as if Sayaka is a male celebrity, all enchanted by her handsome looks and personality.

Now Sayaka and Sae's faces met and the 3rd year greeted her with a wave. "Hey Sae.”

Here Sae got to her feet, causing her clients to look at her.


All of a sudden Sae now gave out a child like yell. “Sayakaaa~!!!” she cried out.

She ran over and glomped her buddy with her arms around her. As she nuzzled her cheek against Sayaka's, Sae now became a completely different person.

Afterwards she began whining, “Ne Sayaka, you’re mean! Why did you show up late? It's difficult enough that we're in different grades and classes everyday for most of time we're at school so I hardly get to hang out with you except for when we're in the host club! I wanted to spend every minute of club hours with you!"

Sae seemed as though she instantly changed personalities from the cool, composed ikemen she acted a minute ago, to a cutesy girly child, now acting more like her gender.

“Sorry Sae. My aikido club meeting ended late today,” Sayaka replied in a cool voice, “But I seem to recall leaving you a text earlier apologizing that I'd be late."


Sae stopped crying for the moment. Then to make sure, she pulled back and took out her phone to check her messages. A minute later Sae’s face lit up with realization followed by a gasp.

"You're right!" she said once she saw the text Sayaka spoke of that she must've not realized before.

Sayaka then placed a hand on Sae's shoulder, causing her to look up at her. "And if you've read further, I've also included that I was looking forward to spending time with you during today's business hours as well," said the older girl with that handsome smile of hers.

Having Sayaka's words proved true and hearing Sayaka return her feelings, Sae went back to embracing Sayaka again.

“Wahh Sayaka! As expected, you do care for Sae in every way! I’m sorry I doubted you!” she cried passionately, "You really are my best friend!"

Sayaka smiled and patted Sae's head. "That's okay. But even so, thanks a lot for taking care of my customers while I was gone. I knew I could count on you.”

Proud of herself, Sae gave a confident nod. “Un! You can always leave it to me!”

For these two, being in the different grade and class is pretty difficult. That is why Sae always enjoy every time she has with her best friend.

Those that are Sae and Sayaka’s customers at the moment were enjoying the two display their deep friendship and bond just now.

“How beautiful…”

"I never see Sae-chan act so cute except when she's around Sayaka-senpai."

“I feel like this is like a forbidden love…”

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful bond between friends!”

"No wonder why they are the club's princes!"

“That’s the Twin Towers for you!”

Ordinarily, you'd think that it'd be strange at how somehow like Sae could be so cool and  but instantly becomes childish the next thing. However the Twin Towers' customers were already used to it by now.

From a distance, Atsuko had watched the entire scene and interaction between the tall handsome girls that looked like something would see from a drama.

"Just what is the relationship with those two?" she just wanted to ask.

She can tell from their behavior that these two definitely share a relationship that's not what you call a normal friendship. However just from their appearance, there was something Atsuko couldn't interpret.

“Are those two really girls?” she wondered aloud.

“Oh they’re girls. But Sayaka and Sae’s appearance and personalities do seem to relate to boys don’t they?”

Mariko, who happened to be standing next to Atsuko without making a sound, had just spoken to Atsuko just now, startling the transfer student.

Mariko continued with her explanation, “As you can see from their looks, Sayaka and Sae are seen as boyish most of the time. That is why they're the perfect selection for girls that have an interest in danso, which is also the reason why their customers are normally girls rather than boys. Since they both have similar personalities in sports, characteristics, and nearly the same height, we call them the Twin Towers. Plus…”

Girls are heard squealing again from the Twin Towers’ table, this time in reaction to seeing Sae now sitting beside Sayaka and trying to offer her a cake that was provided as a present from one of Sae’s guests.

"Okay Sayaka, open up!"

"Sae, you're embarrassing me…”

"Oh come on! Don't be shy! Now say ahh!"

By Sae’s cuteness and the fact that she’ll never stop until she does so, Sayaka gave in to the genking’s request and opened her mouth to let Sae feed her a piece of cake.

“Mm...It’s good,” the taller of the Twin Towers complimented after swallowing.

“Ain’t it?” Sae said in return.

Again, screams of excitement were heard from their fans.

Mariko continued, “...the girls seem to enjoy the fact that those two look like a cute pair despite the both of them looking boyish. Plus it's only when she's with Sayaka does Sae show her girly self that is occasionally rare to see.”

"Those two are that close huh?"


“Nee, me too, Sayaka~” the Genking now requested.

“Alright, alright,” Sayaka took a piece of cake and fed it to Sae, who happily kicked her feet.


“KAWAII~~~~” All the girls harmonized.

At another table, the club’s other midget member, Oshima Yuko, was sitting down with some guys and another fellow host in the same year and class as her.

Right now Yuko was sharing a fun story to their customers.

She spoke in an enthusiastic voice, "So that’s when Kojiharu did the cutest thing. She hugged me so tightly, my face was buried in her chest. She was crying, too, and I had to comfort her for 30 minutes until she fell asleep while STILL holding my head against her perfect boobs~~~"

Oshima Yuko
3rd Year
The funny (and perverted) host

At her story, the taller redhead girl gave a whine, as she was not pleased with her fellow 3rd year sharing such a story about herself.

“Hold on Yuko, don’t share something like that! It's embarrassing!” she complained, slapping Yuko’s arm with a pout, "Mou...Why do you always make fun of me?"

Kojima Haruna
Nickname: Kojiharu
3rd Year
The host club's no. 1 airhead

Yuko changed faces when she saw Kojiharu's unsatisfied face. She now looked so guilty and sorry.

“I’m sorry Nyan-Nyan," she said, "But I couldn't help myself. I just had to tell them how cute you were. Will you forgive me?”

She was looking up at Kojiharu with eager eyes that begged for her forgiveness.

Looking at Yuko's face that's full of innocence, the taller 3rd year couldn't resist staying mad at her and gave a sigh of defeat.

"Well alright, you're forgiven,” she reluctantly said.

Yuko lit up with a smile and said, “Nyan-Nyan, daisuki~!”

Looking at them, Atsuko had some pretty puzzled thoughts, especially with the squirrel looking girl.

Is that girl really a 3rd year student? And I can’t seem to think that she acts like an old man around Kojima-senpai…” she thought.

Now the host club’s youngest member came into the room a bit later than everyone else. Unlike the others though, this girl wore a different jacket than everyone else. This is because she is still in middle school.

“Sorry to keep you waiting!” Matsui Jurina cheerfully called out, “My class kinda ended a bit late. Gomen!”

Even though she's in middle school, she has the time to come to the high school to attend the host club.

Matsui Jurina
3rd Year (Still in Middle School)
Childlike, lolicon type
Currently the host club's host-in-training

Now at that moment, Jurina had noticed Atsuko and instantly got up and ran over to her while shouting enthusiastically, "Hey Acchan!"

However something she said puzzled Atsuko. “A-Acchan?”

Jurina nodded eagerly. "Yeah! It's the nickname everyone decided to call you by!"

Mariko then spoke, "Oh that’s right. You don't know this, but here in the host club, it's quite normal that each of us hosts have a nickname for each other. It's Takamina's idea so the club could bond more closely as she says. And it looks like the others here have come to the idea of calling you Acchan from here on.”

Jurina had a frown on her face, seeing Atsuko.

“You don’t like it?”

Unwilling to make this middle schooler any sadder, Atsuko tried to smile. “O-Of course I like it.”

Hearing Acchan’s answer, Jurina gave a “Hn?” if she realized something…

And a light bulb lit up...

But that disappeared and Jurina was smiling again. “Alright then. Acchan it is.”

And the cheerful middle school girl skipped off to return to her customers.

“Everyone, what should we do today?” she happily said to the boys at her table.

As she watched, Atsuko spoke, “That girl is a middle school student? I couldn’t sworn she was a high school student like the others.”

Mariko took this opportunity to explain a bit of their club’s function to Atsuko.

"Every of our members are being requested by each of their unique characteristics to satisfy those with specific interests. Take Takamina for example, she's our leader and our number one host, if you take out her failing characteristic here and then,” she began, “Her request rate is 86.9%.”

Shinoda Mariko
3rd Year
Sadistic type
Host club's vice president
Aka: Mariko-sama

Mariko then decided to give a little piece of advice.

“Oh and one thing I’d like to mention, as long as you are here to pay off your debt, I hope you don’t have any thought of trying to run away. Just so you know, one of the girls here has a private police force that works under her family. They are trained to obey any order and can track down anything or anyone.”

She said this with a sadistic smile on her face that gave Acchan the creeps.

“While I'm saying this I should ask you…do you have a passport by chance?" the 3rd year inquired.

Just from that question, Atsuko became more creeped out with the thought that she'll be shipped out of Japan if she tries to escape from working in the host club to repay her debt.


“Atsuko~” Takamina came in and pulled the girl away, just in time. “How are you liking the Host Club so far?”

“It’s fine, I guess, but I’m still trying to get used to all this fancy stuff. I’ve never actually--”

But she was interrupted by Takamina.

“A good lady should know how to look pretty and attractive to gain the boys’ attention! It's in our nature!” she began to lecture like a teacher. “In that case, allow me to share some helpful tips of advice!” she then willingly insisted, “For starters, when you serve a cup of tea, remember to stick your pinky out so to cushion the cup and saucer onto the table quieter…”

Takamina didn’t know that while she’s continuing her lesson, Atsuko’s mind was preoccupied in something different.

This girl...something about her is...what’s the word?” she thought.

She continued thinking hard on finding the word that describes Takamina.

In the meantime, Takamina, unaware that the transfer student is paying no attention to what she’s saying, continued talking and talking until she was now about to conclude her small lesson.

“...And that’s how you can become more attractive to the gentlemen! So, did you get all of that just now?”

Here Atsuko came upon a realization and said, “Ah, I got it!”

Takamina assumed that Atsuko has caught up and following on her lesson and became pleased with her own success in teaching.

“Oh? Do you understand?”

However Atsuko spoke, “...Obnoxious.”

Takamina:  :stoned:

That one word from Atsuko caused hurt in Takamina’s pride that she went to a corner and sat there in trauma. :mon POd:

However for some like Miichan, they were impressed. “Haha! Nice one there Acchan!” she commented after laughing in amusement at Takamina’s fall.

A bit guilty that she caused Takamina to become like this, Atsuko thought that maybe she should cheer her up in some way.

“But if it makes you feel better, I did felt a little inspired by your small lesson Takahashi-san.”

This time the words that came from Atsuko were the magic words to resurrect the president.

“Really?” she said with an enlightened smile, "In that case, let me teach you more on how to become a perfect host, my friend!"

Just before Atsuko was going to state that she declines the offer, Miichan interrupted with a thought she has in mind.

"Before we get into that Takamina, don't you think we ought to fix her appearance first if she wants to get attention?" she insisted, “Maybe she should take off her glasses to look better."

When she did so, Miichan got a stunning discovery when she saw Atsuko's face that has been hidden behind the glasses and bangs.

Running footsteps are heard and Takamina came in so she got a good look at Atsuko’s face and had the same reaction Miichan had just a few seconds ago.

She then summoned the three known as the Shinyuu Trio with the snap of her fingers.

“Yuko-san, Sayaka, Sae-chan!”

Yuko saluted, knowing exactly the president's intention. “Right! Let’s go guys!” she announced.

Without further notice, the Twin Towers replied with a “Hai!”

Then the two tall girls each grabbed one of Atsuko’s arms and hurried off, dragging the confused 2nd year with them and Yuko out of the room while Atsuko cried out, “What’s going OOOON?!”

Once they’re gone, Takamina moved onto the next tasks at hand.

"Miichan, contact the tailor!"

Miichan pulled her cellphone out and made a quick call. "Yes we're gonna need one uniform set prepared immediately," she requested.

“Mariko-sama, Kojiharu-senpai, get Itano and Kasai here on the double! Tell them it's an emergency!”

Mariko and Kojiharu nodded and had their cellphones out and speed dialed the two people for the job. Mariko spoke in her phone, "Tomochin it's me. Are you busy at the moment? We need a makeover done."

"Yukirin and Mayuyu, run down to the eye doctor's and order a new set of contacts!"

The two nodded and rushed off to do as she instructed.

“Nee nee! What about me president?”

Takamina looked at Jurina, the only one left without a job to do.

“Jurina...” Takamina began.

“Yes ma'am?” the middle schooler said eagerly, awaiting for her answer so she looked like a puppy wagging it's tail.

“You...go eat some sweets,” Takamina said in the end.

A depressed Jurina sat at a table by herself, moping for being left out of the fun. All she has for company is her stuffed bear that she usually brings with her to the club.

"It’s just you and me now Kuma-chan," she pouted, “All the other big kids are too busy…”


Now the Twin Towers have dragged Atsuko into a different room where there’s a changing stall set up using curtains. The Twin Towers brought her into the stall and closed the curtains.

“Um, really you two, what’s going on here?” Atsuko asked nervously once they’ve finally released her arms.

However none of them answered her. Instead, Sae called out to the outside, “Yuko, you got it?”

Entering the changing stall now is Yuko. In her hands she has a brand new uniform that matches the one she and most of the other hosts wear that was ordered by Miichan.

“Yep! Got it!” the squirrel confirmed.

Then holding the uniform out to Atsuko, Yuko instructed, “Here you go. Change into this uniform.”

Atsuko stared at the brand new uniform then at the squirrel girl. “Huh? Why?”

“Don’t ask questions. Go on! Change!" Yuko urged, ignoring Atsuko’s questions.

Impatient, the short 3rd year leaped on top of Atsuko and began tugging her shirt to further urge and hurry her to change.

"Hey wait a minute-! Cut it out!"

"Change! Change! Change!" Yuko continuously chanted.

“Senpai don’t just tug at my shirt like that! Stop! You’ve got to get out now!”

Luckily for Atsuko, she was saved when Sayaka grabbed Yuko by the back of her collar off of her and showed magnificent strength as she held the squirrel girl in front of her in the air.

“Come on Yuko, don’t act like a pervert in front of the new girl,” the taller girl scolded.

She then walked towards the exit, carrying Yuko in tow, who now pouted.

"When you're done changing, wait here a moment," Sae instructed to Atsuko before following Sayaka out, "The hair stylist will be here soon."

As she was being dragged outside, there was something Yuko realized that made her wonder.

She said to herself, “Hn? Just a second ago...her voice...she almost sounded like…”

And right then, a light bulb lit up in that squirrel’s head.


About an hour or so later, all of the hosts are gathered outside the changing stall Atsuko is in, waiting to see the results of their work.

Finally Atsuko's voice was heard from inside the changing stall.

"Ano...?" she spoke with uncertainty.

"You done changing yet?" asked Takamina.

She and the rest of the hosts got to their feet and gathered in front of the changing stall, ready to see the results of their work.

When the curtain is pulled back, out stepped a beautiful girl wearing no glasses and in a nice clean uniform matching the other girls and her hair is styled neatly and not messy. It's as if she now has the same shiny aura sparkling from her just the same as the other hosts do.

“Is this really okay on me?” the new girl asked the group.

Instantly Takamina lit up with ecstasy. "Adorable!" she exclaimed, "You look so cute!"

The other members gave their comments as well on Atsuko's new look.

"Wow you look neat Acchan!" said Jurina.

"I could pat your head as if you're a little brother!" Sae squealed.

"Definitely different than your previous look. You look much more like a girl now compared to those old rags,” Miichan commented.

"If we'd had known this is what you'd look like, then we would've done this sooner!” said Yuko.

It was here that Mariko decided to throw in a suggestion. "Who knows? She might be able attract some customers with that appearance."

Having caught wind of this mention, an idea came to Takamina. "Our minds seem to think alike Mariko-sama," she commented, "For that...Atsuko here is going to get a raise in the ranks."

Atsuko blinked and confusedly said, "Huh? What?"

Takamina now turned and pointed at Atsuko. "Atsuko, starting tomorrow, you are now an official host in the host club!" she declared, “You shall entertain customers like we do and I shall personally teach you everything there is to know about being the proper host!”

"Me? A host?"

"Tell you what, if you can get 100 customers to request you, then your debt will be excused," Takamina then proposed.

And without hearing Atsuko’s answer, the other hosts then came to welcome their newest member to the club.

“Welcome aboard new host!”


"You're a part of the group now Acchan!"

"Atsuko, fighting!"

This can’t be happening…” Atsuko thought.

Just when she thought it was worse enough being the errand girl for the host club, it just gotten more worse.

How will she do as a host?



How was it? :hee:

Part 2 will be coming soon! You'll see in the next part what kind of secret Atsuko has in this fic. :whistle:

Until then, I hope you've enjoyed this first part of chapter 1!  :byebye:
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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
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He, he.. poor Acchan..  :D  She will have hard time in there.. but also funny..  8) 
Keep writing and updating..  :thumbsup 

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very interesting  :twothumbs
keep writing author-san
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Yay you updated~  :mon XD:

Can't wait to see Acchan as a host~ 

Update part 2 soon~  :mon XD:

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
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I was thinking this would turn into a harem, like the anime, but sadly it seems that is not the case. :|
Oh well, it was a fun read, though I do not see my adorable Rena-SAMA yet.

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 - Welcome to the Host Club
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I repeat, this fanfic is a collab work of myself, Ruka Kikuchi, and MaYukiIsLife. Big kudos and thanks to them. :twothumbs

Your welcome :3 Just PM me if you need anymore help~

Btw, I guess this went to plan, eh?

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